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288118: Rymer, Thoma[s] (Editor). - FOEDERA, Conventiones, Literæ, et Cujuscunque Generis Acta Publica Inter Reges Angliæ, Er Alios quosvis Imperatores, Reges, Pontifices, Principes, vel Communitates, Ab Ineunte Sæculo Duodecimo, viz. an Anno 1101, ad nostra usque Tempora, Habita aut Tractata; Ex Autographis, insra Secretiores Archivorum Regiorum Thesaurarias, per multa Sæcula reconditis, sideliter Exscripta. In Lucem missa de Mandato Reginæ. Tomus I March 1101-March 1273 [only of 20 volumes].
288117: Rymer, Thoma[s] (Editor). - FOEDERA, Conventiones, Literæ, et Cujuscunque Generis Acta Publica Inter Reges Angliæ, Er Alios quosvis Imperatores, Reges, Pontifices, Principes, vel Communitates, Ab Ineunte Sæculo Duodecimo, viz. an Anno 1101, ad nostra usque Tempora, Habita aut Tractata; Ex Autographis, insra Secretiores Archivorum Regiorum Thesaurarias, per multa Sæcula reconditis, sideliter Exscripta. In Lucem missa de Mandato Reginæ. Tomus VI February 1357- December 1372 [only of 20].
288121: Rymer, Thoma[s] (Editor). - FOEDERA, Conventiones, Literæ, et Cujuscunque Generis Acta Publica Inter Reges Angliæ, Er Alios quosvis Imperatores, Reges, Pontifices, Principes, vel Communitates, Ab Ineunte Sæculo Duodecimo, viz. an Anno 1101, ad nostra usque Tempora, Habita aut Tractata; Ex Autographis, insra Secretiores Archivorum Regiorum Thesaurarias, per multa Sæcula reconditis, sideliter Exscripta. In Lucem missa de Mandato Reginæ. Tomus IV July 1323 - January 1338 [only of 20 volumes].
288123: Rymer, Thoma[s] (Editor). - FOEDERA, Conventiones, Literæ, et Cujuscunque Generis Acta Publica Inter Reges Angliæ, Er Alios quosvis Imperatores, Reges, Pontifices, Principes, vel Communitates, Ab Ineunte Sæculo Duodecimo, viz. an Anno 1101, ad nostra usque Tempora, Habita aut Tractata; Ex Autographis, insra Secretiores Archivorum Regiorum Thesaurarias, per multa Sæcula reconditis, sideliter Exscripta. In Lucem missa de Mandato Reginæ. Tomus VII February 1373 - June 1397 [only of 20 volumes].
282554: Sabatier de Castres, C. - LA COLONIE CHRÉTIENNE Histoire de plusieurs déportés jetés par un naufrage dans une ile déserte. Volume 1 [only, all published?]
288257: (Sachs). - THE GUNTER SACHS COLLECTION. Evening Auction, London 22 May 2012, at 7 pm Lots 1-42. Day Auction, London 23 May 2012,at 10.30 & 2 pm Lots 102-348.
288594: Sadka, Emily. - THE PROTECTED MALAY STATES 1874-1895.
286938: Saeed, John. - SOMALI.
286937: Saeed, John. - SOMALI.
286166: Le Sage. - HISTOIRE DE GIL BLAS De Santillane.
239440: Sage, [Georges Balthazar]. - ÉLÉMENS DE MINERALOGIE DOCIMASTIQUE A Paris, Chez P. de Lormel ... 1772. 1st Ed. xxiv + 276pp. Folding table. [Bound with]. MÉMOIRES DE CHIME. A Paris de l’Imprimerie Royale ...1773. vii + 262pp. + xxxviii + [i] Errata. 1st Ed. Folding ‘Table des Rapports.’
212648: Sainsbury, Frank (Compiler). - A HISTORY OF THE COUNTY OF ESSEX. Bibliography Supplement.
271727: Saintsbury, George. - SPECIMENS OF ENGLISH PROSE STYLE from Malory to Macaulay. Selected and Annotated with an Introductory Essay by George Saintsbury.
281642: Salgado, Sebastião. - GOLD. Serra Pelada Gold Mine. Conception and design by Lélia Wanick Salgado.
287620: Saliba, Robert. - BEIRUT 1920-1940. Domestic Architecture between Tradition and Modernity. Foreword by Assem Salaam.
287778: Saliba, Robert. - BEIRUT CITY CENTRE RECOVERY: The Foch-Allenby and Etoile Conservation Area. Foreword by Nasser Chammaa.
287381: Saliba, Robert. - BEIRUT CITY CENTER RECOVERY: The Foch-Allenby and Etoile Conservation Area. Foreword by Nasser Chammaa.
282751: Salmon, Philip. - ELECTORAL REFORM AT WORK. Local Politics and National Parties, 1832-1841.
288616: Salmony, Alfred. - SCULPTURE IN SIAM.
279865: Saltykov-Shchedrin, M.E. - THE HISTORY OF A TOWN. Translated by I.P. Foote.
281921: (Salvesen). Vamplew, Wray. - SALVESEN OF LEITH.
288429: Samaddar, J.N. - THE GLORIES OF MAGADHA. With a Foreword by Dr. A.B. Keith.
281738: (Sandby). Ball, Johnson. - PAUL AND THOMAS SANDBY. Royal Academicians. An Anglo-Danish Saga of Art, Love and War in Georgian England.
281731: Sanderson, John. - A VOYAGE FROM HULL TO GREENLAND, In the Ship Samuel, in the year 1789; Including A Brief, but Clear Account of the Methods Used in Taking Whales: Some remarks, respecting the fitting out Ships to the Greenland Seas and Davis’s Straits; ...
288017: Sandler, Lucy Freeman. - ILLUMINATORS AND PATRONS IN FOURTEENTH-CENTURY ENGLAND. The Psalter and Hours of Humphrey de Bohun and the Manuscripts of the Bohun Family.
282617: Sanz, Arcadi García. - HISTÒRIA DE LA MARINA CATALANA.
283502: (Sassetta). Pope-Hennessy, John. - SASSETTA.
285131: Sassoon, Siegfried. - COLLECTED POEMS.
282192: Sato, Hiroaki. - JAPANESE WOMEN POETS. An Anthology. Translated and with an Introduction by ...
285312: Sauers, Dr Richard A. (Compiler). - THE GETTYSBURG CAMPAIGN JUNE 3-AUGUST 1, 1863. A Comprehensive, Selectively Annotated Bibliography. "Gettysburg Bookshelf" Edited by James L. Mclean, Jr.
219182: Saunders, William. - A TREATISE ON THE CHEMICAL HISTORY AND MEDICAL POWERS of some of the most Celebrated Mineral Waters; With Practical Remarks on the Aqueous Regimen. To which are added, Observations on the Use of Cold and Warm Bathing.
276336: Saunders, Anthony. - WINGS OF WAR. The Aviation and Military Art of ... Foreword by Squadron Leader George ‘Johnny’ Johnson DFM.
285627: Savage, Richard. - THE POETICAL WORKS. Edited with Notes and Commentaries by Clarence Tracy.
278142: (Savage). Braithwaite, David. - SAVAGE OF KING’S LYNN. Inventor of machines & merry-go-rounds.
279630: Säve-Söderbergh, Torgny and Troy, Lana. - NEW KINGDOM PHARAONIC SITES The Finds and the Sites.
280296: (Saville). Cooper, William Durrant. (Editor). - SAVILE CORRESPONDENCE. Letters to and from Henry Savile, Esq., envoy to Paris, and Vice-Chamberlain to Charles II and James II including letters from his Brother George Marquess of Halifax. Printed from a manuscript belonging to His Grace the Duke of Devonshire, and from Originals in Her Majesty’s State Paper Office.
288684: Saville, Malcolm. - MAN WITH THREE FINGERS.
288685: Saville, Malcolm. - RYE ROYAL.
288686: Saville, Malcolm. - TREASURES AT AMORYS.
288687: Saville, Malcolm. - MYSTERY AT WITCHEND.
288689: Saville, Malcolm. - STRANGERS AT WITCHEND.
288690: Saville, Malcolm. - SEA WITCH COMES HOME. A Lone Pine Thriller.
288691: Saville, Malcolm. - NOT SCARLET BUT GOLD.
282640: Saward, John; Morill, John and Tomko, Michael. (Editors). - FIRMLY I BELIEVE AND TRULY. The Spirituall Tradition of Catholic England 1483-1999. Compiled, edited and introduced by ...
285892: Saxton, Christopher. - AN ATLAS OF ENGLAND AND WALES. The Maps of ... Engraved 1574-1578. Introduction by R.V. Tooley.
284663: (Saxton). Evans, Ifor M. and Lawrence, Heather. - CHRISTOPHER SAXTON Elizabethan Map-Maker.
288444: Sayers, Barbara J. - THE SENTENCE IN WIK-MUNKAN; A Description of Propositional Relationships.
279151: O’Scanlan, Capitán de Fragata Timoteo. - DICCIONARIO MARITIMO ESPAÑOL.
280520: Scarborough’s - MAP OF ENGLAND AND WALES. Shewing Geographical Counties and Boroughs All Railways, and Steamships Lines with Distances Between Stations and Landings. With MAP OF LANCASHIRE to verso.
280907: Scarfe, Gerald. - DRAWING BLOOD. Forty-five Years of Scarfe Uncensored.
284781: (Schachman). Lallo, Emanuela Di and Cavazzini, Emma. - BARTHOLOMÄUS SCHACHMAN (1559-1614). The Art of Travel.
257974: Schaden, Adolph von. - TOPOGRAPHISCH STATISTISCHES TASCHENBUCH für Fremde und Einheimische; oder: Neueste kurzgefaßte Beschreibung der Haupt- und Residenz-Stadt München, ihrer Merkwürdigkeiten und Umgebungen; auf alle Tage der Woche eingerichtet, und mit allerhöchster Genehmigung, großtheils, aus amtlichen Quellen geschöpft.
236024: (Schadow). Badstübner-Gröger, Sibylle; Czok, Claudia and Simson, Jutta von. - JOHANN GOTTFRIED SCHADOW Die Zeichnungen. Mit einem einführenden Essay von Werner Hofmann.
283626: Schaeffer, Mead (Illustrator). - TYPEE by Herman Melville.
279492: [Scheer, Frederick]. - THE ROYAL ECLIPSE; Or, Delicate Facts Exhibiting the Secret Memoirs of Squire George and his Wife. With Notes. By Diogenes.
282096: Schelfhout, Charles Emmanuel. - LES GERLACHE. Trois générations d’explorateurs polaires. Préfacé par les Professeur Alfred van der Essen.
282966: Schenk, Catherine R. - THE DECLINE OF STERLING. Managing the Retreat of an International Currency, 1945-1992.
272150: Scheutz, Martin; Sommerlechner, Andrea; Weigl, Herwig and Weiß, Alfred Stefan. - QUELLEN ZUR EUROPÄISCHEN SPITALGESCHICHTE IN MITTELALTER UND FRÜHER NEUZEIT. Sources for the History of Hospitals in Medieval and Early Modern Europe.
283475: (Schiavone). Richardson, Francis L. - ANDREA SCHIAVONE.
288259: (Schinkel). Zukowsky, John. (Editor). - KARL FRIEDRICH SCHINKEL 1781 - 1841. With essays by Kurt W. Forster, Wolfgang Pehnt, Mitchell Schwarzer, David van Zanten, Birgit Verwiebe and Christoph Martin Vogtherr.
270987: Schoettgenii, Christiani. - HORAE HEBRAICAE ET TALMUDICAE in universum Novum Testamentum. Quibus Horae Io. Lightfooti in libris historicis supplentur, Epistolae et Apocalypsis eodem modo illustrantur. Accedunt dissertationes quaedam philologico-sacrae, indicesque locorum scripturae rerum ac verborum necessarii. Volume One [only of Two].
288194: Schofield, Phillipp R. (Editor). - SEALS AND THEIR CONTEXT IN THE MIDDLE AGES.
288717: Schomberg, R.C.F. - UNKNOWN KARAKORAM.
286175: (Schools Ephemera). - SCHOOLS EPHEMERA. Prospectus for Institution de Mme Rey Sm. A4 sheet; British Governesses Hom 811 Vergindungsbahn Hamburg Lady Superintendent Miss Hopper, with a note from Miss Hopper regarding terms to the rear June 8th 1907; Invoice from Bradbourne College for Girls for the tuition of Miss Margaret Wood; Offprint ‘On Visual Education as Applied to Geology’ one sheet printed both sides; National School Battle Certificate issued to Charles Thomas February 25th 1886’; Avonclyffe Modern School Bromley Kent Report for Dorothy Dussant Summer Term 1922’ A4 sheet; The Eamonson Charity ... Jan. 1st 1853; The Royal Drawing Society ... Certify[ing that] Dana Middey Carver aged 10 ... June 1931’ printed both sides; Decorated certificate of Merit for Lydia Driver ... 13.3.24’; [Exam paper] Subject XXIII Physiography 1899; Price List of Chemical Apparatus and Chemicals. worn; Holy Trinity Schools Bordesley Special Certificate for Good Attendance; Four Reward cards for George Lucy from East Lambeth Division Woods Road School; Two Records of Progress for Ethel Harbour 1906 & 1907 from Rothschild School; Department of Science & Art Pass card for James Ashford 1884; Gorgie School Attendance Card for Lizzie Brown; etc etc. with further pieces of ephemera and related material form various schools.
285523: (Schopenhauer). Jacquette, Dale. - THE PHILOSOPHY OF SCHOPENHAUER.
263272: (Schouman). Buckley, Wilfred. - AERT SCHOUMAN And the Glasses that he Engraved. With a Supplementary Note on Glasses Engraved by Frans Greenwood.
288384: Schoutendorp, Jonas. - SCHETS VAN DE GESCHIEDENIS DER LANDRENTE OP JAVA Academisch Proefschrift ter Verkrijging van den Graad van Doctor in het Romeinsch en Hedendaagsch Recht aan de Hoogeschool te Leiden, op Gezag van den Rector Magnificus Dr. Adrianus Heynsius, Hoogleeraar in de Faculteit der Geneeskunde.
272445: Schulze, Sabine. (Editor). - THE PAINTER’S GARDEN. Design, Inspiration, Delight. With contributions by Andreas Beyer, Werner Busch, Dennis Conrad ... H. Walter Lack, Eva Mongi-VCollmer, Sabine Schulze ...
287398: Schurmann, Ulrich. - CAUCASIAN RUGS. A detailed presentation of the art of carpet weaving in the various Districts of the Caucasus during the 18th and 19th century.
253083: Schuyler, Eugene. - TURKISTAN. Notes of a Journey in Russian Turkistan Khokand, Bukhara and Kuldja.
261404: Schuyler, Eugene. - TURKISTAN. Notes of a Journey in Russian Turkistan Khokand, Bukhara and Kuldja.
288414: Schwarz, Franz V. - TURKESTAN. die Wiege der indogermanischen Völker. Nach fünfzehnjährigem Aufenthalt in Turkestan.
287200: Schwarzbaum, Haim. - THE MISHLE SHU’ALIM (FOX FABLES) OF RABBI BERECHIAH HA-NAKDAN. A Study in Comparative Folklore and Fable Lore.
287595: Sclater, William Lutley and Philip Lutley. - THE GEOGRAPHY OF MAMMALS.
286050: Sclater, P.L. (Editor). - A RECORD OF THE PROGRESS OF THE ZOOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF LONDON During the Nineteenth Century.
256895: Scoresby, William. - OBSERVATIONS ON THE ERRORS IN THE SEA-RATES OF CHRONOMETERS, arising from the Magnetism of their Balances; with Suggestions for removing this source of Error. (Read April 15. 1822).
256896: Scoresby, William. - DESCRIPTION OF A MAGNETIMETER, being a New Instrument for Measuring Magnetic Attractions, and Finding the Dip of the Needle; with an Account of Experiments made with it. (Read January 22. 1821).
287197: Scott, Charles T. - PERSIAN AND ARABIC RIDDLES: A Language-Centered Approach to Genre Definition.
283966: Scott, George Ryley. - FAR EASTERN SEX LIFE. An Anthropological, Ethnological and Sociological Study of the Love Relations, Marriage Rites and Home Life of the Oriental Peoples.
275521: Scott, Walter. - MARMION; A Tale of Flodden Field.
282504: Scott, Jonathan. - WHEN THE WAVES RULED BRITANNIA. Geography and Political Identities, 1500-1800.
278405: Scott, J. (Publisher). - ANATOMIA BRITANNICA. A System of Anatomy And Physiology selected from the works of Haller, Albinus, Monro, Winslow, Hunter, Soemmerring, Scarpa, Cruikshank, Masgagni, Murray, Walter, Sabatier, Meckel, Zinn, &c &c &c.
285840: Scott, Sir Walter. - THE JOURNAL. Edited by W.E.K. Anderson.
288005: Scott, Margaret. - MEDIEVAL DRESS & FASHION.
284063: Scott, Walter. - THE BORDER ANTIQUITIES OF ENGLAND AND SCOTLAND; Comprising Specimens of Architecture and Sculpture, and Other Vestiges of Former Ages, Accompanied by Descriptions. Together with Illustrations of Remarkable Incidents in Border History and Tradition, and Original Poetry.
288335: Scott, Captian R.F. - SCOTT’S LAST EXPEDITION. The Journals of Captain R.F. Scott .
255373: (Scrapbook). - [MILITARY UNIFORMS SCRAPBOOK].
280348: Scruton, Roger. - FORTNIGHT’S ANGER.
280340: Scruton, Roger. - FRANCESCA. A Novel.
287128: Seager, H.W. - NATURAL HISTORY IN SHAKESPEARE’S TIME: Being Extracts Illustrative of the Subject as he knew it.
280045: Seago, Edward. (Illustrator). - THE COUNTRY SCENE. In Poems by John Masefield.
286181: Sedlák, Francis. - A HOLIDAY WITH A HEGELIAN.
286182: (Sedlák). Shaw, Nellie - A CZECH PHILOSOPHER ON THE COTSWOLDS. Being an account of the life and work of Francis Sedlák.
246908: Seedie’s - LIST OF FLEET AIR ARM AWARDS 1939-1969.
246910: Seedie’s - LIST OF FLEET AIR ARM AWARDS 1939-1969.
288053: (Segovia). Wade, Graham and Garno, Gerard. - A NEW LOOK AT SEGOVIA. His Life. His Music. 1. A Biography of the Years 1893-1957, Segovia’s Classical Guitar Masterpieces by Narváez, Frescobaldi, Bach, Scarlatti and Sor. 2. A Biography of the Years 1958-1987, Segovia’s Spanish Guitar Masterpieces by Tárrega, Albéniz, Granados, Llobet and Ponce.
282087: Seigel, Jerrold. - MODERNITY AND BOURGEOIS LIFE. Society, Politics, and Culture in England, France and Germany since 1750.
280403: Sélincourt, Beryl de and Henderson, May Sturge. - VENICE.
279339: Seller, J. and Price, C. - THE ENGLISH PILOT. The Fifth Book: Africa, London 1701. With an Introduction by Professor Coolie Verner.
281700: Sellers, Maud. - THE ACTS AND ORDINANCES OF THE EASTLAND COMPANY. Edited for the Royal Historical Society From the Original Muniments of the Gild of Merchant Adventures of York.
283367: (Selwyn). Williams, Sir Kyffin. - WILLIAM SELWYN. Bardd y Brwsh Paent Paintbrush Poet. Introduction by ... Portrait by Daloni Metcalfe.
260295: Sennert, Daniel. - INSTITUTIONUM MEDICINÆ Libri V. Auctore Daniele Sennerto.
280760: Sepiurka, Sergio and Miglioli, Jorge. - ROCKY TRIP. La Ruta de los Galeses en la Patagonia. The Route of the Welsh in Patagonia.
283619: Serlio, Sebastiano. - ON ARCHITECTURE. Books I-VII of ‘Tutte l’Opere d’Architettura et Prospetiva.’ With ‘Castrametation of the Romans’ and ‘The Extraordinary Book of Doors.’ Translated from the Italian with an Introduction and Commentary by Vaughan Hart and Peter Hicks.
283422: Serraller, Francisco Calvo. - EL BODEGÓN [De Zurbarán a Picasso]. 13 de Diciembre de 1999 al 19 Abril del 2000.
279650: Serres, Dominick and John Thomas. - LIBER NAUTICUS and Instructor in the Art of Maritime Drawing. Introduction by Basil Greenhill.
280508: Serres, Dominick and John Thomas. - LIBER NAUTICUS and Instructor in the Art of Maritime Drawing. Introduction by Basil Greenhill.
285417: (Sert). Birksted, J.K. - AN ARCHITECTURE OF INELOQUENCE: José Lluis Sert’s Carmel de la Paix. A Study in Modern Architecture and Religion.
282203: Sessions, William Lad. - THE CONCEPT OF FAITH. A Philosophical Investigation.
259845: Seta, Cesare de’. - CARTOGRAFIA DELLA CITTA DI NAPOLI Linementi Dell’Evoluzione Urbana. Introduzione di Francesco Compagna.
288615: Sethaputra, So. (Compiler). - NEW MODEL THAI-ENGLISH DICTIONARY.
288224: Settipani, Christian. - CONTINUITÉ DES ÉLITES À BYZANCE DURANT LES SIÈCLES OBSCURS. Les Princes Caucasiens et l’Empire du VIe au IXe Siècle.
288232: Settipani, Christian. - NOS ANCÊTRES DE L’ANTIQUITÉ. Etudes des possibilités de liens généalogiques entre les familles de l’Antiquité et celles du haut Moyen-Age européen.
288108: Settipani, Christian. - LA NOBLESSE DU MIDI CAROLINGIEN. Etudes sur Quelques Grandes Familles d’Aquitaine et du Languedoc du IXe au XIe Siecles: Toulousain, Perigord, Limousin, Poitou, Auvergne.
287133: Seurat, L.-G. - EXPLORATION ZOOLOGIQUE DE L’ALGÉRIE De 1830 à 1930.
288586: Dr. Seuss. - DR. SEUSS’S ABC.
288585: Dr. Seuss. - HOP ON POP.
281584: (Severini). Pacini, Piero. - GINO SEVERINI. Disegni e Incisioni. Scelti e annotati da ...
280349: (Seward). Martin, Stapleton. - ANNA SEWARD And Classic Lichfield.
283373: Seymour, Private W. Kean and Palmer, Cadet Cecil (Editors). - AIR PIE The Royal Air Force Annual.
282255: Shackleton, E.H. - 21 MEILEN VOM SÜDPOL. Die Geschichte der britischen Südpol-Expedition 1907/09. Mit einer Beschreibung der Reise zum magnetischen Südpol von T. W. Edgeworth David. Übers. und bearb. von Frederick Becker. Volume 1 [Only].
283302: Shackleton, E.H. - THE HEART OF THE ANTARCTIC. Being the Story of the British Antarctic Expedition 1907-1909. With an Introduction by Hugh Robert Mill. An Account of the First Journey to the South Magnetic Pole by Professor T.W. Edgeworth David.
280902: Shackleton, Sir Ernest. - SOUTH The Story of Shackleton’s Last Expedition 1914-1917.
276008: (Shak[e]speare). Ayscough, Rev. Samuel. - AN INDEX TO THE REMARKABLE PASSAGES AND WORDS MADE USE OF BY SHAKSPEARE; Calculated to Point Out the Different Meanings to which the Words are Applied.
287890: Shakespeare, William. - THE LETTERPRESS SHAKESPEARE AS YOU LIKE IT. Edited by Alan Brissenden.
287885: Shakespeare, William. - THE LETTERPRESS SHAKESPEARE TWELFTH NIGHT. Edited by Roger Warren and Stanley Wells.
287811: (Shakespeare). Fowler, William Plumer. - SHAKESPEARE REVEALED IN OXFORD’S LETTERS. The Pre-Armada Letters, 1563-1585, and The Post-Armada Letters, 1590-1603, of Edward de Vere, Seventeenth Earl of Oxford.
287886: Shakespeare, William. - THE LETTERPRESS SHAKESPEARE LOVE’S LABOUR’S LOST. Edited by G.R. Hibbard.
287892: Shakespeare, William. - THE LETTERPRESS SHAKESPEARE A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM. Edited by Peter Holland.
287899: Shakespeare, William. - THE LETTERPRESS SHAKESPEARE RICHARD III. Edited by John Jowett.
287900: Shakespeare, William. - THE LETTERPRESS SHAKESPEARE HENRY V. Edited by Gary Taylor.
287840: Shakespeare, William. - COMPLETE WORKS. With a Glossary. Edited by W.J. Craig.
287057: (Shakespeare). Edelman, Charles. - SHAKESPEARE’S MILITARY LANGUAGE. A Dictionary.
287903: Shakespeare, William. - THE LETTERPRESS SHAKESPEARE HENRY IV. Part Two. Edited by René Weis.
287865: Shakespeare, William. - THE LETTERPRESS SHAKESPEARE JULIUS CAESAR Edited by Arthur Humphreys.
287866: Shakespeare, William. - THE LETTERPRESS SHAKESPEARE ROMEO AND JULIET. Edited by Jill L. Levenson.
287868: Shakespeare, William. - THE LETTERPRESS SHAKESPEARE TROILUS AND CRESSIDA. Edited by Kenneth Muir.
288026: Shakespeare, William. - THE FIRST FOLIO. Based on Folios in the Folger Shakespeare Library Collection. Prepared by Charlton Hinman. With a new introduction by Peter W.M. Blayney.
281780: Shakespeare, William. - THE LETTERPRESS SHAKESPEARE SONNETS & POEMS. Edited by Colin Burrow.
287870: Shakespeare, William. - THE LETTERPRESS SHAKESPEARE TITUS ANDRONICUS. Edited by Eugene M. Waith.
285759: (Shakespeare). Stopes, Charlotte Carmichael. - SHAKESPEARE’S WARWICKSHIRE CONTEMPORARIES.
287118: (Shakespeare). Dyer, Rev. T.F Thiselton. - FOLK LORE OF SHAKESPEARE.
287874: Shakespeare, William. - THE LETTERPRESS SHAKESPEARE ANTHONY AND CLEOPATRA. Edited by Michael Neill.
282787: (Shakespeare). Vickers, Brian. - SHAKESPEARE, CO-AUTHOR. A Historical Study of Five Collaborative Plays.
287875: Shakespeare, William. - THE LETTERPRESS SHAKESPEARE CORIOLANUS. Edited by R.B. Parker.
287896: Shakespeare, William. - THE LETTERPRESS SHAKESPEARE KING HENRY VIII. Or All is True. Edited by Jay L. Halio.
287887: Shakespeare, William. - THE LETTERPRESS SHAKESPEARE THE TWO GENTLEMEN OF VERONA. Edited by Roger Warren.
279257: (Shakespeare). Rylands, George. - THE AGES OF MAN Shakespeare’s Image of Man and Nature. Arranged by ...
287877: Shakespeare, William. - THE LETTERPRESS SHAKESPEARE KING LEAR. Edited by Stanley Wells.
284817: Shakespeare, William. - THE COMPLETE PLAYS. Classical Plays. Romances. Comedies. Tragedies. Histories I. Histories II. Early Comedies. Tragicomedies. Edited by Stanley Wells and Gary Taylor. Introduced by Jonathan Bate.
287891: Shakespeare, William. - THE LETTERPRESS SHAKESPEARE THE COMEDY OF ERRORS. Edited by Charles Whitworth.
287878: Shakespeare, William. - THE LETTERPRESS SHAKESPEARE HENRY IV Part One. Edited by David Bevington.
287879: Shakespeare, William. - THE LETTERPRESS SHAKESPEARE THE MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR. Edited by T.W. Craik.
287880: Shakespeare, William. - THE LETTERPRESS SHAKESPEARE THE TAMING OF THE SHREW. Edited by H.J. Oliver.
287881: Shakespeare, William. - THE LETTERPRESS SHAKESPEARE MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING. Edited by Sheldon P. Zitner.
288341: Shakespeare, William. - THE FIRST FOLIO. Based on Folios in the Folger Shakespeare Library Collection. Prepared by Charlton Hinman. With a new introduction by Peter W.M. Blayney.
285558: Shand, John. (Editor). - THE TWENTIETH CENTURY: MOORE TO POPPER.
285565: Shand, John. (Editor). - ANCIENT AND MEDIEVAL.
285568: Shand, John. (Editor). - ANCIENT AND MEDIEVAL.
285567: Shand, John. (Editor). - ANCIENT AND MEDIEVAL.
285559: Shand, John. (Editor). - THE NINETEENTH CENTURY.
287270: Sharp, Cecil J. and Macilwaine, Herbert C. - THE MORRIS BOOK.
285792: Sharp, Henry. - MODERN SPORTING GUNNERY. A Manual of Practical Information for Shooters of To-Day.
246170: Sharpe, Reginald R. (Editor). - CALENDAR OF WILLS Proved and Enrolled in the Court of Husting, London, A.D. 1258 - A.D. 1688. Preserved among the Archives of the Corporation of the City of London, at the Guildhall. Edited, with Introduction by ... Printed by Order of the Corporation of the City of London, under the Direction of the Library Committee.
284701: Sharratt, Barney. - MEN AND MOTORS OF ‘THE AUSTIN’ The inside story of a century of car making at Longbridge.
288056: Shaughnessy, Edward L. (Editor). - IMPRINTS OF KINSHIP. Studies of Recently Discovered Bronze Inscriptions from Ancient China.
288057: Shaughnessy, Edward L. - SOURCES OF WESTERN ZHOU HISTORY. Inscribed Bronze Vessels.
286383: (Shaw). Holroyd, Michael. - BERNARD SHAW. 1856-1898 The Search for Love. 1898-1918 The Pursuit of Power. 1918-1950 The Lure of Fantasy. 1950-1991 The Last Laugh.
283647: Shaw, James Byam. - DRAWINGS BY OLD MASTERS at Christ Church Oxford. Preface by Henry Chadwick.
215371: Shaw, Byam. - LIFE’S IRONIES
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224824: Winter, George. - A NEW AND COMPENDIOUS SYSTEM OF HUSBANDRY. Containing the Mechanical, Chemical, and Philosophical Elements of Agriculture. Illustrating I. The Properties of different Soils. II. The Properties of Manures, and their Effects. III. The most advantageous Method of applying Manures on the different Soils. IV. The Improvment of Lands ... XI. A Copperplate and Description of a new-invented Patent Drill Machine, for planting all Sorts of Seed, Grain and Pulse; universally acknowledged to be superior to any hitherto constructed. XII. The Application of Substances for the Analysis of Soils and Manures. With many other useful and interesting Subjects.
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