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BOOKS012431I: Life, - Life Album 1997: a year in pictures.
BOOKS014999I: Time-Life, - The Big Book of Easy Home Fix-Ups.
BOOKS019861I: Time-Life, - Soft Workouts:low-impact exercise.
BOOKS031322I: Life, - Picture Cook Book.
BOOKS031482I: Time-Life, - Easy Meals in Minutes: 150 tasty recipes in 30 minutes of less.
BOOKS051665I: Country Life, - Picture Book of the Lake District in Colour.
BOOKS039879I: Time-Life, - Great Taste - Low Fat Grilling.
BOOKS042218I: Time-Life, - Brockhampton: Breakfasts and Brunches; Snacks and Canapes; Pasta; Vegetables; Salads; Soups and Stews.
BOOKS055682I: his life, - Mark Twain Himself: printer, pilot, soldier, miner. re[prter. ;ectirer. editor, humorist, author, businessman, publisher.
BOOKS042867I: Time-Life, - Serial Killers: true crime.
BOOKS046509I: Metropolitan Life, - Baby's Record Book.
BOOKS044003I: Time-Life, - The Age of God-Kings: timeframe 3000-1500 BC.
BOOKS000129I: Editors of Outdoor life, - The Story of American Hunting and Firearms.
BOOKS046384I: Time-Life, - Lamb.
BOOKS045417I: Time-Life, - Great Taste Low Fat Desserts.
BOOKS047495I: Time-Life, - Great Taste - Low Fat Vegetables.
BOOKS038031I: Time-Life, - Soviet Union.
BOOKS050788I: Outdoor Life, - Outdoor Life Cyclopedia: a complete guide for the sportsman.
BOOKS048807I: Time Life, - Recipes: The Cooking of the Caribbean Islands; Japan; Spain and Portugal.
BOOKS003595I: Cooking Light, - Cooking Light 88.
BOOKS024059I: Cooking Light, - Cooking Light Cookbook 1990.
BOOKS026101I: Jersey Central Power & Light, - Recipes U.S.A..
BOOKS031581I: Cooking Light, - Cooking Light Cookbook 1990.
BOOKS032553I: Cooking Light, - Low-Fat Low-Calorie Quick & Easy Cookbook.
BOOKS036163I: Cooking Light, - Light and Easy Cookbook.
BOOKS045358I: Cooking Light, - The Best of Cooking Light 5.
BOOKS055934I: Cooking Light, - Cooking Light Annual Recipes 2003.
BOOKS017891I: Lightfoot, Sara Lawrence, - Balm in Gilead: journey of a healer.
BOOKS029084I: Lightfoot, Sara Lawrence, - Balm in Gilead: journey of a healer.
BOOKS042923I: Lighton, William B(eebey), - Narrative of the Life and Sufferings of William B. Lighton containing an interesting and faithful account of his early life.
BOOKS033751I: Lilienthal, David E., - TVA: democracy on the march.
BOOKS022492I: Lillie, Amy Morris, - Judith, Daughter of Jericho.
BOOKS051492I: Mr. John Lillie, - Memoirs of Madame de Remusat 1802-1808 volume II only, published by her grandson M. Paul de Remusat.
BOOKS012810I: Lim, Catherine, - The Bondmaid.
BOOKS028997I: Lima, Patrick, - The Harrowsmith Herb Handbook.
BOOKS007115I: Associated Screen News Limited, - The Rocky Mountains of Canada in Colour.
BOOKS014314I: Lin, Henry H. C., et al, - A Romanization Guide to Standard Chinese in Wade-Giles Romanization.
BOOKS006946I: Lincoln, Mrs., author of The Boston Cook Book, - Frozen Dainties as made with the White Mountain Freezer.
BOOKS012734I: Lincoln, Abraham, edited by Robert L. Polley, - Lincoln: his words and his world.
BOOKS018039I: Lincoln, W. Bruce, - In War's Dark Shadow: the Russians before the Great War.
BOOKS024104I: Lincoln, Victoria, - Charles: a novel inspired by certain events in the life of Mr. Charles Dickens.
BOOKS027718I: Lincoln, Joseph C., - Thankful's Inheritance.
BOOKS046354I: Lincoln, Joseph C., - Galusha the Magnificent.
BOOKS030144I: Lincoln, Joseph C., - Kent Knowles "Quahaug".
BOOKS030146I: Lincoln, Joseph C., - Mr. Pratt.
BOOKS030147I: Lincoln, Joseph C., - Galusha the Magnificent.
BOOKS030148I: Lincoln, Joseph C. and Freeman Lincoln, - Blair's Attic.
BOOKS051922I: Lincoln, Joseph C., - The Peel Trait.
BOOKS036790I: Lincoln, Frederick C., biologist, Fish & Wildlife Service, - Migration of Birds: circular 16.
BOOKS037283I: Lincoln, Joseph C., - Blair's Attic.
BOOKS037753I: Lincoln, Joseph C., - Blowing Clear.
BOOKS038515I: Lincoln, Joseph C., - The Aristocratic Miss Brewster.
BOOKS039681I: Lincoln, Abraham, introduction by Carl Sandburg, - Lincoln's Devotional.
BOOKS042024I: Lincoln, Lillian I., - Everyday Pedagogy with special application to the rural school.
BOOKS043939I: Lincoln, Abraham, edited by Larry Shapiro, - Abraham Lincoln: mystic chords of memory: a selection from Lincoln's writings.
BOOKS053076I: Lincoln, Joseph C., - Rugged Water.
BOOKS053077I: Lincoln, Joseph C., - The Rise of Roscoe Paine.
BOOKS053078I: Lincoln, Joseph C., - Fair Harbor.
BOOKS050595I: Lincoln, Natalie Sumner, - The Red Seal: a mystery story.
BOOKS051171I: Lind, Carla, - Frank Lloyd Wright's First Houses, Prairie, Usonian Houses, and Furnishings.
BOOKS009285I: Lindberg, Stanley W., - The Annotated McGuffey: selections from the McGuffey Eclectic Reades 1836-1920.
BOOKS049514I: Lindberg, Anne Morrow, foreword by Charles Lindbergh, - Listen! the Wind.
BOOKS054423I: Lindbergh, Anne Morrow, - Locked Rooms and Open Doors: diaries and letters 1914-1935.
BOOKS051080I: Lindbergh, Reeve, - My Little Grandmother Often Forgets.
BOOKS003771I: Lindbergh, Anne Morrow, - Earth Shine.
BOOKS005725I: Lindbergh, Anne Morrow, - Gift from the Sea.
BOOKS010700I: Lindbergh, Anne Morrow, - Gift from the Sea.
BOOKS010706I: Lindbergh, Anne, - The Hunky-Dory Dairy.
BOOKS017443I: Lindbergh, Anne Morrow, - The Flower and the Nettle: diaries & letters 1936-1939.
BOOKS018443I: Lindbergh, Anne Morrow, afterword by author, - Gift from the Sea (20th anniversary edition).
BOOKS026975I: Lindbergh, Anne Morrow including an afterword by the author, - Gift from the Sea.
BOOKS027163I: Lindbergh, Reeve, - Under a Wing: a memoir.
BOOKS028563I: Lindbergh, Charles A., - Of Flight and Life.
BOOKS029576I: A. Lindbergh, edited with sketches by Kenneth Brower, - Maui: the last Hawaiian place.
BOOKS031215I: Lindbergh, Anne Morrow, - Selections from Gift from the Sea.
BOOKS031216I: Lindbergh, Anne Morrow, - Selections from Gift from the Sea.
BOOKS032860I: Lindbergh, Anne Morrow, - Bring Me a Unicorn: diaries and letters 1922-1928.
BOOKS040351I: Lindbergh, Charles A., - Boyhood on the Upper Mississippi: a reminiscent letter.
BOOKS055871I: Lindbergh, Anne Morrow, - Listen! the Wind.
BOOKS055525I: Lindbergh, Anne Morrow, - Dearly Beloved.
BOOKS054306I: Lindbergh, Anne Morrow, - Gift from the Sea.
BOOKS055137I: Lindbergh, Anne Morrow, - Earth Shine.
BOOKS052610I: Lindbergh, Anne Morrow, - Bring Me a Unicorn: diaries and letters of Anne Morrow Lindbergh 1922-1928.
BOOKS033771I: Lindeman, Edith & Carl Stutz, - Little Things Mean a Lot sheet music.
BOOKS037523I: Lindeman, Joanne Waring, - Low Carbohydrate Cookbook.
BOOKS003521I: Lindgren, Astrid, translated by Gerry Bothmer, - Pippi in the South Seas.
BOOKS007761I: Lindgren, Astrid, - Pippi in the South Seas.
BOOKS008502I: Lindgren, Astrid, - Pippi Longstocking.
BOOKS013337I: Lindgren, Astrid, translated by Gerry Bothmer, - Pippi in the South Seas.
BOOKS029129I: Lindgren, Astrid, translated by Gerry Bothmer, - Mischievous Meg.
BOOKS053151I: Lindman, Maj, - Snipp, Snapp, Snurr, and the Red Shoes.
BOOKS014461I: Lindsay, Anne, - Low-Cholesterol Cuisine.
BOOKS019497I: Lindsay, Norman, - Cousins from Fiji.
BOOKS057195I: Lindsay, Sister Bertha and Sister Lillian Phelps, - Industries and Inventions of the Shakers - Shaker Music - a brief history.
BOOKS057203I: Lindsay, Bertha and Gertrude Soule, signed by authors, - The Canterbury Shakers.
BOOKS051343I: Lindsay, Eldress Bertha, edited by Mary Rose Boswell, - Seasoned with Grace: my generation of Shaker cooking.
BOOKS057202I: LIndsay, Bertha and Gertrude Soule, - The Canterbury Shakers (an excerpt from "History of Canterbury, by James Otis Lyford.
BOOKS008016I: Lindsey, Robert, - The Falcon and the Snowman: a true story of friend and espionage.
BOOKS018700I: Lindsey, Almont, - The Pullman Strike: the story of a unique experiment & a great labor upheaval.
BOOKS023636I: Lindsey, Johanna, - The Present: a Malory holiday novel.
BOOKS044621I: Lindsey, John H., Church Historian, foreword by, - The Sequi-Centennial History of the First Baptist Church of Fall River, Massachusetts 1781-1931, and Church Directory.
BOOKS055273I: Lindsey, Hal, - Planet Earth - 2000 A.D.: will mankind survive?.
BOOKS024989I: Linduska, Joseph P., editor, - Waterfowl Tomorrow.
BOOKS057357I: Line, Les, editor, - This Good Earth - the view from Audubon Magazine.
BOOKS029004I: Bottom Line, - The Book of Inside Information.
BOOKS032202I: Line, Francis Raymond assisted by Helen E. Line, - Super Seniors: their stories and secrets.
BOOKS051951I: Red Star Line, - Belgium being a detailed account of this fascinating land reached direct by All Star Line steamers.
BOOKS043880I: Linell, Director of Sotheby's Belgravia, - The Encyclopedia of Victoriana.
BOOKS022214I: Lines, Kathleen, compiled by, - Lavender's Blue: a book of nursery rhymes.
BOOKS056129I: Linfert, Carl., - Hieronymus Bosch.
BOOKS018690I: Lingeman, Richard, - Small Town America: a narrative history 1620-the present.
BOOKS024478I: Lingeman, Richard, - Theodore Dreiser: at the gates of the city 1871-1907, volume I.
BOOKS008692I: Link, Conrad B. and Francis C. Stark, - The Whole Seed Catalog.
BOOKS046336I: Link, William R., - A Fatherless Country and other poems.
BOOKS056685I: Link, Charlotte, - Am Ende des Schweigens: Roman (in German).
BOOKS040652I: Linklater, Eric, - Mary Queen of Scots.
BOOKS054440I: Linklater, Eric, - Mary Queen of Scots.
BOOKS047561I: Linkletter, Art, - Kids Sure Rite Funny: a child's garden of misinformation.
BOOKS047571I: Linkletter, Art, - Oops! or, life's awful moments.
BOOKS008465I: Links, Bo, - Follow the Wind.
BOOKS033576I: Linn, William Alexander, introduction by Robert H. Walker, - Horace Greeley.
BOOKS045910I: Linn, Ed, - Steinbrenner's Yankees.
BOOKS030785I: Linscott, Gillian, - An Easy Day for a Lady: a Nell Bray mystery.
BOOKS010931I: Linsley, Leslie, - Making the New Classics (formerly Army/Navy Surplus): how to transform ordinary objects into home decorations & accessories.
BOOKS039863I: de Lint, Charles, - The Wild Wood: Brian Frond's Faerielands.
BOOKS053012I: Linthwaite, Illona, edited by, - Ain't I a Woman: a book of women's poetry from around the world.
BOOKS005352I: Linton, Calvin D., editor, - Bicentennial Almanac: 200 years of America.
BOOKS047678I: Linton, Calvin D., Ph.D., edited by, - The Bicentennial Alamanac: 200 years of America.
BOOKS048822I: Linton, Ron M., - Terracide: America's destruction of her living environment.
BOOKS010998I: Lionni, Leo, - Swimmy.
BOOKS052309I: Lionni, Leo, - Between Worlds: the autobiography of Leo Lionni.
BOOKS023501I: Lipez, Kermit, - Kenneth Curtis of Maine: profile of a governor.
BOOKS052672I: Lipez, Kermit, - Kenneth Curtis of Maine: profile of a governor.
BOOKS048836I: Lipez, Kermit, - Kenneth Curtis of Maine: profile of a governor.
BOOKS050298I: Lipez, Kermit, - Kenneth Curtis of Maine: profile of a governor.
BOOKS044288I: Lipinski, Edward R., - Pucasso the Cat Who Wanted to Be an Artist.
BOOKS002204I: Lipman, Samuel, - The House of Music: art in an era of institutions.
BOOKS008003I: Lipman, Ira A., - How to Protect Yourself from Crime: the most complete, expert handbook on safeguarding yourself & your family, home, business..
BOOKS027408I: Lipman, Jean, with practical instruction by Eve Meulendyke, - Techniques in American Folk Decoration.
BOOKS028534I: Lipman, Elinor, - Isabel's Bed.
BOOKS030415I: Lipman, Victoria, - Leaving Alva.
BOOKS032552I: Lipman, Elinor, - The Inn at Lake Devine.
BOOKS041794I: Lipman, Elinor, - The Inn at Lake Devine.
BOOKS045037I: Lipman, Maureen, - When's It Coming Out? the thoughts of chairperson Mo.
BOOKS045214I: Lipman, Elinor, - The Ladies' Man.
BOOKS046572I: Lippens, Madame H., nee Adelaide Behaegel, - L'Oncle Parjure (in French).
BOOKS017007I: Lippert, Margaret H., anthologist, - Teacher's Read Aloud Anthology.
BOOKS053287I: Lippincott, Robin, - The Real, True Angel: stories.
BOOKS047848I: Lippincott, Bertram, - Indians, Privateers, and High Society: a Rhode Island sampler.
BOOKS042452I: Lippincott's Magazine, - Walnuts & Wine.
BOOKS041060I: Lippitt, Louisa C., R.N., - Personal Hygiene and Home Nursing: a practical text for girls and women for home and school use: New World Science Series.
BOOKS014834I: Lippman, Peter, - Busy Wheels.
BOOKS004344I: Lippmann, Julie M., - Jock O'Dreams.
BOOKS048200I: Lipsey, Seymour Martin, - Political Man: the social bases of politics.
BOOKS006929I: Lipsyte, Robert, - The Brave.
BOOKS005484I: Lisle, Clifton, - The Growing Year: month by month in a home garden.
BOOKS012533I: Lisle, Laurie, - Portrait of an Artist: a biography of Georgia O'Keeffe.
BOOKS027943I: Lisle, Clifton, - The Growing Year: month by month in a home garden.
BOOKS041083I: Lisle, Clifton, - Pastures New: a hill farm in the making.
BOOKS039433I: Liss, David, - The Ethical Assassin.
BOOKS006948I: de Lisser, Herbert G., - The White Witch of Rosehall.
BOOKS022589I: No author listed (based on Charles Dickens), - The Story of Tiny Tim: A Christmas carol.
BOOKS034874I: Lister, Robert H. & Florence C., foreword by Emil W. Haury, - Those Who Came Before: Southwestern archeology in the National Park system.
BOOKS007952I: Listfield, Emily, - Acts of Love.
BOOKS035751I: Literature Committee of the Assn for Childhood Education, selected by, - Told under the Blue Umbrella: new stories for new children.
BOOKS033252I: Lithgow, John, - I'm a Manatee.
BOOKS028467I: Littauer, Florence, - Personality Plus: how to understand others by understanding yourself.
BOOKS033232I: Littauer, Florence, foreword by Joyce Landorf, - Blow Away the Black Clouds: a woman's answer to depression.
BOOKS016485I: Littjeboer, Hemme, transcribed by, - Counting Crows: recovering the satellites.
BOOKS037770I: Littke, Lael J., based on a story by, screenplay by Deborah G. Hofstedt, - Seasons of the Heart video.
BOOKS010568I: Little, Jack words, music by Addy Britt with ukulele arrangement, - Ting-A-Ling: the waltz of the bells (sheet music).
BOOKS055690I: Little, Carl, - Art of the Maine Islands.
BOOKS027330I: Little, Carl, - '3,000 Dreams Explained'.
BOOKS021506I: Little, Kenneth, - African women in towns: an aspect of Africa's social revolution.
BOOKS037666I: Little, Elbert L. Jr. & Frank H. Wadsworth, - Common Trees of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands: Agriculture Handbook no. 249.
BOOKS041443I: Little, Alastair & Richard Whittington, - Food of the Sun: a fresh look at cooking from Morocco to the Middle East.
BOOKS049572I: Littledale, Freya, retold by, - The Brave Little Tailor (Original title: Seven at One Blow).
BOOKS008127I: Littlefield, Bill, - Baseball Days from the sandlots to the show.
BOOKS046389I: Litton, - Microwave Cooking from the Freezer.
BOOKS017849I: Lively, Penelope, - Oleander, Jacaranda: a childhood perceived.
BOOKS019406I: Lively, Penelope, - City of the Mind.
BOOKS032570I: Lively, Penelope, - Heat Wave.
BOOKS036488I: Livesey, Margot, - The Missing World.
BOOKS046391I: Southern Living, - The Meats Cookbook.
BOOKS008257I: Southern Living, - 1982 Annual Recipes.
BOOKS023355I: Adapted from Southern Living, - Christmas Cookies.
BOOKS044530I: Country Living, - Christmas with Country Living.
BOOKS010771I: Livingston, Jane & Alan Fern, preface by George F. Will,, - People and Power: portraits from the federal village.
BOOKS015622I: Livingston, Myra Cohn, - Whispers and other poems.
BOOKS021960I: Livingston, Jay & Ray Evans, - Buttons and Bows sheet music from movie The Paleface.
BOOKS024005I: Livingston, Walter, - The Mystery of Burnleigh Manor.
BOOKS024071I: Livingston, Myra Cohn, - When You Are Alone/It Keeps You Capone: an approach to creative writing with children.
BOOKS027574I: Livingston, Guy, - Happiness Is...a celebration of life and love.
BOOKS030878I: Livingston, A.D., - Fishing for Bass: modern tactics and tackle.
BOOKS051468I: Livingston, Florence Bingham, - The Custard Cup.
BOOKS045527I: Livingston, Myra Cohn, selected by, - Thanksgiving Poems.
BOOKS048580I: Livingston, Carole, - How to Lose 5 Pounds Fast.
BOOKS030169I: Livingstone, Neil C., - Rescue My Child: the story of the ex-Delta Commandos who bring home children abducted overseas.
BOOKS012184I: Fang Lizhi, - Children of the Dragon: the story of Tiananmen Square.
BOOKS056580I: Llelyn, Morgan, - Finn Mac Cool.
BOOKS047270I: Llewellyn, Richard, - A Few Flowers for Shiner.
BOOKS047269I: Llewellyn, Richard, - None But the Lonely Heart.
BOOKS014881I: Llosa, Mario Vargas, translated by Edith Grossman, - The Notebooks of Don Rigoberto.
BOOKS015887I: Llosa, Mario Vargas, translated by Lysander Kemp, - The Time of the Hero.
BOOKS036034I: Llosa, Mario Vargas, translated by Helen Lane, - In Praise of the Stepmother.
BOOKS012920I: Lloyd, John Uri, - Stringtown on the Pike.
BOOKS012921I: Lloyd, John Uri, - Stringtown on the Pike.
BOOKS013219I: Lloyd, Ambrose & Nicolette Thomas, - Kites and Kite Flying.
BOOKS014370I: Lloyd, Joan Elizabeth, - Bedtime Stories for Lovers.
BOOKS047279I: Lloyd, John Uri, - Stringtown on the Pike: a tale of Northernmost Kentucky.
BOOKS036369I: Lloyd, Linda, Toni Mindling Schulman, Patrick Terrail & Helene Siegel, - The Ma Cuisine Cooking School Cookbook.
BOOKS056581I: Llyelyn, Morgan, - Silverhand: The Arcana, Book 1.
BOOKS056587I: Llywelyn, Morgan (inscribed by author), - Bard the Odyssey of the Irish.
BOOKS056590I: Llywelyn, Morgan, - The Elementals.
BOOKS056586I: Llywelyn, Morgan (incribed by author), - The Horse Goddess (author's first novel).
BOOKS056588I: Llywelyn, Morgan, - Pride of Lions.
BOOKS056585I: Llywelyn, Morgan (Incribed by author), - The Wind from Hastings.
BOOKS056589I: Llywelyn, Morgan, - The Last Prince of Ireland (uncorrected galley proofs).
BOOKS008223I: Lobel, Arnold, - Fables.
BOOKS009810I: Lobel, Arnold, - Frog and Toad Are Friends (An I Can Read Book).
BOOKS010039I: Lobel, Arnold, - Uncle Elephant: an I Can Read book (ages 4-8).
BOOKS010056I: Lobel, Arnold, - Mouse Soup.
BOOKS010373I: Lobel, Arnold, - Ming Lo Moves the Mountain.
BOOKS010742I: Lobel, Arnold, - Frog and Toad Together: a Newbery Honor book (I Can Read book).
BOOKS013621I: Lobel, Arnold, - On Market Street.
BOOKS013701I: Lobel, Arnold, - Owl at Home.
BOOKS031182I: Lobel, Anita, illustrated by, - The Wishing Penny and other fantasy stories.
BOOKS008989I: Lobo, Tatiana, - Assault on Paradise.
BOOKS019439I: Lobo, Ruthann & Rebecca, - The Home Team of mothers, daughters and American champions.
BOOKS054646I: Lochery, Neill, - Lisbon: war in the shadows of the City of Light, 1939-1945.
BOOKS037231I: Locke, William J., - A Christmas Mystery: the story of three wise men.
BOOKS037251I: Locke, Sue, - Learn to Make Children's Clothes.
BOOKS041425I: Locke, Edward, - Advancing Back.
BOOKS044127I: Locke, William J., - The Golden Journey of Mr. Paradyne.
BOOKS045227I: Locke, William J., - The Mountebank (Photoplay title, "The Side Show of Life", a Paramount Picture).
BOOKS055608I: Locke, Marie & Nancy Montgomery, - Memories of a Maine Island; turn of the century tales & photographs.
BOOKS032345I: Locker, Thomas, - Family Farm.
BOOKS003386I: Lockhart, R. H. Bruce, - British Agent.
BOOKS003802I: Lockhart, R. H. Bruce, - Retreat from Glory.
BOOKS007574I: Lockhart, R. H. Bruce, introduction by Hugh Walpole, - British Agent.
BOOKS047642I: Lockhart, R. H. Bruce, introduction by Hugh Walpole, - British Agent.
BOOKS038053I: Locklear, Heather, - Heather Locklear Presents Your Personal Workout video.
BOOKS006151I: Lockridge, Richard, - A Plate of Red Herrings.
BOOKS013167I: Lockridge, Frences & Richard, - A Pinch of Poison: a Mr. & Mrs. North mystery.
BOOKS037282I: Lockridge, Frances & Richard, - The Judge Is Reversed: a Mr. & Mrs. North mystery.
BOOKS000407I: Lockridge, Norman, editor and translator, - Waggish Tales of the Czechs.
BOOKS047192I: Lockridge, Kenneth A., - A New England Town: the first hundred years.
BOOKS006687I: Lockwood, Myna, - Macaroni, an American tune.
BOOKS039084I: Lockwood, Sarah M., - Antiques.
BOOKS029380I: Lockyer, Dr. Herbert, - All the Women of the Bible: the life and times of all the women of the Bible.
BOOKS034652I: Lockyer, Herbert, - All the Miracles of the Bible: the supernatural in scripture its scope and significance.
BOOKS046130I: Lockyer, Herbert, selected and arranged by, - Light to Live By: daily selections from the New International Version.
BOOKS029470I: Loder, Ted, - Wrestling the Light: ache and awe in the human-divine struggle: prayers and stories.
BOOKS050169I: Loder, Ted, - Guerrillas of Grace: prayers for the battle.
BOOKS000667I: Lodge, Sir Oliver, - Raymond, or Life and Death - with examples of the evidence for survival of memory and affection after death.
BOOKS024969I: Lodge, David, - Small World.
BOOKS029493I: preface by Henry Cabot Lodge, - Setting the Stage: the Vietnam experience.
BOOKS035857I: Lodge, Henry Cabot, - George Washington: American Statesmen: vol. II only.
BOOKS037186I: Lodge, Henry Cabot, - The Democracy of the Constitution and other addresses and essays.
BOOKS040805I: Lodge, Henry Cabot, - Early Memories.
BOOKS047696I: Lodge, Milton C., - Soviet Elite Attitudes since Stalin.
BOOKS052435I: L.O.L. Lodge Presque Isle, Maine, - By Laws Presque Isle Lodge no. 404.
BOOKS026602I: Loeb, Jo & Paul, - Cathletics: ways to amuse and exercise your cat.
BOOKS044201I: Loeb, Robert H., Jr., - New England Village: everyday life in 1810.
BOOKS038727I: Loederer, Richard A., translated by Desmond Ivo Vesey, - Voodoo Fire in Haiti.
BOOKS005517I: Loengard, John, - Life Classic Photographs: a personal interpretation.
BOOKS018006I: Loeper, John J., - Galloping Gertrude: by motor car in 1908.
BOOKS034720I: Loewer, Peter, - Fragrant Gardens: how to select and make the most of scented flowers & leaves: Taylor's Weekend Gardening Guides.
BOOKS038772I: Loewer, Peter, - The Indoor Water Gardener's How-To Handbook.
BOOKS007283I: Lofting, Hugh, with introduction by Hugh Walpole, - The Story of Doctor Dolittle.
BOOKS011252I: Lofting, Hugh, - Doctor Dolittle: a treasury.
BOOKS043065I: Lofting, Hugh, - The Story of Doctor Dolittle.
BOOKS043070I: Lofting, Hugh, - The Story of Doctor Dolittle.
BOOKS001865I: Lofts, Norah, - Queens of England.
BOOKS002235I: Lofts, Norah, - Gad's Hall, and The Haunting of Gad's Hall. Two novels of the Supernatural..
BOOKS007436I: Lofts, Norah, - Emma Hamilton.
BOOKS017382I: Lofts, Norah, - Emma Hamilton.
BOOKS034063I: Lofts, Norah, - Anne Boleyn.
BOOKS054550I: Lofts, Norah, - Lovers All Untrue.
BOOKS013155I: Logan, Carolyn, edited by, - Counterbalance: gendered perspectives for writing & language.
BOOKS018106I: Logan, Harry Britton, - Orchids You Can Grow.
BOOKS027848I: Logan, Martha, Home Economist, Swift & Co, - Swift'ning Centennial.
BOOKS047974I: Logan, Mary, introduction by George Worthington Adams, - Reminiscences of the Civil War and the Reconstruction.
BOOKS050661I: Logan, John, - The Zig Zag Walk: poems 1963-1968.
BOOKS054931I: Logan, Laurel Oke, - Janette Oke: a heart for the prairie.
BOOKS029519I: Loggins, Kenny & Julia, - The Unimaginable Life: lessons learned on the path of love.
BOOKS028781I: Logsdon, Gene, - Wildlife in Your Garden or dealing with deer, rabbits, moles, raccoons, crows, sparrows, and other of nature's creatures.
BOOKS037881I: Logsdon, Gene, - Home-Steading: how to find new independence on the land.
BOOKS052454I: Logsdon, Gene, - The Contrary Farmer.
BOOKS055131I: Logsdon, Gene, - Wyeth People: a portrait of Andrew Wyeth as he is seen b his friends and neighbors.
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BOOKS014677I: Prevention magazine, - Age Erasers for Women: actions you can take right now to look younger & feel great.
BOOKS020755I: Editors of McCall's Needlework & Crafts Magazine, - McCall's Needlework Treasury.
BOOKS022732I: United Press International & American Heritage Magazine, - Four Days: the historical record of the death of President Kennedy.
BOOKS026707I: Gourmet Magazine, - Best of Gourmet 1988.
BOOKS050279I: editorial staff of The Century Magazine, - Battles and Leaders of the Civil War: 3 volumes (I, II, & III) The Opening Battles; The Struggle Intensifies; The Tid Shifts.
BOOKS029697I: Magazine, - The Inglenook Cook Book choice recipes.
BOOKS030544I: Life Magazine, - Life Magazine February 1993: Twelve years of Charles & Diana: a royal photo album.
BOOKS033030I: Magazine, - Tennis: the complete tennis book.
BOOKS038255I: Yankee Magazine, - Yankee Superlatives: the first, lst, only, greatest, oldest, smallest, coldest, longest, largest & strongest.
BOOKS050727I: Prevention Magazine, - The Complete Book of Vitamins.
BOOKS041782I: Oprah Magazine, - Live Your Best Life.
BOOKS042492I: Yankee Magazine, - Christmas Sweet Treats: cookies, gifts and more.
BOOKS044056I: Prevention Magazine, - Quick and Healthy Low-Fat Cooking: featuring cuisines from the Mediterranean.
BOOKS045161I: New York Magazine, - New York 30th Anniversary issue April 6, 1998.
BOOKS052310I: Coronet Magazine, - Coronet Magazine January 1948 vol. 23 no 3.
BOOKS056825I: Sunset Magazine, - Travel Guide to Oregon.
BOOKS046468I: Editors of Organic Gardening & Farming magazine, - The Home Workplace.
BOOKS048399I: National Magazine, - Heart Songs.
BOOKS054510I: Down East Magazine, - Maine Lingo: boiled owls, billdads & Wazzats.
BOOKS046713I: Magdalen College, Oxford, - Poems of Tennyson including The Princess, In Memoriam, Maud, Four "Idylls of the King", Enoch Arden, etc..
BOOKS055691I: Magee, Alan (inscribed by author), - Selected Works 1981-1991.
BOOKS054869I: Magee, Alan, - The Mystery of Form: April 6 through 29, 2000.
BOOKS052900I: Maggio, C., - Historical Guide to the Colosseum, the Baths of Caracalla and the Catacombs.
BOOKS053891I: Maghen, Ze'ev, - Imagine: John Lennon & the Jews: a philosophical rampage.
BOOKS010984I: Magida, Phyllis & Barbara Grunes, - Gourmet Fish on the Grill: more than 90 recipes for elegant entertaining.
BOOKS014874I: Magida, Phyllis & Barbara Grunes, - Gourmet Fish on the Grill: more than 90 easy recipes for elegant entertaining.
BOOKS027356I: Magliozzi, Tom & Ray, Car Talk's Click and Clack, - In Our Humble Opinion: Car Talk's Click and Clack Rant and Rave.
BOOKS032047I: Magliozzi, Tom & Ray aka Click and Clack, The Tappet Brothers, - A Haircut in Horse Town and other great car talk puzzlers.
BOOKS032539I: Magliozzi, Tom and Ray, - In Our Humble Opinion: Car Talk's Click and Clack rant & rave.
BOOKS041619I: Magliozzi, Tom & Ray, the Tappett Brothers, - Car Talk: Men are from GM women are from Ford: calls about couples and cars audio tape.
BOOKS053842I: Magner, Mike, - Trust Betrayed; the untold story of Camp Lejeune and the poisoning of generations of Marines and their families.
BOOKS037465I: Maguire, Gregory, - Wicked: the life and times of the Wicked Witch of the West.
BOOKS027918I: Mah, Adeline Yen, - Falling Leaves: the true story of an unwanted Chinese daughter.
BOOKS042667I: Mahabal, Vernon, - The Secret Code on Your Hands: an illustrated guide to palmistry.
BOOKS057022I: Mahaffie Jr., Charles D., - A Land of Discord Always: Acadia from its beginnings to the expulsion of its people 1604-1755.
BOOKS053420I: Mahar, James and Rowena Mahar, - Too Many to Mourn: one family's tragedy in the Halifax Explosion.
BOOKS033985I: Maharidge, Dale, - The Last Great American Hobo.
BOOKS034097I: Maharidge, Dale, - Homeland.
BOOKS016833I: Maharishi, - Maharishi's Program to Create Heaven on Earth: glorification of inner & outer life, knowledge to bring fulfillment to every area.
BOOKS041973I: Maher, Peter, Laurie Colter & Paula Chabanais, - The Paddler's Journal & Companion.
BOOKS011706I: Mahfouz, Naguib, - Midaq Alley, The Thief and the Dog, Miramar.
BOOKS041796I: Mahler, Marty, - Always a Way: short stories and selected poems.
BOOKS035275I: Mahnken, Jan, - Hosting the Birds: how to attract birds to nest in your yard.
BOOKS049992I: Mahoney, Irene, O.S.U., - Encounters.
BOOKS016211I: Mahoney, Rosemary, - A Likely Story: one summer with Lillian Hellman.
BOOKS027833I: Mahoney, Dan, - Once In, Never Out featuring Detective First Grade Brian McKenna.
BOOKS037712I: Mahoney, Rosemary, - Whoredom in Kimmage: Irish women coming of age.
BOOKS047314I: Mahoney, Rosemary, - Down the Nile alone in a Fisherman's Skiff.
BOOKS008929I: Mahony, Ann, - Handwriting & Personality: how graphology reveals what makes people tick.
BOOKS034821I: Mahony, Patrick, foreword by Maurice Maeterlinck, - Out of the Silence & a book of factual fantasies.
BOOKS013685I: Mahood, Kenneth, - The Laughing Dragon.
BOOKS036548I: Mahood, Marie, - Icing on the Damper: life story of a family in the Outback.
BOOKS023685I: Mahy, Margaret, - The Pumpkin and the Crafty Creeper.
BOOKS036358I: Mahy, Margaret, - The Boy Who Was Followed Home.
BOOKS012930I: Maifair, Linda Lee, - The Day Snuffy Had the Sniffles featuring Jim Henson's Sesame Street Muppets.
BOOKS005440I: Mailer, Norman, - Pieces and Pontifications.
BOOKS017820I: Mailer, Norman, - The Gospel according to the Son.
BOOKS024003I: Mailer, Norman, - Harlot's Ghost.
BOOKS024714I: Mailer, Norman, - Tough Guys Don't Dance.
BOOKS037220I: Mailer, introduction by Robert Fitzgerald, - First Flowering: the best of the Harvard Advocate.
BOOKS044191I: Mailer, Norman, - Marilyn: a biography.
BOOKS011143I: Mailman, Leo, - The Kid Comes Home.
BOOKS056127I: Mails, Thomas E., - The Mystic Warriors of the Plains - The culture, arts, crafts and religion of the Plains Indians.
BOOKS030336I: Main, Darren John, - Spiritual Journeys along the Yellow Brick Road.
BOOKS045659I: University of Maine, - Prism 1948 Yearbook, the University of Maine, Orono, Maine.
BOOKS022886I: State of Maine, - Maine Register State Year-Book and Legislative Manual 1933-34.
BOOKS051347I: Maine Sporting Camp Association, introduction by Gary Cobb, - Cooking with the Maine Sporting Camp Association.
BOOKS045765I: Maine, Sir Henry Sumner, introduction by George W. Carey, - Popular Government.
BOOKS047536I: Maine Dept of Commerce and Industry, James K Keefe, Commisioner, - Maine Economic Data Book 1973.
BOOKS052436I: State of Maine, - Potato Cook Book: tried and true recipes.
BOOKS055620I: Maine History, editor Richard W. Judd and Maratha I. McNamara, - The Early Coastline of Maine: volume 39, summer 2000.
BOOKS053310I: Maine Maritime Museum, Robert Lloyd Webb, Curator, - Edward O'Brien, Shipbuilder of Thomaston: an exhibition 25 May 1990-19 May 1991.
BOOKS050794I: Maine Governor's Commission to Promote Diversity in Maine, - Diversity in Maine: facing hate feeling hope: final report.
BOOKS050625I: University of Southern Maine, - Words and Images.
BOOKS038106I: Mains, George Preston, - James Monroe Buckley (1836-1920).
BOOKS049608I: Le Mair, H. Willebeek (illustrator), - Auntie's Little Rhyme Book no. 3 of old nursery rhymes.
BOOKS056199I: Mair, Lucy, - Primitive Government.
BOOKS039263I: Mais, S. P. B., - A Modern Columbus.
BOOKS044674I: Maitland, Sara, - Pandora's Book: a 3-dimensional celebration of Greek Mythology and the Culture of Ancient Greece.
BOOKS044731I: Maitland, Sara, - Three Times Table.
BOOKS021042I: Maiuri, Amedeo, curator Naples Museum, - Roman Painting: the great centuries of painting.
BOOKS041335I: Majdalany, Fred, - The Battle of El Alamein: fortress in the sand.
BOOKS006934I: Major, Beverly, - Playing Sardines.
BOOKS027593I: Major, Marjorie, - How Nova Scotia Got Its Tartan.
BOOKS057025I: Major, Devorah, - Street Smarts (a powerful alternative voice joyful and proud).
BOOKS036849I: Major, W. Montgomery, edited by, - Flag of Our Hearts: book of patriotic stories.
BOOKS052636I: Major, Charles, - Dorothy Vernon of Haddon Hall.
BOOKS054262I: Makanna, Philip, foreword by Chuck Yeager, - Ghosts: vintage aircraft of World War II.
BOOKS006722I: Makeba, Miriam with James Hall, - Makeba: my story.
BOOKS054053I: Maki, R. Nestor, - Payback.
BOOKS055216I: Makine, Andrei, - The Life of an Unknown Man.
BOOKS009856I: Makower, Joel, editor, - The Map Catalog: every kind of map & chart on earth & even some above it.
BOOKS042640I: Maks, Michele, - Wreathmaking from the State of Maine.
BOOKS049442I: Malabre, Alfred L., Jr., News Editor, Wall Street Journal, - Understanding the New Economy.
BOOKS055750I: Malamud, Bernard, - The Natural (Robert Redford on front cover).
BOOKS038325I: Malania, Fae, - The Quantity of a Hazel Nut.
BOOKS035266I: Malarkey, Tucker, - An Obvious Enchantment.
BOOKS019294I: Malbrough, Ray T., - Charms, Spells & Formulas for the making of gris-gris, herb candles, doll magick, incenses, oils & powders to gain love etc..
BOOKS051101I: Malcolm, Trisha, edited by, - Designer Knits Vogue Knitting.
BOOKS005676I: Malcolm, Andrew H. & Roger Straus III, - Mississippi Currents: journeys through time and a valley.
BOOKS055313I: Malcolm, Noel, - Kosovo: a short history.
BOOKS054135I: Malden High School, Malden, Massachusetts, - Maldonian, Massachusetts, 1991 Yearbook volume 73.
BOOKS054136I: Malden High School, Malden, Massachusetts, - Maldonian, Massachusetts, 1992 Yearbook volume 74.
BOOKS054137I: Malden High School, Malden, Massachusetts, - Maldonian, Massachusetts, 1993 Yearbook.
BOOKS054139I: Malden High School, Malden, Massachusetts, - Maldonian, Massachusetts, 1979 Yearbook.
BOOKS054138I: Malden High School, Malden, Massachusetts, - Maldonian, Massachusetts, 1978 Yearbook.
BOOKS054130I: Malden High School, Malden, Massachusetts, - Maldonian, Massachusetts, 1990 Yearbook volume 72.
BOOKS012122I: Males, Mike A., - The Scapegoat Generation: America's war on adolescents.
BOOKS029842I: Malevsky, introduction by J. Walker McSpadden, - Quo Vadis?.
BOOKS045237I: Malie, Tommie and Dick Finch, words by, music by Jack Little for piano, - Jealous.
BOOKS009430I: Malkoff, Karl, - Theodore Roethke: an introduction to poetry.
BOOKS052399I: Mallan, Lloyd, - Man into Space.
BOOKS031397I: Mallet, Captain Theirry, - Glimpses of the Barren Lands.
BOOKS024889I: Mallett, Anne, - Here Comes Tagalong.
BOOKS026747I: Mallett, Anne, - Here Comes Tagalong.
BOOKS040187I: Mallett, Sandy, - A Year with New England's Birds: a guide to 25 field trips.
BOOKS046422I: Mallett, Richard P., - University of Maine at Farmington: a study in educational change (1864-1974).
BOOKS005353I: Mallon, Thomas, - Rockets and Rodeos and other American spectacles: essays.
BOOKS027098I: Malloy, Dan R., - An Approach in Metered Lines: poetry and prose.
BOOKS010537I: Malmed, Laura Krauss, - The Rainbabies.
BOOKS046057I: Malo, John, - Malo's Complete Guide to Canoeing and Canoe-Camping.
BOOKS046058I: Malo, John, - Malo's Complete Guide to Canoeing and Canoe-Camping.
BOOKS046059I: Malo, John W., - Wilderness Canoeing: the complete guide to the North American Water-woods wilderness.
BOOKS014060I: Malone, Ted, - The American Album of Poetry.
BOOKS019288I: Malone, Maggie, - 500 Full-Size Patchwork Patterns.
BOOKS034345I: Malone, Michael, - First Lady.
BOOKS056055I: Malone, Michael P. and Richard W. Etulain, - The American West: Twentieth-Century History.
BOOKS003717I: Maloney, Tom - editor, - U.S. Camera 1948.
BOOKS005432I: Maloney, William E., - President Ronnie: dramatic action-packed scenes of President Ronnie's first year in the White House.
BOOKS056974I: Maloney, Elbert S., - Chapman Piloting - Seamanship & Small Boat Handlings.
BOOKS054940I: Maloney, T. J., edited by, - U. S. Camera 1939.
BOOKS054941I: Maloney, T. J., edited by, - U. S. Camera 1941: America (war photography) Volume I, Volume II The Year's Photography (pictures judge by Edward Steichen).
BOOKS050983I: Maloney, Elbert S., - Dutton's Navigation & Piloting.
BOOKS049688I: Malot, Hector, translated by Florence Crewe Jones, - Nobody's Girl.
BOOKS011634I: Malraux, Andre, - Anti-Memoirs.
BOOKS050082I: Maltby, Richard, - Golf Club Design, Fitting, Alteration & Repair: the principles & procedures.
BOOKS036337I: Maltese, John Anthony, - Spin Control: the White House Office of Communications and the management of presidential news.
BOOKS051284I: Maltz, Wendy, edited by, foreword by Thomas Moore, - Intimate Kisses: the poetry of Sexual Pleasure.
BOOKS025956I: Manaday, Tilper, - Terrapin or Captain Megaloman and His Trusty Sidekick Squidley Save the World Once Again.
BOOKS030509I: National Institute of Business Management, - Creating & Motivating a superior loyal staff.
BOOKS038586I: of Management Analysis, Bureau Sport Fisheries, - English and Metric Length-Weight Relationships for Rainbow, Brown and Brook Trout (Manual of Fish Culture Appendix A Part I.
BOOKS044099I: Management Program, Univ of Mass. & Lendal H. Kotschevar, - Understanding Cooking.
BOOKS038050I: Manatee County, Sarasota, and Venice Area Audubon Societies, compiled by, - Birding Hotspots in Manatee and Sarasota Counties: a guide.
BOOKS040405I: Manbeck, Beverly, compiled, eidted by Henry C. Westenberger, - Lebanon County Historic Sites: a survey review in pictures: vol XV, no. 4.
BOOKS013547I: Manceron, Claude, translated from French by Patricia Wolf, - Twilight of the Old Order 1774-1778: the French Revolution I.
BOOKS042098I: Manchester, NH, - Ceremonies of the Dedication of the Monument erected by the City of Manchester, NH to the men who periled their lives....
BOOKS051604I: Mancini, Gioacchino, - Villa Adriana e Villa d'Este; Hadrian's Villa and Ville d'Este (in Engligh and Italian).
BOOKS025218I: Mancour, T. L., - Spartacus: Star Trek The Next Generation.
BOOKS035146I: Mandahar, C. L., - Introduction to Plant Viruses.

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