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BOOKS011353I: Various, - The Painted Butterfly: 15 painting projects (decorative painting #9505).
BOOKS011421I: Various, - Restaurant Secrets Collection Series Volume 1: 50 treasured recipes from best restaurants in the area (Saratoga Springs, NY).
BOOKS011529I: Various, - The Holy Bible New International Version containing the Old Testament & the New Testament.
BOOKS011790I: Various, - Twelve Poems (vol. 1, #1).
BOOKS011840I: Various, - Many Mountains Moving: a literary journal of diverse contemporary voices (8th issue, vol. III, #2.
BOOKS011863I: Various, - Told under the Blue Umbrella.
BOOKS011864I: Various, - Told under the Magic Umbrella.
BOOKS012053I: Various, - The New Blue Book of Favorite Stories.
BOOKS012267I: Various, - Hanging Loose 61.
BOOKS012569I: Various, - Animal Tales (Tales from Fern Hollow).
BOOKS012765I: Various, - The Zigway Way (Manoa 10:1).
BOOKS012780I: Various, - The Chariton Review (vol. 22 #2) Fall 1996.
BOOKS012865I: Various, - Clues to America's Past.
BOOKS012997I: Various, - They Kept Coming Back: the recollections of how OA grew in the Boston area.
BOOKS013058I: Various, - Granta: Murder 25 (Autumn 1988).
BOOKS014481I: Various, - The Quotable Woman.
BOOKS014622I: Various, - Tales from Scottish lairds.
BOOKS014697I: Various, - Exercises connected with the Unveiling of the Ellsworth Monument, Mechanicville, May 27, 1874.
BOOKS049807I: Various, - Maine History: June 2010: volume 45: Law and Order in Rural Maine.
BOOKS014857I: Various, - Cherished Thoughts on Friendship: a collection of encouraging quotations & scripture.
BOOKS015810I: Various, - Eidos: vol. II, #2, spring 1979.
BOOKS015811I: Various, - Eidos: vol. II, #2, winter 1979.
BOOKS015812I: Various, - Eidos: vol. I, #3, winter 1977.
BOOKS016221I: Various, - Sing of Life & Faith.
BOOKS016222I: Various, - Excerpts from The Clipper: living histories of Older Bostonians.
BOOKS017050I: Various, foreword by Stephen Vincent Benet, - The Buckley Book of Verse.
BOOKS017215I: Various, - The Book for Boys.
BOOKS017342I: Various, - Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep: prayers & poems for good nights.
BOOKS017523I: Various, - Argosy: the complete man's magazine January 1954 (vol. 338, no. 1).
BOOKS017526I: Various, - Man's magazine: November 1959 vol. 7 no. 11.
BOOKS017528I: Various, - Tops magazine November 1955 vol. 2, no 5.
BOOKS017582I: Various, - Challenge magazine: May 1958 (vol. 4 no. 3).
BOOKS017719I: Various, - The Nobel Prize Annual 1992.
BOOKS017910I: Various, - Maine Catalog.
BOOKS017931I: Various, - The Lion and the Unicorn: children's classics: vol. 3 no. 1, Spring '79.
BOOKS017932I: Various, - The Lion and the Unicorn: fantasy & creativity in children's literature: vol. 1 no. 2, Fall '77.
BOOKS017933I: Various, - The Lion and the Unicorn: picture books: vol. 7/8, 1983/84.
BOOKS017965I: Various, - The Lion and the Unicorn: varieties of narrative: vol. 9, 1985.
BOOKS018845I: Various, - Mexican Recipes.
BOOKS046362I: Various, - Ateco Simplified Cake Decoratiang.
BOOKS019077I: Various, - Mysteries, Marvels & Nightmares: more than 40 exciting stories from the pages of Yankee Magazine.
BOOKS019236I: Various, - The Best of the West.
BOOKS019244I: Various, - The Wit and Wisdom of Women.
BOOKS019336I: Various, - Christmas Memories with Recipes.
BOOKS019813I: Various, - 13th Moon: working-class experience: a feminist literary magazine: vol. VII, numbers 1 & 2.
BOOKS019954I: Various, edited by Matthew J. Bruccoli & Richard Layman, - The New Black Mask: no. 4.
BOOKS048945I: Various, - Life magazine November 23, 1936 facsimile edition.
BOOKS020306I: Various, - Rock & Roll Generation: teen life in the 50s.
BOOKS052084I: Various, - Maine History: Here Come the British!: January 2007.
BOOKS053880I: Various, - Colonial Williamsburg: journal of the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation Autumn 2013.
BOOKS022618I: Various, - Stories Merry Stories Wise: a collection of short stories & rhymes in simple words.
BOOKS022619I: Various, - Young Folk's Mammoth Story Book.
BOOKS022634I: Various, - Towards a New England Forest Land Use Policy: proceedings of the Symposium held in Woodstock, Vermont, 23-24 May 1972.
BOOKS022953I: Various, - Down Santa Claus Lane.
BOOKS022977I: Various, - The Wild Ones.
BOOKS023071I: Various, - Holy Bible the Old and New Testaments King James version.
BOOKS023097I: Various, - Favorite Fables.
BOOKS023235I: Various, - The Book of Common Prayer and Administration of the Sacraments and other rites and ceremonies of the church (Protestant Epis).
BOOKS023325I: Various, - 32 Counties: new writing by 32 Irish writers.
BOOKS023813I: Various, - Cricket: volume 6, no. 1, Sept 1978.
BOOKS049801I: Various, David D. Platt, editor, - Island Journal: 2003 and 2005: annual publication of the Island Institute.
BOOKS024001I: Various, - The Little Fish Cookbook: creative recipes from river, lake & sea.
BOOKS024120I: Various, - Woman: her position, influence, and achievement throughout the civilized world, her biography, her history.
BOOKS024150I: Various, - Favorite American Recipes.
BOOKS024174I: Various, - Sinbad the Sailor and other stories from the Arabian Nights.
BOOKS024288I: Various, - The Birthday Celebration of Charles Gordon Ames, minister of the Church of the Disciples, Boston.
BOOKS024433I: Various, - Bedtime Stories.
BOOKS024670I: Various, - Royalty magazine vol. 12 no. 4 1993.
BOOKS053036I: Various: Sarah Orne Jewett, Oliver W. Holmes, - The New England Galaxy vol. XIII no 2 Fall 1971.
BOOKS025221I: Various, - The Presidential Cook Book adapted from The White House Cook Book.
BOOKS025365I: Various, - Maine's Franco-American Heritage: Nov. 1995, vol. 12.
BOOKS025368I: Various, - The New England Historical and Genealogical Register: Vol. CXL July 1986.
BOOKS025494I: Various, - Book of Nature and Outdoor Life (vols. IV & V).
BOOKS025928I: Various, - Christmas Memories with Recipes.
BOOKS026294I: Various, - The AD100 Architects: Architectural Digest: August 15, 1991.
BOOKS026564I: Various, - The Norman Rockwell Museum at Sturbridge: grand opening June 12, 1993.
BOOKS026606I: Various, - Tributes from the Press: editorial comments on the life and work of Mary Baker Eddy.
BOOKS026627I: Various, - Natural History: 1 volume: June-Dec 1943 (Vol. LI).
BOOKS026696I: Various, - The Book of Italian Cooking.
BOOKS026697I: Various, foreword by Valentina Harris, - Classic Italian: authentic recipes for family & friends.
BOOKS026698I: Various, foreword by Marie-Pierre Moine, - Classic French: delicious regional recipes from France.
BOOKS026979I: Various, - Historical New Hampshire: vol. XXXV, no. 3 Fall 1980.
BOOKS027043I: Various, - Flavors of the Russian North.
BOOKS027855I: Various, - New Testament of the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ translated from original Greek & with former translations revised.
BOOKS027864I: Various, - Dick's Recitations and Readings: no 17.
BOOKS028127I: Various, - Thoughts to Share with a Wonderful Mother.
BOOKS052922I: Various, - The Camera Magazine: May, Nov, Dec 1934, Sept 1943, March June, July, Oct 1949: January, Feb, April, August 1950, July 1953.
BOOKS028205I: Various, - From Katahdin to Springer Mountain: the best stories of hiking the Appalachian Trail.
BOOKS028685I: Various, - Holy Bible: New International Version.
BOOKS028691I: Various, - Glimmer Train: Issue 14, spring 1995.
BOOKS029249I: Various, - Report of the Commissioner of Agriculture 1866.
BOOKS029253I: Various, - Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine: January through Sept 1979, December 1979, no October or November issue (10 issues).
BOOKS029255I: Various, - Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine: July 6, 1981 and August 3, 1981. (2 issues).
BOOKS029256I: Various, - If Worlds of Science Fiction: May 1953, March, April, & May 1954: 4 issues.
BOOKS029257I: Various, - Astounding Science Fiction: June 1953, July 1953, Sept. 1953, Dec. 1953, April 1954, April 1956.
BOOKS029259I: Various, - The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction: July 1953, vol. 5, no. 1.
BOOKS029260I: Various, - The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction: Dec. 1952, vol. 3, no. 8.
BOOKS029261I: Various, - Galaxy Science Fiction magazine: December 1952, February 1953, November 1953.
BOOKS029278I: Various, - Amazing Science Fiction (Jan 1976 vol. 49 #4) & Science Fiction Analog Science Fact (Jan 1974 vol. XCII no. 5).
BOOKS029401I: Various, - The New Crusade Songs.
BOOKS029544I: Various, - Evergreen: Spring 2002: Britain's famous little green quarterly.
BOOKS029600I: Various, - Holy Bible containing the Old and New Testaments: authorized King James version.
BOOKS029607I: Various, - Holy Bible containing the Old and New Testaments: authorized King James version.
BOOKS029708I: Various, - The Best of Omni: science fiction no. 2.
BOOKS029753I: Various, - Granta 68: Love Stories: winter 1999.
BOOKS029754I: Various, - Granta 70: Australia the new new world: summer 2000.
BOOKS029767I: Various, - Tin House magazine: vol. 3, no. 1: fall 2001.
BOOKS029768I: Various, - Tin House magazine: vol. 4, no. 1: fall 2002.
BOOKS054668I: Various (Charlotte McClure author), - Coronet magazine October 1975 (Kate Hepburn on cover) Also article about Hepburn "Living Is the Most Important Thing".
BOOKS050211I: Various, - No Through Road: The AA Book of Country Walks: Walker's Handbook; Walking in Britain; and Selected Walks.
BOOKS030473I: Various, - Just Dogs: a literary & photographic tribute to the great hunting breeds.
BOOKS030501I: Various, - The Nikon Image: a collection of contemporary photographic art from 17 of today's greatest photographers.
BOOKS030735I: Various, - Maine History: History's Boundaries: spring 2000.
BOOKS031181I: Various, - Crab Orchard Review: vol. 7 no. 2: spring/summer 2002.
BOOKS031248I: Various, - Boys' Favorite Stories.
BOOKS031256I: Various, foreword by Amory Hare, - Pennsylvania Poets: an anthology of contemporary verse by 71 poets.
BOOKS031532I: Various, - American Scandinavian Review: vols. 17-18, October 1929 to Oct. 1930 (12 issues in hardbound binding).
BOOKS031773I: Various, - Nature: collected thoughts inspired by the earth's splendors with space for personal reflection.
BOOKS031778I: Various, - Coronet magazine: May 1949 (1 magazine).
BOOKS031779I: Various, - Coronet magazine: May 1950 (1 magazine).
BOOKS031812I: Various, - Bonsai for indoors: vol. 32 no. 2.
BOOKS031813I: Various, - Dwarfed Potted Trees: the Bonsai of Japan: vol. 9 no. 3.
BOOKS031814I: Various, - Bonsai: special techniques: vol. 22 no. 2.
BOOKS031842I: Various, - Songs of the Earth: a tribute to nature in word & image.
BOOKS031872I: Various, - The Baseball Encyclopedia Bicentennial Edition: the complete & official record of major league baseball.
BOOKS031962I: Various, - Wetlands Mitigation Banking in California: a statewide conference July 29, 1994.
BOOKS032037I: Various, - From the Ashes: spiritual response to the attack on America.
BOOKS032094I: Various, - Deutsche Kunst Und Dekoration: November 1912.
BOOKS032110I: Various, - Popular Songs: December 1952: vol. 7, no. 12.
BOOKS032112I: Various, - Song Parade: November 1944, vol. 4, no. 2.
BOOKS032137I: Various, - Old Fashioned Home Songs School Edition.
BOOKS032139I: Various, - Horner's Stories.
BOOKS032144I: Various, - Floral Insertions and Floral Edgings (Clark & Coats no. 263); Chair Sets (no. 223); Book of Crochet (Claudine) 3 crochet PBs.
BOOKS032203I: Various, introduction by Dorothy Canfield Fisher, - Meditations for Women.
BOOKS032310I: Various, - Horn Book Magazine about books for children & young adults: Jan/Feb 1998;May/June 1998;July/Aug 1998;Sept/Oct 1998: 4 issues.
BOOKS032323I: Various, - A Century of Biological Research 1858-1958: Illinois Natural History Survey Bulletin: vol. 27, Article 2, Dec. 1958.
BOOKS032331I: Various (including Donald Trump), - Dolls Collector's Magazine: Feb 1996; April 1996; May 1996: 3 magazines: and Doll World Magazine: Oct 1997.
BOOKS032407I: Various, - Ideal Book for Boys.
BOOKS032438I: Various, - Superstars of Comedy.
BOOKS050379I: Various, - Harper's New Monthly Magazine (July 1874, July 1876, and October 1877).
BOOKS032633I: Various, - A Tribute to Military Families: letters of thanks from our nation's children.
BOOKS032753I: Various, - Who's Who in the Bible: an illustrated biographical dictionary.
BOOKS032811I: Various, - The New Hampshire College Monthly: vol. XVII, March, 1910, no.6.
BOOKS033176I: Various, - Mechanix Illustrated: July 55.
BOOKS033507I: Various, - Gaslight Song Time.
BOOKS033510I: Various, - Bible Readings for the Home: a study of 200 vital scripture topics in question & answer form.
BOOKS045631I: Various, - Treasure Chest of Old Time Song Hits.
BOOKS033792I: Various, - Yanks: A.E.F. verse.
BOOKS034309I: Various, - Standard History of Essex County, Massachusetts, embracing a history of the county from its first settlement to present....
BOOKS045630I: Various, - Treasure Chest of Songs We Love.
BOOKS034338I: Various, - Master Cook Cooking Light User's Manual.
BOOKS034396I: Various, - The Holy Bible Concordance King James version containing the old and new testament.
BOOKS051467I: Various, - American Poets Birthday Book.
BOOKS034550I: Various, - New England Journeys: Ford Times Special Edition.
BOOKS035206I: Various, - Dear Parents - letters to bereaved parents.
BOOKS035333I: Various, compiled from approved sources, - St. Michael and the Angels: a month with St. Michael and the Holy Angels.
BOOKS035358I: Various, - Down East magazine 1964 (Jan - Aug 1964, Vol X no. 5 - Vol XI no 1).
BOOKS035359I: Various, - Down East magazine 1962 (Jan, March, May, June, July, August, Sept, Oct, Nov 1962 (Vol VIII no. 5 - Vol IX no 4).
BOOKS035451I: Various, - Knickerbocker Series of School Songs: book II: piano copy.
BOOKS035810I: Various, edited from standard biographical works and original sources, - Distinguished Successful Americans of Our Day containing biographies of prominent Americans now living etc..
BOOKS035928I: Various, - International Collection of Interior Design.
BOOKS036023I: Various, - Puerto del Sol: vol. 32, no. 1.
BOOKS036042I: Various, - The Best of Day Hops and Then Some Guide to the Hudson Valley.
BOOKS036202I: Various, - Granta 24: inside intelligence (Summer 1988).
BOOKS036279I: Various, - The Good Dog Book: Riverside Bookshelf.
BOOKS036376I: Various, - The Missouri Review: vol. XXV, no. 3 (2002).
BOOKS036388I: Various, - Granta 68: Life's Like That: summer 2003.
BOOKS036759I: Various, - Come to My Birthday Party.
BOOKS036792I: Various, - The Jack-Pine Warbler: December 1978, vol. 56.
BOOKS050273I: Various: Robert Coles and Alex Harris, editors, - Doubletake: spring, summer, fall and winter 1996.
BOOKS037045I: Various, - New England: a collection from Harper's Magazine.
BOOKS037086I: Various, - The Parties and the Men or political issues of 1896: a history of our great parties from the beginning of the govenment to....
BOOKS037135I: Various, - Your Self.
BOOKS037276I: Various, - Heart Throbs: volume two: in prose & verse dear to the American people.
BOOKS037410I: Various, - Creative Watermedia Painting Techniques.
BOOKS037483I: Various, - Britain To-Day no. 55 13 June 1941.
BOOKS037866I: Various, - Abraham Lincoln memorabilia: (facsimile) poster of Lincoln's Union Nomination for president, 3 photo reprints of Lincoln.
BOOKS050265I: Various, - Maine History: Summer-Fall 1996, vol. 36, nos. 1-2.
BOOKS038179I: Various, - Who's Who in Massachusetts: biographical history of every important living person in the commonwealth: vol. 1 1940-1941.
BOOKS038227I: Various, - A Library of Famous Fiction embracing the nine standard masterpieces of imaginative literature (unabridged).
BOOKS039212I: Various, - America: 12 volumes: great crises in our history told by its makers.
BOOKS039321I: Various, - America's Attitude toward the War: the president's messages, official correspondence with the entente allies & central powers.
BOOKS039331I: Various, - Equinox: no. 33, May/June 1987: the magazine of Canadian discovery.
BOOKS039368I: Various, - Tasty Appetizers and Salads: a feast of good cooking.
BOOKS039374I: Various, - If I Had a Hammer Women's Work in Poetry, Fiction and PHotographs.
BOOKS039440I: Various, - Good Time '79: vol. V.
BOOKS039442I: Various, - Rookie Rhymes of the men of the 1st and 2nd Provisional Training Regiments, Plattsburg, NY, May 15-August 15 1917.
BOOKS039475I: Various, - Yanks: A.E.F. verse: originally published in "The Stars and Stripes" official newspaper of the American Expeditionary Forces.
BOOKS039503I: Various, - The Maine Scholar: Autumn 1995: volume 8.
BOOKS039565I: Various, - Life magazine November 23, 1936 facsimile copy.
BOOKS039699I: Various, - The Arabian Stud Book: vol. XIII (1962)(Registrations 20474-23419).
BOOKS039822I: Various, - Creative Interior Design: a complete guide to designing and decorating your home.
BOOKS039881I: Various, - Vegetables, Salads & Grains: the best of Food & Wine.
BOOKS040181I: Various, - The World of Dick and Jane and Friends.
BOOKS040183I: Various, - Star Trek the Magazine Enterprise: November 2001 vol. 2 issue 07.
BOOKS040359I: Various, - I Speak for the Earth: a collection of poems.
BOOKS040623I: Various, - Maine History: Maine and Washington in Peace and War July 2006 vol. 42.
BOOKS040645I: Various, - Angels: messengers of the gods: VHS videos.
BOOKS040786I: Various, - Tin House: volume three, number three.
BOOKS041301I: Various, - Overeaters Anonymous.
BOOKS041318I: Various, - Star Trek the magazine: special Borg issue: March 2001 vol. 1, issue 23.
BOOKS041319I: Various, - Star Trek the magazine: March 2001 vol. 1, issue 23 (Alice Krige cover).
BOOKS045606I: Various, - The Etude Music Magazine: April, May and June 1931 and July 1932.
BOOKS051464I: Various, - Crown Jewels: gems of literature, art and music (Salesman's Sampler).
BOOKS041633I: Various, introduction by Charles Scribner, Jr., - Scribner's Monthly, 1871: a year's issues showing life in America a century ago.
BOOKS046521I: Various, - Collier's February 24, 1940.
BOOKS041670I: Various, - At the Bend in the River: a history of Concord, New Hampshire Bicentennial 1765-1965.
BOOKS041692I: Various, - Jack and Jill magazine, March 1951, vol. 13, no. 5.
BOOKS041693I: Various, - Jack and Jill magazine, April, June, July, August, September, October, November, December 1947, vol. 9, no. 6 - vol. 10, no. 2.
BOOKS041694I: Various, - Jack and Jill magazine, February, 1948 vol. 10, no. 4, March 1948, vol. 10, no. 5.
BOOKS041697I: Various, - The American Girl magazine: 1947 (missing Jan Feb May Aug Oct); 1948 (missing Jan);1949 (missing July); 1950 (missing Oct, Nov);.
BOOKS041714I: Various, - Woman's Day: August 1954 magazine.
BOOKS042018I: Various, - Sunshine to Private (Solsken I Hemmet) in Danish.
BOOKS042226I: Various, - Lyme Common, Part II 1785-1977.
BOOKS052949I: Various, - U.S. Camera: July, Aug, Sept, Nov 1949; Jan 1950; Jan 1953 July, Aug, Dec, 1954; Jan, Feb, March, April 1955..
BOOKS042409I: Various, - The Lord Be with You: messages of faith, hope and love.
BOOKS042485I: Various, - Maine History: Here Come the British!: January 2007.
BOOKS042493I: Various, - Sewanee Theological Review: Christmas 1999: vol. 43:1.
BOOKS042509I: Various, - The New England Primer guide to the art of reading plus the assembly of divines & Mr. Cotton's Catechism.
BOOKS042512I: Various, - Postcards (29) 4 of Saturno Parque, 4 of Egypt, 21 of Roman scenes.
BOOKS042544I: Various, - Handbook of Dalmatia: Abbazia, Lussin etc. Austrian Riviera Albanian Coast, Jonian Islands, Corfu, Patras, Athens: no. 65.
BOOKS042661I: Various, - Maine History: Civil Rights in Maine: winter-spring 1997.
BOOKS042662I: Various, - Maine History: Fine Arts in Maine after the Civil War: summer-fall 1996.
BOOKS042829I: Various, - Book of Songs That Will Live Forever: a compilation of selected songs.
BOOKS042830I: Various, - Twice 55 Community Songs: the green book no. 2.
BOOKS043217I: Various, - Western Wetlands Conference 1992, San Francisco, California, February 10-11, 1992.
BOOKS043308I: Various, - Glimmer Train: Issue 42, spring 2002.
BOOKS043311I: Various, - Granta 75: Brief Encounters: autumn 2001.
BOOKS043556I: Various, - The New England Primer guide to the art of reading plus the assembly of divines & Mr. Cotton's Catechism.
BOOKS047244I: Various, - Charles Edward Putney: an appreciation.
BOOKS043913I: Various, - The Hindustan Times (in English) March 22, 1974.
BOOKS043958I: Various, - American Heritage: August 1965 volume XVI no. 5.
BOOKS043992I: Various, - The Beatles for the Record: the story of the Beatles in words and pictures.
BOOKS046506I: Various, - Appalachian Mountain Country Cookin'.
BOOKS046204I: Various, - The New Testament of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ translated out of the original Greek....
BOOKS033735I: Various, - Development of the United States Capital: addresses delivered in the auditorium of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Bldg etc 1929.
BOOKS044658I: Various, - The Big Little Book of Irish Wit & Wisdom: six volumes in one.
BOOKS049912I: Various, - Women's Devotional Bible: New International Version.
BOOKS022381I: Various, - The Rachel McMasters Miller Hunt Botanical Library: Carnegie Institute of Technology exhibition catalogue.
BOOKS044802I: Various, - The New Testament of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, Psalms, translated out of the original Greek; and with the former.....
BOOKS051330I: Various, - The Children's Annual Pitter Patter Book collected from the pages of Junior Home Magazine.
BOOKS055350I: Various, - The Witches' Almanac: three volumes: 33; 34; and 35 (Spring 2014-15; Spring 2015-16; Spring 2016-17.
BOOKS051871I: Various, - The Teacher February 1907 vol. XI, no. 2.
BOOKS037414I: Various, foreword by Naomi Lewis, - The Old-Fashioned Children's Storybook: legendary illustrators celebrate the classics.
BOOKS041995I: Various, - Parlor Songs: for piano and organ.
BOOKS044797I: Various, introduction by Erich Fromm, - What Leading Educators, Authors, and Psychologists Say about Summerhill: a radical approach to child rearing by A. S. Neill.
BOOKS046200I: Various, - Greatest Stories of the Bible NKJV New King James Version.
BOOKS053425I: Various, - Records forty-six 45 rpm (records).
BOOKS048008I: Various, - Oxford Dictionary of Quotations.
BOOKS045716I: Various, - The Robbins Collection of 200 Jigs, Reels and Country Dances for piano, violin, flute or mandolin.
BOOKS047533I: Various, - The Larcom Review: Spring/Summer 1999: a journal of the arts and literature of New England.
BOOKS052907I: Various, - New England Historical & Genealogical Register: 2007; 2008.
BOOKS013475I: Various, - The Youth's Companion, V. XXIX, # 21, a family paper devoted to piety, morality, brotherly love-no sectarianism, no controversy.
BOOKS047698I: Various, - Tombstone Arizona.
BOOKS049001I: Various, - Historical New Hampshire: Spring/summer 1986: vol 41, nos 1 & 2.
BOOKS049002I: Various, - Historical New Hampshire: Spring 1988: vol 43, nos 1.
BOOKS049003I: Various, - Northfield Literary Magazine: Spring 1966; vollume XVI, no. 32.
BOOKS052798I: Various, - Holy Bible containing the Old Testament and the New translated out of original tongues.
BOOKS053264I: Various, - Life magazine June 13, 1969: The Life Poll: Science and Sex.
BOOKS055736I: Various, - Foreign Affairs: which world are we living in? Volume 97, number 4..
BOOKS048588I: Various, - American Preservation: Oct/Nov 1977; Feb/March 1978; April/May 1978; June/July 1978; Oct/Nov, 1978; Dec/Jan 1978.
BOOKS045341I: Various, - Cook's Illustrated 1996.
BOOKS045342I: Various, - Cook's Illustrated 1998.
BOOKS051524I: Various, - Maine History: The Early Coast of Maine: summer 2000.
BOOKS055635I: Arcadia Printing various, - Maine: unforgettable vintage images of the Pine Tree State.
BOOKS054939I: Various, - New England Historical and Genealogical Register: 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 2000, 2001, 2004.
BOOKS051538I: Various, - New England Historical & Genealogical Register: 5 issues; plus First & Second Annual Aupplement Amerian Ancestors Journal.
BOOKS056401I: Various, - Walt Disney World - 20 Magical Years Collector's edition.
BOOKS048041I: Various, - The Work Basket for Pleasure and Profit: vol. 16 April 1950 no. 7, 2975.
BOOKS050836I: Various, - The Pitts Street Chapel Lectures delivered in Boston by six different denominations during the winter of 1858.
BOOKS045491I: Various, - Fanfare: the magazine for serious record collectors: January/February 1986, vol. 9, no. 3.
BOOKS045519I: Various, - Western Heart Throbs: a select collection of favorite songs.
BOOKS052908I: Various, - New England Historical & Genealogical Register: 2004; 2005; 2006.
BOOKS047676I: Various, - A Tribute to Military Families: letters of thanks from our nation's children.
BOOKS053983I: Various (Margot Anne Kelley, editor), - The Maine Review Journal 3, Number 1.
BOOKS046937I: Various, - Taste of Home Annual Recipes 2009.
BOOKS051642I: Various, - BitterSweet; Oct 1981; Oct 1982; Jan/Feb 1984; March 1984; April 1984; May 1984; July, 1984; Sept 1984; Oct 1984;.
BOOKS052419I: Various, - Maine History vol 34 no 1 Summer 1994, vol 35 nos 1&2 Summer- Fall 1995; vol 35 nos 3-4; vol 37 nos 1-2; vol 36 nos 1-4.
BOOKS051641I: Various, - BitterSweet: the magazine of Maine's hills & lakes region: Oct 1978, Nov 1979, Dec 1980, Jan/Feb 1981; Oct 1981; July 1982;.
BOOKS046475I: Various, - Everton's Genealogical Helper: July/August 1996.
BOOKS046081I: Various, - Berkeley Poets Cooperative/26.
BOOKS048371I: Various, Timothy Healy, Norm Chomsky, William Cohen, Alice Bloom, et al, - Maine Scholar: a journal of ideas and public affairs (review copy).
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BOOKS016247I: Watson, H. B. Marriott, - Hurricane Island.
BOOKS005175I: Watson, Jane Werner, - My First Golden Learning Library (16 volumes).
BOOKS007980I: Watson, Donald, - Design & Building a Solar House: your place in the sun.
BOOKS014772I: Watson, Susan, - Sugar-Free Toddlers.
BOOKS015747I: Watson, Pauline, - Days with Daddy.
BOOKS016986I: Watson, Richard, translations & notes by John Emory, - The Life of Rev. John Wesley, A.M.: founder of the Methodist societies.
BOOKS018584I: Watson, Benjamin A., - Acts of God: the old Farmer's Almanac unpredictable guide to weather & natural disasters.
BOOKS019575I: Watson, Larry, afterword by David Huddle, - Montana 1948.
BOOKS021385I: Watson, Nancy Dingman, selected by, - Pig Tales, from Old English Nursery Rhymes.
BOOKS024956I: Watson, Larry, - White Crosses.
BOOKS024981I: Watson, Clarissa, - Runaway: Atlantic mystery.
BOOKS029554I: Watson, Albert L., - Ledge Farm.
BOOKS045908I: Watson, Ken, foreword by Gordon M. Hudson, - Ken Watson on Curling.
BOOKS039731I: Watson, Lyall, - The Whole Hog: exploring the extraordinary potential of pigs.
BOOKS043285I: Watson, Thomas J., Jr. and Peter Petre, - Father Son & Co.: my life at IBM and beyond.
BOOKS056235I: Watson, J. W., - Beautiful Snow; and other poems.
BOOKS013255I: Watson, Bill, - Health and Fitness for the Over Forties.
BOOKS046261I: Watson, Allan R., - Augustus Merrill of Caribou, Maine: a story of a Civil War hero.
BOOKS046260I: Watson, Allan R., - Paul Bunyan of Maine.
BOOKS052456I: Watson, Thomas A., Assistant to Alexander Graham Bell, - The Birth and Babyhood of the Telephone.
BOOKS047672I: Watson, Allan R., - Tobach of Labrador Straits: a story of an Indian boy buried 7500 years ago.
BOOKS048423I: Watson, E. Bradlee and Benfield Pressey, selected by, - Contemporary Drama English and Irish Plays I.
BOOKS008426I: Wattenberg, Ben J., - Values Matter Most.
BOOKS012929I: Watts, Mabel, retold by, - Little Red Riding Hood.
BOOKS014644I: Watts, Mabel, - The Story of Zachary Zween.
BOOKS018128I: Watts, Ralph L. & Gilbert Searle Watts, - The Vegetable Growing Business.
BOOKS051949I: Watts, Jacqueline (Jackie) June Young, - Lincolnville Memories: vol. III, Part 1.
BOOKS038928I: Watts, Ralph L., - Vegetable Gardening.
BOOKS040554I: Watts, Ralph L., - Vegetable Gardening.
BOOKS049560I: Waugh, Evelyn, - A Little Learning: an autobiography.
BOOKS024801I: Waugh, Alec, - Jill Somerset.
BOOKS024804I: Waugh, Alec, - A Spy in the Family: an erotic comedy.
BOOKS024815I: Waugh, Alec, - The Balliols.
BOOKS029167I: Waugh, Evelyn, - Brideshead Revisited.
BOOKS044974I: Waugh, Evelyn, - When the Going Was Good.
BOOKS012418I: Wax, Judith, - Starting in the Middle.
BOOKS019885I: Way, Jan, - The Creative Way Hug-a-Bodies: book one.
BOOKS054083I: Wayne, Dorothy, - Dorothy Dixon Solves the Conway Case.
BOOKS007505I: Wead, F. W., - Airplane Parts and Maintenance.
BOOKS031695I: Weary, Dolphus & William Hendricks, - "I Ain't Comin' Back".
BOOKS054215I: Weather Bureau, Storrs, Connecticut, - The Climate of Connecticut: Bulletin 99.
BOOKS014072I: Weatherby, W. J., - James Baldwin: artist on fire.
BOOKS044673I: Weatherhead, Leslie D., - The Significance of Silence and other sermons.
BOOKS057149I: Weaver, Will, - Saturday Night Dirt.
BOOKS005657I: Weaver, Gabrielle, - Tapestry & Needlepoint.
BOOKS011009I: Weaver, Frances, - The Girls with the Grandmother Faces: a celebration of life's potential for those over 55.
BOOKS031923I: Weaver, Warren, - Lady Luck: the theory of probability.
BOOKS032426I: Weaver, Harriet E., - Frosty: a raccoon to remember.
BOOKS035668I: Weaver, John V. A., - To Youth.
BOOKS049991I: Weaver, Frances, - The Girls with the Grandmother Faces: a celebration of life's potential for those over 55.
BOOKS004831I: Weaver, Frances, - Midlife Musings plus Sundry Sonnets from the Porch.
BOOKS053344I: Weaver, G., - London Ghosts.
BOOKS007585I: Webb, James, - Something to Die for.
BOOKS013714I: Webb, Cathleen Crowell & Marie Chapian, - Forgive Me.
BOOKS014502I: Webb, Nancy & Jean Francis, introduction by Isaac Asimov, - Plots & Pans: recipes and antidotes from the Mystery Writers of America.
BOOKS028637I: Webb, Mary, - Gone to Earth.
BOOKS029721I: Webb, Charles, - Elsinor.
BOOKS035947I: Webb, Walter Freeman, - Shells and Other Invertebrates of the United States.
BOOKS036688I: Webb, Cecil S., Superintendent, The Dublin Zoo, - The Odyssey of an Animal Collector.
BOOKS037296I: Webb, Robyn, - Memorable Menus Made Easy: signature meals for entertaining or any occasion.
BOOKS037890I: Webb, Aliske, - Twelve Golden Threads: lessons for successful living from Gramma's quilt.
BOOKS038810I: Webb, Kenneth, - As Sparks Fly Upward: the rationale of the Farm and Wilderness Camps.
BOOKS038991I: Webb, Phyllis, - Selected Poems 1954-1965.
BOOKS044115I: Webb, Michael, editor, - My Folks: back to the basics: a treasury of outhouse stories.
BOOKS045796I: Webb, Ewing T. and John J. B. Morgan, Ph.D., - Strategy in Handling People.
BOOKS025251I: Webber, Marilynn Carlson & William D., - A Rustle of Angels: stories about angels in real life & scripture.
BOOKS049772I: Webber, Frank Martin, - Peter Painter and the Holidays.
BOOKS047990I: Webel, A., - German-English Technical and scientific Dictionary.
BOOKS052976I: Weber, Roberts Professor of English Literature Colby College, - Far from the Madding Crowd.
BOOKS005258I: Weber, Joe, - Shadow Flight.
BOOKS017253I: Weber, - A Shropshire Lad.
BOOKS026433I: Weber, Katharine, - Objects in Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear.
BOOKS030007I: Weber, Josef, - The Dog in Training.
BOOKS037900I: Weber, Louis, CEO, - Country Crafts, Decorating, and Cooking.
BOOKS040412I: Weber, Louis, CEO, - Treasury of Christmas Crafts and Other Holiday Crafts.
BOOKS044601I: Weber, Heinrich, - Lehrbuch der Algebra (Algebra textbook) (in German) Volume 2.
BOOKS053331I: Weber, Roberts Professor of English Literature Colby College, - Far from the Madding Crowd.
BOOKS057108I: Weber, Louis, CEO, - Holiday Appetizers.
BOOKS053170I: Webster, John, introduction by Travis Bogard, - The White Devil (Chandler Editions in Drama).
BOOKS048424I: Webster, Margaret, - The Same Only Different.
BOOKS005037I: Webster, Daniel, edited by C. H. Van Tyne, - Letters of Daniel Webster.
BOOKS006986I: Webster, Jean, - Daddy-Long-Legs.
BOOKS015068I: Webster, Frank V., - Harry Watson's High School Days.
BOOKS024287I: Webster, Frank V., - The Boy Pilot of the Lakes.
BOOKS026103I: Webster, Bob, - The South Texas Garden Book.
BOOKS057091I: Harriet Webster, - Great Family Trips in New England.
BOOKS037531I: Webster, Mrs. John J. & Mrs. F. W. Jessop, - The Apsley Cookery Book: containing 448 recipes for the uric-acid-free diet.
BOOKS038803I: Webster, Robert N., - Stories.
BOOKS044767I: Webster, Frank V., - Dick the Bank Boy or a missing fortune.
BOOKS049367I: Webster, Daniel, - Speeches and Forensic Arguments: vol III.
BOOKS007191I: Wechsler, Harlan J., Ph.D., - What's So Bad about Guilt?: learning to live with it since we can't live without it.
BOOKS019034I: Wechsler, Herman J., - Gods and Goddesses in Art and Legend: great myths as pictured by great masters.
BOOKS027374I: Weddle, Dr. J. Owen, - Presidential Vignettes.
BOOKS044150I: Wedel, E., Ph.D., Part I and A. Romanov, Part II, - Russian Pocket Dictionary: Russian English/English Russian.
BOOKS014173I: Wedgwood, C. V., - The Spoils of Time: a world history from the dawn of civilization through the early Renaissance.
BOOKS003643I: Weed, Clarence M., - Our Trees How to Know Them with a guide to their recognition at any season of the year and notes on their characteristics etc..
BOOKS009847I: Weed, Jenny, - Across the Sea.
BOOKS042354I: Weed, Clarence M., - Butterflies: the Nature Library.
BOOKS042365I: Weed, Clarence M., - Butterflies: the Nature Library.
BOOKS019396I: Weedman, Frances, Manager, Home Economics Dept, - Electric Cookery on Hotpoint Electric Ranges.
BOOKS028416I: Weedn, Flavia, - The Prize: a collection of stories.
BOOKS032525I: Author of "The Last Day of the Week", - The Commandment with Promise: Carters Cabinet Library First Series.
BOOKS037480I: Weekley, William George, - The Ledger of Lying Dog.
BOOKS004506I: Entertainment Weekly, - Entertainment Weekly 1997 Yearbook.
BOOKS004853I: Entertainment Weekly, - Entertainment 1997 Yearbook.
BOOKS008222I: People Weekly, - Private Lives 1994.
BOOKS008452I: People Weekly, - The Most Intriguing People of the Century.
BOOKS043956I: People Weekly, - People Celebrates the 70s.
BOOKS019500I: Weeks, Edward, - In Friendly Candor.
BOOKS024800I: Weeks, Edward, - In Friendly Candor.
BOOKS027197I: Weeks, Sinclair, foreword by, introduction by Herbert Wells Hill, - A Guide to the Papers of the Weeks Family of Lancaster, NH.
BOOKS040641I: Weeks, Kevin & Phyllis Karas, - Brutal: the untold story of my life inside Whitey Bulger's Irish mob.
BOOKS032760I: Weems, John Edward, foreword by Sir Edmund Hillary, - Peary: the explorer and the man based on his personal papers.
BOOKS019414I: Weesner, Theodore, - The Car Thief.
BOOKS056353I: Weesner, Theodore (inscribed and signed by author), - Children's Hearts: stories by.
BOOKS056346I: Weesner, Theodore (Inscribed by author), - Winning the City.
BOOKS056343I: Weesner, Theodore (inscribed by author), - Novemberfest.
BOOKS026383I: Wegman, William, - Fay.
BOOKS055306I: Wegman, William with Carole Kismaric and Marion Heiferman, - Cinderella: Fay's Fairy Tales.
BOOKS044204I: Weidensaul, Scott, - Hummingbirds.
BOOKS007930I: Weider, Betty and Joe Weider, - The Weider Book of Bodybuilding for Women.
BOOKS026104I: Weider, Betty & Joe, - The Weider Book of Bodybuilding for Women.
BOOKS051254I: Weier, Albert E., arranged for either playing or singing by, - Gilbert & Sullivan at Home containing the complete stories and most popular songs.
BOOKS037456I: Weightman, Gavin, - The Frozen-Water Trade: a true story.
BOOKS030769I: Weigle, Jacqueline Sanborn, - Prayers in the Pantry.
BOOKS053031I: Weigle, Oscar, compiled by, - Read Aloud Bedtime Stories.
BOOKS038276I: Weigle, Jacqueline Sanborn, - Prayers in the Pantry.
BOOKS054080I: Weigle, Anastasia S., - A Presence in the Community: the Warren family legacy.
BOOKS031560I: Weigle, Anastasia S., - A Presence in the Community: the Warren family legacy.
BOOKS045164I: Weihenmayer, Erik, - Touch the Top of the World: a blind man's journey to climb farther than the eye can see.
BOOKS013706I: Weil, Lisl, - The Candy Egg Bunny.
BOOKS016901I: Weil, Lisl, - The Candy Egg Bunny.
BOOKS019597I: Weil, Simone, introduction by Leslie Fiedler, - Waiting for God.
BOOKS030162I: Weil, Andrew, M.D., - Spontaneous Healing: how to discover & enchance your body's natural ability to maintain & heal itself.
BOOKS033769I: Weil, Andrew, M.D., - Spontaneous Healing video.
BOOKS036041I: Weil, Andrew & Rosie Daley, - The Healthy Kitchen: foods to maximize health, healing & longevity.
BOOKS007315I: Weiler, Eugen, translated by Matthew J. O'Connell, - Jesus, Son of God: encounter and confessions of faith.
BOOKS028430I: Weimer, Joan, - Back Talk: teaching lost selves to speak.
BOOKS044420I: Frances Wein, - Abroad in America: visitors to the new nation 1776-1914.
BOOKS011444I: Weinberg, Julia, - Gourmet Bouquet: decorative centerpieces to eat and enjoy.
BOOKS019560I: Weinberg, Florence M., - The Wine & the Will: Rabelais's Bacchic Christianity.
BOOKS032420I: Weinberg, Larry, based on story by Bob Carrau, - Wicket and the Dandelion Warriors.
BOOKS034446I: Weinberg, George, - Nearer to the Heart's Desire: tales of psychotherapy.
BOOKS049450I: Weinberg, Julia, - Hors d'Oeuvre Artistry.
BOOKS054247I: Weinberger, Caspar, Secretary of Defense, - Soviet Military Power 1983, 1985, 1987.
BOOKS055694I: Weinberger), - As Ever...: a selection of letters from the voluminous correspondence of Jane Weinberger 1970-1990.
BOOKS056908I: Weiner, Jennifer, - In Her Shoes.
BOOKS011709I: Weiner, Ellis, - Letters from Cicely: a Northern Exposure book.
BOOKS033998I: Weiner, Jennifer, - Good in Bed.
BOOKS044744I: Weiner, Ellis, - Letters from Cicely: a Northern Exposure book.
BOOKS011877I: Weingarten, Violet, - A Loving Wife.
BOOKS056414I: Weingarten, Roger (signed by author), - Infant Bonds of Joy.
BOOKS055693I: Weingarten, Roger (signed by author on title page), - Shadow, Shadow: poems.
BOOKS056423I: Weingarten, Roger, - Ghost Wrestling: poems.
BOOKS056413I: Weingarten, Roger,(introduction by Mark Jarman)(signed by author), - Ethan Benjamin Boldt.
BOOKS014883I: Weintraub, Stanley, - Victoria: an intimate biography.
BOOKS050685I: Weintraub, Stanley, - MacArthur's War: Korea and the undoing of an American hero.
BOOKS055759I: Weintraub, Stanley, - Victoria: an intimate biography.
BOOKS004268I: S. Weir Mitchell, M.D., intro and notes by Vincent B. Brecht, - Hugh Wynne: Free Quaker: sometime Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel on the staff of his excellency General Washington.
BOOKS013988I: Weir, Alison, - The Princes in the Tower.
BOOKS029867I: Weir, L. H., editor, - Camping Out: a manual on organized camping.
BOOKS036249I: Weir, Adrian, - The Last Flight of the Luftwaffe: the suicide attack on the Eighth Air Force, 7 April 1945.
BOOKS004110I: Weisgard, Leonard, - Mr. Peaceable Paints.
BOOKS004327I: Weiss, Ellen, - Mokey's Birthday Present: a fraggle rock book starring Jim Henson's Muppets.
BOOKS007771I: Weiss, John, - Hunting Gear You Can Make.

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