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BOOKS043015I: Curtis, M. K., - Tribune Farmer newspaper: April 15, May 6, and May 20, 1882.
BOOKS042263I: Curtis, Alice Turner, - A Little Maid of Maryland.
BOOKS056306I: Curtis, Wayne, - Maine: Off the Beaten Path: a guide to unique places.
BOOKS053332I: Curtis, Mary Baldwin, Librarian, - Concert with Phillips Academy, Andover, April 20th, 1940 program.
BOOKS031064I: Curtiz, Michael, directed by, - Life with Father video starring William Powell, Irene Dunne, Edmund Gwenn,ZaSu Pitts,Jimmy Lydon,Eliz. Taylor & Martin Milner.
BOOKS000626I: Curwood, James Oliver, - The River's End - a new story of God's country.
BOOKS002596I: Curwood, James Oliver, - The River's End: a new story of God's country.
BOOKS019436I: Curwood, James Oliver, - The River's End.
BOOKS022865I: Curwood, James Oliver, - The River's End - a new story of God's country.
BOOKS023008I: Curwood, James Oliver, - Kazan.
BOOKS023010I: Curwood, James Oliver, - The Honor of the Big Snows.
BOOKS024087I: Curwood, James Oliver, - A North Country Omnibus: The River's End; The Valley of the Silent Men; The Flaming Forest.
BOOKS025777I: Curwood, James Oliver, - The Black Hunter: a novel of Old Quebec.
BOOKS048684I: Curwood, James Oliver, - The Valley of Silent Men - a story of the three river country.
BOOKS051837I: Curwood, James Oliver, - The Grizzly King.
BOOKS052888I: Cusack, Ruby M., - Head of Households of Cities, Towns, Villages and Settlements of New Brunswick 1865-1866.
BOOKS035691I: Cushing, Frank Hamilton, introduction by Tom Bahti, - Zuni Fetishes.
BOOKS037112I: Cushing, John E., - Captain William Matson (1849-1917) from handy boy to shipowner.
BOOKS041547I: Cushing, Frank Hamilton, introduction by Tom Bahti, - Zuni Fetishes.
BOOKS044057I: Cushing Hospital, Framingham, Massachusetts, - Cushing Family Cookbook.
BOOKS018932I: Cushman, Karen, - Catherine, Called Birdy.
BOOKS037258I: Cushman, Thomas, edited by, - A Matter of Principle: humanitarian arguments for war in Iraq.
BOOKS046978I: Cushman, Ralph Spaulding, - Hilltop Verses and Prayers: collected poems of Cushman arranged with prayers and scripture references for devotional use.
BOOKS045782I: Cushman, Dan, Clark Gray and Thomas Thompson, - New Western Magazine (September 1951, vol. 23, no. 3).
BOOKS041495I: Cusick, Dawn, - The Book of Country Herbal Crafts.
BOOKS047021I: Cusick, Dawn, - A Scented Christmas.
BOOKS050511I: Cusnutt, Kirk, foreword by John Updike, - Coffee with Hemingway.
BOOKS024669I: Cussler, Clive, - Atlantis Found (a Dirk Pitt novel).
BOOKS039582I: Cust, A. M., - The Ivory-Workers of the Middle Ages: Great Craftsmen series.
BOOKS009055I: Cuthbert, Margaret, - The Silent Cradle.
BOOKS023130I: Cuthbert, M.D., - A Woman's Midlife Companion: the essential resource for every woman's journey.
BOOKS046721I: Cutillo, Nicholas, - The Complete Maltese.
BOOKS055897I: Cutler, Jane, - My Wartime Summers.
BOOKS002776I: Cutler, Elliott C. and Robert Zollinger, M.D., - Atlas of Surgical Operations.
BOOKS023998I: Cutler, Ivor, - Doris.
BOOKS052499I: by Mary Helen Cutlip, - Mountain Measures: a collection of West Virginia recipes.
BOOKS035594I: Cutter, Henry Arthur, editor, - Historical Sketch and Centennial Celebration of Rising Sun Lodge, no. 39 A.F. and A.M. 1822-1922.
BOOKS048118I: Cuttersen, Dr. Connie, R.D., Ph.D., - The Sonoma Diet.
BOOKS007403I: Cutts, David, retold by, - Adventures of Tom Thumb.
BOOKS054037I: Cuyler, Margery, - The Biggest Best Snowman.
BOOKS024330I: Cuzzort, Belva & John W. Trask, - Health and Health Practices.
BOOKS052008I: Cymbala, Jim, Pastor of the Brooklyn Tabernacle with Stephen Sorenson, - The Life God Blesses: the secret of enjoying God's favor.
BOOKS011841I: Cypser, Cora E., - Wandering in the Wilderness.
BOOKS033902I: Cyr, Ellen M., - The Children's Second Reader.
BOOKS034473I: Czarnecki, Jack, - Joe's Book of Mushroom Cookery.
BOOKS030514I: Dabney, Virginia Bell, - Once There Was a Farm: a country childhood remembered.
BOOKS023465I: Dacyczyn, Amy, - The Tightwad Gazette: promoting thrift as a viable alternative lifestyle.
BOOKS034374I: Dacyczyn, Amy, - The Tightwad Gazette: promoting thrift as a viable alternative lifestyle.
BOOKS034375I: Dacyczyn, Amy, - The Tightwad Gazette: promoting thrift as a viable alternative lifestyle.
BOOKS034579I: Dacyczyn, Amy a.k.a. The Frugal Zealot, - The Tightwad Gazette: promoting thrift as a viable alternative lifestyle.
BOOKS034580I: Dacyczyn, Amy a.k.a. The Frugal Zealot, - The Tightwad Gazette II: promoting thrift as a viable alternative lifestyle.
BOOKS012459I: Dadey, Debbie & Marcia Thornton Jones, - Vampires Don't Wear Polka Dots - or do they?.
BOOKS046948I: Daelemans, Kathleen, - Cooking Thin with Chef Kathleen.
BOOKS044430I: La Dage, John and Lee Van Gemert, - Stability and Trim for the Ship's Officer.
BOOKS047325I: Daggett, Windsor, - A Down-East Yankee from the District of Maine (John Neal).
BOOKS045545I: Dagliesh, Alice, - The Courage of Sarah Noble.
BOOKS043378I: Daglish, E. Fitch, - Enjoying the Country.
BOOKS053481I: Daguin, Ariane, George Faison and Joanna Pruess, - D'Artagnan's Glorious Game Cookbook.
BOOKS005973I: Dahl, Roald, - Witches.
BOOKS006882I: Dahl, Roald, - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
BOOKS007037I: Dahl, Roald, - The Twits: the world's most horrible couple.
BOOKS008531I: Dahl, Roald, - Matilda.
BOOKS009171I: Dahl, Roald, - Fantastic Mr. Fox.
BOOKS018604I: Dahl, Roald, - Boy: tales of childhood.
BOOKS024863I: Dahl, Roald, - Esio Trot.
BOOKS033266I: Dahl, Roald, - The Enormous Crocodile.
BOOKS040632I: Dahl, Roald, - Skin and Other Stories.
BOOKS041671I: Dahl, Francis W., - Birds, Beasts and Bostonians: cartoons & comments by Francis W. Dahl.
BOOKS042838I: Dahl, Roald, - Danny the Champion of the World.
BOOKS051014I: Dahl, Norman, - The Yacht Navigator's Handbook.
BOOKS036478I: Dahlstrom, Carol Field, - Simply Christmas: 201 easy crafts, food & decorating ideas.
BOOKS011752I: Daigon, Ruth, editor, - Poets on: Illusions (Winter 1982).
BOOKS005837I: Dailey, Janet, - Notorious.
BOOKS055049I: Dailey, Don, - Don Dailey's Gifts of Christmas.
BOOKS054176I: Daily, Ruth, - Flex-Seal Deluxe Menu Cook Book.
BOOKS045120I: Daily, Lisa, - Fifteen Minutes of Shame.
BOOKS007801I: Daiyun, Yue and Carolyn Wakeman, - To the Storm: the odyssey of a revolutionary Chinese woman.
BOOKS053314I: Dakin, Edwin Franden, - Mrs. Eddy: the biography of a virginal mind.
BOOKS031129I: Dal, Erik, selected & edited by, translated by Henry Meyer, - Danish Ballads and Folk Songs.
BOOKS041612I: Dalai Lama, translated & introduced by Donald S. Lopez, Jr., - Opening the Eye of New Awareness.
BOOKS046895I: Dalbey, Gordon, - Fight Like a Man: redeeming manhood for Kingdom Warfare.
BOOKS027695I: Dalby, Liza, - The Tale of Murasaki.
BOOKS005372I: Dale, Steve and Shane Tritsch, - Simpson Mania: the history of TV's first family.
BOOKS028743I: Dale, John & Kevin Gunnell, - The Flower Arranger's Handbook: 1,000 varieties of flowers & foliage organized by color.
BOOKS037877I: Dale, Alzina Stone, - Mystery Reader's Walking Guide.
BOOKS054853I: Dale, John T., - Heroes and Greathearts and their animal friends.
BOOKS024591I: Daley, Arthur, - Knute Rockne: football wizard of Notre Dame.
BOOKS035520I: Daley, Rosie, - In the Kitchen with Rosie: Oprah's favorite recipes.
BOOKS018947I: Dalgliesh, Alice, - The Bears on Hemlock Mountain.
BOOKS044360I: Dali, Salvador, translated by Haakon M. Chevalier, - Dali on Modern Art: the cuckolds of antiquated modern art.
BOOKS027621I: Dalkey, Kara, - Bijapur: blood of the goddess: volume two.
BOOKS018004I: Dallas, Sandra, - The Persian Pickle Club.
BOOKS038792I: Dallas, John T., Bishop of New Hampshire, - Harley Fish Roberts of The Taft School: an appreciation.
BOOKS054628I: Dallinger, Frederick W., - Recollections of an Old Fashioned New Englander.
BOOKS047235I: Dallinger, Frederick W., - Recollections of an Old Fashioned New Englander.
BOOKS032554I: Dally, Peter, - The Marriage of Heaven and Hell: manic depression and the life of Virginia Woolf.
BOOKS018603I: Dalmais, Anne-Marie, English translation from French by Diane Cohen, - The Best Bedtime Stories of Mother Pig.
BOOKS016386I: Dalmais, Anne-Marie, translated by Diane Cohen, - The Best Bedtime Stories of Mother Hen.
BOOKS054459I: Dalmais, Anne-Marie, translated by Diane Cohen, - The Best Bedtime Stories of Mother Hen.
BOOKS007772I: Dalrymple, Byron W., - How to Rig and Fish Natural Baits.
BOOKS013775I: Dalrymple, Byron W., - Deer Hunting with Dalrymple: a lifetime of lore on the whitetail and mule deer.
BOOKS033597I: Dalrymple, Byron W., - Deer Hunting with Dalrymple: a lifetime of lore on the whitetail and mule deer.
BOOKS046070I: Dalrymple, Byron, - Survival in the Outdoors.
BOOKS004740I: Dalton, David, - James Dean: the mutant king.
BOOKS011090I: Dalton, Alene, - Fluffy and Bluffy.
BOOKS056468I: Dalton, Roque. Edited by Hardie St. Martin, - Small Hours of the Night: selected poems of Roque Dalton.
BOOKS045191I: Dalton, David, - James Dean: the mutant king.
BOOKS005180I: Daly, Kathleen N., - The New Puppy.
BOOKS006515I: Daly, Kathleen N., - The New Puppy.
BOOKS008292I: Daly, Kathleen N., - Four Little Kittens.
BOOKS020471I: Daly, Mary, - Outercourse: the be-dazzling voyage containing recollections time/space travels & ideas, etc..
BOOKS035725I: Daly, Meg, edited by, - Surface Tension: love, sex, and politics between lesbians and straight women.
BOOKS053533I: Daly, Kathleen N., - A Child's Book of Flowers.
BOOKS023003I: Dame, Lawrence, - Yucatan.
BOOKS040596I: Dames, Michael, - Mythic Ireland.
BOOKS037772I: Damon, Johnny, - Idiot: beating "The Curse" and enjoying the game of life.
BOOKS002095I: Dampney, Janet and Elizabeth Pomeroy, - All About Herbs: a guide to growing, cooking and using herbs..
BOOKS005488I: Dams, Jeanne M., - Holy Terror in the Hebrides: a Dorothy Martin mystery.
BOOKS007547I: Dams, Jeanne M., - Holy Terror in the Hebrides: a Dorothy Martin mystery.
BOOKS028917I: Dams, Jeanne M., - Death in Lacquer Red: a Hilda Johansson mystery.
BOOKS047754I: Dams, Jeanne M., - Malice in Miniature: a Dorothy Martin mystery.
BOOKS045320I: Dams, Jeanne M., - To Perish in Penzance: a Dorothy Martin mystery.
BOOKS050944I: Dana, Julian, - A. P. Giannini: giant in the west.
BOOKS013385I: Dana, R. H. Jr., - Two Years before the Mast and twenty-four years after, with introduction & notes.
BOOKS017852I: Dana, Marvin, from the play by Bayard Veiller, - Within the Law.
BOOKS030390I: Dana, R. H., - Two Years before the Mast.
BOOKS038059I: Dana, Francis, - Leonora of the Yawmish.
BOOKS039832I: Dana, Mrs. William Starr, - According to Season: a celebration of nature.
BOOKS055119I: Dana, John Cotton, - A Library Primer.
BOOKS019110I: Danaher, Mary-Anne, - Creating Memories: making a memory scrapbook for life's special occasions.
BOOKS016711I: Danby, Frank, - The Heart of a Child being passages from the early life of Sally Snape Lady Kidderminster.
BOOKS017788I: Dance, S. Peter, - Shells and shell collecting.
BOOKS012522I: Dandi, - All Things that Go.
BOOKS012820I: Dandi, - The Little Drummer Boy.
BOOKS025074I: Dandi, - Circus Counting.
BOOKS009841I: Dane, Clemence, - The Babyons: the chronicle of a family.
BOOKS017422I: Dane, Clemence, - Will Shakespeare: an invention in four acts.
BOOKS045989I: Robert M. Danforth, - Notes on Training Field Artillery Details.
BOOKS014057I: Daniel, Lois, selected by, - To Be a Woman: the experience of womanhood.
BOOKS031053I: Daniel, Yvonne, - Rumba: dance and social change in contemporary Cuba.
BOOKS041137I: Daniel Aaron, foreword by Leon Edel, - Letters on Literature and Politics 1912-1972.
BOOKS009663I: Daniele, Joseph, - Building Early American Furniture: an early American Society book.
BOOKS054899I: Danielou, Alain, - Myths and Gods of India: the classic work on Hindu polytheism.
BOOKS053141I: Daniels, Gloria, - Favorite Seafood Recipes from the coast of Maine.
BOOKS010442I: Daniels, Jim, - Flint Adams and the Stage Coach ("Swap-It" miniature book).
BOOKS011020I: Daniels, Pamela & Kathy Weingarten, - Sooner or Later: the timing of parenthood in adult lives.
BOOKS011654I: Daniels, George, - The Awful Handyman's Book.
BOOKS014496I: Daniels, Joseph, - Building Early American Furniture.
BOOKS017286I: Daniels, Adelaide, - Weight Watching Cookery.
BOOKS017566I: Daniels, George & R. J. DeCristoforo, - How to Use Hand and Power Tools & How to Build Your Own Furniture.
BOOKS024081I: Daniels, Norman, novelization by, - Dr. Kildare's Secret Romance: based on the television series Dr. Kildare.
BOOKS030904I: Daniels, Jim, - Punching Out.
BOOKS031432I: Daniels, Helen Benedict, - Retired to Main Street.
BOOKS032028I: Daniels, Bruce C., - The Connecticut Town: growth and development, 1635-1790.
BOOKS044332I: Daniels, Frank T., A.M.B., - A Text-Book of Free-Hand Lettering: Technical Drawing Series.
BOOKS050598I: Daniels, Jonathan, - A Southerner Discovers New England.
BOOKS011915I: Von Daniken, Erich, - The Gold of the Gods.
BOOKS051178I: Danly, Susan, introduction by Barbara Buhler Lynes, - Georgia O'Keeffe and the Camera: the art of identity.
BOOKS033591I: Dann, Patty, - The Baby Boat: a memoir of adoption.
BOOKS018568I: Dannon, - Great-Tasting Recipes from Dannon.
BOOKS026490I: Dano, Linda, - Living Great.
BOOKS056186I: Danziger, Edmund Jefferson, Jr., - The Chippewas of Lake Superior.
BOOKS036114I: Danziger, James, foreword by Cornell Capa, - Visual Aid.
BOOKS047256I: Danziger, Jeff, introduction by Noel Perrin, - Danziger's The Vermont Mind: collected Vermont cartoons.
BOOKS041332I: Danziger, Marlies K., - Oliver Goldsmith and Richard Brinsley Sheridan: world dramatists.
BOOKS057066I: Dapples, E. C., Professor of Geology, Northwestern University, - Basic Geology for Science and Engineeering.
BOOKS036738I: Darchini, Gaetano, - Vocabolario Italiano-Francese, Francese-Italiano.
BOOKS013522I: Darcy, Clare, - Elyza: a novel of Regency England.
BOOKS024475I: Darcy, Clare, - Elyza.
BOOKS053633I: Darden, Christopher with Jess Walter, - In Contempt (O. J. Simpson trial).
BOOKS001048I: Dardis, Tom, - Some Time in the Sun: The Hollywood years of Fitzgerald, Faulkner, Nathanael West, Aldous Husley, & James Agee..
BOOKS003452I: Dare, M. Paul, - Charnwood Forest and its environs.
BOOKS003817I: Dark, Sidney, - London.
BOOKS029195I: Dark, James, - Throne of Satan.
BOOKS044234I: Dark, Eleanor, - The Timeless Land.
BOOKS036772I: Darling, F. Fraser, - Wild Life of Britain.
BOOKS041355I: Darling, Renny, - The Love of Eating: another simply delicious cookbook.
BOOKS056995I: Darlington, Joan Raysor, - Is it Poison Ivy?.
BOOKS056469I: Darlington, Joan Raysor, - Is It Poison Ivy?.
BOOKS040401I: Darrell, Laura, - Laura Darrell's Very Special Christmas.
BOOKS047001I: research by Celestine Dars, - The Paintings of Carl Larsson.
BOOKS041984I: Dartmouth, NH, Ernie Roberts, Director of Sports Information, - Dartmouth vs U.N.H. September 30th, 1961 program.
BOOKS053096I: Darton, Mike, edited by, - Practical Calligraphy: techniques and materials.
BOOKS010786I: Darton, N. H., Geological Survey, - Story of the Grand Canyon: how it was made.
BOOKS033765I: Dash, Joan, - We Shall Not Be Moved: the women's factory strike of 1909.
BOOKS052245I: Daskam, Josephine Dodge, - The Madness of Philip and Other Tales of Childhood.
BOOKS013849I: Dass, Ram & Paul Gorman, - How Can I Help?: stories and reflections on service.
BOOKS048505I: Date, Henry, - Pentecostal Hymns: number three and four.
BOOKS005550I: Daugherty, Charles Michael, - Let 'em Roll.
BOOKS018782I: Daugherty, Charles Michael, - Where the Condor Nests.
BOOKS046951I: Daugherty, Robin Taylor, - Splint Woven Basketry.
BOOKS052016I: Daughters of the American Revolution, Machias, Maine, - The First Naval Battle of the War of the Revolution: the capture of the British sloop of war Margaretta 1775.
BOOKS042901I: Daughters of the American Revolution, Rumford Chapter #447, - Rumford Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution, Concord, NH.
BOOKS021829I: Daulton, George, - The Helter Skelters.
BOOKS049196I: Daum, Raymond, edited and annotated by Vance Muse, - Walking with Garbo.
BOOKS006629I: Davenport, Marcia, - The Valley of Decision.
BOOKS008269I: Davenport, William and Sunset Editors, - Art Treasures in the West.
BOOKS031686I: Davenport, Elsie G., - Your Yarn Dyeing: a book for handweavers and spinners.
BOOKS033695I: Davenport, Marcia, - Too Strong for Fantasy.
BOOKS037416I: Davenport, LaNoue, arranged by, - American Folk Songs for Three Recorders (voice & guitar ad libitum): no 11 The Centaur Recorder Library.
BOOKS007616I: David, Peter, - Triumph in the Desert: a commemorative photo history of the Gulf War.
BOOKS019024I: David, Marc, - Nourishing Wisdom: a new understanding of eating.
BOOKS019444I: David, Andrew, - Rock Stars: people at the top of the charts.
BOOKS053855I: David, Lester & Irene, - How America Elects a President.
BOOKS052045I: David, Gary, - A Log of Deadwood: a postmodern epic of the South Dakota gold rush.
BOOKS041260I: David, Lester & Irene, - Ike & Mamie: the story of the general and his lady.
BOOKS043741I: David, Anne Pence, - Mimi at Camp: the adventures of a tomboy.
BOOKS045693I: David, Hal, lyrics by, music by Burt Bacharach, - Raindrops Keep Fallin' on My Head from 20 Century-Fox film "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid".
BOOKS003252I: Davids, Richard C., - How to Talk to Birds and other uncommon ways of enjoying nature the year round.
BOOKS007967I: Davids, Paul and Hollace Davids, - Star Wars: the lost city of the Jedi.
BOOKS051182I: Davidson, Marshall B. and Elizabeth Stillinger, - The American Wing of The Metropolitan Museum of Art.
BOOKS005410I: Davidson, Marshall B., editor in charge, - Horizon Book of Lost Worlds.
BOOKS008162I: Davidson, Bruce, - World Champion of Eventing.
BOOKS022228I: Davidson, Anne L. B., - Dream Rebellion.
BOOKS024338I: Davidson, Alice Joyce, - The Story of Jonah.
BOOKS026082I: Davidson, Ben, - The Official Fonzie Scrapbook.
BOOKS032743I: Davidson, Diane Mott, - Sticks & Scones.
BOOKS034966I: Davidson, James, - Courtesans and Fishcakes: the consuming passions of classical Athens.
BOOKS039482I: Davidson, Basil, - The African Genius: an introduction to African cultural and social history.
BOOKS056124I: Davidson, Basil, - Africa: history of a continent.
BOOKS051261I: Davidson, Joseph B., D.V.M., - Horsemen's Veterinary Adviser.
BOOKS050577I: Davidson, George T. Jr., Reverend, - A Village Pastor Looks Back: a history of The First Christian Church of Freedom, New Hampshire.
BOOKS011573I: Davies, Brian, - Red Ice: my fight to save the seals.
BOOKS053888I: Davies, Gilli, - A Taste of Wales.
BOOKS022979I: Davies, Brian, introduction by Roger Caras, preface by Ray Bradbury, - Seal Song.
BOOKS023263I: Davies, Mary E., Pat Hardy, JoAnn M. Bell & Susan Brown, - So You Want to be an Innkeeper: the complete guide to operating a successful Bed and Breakfast Inn.
BOOKS025332I: Davies, Paul, - About Time: Einstein's unfinished revolution.
BOOKS025603I: Davies, Romney Gay ("I Want to Be a Clown"), - The Circus Book.
BOOKS027743I: Davies, Valentine, - Miracle on 34th Street.
BOOKS034267I: Davies & George Thomson, introductory note E.M. Forster, - Twenty Years A-Growing.
BOOKS039110I: Davies, Mary E., Pat Hardy, Jo Ann M. Bell & Susan Brown, - So You Want to be an Innkeeper: the definitive guide to operating a successful bed-and-breakfast or country inn.
BOOKS042672I: Davies, John, - A History of Wales.
BOOKS043416I: Davies, Al E., picture editor, - Pictorial History of Second World War vols 1 & 2:a photographic record of all theaters of action chronologically arranged.
BOOKS043505I: Davies, Charles, - Elements of Geometry and Trigonometry with Applications in Mensuration.
BOOKS044371I: Davies, Hunter, revised by, - The Beatles.
BOOKS044570I: Davies, Robertson, - The Papers of Samuel Marchbanks.
BOOKS047024I: Davies, W. D., - Invitation to the New Testament: a guide to its main witnesses.
BOOKS057142I: Davis, Kathryn, - The Girl Who Trod on a Loaf.
BOOKS056407I: Davis, Burke, - The Civil War: Strange & Fascinating Facts.
BOOKS055365I: Davis, Kaye, - Shattered Illusions: Maris Middleton mystery.
BOOKS054588I: Mitchell and Davis, - The Town Register of Paris, Maine 1906.
BOOKS000886I: Davis, Myrna, - Bouquet - Twleve Flower Fables.
BOOKS001359I: Davis, May Belle Thurman, - Autumn Harvest: an autobiography in verse.
BOOKS002283I: Davis, Sammy Jr. and Jane and Burt Boyar., - Why Me?.
BOOKS003931I: Davis, Burke, - The Long Surrender.
BOOKS006410I: Davis, Stephen, - Say Kids! What Time Is It?: notes from the peanut gallery.
BOOKS007101I: Davis, Jim, - Garfield's Thanksgiving.
BOOKS007102I: Davis, Jim, - Garfield World-Wide.
BOOKS007472I: Davis, Rocky, - Sundari.
BOOKS008373I: Davis, Jodie, - Easy-to-Make Teddy Bears & All the Trimmings.
BOOKS009675I: Davis, Patti, - Deadfall.
BOOKS012407I: Davis, David Brion, - Slavery and Human Progress.
BOOKS012825I: Davis, Kenneth S., - Dwight D. Eisenhower: soldier of democracy.
BOOKS013197I: Davis, Jim, - It's a Cat-Eat-Dog World: Garfield.
BOOKS013198I: Davis, Jim, - Garfield Thinks Big.
BOOKS014004I: Davis, William, edited by, - The Punch Book of Women.
BOOKS014429I: Davis, Stan, edited & with new introduction by author, - Future Perfect: tenth anniversary edition.
BOOKS014434I: Davis, Philip J., - Thomas Gray Philosopher Cat.
BOOKS014792I: Davis, Burke, - To Appomattox: nine April days, 1865.
BOOKS016522I: Davis, Richard Harding, - The King's Jackal.
BOOKS016925I: Davis, Kenneth S., - The United States in World War II: experience in war (Mainstream of America series).
BOOKS017483I: Davis, Thomas D., - Suffer Little Children.
BOOKS018905I: Davis, Kathryn Lynn, - Too Deep for Tears.
BOOKS020454I: Davis, Gladys Wookey, - Miss Sophia's Legacy.
BOOKS021563I: Davis, William Stearns, - Life on a Mediaeval Barony: a picture of a typical feudal community inthe thirteenth century.
BOOKS021843I: Davis, James J., - Art Adventures week by week: grade one.
BOOKS022311I: Davis, Richard Harding, - Ransom's Folly.
BOOKS022910I: Cornelia Davis, - A Bundle of Rhymes.
BOOKS023083I: Davis, Linda H., - Onward and Upward: a biography of Katharine S. White.
BOOKS023218I: Davis, Reginald, - The Prince of Wales.
BOOKS024401I: Davis, Caroline E. K., - Baby's Christmas.
BOOKS025201I: Davis, Jim, - Garfield Chews the Fat.
BOOKS025566I: Davis, Neil M., - Medical Abbreviations: 7000 conveniences at the expense of communications and safety.
BOOKS026570I: Davis, Julie & editors of Prevention Magazine, - Young Skin for Life.
BOOKS027941I: Davis, Clare Ogden, - In Our Country Garden.
BOOKS056810I: Davis, Maggie S., - Rickety Witch.
BOOKS030542I: Davis, Shelton H., - Victims of the Miracle: development and the Indians of Brazil.
BOOKS030557I: Davis, Burke, - The Civil War: strange & fascinating facts.
BOOKS030855I: Davis, Raymond E. & Francis S. Foote, - Surveying: theory & practice.
BOOKS031005I: Davis, Kenneth P., - American Forest Management.
BOOKS031258I: Davis, Linda H., - Onward and Upward: a biography of Katharine S. White.
BOOKS046548I: Davis, Richard Harding, - With the Allies: the war on all fronts.
BOOKS031707I: Davis, Graeme & James Estes, - Mummy.
BOOKS032775I: Davis, Eugene N., - The Old Stone Hitching Post and Other Poems.
BOOKS054530I: Davis, Patti, - The Long Goodbye (biography of Ronald Reagan, her father).
BOOKS035317I: Davis, Kenneth C., - Don't Know Much about the Bible.
BOOKS037102I: Davis, Marion M., - Sam the Royal Cat.
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BOOKS039567I: DeNicola, Deborah, - Where Divinity Begins: poems.
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BOOKS013711I: Dobelis, Inge N., - Quick Thrifty Cooking.
BOOKS000845I: Dobie, Charles Caldwell, - San Francisco - A Pageant.
BOOKS000856I: Dobie, Charles Caldwell, - San Francisco Adventures.
BOOKS001256I: Dobie, J. Frank, - Coronado's Children: Tales of lost mines and buried treasures of the Southwest.
BOOKS034270I: Dobschiner, Johanna-Ruth, foreword by Corrie ten Boom, - Selected to Live.
BOOKS019899I: Dobson, Dr. James, - When God Doesn't Make Sense.
BOOKS028463I: Dobson, Dr. James, - When God Doesn't Make Sense.
BOOKS039057I: Dobson, Christopher & Ronald Payne, - The Terrorists: their weapons, leaders and tactics.
BOOKS042383I: Dobson, Ryan with Brian Smith, - 2 Die 4: the dangerous truth about following Christ.
BOOKS046911I: Dobyns, Henry F., - The Apache People.
BOOKS014393I: Dobzhansky, Theodosius, Bentley Glass, editor & introduction by, - The Roving Naturalist: travel letters of Theodosius Dobzhansky.
BOOKS009616I: Dodd, Susan, - Mamaw: a novel of an outlaw mother.
BOOKS026659I: Dodd, C. H., - The Meaning of Paul for Today.
BOOKS048584I: Dodd, Margaret E., Anna Barrows, and Alice P. Norton, - Handbook of Food and Diet: a complete food course.
BOOKS051964I: Dodds, Dinah and Pam Allen-Thompson, - The Wall in My Backyard: East German women in transition.
BOOKS054995I: Dodge, Ernest, introduction by James Russell Wiggins, - Morning Was Starlight: my Maine boyhood.
BOOKS049960I: Dodge, Marshall and Robert Bryan, - Bert and I and Other Stories from Down East.
BOOKS021221I: Dodge, Mary Mapes, conducted by, - St. Nicholas: an illustrated magazine (volume XVIII, part 1, 11/1890-4/1891.
BOOKS025495I: Dodge, Mary Mapes, - Hans Brinker or the silver skates.
BOOKS046825I: Dodge, Venus A., - The Dolls' Dressmaker.
BOOKS044028I: Dodge, Mary Mapes, conducted by, - St. Nicholas for Young Folks: April 1900 number.
BOOKS056606I: Dodge, Bertha S., - Tales of Vermont Ways and People.
BOOKS052969I: Dodge, Marshall J., 3rd, with Walter Howe, - Frost, You Say?": a Yankee monologue.
BOOKS026102I: Dodson, James, - The Dewsweepers: seasons of golf and friendship.
BOOKS025765I: Dodson, Kenneth, - Away All Boats.
BOOKS055755I: Dodson, James, editor of Golf magazine, - Final Founds: a father, a son, the golf journey of a lifetime.
BOOKS020096I: Dody, Sandford, - Giving up the Ghost: a writer's life among the stars.
BOOKS028771I: Dody, Sandford, - Giving up the Ghost.
BOOKS026800I: Doggett, Bill, costume design, - Make Believe.
BOOKS028050I: breeding & training dogs, - Pure Breds with detailed studies illustrating each breed.
BOOKS010102I: Doherty, Anna Marie & Editors of Family Circle Magazine, - 429 Great Gifts to Make all year around for just 10c to $10.
BOOKS024663I: Doherty, Berlie, - Granny Was a Buffer Girl.
BOOKS038408I: Doherty, Anna Marie, - Family Circle Book of 429 Great Gifts-to-Make all year around for just .10 to $10.
BOOKS041522I: Doherty, Catherine de Hueck, - Sobornost: Eastern unity of mind and heart for Western man.
BOOKS023842I: Dohme, Alvin, - Shenandoah: the valley story.
BOOKS002510I: Doig, Ivan, - Ride with Me, Mariah Montana.
BOOKS002957I: Doig, Ivan, - Bucking the Sun.
BOOKS013257I: Doig, Ivan, - The Sea Runners.
BOOKS018422I: Doig, Al, - Sailplane and Soaring Manual.
BOOKS020938I: Doig, Ivan, - Winter Brothers: a season at the edge of America.
BOOKS023770I: Doig, Ivan, - This House of Sky: landscapes of a western mind.
BOOKS028026I: Doig, Ivan, - This House of Sky: landscapes of a western mind.
BOOKS043074I: Doig, Ivan, - Bucking the Sun.
BOOKS052457I: Doig, Ivan, - The Sea Runners.
BOOKS054346I: Dolan, Julie et al, - Satellite Sisters' UnCommon Senses.
BOOKS034340I: Dolch, Edward W. & Marguerite P., - Willie, the Clown: a basic vocabulary series title.
BOOKS050740I: Dole, Samuel Thomas, edited by Frederick Edward Dole, - Windham in the Past (Maine).
BOOKS028270I: Dolensek, Nancy & Barbara Burn, - Mutt.
BOOKS054375I: Dollar, Dr. Creflo A., - Steps (8) to create the Life You Want.
BOOKS048061I: Dollemore, Doug, Mark Giuliucci and Men's Health Magazine editors, - Age Erasers for Men: hundreds of fast and easy ways to beat the years.
BOOKS008246I: Dollemore, Cathy Raymond and Editors of Prevention Magazine, - Disease Free at 60 Plus.
BOOKS001371I: Dollinger, Hans, - The Decline and Fall of Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan: a pictorial history of the final days of World War II.
BOOKS027651I: Riccio. Dolores, - Superfood for Women: 300 recipes that fulfill your special nutritional needs.
BOOKS042325I: Domalain, Jean-Yves, translated from French by Len Ortzen, - Panjamon: I Was a Headhunter.
BOOKS049620I: Dome, Malcolm, edited by, introduction by Megadeth's Dave Mustaine, - AC/DC: the Kerrang! files!: the definitive history including the UK discography.
BOOKS022733I: Domico, Terry, - Bears of the World.
BOOKS055939I: Dominic, Randolph and William Barry. (Incribed by author), - Pyrrhus Venture.
BOOKS036881I: Dominick, Bayard, - Sam a Goat.
BOOKS008273I: Domjan, Joseph, - The Proud Peacock.
BOOKS013581I: Donahue, Phil, - The Human Animal.
BOOKS049899I: O'Donal, June, - Fryeburg Chronicles: the amazing grace.
BOOKS014547I: Donald, Anabel, - Smile, Honey.
BOOKS031007I: Donald O. Johnson, Gas Research Institute, - There's More to Erosion Than Protecting the Pipe.
BOOKS044946I: Donald, David, - Divided We Fought: a pictorial of the war 1861-1965.
BOOKS056320I: Hall. Donald, - The Museum of Clear Ideas: New Poems.
BOOKS002815I: Donaldson, Stephen R., - A Man Rides Through: Mordant's Need, Vol. II.
BOOKS005889I: Donaldson, Stephen R., - White Gold Wielder: second chronicles of Thomas Covenant book 3.
BOOKS009492I: Donaldson, Scott, - Poet in America: Winfield Townley Scott.
BOOKS010567I: Donaldson, Walter & Paul Ash, words & music by, Ukulele in D, - You're the One for Me (sheet music).
BOOKS014300I: Donaldson, Stephen R., - Gilden-Fire.
BOOKS027424I: Donaldson, Elizabeth & Gerald, - The Book of Days: oddities and curiosities in the 365 days of the calendar.
BOOKS039116I: Donaldson, Jean, - The Culture Clash.
BOOKS040039I: Donaldson, Stephanie, - The Shaker Garden: beauty through utility.
BOOKS041344I: Donaldson, Gordon, - Battle for a Continent Quebec 1759.
BOOKS042173I: Donaldson, Stephanie, - The Country Store: traditional food, country crafts, natural decorations.
BOOKS000384I: Donaldson, Frances, - Evelyn Waugh - Portrait of a Country Neighbour.
BOOKS047901I: Donaldson, Stephanie, - Venzano: a scented garden in Tuscany.
BOOKS005828I: Donen, Stanley - producer and director, - Charade.
BOOKS037933I: Donleavy, J. P., - The Ginger Man.
BOOKS041143I: Donleavy, J. P., - Schultz.
BOOKS008634I: Donne, John, edited & introduced by Charles Fowkes, - The Love Poems of John Donne.
BOOKS009200I: Donne, John, - Poems.
BOOKS037229I: Donne, John, Dean of St. Paul's, edited by John Hayward, - Complete Poetry and Selected Prose.
BOOKS013906I: O'Donnell, Rosie, compiler & introduction, - Kids Are Punny: jokes sent by kids to The Rosie O'Donnell Show.
BOOKS016560I: O'Donnell, Mabel, - Down the River Road: Alice & Jerry basic reading program.
BOOKS022416I: Donnell, Annie Hamilton, - Three Young Knights.
BOOKS036403I: O'Donnell, Cornelius, - Cooking with Cornelius: the Corning cookbook.
BOOKS036762I: O'Donnell, Mabel, - The New Engine Whistles: the Alice and Jerry basic readers.
BOOKS038307I: O'Donnell, - The Other Side of the Door.
BOOKS040296I: O'Donnell, Bernard, - The World's Strangest Murders.
BOOKS052249I: Donnell, Annie Hamilton, - Judith Lynn: a story of the sea.
BOOKS029197I: Donnelley, Kerry, - Yorkshire Terriers.
BOOKS010032I: Donnelly, Liza, - Dinosaurs' Christmas.
BOOKS025297I: Donnelly, Judy, - True-Life Treasure Hunts: step into reading: step 4 grades 2-4.
BOOKS053028I: Donoghue, Emma, - The Sealed Letter.
BOOKS050081I: O'Donoghue, Michael, - Gemstones.
BOOKS024127I: Donohue, Parnell, M.D. & Helen Capellaro, - Germs Make Me Sick!.
BOOKS053837I: Donohue, Lynn with Pamela Hunt,edited by Marsha L. McCabe, - Brick by Brick: a woman's journey (signed by author).
BOOKS056832I: O'Donohue, John, - Eternal Echoes - Celtic reflections on our yearning to belong.
BOOKS005680I: Donovan, Frank P., Jr. - compiler, - Railroads of America.
BOOKS019750I: Donovan, Mary Ellen & William P. Ryan, - Love Blocks: breaking the patterns that undermine relationship.
BOOKS021912I: Donovan, Josephine, - New England Local Color Literature: a women's tradition.
BOOKS029271I: Donovan, Frank R., - The Vikings.
BOOKS040832I: Donovan, - Dry Songs and Scribbles.
BOOKS041036I: Donovan, Robert J., - PT 109: John F. Kennedy in World War II, with introductory letter by President Kennedy.
BOOKS050857I: Donovan, Charles E., III, - Out of the Black Hole: the patient's guide to vagus nerve stimulatiaon and depression.
BOOKS056462I: Donovan, Josephine, - New England Local Color Literature: a woman's tradition.
BOOKS054400I: Doolittle, Bev and Elise Maclay, - The Earth Is My Mother.
BOOKS019383I: Doolittle, Duane, edited by, foreword by John Gould, - Only in Maine: the second Down East Reader.
BOOKS026196I: Doolittle, Rosalie, - Southwest Gardening.
BOOKS048184I: Den Dooven, K. Camille, - Hamilton Ross Modern Cook Book.
BOOKS054090I: Den Dooven, K. Camille, - The Modern Cook Book.
BOOKS039322I: Dorcas Hebb, editor, - Bridgton (Maine) Bicentennial Souvenir Program August 10-17, 1968.
BOOKS039323I: Dorcas Hebb, editor, - Bridgton (Maine) Bicentennial Souvenir Program August 10-17, 1968.
BOOKS034283I: Dorcas Hebb, editor, - Bridgton (Maine) Bicentennial Souvenir Program August 10-17, 1968.
BOOKS051766I: Dorcas Hebb, editor, - Bridgton (Maine) Bicentennial Souvenir Program August 10-17, 1968.
BOOKS051896I: Dorcas Hebb, editor, - Bridgton (Maine) Bicentennial Souvenir Program August 10-17, 1968.
BOOKS055659I: Dorcas Society of Hollis and Buxton, Maine, - Dorcas Doings.
BOOKS046226I: Dore, Gustave (Elbert Hubbard), - The Bible in Pictures: dramatic events of the Old and New Testaments: also A Little Journey to the Home of Gustave Dore.
BOOKS034460I: Doreen, - Easy to Make Gloves, Socks & Mittens: volume 110.
BOOKS049716I: Van Doren, Carl, - James Branch Cabell.
BOOKS011865I: Van Doren, Carl, - The Great Rehearsal: the story of the making & ratifying of the Constitution of the U.S..
BOOKS030242I: Van Doren, Mark, - The Careless Clock: poems about children in the family.
BOOKS049146I: Van Doren, Mark, - That Shining Place: new poems.
BOOKS053948I: Van Doren, Mark and Maurice Samuel, edited and annotated by Edith Samuel, - The Book of Praise: dialogues on the Psalms.
BOOKS056461I: Doreski, William, - Ghost Train.
BOOKS036258I: Dorin, Patrick C., - The Lake Superior Iron Ore Railroads.
BOOKS009226I: Doring, Paul, - The Home Book of Money-Saving Formulas.
BOOKS049344I: Dorman, S., - God's Wilderness: mystery Gottheim.
BOOKS049345I: Dorman, S., - In Winter: God's house.

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