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BOOKS154701I: KUTAK, ROSEMARY - Darkness of slumber
BOOKS202988I: KUTOWAROO, PREM - Pangs of life
BOOKS058607I: KUTTNER, HENRY - Ahead of time: ten stories
BOOKS108922I: KUUSISTO, STEPHEN - Planet of the blind
BOOKS175537I: KUUSISTO, ESKO (ED) - Saimaa - a living lake
BOOKS241417I: KVALSETH, TARALD O - Ergonomics of workstation design
BOOKS079425I: KVETAN, VLADIMIR & DANTZER, DAVID R. (EDS) - The critically ill cardiac patient: multisystem dysfunction and management
BOOKS141945I: KWATERA, MICHAEL - The Collegeville Prayer of the Faithful annual, 2007: Cycle C
BOOKS071936I: KWIETNIOWSKI, RICHARD - Love and death on Long Island: a screenplay
BOOKS031245I: KYD, JAMES GRAY - The drove roads and bridle paths around Braemar
BOOKS117081I: KYDD, ROBBIE & KYDD, NORA (EDS) - Growing up in Scotland: an anthology
BOOKS017257I: KYDD, RACHAEL - Long distance riding explained
BOOKS213661I: KYKE, SEFTON - The man without a name
BOOKS238431I: KYLE, ANNE D / TARRANT, MARGARET W - The third lamb: a Christmas story
BOOKS111310I: KYLE, RUSSELL - A feast in the wild
BOOKS037835I: KYLE, SEFTON (ROY VICKERS) - Dead man's dower
BOOKS062168I: KYLE, ELISABETH - The silver pineapple
BOOKS070147I: KYLE, ELISABETH - Oh say, can you see?
BOOKS074474I: KYLE, RUSSELL - A feast in the wild
BOOKS036893I: KYLE, DUNCAN - Green river high
BOOKS015035I: KYLE, DUNCAN - The honey ant
BOOKS119509I: KYLE, JAMES - Typhoon tale
BOOKS240748I: KYLE, ELISABETH - A stillness in the air
BOOKS124239I: KYLE, ELISABETH - The Captain's House
BOOKS118225I: KYLE, DUNCAN - Stalking point
BOOKS049106I: KYLE, ELISABETH - Girl with a destiny: the story of Mary of Orange
BOOKS213885I: KYLE, SEFTON - Red hair
BOOKS161535I: KYLE, DUNCAN - The dancing men
BOOKS159086I: KYLE, DUNCAN - Green River High
BOOKS162212I: KYLE, ELIZABETH - The white lady
BOOKS213663I: KYLE, SEFTON - The shadow over Fairholme
BOOKS214038I: KYLE, SEFTON - Sweet adversity
BOOKS233126I: KYLE, JAMES - Typhoon tale
BOOKS142523I: KYNASTON, DAVID - Archie's last stand: M.C.C. in New Zealand 1922-23
BOOKS241005I: KYNE, PETER B - Cappy Ricks or the subjugation of Matt Peasley
BOOKS182178I: KYNE, PETER BERNARD - Webster--Man's man
BOOKS114350I: KYNE, PETER B. - Cappy Ricks
BOOKS242386I: KYTE, LYDIANE & KLEYN, JOHN - Plants from test tubes: an introduction to micropropagation
BOOKS007493I: KYTLE, CALVIN - Ghandi, soldier of nonviolence: an introduction
BOOKS134923I: LABAN, BRIAN (ED) - International classic car year 1996-1997
BOOKS203172I: LABAND, JOHN & KNIGHT, IAN - The Anglo-Zulu War
BOOKS237972I: LABARGE, MARGARET WADE - A small sound of the trumpet: women in Mediaeval life
BOOKS040651I: LABARTE, M. JULES - Handbook of the arts of the Middle Ages and Renaissance, as applied to the decoration of furniture, arms, jewels, &c, &c
BOOKS234112I: DIFCO LABORATORIES - Difco Manual of dehydrated culture media and reagents for microbiological and clinical laboratory procedures
BOOKS236590I: ROAD RESEARCH LABORATORY - Guide to concrete road constructions: questions and answers (second edition)
BOOKS203181I: NATIONAL PHYSICAL LABORATORY - Modern computing methods (Notes on Applied Science no.16)
BOOKS236506I: ROAD RESEARCH LABORATORY - Road Research, road note no.29: a guide to the structural design of flexible and rigid pavements for new roads
BOOKS156616I: LABORDE, E.D. - A history of Spanish literature
BOOKS170605I: LABORDE, E.D. - Western Europe
BOOKS154008I: DE LABORDE, LEON - Journey through Arabia Petraea, to Mount Sinai and the excavated city of Petra, the Edom of the prophecies
BOOKS149738I: LABORIE, JEAN-PAUL & RENARD, JEAN (EDS) - Bourgs et petites villes: actes du colloque de Nanates
BOOKS085046I: LABOUCHERE, (LADY) - Abiah Darby 1716-1793 of Coalbrookdale, wife of Abraham Darby II
BOOKS206247I: MINISTRY OF LABOUR - National Service: a guide to the ways in which the people of this country may give service - with a message from the Prime Minister
BOOKS159196I: LACEY, ROBERT - Sotheby's - bidding for class
BOOKS037399I: LACEY-JOHNSON, LIONEL - Point blank and beyond
BOOKS026003I: LACEY-JOHNSON, LIONEL - Point blank and beyond
BOOKS059962I: LACEY, MARTIN (ED) - Get your writs out! another dose of the alternative football press
BOOKS002252I: LACEY, WILLIAM S. (ED) - Welsh wildlife in trust
BOOKS040105I: LACEY, ROBERT - Sotheby's - bidding for class
BOOKS241574I: LACEY-JOHNSON, LIONEL - Edwin Clark: steamboat builder of Brimscombe
BOOKS192189I: LACEY, T.A. - The unity of the Church as treated by English theologians
BOOKS118202I: LACEY, ROBERT LEE - The Holy Land of the Hindus: with seven letters on religious problems
BOOKS075089I: LACEY, ROBERT (COMP). - The retreat from Moscow 1812
BOOKS225588I: LACHATANERE, ROMULO - Afro-Cuban myths: Yemaya and other Orishas
BOOKS205344I: M'LACHLAN,KENNETH - Beauties of Scotland and other pieces, with historical notes
BOOKS246737I: LACHOWSKI, HENRY - Guidelines for the use of digital imagery for vegetation mapping
BOOKS247101I: LACK, KATHERINE - Conqueror's son: Duke Robert Curthose, thwarted King
BOOKS166776I: LACK, DAVID - Darwin's finches
BOOKS170583I: LACK, DAVID - Population studies of birds
BOOKS223153I: LACKNER, STEPHAN - Beckmann (Masters of Art)
BOOKS239401I: LACLOS, CHODERLOS DE - Dangerous acquaintances
BOOKS235475I: LACOURBE, ROLAND - 99 chambres closes: guide de lecture du crime impossible
BOOKS167553I: LACY, R.E. (ED) - Weather: a monthly magazine for all interested in meteorology, vol.VII, no.9, September 1952
BOOKS145949I: LACY, NORRIS J. (ED) - The Arthurian encyclopedia
BOOKS048381I: LADBURY, ANN - The dressmaker's dictionary
BOOKS048439I: LADBURY, ANN - Short cuts for busy dressmakers
BOOKS213146I: LADD, FREDERICK J. - Architects at Corsham Court: a study in Revival style architecture and landscaping, 1749-1849
BOOKS131068I: LADD, JAMES - Inside the Commandos: a pictorial history from World War Two to the present
BOOKS046677I: LADD, JAMES - Commandos and rangers of World War II
BOOKS243329I: LADEFOGED, PETER - Three areas of experimental phonetics
BOOKS193771I: LADENIS, NICO - Nico: recipes and recollections from one of our most brilliant and controversial chefs
BOOKS126654I: LADLE, M. (ED) - The Fleet and Chesil Beach: structure and biology of a unique coastal feature
BOOKS047878I: LADURIE, EMMANUEL LE ROY - Carnival: a people's uprising at Romans 1579-1580
BOOKS229777I: LADURIE, EMMANUEL LE ROY - The territory of the historian
BOOKS216250I: LADURIE, EMMANUEL LE ROY - Love, death and money in the Pays d'Oc
BOOKS212776I: LAFFAN, R.G.D. - The guardians of the gate: historical lectures on the Serbs
BOOKS030164I: LAFFIN, JOHN - Fight for the Falklands!
BOOKS001497I: LAFFIN, JOHN - Americans in battle
BOOKS003171I: LAFFIN, JOHN - Fight for the Falklands!
BOOKS004089I: LAFFIN, JOHN - British campaign medals
BOOKS076047I: LAFFIN, JOHN - British campaign medals
BOOKS098656I: LAFFIN, JOHN - Raiders: great exploits of the Second World War
BOOKS207230I: LAFFIN, JOHN - Panorama of the Western Front
BOOKS234726I: LAFFIN, JOHN - Surgeons in the field
BOOKS220612I: LAFFIN, JOHN - World War I in postcards
BOOKS175136I: LAFFIN, JOHN - World War I in postcards
BOOKS000225I: LAFFITTE, SOPHIE - Chekhov 1860-1904
BOOKS195640I: LAFORGE, LAURENCE AND OTHERS - Physical geography of Georgia
BOOKS161492I: LAGERCRANTZ, OLOF - August Strindberg
BOOKS174435I: LAGERKVIST, PAR - Barabbas
BOOKS081386I: LAGERLOF, SELMA - Christ legends
BOOKS191190I: LAGERLOF, SELMA - The wonderful adventures of Nils
BOOKS196153I: LAGERLOF, SELMA - En Saga om en Saga
BOOKS028361I: LAGERLOF, SELMA - The further adventures of Nils
BOOKS039963I: LAGO, MARY M. AND BECKSON, KARL (EDS) - Max and Will: Max Beerbohm and William Rothenstein - their friendship and letters 1893-1945
BOOKS120275I: LAHAYE, TIM F. - Spirit-controlled temperament
BOOKS040442I: LAHR, JOHN - Dame Edna Everage and the rise of western civilisation: backstage with Barry Humphries
BOOKS068585I: LAHR, JOHN & PRICE,JONATHAN - Life show: how to see theater in life and life in theater
BOOKS000577I: LAHR, JOHN - Prick up your ears: the biography of Joe Orton
BOOKS194194I: LAHUE, KALTON C. - Riders of the Range: the sagebrush heroes of the sound screen
BOOKS225926I: LAI, IMAN; CHEN, HUI-HSIA - Enduring Splendor: A special exhibition of Mr. Peng Kai-dong's bequest
BOOKS082645I: LAIDLAW, G. NORMAN - Elysian encounter: Diderot and Gide
BOOKS246887I: LAIDLAW-DICKSON,D.J. - Aeromedeller Annual 1955-56
BOOKS218730I: LAIDLAW, E.F. - The story of the Royal National Hospital, Ventnor
BOOKS160306I: LAIDLER, P.W. - A tavern of the ocean: being a social and historical sketch of Cape Town from its earliest days
BOOKS100376I: LAIDLER, KEITH - The divine deception: the church, the shroud and the creation of a holy fraud
BOOKS197368I: LAING, ALLAN M. (ED) - In praise of Bernard Shaw: an anthology for old and young
BOOKS238251I: LAING, RALPH & SHERIDAN, CHRIS - Jazz Records - the specialist labels M-Z
BOOKS186015I: LAING, MARGARET (ED) - Woman on woman
BOOKS175260I: LAING, ALLAN M. (ED) - Prayers and graces: a little book of extraordinary piety
BOOKS103174I: LAING, LLOYD AND JENNIFER - The origins of Britain
BOOKS005759I: LAING, JENNIFER - Finding Roman Britain
BOOKS113528I: LAING, DAVE - Buddy Holly
BOOKS244219I: LAING, ALLAN M. - Prayers and graces: a little book of extraordinary piety
BOOKS103175I: LAING, LLOYD - Celtic Britain
BOOKS226639I: LAING, LLOYD & LAING, JENNIFER - Early English art and architecture: archaeology and society
BOOKS237683I: LAING, MARY & OTHERS (EDS) - Queer sex work
BOOKS111147I: LAIRD, JOHN - Theism and cosmology
BOOKS028299I: LAIRD, DOROTHY - Our bonny royal children: Their Royal Highnesses Prince Charles and Princess Anne
BOOKS217948I: LAIRD, HELEN - Carl Oscar Borg and the magic region: Artist of the American West
BOOKS219199I: LAJOS, IVAN - Germany's war chances: as pictured in German official literature
BOOKS133731I: LAKE, DAVID J. - The right hand of Dextra
BOOKS023663I: LAKE, CARLTON AND MAILLARD, ROBERT (EDS) - A dictionary of modern painting
BOOKS181844I: LAKE, BRIAN (ED) - The Daily Graphic: Bravo Bleriot! "How I flew the Channel" (Great newspapers reprinted, no. 5)
BOOKS192198I: LAKE, KIRSOPP - The earlier Epistles of St. Paul: their motive and origin
BOOKS058678I: LAKE, JON - The Battle of Britain
BOOKS163790I: LAKE, KIRSOPP (TRANSLATOR) - The Apostolic Fathers I
BOOKS210609I: LAKE, G.H. (ED) - 'Railways', volume IV: Jan.-Dec., 1943, nos. 33-44
BOOKS210613I: LAKE, G.H. (ED) - 'Railways': a magazine for all interested in transport by rail, volume one, December, 1939 - June, 1940
BOOKS156695I: LAKE, JANE (ED) - Baily's Hunting Directory 1990-91
BOOKS247040I: LAKE, FRANCES (ED) - Daily Mail Ideal Home Book 1955
BOOKS205388I: LAKE, WILLIAM - Shepherd: a novel
BOOKS035828I: LAKE, CARLTON AND MAILLARD, ROBERT (EDS) - A dictionary of modern painting
BOOKS055874I: LAKE, JANE - Riding western
BOOKS036711I: LAKE, CAROL - Rosehill: portraits from a Midlands city
BOOKS234750I: LAKEMAN, ALBERT - Concrete cottages, bungalows and garages
BOOKS063701I: LAKEMAN, JOY - Them days: from the memories of Joan Bellan
BOOKS050993I: LAL, DEEPAK - The poverty of 'development economics'
BOOKS093041I: LAL, DEEPAK - The poverty of 'development economics'
BOOKS031173I: LALE, CICELY STEWART - Sweetie Ladd's historic Fort Worth
BOOKS168829I: LALOR, BRIAN - Rosenheim & Windemere
BOOKS220671I: LALOR, BRIAN - Dublin: ninety drawings
BOOKS245369I: LALOR, BRIAN - Dublin: ninety drawings
BOOKS151153I: LAM, SHIU-KUM (ED) - The health of the elderly in Hong Kong
BOOKS037095I: DALAI LAMA - The transformed mind: reflections on truth, love and happiness.
BOOKS133170I: LAMAC, MIROSLAV - Modern Czech painting 1907-1917
BOOKS142257I: LAMARCHE-VADEL, B. - Michelangelo
BOOKS090713I: DE LAMARTINE, M.ALPHONSE - Narrative of the residence of Fatalla Sayeghir among the wandering Arabs of the Great desert
BOOKS177827I: LAMARTINE - Nouvelles confidences
BOOKS196413I: DE LAMARTINE, A. - Pictures of the first French Revolution: being episodes from the history of the Girondists witn a summary of the intermediate events
BOOKS192294I: DE LAMARTINE, ALPHONSE - The history of the restoration of monarchy in France, in four volumes
BOOKS210099I: LAMB, CHARLES - Essays of Elia
BOOKS232429I: LAMB, ROBERT - World without trees
BOOKS172813I: LAMB, A.F.A. (ED) - Fast growing timber trees of the lowland tropics, no.2: cedrela odorata
BOOKS116355I: LAMB, RICHARD - The drift to war, 1922-1939
BOOKS196751I: LAMB, CHARLES - The essays oF Elia; Last essays of Elia, Popular fallacies
BOOKS023549I: LAMB, LYNTON - Preparation for painting: the purpose and materials of the artist
BOOKS150536I: LAMB, CHARLES - The essays of Elia, first series
BOOKS048156I: LAMB, CHARLES - War in a stringbag
BOOKS050978I: LAMB, RICHARD - The drift to war 1922-1939
BOOKS193410I: LAMB, CHARLES - War in a stringbag
BOOKS140030I: LAMB, CHARLES - Mrs Leicester's school and other writings in prose and verse
BOOKS059882I: LAMB, CADBURY - Inn signs
BOOKS061119I: LAMB, CHRISTINA - The Africa house: the true story of an English gentleman and his African dream
BOOKS104941I: LAMB, L.H. (ED) - Winchester College: a register for the years 1915 to 1960
BOOKS104689I: LAMB, CHARLES - A shorter Lamb: chosen essays and letters
BOOKS209799I: LAMB, EDGAR & LAMB, BRIAN - Photographic reference plates
BOOKS196652I: LAMB, HILDA - Daughter of Aragon
BOOKS007695I: LAMB, LYNTON - County town: backs and fronts in Kennelsford
BOOKS202415I: LAMB, CHARLES - The Essays of Elia
BOOKS009708I: LAMB, LYNTON - Preparation for painting: the purpose and materials of the artist
BOOKS037993I: LAMB, CHARLES - War in a stringbag
BOOKS092005I: LAMB, PATRICIA FRAZER AND HOHLWEIN, KATHRYN JOYCE - Touchstones: letters between two women, 1953-1964
BOOKS012414I: LAMB, CHARLES & LAMB, MARY - Tales from Shakespeare
BOOKS194741I: LAMB, GEOFFREY - Magic: illustrated dictionary
BOOKS207913I: LAMB, CHARLES & LAMB, MARY - Tales from Shakespeare
BOOKS144941I: LAMB, CHARLES - Essays of Elia
BOOKS171649I: LAMB, W. KAYE - The journals and letters of Sir Alexander Mackenzie
BOOKS166658I: LAMB, DAVID R. - Physiology of exercise: responses & adaptations
BOOKS169392I: LAMB, CHARLES AND LAMB, MARY - Tales from Shakespeare
BOOKS183070I: LAMB, CHARLES - The Essays of Elia, first series 1823
BOOKS063763I: LAMB, LYNTON - County town: backs and fronts in Kennelsford
BOOKS132121I: LAMB, WILLIAM - Ane Resonyng: of Ane Scottis and Inglis Merchand betuix Rowand and Lionis
BOOKS202158I: LAMB, RUTH - Of no account
BOOKS042158I: LAMB, CHARLES - War in a stringbag
BOOKS203248I: LAMB, J. D. & PREECE, D. A. (EDS) - Surveys in Combinatorics, 1999
BOOKS157757I: LAMB, ALLAN - Allan Lamb: my autobiography
BOOKS211339I: LAMB, CHARLES - Dream-children and The child angel
BOOKS186883I: LAMB, L.H. (ED) - Winchester College: a register for the years 1915 to 1960
BOOKS238111I: LAMB, CHARLES - War in a Stringbag
BOOKS243526I: LAMBERT, D.W. - The quiet in the land: some Quaker saints challenge us today
BOOKS228700I: LAMBERT, G.E. - Duke Ellington
BOOKS159305I: LAMBERT, DEREK - Saint Peter's plot
BOOKS003793I: LAMBERT, DEREK - Angels in the snow
BOOKS067694I: LAMBERT, R.S. - The Cobbett of the West: a study of Thomas Latimer and the struggle between pulpit and press at Exeter
BOOKS075768I: LAMBERT, KATHERINE - 'Hell with a capital H': an epic story of Antarctic survival
BOOKS101122I: LAMBERT, FREDERICK - Letter forms
BOOKS216024I: LAMBERT, DAPHNE - Little red gooseberries: organic recipes from Penrhos
BOOKS115560I: LAMBERT, MARJIE - The complete bread machine book
BOOKS203022I: LAMBERT, GAVIN - The dangerous edge
BOOKS123662I: LAMBERT, DAPHNE - Little red gooseberries:organic recipes from Penrhos
BOOKS155803I: LAMBERT, DEREK - The Golden Express
BOOKS137081I: LAMBERT, DEREK - The Judas code
BOOKS128669I: LAMBERT, DEREK - For infamous conduct
BOOKS114553I: LAMBERT, DEREK - Kites of war
BOOKS141443I: LAMBERT, JOHN C. - Missionary heroes in Asia: true stories of the intrepid bravery and stirring adventures of missionaries with uncivilized man, wild beasts and the forces of nature,
BOOKS184310I: LAMBERT, DEREK - The night and the city
BOOKS013522I: LAMBERT, DEREK - I, said the spy
BOOKS146402I: LAMBERT, SAM (ED) - London night and day: a guide to where the other books don't take you
BOOKS223573I: LAMBERT, ERIC - MacDougal's farm
BOOKS146184I: LAMBERT, JOHN R. - Crime, police and race relations: a study in Birmingham
BOOKS157548I: LAMBERT, SUSAN - Form follows function? Design in the 20th century
BOOKS125120I: LAMBERT, A.J. - The chapel on the hill
BOOKS159306I: LAMBERT, DEREK - Judas code
BOOKS046701I: LAMBERT, J.W. & RATCLIFFE, MICHAEL - The Bodley Head 1887-1987
BOOKS242369I: LAMBERT, ROSA & LAMBERT, DUDLEY - The mystery of the golden wings
BOOKS243887I: LAMBERT, G.E. - Kings of Jazz: Johnny Dodds
BOOKS133525I: LAMBETH, MINNIE - Discovering corn dollies
BOOKS162681I: LAMBORN, E.A.G. & HARRISON, G.B. - Shakespeare: the man & his stage
BOOKS237540I: LAMBOT, ISOBEL - Still waters run deadly
BOOKS027518I: LAMBOTTE, PAUL AND OTHERS - Flemish & Belgian art 1300-1900
BOOKS087439I: LAMBOURNE, LIONEL - Utopian craftsmen: the Arts and Crafts movement from the Cotswolds to Chicago
BOOKS242366I: LAMBOURNE, JOHN - Trooper Fault
BOOKS217598I: LAMBOURNE, G. - The fingerprint story
BOOKS247012I: LAMBRAKI, MYRSINI - Cretan cuisine for everyone
BOOKS196150I: LAMBRANZI, GREGORIO - New and curious school of theatrical dancing
BOOKS072806I: LAMBRIANOU, TONY - Inside the firm: the untold story of the Kray's reign of terror
BOOKS219253I: LAMBRICK, GEORGE & ALLEN, TIM - Gravelly Guy, Stanton Harcourt: the development of a prehistoric and Romano-British community
BOOKS080641I: LAMBTON, LUCINDA - Chambers of delight
BOOKS243011I: LAMBTON, A.K.S. - Persian vocabulary
BOOKS037870I: LAMBTON, LUCINDA - Lucinda Lambton's magnificent menagerie
BOOKS010814I: LAMBTON, LUCINDA - Chambers of delight
BOOKS238829I: LAMBTON, ARTHUR - The salad bowl
BOOKS155549I: LAMBTON, LUCINDA - Chambers of delight
BOOKS150144I: LAMBURN, JOAN - The monkey trick
BOOKS044333I: LAMERTON, RICHARD - Care of the dying
BOOKS208795I: LAMINGTON, ALEXANDER (LORD) - In the days of the Dandies
BOOKS166167I: LAMKIN, SPEED - The Easter egg hunt: a novel
BOOKS130995I: LAMOND, JOHN D. - The whisky connoisseur's book of days, 1993
BOOKS170925I: LAMONT-BROWN, RAYMOND - Kempeitai: Japan's dreaded military police
BOOKS037143I: LAMONT-BROWN, RAYMOND - Royal poxes and potions: the lives of court physicians, surgeons and apothecaries
BOOKS048157I: LAMONT, STEWART - The third angle
BOOKS081558I: LAMONT, STEWART - Church and state: uneasy alliances
BOOKS086817I: LAMONT-BROWN, RAYMOND - East Anglian epitaphs
BOOKS002809I: LAMONT, STEWART - The third angle
BOOKS114212I: LAMONT-BROWN, RAYMOND - The life and times of Berwick-upon-Tweed
BOOKS143325I: LAMONT, STEWART - Church and State: uneasy alliances
BOOKS007367I: LAMONT, THOMAS W - My boyhood in a parsonage: some brief sketches of American life toward the close of the last century.
BOOKS196462I: LAMONT-BROWN, RAYMOND - The life and times of St. Andrews
BOOKS153451I: LAMONT-BROWN, RAYMOND - Kamikaze: Japan's suicide Samurai
BOOKS169940I: LAMONT-BROWN, RAYMOND - Kamikaze: Japan's suicide samurai
BOOKS042210I: LAMONT, THOMAS W. - My boyhood in a parsonage: some brief sketches of American life toward the close of the last century
BOOKS023993I: LAMONT-BROWN, RAYMOND - Kamikaze: Japan's suicide Samurai
BOOKS233964I: LAMONT, LINDA (ED) - Willie Lamont History Man
BOOKS160352I: LAMONT-BROWN, RAYMOND - Kempeitai: Japan's dreaded military police
BOOKS161143I: LAMP, FREDERICK - Art of the Baga: a drama of cultural re-invention
BOOKS119769I: LAMPE, G.W.H. - I believe
BOOKS240782I: LAMPE, DAVID - Pyke the unknow genius
BOOKS184145I: LAMPEN, C. DUDLEY - The queen of the extinct volcano: a story of adventure
BOOKS172296I: LAMPEN, C. DUDLEY - The queen of the extinct volcano: a story of adventure
BOOKS190322I: LAMPHEE, PHILL (ED) - Ruff's Guide to the turf and "Sporting Life" annual
BOOKS061965I: LAMPSON, GODFREY LAMPSON - Life in the country
BOOKS144993I: LAMPSON, GODFREY LOCKER - Life in the country
BOOKS052591I: LAMPTON, CHRIS - Gateway to limbo
BOOKS021559I: LAN-DAVIS, CYRIL F. / CARTER, H.A. - Telephotography
BOOKS103888I: LANAGHAN (MRS) - Antigua and the Antiguans, vol.II
BOOKS053013I: LANCASHIRE, GEOFFREY - A short history of the Berkhamsted site, 1937-1989
BOOKS034523I: LANCASTER, OSBERT - Fasten your safety belts: new pocket cartoons
BOOKS180529I: LANCASTER, VICKY - The way of a man: a dramatic romance
BOOKS198851I: LANCASTER,OSBERT - The Penguin Osbert Lancaster
BOOKS167555I: LANCASTER, ROY - In search of the wild asparagus
BOOKS221994I: LANCASTER, ROY - Plant hunting in Nepal
BOOKS193452I: LANCASTER, OSBERT - Meaningful confrontations: new pocket cartoons
BOOKS211702I: LANCASTER,OSBERT - Facades and Faces
BOOKS088890I: LANCASTER, JOSEPH - Seven pamphlets
BOOKS195622I: LANCASTER, BRUCE - Gentleman Johnny
BOOKS146626I: LANCASTER, OSBERT - Tableaux vivants: new pocket cartoons
BOOKS164154I: LANCASTER, JOHN - Lettering techniques
BOOKS204605I: LANCASTER, OSBERT - Assorted sizes.
BOOKS037565I: LANCASTER, OSBERT - Tableaux vivants: new pocket cartoons
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BOOKS221485I: LAPSLEY, PETER - The bankside book of stillwater trout flies
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BOOKS091751I: LARBY, RON - Signals to the left... Armoured corps to the right
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BOOKS245802I: LAREDO, JOE - Renovating and maintaining your French home: a survival handbook
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BOOKS163742I: LARRABEE, HAROLD A. - Decision at the Chesapeake
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BOOKS227043I: LAWRENCE, JOSEPH - The observer's book of airplanes
BOOKS054442I: LAWRENCE, MARILYN - The anorexic experience
BOOKS148357I: LAWRENCE, D.H. - The trespasser
BOOKS182705I: LAWRENCE, D.H. - The woman who rode away, and other stories
BOOKS224909I: LAWRENCE, D.H. - Phoenix: the posthumous papers of D.H.Lawrence
BOOKS144006I: LAWRENCE, D.H. - Three plays
BOOKS223886I: LAWRENCE, HILDA - The pavilion
BOOKS148581I: LAWRENCE, G.R.P. - Village into borough
BOOKS242610I: LAWRENCE, JOHN - Lawrence of Lucknow: a story of love
BOOKS210181I: LAWRENCE, T.E. - Seven pillars of wisdom: a triumph
BOOKS193912I: LAWRENCE, D.H. - Etruscan places
BOOKS170437I: LAWRENCE, D.E. (ED) - Model Engineer, Vol. 146 (11 issues)
BOOKS242908I: LAWRENCE, D.H - The man who died.
BOOKS008283I: LAWRENCE, D.H. - The trespasser
BOOKS165435I: LAWRENCE, ROD - The Exe: a river for wild life
BOOKS234238I: LAWRENCE, D. H. - D.H. Lawrence - Selected Poems
BOOKS054147I: LAWRENCE, D.H. - Apocalypse
BOOKS170438I: LAWRENCE, D.E. (ED) - Model Engineer, volume 146, number 3630 (4 April 1980)
BOOKS184628I: LAWRENCE, WILLIAM - The autobiography of Sergeant William Lawrence, a hero of the Peninsular and Waterloo Campaigns
BOOKS217208I: LAWRENCE, T. E. - Seven Pillars of Wisdom: The complete 1922 Text, volumes I & II and 'Illustrations'
BOOKS188374I: LAWRENCE, D.H. - Women in love
BOOKS240217I: LAWRENCE, T.E. - Seven pillars of wisdom: a triumph
BOOKS046132I: LAWRIE, WILLIAM H. - Border river angling
BOOKS072626I: LAWRIE, W.H. - Modern trout flies
BOOKS088751I: LAWRIE, R.A. - Meat science
BOOKS205495I: LAWRIE, WILLIAM H. - Practical angling hints and recipes
BOOKS000026I: LAWS, HERBERT - Forty years with the Co-op: recollections and reflections
BOOKS140068I: LAWS, BILL - Nails, noggins and newels: an alternative history of every house
BOOKS122606I: LAWS, JOHN MUIR - Sierra birds: a hiker's guide
BOOKS215752I: LAWS, BILL - Traditional houses of Rural Spain
BOOKS239047I: LAWSON, ANDREW J. - Chalkland: an archaeology of Stonehenge and its region
BOOKS149597I: LAWSON, HENRY - Poetical works of Henry Lawson
BOOKS220333I: LAWSON, WILLIAM - Blessed Rafaela Maria Porras (1850-1925) foundress of the Handmaids of the Sacred Heart of Jesus
BOOKS176759I: LAWSON, TED - A village in New Guinea: the reality of life with VSO
BOOKS189255I: LAWSON-PEEBLES, ROBERT - Landscape and written expression in revolutionary America: the world turned upside down
BOOKS035435I: LAWSON, JOHN - Forest 1865-1978
BOOKS062287I: LAWSON, ROBERT - Rabbit Hill
BOOKS079923I: LAWSON, JOAN - European folk dance: its national and musical characteristics
BOOKS131275I: LAWSON, MARK - John Keane: conflicts of interest
BOOKS105578I: LAWSON, JOHN - Mediaeval education and the Reformation
BOOKS109517I: LAWSON, HENRY - Autobiographical and other writings 1887-1922: volume Two of Collected Prose
BOOKS115629I: LAWSON, DOMINIC - The inner game
BOOKS065738I: LAWSON, GEORGE / BONHAM-CARTER, VICTOR (ED) - Surgeon in the Crimea: the experiences of George Lawson recorded in letters to his family 1854-1855
BOOKS134914I: LAWSON, HENRY - The essential Henry Lawson: the best works of Australia's greatest writer
BOOKS157948I: LAWSON, TED W. - Thirty seconds over Tokyo
BOOKS221323I: LAWSON, T.G. (ED) - Archaeologia Cantiana: being contributions to the history and archaeology of Kent, volume CXXII (122), 2002
BOOKS230175I: LAWSON, PAUL (ED) - OZ 14 (August 1968)
BOOKS244903I: LAWSON, HENRY / CRONIN, LEONARD (ED) - Recollections: a selection of autobiographical works
BOOKS087777I: LAWSON, SARAH - Everything parents should know about drugs
BOOKS182882I: LAWSON, TED W. - Thirty seconds over Tokyo
BOOKS224451I: LAWSON, ANNETTE - Adultery: an analysis of love and betrayal
BOOKS222887I: LAWSON, ELIZABETH - The natural art of Louisa Atkinson
BOOKS220720I: LAWSON, T.G. (ED) - Archaeologica Cantiana: being contributions to the archaeology of Kent, Volume CXIX (119), 1999
BOOKS180723I: LAWTON, PHILIP (ED) - British Tax Review; 1973, nos.1 - 6
BOOKS018387I: LAWTON, DENIS - Social class, language and education
BOOKS212690I: LAWTON, JAMES - Lester Piggott
BOOKS129040I: LAWTON, A.T. - A window in the sky: astronomy from beyond the earth's atmosphere
BOOKS157890I: LAWTON, DENIS - Social class, language and education
BOOKS229101I: LAWTON, GEORGE - John Wesley's English: a study of his literary style
BOOKS124250I: LAYARD, RICHARD (ED) - Cost-benefit analysis
BOOKS169914I: LAYMAN, GEORGE J. - The military Remington rolling block - 50 years of faithful service
BOOKS132847I: LAYRIZ, OTFRIED - Mechanical traction in war
BOOKS002127I: LAYTON, T.A. - Five to a feast
BOOKS046647I: LAYTON, T.A. - The Wine and Food Society's guide to cheese and cheese cookery
BOOKS047322I: LAYTON, T.A. - The Wine and Food Society's guide to cheese and cheese cookery
BOOKS117740I: LAYTON, THOMAS ARTHUR - Choose your vegetables
BOOKS026341I: LAYTON, T.A. - Winecraft: the encyclopedia of wines & spirits
BOOKS059252I: LAZAR, ROGER (ED) - From our own correspondent
BOOKS064130I: LAZAREVSKI, VLADIMIR - Under the Bolshevik uniform
BOOKS022315I: LAZARSFELD, SOFIE - Woman's experience of the male
BOOKS180171I: LAZARSFELD, SOFIE - Woman's experience of the male
BOOKS141414I: LAZARSFELD, SOFIE - Woman's experience of the male
BOOKS016713I: LAZARUS, PETER - The Cinzano glass collection
BOOKS099126I: LAZELL, DAVID - What's on the wireless?
BOOKS122866I: LAZELL, DAVID - Whats on the box ?
BOOKS122865I: LAZELL, DAVID - What's on at the pictures?
BOOKS055709I: LAZELL, DAVID - What's on at the pictures?
BOOKS029714I: LAZEROWITZ, MORRIS - Philosophy and illusion.
BOOKS238033I: LEA, HERMANN - The Hardy guides: a guide to the West Country v. 1
BOOKS197413I: LEA, JOHN (ED) - The Family Friend an illustrated magazine for every home, volume L (50) containing the monthly parts for 1919
BOOKS172932I: LEA, JOHN - Reach for my countryside: sequel to Down the cobbled stones
BOOKS196162I: LEA, JOHN - Danger signals
BOOKS087917I: LEA, JOHN - Down the cobbled stones: memories of a Cheshire farmer
BOOKS184108I: LEA, JOHN - Cruisers in the clouds
BOOKS238042I: LEA, HERMANN - The Hardy Guides: a guide to the West country, volume 2
BOOKS209895I: LEA, TIMOTHY - Confessions from a hotel
BOOKS168738I: LEA, JOHN - Reggie: the life of Air Vice Marshall R.L.G. Marix, CB DSO
BOOKS153974I: LEACH, GERALD & MEARNS, ROBIN - Beyond the woodfuel crisis: people, land and trees in Africa
BOOKS142121I: LEACH, JOHNNY - Table tennis complete: for beginners or advanced players with stroke play and strategy for both the pimpled and sandwich bat
BOOKS050289I: LEACH, GERALD - The biocrats
BOOKS243863I: LEACH, EDMUND - Levi-Strauss
BOOKS046980I: LEACH, BOB - Massacre at Alamein?
BOOKS032256I: LEACH, JOHN AND WING, JOHN - Helping destitute men
BOOKS232996I: LEACH, ARTHUR LEONARD - The history of the Civil War (1642-49) in Pembrokeshire and on its borders
BOOKS165934I: LEACH, MICHAEL - The wildlife in Shropshire
BOOKS159561I: LEACH, NOEL JOHNSON - Woodworker guide: wood finishing
BOOKS174565I: LEACH, NOEL JOHNSON - Modern wood finishing techniques
BOOKS234086I: LEACH, EDMUND (ED) - The structural study of myth and totemism
BOOKS244904I: LEACH, BERNARD - A potter's books
BOOKS245633I: LEACH, NICHOLAS - Sennen Cove Lifeboats: 150 years of lifesaving
BOOKS203840I: LEACH, CHRISTOPHER - The pheasant shoot
BOOKS238964I: LEACOCK, STEPHEN - College days
BOOKS201218I: LEACOCK, STEPHEN - Happy stories - just to laugh at
BOOKS057607I: LEACOCK, STEPHEN - My discovery of England
BOOKS145265I: LEACOCK, STEPHEN - Arcadian adventures with the idle rich
BOOKS195543I: LEACOCK, STEPHEN - Essays and literary studies
BOOKS178590I: LEACOCK, STEPHEN - Behind the beyond & other contributions to human knowledge
BOOKS005662I: LEACOCK, STEPHEN - Our British Empire: its structure, its history, its strength
BOOKS116672I: LEACOCK, STEPHEN - My remarkable uncle & other sketches
BOOKS020999I: LEACOCK, STEPHEN - Arcadian adventures with the idle rich
BOOKS110313I: LEACOCK, STEPHEN - Moonbeams from the larger lunacy
BOOKS060477I: LEACOCK, STEPHEN - The boy I left behind me
BOOKS063294I: LEACOCK, STEPHEN - Arcadian adventures with the idle rich
BOOKS071710I: LEACOCK, STEPHEN - Literary lapses
BOOKS193672I: LEACOCK, STEPHEN - Moonbeams from the larger lunacy
BOOKS178591I: LEACOCK, STEPHEN - Arcadian adventures with the idle rich
BOOKS199368I: LEACOCK, STEPHEN - Nonsense novels
BOOKS159475I: LEACOCK, STEPHEN - Literary lapses
BOOKS155678I: LEACOCK, STEPHEN - Further foolishness: sketches and satires on the follies of the day
BOOKS199428I: LEACOCK, STEPHEN - Literary lapses.
BOOKS015886I: LEADBEATER, ELIZA - Spinning and spinning wheels
BOOKS224167I: LEADBEATER, C.W. - The Devachanic plane: its characteristics and inhabitants
BOOKS139654I: LEADBETTER, DAVID & HUGGAN, JOHN - Faults and fixes
BOOKS145639I: LEADER, ZACHARY - The life of Kingsley Amis

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