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790260: Coleman, Charles L. - The Trail of the Stanley Cup Vol. 3 1947-1967 Fine Deluxe Ltd. Edtion in Slipcase
790073: Coleman, Victor - Captions for the Deaf
789273: Coleman, Charles L. - The Trail of the Stanley Cup: Vols. 1, 2, 3. (Deluxe Limited Edition Set) Presentation Copy
787605: Coleman, A. P., A. L. Parsons, et al - Transcontinental Excursion C1 Toronto to Victoria and Return Via Canadian Pacific and Canadian Northern Railways (Parts I, II and III + 2 Bonus Maps)
788738: Coleman, Jim - Legends of Hockey: The Official Book of the Hockey Hall of Fame
790576: Coleman, Charles L. - The Trail of the Stanley Cup: Vols. 1, 2, 3. (Deluxe Limited Edition Set) Presentation Association Copy
773741: Coleman, Ray (ed.) - Today's Sound: A Melody Maker Book.
785382: Coles, Manning. - Without Lawful Authority
785412: Coles, Manning. - Drink to Yesterday
782741: Colin, Thomas J. (ed.) - Historic Preservation, May/June 1983
787200: Edissi-Colins, Jeannette Advisor. Brendan Collins Ed. - Je Me Souviens: 25th Anniversary of the National Ballet School Yearbook 1984
788760: Collectif - Various Authors - Budo Magazine, Judo Kodokan 1966 (Four Issues Bound in Hardcovers)
788366: Massey College - The Bookpersons' Lunch Massey College Thursday December 18
779383: Collett, Ritter - Super Stripes : Paul Brown (PB) and the Super Bowl Bengals
774576: Collier, Ken (ed.) - Ken Collier's 1988 Baseball Book.
774575: Collier, Ken (ed.) - Ken Collier's 1986 Baseball Book.
774570: Collier, Ken (ed.) - Tommy Kay's Big Book of Baseball 1982.
787606: Collins, W. H., C. Camsell et al - Transcontinental Excursion C2 Toronto to Victoria and Return Via Canadian Pacific & Grand Trunk Pacific & National Transcontinental Railways Guidebook No. 9
786596: Collins, Maynard. (Gordon Lightfoot). - Gordon Lightfoot: If You Could Read His Mind.
773773: Collins, Aileen (ed.) Leonard Cohen (cont.) - CIV/n: A Literary Magazine of the 50's.
790556: David H. Collins - Wings Across Time: The Story of Air Canada
1269: Colombo, John Robert. - Colombo's Canadian References.
784077: Colombo, John Robert Ed. - Songs of the Indian: Volume II
782060: Coltharp, Lurline. - The Tongue of the Tirilones; A Linguistic Study of a Criminal Argot.
789288: Colton, J. H. - Map of Patagonia, South Orkney, Falkland Islands, South Georgia Island
780261: Comenius, John Amos. - The Orbis Pictus of John Amos Comenius.
790563: Ontario Northland Transportation Commission - The End of an Era: "Last Run" of the Steam Locomotive on the Ontario Northland Railway June 24th-25th, 1957
787624: Timmins Porcupine Development Commission - Timmins - Porcupine: The Golden Tourist Centre
790643: Thorhild History Book Committee - Building and Working Together: A Study of the Thorhild Area - 2 Volume Set
788177: Sesquicentennial Committee - Cobourg 1837 - Sesquicentennial - 1987 --
788891: Toronto Civic Historical Committee - Historic Toronto
779058: Como, William (ed.) Kenn Duncan, Eric Kroll, Michael Childers, et al. - Out of Drawers (Outofdrawers)
790569: Northern Navigation Company - Northern Navigation Company Souvenir Songbook
787089: Austin Motor Company - Austin-Healey Sprite Driver's Handbook 1958
789408: Jotul Company - Jotul Woodstove Catalogue 1979
788341: Canadian Fairbanks-Morse Company - Canadian Fairbanks-Morse Company Limited General Catalogue No. 25
772991: Nissan Motor Company. - 1980 Datsun 510 Service Manual.
785676: Stovel Company - Historical Outline of the House of Stovel : a short historical sketch together with illustrations and descriptions of the growth of the company
788588: London Life Insurance Company - Rugby for Radio Listeners
782225: Rover Company. - Rover 3 litre: Owner's Instruction Manual.
783004: Honda Motor Company - Acura Legend Service Manual 1987
783834: Pennsylvania Railroad Company - The Air Brake and Train Air Signal Instructions No. 99
787632: Compston, Archie; Henry Cotton and Jack White - Golfing in Scotland at 100 Holiday Resorts
787073: Connelly, Karen. - The Small Words in My Body
789579: Michael J. Connor - Ohio Central in Color, Vol. 1: Southern Lines
780604: O'Connor, J.P. - You are the Target (Don't be the Victim) (Limited Edition Hardcover)
786469: Conrad, Ed - Humor in Hockey w/ Doug Flavelle Cover (humour)
787224: Conrad, Pam - Animal Lingo
785408: Conrad, Clive - There Was a Little Man
785790: Toronto Region Architectural Conservancy - A Study of Rushome Road
787574: Constantacatos, Marinos Evanghelou - Money and Credit. Volume 1. The Fallacious Premises of the Gold Standard and of the Credit Expedients for its Management. A study dealing with the hypostasis of a new theory of Money
782062: Constanten, Tom. - Between Rock and Hard Places: a Musical Autobiodyssey. (Grateful Dead) (Rare First Edition)
775049: Conyn, Cornelius. - Three Centuries of Ballet.
790571: Thos. Cook & Son - Around the Mediteranean Annual Summer Cruise at Popular Fares for June 30th to September 1st, 1923
788070: Clayton D. Cook - The End of the Line: The Newfoundland Railway in Pictures
781886: Cook, Howard M. - Town Topics, Out of Town Topics and Suburban Jottings
785871: Cook, Earnshaw & Wendell R. Garner - Percentage Baseball
789520: Clayton D. Cook - The End of the Line: The Newfoundland Railway in Pictures
3676: Cook, A.H. - Physics of the Earth and Planets.
782822: Cooke, O. A. - The Canadian Military Experience 1867-1983: A Bibliography - Bibliograhie De La Vie Militaire Au Canada
787825: Cooke, T. G. - Finger Prints Secret Service Crime Detection: Blue Book of Crime
785963: Cooke, John William - Generations of Style: It's All about the Clothing
789851: Coombs, Ernest and Judity Lawrence - Mr. Dressup the Baby Sitter: based on the CBC Programa and Character Mr. Dressup
789046: Cooper, F. D. Chair Canadian Task Force on War Planning - Wartime Public Protection in the 1980s: Final Report on the Task Force on War Planning Etc.
Soteir1530: Coote, John O. (ed.) - The Norton Book of the Sea.
789756: Kenneth L. Cope - American Wrench Makers 1830 1915
789839: Copland, Dudley - Ookpik the Ogling Arctic Owl
787216: Copp, Terry & Vogel, Robert. - Maple Leaf Route: Victory.
5448: Copp, Terry & Vogel, Robert - Maple Leaf Route: Falaise
787214: Copp, Terry & Vogel, Robert - Maple Leaf Route: Caen
2322: Corbin, Carole Lynn. - John Lennon.
5444: Cordaro, Michele et al. - Giovanni Battista Piranesi e la Veduta a Roma e a Venezia nella prima meta del settecento.
789269: Lloyd Cartwright The Cordwainer - The Scrapbook of Reflections By the Cordwainer, a Second Collection of Articles That Have Appeared Weekly in the Walkerton Herald Times Since 1981
3061: Corelli, Rae. - The Toronto that used to be.
787508: Cork, Ella - What Happened in Murdochville
787297: Corner, Philip - Ear Journeys Water
ArnctFi278: Corner, George W. - Doctor Kane of the Arctic Seas.
3447: Cornwell, Bernard. - Battle Flag. (SIGNED)
789974: Samsung Corporation - Samsung SGH-e747 User Guide Manual
789908: L. B. Corrigan - A Hong Kong Diary Revisited
3564: Corso, Gregory. - Herald of the Autochthonic Spirit.
785374: Cory, Desmond - The Circe Complex
790154: Frank Cosentino - The Renfrew millionaires: The valley boys of winter 1910
789820: Costantini, Paolo - LUIGI GHIRRI - ALDO ROSSI Things Which Are Only Themselves: Des choses qui ne sont qu'elles-memes: Cose che sono solo se stesse
787504: Cotter, Arundel - Fool's Profits
790312: Coughlin, Bing - This Army: Vol. 2 Another Maple Leaf Album
790311: Coughlin, Bing - This Army: Maple Leaf Album
786873: Couillard, Paul Ed. Tanya Mars - Ironic to Iconic: The Performance Works of Tanya Mars
1038: Coulter, John. - Turf Smoke.
776644: Coulter, John & Olive Clare Primrose. - Prelude to a Marriage: Letters & Diaries of John Coulter & Olive Clare Primrose.
784773: Jaeger-le-coultre - Jaeger-Le-coultre: Les Montres De La Manufacture
790491: Canadian Eskimo Arts Council - Dorset 78
4908: Canadian Eskimo Arts Council. - Dorset 82.
779072: Delhi Crafts Council. - The Chamba Rumal: Life to a Dying Art.
790463: Canadian Eskimo Arts Council. - Dorset 80
790225: Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course - Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course Media Guide 1991
789904: Courtenay, Vince - Love and Duty: a Canadian Remembers the Korean War
787827: Coverdale, Harry - The Seventh Shot: A Detective Story
790566: Cox, Leo - A Pioneer of Ocean Navigation: Cunard White Star
787267: Cox, Lea (fwd) - Zimbabwe National Railways Museum
785407: Coxe, George Harmon. - Murder for Two
775745: Craig, Mary et al. (Inuit Art) - The Beaver, Spring 1975 (Cape Dorset - Inuit Art).
787814: Craig, Mary et al. (Inuit Art) - Cape Dorset Prints (in Beaver Magazine Spring 1975)
790192: Craig, John - The Pro
783648: Craig, Verna Larrabee - Cook Book of Practical Recipes
779129: Craine, Nick - Portrait of a Thousand Punks : Hard Core Logo
775458: Cralle, Trevor. - The Surfin'ary: a Dictionary of Surfing Terms and Surfspeak.
785380: Crauford, W. H. Lane - The Final Curtain
779887: Creasey, John as Anthony Morton. - Inspector West Cries Wolf
787298: Creates, Marlene - Marlene Creates: Water Flowing to the Sea Captured at the Speed of Light / Eau Courant Vers La Mer Saisie a La Vitesse De las Lumiere
784874: Creedy, H. J. The War Office - Small Arms Training: Bayonet Vol I, Pamphlet No. 12
784877: Creedy, H. J. The War Office - Small Arms Training: Grenade Vol I, Pamphlet No. 13
784878: Creedy, H. J. The War Office - Small Arms Training: Rifle Vol I, Pamphlet No. 3
784875: Creedy, H. J. The War Office - Small Arms Training: Bayonet Vol I, Pamphlet No. 12
3480: Creek, F.N.S. - Teach Yourself Lawn Tennis.
776836: Crisp, Quentin. Gahan Wilson Ills. - Chog, a Gothic Fable.
777392: Critchley, MacDonald. - Developmental Dyslexia.
778245: Crompton, Paul. - Chinese Soft Exercise: A T'ai Chi Workbook.
787084: Cronenberg, David - Chromosomes: A Project By David Cronenberg
782758: Crosnier, Roger - Fencing with the Electric Foil: Introduction and Tactics
790284: Cross, Harold H. U. - Modern Ignition Simply Explained: A Simply-Written Handy Book on Modern Ignition Systems...
785127: Cross, E. R. - Underwater safety, including curriculum for sport diving training program
781982: Crossfield, A. Scott & Blair, Clay - Always Another Dawn: The Story of a Rocket Test Pilot
5245: Crossman, Les. - Speaking of Baseball.
778256: Crowther, Sam & Irwin Winehouse. - Highway Robbery.
789245: Cruickshank, Tom; De Visser, John - Old Toronto Houses
788222: Cruickshank, Tom; De Visser, John - Old Toronto Houses
785948: Cubitt, Hon. C. Guy - Riding to Hounds: For the Guidance of Members of the Pony Club
774771: Culbertson, Judi & Tom Randall. - Permanent New Yorkers: A Biographical Guide to the Cemeteries of New York.
784816: Cullen, Mary K. - Slate Roofing in Canada
785679: Cullum, Ridgwell (ridgewell) - The Riddle of Three-Way Creek
786122: Cullum, Ridgwell (Ridgewell) - In the Brooding Wild
788685: Culpeper, Nicholas & Jean Prevost - Medicaments for the Poor, or, Physick for the Common People, in Two Books, I. Contaning Excellent Remedies for Most Common Diseases ..., Secondly, Health for the Rich and Poor By Diet Without Physick
784416: Cummings, Corporal Samuel B. - Streamlined Jiu-jitsu: Teaching American Art of Self Protection from Hollywood to Guadalcanal (SIGNED)
4158: Cummins, Willis. - Calypsos, Symphonies and Incest.
780118: Cunliffe, John - Minister's Cat: A Cat-And-Mouse Chase Through the Alphabet
785370: Cunningham, A. B. - Death Visits the Apple Hole
781007: Cunnington, revd. E. E. - How to Play Chess. New Edition, Revised and Enlarged.
775268: Curcione, Nick. - The Orvis Guide to Saltwater Fly Fishing.
788942: Curnoe, W. Glen - The London and Port Stanley Railway 1915 - 1965: A Picture History
785541: Currington, Owen Josiah - Break-Out
787367: Dennis P. Curtin - A Short Course in Canon EOS Digital Rebel XSi/450D Photography book/ebook
787715: Curtis, Edward S. Intro By A. D. Coleman & T. C. McLuhan. - Portraits from North American Indian Life (by Edward S. Curtis)
785818: Curtis, Edward S. Intro By A. D. Coleman & T. C. McLuhan. - Portraits from North American Indian Life (by Edward S. Curtis)
785447: Curzon, Clare - The Trojan Hearse
784558: Cutino, Salvatore - Symphonic Poems (INSCRIBED Association Copy + ephemera)
783366: Cutt, Margaret Nancy - Ministering Angels: A Study of Nineteenth-century Evangelical Writing for Children.
789293: Jerzy Czarnecki - My Life as an "Aryan": From Velyki Mosty through Zhovkva to Stralsund
780245: Ohashi M.D., Takumi & Yoshizo Matsumoto.issued by the Kodokan. - A GUIDE TO JUDO GRAPPLING TECHNIQUES with Additional Physiological Explanations.
4190: Dabydeen, Cyril. - Distances.
788319: Dabydeen, Cyril. - Distances. (INSCRIBED)
4627: Dabydeen, Cyril. - Coastland: New and Selected Poems 1973 - 1987.
Shieir5013: Dahinden, Josef. - The Art of Ski-ing (Skiing).
784111: Dahlgren, Rear-Admiral - Memoir of Ulric Dahlgren (Presentation Copy)
4038: Dailey, E. J. - Master Muskrat Methods; A Valuable Book for Both Amateur and Professional Muskrat Trappers.
789576: Mitchell Dakelman - Reading Company Facilities In Color Vol 2: North of Philadelphia
2876: Daly, Elizabeth. - evidence of things seen.
773428: Damase, Jacques. - Les Folies Du Music-Hall: A History of the Music-Hall in Paris.
776543: Damjan, Mischa - The Magic Paintbrush
782526: Danby, Ken - Ken Danby (Exhibition Catalogue Gallery Moos)
779544: Danby, Ken - Ken Danby: 1984 Calgary Winter Olympic Games prints (SIGNED).
782722: Danby, Ken - Ken Danby: Watercolours December, 1979
778297: Daniel, Charles. - Traditional Ninja Weapons: Fighting Techniques of the Shadow Warrior.
784271: Daniels, Harvey - Printmaking
789173: Marilyn Daniels - Chameleon
777199: Daniels, Norman. - The Captive.
783283: Daniels, Christine & Ron Christiansen - Many Laws
780603: Dann, Taddy. - The Perils of Pauvre Philippe.
4015: Darling, Kathy and Tara. - Walrus on Location.
790273: Dasch, George J. - Eight (8) Spies Against America (The Truth About the)
777048: Davenport, John Warner. - Baseball Graphics.
781232: Davenport, Arthur C. - The American Live Stock Market: How it Functions.
785644: David, Jennifer - Wind, Water, Rock And Sky: The Story of Cognashene, Georgian Bay (Deluxe Edtion in Slipcase)
779498: Davidson, Avram. - Peregrine: Primus.
789159: Davidson, John & Stevens, Laird. - The Stroll: Inner-city Subcultures
785911: Davidson, Robert et al. - Robert Davidson Exhibition: A Voice from the Inside (+ ephemera)
780207: Davies, Robertson. - The Lyre of Orpheus (SIGNED).
784914: Davies, Robertson. - Eros at Breakfast and Other Plays.
784563: Davies, W. E. - Davies' Trout and Grayling Fishing
790381: Davies, Robertson et al. - Thrice the Brinded Cat Hath Mew'd
790382: Davies, Robertson et al - Renown at Stratford: Twice Have the Trumpets Sounded, Thrice the Brinded Cat Hath Mewed (3 Volume Set)
784778: Davies, Robertson. - World of Wonders (INSCRIBED)
784780: Davies, Robertson. - The Rebel Angels,
784789: Davies, Robertson. - A Jig for the Gypsy.
783306: Davies, Robertson - At My Heart's Core (cloth edition)
787548: Davies, Robertson - A Jig for the Gypsy
786287: Davies, Robertson. - The Rebel Angels, (INSCRIBED)
786184: Davies, Robertson et al. - Renown at Stratford,
781053: Davies, Robertson. - A Voice from the Attic.
1230: Davies, Robertson. - The Table Talk of Samuel Marchbanks.
780254: Davies, Robertson. - Samuel Marchbanks' Almanack.
786135: Davies, Robertson et al - Twice Have the Trumpets Sounded
787109: Davies, Robertson - Fifth Business
778913: Ffrangcon-Davies, Marjorie. - David Ffrangcon-Davies: His Life and Book (The Singing of the Future).
790604: Davies, Robertson. - Tempest-Tost.
781409: Davies, Robertson. - Eros at Breakfast and Other Plays.
788655: Davies, Robertson - The Rebel Angels
788654: Davies, Robertson. - World of Wonders (INSCRIBED)
772908: Davies, Robertson. - World of Wonders.
787032: Davies, Thomas - Thomas Davies in Early Canada
782787: Davies, Roberston. - A Voice from the Attic (SIGNED)
777647: Davies, Robertson. - A Jig for the Gypsy.
777730: Davies, Robertson. - Murther & Walking Spirits (+ photo)
784453: Davies, Roberston. - The Personal Art: Reading to Good Purpose (aka A Voice from the Attic)
784050: Davies, Roberston. - A Masque of Mr. Punch (SIGNED)
776982: Davies, Robertson. - Eros at Breakfast and Other Plays.
784402: Davies, Robertson. - The Table Talk of Samuel Marchbanks.
783984: Davies, Robertson (Patricia Morley) - Tempest-Tost (Association Copy)
787198: Davies, Robertson - Fifth Business
775984: Davies, Robertson. - Fortune, My Foe.
781313: Davies, Robertson. - The Lyre of Orpheus. (INSCRIBED)
784977: Davies, Robertson. - A Masque of Aesop.
776157: Davies, Robertson. - A Mixture of Frailties.
783234: Davies, Roberston. - A Masque of Aesop
783915: Davies, Roberston. - Tempest-Tost (SIGNED)
783237: Davies, Roberston. - Hunting Stuart & Other Plays
775457: Davies, Robertson. - The Diary of Samuel Marchbanks. (SIGNED)
782831: Davies, Roberston. - A Voice from the Attic
784945: Davies, Robertson. - Tempest-Tost.
785284: Davies, Robertson, Farley Mowat, W. O. Mitchell, Roderick Haig-Brown, Earle Birney et al. - Letters: The Unfashionable Canadians (in) Century 1867 1967 - The Canadian Saga.
736: Davies, Robertson et al. - Twice Have the Trumpets Sounded.
769763: Davies, Robertson et al - Thrice the Brinded Cat Hath Mew'd
787554: Davis, Virginia - Simply Ridiculous
2577: Davis, Jack E. - The Spanish of Argentina and Uruguay: An annotated Bibliography for 1940-1978.
776413: Davis, John. - The Concorde Affair: From Drawing Board to Actuality.
782559: Davis, S. C. H. - Controlling a Racing Team
788852: Davis, Wade - The Clouded Leopard: Travels to Landscapes of Spirit and Desire
782590: Davis, S. C. H. - Mercedes-Benz
1459: Davis, William C. - Duel Between the First Ironclads,
786656: Davis, Marlene, Joanne Creelman, et al - A Nova Scotia Work Basket: Some Needlework Patterns Traditionally Used in the Province
4615: Davis, Selwyn. - Selected Slips.
773663: Davis, Terence. - The Architecture of John Nash.
782637: Davis, Robert Tyler (text) William Reagh (photos) - Native Arts of the Pacific Northwest from the Rasmussen Collection of the Portland Art Museum
783312: Davy, J. R. - The Standard Car 1903-1963
775835: Dawe, Donovan. - 11 Ironmonger Lane: The Archaeological Evidence By Adrian Oswald.
3334: Dawson, K. C. A. - The McCluskey Site. Mercury Series No. 25.
775974: Day, William. - The Horse: How to Breed and Rear Him.
788415: Day, John Robert - Story of London's Underground
778273: AC DC. - AC DC: Back in Black (Songbook).
790068: Dean, I. R. - The Time of the End (SIGNED COPY)
786120: Hipgnosis & Roger Dean (ed.) - Album Cover Album: The Book of Record Jackets.
773219: Dear, Ian. - Escape and Evasion: Prisoner of War Breakouts...
783515: DeCurtis, Anthony - Rocking My Life Away : Writing about Music and Other Matters
790325: Minister of National Defence. - The Canadian Army at War: From Pachino to Ortona the Canadian Campaign in Italy, 1943 No. 2
788788: Canadian Department of National Defence - Beaverton, Ontario Topgraphic Map 1939
788789: Canadian Department of National Defence - Collingwood, Ontario Topgraphic Map 1941
788793: Canadian Department of National Defence - Orangeville, Ontario Topgraphic Map 1937
788791: Canadian Department of National Defence - Bolton, Ontario Topgraphic Map 1940
788790: Canadian Department of National Defence - Alliston, Ontario Topgraphic Map 1940
788787: Canadian Department of National Defence - Welland, Ontario Topgraphic Map 1938
3613: Minister of National Defence. - The Canadian Army at War: The Canadians in Britain, 1939 - 1944.
784707: US Dept. Of Defense - Bosnia Country Handbook: Police Stabilization Force (SFOR)
784708: US Dept. Of Defense - Serbia and Montenegro Country Handbook: Police Stabilization Force (SFOR)
784952: Defoe, Daniel & George Chalmers Esq. - The Life and Adventures of Robinson Crusoe Written By Himself + The Life of Daniel De Foe By George Chalmers Esq. (+ ephemera)
113: Defoe, Daniel. - Robinson Crusoe,
4961: Delessert, Etienne & Schmid, Eleonore. - The Endless Party.
779884: DeLillo, Don - Libra (Uncorrected Proofs).
782306: Delly, John G.; McCrone, Walter C.; McCrone, Lucy B. - Polarized Light Microscopy
780049: Demery, Jean-Pierre (curator) (Pablo Picasso) - Picasso: Editions Ceramiques.
787764: William Demichele - The Illustrated Woman
780506: Denevi, Don; Bergen, Philip; Carnes, Clarence - Alcatraz '46;: The Anatomy of a Classic Prison Tragedy
785071: Denney, Anthony Howe - Militaria; Collecting Print and Manuscript
790037: Michael Dennis - Fade to Blue
790570: New Service Department, Canada Steamship Lines - Canada Steamship Lines Northern Navigation Division Souvenir Song Book
774757: War Department. - Musketry.
774281: Far Eastern Department, ROM. - The Bishop White Gallery: Shansi Wall Paintings and Sculptures from the Chin and Yuan Dynasties.
772638: Depew, Albert N. - Gunner Depew.
779347: Spy Depo. - The Spy Depo 1997 Catalogue.
782080: Dermine, Jean & Pierre Hillion. - European Capital Markets With a Single Currency (SIGNED)
4407: Derome, Robert. - Les Orfevres de Nouvelle-France: Inventaire Descriptif des Sources. (Silversmiths in New France.)
784869: Derval, Paul (producer) - Folies Bergere: Une Vraie Folie
772552: Desai, Chelna. - Ikat Textiles of India.
Csbeir1587: Desbarats, Peter & Newfeld, Frank. - The Night the City Sang.
784769: DESCOURTILZ, Th., / ANDRADE, Carlos Drummond de (Trans.) - Beija-flores do Brasil pintados e descritos pelo Dr. Th. Descourtilz. Tradução de Carlos Drummond de Andrade. Estudo Crítico por Olivério M. de O. Pinto. Oiseaux-Mouches Orthorynques Du Bresil Etc.
782321: Determan, Hans & Friedrich Lepusch. - The Microscope and Its Application.
786757: van Deveer, Helen R. - Little Sallie Mandy and the Shiny Penny
784725: Devlin, Jim (Leonard Cohen) - Leonard Cohen: In His Own Words
772500: Devore, Harry L Jr. & Yoseloff, Martin. - City of the Mardi Gras.
788872: Dewar, David G. - Queen's Profiles
790644: Dewdney, Selwyn - The Sacred Scrolls of the Southern Ojibway
790635: Dewdney, Selwyn - The Sacred Scrolls of the Southern Ojibway
781410: Deydier, Christian - Chinese Bronzes
778507: Diamond, Dan & Charles Wilkins. - Hockey: The Illustrated History.
781557: Diamond, Dan; McGoey, Peter; National Hockey League - Hockey, the Illustrated History (SIGNED Numbered Ltd. Ed. + ephemera)
781805: Dickens, Charles. - Pictures from Italy (first edition).
5421: Dickey, Glenn. Jim "Catfish" Hunter (foreword). - The Great No-Hitters.
4879: Dickie, Edgar Primrose. - Mister Bannock: A Nonsense Story.
3919: Dickstein, Moishe. Klein, A. M. (trans.) - From Palestine to Israel.
772508: De Dienes, Andre. Marilyn Monroe. - Exotic: The Magazine of Beautiful Girls. (Marilyn Monroe cover).
786616: De Dienes, Andre. (Marilyn Monroe?) - Sun-Warmed Nudes (+ ephemera)
774788: Dietzgen, Eugene. - Use & Care of Drawing Instruments.
790071: Dik, Perhan - Scat! Spring 1991
788839: Dills, Jim - Moments in history: Reflections of Halton's County Town 1833-1864
780355: DiOrio, Al. - Borrowed Time: The 37 Years of Bobby Darin.
785615: Garscadden Mark Project Director - Canoe Routes of Ontario (+ Large Foldout Map)
784759: Garscadden Mark Project Director - Canoe Routes of Ontario
779595: Fitness & Amateur Sport Directorate. - Lacrosse.
782975: Disante, Theodore - How to Select & Use Medium-Format Cameras
787506: Bhupendra Jasani; United Nations Institute For Disarmament - Peaceful and Non-Peaceful Uses of Space: Problems of Definition for the Prevention of an Arms Race
787497: Walt Disney - Walt Disney's Poor Pluto
789134: Henry Disston & Sons Inc. - Disston Saw, Tool and File Manual 1942
784371: Ditzel, Paul - A Century of Service the Fascinating Story of the Los Angeles Fire Department 1886 - 1986
787641: Dixon, M. E. - Dusty Roads Along the Pintos (Saskatchewan Local history)
788248: Dixon, Peter L. - Men and Waves: A Treasury of Surfing
785139: Dobbyn, Ed - Meet Me at the Round-up: A Tribute to Rodeo People (SIGNED)
789832: Docherty, J. T. - Chocolate and Gold: 100 Years of Rugby 1884 - 1984
93: Dodge, Mary Mapes. - Hans Brinker or the Silver Skates,
115: Dodge, M.M. - Hans Brinker.
786070: Dodge, Natt N. & Herbert S. Zim - The American Southwest with more Than 400 Objects in Color
782025: Dodge, Mary & Frances Quint. - MacOnsquah: Small Bear Woman. (SIGNED)
785433: Dodge, David - A Drug on the Market
784531: Dodwell, C. R. - The Great Lambeth Bible (Library of Illuminated Manuscripts)
782610: Doisneau, Robert - Robert Doisneau: Paris, Les Passants Qui Passent
1669: Domalain, Jean-Yves. - The Animal Connection
785522: Dominic, R. B. - Murder in High Place
788698: Donn, Benjamin - A Map of the County of Devon, with the City and County of Exeter, Delineated from an Acutal Survey, on Twelve sheets of Imperial Paper, the Scale an Inch to a Mile
780078: O'Donnell, Peter. - The Xandau Talisman (Modesty Blaise)
777502: O'Donnell, Mary Patricia & Lelia M. Finan. - Greek Games: An Organization for Festivals.
789390: Donnelly, Martin J. - The Catalogue of Antique Tools 1996 Edition
782935: Donohue, Lynn - Lynn Donohue: The Cult of Personalitiy
773590: Donow, Herbert S. (Sir Philip Sidney). - A Concordance to the Poems of Sir Philip Sidney.
786484: Doolittle, P. E., M.D. Ed. - Wheel Outings in Canada and C.W.A. Hotel Guide
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779972: Hawkins, John C. - This Date in Detroit Tigers History: A Day by Day Listing of the Events in the History of the Detroit Tigers Baseball Team (+ Unused Tigers Opening Day 1965 Rain Date Ticket)
783469: Hay, D. R. - The Natural Principles and Analogy of the Harmony of Form
779962: Hine-Haycock, W. - Posted in Gibraltar: An Illustrated Postal History on Gibraltar.
789895: Geoffrey Hayes - Waterloo County: An illustrated history
787055: Royal Ontario Museum;Hayes, John W. - Roman & Pre-Roman Glass in the Royal Ontario Museum: A Catalogue
789916: John W. Hayes - Ancient Metal Axes and Other Tools in the Royal Ontario Museum: European and Mediterranean Types
786759: Hayman, Richard - Dreamsound: Pillow Notes
3880: (Artaud) Hayman, Ronald. - Artaud and After.
BynblFi170: Hayne, David H & Tirol, Marcel. - Bibliographie critique du roman canadien-francais, 1837 - 1900.
784553: Hayward, John - The Family Visitor
783392: Heacock, William & Fred Bickenheuser - Encyclopedia of Victorian Colored Pattern Glass Book 5 U.S. Glass from A to Z
785465: Head, Matthew - The Congo Venus
788999: Healey, Robin - Hopeful Travellers: Italian Explorers, Missionaries, Merchants and Adventurers from the Middle Ages to Modern Times, an Exhibition in the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library, University of Toronto, 30 January - 27 April 2007
788634: Hearn, Lafcadio. Suda Ed. - Stories and Essays
4261: Heath, Michael. - Michael Heath's Automata.
SatchFi489: Heaton, Peter. - Yachting: A History.
785470: Hebden, Mark. - Pel Is Puzzled
786309: Hebert, Jacques - Faites-Leur Batir Une Tour Ensemble: Ou Il Est Question De Katimavik, Lieu De Rencontre Et De La Jeunesse, Et De L'esperance (+ ephemera)
782598: Benson & Hedges - Benson and Hedges Racing Year, Second Edition
781437: van Heekeren, H. R. - The Stone Age of Indonesia (Deel XXI of Het Koninklijk Inst. Voor Taal, Land En Volkenkunde).
790414: Hefner, Hugh Ed. (Richard Brautigan Cont.) - Playboy Magazine December 1970:
776486: Heide, Florence. Ed Renfro (ills.) - Maximilian Becomes Famous.
789791: Heindel, Max. - The Rosicrucian Christianity Lectures
781685: Heinz, Rick. - Many are Called, Few are Signed: The Hard Realities of Professional Hockey. (INSCRIBED)
5487: Heith, Mystical (ed.) - The Magic Key: A Magazine devoted to the Mystic Art.

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