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274692: Knighton, C.S. and Mortimer, Richard. (Editors). - WESTMINSTER ABBEY REFORMED 1540-1640.
281490: Knighton, C.S. and Loades, David (Editors). - ELIZABETHAN NAVAL ADMINISTRATION.
283667: Knipping, John B. - ICONOGRAPHY OF THE COUNTER REFORMATION IN THE NETHERLANDS. Vol. II. [only]: Heaven on Earth.
259716: (Knobelsdorff). Kadatz, Hans-Joachim. - GEORG WENZESLAUS VON KNOBELSDORFF. Baumeister Friedrichs II.
278696: Knolles, Richard. - THE GENERALL HISTORIE OF THE TURKES, from the first beginning of that nation to the rising of the Othoman familie: with all the notable expeditions of the Christian princes against them. Together with the lives and conquests of the Othoman kings and emperours, vnto the yeare 1610
270004: Knötel, Richard. - UNIFORMENKUNDE. Lose Blätter zur Geschichte der Entwickelung der militärischen Tracht. Band XVII Nos. 1-60.
274251: Knowles, Archibald Campbell. - ADVENTURES IN THE ALPS.
280318: Knox, Robert. - AN HISTORICAL RELATION OF CEYLON together With somewhat concerning Severall Remarkeable passages of my life that hath hapned since my Deliverance out of my Captivity. Preface by James Ryan, Editor.
280689: Koburger Jr., Charles W. - SEA POWER IN THE FALKLANDS.
282832: Koditschek, Theodore. - LIBERALISM, IMPERIALISM, AND THE HISTORICAL IMAGINATION. Nineteenth-Century Visions of a Greater Britain.
281373: Koldewey, K. - DIE ERSTE DEUTSCHE NORDPOLAR-EXPEDITION IM JAHRE 1868. Beschrieben von ... Mit einem vorwort von A. Petermann.
270189: Koniordos, Sokratis M. - TOWARDS A SOCIOLOGY OF ARTISANS. Continuities and discontinuities in comparative perspective.
269566: Kösters, Christoph. - KATHOLISCHE VERBÄNDE UND MODERNE GESELLSCHAFT. Organisationsgeschichte und Vereinskultur im Bistum Münster 1918 bis 1945.
277450: Krapf, J. Lewis. - TRAVELS, RESEARCHES, AND MISSIONARY LABOURS during an Eighteen Years’ Residence in Eastern Africa. Together with Journeys to Jagga, Usambara, Ukambani, Shoa, Abessinia, and Khartum and a Coasting Voyage from Mombaz to Cape Delgado. With an Appendix by E.G. Ravenstein.
273033: Krasheninnikov, Stepan Petrovich. - EXPLORATIONS OF KAMCHATKA North Pacific Scimitar. Opisanie Zemli Kamchatki. Report of a journey to explore eastern Siberia in 1735-1741, by order of the Russian Imperial Government. Translated with Introduction and Notes by E.A. Crownhart-Vaughan.
274186: Kraus, Richard. - AN ENGLISH FOREST.
281808: Krause, Reinhard A. and Scholl, Lars U. - THE MAGIC OF ANTARCTIC COLOURS. David Abbey Paige (1901-1978) Artist of the Byrd Antarctic Expedition 1933-1935.
282897: Krauss, Rosalind and Livingston, Jane. - L’AMOUR FOU. Photography & Surrealism. With an essay by Dawn Ades.
271007: (Kress). - THE KRESS LIBRARY OF BUSINESS AND ECONOMICS. Catalogue covering Material Published throught 1776 with Data upon Cognate Items in other Harvard Libraries. Catalogue 1777-1817 giving Data also upon Cognate Items in other Harvard Libraries.
272900: Kretschmer, E. - PHYSIQUE AND CHARACTER. An Investigation of the Nature of Constitution and of the Theory of Temperament.
282215: Krikler, Jeremy. - WHITE RISING. The 1922 insurrection and racial killing in South Africa.
250989: (Krug). Klesse, Brigitte. - GLASSAMMLUNG HELFRIED KRUG. Beschreibender Katalog mit kunstgeschichtlicher Einführung.
283122: Kruger, Thalia. - CIVIL JURISDICTION RULES OF THE EU AND THEIR IMPACT ON THIRD STATES. Foreword by Professor Dr Hans Can Houtte.
277165: Kruger, Steven F. - DREAMING IN THE MIDDLE AGES.
173896: (Krupp). Müller, Friedrich C.G. - L’USINE KRUPP. Notice par ... Traduit de l’Allemand.
273663: Kuby, Dr. Julius. - ALPINE PILGRIMAGE. Translation by H.E.G. Tyndale.
264041: Kuijpers, Maikel H.G. - AN ARCHAEOLOGY OF SKILL. Metalworking Skill and Material Specialization in Early Bronze Age Central Europe.
279674: Kunina, Nina. - ANCIENT GLASS in the Hermitage collection.
271875: Kurtz, Donna and Sparkes, Brian. (Editors). - THE EYE OF GREECE. Studies in the Art of Athens. Foreword by John Boardman.
284677: Kynaston, David. - THE CITY OF LONDON. Volume IV [only]: A Club No More 1945-2000.
278235: Labbe, Jacqueline M. - ROMANTIC VISUALITIES. Landscape, Gender and Romanticism.
280816: Labillardiere, M. - VOYAGE IN SEARCH OF LA PÉROUSE, Performed by Order of the Constituent Assembly, During the Years 1791, 1792, 1793, and 1794, and Drawn up by ... Translated from the French.
273175: Lablaude, Pierre-André. - THE GARDENS OF VERSAILLES. Preface by Jean-Pierre Babelon.
273209: Laborde, Alexandre. - DESCRIPTION DES NOUVEAUX JARDINS DE LA FRANCE et de ses Anciens Chateaux Mélée d’Observations sur la vie de la Campagne et la composition des Jardins. Les Dessins par Ct. Bourgeois. Descriptions of the Modern Gardens and Ancient Castles in France With Local Observations of Rural Life and Gardening.
280460: Lachouque, Henry. - THE ANATOMY OF GLORY. Adapted from the French of ... by Anne S.K. Brown, with a new Introduction by David G. Chandler.
274861: Lack, David. - THE BIRDS OF CAMBRIDGESHIRE. With an Account of the Birds of the Undrained Fen by H.C. Darby. And an Introduction by Brian Roberts.
276051: Laclos, Choderlos de. - OEUVRES COMPLÈTES. Texte établi et annoté par Maurice Allem.
277354: (Lacroix). Mauriès, Patrick. - CHRISTIAN LACROIX. The Diary of a Collection.
258313: Lacroze, Alberto. - LA HORA SIN TIEMPO.
215333: Lacy, George. - PICTURES OF TRAVEL, SPORT, AND ADVENTURE. ("The Old Pioneer")
280315: Ladurie, Emmanuel Le Roy. - THE ROYAL FRENCH STATE 1460-1610. Translated by Juliet Vale.
280316: Ladurie, Emmanuel Le Roy. - THE ANCIEN RÉGIME. A History of France 1610-1774. Translated by Mark Greengrass.
279401: Ladyman, Phyllis. - ABOUT TELEVISION.
277544: Laidlaw, Harry H. - CONTEMPORARY QUEEN REARING.
281721: Laing, John. - AN ACCOUNT OF A VOYAGE TO SPITZBERGEN; Containing a Full Description of That Country, Of the Zoology of the North, and of the Shetland Isles; With an Account of the Whale Fishery. With an Appendix, Containing Some Important Observations on the Variation of the Compass, &c. By a Gentleman of the Navy.
235148: Laird, Mr [F.C.] - NOTTINGHAM
282395: Lake, Peter and Questier, Michael. - ALL HAIL TO THE ARCHPRIEST. Confessional Conflict, Toleration, and the Politics of Publicity in Post-Reformation England.
278277: Lake, Nancy. - DAILY DINNERS A Collection of 366 Distinct Menus in English and French.
230096: Lamb, Mark. - FARPEROO. Book One of the Dark Inventions.
269893: Lamb, Charles. - THE ESSAYS OF ELIA, AND ELIANA.
258545: Lambert, George. - INDIEN, Das Schwer-Heimgesuchte Reich. Das Buch Enthalt Eine Vollstandige Beschreibung Der Pest, Teurung Und Des Erdbebens Von 1896-97....Linderungs-Arbeit Durch Die 'Home and Foreign Relief Commission.
260326: Lampert, Catherine. - IN BETWEEN THE LINES. Recent British Drawings. Curated by Jeremy Cooper. Essay by ...
278752: Lancaster, Roy. - PLANTSMAN’S PARADISE . Travels in China.
278741: Landor, Robert Eyres. - SELECTIONS FROM HIS POETRY AND PROSE. With an Introduction Biographical & Critical by Eric Partridge.
280899: Landor, A. Henry Savage. - IN THE FORBIDDEN LAND. An Account of a Journey in Tibet, Capture by the Tibetan Authorities, Imprisonment, Torture, and Ultimate Release.
253063: Landor, A. Henry Savage. - IN THE FORBIDDEN LAND. An Account of a Journey into Tibet, Capture by the Tibetan Lamas and Soldiers, Imprisonment, Torture and Ultimate Release Brought About by Dr. Wilson and the Political Peshkar Karak Sing-Pal.
280093: Landor, A. Henry Savage. - ACROSS COVETED LANDS. Or a Journey from Flushing (Holland) to Calcutta, Overland.
266866: Landsborough, Rev. David. - ARRAN: A Poem. In Six Cantos.
276092: Landwehr, Richard. - CHARLEMAGNE’S LEGIONNAIRES: French Volunteers of the Waffen-SS 1943-1945.
273514: Lane, Bronco. - MILITARY MOUNTAINEERING. A History of Services Mountaineering, 1945-2000.
283071: Lane, Rose Wilder. - PEAKS OF SHALA: Being a Record of certain Wanderings among the Hill-Tribes of Albania.
280326: Lane, Edward William. - AN ACCOUNT OF THE MANNERS AND CUSTOMS OF THE MODERN EGYPTIANS, Written in Egypt During the Years 1833, 34, and 35, Partly From Notes Made During a Former Visit to That Country in the Years 1825, 26, 27, and 28.
276793: Lang, Andrew. - COCK LANE AND COMMON-SENSE.
269562: Langewiesche, Dieter. - LIBERALISM IN GERMANY. Translated by Christiane Banerji. Foreword by John Breuilly.
281947: Lantschner, Patrick. - THE LOGIC OF POLITICAL CONFLICT IN MEDIEVAL CITIES. Italy and the Southern Low Countries, 1370-1440.
280561: (Las Casas). Helps, Arthur. - THE LIFE OF LAS CASAS, The Apostle of the Indies.
279215: Lasko, Peter. - ARS SACRA 800-1200.
279754: Laskowska-Kusztal, Ewa. - DEIR EL-BAHARI. III [only of 3]. Le sanctuaire ptolémaïque de Deir el-Bahari.
277844: J., M.N. Late of Blackbrooke. - BYGONE DAYS IN THE MARCH WALL OF WALES. With Original Drawings by Warren Williams.
275971: Lategan, Barry. - TREES.
271673: Latham, Murray. - RIVER IN THE DARK.
283127: Latimer, John. - THE ANNALS OF BRISTOL In the Seventeenth Century.
279316: Latimer, Reverend Father Master Hugh. - SERMON OF THE PLOUGH. A Sermon of the ... Preached in the Shrouds at Paul’s Church London Eighteenth day of January Anno Domini 1548. Designed and printed by Leonard Jay, assisted by Vernon S. Ganderton and Michael Fletcher.
280737: Laughton, John Knox. (Editor). - STATE PAPERS RELATING TO THE DEFEAT OF THE SPANISH ARMADA Anno 1588.
275180: Laughton, John Knox et al (Editor). - THE NAVAL MISCELLANY. Vols. I - III [Only].
283208: (Laurence). Wilson, Jeremy. - LAWRENCE OF ARABIA. The Authorised Biography of T.E. Lawrence.
285174: Laurence, E.C. - A NURSE’S LIFE IN WAR AND PEACE. With a Preface by Sir Frederick Treves.
273226: Laurence, John. - GARDENING IMPROV’D. Containing I. The Clergyman’s Recreation ... II. The Gentleman’s Recreation ... III. The Lady’s Recreation ... by Charles Evelyn.
255996: Laurens, Pierre. - MVSAE REDVCES Anthologie de la poésie latine dans l’Europe de la Renaissance. Textes choisis, présentés et traduits par ...
275653: Laurie, Lieut.-Colonel George Brenton. - HISTORY OF THE ROYAL IRISH RIFLES [With] THE HISTORY OF THE FIRST SEVEN BATTALIONS The Royal Irish Rifles (Now The Royal Ulster Rifles) In the Great War By Cyril Falls.
269514: Lavater, John Caspar. - ESSAYS ON PHYSIOGNOMY: Translated from the German of ... by Thomas Holcroft. Also one hundred Physiognomical Rules, taken from a posthumous work by J.C. Lavater; and a Memoir of the Author.
278270: Law, Robin. (Editor). - FROM SLAVE TRADE TO ‘LEGITIMATE’ COMMERCE. The commercial transition in nineteenth-century West Africa. Papers from a conference of the Centre of Commonwealth Studies, University of Sterling.
268688: Lawrence, W. - LECTURES ON PHYSIOLOGY, ZOOLOGY, AND THE NATURAL HISTORY OF MAN; Delivered at the Royal College of Surgeons. Comprising: LECTURES ON COMPARATIVE ANATOMY, Physiology, Zoology, and the Natural History of Man; Delivered at The Royal College of Surgeons in the Years 1816, 1817, and 1818. xvi + 568pp. [Lacking pp.65-74]. 12 plates mainly folding. Heirs of Hippocrates 823 (American edition) ‘With this lecture ... Lawrence anticipated the doctrines of Darwinian evolution, arousing the anger of the conservative clergy who viewed his work as inconsistent with Scripture ...’ Wellcome III p.462. AN INTRODUCTION TO COMPARATIVE ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY; Being the Two Introductory Lectures Delivered at the Royal College of Surgeons, on the 21st and 25th of March 1816. [vi] + 78pp.
277310: Lawrence, T.E. - THE MINT. A day-book of the R.A.F. Depot between August and December 1922 with later notes by 352087 A/c Ross.
198358: [Lawrence, George Alfred]. - SILVERLAND. By the Author of "Guy Livingstone"
261381: [Lawrence, John]. - THE NEW FARMER’S CALENDAR; Or, Monthly Remembrancer, for all Kinds of Country Business: Comprehending all the Material Improvements in the New Husbandry, With the Management of Live Stock. Inscribed to the Farmers of Great Britain. By a Farmer and Breeder.
279960: (Lawrence). Altounyan, E.H.R. - ORNAMENT OF HONOUR.
279993: Lawrence, F.W. Pethick (Editor). - THE LABOUR RECORD AND REVIEW. Volume 1 No. 1. March 1905-Volume III No. 3. May 1907. [All published].
281720: Lawrence, T.E. - SEVEN PILLARS OF WISDOM A Triumph.
262684: Lawrie, W.A.D. - THE FIRST 100 YEARS. The History of Bridgend Rugby Football Club.
273732: Laws, Edward. - THE HISTORY OF LITTLE ENGLAND Beyond Wales, and the Non-Kymric Settled in Pembrokeshire.
277577: Layard, Sir Henry. - EARLY ADVENTURES IN PERSIA, SUSIANA, AND BABYLONIA Including a Residence Among the Bakhtiyari and Other Wild Tribes Before the Discovery of Nineveh.
280901: Layard, Austen H. - DISCOVERIES IN THE RUINS OF NINEVEH AND BABYLON; With travels in Armenia, Kurdistan and the Desert: Being the result of a second expedition undertaken for the Trustees of the British Museum
280075: Layard, The Right Hon. Sir Austen Henry. - NINEVEH AND BABYLON. A Narrative of a Second Expedition to Assyria During the Years 1849, 1850, & 1851.
282535: Laynesmith, J.L. - THE LAST MEDIEVAL QUEENS. English Queenship 1445-1503.
271098: Leach, Bernard. - A POTTER’S PORTFOLIO. A Selection of Fine Pots. Introduced by ...
277376: Leach, Bernard. - POTTER AND ARTIST. Catalogue by Oliver Watson. Foreword by Louise Taylor.
280215: Leadbeater, Mary. - THE LEADBEATER PAPERS. The Annals of Ballitore, by ... With a Memoir of the Author. Letters from Edmund Burke Heretofore Unpublished. And the Correspondence of Mrs R. Trench and Rev. George Crabbe with Mary Leadbeater.
277647: Leader, Ninon A.M. - HUNGARIAN CLASSICAL BALLADS And their Folklore.
210884: Leake, William Martin. - RESEARCHES IN GREECE.
277304: Leake, William Martin. - THE DEMI OF ATTICA.
283700: (Leal). Trapier, Elizabeth du Gué. - VALDÉS LEAL. Spanish Baroque Painter.
276003: (Lear). Noakes, Vivien. - EDWARD LEAR 1812-1888. With an Introduction by Sir Steven Runciman and an essay by Jeremy Maas.
279111: Lear, Edward. - A BOOK OF NONSENSE.
277035: Leask, Harold G. - IRISH CHURCHES AND MONASTIC BUILDINGS. Volume II [only]: Gothic Architecture to A.D. 1400.
275293: Leather, Ella Mary. - THE FOLK-LORE OF HEREFORDSHIRE. Collected from Oral and Printed Sources. With an Introduction by Edwin Sidney Hartland.
278163: Leatherdale, Rev. Vincent J. - A LADY OF WALES. "A Story of the Siege of Chester."
279481: Lecky, William Edward Hartpole. - HISTORY OF EUROPEAN MORALS From Augustus to Charlemagne.
269222: Lee, Rev. Alfred T. - THE HISTORY OF THE TOWN AND PARISH OF TETBURY, In the County of Gloucester, Compiled From Original Mss. and Other Authentic Sources.
258884: Lee, Emanoel. - TO THE BITTER END. A Photographic History of the Boer War 1899-1902.
284050: Lee, J.J. - IRELAND 1912-1985. Politics and Society.
283591: Lee, Tanith. - THE SILVER METAL LOVER. Science Fiction Book Club Selection.
277701: Lee, Edwin. - THE HEALTH RESORTS OF THE SOUTH OF FRANCE. Western Division. Pau. Biarrtiz Arcachon.
281786: Lee, John (Fiott). - A SCIENTIFIC, ANTIQUARIAN AND PICTURESQUE TOUR IN IRELAND, ENGLAND AND WALES 1806-1807. Edited by Angela Byrne.
277227: Lees-Milne, James. - FOURTEEN FRIENDS.
277234: Lees-Milne, James. - CEASELESS TURMOIL. Diaries, 1988-1992. Edited by Michael Bloch.
277066: Lees-Milne, James. - DIARIES, 1971-1997. Abridged and Introduced by Michael Bloch.
273577: Lees, Edwin. - THE BOTANICAL LOOKER-OUT AMONG THE WILD FLOWERS Of England and Wales At All Seasons, and in the Most Interesting Localities.
277231: Lees-Milne, James. - HOLY DREAD. Diaries, 1982-1984. Edited by Michael Bloch.
277232: Lees-Milne, James. - BENEATH A WANING MOON. Diaries, 1985-1987. Edited by Michael Bloch.
277233: Lees-Milne, James. - THE MILK OF PARADISE. Diaries, 1993-1997. Edited by Michael Bloch.
277230: Lees-Milne, James. - DEEP ROMANTIC CHASM. Diaries, 1979-1981. Edited by Michael Bloch.
277228: Lees-Milne, James. - ANCIENT AS THE HILLS. Diaries, 1973-1974.
284057: Leeson, D.M. - THE BLACK AND TANS. British Police and Auxiliaries in the Irish War of Independence, 1920-1921.
277930: Lefferts, Lt. Charles M. - UNIFORMS OF THE AMERICAN, BRITISH, FRENCH AND GERMAN ARMIES in the War of the American Revolution 1775-1783. Painted and described by the late ... Edited by Alexander J. Wall.
271435: Legendre, A.M. - ELEMENTS OF GEOMETRY AND TRIGONOMETRY; With Notes. Translated from the French of ... Edited by David Brewster. With Notes and Additions, and an Introductory Chapter on Proportion.
285188: Leger, Captain S.E. St. - WAR SKETCHES IN COLOUR.
282247: Leggiere, Michael V. - NAPOLEON AND THE STRUGGLE FOR GERMANY: THE FRANCO-PRUSSIAN WAR OF 1813. Volume 1 [Only of 2]; The War of Liberation, Spring 1813.
282327: (Leibniz). Mercer, Christia. - LEIBNIZ’S METAPHYSICS. Its Origins and Development.
276857: (Leibniz). Antognazza, Maria Rosa. - LEIBNIZ. An Intellectual Biography.
282604: Leick, Gwendolyn. - TOMBS OF THE GREAT LEADERS. A Contemporary Guide.
280892: Leigh, M.A. - LEIGH’S GUIDE TO THE WALES & MONMOUTHSHIRE: Containing Observations on the Mode of Travelling, Plans of Various Tours, Sketches of the Manners and Customs, Notices of Historical Events, a Description of Every Remarkable Place, And a Minute Account of the Wye.
277746: Leighton, Stanley. - SHROPSHIRE HOUSES Past & Present. Illustrated from Drawings. With Descriptive Letterpress by the Artist.
283354: Leighton, Gerald R and Douglas, Loudon M. - THE MEAT INDUSTRY AND MEAT INSPECTION. A Comprehensive Account of the Principal Animals and Fish, Including Cattle, Sheep, Pigs, Poultry and Game, Supplied to the British Meat Market, Together with a Description of the Various Industrial Processes Connected Therewith and the Scientific Inspection of Meat.
283981: Leighton, John M. - HISTORY OF THE COUNTY OF FIFE, From the Earliest Period to the Present Time. with Numerous Engravings in the Line Manner on Steel by Joseph Swan. From Original Drawings Taken Expressly for the Work by James Stewart.
271862: Lejeune, Anthony. - THE DERWENT SCRAP BOOK.
274099: Leland, Thomas. - THE HISTORY OF IRELAND From the Invasion of Henry II. With a Preliminary Discourse on the Antient State of That Kingdom. Volume I [only, of 3].
279220: Leland, John. - THE ITINERARY IN WALES. In or About the Years 1536-1539. Extracted from his Mss., arranged and edited by Lucy Toulmin Smith.
273151: Lemos, Anna A. - ARCHAIC POTTERY OF CHIOS. The Decorated Styles.
253981: Lempriere, J. - UNIVERSAL BIOGRAPHY; Containing a Copious Account, Critical and Historical, of the Life and Character, Labors and Actions of Eminent Persons, in All Ages and Countries, Conditions and Professions, Arranged in Alphabetical Order.
283429: Lennon, John. - SKYWRITING BY WORD OF MOUTH. And Other Writings, Including the Ballad of John and Yoko. Afterword by Yoko Ono.
261330: Lennon, Colm. - DUBLIN Part II, 1610 to 1756. Edited by Anngret Simms, H.B. Clarke, Raymond Gillespie and Jacinta Prunty. Maps prepared in association with Ordnance Survey Ireland and Land and Property Services Northern Ireland
269922: (Leon). Bell, Aubrey F.G. - LUIS DE LEON. (A Study of the Spanish Renaissance).
280332: (Leonardo). Syson, Luke with Keith, Larry et al. - LEONARDO DA VINCI. Painter at the Court of Milan.
283613: (Leonardo). Clayton, Martin. - LEONARDO DA VINCI. A Curious Vision.
260289: (Leopold). Schulin, Johann Philipp. - VOLLSTÄNDIGES DIARIUM der Römisch-Königlichen Wahl und Kaiserlichen Krönung Ihro nunmehr allerglorwürdigst regierenden Kaiserlichen Majestät Leopold des Zweiten
269730: Leslie, Doris. - HOUSE IN THE DUST.
281698: Leslie, Major John Henry. - THE HISTORY OF LANDGUARD FORT, In Suffolk. Published with the sanction of the Secretary of State for War.
279939: Lessing, Doris. - SHIKASTA. Re. Colonised Planet 5. Personal, Psychological, Historical Documents relating to Visit by Johor (George Sherban). Emissary (Grade 9). 87th of the Period of the Last Days. [With] THE MARRIAGES BETWEEN ZONES THREE, FOUR, AND FIVE. (As Narrated by the Chroniclers of Zone Three). [With] THE SIRIAN EXPERIMENTS. The Report by Ambien II, of the Five. [With] THE MAKING OF THE REPRESENTATIVE FOR PLANET 8. [With] DOCUMENTS RELATING TO THE SENTIMENTAL AGENTS IN THE VOLYEN EMPIRE.
261296: Letarouilly, Paul. - EDIFICES DE ROME MODERNE. Vols. 5 & 6 [only]: EGLISES ET COUVENTS.
282129: Levat, Èdouard-David. - MÉMOIRE L’EXPLOITATION DE L’OR EN SIBÉRIE ORIENTALE. Premiére Partie Transbaïkalie [only of 2].
285205: Lever, Charles. - ONE OF THEM.
285222: Lever, Charles. - THE KNIGHT OF GWYNNE; A Tale of the Time of the Union.
277081: Lever, Charles. - THE DALTONS Or Three Roads in Life. With Illustrations by Phiz.
285202: Lever, Charles. - THE O’DONOGHUE; A Tale of Ireland fifty years ago.
270415: Lever, Charles. - THE MARTINS OF CRO’ MARTIN.
259931: Leverage, Henry. - THE PURPLE LIMITED. A Detective Story.
259678: Levin, Dov. - THE LITVAKS A Short History of the Jews in Lithuania.
274188: Levin, Simon Asher. (Editor). - ENCYCLOPEDIA OF BIODIVERSITY.
274889: Levinge, Captain R.G.A. - ECHOES FROM THE BACKWOODS; Or, Sketches of Transatlantic Life.
282889: Levy, Jack S. and Vasquez, John A. (Editors). - THE OUTBREAK OF THE FIRST WORLD WAR. Structure, Politics, and Decision-Making.
274558: Lewin, W. Henry. - CLIMBS.
275590: Lewis, Alun. - HA! HA! AMONG THE TRUMPETS. Poems in Transit. Foreword by Robert Graves.
275594: Lewis, Alun. - IN THE GREEN TREE. With a Preface by A.L. Rowse, a Postscript by Gwyn Jones and a Sonnet by Vernon Watkins.
279866: Lewis, Alun. - LETTERS FROM INDIA. With a Note by Mrs. Alun Lewis and a Preface by A.L. Rowse.
270118: (Lewis). Moynihan, Martin. (Editor). - LETTERS C.S. Lewis - Don Giovanni Calabria. Translated and edited by ...
274631: [Lewis, Angelo John]. - THE ILLUSTRATED BOOK OF PATIENCE GAMES (from the German) translated and Edited by Professor Hoffman [Pseudonym].
263206: Lewis, Bernard. - SWANSEA AND THE WORKHOUSE. The Poor Law in 19th Century Swansea. Foreword by Susan Beckley.
275601: Lewis, Alun. - RAIDERS' DAWN. And other Poems.
277858: Lewis, Mostyn. - STAINED GLASS IN NORTH WALES up to 1850. Foreword by the Lord Archbishop of Wales.
180704: Lewis, T.R. - PHYSIOLOGICAL AND PATHOLOGICAL RESEARCHES; Being a Reprint of the Principal Scientific Writings of the late ... Arranged an Edited by Sir William Aitken, G.E. Dobson and A.E. Brown.
262940: [Lewis, Angelo John]. - THE ILLUSTRATED BOOK OF PATIENCE GAMES. (From the German), Translated and Edited by Professor Hoffman.
270499: Lewis, Wyndham. - THE DEMON OF PROGRESS IN THE ARTS.
284632: Lewis’ - MAP OF ENGLAND AND WALES. S-E Division.
273462: Lewis, J. Hardwicke. - THE UPPER ENGADINE. Painted by ... Described by Spencer C. Musson.
280794: Lewis, Norman. - THE VOLCANOES ABOVE US.
279291: Lewis, Samuel. - A TOPOGRAPHICAL DICTIONARY OF WALES, Comprising the Several Counties, Cities, Boroughs, Corporate and Market Towns, Parishes, Chapeleries, and Townships, with Historical and Statistical Descriptions: Embellished with Engravings of the Bishropics, and of the Arms and Seals of the Various Cities and Municipal Corporations: And Maps of the Different Counties.
262326: Lewis, Samuel. - A TOPOGRAPHICAL DICTIONARY OF WALES, Comprising the Several Counties, Cities, Boroughs, Corporate and Market Towns, Parishes, Chapelries, and Townships, With Historical and Statistical Descriptions; Illustrated by maps of the Different Counties; And a map of Wales, Shewing The Principal Towns, Roads, Railways, Navigable Rivers and Canals; and Embellished .... With an Appendix, Describing the Electoral Boundaries of the Several Boroughs,, as Defined by the Late Act.
266700: Lewis, Samuel. - A TOPOGRAPHICAL DICTIONARY OF WALES, Comprising the Several Counties, Cities, Boroughs, Corporate and Market Towns, Parishes, Chapelries, and Townships, With Historical and Statistical Descriptions; Embellished with Engravings of the Arms of the Cities, Bishopricks, Corporate Towns, and Boroughs; And of the Seals of the Several Municipal Corporations with an Appendix, Describing the Electoral Boundaries of the Several Boundaries, as Defined by the Late Act ...
281595: Lewis, John. - A HANDBOOK OF TYPE AND ILLUSTRATION. With notes on certain graphic processes and the production of illustrated books.
283057: Lewycka, Marina. - VARIOUS PETS ALIVE AND DEAD.
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278463: Nyren, John. - THE YOUNG CRICKETER’S TUTOR. Comprising full directions for playing the elegant and manly Game of Cricket. Originally published in 1833 and now Reprinted. With an Introduction by Neville Cardus.
275282: Oakeshott, Michael. - NOTEBOOKS, 1922-86.
283291: Oakley, Francis. - THE WATERSHED OF MODERN POLITICS. Law, Virtue, Kingship, and Consent (1300-1650).
215936: T[oase], R. L[avinia] R. - WHAT ARE THEY DOING IN BOULOGNE? With an Introduction by The Rev T.H. Brocklehurst.
277660: Oates, Frank. - MATABELE LAND. And the Victoria Falls. From the Letters and Journals of ... Edited by C.G. Oates.
276493: Obelkevich, James. - RELIGION AND RURAL SOCIETY: South Lindsey 1825-1875.
260448: (Odon). - ODON. Sourcier, Sorcier, Magicien.
270237: Ogilvie-Grant, W.R. - A HAND-BOOK TO THE GAME-BIRDS. Sand-Grouse, Partridges, Pheasants, Pheasants (continued), Megapodes, Curassows, Hoatzins, Bustard-Quails.
235002: Ogilvie, William. - EARLY DAYS ON THE YUKON & the Story of its Gold Finds.
251483: Ogle, Mr T (Photographer). - OUR ENGLISH LAKES, MOUNTAINS AND WATERFALLS, As Seen by William Wordsworth. Photographically Illustrated.
273620: (Oitzinger). Kugy, Dr Julius. - SON OF THE MOUNTAINS. The Life of an Alpine Guide. Translated by H.E.G. Tyndale.
271912: Okasha, Elisabeth and Forsyth, Katherine. - EARLY CHRISTIAN INSCRIPTIONS OF MUNSTER A Corpus of the Inscribed Stones.
282934: Olds, Katrina B. - FORGING THE PAST. Invented Histories in Counter-Reformation Spain.
278059: Oldys, William. - A MEMOIRS. Norroy King-at-Arms. Together with His Diary, Choice Notes from His Adversaria, and an Account of the London Libraries. [Reprinted from Notes and Queries].
278891: Olearius, Adam. - THE VOYAGES AND TRAVELLS OF THE AMBASSADORS Sent by Frederick Duke of Holstein, to the Great Duke of Muscovy and the King of Persia. Begun in the year M.DC.XXXIII. and finish’d in M.DC.XXXIX. Containing a compleat history of Muscovy, Tartary, Persia. and other adjacent countries. With several publick transactions reaching near the present times; in VII. books. Whereto are added the Travels of John Albert de Mandelslo, (a gentleman belonging to the embassay) from Persia, into the East-Indies. Containing a particular description of Indosthan, the mogul’s empire, the oriental ilands, [sic] Japan, China, &c. and the revolutions which happened in those countries, within these few years. In III. books. The whole work illustrated with divers accurate mapps, and figures. Written originally by ..., secretary to the embassy. Faithfully rendred into English, by John Davies, of Kidwelly.
283061: Oleo y Quadrado, Don Rafael. - HISTORIA DE LA ISLA DE MENORCA.
277879: Oliphant, Laurence. - TRAITS AND TRAVESTIES Social and PoIitical.
278614: Oliphant, Laurence. - EPISODES IN A LIFE OF ADVENTURE.
280325: Oliphant, Laurence. - FASHIONABLE PHILOSOPHY and Other Sketches. 1st Ed. [With] IN KEDAR’S TENTS by Henry Seton Merriman. Copyright Edition.
277587: Oliphant, Laurence. - THE LAND OF KHEMI. Up and Down the Middle Nile.
280323: (Oliphant). Oliphant, Margaret Oliphant W. - MEMOIR OF THE LIFE OF LAURENCE OLIPHANT and of Alice Oliphant, His Wife.
280905: Oliphant, Laurence. - A JOURNEY TO KATMANDU (The Capital of Nepaul), With the Camp of of Jung Bahadoor; Including a Sketch of the Napaulese Ambassador at Home.
278176: Oliphant, Laurence. - ALTIORA PETO.
279495: Oliphant, Laurence. - NARRATIVE OF THE EARL OF ELGIN’S MISSION TO CHINA AND JAPAN In the Years 1857, ‘58, ‘59.
278015: Oliphant, Laurence. - PATRIOTS AND FILIBUSTERS Or Incidents of Political and Exploratory Travel.
277588: Oliphant, Laurence. - THE RUSSIAN SHORES OF THE BLACK SEA In the Autumn of 1852. With a Voyage Down the Volga, and a Tour Through the County of the Don Cossacks.
280264: Oliver, Douglas L. - ANCIENT TAHITIAN SOCIETY. Ethnology, Social Relations; Rise of the Pomares.
246409: Oman, Charles C. - [27 CONNOISSEUR ARTICLES 1930-1967.]
246399: Oman, Charles C. - [35 APOLLO ARTICLES 1927-1957.]
246407: Oman, Charles C. - [16 ARTICLES.]
245909: (Oman). - THE BURLINGTON MAGAZINE. Special issue in honour of Charles Oman, including articles on the antiquarian plate of George IV in the Royal Collection, Ex-votos in gold and silver, the design of Tudor plate and an early medieval crozier in the Bargello.
246430: Oman, Charles C. - [43 PAPERS RELATING TO ENGLISH SCOTTISH IRISH GOLDSMITH’S WORKS.] From the collection of ...
267433: Oman, Charles. - A HISTORY OF THE ART OF WAR In the Middle Ages. A.D.378-1278. 1278-1485.
282541: Ondaatje, Michael. - THE ENGLISH PATIENT.

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