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2941: GOLDSTEIN, MARGARET J. - Brett Hull - Hockey's Top Gun.
782315: GOLDSTEIN, ROBERT J. - Anabantoids Gouramis and Related Fishes.
772555: GOLDSTEIN, DAN. - Rappers Rappin': The Story of the Freshest Sound Around from Rap's Maddest and Baddest.
786542: GOMEZ, LOLA - Lofts: Living Working Shopping in a Loft
783923: CARR-GOMM, SARAH - The Secret Language of Art: The Illustrated Decoder of Symbols and Figures in Western Painting.
786810: GOODERHAM, KENT ED. - I am an Indian
786811: GOODERHAM, KENT ED. - I am an Indian
772410: GOODMAN, ROBERT B. (DIR.) - On Hawaiian Folk Music.
3970: GOODOVITCH, I. M. - Architecturology: An Interim Report by I. M. Goodovitch.
789905: GOODSPEED, MAJOR D. J. - Battle Royal: A History fo the Royal Regiment of Canada 1862-1962
786197: GOODSPEED, D. J. - Ludendorff: Soldier Dictator Revolutionary
784430: GORDON, JOHN. MICHAEL FRENCH PHOTOS - The Great Gold Courses of Canada
789529: GORDON, WILLIAM R. - 90 years of Buffalo railway, 1860-1950, International Railway Company
786172: GORDON, JEFF - Keenan : The High Times and Misadventures of Hockey's Most Controversial Coach
786688: GOREY, EDWARD. - Gorey Cats and Paper Dolls
780228: GOREY, EDWARD. - Dracula: A Toy Theatre, The Sets and Costumes of the Broadway Production of the Play Designed By Edward Gorey.
780734: GORO, ARIZONA. - Yuki Uchida: Photo Album.
780501: GORSKY, BERNARD. - Moana: The Vastness of the Waters (Vastness of the Seas). (Diving)
789205: GOTLIEB, ADOPH - Adolph Gotlieb: Acrylics on Paper
778124: GEDULD & RONALD GOTTESMAN (EDS.) - Robots Robots Robots.
789708: GOUGH, GALEN - Simplified Self Defense Thru an Improved System of Americanized Jiu-Jitsu and Judo
781617: GOVER, ROBERT. - The Maniac Responsible.
231: GOWDY, BARBARA. - Falling Angels
233: GOWDY, BARBARA. - We So Seldom Look On Love (Very Fine SIGNED copy).
234: GOWDY, BARBARA. - We So Seldom Look On Love.
5130: GOWDY, BARBARA. - Falling Angels. (SIGNED)
784390: GOYA, LEONARDO DA VINCI, EL GRECO - Goya, Leonardo Da Vinci, El Greco
787826: GRAEME, BRUCE - The Imperfect Crime
785418: GRAEME, BRUCE - Almost Without Murder
785435: GRAEME, BRUCE - Trouble!
786467: GRAFFIN, EMMANUELLE - Buildings of the World: 75 Architectural Wonders That Amaze, Inspire, and Intrigue
787485: GRAHAM, ROSEMARY - The Furry Forest Bears
3526: GRAHAM, BILLY - The Secret of Happiness
777884: GRAHAM, FRANK. - McGraw of the Giants.
779978: VATSYAYANA; GRAHAM, WILLIAM (PHOTOGRAPHS BY). - The Kama Sutra of Vatsyayana.
775374: GRAHAM, DONALD. - Lights of the Inside Passage: A History of British Columbia's Lighthouses and Their Keepers.
789655: ALLAN GRAHAM - A photo history of the Prince Edward Island Railway
787083: GRAINGER, JOHN H. - Alaska Postcard: 1897-1940 Directory
787059: GRANDE, FRANK D.;NATHAN, SIMON - The Leicaflex System of Photography
780551: GRANDFIELD, DIANA. - Bowmanville: An Architectural & Social History 1794 - 1999.. (SIGNED + ephemera)
787848: GRANIRER, PNINA. GEORGE HARRIS CURATOR - The Whisper of Stones - Pnina Granirer
5281: GRANT, STAN. - The Call of Mother Africa.
ManfeFi281: GRANT, R. N. - Life of Rev. William Cochrane, D. D.
782832: GRANZ, NORMAN - Jazz at the Philharmonic (program)
777899: STEPHANE GRAPPELLI. - Hommage a Django Reinhardt. Vinyl LP Record.
786671: VARIOUS. CORPORATION OF GRAVENHURST - The Light of Other Days (Gravenhurst Local History)
2595: GRAY, JAMES H. - Red Lights on the Prairies.
3213: GRAY, JOHN MORGAN. - Lord Selkirk of Red River.
772417: GRAY, MITCHELL. - The Lingerie Book
782586: GRAY, DAVID R. - Muskoxen of Polar Bear Pass: Natural Museum of Canada
786146: GRAY, JOHN MORGAN - A. W. Mackenzie, M.A., D.D.: The Grove, Lakefield
784112: GRAY, RAND, STEN (CHARLES COMFORT). - Charles Comfort
786196: GRAY, PHILIP - Ghosts of Targets Past: The Lives and Losses of a Lancaster Crew in 1944-45 (PRESENTATION COPY)
2159: GRAYSON, JOHN. - March Through Military Medicine.
785527: GRAYSON, RICHARD - The Monterant Affair
780511: GREEN, JOHNNIE - Bentley: Fifty Years of the Marque.
781373: GREEN, JOHNNIE - Bentley: Fifty Years of the Marque.
1480: GREENE, GRAHAM. - A Burnt-out Case,
786319: GREENE, NORMAN N. (JEAN-PAUL SARTRE) - Jean-Paul Sartre: The Existentialist Ethic
783489: GREENE, ALMA. - FORBIDDEN VOICE: Reflections of a Mohawk Indian by Alma Greene (Gah-wonh-nos-doh)
782999: GREENE, ALMA. - FORBIDDEN VOICE: Reflections of a Mohawk Indian by Alma Greene (Gah-wonh-nos-doh).
789766: GREENE, ALMA. - FORBIDDEN VOICE: Reflections of a Mohawk Indian by Alma Greene (Gah-wonh-nos-doh). (SIGNED)
780269: GREENHOUSE, HERBERT B. - Premonitions: A Leap Into the Future.
781456: GREENWOOD, COLIN - Police Tactics in Armed Operations
783825: GREENWOOD, KATHRYN MOORE;MURPHY, MARY FOX - Fashion Innovation and Marketing
789587: JOHN GREENWOOD - Namesakes of the 90s
787522: GREGORY, T. E. D.SC. - The Return to Gold
788345: RODGER C. GREIG - The Splendour of Prince Edward County
784139: GRENFELL, WILFRED T. - Off the Rocks: Stories of the Deep-sea Fisherfolk of Labrador
782492: GREY, ZANE. - Nevada (Zane Grey's Stories of the West ) Comic Book
786129: GREY, ZANE. - The Last Trail (with dustjacket)
776463: GRICE, FREDERICK. - Nine Days Wonder.
785256: GRIDLEY, ELEANOR - The Story of Abraham Lincoln or the Journey from the Log Cabin to the White House Including His Jokes and Anecdotes
773513: GRIFFITHS, TERRY. - Griff: The Autobiography of Terry Griffiths.
785012: GRIGG, IRMA B. - Three Years in Gemu Gofa (SIGNED) (Ethiopia)
788494: GRIMM, BRÜDER; BECHSTEIN, LUDWIG; PLANCK, WILLY - Deutsche Kindermärchen (WWII Underground Intelligence Connection)
786851: GRONDA, D. GIOVANNA ED. - Selected Articles from Tougan: Monthly Journal of the Workers and Peasants Communist Party of Iran Vol. 1, No. 5
775292: GRONOWICZ, ANTONI. - Bela Schick and the World of Children.
780787: GROPP, ARTHUR E. - A Bibliography of Latin American Bibliographies : Supplement 1965-1969
775352: GROSSINGER, RICHARD. - Mars I/O 9: A Science Fiction Vision.
783202: GROSSMAN, F. - Bruegel the Paintings Complete Edition
786320: SHANTOCK SYSTEMATICS GROUP - A Systematic Handbook
786155: GROVER, JACK. - Defend Yourself!
773980: GROVES, MARGARETT E. - Lamentation.
778726: GROVES, EDITH LELEAN. - The Kingdom of Childhood. (SIGNED)
788832: GROVES, J. WALTON. - Edible and Poisonous Mushrooms of Canada.
788672: GRUBB, JAKE - Hobie Cat Sailing
781871: GRUBER, ALAIN - Silverware (with Dustjacket and Slipcase)
5477: GRUELLE, JOHNNY. - Raggedy Andy Stories.
788472: GRUELLE, JOHNNY - Raggedy Ann's Lucky Pennies
779045: GRUELLE, JOHNNY. - Raggedy Ann Stories.
788471: GRUELLE, JOHNNY - Beloved Belindy
783800: GRUELLE, JOHNNY. - Raggedy Andy Stories
788016: GRUMLEY, J. R. THOMAS - Quebec Railway Light Power Company: Montmorency Division
787942: GRUMLEY, J. R. THOMAS - Quebec Railway Light & Power Company: Volume 2 Citadel Division
789625: GRUMLEY, J. R. THOMAS - Montreal Streetcars Volume 1
788017: GRUMLEY, J. R. THOMAS - Montreal Streetcars: Volume 3 Scenic Routes
776196: GRUNDMAN, HOWARD (ED.) - Les (Montreal) Canadiens: The Official Magazine of the Montreal Canadiens (Guy Lapointe Autograph).
773421: GRUNDY, MILTON. - Venice: An Anthology Guide.
773116: GRUNFELD, V. - The Hitler File: A Social History of Germany and the Nazis 1918-1945.
4340: GRZIMEK, BERHARD. - Rhinos Belong to Everybody.
780523: LE GUEN, MONIQUE. - Graphology.
789864: PETER H. BEARD; ANTHONY HADEN GUEST - Peter Beard: Fifty Years of Portraits
3922: GUILHAMET, LEON. - The Sincere Ideal: Studies on Sincerity in Eighteenth-Century English Literature.
788606: GUILLET, EDWIN C. - Toronto Illustrated: From Trading Post to Great City
788826: GUILLET, EDWIN C. - Cobourg 1798 - 1948.
789732: GUILLET, EDWIN C. - Pioneer Life in the County of York.
788675: GUINAN, JOSEPH CANON - Annamore or Tenant-At-Will
788923: GULBRANSON, CAPTAIN C. - Hand to Hand Combat for Amphibious Scouts: United States Naval Amphibious Training Base, Ft. Pierece, Florida
784552: GUNCHEON, MICHAEL - Canon Powershot Field Guide
777501: GUNN, MRS. AENEAS. - The Little Black Princess of the Never Never.
787734: GUNSTONE, CHRISTOPHER - The Greek Empire of Marseille: Discoverer of Britain, Saviour of Rome.
784196: GURDON, MAJOR P. R. T. - The Khasis
3534: GURTEEN, S. HUMPHREYS. (ARTHURIANA) - The Arthurian Epic- A Comparative Study of the Cambrian, Breton, and Anglo-Norman Versions of the Story and Tennyson's Idylls of the King. (King Arthur)
775475: GUTERMAN, JIMMY. - Sinead: Her Life and Music.
787174: GUTHRIE, A. B. - Four Miles from Ear Mountain (SIGNED X 3 Ltd. Ed.)
781563: GUTMAN, BILL - Famous Baseball Stars
313: GUTTERIDGE, LINDSEY. - Cold War In A Country Garden,
785658: GUTTERIDGE, ROBERT W. - Magic Moments: First 20 Years of Moving Pictures in Toronto (1894-1914) (SIGNED)
787480: GWENDOLYN, MACEWEN, - The Chocolate Moose
788718: GZOWSKI, PETER. - The Game of Our Lives
788732: GZOWSKI, PETER - The Game of Our Lives
BynblFi170: HAYNE, DAVID H & TIROL, MARCEL. - Bibliographie critique du roman canadien-francais, 1837 - 1900.
DckroFi17: ZACKON, FRED WITH SNYDER, SOLOMON H. & LADER, MALCOLM H. - Heroin: The Street Narcotic.
777156: PERRING, F.H. & WALTERS, S.M. - Atlas of the British Flora.
789315: WATERS, J. H. & F. C. MATTHEWS - Cripple Creek Short Line
788663: BARTLETT, W.H. & R. SANDS - The Rideau Canal, Bytown (original print)
788174: JONES, ELWOOD H & BRUCE DYER - Peterborough, the Electric City: An illustrated History
779073: HAACK, HERMANN. - Oriental Rugs: An Illustrated Guide.
785802: VAN HAAFTEN, JULIA;NEW YORK PUBLIC LIBRARY - From Talbot to Stieglitz: Masterpieces of Early Photography from the New York Public Library
785849: HAAK, KEN - Summer Souvenirs
789399: GARRETT HACK - Classic Hand Tools
782785: HACKENBROCH, YVONNE - The Lee Collection
788457: HADFIELD, CHRIS - You Are Here: Around the World in 92 Minutes
785086: HADGRAFT, ROB - The Little Wonder : The Untold Story of Alfred Shrub, World Champion Runner (SIGNED)
775090: HAGGARD, H. RIDER. - She.
786097: HAGGARD, H. RIDER. - The Brethern
4014: HAHN, EMILY. - Eve and the Apes.
4457: HAIG, MAJOR-GENERAL M. R. - The Indus Delta Country: A Memoir, Chiefly on its Ancient Geography and History.
789319: EDGAR A HAINE - Railways across the Andes
782685: HAKUSUI, INAMI. - Nippon-to: The Japanese Sword. (hardcover in dj).
786435: HAKUSUI, INAMI. - Nippon-to: The Japanese Sword. (hardcover in dj).
776012: HALASA, MALU. - The Beat: Twist & Crawl.
789488: HALE, KATHLEEN - The Orlando Judge
779976: VAN HALEN. - Van Halen Anthology (Guitar - Vocal)
780973: HALFIN, ROSS - Fragile: Human Organs
773536: HALL, CAROLYN. - The Thirties in Vogue.
781309: HALL, D. G. E. - Europe and Burma: A Study of European Relations with Burma to the Annexation of Thibaw's Kingdom 1886.
788467: HALL, DONALD - Ox-cart Man (Scholastic Big Books Series)
789286: HALL, SYDNEY - 1838 Map of the West Indies Including Florida Keys, Central America, Guianas, Etc.
788038: HALLIDAY, HUGH; HALLIDAY, HUGH A - Wreck! - Canada's Worst Railway Accidents
3223: HALLIDAY, W. R. - Folklore Studies: Ancient and Modern.
774653: HALPIN, CHARLES (ED.) - The Hockey News 1983 Yearbook.
5040: JONES, AGNES HALSEY & LOUIS C. - New-found Folk Art of the Young Republic.
789093: HALSTED, J. N. - Modern Ornament and Design
785069: SCHRADER, HALWART & VOLMAR, KLAUS;VOLLMAR, KLAUS;VOLMAR, KLAUS - Harley-Davidson Motorcycles: Singles and Twins, 1918-78
786109: HAMBLY, J. R. STAN ED. - A Light Into the Past: A History of Camrose 1905 - 1980 (Rare Hardcover Edition)
785178: HAMILTON, DAVID - Hamilton's Movie Bilitis: A Photographic Scrapbook from the Movie
785906: HAMILTON, DAVID. - Blooming Minayo - September 28
776685: HAMILTON, E. R. - Air Navigation.
781939: HAMILTON, C. J. - A Pair of Runaways.
785624: HAMILTON, DAVID. - The Best of David Hamilton.
777045: HAMILTON, DAVID. - Harem: Asami and Friends.
777050: HAMILTON, DAVID. - Maiko Minami.
778045: HAMILTON, DAVID. - Jun Miho.
783485: HAMILTON, DAVID. - Jun Miho.
773903: HAMILTON, DAVID. - Tendres Cousines (Tender Cousins).
781120: HAMILTON, DAVID. - Tendres Cousines (Tender Cousins).
785995: HAMILTON, DAVID - Les Demoiselles D'Hamilton
784775: HAMILTON, DAVID - Souvenirs
773168: HAMILTON, DAVID. - Filles-Fleurs Portfolio.
783344: HAMM, MANFRED;JUNGK, ROBERT;STEINBERG, ROLF - Dead Tech: A Guide to the Archeology of Tomorrow
778710: HANCOCK, H. IRVING. - Jiu-Jitsu: Methode Japonaise.
789964: HANCOCK, H. IRVING. - Jiu-Jitsu Combat Tricks: Japanese Feats of Attack and Defense in Personal Encounter
789079: HAND, MIKE - A City's Industrial Heritage: The Growth and Demise of Fifteen Major Manufacturers in Brantford, Ontario
789080: HAND, MIKE - Iron, Steam and Wood: 150 Years with the Waterous Engine Works Company
788452: PETER HANDFORD - Sounds of Railways and Their Recording
788445: HANDLEY, BRIAN - Graveyard of Steam
785975: HANKINSON, C. F. J. ED. - Debrett's Peerage, Baronetage, Knightage, & Companionage 1955
784702: HANKS, CAROLE. - Early Ontario Gravestones.
783049: HANLEY, MAJOR R. E. USMC - Combat Conditioning Manual: Jiu-Jitsu Defense Bayonet Defense Club Defense
788971: HANLEY, MAJOR R. E. USMC - Corea: The Hermit Nation
787478: HANLEY, MAJOR R. E. USMC - Combat Conditioning Manual: Jiu-Jitsu Defense Bayonet Defense Club Defense
783633: HANNEN, MARK - Geordie Passion : Lifetime Love of Newcastle United (+ ephemera)
773721: LEIP, HANS ET AL. - Lilli Marlene: The Song Hit of the Allied Forces.
782321: DETERMAN, HANS & FRIEDRICH LEPUSCH. - The Microscope and Its Application.
5137: HARCLERODE, PETER (ED.) - The Elite and their Support, Vol I.
4041: HARDING, A. R. (ED.) - Fox Trapping: A Book of Instructions Telling How to Trap, Snare, Poison and Shoot. A Valuable Book for Trappers.
777992: HARDING, JAMES. - The Rocky Horror Show Book 1973 - 1987.
788164: HARDING, ALFRED - The Revolt of the Actors
Ctete26510: PETERBORO HARDWARE. - Peterboro Hardware Catalogue No. 8.
788404: HARDY, RICHARD HARRY NORMAN - Beeching: Champion of the Railways
788106: TOWN, HAROLD & DAVID SILCOX (SUPERVISORS) - Tom Thomson Calendar 1980 (Based on The Silence and the Storm)
3373: HARPER, STEPHEN. - Miracle of Deliverance: The Case for the Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
772631: HARPER, MALCOLM MC LACHLAN. - Rambles in Galloway: Topographical, Historical, Traditional, and Biographical.
781916: HARPER, L. H. - River Diversion in the Town of Brampton (+ Large Folding Map)
783346: HARPER, KENN. - Christmas in the Big Igloo: True Stories from the Canadian Arctic
789004: HARPER, KENN. - Give Me My Father's Body: The Life of Minik, the New York Eskimo (First Printing)
789612: LOUIS A. MARRE; JOHN BASKIN HARPER - Frisco Diesel Power (Interurbans Special 93)
774391: HARRIGAN, BRIAN. - HM A-Z: The Definitive Encyclopedia of Heavy Metal from AC/DC Through Led Zeppelin to ZZ Top. (with Cut-out guitar)
778446: HARRIGAN, BRIAN. - HM A-Z. (heavy metal)
784192: HARRINGTON, FRANK. NELSON BALL ED. - Frank Harrington's Kristmiss Book 1860-1900 + Ephemera
788562: HARRIS, DOROTHY JOAN - The House Mouse
3620: HARRIS, DEAN. - By Path and Trail. (INSCRIBED + ephemera)
50: HARRIS, REGINALD V. - The Church of Saint Paul in Halifax, N.S. 1749-1949,
789943: HARRIS, JOEL CHANDLER - The Tar-baby & Other Rhymes of Uncle Remus
3133: HARRIS, PAMELA - Faces of Feminism: Portraits of Women Across Canada.
776137: HARRIS, LORLE. ILLS. BY RUTH KIRSCHNER. - Biography of a River Otter.
779089: HARRIS, FRANN, WITH COMMENTARY BY SHELDON KENNEDY. - Martensville: Truth or Justice?
784372: HARRIS, MAZ. - Bikers: Birth of a Modern Day Outlaw. (Hell's Angels).
783654: HARRIS, NORMAN - The Charlton Brothers
CrrkeFi14: HARRIS, ANDREW. - Lakefield College School.
789722: HARRIS, R. B. DALE - The Six Years of 6 Canadian Field Regiment Royal Canadian Artillery (+ 19 Original WWII Photos)
784066: HARRIS, BOB - Growing Wild Mushrooms: A Complete Guide to Cultivating Edible & Hallucinogenic Mushrooms
784229: HARRIS, RUTH - The Fun City Girls
781605: HARRIS, PAUL. - Heroes of Hockeytown from A to Z (Scarce First Edition)
787333: HARRIS, LAWREN - Lawren Harris Retrospecitve Exhibition 1963
777162: HARRIS, MARK. - Speed. (REVIEW COPY w/photo, etc.)
786761: HARRISON, LOU - Lou Harrison's Music Primer: Various Items About Music to 1970 (ASSOCIATION COPY)
784535: HARRISON, CHARLES - English Art in the Modern Period, Nineteen Hundred - Nineteen Thirty Nine
776676: HARRY, BILL. - The Book of Lennon.
775822: BROWN, PETER HARRY & KIM NOVAK. - Kim Novak Reluctant Goddess.
788993: WALKER, HARRY & OLIVE - Carleton Saga
788958: HARTJE, TOD; MARTIN, LAWRENCE - From Behind the Red Line: An American Hockey Player in Russia
776713: HARTLEY, JOSEPH. - Complete Handbook of Basketball Drills.
781589: HARTMAN, CHESTER W. - The Transformation of San Francisco
785313: HARVERY, J. PERRY - Ask Me a Question
788884: HARVEY, P. T. - Hespeler Corporation
782248: HARVOR, ELISABETH - All Times Have Been Modern (SIGNED)
772560: HASEBE, KOH. - Music Life Rock Photo Gallery: Giants in the Small World.
784564: HASELL, F. H. EVA - Through Western Canada in a Caravan (+ ephemera)
778763: HASKELL, MRS. L. - Stories from the Life of Christ.
776647: HASKINS, JAMES. - The Stevie Wonder Scrapbook.
789656: COLIN K HATCHER - Stampede City Streetcars: The Story of the Calgary Municipal Railway (Railfare Book)
789657: COLIN K HATCHER - Saskatchewan's Pioneer Streetcars: The Story of the Regina Municipal Railway
789891: HATHAWAY, ANN - Muskoka Memories: Sketches from Real Life
785184: HATSUMI, MASAAKI - Ninja Secrets from the Grandmaster
2572: HAVILAND, JOHN BEARD. - Gossip, Reputation, and Knowledge in Zinacantan.
788870: HAW, LEONOR ED. - Tricolor '56 (Queen's University Yearbook)
786128: HAWBAKER, R. STANLEY - Mink and Muskrat Trapping
3238: HAWKINS, LAYTON S. (DIRECTOR) LITHOGRAPHIC TECHNICAL FOUNDATION. - Basic Texts for Apprentices in Lithography: Single Color Offset Press.
779972: HAWKINS, JOHN C. - This Date in Detroit Tigers History: A Day by Day Listing of the Events in the History of the Detroit Tigers Baseball Team (+ Unused Tigers Opening Day 1965 Rain Date Ticket)
783469: HAY, D. R. - The Natural Principles and Analogy of the Harmony of Form
779962: HINE-HAYCOCK, W. - Posted in Gibraltar: An Illustrated Postal History on Gibraltar.
782671: HAYES, JOHN (GRAHAM SUTHERLAND) - The Art of Graham Sutherland
789895: GEOFFREY HAYES - Waterloo County: An illustrated history
787055: ROYAL ONTARIO MUSEUM;HAYES, JOHN W. - Roman & Pre-Roman Glass in the Royal Ontario Museum: A Catalogue
789916: JOHN W. HAYES - Ancient Metal Axes and Other Tools in the Royal Ontario Museum: European and Mediterranean Types
3880: (ARTAUD) HAYMAN, RONALD. - Artaud and After.
786759: HAYMAN, RICHARD - Dreamsound: Pillow Notes
784553: HAYWARD, JOHN - The Family Visitor
779234: KOLB, HAZEL & BILL STERMER. - On the Perimeter: The Autobiography of Hazel Kolb Motorcyclin' Gran'ma. (INSCRIBED).
785465: HEAD, MATTHEW - The Congo Venus
788999: HEALEY, ROBIN - Hopeful Travellers: Italian Explorers, Missionaries, Merchants and Adventurers from the Middle Ages to Modern Times, an Exhibition in the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library, University of Toronto, 30 January - 27 April 2007
788634: HEARN, LAFCADIO. SUDA ED. - Stories and Essays
4261: HEATH, MICHAEL. - Michael Heath's Automata.
SatchFi489: HEATON, PETER. - Yachting: A History.
785470: HEBDEN, MARK. - Pel Is Puzzled
786309: HEBERT, JACQUES - Faites-Leur Batir Une Tour Ensemble: Ou Il Est Question De Katimavik, Lieu De Rencontre Et De La Jeunesse, Et De L'esperance (+ ephemera)
785590: MUNRO, HECTOR AND DONALD BOWEN. - Oshogbo and West Nigeria Artists
782598: BENSON & HEDGES - Benson and Hedges Racing Year, Second Edition
781437: VAN HEEKEREN, H. R. - The Stone Age of Indonesia (Deel XXI of Het Koninklijk Inst. Voor Taal, Land En Volkenkunde).
776486: HEIDE, FLORENCE. ED RENFRO (ILLS.) - Maximilian Becomes Famous.
789283: KARL GERT ZUR HEIDE - Deep South Piano (Blues Paperbacks)
789794: HEINDEL, MAX - Simplified Scientific Astrology: A Complete Textbook on the Art of Erecting a Horoscope Wtih Philiosophic Encyclopedia and Tables of Planetary Hours
789791: HEINDEL, MAX. - The Rosicrucian Christianity Lectures
781685: HEINZ, RICK. - Many are Called, Few are Signed: The Hard Realities of Professional Hockey. (INSCRIBED)
5487: HEITH, MYSTICAL (ED.) - The Magic Key: A Magazine devoted to the Mystic Art.
785742: HELM, LT. LINAI T. ED. BY NELLY KINZIE GORDON - The Fort Dearborn Massacre Written in 1814 by Lieutenant Linai T. Helm One of the Survivors with Letters and Narratives of Contemporary Interest (Edward N. Wentworth's copy)
781475: HELWIG, DAVID. - The Best Name of Silence
788693: HELWIG, DAVID - The Best Name of Silence
788150: HELWIG, DAVID - Atlantic Crossings
776610: HEMINGWAY, TAYLOR - Sex Control: Curious Customs of Medieval Times.
786355: HEMINGWAY, ERNEST - Across the River and Into the Trees
775438: HEMMINGS, FRED. - Surfing: Hawaii's Gift to the World of Sports. (INSCRIBED)
788489: HEMON, LOUIS - Maria Chapdelaine
773399: HENDERSON, JOE (ED.) - Running After 40: a Complete Guide...
773672: HENDERSON, JOHN. - Howard Ferguson: The Romance of a Personality.
789202: MAURICE D HENDRY - Lincoln America's Car of State (Ballantine's illustrated history of the car: marque book)
776321: HENIGHAN, TOM. - The Well of Time.
787301: HENRI, ADRIAN - Total Art: Environments, Happenings and Performance
2933: HENRY, WILL. - Maheo's Children: The Legend of Dried River.
782801: HENRY, WILL. - Maheo's Children: The Legend of Dried River.
785221: MOORE, HENRY & HERBERT READ (INTRO) - Henry Moore Volume Two: Sculptures and Drawings Since 1948
779791: HENTY, G. A. - By England's Aid, or The Freeing of the Netherlands 1585-1604.
774928: HENTY, G. A. - With Buller in Natal or, a Born Leader.
777205: HENTY, G. A. - Among Malay Pirates.
786123: HENTY, G. A. - Through the Fray: A Tale of the Luddite Riots
788723: ELK, HERB & LARRY WIGGE (EDS.) - 1979-80 Pro and Amateur Hockey Guide (Bob Gainey Colour Cover)
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787901: HOWE, GORDIE; HOWE, COLLEEN; DELISLE, TOM - And ...Howe!: An Authorized Autobiography
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788641: HUNT, LLOYD - We Band of Brothers: An Anthology of War Stories
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777418: HURWOOD, BERNHARDT JR. (ED.) - The Whole Sex Catalogue.
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788879: INGHAM, JOHN N. - Sex 'n' Drugs 'n' Rock 'n' Roll: American Popular Culture Since 1945
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789893: INGOLDSBY, THOMAS ESQUIRE - The Ingoldsby Legends or Mirth and Marvels
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789302: INGOLFSRUD, ELIZABETH. - All About Ontario Beds.
789304: INGOLFSRUD, ELIZABETH. - All About Ontario Tables
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785537: INNES, MICHAEL. - The Daffodil Affair
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780724: INOMOTO, KOHJI. - Reiko.
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789876: CLINTON WOMEN'S INSTITUTE - History of Clinton and Surrounding Territory
786289: MOJ PERSIAN CARPETS INTERNATIONAL - Moj Persian Carpets (+ ephemera)
784706: HURST INTERNATIONAL - Hurst International Computer-Pak: NASCAR Lap-ometer, Road and Track - Ometer, GTT - Ometer.
786210: INTERTEC - Chain Saw Service Manual (Eigth Edition)
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788714: HANCOCK, H. IRVING & KATSUKUMA HIGASHI. - Das Kano Jiu-Jitsu (Deustchen Ausgabe - German Edition))
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365: DE VISSER, J. & KALMAN, H. - Pioneer Churches
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3912: JAMESON, STORM. - Parthian Words.
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782329: MOLLRING, FRIEDRICH K. & ZEISS. - Microcopy From the Very Beginning.
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789473: KEROUAC, JACK - The Subterraneans
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3790: KING, MARY LOUISE. - A History of Western Architecture.
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783318: KING, JASON - The Cannabible 2
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773396: KINGSLEY, NORMAN. - Icecraft.
788631: KINNEIR, JOHN MACDONALD - JOURNEY THROUGH ASIA MINOR, ARMENIA, AND KOORDISTAN in the Years 1813 and 1814 with Remarks on the Marches of Alexander and Retreat of the Ten Thousand
786997: KINSELLA, W. P. - Shoeless Joe
783383: KINSELLA, W. P. - Shoeless Joe.
779424: KINSELLA, W. P. - Shoeless Joe Jackson Comes to Iowa.
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779656: KINSELLA, W. P. - Scars.
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780614: KIRA, TETSUAKI. - Shells of the Western Pacific in Color: Vols. I and II.
776373: KIRBY, EDWARD "PRINCE GABE". - From Africa to Beale Street.
785258: KIRBY, WILLIAM FRSC - The Golden Dog (Le Chien d'Or): A Romance from the Days of Louis Quinze in Quebec
786674: KIRINCICH, M. STEPHEN - A Centennial History of Stellarton (SIGNED)
789064: KIRKCONNELL, WATSON - County of Victoria Centennial History
782959: KIRKLEY, GEORGE W. - Weight Lifting and Weight Training: How to Use Weights to Improve Your Health Etc
784502: KIRKMAN, MARSHALL MONREO - Locomotive Appliances: Supplement to the Science of Railways
788525: KIRKWOOD, KENNETH P. - Lyrics and Sonnets
788497: KIRKWOOD, KENNETH P. - Did Shakespeare Visit Denmark?
788526: KIRKWOOD, KENNETH P. - Abstractions
788516: KIRKWOOD, KENNETH P. - Unfamiliar Lafcadio Hearn
788524: KIRKWOOD, KENNETH P. - Time's Tavern
5479: KIRSCH, PROF. WILLIAM. - Scientific Magical Experiments.
774319: KIRSTEL, M. RICHARD. - Pas De Deux.
773964: KISHTAINY, KHALID. - The Prostitute in Progressive Literature.
4271: TANAH AIR KITA. - Tanah Air Kita.
EveleFi167: KIVER, MILTON. - Television Simplified.
788365: KIVETT, MARVIN F. - Woodland Sites in Nebraska
775840: KOBAYASHI, KIYOSHI & HAROLD E. SHARP. - The Sport of Judo.
781122: KOBAYASHI, KIYOSHI & HAROLD E. SHARP. - The Sport of Judo.
787334: KOBAYASHI, KIYOSHI & HAROLD E. SHARP. - The Sport of Judo as Practiced in Japan
783540: KLARNER, H. - China the White Gold
789036: KLEIN, A. M. - The Hitleriad
789396: ALLAN KLENMAN - Axe Makers of North America
781525: KLINCK, CARK F, (ED.) - Literary History of Canada: Canadian Literature in English, Vols. I & II.
783893: KLOCKE, CHRISTEL-ELVIRA F.G.A., G.G. - The Behaviour of Gemstones Due to Heat and Acids
784068: KLOSS, C. BODEN - In the Andamans and Nicobars: The Narrative of a Cruise in the Schooner Terrapin, with Notices of the Islands, Their Fauna, Ethnology, Etc.
786136: KNIGHT, CHARLES - Old England: A Pictorial Museum of Regal, Ecclesiastical, Municipal, Baronial, and Popular Antiquities. Two volume Set.
789054: KNOEBL, KUNO - Victor Charlie: The Face of War in Vietnam
773534: KNOWLER, DONALD. - The Falconer of Central Park.
788030: DAVID C KNOWLES - The Ottawa Car Company 1892-1948
786284: KOBAYASHI, HISAKO - Hisako Kobayashi: Recent Paintings: April 2 - April 21, 1994
780194: KOCH, RONALD P. - Dress Clothing of the Plains Indians
783706: KOCH, CARL - Photo Know-how: A Self-study Course of Sophisticated View Camera Technique (Sinar 7 volumes)
779744: KOCH, VIVIENNE. - W. B. Yeats: The Tragic Phase: A Study of the Last Poems.
776541: KOCI, MARTA. - Ivan, Divan, and Zariman.
773357: KODAK. - Kodak Industrial Handbook of Photographic Methods.
773359: KODAK. - Kodak Reference Handbook: Black and White Picture Taking.
785563: KODERA, TSUKASA - Christianity Versus Nature: A Study of the Thematics in Vincent Van Gogh's Oeuvre (INSCRIBED)
784628: KODOKAN, RISEI KANO (PREF.) - Judo (Bruce Tegner`s copy)
783270: KOELBL, HERLINDE - Männer
781445: KOIZUMI, G. - Judo Quarterly Bulletin: January 1955.
3737: KOLB, FRITZ. - Himalaya Venture.
773950: KOLUPAEV, VICOTR. - Hermit's Swing.
784499: KOOT, TON - Jamboree Logboek 1937 (Boy Scouts)
783660: KOOY, DOUG - Caught in the Cross-fire: A Rock & Roll Story
783858: III KOPPANY, B.;KOPPANY, B. III - Tempting Letters: Letters from an Experienced Demon to a Novice
789407: KOSMERL, FRANK PRESIDENT - Talking Tools Newsletter: Antique Tool Collectors Assn. Western NY
788553: KOSTYNUIK, DOREEN - Songs of the Desert: Poems
774229: KOZUKI, RUSSELL. - Karate!
786091: KRECH, SHEPARD III. (ED.) - Native Canadian Anthropology and History: A Selected Bibliography
781516: KREITZER, JACK. - Dark Moon. (SIGNED)
787486: GLASSCO, JOHN, ROBERT KROETSCH ET AL. - Tamarack Review Issue 50 - 51
782198: GLASSCO, JOHN, ROBERT KROETSCH ET AL. - Tamarack Review Issue 49
787428: KROETZ, F.X. FRANZ XAVER - Farmyard & Four Plays
788873: KRON, JOHN W. - Occidentalia 1956 University of Western Ontario Yearbook
781468: KRUEGER, ROBERT - Gypsy on 18 Wheels; a Trucker's Tale
781361: KUBOTA, TAKAYUKI. - Kubotan: New Police Technique. (Scarce First edition).
778023: KUDO, KAZUZO. - Modern Judo 1: Worpen. (Judo in Action: Throwing). Dutch Edition
789028: KUDO, KAZUZO. - Dynamic Judo: Grappling Techniques (Scarce Hardcover first/dj/slipcase).
776038: KUDO, KAZUZO. - Judo in Action: Throwing Techniques. (adapted from Dynamic Judo - First Printing)
789027: KUDO, KAZUZO. - Dynamic Judo: Grappling Techniques
787189: KUDO, KAZUZO. - Dynamic Judo: Grappling Techniques (Scarce Hardcover first/dj/slipcase).
789008: KUDO, KAZUZO. - Dynamic Judo: Throwing Techniques
789009: KUDO, KAZUZO. - Dynamic Judo: Grappling Techniques
787675: KUDO, KAZUZO. - Judo in Action: Grappling Techniques. (adapted from Dynamic Judo)
789244: KUNDERA, MILAN - The Unbearable Lightness of Being
782749: KUNIYOSHI, UNTAGAWA. - Utagawa Kuniyoshi: An Exhibition.
785728: KOUGAKU KURODA - KOUGAKU KURODA: Takeshi Kuroda First Light Works I (Japanese text)
789267: LYNN ZELEVANSKY; LAURA HOPTMAN. YAYOI KUSAMA - Love Forever: Yayoi Kusama, 1958-1968
786755: KUWABARA, PAYNE, MCKENNA, BLUMBERG ARCHITECTS - Kuwabara Payne McKenna Blumberg
788530: KENKOKUKINENJIGIYO-KYOKAI - Japan in Advance Volumes I and II in Slipcase (+ ephemera)
772759: GRANATSTEIN, J. L. & STEVENS, PETER. - Forum: Canadian Life & Letters 1920-70, Selections from The Canadian Forum.
Soneir6593: STONE, HERBERT L. & TAYLOR, WILLIAM H. - The America's Cup Races.
781169: ALBANO, L & RICCIUTI, E.; RICCIUTI, E. - The Wit and Wisdom of Lou Albano
789351: BELDEN, BAUMAN L. & NORM FLAYDERMAN - United States War Medals
788163: LABRANCHE, BILL - Peterborough Scrap-book: A Pictorial History of the City of Peterborough 1825 - 1975
785668: LACEY, PETER J. - The Muskeg Limited : The First 80 Years of the Greater Winnipeg Water District Railway
783588: LADELL, DANIEL W. (CURATOR) (LESLIE HURRY) - Leslie Hurry: A Painter for the Stage
789334: LAFLIN, DUANE - Greater Gospel Magic
788117: LAHEY, DAVID - Making Your Hockey Pay: A Guide to US Hockey Scholarships
775499: LAING, DAVE. - Buddy Holly.
786557: LAIRD, ROSS - Tantalizing Tingles: A Discography of Early Ragtime, Jazz, and Novelty Syncopated Piano Recordings, 1889-1934 (+ Promo material)
783495: LAM, VINCENT - Bloodletting and Miraculous Cures
784208: LAM, VINCENT - Bloodletting & Miraculous Cures: Stories (INSCRIBED and dated)
784999: LAMBOURS, XAVIER - Rebonds: Louis Vuitton for the Benefit of UNICEF
782644: LAMEI, SALEH, FAHMI ABD-EL-ALIM, MOHAMMED ZEINHOM, EZZ-EL-DIN NAGUIB - Light Screens: The Arabian Turned Wood Work (Mashrabiya) and Stucco Coloured Glass Windows in Egypt
773994: LAMPARSKI, RICHARD. - Whatever Became of...? Third Series.
782873: LANAGHAN, MRS. - Antigua and the Antiguans Vol. 2
3699: LANDIS, JAMES M., (PREFACE). - Front Line: The Official Story of the Civil Defense of Britain.
784013: LANDREAU, ANTHONY N. ED. - Yoruk: The Nomadic Weaving Tradition of the Middle East
789106: LANDRY, PIERRE DIRECTEUR DE REDACTION - Histoires De Train: Riviere-du-Loup, carrefour ferroviaire de l'est du pays
780347: LANDSBERG, PAT. - Foxhunter: The Story of a Champion.
789272: LANE, EDWARD WILLIAM - An Account of the Manners and Customs of the Modern Egyptians Written in Egypt during the years 1833-1835
788959: LANG, BUD - Playing Championship Youth Baseball
784806: ROTTENBERG, BARBARA LANG & JUDITY TOMLIN - Glass Manufacturing in Canada: A Survey of Pressed Glass Patterns
774101: LANGDON, EUSTELLA. - Pioneer Gardens at Black Creek Pioneer Village
784081: LANGDON, JOHN E. - Canadian Silversmiths 1700 - 1900 (Limited Edition)
789721: LANGDON, JOHN E. - Clock & Watchmakers in Canada: 1700 to 1900,
781780: LANGDON, JOHN E. - American Silversmiths in British North America 1776-1800. (Limited Edition)
786275: LANGDON, JOHN E. - Canadian Silversmiths & Their Marks 1667 - 1867 (Limited, Numbered Edition)
786495: LANGDON, JOHN E. - American Silversmiths in British North America 1776-1800. (Limited Edition w/slipcase)
786882: LANGER, JAMES - Gun Dogs: Poems
772561: LANGFORD, JIM. - The Game is Never Over: The Chicago Cubs 1948 - 1980.
778752: LANGFORD, LIEUT.COLONEL R. J. S. - Corporal to Field Officer: 4th Edition Amended Up to Date.
785652: LANK, DAVID M. - Once-Upon-a-Tyne: The Angling Art and Philosophy of Thomas Bewick. (SIGNED, Ltd. Ed.)
774776: LANYON, ANDREW. - The Vanishing Cabinet: A Photographic Illusion.
773982: LARMOUR, W. T. (TEXT) - Inunnit: The Art of the Canadian Eskimo (Association copy with ephemera)
783181: LARMOUR, W. T. (TEXT) - A Face Like the Sun Visage Radieux (inuit)
785638: LARMOUR, W. T. (TEXT) - Canadian Eskimo Fine Crafts (+ ephemera)
786917: LARMOUR, W. T. - Eskimo Carvings Contemporary Period
2515: LAROCHELLE, CLAUDE. - Guy Lafleur: Hockey's # 1. (+ ephemera)
788917: MILBERRY, LARRY & HALLIDAY, HUGH. - Canada's Air Forces on Exchange
788510: LARSENT, J. ANKER - The Philosopher's Stone
60: LASH, Z.A. - Defence and Foreign Affairs: A Suggestion for the Empire,
780732: LASHWAY, JOHN. ED. - 2002-03 Toronto Maple Leafs Official Guide.
785424: LATIMER, JONATHAN - Headed for a Hearse
1802: LAU, EVELYN. - Runaway: Diary of a Street Kid. (SIGNED)
774797: LAU, EVELYN. - Choose Me (SIGNED).
776080: LAU, EVELYN. - You are Not Who You Claim (Review Copy).
786012: LAU, EVELYN. - In the House of Slaves.
781094: LAU, GRACE - Adults in Wonderland: A Retrospective
773915: LAU, EVELYN. - Runaway: Diary of a Street Kid.
776424: LAUGHLIN, J. (ED.) FERLINGHETTI, LAWRENCE. - New Directions 38.
250: LAURENCE, MARGARET. - The Diviners.
3628: LAURENCE, MARGARET. - A Tree for Poverty: Somali Poetry and Prose.
4574: CLARKE, AUSTIN C., MARGARET LAURENCE (REVIEW) ET AL. - Tamarack Review, Issue 52.
4760: LAURENCE, MARGARET (CONT.) - Tamarack 17: (A Gourdful of Glory.)
785618: LAURENCE, MARGARET. - The Prophet's Camel Bell.
775172: LAURENCE, MARGARET. - Jason's Quest.
776546: LAURENCE, MARGARET. - Colors of Speech: Margaret Laurence's Early Writings.
780390: LAURENCE, MARGARET. - Jason's Quest. (+ephemera)
785251: LAURENCE, MARGARET. - Heart of a Stranger (INSCRIBED)
777547: LAURENCE, MARGARET. - The Diviners.
787731: LAURENCE, MARGARET. - Canadian Woman Studies/les cahiers de la femme: Special Margaret Laurence Issue. Vol. 8, No. 3.
784837: LAURENCE, MARGARET - A Bird in the House
780266: LAURENCE, MARGARET. - A Bird in the House,
788503: LAURENCE, MARGARET - The Stone Angel
789183: LAURENCE, MARGARET. - Embryo Words: Margaret Laurence's Early Writings.
773078: LAURENCE, MARGARET. - The Tomorrow-Tamer and Other Stories.
778027: LAURENCE, MARGARET. - The Diviners.
785873: LAURENCE, MARGARET. - The Diviners.
785984: LAURENCE, MARGARET - The Diviners (INSCRIBED + Ephemera)
494: LAUT, ANGES C. - The Conquest of Our Western Empire,
789690: LAVALLEE, OMER - Van Horne's Road: An Illustrated Account of the Construction and First Years of Operation of the CP Transcontinental Railway
784594: LAVALLEE, OMER. - Narrow Gauge Railways of Canada
778119: LAVALLEE, OMER. - Van Horne's Road: An Illustrated Account of the Construction and First Years of Operation of the CP Transcontinental Railway.
BvillFi283: LAVIGNE, YVES - Hell's Angels at War (+ HA ephemera)
785168: LAVIGNE, YVES - Hell's Angels at War
785120: LAVIGNE, DAVID M.;KOVACS, KIT M. - Harps and Hoods: Ice-Breeding Seals of the Northwest Atlantic (Association Copy + ephmera)

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