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BOOKS142299I: LEVESON, HENRY ASTBURY (H.A.L. "THE OLD SHEKARRY") - Sport in many lands
BOOKS142293I: LEVESON, HENRY ASTBURY (H.A.L. "THE OLD SHEKARRY") - Sport in many lands: Europe, Asia, Africa and America, etc., etc.
BOOKS232242I: LEVESQUE, RENE - Memoirs
BOOKS179612I: LEVETT, ELIZABETH - Europe since Napoleon 1815-1910
BOOKS230476I: LEVEY, MICHAEL - Giambattista Tiepolo. La sua vita, la sua arte
BOOKS018936I: LEVEY, MICHAEL - Painting at court
BOOKS034529I: LEVEY, MICHAEL - The life and death of Mozart
BOOKS046225I: LEVEY, MICHAEL - National Gallery catalogues: the Eighteenth Century Italian schools
BOOKS071833I: LEVEY, MICHAEL - The life & death of Mozart
BOOKS090009I: LEVEY, MICHAEL - Florence: a portrait
BOOKS046229I: LEVEY, MICHAEL - National Gallery catalogues: the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Century Italian schools
BOOKS214890I: LEVEY,MICHAEL - An affair on the Appian Way
BOOKS275655I: LEVEY, BRIAN - Coleoptera buprestidae
BOOKS267221I: LEVEY, SANTINA M. - An Elizabethan inheritance: Hardwick Hall textiles
BOOKS271138I: LEVEY, MICHAEL - The painter depicted: painters as a subject in painting
BOOKS177378I: LEVI, PRIMO - A tranquil star: unpublished short stories
BOOKS031319I: LEVI, PETER - The frontiers of Paradise: a study of monks and monasteries
BOOKS164600I: LEVI, PETER - The gravel ponds: poems
BOOKS186856I: LEVI, PETER - Grave witness
BOOKS241124I: LEVI, MICHAEL - On nuclear terrorism
BOOKS172203I: LEVI, RISO - Billiards: the strokes of the game (3 volumes)
BOOKS087541I: LEVI, PETER - Water, rock and sand: poems
BOOKS200819I: LEVI, MICHAEL & VAN DUYNE, PETRUS C. - Drugs and money: managing the drug trade and crime-money in Europe
BOOKS259581I: LEVI, PETER - Edward Lear: a biography
BOOKS074224I: LEVICK, J.D. - Tangled web
BOOKS060838I: LEVIN, MURRAY B. AND REPAK, T.A. - Edward Kennedy: the myth of leadership
BOOKS244631I: LEVIN, DAN - Stormy petrel: the life and work of Maxim Gorky
BOOKS266379I: LEVIN, BERNARD - Hannibal's footsteps
BOOKS064997I: LEVIN, BERNARD - Hannibal's footsteps
BOOKS265077I: LEVIN, IRA - This perfect day
BOOKS253357I: LEVIN, GAIL & TICK, JUDITH - Aaron Copland's America: a cultural perspective
BOOKS233323I: LEVINE, JEFFREY R & DAVIS, ALAN - A survey of the estimation of moisture for some U.S. coals
BOOKS161490I: LEVINE, GEORGE & KNOEPFLMACHER, U.C. (EDS) - The endurance of "Frankenstein": essays on Mary Shelley's novel
BOOKS162618I: LEVINE, GEMMA & ARCHER, JEFFREY - Gemma Levine's faces of the 80's
BOOKS185834I: LEVINE, DANIEL - Americas lost, 1492-1713: the first encounter
BOOKS170984I: LEVINE, ERWIN L & CORNWELL, ELMER E - An introduction to American government
BOOKS265785I: LEVINREW, WILL - Murder from the grave.
BOOKS262494I: LEVINSON, ADAM VALEN - The Abu Dhabi Bar Mitzvah: fear and love in the Middle East
BOOKS238796I: LEVIS, KEN - Coast to coast: Australian stories,1951-1952
BOOKS162920I: DE LEVIZAC, M. - Lettres choisies de Mesdames de Sevigne et de Maintenon, avec une preface et des notes
BOOKS050082I: LEVRON, JACQUES - The royal chateaux of the Ile-de-France
BOOKS015706I: LEVRON, JACQUES - Chateaux of the Loire
BOOKS013215I: LEVRON, JACQUES - Chateaux of the Loire
BOOKS238718I: LEVY, EMANUEL - Gay directors, gay films?: Pedro Almodovar, Terence Davies, Todd Haynes, Gus Van Sant, John Waters
BOOKS194187I: LEVY, HERMANN - The new industrial system: a study of the origin, forms, finance, and prospects of concentration in industry
BOOKS055190I: LEVY, SHAWN - Rat pack confidential: Frank, Dean, Sammy, Peter, Joey & the last great showbiz party
BOOKS259452I: LEVY, MARTIN - Love & madness: the murder of Martha Ray, mistress of the Fourth Earl of Sandwich
BOOKS212434I: LEVY, S.LEON - Nassau W. Senior, 1790-1864
BOOKS032266I: LEVY, WILLIAM TURNER AND SCHERLE, VICTOR - Affectionately, T. S. Eliot: the story of a friendship 1947-1965
BOOKS038307I: LEVY, MERYVN - Painting for all: a complete guide for the amateur and student artist
BOOKS194232I: LEVY, EMANUEL - Oscar fever: the history and politics of the Academy Awards
BOOKS249017I: LEVY, ADRIAN & SCOTT-CLARK, CATHY - The stone of heaven: the secret history of imperial green jade
BOOKS201331I: LEVY, MERVYN LEVY - Drawings of L S Lowry
BOOKS221424I: LEVY, ARTHUR - Napoleon in time
BOOKS152830I: LEVY, JAYNEE - Everyone's guide to trailing and mountaineering in Southern Africa
BOOKS136656I: LEVY, H. - The universe of science
BOOKS120674I: LEVY, LOUIS - The truth about France
BOOKS206480I: LEVY, HYMAN & PRIEDEL, E.E. - Elementary statistics (Nelson's aeroscience manuals)
BOOKS274844I: LEVY, MURIEL. - The adventures of Wonk: Going to sea & The new fishing net.
BOOKS251697I: LEVY, ALAN - So many heroes
BOOKS206705I: LEVY, D.N.L. & BEAL, D.F. (EDS) - Heuristic programming in artificial intelligence: the second computer Olympiad
BOOKS206706I: LEVY, D.N.L & BEAL, D. F. (EDS) - Heuristic programming in artificial intelligence: the first computer Olympiad
BOOKS169168I: LEVY, GEORGE C. & LICHTER, ROBERT L. - Nitrogen-15 nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy
BOOKS109105I: LEVY, WILLIAM TURNER AND SCHERLE, VICTOR - Affectionately T.S. Eliot: the story of a friendship: 1947-1965
BOOKS125795I: LEWER, H. WILLIAM - The china collector: a guide to the porcelain of the English factories
BOOKS014927I: LEWER, H.W. - The china collector: a guide to the porcelain of the English factories.
BOOKS004610I: LEWIN, PHILIP - Arthritis and the rheumatic diseases
BOOKS025072I: LEWIN, RONALD - Slim, the standardbearer
BOOKS168962I: LEWIN, ROGER - Complexity: life at the edge of chaos
BOOKS122870I: LEWIN, MICHAEL Z. - Called by a panther
BOOKS261318I: LEWIN, DOUGLAS - Logical design of switching circuits
BOOKS000182I: LEWIN, MICHAEL Z. - Out of time: an Albert Samson mystery
BOOKS207944I: LEWINE, RICHARD & SIMON, ALFRED - Songs of the American theater: A comprehensive listing of more than 12,000 songs, including selected titles from film and television Productions
BOOKS239310I: LEWIS, GEOFFREY - A boy off the bank
BOOKS239154I: LEWIS, ERNEST - Beowulf: guide dog
BOOKS239123I: LEWIS, L.A. & BERRY, L - African environments and resources
BOOKS157492I: LEWIS, GRISELDA - A collector's history of English pottery
BOOKS119360I: LEWIS, C.S. - Screwtape proposes a toast and other pieces
BOOKS129361I: LEWIS, MARGARET - Edith Pargeter: Ellis Peters
BOOKS239953I: LEWIS, C. DAY - Selected poems
BOOKS178838I: LEWIS, D.S. (ED) - The Annual Register: a record of world events 2003
BOOKS164813I: LEWIS, MAYNAH - Give me this day
BOOKS167918I: LEWIS, GWILYM - Postcards from Kew
BOOKS274503I: LEWIS, HENRY - Brut Dingestow
BOOKS156180I: LEWIS, JERRY D. (ED) - Crusade against crime II
BOOKS061666I: LEWIS, C.S. / HOOPER, WALTER (ED) - Of other worlds: essays and stories
BOOKS250385I: LEWIS, PATRICIA - Build your own riding arena or gallop.
BOOKS260001I: LEWIS, RALPH - Making and managing an art and craft shop
BOOKS176266I: LEWIS, PENNY (ED) - GM + AD: curious rationalism
BOOKS049436I: LEWIS, JOHN - Foreman of the fields: a century in the Cotswold Vale
BOOKS270259I: LEWIS, NORMAN - The Sicilian specialist
BOOKS219427I: LEWIS, PETER - British racing and record-breaking aircraft
BOOKS229615I: LEWIS, PETER - The working trial dog
BOOKS273893I: LEWIS, C. S. - Letters to Malcolm: Chiefly on prayer
BOOKS146293I: LEWIS, MARGARET - Edith Pargeter: Ellis Peters
BOOKS159192I: LEWIS, MARTYN - Reflections on success
BOOKS242820I: LEWIS, TREVOR / BRITISH CROP PROTECTION COUNCIL - Bawden Memorial Lectures 1973-1998 Silver Jubilee Edition: 25 Years Bawden Lectures presented at Annual Brighton Conference in November at Brighton
BOOKS126660I: LEWIS, C. DAY - Collected poems 1929-1933
BOOKS009674I: LEWIS, CECIL - Path-finders
BOOKS129683I: LEWIS, JOSEPH - Conducting without fears: a helpful handbook for the beginner, part I: Conducting - a general survey
BOOKS040493I: LEWIS, C. DAY AND OTHERS (EDS) - Orion, volume III
BOOKS024546I: LEWIS, ROY - An uncertain sound
BOOKS032750I: LEWIS, JOHN AND TOWERS, BERNARD - Naked ape or Homo Sapiens?
BOOKS025643I: LEWIS, OSCAR - Pedro Martinez
BOOKS114698I: LEWIS, NORMAN - The volcanoes above us
BOOKS029317I: LEWIS, C.S. - Narrative poems
BOOKS030105I: LEWIS, HENRY (ED) - Collins-Spurrell Welsh dictionary
BOOKS037027I: LEWIS, EILUNED - Dew on the grass
BOOKS038722I: LEWIS, CECIL - Yesterday's evening
BOOKS039334I: LEWIS, NORMAN - The day of the fox
BOOKS039305I: LEWIS, JUNE - Walking the Cotswold Way
BOOKS054819I: LEWIS, JUNE R. - Cotswold villages
BOOKS061041I: LEWIS, DOROTHY - The way home: chronicles of an inner journey
BOOKS061527I: LEWIS, DULCIE - Kent privies
BOOKS072734I: LEWIS, LUNDY - Managing computer networks: a case-based reasoning approach
BOOKS073335I: LEWIS, JON E. AND STEMPEL, PENNY - Cult TV: the comedies: the ultimate critical guide
BOOKS082507I: LEWIS, KENNETH E. - Camden: a frontier town in eighteenth century South Carolina
BOOKS084110I: LEWIS, NAOMI (ED) - The silent playmate: a collection of doll stories
BOOKS084256I: LEWIS, C.S. - Letters to an American lady
BOOKS007686I: LEWIS, NEVILLE - Delphi and the Sacred Way
BOOKS214561I: LEWIS, T.G. & DOERR, J.W. - Minicomputers: structure & programming
BOOKS009486I: LEWIS, BRUCE - Four men went to war
BOOKS022872I: LEWIS, JUNE R. - Handbook of English crafts and craftsmen
BOOKS103047I: LEWIS, JUNE - The Cotswolds: life and traditions
BOOKS104393I: LEWIS, MARTYN - Tears and smiles: the hospice handbook
BOOKS168892I: LEWIS, NORMAN - A dragon apparent
BOOKS168261I: LEWIS-JONES, JUNE - Fairford and Lechlade voices
BOOKS055255I: LEWIS, TONY - Double century: the story of MCC and cricket
BOOKS013747I: LEWIS, C. DAY - An Italian visit
BOOKS250252I: LEWIS, GWILYM H. - Wings over the Somme, 1916-1918
BOOKS249786I: LEWIS, MICHAEL - The Navy of Britain: a historical portrait
BOOKS243136I: LEWIS, C.S. - Letters to an American lady
BOOKS255912I: LEWIS, C. DAY (TRANS) - The Aeneid of Virgil
BOOKS059684I: LEWIS, C. DAY - An Italian visit
BOOKS059667I: LEWIS, C. DAY - Noah and the waters
BOOKS053694I: LEWIS, C.S. - Surprised by joy: the shape of my earlyy life
BOOKS053713I: LEWIS, C. DAY - Word over all
BOOKS275555I: LEWIS, C. S. - Till we have faces: a myth retold
BOOKS209036I: LEWIS, H.D . & SLATER, ROBERT LAWSON - The study of religions: meeting points and major issues.
BOOKS024157I: LEWIS, GWILYM - Postcards from Kew
BOOKS121954I: LEWIS, PAUL (ED) - Transforming economics
BOOKS167976I: LEWIS, CECIL & EDWARDS, G.E. - Cape Town: treasures of the Mother-city of South Africa.
BOOKS197070I: LEWIS, JUNE R. - Cotswold characteristics
BOOKS189507I: LEWIS, FRANK - Myles Birket Foster 1825-1899
BOOKS002792I: LEWIS, JERRY D (ED) - Crusade against crime
BOOKS227501I: LEWIS, JUNE R. - The Cotswolds at war
BOOKS274356I: LEWIS, D.B WYNDHAM & LEE, CHARLES (EDS) - The stuffed owl: an anthology of bad verse
BOOKS133484I: LEWIS, HENRY (ED) - Collins-Spurrell Welsh dictionary
BOOKS247371I: LEWIS, C. DAY - Word over all
BOOKS154020I: LEWIS, BERNARD - The crisis of Islam: Holy War and unholy terror
BOOKS267384I: LEWIS, C.S & DE LA MARE, WALTER - 3 handwritten letters in 'Tribute to Walter de la Mare on his seventy-fifth birthday'
BOOKS173388I: LEWIS, MICHAEL - The Spanish Armada
BOOKS194255I: LEWIS-JONES, JUNE - A calendar of Cotswold cookery
BOOKS203516I: LEWIS, STEVE - Ken Jones: boots snd spikes
BOOKS258432I: LEWIS, ANTHONY - Gideon's trumpet
BOOKS246676I: LEWIS, DAVID L. - Prisoners of Honour: the Dreyfuss Affair
BOOKS125141I: LEWIS, JUNE R. - Cotswold characteristics
BOOKS153569I: LEWIS, JOHN - John Lewis
BOOKS148399I: LEWIS,NORMAN - The tenth year of the ship
BOOKS260817I: LEWIS, M.J.T - Rhosydd slate quarry
BOOKS270004I: LEWIS, PETER - The British fighter since 1912: sixty years of design and development
BOOKS270005I: LEWIS, PETER M. H - The British bomber since 1914: fifty years of design and development
BOOKS256903I: LEWIS, SUSAN - Music in the Baroque world: history, culture and performance
BOOKS100862I: LEWIS, JUNE - The Cotswold cook book
BOOKS275419I: LEWIS, EILUNED - Morning Songs and other poems
BOOKS148018I: LEWIS, JOHN (ED) - The International Psychic Gazette, Volume 20, No. 227, April 1932
BOOKS185063I: LEWIS, SINCLAIR - Cass Timberlane
BOOKS256669I: LEWIS, NAOMI - A school bewitched
BOOKS255738I: LEWIS, IOAN M - Arguments with ethnography: comparative approaches to history, politics and religion
BOOKS160062I: LEWIS, GIFFORD - Somerville and Ross: the world of the Irish R.M.
BOOKS229736I: LEWIS, CECIL - Pathfinders
BOOKS033901I: LEWIS, RICHARD - A nunney saga and other poems
BOOKS211160I: LEWIS, D.B. WYNDHAM - On Straw and other conceits
BOOKS088433I: LEWIS, JOHN AND LEWIS, GRISELDA - Pratt ware: English and Scottish relief decorated and underglaze coloured earthenware 1780-1840
BOOKS085574I: LEWIS, GORDON R. - Confronting the cults
BOOKS081633I: LEWIS, T. (ED) - The Bawden Memorial Lectures, silver jubilee edition, 1973-1998
BOOKS052030I: LEWIS, D.G. - Statistical methods in education
BOOKS238922I: LEWIS, C.E. & MCGEE, J O'D (EDS) - The macrophage: the natural immune system
BOOKS273577I: LEWIS, C. P & THACKER, A. T. (EDS) - A history of the County of Chester vol. V, part 1: the city of Chester: general history and topography
BOOKS149665I: LEWIS, LORNA - Holiday luck
BOOKS170246I: LEWIS, MATTHEW - The monk
BOOKS220294I: LEWIS, ROY HARLEY - Death in Verona
BOOKS190153I: LEWIS, SINCLAIR - Martin Arrowsmith
BOOKS224503I: LEWIS, J. SYDNEY - Old glass and how to collect it.
BOOKS208936I: LEWIS, J.M. - Sailing and small boats for boys and girls
BOOKS111642I: LEWIS, MATTHEW - Journal of a residence among the Negroes of the West Indies
BOOKS159716I: LEWIS, C.S. - The Screwtape letters
BOOKS162795I: LEWIS, MARGARET - Ngaio Marsh: a life
BOOKS229523I: LEWIS, EILUNED - Dew on the grass
BOOKS129906I: LEWIS, CECIL - Pathfinders
BOOKS128591I: LEWIS, BOYD DEWOLF - Not always a spectator: a newsman's story
BOOKS131694I: LEWIS, C.S. - Boxen: the imaginary world of the young C.S.Lewis
BOOKS013567I: LEWIS, C. DAY - An Italian visit
BOOKS266746I: LEWIS, W.A, AND OTHERS - Economics: man and his material resources
BOOKS243578I: LEWIS, DAN - Sexual incompatibility in plants
BOOKS238100I: LEWIS, M.J. - Using computers in history: a practical guide
BOOKS225346I: LEWIS, CHARLTON T. - An elementary Latin dictionary
BOOKS201181I: LEWIS, SINCLAIR - The prodigal parents
BOOKS204845I: LEWIS, MICHAEL - The Navy of Britain: a historical portrait
BOOKS138230I: LEWIS, JOHN - Three into one: Three Counties Agricultural Society, 1797-1997 (Wildlife & Countryside)
BOOKS157591I: LEWIS, MICHAEL - Spithead: an informal history
BOOKS234369I: LEWIS, MAURICE - Mysterious happenings
BOOKS255061I: LEWIS, M.G - The Monk: a romance
BOOKS005848I: LEWIS, C.T. COURTNEY - George Baxter, the picture printer
BOOKS145618I: LEWIS, JERRY D. (ED) - Crusade against crime II
BOOKS103600I: LEWIS, SIMON (ED) - Illuminations, Summer 1993 (number 12).
BOOKS253911I: LEWIS, ROY - The death of God
BOOKS237761I: LEWIS, SINCLAIR - World so wide
BOOKS192774I: LEWIS, C.S. - Screwtape proposes a toast and other pieces
BOOKS169607I: LEWIS, SINCLAIR - Elmer Gantry
BOOKS275320I: LEWIS, OSCAR - The children of Sanchez: autobiography of a Mexican family
BOOKS274586I: LEWIS, THOMAS - These seventy years: an autobiography
BOOKS258646I: LEWIS, SAM & OTHERS (EDS) - Race and probation
BOOKS176328I: LEWIS, RICHARD - The Lone Ranger adventure stories
BOOKS180443I: LEWIS-BOWEN, JOE - Modelling grid architecture
BOOKS242748I: LEWIS, JACK (ED.) - "Gun Digest" book of assault weapons
BOOKS240517I: LEWIS, FELICITY - How to make presents from odds and ends
BOOKS273717I: LEWIS, EILUNED - The Captain's wife
BOOKS099480I: LEWIS, GERAINT - Those clouded hills
BOOKS162505I: LEWIS, FRANK B. (ED) - Pedes Finium; or, fines relating to the county of Surrey, levied in the King's Court, from the seventh year of Richard I to the end of the reign of Henry VII
BOOKS165175I: LEWIS, DAVID & WILLIAMS, DEINIOL - The Breconshire Atlas
BOOKS174402I: LEWIS, D. B. WYNDHAM - Ronsard
BOOKS225694I: LEWIS, JOHN - John Lewis
BOOKS204552I: LEWIS, ERNEST - High mettled racer, being the story of "Revenge" - racehorse and hunter
BOOKS231923I: LEWIS, PETER & LYNCH, MARGARET - Campanulas: a gardener's guide
BOOKS266412I: LEWIS, ROY HARLEY - Death in Verona
BOOKS253480I: LEWIS-JONES, JUNE - Folklore of the Cotswolds
BOOKS132298I: LEWITH, G.T. & N.R. - Modern Chinese acupuncture
BOOKS005065I: LEWITH, GEORGE T - Acupuncture: its place in Western medical science
BOOKS243032I: LEWTHWAITE, GEOFFREY C - Branch Line index
BOOKS224274I: LEWTY, SIMON / HILLS, PAUL - Simon Lewty: Episodes
BOOKS153851I: GARDEN CLUB OF LEXINGTON - Bluegrass winners
BOOKS042946I: LEY, JOHN (ED) - Kick off: the FA Carling Premiership fans guide 2000-2001
BOOKS218623I: LEYDEN, SUSAN - Supporting the child of exceptional ability: At home and school
BOOKS207688I: LEYEL, C.F. - The complete jam cupboard, giving the special virtues of each preserve,
BOOKS238872I: LEYLAND, ERIC - Mystery Trail
BOOKS056585I: LEYLAND, ERIC - No quarter! (a Red Lawson case)
BOOKS039129I: LEYLAND, ERIC - The valiant quest
BOOKS063980I: LEYLAND, ERIC - The waggon wheelers on tour
BOOKS095400I: LEYLAND, ERIC - Indian range
BOOKS032934I: LEYLAND, JOHN - The Peak of Derbyshire: its scenery & antiquities
BOOKS262799I: BRITISH LEYLAND - Wolseley - a touch of luxury
BOOKS153143I: BRITISH LEYLAND - Jaguar XJ12 Series 2: Owners Handbook
BOOKS185450I: BRITISH LEYLAND - Triumph 1500 (sales brochure)
BOOKS185929I: BRITISH LEYLAND - Jaguar (sales brochure)
BOOKS222541I: LEYLAND, ERIC & SCOTT-CHARD, T. E. (EDS) - Boys' book of the air
BOOKS208279I: LEYLAND, JOHN (ED) - The Anzac Book, and, Souvenir of the great naval battle and roll of honour [Jutland]
BOOKS101418I: LEYLAND, ERIC - The farmer in the mechanical age
BOOKS088625I: LEYLAND, ERIC - Crash landing
BOOKS242965I: LEYMARIE, JEAN (ED) - Hommage a Pablo Picasso
BOOKS082301I: LEYMARIE, JEAN - Balthus
BOOKS159313I: LEYS, COLIN - European politics in Southern Rhodesia
BOOKS118192I: LEYSATH, SCOTT - The sporting chef's favorite wild game recipes
BOOKS043049I: LEYSER, HENRIETTA - Medieval women: a social history of women in England 450-1500
BOOKS230732I: LEYSON, BURR W - American wings: modern aviation for everyone,
BOOKS233082I: LHOTE, GILLES - Jeans des heros: 1850 les Pionniers - 1950 Aux rebelles
BOOKS114366I: LI, LIN-NEI AND OTHERS (EDS) - English-Chinese dictionary of new economic terms used in contemporary China
BOOKS083251I: LI, K.T. - On the absolute intensities of the strong b(beta)-ray lines of RA ( B+ C), Th ( B + C), and Ac (B + C)
BOOKS162311I: LI, HANS - The ancient ones: sacred monuments of the Inka, Maya & Cliffdweller
BOOKS273655I: LI, LINDA CHELAN (ED) - The Chinese state in transition: processes and contests in local China
BOOKS258672I: LI, YEPING & HUANG, RONGJIN (EDS) - How Chinese teach mathematics and improve teaching
BOOKS122638I: YANG LIAN (ED) - Sailor's Home
BOOKS239968I: LIAN, PANG CHENG (EDITORIAL CONSULTANT) - Tanjong Pagar; a pictorial journey (1819 - 1989)
BOOKS273568I: LIANG, SHOU-YU & WU, WEN-CHING - Qigong empowerment: a guide to medical, Taoist, Buddhist and Wushu energy cultivation
BOOKS151343I: LIANG, SHOU-YU & WU, WEN-CHING - Tai Chi Chuan / 24 & 48 houdingen met toepassingen in de krijgskunst
BOOKS049625I: LIAS, GODFREY - Glubb's legion
BOOKS163658I: LIAS, ANTHONY - Place names of the Welsh borderlands
BOOKS144672I: LIBBEY, LAURA JEAN - 'Twixt love and honour
BOOKS246561I: LIBBY, JOHN - Twenty years' history of Stroud 1870-1890
BOOKS023264I: LIBERKIND, INGVALD - The little foal
BOOKS046620I: LIBERMAN, CY AND LIBERMAN, PAT - The crab book: how to catch, cook and eat crabs
BOOKS039009I: WANDSWORTH PUBLIC LIBRARIES - The Wandsworth collection of early children's books
BOOKS221171I: WIENER LIBRARY - Persecution and resistance under the Nazis: Part I: reprint of Catalogue no. 1 (second edition), Part II: new material and amendments
BOOKS080825I: NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF SINGAPORE LIBRARY - Index to periodical articles relating to Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei & ASEAN: humanities & social sciences, Supplement 1991
BOOKS269891I: MUDIE'S SELECT LIBRARY - Mudie's catalogue of the principal English books in circulatiion at the library, 1927-28
BOOKS124952I: STAFFORDSHIRE COUNTY LIBRARY - Royalty & Staffordshire: historical notes, documents and books
BOOKS038355I: LABOUR PARTY LIBRARY - The Labour Party: a select reading list excluding Labour Party publications
BOOKS216637I: WIENER LIBRARY - German Jewry: part II: Additions and amendments to Catalogue no. 3, 1959-1972 (Catalogue series)
BOOKS064716I: WIMBLEDON PUBLIC LIBRARY - Description of paintings in Juvenile Library
BOOKS256613I: LICHANSKY, BATIA - Batia Lishanski
BOOKS015290I: LICHFIELD, PATRICK - Queen Mother: the Lichfield selection
BOOKS216530I: LICHFIELD, PATRICK & COOPER, JILLY - Hotfoot to Zabriskie Point
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BOOKS224633I: LINDSAY, ETHEL - Here be mystery and murder: reference books in the mystery genre excluding Sherlockiana.
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BOOKS136696I: LINSCOTT, GILLIAN - A healthy body
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BOOKS245856I: DE LISSER, HERBERT G. - The White Witch of Rosehall
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BOOKS000529I: LOEWENSTEIN, F.E. - Bernard Shaw through the camera
BOOKS118615I: LOEWER, PETER - Solving deer problems: how to keep them out of your garden
BOOKS071283I: LOFTHOUSE, JESSICA - Lancashire countrygoer
BOOKS270109I: LOFTHOUSE J - A thousand miles from a Post Office, or twenty years' life and travel in the Hudson's Bay regions
BOOKS058108I: LOFTING, HUGH - Doctor Dolittle's Puddleby adventures
BOOKS190881I: LOFTING, HUGH - Doctor Dolittle's caravan
BOOKS062089I: LOFTING, HUGH - Doctor Dolittle's caravan
BOOKS153017I: LOFTING, HUGH - Doctor Dolittle's garden
BOOKS202823I: LOFTING, HUGH - Doctor Dolittle in the moon
BOOKS153591I: LOFTING, HUGH - Doctor Dolittle's caravan
BOOKS056435I: LOFTING, HUGH - Doctor Dolittle in the moon
BOOKS190858I: LOFTING, HUGH - Doctor Dolittle's garden
BOOKS056232I: LOFTING, HUGH - Doctor Dolittle's garden
BOOKS170981I: LOFTING, HUGH - Doctor Dolittle's post office
BOOKS055870I: LOFTING, HUGH - The voyages of Doctor Dolittle
BOOKS090173I: LOFTS, NORAH - A rose for virtue: the very private life of Hortense, step-daughter of Napoleon I, mother of Napoleon III
BOOKS040021I: LOFTS, NORAH - Queen in waiting
BOOKS197396I: LOFTS, W.O. G. & ADLEY, DEREK J. - The Rupert index: a bibliography of Rupert Bear
BOOKS179563I: LOFTS, W.O.G. - The Gem Library: a list of all issues and reprints
BOOKS257408I: LOFTS, W.O.G. & ADLEY, DEREK - The Saint and Leslie Charteris
BOOKS257567I: LOFTS, W.O.G. & ADLEY, DEREK - The Saint and Leslie Charteris
BOOKS187900I: LOFTS, W.O.G. & ADLEY, DEREK J - Catalogue of boys & girls annuals
BOOKS154882I: LOFTS, NORAH - A rose for virtue: the very private life of Hortense, step-daughter of Napoleon I, mother of Napoleon III
BOOKS269408I: LOFTS, NORAH - Blossom like the rose
BOOKS237622I: LOGAN, MALCOLM - Flying simply explained: a simple explanation of the general procedure of flying a lilght aeroplane
BOOKS123295I: LOGAN, ROBERT - Waimakariri, Canterbury's "River of rushing water": an illustrated history
BOOKS135387I: LOGAN, DUNCAN - How faultless the nymph!
BOOKS099802I: LOGAN, FRANK - Another world
BOOKS041652I: LOGAN, ELIZABETH D. - Shellcrafts
BOOKS237231I: LOGAN, PATRICK - A world transformed: when hopes collapse & faiths collide
BOOKS234181I: LOGIE, JAQUES - Waterloo:the Campaign of 1815
BOOKS263916I: LOGIER, J.B - Sequel to the first companion to the chiroplast, consisting of instructive lessons fingered for the piano forte and arranged to be played, if desired, in concert
BOOKS244410I: LOGINOVA, ANASTASIA S. & MIKHEEVA, IRINA V. - The impact of WTO membership: a comparative analysis of China, Russia, and Ukraine
BOOKS180413I: LOGUE, A.W. - The psychology of eating and drinking: an introduction
BOOKS221411I: LOIT, MARI (ED) - Estonian Cultural Heritage: preservation and conservation, vol1: 2005-2012
BOOKS205758I: SZLADITS.LOLA L. (ED) - Charles Dickens 1812-1870: an anthology
BOOKS103752I: LOLIEE, FREDERICK - The romance of a favourite
BOOKS128409I: LOMAS, HERBERT - Trouble
BOOKS270771I: LOMAS, HARRY - One wing high: Halifax Bomber - the navigator's story
BOOKS256586I: LOMAS, JOHN - The man with the scar
BOOKS010034I: LOMAX, D.A.N. - A history of the services of the 41st (the Welch) Regiment (Now the 1st Battalion the Welch Regiment); from its formation, in 1719, to 1895
BOOKS230212I: LOMBAERDE, PHILIPPE DE (ED) - The regional integration manual: Quantitative and qualitative methods (Routledge/Warwick Studies in Globalisation)
BOOKS146331I: LOMER, E.H. - For flute and piccolo
BOOKS215038I: LOMMEE, THOMAS AND OTHERS - Mobilotoop, a vision on mobility
BOOKS261638I: LOMMEL, ANDREAS - Masks: their meaning and function
BOOKS257479I: LONDON, JACK - Island tales
BOOKS229303I: LONDON, JACK - The valley of the moon
BOOKS250249I: LONDON, JACK & OTHERS - Four thrilling adventure novels
BOOKS090717I: LONDON, ANNE & BISHOV, BETHA KAHN (EDS) - The complete Jewish cookbook, in accordance with Jewish dietary laws
BOOKS191923I: LONDON, JACK - The cruise of the Snark
BOOKS214053I: LONDON, JACK - The mutiny of the Elsinore
BOOKS068302I: LONDON, JACK - Love of life and other stories
BOOKS055655I: O'LONDON, JOHN (ED) - London stories: being a collection of the lives and adventures of Londoners in all ages (2 volumes)
BOOKS056038I: LONDON, JACK - The valley of the moon
BOOKS238044I: LONDON, JACK - South Sea tales
BOOKS245978I: LONDON, JACK - The cruise of the 'Dazzler'
BOOKS258214I: LONEY, S L - An elementary treatise on the dynamics of a particle and of rigid bodies
BOOKS260798I: LONEY, S. L. - The elements of statics & dynamics: part II: dynamics
BOOKS239291I: LONG, JOHN - Climbing anchors (How to rock climb)
BOOKS258614I: LONG, MARK - Nobody knows but everybody remembers
BOOKS205773I: LONG, PERCY WALDRON (ED) - PMLA (Publications of the modern language association of America) Volume LX11, September 1947, No 3
BOOKS251838I: LONG, ANDREW - The Faithful Few: Worcestershire's Fighter Boys
BOOKS223988I: LONG, C. W.R. - Bygone heat: Travels of an idealist in the Middle East
BOOKS272412I: LONG, JOHN - Climbing anchors
BOOKS257120I: LONG, ROY - Martin Luther and his legacy: A perspective on 500 Years of reformation
BOOKS045335I: LONG, NOEL - Harmony and style, Book three: style
BOOKS058584I: LONG, FREDA M. - The divine fantasy
BOOKS151578I: LONG, JEAN - Practical Chinese painting: colour, nature, essence
BOOKS161848I: LONG, JEAN - How to paint the Chinese way
BOOKS150847I: LONG, JENNY & BARBER, ANDREW (EDS) - Graciously pleased: Royal Leamington Spa - 150 years
BOOKS172569I: LONG, JENNY & BARBER, ANDREW (ED) - Graciously pleased: Royal Leamington Spa - 150 years
BOOKS119483I: LONG, GEORGE - The mills of man
BOOKS255330I: LONG, ARTHUR & OTHERS - Minchinhampton and Avening in the 20th Century
BOOKS247316I: LONG, JAMES - Selected papers
BOOKS201308I: LONG, C. W. R. - Bygone heat: travels of an idealist in the Middle East
BOOKS274783I: LONG, MAX - Murder between dark and dark
BOOKS026689I: LONG, GEORGE - The folklore calendar
BOOKS142527I: LONG, CHARLES - Oxford: the city & county as it used to be
BOOKS227421I: LONG, NEVILLE - Lights of East Anglia
BOOKS193469I: LONG, WILLIAM J. - Brier patch philosophy by Peter Rabbit
BOOKS089700I: LONG, CHARLES - Vehicle finishing
BOOKS162349I: LONG, C.W.R. - Bygone heat: travels of an idealist in the Middle East
BOOKS203232I: LONG, FREDA M. - Mischief at Frinton Park
BOOKS195922I: LONG, ETHEL - Hollywood masque
BOOKS273566I: LONG, RICHARD G. & SCOTT, BRIAN B. (EDS) - Specialist training in gastroenterology and liver disease
BOOKS263027I: LONGAUER, L'UBOMIR & OLAHOVA, ANNA - Martin Benka: the first designed of the Slovak national myth
BOOKS154142I: LONGENECKER, DWIGHT & BLAMIRES, CYPRIAN (EDS) - The path to Rome: modern journeys to the Catholic Church
BOOKS140753I: LONGENECKER, DWIGHT (ED) - The path to Rome: modern journeys to the Catholic Church
BOOKS237045I: LONGFELLOW, HENRY WADSWORTH - The early poems of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, now first collected
BOOKS212681I: LONGFELLOW, HENRY WADSWORTH - The poetical works of H. W. Longfellow
BOOKS196072I: LONGFELLOW, HENRY WADSWORTH - The poetical works of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow including his translations and notes.
BOOKS159012I: LONGFELLOW, SAMUEL (ED) - Life of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, with extracts from his journals and correspondence, vols.I - III
BOOKS196051I: LONGFELLOW, HENRY W - The poetical works of Longfellow including recent poems, with explanatory notes, etc.
BOOKS135283I: LONGFELLOW, H.W. - The singers
BOOKS241863I: LONGFELLOW, HENRY WADSWORTH - The prose works of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
BOOKS162509I: LONGFELLOW, HENRY WADSWORTH - The poetical works of Hentry Wadsworth Longfellow, including his translations and notes
BOOKS109053I: LONGFELLOW, HENRY WADSWORTH / HAYMAN, DORIS - Tales from Longfellow, told in prose by Doris Hayman
BOOKS063842I: LONGFORD, ELIZABETH - The Royal House of Windsor
BOOKS133003I: LONGFORD, FRANK PAKENHAM - Punishment and the punished
BOOKS015271I: LONGFORD, ELIZABETH - Winston Churchill
BOOKS060254I: LONGFORD (LORD) - Pope John Paul II: an authorized biography
BOOKS007938I: LONGFORD (LORD) - Pope John Paul II: an authorized biography
BOOKS235650I: LONGFORD, CHRISTINE - Making conversation
BOOKS264877I: LONGFORD, W.W - Transactions of the Historic Society of Lancashire and Cheshire for the year 1933: volume 85
BOOKS264873I: LONGFORD, W.W - Transactions of the Historic Society of Lancashire and Cheshire for the year 1934: volume 86
BOOKS033315I: LONGFORD, RUTH - Frances, Countess Lloyd George: more than a mistress
BOOKS003915I: LONGFORD, ELIZABETH - The pebbled shore: the memoirs of Elizabeth Longford
BOOKS170005I: LONGHURST, BRIAN - Popular music and society
BOOKS196719I: LONGHURST, HENRY - Never on weekdays
BOOKS271811I: LONGHURST, HENRY - I wouldn't have missed it
BOOKS130754I: LONGMAN - Pocket companion: crossword key
BOOKS217332I: LONGMAN, GRANT - A corner of England's garden: an agrarian history of South West Hertfordshire 1600-1850 (2 vols)
BOOKS271245I: LONGMATE, NORMAN - The Bombers: the RAF air offensive against Germany, 1939-1945
BOOKS001319I: LONGMATE, NORMAN - When we won the war: the story of victory on Europe, 1945
BOOKS210845I: LONGMATE, NORMAN - Oxford triumphant
BOOKS275083I: LONGMATE, NORMAN - The Doodlebugs: the story of the flying-bombs
BOOKS081087I: LONGMATE, NORMAN - The real Dad's Army: the story of the Home Guard
BOOKS273284I: LONGMATE, NORMAN - The workhouse
BOOKS273198I: LONGMATE, NORMAN - How we lived then: a history of everyday life during the Second World War
BOOKS065866I: LONGMATE, NORMAN - Milestones in working class history

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