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39632: KRONHAUSEN, EBERHARD; KRONHAUSEN, PHYLLIS, DRS.; REIK, THEODOR, INTRO. - Pornography and the Law: The Psychology of Erotic Realism and Pornography
37967: KRSTULOVIC, ANTE M.; BROWN, PHYLLIS R. - Reversed-Phase High-Performance Liquid Chromatography Theory, Practice, and Biomedical Applications
14968: KRUGMAN, PAUL - The Age of Diminished Expectations : U. S. Economic Policy in the 1990s
38110: KRUSE, ROBERT L.; LEUNG, BRUCE P.; TONDO, CLOVIS L. - Data Structures and Program Design in C++
19833: KRUSHCHEV, N. S. - Krushchev in America
31879: KRUTCHKOFF, RICHARD G. - Probability and Statistical Inference
20243: KUBE-MCDOWELL, MICHAEL - Alternities
15578: KUBIENA, WALTER L. - Micromorphological Features of Soil Geography
23050: KUH, PATRIC - The Last Days of Haute Cuisine
11501: KUHN, W. E. - The Evolution of Economic Thought
32352: KUHN, ALBERT J., ED. - Three Sentimental Novels: A Sentimental Journey; The Man of Feeling; The History of Sanford and Merton
12922: KULSKI, JULIAN EUGENE - Architecture in a revolutionary era
29049: KULSKI, W.W. - International Politics in a Revolutionary Age
12176: KUMAR, KRISHNA (EDITOR) - Transnational Enterprises : Their Impact on Third World Secieties and Cultures (Special Studies in International Business and Economics)
34591: KUMAR, RAMAYYA; KROPF, THOMAS (EDS.) - Theorem Provers in Circuit Design: Theory, Practice and Experience
34590: KUMAR, RAMAYYA; KROPF, THOMAS (EDS.) - Theorem Provers in Circuit Design: Theory, Practice and Experience
32931: KUNCIOV, ROBERT, ED. - Mr. Godey's Ladies: Being a Mosaic of Fashions and Fancies
35343: KUNDERA, MILAN; KUSSI, PETER, TRANS. - Immortality
21234: KUNG, SUN-YUAN; OWEN, ROBERT E. - VLSI Signal Processing II
36657: KUNITZ, STANLEY J.; HAYCRAFT, HOWARD, EDS. - British Authors of the Nineteenth Century
36655: KUNITZ, STANLEY J.; HAYCRAFT, HOWARD, EDS. - British Authors Before 1800 : A Biographical Dictionary
39420: KUNITZ, STANLEY J.; COLBY, VINETA, EDS. - European Authors 1000-1900: A Biographical Dictionary of European Literataure
3955: KUNZI, HANS P.; KRELLE, W. - Nichtlineare Programmierung
31868: KUO, SHAN S. - Numerical Methods and Computers
7487: KUO, SHAN SUN - Computer Applications of Numerical Methods
36049: KURALT, CHARLES - Charles Kuralt's America: Charles Kuralt
36041: KURALT, CHARLES - A Life on the Road
34677: KURRELMEYER, BERNHARD; MAIS, WALTER H. - Electricity and Magnetism
14841: KURTZ, HOWARD - Hot Air : All Talk, All the Time
18788: KURTZ, DON - South of the Big Four
34243: KUSCHE, LAWRENCE D. - The Bermuda Triangle Mystery Solved
39518: KUTSCHER, EUGENE - Grolier Science Activity Series: Physics Research Activities
20815: KWASNY, MELISSA - Modern Daughters and the Outlaw West
34678: KYOTO NATIONAL MUSEUM - 5000 Years of Korean Art
37070: KYSELKA, ; LANTERMAN, RAY - Maui, How It Came to Be
28794: LAAKE, DEBORAH - Secret Ceremonies: A Mormon Woman's Intimate Diary of Marriage and Beyond
34866: LABEDZ, LEOPOLD - Revisionism: Essays on the History of Marxist Ideas
29333: LACH, DONALD F.; FLAUMENHAFT, CAROL, EDS. - Asia on the Eve of Europe's Expansion
40412: LACOUR, CLAUDIA BRODSKY - Lines of Thought: Discourse, Architectonics, and the Origin of Modern Philosophy
27413: LADIES' AUXILIARY, FIRE CO. 1 - Home Cooking Secrets of Woodstock
40494: DE LAFAY - La Princesse De Cleves
14515: LAFEBER, WALTER - America, Russia, and the Cold War, 1945-1984
27497: LAFEBER, WALTER - America, Russia, and the Cold War, 1945-1984
39178: LAFFAN, WILLIAM, ED. - Irish Architectural and Decorative Studies: The Journal of the Irish Georgian Society
38455: LAFORGE, LARRY, ED. - Boston Rocks: Climbing in Metropolitan and Outlying Areas
27408: LAGLER, KARL F. - Freshwater Fishery Biology
25154: LAHAYE, TIM; JENKINS, JERRY B. - Soul Harvest: The World Takes Sides
20823: LAHAYE, TIM; JENKINS, JERRY B. - Nicolae: The Rise of Antichrist
19337: LAHAYE, TIM; JENKINS, JERRY B. - The Indwelling: The Beast Takes Possession
19331: LAHAYE, TIM; JENKINS, JERRY B. - Nicolae: The Rise of Antichrist
19328: LAHAYE, TIM; JENKINS, JERRY B. - Tribulation Force: The Continuing Drama of Those Left Behind
19330: LAHAYE, TIM; JENKINS, JERRY B. - Left Behind
31663: LAHIRI, JHUMPA - The Namesake: A Novel
36928: LAIDLER, DAVID E.W. - The Demand for Money: Theories and Evidence
39727: LAIDLER, KEITH J. - Chemical Kinetics
26779: LAIRD, ROBBIN F. - Soviet Foreign Policy in a Changing World
4000: LAIRD, ROBBIN F. (EDITOR); JACOBS, BETSY A. (EDITOR) - The Future of Deterrence : NATO Nuclear Forces After INF
33591: LAKE, ANTHONY - Somoza Falling: A Case Study of Washington at Work
37301: LAMADRID, ENRIQUE R.; DEL VALLE, MARIO, EDS. - Un Ojo En El Muro: An Eye Through the Wall
38297: LAMB, BRIAN, ED. - Booknotes: Stories from American History
33202: LAMB, WALLY - She's Come Undone
26780: LAMB, WALLY - She's Come Undone
24276: LAMB, DAVID - The Arabs: Journeys Beyond the Mirage
23909: LAMB, WALLY - She's Come Undone
18864: LAMB, WALLY - She's Come Undone
37178: LAMBOURNE, LIONEL - Utopian Craftsmen: The Arts and Crafts Movement from the Cotswolds to Chicago
35761: LAMONT, STEWART - Church and State: Uneasy Alliances
36065: LAMOTT, ANNE - Operating Instructions: A Journal Of My Son's First Year
7492: LAMOTT, ANNE - Crooked Little Heart
34585: LAMSWEERDE, AXEL VAN; FUGGETTA, ALFONSO (EDS.) - Esec '91: 3rd European Software Engineering Conference, Esec '91, Milan, Italy, October 21-24, 1991, Proceedings
28938: LANA, RUTH - Travel Sense: How to Make the Travel Industry Work for You
35398: LANCASTER, KELVIN - Consumer Demand: A New Approach
30011: LANCASTER, LANE W. - Masters of Political Thought: Vol. Three,From Hegel to Dewey
36264: LANDELS, JOHN; LANDELS, JOHN G. - Engineering In The Ancient World
30306: LANE, MARK; TREVOR-ROPER, HUGH, INTRO. - Rush to Judgment: A Critique of the Warren Commission's Inquiry Into the Murders of President John F. Kennedy, Officer J.D. Tippit, and Lee Harvey Oswald
18756: LANE, HARLAN L. - The Mask of Benevolence: Disabling the Deaf Community
33066: LANG, DONNA; ROBERTSON, LUCRETIA - Decorating With Fabric: A Design Workbook With More Than 200 Beautiful Projects to Sew for Your Home
17646: LANGFORD, MICHAEL - The Pocket Camera Handbook
15884: LANGNER, LAWRENCE - G. B. S. and the Lunatic
507: LANGNER, LAWRENCE - G.B.S. and the Lunatic
34058: LANGONE, JOHN; LAGONE, JOHN - Harvard Med: The Story Behind America's Premier Medical School and the Making of America's Doctors
523: LANGTON, JANE - God in Concord
30182: LANNING, EDWARD P. - Peru Before the Incas
37627: LANOIL, GEORGIA - Female Stress Syndrome Female Stress
19190: LANSBURY, RUSSELLD - Performance Appraisal
33938: LAPID, SHULAMIT - Lokalausgabe.
17347: LARGENT, R. KARL - Red Sand
38256: LARKIN, JOAN, ED. - A Woman Like That: Lesbian and Bisexual Writers Tell Their Coming Out Stories
28697: LARKIN, F. DANIEL - John B. Jervis: An American Engineering Pioneer
26781: LARKIN, GERALDINE A.; LARKIN, GERI - Stumbling Toward Enlightenment
38075: LARMOTH, JEANINE - Beautiful Baskets: Decorating, Entertaining, and Collecting
28817: LARNED, MARIANNE, ED.; CANFIELD, JACK, FOREWORD - Stone Soup for the World: Life-Changing Stories of Kindness & Courageous Acts of Service
21956: LARSEN, TOR; MCGUIRE, EUGENE - Information Systems Innovation and Diffusion: Issues and Directions
37597: LARSON, BRUCE - The Communicators Commentary: Luke (No. 3)
30330: LARSON, DAVID L. - Security Issues and the Law of the Sea
28816: LARSON, HAROLD J. - Statistics: An Introduction
7495: LARSON, JAMES A. (PHOTOGRAPHER) - Database Management
40529: LASCH, CHRISTOPHER - The Revolt of the Elites: And the Betrayal of Democracy
35433: LASDUN, DENY, ED. - Architecture in an Age of Skepticism: A Practitioners' Anthology
18939: LASS, WILLIAM E. - From the Missouri to Great Lake : An Account of Overland Freighting
38027: LATCHAW, MARJORIE; EGSTROM, GLEN - Human Movement: With Concepts Applied to Children's Movement Activities
36627: LAU, H. T. - Algorithms on Graphs
32787: VON LAUE, THEODORE H.; PERRY, MARVIN; PEDEN, JOSEPH R.; BOCK, GEORGE W. - Sources of the Western Tradition
35404: LAUGHLIN, CHARLES D., JR. - Biogenetic Structuralism
215: LAUMER, KEITH - Zone Yellow
904: LAUMER, KEITH - The Galaxy Builder
15581: LAUNCHBURY, J. - Projection Factorizations in Partial Evaluation
22381: LAURA CHESTER - Deep Down: The New Sensual Writing by Women
7498: LAUREL EDITIONS EDITORS - Six Great Modern Plays
35283: LAURENCE URDANG ASSOCIATES;RIDDELL, EDWIN, EDS. - Lives of the Stuart Age, 1603-1714
25474: LAURENCE, DAN H., ED. - Bernard Shaw: Collected Letters: 1874-1897
5047: LAUTREL, PHILIPPE PAUL - A Solution to the Hidden-Line Problem for Computer-Drawn Polyhedra
14893: LAVER, JAMES. - Drama : Its Costume and Decor
37883: LAVER, MURRAY - Computers And Social Change
26071: LAWENCE HALPRIN - The Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial
24873: LAWLER, GREGORY F. - Intersections of Random Walks
36386: LAWRENCE, D. H. - Sons and Lovers
30172: LAWRENCE, KAREN R. - Penelope Voyages: Women and Travel in the British Literary Tradition
30171: LAWRENCE, KAREN R. - Penelope Voyages: Women and Travel in the British Literary Tradition
7500: LAWRENCE, D. H. - Four Short Novels
16017: LAWSON, DOUG - A Patrimony of Fishes: Stories
25611: LAWTON, JOHN - A Little White Death
20252: LAYTON, J. A. - Vortex One
38328: LAZARUS, EDWARD - Closed Chambers: The Rise, Fall, and Future of the Modern Supreme Court
37947: LEACH, E. R. - Rethinking Anthropology
15440: LEAMING, BARBARA - Mrs.Kennedy
16140: LEAN, GEOFFREY; HINRICHSEN, DON; MARKHAM, ADAM - World Wildlife Fund Atlas of the Environment
29161: LEARY, TIMOTHY - The Politics of Ecstasy
29041: LEARY, TIMOTHY - High Priest
26894: O'LEARY, PATRICK - Door Number Three
11731: LEAVITT, HAROLD J. - Managerial Psychology
11172: LEAVITT, JUDITH A.; WASSERMAN, PAUL - Women in Administration and Management : An Information Sourcebook (Sourcebook Series in Business and Management)
40390: LEBOWITZ, FRAN - Metropolitan Life
33742: LEBRA, JOYCE CHAPMAN - Women's Voices in Hawaii
14270: LEDDICK, DAVID - Never Eat In
29715: LEDERMAN, LEON M.; SCHRAMM, DAVID N. - From Quarks to the Cosmos: Tools of Discovery
21076: LEE, HUA - Modern Acoustical Imaging
34593: LEE, INSUP; SMOLKA, SCOTT (EDS.) - CONCUR '95 Concurrency Theory: 6th International Conference, Philadelphia, PA, USA, August 21 - 24, 1995. Proceedings
28745: LEE, HOLLIS - Nuts, Berries, and Grapes
24387: LEE, CHANG-RAE - Aloft
21025: LEE, JOHN A. N. - Computer Semantics: Studies of Algorithms, Processors and Languages
21024: LEE, T. H.; ADAMS, G. E.; GAINES, W. M. - Computer Process Control : Modeling and Optimization
17941: LEE, BRUCE. - Marching Orders: The Untold Story of World War II
9900: LEE, ROBERT J. - Fascinating Relics of the Third Reich
40457: LEE, GEOFF - Object-Oriented Gui Application Development
29418: LEEMAN, WAYNE A., ED. - Capitalism, Market Socialism, and Central Planing: Readings in Comparative Economic Systems
35494: LEESON, DANIEL N.; DIMITRY, DONALD L. - Basic Programming Concepts and the IBM 1620 Computer
30814: LEFCOURT, PETER - The Woody
29475: LEFEBVRE, GEORGES - Coming of the French Revolution
7506: LEFEBVRE, GEORGES - The Coming of the French Revolution
29290: LEFTWICH, RICHARD H. - An Introduction to Economic Thinking
23628: LEGGAT, ALEXANDRA - Meet Me in the Parking Lot
35216: LEHMAN, DAVID - The Perfect Murder: A Study in Detection
6109: LEHMANN, JOHN - Virginia Woolf and Her World
39358: LEHR, G. - Etude Documentair Relative Aux Compressers Centrifuges
24905: LEIBNIZ, G. W.; CHILD, J. M. - The early mathematical manuscripts of Leibniz : Translated from the Latin texts published by Carl Immanuel Gerhardt with critical and historical notes
39024: LEICESTER, HENRY M.; KLICKSTEIN, HERBERT S. - A Source Book in Chemistry, 1400--1900
8420: LEIGH, HOYLE; REISER, MORTON F. - The Patient : Biological, Psychological, and Social Dimensions of Medical Practice
35900: LEIGHTON, RALPH - Tuva or Bust: Richard Feynman's Last Journey/33 1/3 Record
21808: LEIGHTON, WALTER - An Introduction to the Theory of Differential Equations
17710: LEIGHTON, FRANK THOMSON - Complexity Issues in VLSI : Optimal Layouts for the Shuffle-Exchange Graph and Other Networks
17995: LEITH, VALERY - The Company of Glass
26114: LEITHAUSER, BRAD - The Odd Last Thing She Did: Poems
17213: LEITMANN, GEORGE - An Introduction to Optimal Control
1357: LELAND, CHRISTOPHER T. - Mrs. Randall
16715: LEMOINE-LUCCIONI, EUGENIE - The Dividing of Women, Or, Woman's Lot
23733: LENDVAI, PAUL - Anti-Semitism Without Jews: Communist Eastern Europe
24122: LENEMAN, CANTOR HELEN (EDITOR) - Bar/Bat Mitzvah Basics: A Practical Family Guide to Coming of Age Together
32219: LENK, JOHN D. - Handbook of Practical Electronic Tests and Measurements
5687: LENT, CHRIS (EDITOR) - Rockschool 2: Electronics, Keyboards and Vocals
2234: LEO, CHRISTOPHER - Land and Class in Kenya
14886: LEONARD, JAMES (EDITOR); ZOBRIST, GEORGE W. (EDITOR) - Progress in Robotics and Intelligent Systems (Vol. 3)
37430: LEONARD, DOROTHY; SWAP, WALTER - When Sparks Fly: Igniting Creativity in Groups
35230: LEONARD, BETH A. - The Voyager's Handbook: The Essential Guide to Bluewater Cruising
32691: LEONARD, ELMORE - Tishomingo Blues
26789: LEONARD, ELMORE - Unknown Man 89
24934: LEONARD, ELMORE - Be Cool
22930: LEONARD, ELMORE - Be Cool
22955: LERNER, JANET W. - Children with Learning Disabilities: Theories, Diagnosis, and Teaching Strategies
11301: LEROY, L. W. (EDITOR) - Subsurface Geologic Methods
36178: LESCROART, JOHN - The First Law
32469: LESSARD, SUZANNAH - The Architect of Desire: Beauty and Danger in the Stanford White Family
22781: LESSARD, BILL; BALDWIN, STEVE - Netslaves: True Tales of Working the Web
7510: LESSER, ELLEN - The Other Woman
27216: LESTER, JOAN STEINAU - The Future of White Men and Other Diversity Dilemmas
37913: LETHCOE, JIM - An Observer's Guide to the Geology of Prince William Sound
38490: LETHEM, JONATHAN - You Don't Love Me Yet
28875: LETTERMAN, DAVID; O'DONNELL, STEVE - The Late Night With David Letterman Book of Top Ten Lists
26797: LETTS, BILLIE - Where the Heart Is
26796: LETTS, BILLIE - The Honk And Holler Opening Soon
23929: LETTS, BILLIE - Where the Heart Is
23916: LETTS, BILLIE - The Honk And Holler Opening Soon
18593: LETTS, BILLIE - Where the Heart Is
33422: LEUCHTENBURG, WILLIAM EDWARD - In the Shadow of F.D.R.: From Harry Truman to Ronald Reagan
39025: LEUCHTENBURG, WILLIAM E. - Franklin D. Roosevelt and the New Deal 1932-1940
23229: LEVEILLE, JACQUES P.; SULAK, LAWRENCE R.; UNGER, DAVID G., EDS. - The Second Workshop on Grand Unification, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, April 24-26, 1981
25518: LEVEQUE, HENRI - Topics in Number Theory: Vol. I
39191: LEVEQUE, WILLIAM JUDSON - Topics in Number Theory
18724: LEVERT, SUZANNE - AIDS: In Search of a Killer
28786: LEVIEN, DAVID; KOPPELMAN, BRIAN - Rounders: A Screenplay
20750: LEVIN, ALEKSEY E.; BRUSH, STEPHEN G. - The Origin of the Solar System: Soviet Research 1925-1991
28695: LEVINE, SUZANNE BRAUN - Inventing The Rest Of Our Lives: Women In Second Adulthood
28656: LEVINE, BARUCH - Group Psychotherapy: Practice and Development
24106: LEVINE, ROBERT I.; EDELSON, BARRY; DRANG, DIANE E. - A Comprehensive Guide to AI and Expert Systems
19230: LEVINE, ROBERT I.; DRANG, DIANE E.; EDELSON, BARRY - A Comprehensive Guide to AI and Expert Systems : A Tutorial with Many Solved Problems and Programming Examples in the BASIC Language
7512: LEVINE, JOHN R. - The Internet for Dummies
39026: LEVINE, JACOB - Responses to Humor
8124: LEVINSOHN, FLORENCE HAMLISH - Harold Washington : A Political Biography
25255: LEVINSON, PAUL - The Silk Code
5121: LEVINSON, HARRY - Psychological Man
2115: LEVITAN, SAR A.;TAGGART, ROBERT - The Promise of Greatness
40515: LEVITAN, SAR A.; TAGGART, ROBERT - The Promise of Greatness
14849: LEVITT, THEODORE - The Marketing Imagination
13476: LEVY, DAVID H. (EDITOR) - The Sky : A User's Guide
35603: LEVY, BARRY S.;SIDEL, VICTOR W., EDS. - Social Injustice And Public Health
34347: LEVY, H.; LESSMAN F. - Finite Difference Equations
14625: LEWALLEN, JOHN - Ecology of Devastation : Indochina
30155: LEWI, C.S. - Out of the Silent Planet
23771: LEWIN, BERTRAM D. - The Image and the Past
10758: LEWIS, C. S. - The Last Battle
38166: LEWIS, H.W. - Technological Risk
37582: LEWIS, STEPHEN; SLAWSON, EVAN - Sanctuary: The Path to Consciousness
37186: LEWIS, HELEN BLOCK - Sex and the Superego: Psychic War in Men and Women
37007: LEWIS, PETER - Martial Arts of the Orient
36956: LEWIS, RICHARD S. - From Vinland to Mars: A Thousand Years of Exploration
36016: LEWIS, MICHAEL M. - Pacific Rift
32268: LEWIS, MICHAEL - The Money Culture
32180: LEWIS, HARRY R.; PAPADIMITRIOU, CHRISTOS H. - Elements of the Theory of Computation
30029: LEWIS, ERNEST L.; BEGGS, DONALD L. - Measurement and Evaluation in the Schools
29423: LEWIS, SINCLAIR - Cass Timberlane: A Novel of Husbands and Wives
29189: LEWIS, NORMAN - Word Power Made Easy: The Complete Three-Week Vocabulary Builder
29034: LEWIS, ALEXANDER D. - Gas Power Dynamics
28464: LEWIS, CASSIE - Winter District
22938: LEWIS, MICHAEL - Next: The Future Just Happened
17716: LEWIS, BILL; LALIBERTE, DAN; GNU MANUAL GROUP - The GNU Emacs Lisp Reference Manual : GNU Emacs Version 19.29 for Unix Users
7517: LEWIS, SINCLAIR - Main Street
7516: LEWIS, SINCLAIR - Babbitt
7515: LEWIS, C. S. - The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
4521: LEWIS, BRAD - Dysplasia
40438: LEWIS, BERNARD - The Middle East: A Brief History of the Last 2,000 Years
40433: LEWIS, BERNARD - The Middle East: A Brief History of the Last 2,000 Years
3991: LEWIS, JON - Whom God Wishes to Destroy : Francis Coppola and the New Hollywood
7518: LEWONTIN, TIMOTHY - Parson's Mill
39784: LEY, WILLY - The Borders of Mathematics
38136: LEYSHON, GLYNN A. - Programmed Functional Anatomy
35733: LIAL, MARGARET L.;GREENWELL, RAYMOND N.;RITCHEY, NATHAN P. - Calculus With Applications
38736: LIAO, JIMMY - Sound of Colors (Di Xia Tie) - Chinese Edition
27746: LIBERTY, JESSE - Programming C
3464: LICKS, H. E. - Recreations in Mathematics
3512: LIEBER, ROCHELLE - An Integrated Theory of Autosegmental Processes
23769: LIEBERMAN, MYRON - The Future of Public Education in the United States
24815: LIEBMAN, CHARLES S.; COHEN, STEVEN M. - Two Worlds of Judaism: The Israeli and American Experiences
16753: LIEBOW, ELLIOT - Tally's Corner
3723: LIEBOWITZ, JAY - Introduction to Expert Systems
26803: LIEBOWITZ, JAY - Introduction to Expert Systems
40462: LIENTZ, BENNET P.; SWANSON, E. BURTON - Software Maintenance Management: A Study of the Maintenance of Computer Application Software in 487 Data Processing Organizations
37203: LIEVEGOED, BERNARD - Phases: The Spiritual Rhythms of Adult Life
21999: LIGHT, RICHARD - Presenting XML
31598: LIGHTON, W.R. - Sons of Strength: A Novel of the Kansas Border Wars
29346: LIMBAUGH, DAVID - Bankrupt: The Intellectual and Moral Bankruptcy of Today's Democratic Party
21705: LINCOLN, KENNETH - Men Down West
7519: LINCOLN, KENNETH - Men Down West
30701: LIND, MICHAEL - The Next American Nation: The New Nationalism and the Fourth American Revolution
31975: LINDA J. NICHOLSON (EDITOR) - Feminism/Postmodernism
27626: LINDBERGH, ANNE M. - Gift from the Sea
26804: LINDBERGH, ANNE M. - Gift from the Sea
39310: LINDBERGH, ANNE MORROW - Bring Me a Unicorn
12793: LINDFORS, BERNTH (EDITOR) - Forms of folklore in Africa : narrative, poetic, gnomic, dramatic
570: LINDGREN, ERNEST - The Art of the Film (Second Edition)
22719: LINDSAY, R. BRUCE - Physical Acoustics
20260: LINDSEY, DAVID - Requiem For a Glass Heart
26805: LINKLATER, ANDRO - The Code of Love : An Astonishing True Tale of Secrets, Love, and War
34996: LINSKY, LEONARD - Referring
39271: LIPKIN, BERNICE SACKS; ROSENFELD, AZRIEL - Picture Processing and Psychopictorics
22048: LIPMAN, ELINOR - The Ladies' Man: A Novel
8174: LIPMAN, ELINOR - The Ladies's Man
5440: LIPNACK, JESSICA P.; STAMPS, JEFFREY S. - The Team Net Factor : Bringin the Power of Boundary-Crossing Into The Heart of Your Business
31004: LIPPMAN, WALTER; HOOK, SIDNEY, INTRO. - A Preface to Morals
35234: LIPSCHUTZ, SEYMOUR - Set Theory and Related Topics
31738: LIPSCHUTZ, SEYMOUR - Theory and Problems of Set Theory and Related Topics
39495: LIPSCHUTZ, SEYMOUR - Schaum's Outline Series: Theory and Problems of Linear Algebra
15370: LIPSKY, DAVID - The Art Fair
35721: LISI HARRISON - It's Not Easy Being Mean
34868: LITTLEFIELD, HENRY WILSON - New Outline-History of Europe 1500-1848
15079: LITTLEJOHN, DAVID (EDITOR) - The Real Las Vegas : Life Beyond the Strip
22491: LITTMAN, JONATHAN - The Fugitive Game: Online With Kevin Mitnick
19197: LITTMAN, JONATHAN. - Once upon a Time in Computerland: The Amazing, Billion-Dollar Tale of Bill Millard
4222: LITTMAN, JONATHAN - Once Upon a Time in Computerland : The Amazing Billion Dollar Tale of Bill Millard's Computerland Empire
37955: LIU, CHUNG LAUNG - Elements of Discrete Mathematics
36393: LIU, CHUN-JO - Controversies in Modern Chinese Intellectual History: An Analytic Bibliography of Periodical Articles, Mainly of the May Fourth and Post-May Fourth Era
30039: LIU, YU-CHENG; GIBSON, GLENN A. - Microcomputer Systems: The 8066/8088 Family: Architecture, Programming, and Design
4616: LIU, CRICKET; PEEK, JERRY; JONES, RUSS; BUUS, BRYAN; NYE, ADRIAN - Managing Internet Information Services
35435: LIVELY, PENELOPE - The Photograph
31367: LIVESEY, DEREK L. - Atomic and Nuclear Physics
11708: LIVINGSTON, JON; MOORE, JOE; OLDFATHER, FELICIA - The Japan Reader (Vol. 2)
38369: LIVINGSTON, A. D. - Poker Strategy and Winning Play
37355: LIVIO, MARIO;SHAVIV, GIORA, EDS. - Twelfth Texas Symposium on Relativistic Astrophysics
39544: LLEWELLYN, SHEILA - The View from the Bridge: The Story of the Thames-side Villages of Clifton Hampden and Burcot in Oxfordshire
5806: LLOYD, CRAIG - Aggressive Introvert: Herbert Hoover and Public Relations Management 1912-1932
36934: LOBEL, ANITA - No Pretty Pictures: A Child of War
35824: LOBEL, ANITA - No Pretty Pictures: A Child of War
27104: LOCKE, MARIE; MONTGOMERY, P. NANCY; MONTGOMERY, NANCY; MAINE FOLKLIFE CENTER - Memories of a Maine Island: Turn-Of-The-Century Tales & Photographs
17691: LOCKE; BERKELEY; HUME - Great Books of the Western World : Volume 35 : Locke, Berkeley, Hume
22612: LOCKWOOD, DAVID G. - Introduction to Stratificational Linguistics
23579: LOCKYER, K. G. - Critical Path Analysis and Other Project Network Techniques
6167: LOCKYER, ROGER - Tudor and Stuart Britain : 1471-1714
3318: LODGE, MILTON - Magnitude Scaling: Quantitative Measurement of Opinions
40436: LODGE, DAVID - Therapy: A Novel
14482: LOEWENSTEIN, ANDREA FREUD - The Worry Girl : Stories from a Childhood
36156: LOGAN, J. DAVID - Applied Mathematics: A Contemporary Approach
4361: LOGAN, ROBERT K. - The Fifth Language : Learning a Living in the Computer Age
17159: LOGSDON, MAYME I. - A Mathematician Explains
34886: O' LOINGSIGH, PADRAIG, ED. - The Book of Cloyne/Leabhar Chlulain Uamha
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29627: MACK, ARTHUR C. - Enjoying the Catskills
29626: MACK, ARTHUR C. - Enjoying the Catskills
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19185: MAHLER, WALTER R. - Self Destruction at GM, IBM and Sears : What We Can Learn From Them
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20780: MARIECHILD, DIANE - Mother Wit, a Feminist Guide to Psychic Development
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30199: MCGEADY, SISTER MARY ROSE - Please Help Me, God!
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29321: MCGEADY, SISTER MARY ROSE - Are You Out There, God?
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21214: MEYER, BERTRAND - Reusable Software : The Base Object-Oriented Component Libraries
21213: MEYER, BERTRAND - Reusable Software : The Base Object-Oriented Component Libraries
21212: MEYER, BERTRAND - Reusable Software : The Base Object-Oriented Component Libraries
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9940: MUCK, THOMAS; WEST, RAY - Building Dreamweaver 4 and Dreamweaver UltraDev 4 Extensions (Application Development Ser.)
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12118: MUNGER, BARRY (EDITOR) - Caught in the Act : The Photographer in Contemporary Fiction
31882: MUNN, NORMAN L. - Psychology: The Fundamentals of Human Behavior
38738: MUNROE, M. E. - Introduction to Measure and Integration
23430: MURANO, VINCENT; HAMMER, RICHARD - The Thursday Club: A Novel
23857: MURDOCK, GEORGE PETER, ED. - Social Structure in Southeast Asia
29007: MURPHY, GORDON J. - Basic Automatic Control Theory
39204: MURRA, KATHRINE O., ED. - International Scientific Organizations : A Guide to Their Library, Documentation, and Information Services
35659: MURRAY, K.M. ELISABETH - Caught in the Web of Words: James A. H. Murray Ahd the Oxford English Dictionary
20834: MURRAY, JOHN - A Few Short Notes on Tropical Butterflies: Stories
19170: MURRAY, MICHELE (EDITIOR) - A House of Good Proportion:Images of Women in Literature: Images of Women in Literature
23493: MURT, E.M.; GULDNER, W.G., ED. - Physical Measurement and Analysis of Thin Films
15832: MUSCAT, ROSEMARIE - Der junge Morike in Urach : Ein Bericht in Verbindung mit Auszugen aus seinen Briefen und Gedichten
6719: MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS, BOSTON - The Forsyth Wickes Collection in the Museum of Fine Arts Boston
4171: MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS; RATHBONE, PERRY T. - European Masters of Our Time
39186: MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS - Impressionism in the Collection of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
22578: MUSKHELISHVILI, N. I.; RADOK, J. R. (TRANSLATOR) - Some Basic Problems of the Mathematical Theory of Elasticity : Fundamental Equations, Plane Theory of Elasticity, Torsion and Bending
36755: MYERS, RAMON H. - The Wealth of Nations in the Twentieth Century: The Policies and Institutional Determinants of Economic Development
36183: MYERS, WALTER DEAN - Malcolm X: By Any Means Necessary
32608: MYERS, NANCY - Trigonometry for College Students
7597: MYERS, MARVIN SCOTT - Managing Without Unions
30358: MYERSON, JULIE - Sleepwalking
27335: MYERSON, JULIE - The Touch
36277: MYSS, CAROLINE - Anatomy of the Spirit: The Seven Stages of Power and Healing
41012: NABB, MAGDALEN - The Marshal's Own Case
23807: NADEL, MYRON HOWARD; NADEL, CONSTANCE GWEN, ED. - The Dance Experience: Readings in Dance Appreciation
22264: NADER, RALPH; TAYLOR, WILLIAM - The Big Boys: Power and Position in American Business
4396: NADER, RALPH (EDITOR); GREEN, MARK (EDITOR) - Verdicts on Lawyers
37617: NADLER, GERALD;HIBINO, SHOZO - Breakthrough Thinking: Why We Must Change the Way We Solve Problems, and the Seven Principles to Achieve This
37444: NAGASHIMA, YOSHI; WHITE, ROBERT; SHIMAZU, KOCHI - One World, One People: A Collection of Photographs and Essays on the Power of Human Experience
31266: NAGEL, STUART S. - Operations Research Methods: As Applied to Political Science and the Legal Process
36454: NAIPAUL, V.S. - India: A Million Mutinies Now

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