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BOOKS027197I: Weeks, Sinclair, foreword by, introduction by Herbert Wells Hill, - A Guide to the Papers of the Weeks Family of Lancaster, NH.
BOOKS040641I: Weeks, Kevin & Phyllis Karas, - Brutal: the untold story of my life inside Whitey Bulger's Irish mob.
BOOKS032760I: Weems, John Edward, foreword by Sir Edmund Hillary, - Peary: the explorer and the man based on his personal papers.
BOOKS019414I: Weesner, Theodore, - The Car Thief.
BOOKS056353I: Weesner, Theodore (inscribed and signed by author), - Children's Hearts: stories by.
BOOKS056346I: Weesner, Theodore (Inscribed by author), - Winning the City.
BOOKS056343I: Weesner, Theodore (inscribed by author), - Novemberfest.
BOOKS026383I: Wegman, William, - Fay.
BOOKS055306I: Wegman, William with Carole Kismaric and Marion Heiferman, - Cinderella: Fay's Fairy Tales.
BOOKS044204I: Weidensaul, Scott, - Hummingbirds.
BOOKS007930I: Weider, Betty and Joe Weider, - The Weider Book of Bodybuilding for Women.
BOOKS026104I: Weider, Betty & Joe, - The Weider Book of Bodybuilding for Women.
BOOKS051254I: Weier, Albert E., arranged for either playing or singing by, - Gilbert & Sullivan at Home containing the complete stories and most popular songs.
BOOKS037456I: Weightman, Gavin, - The Frozen-Water Trade: a true story.
BOOKS030769I: Weigle, Jacqueline Sanborn, - Prayers in the Pantry.
BOOKS053031I: Weigle, Oscar, compiled by, - Read Aloud Bedtime Stories.
BOOKS038276I: Weigle, Jacqueline Sanborn, - Prayers in the Pantry.
BOOKS054080I: Weigle, Anastasia S., - A Presence in the Community: the Warren family legacy.
BOOKS031560I: Weigle, Anastasia S., - A Presence in the Community: the Warren family legacy.
BOOKS045164I: Weihenmayer, Erik, - Touch the Top of the World: a blind man's journey to climb farther than the eye can see.
BOOKS013706I: Weil, Lisl, - The Candy Egg Bunny.
BOOKS016901I: Weil, Lisl, - The Candy Egg Bunny.
BOOKS019597I: Weil, Simone, introduction by Leslie Fiedler, - Waiting for God.
BOOKS030162I: Weil, Andrew, M.D., - Spontaneous Healing: how to discover & enchance your body's natural ability to maintain & heal itself.
BOOKS033769I: Weil, Andrew, M.D., - Spontaneous Healing video.
BOOKS036041I: Weil, Andrew & Rosie Daley, - The Healthy Kitchen: foods to maximize health, healing & longevity.
BOOKS007315I: Weiler, Eugen, translated by Matthew J. O'Connell, - Jesus, Son of God: encounter and confessions of faith.
BOOKS028430I: Weimer, Joan, - Back Talk: teaching lost selves to speak.
BOOKS044420I: Frances Wein, - Abroad in America: visitors to the new nation 1776-1914.
BOOKS011444I: Weinberg, Julia, - Gourmet Bouquet: decorative centerpieces to eat and enjoy.
BOOKS019560I: Weinberg, Florence M., - The Wine & the Will: Rabelais's Bacchic Christianity.
BOOKS032420I: Weinberg, Larry, based on story by Bob Carrau, - Wicket and the Dandelion Warriors.
BOOKS034446I: Weinberg, George, - Nearer to the Heart's Desire: tales of psychotherapy.
BOOKS049450I: Weinberg, Julia, - Hors d'Oeuvre Artistry.
BOOKS054247I: Weinberger, Caspar, Secretary of Defense, - Soviet Military Power 1983, 1985, 1987.
BOOKS055694I: Weinberger), - As Ever...: a selection of letters from the voluminous correspondence of Jane Weinberger 1970-1990.
BOOKS056908I: Weiner, Jennifer, - In Her Shoes.
BOOKS011709I: Weiner, Ellis, - Letters from Cicely: a Northern Exposure book.
BOOKS033998I: Weiner, Jennifer, - Good in Bed.
BOOKS044744I: Weiner, Ellis, - Letters from Cicely: a Northern Exposure book.
BOOKS011877I: Weingarten, Violet, - A Loving Wife.
BOOKS056414I: Weingarten, Roger (signed by author), - Infant Bonds of Joy.
BOOKS055693I: Weingarten, Roger (signed by author on title page), - Shadow, Shadow: poems.
BOOKS056423I: Weingarten, Roger, - Ghost Wrestling: poems.
BOOKS056413I: Weingarten, Roger,(introduction by Mark Jarman)(signed by author), - Ethan Benjamin Boldt.
BOOKS014883I: Weintraub, Stanley, - Victoria: an intimate biography.
BOOKS050685I: Weintraub, Stanley, - MacArthur's War: Korea and the undoing of an American hero.
BOOKS055759I: Weintraub, Stanley, - Victoria: an intimate biography.
BOOKS004268I: S. Weir Mitchell, M.D., intro and notes by Vincent B. Brecht, - Hugh Wynne: Free Quaker: sometime Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel on the staff of his excellency General Washington.
BOOKS013988I: Weir, Alison, - The Princes in the Tower.
BOOKS029867I: Weir, L. H., editor, - Camping Out: a manual on organized camping.
BOOKS036249I: Weir, Adrian, - The Last Flight of the Luftwaffe: the suicide attack on the Eighth Air Force, 7 April 1945.
BOOKS004110I: Weisgard, Leonard, - Mr. Peaceable Paints.
BOOKS004327I: Weiss, Ellen, - Mokey's Birthday Present: a fraggle rock book starring Jim Henson's Muppets.
BOOKS007771I: Weiss, John, - Hunting Gear You Can Make.
BOOKS008793I: Weiss, Ellen, - Mokey's Birthday Present: a Fraggle Rock book starring Jim Henson's Muppets.
BOOKS010934I: Weiss, Leatie, - My Teacher Sleeps in School.
BOOKS019641I: Weiss, Harvey, - How to Be a Hero.
BOOKS028935I: Weiss, LeAnn, - Hugs for Friends: stories, sayings, & scriptures to encourage & inspire.
BOOKS034996I: Weiss, Rita, - Plastic Templates for Traditional Patchwork Quilt Patterns.
BOOKS038388I: Weiss, Rita, - Needlepoint Designs after illustrations by Beatrix Potter chrter for easy use.
BOOKS045007I: Weiss, John, - The Advanced Deer Hunter's Bible.
BOOKS012769I: Weitzman, David, - My Backyard History Book.
BOOKS038355I: Weitzman, David, - Underfoot: an everyday guide to exploring the American past.
BOOKS028323I: Welanetz, Diana & Paul von, - With Love from Your Kitchen.
BOOKS031305I: von Welanetz, Diana & Paul, - The Art of Buffet Entertaining.
BOOKS001644I: Welch, Robert, - The Politician.
BOOKS001657I: Welch, Frankie, - Indian Jewelry: how to wear, buy and treasure America's first fashion pieces.
BOOKS003525I: Welch, Alice, - Whisperings (Gusto Series).
BOOKS053883I: Welch, Ronald, - Knight Crusader.
BOOKS050203I: Welch, Barbara and Judy Potvin, - The Voluntary Water Quality Monitoring.
BOOKS054340I: Welch, Sharon D., - Communities of Resistance and Solidarity: a feminist theology of liberation.
BOOKS042575I: Welch, James with Paul Stekler, - Killing Custer.
BOOKS044480I: Welch, Wally, - The Lighthouses of Maine.
BOOKS047895I: Welch, Bonnie & Deanna White, - More Kitchen Keepsakes: recipes for home cookin'.
BOOKS045296I: Welch, Wally, - The Lighthouses of Maine.
BOOKS045498I: Welch, Roy Dickinson and Earl Vincent Moore, edited by, - Michigan's Favorite College Songs.
BOOKS053281I: Welch, Ann, - The Story of Gliding.
BOOKS048090I: Welch, Jack with Suzy Welch, - Winning.
BOOKS056706I: Welch, Wally, - The Lighthouses of Maine.
BOOKS028338I: Welcher, Rosalind, - Somebody's Thinking of You.
BOOKS013272I: Welcome, John, - Bellary Bay.
BOOKS030478I: Weld, William F., - Mackerel by Moonlight.
BOOKS018266I: Weldon, Fay, - Life Force.
BOOKS023910I: Wellard, James, - The Great Sahara.
BOOKS005672I: Welles, Sumner, - The Time for Decision.
BOOKS005898I: Orson Welles, - The Times We Had: life with William Randolph Hearst.
BOOKS035529I: Orson Welles, - The Stranger VHS video with Orson Welles, Loretta Young & Edward G. Robinson directed by Welles.
BOOKS050664I: Welles, Lee, - Gaia Girls Enter the Earth.
BOOKS051292I: Wellford, Lin, - Painting on Rocks for Kids.
BOOKS048549I: Wellington, Carrie L. Fisher (Mrs.), - Leaflets along the Pathway of Life.
BOOKS024034I: Wellman, Sam, - Mother Teresa: missionary of charity.
BOOKS047865I: Wells, H. G., - Croquet Player.
BOOKS048483I: Wells, Kate Gannett, - Little Dick's Son.
BOOKS053793I: Wells, H. G., condensed and adapted by W. T. Robinson, - The Time Machine: Dalmatian Press Children's Classic.
BOOKS002710I: Wells, Robert W., - This is Milwaukee: a colorful portrait of the city that made beer famous.
BOOKS003223I: Wells, Helen, - Cherry Ames, Senior Nurse.
BOOKS003437I: Wells, Carolyn, - The Missing Link: a Fleming Stone mystery.
BOOKS005673I: Wells, Carolyn, - Two Little Women.
BOOKS054988I: Wells, Carveth, foreword by Lowell Thomas, - The Road to Shalimar.
BOOKS008258I: Wells, Carolyn, - Marjorie's Maytime.
BOOKS012491I: Wells, Rebecca, - Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood.
BOOKS016055I: Wells, H. G., - The World of William Clissold: a novel at a new angle: 2 volumes.
BOOKS018492I: Wells, Helen, - Cherry Ames Senior Nurse.
BOOKS018493I: Wells, Helen, - Vicki Finds the Answer.
BOOKS018494I: Wells, Helen, - Silver Wings for Vicki.
BOOKS020829I: Wells, Helen, - Vicki Finds the Answer.
BOOKS020937I: Wells, Carol G., - Right Brain Sex: using creative visualization to enchance sexual pleasure.
BOOKS021255I: Wells, H. G., - First & Last Things: a confession of faith and rule of life.
BOOKS022520I: Wells, Carolyn, - Patty and Azalea.
BOOKS022795I: Wells, Helen, - Cherry Ames Cruise Nurse.
BOOKS054354I: Wells, Wyatt, - American Capitalism, 1945--2000.
BOOKS023668I: Wells, Carolyn, - The Daughter of the House: a "Fleming Stone" detective story.
BOOKS023669I: Wells, Carolyn, - The Missing Link: a "Fleming Stone" detective story.
BOOKS025536I: Wells, Carolyn, - Deep Lake Mystery.
BOOKS027308I: Wells, Sue, - Within Me, Without Me: adoption: an open and shut case?.
BOOKS027426I: Wells, Amos R., - Social Evenings: a book of games and pleasant entertainments.
BOOKS027750I: Wells, Sue, - Within Me, Without Me: adoption: an open and shut case?.
BOOKS030137I: Wells, H. G., - Mr. Britling Sees It Through.
BOOKS030513I: Wells, Marian, - Morning Star: Starlight trilogy.
BOOKS045641I: Wells, Walter, Superintendent, - The Water-Power of Maine: hydrographic survey of Maine.
BOOKS033721I: Wells, Harry L., - California.
BOOKS036131I: Wells, H. G., - Meanwhile (The Picture of a Lady).
BOOKS054383I: Wells, Carveth, - Six Years in the Malay Jungle.
BOOKS036973I: Wells, Betty & Joel, - Here's to the Family: a survival manual for parents.
BOOKS037317I: Wells, Helen, - Vicki Finds the Answer: Vicki Barr Flight Stewardess Series.
BOOKS037986I: Wells, Amos R., - Devotional Year-Book for daily needs.
BOOKS038466I: Wells, Helen, - Cherry Ames Student Nurse #1: Cherry Ames nurse stories.
BOOKS041648I: Wells, Helen, - Cherry Ames, Student Nurse #1.
BOOKS041649I: Wells, Helen, - Cherry Ames, Army Nurse #3.
BOOKS041650I: Wells, Helen, - Cherry Ames, Chief Nurse #4.
BOOKS041651I: Wells, Helen, - Cherry Ames, Flight Nurse #5.
BOOKS041652I: Wells, Helen, - Cherry Ames, Veterans' Nurse #6.
BOOKS041653I: Wells, Helen, - Cherry Ames, Visiting Nurse #8.
BOOKS041654I: Wells, Helen, - Cherry Ames, Cruise Nurse #9.
BOOKS041656I: Wells, Helen, - Cherry Ames Boarding School Nurse #17.
BOOKS041657I: Wells, Helen, - Cherry Ames Department Store Nurse #18.
BOOKS041658I: Wells, Helen, - Cherry Ames at Hilton Hospital #20.
BOOKS042823I: Wells, Helen, - Cherry Ames, Private Duty Nurse.
BOOKS044786I: Wells, H. G., - The Outline of History, being a plain history of life and mankind: vols. I, III and IV only.
BOOKS045070I: Wells, Carolyn, - Marjorie's Busy Days.
BOOKS047869I: Wells, H. G., - Mr. Britling Sees It Through.
BOOKS052246I: Wells, Carolyn, - The Visiting Villain: a Fleming Stone detective novel.
BOOKS047669I: Wells, Carolyn, collected by, - A Vers de Societe Anthology.
BOOKS049091I: Wells, Carolyn, - The Luminous Face.
BOOKS000393I: Wells, H. G., - Meanwhile (The Picture of a Lady).
BOOKS000394I: Wells, H. G., - The Soul of a Bishop.
BOOKS047875I: Wells, H. G., foreword by Sinclair Lewis, - History of Mr. Polly.
BOOKS053350I: Wells, H. G., - God the Invisible King.
BOOKS053319I: Wells, Carolyn, collected by, - A Parody Anthology.
BOOKS046498I: Wells, Rosemary, - McDuff Moves in.
BOOKS047864I: Wells, H. G., - Meanwhile (the Picture of a Lady).
BOOKS047163I: Wells, Carolyn, collected by, - A Nonsense Anthology.
BOOKS049548I: Wells, H. G., - God the Invisible King.
BOOKS056419I: Wels, Susan, with foreward by Buckley, William F. Jr., - Titanic: Legacy of the World's Greatest Ocean Liner.
BOOKS055752I: Wels, Susan, - The Olympic Spirit: 100 years of the games.
BOOKS014870I: Welsh, Stanley L., - Utah II.
BOOKS055692I: Welsh, Shepherd, - Gettysburg and More Amereican Tales.
BOOKS027885I: Welsh, Shepherd, - Tales from the American Attic.
BOOKS012420I: Welty, Eudora, - One Writer's Beginnings.
BOOKS025472I: Welty, Eudora, - One Writer's Beginnings.
BOOKS035221I: Welty, Eudora, - One Writer's Beginnings.
BOOKS020841I: Welty, Eudora, - One Writer's Beginnings.
BOOKS037653I: Welty, Eudora, - One Time, One Place: Mississippi in the Depression/a snapshot album.
BOOKS004024I: Welwood, John - editor, - Ordinary Magic: everyday life as spiritual path.
BOOKS023133I: Welwood, John, - Love and Awakening: discovering the sacred path of intimate relationship.
BOOKS025189I: Welwood, John, edited by, - Challenge of the Heart: love, sex, and intimacy in changing times.
BOOKS024234I: Welzenbach, Michael, - Conversations with a Clown.
BOOKS002839I: Welzl, Jan, translated by Paul Selver with foreword by Karel Capek, - Thirty Years in the Golden North.
BOOKS038315I: Wendell, Barrett, - Cotton Mather: the puritan priest.
BOOKS036691I: Wendt, Herbert, translated from German by Richard & Clara Winston, - The Sex Life of the Animals.
BOOKS040289I: Wendte, Charles William, D.D. 1844-1930, - The Transfiguration of Life by a Modernist Faith.
BOOKS037246I: Wendy C. Hawks, Jean Mars & Sophia Mason, - Your Birthday Sign through Time: a chronicle of the forces that shape your destiny.
BOOKS041490I: Wenkam, Robert, - The Edge of Fire: volcano and earthquake country in western North America and Hawaii.
BOOKS031327I: Wentworth, Josie A., introduction by Katharina Dalton, M.D., - The Migraine Prevention Cookbook.
BOOKS040254I: Wentworth, Rev. B. F., - A History of 175 Years of Maine Methodism.
BOOKS049805I: Wentworth, Ali (Stephanopoulos), - Ali in Wonderland and other tall tales.
BOOKS054395I: Wentworth, Patricia, - The Key: a Miss Silver mystery.
BOOKS037857I: Wentz, Budd, - Paper Movie Machines.
BOOKS045449I: Werfel, Franz, edited by Lore B. Foltin, - Franz Werfel 1890-1945: critical essays in English and American literature.
BOOKS047748I: Werlin, Laura, - Great Grilled Cheese: 50 innovative recipes for stovetop, grill and sandwich maker.
BOOKS000698I: Werner, Jane, - Walt Disney's Living Desert.
BOOKS006812I: Werner, M. R., - Barnum.
BOOKS008639I: Werner, Jane, - Walt Disney's Living Desert: a true-life adventure, based on film narration.
BOOKS010012I: Werner, Jane, - The Fuzzy Duckling.
BOOKS010322I: Werner, Jane, retold by, - Walt Disney's Alice in Wonderland Meets the White Rabbit.
BOOKS010571I: Werner, Jane, told by, - A Child's Book of Bible Stories.
BOOKS017456I: Werner, Elsa Jane & E. D. Ebsun, compiled, - The Little Golden Book of Hymns.
BOOKS018533I: Werner, Emmy E., - Reluctant Witnesses: children's voices from the Civil War.
BOOKS043821I: Werner, Alfred, - Maurice Utrillo.
BOOKS007595I: Wernick, Robert, - Blitzkrieg.
BOOKS025253I: Wersba, Barbara, - You'll Never Guess the End.
BOOKS048641I: Werstein, Irving, - The Plotters: the New York Conspiracy of 1741.
BOOKS047907I: Wert, Jeffry D., - General James Longstreet: the Confederacy's most controversial soldier.
BOOKS054705I: Wert, Jeffry D., - General James Longstreet: the confederacy's most controversial soldier.
BOOKS006701I: Wertenbaker, Lael, - Perilous Voyage.
BOOKS030163I: Wertenbaker, Lael Tucker, - The Eye of the Lion: a novel based on the life of Mata Hari.
BOOKS009382I: Werth, Kurt & Mabel Watts, - Molly and the Giant.
BOOKS002363I: Wescott, Elsie Pike, - Their Name Liveth: research of the Wescott and Pike families, with addenda on the Kschinka and Miller lines.
BOOKS009807I: Wesley, Mary, - A Dubious Legacy.
BOOKS027431I: Wesley, Mary, - An Imaginative Experience.
BOOKS035075I: Wesley, John, - A Longing for Holiness: selected writings.
BOOKS039564I: Wesley, Mary, - The Camomile Lawn audio cassettes read by Anna Massey.
BOOKS044668I: Wesley, Mary, - A Dubious Legacy.
BOOKS057038I: Wesselmann, Debbie Lee, - Trutor & the Balloonist.
BOOKS056409I: West, Jerry, - The Happy Hollisters and the Castle Rock Mystery.
BOOKS004301I: West, Jessamyn, - South of the Angels.
BOOKS006894I: West, Morris, - The Navigator.
BOOKS007686I: West, Rebecca, - Rebecca West: a celebration: a selection of her writings.
BOOKS009433I: West, Rebecca, criticial introduction by Samuel Hynes, - Rebecca West: a celebration: a selection of her writings (fiction, history, reportage, essays, history, travel).
BOOKS011216I: West, Cathy, - The Little Puppy's Bad Day.
BOOKS053922I: West, Nathanael, introduction by Alan Ross, - Complete Books of Nathanael West.
BOOKS020448I: West, Nigel, - A Thread of Deceit: espionage myths of World War II.
BOOKS024068I: West, Cornel, - Race Matters.
BOOKS054501I: West, Jerry, - The Happy Hollisters and the Haunted House Mystery #12.
BOOKS036195I: West, Austin, - By the Brook: book two.
BOOKS037213I: West, Jessamyn, - The Woman Said Yes: encounters with life and death.
BOOKS037215I: West, Jessamyn, - Double Discovery.
BOOKS037357I: West, Dorothy, afterword by Adelaide M. Cromwell, - The Living Is Easy.
BOOKS039745I: West, Austin, - By the Brook: book three.
BOOKS050141I: West, Jerry, - The Happy Hollisters on a River Trip; and the Mystery of the Totem Faces; and the Mystery of the Little Meremaid.
BOOKS016278I: West, Jerry, - The Happy Hollisters and the Mystery of Missile Town.
BOOKS051488I: West, Austin, - I Am the Sea and Other Poems.
BOOKS000369I: West, Rebecca, - The Judge.
BOOKS037042I: West, Austin, - By the Brook.
BOOKS043835I: West, Don, - Romantic Appalachia or Poverty Pays If You Ain't Poor.
BOOKS045820I: West, Jerry, - The Happy Hollisters.
BOOKS057221I: Westbook, Gene, - The Magnolia Collection: fine recipes.
BOOKS017542I: Westbrook, A. & O. Ratti, - Aikido and the Dynamic Sphere: an illustrated introduction.
BOOKS036142I: Westbrook, Maine, - Annual Municipal Report City of Westbrook, Maine 1944 through 1967 (missing 1959, 1960, 1962, 1963, 1965).
BOOKS036143I: Westbrook, Maine, - 1955 Real Estate Assessment, City of Westbrook, Maine based on revaluation by Cole-Layer-Trumble Company.
BOOKS036144I: Westbrook, Maine, - 18th Annual Report of the Receipts and Expenditures of the City of Westbrook (Maine) for fiscal year ending December 31st, 1908.
BOOKS036339I: Westbrook-Warren Congregational Church, U.C.C., - Saccarappa Sampler.
BOOKS024498I: Westcott, Cynthia, - The Gardener's Bug Book.
BOOKS037443I: Westcott, Allen, USNA (retired), Senior Professor, US Naval Academy, - American Sea Power since 1775.
BOOKS040345I: Westfall, Donald H., - Charles A. Lindbergh House.
BOOKS014990I: Westin, Jeane Eddy, - Finding Your Roots: how every American can trace his ancestors at home & abroad.
BOOKS032574I: Westin, Jeanne Eddy, foreword by John J. Stewart, - Finding Your Roots: how to trace your ancestors at home and abroad.
BOOKS004752I: Westlake, Donald E., - The Ax.
BOOKS006082I: Westlake, Donald E., - Kahawa: the Africa novel.
BOOKS041246I: Westlake, Donald E., writing as Richard Stark, - Slayground audio book (unabridged) read by Richard Kramer.
BOOKS054325I: Westlake, Donald E., - Smoke: the disappearing novel.
BOOKS023048I: Westland, Lynn, - Texas Red.
BOOKS033822I: Westland, Pamela, - Celebrating Christmas.
BOOKS044313I: Westland, Pamela, - Victorian Nosegays.
BOOKS054160I: Weston, Christine, - The Dark Wood.
BOOKS055668I: Weston, Gaylord Day, - Belgrade - just another Maine Town - poems.
BOOKS043424I: Westrate, Bruce, - The Arab Bureau: British policy in the Middle East 1916-1920.
BOOKS056807I: van de Wetering, Jemwillern, - Hugh Pine.
BOOKS047059I: van de Wetering, Janwillem, - The Maine Massacre: a Grijpstra & de Gier mystery.
BOOKS056349I: Wetherell, W. D., - Wherever that Great Heart May Be.
BOOKS029550I: Wetherell, W. D., - The Wisest Man in America.
BOOKS048445I: Wetherell, W. D., - Vermont River: the classic portrait of a man and his river.
BOOKS056345I: Wetherell, W. D. (inscribedd by author), - Hyannis Boat and other stories.
BOOKS045365I: Wetherell, John, edited and with an introduction by C. S. Forester, - The Adventures of John Wetherell.
BOOKS056341I: Wetherell, W.D., - The Wisest man in America..
BOOKS056344I: Wetherell, W. D., - Chekhov's Sister.
BOOKS056350I: Wetherell, W. D. (Inscribed by author), - Vermont River.
BOOKS056342I: Wetherell, W.D., - The Wisest man in America..
BOOKS021167I: Wetmore, Alexander & other ornithologists, - Song and Garden Birds of North America.
BOOKS038675I: Wetmore, Helen Cody (his sister), introduction by Donald F. Danker, - Last of the Great Scouts: the life story of Colonel William F. Cody.
BOOKS049393I: Wetmore, Alexander, - Song and Garden Birds of North America with birdsong records and notes on birdhouses plus Water, Prey and Game Birds.
BOOKS036903I: Wetterau, John Moncure, - To Keep You Company.
BOOKS024495I: Wetterer, Margaret K., - Kate Shelley and the Midnight Express.
BOOKS028756I: Wettlin, Margaret, introduction by Harrison Salisbury, - Fifty Rusian Winters: an American woman's life in the Soviet Union.
BOOKS023606I: Wetzel, Guy F., - Automotive Diagnosis and Tune-Up.
BOOKS024023I: Wetzel, Donald, - Burp Book.
BOOKS034539I: Wetzler, Scott, edited by, - Measuring Mental Illness: psychometric assessment for clinicians.
BOOKS054003I: Wexler, Bruce, - Route 66: ghost towns and roadside relics.
BOOKS003748I: Wexley, John, - The Judgment of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg.
BOOKS044608I: Weygandt, Cornelius, - The Heart of New Hampshire: things held dear by folks of the old stock.
BOOKS055122I: Weygandt, Cornelius, - New Hampshire Neighbors: country folks and thingsi the White Hills.
BOOKS049105I: Weyman, Stanley J., - The Man in Black.
BOOKS041128I: Whaley, Jack, - The Gardens of Ireland: a visitor's guide.
BOOKS007272I: Wharmy, Anna, - Rose Petal Place: Fun Is All Around You.
BOOKS047863I: Wharton, Edith, - The Children.
BOOKS047867I: Wharton, Edith, - Xingu and Other Stories.
BOOKS003345I: Wharton, Edith, selected and introduced by Anita Brookner, - The Stories of Edith Wharton, Volume 2.
BOOKS047859I: Wharton, Edith, - Crucial Instances; Sanctuary.
BOOKS000197I: Wharton, Edith, - Madame De Treymes.
BOOKS015168I: Wharton, Edith, - The Age of Innocence.
BOOKS017573I: Wharton, Edith, completed by Marion Mainwaring, - The Buccaneers.
BOOKS020714I: Wharton, Edith, - Certain People.
BOOKS033760I: Wharton, Edith, - A Son at the Front.
BOOKS033793I: Wharton, James B., - Squad.
BOOKS035816I: Wharton, Donald P., edited by, - In the Trough of the Sea: selected American sea-deliverance narratives, 1610-1766.
BOOKS035848I: Wharton, Donald P., edited by, - In the Trough of the Sea: selected American sea-deliverance narratives, 1610-1766.
BOOKS038557I: Wharton, Edith, - Twilight Sleep.
BOOKS047817I: Wharton, Edith, - A Son at the Front.
BOOKS040986I: Wharton, Anne Hollingsworth, - Through Colonial Doorways.
BOOKS043771I: Wharton, Edith, Chevalier of the Legion of Honor, - Fighting France from Dunkerque to Belport: The War on All Fronts.
BOOKS047868I: Wharton, Edith, - Greater Inclination; Touchstone.
BOOKS050199I: Wharton, Edith, - The Old Maid (The Fifties) and New Year's Day (The Seventies): two volumes.
BOOKS047580I: Wharton, Edith, - Ethan Frome.
BOOKS048026I: Wharton, Edith, - The Reef - A Novel.
BOOKS000370I: Wharton, Edith, - The Reef - A Novel.
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BOOKS030092I: Wilson, Frances Engle, - All the Tomorrows: an Avalon career romance.
BOOKS030094I: Wilson, Frances Engle, - Summer Stranger: an Avalon romance.
BOOKS030428I: Wilson, A. N., - Hearing Voices.
BOOKS032123I: Wilson, Harry Robert, arranged & edited by, - Shortnin' Bread: a modern concert arrangement of an American folk song choral octavo sheet music.
BOOKS032168I: Wilson, Nadine Cox, - A Guide to Decoration in the Early American Manner.
BOOKS050930I: Wilson, Woodrow, - The President's War Message delivered at a joint session of the two houses of Congress April 2, 1917.
BOOKS052073I: Wilson, Douglas, edited and with several selections by, - Passages of Time: narratives in the history of Amherst College.
BOOKS033678I: Wilson, John Harold, - Nell Gwyn Royal Mistress.
BOOKS034091I: Wilson, Charis, his model & partner, - Edward Weston Nudes: remembrance: photographs accompanied by excerpts from the daybooks & letters.
BOOKS034587I: Wilson, Mary Badger, - Separate Star.
BOOKS048299I: Wilson, Earl, - Show Business Laid Bare (signed).
BOOKS037154I: Wilson, Erle, - Minado: a tale of the Quebec Wilderness.
BOOKS037562I: Wilson, Helen Van Pelt, - The Joy of Flower Arranging.
BOOKS038038I: Wilson, Ken, edited by, foreword by Al Alvarez, - The Games Climbers Play.
BOOKS038516I: Wilson, Theodora Wilson, - The New Testament Story Told for Children.
BOOKS038773I: Wilson, Helen Van Pelt, - A Garden in the House.
BOOKS038865I: Wilson, Clarence True & Deets Pickett, - The Case for Prohibition: its past, present accomplishments, and future in America.
BOOKS038895I: Wilson, Woodrow, - Selected Literary and Political Papers and Addresses of Woodrow Wilson: vol. III only.
BOOKS038926I: Wilson, Helen Vn Pelt, - The Flower Arrangement Calendar 1950.
BOOKS038943I: Wilson, Helen Van Pelt, - The African Violet Saintpaulia.
BOOKS039100I: Wilson, Sndy, - This Is Sylvia: her lives and loves.
BOOKS039172I: Wilson, Dorothy Clarke, - Leaves in the Wind: a lifetime in verse.
BOOKS039480I: Wilson, Woodrow, - In Our First Year of War: messages and addresses to the Congress and the people March 5, 1917, to January 8, 1918.
BOOKS041200I: Wilson, Edward O., - Naturalist.
BOOKS041462I: Wilson, Sule Greg, introduction by Babatunde Olatunji, - The Dummer's Path: moving the spirit with ritual and traditional drumming.
BOOKS041559I: Wilson, A. N., - Hearing Voices.
BOOKS041585I: Wilson, Woodrow, President, - The President's War Message delivered at a Joint Session of the Two Houses of congress April 2, 1917.
BOOKS042318I: with introduction by Paul Wilson, - Letters to Olga.
BOOKS050339I: Wilson, Charis, - Edward Weston Nudes: remembrance.
BOOKS048702I: Wilson, Dolores J., - Big Hair and Flying Cows.
BOOKS044107I: Wilson, Elizabeth B., The Pierpont Morgan Library, - Bibles and Bestiaries: a guide to illuminated manuscripts.
BOOKS044231I: Wilson, George C., - Flying the Edge: the making of Navy test pilots.
BOOKS049614I: the study of American History by Woodrow Wilson, - Harper's Encyclopaedia of United States History from 458 A.D. to 1912: 10 volumes.
BOOKS044742I: Wilson, Ernest H., Keeper of the Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University, - America's Greatest Garden: the Arnold Arboretum.
BOOKS046018I: Wilson, A. D. & E. W. Wilson, - Elements of Farm Practice: prepared especially for teaching elementary agriculture.
BOOKS048852I: Wilson, Quentin with David Selby, - Ultimate Classic Car.
BOOKS026301I: Wilson, Dorothy Clarke, - The Big-Little World of Doc Pritham.
BOOKS049596I: Wilson, Edmund, - The Bit between My Teeth: a literary chronicle of 1950-1965.
BOOKS051856I: Wilson, Donald A., - Logging and Lumbering in Maine: Images in America.
BOOKS048417I: Wilson, Francis, - Francis Wilson's Life of Himself.
BOOKS055812I: Wilson, Dorothy Clarke, - The Big-Little World of Doc Pritham.
BOOKS046079I: Wilson, Helen Van Pelt, selected and edited by, - The Gardener's Book of Verse: volume one: Poems for Five Seasons.
BOOKS057312I: Wilson, Eugene E. (signed), - Wings of the Dawn: a study of air power as a contribution to civilization.
BOOKS050440I: Wilson, Althea with Sally Slaney, - Paint Works.
BOOKS019630I: Wilstach, Paul, - An Italian Holiday.
BOOKS038569I: Wilstach, Paul, - Hudson River Landings.
BOOKS048486I: Wilt, Joy, - Making Up Your Own Mind; Nitty-Gritty of Family Life; Kid's Guide to Making Friends; You're All Right, You're One of a Kind;.
BOOKS006802I: Wilt, Joy, - You're All Right: a children's book about human similarities.
BOOKS014312I: Wilton, Norman, - The Wilton Book of Wedding Cakes.
BOOKS020045I: Wiltse, Charles M., - The Medical Department: medical service in the Mediterranean and minor theaters (U.S. Army in WWII series).
BOOKS035756I: Winans, Leonard G., - Our Navy's Striking Power: close-ups of its latest equipment.
BOOKS047655I: introduction by C. T. Winchester, - Wesleyan Verse.
BOOKS016561I: Winchester, C. T., - Some Principles of Literary Criticism.
BOOKS054353I: Winchester, Simon, - The River at the Center of the World.
BOOKS007525I: Wind, Wabun, - Woman of the Dawn.
BOOKS014938I: Windeatt, Mary Fabyan, - David and His Songs: a story of the psalms.
BOOKS050681I: Windle, Don, LCDR, CEC, USN (Ret), - Where Bees Swarm: the Seabees during the Vietnam War.
BOOKS033175I: Windsor, H. H., editor, - Popular Mechanics Magazine Nov. 1952: 50th anniversary year.
BOOKS039408I: Food and Wine, - Chicken Collection: the best of Food and Wine.
BOOKS012582I: Wine, Cynthia, - Eating for a Living: notes from a professional diner.
BOOKS034563I: Winer, Delsa, - Almost Strangers.
BOOKS035448I: Winer, Paul, - The Keeper's Hill and Other Vermont Country Poems: stories about & reflections from my own rural life & that of neighbors.
BOOKS007694I: Winfrey, Laurie Platt, - The Unforgettable Elephant.
BOOKS046671I: Winfrey, Oprah, - O's Big Book of Happiness: the best of the Oprah Magazine.
BOOKS046672I: Winfrey, Oprah, - Live Your Best Life: a treasury of wisdom, wit, advice, interviews, and inspiration from O, The Oprah Magazine.
BOOKS026990I: Wing, Frank, - The Fotygraft Album.
BOOKS047928I: Wing, Frances S., - Complete Book of Decoupage.
BOOKS041321I: Robert C. Wingard, - Woodlands and Wildlife: making your property attractive to wildlife.
BOOKS010655I: Wingate, Isabel, - Textile Fabrics and their selection.
BOOKS018638I: Winget, Susan, - Susan Winget's The Changing Seasons by the Vanessa-Ann Collection.
BOOKS036424I: Wingfield, Dorothy E., - FUNerals: short stories from an organist's repertoire.
BOOKS023918I: Wingrove, David, - Chung Kuo: the middle kingdom.
BOOKS023552I: Winik, Marion, - First Comes Love.
BOOKS014126I: Winkle, Wilber, - Wilber Winkle Has a Complaint!: consumer advocate or nut with too much time on his hands.
BOOKS048844I: Winkowski, Fredric and Jon Lopez, - The Book of the Harley-Davidson: one hundred years of a modern legend.
BOOKS010891I: Winn, Chris & Jeremy Beadle, - Rodney Rootle's Grown-up Grappler and other treasures from the Museum of Outlawed Inventions.
BOOKS030243I: Winn, Rev. Arthur Harmon, A.M., compiled & edited by Dorothy Q. Daley, - Beyond Yesterday: to the memory of Rev. Winn: his life and character with selections from his work.
BOOKS042711I: Beard Award winner, - The Fearless Chef: innovative recipes from the Edge of American Cuisine.
BOOKS033932I: Winnington, Laura, edited by, - The Outlook Story Book for Little People.
BOOKS054007I: Winokur, Jon, compiled & edited by, - The Portable Curmudgeon: irreverent notes, quotes, and anecdotes on dismal destinations, excess baggage etc..
BOOKS023391I: Winokur, Jon, compiled & edited by, - The Portable Curmudgeon.
BOOKS025850I: Winokur, Jon, compiler and editor, - The Portable Curmudgeon.
BOOKS033517I: Winokur, Jon, compiled and edited by, - A Curmudgeon's Garden of Love.
BOOKS034501I: Winokur, Jon, compiled & edited by, - A Curmudgeon's Garden of Love.
BOOKS050031I: Winooski Park, Vermont, - St. Michael's through the Years: 50 year Golden Anniversary.
BOOKS027050I: Winship, Stephen, - A Testing Time: crisis and revival in Nashua.
BOOKS041760I: Winship, Florence Sarah, - Fuzzy Wuzzy Puppy: a Fuzzy Wuzzy book.
BOOKS044491I: Winship, George Parker, translated and edited with an introduction by, - The Journey of Coronado 1540-1542 from the city of Mexico to the Buffalo Plains of Kansas and Nebraska.
BOOKS049848I: Winslow, Maine, - Bicentennial Celebration of Town on Winslow, Maine, 1771-1971.
BOOKS019643I: Winslow, Don, - Bobby Z.
BOOKS030403I: Winslow, John C., - A History of the Universalist Church of Westbrook Maine.
BOOKS032509I: Winslow, Rev. Hubbard, Pastor of Bowdoin Street Church, - The Young Man's Aid to Knowledge, Virtue, And Happiness.
BOOKS049268I: Winslow, W. G., - The Fleet the Gods Forgot: the U.S. Asiatic Fleet in World War II.
BOOKS041933I: Winslow, Helen M., - Peggy at Spinster Farm.
BOOKS042883I: Winslow, Helen M., - Peggy at Spinster Farm.
BOOKS044811I: Winslow, Helen M., - Concerning Cats: my own and some others.
BOOKS041449I: Winsted, Dr. Wendy, - Ferrets in Your Home.
BOOKS013001I: Winstein, Merryl, - Your Fertility Signals: using them to achieve or avoid pregnancy, naturally.
BOOKS006804I: Winston, Peggy, - Wild Cats (books for young explorers).
BOOKS009437I: German by Richard & Clara Winston, - Thomas Mann Diaries 1918-1939.
BOOKS044220I: Winston, Robert A., - Dive Bomber: learning to fly the Navy's fighting planes.
BOOKS010070I: Winter, Adalee, - Needlecraft Treasury: more than 350 original needlework designs.
BOOKS029526I: Winter, Susan, - I Can.
BOOKS031724I: Winter-Berger, Robert N., - The Gerald Ford Letters.
BOOKS046252I: Winter, William, - Gray Days and Gold.
BOOKS054418I: starring Dawn French: the specials and autumn and winter, - Vicar of Dibley: volume three (121 minutes) and volume five (80 minutes).
BOOKS056062I: Winter, A. R. and E. M. Funk, edited by R. W. Gregory, - Poultry Science and Practice. Lippincott Agricultural Science Series.
BOOKS038879I: Winterbothm, F. W., - The Ultra Secret.
BOOKS038529I: Winterburn, Florence Hull, - From the Child's Standpoint: views of child life and nature: a book for parents and teachers.
BOOKS017795I: Winterfeld, Henry, - Castaways in Lilliput.
BOOKS001553I: Winters, Shelley, - Shelley II: the middle of my century.
BOOKS006989I: Winters, Yvor, - Collected Poems.
BOOKS050753I: Winters, Erma, - A History of Kenduskeag, Maine.
BOOKS008067I: Winthrop, Elizabeth, - Bear and Mrs. Duck.
BOOKS008737I: Winthrop, Elizabeth, - The Castle in the Attic.
BOOKS055077I: Winthrop, Elizabeth, - Maggie and the Monster.
BOOKS057132I: Wintz, Friar Jack, - I Will See you in Heaven: a Catlover's edition.
BOOKS033276I: Wirt, Mildred A., - Dan Carter Cub Scout and the River Camp.
BOOKS033277I: Wirt, Mildred A., - Dan Carter and the Money Box.
BOOKS045821I: Wirt, Mildred A., - Dan Carter and the Money Box #3: a Cub Scout book.
BOOKS031613I: Wirth, Fremont P., - The Development of America.
BOOKS035930I: Wise, Herbert H., - Attention to Detail: distinctive choices for home design and remodeling.
BOOKS037706I: Wise, Herbert, - James Taylor: biography plus music.
BOOKS042994I: Wise, Winifred E., - Minnow Vail.
BOOKS045979I: Wise, James Waterman, edited by, - Very Truly Ours: letters from America's fighting men.
BOOKS013663I: Wiseman, Jeri, - Stuffable Playmates.
BOOKS050038I: Wiser, Charlotte V., - Four Families of Karimpur.
BOOKS017738I: Wiser, William, - Disappearances.
BOOKS028218I: Wiser, William, - Disappearances.
BOOKS044292I: Wissler, Clark, Curator Emeritus of Anthropology, - Star Legends among the American Indians: Science Guide no. 91.

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