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BOOKS216901I: LOOS, Adolf / CACCIARI, Massimo - Das Andere: einblatt zur einfuehrung abendlaendischer kultur in Oesterreich
BOOKS168874I: LOPES, Jose Manuel - Cachimbos: marcas, fabricantes e artesaos
BOOKS045647I: LOPES, Henri - The laughing cry: an African cock and bull story
BOOKS065819I: LOPEZ, Nancy - The education of a woman golfer
BOOKS288047I: LOPEZ Y ROJO, Alessandra - Contemporary Indonesian fashion: through the looking glass
BOOKS221182I: LOPEZ-REY, Jose - Velazquez' work and world
BOOKS175625I: LOPEZ, E. Guinea & BOX, C. Vidal - Parques y Jardines de Espana: arboles y arbustos
BOOKS143143I: LOPEZ, Nancy - The education of a woman golfer
BOOKS240339I: LORA, Eduardo (ed) - The state of state reform in Latin America
BOOKS153365I: LORAINE, Philip - The Dublin nightmare
BOOKS041740I: LORANT, Tessa - The Batsford book of hand and machine knitting
BOOKS044036I: LORANT, Tessa - The Batsford book of hand and machine knitting
BOOKS032201I: LORANT, Tessa - Yarns for the knitter
BOOKS079648I: LORANT, Tessa - Knitted quilts & flounces
BOOKS172048I: LORAYNE, Harry - Develop a super-power memory
BOOKS195697I: LORCH, Walter - Handbook of water purification
BOOKS185282I: LORD, Bette Bao - Legacies: a Chinese mosaic
BOOKS169875I: LORD, Walter - Day of infamy
BOOKS040896I: LORD, Bette Bao - Legacies: a Chinese mosaic
BOOKS019442I: LORD, J. and MUNNS, D.J. (eds) - Atlas of breeding birds of the West Midlands
BOOKS095410I: LORD, Eric & BAILEY, Charles (eds) - A reader in religious & moral education
BOOKS116704I: LORD, Graham - Arthur Lowe
BOOKS183000I: LORD, Fred .A. - Little big top
BOOKS006674I: LORD, Graham - James Herriot: the life of a country vet
BOOKS028870I: LORD, Graham - God and all his angels
BOOKS292842I: LORD, Walter - A night to remember
BOOKS059641I: LORD, J. & BLAKE, A.R.M. - The birds of Staffordshire
BOOKS132894I: LORD, Graham - Dick Francis: a racing life
BOOKS039926I: LORD, Tony - The new wines of Spain
BOOKS165437I: LORD, Walter - A night to remember: complete & unabridged
BOOKS154163I: LORD, Suzanne - Music in the Middle Ages: a reference guide
BOOKS135472I: WORD-LORE - Word-lore: the 'folk' magazine (9 issues)
BOOKS056358I: LORENZ, Christopher and LESLIE, Nicholas (eds) - The Financial Times on management: grappling with change and uncertainty
BOOKS006183I: LORENZ, Otto - Art Nouveau
BOOKS285436I: LORENZ, Konrad Z. - Man meets dog
BOOKS238930I: LORETTO, M.H & BEEVERS, C.J. (eds) - The processing, properties and applications of metallic and ceramic materials
BOOKS124284I: LORIG, Kate & FRIES, James F. - Arthritis helpbook: what you can do for your arthritis
BOOKS288066I: LORIMER, Donald & others (eds) - Neale's Disorders of the foot: diagnosis and management
BOOKS202681I: LORIMER, George Horace - Old Gorgon Graham
BOOKS116471I: LORIMER, Malcolm G. (ed) - Glory lightly worn: a tribute to Brian Statham
BOOKS243766I: LORNE (Marquis of) - The Governor's guide to Windsor Castle
BOOKS159001I: LORNE, Charles - Air liner
BOOKS201817I: LORRAINE, J.F. - The Christmas book of little songs for young singers
BOOKS289923I: DE LOS REYES, Gil and others - Itálica: official guide to the archaeological site
BOOKS074438I: LOSCHUTZ, Gert - The penny-mark: the tale of Tom Courtey's honour and Benjamin Walz's shame
BOOKS234152I: LOSEBY, M. (ed) - Agroforestry and its impact on the environment
BOOKS288563I: LOTCHIN, Roger W. - The bad city in the good war: San Francisco, Los Angeles, Oakland, and San Diego
BOOKS181499I: LOTH, Johann Thomas - Album der schonsten bluthen Deutscher dichtkunst fur Britannias Tochter
BOOKS037900I: LOTHIAN, Elizabeth - Country house cookery from the West
BOOKS161419I: LOTHROP, S.K. - Treasures of Ancient America: Pre-Columbian art from Mexico to Peru
BOOKS289199I: LOTI, Pierre - Madame Chrysantheme
BOOKS061297I: LOTT, S. Makepeace - Twopence for a rat's tail
BOOKS005627I: LOUDON, K.M. - Two mystic poets and other essays
BOOKS048429I: LOUDON, K.M. - Fair maids of France
BOOKS039370I: LOUGH, John - An introduction to seventeenth century France
BOOKS137863I: LOUGHNANE, Patrick - When the dead arose no-one saw them: a new light on the subject
BOOKS153472I: LOUGHREY, Bryan (ed) - Critical Survey, volume 5, number 2, 1993: Thomas Hardy
BOOKS233915I: LOUIS, Joe - My life story
BOOKS090512I: LOUIS, Wm. Roger (ed) - More adventures with Britannia: personalities, politics and culture in Britain
BOOKS291967I: LOUIS, John - John Louis: a life in speedway
BOOKS233554I: LOUIS, Joe - The Joe Louis story
BOOKS080650I: AUNT LOUISA - Warne's easy reading book
BOOKS144784I: MARIE LOUISE (Princess) - A choice of carols
BOOKS075600I: LOUKOMSKI, George - History of modern Russian painting (Russian painting of the past hundred years 1840-1940)
BOOKS229694I: LOUNSBURY, Chas. P - Cape of Good Hope, Department of Agriculture: Report of the Government Entomologist for the year 1900
BOOKS163171I: LOUSADA, Patricia - Game cookery
BOOKS291380I: LOUSADA, Audrey - Poachers in the Serengeti
BOOKS156918I: LOUSLEY, J.E. - A census list of wool aliens found in Britain, 1945-1960
BOOKS289931I: L'Association pro Lousonna - Lousonna: la ville gallo-romaine et le musee
BOOKS233609I: LOUYS, Pierre - The woman and the puppet
BOOKS179813I: LOUYS, Pierre - The twilight of the nymphs
BOOKS117293I: LOUYS, Pierre - The twilight of the nymphs
BOOKS194211I: LOVAT, Laura - Maurice Baring: a Postscript by Laura Lovat with Some Letters and Verse
BOOKS044470I: LOVAT, Laura - Maurice Baring: a postscript with some letters and verse
BOOKS213155I: LOVE, Richard H. & WORLEY, Michael Preston - American paintings from the collection of John and Susan Hainsworth: reflections of reality
BOOKS108062I: LOVE, Brian - Play the game
BOOKS113529I: LOVE, Robert (ed) - The best of Rolling Stone
BOOKS231457I: LOVE, Jamie and others - Created in our own W.S. Gilbert's Pygmalion & Galatea: an introduction to the art, ethics and science of cloning
BOOKS222755I: LOVEARD, Keith - Suharto, Indonesia's last sultan
BOOKS293074I: LOVEGROVE, H. - The official guide of the antient (ancient) town of Winchelsea
BOOKS190214I: LOVEGROVE, Kathy - As I recall ...
BOOKS128646I: LOVELESS, A.R. - Principles of plant biology for the tropics
BOOKS239469I: LOVELL, Dorothy. Ann - The mystery of the bronze frog
BOOKS295174I: LOVELL, Dorothy Ann - When the fire burns blue
BOOKS169687I: LOVELL, Mary S - The sound of wings: the biography of Amelia Earhart
BOOKS116240I: LOVELL, A.C.B. - The individual and the universe
BOOKS246359I: LOVELL, Terry (ed) - British feminist thought: a reader
BOOKS035813I: LOVELL, Terry (ed) - British feminist thought: a reader
BOOKS083244I: LOVELL, A.C.B. - The electrical conductivity of thin metallic films, III: Alkali films with the properties of the normal metal
BOOKS168160I: LOVELL, Dorothy Ann - Shadows on the stairs
BOOKS154990I: LOVELL, George and others - The Parchmore partnership
BOOKS290599I: LOVELL, Dorothy Ann - Silvanus goes to sea
BOOKS176306I: LOVELL, George and others - The Parchmore Partnership
BOOKS074128I: LOVELL, A.C.B. - The individual and the universe: the BBC Reith Lectures 1958
BOOKS163168I: LOVELOCK, Yann (ed) - Physic meet & metaphysic: a celebration on Edward Lowbury's 80th birthday
BOOKS099105I: LOVELOCK, James - Gaia: the practical science of planetary medicine
BOOKS065091I: LOVELOCK, James - The ages of Gaia: a biography of our living earth
BOOKS104117I: LOVER, Samuel - Handy Andy: a tale of Irish life
BOOKS155601I: LOVER, Samuel - Handy Andy: a tale of Irish life
BOOKS080682I: LOVER, Samuel - Handy Andy
BOOKS237831I: LOVESEY, Peter - Invitation to a dynamite party
BOOKS004809I: LOVESEY, Peter - Rough cider
BOOKS135713I: LOVESEY, Peter - Bertie and the seven bodies
BOOKS072450I: LOVESEY, Peter - Rough cider
BOOKS049080I: LOVESEY, Nenia - Reflections on lace
BOOKS247005I: LOVESEY, Peter - Bloodhounds
BOOKS223902I: LOVESEY, Phil - When the ashes burn
BOOKS159741I: LOVESEY, Nenia - Reflections on lace
BOOKS224203I: LOVESEY, Peter - If books could kill
BOOKS076092I: LOVESEY, Peter - Bertie and the seven bodies (complete & unabridged)
BOOKS244844I: LOVESEY, Oliver (ed) - Victorian social activists' novels
BOOKS167216I: LOVESEY, Peter - On the edge
BOOKS182831I: LOVESEY, Peter - The detective wore silk drawers
BOOKS231428I: LOVETT, William - Life & struggles of William Lovett in his pursuit of bread, knowledge, and freedom, with some short account of the different associations he belonged to and of the opinions he entertained Volume 2
BOOKS195682I: LOVETT, Bobby L. - A Black man's dream: the first 100 years: Richard Henry Boyd and the National Baptist Publishing Board
BOOKS204621I: LOVETTE, Leland P. - School of the sea: the Annapolis tradition in American life
BOOKS224204I: LOVISI, Gary - The Nemesis
BOOKS225027I: LOVISI, Gary - Hellbent on homicide (Bloodlines)
BOOKS225058I: LOVISI, Gary - Extreme measures: stories of murder, mystery, mayhem and madness
BOOKS130665I: LOW, Betty Bright & HINSLEY, Jacqueline - Sophie Du Pont: a young lady in America - sketches, diaries and letters, 1823-33
BOOKS236310I: LOW, Donald A. - Thieves' kitchen: the Regency underworld
BOOKS155003I: LOW, A.M. - Adrift in the stratosphere
BOOKS045378I: LOW, A.M. - Adrift in the stratosphere
BOOKS038717I: LOW, A.M. - Tick-tock
BOOKS003972I: LOW, D.M. - Virgil and the English Augustans: a paper read to the Virgil Society, 5th February 1952
BOOKS230295I: LOW, Robert - W.G.: a life of W.G. Grace
BOOKS288527I: LOW, W. Augustus (ed) - The Journal of Negro History, vol. LVII (57), no. 3, July 1972
BOOKS288515I: LOW, W. Augustus (ed) - The Journal of Negro History, vol. LVII (57), no. 4, October 1972
BOOKS180794I: LOW, W. Augustus (ed) - The Journal of Negro History, volume LVIII (58), no.1, January 1973
BOOKS176653I: LOW, Charles R.(ed) - Captain Cook's three voyages round the world, with a sketch of his life
BOOKS266935I: LOW, A. M. (Professor) - Modern adornments
BOOKS213937I: LOW, Ivy - His master's voice: a detective story
BOOKS180759I: LOW, W. Augustus (ed) - The Journal of Negro History, volume LVII (57), no.1, January 1972
BOOKS265773I: LOW, Gardner - Invitation to kill
BOOKS209812I: LOW, A.M. - The way it works
BOOKS218252I: LOW, Ivy - His Master's Voice: a detective story
BOOKS042603I: LOWBURY, Edward - Daylight astronomy
BOOKS125810I: LOWBURY, Edward - The ring
BOOKS235738I: LOWBURY, Edward - The night watchman
BOOKS291133I: LOWCOCK, Mark - Relief chief: a manifesto for saving lives in dire times
BOOKS249338I: LOWDEN, John L. - Silent wings at war: combat gliders in World War II
BOOKS238381I: LOWDEN, Mary - Dancing to learn: dance as a strategy in the primary school curriculum
BOOKS127124I: LOWDEN, Desmond - The shadow run
BOOKS127146I: LOWDEN, Desmond - Cry Havoc
BOOKS055537I: LOWE, T.A. ("Tallow") - Wine, women and - soldiers
BOOKS054970I: LOWE-McCONNELL, R.H. (ed) - Man-made lakes
BOOKS136279I: LOWE, W.W. - Bedrock principles of golf
BOOKS150689I: LOWE, F.R. - Milking machines: a comprehensive guide for farmers, herdsmen and students
BOOKS096561I: LOWE, Shirley and INCE, Angela - Swapping
BOOKS144920I: LOWE, F. Gordon - Gordon Lowe on lawn tennis
BOOKS242700I: LOWE, Robson - The British postage stamp of the nineteenth century
BOOKS170543I: LOWE, Pat - Jilji: life in the Great Sandy Desert
BOOKS062022I: LOWE, T.A. - Fruit farm in England
BOOKS169463I: LOWE, Ted & BUTLER, Frank - Between frames: Ted Lowe talking to Frank Butler
BOOKS137735I: LOWE, Douglas & BROWNLIE, Alex - The Herald book of the Open Championship
BOOKS124303I: LOWE, Julian & LEWIS, David - The economics of enviromental management
BOOKS122723I: LOWE, T.A. - The craft of the cottage garden
BOOKS138680I: LOWE, Douglas & BROWNLIE, Alex - The Herald book of the Open Championship
BOOKS263838I: LOWE, E.J. - A natural history of British grasses
BOOKS099286I: LOWE, R.A. (ed) - Transactions of the Woolhope Naturalists' Field Club, Herefordshire, volume 51, 2003
BOOKS294803I: LOWE, John - The Roman town house, Dorchester guidebook
BOOKS292137I: LOWE, Edward & BOWYER, Christopher - CTFC: the recent years
BOOKS149989I: LOWE, Philip and others (eds) - Deprivation and welfare in rural areas
BOOKS190750I: LOWE, T.A. - The craft of the cottage garden
BOOKS284418I: LOWE, Alfonso - The barrier and the bridge: historic Sicily
BOOKS157581I: LOWE, Philip and others - Countryside conflicts: politics of farming, forestry and conservation
BOOKS047841I: LOWE, Stephen - Arthur Lowe: dad's memory
BOOKS197257I: LOWE, Evelyn - The magic fish: a story of the adventures of a large china fish (assisted by David)
BOOKS266909I: LOWE, T. A. ("Tallow") - Wine, women, and - soldiers
BOOKS295510I: LOWE, David Garrard - Art Deco New York
BOOKS061012I: LOWELL, John Russell - The Biglow papers
BOOKS015461I: LOWELL, James Russell - A year's life
BOOKS181731I: LOWELL, Robert - Poems 1938-1949
BOOKS285941I: LOWELL, Amy - John Keats: a biography, volumes 1 & 2
BOOKS235735I: LOWELL, James Russell - Fireside travels
BOOKS026510I: LOWELL, James Russell / NORTON, Charles Eliot (ed) - Letters of James Russell Lowell (2 volumes)
BOOKS118022I: LOWELL, Lauren - Secondary progressions, using the adjusted calculating date
BOOKS063501I: LOWELL, James Russell - The poetical works of James Russell Lowell, including the Biglow Papers
BOOKS182268I: LOWELL, A. Lawrence - The government of England, volumes I & 2
BOOKS266987I: LOWELL, James Russell - Among my books
BOOKS039063I: LOWEN, Lucien - 8192 crazy circus stars in one book
BOOKS269081I: LOWER, Mark Anthony - English surnames, an essay on family nomenclature, historical, etymological, and humorous; with several illustrative appendices. Volume 2
BOOKS265571I: LOWERSON, J.R. (ed) - Southern history: a review of the history of Southern England, vol. 1
BOOKS014537I: LOWERY, Ruth Ann - The banner book
BOOKS065618I: LOWNDES, G.A.N. - The silent social revolution: an account of the expansion of public education in England and Wales 1895-1965
BOOKS065827I: LOWNDES, Belloc (Mrs) - She dwelt with beauty
BOOKS288134I: LOWNDES, William & HARDY, Paul - Bath: profile of a city
BOOKS154257I: LOWNDES, G.A.N. - The silent social revolution: an account of the expansion of public education in England and Wales 1895-1935
BOOKS239716I: LOWNDES, Belloc (Mrs) - The lodger
BOOKS291913I: LOWNDES, Robert W (ed) - Science Fiction Quarterly, no.3, February 1952 (British edition)
BOOKS204758I: LOWNDES, Marie Belloc - Who rides on a tiger
BOOKS269627I: LOWNDES, Robert - Believer's world
BOOKS267773I: BELLOC LOWNDES (Mrs) - Who rides on a tiger
BOOKS280008I: LOWNDES, Belloc (Mrs) - The end of her honeymoon
BOOKS187502I: LOWNDES, Cecilia Selby - Linda and the boys
BOOKS182442I: LOWRIE, Joyce - House and Garden book of cottages: a practical guide to finding, buying, converting and decorating
BOOKS165821I: LOWRIE, Charles - Young Scar
BOOKS092361I: LOWRY, Biff - Hollywood Park: from Seabiscuit to Pincay
BOOKS233472I: LOWRY, H.H. (ed) - Chemistry of coal utilization: supplementary volume
BOOKS072348I: LOWRY, H.D. (ed) - The happy exile
BOOKS187688I: LOWRY, Gerald - From Mons to 1933
BOOKS245261I: LOWRY, J.H. - A course in world geography: Europe and the Soviet Union Bk. 6
BOOKS267514I: LOWTHER, Adam B. and CIMBALA, Stephen J. (eds) - Defending the Arsenal: why America’s nuclear modernization still matters
BOOKS248150I: LOWTON, Nicholas - Cheltenham College Chapel
BOOKS157063I: LOWY, A.E. - Poets now in the services, number One
BOOKS068732I: LOXTON, Howard - Pilgrimage to Canterbury
BOOKS202530I: LOXTON, J.H. (ed) - Number theory and cryptography
BOOKS172200I: LOY, Jeff - On t'other 'and: a tyke's gospel
BOOKS293900I: LOYN, Henry - Norman Britain
BOOKS249958I: LOYRETT, Henri (ed) - Chaumet: Parisian jeweler since 1780
BOOKS282858I: LOZE, Pierre & VAUTIER, Dominique - Art Dec Belgique 1920-1940
BOOKS266771I: ALLEN & HANBURYS LTD - A handbook on infant feeding for nurses
BOOKS236394I: ELLISTOWN BRICK AND PIPE CO.LTD - Standard illustrated catalogue: glazed vitrified clay sanaitary pipes and fittings
BOOKS185752I: COMMER CARS LTD - Commer express delivery van (sales brochure)
BOOKS219461I: WATTS & CO. LTD - Watts & Co Catalogue: embroidery, fabrics, wallpapers
BOOKS104154I: ENTWISTLE (OLDHAM) LTD - Alloy steel products
BOOKS118729I: H.M.HOBSON COMPONENTS LTD. - The Hobson master control fully automatic carburetter, type AIT.132-ME & ME/A
BOOKS290108I: THE BRITISH BLOODSTOCK BREEDERS' AGENCY LTD - The Bloodstock Breeders' review, an illustrated annual devoted to the British thoroughbred volume XLVIII (48) 1959
BOOKS188287I: GUS DAVIES LTD - A nett list of everyday requirements in the building and decorative trades issued by Gus Davies Ltd
BOOKS286801I: ACBARS LTD - Machine tools, engineers' tools and equipment [trade catalogue]
BOOKS003275I: ENGLISH SEWING LTD - Sew simple: a step by step guide to dressmaking
BOOKS185682I: J & G COX LTD - Cox's Instant Powdered Gelatine: 50 selected recipes
BOOKS185678I: ROVER COMPANY LTD - The 3-litre Rover Saloon: sales brochure
BOOKS183642I: KELLOGS LTD - The road to regularity
BOOKS046197I: STOVES LTD. - Cookery book
BOOKS004741I: ALLDAY LTD. - Allday's dictionary of Birmingham
BOOKS202716I: MECCANO LTD - Meccano 4/5/6
BOOKS190217I: ROBERT STOTESBURY LTD - Catalogue of engineering supplies for all trades: asbestos, belting, transmission gear, boileer and engine room fittings, tools and machinery, cranes and lifting tackle, pumps, etc.
BOOKS205529I: OSCAR & PETER JOHNSON LTD. - Exhibition: Painters of a seafaring nation
BOOKS209029I: MODEL & LEISURE (CASTING) LTD - Models and Leisure Castings Ltd: Catalogue (1984)
BOOKS221651I: CARTIER LTD - Cartier Boutique Catalogue 2003
BOOKS226256I: JAGUAR CARS LTD - Jaguar Parts Catalogue: XJ6 Series 2. Daimler Soverign Series 2.
BOOKS230950I: THOMAS HART LTD - Rope driving or the transmission of power by ropes
BOOKS153173I: VAUXHALL MOTORS LTD - Vauxhall Wyvern E model: operation and maintenance instructions
BOOKS184367I: LAND ROVER LTD - Land Rover - 40 years of progress
BOOKS151657I: BOHLER BROS.& CO.LTD - Bohler tool steels
BOOKS284384I: F.E.GIBSON (Saddlers) Ltd - Gibson Saddlers Limited: sales catalogue
BOOKS245992I: EASTWOODS LTD - Eastwoods trade catalogue, 1962
BOOKS209924I: ATKINS LTD - Port Talbot
BOOKS075124I: FIRTH BROWN TOOLS LTD. - The Speedicut manual of screw thread tools
BOOKS211691I: STURT TURNER LTD - Stuart models catalogue 1995/96
BOOKS174469I: LESLIE JARVIS (Nurseries) Ltd - Catalogue of trees, shrubs, roses, fruit trees etc. (1962-63)
BOOKS151049I: MORRIS MOTORS LTD - Operation manual for the Morris-Oxford Six (1933 edition)
BOOKS185670I: ROLLS ROYCE MOTORS LTD - Makers of the best car in the world
BOOKS203649I: SHAKER LTD - Shaker: The Shaker Shop catalogue
BOOKS286048I: AUSTIN MOTOR CO.LTD - The Austin A99 'Westminster' driver's handbook
BOOKS185695I: MORRIS MOTORS LTD - The quality first Morris Oxford Traveller, series VI (sales brochure)
BOOKS115737I: JOHN HALL TOOLS LTD - John Hall Tools machine tools catalogue 1967
BOOKS230694I: H & D. CHURCHILL LTD - Churchill catalogue no.52 E: tools for engineers and woodworkers
BOOKS213411I: ARMSTRONG PATENTS LTD. - Armstrong designers manual
BOOKS152208I: VAUXHALL MOTORS LTD - Instruction book for Bedford A4-A5 diesel-engined models
BOOKS244862I: ALGERNON ASPREY LTD / MEYRICK NEILSON OF TETBURY LTD - Exhibition of fine antique & decorative clocks, 10th-20th June 1975
BOOKS182197I: TATTERSALLS LTD - Final catalogue 1973: Newmarket December sales
BOOKS294609I: REKOS LTD. - Samothrace
BOOKS292056I: JOHN JENNINGS LTD - Gloucester: a pictorial record
BOOKS239379I: A,C, CARS LTD - Acedes Invalid Tricycle, marks 8, 9.10 & 11: general instructions
BOOKS212802I: ARIEL MOTORS LTD - Ariel owner's guide: single cylinder motor cycles, 1952-1953 1952-53
BOOKS236605I: LAIRD (ANGLESEY) LTD - Class 16 bridge
BOOKS263404I: TRIUMPH MOTORCYCLES (MERIDEN) LTD - Workshop manual for Bonneville 750 (T140V & T140E) and Tiger 750 (TR7V) unit construction twins: from engine no.KH17124 (up to and including 1978 models)
BOOKS185342I: MORRIS MOTORS LTD. - Bright new dress for Britain's favourite family car ... the Morris Cowley 1500
BOOKS246808I: METTOY LTD - Corgi '77 collectors catalogue
BOOKS185684I: RADIATION LTD - Supper dishes cooked in the New World regulo-controlled gas cooker
BOOKS195367I: HENRY SOTHERAN LTD - The Bible in England (Catalogue no.972, 1980)
BOOKS184156I: ROLLS-ROYCE LTD - Instructions for Rolls-Royce aero engines: "Eagle" Series I to VIII; "Falcon" series I, II, and III.
BOOKS264105I: COATS LTD - 50 free style emboidery stitches
BOOKS217795I: JAGUAR CARS LTS. - Spare parts catalogue for Jaguar 4.2 Mark 10 model incorporating automatic transmission unit and overdrive unit
BOOKS088632I: LU, Gui-Shen and others (eds) - Peptides: biology and chemistry
BOOKS149332I: LUARD, Elisabeth - The Princess and the pheasant and other recipes
BOOKS155288I: LUARD, Nicholas - The wildlife parks of Africa
BOOKS030783I: LUARD, Nicholas - The shadow spy
BOOKS046646I: LUARD, Elisabeth - The princess and the pheasant and other recipes
BOOKS057452I: LUARD, Evan - The control of the sea-bed: who owns the resources of the oceans?
BOOKS288789I: LUARD, Elisabeth - Squirrel pie
BOOKS110778I: LUARD, Elisabeth - The flavours of Andalucia
BOOKS182411I: LUARD, Elisabeth - Homemade soups
BOOKS293597I: LUARD, John (Lieut.-Colonel) - A history of the dress of the British soldier from the earliest period to the present time.
BOOKS019011I: LUARD, Nicholas - The shadow spy
BOOKS056806I: LUARD, Elisabeth - Elisabeth Luard's country cooking
BOOKS287748I: LUARD, G.D. - Fishing fortunes and misfortunes
BOOKS217975I: LUARD, Elisabeth - The Princess and the pheasant and other recipes
BOOKS292300I: LUARD, L - All hands: seven stories of the sea
BOOKS173297I: LUBBOCK, John - A contribution to our knowledge of seedlings, volumes I & II
BOOKS167449I: LUBBOCK, John - On British wild flowers in relation to insects
BOOKS167448I: LUBBOCK, John - Flowers, fruits, and leaves
BOOKS202866I: LUBIN, Gerald I and others (eds) - Piagetian theory and its implications for the helping professions: Proceedings Fourth Interdisciplinary Seminor, Feb.15, 1974
BOOKS266758I: LUBRAN, A (ed) - Beyond the town
BOOKS230082I: LUCARELLI, Sonia and others (eds) - The EU and multilateral security governance
BOOKS200791I: LUCARELLI, Sonia & MANNERS, Ian - Values and principles in European Union foreign policy
BOOKS187330I: LUCAS, St John (ed) - The Oxford book of French verse, XIIIth century-XXth century
BOOKS235174I: LUCAS, Cornel - Shooting Stars: camera portraits by Cornel Lucas
BOOKS182628I: LUCAS, E.V. - The Colvins and their friends
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BOOKS008120I: MACKENZIE, Iain - Mackenzie's magic steam: as seen through a glass darkly
BOOKS230870I: MACKENZIE, Agnes Mure - The Scotland of Queen Mary and the religious wars 1513-1638
BOOKS192771I: MACKENZIE, Donald - The genial stranger
BOOKS183954I: MACKENZIE, Compton - My life and times. 1891-1900
BOOKS201230I: MACKENZIE, Compton - The early life and adventures of Sylvia Scarlett
BOOKS009776I: MACKENZIE, Donald A - Crete & Pre-Hellenic
BOOKS124439I: MACKENZIE, Compton - The Windsor tapestry: being the study of the life, heritage and abdication of HRH the Duke of Windsor, K.G.
BOOKS069096I: MACKENZIE, Donald - The lonely side of the river
BOOKS207108I: MACKENZIE, Compton - Rogues and vagabonds
BOOKS285783I: MACKENZIE, Nigel - Queue here for murder
BOOKS228384I: MACKENZIE, Iain & others (eds) - Mackenzie, Selby and Harris Hunter Chasers and Point-to-pointers 2005
BOOKS005243I: MACKENZIE, Eileen - The Findlater sisters: literature & friendship
BOOKS167211I: MACKENZIE, Donald - Loose cannon
BOOKS183630I: MACKENZIE, Compton - Prince Charlie (de jure Charles III, King of Scotland, England, France and Ireland)
BOOKS228657I: MACKENZIE, Iain (ed) - Hunter Chasers and Point-to-pointers 2006
BOOKS169323I: MACKENZIE, Compton - Sylvia Scarlett
BOOKS100290I: MACKENZIE, J.S.F. - Wild flowers and how to name them at a glance without botany
BOOKS240330I: MACKENZIE, Compton - Sinister Street: the second volume
BOOKS018568I: MACKENZIE, Compton - The passionate elopement
BOOKS241774I: MACKENZIE, A.C. / BENNETT, Joseph - The Dream of Jubal: a poem with music for soli, chorus, orchestra, and accompanied recitation (Op.41)
BOOKS231981I: MACKENZIE-GRIEVE, Averil. - Clara Novello 1818-1908
BOOKS089507I: MACKENZIE, Kathleen - The cave in the cliff
BOOKS214078I: MACKENZIE, Compton - My record of music
BOOKS200379I: MACKENZIE, Faith Compton - The crooked wall: A Victorian story of love
BOOKS204411I: MACKENZIE, Donald - The genial stranger
BOOKS193441I: MACKENZIE, Donald - Double exposure
BOOKS128659I: MACKENZIE, Donald - Raven and the rat-catcher
BOOKS232420I: MACKENZIE, Kathlees - Prize pony
BOOKS229754I: MACKENZIE, Iain (editor) - Horse and Hound Hunter chasers and point to pointers 1982
BOOKS128677I: MACKENZIE, Donald - Raven's shadow
BOOKS128678I: MACKENZIE, Donald - Raven's longest night
BOOKS199684I: MACKENZIE, Faith Compton - The crooked wall: A Victorian story of love
BOOKS128145I: MACKENZIE, Compton - The early life and adventures of Sylvia Scarlettl
BOOKS270162I: MACKENZIE, Compton - Greece in my life
BOOKS167730I: MACKENZIE, Donald - Raven's shadow
BOOKS117249I: MACKENZIE, Compton - Carnival.
BOOKS218286I: MACKENZIE, J.S.F. - British orchids: how to tell one from another
BOOKS055049I: MACKENZIE, Kathleen - The cave in the cliff
BOOKS086427I: MACKENZIE, Agnes Mure - The foundations of Scotland
BOOKS128064I: MACKENZIE, Colin - The most wanted man: the story of Ronald Biggs
BOOKS293108I: MACKENZIE, Caroline K. - Culture and society at Lullingstone Roman Villa
BOOKS228335I: MACKENZIE, Iain Mackenzie and SELBY,Terry - Mackenzie and Selby's hunter chasers and point-to-pointers 2001
BOOKS291195I: MACKENZIE, Compton - My life & times: octave three 1900-1907
BOOKS134720I: MACKENZIE, John P.S. - Sea birds
BOOKS128186I: MACKENZIE,Compton - The passionate elopement
BOOKS228377I: MACKENZIE, Iain & SELBY, Terry (eds) - Mackenzie and Selby's Hunter Chasers and Point-to-pointers, 1996
BOOKS225348I: MACKENZIE, Jeanne - A Victorian courtship: the story of Beatrice Potter and Sidney Webb
BOOKS184741I: MACKENZIE, Ian and SELBY, Terry (eds) - Mackenzie and Selby's Hunter Chasers & Point-to-pointers1996
BOOKS149112I: MACKENZIE, Compton - Mezzotint: a novel
BOOKS202165I: MACKENZIE, M. Muir & LUSHINGTON, S.G. - The parliamentary and local government registration manual: being a practical guide to the registration of voters
BOOKS150101I: MACKENZIE, athleen - Pony and trap
BOOKS102390I: MACKENZIE, Scott - Deliver us from evil
BOOKS144275I: MACKENZIE, Compton - Mezzotint
BOOKS232051I: MACKENZIE, Kathleen - Nancy and the Carrs
BOOKS240935I: MACKENZIE, Norman & MACKENZIE, Jeanne - The time traveller: the life of H.G. Wells
BOOKS056432I: MACKENZIE, Doris L. and HEBERT, Eugene E. (eds) - Correctional boot camps: a tough intermediate sanction
BOOKS169203I: MACKENZIE, Compton - My life and times; octave one 1883-1891
BOOKS285693I: MACKENZIE, Compton - West to North, being Book IV of 'The Four Winds of Love'
BOOKS266584I: MACKENZIE, K. W - Hurricane combat: the nine lives of a fighter pilot
BOOKS214501I: MACKENZIE, Cordlandt Gordon - Notes for hunting-men
BOOKS051388I: MACKENZIE, Compton - On moral courage
BOOKS075503I: MACKENZIE, Agnes Mure - The foundations of Scotland
BOOKS071477I: MACKENZIE, Compton - Mr Roosevelt
BOOKS293705I: MACKENZIE, Compton - The rival monster
BOOKS218887I: MACKENZIE, Compton - The Windsor tapestry: being a study of the life, heritage, and abdication of H.R.H the Duke of Windsor, K.G.
BOOKS195418I: MACKENZIE, Ian - British prints: dictionary and price guide
BOOKS080542I: MACKENZIE, Compton - Mezzotint
BOOKS228163I: MACKENZIE, Iain and others (eds) - Mackenzie, Selby and Harris Hunter Chasers and Point-to-pointers 2003
BOOKS014442I: MacKENZIE, Donald - By any illegal means
BOOKS166652I: MACKERSEY, Ian - Tom Rolt and the Cressy years
BOOKS203271I: MACKEURTAN, Graham - The cradle days of Natal (1497-1845)
BOOKS055770I: MACKEY, Sandra - The Saudis: inside the desert kingdom
BOOKS291210I: MACKEY, Sandra - Mirror of the Arab world: Lebanon in conflict
BOOKS151477I: MACKIE, Alastair - Some of the people all of the time
BOOKS213417I: MACKIE, Quentin - The taxonomy of ground stone woodworking tools
BOOKS013658I: MACKIE, J.D. - A history of Scotland
BOOKS071094I: MACKINDER, Anthony - A Romano-British cemetery on Watling Street: excavations at 165 Great Dover Street, Southwark, London
BOOKS293126I: MACKINDER, Anthony - A Romano-British cemetery on Watling Street: excavations at 165 Dover Street, Southwark, London
BOOKS073527I: MACKINDER, Dorothy - The miracle of Lemaire
BOOKS197898I: MACKINLAY, Leila - Lady of the torch
BOOKS285700I: MACKINNON, Allan - House of darkness
BOOKS293127I: MACKINTOSH, Marjorie - The divine rider in the art of the Western Roman Empire
BOOKS294149I: MACKINTOSH. I.M. - Troon Golf Club: its history from 1878
BOOKS029165I: MACKINTOSH, James - The feeding of dairy cows
BOOKS182019I: MACKINTOSH, James - Cows and milk
BOOKS294361I: MACKINTOSH OF MACKINTOSH, Margaret - The Clan Mackintosh and the Clan Chattan
BOOKS023739I: MACKLIN, Herbert W. - The brasses of England
BOOKS286998I: MACKLIN, Herbert W. - The brasses of England
BOOKS144096I: MACKLIN, Robert - Kevin Rudd: the biography
BOOKS234580I: MACKLIN, Herbert W. - The brasses of England
BOOKS127081I: MACKNELLY, George - A short history of St Botolph's Church,Lullingstone
BOOKS248709I: MACKNESS, Constance - Growing up
BOOKS180555I: MACKNESS, Mabel - Cherrythorpe Fair
BOOKS117528I: MACKNEY, D. and BURNHAM, C.P. - Soils of the Church Stretton district of Shropshire [sheet 166]
BOOKS116443I: MACKNIGHT, Thomas - Thirty years of foreign policy: a history of the secretaryships of the Earl of Aberdeen and Viscount Palmerston
BOOKS229807I: MACKRELL, J.Q.C. - The attack on "Feudalism" in Eighteenth Century France
BOOKS003616I: MACKSEY, Kenneth - Military errors of World War Two
BOOKS006932I: MACKSEY, Kenneth - Kesselring: the making of the Luftwaffe
BOOKS011989I: MACKSEY, Kenneth - Military errors of World War Two
BOOKS265272I: MACKWORTH, Cecily - The destiny of Isabelle Eberhardt
BOOKS234805I: MACLAGAN, Eric - The Bayeux tapestry
BOOKS192535I: MACLAINE, Shirley - Dance while you can
BOOKS109416I: MACLAREN, A.C. - Cricket old and new: a straight talk to young players
BOOKS172084I: MACLAREN, Ian - A doctor of the old school
BOOKS265089I: MACLAREN, Shaw - Dido: her visit to the departmental stores in Bagdad
BOOKS225380I: MacLAREN, A.C. - Cricket old and new: a straight talk to young players
BOOKS011035I: MACLAREN, A.C. - The perfect batsman: J.B. Hobbs in action
BOOKS148140I: MACLAREN, Duncan F. - Tam Mcguire's farm fire
BOOKS156359I: MACLAREN, Peter & LOWES, Robin - Field sports and the countryside
BOOKS097829I: MACLAURIN, C. - Post mortem
BOOKS057042I: MACLAVERTY, Bernard - The anatomy school
BOOKS236174I: MacLAVERTY, Bernard - Secrets and other stories
BOOKS239034I: MACLEAN, Alistair - The guns of Navarone
BOOKS009534I: MacLEAN, Rory - The oatmeal ark: from the Western Isles to a promised sea
BOOKS114945I: MACLEAN, Robinson - The baited blonde
BOOKS057702I: MACLEAN, Gilleasbuig - The long, long years

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