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BOOKS179443I: MACLEAN, Arthur - The savage squeeze
BOOKS184307I: MACLEAN, Alistair - Puppet on a chain
BOOKS132912I: MACLEAN, K.M. - Born under Saturn: a biography of William Hazlitt.
BOOKS024478I: MACLEAN, Fitzroy - A concise history of Scotland
BOOKS041405I: MACLEAN, Alistair - Puppet on a chain
BOOKS041593I: MACLEAN, Alistair - Athabasca
BOOKS012922I: MACLEAN, Alistair - Goodbye California
BOOKS044316I: MACLEAN, Alistair - Athabasca
BOOKS044299I: MACLEAN, Alistair - River of death
BOOKS018328I: MACLEAN, Alistair - Bear Island
BOOKS042945I: MACLEAN, Alistair - River of death
BOOKS042754I: MACLEAN, Alistair - The golden gate
BOOKS042151I: MACLEAN, Alistair - Bear Island
BOOKS169334I: MACLEAN, Alistair - Caravan to Vaccares
BOOKS112979I: MACLEAN, Arthur - Sexton Blake Library no.470: Pursuit to Algeria
BOOKS064196I: MACLEAN, Roy - Pitch and toss
BOOKS191307I: MACLEAN, Alistair - Seawitch
BOOKS187074I: MACLEAN, C.N. (ed) - Wanganui Collegiate School register, fourth edition, from 1854 to 1963 (April)
BOOKS184292I: MACLEAN, Alistair - The way to dusty death
BOOKS014639I: MACLEAN, Alistair - The way to dusty death
BOOKS270375I: MACLEAN, Alistair - The way to dusty death.
BOOKS191427I: MACLEAN, Alistair - San Andreas
BOOKS210789I: MACLEAN, Chris - Kapiti
BOOKS094274I: MACLEAN, Steve - Exploring an arctic wilderness: aboard the M.V. Caledonian Star, July 2-18, 1997
BOOKS183770I: MacLEAN, Alistair - Floodgate
BOOKS175068I: MACLEAN, Catherine Macdonald - Born under Saturn: a biogrqphy of William Hazlitt
BOOKS288891I: MACLEAN, Arthur - Dark frontier
BOOKS179713I: MACLEAN, Arthur - Slaying on the sixteenth floor
BOOKS184248I: MACLEAN, Alistair - Santorini
BOOKS184320I: MACLEAN, Alistair - Force 10 from Navarone
BOOKS184324I: MACLEAN, Alistair - South by Java Head
BOOKS265199I: MACLEAN, Alistair & others - John Bull, vol. 103, nos. 2694-2698, February 15, 1958-March 15, 1958 (5 issues)
BOOKS042266I: MACLEAN, Alistair - Seawitch
BOOKS265661I: MACLEAN, Alistair - When eight bells toll
BOOKS167215I: MACLEAN, Alistair - The way to dusty death
BOOKS081966I: MACLEAN, Colin - Monkeys, bears and gutta percha
BOOKS246007I: MACLEAN, Don - Maclean up Squash: an intimate view (of Squash)
BOOKS185662I: MACLEAN, John - An ancient Cornish deed, in English
BOOKS093916I: MACLELLAN, John - Logan's complete tutor for the highland bagpipe
BOOKS172085I: MACLEOD, Mary - The book of King Arthur and his noble knights: stories from Sir Thomas Malory's Morte Darthur
BOOKS095038I: MACLEOD, Charlotte - Vane pursuit: a Professor Shandy novel
BOOKS057897I: MACLEOD, Dawn - A book of herbs
BOOKS171963I: MACLEOD, R.D. - Key to the names of British plants
BOOKS038628I: MACLEOD, Donald (ed) / HARDY, Thomas - Good Words for 1880 / The trumpet major
BOOKS146348I: MACLEOD, George - Dogs: homoeopathic remedies
BOOKS062870I: MACLEOD, Fiona - From the hills of dream: mountain songs and island runes
BOOKS092030I: MACLEOD, Dawn - Design your own garden
BOOKS095049I: MACLEOD, Charlotte - The Bilbao looking-glass: a Sarah Kelling novel
BOOKS109670I: MACLEOD, Dawn - Design your own garden
BOOKS229170I: MACLEOD, Charlotte - Family vault
BOOKS267261I: MACLEOD, Angus - The tough and the tender
BOOKS069070I: MACLEOD, Robert - Charles Rennie Mackintosh
BOOKS011859I: MACLEOD, Ken - The Cassini Division
BOOKS232753I: MACLEOD, Adam Gordon - The case of Matthew Crake
BOOKS108025I: MACLEOD, Joseph - Actors cross the Volga: a study of the 19th century Russian theatre and of Soviet theatres in war
BOOKS202660I: MACLEOD, R.D. - Impressions of an Indian Civil Servant
BOOKS149970I: MACLEOD, Dawn - Popular herbs: their history, growth and use
BOOKS123431I: MACLEOD, Mary - The book of King Arthur and his noble Knights: stories from Sir Thomas Malory's Morte Darthur
BOOKS236026I: MacLEOD, Beth Abelson - Fannie Bloomfield-Zeisler: the life and times of a piano virtuoso
BOOKS265824I: MACLEOD, Adam Gordon - The case of Matthew Crake
BOOKS244360I: MacLEOD, Charlotte - The recycled citizen : a Sarah Kelling Bittersohn novel
BOOKS295324I: MacLEOD, Alexander - Trusty and well-beloved: the story of Aberdeen
BOOKS289407I: MacLEOD, Charlotte - Grab Bag
BOOKS292670I: MACLEOD, Donald J. - Survival against the odds: the story of Petty Officer Donald MacKinnon, Russian convoy survivor
BOOKS206620I: MACLIAM, Cathal - 1955 Irish historical calendar, an anniversary for every day in the year
BOOKS138982I: MACLIESH, F. & KRIEGER, F.L. - Fabulous voyage
BOOKS242914I: MACLURE, J Stuart - Educational documents: England and Wales, 1816 to the present day
BOOKS124079I: MACLURE, K. - The enemy in the midst
BOOKS110933I: MacLYSAGHT, Edward - The surnames of Ireland
BOOKS001872I: MACMAHON, Finn - Post bellum blues: the personal story of a soldier in trouble
BOOKS067891I: MacMILLAN, Norma (ed) - The Women's Institutes' book of favourite recipes
BOOKS012494I: MacMILLAN, William A. - Mystery ship
BOOKS211976I: MACMILLAN, Bonnie - Why schoolchildren can't read
BOOKS195667I: MACMILLAN, Cyrus - Canadian wonder tales
BOOKS037676I: MACMILLAN, Norman - The Royal Air Force in the World War, volume IV: 1940-1945 (II)
BOOKS163941I: MACMILLAN, Harold - At the end of the day
BOOKS289583I: MACMILLAN, Harold - Harold MacMillan autobiography complete in 6 volumes: Winds of Change. The Blast of War. Tides of Fortune. Riding the Storm. Pointing the Way. At the End of the Day
BOOKS166845I: MACMILLAN, Norma - The Women's Institutes' book of favourite recipes
BOOKS164464I: MACMILLAN, A.S. - Popular names of flowers, fruits, &c., as used in the County of Somerset and the adjacent parts of Devon, Dorset and Wilts
BOOKS265889I: MACMILLIAN, Norman - Wings of fate: strange true tales of the vintage flying days
BOOKS241990I: MACMULLEN, R - Corruption and the decline of Rome
BOOKS293297I: MacMULLEN, Ramsay - Constantine
BOOKS248144I: MACMUNN, George - Slavery through the ages
BOOKS021875I: MACNAB, Peter - Tall tales from an island
BOOKS231295I: Macnab, Roy (Ed) - Poets in South Africa
BOOKS223984I: MACNAGHTEN, Angus - More different than others
BOOKS178869I: MACNAGHTEN, Hugh - The story of Catullus
BOOKS284782I: MACNAGHTEN, T.C & others - Empire opportunities: a survey of the possibilities of overseas settlement
BOOKS107970I: MACNAGHTEN, Patrick - The car that Jack built
BOOKS292701I: MACNAIR, James I. - Livingstone the Liberator;.a study of a dynamic personality
BOOKS003786I: MacNALTY, Arthur Salusbury (Sir) - Sir Walter Scott: the wounded falcon
BOOKS029215I: MACNALTY, Arthur Salusbury - Sir Walter Scott: the wounded falcon
BOOKS267832I: MACNAUGHTAN, Sarah - Peter and Jane; or, The missing heir
BOOKS098030I: MACNEICE, Louis - Visitations
BOOKS140253I: MACNEICE, Louis - Visitations
BOOKS035743I: MacNEICE, Louis - Holes in the sky: poems 1944-1947
BOOKS289155I: MacNEICE, Louis & AUDEN, W.H. - Letters from Iceland
BOOKS112797I: MACNELL, James - Mettle dives deep
BOOKS144901I: MACNELL, James - Mettle dives deep
BOOKS031426I: MACNICOL, Nicol - India in the dark wood
BOOKS051153I: MACNUTT, Francis - The power to heal
BOOKS139895I: MACNUTT, Francis - The power to heal
BOOKS169079I: MACPHERSON, Malcolm (ed) - The black box: cockpit voice recorder accounts of in-flight accidents
BOOKS057381I: MACPHERSON, Stewart - Form in music, with special reference to the designs of instrumental music
BOOKS145469I: MACPHERSON, Stewart - Form in music, with special reference to the designs of instrumental music
BOOKS025761I: MacPHERSON, Stewart - The mike and I
BOOKS199940I: MACQUARRIE,John - Twentieth-century religious thought: the frontiers of philosophy and theology, 1900-1960
BOOKS073286I: MACQUARRIE, John - Twentieth-century religious thought: the frontiers of philosophy and theology, 1900-1960
BOOKS059696I: MACQUEEN-POPE, W. - Queen of the music halls: being the dramatized story of Marie Lloyd
BOOKS228264I: MACQUEEN, John - The rise of the historical novel: the Enlightenment and Scottish literature
BOOKS218930I: MACQUEEN, Sheila - The calendar of flowers: a guide for gardeners
BOOKS287860I: MACQUEEN-POPE, W. - The melodies linger on: the story of music hall
BOOKS244100I: MACRAE, David - The Americans at home: pen-and-ink sketches of American men, manners, and institutions
BOOKS185326I: MACRAE, Stuart Mrs (ed) - Cassell's household guide: a complete cyclopaedia of domestic economy, volume V
BOOKS181382I: MACRAY,William Duncan - A register of the members of St Mary Magdalen College, Oxford from the foundation of the College, new series, vol I: Fellows; to the year 1520
BOOKS057425I: MACROBERT, Scott - Putney: a brief history
BOOKS064778I: MACSORLEY, Catherine Mary - 'Good-bye, summer': a story for girls
BOOKS104774I: MACSWEEN, Ann (ed) - Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, volume 121 (1991
BOOKS114160I: MACURA, Paul - Russian-English dictionary of electrotechnology and allied sciences
BOOKS060677I: MACVANE, Edith - Her word of honor
BOOKS245561I: MACVEY, John W. - Whispers from space
BOOKS049045I: MACVEY, John W. - Whispers from space
BOOKS284556I: MacVICAR, Angus - Return to the Lost Planet
BOOKS128924I: MACVICAR, Angus - King Abbie's adventure
BOOKS128931I: MACVICAR, Angus - The grey pilot: a Jacobite adventure
BOOKS128937I: MACVICAR, Angus - Faraway Island
BOOKS001628I: MACVICAR, Don - A change of wings
BOOKS021405I: MACVICAR, Angus - Greybreek
BOOKS032338I: MACVICAR, Angus - The grey pilot: a Jacobite adventure
BOOKS042919I: MACVICAR, Angus - Salt in my porridge: confessions of a minister's son
BOOKS128954I: MACVICAR, Angus - Tiger Mountain
BOOKS128892I: MACVICAR, Angus - The black wherry
BOOKS002835I: MACVICAR, Angus - Tiger mountain
BOOKS294338I: MACVICAR, Symers M. - The student's handbook of British hepatics
BOOKS137469I: MACVICAR, Angus - Tiger Mountain
BOOKS049427I: MACVICAR, Angus - The grey pilot
BOOKS285705I: MACVICAR, Angus - Satellite 7
BOOKS098063I: MACVICAR, Angus - Tiger Mountain
BOOKS029451I: MACVICAR, Angus - Salt in my porridge: confessions of a minister's son
BOOKS238198I: MACY, Gary - The hidden history of women's ordination: female clergy in the Medieval West
BOOKS162983I: MACY, S.B. - The master builders: being the story of the Acts of the Apostles re-told to children
BOOKS178471I: MACY, S.B. - The master builders: being the story of the acts of the apostles re-told to children
BOOKS206644I: MACY, Mark (ed) - Healing the world and me
BOOKS178469I: MACY, S.B. - The Army of God: being the story of the church during the first six centuries, written for children
BOOKS080415I: MACZYNSKI, A. and others - Vapor-liquid equlibria, volume 2: hydrocarbons, part 2: binary systems of C7 to C18 hydrocarbons
BOOKS174005I: MADAN, Falconer - Books in manuscript: a short introduction to their study and use, with a chapter on records (Books about books)
BOOKS104300I: DE MADARIAGA, Salvador - Victors, beware
BOOKS239641I: MADARIAGA, Salvador de - A bunch of errors
BOOKS228524I: MADDEN, Lionel (ed) - Robert Southey: the critical heritage
BOOKS192387I: MADDERS, Jane & HORSEMAN, Grace - Growing up in the Twenties
BOOKS124332I: MADDISON, Angus - Economic progress and policy in developing countries (Unwin University Books)
BOOKS227097I: MADDISON, S. - Fags, hags and queer sisters: Gender dissent and heterosocial bonding in gay culture
BOOKS055035I: MADDOCK, Stephen - I'll never like Friday again
BOOKS170970I: MADDOCK, Shane J (ed) - The nuclear age
BOOKS207679I: MADDOCK, Shirley - Islands of the Gulf
BOOKS103424I: MADDOCK, Larry - Agent of the T.E.R.R.A. 2: the Golden Goddess gambit
BOOKS025526I: MADDOCK, Stephen - I'll never like Friday again
BOOKS067195I: MADDOCK, Stephen - Drums beat at dusk
BOOKS104449I: MADDOCKS, Kevin and MOHAN, Peter - The Beekay guide to 1500 British and European carp waters
BOOKS209334I: MADEJ, Victor (ed) - Russo-German war: Small unit actions, improvisations and partisan warfare
BOOKS172440I: MADELIN, Louis - La revolution
BOOKS125897I: MADGE, S.G. and others (eds) - Devon Birds (7 issues)
BOOKS237337I: MADIGAN, Thomas F. - Word shadows of the great: the lure of autograph collecting
BOOKS161732I: MADISON, LLoyd - Prairie traders
BOOKS288585I: MADISON, James H. - Slinging doughnuts for the boys: an American woman in World War II
BOOKS190404I: MADISON, James H - Indiana through tradition and change: a history of the Hoosier State and its people 1920-1945
BOOKS243084I: MADISON, J.J. - The thing
BOOKS000463I: MADSEN, Axel - Hearts and minds: the common journey of Simone de Beauvoir and Jean-Paul Sartre
BOOKS185331I: MADSEN, Eleanora - Christopher Duck and the Saucy Matilda
BOOKS280283I: MAEBRAITH, Brian - Exotic diseases in practice: the clinical and public health significance of the changing geographical patterns of disease with particular reference to the importation of exotic infections in Europe and North America
BOOKS013852I: MAEDA, John - Maeda @ Media
BOOKS044753I: MAEDER, Alphonse - Ways to psychic health: brief therapy from the practice of a psychiatrist
BOOKS264417I: MAEDER, Alphonse - Ways to psychic health: brief therapy from the practice of a psychiatrist
BOOKS215617I: MAEGHT, Adrien - Georges Braque sculptures
BOOKS226233I: MAERTERLINCK, Maurice / STOKES, Vernon - My dog
BOOKS241812I: MAETERLINCK, Maurice - Monna Vanna: a drama in three acts
BOOKS232028I: MAETERLINCK, Maurice - The Double Garden
BOOKS226887I: MAETERLINCK, Maurice - Death
BOOKS159875I: MAETERLINCK, Maurice - Wisdom and destiny
BOOKS196165I: MAGAN, Maxine - From the Raj to the Old Rectory
BOOKS229370I: STERN MAGAZIN - Hitlers Tagebuch entdeckt [Hitler's diary discovered]
BOOKS006552I: PALL MALL MAGAZINE - The pictures of 1911
BOOKS049183I: RAILWAY MAGAZINE - The Railway Magazine Vol LXXXIV, January to June 1939
BOOKS002801I: COMBAT: The action magazine - Combat, Vol. 1, No. 1
BOOKS231063I: VOLKSWAGEN AUDI CAR MAGAZINE - Volkswagen Golf GTI: road tests and features from Volkwagen Audi Car Magazine
BOOKS173595I: WOODCARVING MAGAZINE - Understanding woodcarving in the round: the best from "Woodcarving" Magazine
BOOKS234252I: Woodturning Magazine - Faceplate turning: features, projects, practice - the best from Woodturning Magazine
BOOKS169553I: OAH MAGAZINE - American stories: collected scholarship on minority history from the OAH Magazine of History
BOOKS267723I: CHELTENHAM LADIES' College Magazine - The Dorothy Beale Centenary number
BOOKS221038I: MAGDALEN, I.I. - The search for Anderson: chronicles of the exchange 1963
BOOKS134027I: MAGEE, Sean (ed) - The Channel Four Racing guide to form and betting
BOOKS295466I: MAGEE, Pat - George Herbert: Rector of Bemerton
BOOKS128498I: MAGEE, Wes - A dark age
BOOKS190084I: MAGEE, Sean (ed) - Runners and riders: an anthology of writing on racing
BOOKS108500I: MAGENSCHAB, Hans - Die welt der Grosvater: Bohmen - Mahren - Slowakei: das osterreichische familienalbum
BOOKS264916I: MAGENSCHAB, Hans - Der Krieg der Grosvater 1914-1918: die Vergessenen einer grosen Armee
BOOKS059322I: MAGER, K. Brenda - This earth: a second volume of essays from an English village
BOOKS219621I: MAGETA - The ETA book of exclusive and secret tricks
BOOKS293835I: MAGGI, Stefano & TROSO, Cristina - The treasures of Ancient Greece
BOOKS146483I: MAGGIED, Hal S. - Transportation for the poor: research in rural mobility
BOOKS267945I: MAGGS, Colin G. - Steam: Tales from the footplate
BOOKS208821I: MAGGS, Colin G. - East Somerset Railway 1858-1972: An illustrated history
BOOKS138208I: MAGGS, F.B. - Voyages and travels in all parts of the world: a descriptive catalogue, Vol.III
BOOKS035453I: MAGGS, Colin - Railways of the Cotswolds
BOOKS135366I: MAGGS, Will - Head-hunters' moon
BOOKS082623I: MAGGS, Colin G. - The Mangotsfield to Bath branch
BOOKS291664I: MAGI, Giovanna - Tutta Pompei: la citta ristora
BOOKS084285I: MAGIDSON, Herb & WRUBEL, Allie - Music, maestro, please!
BOOKS128448I: MAGILL, Frank M. (ed) - Dictionary of world biography: the 19th Century: K-Z
BOOKS128449I: MAGILL, Frank N. (ed) - Dictionary of world biography: the 19th Century: A-J
BOOKS056715I: MAGILL, Robert E. - Flora of Southern Africa: Bryophyta, Part 1: mosses, Fasicle 1 Sphagnaceae - Grimmiaceae
BOOKS151612I: MAGNAN, Pierre - The murdered house
BOOKS235479I: MAGNAN, Pierre - Death in the Truffle Wood
BOOKS280117I: MAGNUS, Katie - A book of verse
BOOKS184724I: MAGNUS, Robert and others - Air Stories: flying thrills and aerial adventure, vol.6, no.2, February 1938
BOOKS121154I: MAGNUS, Laurie - The Jews in the Christian Era, from the first to the eighteenth century, and their contribution to its civilization
BOOKS228664I: MAGNUS, Laurie - A primer of Wordsworth: with a critical essay
BOOKS169458I: MAGNUS, Dieter - Umweltkunst gegen kunstumwelt: environmental art versus artificial environment
BOOKS127727I: MAGNUS, Katie (Lady) - Lady Magnus' outlines of Jewish history
BOOKS184696I: MAGNUS, Robert and others - Air Stories: flying thrills and aerial adventure, vol.6, no.2, February 1938.
BOOKS048023I: MAGNUSSON, Magnus - I've started so I'll finish: the story of 'Mastermind'
BOOKS233180I: MAGNUSSON, Magnus - Magnus on the move
BOOKS047381I: MAGNUSSON, Magnus - BC: the archaeology of the bible lands
BOOKS264634I: MAGNUSSON, Sally - The Flying Scotsman
BOOKS286264I: MAGONET, Jonathan - A rabbi reads the Psalms
BOOKS137016I: MAGONET, A. Philip - The healing voice: treatment by hypnosis
BOOKS006955I: MAGORIAN, Michelle - Goodnight Mister Tom
BOOKS187500I: MAGRI MACMAHON, A.F. - Fishlore
BOOKS085680I: MAGUIRE, D.P. (ed) - Appropriate development for basic needs
BOOKS248108I: MAGUIRE, Robert A. - Gogol from the Twentieth Century: eleven essays
BOOKS223565I: MAGUIRE, Eddie - The Croydon ghost: a Sherlock Holmes adventure
BOOKS223821I: MAGUIRE, Eddie - A death at the cricket: a Sherlock Holmes adventure
BOOKS042741I: MAHAFFEY, Leo (ed) - 'Stud & Stable' veterinary handbook 1962-1969 (definitive volume)
BOOKS270255I: MAHAFFY, J. P. - Rambles & studies in Greece
BOOKS185828I: MAHAJAN, Jagmohan - The Ganga trail: foreign accounts and sketches of the river scene
BOOKS091280I: MAHANTA, K.C. - Dairy microbiology
BOOKS071075I: MAHANTA, K.C. - Dairy microbiology
BOOKS044443I: MAHARAJ, Rabindranath R - Death of a guru
BOOKS239308I: MAHER, JaneMaree & others - Sex work: labour, mobility and sexual services
BOOKS292040I: MAHJOUBI, Ammar - Cites antiques de Tunisie
BOOKS157775I: MAHLSTEDE, John P. & HABER, E.S. - Plant propagation
BOOKS080395I: MAHON, A. & PEARMAN, D. (eds) - Endangered wildlife in Dorset
BOOKS238739I: MAHONEY, Carolyn - Health, food and social inequality: critical perspectives on the supply and marketing of food
BOOKS054000I: O'MAHONEY, Bernard - Essex boys: a terrifying expose of the British drugs scene
BOOKS112275I: O'MAHONEY, M.. - "Echo" Rambler (fifth edition)
BOOKS048154I: MAHONEY, Rosemary - The early arrival of dreams: a year in China
BOOKS248446I: MAHONY, Conal & Others - The parish churches of the Hempnall Group
BOOKS005039I: MAHOOD, M.M. - Poetry and humanism
BOOKS227697I: MAIBACH, Howard & others - Evidence-based dermatology
BOOKS240734I: MAIDEN, Anne Hubbell & ARWELL, Edie - The Tibetan art of parenting: from before conception through early childhood
BOOKS174554I: MAIDMENT, James (ed) - A North Countrie garland
BOOKS047428I: MAIDMENT, Molly - Chained to Sarum: what the Mayoress saw 1958-9
BOOKS231576I: MAIER, Karl - Angola: promises and lies
BOOKS214270I: DAILY MAIL - Daily Mail Nipper annual 1942
BOOKS026325I: DAILY MAIL - Daily Mail book of kitchen plans 1964
BOOKS201694I: MAILE, Ben - The world, a canvas: travels with an artist's eye
BOOKS292748I: MAILE, Ben - Enterprise on canvas
BOOKS169300I: MAILER, Norman - Tough guys don't dance
BOOKS198078I: MAILER, Norman - The naked and the dead
BOOKS285370I: MAILER, Norman - Marilyn: a biography
BOOKS284578I: MAILLART, Ella K - The cruel way
BOOKS093905I: MAINE, David - The flood
BOOKS202196I: MAINE, Charles Eric - The darkest of nights
BOOKS011507I: MAINE, Basil - Edward VIII - Duke of Windsor
BOOKS191964I: MAINI, S.K. - Reva Ev: India's green gift to the world
BOOKS164964I: MAINLAND, Leslie G. - Secrets of the zoo
BOOKS285523I: MAINS, Brian and TUCK, Anthony (editors) - The Royal Grammar School, Newcastle-upon-Tyne: a history of the school in its community
BOOKS220878I: MAINS, Brian & TUCK, Anthony (eds) - The Royal Grammar School, Newcastle-upon-Tyne: a history of the school in its community
BOOKS248222I: MAINS, Anthony - Soldier with railways
BOOKS242970I: MAINSTONE, Rowland J. - Developments in structural form
BOOKS027882I: MAINWARING, Marcus - Nor any drop to drink: England to Australia May 1987-January 1988
BOOKS290241I: Maione, Vincenzo & Vassallo, Pasquale - Parco archeologico sommerso di Baia (The underwater archaeology park of Baia)
BOOKS046249I: MAIR, George B. - Escape from surgery
BOOKS089246I: LE MAIR, H. Willebeek (illus) - Grannie's little rhyme book
BOOKS206918I: MAIRET, Philip (ed) - Christian essays in psychiatry
BOOKS224730I: DE MAIROBERT, Pidansat - Memoirs of Madam Du Barry
BOOKS291494I: MAIRUI, Amedeo - Paintings from Pompeii, Herculaneum and Stabia
BOOKS069874I: MAIS, S.P.B. - I loved you once
BOOKS160914I: MAIS, S.P.B. - Our village today
BOOKS151089I: MAIS, S.P.B. and others - Oxford: volume II, number 2, Winter 1935
BOOKS263302I: MAIS, S.P.B - Norwegian odyssey
BOOKS182472I: MAIS, S.P.B. - Gateway House
BOOKS109993I: MAIS, S.P.B. - This unknown island
BOOKS187025I: MAIS, S.P.B. - Do you know? the question book
BOOKS038338I: MAIS, S.P.B. - We wander in the West
BOOKS161791I: MAIS, S.P.B. - I return to Switzerland
BOOKS067135I: MAIS, S.P.B. - Caper sauce
BOOKS172068I: MAIS, S.P.B. and others - British background: an illustrated quarterly of Britain past & present, volume 1, no.1, Winter, 1946
BOOKS239768I: MAISKY, I.M - Before the storm: recollections
BOOKS237513I: MAITLAND, Barry - The Malcontenta
BOOKS149780I: MAITLAND, Ella Fuller & POLLOCK, Frederick - The Etchingham letters
BOOKS268504I: MAITLAND, Andrew - Through the bombsight
BOOKS232552I: MAITLAND, Alexander - Wilfred Thesiger: the life of the great explorer
BOOKS176186I: MAITLAND, Ethel Fuller - Pages from the day book of Bethia Hardacre
BOOKS156012I: MAITLAND, Ella Fuller - More pages from the day-book of Bethia Hardacre
BOOKS267089I: MAITLAND, F.L (Captain) - Narrative of the surrender of Buonaparte and of his residence on board H.M.S Bellerophon...
BOOKS164736I: MAITLAND, Ella Fuller - More pages from the day-book of Bethia Hardacre
BOOKS291503I: MAIURI, Amedeo - The Phlegraean Fields: from Virgil's tomb to the Grotto of the Cumaean Sibyl
BOOKS292870I: MAIURI, Bianca - Le Musee National: The National Museum, Naples
BOOKS290580I: MAIURI, Amedeo - Herculaneum
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BOOKS039641I: MARSHALL, Emma - Memories of troublous times, being the history of Dame Alicia Chamberlayne of Ravensholme, Gloucestershire
BOOKS195336I: MARSHALL, Emma - In the East country with Sir Thomas Browne, Kt.
BOOKS056669I: MARSHALL, P.J. and others - India and Indonesia during the ancien regime: essays
BOOKS195272I: MARSHALL, Emma - Castle Meadow: a story of Norwich a hundred years ago.
BOOKS201590I: MARSHALL, John - The weaving willow ... Decorated by Gus
BOOKS231462I: MARSHALL, R.M. - Oxfordshire byways, an account of scenes and places which for the most part lie off the beaten track in Oxfordshire
BOOKS170300I: MARSHALL, R.M. - Oxfordshire byways
BOOKS292862I: MARSHALL, H. E. - Our Empire story: stories of India and the greater colonies told to children
BOOKS019034I: MARSHALL, Rosalind K. - The days of Duchess Anne: life in the household of the Duchess of Hamilton 1656-1716
BOOKS038943I: MARSHALL, Cherry - The cat-walk
BOOKS208193I: MARSHALL, J.R. - Ben Nevis (Climbers' Guides)
BOOKS134243I: MARSHALL, Howard - Oxford v Cambridge: the story of the University Rugby Match .
BOOKS029860I: MARSHALL, Emma - The Lady's manor or Between brook and river
BOOKS245207I: MARSHALL, C.E - Introduction to crystal optics
BOOKS014952I: MARSHALL, Arthur (ed) - Giggling in the shrubbery: the splendours and miseries of girl's boarding schools as recalled by former pupils.
BOOKS208105I: MARSHALL, M.Vera - Tracks to adventure: a series of tracking adventures
BOOKS209384I: MARSHALL, Percival - Mechanics in miniature
BOOKS130149I: MARSHALL, James Vance - A river ran out of Eden
BOOKS008622I: MARSHALL, Emma - Memories of troublous times: being the history of Dame Alicia Chamberlayne of Ravensholme, Gloucestershire
BOOKS014462I: MARSHALL, Lydie - A passion for potatoes
BOOKS015665I: MARSHALL, John - The Guinness book of rail facts and feats
BOOKS022379I: MARSHALL-HARDY, E. - Anglers' ideas
BOOKS029986I: MARSHALL, Emma - Those three
BOOKS141918I: MARSHALL, Michael - Glory under your feet: the challenge of Catholic renewal today
BOOKS043628I: MARSHALL, Emma - In four reigns: the autobiography of Althea Allingham (1785-1842)
BOOKS073888I: MARSHALL, Leonie M. - Choosing a dressage horse
BOOKS004169I: MARSHALL, Jo - Collecting for tomorrow: kitchenware
BOOKS030570I: MARSHALL, Archibald - Simple people
BOOKS106085I: MARSHALL, Dorothy - Industrial England 1776-1851
BOOKS109532I: MARSHALL, Dorothy - Fanny Kemble
BOOKS035455I: MARSHALL, John - The Severn Valley Railway
BOOKS113149I: MARSHALL, I.Howard - The origins of New Testament Christology
BOOKS195278I: MARSHALL, Emma - Time tries
BOOKS285596I: MARSHALL, Prince & BISHOP, Denis - Lorries, trucks and vans, 1897-1927
BOOKS168587I: MARSHALL-HARDY, Eric - Approach to angling in fresh and sea-water
BOOKS005344I: MARSHALL-HARDY, E. - Anglers' ideas
BOOKS194075I: MARSHALL, Roderick - William Morris and his earthly paradises.
BOOKS220797I: MARSHALL, S. J. - Rendered to Caesar
BOOKS295436I: MARSHALL, Emma - Under the Mendips: a tale
BOOKS005490I: MARSHALL, Jo - Kitchenware
BOOKS195276I: MARSHALL, Emma - Under the dome of St Paul's: a story of Sir Christopher Wren's days
BOOKS137041I: MARSHALL, Keith B. - Golf galore
BOOKS263304I: MARSHALL, Howard - With Scott to the Pole
BOOKS146087I: MARSHALL, Emma - Penshurst Castle in the time of Sir Philip Sidney
BOOKS265879I: MARSHALL, Edison - Sam Campbell, Gentleman
BOOKS032691I: MARSHALL, Emma - In four reigns: the recollections of Althea Allingham 1785-1842
BOOKS286817I: MARSHALL, Dorothy - Eighteenth Century England
BOOKS124448I: MARSHALL, B.J. & MILLER, F.A. (eds) - Priorities for a new century - agriculture, food and rural policies in the European Union (CAS Paper)
BOOKS288849I: MARSHALL, Alfred W - Gear wheels and gear cutting: an elementary handbook on the principles and methods of production of toothed gearing
BOOKS138248I: MARSHALL, John - Headingley
BOOKS289605I: MARSHALL, John - The weaving willow
BOOKS235393I: MARSHALL, Michael (ed) - The Stanley Holloway monologues
BOOKS137198I: MARSHALL, William - Rural economy of the West of England (1796)
BOOKS011953I: MARSHALL, Arthur - Giggling in the shrubbery
BOOKS284757I: MARSHALL, Muriel - Lovely rebel
BOOKS194748I: MARSHALL, Frances (ed) - The sponge book: how to do sponge ball tricks by an assortment of prominent sponge ballers.
BOOKS183471I: MARSHALL, Gary - Big smoke
BOOKS212742I: MARSHALL-BALL, Robin - The sporting shotgun: a user's handbook
BOOKS183959I: MARSHALL, R.L. - The historical criticism of documents
BOOKS125117I: MARSHALL, Arthur - Sunny side up
BOOKS062421I: MARSHALL, Arthur / KELLAND, Peter (ed) - Follow the sun: a further selection of the writings of Arthur Marshal
BOOKS137482I: MARSHALL, Vera - The quest of the sleuth patrol
BOOKS040121I: MARSHALL, Arthur - I'll let you know: musing from Myrtlebank
BOOKS167748I: MARSHALL, William - Thin air: a Yellowthread Street mystery
BOOKS163867I: MARSHALL, Norman (ed) - Three Restoration comedies: The Way of the World; The country wife; The Beaux' stratagem
BOOKS028995I: MARSHALL, F.H.A. and HAMMOND, John - Fertility and animal breeding
BOOKS023394I: MARSHALL, Robert - The haunted Major
BOOKS285233I: MARSHALL, Emma - In the service of Rachel Lady Russell: a story

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