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BOOKS040193I: Nancy Drew, - Nancy Drew Treasure in the Royal Tower 3D interactive mystery game for ages 10 and up.
BOOKS049498I: Drew, Donald B., - An Adventure with Foodland with Uncle Don.
BOOKS024031I: Drewnowski, Ph.D., - Controlling Your Fat Tooth.
BOOKS042283I: Drexler, Madeline, - Secret Agents: the menace of emerging infections.
BOOKS020275I: Dreyfus, Jack, - The Lion of Wall Street: the two lives of Jack Dreyfus.
BOOKS023428I: Dreyfus, Jack, - The Lion of Wall Street: the two lives of Jack Dreyfus.
BOOKS050056I: Driberg, J. H., - At Home with the Savage.
BOOKS010271I: Driggs, Howard R., - The Old West Speaks.
BOOKS014777I: Driggs, Louise, edited by Eleanor Porter, - Soups and Stews the World Over.
BOOKS040327I: Drigotas, Frank M., Jr., - One Man Alone: Bill Dunlop's own story.
BOOKS019203I: Drimmer, Frederick, - Very Special People: the struggles, loves & triumphs of human oddities.
BOOKS030027I: Drinkwater, John, - Lincoln: the world emancipator.
BOOKS037549I: Drinkwater, John, edited by, - The Outline of Literature: 2 vols only -vol 1 & 2.
BOOKS044130I: Drinkwater, H., M.D., - A Lecture on Mendelism.
BOOKS047954I: Drinkwater, John, introduction by Arnold Bennett, - Abraham Lincoln: a play.
BOOKS010660I: Drinnon, Richard, - White Savage: the case of John Dunn Hunter.
BOOKS046977I: Driscoll, Daniel H., - Two Miracles of 1914, or The Redemption of Daniel H. Driscoll.
BOOKS041033I: B. Driver, H. B. Swete, - A Dictionary of the Bible (5 volumes) dealing with the language, literature, and contents.
BOOKS051168I: Drohojowska-Philp, Hunter, - Full Bloom: the art and life of Georgia O'Keeffe.
BOOKS057105I: Drosnin, Michael, - The Bible Code.
BOOKS057296I: Drown, Paulina Cony, edited by (signed by Drown), - Mrs. Bell.
BOOKS017651I: Drucker, Hal & Sid Lerner, foreword by Studs Terkel, - From the Desk of.
BOOKS022796I: Drucker, Peter F., - The Unseen Revolution: how pension fund socialism came to America.
BOOKS054342I: Drucker, Peter F., - Post-Capitalist Society.
BOOKS047312I: Drucker, Mindy and Pierre Finkelstein, - Recipes for Surfaces: decorative paint finishes made simple.
BOOKS044315I: Druesedow, Jean L., - In Style: celebrating fifty years of the Costume Institute: The Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin Fall 1987.
BOOKS050018I: Druett, Joan, - Hen Frigates: wives of merchant captains under sail.
BOOKS048609I: Druett, Joan, - She Captains: heroines and hellions of the sea.
BOOKS048842I: Druett, Joan, - Hen Frigates: wives of merchant captains under sail.
BOOKS033249I: Drummer, H. Boylston, - Adventures of the Animal Town Aviators: Book I & II: children's stories taken from feature pages of Christian Science Monitor.
BOOKS040260I: Drummond, Henry, - The Greatest Thing in the World.
BOOKS041894I: Drummond, Henry, - First! A Talk with Boys.
BOOKS000348I: Drummond, Henry, - Tropical Africa - travels in East Central Africa in 1880.
BOOKS005531I: Drury, Allen, - Preserve and Protect.
BOOKS022544I: Drury, John, introduction by Vincent Price, - The Heritage of Early American Houses.
BOOKS045277I: Drury, George H., Librarian Trains Magazine, - The Train Watcher's Guide to North American Railroads: significant facts, figures and features of over 140 railroads.
BOOKS010632I: Dry, Thomas J., - Manual of Cardiology.
BOOKS048412I: Dryden, Farquhar, - Restoration Plays from Dryden to Farquhar.
BOOKS038982I: Dryden, John, with memoir, revised text and notes by W. D. Christie, - The Poetical Works of John Dryden: The Globe Edition.
BOOKS009740I: Duane, Diane, - The Star Trek the Next Generation Dark Mirror.
BOOKS055460I: Dubats, Sally, - Natural Magick: the essential witch's grimoire.
BOOKS017545I: Duberman, Martin, - Cures: a gay man's odyssey.
BOOKS052770I: Dublin, Thomas, - Women at Work: the transformation of work and community in Lowell, Massachusetts 1826-1860.
BOOKS037346I: Dubner, Martin, editor, - A History of Casco, Maine 1976.
BOOKS048079I: DuBois, Allison, - Secrets of the Monarch: what the dead can teach us about living a better life.
BOOKS041046I: Dubois, Jules, - Fidel Castro: rebel, liberator or dictator?.
BOOKS013535I: Dubos, Rene, - Reason Awake: science for man.
BOOKS040588I: Dubos, Rene J., - Louis Pasteur: free lance of science.
BOOKS016847I: East Dubowski, - Willow: the storybook based on the movie.
BOOKS025768I: Dubreton, J. Lucas, translated from French by Maida Castelhun Darnton, - The Fourth Musketeer: the life of Alexander Dumas.
BOOKS027508I: Dubus, Andre, - Selected Stories.
BOOKS028578I: Dubus, Andre, - Voices from the Moon.
BOOKS049348I: Dubus, Andre III, - The Garden of Last Days.
BOOKS050110I: Dubus, Andre III, - The Garden of Last Days.
BOOKS022130I: Duby, Georges, - Foundations of a New Humanism 1280-1440.
BOOKS054337I: Ducker, Bruce, - Bankroll.
BOOKS024783I: Duckworth, Susan, - Susan Duckworth's Knitting.
BOOKS031863I: DuCoffe, Jean & Sherry Suib Cohen, - Making It Big: a guide to health, success & beauty for women size 16 and over.
BOOKS040887I: Dudek, Louis, - Collected Poetry.
BOOKS018792I: Dudley, Ruth H., - The Tiptop Wish.
BOOKS040973I: Dudley, Ernest, - Rufus: the remarkable true story of a tamed fox.
BOOKS041934I: Dudley, Albertus T., - Following the Ball.
BOOKS033606I: Dudman, Martha Tod, - Augusta, Gone: a true story.
BOOKS043309I: Dudman, Martha Tod, - Dawn.
BOOKS021401I: Due, Tananarive, - The Between.
BOOKS024069I: Dueker, J & C, - The Old Fashioned Homemade Ice Cream Cookbook.
BOOKS025190I: Dueland, Joy, - The Pine Tree that Went to Sea.
BOOKS054100I: Duerden, Dennis, - African Art: colour library of art.
BOOKS023169I: Duerk, Judith, - Circle of Stones: woman's journey to herself.
BOOKS027165I: Duerk, Judith, - I Sit Listening to the Wind: woman's encounter within herself: Circle of Stones Series, vol. II.
BOOKS032248I: Duerk, Judith, - Circle of Stones: woman's journey to herself: 10th anniversary edition.
BOOKS035658I: Duerk, Judith, - Circle of Stones: woman's journey to herself: Circle of Stones Series.
BOOKS044126I: Duerk, Judith, - Circle of Stones: woman's journey to herself.
BOOKS054502I: Duey, Kathleen, - Mr. Stumpguss Is a Third Grader.
BOOKS024619I: Duff, Chris, - On Celtic Tides: one man's journey around Ireland by sea kayak.
BOOKS026244I: Duff, Kat, - The Alchemy of Illness.
BOOKS033919I: Duff, James H., Andrew Wyeth, Thomas Hoving & Lincoln Kirstein, - An American Vision: three generations of Wyeth art: N. C. Wyeth, Andrew Wyeth, James Wyeth.
BOOKS040663I: Duff, David, - Mother of the Queen: the life story of Her Majesty the Queen Mother Elizabeth.
BOOKS057348I: Duff, Haylie, - The Real Girl's Kitchen.
BOOKS051002I: Duffett, John, - Boatowner's Guide to Modern Maintenance: protecting your investment.
BOOKS045648I: Duffield, J. W., - Bert Wilson's Twin Cylinder Racer.
BOOKS036882I: Duffield, J. W., - Bert Wilson's Fadeaway Ball (Bert Wilson Series).
BOOKS039631I: Duffield, Kenneth Graham, - The Little Wise Chicken That Knew It All.
BOOKS001262I: Dufresne, Frank, Associate Editor of Field & Stream Magazine, - No Room for Bears.
BOOKS023387I: Dufresne, Frank, Associate Editor of Field & Stream Magazine, - No Room for Bears.
BOOKS023614I: Dufresne, John, - Love Warps the Mind a Little.
BOOKS040976I: Dufresne, Frank, - No Room for Bears.
BOOKS017516I: Dugan, Jay, - To Behold the Sea.
BOOKS041765I: Dugan, Alan, - Poems Seven: new and complete poetry.
BOOKS044656I: Dugan, Pat & Urban R. Coombs, - Linda Nightowl's Christmas.
BOOKS003608I: Dugan, James, - The Great Iron Ship.
BOOKS047766I: Dugan, Ellen; Judy Ann Nock, - Garden Witch's Herbal; Cottage Witchery: natural magick for hearth & home; &d The Wiccan Year: spells, rituals, celebrations.
BOOKS050673I: Dugard, Jaycee, - A Stolen Life.
BOOKS054643I: Dugard, Martin, - Chasing Lance: the 2005 Tour de France and Lance Armstrong's Ride of a Lifetime.
BOOKS055355I: Dugard, Jaycee, - A Stolen Life.
BOOKS012180I: afterword by Joseph J. Duggan, - Cliges.
BOOKS002046I: Dugger, Ronnie, - The Politician: the life and times of Lyndon Johnson, the drive for power - from the frontier to master of the Senate.
BOOKS011921I: Duggleby, John, - Doomed Expeditions: incredible histories.
BOOKS053232I: Dugmore, A. Radclyffe, - Bird Homes: the nests, eggs and breeding habits of the land birds breeding in the eastern U.S..
BOOKS031507I: Dugo, Andre, - Tom's Magic.
BOOKS025357I: Duhamel, Georges, translated from French by Beatrice de Holthoir, - The Pasquier Chronicles.
BOOKS056197I: Duijker, Hubrecht, - Burgundy: touring in wine country.
BOOKS028631I: Duke, Alton, - Arizona Gem Fields.
BOOKS042176I: Duke, James A., Ph.D., - The Green Pharmacy.
BOOKS054592I: Dumas, Alexandre, - Les Trois Mousquetaires (in French) (Tome Premier & Deuxieme) 2 volumes complete).
BOOKS055432I: Dumas, Alexander, - The Three Musketeers (volume 2).
BOOKS049535I: Dumas, Alexandre, adapted for juvenile readers by Carolyn Sherwin Bailey, - The Three Musketeers.
BOOKS053479I: Dumas, Peter W., - Seasons in the Fall: a sports memoir.
BOOKS031269I: Dumas, Alexandre fils, - Camille: Norma Talmadge edition de luxe.
BOOKS057096I: Dumas, Alexandre, edited by David Coward, & introduction by, - Twenty Years After - sequel to The Three Musketeers.
BOOKS054001I: duMaurier, Daphne, - Myself When Young: the shaping of a writer.
BOOKS042506I: Deaf and Dumb), - The Child's Book of the Soul: two parts in one.
BOOKS017329I: Dumbleton, Susanne & Anne Older, - In & Around Albany.
BOOKS032776I: Dumont, Frank, - The Old New Hampshire Home: a melodrama in three acts.
BOOKS045265I: Dunaway, Faye with Betsy Sharkey, - Looking for Gatsby: my life.
BOOKS021106I: Dunbar, Mary, - The Jewel Cook Book: recipes for good eating.
BOOKS029349I: Dunbar, Natalie, - Everything But Love: sensuous love stories.
BOOKS040886I: Dunbar, William, edited by W. Mackay Mackenzie, - The Poems of William Dunbar.
BOOKS042568I: Dunbar, Paul Laurence, - Joggin' Erlong.
BOOKS047378I: Dunbar, Mary, Jewel Homemakers Institute, - The Jewel Cook Book: recipes for good eating.
BOOKS053353I: Mary Dunbar, - Mary Dunbar's New Cook Book.
BOOKS046184I: Dunbar, Flanders, M.D., - Mind and Body: psychosomatic medicine.
BOOKS005277I: Duncan, Norman, - The Cruise of the Shining Light.
BOOKS013515I: Duncan, Lois, - When the Bough Breaks.
BOOKS017832I: Duncan, David James, - The River Why.
BOOKS019582I: Duncan, Cleo, - Fiddlesticks Joins the Family.
BOOKS020717I: Duncan, John Allison (member of Bar of the State of Ohio), - The Strangest Cases on Record.
BOOKS049432I: Duncan, J. W., - The Bible or Organic Evolution: the biblical hypothesis of the creation and science in perfect harmony.
BOOKS025945I: Duncan, Thomas, - How to Buy and Restore Wicker Furniture.
BOOKS027251I: Duncan, Kunigunde, - Blue Star: the story of Corabelle Fellows: teacher at Dakota missions 1884-1888.
BOOKS030095I: Duncan, Lois, - When the Bough Breaks.
BOOKS031511I: Duncan, Marie & Betty Farrell, - More Ribbon Embroidery by Machine: fantastic machine-stitched ribbon embroidery projects.
BOOKS037926I: Duncan, Mabel Stanwood, - The Poems of Mabel Stanwood Duncan.
BOOKS037941I: Duncan, David James, - The River Why.
BOOKS056750I: Duncan, David Douglas, - Self-Portrait U.S.A.: THE National Conventions - Chicago and Miami Beach.
BOOKS039289I: Duncan, Norman, - Dr. Grenfell's Parish: the deep sea fisherman.
BOOKS039858I: Duncan, Roger F., - Sailing in the Fog: The Seamanship Series.
BOOKS040395I: Duncan, Jacci, edited by, - Making Waves: the 40 greatest women in radio and television.
BOOKS040427I: Duncan, Isadora, - My Life.
BOOKS041873I: Duncan, Jennifer, - Frontier Spirit: the brave women of the Klondike.
BOOKS051181I: Duncan, Alastair, Martin Eidelberg and Neil Harris, - Masterworks of Louis Comfort Tiffany.
BOOKS047981I: Duncan, David James, - The River Why.
BOOKS052875I: Duncan, Roger F., - Friendship Sloops.
BOOKS055337I: Duncan, Dayton, - Grass Roots: one year in the life of the New Hampshire presidential primary.
BOOKS055045I: Duncan, Roger F., - Eastward: a Maine cruise in a friendship sloop.
BOOKS050216I: Duncklee, John, - I Bit the Silver Spoon (signed).
BOOKS046164I: Dunec, JoAnne, - Portage Glacier and Turnagain Arm: an interpretive guide.
BOOKS055469I: Dunham, Franklin, editor in chief, - Pictured Knowledge: volume one only.
BOOKS024074I: Dunlap, Susan, - No Immunity: a Kiernan O'Shaughnessy mystery.
BOOKS053255I: Dunlap, Jack W., Harold E. Jones, Percival M. Symunds, editors, - Journal of Educational Psychology: March, 1933, Vol. XXIV, no. 3.
BOOKS008170I: Dunlop, M. H., - Sixty Miles from Contentment: traveling the nineteenth-century American interior.
BOOKS029289I: Dunmore, Helen, - Talking to the Dead.
BOOKS038027I: Dunmore, Helen, - The Siege.
BOOKS043310I: Dunmore, Helen, - A Spell of Winter.
BOOKS049229I: Dunn, Byron A., - From Atlanta to the Sea: the Young Kentuckians series.
BOOKS007104I: Dunn, Judy, - The Little Goat.
BOOKS011836I: Dunn, Katherine, - Geek Love.
BOOKS012645I: Dunn, Jerry, edited by, - Tricks of the Trade: over 79 experts reveal the secrets behind what they do best.
BOOKS054169I: Dunn, George E., compiled by, - Gilbert & Sullivan Dictionary.
BOOKS025171I: Dunn, Ronald, - Don't Just Stand There Pray Something.
BOOKS033003I: Dunn, Joseph & P. J. Lennox, edited by, - The Glories of Ireland.
BOOKS035345I: Dunn, Michael, - The Poet's Sanctuary.
BOOKS045124I: Dunn, Nora, - Nobody's Rib: Pat Stevens, Liz Sweeney, Babette and some other women you know.
BOOKS039272I: Dunnack, Henry E., - A History of Fort McClary Memorial reprinted from "Maine Forts".
BOOKS029933I: Dunnack, Henry E., State Librarian, - Maine Forts.
BOOKS055157I: Dunnack, Henry E., State Librarian, - Maine Forts.
BOOKS002302I: Dunne, Dominick, - A Season in Purgatory.
BOOKS051458I: Dunne, F. P., - Mr. Dooley on Making a Will and Other Necessary Evils.
BOOKS021862I: Dunne, John Gregory, - Crooning: a collection.
BOOKS044709I: Dunne, Pete, David Sibley and Clay Sutton, - Hawks in Flight: the flight identification of North American migrant raptors.
BOOKS044749I: Dunne, Ida Lee, - The American HosteSS Cook Book.
BOOKS053540I: Dunnett, Kaitlyn, - The Corpse Wore Tartan: a Liss MacCrimmon Scottish mystery.
BOOKS049295I: Dunnett, Kaitlyn, - Kilt Dead: a Liss MacCrimmon mystery.
BOOKS053543I: Dunnett, Kaitlyn, - A Week Christmas Homicide: a Liss MacCrimmon Scottish mystery.
BOOKS024098I: Dunnigan, James F. & Albert A. Nofi, - Dirty Little Secrets: military information you're not supposed to know.
BOOKS007732I: Dunning, John, - The Bookman's Wake.
BOOKS017843I: Dunning, John, - The Bookman's Wake: a mystery with Cliff Janeway.
BOOKS019698I: Dunning, Stephen, Edward Lueders & Hugh Smith, compiled by, - Reflections on a Gift of Watermelon Pickle & other modern verse.
BOOKS056602I: Dunning, Joan, written and illustrated by, foreword by Robert J. Lurisema, - The Loon: voice of the wilderness.
BOOKS029345I: Dunning, John, - The Bookman's Wake.
BOOKS033182I: Dunning, Denis, editor, - Railroad Modeler magazines: Dec. 1971, Jan 1975, March 1975, April 1975, June 1975 (2 copies), July 75, Aug 1975, Sept 1975,.
BOOKS033183I: Dunning, Denis, editor, - Rail Classics magazines: May 1975, (2 copies) July 1975, Sept 1975, Nov 1975, Jan 76, March 1976. May 1976, July 1976,.
BOOKS053833I: Dunning, John, - The Bookman's Promise: a Cliff Janeway novel.
BOOKS054318I: Dunning, John, - The Sign of the Book: a Cliff Janeway novel.
BOOKS047716I: Dunning, Stephen, Edward Lueders and Hugh Smith, compiled by, - Reflections on a Gift of Watermelon Pickle...and other modern verse.
BOOKS046477I: Dunning, John, - The Bookman's Wake and Booked to Die.
BOOKS021872I: Dunninger, - What's on Your Mind?.
BOOKS028121I: Dunninger, Joseph, - Dunninger's Complete Encyclopedia of Magic.
BOOKS041823I: Dunninger, - 100 Classic Houdini Tricks You Can Do.
BOOKS028810I: Dunphy, Eamon, - Unforgettable Fire: the definitive biography of U2.
BOOKS030244I: Lord Dunsany, - Five Plays: Gods of the Mountain; Golden Doom; King Argimenes & the Unknown Warriors; Glittering Gate; The Lost Silk Hat.
BOOKS029164I: Dupee, F. W., - Henry James: The American Men of Letters Series.
BOOKS024367I: Duplaix, Georges, - Animal Stories (46 original stories by Duplaix).
BOOKS056666I: Dupont, Henry Francis - museum, - The Winterthur Story.
BOOKS046598I: Dupree, Nathalie, - Southern Memories: recipes and reminiscences.
BOOKS024546I: Dupuis, William O. with Pamela L. MacKenzie & Frederick G. Brown, - George F. and Sybil H. Fuller: their legacy.
BOOKS018702I: DuPuy, William Atherton, introduction by Edward William Nelson, - Our Animal Friends and Foes.
BOOKS047311I: Duran, Connie, - Decorating with Collectibles & Heirlooms.
BOOKS004111I: Duran, Miguel, - Don't Spit on My Corner.
BOOKS032108I: Durand, Auguste, arranged, fingered & edited by Moissaye Boguslawski, - Second Valse piano solo sheet music.
BOOKS035462I: Durand, Herbert, - Field Book of Common Ferns for identifying 50 conspicuous species of Eastern America, with directions for their culture.
BOOKS038035I: Durand, Loup, translated from French by Helen R. Lane, - The Angkor Massacre.
BOOKS006680I: Durant, John and Alice, - Pictorial History of American Ships on the high seas and inland waters.
BOOKS026994I: Durant, Will, - The Life of Greece.
BOOKS030173I: Durant, Will & Ariel, - A Dual Autobiography.
BOOKS005111I: Duras, Marguerite, translated from the French by Barbara Bray, - The War.
BOOKS022577I: Durban, Pam, - The Laughing Place.
BOOKS049513I: Durbin, William, - Journal of Sean Sullivan: a transcontinental railroad worker: My Name is America series.
BOOKS041269I: Durden, Kent, - A Fine and Peaceful Kingdom.
BOOKS043364I: Durden, Kent, - A Fine and Peaceful Kingdom.
BOOKS043453I: Durfee High School, Fall River, Massachusetts, - Record Book Yearbook 1942.
BOOKS038034I: Durham, Marilyn, - Falmbard's Confession.
BOOKS012486I: Durre, Lloyd, - The Clinch Hollow Story: an Ozark novel.
BOOKS024054I: Durrell, Lawrence & Henry Miller, edited by George Wickes, - Lawrence Durrell & Henry Miller: a private correspondence.
BOOKS025195I: Durrell, Gerald, - The Stationary Ark.
BOOKS036382I: Durrell, Gerald, - The Bafut Beagles.
BOOKS041497I: Durrell, Gerald, - Keeper.
BOOKS057090I: Durrell, Lawrence, - Livia, or Buried Alive.
BOOKS030961I: Durso, Joseph, - Casey & Mr. McGraw.
BOOKS024405I: Durston, George, - The Boy Scouts' Victory.
BOOKS024406I: Durston, George, - The Boy Scouts on the Trail.
BOOKS045636I: Durston, George, - The Boy Scouts Afloat.
BOOKS035776I: Durston, George, - The Boy Scouts to the Rescue.
BOOKS038736I: Duryea, Nina Larrey, introduction by Ralph Adams Cram, - Mallorca the Magnificent.
BOOKS049573I: van Dusen, Chris, - If I Built a Car.
BOOKS053317I: Dusseault, Guy, - Signs from Our Loved Ones - Our Son Billy.
BOOKS033676I: Gentleman with a Duster, - The Mirrors of Downing Street: some political reflections.
BOOKS037201I: A Gentleman with a Duster (Harold Begbie), - The Glass of Fashion: some social reflections.
BOOKS042822I: A Gentleman with a Duster, - Julius.
BOOKS005051I: Dutourd, Jean, translated from French by Robin Chancellor, - Pluche or the love of art.
BOOKS035188I: Dutourd, Jean, translated from French by Harold King, - The Taxis of the Marne.
BOOKS050281I: Dutta, Krishna & Andrew Robinson, - Rabindranath Tagore: the myriad-minded man.
BOOKS057367I: Dutton, Commander Benjamin, - Navigation and Nautical Astronomy.
BOOKS011638I: Dutton, Commander Benjamin Dutton, U.S. Navy, - Navigation and Nautical Astronomy.
BOOKS027644I: Dutton, Ralph, introduction by Lydia Greeves, - A Hampshire Manor: Hinton Ampner.
BOOKS030295I: Dutton, Joan Parry, - The Good Fare and Cheer of Old England.
BOOKS054438I: Dutton, Mary, - Thorpe.
BOOKS051113I: Dutton & Igor Mezhakoff-Koriakin, intro by Rosh Ireland, - Bratsk Station and other new poems.
BOOKS056184I: Dutton, Bertha P., - American Indians of the Southwest.
BOOKS049439I: Duval, Jean Jacques, - Working with Stained Glass: fundaments techniques and applications.
BOOKS055053I: Duvall, Charles T., author of The Sunshine Trail, - The Maryland Scene: a rhymed presentation in of events, people and places contributing to story of the state.
BOOKS000814I: Duveneck, Josephine Whitney. Introduction by Wallace Stegner, - Life on Two Levels - an autobiography.
BOOKS048764I: Duxbury, Brenda and Michael Williams and Colin Wilson, - King Arthur Country in Cornwall; The Search for the Real Arthur.
BOOKS046599I: Dvorak, Antonin, - Requiem Mass for Soli, Chorus and Orchestra: op. 89 (6163 Kalmus Vocal Scores).
BOOKS044243I: Dvorak, - Symphony no. 5 (handwritten in 9 and 5 crossed out) E Minor op. 95.
BOOKS005226I: Dwight Eisenhower, biographical essay by Henry A. Grunwald, - Churchill: the life triumphant.
BOOKS033158I: Dwight, M. A., - Grecian and Roman Mythology for Schools.
BOOKS054725I: Dwork, Deborah & Robert Jan Van Pelt, - Flight from the Reich: refugee Jews 1933-1946.
BOOKS022740I: Dwyer, James, - How to Do Just About Anything.
BOOKS053635I: Dybek, Stuart, - I Sailed with Magellan.
BOOKS039984I: Dye, Dan & Mark Beckloff, - Three Dog Bakery Cookbook.
BOOKS012043I: Dyer, Gwynne, - War (PBS Television Series).
BOOKS014602I: Dyer, David & David B. Sicilia, - Labors of a Modern Hercules: evolution of a chemical company.
BOOKS034344I: Dyer, Adalena F., - Songs by the Wayside.
BOOKS020631I: Dyer, Cecil, - More Recipes from the Backs of Boxes, Bottles, Cans and Jars.
BOOKS037527I: Dyer, Ceil, - The Plan-Ahead Coookbook: 300 delectable ways to use your leftovers.
BOOKS045587I: Dyer, Davis and David B. Sicilia, - Labors of a Modern Hercules: evolution of a chemical company.
BOOKS053569I: Dyer, Davis, - Rising Tide: lessons from 165 years of Brand Building at Procter & Gamble.
BOOKS056214I: Van Dyke, Dic (with Todd Gold), - Keep Moving and other tips and truths about Aging.
BOOKS050831I: Van Dyke, Henry, - Songs out of Doors.
BOOKS051624I: Van Dyke, Henry, - The Blue Flower.
BOOKS054859I: Van Dyke, Henry, - The Unknown Quantity: a book of romance and some half-told tales.
BOOKS050429I: Dyke, Tom Hart and Paul Winder, - The Cloud Garden: a true story of adventure, survival, and extreme horticulture.
BOOKS048543I: van Dyke, Henry, - The Lost Boy.
BOOKS019145I: Van Dyke, Henry, - The Valley of Vision: a book of romance & some half-told tales.
BOOKS019603I: Van Dyke, Henry, - The Story of the Other Wise Man.
BOOKS022427I: Van Dyke, Henry, - The Unknown Quantity: a book of romance & some half-told tales.
BOOKS028362I: Van Dyke, Henry, - The Story of the Other Wise Man.
BOOKS030026I: Van Dyke, Henry, - The Red Flower: poems written in war-time.
BOOKS048364I: Van Dyke, Henry, - The Valley of Vision: a book of romance & some half-told tales.
BOOKS033949I: Van Dyke, Henry, George Sidney Webster from Church of the Covenant, NY, - The Friendly Year: chosen & arranged from the works of Henry van Dyke.
BOOKS034140I: Van Dyke, Henry, - The Story of the Other Wise Man.
BOOKS035233I: Van Dyke, Henry, - Companionable Books.
BOOKS035416I: Van Dyke, Henry, - The Story of the Other Wise Man.
BOOKS048533I: Van Dyke, Henry, - The Mansion.
BOOKS050424I: Van Dyke, Henry, - The Red Flower: poems written in war time.
BOOKS046775I: Van Dyke, Henry, - The Spirit of Christmas.
BOOKS041583I: Van Dyke, Dick, - Faith, Hope and Hilarity: the child's eye view of religion.
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BOOKS025605I: Epstein, Jolie, - The Kindles Find a Home.
BOOKS041136I: Epstein, Edward Jay, - Legend: the secret world of Lee Harvey Oswald.
BOOKS053929I: Epstein,Nicky, - Knitting Block by Block.
BOOKS044611I: Epstein, Anne Merrick, - Good Stones.
BOOKS047051I: Erbsen, Wayne, - Rousing Songs and True Tales of the Civil War.
BOOKS050970I: Erckmann-Chatrian, translated from the French of, - Madame Therese; Waterloo; The Invasion of France in 1814 (2 copies on 1899); The Conscript.
BOOKS038556I: Erckmann-Chatrin, translated from French of, - The Invasion of France in 1814; The Blockage of Phalsburg; The Conscript; The Plebiscite; Madame Therese.
BOOKS006626I: Erdman, Loula Grace, - A Time to Write.
BOOKS020733I: Erdman, Paul, - Zero Coupon.
BOOKS049651I: Erdman, Cheri K., - Nothing to Lose: a guide to sane living in a larger body.
BOOKS014252I: Erdoes, Richard & Alfonso Ortiz, selected & edited by, - American Indian Myths and Legends.
BOOKS056926I: Erdrich, Louise, - Baptism of Desire - Poems.
BOOKS056482I: Erdrich, Louise, - Love Medicine.
BOOKS040741I: Erdrich, Louise, - The Last Report on the Miracles at Little No Horse.
BOOKS056479I: Erdrich, Louise (inscribed by author), - The Beet Queen.
BOOKS056328I: Erdrich, Louise, - The Bingo Palace.
BOOKS056460I: Erdrich, Louise (inscribed by author), - Tracks.
BOOKS055457I: Erdrich, Louise, - Baptism of Desire Poems.
BOOKS056928I: Erdrich, Louise, - Baptism of Desire.
BOOKS056459I: Erdrich, Louise (Inscribed by author), - Baptism of Desire: Poems.
BOOKS041445I: Eremo, Judie, edited by, - New Age Musicians from the pages of Guitar Player, Keyboard and Frets magazines.
BOOKS039086I: Erichs, Rolf, Editorial Board, - The Saab-Scandia Story.
BOOKS004114I: Erickson, A. J. - editor, - Roosevelt Album: the highlights of the life and work of the 32nd President of the United States.
BOOKS026110I: Erickson, Ben, - A Parting Gift.
BOOKS027784I: Erickson, Phoebe, - Wildwing.
BOOKS041558I: Erickson, Cary, Lois Lorentzen, - Raising the Bar: integrity and passion in life and business.
BOOKS042646I: Erickson, Carolly, - Alexandra: the last tasarina.
BOOKS048386I: Erickson, Dagny A., - Happiness Is Hindsight.
BOOKS051259I: Erickson, Ruth Linnea, - Homespun Verse (signed by author).
BOOKS029759I: Ericsson, Stephanie, - Companion through the Darkness: inner dialogues on grief.
BOOKS037180I: Ericsson, John, - Proceedings at Unveiling of Statue of John Ericsson in Potomac Park Washington, D.C. 69th Congress 1st sess. under auspices of.
BOOKS039165I: Eriewine, Michael, editor, - The VideoHound & AMG All-Movie Guide Stargazer.
BOOKS053514I: Erikson, George, - Mirrors into Rivers: poetry.
BOOKS017583I: Eris, Alfred, editor, - The FBI: a pictorial report (vol. 1, no. 1).
BOOKS007654I: Erkkila, Betsy, - Walt Whitman among the French: poet & myth.
BOOKS045125I: Erlbaum, Janice, - Girlbomb: a halfway homeless memoir.
BOOKS029785I: Erlewine, Stephen, compiled by, - The Circle Book of Charts.
BOOKS014411I: Erlich, Gloria C., - The Sexual Education of Edith Wharton.
BOOKS056733I: Erno, Richard B., - An Ultimate Retreat: a family's journey back to nature and self-renewal.
BOOKS049472I: Ernst, George A. O. of the Suffolk Bar, - The Law of Married Women in Massachusetts.
BOOKS051484I: Ernst, Patricia G., editor, - Open House: a magazine of interior design and architecture: volume 41 semiannual.
BOOKS032881I: Ernst, Theodore R., - Laughter: 1931: gems of the world's best humor.
BOOKS049448I: Erskine, Laurie Y., - Renfrew in the Valley of Vanished Men.
BOOKS017396I: Erskine, Jim & George Moran, - Lie Down and Roll Over & 159 other ways to say I love you.
BOOKS032893I: Erskine, Jim, - The Ultimate Fat Book.
BOOKS035844I: Erskine, John, selected & edited with an introduction by, - Books and Habits from the lectures of Lafcadio Hearn.
BOOKS036556I: Erskine, Laurie Y., - Renfrew's Long Trail.
BOOKS043092I: Erskine, Gladys Shaw, - Little Pepito of Central America.
BOOKS048910I: Erskine, John, - The Private Life of Helen of Troy.
BOOKS056040I: Erskine, Caldwell, - The Sure Hand of God.
BOOKS006944I: Erville, Lucienne, translated by Miriam Lear, - The Busy Baby Lion.
BOOKS010704I: Ervine, St. John G., - Some Impressions of My Elders.
BOOKS049366I: Escher, M. C., - The Graphic Work of M.C. Escher.
BOOKS035187I: Escholier, Raymond, couverture de Francois de Marliave, - Versailles aquarelies de Claude Sibra (in French).
BOOKS052115I: Escoffier, A., - The Escoffier Cook Book: a guide to the fine art of cookery.
BOOKS053573I: Escudier, Jean-Noel and Peta J. Fuller, new introduction by Paula Wolfert, - The Wonderful Food of Provence.
BOOKS005382I: Eshleman, Clayton, - Sulfur 34: Spring 1994.
BOOKS030358I: Esko, Edward & Wendy, - Macrobiotic Cooking for Everyone.
BOOKS041499I: Esko, Wendy, foreword by Michio Kushi, - Aveline Kushi's Introducing Macrobiotic Cooking, foreword by Michio Kushi.
BOOKS048746I: Esko, Edward & Wendy, - Macrobiotic Cooking for Everyone.
BOOKS055056I: Esler, L. A., - Presidents of Our United States.
BOOKS056334I: Eslick, Tom, - Tracked in the Whites.
BOOKS038596I: Espaillat, Rhina P., - Where Horizons Go.
BOOKS006599I: Espeland, Pamela, - The Story of Cadmus.
BOOKS044413I: Esper, George and The Associated Press, - The Eyewitness History of the Vietnam War 1961-1975.
BOOKS046828I: Esposito, Mary Ann, - Ciao Italia: traditional Italian recipes from family kitchens: companion cookbook to the series seen nationally on public TV.
BOOKS037677I: introduction by Dwight D. Eisenhower editor Gen Vincent Esposito, - The West Point Atlas of American Wars: 2 volumes:I) 1689-1900 II) 1900-1953.
BOOKS030202I: Espy, Willard, - Oysterville: roads to grandpa's village.
BOOKS018212I: Esquirel, Laura, - Like Water for Chocolate.
BOOKS018773I: Esquivel, Laura, translated by Margaret Sayers Peden, - The Law of Love.
BOOKS004408I: Esstman, Barbara, - Night Ride Home.
BOOKS042127I: Esstman, teleplay by Ronald Parker and Darrah Cloud, - Night Ride Home video.
BOOKS039156I: Esterberg, Joy, - Joy: poems of an average American woman.
BOOKS055506I: Estes, Richard D., - The Safari Companion: a guide to watching African mammals.
BOOKS014645I: Estes, Eleanor, - The Hundred Dresses.
BOOKS024037I: Estes, Eleanor, - The Hundred Dresses.
BOOKS053671I: Estes, J. Worth and David M. Goodman (signed by co-author David Goodman), - The Changing Humors of Portsmouth: the medical biography of an American Town 1623-1983.
BOOKS010662I: Estoril, Jean, - Drina's Dancing Year #2.
BOOKS033006I: manuscript w/preface & notes by Frederick A. Pottle etc, - Boswell's Journal of A Tour to the Hebrides.
BOOKS034262I: By author of "A Woman's Secret etc., - The New Home: or, wedded life; its duties, cares, and pleasures.
BOOKS036876I: "Heartsease" etc., - Hopes and Fears; (vol. 1 only) or, scenes from the life of a spinster.
BOOKS017982I: Etchison, Dennis, - Shadow Man: a novel of menance.
BOOKS044249I: Ethell, Jeffrey L., - Fifty Classic Warbirds: Warbirds Illustrated no. 40.
BOOKS032198I: Etheridge, Melissa, - The Truth life in love and music.
BOOKS032876I: Ethridge, Willie Snow, - This Little Pig Stayed Home.
BOOKS014491I: Ettorre, Elizabeth & Elianne Riska, - Gendered Moods: psychotropics and society.
BOOKS017327I: Eubank, Judith, - Crossover.
BOOKS048294I: Eugene, Sister Mary, foreword by Rev. James J. Daly, - King of the Hill and Other Poems.
BOOKS043167I: Eugenides, Jeffrey, - Middlesex.
BOOKS054013I: Eugenides, Jeffrey, - The Virgin Suicides.
BOOKS019468I: Evanoff, Vlad, - Fresh Water Fishing Rigs.
BOOKS031680I: Evanovich, Janet, - To the Nines.
BOOKS034328I: Evanovich, Janet, - To the Nines.
BOOKS050237I: Evans, Eva Knox, - Emma Belle and Her Kinfolks.
BOOKS046596I: Evans, Tony, and Candida Lycett Green, introduction by John Betjeman, - English Cottages.
BOOKS002479I: Evans, Nicholas, - The Horse Whisperer.
BOOKS005669I: Evans, Richard Paul, - The Christmas Box.
BOOKS008674I: Evans, Nicholas, - The Loop.
BOOKS008869I: Evans, Richard Paul, - Timepiece.
BOOKS011363I: Evans, Kaye, - Picture Frames in an afternoon.
BOOKS011882I: Evans, Nicholas, - The Loop.
BOOKS012594I: Evans, Nicholas, - The Horse Whisperer.
BOOKS012890I: Evans, Elizabeth, - May Sarton (Twayne's United States Authors Series).
BOOKS018946I: Evans, A. R., - Wilfred Grenfell.
BOOKS019626I: Evans, Derek & Dave Fuolwiler, - Who's Nobody in America: are you a nobody? can you prove it?.
BOOKS029439I: Evans, Nicholas, - The Smoke Jumper.
BOOKS030296I: Evans, Michele, - Fearless Cooking for One.
BOOKS030565I: Evans, Lawton B., - Heroes of Troy.
BOOKS031949I: Evans, Harold, Brian Jackman & Mark Ottaway, The Sunday Times, - We Learned to Ski.
BOOKS032914I: Evans, Bergen, - The Natural History of Nonsense.
BOOKS033184I: Evans, Martin, editor, - Model Engineer magazine, vol. 137, no. 3428, Nov. 5, 1971.
BOOKS055305I: Evans, Aaron, - The Emerging Daniel Company.
BOOKS039903I: Evans, Robley D., - A Sailor's Log: recollections of forty years of naval life.
BOOKS041921I: Evans, Nicholas, - The Loop.
BOOKS042442I: Evans, Richard Paul, - The Locket.
BOOKS048900I: Evans, Hubert, - O Time in Your Flight.
BOOKS048785I: Evans-Daly, Laurie & David C. Gordon, Framingham Historical Society, - Framingham: Images of America.
BOOKS053453I: Evans, Tony and Candida Lycett Green, - English Cottages.
BOOKS044860I: Evelegh, Tessa, - A Year in the Country: inspirational creations using Nature's seasonal bounty.
BOOKS052047I: Evening Guild, New Gloucester, Maine, - Cooking with Evening Guild.
BOOKS053303I: Everett, Rupert, - Vanished Years.
BOOKS026368I: Everett, Felicity & Paula Woods, - Design & Decorate Your Room: an Usborne Guide.
BOOKS028351I: Everett, Wright, - "How Were Things at the Office?" (Coffee Break Edition).
BOOKS033163I: Everett, T.H., - Woodland Flowers: a companion book to Field Flowers.
BOOKS035130I: Esson & Thomas H. Everett, - Favorite Flowers in Color.
BOOKS050572I: Everett Hale, Rev. Charles H. Parkhurst et al, - Our Elder Brother: his biography.
BOOKS048460I: Everhart, Jim, - The Illustrated Texas Dictionary of the English Language: volume two and volume three.
BOOKS011947I: Everitt, Betsy, - TV Dinner.
BOOKS003576I: Evers, Alf, - There's No Such Animal.
BOOKS013615I: Evers, Alf, - The Brave Little Steam Shovel.
BOOKS029238I: Evers-Williams, Myrlie with Melinda Blau, - Watch Me Fly: what I learned on the way to becoming the woman I was mean to be.
BOOKS028913I: Everson, William K., - The Art of W. C. Fields.
BOOKS054824I: author of Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, - The Lady & Sons Savannah Country Cookbook and Lady & Sons Too.
BOOKS047938I: Evrard, Gwen, - Homespun Crafts from Scraps.
BOOKS049736I: Ewald, Paul W., - Plague Time: how stealth infections cause cancers, heart disease, and other deadly ailments.
BOOKS029623I: Ewing, Juliana Horatia, - The Peace Egg and a Christmas Mumming Play.
BOOKS033352I: Ewing, Claude H. & Harry A. Harris, - Practical Instruction for Paper Hanging: complete textbook covering tools, processes & elements for hanging paper etc..
BOOKS019245I: Excell, E. O., - Triumphant Songs no. 3.
BOOKS029563I: Excell, E. O., - Praises: sing praises to our God; sing praises to our King.
BOOKS030362I: Farmers Exchange, - Eastern States Farmers Handbook 1950.
BOOKS020444I: Exley, Helen, - Birds: a celebration in words and paintings.
BOOKS052445I: Expedition, foreword by Jon Krakauer, - High Exposure: an enduring passion for Everest and unforgiving places.
BOOKS048808I: Louisiana Purchase Exposition, - Sights, Scenes and Wonders at the World's Fair: official book of views of the Louisiana Purchase Exposition.
BOOKS037985I: Birds Eye, - Birds Eye Cook Book: tempting recipes for good meals.
BOOKS023117I: Eyman, Scott, - Mary Pickford: from here to Hollywood.
BOOKS007621I: Eynsbergen, Arnold C., - Thoughts.
BOOKS053452I: Eyre, Richard and Nicholas Wright, - Changing Stges: a view of British and American theatre in the 20th century.
BOOKS030748I: Fabelson, Robert S., foreword by Stephen Fay, - View from a Bob.
BOOKS012955I: Faber, Doris, - The Life of Lorena Hickok: E. R.'s friend.
BOOKS023115I: Faber, David with James D. Kitchen, - Because of Romek.
BOOKS033447I: Faber, Harold, edited by, - The Road to the White House: the story of the 1964 election by the staff of the New York Times.
BOOKS033729I: Faber, Lorney, - Next Year Country.
BOOKS048818I: Faber, Doris, - The Life of Lorena Hickok: E.R.'s friend.

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