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BOOKS046636I: King, Stephen, - Dreamcatcher.
BOOKS048607I: King, Horatio, ex-Postmaster General of the United States, - Sketches of Travel or Twelve Months in Europe.
BOOKS048596I: King, Peter, edited by, foreword by Beryl Bainbridge, - Scott's Last Journey.
BOOKS049579I: King, Stephen, - Rose Madder.
BOOKS023411I: Kinglake, A. W., - Eothen.
BOOKS019902I: Kinglsey, Emily Perl, - I Can Do It Myself featuring Jim Henson's Sesame Street Muppets.
BOOKS050494I: Kingma, Daphne Rose, - Weddings from the Heart: contemporary and traditional ceremonies for an unforgettable wedding.
BOOKS022839I: Kingsbury, Benjamin, Jr., - The Justice of the Peace: designed to be a guide to justice of the peace for the state of Maine.
BOOKS022900I: Kingsbury, John M., - Poisonous Plants of the United States and Canada.
BOOKS022942I: Kingsbury, John M., - The Rocky Shore.
BOOKS036482I: Kingsbury, Karen with Gary Smalley, - Remember.
BOOKS035286I: Kingsford, - Treasury of Barbecue Recipes: 3 books in one.
BOOKS010849I: Kingsley, Sidney, - Detective Story: acting edition (play in three acts).
BOOKS011255I: Kingsley, Florence Morse, - The Transfiguration of Miss Philura.
BOOKS014676I: Kingsley, Charles, - Hypatia: or, new foes with an old face.
BOOKS034306I: Kingsley, Ben written for the screen & directed by Eric Rochat, - The Fifth Monkey based on the novel "Le Cinquieme Singe" by Jacques Zibi video.
BOOKS038400I: Kingsley, Charles, introduction by John T. Winterich, - Westward Ho!.
BOOKS040249I: Kingsley, Charles, - Hypatia or New Foes with an Old Face.
BOOKS044357I: Kingsley, Charles, - The Water-Babies.
BOOKS051870I: Kingsley, Charles, - Hereward the Wake: 'Last of the English'.
BOOKS052285I: Kingsley, Charles, edited by his wife, - Charles Kingsley: his letters and memories of his life.
BOOKS047182I: Kingsley, Charles, - Westward Ho! or, the voyages and adventures of Sir Amyas Leigh, Knight, of Burrough, in the County of Devon, in the reign of....
BOOKS001159I: Kingsolver, Barbara, - High Tide in Tucson: Essays from now or never.
BOOKS002305I: Kingsolver, Barbara, - Pigs in Heaven.
BOOKS018758I: Kingsolver, Barbara, - Pigs in Heaven.
BOOKS020345I: Kingsolver, Barbara, - Prodigal Summer.
BOOKS029305I: Kingsolver, Barbara, - Prodigal Summer.
BOOKS046904I: Kingsolver, Barbara, - Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: a year of food life.
BOOKS005115I: Kingston, Maxine Hong, - The Woman Warrior: memoirs of a girlhood among ghosts.
BOOKS043045I: Kingston, W. H. G., - From Powder Monkey to Admiral: a story of naval adventure.
BOOKS045676I: Kingston, W. H. G., - In the Wilds of Africa: a tale for boys.
BOOKS028543I: Kininmonth, Christopher, - The Travelers' Guide to Sicily.
BOOKS028092I: Kinkade, Thomas, - The Home You Made for Me: celebrating a mother's love.
BOOKS030949I: Kinkade, Thomas & Katherine Spencer, - A Gathering Place: a Cape Light novel.
BOOKS031428I: Kinkade, Thomas with Anne Christian Buchanan, - Lightposts for Living: the art of choosing a joyful life.
BOOKS035261I: Kinkade, Thomas with Anne Christian Buchanan, - Simpler Times.
BOOKS044655I: Kinkade, Thomas with Anne Christian Buchanan, - Simpler Times.
BOOKS011601I: Kinloch, Bruce, introduction by Gerald Durrell, - Sauce for the Mongoose.
BOOKS039389I: Kinmont, Vikki & Claudia Axcell, - Simple Foods for the Pack.
BOOKS047066I: Kinnane, Adrian, - DuPont: from the banks of the Brandywine to miracles of science.
BOOKS043562I: Kinne, Helen & Anna M. Colley, - Foods and Household Management: a textbook of the household arts.
BOOKS055450I: Reformed Church in Kinnelon, - Cookbook.
BOOKS011628I: Kinney, Ralph Parsons, - The Complete Book of Furniture Repair and Refinishing: easy to follow guide with step-by-step methods.
BOOKS033350I: Kinney, Ralph Parsons, - The Complete Book of Furniture Repair and Refinishing.
BOOKS038412I: Kinney, Jean and Cle, - 21 Kinds of American Folk Art and How to Make Each One.
BOOKS045047I: Kinney, Jean and Cle, - The Neurotic Inanimates.
BOOKS046174I: Kinney, Richard R., - A Guide to Gardening with Young People.
BOOKS053457I: Kinsburn, Emart, - Tumblebug Ranch: a western story.
BOOKS011688I: Kinscella, Hazel Gertrude, - History Sings: backgrounds of American music.
BOOKS008280I: Kinsella, W. P., - Box Socials.
BOOKS011124I: Kinsella, Thomas, edited by, - The Search: seventh series.
BOOKS035745I: Kinsey, Alfred C., Wardell B. Pomeroy & Clyde E. Martin, - Sexual Behavior in the Human Male.
BOOKS000616I: Kinsley, Edith Ellsworth, - Pattern for Genius - a story of Branwell Bronte and his 3 sisters Charlotte, Emily and Anne.
BOOKS009348I: Kinsley, Michael, - Curse of the Giant Muffins and Other Washington Maladies.
BOOKS043790I: Kinsley, Earle S., - Calvin Collidge Vermonter: address by Kinsley, State Chamber of Commerce, Burlington, Vermont, March 24, 1924.
BOOKS007135I: Kinsolving, William, - Born with the Century.
BOOKS009865I: Kipling, Rudyard, - How the Leopard Got His Spots.
BOOKS016281I: Kipling, Rudyard, - Collected Verse.
BOOKS024756I: Kipling, Rudyard (Commissioner, Boy Scouts in England), - Land and Sea Tales for Scouts and Scout Masters.
BOOKS027160I: Kipling, Rudyard, - Soldiers Three.
BOOKS030782I: Kipling, Rudyard, - Collected Verse.
BOOKS032114I: Kipling, Rudyard, words by, music by Frank E. Tours, - Mother o'Mine sung by Mr. Herbert Witherspoon sheet music.
BOOKS050371I: Kipling, Rudyard, - Ballads and Barrack-Room Ballads.
BOOKS053706I: Kipling, Rudyard, - The Light That Failed.
BOOKS055859I: Kipling, Rudyard, - Soldiers Three.
BOOKS054630I: Kipling, Rudyard, - The Day's Work.
BOOKS055726I: Kipling, Rudyard, - A Kipling Pageant.
BOOKS053889I: Kirchner, L. R., - Robbing Banks: an American history 1831-1999.
BOOKS030549I: Kirchwey, Karl, - At the Palace of Jove: poems.
BOOKS010250I: Kirk, Pat & Alice Brown, - Love Bears All Things: a child learns to love.
BOOKS011369I: Kirk, John, - Christmas with Norman Rockwell.
BOOKS030245I: Kirk, Ella Boyce, - My Pilgrimage to Coue.
BOOKS035370I: Kirk, Lydia, wife of Ambassador to USSR 1949-1952, - Postmarked Moscow: an American Ambassador's wife looks at life in Russia today.
BOOKS043333I: Kirk, Mary Wallace, - Locust Hill.
BOOKS045460I: Kirk, Ruth, - Snow.
BOOKS031787I: Kirkell, Miriam H. & Irma K. Schaffnit, - Partners All - Places All!: 44 enjoyable square and folk dances for everyone.
BOOKS000063I: Kirkham, Stanton Davis, - In the Open - intimate studies and appreciations of nature.
BOOKS046624I: Kirkland, - Lily Pearl and the Mistress of Rosedale.
BOOKS036479I: Kirkman, Rick & Jerry Scott, - Baby Blues: Ten Years and Still in Diapers.
BOOKS034716I: Kirkpatrick, Sidney D., - A Cast of Killers.
BOOKS028936I: Kirkwood, Annie, - Mary's Message to the World as sent by Mary, the mother of Jesus to her messenger Annie Kirkwood.
BOOKS040925I: Kirkwood, James, - Some Kind of Hero.
BOOKS039131I: Kirmond, Patricia, - Messages from Heaven: amazing insights on life after death, life's purpose and earth's future.
BOOKS003129I: Kirn, Francis, - Tangletown - A Brownie Book.
BOOKS055786I: Kirshman, Irena, - Beer Book: beer recipes.
BOOKS003469I: Kirstein, Lincoln, edited by Nicholas Jenkins, - By With To & From: a Lincoln Kirstein Reader.
BOOKS022431I: Kirstein, new foreword by Hilton Kramer, - The Flow of Art: essays and criticisms.
BOOKS050172I: Kirven, Swedenborg School of Religion, - The New Church in the New World: a study of Swedenborgianism in America.
BOOKS012601I: Kirwan, Anna, - Juliet: rescue at Marlehead Manor, England, 1340.
BOOKS051763I: Kishida, translated by Ann King Herring, - Swan Lake: Fantasia pictorial stories from famous music.
BOOKS030097I: Kishikawa, Shigemi, - Steppingstones to Go: a game of strategy.
BOOKS027397I: Kiskalt, Isolde, - Dough Crafts.
BOOKS024479I: by Anna Kisselgoff, - Bronislava Nijinska: early memoirs.
BOOKS041050I: Kissinger, Henry, - White House Years.
BOOKS004201I: Kistler, William, - America February.
BOOKS003988I: Astrology Kit, - How to Cast a Horoscope #1.
BOOKS003989I: Astrology Kit, - The Horoscope Readings #3.
BOOKS024384I: Kitamura, Satoshi, - What's Inside?: the alphabet book.
BOOKS013011I: Kitani, K., A. Aoba & S. Goto, editors, - Pharmacological Intervention in Aging and Age-Associated Disorders: annals of NY Academy of Sciences vol. 786.
BOOKS047384I: Kelvin Kitchen, - Cooking with Cold.
BOOKS008460I: General Foods Kitchens, - Frozen Foods Cookbook: modern living with frozen foods.
BOOKS014135I: General Foods Kitchens, - The General Foods Kitchens Cookbook.
BOOKS036708I: Taylor & Great Western Wineries kitchens, - Favorite Recipes.
BOOKS050602I: The Rumford Kitchens, - Rumford Complete Cook Book.
BOOKS031093I: Kitchings, J. T., H. H. Shugart & J. D. Story, - Environmental Impacts Associated with Electric Transmission Lines: publication no. 591.
BOOKS024678I: Kitt, Tamara, - The Secret Cat (a Lucky Book).
BOOKS014923I: Kittler, Glenn D., - The Maryknoll Fathers: the heroic story of 50 years in mission fields afar.
BOOKS042496I: Kittredge, G. L. & Thornton Jenkins, edited by, Ovid, - The Metamorphoses of Ovid: selections required for entrance to college in the years 1926-1928.
BOOKS043467I: Kittredge, George Lyman, - Shakspere: an address delivered on April 23, 1918, in Sanders Theatre at the request of the president and fellows of Harvard.
BOOKS009087I: Kitzinger, Ernst, - Early Medieval Art with illustrations from the British Museum collection.
BOOKS018176I: Kjelgaard, Jim, - Big Red.
BOOKS026477I: Kjelgaard, Jim, - Two Dogs and a Horse.
BOOKS054811I: Klabunde, Anja, - Magda Goebbels.
BOOKS028947I: Klamkin, Charles, - Barns: their history, preservation, and restoration.
BOOKS055680I: Klamkin, Charles, text and photos by, - Barns: their history, preservation, and restoration.
BOOKS054531I: Klapthor, Margaret Brown, - Official White House China: 1789 to the present (with added essays by White House curators to enrich the original text).
BOOKS047686I: Klapthor, Margaret Brown, introduction by Rosalynn Carter, - The First Ladies.
BOOKS031929I: Klass, Perri, - Other Women's Children.
BOOKS053625I: Klass, Perri, - Other Women's Children.
BOOKS012802I: Klaus, Carl H., - My Vegetable Love: a journal of a growing season.
BOOKS011858I: Kleber, Broks E. & Dale Birdsell, - The Chemical Warfare Service: Chemicals in Combat: Technical Services (United States Army in World War II).
BOOKS001890I: Klee, Paul, - The Inward Vision: watercolors, drawings, writings.
BOOKS010338I: Kleeman, Elayne J. and Jeane A. Voltz, - How to Turn a Passion for Food into Profit.
BOOKS039149I: Klees, Fredric, - The Round of the Year.
BOOKS012091I: Van Kleffens, Eelco Nicolaas, - Juggernaut over Holland: the Dutch Foreign Minister's personal story of the invasion of the Netherlands.
BOOKS057364I: Klein, Tom, Preface by Sigurd t. Olson, edited by Jeff Fair, - Loon Magic.
BOOKS054403I: Klein, Edward, - Unlikeable: the problem with Hillary (Clinton).
BOOKS049092I: Klein, Charles, novelized from the play by Arthur Hornblow, - The Lion and the Mouse: a story of American life.
BOOKS001165I: Klein, Alexander - compiler and editor, - Natural Enemies: Youth and the clash of generations.
BOOKS005569I: Klein, Diane, recipes by Rosalyn T. Badalementi, - Eating Right for Two: the complete nutrition guide and cookbook for a healthy pregnancy.
BOOKS009919I: Klein, Donald F., M.D. & Paul H. Wender, M.D., - Understanding Depression: a complete guide to its diagnosis & treatment.
BOOKS010353I: Klein, Norma, - A Honey of a Chimp.
BOOKS014721I: Klein, Matthew, - The Joy of Ice Cream.
BOOKS018489I: Klein, Edward, - All Too Human: the love story of Jack & Jackie Kennedy.
BOOKS020803I: Klein, Joe, - The Running Mate.
BOOKS021946I: Klein, Lou, words by, music by James Kendis, - If I Had My Way sheet music from movie If I Had My Way.
BOOKS030959I: Klein, Jonas, introduction by Senator George J. Mitchell, - Beloved Island: Franklin & Eleanor and the legacy of Campobello.
BOOKS031179I: Klein, Aaron E., - Encyclopedia of North American Railroads.
BOOKS016791I: Klein, Norma, - Girls Can Be Anything.
BOOKS039153I: Klein, Jerry M., - The Celebrity Cookbook: favorite recipes from the famous: selections from Potpourri of Cookery.
BOOKS041040I: Klein, Woody, - Lindsay's Promise: the dream that failed.
BOOKS052252I: Klein, Norma, - A Train for Jane.
BOOKS055791I: Klein, Joe, - The Running Mate: a novel by the author of Primary Colors.
BOOKS045172I: Kleinbaum, Nancy H., - The Magnificent Seven: the authorized story of American gold.
BOOKS034721I: Kleinman, Kathryn & Sara Slavin, - On Flowers.
BOOKS051533I: Klemer, D. J., edited by, - Chinese Love Poems.
BOOKS029501I: Klemp, Harold, - The Art of Spiritual Dreaming.
BOOKS019628I: Kliban, B., - Cat: 17th anniversary edition.
BOOKS032551I: Klima, Ivan, - Waiting for the Dark Waiting for the Light.
BOOKS049471I: Kline, R. E. Pattison, - Authorities on Oratory Use of Illustrations After-Dinner Speaking Arguments: practical discussions and suggestions.
BOOKS029724I: Kline, Suzy, - Herbie Jones.
BOOKS048669I: Kline, Mary-Jo, edited by, - Alexander Hamilton: volumes 1 and 2: a biography in his own words: The Founding Fathers.
BOOKS031489I: Klinkenborg, Verlyn, - The Rural Life.
BOOKS019362I: Klobuchar, Jim, - Wild Places and Gentle Breezes.
BOOKS006427I: "Klondike, the Land of Gold"), - The Barrister being anecdotes of the late Tom Nolan of the New York Bar (with portrait).
BOOKS030862I: Klonsky, Milton, - The Fabulous Ego: absolute power in history.
BOOKS013294I: Klos, Frank W., editor, - The Pastoral Epistles.
BOOKS019213I: Kluger, Phyllis, - A Needlepoint Gallery of Patterns from the Past.
BOOKS055267I: Kluger, Marilyn, - The Joy of Spinning.
BOOKS056895I: Klusmire, Jon, - Colorado: Compass Amercian Guides.
BOOKS024894I: Klutz Press, editors, - Kids Shenanigans: great things to do that Mom and Dad will just barely approve of.
BOOKS052358I: Knapp-Fisher, H. C., - Outlines of World History for Boys and Girls.
BOOKS053615I: Knappman, Edward W., editor, - Great American Trials: 201 compelling courtroom dramas.
BOOKS056046I: Lewis Thomas M. N. and Madeline Kneberg, - Tribes that Slumber: Indians of the Tennessee Region.
BOOKS030975I: Kneese, Allen V., - Measuring the Benefits of Clean Air and Water.
BOOKS050954I: Knight, William Allen, - The Song of Our Syrian Guest.
BOOKS055625I: Knight, Ernest H., Historian, signed and inscribed by Knight on title page, - Historical Gems of Raymond and Casco.
BOOKS057141I: Knight, Ernest H., - A Guide to the Cumberland & Oxford Canal.
BOOKS047992I: Knight, Ernest Harmon, - The Origin and History of Raymondtown signed.
BOOKS055631I: Knight, Ernest H., - A Guide to the Cumberland & Oxford Canal.
BOOKS006447I: Knight, Clayton, - Rockets, Missiles and Satellites.
BOOKS010770I: Knight, Eric, - Lassie Come Home (picture adaptation esp abridged for young readers).
BOOKS011761I: Knight, Arthur & Kit, - A Marriage of Poets.
BOOKS018680I: Knight, Clayton, - Skyroad to Mystery.
BOOKS023986I: Knight, India, - My Life on a Plate.
BOOKS034614I: Knight, Clayton, - The Big Book of Real Helicopters: how they work, what they do, where they flys.
BOOKS041758I: Knight, Eric, - Lassie Come Home.
BOOKS039573I: Knight, William Allen, - The Song of Our Syrian Guest.
BOOKS044124I: Knight, Austin M., late Rear Admiral, U.S. Navy, - Modern Seamanship.
BOOKS055641I: Knight, Ernest H., - A Guide to the Cumberland & Oxford Canal.
BOOKS055646I: Knight, Ernest Harmon (signed by author), - The Origin and History of Raymondtown.
BOOKS055624I: Knight, Ernest H., - Raymond Then and Now: volume 1 and II.
BOOKS056001I: Knight, Arthur & Kit, edited by, - The Beat Diary.
BOOKS048001I: Knight, Ernest Harmon, - Reminiscences: war in the South Pacific and duty in Japan.
BOOKS055571I: Knight, Mary G., - Weathered Wood with Flowers.
BOOKS002381I: Knightley, Phillip and Colin Simpson, - The Secret Lives of Lawrence of Arabia.
BOOKS051029I: Knights, Jack, - Sail Racer.
BOOKS047213I: Knipp, William and Linda, assembled by, - United We Stand Cookbook.
BOOKS057139I: Knnight, Ernest H. and S. Michael Wells, - Supplement to A Wheel around the Hub: the first organized bicycle ride by a group of 40 wheel cyclists in the Boston area..
BOOKS024164I: Knoechel, Patricia, - Creating with Color: a guide for quilters.
BOOKS023620I: Knoedler Galleries, NY, - James McNeill Whistler: an exhibition of paintings & other works September 1960.
BOOKS049384I: Knopf, Mildred O., introduction by June Platt, - The Perfect Hostess Cook Book.
BOOKS022773I: Knott, James Edward, Ph.D., - Vegetable Growing.
BOOKS040217I: Knower, Daniel, - The Adventures of a Forty-Niner: an historic description of California, with events and ideas of San Francisco etc..
BOOKS028201I: Knowles, Eleanor, - Howard W. Hunter.
BOOKS035871I: Knowlton, Edgar C., - An Outline of World Literature from Homer to the Present Day.
BOOKS017739I: Knox, Ray, - A Thousand Mountains Shining: stories from New Zealand's mountain world.
BOOKS031294I: Knox, Mrs. Charles B., - Food Economy: recipes for left-overs and plain desserts.
BOOKS049722I: Knum, Charlotte, - The Four Riders.
BOOKS037969I: Koani & Indy, Bruce Weide & Pat Tucker, - Tales of Two Canines: the adventures of a wolf and a dog (stars of the giant screen movie Wolves).
BOOKS025454I: Kobal, John, compiled & edited by, introduction by David Robinson, - Marilyn Monroe: a life on film.
BOOKS050735I: Kobal, John, compiled and edited by, introduction by David Robinson, - Marilyn Monroe: a life on film.
BOOKS006384I: Koch, Edward I., - All the Best: letters from a feisty mayor.
BOOKS018534I: Koch, Kenneth & Kate Farrell, - Sleeping on the Wing: an anthology of modern poetry with essays on reading & writing.
BOOKS043120I: Koch, Robert, - Louis C. Tiffany, Rebel in Glass.
BOOKS044377I: Koch & Richard Corliss, script by Julius J. Epstein..., - Casablanca: script and legend.
BOOKS051363I: Kocher, Sandra, - Appalachian Trail.
BOOKS028761I: Kocour, Ruth Anne with Michael Hodgson, - Facing the Extreme: one woman's story of true courage, death-defying survival, and her quest for the summit.
BOOKS007899I: Koda-Callan, Elizabeth, - The Silver Slippers.
BOOKS024142I: Koda-Callan, Elizabeth, - The Good Luck Pony.
BOOKS009850I: Kodak, - Professional Photograhic Illustration Techniques.
BOOKS016472I: Kodak, - Kodak Reference Handbook: materials, processes, technique.
BOOKS019544I: Eastman Kodak, - Kodakery: a magazine for amateur photographers: March 1924.
BOOKS019545I: Eastman Kodak, - Kodakery: a magazine for amateur photographers: February 1924.
BOOKS019546I: Eastman Kodak, - Kodakery: a magazine for amateur photographers: April 1924.
BOOKS024726I: Eastman Kodak, - Picture Taking with the No. 3A Folding Pocket Kodak.
BOOKS024728I: Eastman Kodak, - Book of the Kodak Exhibition.
BOOKS055734I: Eastman Kodak, - Preservation of Photographs F-30.
BOOKS048387I: Koegel, Orro E., - Walter S. Carter: collector of young masters or the progenitor of many law firms.
BOOKS011019I: Koehler, Cynthia Iliff, - This Magic World.
BOOKS042751I: Koehler, Ted, lyric by, music by M. K. Jerome & Ray Heindorf, - Some Sunday Morning sheet music from Warner Bros. picture "San Antonio" starring Errol Flynn & Alexis Smith.
BOOKS037869I: Koehn, Ilse, foreword by Harrison E. Salisbury, - Mischling, Second Degree: my childhood in Nazi Germany.
BOOKS046254I: Koen, Karleen, - Dark Angels.
BOOKS053384I: Koen, Susan, Nina Swaim and Friends, - Ain't No Where We can Run: handbook for women on the nuclear mentality.
BOOKS010590I: Koenig, Norma, - One Night.
BOOKS032492I: Koenig, Lilli, foreword by Konrad Lorenz, - Nature Stories from the Vienna Woods.
BOOKS037797I: Koenig, Lilli, introduction by Konrad Lorenz, - Nature Stories from the Vienna Woods.
BOOKS037737I: Koerner, Julie, - Swing Kings: the Life, Times, & Music Series.
BOOKS035342I: Koestenbaum, Wayne, - The Queen's Throat: opera, homosexuality and the mystery of desire.
BOOKS047886I: Koestler, Arthur, translated by Daphne Hardy, - Darkness at Noon.
BOOKS054305I: Koestler, Arthur, - The Lotus and the Robot.
BOOKS047451I: Kogawa, Joy, - Obasan.
BOOKS038888I: Kogon, Eugen, - The Theory and Practice of Hell.
BOOKS006923I: Kohl, Marguerite and Frederica Young, - More Jokes for Children: dinosaurs and elephants, gruesomes, classroom capers, double talk, riddles, rhymes, etc..
BOOKS009321I: Kohl, Wilfrid L., editor, - Methanol as an Alternative Fuel Choice: an assessment.
BOOKS032054I: Kohl, Edith Eudora, new introduction by Glenda Riley, - Land of the Burnt Thigh: a lively story of women homesteaders on the South Dakota frontier.
BOOKS020217I: Kohl, Edith Eudora, new introduction by Glenda Riley, - Land of the Burnt Thigh: women homesteaders on the South Dakota frontier.
BOOKS002621I: Kohler, Franz. Translated from the German by Keith Hammond, - Across the Soviet Union: impressions of the USSR.
BOOKS032055I: Kohn, Howard, - The Last Farmer: an American memoir.
BOOKS032490I: Kohn, Harold E., - Reflections: on the nature of the world and man, life's values and its destiny.
BOOKS056192I: Conrad Kohrs, - Conrad Kohrs: an autobiography.
BOOKS006129I: Kolatch, Alfred J., - The Jewish Child's First Book of Why.
BOOKS056073I: Kolchin, Peter, - Unfree Labor: American Slavery and Russian Serfdom.
BOOKS054365I: Koller, Larry, - The Treasury of Angling.
BOOKS023914I: Komisar, Lucy, - Down and Out in the USA.
BOOKS004511I: Trogstad Kommune, - Jubileumsskrift Trogstad Herred 1837-1937.
BOOKS049783I: Komroff, Manuel, edited by, - The Apocrypha of non-canonical books of the Bible: King James version.
BOOKS050909I: Komroff, Manuel, edited by, - Tales of the Monks from the Gesta Romanorum.
BOOKS027467I: Kondracke, Morton, foreword by Michael J. Fox, - Saving Milly: love, politics and Parkinson's Disease.
BOOKS008755I: Kondracki, Linda, - Let's Talk, Let's Listen Too: an innovative program using stories, skits, and games to help families learn communication.
BOOKS045995I: Konig, Captain Paul, - Voyage of the Deutschland: the first merchant submarine.
BOOKS012671I: Konigsburg, E. L., - Proud Taste for Scarlet and Miniver.
BOOKS056408I: Konstam, Angus, - The Pocket Book of Civil War Weapons - From Small Arms to Siege Artillery.
BOOKS005016I: Koontz, Dean, - Intensity.
BOOKS012512I: Koontz, Dean, - Intensity.
BOOKS012829I: Koontz, Dean, - Mr. Murder.
BOOKS016846I: Koontz, Dean R., - Midnight.
BOOKS018480I: Koontz, Dean, - Strange Highways.
BOOKS054809I: Koop, Allen V., - Stark Decency: German prisoners of war in a New England village.
BOOKS051750I: Kooser, Ted, introduction by poet, - Valentines.
BOOKS050628I: Kooser, Ted, - Local Wonders: seasons in the Bohemian Alps.
BOOKS054729I: Kopechne, - Death at Chappaquiddick.
BOOKS033468I: Kopko, Thomas M., clergyman & chaplain, - True Healing with Nature's Doctors.
BOOKS003420I: Koppett, Leonard, - The Man in the Dugout: baseball's top managers and how they got that way.
BOOKS030284I: Kordel, Lelord, - Eat and Grow Younger.
BOOKS023254I: Kordich, Jay, - The Juiceman's Power of Juicing.
BOOKS047496I: Korelitz, Jean Hanff, - The Sabbatahday River.
BOOKS010611I: Korman, Justin & Ron Fontes, - Babe: pig in the city: a storybook.
BOOKS047499I: Kornfield, Jack, - A Path with Heart: a guide through the perils and promises of spiritual life.
BOOKS007937I: Kornitzer, Bela, - The Great American Heritage: the story of the five Eisenhower brothers.
BOOKS046069I: Kosbau, Frank & Harold, compiled by, - Wild Rice Recipes.
BOOKS006842I: Kosinski, Jerzy, - The Painted Bird.
BOOKS026666I: Kosinski, Jerzy, - Cockpit.
BOOKS040913I: Kosinski, Jerzy, - Passion Play.
BOOKS040002I: Koskey, Gloria, MDA, - Americana Memories.
BOOKS042874I: Kosser, Mike, - Hot Country Women.
BOOKS018772I: Kostyal, K. M., - Raccoons (Books for Young Explorers).
BOOKS047289I: Kotker, Zane, - A Certain Man.
BOOKS052519I: Kotker, Norman, editors of Horizon Magazine, - The Holy Land in the Time of Jesus.
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BOOKS047288I: Lea, Tom, - The Wonderful Country.
BOOKS034859I: Lea, F. A., - The Wild Knight of Battersea: G. K. Chesterton (Modern Christian Revolutionaries series).
BOOKS056501I: Lea, Sidney, - A Place in Mind.
BOOKS056512I: Lea, Sydney, - The Blainville Testament - Narrative Poems.
BOOKS056515I: Lea, Sydney, - Hunting the Whole Way Home.
BOOKS056518I: Lea, Sydney, - Hunting the Whole Way Home.
BOOKS056495I: Lea, Sydney (inscribed by author), - A Place in Mind.
BOOKS022896I: Leach, David G., - Rhododendrons of the World and how to grow them.
BOOKS027164I: Leach, William H., - The Use of Candles in Christian Fellowship.
BOOKS027652I: Leach, Maria, compiled by, - The Importance of Being a Wit: the insults of Oscar Wilde.
BOOKS001187I: Leacock, Stephen, - The Hohenzollerns in America with the Bolsheviks in Berlin and other impossibilities.
BOOKS039270I: Leacock, Stephen, - Winsome Winnie and other new nonsense novels.
BOOKS046580I: Leacock, Stephen, - The Greatest Pages of Charles Dickens: a biographical reader and a chronological selection from Dickens works with commentary.
BOOKS052576I: Two Amateur Leaders, - The German: how to give it, how to lead it, how to dance it.
BOOKS047282I: Leaf, Paul, - Comrades.
BOOKS021461I: American League, - American League 1995 Red Book.
BOOKS030814I: Denver Jr. League, - Creme de Colorado Cookbook.
BOOKS039780I: Tampa (Florida) Junior League, - Tampa Treasures Cookbook.
BOOKS054432I: Chapel Hill Service League, - Nothin' Finer.
BOOKS049304I: Leahy, Christopher W., - An Introduction to Massachusetts Insects.
BOOKS002508I: Leakey, Richard E. and Roger Lewin, - Origins: what new discoveries reveal about the emergence of our species and its possible future.
BOOKS018036I: Leakey, Richard E., - The Making of Mankind.
BOOKS013946I: Leaming, Barbara, - Katharine Hepburn.
BOOKS011732I: Lear, Edward, - The Nonsense Alphabet.
BOOKS025166I: Lear, Frances, - The Second Seduction.
BOOKS048737I: Lear, Edward, - A Book of Nonsense.
BOOKS048456I: Lear, Edward, - A Book of Nonsense.
BOOKS039614I: O'Leary, Frank, - Flap the Raccoon.
BOOKS044254I: O'Leary, Michael, - California High: warbirds of the West Coast: Wings no. 3.
BOOKS004822I: O'Leary, Liam, - The Silent Cinema.
BOOKS004290I: Least Heat-Moon, William, - Prairy Erth (a deep map).
BOOKS027303I: Least Heat-Moon, William, - Prairy Erth (a deep map).
BOOKS046993I: Leavengood, Betty, - Tucson Hiking Guide.
BOOKS019708I: Leavitt, David, - Equal Affections.
BOOKS024505I: Leavitt, David, - Equal Affections.
BOOKS041722I: Leavitt, Dudley, - Leavitt's Farmer's Almanac 1895, 1899, 1900, 1901, 1903, 1905.
BOOKS041904I: Leavitt, Dudley, - Leavitt's Farmer's Almanac 1862.
BOOKS043005I: Leavitt, Dudley, - Leavitt's Farmer's Almanac 1866, 1867.
BOOKS053403I: Leavitt, H. Walter, - Katahdin Skylines.
BOOKS041349I: Lebain, Frederick & Jean Paul Paireault, - The Taste of France.
BOOKS010748I: Lebeson, Anita Libman, - Jewish Pioneers in America 1492-1848.
BOOKS019825I: Lebron, Charles, - Fragments of Light.
BOOKS046662I: LeBuffe, Francis P., S.J., - The Hound of Heaven: an interpretation.
BOOKS005843I: LeCarre', John, - The Secret Pilgrim.
BOOKS050882I: Leckey, Dolores R., - Winter Music: a life of Jessica Powers (1905-1988): poet, nun, woman of the 20th century.
BOOKS014256I: Leckie, Robert, - These Are My Heroes: a study of the saints.
BOOKS012530I: Leconte, A., editeur, - Guide Indicateur des Rues de Paris avec les stations du Metropolitain les plus proches, autobus-metro, renseignements.
BOOKS025617I: Lecron, Leslie M., - Self Hypnotism: the technique & its use in daily living.
BOOKS025640I: LeCron, Leslie M., - The Complete Guide to Hypnosis.
BOOKS030179I: Lecron, Leslie M., - Self Hypnotism: the technique and its use in daily living.
BOOKS029919I: Leddy, Mary Jo, - Reweaving Religious Life: beyond the liberal moral.
BOOKS033628I: Lederer, Katy, - Poker Face: a girlhood along gamblers.
BOOKS027940I: Lederman, Ellen, - The Best Places to Meet Good Men.
BOOKS053828I: Ledoux, Denis, winder 1990 Maine Arts Commission Chapbook Competition, - Mountain Dance and other stories.
BOOKS037161I: Ledyard, Gleason H., - And to the Eskimos.
BOOKS053271I: Burke. James Lee, - Wayfaring Stranger.
BOOKS004978I: Lee, Dallas, - The Cotton Patch Evidence: the story of Clarence Jordan and the Koinonia Farm Experiment.
BOOKS005132I: Lee, Laurel, - Godspeed Hitchhiking Home.
BOOKS007126I: Lee, Laurie, - The Edge of Day: a boyhood in the west of England.
BOOKS007789I: Lee, Beatrice D., and Ina M. McCausland, - Chih Ming's Chinese Sketch Book.
BOOKS015545I: Lee, Elizabeth Meredith, - As among the Methodists: deaconesses yesterday, today & tomorrow.
BOOKS015702I: Lee, Laura, - The Name's Familiar: Mr. Leotard, Barbie, and Chef Boyardee.
BOOKS017204I: Lee, Clark, - They Call It Pacific: an eye-witness story of our war against Japan from Bataan to the Solomons.
BOOKS052039I: Lee, Peggy, - Miss Peggy Lee: an autobiography.
BOOKS020724I: Lee, Susan, - Hands Off: why the government is a menace to economic health.
BOOKS020911I: Lee, Bruce, - Bruce Lee a Dragon Story video (approx 90 minutes).
BOOKS021008I: Lee, Andrea, - Russian Jornal.
BOOKS049667I: Lee, Wayne C., - Bat Masterson based on TV series featuring Gene Barry.
BOOKS027830I: Lee, Spike with Ralph Wiley, introduction by Terry McMillan, - By Any Means Necessary: the trials and tribulations of the making of Malcolm X...including the screenplay.
BOOKS028015I: Lee, Stan, - The Coming of the Avengers: Marvel Milestone Edition: first of series of book-length super-epics.
BOOKS028064I: Lee, Vinny, - Quiet Places: how to create peaceful havens in your home, garden & workplace.
BOOKS030255I: Lee, Stan, - Dunn's Conundrum.
BOOKS033064I: Lee, Clark & Richard Henschel, - Douglas MacArthur.
BOOKS049643I: Lee, Alice, - Victorian Vitamins and other stories (signed by author).
BOOKS034905I: Lee, Sir Sidney, - A Life of William Shakespeare.
BOOKS036071I: Lee, Laurel, - Laurel Lee's Journal combining Walking through the Fire and Signs of Spring.
BOOKS036347I: Lee, Laurie, - I Can't Stay Long.
BOOKS036433I: Lee, Dennis, based on poem by, - Ping & Pong.
BOOKS037889I: Lee, Richard B., - The Dobe !Kung: cases studies in cultural anthropology.
BOOKS038181I: Lee, W. Storrs, introduction by Dr. Paul D. Moody, - Father Went to College: the story of Middlebury.
BOOKS039856I: Lee, E.C.B., & Kenneth Lee, - Safety and Survival at Sea.
BOOKS040762I: Lee, William H., - New Power to Love: concentrated virility foods.
BOOKS041416I: Lee, Ruth Webb, - Early American Pressed Glass: a classification of patterns collectible in sets together with individual pieces etc..
BOOKS046518I: Lee, Stan, presents, - Les Super Heros Marvel Guerres Secretes (in French): n.90 Juillet 1985 (Spiderman).
BOOKS042598I: Lee, Robert E., researched and written by, - The Lost Dutchman Mine and how the documentary of this story was made.
BOOKS042624I: Lee, Bruce, - Fists of Fury and Chinese Connection: Collector 2 Series pack.
BOOKS042793I: Lee, Ruth Webb, - Price Guide to Pattern Glass.
BOOKS043227I: Lee, Emily, - Chinese Love Signs.
BOOKS044101I: Lee, Jennette, - Uncle William: the man who was shif'less.
BOOKS044376I: Lee, Bruce, compiled and edited by John Little, - Jeet Kune Do: Bruce Lee's commentaries on the Martial Way: vol. 3 of The Bruce Lee Library.
BOOKS047816I: Lee, Gerald Stanley, - Crowds: a moving picture of democracy.
BOOKS049609I: Lee, Stan and Jack Kirby, - Blastaar the Living Bomb-Burst!: the Fantastic Four Marvel's Greatest Comics (vol 1 no 46).
BOOKS049141I: Lee, Sandra, introduction by Wolfgang Puck, - Semi-Homemade Cooking.
BOOKS052271I: Lee, Dr. Henry C. Lee with Thomas W. O'Neil, - Cracking Cases: the science of solving crimes.
BOOKS044999I: Lee, Nigel de, foreword by Major General Micahel Reynolds CB, - Voices from the Battle of the Bulge.
BOOKS056126I: Lee, D.N. and H.C. Woodhouse, - Art on the Rocks of southern africa.
BOOKS054977I: Leech, Margaret, - Reveille in Washington 1860-1865.
BOOKS055464I: Leech, Margaret, - In the Days of McKinley.
BOOKS045347I: Leedy, J. J., M.D., Director, Poetry Therapy Center, NY, - Poetry Therapy.
BOOKS012098I: Leek, Sybil, - Sybil Leek's Astrological Guide to Successful Everyday Living.
BOOKS035961I: Leek, Sybil, - Telepathy: the 'respectable' phenomenon.
BOOKS037765I: Lees, Hannah, - Women Will Be Doctors.
BOOKS054485I: de Leeuw, Cateau, - Fear in the Forest.
BOOKS027638I: de Leeuw, Adele, - Dina and Betsy.
BOOKS032241I: de Leeuw, Cateau, - Fear in the Forest.
BOOKS042533I: de Leeuw, Hendrik, - Crossroads of the Java Sea.
BOOKS006862I: Van Leeuwen, Jean, - The Great Rescue Operations.
BOOKS012516I: Van Leeuwen, Jean, - Oliver, Amanda, and Grandmother Pig.
BOOKS026047I: Van Leeuwen, Jean, - Bound for Oregon.
BOOKS021248I: Van Leeuwen, Jean, - Going West.
BOOKS044354I: LeFanu, J.S., edited & with introduction by E. F. Bleiler, - Best Ghost Stories of J.S. LeFanu.
BOOKS045466I: LeFanu, J. S., new introduction by Frederick Shroyer, - Uncle Silas: a Victorian Gothic novel of mystery.
BOOKS030335I: Lefcourt, Peter, - Di and I:.
BOOKS031577I: Lefebvre, Georges, translated by R. R. Palmer, - The Coming of the French Revolution.
BOOKS014191I: Lefkowitz, Mary, - Not Out of Africa: how Afrocentrism became an excuse to teach myth as history.
BOOKS053731I: Legg, A. K., - Saab 99 Owners Workshop Manual 1979 thru 1985 2.0 liter (121.0 cu in) (models covered Saab 900 Sedan and Hatchback 2.0 liter).
BOOKS043288I: Legg, A. K., - Audi 80, 90 & Coupe Service and Repair Manual: includes Fault Finding and MOT Test Check sections.
BOOKS008866I: Leggett, John, - Making Believe.
BOOKS030053I: American Legion, - Fall-In: greetings to the men who serve today from your comrades of 1917 and 1918.
BOOKS051817I: Leguerree, - St. Michel, Maison de L'Arcade.
BOOKS044222I: Lehane, Brendan and the Editors of Time-Life Books, - Wizards and Witches: The Enchanted World.
BOOKS045705I: Lehar, Franz, - Gold and Silver for piano.
BOOKS050689I: Lehman, John, former Secretary of the Navy, - On Seas of Glory: heroic men, great ships, and epic battles of the American Navy.
BOOKS042636I: Lehr, Dick & Gerard O'Neill, - Black Mass: the true story of an unholy alliance between the FBI and the Irish mob.
BOOKS032569I: Lehrer, Jim, - White Widow.
BOOKS057123I: Leib, Franklin Allen, - The Fire Dream: the epic novel of Vietnam.
BOOKS050633I: Leibovich, Mark, - The New Imperialists: how five restless kids grew up to virtually rule our world.
BOOKS028523I: Leibovitz, Maury & Linda Solomon, - Legacies: stories of courage, humor & resilience, of love, loss & life-changing encounters, by new writers 60 or older.
BOOKS055425I: Leigh Gregor, B.A. and Ph.D, McGill University, - La Mare au Diable.
BOOKS031919I: Leigh, Wendy, - Prince Charming: the John F. Kennedy, Jr. story.
BOOKS039746I: Leigh, Freeman, edited by Jim Hamilton, - Historic Notes on Fairmount, New Jersey.
BOOKS049820I: Leigh, Charles Wilbur, - Practical Mechanics and Strength of Materials.
BOOKS015124I: Leighton, Clare, - Where Land Meets Sea: the enduring Cape Cod.
BOOKS023852I: Leighton, Hal, - How to Play the Harmonica for fun and profit..
BOOKS030157I: Leighton, Phebe & Calvin Simonds, - The New American Landscape Gardener: a guide to beautiful backyards & sensational surroundings.
BOOKS031946I: Leighton, Margaret, - Comanche of the Seventh.
BOOKS053320I: Leighton, Robert, - Woolly of the Wilds: a story of pluck and adventure in North-West Canada.
BOOKS056379I: Leighton, Oscar, - Ninety Years of Shoals.
BOOKS054735I: Leighton, Clare, - Where Land Meets Sea: the enduring Cape Cod.
BOOKS011617I: Leisner, Tony, - The Official Guide to Country Dance Steps.
BOOKS020023I: Leitch, Maurice, - The Hands of Cheryl Boyd and other stories.
BOOKS033452I: Leitch, David, foreword by Milton Esterow, - The Discriminating Thief.
BOOKS040110I: Leith, Prudence & Caroline Waldegrave, - Leith's Cookery Course: a three book guide to perfect cooking.
BOOKS004809I: Leithauser, Brad, - The Odd Last Thing She Did.
BOOKS010022I: introduction by Brad Leithauser, - Independent People.
BOOKS036043I: Leland, Jack, - 60 Famous House of Charleston, South Carolina.
BOOKS047831I: Leland, John, - Hip: the history.
BOOKS056779I: Lelchuk, Alan (Inscribed by author), - Miriam at Thirty-Four.
BOOKS056769I: Lelchuk, Alan, - Playing the Game.
BOOKS056765I: Lelchuk, Alan (inscribed by author), - Miriam in Her Forties.
BOOKS056772I: Lelchuk, Alan (Inscribed by author), - Brooklyn Boy.
BOOKS007381I: Leman, Bonnie, editor, - Quilts: visions of the world.
BOOKS054841I: Lemay, Gaston, - A Bord La Junon (in French).
BOOKS014859I: Lembke, Janet, - Dangerous Birds: a naturalist's aviary.
BOOKS044900I: Sieglinde Lemke, - The Complete Stories.
BOOKS045281I: Lemke, William, - The Wild, Wild East: unusual tales of Maine history.

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