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28934: HAMILL, DENIS - Throwing 7's
10631: HAMILTON, F. E. (EDITOR) - Industrialization in Developing and Peripheral Regions
26421: HAMILTON-PATERSON, JAMES - The Great Deep: The Sea and Its Thresholds
23913: HAMILTON, JANE - The Book of Ruth
29390: HAMMER (IVANESCU), PETER L.; RUDEANU, SERGIU; BELLMAN, RICHARD, PREFACE - Boolean Methods in Operations Research and Related Areas
20882: HAMMER, IVANESCU PETER L.; RUDEANU, SERGIU; BELLMAN RICHARD (PREFACE) - Boolean Methods in Operations Research and Related Areas
33940: HAMMESFAHR, PETRA - Merkels Tochter.
1250: HAMMOND, WILLIAM C. III - 12 Step Wisdom at Work
39812: HAMPSHIRE, STUART, ED. - The Age of Reason: 17th Century Philosophers
16991: HANAN, MACK; KARP, PETER - Customer Satisfaction: How to Maximize, Measure, and Market Your Company's Ultimate Product"
26389: HANCOCK, BILL - Network Concepts and Architectures
36573: HANDLIN, OSCAR - Boston's Immigrants: A Study in Acculturation
31052: HANDSCOMB, D.C. - Methods of Numerical Approximation
37610: HANDY, CHARLES - Beyond Certainty: The Changing Worlds of Organizations
24926: HANDY, CHARLES - Age of Unreason
4341: HANG, HSEUH-MING (EDITOR); WOODS, JOHN W. (EDITOR) - Handbook of Visual Communications
5683: HANLEY, WAYNE - A Life Outdoors: A Curmudgeon Looks at the Natural World (Man and Nature ; 1980)
37594: HANNA, JAY S. - Marine Carving Handbook: The Design and Making of Billetheads, Trailboards, and Other Marine Carvings
34110: HANNAWAY, PAUL - What To Do When The Doctor Says Its Asthma: Everything You Need To Know About Medicines, Allergies, Food And Exercise To Breathe More Easily Every Day
34662: HANSEN, ALVIN H. - Fiscal Policy and Business Cycles
26684: HANSEN, JOSEPH - Backtrack
19126: HANSEN, MAREN TONDER - Mother Mysteries
17931: HANSEN, RON - Hitler's Niece: A Novel
7703: HANSEN, JOSEPH - Bohannon's Country: Mystery Stories
38996: HANSEN, BENT - A Survey of General Equilibrium Systems
14991: HANSON, JIM - The Next Cold War? : American Alternatives for the Twenty-First Century
35725: HANSON, DIRK - The New Alchemists: Silicon Valley and the Microelectronics Revolution
36611: HANSSEN, BEATRICE; BENJAMIN, ANDREW - Walter Benjamin and Romanticism
12317: HAO-HEYI-SUICHU - Out of China's Earth
5506: HAPGOOD, FRED - Up the Infinite Corridor: Mit and the Technical Imagination
4253: HAPGOOD, FRED - Up the Infinite Corridor : MIT and the Technical Imagination
10066: O'HARA, JOHN - Sermons and Soda-Water (3 Volume Set)
22830: O'HARA, ROBERT P; GOMBERG, DAVID ROOS - Modern Programming Using Rexx
31439: HARARI, MAURICE - Government and Politics of the Middle East
29037: HARARI, MAURICE - Government and Politics of the Middle East
37009: HARBAUGH, FREDERICK W. - Think It Clearly, Make It Tell: With Information Impact
21889: HARBISON, SAMUEL P.; STEELE, GUY L. JR. - C, a Reference Manual
40521: HARBSMEIER, MICHAEL; LARSEN, MOGENS TROLLE, EDS; CENTER FOR RESEARCH IN THE HUMANITIES, COPENHAGEN UNIVERISTY - The Humanities Between Art and Science: Intellectual Developments 1880-1914
30308: HARCAVE, SIDNEY - Russia: A History
31976: HARDERT, RONALD A.; CULLEN, RUTH, M.; HARDERT, LINDA BLALOCK - Sociological Concepts: A Literary Reader
33955: HARDING, PAUL - Der Zorn Gottes
40388: HARDING, C. LANKESTER - The Antiquities of Jordan
19569: HARDISON, O.B. - Disappearing Through the Skylight
30748: HARDY, THOMAS; WOODCOCK, GEORGE - The Return of the Native
28907: HARDY, WILLIAM M. - The Ship They Called the Fat Lady
25231: HARDY, THOMAS; SEYMOUR-SMITH, MARTIN - The Mayor of Casterbridge
19339: HARDY, THOMAS. - Jude the Obscure
16468: HARDY, GERRY; HARDY, SUE - Fifty Hikes in Connecticut: Short Walks and Day Hikes Around the Nutmeg State
7707: HARDY, THOMAS - Tess of the D'Urbervilles
7706: HARDY, THOMAS - Jude the Obscure
39666: HARDY, THOMAS - The Woodlanders
23118: HARES, JOHN S. - Information Engineering for the Advanced Practitioner
30930: HARGREAVES, JOHN D. - West Africa: The Former French States
4532: HARING, LEE - Verbal Arts in Madagascar : Performance in Historical Perspective
26690: HARKAVY, ALEXANDER - Amerikanisher Briefen-Shteler
38998: HARKEL., ROBERT L. - The Picture Book of Sexual Love
10285: HARLAN, DAVID; POWERS, SHELLEY; DOYLE, PAUL; O'FOGHLU, MICHAEL - Special Edition Using Perl 5 for Web Programming
39294: HARLOW, HARRY F.; KUENNE, MARGARET - Learning to Think
14980: HARMON, PAUL - Objects in Action : Commercial Applications of Object-Oriented Technologies
5454: HARNOIS, ALBERT J. - Growing Up With Guilt
32489: HAROLD M. HODGES, JR. - Conflict and Consensus:Readings toward a Sociological Perspective: Readings toward a Sociological Perspective
14811: HARPER, MICHAEL S. - Healing Song for the Inner Ear : Poems
27773: HARPER, TARA K. - Shadow Leader
29086: HARPP, DAVID N.; CHAN, T.H.; ROBERTS, JOHN D.; CASERIO, MARJORIE C. - Organic Chemistry Problems
36685: HARRIGAN, JOHN J.;JOHNSON, WILLIAM C. - Governing the Twin Cities Region: The Metropolitan Council in Comparative Perspective
36018: HARRINGTON, MONA - The Dream of Deliverance in American Politics
34490: HARRINGTON, ALAN - Life in the Crystal Palace
7710: HARRINGTON, STEVEN - Computer Graphics
7709: HARRINGTON, MICHAEL - The Other America
7708: HARRINGTON, MICHAEL - Fragments of the Century
14797: HARRIS, FRANK - In My Own Words : Race Humor Life: The New Haven Register Columns of Frank Harris III
10359: HARRIS, BERNARD (EDITOR) - Graph Theory and Its Applications
10094: HARRIS, S. - What's So Funny About Computers?
36753: HARRIS, R.W. - Reason and Nature in 18th Century Thought
31474: HARRIS, L. DALE - Introduction to Feedback Systems
31452: HARRIS, CHARLES W. - Hydraulics
31362: HARRIS, MELISSA, ED. - Aperture : Number 185
30813: HARRIS, PAT; MCDOUGAL, SUSAN - The Woman Who Wouldn't Talk: Why I Refused to Testify Against the Clintons & What I Learned in Jail
29045: HARRIS, THOMAS A., M.D. - I'm OK--You're OK
28818: HARRIS, JEAN - Stranger in Two Worlds
28337: HARRIS, JOHN - The Boston Globe Historic Walks in Old Boston
27579: HARRIS, KEN - Dialogues
26692: HARRIS, LIS - Holy Days: The World of a Hasidic Family
23485: HARRIS, CHARLES O. - Introduction to Stress Analysis
20153: HARRIS, THOMAS - Hannibal
16895: HARRIS, ROBERT - Pompeii
7711: HARRIS, THOMAS - Hannibal
6119: HARRIS, ALEX - Islas en el Tiempo
4107: HARRIS, FRANK III - In My Own Words: Race, Humor, Life : The New Haven Register Columns of Frank Harris III
40357: HARRIS, SEYMOUR E., ED. - Postwar Economic Problems
12171: HARRISON, HARRY - Planet of No Return
37073: HARRISON, DENNIS R. - Win at the Casino
2861: HARRISON, HARRY (AUTHOR) - Jupiter Plague
27312: HARRISON, HARRY - The Adventures of the Stainless Steel Rat
26694: HARRISON, DENNIS R. - Win at the Casino
24087: HARRISON, STEVEN - The Question to Life's Answers: Spirituality Beyond Belief
20160: HARRISON, HARRY (AUTHOR) - Skyfall
6155: HARRISON, STUART - The Snow Falcon
18323: HARROP, JEFFREY - Political Economy of Integration in the European Community
27956: HARROW, LISA - What Can I Do?: An Alphabet For Living
38336: HARTE, KELLY - Guilty Feet
2552: HARTEIS, RICHARD - Sapphire Dawn
34598: HARTENSTEIN, REINER W.; GLESNER, MANFRED (EDS.) - Field-Programmable Logic, Smart Applications, New Paradigms and Compilers: 6th International Workshop on Field-Programmable Logic and Applications, FPL
34597: HARTENSTEIN, REINER W.; GLESNER, MANFRED (EDS.) - Field-Programmable Logic, Smart Applications, New Paradigms and Compilers: 6th International Workshop on Field-Programmable Logic and Applications, FPL
23254: HARTSTON, WILLIAM - Drunken Goldfish and Other Irrelevant Scientific Research
8552: HARTSTON, WILLIAM R. - The Grunfeld Defence
31284: HARVEY, A.C. (EDITOR); PROIETTI, TOMMASO (EDITOR) - Readings In Unobserved Components Models
31282: HARVEY, A.C. (EDITOR); PROIETTI, TOMMASO (EDITOR) - Readings In Unobserved Components Models
31281: HARVEY, A.C. (EDITOR); PROIETTI, TOMMASO (EDITOR) - Readings In Unobserved Components Models
23557: HARVEY, ANDREW - A Journey in Ladakh
20164: HARVEY, CLAY - A Flash of Red
36215: HARWIT, MARTIN - Astrophysical Concepts
35088: HARWIT, MARTIN - Astrophysical Concepts
11600: HASEGAWA, TOSHIAKI - Kaigai shinshutsu no horitsu jitsumu : hoteki risuku menejimento no tenkai
25993: HASKINS, JAMES; HASKINS, JIM - Separate but Not Equal: The Dream and the Struggle
18757: HASKINS, LOLA - Castings
10192: HASSLER, VESNA - Security Fundamentals for E-Commerce
179: HATCH, JOHN - History of Postwar Africa
37576: HATLEY, DEREK J.;PIRBHAI, IMTIAZ A. - Strategies for Real-Time System Specification
32767: HATTERSLEY, RALPH - Photographic Lighting: Learning to See
14873: HAUGELAND, JOHN - L'Espirit Dans La Machine : Fondements De L'Intelligence Artificielle
11772: HAUGELAND, JOHN; SALA, VIRGINIO (TRANSLATOR) - Intelligenza Artificiale : Il Significato Di Un'Idea
26695: HAUSMAN, GERALD - The Sun Horse: Native Visions of the New World
9093: HAUSMAN, CARL; BENOIT, PHILIP; O'DONNELL, LEWIS B. - Modern Radio Production
39641: HAVAS, LASLO; SZASZ, KATHLEEN; URE, JEAN, TRANS - Hitler's Plot to Kill the Big Three
38351: HAWK, TONY;MORTIMER, SEAN - Hawk: Occupation Skateboarder
27661: HAWKE, G. R. - Introduction to Econonics For Historians
38591: HAWKES, JOHN - Lunar Landcapes: Stories and Short Novels 1949-1963
39487: HAWKES, HERBERT E.; LUBY, WILLIAM A.; TOUTON, FRANK C. - Second Course in Algebra
34478: HAWKINS, D.J.B. - Approach to Philosophy
31512: HAWKINS, G.A. - Multilinear Analysis for Students in Engineering and Science
895: HAWKINS, WARD - Torch of Fear
35684: HAWKS, JOHN TWELVE - The Traveler
37543: HAWLEY, RICHARD A. - Papers from the Headmaster : Reflection on a World Fit for Children
33350: HAWLEY, WILLIS D., ED. - Effective School Desegregation: Equity, Quality, and Feasibility
35340: HAWTHORNE, NATHANIEL - The Scarlet Letter: A Romance
19408: HAWTHORNE, NATHANIEL - Selected Tales and Sketches
12939: HAY, PETER - Theatrical Anecdotes
29113: HAYDEN, TOM - Rebellion and Repression: Testimony By Tom Hayden Before the National Commission on the Causes and Prevention of Violence, and the House Un-American Activities Committee
6980: HAYDEN, DONALD E. (EDITOR); ALWORTH, E. PAUL (EDITOR); TATE, GARY (EDITOR) - Classics in linguistics
15843: HAYS, DAVID G. - Introduction to Computational Linguistics
6158: HAYS, DAVID - Today I Am a Boy
29866: HAZELTINE, BARRETT - Introduction to Electronic Circuits and Applications
29865: HAZELTINE, BARRETT - Introduction to Electronic Circuits and Applications
28548: HEAD, SYDNEY W. - Broadcasting in America: A Survey of Television and Radio
35141: HEAFFORD, PHILIP - The Math Entertainer
34664: HEAFFORD, PHILIP - The Math Entertainer
19363: HEALY, J. F. - The Only Good Lawyer: A John Francis Cuddy Mystery
19048: HEATH COMPANY - Model WH89 Digital Computer Service Manual
2947: HEATHER WILLIAMSON - Applixware Office for Linux Bible
11490: HEATHFIELD, DAVID F. (EDITOR) - The Economics of Co-Determination
3947: HEATON, E. W. - Solomon's New Men : The Emergence of ancient Israel as a national state
29786: HEBERT, FRANK - Hellstrom's Hive
35392: HEBRAWI, BAHA - Open Systems Interconnection: Upper Layer Standards and Practices
15413: HEGI, URSULA. - Stones from the River
26699: HEGI, URSULA - Floating in My Mother's Palm: A Novel
2501: HEIDENSOHN, FRANCES M. - Women & Crime: The Life of the Female Gender
7395: HEIDER, KARL G. - Seeing Anthropology: Cultural Anthropology through Film
22066: HEIDI HARMS (EDITOR); JOAN THOMAS (EDITOR) - Turn of the Story: Canadian Short Fiction on the Eve of the Millennium
32178: HEIDLER, DAVID S.; HEIDLER, JEANNE T., EDS. - Daily Lives of Civilians in Wartime Modern America : From the Indian Wars to the Vietnam War
31685: HEILBRONER, ROBERT L. - The Worldly Philosophers: The Lives, Times, and Ideas of the Great Economic Thinkers
28923: HEILBRONER, ROBERT L. - The Worldly Philosophers: The Lives, Times, and Ideas of the Great Economic Thinkers
30653: HEILBRONER, ROBERT L. - The Making of Economic Society
30590: HEILBRONER, ROBERT L. - The Great Ascent: The Struggle for Economic Development in Our Time
28549: HEILBRONER, ROBERT L. - Business Civilization in Decline
28538: HEILBRONER, ROBERT L. - Beyond Boom and Crash
27622: HEILBRONER, ROBERT L. - Future As History
26700: HEILBRONER, ROBERT L. - Beyond Boom and Crash
7396: HEILBRONER, ROBERT L. - An Inquiry Into the Human Prospect: With Second Thoughts" and "What Has Posterity Ever Done for Me?"
3013: HEILBRUN, ALFRED B. JR. - Human Sex-Role Behavior
29156: HEIMER, RALPH T.; NEWMAN MIRIAM S. - The New Mathematics for Parents
7397: HEIN, MATHIAS; GRIFFITHS, DAVID - Switching Technology in the Local Network
35093: HEINE PETER - En Route: Journals of a Mobicentric
30197: HEINEMAN, E. RICHARD - Plane Trigonometry, With Tables
39120: HEINEMANN, F.H. - Existentialism and the Modern Predicament
12626: HEINLEIN, ROBERT A. - JOB : A Comedy of Justice
34983: HEINLEIN, ROBERT A. - Time for the Stars
20167: HEINLEIN, ROBERT A. - The Cat Who Walks Through Walls
20165: HEINLEIN, ROBERT - To Sail Beyond the Sunset
4459: HEISE, DAVID R. - Causal Analysis
23329: HEISERMAN, DAVID L. - Build Your Own Working Robot
36818: HELD, GILBERT - Data Communication Components: Characteristics, Operation, Applications
26383: HELFGOTT, GILLIAN; TANSKAYA, ALISSA - Love You to Bits and Pieces: Life With David Helfgott
37727: HELLANDER, PAUL - Lonely Planet Cyprus
29060: HELLER, DEANE; HELLER, DAVID - Jaqueline Kennedy: The Complete Story of America's Glamorous First Lady
29046: HELLER, PETER; MUHAMMAD ALI, INTRO. - In This Corner: The Candid View of the Champion's Corner
7400: HELLER, JOSEPH - Picture This
23796: HELLERMAN, HERBERT - Digital Computer System Principles
23795: HELLERMAN, HERBERT - Digital Computer System Principles
25883: HELPRIN, MARK - Memoir from Antproof Case
8584: HELPRIN, MARK - A Soldier of the Great War
18155: HEMANS, DONNA - River Woman
31541: HEMPEL, CARL G. - Philosophy of Natural Science
13752: HENCRICI, PETER - Elementary Numerical Analysis
27298: HENDERSON, RICKEY; SHEA, JOHN - Off Base: Confessions of a Thief
24942: HENDERSON, LAUREN - Black Rubber Dress: A Sam Jones Mystery
7407: HENDERSON, JOE - Run Farther Faster
39676: HENDERSON, SYBIL - Basic Vegetable Cookbook
7408: HENDRA, TONY - The Book of Bad Virtues: A Treasury of Immorality: A Parody
22552: HENDRICKSON, ROBERT - Road to Appomattox
25844: HENDRICKSON, ROBERT - Ladybugs, Tiger Lilies and Wallflowers/a Gardener's Book of Words
39276: HENESSEY, JAMES POPE - Anthony Trollope
27429: HENRY, DEWITT; O'MALLEY, PETER, EDS. - Ploughshares : Volume 4 : Number 1
25800: HENRY, MARI LYN; ROGERS, LYNNE - How to Be a Working Actor: The Insider's Guide to Finding Jobs in Theater, Film and Television
3065: HENSLIN, JAMES M. - Deviance in American Life
38456: HENSLOWE, DOROTHEA I. - Our Heritage of Anglican Churches in Tasmania
29066: HENSON, RAY D., ED. - Landmarks of the Law
38122: HENTOFF, NAT - Boston Boy
33049: HEPBURN, KATHARINE - Me : Stories of My Life
23749: HERBERG, WILL - Judaism and Modern Man: An Interpretation of Jewish Religion
34854: HERFURTH, C. PAUL - A Tune A Day: Clarinet, Book One
10945: HERKEN, GREGG - The Winning Weapon
38508: HERMANN, RUDOLF - Supersonic Inlet Diffusers and Introduction to Internal Aerodynamics
23352: HERN, NICHOLAS - Peter Handke
20179: HERNON, PETER - 8.4
38312: HERON, ANN, ED. - One Teenager in Ten: Writings by Gay and Lesbian Youth
34327: HERPEL, GEORGE L.; SLACK, STEVE - Specialty Advertising: New Dimensions in Creative Marketing
4105: HERRING, RICHARD J.; LITAN, ROBERT E. - Financial Regulation in the Global Economy
10373: HERRIOTT, ROBERT E.; ST. JOHN, NANCY HOYT - Social Class and The Urban School : The Impact of Pupil Background on teachers and Principals
35974: HERRMANN, DOROTHY - Anne Morrow Lindbergh: A Gift for Life
15470: HERRMANN, DOROTHY - Anne Morrow Lindbergh : A Gift for Life
36553: HERRMANN, DOROTHY - S.J. Perelman: A Life
35976: HERRMANN, DOROTHY - Anne Morrow Lindbergh: A Gift for Life
23249: HERSEN, MICHEL, ED. - Practice of Inpatient Behavior Therapy: A Clinical Guide
30663: HERSEY, JOHN - The Marmot Drive
13358: HERSH, REUBEN; MARCHISOTTO, ELENA A.; DAVIS, PHILLIP J. (EDITOR) - The Mathematical Experience
7410: HERSH, SEYMOUR M. - The Dark Side of Camelot
17582: HERSHON, JOANNA - Swimming
17027: HERSTEIN, I. N. - Noncommutative Rings
50159: HERTEL, HEINRICH; KATZ, MILTON S., TRANS. ED. - Structure, Form, Movement
30755: HERTLING, LUDWIG, S.J.; KIRSCHBAUM, ENGLEBERT, S.J.; COSTELLOE, M. JOSEPH, TRANS. - The Roman Catacombs and Their Martyrs
14927: HERTZBERG, ARTHUR - The Jews in America : Four Centuries of an Uneasy Encounter: A History
17597: HERTZBERG, ARTHUR (EDITOR) - The Jews in America: Four Centuries of an Uneasy Encounter
38606: HERZBERG, GERHARD; SPINKS, J.W.T., TRANS. - Atomic Spectra and Atomic Structure
28692: HERZON, FREDERICK D.; HOOPER, MICHAEL - Introduction to Statistics for the Social Sciences
36377: HESSE, HERMANN; MOLINARO, URSULE, TRANS. - Narcissus and Godmund
31818: HESSE, MARY B. - Forces and Fields: The Concept of Action at a Distance in the History of Physics
7411: HESSE, HERMANN - Klingsor's Last Summer
39712: HESSE, HERMANN; MOLINARO, URSULE, TRANS. - Narcissus and Goldmund
38378: HETTLINGER, RICHARD - Human Sexuality, a Psychosocial Perspective
33854: HEWITT, DON - Tell Me a Story: Fifty Years and 60 Minutes in Television
14266: HEWLETT, SYLVIA ANN - A Lesser Life
29256: HEYERDAHL, THOR - Aku-Aku: The Secret of Easter Island
12826: HIAASEN, CARL - Skinny Dip
27110: HIAASEN, CARL - Nature Girl
7413: HIBBARD, HOWARD - The Metropolitan Museum of Art
30931: HICHENS, MARK - West Downs : A Portrait of an English Preparatory School
20181: HICKAM, HOMER - Back to the Moon: A Novel
31801: HICKERSON, NATHANIEL - Education for Alienation
38366: HICKMAN, MAE; GUY, MAXINE; LEVINE, STEPHEN, ED. - Care of the Wild Feathered & Furred: A Guide to Wildlife Handling and Care
29940: HICKMAN, HANNAH - Let One Go Free
6271: HICKMAN, TRACY - The Immortals
36646: HICKS, PAUL DEFOREST - Joseph Henry Lumpkin : Georgia's First Chief Justice
29620: HIGDON, ARCHIE; STILES, WILLIAM B. - Engineering Mechanics: Vol. II--Dynamics
40518: HIGGINBOTHAM, VIRGINIA - Spanish Film Under Franco
35248: HIGGINS, RICHARD J. - Electronics With Digital and Analog Integrated Circuits
17570: HIGGINS, DAVID W. - Tales of a Pioneer Journalist : From Gold Rush to Governement Street in 19th Century Victoria
34487: HIGHAM, JOHN - Strangers in the Land: Patterns of American Nativism 1860-1925
28619: HIGHAM, CHARLES - Errol Flynn: The Untold Story
28612: HIGHAM, CHARLES; MOSELEY, ROY - Elizabeth and Philip: The Untold Story of the Queen of England and Her Prince
27147: HIGHAM, CHARLES; MOSELEY, ROY - Cary Grant: The Lonely Heart
755: HIGHAM, CHARLES AND MOSELEY, ROY - Cary Grant The Lonely Heart
12646: HIGHET, GILBERT - Man's Unconquerable Mind
295: HIGHSMITH, PATRICIA - Ripley's Game Oder Der Amerikanische Freund
39101: HIGHT, DONALD W. - A Concept of Limits
35182: HIGHTOWER, JIM - There's Nothing in the Middle of the Road but Yellow Stripes and Dead Armadillos
11912: HIJUELOS, +SCAR - The Mambo Kings Play Songs of Love
24471: HIJUELOS, OSCAR - Empress of the Splendid Season
40407: HILBERT, DAVID; TOWNSEND, E.J., TRANS. - The Foundations of Geometry
21780: HILDEBRAND, B. P.; BRENDEN, B. B. - An Introduction to Acoustical Holography
30980: HILDEN, PATRICIA - Working Women and Socialist Politics in France, 1880-1914: A Regional Study
38473: HILL, FREDRICK J.; PETERSON, GERALD R. - Introduction to Switching Theory and Logical Design
34738: HILL, DAVID - The Politics of Schizophrenia : Psychiatric Oppression in the United States
33790: HILL, GEORGE H. - Airwaves to the Soul: The Influence and Growth of Religious Broadcasting in America
23106: HILL, GEOFFREY - Illuminating Shadows: The Mythic Power of Film
20830: HILL, KIM; DALE, OWEN - Death on Demand
17939: HILL, REGINALD - Death's Jest-book
15263: HILLENBRAND, LAURA - Seabiscuit: An American Legend
35222: HILLERMAN, TONY - The Wailing Wind
35221: HILLERMAN, TONY - The Sinister Pig
30596: HILLERMAN, TONY - The Great Taos Bank Robbery and Other Indian Country Affairs
22738: HILLERMAN, TONY - Finding Moon
6028: HILLHOUSE, JOHN W. (EDITOR) - Deep Structure and Past Kinematics of Accreted Terranes
27669: HILLIER, BEVIS - John Betjeman: New Fame New Love
36019: HILLIS, W. DANIEL - Pattern on the Stone: The Simple Ideas That Make Computers Work
35611: HILLIS, DANIEL W. - The Connection Machine
23124: HILLIS, W. DANIEL - Pattern on the Stone: The Simple Ideas That Make Computers Work
31143: HILTON, P. J.; STAMMBACH, U. - A Course in Homological Algebra (GTM Volume 4)
10939: HIMMELSTRAND, ULF (EDITOR) - Sociology : Volume 2: the Social Reproduction of Organization and Culture
24906: HINDLE, BROOKE - The Pursuit of Science in Revolutionary America 1735-1789
29159: HINE, C.G.; BECK, HENRY CHARLTON - The Old Mine Road
11497: HINES, LAWRENCE GREGORY - The Market, Energy and the Environment 1987
30223: HINES, WILLIAM W.; MONTGOMERY, DOUGLAS C. - Probability and Statistics in Engineering and Management Science
14198: HINGLEY, RONALD - Nightingale Fever : Russian Poets in Revolution
35429: HINSON, MAURICE - Guide to the Pianist's Repertoire: Supplement
35428: HINSON, MAURICE; FREUNDLICH, IRWIN, ED. - Guide to the Pianist's Repertoire
33861: HINZ, EARL R. - Landfalls of Paradise: The Guide to Pacific Islands Covering 33 Island Groups Including Polynesia, Melanesia, Micronesia and the Other Isl
27548: VON HIPPEL, FRANK - Citizen Scientist
17668: HIPPOCRATES; GALEN - Great Books of the Western World : Volume 10 : Hippocrates, Galen
10701: HIRAI, ATSUKO - Individualism and Socialism : The Life and Thought of Kawai Eijiro 1891-1944
10702: HIRAI, ATSUKO - Individualism and Socialism : The Life and Thought of Kawai Eijiro 1891-1944
8912: HIRAI, ATSUKO - Individualism and Socialism : The Life and Thought of Kawai Eijiro 1891-1944
38446: HIROSHI HIDE IKENOBOU - New research flower Ikenobou Hana Akari
34492: HIRSCHBERG, DAVID - Theory is Fun: Book One
30212: HIRSHLEIFER, JACK - Price Theory and Applications
30211: HIRSHLEIFER, JACK - Price Theory and Applications
17330: VAN HISE, JAMES - The Unauthorized Trekker's Guide to the Next Generation and Deep Space Nine
21646: HITT, MICHAEL A.; IRELAND, R. DUANE; HOSKISSON, ROBERT E. - Strategic Management : Competitiveness and Globalization
7419: HITTI, PHILIP K. - Islam
22582: HLAVATY, VACLAV; LEVY, HARRY (TRANSLATOR) - Differential Line Geometry
21743: HLAVATY, VACLAV; LEVY, HARRY (TRANSLATOR) - Differential Line Geometry
33364: HO, MAN KEUNG - Family Therapy with Ethnic Minorities
26711: HOAGLAND, EDWARD - African Calliope: A Journey to the Sudan
4234: HOB - Honoring Your Self : A Guide to Overcoming Addictions
38815: HOBHOUSE, L.T.; CAINE, SIR SYDNEY, PREFACE; GINSBERG, MORRIS, INTRO. - Sociology and Philosophy: A Centenary Collection of Essays and Articles
40365: HOBSON, E. W. - The Theory of Functions of a Real Variable & The Theory of Fourier's Series, Volume 1
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39901: KATZ, STEPHEN - Disciplining Old Age: The Formation of Gerontological Knowledge
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50223: KNOPP, KONRAD; BAGEMIHL, FREDERICK, TRANS. - Theory of Functions: Part I, Elements of The General Theory of Analytic Functions; Part II, Applications and Further Development of the General Theory
40366: KNOPP, KONRAD; BAGEMIHL, F TRANSLATOR - Infinite Sequences and Series
35463: KOBRE, KENNETH - Photojournalism: The Professionals' Approach
17912: KOBRIN, BEVERLY - Eyeopeners!: How to Choose and Use Children's Books About Real People, Places, and Things
22756: KOCHMAN, THOMAS - Black and White Styles in Conflict
22850: KOCUOUR, RUTH ANNE; HODGSON, MICHAEL - Facing the Extreme: One Woman's Story of True Courage, Death-Defying Survival, and Her Quest for the Summit
9610: KODALY, ZOLTAN; BESCH, LUTZ - Zoltan Kodaly : Mein Weg Zur Musik : Funf Gesprache mit Lutz Besch
16452: KOERTGE, NORETTA. - Valley of the Amazons
22733: KOGGE, PETER M. - The Architecture of Pipelined Computers
24740: KOHN, REBECCA - The Gilded Chamber
23801: KOHN, HANS - The Mind of Modern Russia: Historical and Political Thought of Russia's Great Age
35316: KOLATA, GINA (EDITOR); COHEN, JESSE (EDITOR) - The Best American Science Writing 2007
38118: KOLATCH, ALFRED J. - The Jewish Book of Why
36937: KOLATCH, ALFRED J. - The Jewish Book of WHY
21715: KOLODNER, JANET L.; SIMPSON, ROBERT L., JR. - The Mediator : A Case Study of a Case-Based Problem Solver : GIT-ICS-88/11
21714: KOLODNER, JANET L.; THAU, ROBERT - Design and Implementation of a Case Memory : GIT-ICS-88/34
21712: KOLODNER, JANET L. - Memory for Experience : GIT-ICS-84/23
21710: KOLODNER, JANET L.; CULLINGFORD, RICHARD E. - Towards a Memory Architecture that Supports Reminding : GIT-ICS-86/10
21709: KOLODNER, JANET L.; KOLODNER, ROBERT M. - Using Experience in Clinical Problem Solving : Introduction and Framework : GIT-ICS-85/21
21707: KOLODNER, JANET L. - Experiential Processes in Natural Problem Solving : GIT-ICS-85/23
31061: KOMPANAYETS, A.S.; YANKOVSKY, GEORGE, TRANS. - Physics in the Soviet Union: An Exposition of Theoretical Physics
34541: V. P. KOMPANIEC, B. T. LEVšENKO, P. A. MEDVEDEV, I. P. MITJUK, A. F. MUTYLIN, M. A. NAIMARK, A. L. ONIšCIK, B. A. PASYNKOV, P. I. PETROV, R. S. POKAZEEVA, V. Z. POLJAKOV, JA. G. SINAI, A. S. ŠVARC, A. N. TJURIN, AND V. E. VOSKRESENSKII - American Mathematical Society Translations Series 2 Volume 73 : Fourteen Papers on Algebra, Topology, Algebraic and Differential Geometry
14314: KOMPASS, EDWARD J. (EDITOR); WILLIAMS, THEODORE J. (EDITOR) - Nonlinear and Adaptive Control Techniques : Proceedings of the First Annual Advanced Control Conference
40434: KONECKY, EDITH - Allegra Maud Goldman
26768: KONIK, MICHAEL - The Man With the $100,000 Breasts: And Other Gambling Stories
5803: KONIVSSER, MARC W. - Elementary Linear Algebra With Applications
18871: KONNER, MELVIN - The Tangled Wing: Biological Constraints on the Human Spirit
33036: KOONTZ, DEAN R. - Dean R. Koontz: A New Collection Shattered/Whispers/Watchers
20238: KOONTZ, DEAN R. - The Mask
20236: KOONTZ, DEAN R. - Strangers
20235: KOONTZ, DEAN R. - The Bad Place
29392: KORDER, HOWARD - Boys' Life and Other Plays
5411: KORN, BASIL P. - Statistical Concepts for the Social Sciences
34989: KORNBLUTH, C.M. - A Mile Beyond the Moon
28929: KORNBLUTH, C.M.; BLISH, JAMES, ED. - Thirteen O'Clock and Other Zero Hours
31834: KORNEFF, THEODORE - Introduction to Electronics
5212: KORS, ALAN CHARLES (EDITOR); KORSHIN, PAUL J. (EDITOR) - Anticipations of the Enlightenment in England, France, and Germany
5155: KORS, ALAN CHARLES; SILVERGLATE, HARVEY A. - The Shadow University : The Betrayal of Liberty on America's Campus
26770: KOSINSKI, JERZY N. - Passion Play
7482: KOSINSKI, JERZY N. - Cockpit
10304: KOSIUR, DAVID R. - Understanding Electronic Commerce
6994: DE KOSTER, KATIE (EDITOR) - Child Abuse : Opposing Viewpoints
20951: KOSTRIKIN, A.I. - Algebra I: Basic Notions of Algebra
27325: KOSTRUBAL, THADDEUS, M.D. - The Joy of Running
37524: KOTLIKOFF, LAURENCE J.; BURNS, SCOTT - Spend 'Til the End: The Revolutionary Guide to Raising Your Living Standard
25221: KOTZIAS, ALEXANDROS - The Jaguar
36667: KOUSHA, MAHNAZ - Voices from Iran: The Changing Lives of Iranian Women
15637: KOVALEVSKY, V. A.; KARPOVICH, A. M. (TRANSLATOR); LEAVITT, A. M. (TRANSLATOR) - Character Readers and Pattern Recognition
4085: KOVATSCH, MANFRED (EDITOR) - Architectural and Organizational Design (Architektur, Kumminikation, und Organisation)
28567: KOZICKI, M.; HOENIG, S.; ROBINSON, P. - Cleanrooms: Facilities and Practices
29115: KOZLOFF, MAX - Renderings: Critical Essays on a Century of Modern Art
25992: KRAFT, BETSY HARVEY - Sensational Trials of the 20th Century
33237: KRAMER, AARON, ED.AND TRANS. - A Century of Yiddish Poetry
29155: KRAMER, JACK - The New Houseplant Book
23204: KRANTZ, MARSHALL - Ideas & Research
5024: KRAUSS, LAWRENCE M. - The Physics of Star Trek
38607: KREIDER, DONALD L.; KULLER, ROBERT G.; OSTBERG, DONALD R. - Elementary Differential Equations
6154: KRENTZ, JAYNE ANN - Soft Focus
11910: KRESS, NANCY - Stinger
7485: KRESS, NANCY - Beggars in Spain
36187: KREYSZIG, ERWIN - Advanced Engineering Mathematics
31572: KRICKEBERG, KLAUS - Probability Theory
12667: KRIEGER, MURRAY (EDITOR) - The Aims of Representation : Subject - Text - History
29832: KRIEGER, JENNIFER C.; SALERNO, LOUIS C., OWNER - Important American Paintings
31041: KROEBER, THEODORA; GANNET, LEWIS, FOREWORD - Ishi In Two Worlds: A Biography of the Last Wild Indian in North America
14947: KROL, ED; LOUKIDES, MIKE (EDITOR) - The Whole Internet User's Guide and Catalog

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