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BOOKS047142I: Cecil, Lord Martin (Bishop), - The Longing of Your Heart and Religion and Prejudice.
BOOKS040787I: Cecil, David, - The Cecils of Hatfield House: an English ruling family.
BOOKS055017I: Cela, Camilo Jose, translated by Patricia Haugaard, - Mazurka for Two Dead Men.
BOOKS032073I: Celine, Sister Mary, - A Woman of Unity: a biography of Mother Lurana of Graymoor.
BOOKS055293I: Cell, John W., History Dept., Duke University, - The Highest Stage of White Supremacy: the origins of segregation in South Africa and the American South.
BOOKS045384I: Centennial Committee, United Methodist Church, Merrimacport, Massachusetts, - UMC Merrimacport, Massachusetts, Centennial Year 1975, Souvenir Booklet.
BOOKS057112I: Center, a Roman Catholic theologian, - Witness to Hope: the biogaphy of Pope John Paul II.
BOOKS050020I: Father Hayes Center, - Father Hayes Center for the Community: 10th anniversary cookbook.
BOOKS011420I: Lawrence Center, - Capital Connoisseur.
BOOKS018915I: Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, - Cancer Free: the comprehensive cancer prevention program.
BOOKS030665I: Center for Action on Endangered Species, compiled by, - The Whalebook: a conservation manual, source book, teaching tool.
BOOKS045357I: Center, - Walt Kuhn: an imaginary history of the west.
BOOKS052393I: Rockefeller Center, - The Story of Rockefeller Center: souvenir of Rockefeller Center Guided Tour.
BOOKS040765I: Centlivre, Susanna, edited by Nancy Copeland, - A Bold Stroke for a Wife.
BOOKS031024I: Central Hudson Gas & Electric Corp., et al, - Environmental Considerations for Overhead Transmission Lines.
BOOKS045268I: Centre, Nova Soctia, Canada, - The Sugar Bush Connection: maple cookery.
BOOKS002056I: Ceram, C. W., - The First American: a story of North American Archaeology.
BOOKS032175I: Ceram, C. W., translated from German by Richard & Clara Winston, - The Secret of the Hittites: the discovery of an ancient empire.
BOOKS041241I: Cerf, Bennett, - At Random: reminiscences.
BOOKS053487I: Cernuschi, Claude, - Jackson Pollock: maning and significance.
BOOKS036777I: Cerny, Dr. Walter, - A Field Guide in Color to Birds.
BOOKS001489I: Cerullo, Morris, - The Back Side of Satan.
BOOKS041411I: Cescinsky, Herbert & George Leland Hunter, - English and American Furniture.
BOOKS028223I: Chabon, Michael, - The Mysteries of Pittsburgh.
BOOKS035528I: Chabon, Michael, - Wonder Boys VHS video with Michael Douglas, Tobey Maguire, Frances McDormand, Katie Holmes & Robert Downey Jr..
BOOKS050220I: Chabon, Michael, - The Yiddish Policemen's Union.
BOOKS050439I: Chabot, Frederick C., - The Alamo: mission, fortress, and shrine.
BOOKS051028I: Chace, Arthur F., - Precision Cruising.
BOOKS055965I: Chadbourne, Earlene Ahlquist, - The Pearl Collecion.
BOOKS051721I: Chadbourne Ava Harriet, Prof. Emeritus Ed, University of Maine, - Maine Place Names and the peopling of its towns Penobscot County.
BOOKS052946I: Chadwick, Whitney and Isabelle de Courtivron, edited by, - Significant Others: creativity and intimate partnership.
BOOKS014716I: Chafe, William H., - Women and Equality: changing patterns in American culture.
BOOKS017032I: Chafe, William H., - The American Woman: her changing social, economic, & political roles, 1920-1970.
BOOKS037888I: Chafe, William H., - Never Stop Running: Allard Lowenstein and the struggle to save American liberalism.
BOOKS019346I: Chaffee, Allen, - Unexplored with the Forest Rangers of the Northwest.
BOOKS031289I: Chaffee, Allen, - Trail and Tree Top.
BOOKS039006I: Chaffee, Helen, - Leisure Lines.
BOOKS023776I: Chagnon, Napoleon A., - Yanomamo: the fierce people.
BOOKS043267I: Chagnon, Napoleon A., - Yanomamo: case studies in cultural anthropology.
BOOKS050070I: Chahin, M., - Before the Greeks.
BOOKS018540I: Chaitow, Dr. Leon, - The Body/Mind Purification Program: how to be healthy in a polluted world.
BOOKS051725I: Chalmers, Laurie, Barbara Cohen, Phil Goepel, - Bridgton Academy Writing Handbook.
BOOKS007577I: Chalmers, Irena, - Irena Chalmers' All-Time Favorites: a lifetime of recipes for the first-time cook.
BOOKS034649I: Chalmers, Aldie, - The Fantastic Book of In-Line Skating.
BOOKS042086I: Chalmers, Irena, - An Edible Christmas.
BOOKS043184I: Chalmers, Irena, - Equipping the Kitchen.
BOOKS043855I: Chalmers, Irena, - Napkins Folds.
BOOKS036957I: Chalmers, Mary, - Come to the Doctor, Harry.
BOOKS042348I: Chalmers, Mary, - Come to the Doctor, Harry.
BOOKS055370I: Chamberlain, Basil Hall, - Handbook of Colloquial Japanese.
BOOKS053048I: Chamberlain, Samuel, - Old Marblehead: a camera impression.
BOOKS053047I: Chamberlain, Samuel, - Lexington and Concord: a camera impression.
BOOKS010884I: Chamberlain, Wilt & David Shaw, - Wilt: just like any other 7-foot black millionaire who lives next door.
BOOKS022884I: Chamberlain, George Agnew, - Rackhouse.
BOOKS030964I: Chamberlain, Samuel. Intro by Donald Moffat., - The New England Scene: a camera profile.
BOOKS033691I: Chamberlain, Samuel, - Open House in New England.
BOOKS036454I: Chamberlain, Samuel, - Open House in New England.
BOOKS038261I: Chamberlain, Samuel, introduction by Donald Moffat., - Ever New England.
BOOKS038747I: Chamberlain, Samuel, foreword by Donald Moffat, - France Will Live Again: the portrait of peaceful interlude 1919-1939.
BOOKS039083I: Chamberlain, Narcissa, - Old Rooms for New Living: collection of early American interiors for today's living.
BOOKS039794I: Chamberlain, Samuel, - Open House in New England.
BOOKS040826I: Chamberlain, Samuel, - Beyond New England Threshholds.
BOOKS041771I: Chamberlain, Richard, - Shattered Love: a memoir.
BOOKS044805I: Chamberlain, Joseph S., edited by, advisory editor C. A. Browne, - Chemistry in Agriculture: a cooperative work intended to give examples of the contributions made to agriculture by chemistry.
BOOKS052120I: Chamberlain, Samuel, - Nantucket: a camera impression.
BOOKS051141I: Chamberlin, Brewster and Marcia Feldman, editors, - The Liberation of the Nazi Concentration Camps 1945: eyewitness accounts of the liberators.
BOOKS034447I: Chamberlin, Ann, - Reign of the Favored Women.
BOOKS043579I: Chamberlin, Rollin T., - The Appalachian Folds of Central Pennsylvania: reprinted from the Journal of Geology April-May 1920.
BOOKS043583I: Chamberlin, R. T. and W. Z. Miller, University of Chicago, - Low Angle Faulting: The Journal of Geology January-February 1918: vol. XXVI, number 1.
BOOKS043585I: Chamberlin, Rollin T., University of Chicago, - Diastrophism and the Formative Processes. VII: Periodicity of Paleozoic Orogenic Movements.
BOOKS043587I: Chamberlin, Rollin T., University of Chicago, - The Building of the Colorado Rockies.
BOOKS044960I: Chamberlin, William Henry, - Russia's Iron Age.
BOOKS000405I: Chamberlin, Frederick, - Around the World in Ninety Days - A Books of Travels.
BOOKS048033I: Chamberlin, s. and J. Pollock, - Fences, Gates & Walls: how to design and build.
BOOKS050821I: Chambers, W., - Chambers's Miscellaneous Questions with Answers embracing science, literature, arts, etc..
BOOKS012355I: Chambers, Oswald, - My Utmost for His Highest: the golden book of Oswald Chambers: selections for the year.
BOOKS014571I: Chambers, Reverend Arthur, - Our Life After Death or the teaching of the Bible concerning the unseen world.
BOOKS023222I: Chambers, Captain Ernest J., - The Royal North-West Mounted Police: a corps history: 1906 facsimile.
BOOKS027263I: Chambers, Whitman, - The Coast of Intrigue.
BOOKS032602I: Chambers, James, - The Devil's Horsemen: the Mongol invasion of Europe.
BOOKS034805I: Chambers, Howard V., compiled by, - An Occult Dictionary for the Millions.
BOOKS039518I: Chambers, Galen, - Lake Beatrice Factors (Inscribed by author).
BOOKS056847I: Chamoux, Francois, preface by Professor Andre Chastel, - Greek Art: The Pallas Library of Art.
BOOKS039966I: Champion, - Illustrated Motor Cars of the World from 1770 to present day.
BOOKS010941I: Chancellor, John (antiquarian bookseller & publisher), - Audubon.
BOOKS048453I: Chandlee, Will H., - Mother Goose in Washington.
BOOKS010124I: Chandler, Edna Walker, - Cattle Drive.
BOOKS013670I: Chandler, Janet Carncross, - Why Flowers Bloom.
BOOKS017226I: Chandler, Janet Carncross, - Why Flowers Bloom.
BOOKS022709I: Chandler, Rachel, - The Most Important Lessons in Life: letters to a young girl.
BOOKS035271I: Chandler, Florence Adelaide Littlefield, - Chandler Family Cookbook.
BOOKS056550I: Chandler Harris, Collection, Emory University, - Joel Chandler Harris (Uncle Remus) Plantation storyteller.
BOOKS053627I: Chandler, Elizabeth and Joanne Donahue, compiled by, - Quality Quilting Quarters: a guide to America's fabric shops.
BOOKS055215I: Chandler, Charlotte, introduction by director George Cukor, - I Know Where I'm Going: Katherine Hepburn, a personal biography.
BOOKS048409I: Chandler, Frank W. and Richard A. Cordell, edtied by, - Twentieth Century Plays Continental.
BOOKS009502I: Chaney, Lindsay and Michael Cieply, - The Hearsts: family & empire the later years.
BOOKS055670I: Chaney, Michael P., - White Pine on the Saco River: an oral history of river driving in southern Maine.
BOOKS050442I: Chaney, Michael P., - White Pine on the Saco River: an oral history of river driving in southern Maine.
BOOKS005754I: Chang, Ina, - A Separate Battle: women and the Civil War.
BOOKS049658I: Chang, Jung, - Wild Swans: three daughters of China.
BOOKS033294I: Chang, Jung, - Wild Swans: three daughters of China.
BOOKS043791I: changes by Robert L. Shaffer, University Herbarium, - The Mushroom Handbook.
BOOKS017490I: Chanin, Myra, - Mother Wonderful's Profuselly Illustrated Guide to the Proper Preparation of Chicken Soup Jewish Pencillin.
BOOKS038190I: Chaning, Marion L., with notes by, - Laura Russell Remembers: an Old Plymouth manuscript.
BOOKS035639I: Channing, Wm. Henry (Illus by Mary Engelbreit), - My Symphony.
BOOKS027491I: Chant, Christopher, - Aviation Record Breakers: innovations in modern flight technology.
BOOKS028557I: Chant, Christopher, - Boeing: the world's greatest planemakers.
BOOKS057044I: Chant, Christopher, - World War II.
BOOKS001331I: Chapel, Charles Edward, 1st Lt., U.S. Marine Corps, Retired, - Simplified Rifle Shooting.
BOOKS007737I: Chapel, Charles Edward, - Guns of the Old West.
BOOKS025455I: Chapel, Charles Edward, - Fingerprinting: a manual of identification.
BOOKS003732I: Chapelle, Howard I., - The History of American Sailing Ships.
BOOKS049625I: Chapelle, Howard I., - The History of the American Sailing Navy: the ships and their development.
BOOKS035541I: Chapin, Tom, - This Pretty Planet: Tom Chapin Live in Concert VHS video with special guests Jon Cobert & Michael Mark.
BOOKS038808I: Chapin, Henry, - A Countdown at Eighty: an American perspective.
BOOKS041214I: Chapin, Henry, introduction by Josephine Jacobsen, - The Haunt of Time.
BOOKS043345I: Chapin, Henry, - To the End of West.
BOOKS019783I: Chapkis, Wendy, - Beauty Secrets: women and the politics of appearance.
BOOKS046303I: Chaplain Corps, U.S. Navy, - The Hatchet of the United States Ship "George Washington".
BOOKS030516I: Chaplin, Patrice, - Albany Park: a story of Bohemian adventure & obsessive love: a memoir.
BOOKS039128I: Chaplin, Gordon, - Dark Wind: a survivor's tale of love and loss.
BOOKS001227I: Chapman, Charles F. - Editor of Motor Boating, - Boat Maintenance Afloat and Ashore, Part III: complete guide to Upkeep, Overhaul, Buying, Selling, Repair, Imp. of Boats, Motors.
BOOKS001810I: Chapman, Walker, - The Loneliest Continent: the story of Antarctic discovery.
BOOKS001812I: Chapman, Ervin S., - Particeps Criminis.
BOOKS001866I: Chapman, W. G., - Track Topics - a book of railway engineering for boys of all ages.
BOOKS001867I: Chapman, W. G., - Loco's of "The Royal Road" - a new railway locomotive book for boys of all ages.
BOOKS002420I: Chapman, Walker, - The Loneliest Continent: the story of Antarctic Discovery.
BOOKS002430I: Chapman, Walker, - The Loneliest Continent: the story of Antarctic Discovery.
BOOKS003610I: Chapman, Rev. J. Wilbur DD and W. S. Weeden, - Choice Hymns No. 1.
BOOKS018466I: Chapman, Sally Putnam, - Whistled Like a Bird: the untold story of Dorothy Putnam, George Putnam, & Amelia Earhart.
BOOKS024426I: Chapman, William P., - The Young Minuteman: a story of the capture of General Prescott in 1777 (Young Patriot Series).
BOOKS025373I: Chapman, Joseph A., Charles J. Henny & Howard M. Wright, - The Status, Population Dynamics, and Harvest of the Dusky Canada Goose: Wildlife Monograph #18.
BOOKS055815I: Chapman, Angie H, - Windjammer Bride.
BOOKS035109I: Chapman, Frances, - Time for Tea: poems.
BOOKS037334I: Chapman, Frank M., - The Warblers of North America.
BOOKS039256I: Chapman, A. T., - Sights and Shrines: an illustrated guide to Montreal.
BOOKS039970I: Chapman, Herman H., M.F., Sc.D., - Forest Management.
BOOKS041938I: Chapman, Allen, - Fred Fenton the Pitcher or the rivals of Riverport School.
BOOKS042536I: Chapman, Rev. T. C., Jr., - Conway.
BOOKS043261I: Chapman, Walker, - The Loneliest Continent: the story of Antarctic discovery.
BOOKS057127I: Chapman, Emma, - How to Be a Good Wife - A Novel.
BOOKS048014I: Chapnik, David, translated and with his own commentary plus M, - Sensual Manual: original guide to the joys and ectasy of lovemaking and The Sensuous Man.
BOOKS052678I: Chapone, Mrs., - The Works of Mrs. Chapone: 2 volumes (One is volume I and II missing title page for I, the other is volume III & IV).
BOOKS038784I: Chappell, George S. & Ridgely Hunt, - The Gardener's Friend and Other Pests.
BOOKS047005I: Chappell, co-founder and CEO of Tom's of Maine, - Managing Upside Down: seven intentions of values-centered leadership (inscribed by author).
BOOKS033804I: Chapple, Joe Mitchell, - "We'll Stick": C'est la Guerre" (It is the War): a voice from soldiers & sailors overseas - people & places visited in war etc.
BOOKS042235I: chapters by Edward Brown, Joseph Ermene & Alvin Converse, - The First Hundred Years of the Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth College.
BOOKS018282I: Char, Tin-Yuke, - The Bamboo Path: life & writiings of a Chinese in Hawaii.
BOOKS040428I: Chardin, Pierre Teilhard de, preface by Henri de Lubac, - Letters from Egypt 1905-1906.
BOOKS055250I: De Chardin, Teilhard, introduction by Sir Julian Huxley, - The Phenomenon of Man.
BOOKS045793I: de Chardin, Pierre Teilhard, - Letters from a Traveller.
BOOKS044753I: Editor in charge, Mimi Sheraton Historical Consultant, - The Horizon Cookbook and illustrated history of eating and drinking through the ages: complete in one volume.
BOOKS056324I: Gaines. Charles, - A Family Place - a man returns to the center of his life. UNCORRECED ADVANCE PROOf.
BOOKS008623I: Breed. Charles B., - Surveying.
BOOKS015745I: Charles, Donald, - Letters from Calico Cat.
BOOKS041970I: Charles, Alice E., - The Hills of Home.
BOOKS054061I: Charles, Rebecca of Pearl Oyster Bar and Deborah DiClementi, - Lobster Rolls & Blueberry Pie: three generations of recipes and stories from summers on the Coast of Maine.
BOOKS047962I: Charles, Elizabeth Rundle, - Draytons and the Davenants: a story of the Civil War.
BOOKS056998I: Simic Charles, - Hotel Insomnia: poems.
BOOKS053393I: Charles G. D. Roberts, Alfred Henry Lewis, Frank P. Stockbridge, - Cosmopolitan Magazine: vol. LIV, December 1912, no.1, January, 1913, no.2; February no.3; March 1913, no.4 April 1913 May 1913.
BOOKS053586I: Charles, Kate, - Secret Sins.
BOOKS006670I: Charlestown, SC, - On the Towne: Charleston's Magazine 1984-85.
BOOKS006131I: Charlip, Remy & Lilian Moore, - Hooray for Me!.
BOOKS026858I: Charlton, James, editor, - Contemporary Cooking: vols 1, 2 & 3.
BOOKS027806I: Charlton, Jim, - Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How of Baseball.
BOOKS034249I: Charlton, Warwick, - The Second Mayflower Adventure.
BOOKS041527I: Charlton, James & Barbara Gilson, edited by, - A Christmas Treasury.
BOOKS025682I: Charniak, Eugene & Drew McDermott, - Introduction to Artificial Intelligence.
BOOKS033800I: Charnwood, Lord, - Theodore Roosevelt.
BOOKS049015I: Charter, Anne Goddard, - Cowboys Don't Walk: a tale of two.
BOOKS054644I: Charteris, Leslie, - The Saint in Miami.
BOOKS018537I: Charteris, Leslie, - Saint Overboard.
BOOKS018538I: Charteris, Leslie, - The Saint Intervenes.
BOOKS056571I: Charters, Ann, foreword by Allen Ginsberg, - Jack Kerouac: a biography.
BOOKS056569I: Charters, Ann, foreword by Allen Ginsberg, - Jack Kerouac: a biography.
BOOKS031800I: Charyn, Jerome, - Metropolis: New York as myth, marketplace, and magical land.
BOOKS055971I: Chase, Mary Ellen, - The White Gate - adventures in the imagination of a child.
BOOKS055961I: Chase, Mary Ellen, - Uplands.
BOOKS051613I: Chase, Mary Ellen, - The Fishing Fleets of New England: North Star Books.
BOOKS001662I: Chase, Ilka, - Fresh from the Laundry: from Shipka to Jayce - travel adventures in the Balkans.
BOOKS007557I: Chase, Mary Ellen & editors of Look, - Look at America: New England: a handbook in pictures, maps and text for the vacationist, traveler & stay-at-home.
BOOKS007863I: Chase, A. Elizabeth, - Famous Paintings: an introduction to art.
BOOKS008745I: Chase, Helen, - Flower Arranging: a practical guide to arranging fresh and dried flowers.
BOOKS053258I: Chase, Mary Ellen, - The White Gate: adventures in the imagination of a child.
BOOKS010612I: Chase, Mary Jane, - Rock-a-Bye Baby and other nursery rhymes.
BOOKS048315I: Chase, Mary Ellen, - Windswept.
BOOKS020569I: Chase, Mary Ellen, - A Goodly Fellowship.
BOOKS021728I: Chase, Mary Ellen, - The Fishing Fleets of New England.
BOOKS025162I: Chase, Mary Ellen, - Life and Language in the Old Testament.
BOOKS025880I: Chase, Mary Ellen, - The Edge of Darkness.
BOOKS030283I: Chase, Chris, - The Great American Waistline: putting it on and taking it off.
BOOKS031393I: Chase, Agnes, et al, - Old and New Plant Lore: a symposium: v. 11 of Smithsonian Science Series.
BOOKS032614I: Chase, Robert, Emily Hill & Paul Kennedy, editors, - The Pivotal States: a new framework for U.S. policy in the developing world.
BOOKS032984I: Chase, Mary Ellen, - This England.
BOOKS035170I: Chase, Mary Ellen, - The Plum Tree.
BOOKS036069I: Chase, Warren (1813-1891), - The Life-Line of the Lone One; or, autobiography of the world's child.
BOOKS036227I: Chase, Virginia, edited by Margaret Shea, - Speaking of Maine: selections from the writings of Virginia Chase.
BOOKS037239I: Chase, Elaine Raco & Anne Wingate, - Amateur Detectives: a writer's guide to how private citizens solve criminal cases.
BOOKS050369I: Chase, John, Daniel P. Gregory, - The Sidewalk Companion to Santa Cruz Architecture.
BOOKS038164I: Chase, Frank H., Ph.D., Reference Librarian, Boston Public Library, - The Boston Public Library Handbook: a handbook to the library building, its mural decorations and its collections.
BOOKS039101I: Chase, Ilka, - Fresh from the Laundry: from Shipka to Jayce - travel adventures in the Balkans.
BOOKS055835I: Chase, Mary Ellen, - The Plum Tree.
BOOKS042891I: Chase, Mary Ellen, - Jonathan Fisher Maine Parson 1768-1847.
BOOKS043767I: Chase, Mary Ellen, - Mary Peters.
BOOKS006276I: Chase, Mary Ellen, - Windswept.
BOOKS050842I: Chase, Mary Ellen, - Jonathan Fisher: Maine parson 1768-1847.
BOOKS055966I: Chase, Mary Ellen, - A Journey to Boston.
BOOKS055704I: Chase, Mary Ellen, - Mary Christmas.
BOOKS055969I: Chase, Mary Ellen, - The Girl from the Big Horn country.
BOOKS055972I: Chase, Mary Ellen, - The Edge of Darkness.
BOOKS055970I: Chase, Mary Ellen, - Virginia of Elk Creek Valley.
BOOKS052474I: Chase, Sarah Leah, - Cold-Weather Cooking.
BOOKS011847I: Chasin, Helen, - Casting Stones.
BOOKS040846I: Chasins, Abram with Villa Stiles, - The Van Cliburn Legend.
BOOKS028187I: Chastain, Sherry, - Winning the Salary Game: salary negotiation for women.
BOOKS039730I: Chaston, Peter R., - Terror from the Skies!.
BOOKS047682I: Chataigneau, Gerard & Steve Milton, - Figureskating Now: Olympic and world stars.
BOOKS011751I: Chatfield, Hale, - What Color Are Your Eyes?.
BOOKS009799I: Erckmann-Chatrian, - The Conscript: a story of the French War of 1813.
BOOKS009800I: Erckmann-Chatrian, - The Blockage of Phalsburg: an episode of the end of the empire.
BOOKS009801I: Erckmann-Chatrian, - The Plebiscite or a miller's story of the war by one of the 7,500,000 who voted "Yes".
BOOKS009802I: Erckmann-Chatrian, - Waterloo: a sequel to the conscript of 1813.
BOOKS009803I: Erckmann-Chatrian, - The Invasion of France in 1814.
BOOKS009804I: Erckmann-Chatrian, - Madame Therese or the Volunteers of '92.
BOOKS002949I: Chatterton, Pauline, - Coordinated Crafts for the Home.
BOOKS011933I: Chatterton, Pauline, - Coordinated Crafts for the Home: more than 80 complete patterns for rugs, afghans, pillows, wall hangings, place mats.
BOOKS032686I: Chatterton, E. Keble, - Sailing Ships and Their Story.
BOOKS038975I: Chattopadhyaya, Harindrnath, - The Dark Well.
BOOKS003978I: Chaucer, edited by F.N. Robinson, - The Complete Works of Geoffrey Chaucer.
BOOKS044362I: Chaucer, Geoffrey, translated into Modern English by Frank Erneste Hill, - The Canterbury Tales: the Prologue and Four Tales and the Book of the Duchess and Six Lyrics.
BOOKS046091I: Chauncey B. Tinker, Prof of Eng Lit, Yale, edited & intro. by, - Select Translations from Old English Poetry.
BOOKS041932I: Chauveau, Dominique, - Simply Superb Cookbook.
BOOKS057191I: Chauvette, Roger, - The Miracle of Enfield: A Vale Chosen by God For Himself.
BOOKS004337I: Chavchavadze, Paul, - Marie Avinov: pilgrimage through hell, an autobiography told by Chavchavadze.
BOOKS014587I: Chavez, Linda, - Out of the Barrio: toward a new politics of Hispanic assimilation.
BOOKS028547I: Chavkin, Allan & Nancy Feyl Chavkin, edited by, - Conversations with Louise Erdrich & Michael Dorris.
BOOKS006697I: Cheavens, Martha, - Crosswinds.
BOOKS052993I: Cheek, Roland, - Learning to Talk Bear so bears can listen.
BOOKS055187I: Cheerio (signed), - The Story of Cheerio by Himself.
BOOKS008993I: Cheetham, Nicolas, - Keepers of the Keys: a history of the Popes from St. Peter to John Paul II.
BOOKS009827I: Cheetham, Erika, translated, edited & introduced by, - The Prophecies of Nostradamus.
BOOKS000472I: Cheever, John, - Bullet Park.
BOOKS000512I: Cheever, Benjamin, Ed, - The Letters of John Cheever.
BOOKS025778I: Cheever, John, - The Brigadier and the Gold Widow.
BOOKS025782I: Cheever, John, - Falconer.
BOOKS042380I: Cheever, Benjamin, - The Good Nanny.
BOOKS055170I: Cheever, Susan, - Louisa May Alcott: a personal biography.
BOOKS055363I: Cheever, John, - The Journals of John Cheever.
BOOKS055064I: Cheever, Byron, - North American Decoys.
BOOKS042584I: Mystery Chef, - The Mystery Chef's Own Cook Book.
BOOKS042820I: Mystery Chef, - The Mystery Chef's Own Cook Book.
BOOKS051079I: world's famous chefs, - The International Cook Book.
BOOKS039620I: world's famous chefs, - The International Cook Book.
BOOKS019341I: Chekhov, Anton, - Motley Tales and a Play (New York Library Collector's Editions).
BOOKS022074I: Chekhov, Anton, translated & with introduction by Frances H. Jones, - St. Peter's Day and other tales.
BOOKS029730I: Chekhov, Anton, introduction by John Gielgud, - Two Plays of Anton Chekhov: The Cherry Orchard: Three Sisters.
BOOKS056063I: Chekhov, Anton, - Plays.
BOOKS033965I: Chellis, Marcia, - Ordinary Women, Extraordinary Lives: how to overcome adversity and achieve posstive change in your life.
BOOKS037847I: Chen, Chauncey, - Dynamic Chikung including projects "Bring Heaven to Earth" and "Complete Democracy in the USA".
BOOKS042342I: Chen, Jack, - The Sinkiang Story.
BOOKS010378I: Chenery, Janet, - Wolfie.
BOOKS033690I: Chenery, Janet, - Wolfie: a Science I Can Read Book.
BOOKS053210I: Cheney, Anne, - Millay in Greenwich Village.
BOOKS002433I: Cheney, Cora and Ben Partridge, - Crown of the World: a view of the inner Arctic.
BOOKS024851I: Cheney, Sheldon, - A Primer of Modern Art.
BOOKS030780I: Cheney, Cora, foreword by H. N. Muller, - Vermont: the state with the storybook past.
BOOKS033542I: Cheney, Sheldon, - The Theatre: three thousand years of drama, acting and stagecraft.
BOOKS035583I: Cheney, Harry Morrison, compiled by, - Chapters, Councils, Commanderies and Scottish Rite in New Hampshire.
BOOKS035585I: Cheney, Harry Morrison, - Symbolic Freemasonry in New Hampshire: previous to 1789, Grand Lodge, lodges chartered, military lodges, roll of honor.
BOOKS035586I: Cheney, Harry Morrison, compiled by, - Chapters, Councils, Commanderies and Scottish Rite in New Hampshire.
BOOKS036183I: Cheney, Anne, - Millay in Greenwich Village.
BOOKS019076I: Cheng, Nien, - Life and Death in Shanghai.
BOOKS005504I: Cheong, Fiona, - The Scent of the Gods.
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BOOKS043916I: Coen, Patricia and Joe Maxwell, - Beautiful Braids: the step-by-step guide to braiding styles for every occasion and all ages.
BOOKS008565I: Coerr, Eleanor, - Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes.
BOOKS029156I: Coetzee, J. M., - Foe.
BOOKS034339I: Coetzee, J. M., - Disgrace.
BOOKS055083I: Coffin, Robert P. Tristram, egged on by Ruth P. Coffin, - Mainstays of Maine.
BOOKS053045I: Coffin, Robert P., - Selected Poems.
BOOKS019044I: Coffin, Carlyn, - Noel and His Friends.
BOOKS020186I: Coffin, Robert P. Tristram, - Ballads of Square-Toed Americans.
BOOKS022767I: Coffin, Robert P. Tristram, - Kennebec: cradle of Americans (Rivers of America).
BOOKS034619I: Coffin, Howard, - An Inland See: a brief history of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Burlington.
BOOKS038221I: Coffin, Patricia, - Nantucket.
BOOKS043529I: Coffin, Charles Carleton, - Winning His Way.
BOOKS043644I: Coffin, Charles Carleton, - My Days and Nights on the Battlefield.
BOOKS045272I: Coffin, Robert P. Tristram, - Kennebec: cradle of Americans.
BOOKS044252I: Coggan, Paul A., - Mustangs: warbirds today series: rebuilding & flying the North American Aviation P-51 in the 1990s: February 1992.
BOOKS035332I: Coggins, Jack, - Arms & Equipment of the Civil War.
BOOKS048789I: Cohen, William S., - A Baker's Nickel.
BOOKS000709I: Cohen-Portheim, Paul. Translated by Alan Harris, - The Message of Asia.
BOOKS005490I: Cohen, William S. and George J. Mitchell (Senators), - Men of Zeal: a candid inside story of the Iran-Contra hearings.
BOOKS005779I: Cohen, Andrew, - Freedom Has No History: a call to awaken.
BOOKS006740I: Cohen, Judith Beth, - Seasons.
BOOKS008495I: Cohen, Morton, editor, - Rudyard Kipling to Rider Haggard: the record of a friendship.
BOOKS010217I: Cohen-Solal, Annie, translated by Anna Cancogni, edited by Norman Macafee, - Sartre: a life.
BOOKS012559I: Cohen, David, editor, - Christmas in America: images of the holiday season by 100 of America's leading photographers.
BOOKS012642I: Cohen, Helen Louise, edited by, - One-Act Plays by modern authors.
BOOKS012789I: Cohen, J. M. & J.-F. Phipps, - The Common Experience: the topography of enlightenment.
BOOKS017992I: Cohen, M. M. & J-F. Phipps, - The Common Experience.
BOOKS018904I: Cohen, Jason & Michael Krugman, comix by Evan Dorkin, - Generation Ecch!: the backlash starts here.
BOOKS019113I: Cohen, Barbara & Louise Taylor, - Cats and Their Women.
BOOKS019711I: Cohen, Scott, - Yakety Yak.
BOOKS019775I: Cohen, Joel H., - Jimmie Walker: the Dyn-o-mite Kid.
BOOKS026326I: Cohen, Maurice, - The Woodcutter's Companion: a guide to locating, cutting, transporting, and storing your own firewood.
BOOKS029213I: Cohen, Leonard, - Stranger Music: selected poems & songs.
BOOKS029601I: Cohen, David, editor, - A Day in the Life of America.
BOOKS045643I: Cohen, Senator William S., - Roll Call: one year in the United States Senate.
BOOKS033332I: Cohen, Ben & Jerry Greenfield, - Ben & Jerry's Homemade Ice Cream & Dessert Book.
BOOKS040288I: Cohen-Portheim, Paul, translated by Alan Harris, - The Spirit of France.
BOOKS040373I: Cohen, Stan, - The Trail of '42: a pictorial history of the Alaska Highway.
BOOKS042281I: Cohen, Marion Deutsche, foreword by Marty Wyngaarden Krauss, - Dirty Details: the days and nights of a well spouse.
BOOKS044283I: Cohen, Miriam, - Best Friends.
BOOKS044934I: Cohen, Abraham, Ph.D., Associate in Mathematics, Johns Hopkins University, - An Elementary Treatise on Differential Equations.
BOOKS045361I: Cohen, William S., - Of Sons and Seasons: poems.
BOOKS054910I: Cohen, Stan, - Enemy on Island, Issue in Doubt: the capture of Wake Island December 1941.
BOOKS051270I: Cohen, Patricia Cline, - The Murder of Helen Jewett: the life and death of a prostitute in 19th century New York.
BOOKS053376I: Cohen, Jeremy, foreword by Everette E. Dennis, - Congress Shall Make No Law: Oliver Wendell Holmes, the First Amendment, and Judicial Decision Making.
BOOKS053318I: Cohen, Stan, - The White Pass and Yukon Route: a pictorial history.
BOOKS049749I: Cohen, William S., - Of Sons and Seasons: poems.
BOOKS056696I: Cohen, William S. and George J. Mitchell, - Men of Zeal - A candid inside story of the Iran-Contra hearings.
BOOKS005756I: Cohn, Art, - The Nine Lives of Michael Todd.
BOOKS037897I: Cohn, Meryl, - "Do What I Say": Ms. behavior's guide to gay & lesbian etiquette.
BOOKS050219I: Arthur B. Cohn, - Lake Champlain as Centuries Pass.
BOOKS051092I: Cohn, Amy L., compiled, - From Sea to Shining Sea: a treasury of American folklore and folk songs.
BOOKS032356I: Coit, John, - John Coit: a collection of his most popular columns from the Rocky Mountain News.
BOOKS035142I: Coker, William Chamers, - The Club and Coral Mushrooms (Clavarias) of the U.S. and Canada.
BOOKS033783I: Colacello, Bob, - Holy Terror: Andy Warhol close up.
BOOKS043817I: an essay on the restoratioin by Gianluigi Colalucci, - Michelangelo The Vatican Frescoes.
BOOKS056467I: Colbert, Jaimee Wriston (includes note signed by author), - Climbing the God Tree.
BOOKS052406I: Colbert, Stephen, - I Am America (and so can you!).
BOOKS057109I: Colbert, Jaimee Wriston (inscribed by author), - Sex, Salvation, & the Automobile.
BOOKS024959I: Colbin, Annemarie, - The Book of Whole Meals: a seasonal guide to assembling balanced vegetarian breakfasts, lunches & dinners.
BOOKS041405I: Colbin, Annemarie, - The Book of Whole Meals.
BOOKS047731I: Colbin, Annemarie, - The Book of Whole Meals: a seasonal guide to assembling balanced vegetarian breakfasts, lunches & dinners.
BOOKS027216I: Colborn, Nigel, - Family Piles.
BOOKS049475I: Colby, H. G. O., recently Judge of Court of Common Pleas of Massachusetts, - The Practice of Civil Actions and Proceedings at Law in Massachusetts with copious references to decisions in NH, ME etc.
BOOKS007767I: Colby, C. B. & Bradford Angier, - The Art & Science of Taking to the Woods: a complete encyclopedia of outdoor living.
BOOKS024925I: Colby, C. B. & Bradford Angier, - The Art & Science of Taking to the Woods: a complete encyclopedia of outdoor living.
BOOKS027355I: Colby College, Waterville, ME, - Oracle '66.
BOOKS035127I: Colby, Constance Taber, - A Skunk in the House.
BOOKS053733I: Colby, Virginia Reed & James B. Atkinson, - Footprints of the Past: images of Cornish, New Hampshire & the Cornish Colony.
BOOKS046055I: Colby, C. B. & Bradford Angier, - The Art & Science of Taking to the Woods: a complete encyclopedia of Outdoor Living.
BOOKS055810I: Colcord, Lincoln. Donald Mortland, Editor, - Sea Stories from Searsport to Singapore. Selected works of Lincoln Colcord.
BOOKS040962I: Colcord, Willard Allen, carefully selected, arranged & edited by, - Animal Land containing 300 delightful, entertaining, instructive stories about animals, birds & insects etc..
BOOKS042545I: Colcord, Millie, - For Thy Name's Sake and Other Poems.
BOOKS054394I: Cole, John, - First Rite: a Christmas tradition.
BOOKS011285I: Cole, Johnnetta B., editor, - All American Women: lines that divide, ties that bind.
BOOKS011893I: Cole, Joanna, - You Can't Smell a Flower with Your Ear!: all about your 5 senses.
BOOKS011905I: Cole, Joanna, - The Magic School Bus Gets Baked in a Cake: a book about kitchen chemistry.
BOOKS011906I: Cole, Joanna, - The Magic School Bus Lost in the Solar System.
BOOKS012094I: Cole, William, selected & edited by, - Man's Funniest Friend: the dog in stories, reminiscences, poems & cartoons.
BOOKS013738I: Cole, Joanna, - Norma Jean, Jumping Bean.
BOOKS017827I: Cole, Franklin P., - The Bible and how it grew.
BOOKS020377I: Cole, Franklin P., editor, - Nathan A. Cushman (1869-1952): a rugged individualist (memoirs by his sons Richard, Harold & Kenneth).
BOOKS020967I: introduction by G. D. H. Cole, - Guilds in the Middle Ages.
BOOKS024932I: Cole, Hubert, - First Gentleman of the Bedchamber: the life of Louis-Francois-Armand, marechal duc de Richelieu.
BOOKS024995I: Cole, Franklin P., - Living by Faith and other broadcast sermons.
BOOKS025077I: Cole, Joanna, - The Magic School Bus Lost in the Solar System.
BOOKS026228I: Cole, John N., - Amaranth from the past for the future.
BOOKS029382I: Cole, Franklin P., - The Bible and how it grew.
BOOKS029527I: Cole, Joanna, - The Magic School Bus on the Ocean Floor.
BOOKS029595I: Cole, Franklin P., - Sursum Corda (Upward, Hearts!): meditations on mighty opposites.
BOOKS029649I: Cole, Burt, - The Quick.
BOOKS052077I: Cole, Galen, Bangor, Maine, - Allie Cole: a Maine pioneer.
BOOKS031798I: Cole, Rex Vicat, - The Artistic Anatomy of Trees: their structure & treatment in painting.
BOOKS050378I: Cole, John N., editor of Maine Times, - In Maine.
BOOKS033931I: Cole, Franklin P., - Living by Faith and other broadcast sermons.
BOOKS035202I: Cole, Margaret, - The Story of Fabian Socialism.
BOOKS036208I: Cole, John N., - In Maine.
BOOKS036303I: Cole, John N., - Maine Trivia.
BOOKS051623I: Cole, John N., - In Maine.
BOOKS039606I: Cole, Galen, - Allie Cole: a Maine pioneer.
BOOKS042554I: Cole, Arthur H., - The Charming Idioms of New England.
BOOKS044564I: Cole, Franklin P., - Mather Books & Portraits through six early American generations 1630-1831.
BOOKS047030I: Cole-Whittaker, Terry, - How to Have More in a Have-Not World.
BOOKS047189I: Cole, John N., - In Maine.
BOOKS054563I: Cole, Galen, - Allie Cole: a Maine pioneer.
BOOKS005807I: Coleman, Jonathan, - Exit the Rainmaker.
BOOKS007336I: Coleman, Lonnie, - Beulah Land.
BOOKS047857I: Coleman, Bessie Blackstone, Willia L. Uhl, and James Fleming Hosic, - The Pathway to Reading: fourth reader.
BOOKS011065I: Coleman, Victor, - Terrific at Both Ends.
BOOKS014260I: Coleman, Lonnie, - Beulah Land.
BOOKS014640I: Coleman, Satis N. & Alice G. Thorn, - Another Singing Time: songs for nursery & school.
BOOKS019323I: Coleman, Ray, - Lennon.
BOOKS031288I: Coleman, Bessie Blackstone, Willis L. Uhl, James Fleming Hosic, - The Pathway to Reading: sixth reader.
BOOKS031290I: Coleman, Bessie Blackstone, Willis L. Uhl, James Fleming Hosic, - The Pathway to Reading: fifth reader.
BOOKS032362I: Coleman, JoAnn A. Grote; DiAnn Mills, Deborah Raney, - New England: inspiring love stories from today's northeastern states & A Currier & Ives Christmas: 4 stories of true love.
BOOKS039366I: Coleman, Amy, - The Best of Home Cooking.
BOOKS040396I: Coleman, Francis X. J., - Neither Angel Nor Beast: the life and work of Blaise Pascal.
BOOKS040563I: Coleman, M.D., - An Index of Treatment by Various Writers.
BOOKS043649I: Coleman, Sydney H. formerly Managing Editor of The National Humane Review, - Humane Society Leaders in America with a sketch of the early history of the Humane Movement in England.
BOOKS049135I: Coleman, Jim, - The Rittenhouse Cookbook: a year of seasonal heart-healthy recipes from Philadelphia's famous hotel.
BOOKS053369I: Coleman, Frederic, F.R.G.S., - Japan or Germany: the inside story of the struggle in Siberia.
BOOKS056662I: Coleman, Ken, master of ceremonies, - Football's Greatest Weekend - Colts vs. Steelers: Hall of Fame Album.
BOOKS053644I: Coleman, Melissa, - This Life Is in Your Hands: one dream, sixty acres, and a family undone.
BOOKS049496I: Coleman, Christopher K., - Ghosts and Haunts of the Civil War.
BOOKS053576I: Coleman, Anne Beckley, compiled by, - Winterthur's Culinary Collection.
BOOKS055822I: Coleman, Daniel, foreword by Ron Doss, - The Meditative MInd: the varieties of meditative experience.
BOOKS047645I: Coleridge, Wordsworth, Shelley, Byron, Keats, Browning Tennyson, - Fifteen Poets.
BOOKS021803I: Coleridge, Nicholas, - The Fashion Conspiracy: a remarkable journey through the empires of fashion.
BOOKS033262I: Coleridge, Sara, - January Brings the Snow: a book of months.
BOOKS038398I: Coleridge, Samuel Taylor, introduction by John Livingston Lowes, - The Rime of the Ancient Mariner.
BOOKS054847I: Introduction about author Samuel Taylor Coleridge, - Coleridge's Rime of the Ancient Mariner.
BOOKS050994I: Coles, K. Adlard, - Heavy Weather Sailing.
BOOKS005503I: Coles, Robert, - The Spiritual Life of Children.
BOOKS010436I: Coles, Robert, - The Moral Life of Children.
BOOKS011096I: Coles, Robert, editor, - DoubleTake 4 (Spring 1996).
BOOKS016237I: Coles, Manning, - Without Lawful Authority.
BOOKS019849I: Coles, Robert, - The Call of Service: a witness to idealism.
BOOKS052081I: Robert Coles, - After the Fire: the destruction of the Lancaster County Amish.
BOOKS032286I: Coles, Robert, - Lives of Moral Leadership.
BOOKS033707I: Coles, Robert & Jane Hallowell Coles, - Women of Crisis: lives of struggle and hope.
BOOKS034965I: Robert Coles, - Far from Home: families of the westward journey.
BOOKS035823I: Coles, K. Adlard, - Heavy Weather Sailing.
BOOKS039079I: Coles, Manning, - Now or Never.
BOOKS048658I: Robert Coles, - Far from Home.
BOOKS036532I: Colette, - My Mother's House and Sido.
BOOKS045387I: Colette, - Cheri and The Last of Cheri.
BOOKS036544I: Coletti, Theresa, - Naming the Rose: Eco, medieval signs, and modern theory.
BOOKS028315I: Colfer, Eoin, - Artemis Fowl: the Arctic incident.
BOOKS034638I: Colfer, Eoin, - Artemis Fowl.
BOOKS051034I: Colgate, Stephen, President Offshore Sailing School, - Fundamentals of Sailing, Cruising, & Racing.
BOOKS051025I: Colgate, Steve, - The Yachtsman's Guide to Racing Tactics.
BOOKS054385I: Coll, Steve, - Ghost Wars: secret history of the CIA, Afghanistan, and Bin Laden.
BOOKS050135I: collaboration with J. Hampton Moore, newspaper correspondent, - Reminiscences and Thrilling Stories of the War by Returned Heroes containing vivic accounts of personal experiences....
BOOKS057120I: Vanessa Ann Collection, - Holidays in Cross-Stitch 1988.
BOOKS049951I: Moosewood Collective, - Moosewood Restaurant Low-Fat Favorites: flavorful recipes for healthful meals.

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