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280869: (Chaucer). Coghill, Nevill. - THE PROLOGUE [With] The Wife of Bath’s Prologue and The Wife of Bath’s Tale from Geoffrey Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales. Translated into Modern English by ... Single volume only: [1 of 4].
278763: (Chaucer). Pugh, Tison and Marzec, Marcia Smith. (Editors). - MEN AND MASCULINITIES IN CHAUCER’S TROILUS AND CRISEYDE.
281448: Chaucer, G. - THE CANTERBURY TALES OF CHAUCER. To Which are Added, An Essay on His Language and Versification, and An Introductory Discourse, Together with Notes and a Glossary. By Thomas Tyrwhitt. With Memoir and Critical Dissertation by the Rev. George Gilfillan.
273200: Chearnley, Samuel. - MISCELANEA STRUCTURA CURIOSA. Edited by William Laffan.
275442: Cheatle, Sir G. Lenthal and Cutler, Max. - TUMOURS OF THE BREAST. Their Pathology, Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment.
283073: Cheesman, E.C. - BRIEF GLORY. The Story of A.T.A. Foreword by the Right Hon. the Lord Beaverbrook.
273378: Cheesman, E.C. - BRIEF GLORY. The Story of A.T.A.
271478: Cherry, Bridget and Pevsner, Nikolaus. - DEVON.
283279: Chester, R.H. and McMillan, N.A.C. - MEN IN BLACK. 75 Years of New Zealand International Rugby.
259326: Chesterfield, Right Hon. Philip Dormer Stanhope Earl of. - LETTERS Written by the Late ... to his Son Philp Stanhope, Esq; Late Envoy Extraordinary at the Court of Dresden: Together with Several Other Pieces on Various Subjects. Published by Mrs Eugenia Stanhope, from the Original Now in Her Possession.
283539: Chesterfield, The Right Honourable Philip Dormer Stanhope Earl of. - LETTERS Written by ... To His Son Philip Stanhope, Esq; Late Envoy Extraordinary at the Court of Dresden. Together with Several Other Pieces on Various Subjects. Published by Mrs Eugenia Stanhope, from the Originals Now in Her Possession.
283471: (Chevalier). Fouquet, Jean. - THE HOURS OF ETIENNE CHEVALIER. Musée Condé, Chantilly. Preface by Charles Sterling. Introduction and Legends by Claude Schaefer. Texts translated from the French by Marianne Sinclair.
279306: [Chevalley de Rivaz, Victor]. - ROUND THE TABLE. Notes on Cookery, and Plain Recipes, with a Selection of Bills of Fare for every Month by "The G.C."
260867: Cheyne, George. - AN ESSAY OF HEALTH AND LONG LIFE.
273328: Chiappini, Luciano. - LA CORTE ESTENSE ALLA METÀ DEL CINQUECENTO. I compendi di Cristoforo di Messisbugo.
282026: Chicago Record Co. - KLONDIKE The Chicago Records Book for Gold Seekers.
277846: Chichester, Francis. - NIGHT AND FIRE SPOTTING.
282770: Chignell, W.R. - A HISTORY OF THE WORCESTER COUNTY CRICKET CLUB 1844-1950. Foreword by Maurice F.S. Jewell.
282115: Chilvers, Hedley A. - OUT OF THE CRUCIBLE. Being the Romantic Story of the Witwatersrand Goldfields; and of the Great City which arose in their midst.
282082: (Chinnery). Connor, Patrick. - GEORGE CHINNERY 1774-1852. Artist of India and the China Coast.
229436: Chippendale, Thomas. - THE GENTLEMAN AND CABINET-MAKER’S DIRECTOR. With an Introduction by Ralph Edwards.
281205: Chisholm, Louey. - THE GOLDEN STAIRCASE. Poems and verses for Children chosen by ...
200733: Choisy, M. L’Abbé de. - JOURNAL DU VOYAGE DE SIAM Fait en 1685 & 1686.
275874: Chomsky, Noam and Hobsbawm, Eric. - THE DEBATE ON ANARCHISM.
275279: Choulant, Ludwig. - HISTORY AND BIBLIOGRAPHY OF ANATOMIC ILLUSTRATION In Its Relation to Anatomic Science and the Graphic Arts. Translated and Edited with Notes and Biography by Mortimer Frank. With a Biographical Sketch of the Translator and Two Additional Sections by Fielding H. Garrison and Edward C. Streeter.
259832: Chowdhury, Nazly and Ahmed, Babu. - MUGHAL MONUMENTS OF BANGLADESH. Edited by Professor Dr. Enamul Haque.
172123: (Christian). Lueras, Leonard. - A. CHRISTIAN. Directed and designed by ...
281498: Chubb, Captain H.J and Duckworth, C.L.D. - IRRAWADDY FLOTILLA COMPANY LIMITED 1865-1950.
271143: Chubb, T. - A DESCRIPTIVE CATALOGUE OF THE PRINTED MAPS OF GLOUCESTERSHIRE 1577-1911. With Biographical Notes.
262377: (Chums). - CHUMS ANNUAL. An Illustrated Paper for Boys.
284521: Church, Alfred J. - ISIS AND THAMESIS. Hours on the River from Oxford to Henley.
281981: Church, The Late Colonel George Earl. - ABORIGINES OF SOUTH AMERICA. Edited by an Old Friend Clements George Earl Church.
277428: (Church). Church, E.M. - SIR RICHARD CHURCH IN ITALY AND GREECE. Chapters in an Adventurous Life.
277851: (Churchill). Reynolds, David. - IN COMMAND OF HISTORY. Churchill Fighting and Writing the Second World War.
282552: Churchill, Lieut-Colonel. - FORBIDDEN FRUIT FOR YOUNG MEN.
276158: Churchill, Winston S. - THE AMERICAN CIVIL WAR.
282034: Churchill, Winston S. - A HISTORY OF THE ENGLISH-SPEAKING PEOPLES. The Birth of Britain. The New World. The Age of Revolution. The Great Democracies.
283372: Churchill, Rt. Hon. Winston S. - THE WORLD CRISIS. 1911-1918.
281899: (Churchill). Gilbert, Martin. - CHURCHILL. A Life.
280823: Churchill, Winston S. - THE SECOND WORLD WAR. The Gathering Storm. Their Finest Hour. The Grand Alliance. The Hinge of Fate. Closing the Ring. Triumph and Tragedy.
279158: Churchyard, Charles. - ARCTIC CRITIQUES.
280891: Churchyard, Thomas. - THE WORTHINES OF WALES A Poem. A True Note of The auncient Castles, famous Monuments, good-ly Rivers, faire Bridges, fine Townes, and courteous People, that I have seen in the noble Countie of Wales, and Now Set Forth ...
276069: Cichrová, Katerina; Cremona, Vicki Ann and Naváková. - PLUSIEURS NATIONS. The Schwarzenberg Collection of Costume Miniatures in Cesky Krumlov Castle.
268285: (Cigarette Album). - THE "LONDON" CIGARETTE CARD ALBUM. 22 Complete Cigarette Card Sets, a total of 930 cards.
274895: Ciljak, Jaroslav - SLOVAK FOTO. Almanach Slovenskej Umeleckej Fotografie 3.
279314: City of Birmingham School of Printing. - CHRIST’S SERMON ON THE MOUNT. Being the Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Chapters of the Gospel according to St. Matthew.
285197: (City of London Imperial Volunteers). - THE CITY OF LONDON IMPERIAL VOLUNTEERS In South Africa, A.D. 1900. The "City Press" C.I.V. Souvenir.
283499: Ciucã, Valentin. - UN SECOL DE ARTE FRUMOASE LA LASI.
270130: Clapham, Christopher. - LIBERIA AND SIERRA LEONE. An Essay in Comparative Politics.
282235: Claretie, Léo - COINS DE PARIS. Illustrations de Foulquier, Gérardin, Louis Malteste, Fraipont.
177097: Clark, G.W. - THE HOUSING OF THE WORKING CLASSES. Part I A Notebook of Scottish Housing Conditions. Decade 1921-1931. Part II The New Situation.
282859: Clark, J.C.D. - ENGLISH SOCIETY 1660-1832. Religion, ideology and politics during the ancien regime.
276615: Clarke, Peter and Claydon, Tony (Editors). - THE CHURCH THE AFTERLIFE AND THE FATE OF THE SOUL.
271791: Clarke, Anna. - PLOT COUNTER-PLOT.
278350: (Clarke). (Otter, William). - THE LIFE AND REMAINS OF THE REV. EDWARD DANIEL CLARKE, Professor of Mineralogy in the University of Cambridge.
261079: Clarke, E.D. - TRAVELS IN VARIOUS COUNTRIES OF EUROPE ASIA AND AFRICA. Russia Tartary and Turkey; Greece Egypt and the Holy Land; To Which is Added a Supplement Respecting the Author’s Journey from Constantinopole to Vienna Containing his Account of the Gold Mines of Translyvania and Hungary; Scandinavia ...
274867: Clarke, William. - POMPEII: Its Past and Present State; Its Public and Private Buildings, Etc., Compiled in Part From the Great work of M. Mazois; the Museo Borbonicc, the Publications of Sir W. Gell, and T.L. Donaldson, Esq. But chiefly from the Ms. Journals and Drawings of ...
282457: (Claudian). Platnauer, Maurice. - CLAUDIAN. With an English Translation by ...
282511: Claydon, Tony. - THE REVOLUTION IN TIME. Chronology, Modernity and 1688-1689 in England.
282307: Clayson, Hollis. - PARIS IN DESPAIR. Art and Everyday Life under Siege (1870-71).
278852: Clayton, Edwy Godwin. - A COMPENDIUM OF FOOD-MICROSCOPY. With Sections on Drugs, Water, and Tobacco. Compiled, with additions and revision, from the late Dr. A.H. Hassall’s works on food.
276277: Clayton, Anthony. - FRONTIERSMEN: Warfare in Africa since 1950.
282993: Cleave, Chris. - THE OTHER HAND.
251769: Clement, Clara Erskine. - NAPLES The City of Parthenope and its Environs.
276331: Clephan, R. Coltman. - THE TOURNAMENT. Its Periods and Phases. With a Preface by Charles Ffoulkes.
281517: [Cliff, of Worcester]. - THE CAMBRIAN DIRECTORY, Or, Cursory Sketches of the Welsh Territories. With a Chart, Comprehending at one View, The advisable Route - Best Inns - Distances - and Objects most worthy of Attention.
281068: Cliffe, Charles Frederick. - THE BOOK OF NORTH WALES. Scenery, Antiquities. Highways and Byeways. Lakes, Streams, and Railways.
273506: Cliffe, Charles Frederick. - THE BOOK OF NORTH WALES. Scenery, Antiquities, Highways and Byeways, Lake, Streams, and Railways.
281102: Clifton, Violet. - THE BOOK OF TALBOT.
284260: Clinch, George. - MAYFAIR AND BELGRAVIA: Being an Historical Account of the Parish of St. George, Hanover Square.
273674: Clingerman, Forrest and Dixon, Mark H. (Editors). - PLACING NATURE ON THE BORDERS OF RELIGION, PHILOSOPHY AND ETHICS.
276931: Clogg, Richard. - GREEK TO ME. A Memoir of Academic Life.
274061: Clough, Robert T. - THE LEAD SMELTING MILLS OF THE YORKSHIRE DALES AND NORTHERN PENNINES/ Their Architectural Character, Construction and Place in the European Tradition. Foreword by Norman Culley.
283451: (Clovio). Bradley, John W. - THE LIFE AND WORKS OF GIORGIO GIULIO CLOVIO, Miniaturist, With Notices of His Contemporaries, and of the Art of Book Decoration in the Sixteenth Century.
277906: Clutch. (Written by). - HOBBS AND LARKINS IN NORTH WALES.
280734: Coad, J.G. - HISTORIC ARCHITECTURE OF THE ROYAL NAVY. An Introduction. Foreword by Admiral of the Fleet Lord Lewin, KG, GCB, MVO, DSC.
275718: (Coates). - KEVIN COATES Goldsmith. A Goldsmiths’ Company Exhibition 26th June - 19th July 1991. Introduction by Dan Klein.
268650: Coats, Mr James. - A NEW DICTIONARY OF HERALDRY, Explaining the Terms us’d in that Science, with their Etymology, and different versions into Latin. Containing all the Rules of Blazon, with Reasons for the same. The original Signification of Bearings. And A concise Account of the most noted Orders of Knighthood that are, or have been; and of Hnours and Dignities Ecclesiasitical, Civil or Military. The whole design’d to make that Science familiar.
276100: Cobb, Irvin S. - THE RED GLUTTON. Impressions of War written at and near the Front.
275630: Cobbe, Alec. - BIRDS, BUGS AND BUTTERFLIES. Lady Betty Cobbe’s ‘Peacock’ China. A Biography of an Irish Service of Worcester Porcelain.
285157: Cobbett, William. - RURAL RIDES In the Southern, Western and Eastern Countries of England, Together With Tours in Scotland and in the Northern and Midland Counties of England, and Letters From Ireland. The Whole, Including many Rides and Tours Never before Reprinted, Edited With an Introduction, Notes, A Biographical Record of Upwards of Nine Hundred Persons Mentioned, An Index of Places, and a Bibliographical Note by G.D.H. and Margaret Cole.
249160: Cochrane, Robert (Editor). - REPORT OF THE EXCURSION OF THE CAMBRIAN ARCHÆOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION, In Connexion With The Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland, to the Western Islands of Scotland, Orkney, and Caithness, June 1899.
275877: Cochrane, Robert. - PENTLAND WALKS With Their Literary and Historical Associations. Compiled and Edited by ...
275774: Cockburn, Henry. - MEMORIALS OF HIS TIME.
275689: Cocker, Mark and Mabey, Richard. - BIRDS BRITANNICA. With photographs and picture research by Chris Gomersall and specialist text research by Jonathan Elphick.
278297: Cocker, Mark and Mabey, Richard. - BIRDS BRITANNICA. With photographs and picture research by Chris Gomersall and specialist text research by Jonathan Elphick.
283387: Coello, Alonso Sánchez. - RETRATOS Y RETRATADORES. Y sus competidores Sofonisba Anguissola, Jorge de la Rúa y Rolán Moys by Maria Kusche.
272580: Coffey, Brian. - MONSTER A Concrete Poem. Decorated by John Parsons.
244037: Cohen, Ben. - THE THAMES 1580-1980. A General Bibliography.
282054: Cohen, Meredith. - THE SAINTE-CHAPELLE AND THE CONSTRUCTION OF SACRAL MONARCHY. Royal Architecture in Thirteenth-Century Paris.
274154: (Cohen). - JOHN COHEN. Past Present Peru. Photos - Music - Films.
248482: Cohen, Arthur A. - THE CARPENTER YEARS. A Novel.
283174: Cohen, Sheldon S. - BRITISH SUPPORTERS OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION 1775-1783. The Role of the ‘Middling-Level’ Activists.
281363: Coignet, Capitaine. - LES CAHIERS du ... (1776-1850). Publiés d’après le manuscrit original par Lorédan Larchey.
285216: Colbeck, Sergeant Graham. - WITH 3 PARA TO THE FALKLANDS. With a foreword by Major-General H.W.R. Pike.
280519: Colbeck, W.R. - [MAP OF] LIVERPOOL BAY Surveyed by the Marine Surveyor of the Mersey Docks & Harbour Board 1960.
279287: Colburn, Zerah. - LOCOMOTIVE ENGINEERING, And Mechanism of Railways: A Treatise on the Principles and Construction of the Locomotive Engine, Railway Carriages, and Railway Plant, With Examples. Text volume [only].
276144: Colby, Lieut. Colonel. - CARMARTHENSHIRE 41.
278495: Colby, Colonel. - SNOWDEN & ITS NEIGHBOURHOOD.
266617: Colby, Colonel. - ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP OF NORTH CARDIGAN BAY LXXV. Engraved in the Tower of London at the Ordnance Map Office the outline by L. D’Elboux, the writing by J.A. Harrison, the hills by R. Tovey,, the water by B. Baker,
237776: (Cole). Yorke, Malcolm. - THE ARTISTRY OF LESLIE COLE. Today I worked well - the picture fell off the brush. Told for the first time by .. With a note on the interesting life of Brenda Cole.
283750: Cole, Emily. (Editor). - LIVED IN LONDON. Blue Plaques and the Stories behind Them. With a foreword by Stephen Fry.
283725: Colecção Calouste Gulbenkian. - TAPETES ORIENTAIS.
278305: Coleridge, S.T. - BIOGRAPHIA LITERARIA. Edited with his Aesthetical Essays by J. Shawcross.
199266: [Colesworthey, Grant]. - RURAL LIFE IN BENGAL; Illustrative of Anglo-Indian Suburban Life; More Particularly in Connection With the Planter and Peasantry, the Varied Produce of the Soil and Seasons; With Copious Details of the Culture and Manufacture of Indigo.
273115: Collette, Florence and Péricard-Méa, Denise. - LES TEMPS DES JARDIN.
277705: Collier, Basil. - CATALAN FRANCE.
281349: Collier, John. - PICTURES IN THE FIRE. A New Collection of Short Stories.
281794: Colliery Engineer Company. - PLACER MINING A Hand-Book for Klondike and Other Miners and Prospectors. With Introductory Chapters Regarding the Recent Gold Discoveries in the Yukon Valey The Routes to the Gold Fields, Outfit Required, and Mining Regulations of Alaska and the Canadian Yukon.
270928: Collingwood, Harry. - ACROSS THE SPANISH MAIN. A Tale of the Sea in the Days of Queen Bess.
283832: Collingwood, W.G. - THE LAKE COUNTIES. With Special Articles on Birds, Butterflies and Moths, Flora, Geology, Fox-Hunting, Mountaineering, Yachting, Motor-Boating, Fishing, Shooting, and Cycling and including a full Gazetteer and Map.
284117: Collins, W. Wilkie. - RAMBLES BEYOND RAILWAYS; Or, Notes in Cornwall Taken A-Foot.
279274: Collins, Captain Greenville. - GREAT-BRITAIN’S COASTING PILOT. In Two Parts. Being a New and Exact Survey of the Sea-Coast of England and Scotland From the River of Thames to the Westward and Northward, With the Islands of Scilly, And from thence to Carlisle. Likewise the Islands of Orkney and Shetland. Describing All the Harbours, Rivers, Bays, Roads, Rocks, Sands, Buoys, Beacons, SeaMarks ... With Directions for Coming into the Channel between England and France.
281217: Collis, Maurice. - THE LAND OF THE GREAT IMAGE. Being Experiences of Friar Manrique in Arakan.
273993: Collyer, Rev. Robert and Turner, J. Horsfall. - ILKLEY: ANCIENT & MODERN. With Chapters on Its Geology by J.W. Davis; Botany by F. Arnold Lees; Fauna by W. Eagle Clarke et al; Prehistoric Remains by Several Authors.
267247: Colman, George. - BROAD GRINS; by ..., (the Younger;) Comprising, with new additional Tales in Verse, those formerly publish’d under the title of "My Night-Gown and Slippers."
259294: Colquhoun, P. - A TREATISE ON THE WEALTH, POWER AND RESOURCES, OF THE BRITISH EMPIRE, In Every Quarter of the World, Including the East Indies: The Rise and Progress of the Funding System Explained: With Observations on the National Resources for the beneficial Employment of a redundant Population and for rewarding the Military and Naval Officers, Soldiers, and Seamen, for their Services to their Country during the late War. Illustrated by Copious Statistical Tables, Constructed on a New Plan, and Exhibiting a Collected View of the Different Subjects Discussed in This Work.
281287: Colquhoun, James. - ADVENTURES IN RED RUSSIA. From the Black Sea to the White Sea.
282450: (Columbus). Irving, Washington. - THE LIFE AND VOYAGES OF CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS.
282104: (Columbus). Young, Filson. - CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS And the New World of His Discovery. A Narrative by ... With a Note on the Navigation of Columbus’s First Voyage by the Earl of Dunraven.
283491: Colvin, Howard. - ARCHITECTURE AND THE AFTER-LIFE.
252942: Combe, William. - THE FIRST SECOND [AND] THIRD TOUR[S] OF DR SYNTAX In Search of the Picturesque; In Search of Consolation; In Search of a Wife; A Poem.
261351: [Combe, William]. - THE TOUR OF DOCTOR SYNTAX in Search of The Picturesque.
276814: Comenius, John Amos. - PANAUGIA Or Universal Light. Being Part Two of His Consutation on the Reform of Human Affairs wherein he considers enlightening men’s minds with a Universal Light in which all men see all things thoroughly. Translated from the Latin by A.M.O. Dobbie.
282223: Comment, Bernard. - THE PANORAMA.
221833: Commercial No. 20 (1875) (Sugar Drawbacks). - CORRESPONDENCE RESPECTING THE SUGAR CONVENTION OF 1864, And the Conferences Held at Brussels in May 1875. Presented to Both Houses of Parliament by Command of Her Majesty 1875.
189442: Commissioners’ - REPORT OF CHARITIES AT CIRENCESTER. Taken in the Year 1829.
255978: Commissioners. - DOCUMENTS RELATING TO THE UNIVERSITY AND COLLEGES OF CAMBRIDGE. Published by Direction of the Commissioners appointed by the Queen to inquire unto the State, Discipline, Studies and Revenues of the said University and Colleges.
278785: (Common Prayer). - THE BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER, and administration of the sacraments, And other Rites and Ceremonies of the Church, According to the Use of The Church of England: together with the Psalter or Psalms of David, Pointed as they are to be sung or said in Churches.
283376: (Common Prayer). - THE BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER, And Administration of the Sacraments, and other Rites and Ceremonies of the Church, according to the use of The Church of England: Together with the Psalter or Psalms of David. [And] HYMNS ANCIENT AND MODERN for use in the Services of the Church.
261362: (Common Prayer). - DIRECTIONS for a Devout and Decent Behaviour in the Public Worship of God; More Particularly in the use of the Common Prayer Appointed by the Church of England. London: Printed for F.C. and J. Rivington ... 1809. New Ed. 24pp. [Bound with]. THE BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER, And Administration of the Sacraments and Other Rites and Ceremonies of the Church, According to the Use of the United Church of England and Ireland; Together with the Psalter or Psalms of David, Pointed as They are to be Sung or Said in Churches. Cambridge: Stereotyped and Printed by J. Smith ... N.d. c.[1820]. [xii] + 266pp. + [N2] + pp.(320-351). + [i]. Pp.203-4 lacking upper leading corner affecting text. [Bound with]. A COMPANION TO THE ALTAR: Shewing the Nature and Necessity of a Sacramental Preparation, In Order to our worthy receiving the Holy Communion, Wherein those Fears and Scruples about Eating and Drinking Unworthily, and Incurring or own Damnation Thereby, Are proved Groundless and Unwarrantable. Unto which are added, Prayers and Meditations Suitable to a Sacramental Preparation, According to what the Church of England requires from her Communicants. London Printed by Rider and Weed ... N.d. c.[1820]. 60pp. Frontis. [Bound with]. THE BOOK OF PSALMS, Collected into English Metre by Sternhold, Hopkins & Others. Cambridge Stereotyped and Printed by R. Watts ... N.d. c.[1808].82pp.
284317: Compton, E. Harrison. - CHESTER. Described by Francis R.G. Duckworth.
277730: Compton, E. Harrison. - CHESTER. Painted by ... Described by Francis R.G. Duckworth.
251680: Compton, E. Harrison. - CHESTER Described by Francis R.G. Duckworth.
183409: Congrès Gèologique International. - COMPTES RENDUS DE LA XIVe SESSION, EN ESPAGNE 1926.
283680: Congreve, William. - [PLAYS]. The Old Batchelor. Engraved frontis. ESTC T42161. [And]. The Double Dealer. Engraved frontis. ESTC N16644. [And]. Love for Love. Engraved frontis. ESTC T38627. [And]. The Mourning Bride. Engraved frontis. ESTC N19271. [And]. The Way of the World. Engraved frontis. ESTC T52267.
278225: Congreve, Mr William. - THE WORKS of ... In Three Volumes. Consisting of His Plays and Poems.
282226: Conley, Mary A. - FROM JACK TAR TO UNION JACK. Representing Naval Manhood in the British Empire, 1870-1918.
275794: Connolly, Cyril. - THE MODERN MOVEMENT One Hundred Key Books from England, France and America 1880-1950. Chosen by ... Bibliography of English and French Editions G.D.E. Soar.
282687: Connolly, S.J. - CONTESTED ISLAND. Ireland 1460-1630.
283715: O’Connor, Kaori. - LYCRA. How a Fiber Shaped America.
283617: O’Connor, V.C. Scott. - THE SILKEN EAST. A Record of Life & Travel in Burma. Introduced by Sir Harcourt Butler.
269854: O’Connor, Anne. - FINDING TIME FOR THE OLD STONE AGE. A History of Palaeolithic Archaeology and Quaternary Geology in Britain, 1860-1960.
277512: (Constable). Lyles, Anne. (Editor). - CONSTABLE THE GREAT LANDSCAPES. With essays by Sarah Cove, John Gage, Anne Lyles and Charles Rhyne and additional catalogue contributions by Franklin Kelly.
274672: Constantinopoulos, Vivian. - 10 X 10. 10 Critics. 100 architects. Preface by ...
273471: Conway, Martin. - THE ALPS. Painted by A.D. McCormick.
274073: Conway, Sir William Martin. - THE ALPS From End to End.
274539: Conway, Sir Martin. - MOUNTAIN MEMORIES A Pilgrimage of Romance.
282500: Cook, Hera. - THE LONG SEXUAL REVOLUTION. English Women, Sex, and Contraception 1800-1975.
281732: Cook, John A. - PURSUING THE WHALE. A Quarter-Century of Whaling in the Arctic. With an Introduction by Allan Forbes.
275823: Cook, Beryl. - LONDON.
281085: (Cook). Williams, Glyndwr. - CAPTAIN COOK’S VOYAGES 1768-1779. Selected and Introduced by ...
277912: Cook, Andrew George. - THE BUILDER’S MAGAZINE, And Complete Architectural Library for Architects, Surveyors, Carpenters, Masons, Bricklayers, &c. As well as for every Gentleman who would wish to be a competent judge of the elegant and necessary Art of Building. Consisting of Designs in Architecture ... Together with the Plans, Sections, and Elevations ... The whole forming A complete System of Architecture in all its Branches, and so disposed as the render the Surveyor, Carpenter, Bricklayer, Mason &c. equally capable to erect a Cathedral, a Mansion, a Temple or a Rural Cot. Vol. II [only].
256712: (Cook). Kippis, Docteur [Andrew]. - VIE DU CAPITAINE COOK, Traduite de l’Anglois du Docteur Kippis [Par M.J.H. Castera].
282274: (Cook). Beaglehole, J.C. (Editor). - THE VOYAGE OF THE RESOLUTION AND ADVENTURE 1772-1775.
280757: (Cook). Joppien, Rüdiger & Smith, Bernard. - THE ART OF CAPTAIN COOK’S VOYAGES. The Voyage of the Endeavour 1768-1771; The Voyage of the Resolution and Adventure 1772-1775; Text & Catalogue of the Voyage of the Resolution and Discovery 1776-1780; All With Descriptive Catalogues of all the known drawings of peoples, places artefacts and events and the original engravings associated with them.
279037: (Cook). Kitson, Arthur. - CAPTAIN JAMES COOK R.N., F.R.S. "The Circumnavigator"
281369: (Cook). Zimmermann, Heinrich. - THE THIRD VOYAGE OF CAPTAIN COOK.
279200: (Cook). Forster, George. - COOK, THE DISCOVERER. A new translation accompanying A facsimile of ‘Cook, der Entdecker. Versuch eines Denkmals’ being a memoir of Captain Cook written by George Forster. First published in Berlin in 1787. With a Foreword by Marti Lutz, Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to Australia and an introductory essay by Nigel Erskine, Curator of Exploration at the Australian National Maritime Museum.
279648: (Cook). Whitehead, P.J.P. - FORTY DRAWINGS OF FISHES. Made by the Artists who accompanied Captain James Cook on his Three Voyages to the Pacific 1768-71 1772-75 1776-80 Some Being Used by Authors in the Description of New Species.
278834: (Cook). Lanyon-Orgill, Peter A. (Editor). - CAPTAIN COOK’S SOUTH SEA ISLAND VOCABULARIES.
273820: Cooke, George Alexander. - TOPOGRAPHICAL AND STATISTICAL DESCRIPTION OF THE PRINCIPALITY OF WALES. Part I. North Wales; Part II. South Wales. Containing an Account of its Situation, Extent, Towns, Roads, Rivers ... To which is Prefixed, A Copious Travelling Guide: Exhibiting the Direct and Principal Cross Roads ... Forming a Complete County Itinerary ...
282238: Cooke, Capt Edward. - A VOYAGE TO THE SOUTH SEA AND ROUND THE WORLD IN THE YEARS 1708 TO 1711.
280882: Cooke, G.A. - TOPOGRAPHICAL AND STATISTICAL DESCRIPTION OF SOUTH WALES; Containing an Account of its Situation, Extent, Towns, Roads, Rivers, Minerals ... To Which are prefixed, The Direct and Principal Cross Roads, Inns, and Distances of Stages, Nobleman’s and Gentleman’s Seats, A List of the Fairs, And an index Table, Shewing, at one View, the Distances of all the Towns from each other: The Whole Forming a Complete County Itinerary.
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284293: Fox, Frank. - ENGLAND.
281903: Fox, Robert. (Editor). - EYEWITNESS TO HISTORY. The First Reporters. Discovering New Worlds. Empire and After. In Our Time. Edited and Introducted by ...
283447: Fox, Lieutenant Cecil H. - MANUAL OF SEAMANSHIP For Boys and Seamen of the Royal Navy. Re-written by ...
272602: Frain, Irène. - LA GUIRLANDE DE JULIE. Présentée par ... suivie d’un Dictionnaire du Langage des Fleurs aux fins de chifffer et déchiffrer vos tendres messages floraux.
283716: Francatelli, Charles Elmé. - THE MODERN COOK. A Practical Guide to the Culinary Art in all its Branches.
256477: [Frances, Taylor]. - EASTERN HOSPITALS AND ENGLISH NURSES; the Narrative of Twelve Months’ Experience in the Hospitals of Koulali and Scutari. By a Lady Volunteer. Volume I [only of 2].
268868: Francis, Dick. - BLOOD SPORT.
282973: Francis, David. - THE FIRST PENINSULAR WAR 1702-1713.
263295: Francis, Grant R. - OLD ENGLISH DRINKING GLASSES. Their Chronology and Sequence.
276828: Frank, Tibor and Hadler, Frank. (Editors). - DISPUTED TERRITORIES AND SHARED PASTS. Overlapping National Histories in Modern Europe.
276626: Frank, Tibor. - PICTURING AUSTRIA-HUNGARY. The British Perception of the Habsburg Monarchy 1865-1870.
276101: Fraser, George MacDonald. - THE GENERAL DANCED AT DAWN. And Other Stories.
284110: Fraser, Maxwell. - HOLIDAY HAUNTS GWR Season Guide 1938. The G.W.R. Official Guide to Holiday Resorts in England, Wales, Channel Islands, and Isle of Man. And Special Introductory Chapters by S.P.B. Mais. With Particulars of accommodation for holiday-makers and travellers generally.
280422: Fraser, Major. - MANUSCRIPT. His Adventures in Scotland and England: His Mission to, and Travels in, France in Search of His Chief; His Services in the Rebellion (and his Quarrels) with Simon Fraser, Lord Lovat 1696-1737. Edited by Alexander Fergusson, Lieut-Colonel.
279023: Fraser, James B. - TRAVELS AND ADVENTURES IN THE PERSIAN PROVINCES On the Southern Banks of the Caspian Sea. With An Appendix, Containing Short Notices on the Geology and Commerce of Persia.
278889: Fraser, James. - THE HISTORY OF NADIR SHAH, Formerly called Thamas Kuli Khan, the present Emperor of Persia. To which is prefix’d a short history of the Moghol emperors. At the end is inserted, a catalogue of about two hundred manuscripts in the Persic and other oriental languages, collected in the East.
273237: Fraticelli, Vanna. - IL GIARDINO NAPOLETANO. Settecento e Ottocento.
283574: Frazer, J. Ernest. - THE ANATOMY OF THE HUMAN SKELETON.
283543: Frazer, J.G. - PASSAGES OF THE BIBLE. Chose for their Literature Beauty and Interest.
283321: (Frederick II). Kugler, Francis. - LIFE OF FREDERICK THE GREAT: Comprehending a Complete History of the Silesian Campaigns and the Seven Years’ War.
282075: (Frederick II). Kantorowicz, Ernst. - FREDERICK THE SECOND. The Wonder of the World 1194-1250. Introduction by Dan Jones.
279277: Freeling, Nicolas. - KITCHEN BOOK.
275025: Freeman, Donald B. - THE STRAITS OF MALACCA. Gateway or Gauntlet?
280401: Freeman, Lewis R. - ON THE ROOF OF THE ROCKIES. The Great Columbia Icefield of the Canadian Rockies.
284098: Freeman, Rev. G.J. - SKETCHES IN WALES. Or A Diary of Three Walking Excursions in that Principality, in the years 1823, 1824, 1825.
283900: Freeman, Edward A. - REMARKS ON THE ARCHITECTURE OF LLANDAFF CATHEDRAL; With an Essay Towards a History of the Fabric.
276632: Freitag, Sabine and Wende, Peter (Editors). - BRITISH ENVOYS TO GERMANY 1816-1866.
252074: Fremantle, Richard. - FLORENTINE GOTHIC PAINTERS From Giotto to Masaccio. A Guide to Painting in and near Florence 1300 to 1450.
282746: French, Henry and Rothery, Mark. - MAN’S ESTATE. Landed Gentry Masculinities, c.1660-c.1900.
279294: Freud, Sigmund. - A YOUNG GIRL’S DIARY. Prefaced with a letter by ... translated from the German by Eden & Cedar Paul.
282666: (Freud). Webster, Richard. - WHY FREUD WAS WRONG. Sin, Science and Psychoanalysis.
261342: Frey, Joseph Samuel and Hooght, Everardus van der. (Editors). - BIBLIA HEBRAICA secundum ultimam editionem Jos. Athiae, a Johanne Leusden denuo recognitam, recensita atque ad Masoram, et correctiores Bombergi, Stephani, Plantini, aliorumque editiones, exquisite adornata variisque notis illustrata ab Everardo van der Hooght.
269861: (Frick). Neliba, Günter. - WILHELM FRICK. Der Legalist des Unrechtsstaates. Eine politische Biographie.
273347: (Friedel). - A BOOK BY, FOR, AND ABOUT MARY HORDER FRIEDEL 1911-2004. Introduction by Jacques Friedel.
276338: Friedman, Sanford. - TOTEMPOLE.
242019: Friedmann, Alexandre. - RAPPORT OFFICIEL SUR LA MARINE ET LES TRAVAUX MARITIME A L’Exposition Universale de Vienne en 1873.
274057: Frison-Roche, Roger. - RETURN TO THE MOUNTAINS. A Novel. Translated by Hugo Charteris.
274876: Frison-Roche, R. - FIRST ON THE ROPE. A Novel. Translated by Janet Adam Smith.
270792: Frith, Henry. - THE CRUISE OF THE WASP. A Romance of the North Atlantic.
267750: Froissart, Sir John. - CHRONICLES of England, France and the Adjoining Countries, From the Latter Part of the Reign of Edward II. to the Coronation of Henry VI. Newly Translated From the best French Editions, with Variations and Additions from many celebrated Manuscripts by Thomas Johnes. [Vol 4 bound with] MEMOIRS OF THE LIFE OF SIR JOHN FROISSART: To Which is added, Some Account of the Manuscript of His Chronicle in the Elizabethan Library at Breslau, and a Complete Index.
263267: Fromberg, Emanuel Otto. - AN ESSAY ON THE ART OF PAINTING ON GLASS. From the German of ...
282455: (Fronto). Haines, C.R. - THE CORRESPONDENCE OF MARCUS CORNELIUS FRONTO with Marcus Aurelius Antoninus, Lucius Verus, Antoninus Pius, and Various Friends. Edited and for the First Time Translated into English by ...
282279: Frost, Alan. - THE GLOBAL REACH OF EMPIRE. Britain’s maritime expansion in the Indian and Pacific oceans 1764-1815.
258673: Fry, Elizabeth. - MEMOIR OF THE LIFE of ... With Extracts from Her Journal and Letters. Edited by Two of Her Daughters.
245944: Fry, George S and Madge, Sidney J. (Editors). - ABSTRACTS OF INQUISITIONS POST MORTEM Relating to City of London, Returned into the Court of Chancery. Part I. 1 Henry VII to 3 Elizabeth, 1485-1561. Part II. 4-19 Elizabeth, 1561-1577.
282029: Fuhring, Peter; Marchesano, Louis; Mathis, Rémi and Selbach, Vanessa. (Editors). - A KINGDOM OF IMAGES. French Prints in the Age of Louis XIV, 1660-1715. Foreword by Bruno Racine.
272689: Fülck, Johann David. - NEUE GARTEN LUST oder Völliges Ornament so bey Anlegung Neuer Lust - und Blumen - als auch Küchund Baum Gärten höchst nöthig und dienlich. Neu herausgegeben nach der ersten, 1720 bei Andreas Pfeffel in Augsburg erschienenen Ausgabe und mit einem Nachwort von Uta Hasekamp versehen.
278755: Fuller, Thomas. - THE HISTORIE OF THE HOLY WARRE. [Cambridge] : Printed by Thomas Buck, one of the printers to the Universitie: and are to be sold by Philemon Stephens, at the signe of the gilded-Lion in Pauls Churchyard, anno Dom. 1651. 4th Ed. [18] + 286pp. + [28] [Lacking pp.281-4 signatures Nn3-4 and blank to rear]. Additional engraved t.p., folding map. [Bound with]. THE HOLY STATE. London : printed by R[oger]. D[aniel]. for John Williams, and are to be sold at the signe of the Crown in St. Pauls Churchyard, 1652. [8] + 339pp. + [i] blank. Additional engraved t.p. dated 1648. 20 engraved textual portraits. [Bound with as issued] THE PROFANE STATE. London : printed by R[oger]. D[aniel]. for John Williams, and are to be sold at the signe of the Crown in St. Pauls Churchyard, 1652. pp.([340]-394). + pp.(435-510) [complete].
278704: Fuller, Roy. - RE-TREADS.
280406: (Fuller). Bailey, John Eglington. - THE LIFE OF THOMAS FULLER, D.D. With Notices of His Books, His Kinsmen, and His Friends.
273369: Fulleylove, John. - EDINBURGH. Painted by ... Described by Rosaline Masson.
251642: Fulleylove, John. - EDINBURGH. Described by Rosaline Masson.
284598: Fullwood, John. - REMNANTS OF OLD WOLVERHAMPTON and its Environs. A Series or Original Etchings on Copper by ... With Descriptive Letterpress by E[dward] B[anks]. Vol. 1. [of 1].
282032: Furlotti, Barbara and Rebecchini, Guido. - THE ART OF MANTUA. Power and Patronage in the Renaissance. Translated from the Italian by A. Lawrence Jenkens.
282982: Furmston, Michael and Tolhurst, G.J. - CONTACT FORMATION. Law and Practice. Contributor: Eliza Mik.
273292: Furnival, Frederick J. (Editor). - THE BABEES BOOK, Aristotle's ABC, Urbanitatis, Stans Puer ad Mensam, The Lytille Childrenes Lytil Boke, The Bokes of Nurture of Hugh Rhodes and John Russell, Wynkyn de Worde's Boke of Keruynge, The Booke of Demeanor, The Boke of Curtasye, Seager's Schoole of Vertue, &c. &c. With some French & Latin Poems on like Subjects, and some forewords on Education in Early England.
253922: Fyler, Colonel. - THE HISTORY OF THE 50TH Or (The Queen’s Own) Regiment From the earliest date to the Year 1881.
270123: Fynn, J.K. - ASANTE AND ITS NEIGHBOURS 1700-1807.
282265: Gad, Finn. - THE HISTORY OF GREENLAND. Earliest Times to 1700; 1700-1782. [Vols. 1 & 2 only of 3].
283487: Gage, John. - COLOR AND CULTURE. Practice and Meaning from Antiquity to Abstraction.
277237: (Galen). Powell, Owen. - GALEN. On the Properties of Foodstuffs (De alimentorum facultatibus). Introduction, translation and Commentary by ... With a Foreword by John Wilkins.
277220: (Galen). Johnston, Ian and Horsley, G.H.R. (Editors). - GALEN. Method of Medicine 1-14.
279943: Gallienne, Richard le. - LIBER AMORIS OR THE NEW PYGMALION by William Hazlitt with additional matter now printed for the first time from the Original Manuscripts. With an Introduction by ...
278775: Galt, John. - THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY Of ...
278965: Gandhi, H.P. - FRESH-WATER DIATOMS OF CENTRAL GUJARAT. With a Review and Some Others.
278211: (Gandhi). Gandhi, Gopalkrishna. (Editor). - THE OXFORD INDIA GANDHI. Essential Writings.
237730: Gandl, Stafan and Grünberger, Christoph. - NEUBAU MODUL. Electronic & Analogue Patterns. English Translation by Robert Meek.
258746: Gans, Mozes Heiman. - MEMORBOOK. History of Dutch Jewry from the Renaissance to 1940.
283243: Ganson, Lewis. - THE GANSON BOOK. The Lewis Ganson Story and magic contributed by a few of his friends in Magic.
272381: Garbari, Fabio; Tomasi, Lucia Tongiorgi and Tosi, Alessandro. - GIARDINO DEI SEMPLICI. L’Orto botanico di Pisa dal XVI al XX secolo. Introduction by Roberto Paolo Ciardi.
280669: (Gardiner). Page, Jesse. - CAPTAIN ALLEN GARDINER of Patagonia.
282127: Gardiner, Howard C. - IN PURSUIT OF THE GOLDEN DREAM. Reminiscences of San Francisco and the Northern and Southern Mines, 1849-1857. Edited by Dale L. Morgan.
217495: Gardiner, John. - OBSERVATION ON THE ANIMAL OECONOMY, And on the Causes and Cure of Diseases. Edinburgh Printed for WIlliam Creech ... 1784. xxx + [i] + 458pp. T.p. detached to lower portion. ESTC T121886 [Bound with]. AN INQUIRY INTO THE NATURE, CAUSE AND CURE OF THE GOUT, And of Some of the Diseases With Which is is Connected. Edinburgh Printed for Bell & Bradfute ... 1792. xliii + 242pp. ESTC T61952.
268701: Gardner, Erle Stanley. - THE CASE OF THE GLAMOROUS GHOST.
285190: Gardner, Edward L. - FAIRIES. The Cottingley Photographs and their Sequel.
269994: Gardner, John. - LICENCE RENEWED.
277931: Gardner, Helen (Editor). - THE NEW OXFORD BOOK OF ENGLISH VERSE 1250-1950.
278416: Garfield, Leon. - THE GHOST DOWNSTAIRS.
273579: [Garner, Robert]. - HOLIDAY EXCURSIONS OF A NATURALIST. Forming A Guide-Book to the Natural History of the Inland and Littoral.
274368: Garner, Alan. - THE GUIZER. A Book of Fools.
185887: Garnett, Lucy M.J. - GREEK FOLK POESY: Annotated Translations, From the Whole Cycle of Romaic Folk-Verse and Folk-Prose. Edited With Essays on the Science of Folklore, Greek Folkspeech, and the Survival of Paganism, by J.S. Stuart-Glennie.
284253: Garnett, Richard. - RICHMOND ON THE THAMES. 104pp. Etched frontis., 3 plates including 1 etched, 37 text ills. including several full page. Original upper wrapper bound in. [Bound with] THE LIFE OF VELAZQUEZ. By Walter Armstrong. 104pp. 4 plates, 27 text ills.
281793: Garnier, M. Pascal. - L’OR ET LES MINES DE LA NOUVELLE-ZÉLANDE. Avec le Concours de M. Jules Garnier.
270743: Garran, Andrew (Editor). - PICTURESQUE ATLAS OF AUSTRALASIA. Parts 10-28 [only of 42?]
281778: Garrard, Timothy F. - AKAN WEIGHTS AND THE GOLD TRADE.
277332: (Garrard). Gere, Charlotte; Culme, John with Summers, William. - GARRARD The Crown Jewellers for 150 Years 1843-1993.
279501: (Garrick). Davies, Thomas. - MEMOIRS OF THE LIFE OF DAVID GARRICK, ESQ. Interpsersed with Characters and Anecdotes of His Theatrical Contemporaries the Whole Forming a History of the Stage Which Includes a Period of Thirty-Six Years.
145630: Garvie, Alfred E. - THE RITSCHLIAN THEOLOGY. Critical and Constructive. An Exposition and an Estimate.
274404: (Gaskell). Chapple, John and Shelston, Alan. (Editors). - FURTHER LETTERS OF MRS. GASKELL.
281710: Gaspar de Carvajal, Friar. - THE DISCOVERY OF THE AMAZON. According to the Account of ... and Other Documents. Translated from the Spanish by Bertram T. Lee. Edited by H.C. Heaton.
277724: Gasquoine, C.P. - THE STORY OF THE CAMBRIAN. A Biography of a Railway.
283983: [Gastineau, Henry]. - WALES ILLUSTRATED IN A SERIES OF VIEWS, Comprising the Picturesque Scenery, Towns, Castles, Seats of the Nobility & Gentry, Antiquities, &c.
279229: Gastineau, Henry. - WALES ILLUSTRATED In a Series of Views, Comprising the Picturesque Scenery, Towns, Castles, Seats of the Nobility & Gentry, Antiquities, &c. Engraved on Steel from Original drawings by ... Accompanied by Historical and Topographical Descriptions.
274026: Gattlen, Anton. - DAS MATTERHORN im Bild. Laura & Giorgio Aliprandi.
273119: Gatty, Mrs Alfred. - PARABLES FROM NATURE. First Second and Third Series.
272649: (Gauguin). Sykorová, Dr. Libuse. - GAUGUIN WOODCUTS. Translated by Till Gottheiner.
279126: (Gauld). Ware, John D. - GEORGE GAULD. Surveyor and Cartographer of the Gulf Coast. Revised and completed by Robert R. Rea.
239705: M’Gauley, Rev. James William. - LECTURES ON NATURAL PHILOSOPHY. Mechanical Philosophy; Chemistry.
271637: Gay, John. - TRIVIA And Other Poems.
280059: Gazeley, W.J. - WATCH AND CLOCK MAKING AND REPAIRING. Dealing with the Construction and Repair of Watches, Clocks and Chronometers.
281399: Gedeon, Hieromonk. - THE RUSSIAN ORTHODOX RELIGIOUS MISSION IN AMERICA, 17944-1837. With Materials Concerning the Life and Works of the Monk German, and Ethnographic Notes by the ... Translated by Colin Bearne. Edited by Richard A. Pierce.
269520: Gehl, Dr. Walther. - DER NATIONALSOZIALISTISCHE STAAT. Grundlagen und Gestaltung, Urkunden des Aufbaus - Reden und Vorträge. (Bis zum 12. November 1933).
226754: (Geiger). Hofmannsthal, Hugo von. - DRAWINGS OF OLD MASTERS FROM THE COLLECTION OF DR. BENNO GEIGER. Preface by ... Text by Dr. Leo Planiczig and Dr. Hermann Voss.
282388: Gellately, Robert. - THE GESTAPO AND GERMAN SOCIETY. Enforcing Racial Policy 1933-1945.
278166: Gellner, David N. - MONK, HOUSEHOLDER AND TANTRIC PRIEST. Newar Buddhism and its hierarchy of ritual.
273021: Gentil, François. - THE RETIR’D GARD’NER. Translated by George London & Henry Wise.
255372: Gentleman’s Magazine of Fashions. - [OFFICERS COSTUMES OF THE BRITISH ARMY Fancy Costumes and The Regimentals of the Army].
284627: Geographia Ltd. Cartographers. - UNDERGROUND RAILWAY MAP. London Transport Issued Free. Number 1 - 1937.
280436: Geographical Handbook Series. - GREECE. Volume III [only, of III] Regional Geography.
280430: Geographical Handbook Series. - PALESTINE AND TRANSJORDAN.
280427: Geographical Handbook Series. - DENMARK
280428: Geographical Handbook Series. - ITALY. Volume II only of IV.
280439: Geographical Handbook Series. - NETHERLANDS.
280431: Geographical Handbook Series. - PACIFIC ISLANDS Volume I [only of IV] General Survey.
280433: Geographical Handbook Series. - NORWAY.
280435: Geographical Handbook Series. - GREECE. Volume I [only, of III] Physical Geography, History, Administration and Peoples.
280426: Geographical Handbook Series. - DENMARK
280442: Geographical Handbook Series. - BELGIUM.
280443: Geographical Handbook Series. - JUGOSLAVIA. Physical Geography; History, Peoples, and Administration; Economic Geography, Ports and Communications.
280444: Geographical Handbook Series. - FRANCE. Physical Geography; History and Administration; Economic Geography; Ports and Communications.
280446: Geographical Handbook Series. - GERMANY. Volume III [only of IV] Economic Geography.

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