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BOOKS079081I: LECKER, Robert and others (eds) - Canadian writers and their works: poetry series, volume eight
BOOKS157251I: LECKY, William Edward Hartpole - History of European morals, from Augustus to Charlemagne, vol.II
BOOKS293850I: LECKY, Halton Stirling - The King's ships together with the important historical episodes connected with the successive ships of the same name from remote times... (3 vols.)
BOOKS183373I: LECKY, William - A history of England in the eighteenth century, volume II
BOOKS197467I: LECLAIRE, Lucien - A general analytical bibliography of the regional novelists of the British Isles 1800-1950
BOOKS220954I: LECONTE, A. (ed) - Plan commode de Paris: rues et monuments, Metropolitain, autobus
BOOKS188143I: LECONTE, A. (ed) - Guide indicateur des rues de Paris, avec les stations du Metropolitain les plus proches
BOOKS249377I: LEDBROOKE, A.W. - The Springboks here again: the story of the Test Matches between England and South Africa 1888-1939
BOOKS043161I: LEDEN, Judy - Flying with condors
BOOKS081612I: LEDERBERG, Joshua (ed) - Biological weapons: limiting the threat
BOOKS190965I: LEDERER, William J & BURDICK, Eugene - The ugly American
BOOKS288439I: LEDERMAN, Jess & PARK, Keith K. H. (eds) - The global equity markets: state-of-the-art research, analysis and investment strategies
BOOKS007081I: LEDERMANN, E.K - Good health through natural therapy
BOOKS264078I: LEDERMANN, W. - Multiple integrals
BOOKS297500I: LEDERMANN, Walter - Introduction to the theory of finite groups
BOOKS229046I: LEDGER, David - Shifting sands: the British in South Arabia
BOOKS280178I: LEDGER, Allan - A moment in time: John and Thomas Keble and their Cotswold life
BOOKS292079I: LEDGEWAY, Adam & MAIDEN, Martin (eds) - The Oxford guide to the Romance languages
BOOKS206046I: LEDINGHAM, J. G.G. (ed) - Advanced medicine: Symposium 10
BOOKS266789I: LEDOUX-LEBARD, Denise - Le Mobilier Francais du xix siecle: dictionnaire des ebenistes et menuisiers (l'amateur)
BOOKS090809I: LEDWARD, Patricia & STRANG, Colin (eds) - Poems of this war by younger poets
BOOKS130346I: LEDWITH, Frank - The best of all possible worlds
BOOKS287486I: LEDWOCH, Janusz - Opel Maultier 15 cm Panzerwerfer 42. Vielfachwerfer
BOOKS287387I: LEDWOCH, Janusz - Renault R35 ,Vol I
BOOKS287390I: LEDWOCH, Janusz - Hotchkiss H35/H39: Char leger modele 1935H; Char leger modele 1935H modifie 1939, volume 1
BOOKS287489I: LEDWOCH, Janusz - Czolgi BT
BOOKS287408I: LEDWOCH, Janusz - Czolgi Stalina / Stalin's tanks: camouflage and markings of the Soviet armored forces from1935 to 1945
BOOKS242889I: LEE, Laurie - The Firstborn
BOOKS239323I: LEE, Laurie - The firstborn
BOOKS238726I: LEE, Sung Yong & OZERDEM, Alpaslan (Eds.) - Local ownership in international peacebuilding: key theoretical and practical issues
BOOKS292309I: LEE, John A - Shining with the Shiner
BOOKS181004I: LEE, Molly - Baleen basketry of the North Alaskan Eskimo
BOOKS180786I: LEE, Brian - American fiction, 1865-1940
BOOKS185743I: LEE, Stan - Spider-Man, Storm and Power Man vs Smokescreen
BOOKS284808I: LEE, Herbert Patrick - Policing the top of the world
BOOKS264596I: LEE, Mary - The strange story of John Allardyce
BOOKS088948I: LEE, C.M. & INGLIS, J.K. - Science for hairdressing students
BOOKS164969I: LEE, James - Signpainting in Jamaica
BOOKS135678I: LEE, D.L. & ATKINSON, H.J. - Physiology of nematodes
BOOKS136277I: LEE HOPE, Laura - The Bobbsey Twins' forest adventure
BOOKS032759I: LEE, Lincoln - Torwolf the Saxon
BOOKS036361I: LEE, Charles E. - Sixty years of the Bakerloo
BOOKS212988I: LEE, Arthur Gould - No parachute: a fighter pilot in World War I: letters written in 1917 by Lt A.S.G.Lee
BOOKS043670I: LEE, Edward - Folksong & music hall
BOOKS049233I: LEE, Laurel - Walking through the fire: a hospital journal
BOOKS045735I: LEE, Janine - 13 at the table
BOOKS046322I: LEE, Edwin - Continental travel; with an appendix on the influence of climate, the remedial advantages of travelling
BOOKS049471I: LEE, Christopher - Nicely nurdled, sir!
BOOKS049433I: LEE, Peggy - Miss Peggy Lee
BOOKS018622I: LEE, John - Caught in the act
BOOKS128957I: LEE, Norman - Seaway to adventure
BOOKS249365I: LEE, Ranger - The new marshal
BOOKS263034I: LEE, William Alexander - Thirty years in coal 1917-1947: a review of the coal mining industry under private enterprise
BOOKS143661I: LEE, Norman - The Legion of the eagle: another adventure of Paul Vassar and Captain Lawless
BOOKS045111I: LEE, Norman - My personal log of stars, people and places
BOOKS125636I: LEE, H.W. - Racket Busters Incorporated
BOOKS031643I: LEE, Sherman E. - A history of Far Eastern art
BOOKS104824I: LEE, W.R. - Language-teaching games and contests
BOOKS286362I: LEE, Harper - To kill a mockingbird
BOOKS246861I: LEE, James (ed) - Transactions of the Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society: Volume 130
BOOKS246743I: LEE, R.S. - Psychology and worship, being the Burroughs Memorial Lecture delivered in the University of Leeds
BOOKS293771I: LEE, Brian - Cathays, Maindy, Gabalfa and Mynachdy
BOOKS284606I: LEE, William Alexander - Thirty years in coal, 1917-1947: a review of the coal mining industry under private enterprise
BOOKS137414I: LEE, Norman - The phantom buccaneer
BOOKS158262I: LEE, Lisa - Owen's second story book
BOOKS297592I: LEE, Charles E. - 100 years of the District
BOOKS297593I: LEE, Charles E. - Sixty years of the Northern
BOOKS296090I: LEE, David and SHUTTLEWORTH, Malcolm (editors) - The millennium book of Aldbourne: a snapshot of the parish in the year 2000
BOOKS296021I: LEE, Antony - Treasures of Roman Lincolnshire
BOOKS268092I: LEE, Norman & FRENCH, Geoffrey - Un Grand Bordel: an RAF Airgunner's experiences with Bomber Command and the French Maquis
BOOKS296240I: LEE, Gordon - Beyond the Old Royal Road
BOOKS036362I: LEE, Charles E. - Seventy years of the Central
BOOKS154516I: LEE, Raymond - Fit for the chase: cars in the movies
BOOKS185734I: LEE, Stan - The Spectacular Spider-Man Weekly, no. 339, Sept 6 1979
BOOKS269158I: LEE, Brian & MASKELL, Duke (eds) - The Haltwhistle Quarterly:a review, no.2, Summer 1974
BOOKS223415I: LEE (Raymond) - Fit for the chase
BOOKS132781I: LEE, Cecil - Sunset of the Raj - Fall of Singapore 1942
BOOKS114534I: LEE, K.C. - A new Chinese-English trading dictionary
BOOKS225486I: LEE, Ken K. Et al. - Color atlas of cutaneous excisions and repairs
BOOKS168765I: LEE-ROSS, Darren & LASHLEY, Conrad - Entrepreneurship and small business management in the hospitality industry
BOOKS158210I: LEE, Asher - The German Air Force
BOOKS269241I: LEE, Charles E (ed) - The aviation year book 1931
BOOKS202817I: LEE, Jesse - Red Range war
BOOKS198822I: LEE, H. Fletcher - Robert Burns: a play in three acts
BOOKS134911I: LEE, Owen - The skin diver's Bible
BOOKS268752I: LEE, Brian & MASKELL, Duke (eds) - The Haltwhistle Quarterly: an irregular review, no.9, Summer 1980
BOOKS202628I: LEE, Tanith - East of midnight
BOOKS213010I: LEE, Edward - Folksong and music hall
BOOKS162786I: LEE, Francis - Soccer round the world
BOOKS213901I: LEE, Bernie - Murder without reservation
BOOKS286583I: LEE, Roy Stuart - Freud and Christianity
BOOKS115024I: LEE-HAMILTON, Eugene - Dramatic sonnets, poems, and ballads: selections from the poems of Eugene Lee-Hamilton.
BOOKS266436I: LEE, Arthur Gould - The flying cathedral
BOOKS233604I: Lee, Laurie - Cider With Rosie
BOOKS198338I: LEE, Charles E (ed) - The aircraft year book 1923
BOOKS183912I: LEE, Christopher - Nelson and Napoleon: the long haul to Trafalgar
BOOKS238992I: LEE, E.J. - Broughton Road Baptist Church, Melksham: Church souvenir and birrthday remeeeembrancer containing interesting informaiton concerning the history of the Church from 1669 to 1909
BOOKS288638I: LEE, Stan - Silver surfer
BOOKS296050I: LEE, Arthur Gould - Open cockpit: a pilot of the Royal Flying Corps
BOOKS102946I: LEE, Ranger - Guns of Rincon
BOOKS286118I: LEE, Hermione - Body parts: essays on life-writing
BOOKS269057I: LEE, Brian & MASKELL, Duke (eds) - The Haltwhistle Quarterly: a review, no.1 Spring 1973
BOOKS267156I: LEE, Sydney - A life of William Shakepeare, with portraits and facsimilies
BOOKS268748I: LEE, Brian & MASKELL, Duke (eds) - The Haltwhistle Quarterly: an irregular review, no 5, Spring 1977
BOOKS264633I: LEE, Mary - Malayan mystery
BOOKS182702I: LEE, Laurie - Cider with Rosie
BOOKS285304I: LEE, James (ed.) - Transactions of the Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society for 2010 (volume 128)
BOOKS201080I: LEE, Keun and others(eds) - Power and sustainability of the Chinese state
BOOKS247544I: The author of 'Ruth Lee' ect - London Sparrows
BOOKS162045I: LEECH, Joseph - Rural rides of the Bristol churchgoer
BOOKS296220I: LEECH, John - Inside-out: the view from the asylum
BOOKS221935I: LEECH, Samuel - A voice from the Main Deck: being a record of the thirty years adventures of Samuel Leech
BOOKS164759I: LEECH, John Henry - Butterflies from China, Japan, and Corea, Volume 1
BOOKS066167I: LEECH, Roger - Small medieval towns in Avon: archaeology and planning
BOOKS169081I: LEEFELT, Ed - The woman who rode the wind
BOOKS180192I: LEEMING, Glenda - Who's who in Henry James
BOOKS189294I: LEEMING, John F. - Pilot's "A" licence
BOOKS048348I: LEEMING, Margaret & MAN-HUI, May Huang - Far-Eastern vegetarian cooking
BOOKS100457I: LEEMING, Glenda - Who's who in Henry James
BOOKS264247I: LEEMING, John F. - Airdays
BOOKS236275I: LEEMING, Glenda - Christopher Fry
BOOKS190461I: LEEMING, David - Stephen Spender: a life in Modernism
BOOKS268444I: LEERSUM, E. C. Van - Boerhaaviana
BOOKS286466I: LEES-MILNE, James - Worcestershire: a Shell guide
BOOKS287719I: LEES-MILNE, James - People and places: country house donors and the National Trust
BOOKS226337I: LEES-MILNE, James - Another self
BOOKS287039I: LEES-MILNE, James - The last Stuarts
BOOKS146999I: LEES-MILNE, James - The enigmatic Edwardian: the life of Reginald, 2nd Viscount Esher
BOOKS147043I: LEES-MILNE, James - Venetian evenings
BOOKS218115I: LEES, Dan - The rainbow conspiracy
BOOKS141329I: LEES-MILNE, James - Round the clock
BOOKS017935I: LEES, R.H. - Death for an emerald
BOOKS147394I: LEES-MILNE, James - Harold Nicolson: a biography, volumes I & II
BOOKS147035I: LEES-MILNE, James - Some Cotswold country houses
BOOKS147041I: LEES-MILNE, James - The last Stuarts
BOOKS147042I: LEES-MILNE, James - The country house
BOOKS227468I: LEES, Gene - Oscar Peterson: the will to swing
BOOKS151467I: LEES-MILNE, James (ed) - The National Trust: a record of fifty years' achievement
BOOKS233919I: LEES, Hilary - Porch and pew: Small churches of the Cotswolds
BOOKS146987I: LEES-MILNE,James - Heretics in love
BOOKS289004I: LEES-MILNE, James - The milk of Paradise: diaries 1993 - 1997
BOOKS146995I: LEES-MILNE, James - Earls of creation: five great patrons of eighteenth-century art
BOOKS146991I: LEES-MILNE, James - The fool of love
BOOKS146998I: LEES-MILNE, James - Ruthenshaw: a ghost story
BOOKS147036I: LEES-MILNE, James - English country houses: Baroque, 1685-1715
BOOKS269387I: LEES, Faith & HINTON, Jeanne - Love is our home: the beginnings of the Post Green community
BOOKS127997I: LEES, Dan - Mayhem in Morton Episcopi
BOOKS154828I: LEES-MILNE, James - Ancestral voices.
BOOKS293783I: LEES, Hilary - So runs my dream: the story of Arthur and Keble Martin
BOOKS293224I: LEES-MILNE, James - The last Stuarts
BOOKS222680I: LEES, Caroline - Caroline Lees' Watercolours of Shropshire
BOOKS169182I: LEES, Marguerite - Still waters
BOOKS080181I: LEES, Frederic Arnold - The flora of West Yorkshire with a sketch of the climatology and lithology in connection therewith
BOOKS189097I: LEES, Howard - Biochemistry of autotrophic bacteria
BOOKS245641I: LEES-MILNE, James - Prophesying peace
BOOKS221280I: LEESON, Francis - Kama Shilpa: a study of Indian sculpture depicting love in action.
BOOKS045324I: LEESON, John Rudd - Lister as I knew him
BOOKS064151I: LEESON, Robert - The song of Arthur
BOOKS005712I: LEETE-HODGE, Lornie - Dangerous guest
BOOKS231879I: LEEUW, Charles van der - Storm over the Caucasus: In the wake of independence (Caucasus Languages)
BOOKS017529I: LeFANU, William - A catalogue of the portraits and other paintings, drawings and sculpture in the Royal College of Surgeons of England
BOOKS041027I: LEFEBURE, Molly - The illustrated Lake poets
BOOKS174970I: LEFEBURE, Francis - Le nom naturel de Dieu: Om et les mantras
BOOKS128268I: LEFEBURE, Molly - Cumberland heritage
BOOKS285521I: LEFEVRE, Gui - We were three
BOOKS105300I: LEFFINGWELL, Randy - Classic farm tractors: history of the farm tractor
BOOKS105292I: LEFFINGWELL, Randy - Tractors: icons of the American landscape
BOOKS238742I: LEFLER, Nathan - Theologizing friendship: how amicitia in the thought of Aelred and Aquinas inscribes the scholastic turn
BOOKS111130I: LEGAT, A.W. and others - Design and construction of reinforced concrete bridges
BOOKS152815I: LEGAT, Michael - An author's guide to publishing
BOOKS086574I: LEGAT, A.W. - Design and construction of reinforced concrete bridges
BOOKS137476I: LEGAT, A.W. and others - Design and construction of reinforced concrete bridges
BOOKS294179I: LEGATE, Trevor - The ultimate history of Mercedes-Benz
BOOKS217874I: LEGEND, Henry - Those who come after.
BOOKS178928I: LEGENDRE,Maurice - Domenico Theotocopuli gennant El Greco
BOOKS066757I: LEGG, A.K. - Peugeot Talbot diesel engine owners workshop manual
BOOKS100869I: LEGG, A.K. - Volkswagen Polo 1982-88 owners workshop manual
BOOKS119157I: LEGG, A. - Escort owner's handbook/servicing guide
BOOKS065537I: LEGG, A.K. - Citroen diesel engine owners workshop manual (1984 to 1990 1.9 litre; 1985 to 1990 1.7 litre)
BOOKS061220I: LEGGE, Sylvia - Affectionate cousins: T.Sturge Moore and Marie Appia
BOOKS061545I: LEGGE, Allan H. & KRUPA, Sagar V.(eds) - Air pollutants and their effects on the terrestrial ecosystem
BOOKS066874I: LEGGE, Gordon - In between talking about the football
BOOKS071520I: LEGGE, Sylvia - Affectionate cousins: T. Sturge Moore and Marie Appia
BOOKS086051I: LEGGE, Derek - The education of adults in Britain
BOOKS268855I: LEGGE, Alfred O. - The unpopular King: the life and times of Richard III (2 volumes)
BOOKS227243I: LEGGE, Margaret - The price of Stephen Bonynge
BOOKS153801I: LEGGE, J.G. - The rising tide: an epic in education
BOOKS160214I: LEGGET, Robert F. - Railways of Canada
BOOKS297843I: LEGGET, Robert F. - Canals of Canada
BOOKS135351I: LEGGET, Robert F. - Rideau Waterway
BOOKS239121I: LEGGETT, Jeremy K - Trench-forearc geology: sedimentation and tectonics on modern and ancient active plate margins
BOOKS230147I: LEGGETT, Jeremy - The energy of nations: risk blindness and the road to renaissance
BOOKS288843I: "LEGION" - Behind the shield
BOOKS297450I: LEGMAN, G. (ed) - The new limerick: 2750 unpublished examples, American and British
BOOKS295866I: LEGOUIX, Susan - Image of China: William Alexander
BOOKS267982I: LEGRAND, Ignace - The Embassy train
BOOKS054887I: LEGRAND, Ignace - The land within
BOOKS290006I: LEGUILLON, Pierre - Raymond Hains - J'ai la memoire qui planche
BOOKS097276I: LEGUM, Colin (ed) - Africa contemporary record: annual survey and documents 1975-76
BOOKS097277I: LEGUM, Colin (ed) - Africa contemporary record: annual survey and documents 1974-75
BOOKS097274I: LEGUM, Colin (ed) - Africa contemporary record: annual survey and documents 1976-77
BOOKS097278I: LEGUM, Colin (ed) - Africa contemporary record: annual survey and documents 1973-74
BOOKS269451I: LEHANE, Brendan - The quest of three Abbots: Pioneers of Ireland's Golden Age
BOOKS148177I: LEHAR, Franz & ROSS, Adrian - The merry widow: new musical play (vocal score)
BOOKS162022I: LEHMAN, John (ed) - The Penguin new writing no. 30
BOOKS054845I: LEHMAN, Charles A - Desert survival handbook
BOOKS177238I: LEHMANN, John (ed) - The London Magazine, volume 5, No. 11, November 1958:Autumn reading number
BOOKS177240I: LEHMANN, John (ed) - The London Magazine, volume 3, No. 5, May 1956:Spring reading number
BOOKS158702I: LEHMANN, Rosamun and others (eds) - Orion: a miscellany
BOOKS177235I: LEHMANN, John (ed) - The London Magazine, volume 3, nos.1-12, January - December 1956
BOOKS188562I: LEHMANN, John (ed) - The London Magazine, vol.6, nos.1-11, January - November 1959 (11 issues)
BOOKS178564I: LEHMANN, John (ed) - The London Magazine a monthly review of literature, volume 4, 1957 (7 issues)
BOOKS172007I: LEHMANN, Rosamond - The gipsy's baby
BOOKS178575I: LEHMANN, John (ed) - The London Magazine, vol.5, nos. 1, 3 & 12, 1958 (3 issues only)
BOOKS249166I: LEHMANN, John (ed) - The Penguin new writing, 30
BOOKS220831I: LEHMANN, John (ed) - The London Magazine: volume 6, no.11, Novermber 1959
BOOKS220875I: LEHMANN, John (ed) - The London Magazine, Volume 4, No 5, May 1957
BOOKS230874I: LEHMANN, John (ed) - The London Magazine, volume 3, no.11, November 1956: Autumn reading number
BOOKS178578I: LEHMANN, John (ed) - The London Magazine, volume 5, no.12, December 1958
BOOKS293733I: LEHMANN, John (ed) - The London Magazine. volume 5, no. 8, August 1958
BOOKS040924I: LEHMANN, John - New Writing and Daylight, Winter 1943-44
BOOKS040781I: LEHMANN, John (ed) - French stories from New Writing
BOOKS044216I: LEHMANN, John (ed) - New Writing and Daylight: Autumn 1944
BOOKS044281I: LEHMANN, John (ed) - New Writing and Daylight: 1945
BOOKS041155I: LEHMANN, John (ed) - New Writing IV: Autumn 1937
BOOKS041394I: LEHMANN, Rosamond and othersl (eds) - Orion, volume II
BOOKS178474I: LEHMANN, John (ed) - The London Magazine, vol.5, 1958 (9 issues)
BOOKS178565I: LEHMANN, John (ed) - The London Magazine: a monthly review of literature, volume 4, (11 issues)., 1957.
BOOKS177229I: LEHMANN, John (ed) - The London Magazine, volume 3, nos.1-12, January - December 1956, + index
BOOKS177386I: LEHMANN, John (ed) - The London Magazine, volume 6, nos.1-12, January-December 1959
BOOKS178577I: LEHMANN, John (ed) - The London Magazine, volume 2, no. 5, May 1955: Spring reading number
BOOKS178566I: LEHMANN, John (ed) - The London Magazine, volume 4, 1957 (5 issues only)
BOOKS248859I: LEHMANN, Lotte - My many lives.
BOOKS178361I: LEHMANN, John (ed) - The London Magazine: volume 3, no. 12, December 1956
BOOKS178362I: LEHMANN, John (ed) - The London Magazine: a monthly review of literature. volume 2, no. 12, December 1955
BOOKS178573I: LEHMANN, John (ed) - The London Magazine: a monthly review of literature, volume I, no.8, October 1954
BOOKS178574I: LEHMANN, John (ed) - The London Magazine, volume 5, 1958 (4 issues only)
BOOKS178345I: LEHMANN, John (ed) - The London Magazine: a monthly review of literature, vol.I, nos. 1-11, February - December 1954
BOOKS243861I: LEHMANN, Winfred P. - Historical linguistics: an introduction
BOOKS234951I: LEHMANN, John (ed) - The London Magazine a monthly review of literature, volume 7 no.3, March 1960
BOOKS178576I: LEHMANN, John (ed) - The London Magazine: a monthly review of literature, volume I, no.8, September 1954
BOOKS178473I: LEHMANN, John (ed) - The London Magazine, vol.5, 1958 (12 issues Jan-Dec)
BOOKS177233I: LEHMANN, John (ed) - The London Magazine, volume 2, nos.1-12, January - December 1955
BOOKS265693I: LEHMANN, John (ed) - The London Magazine, volume 2, no. 3, March 1955
BOOKS224138I: LEHMANN, R.C. - His final arrow: a further adventure of Picklock Holes
BOOKS178563I: LEHMANN, John (ed) - The London Magazine: a monthly review of literature, volume 4, 1957 (10 of 12 issues)
BOOKS177241I: LEHMANN, John (ed) - The London Magazine, volume 3, No. 2, February 1956
BOOKS177248I: LEHMANN, John (ed) - The London Magazine, volume 2, no. 7, July 1955
BOOKS177249I: LEHMANN, John (ed) - The London Magazine, volume 2, no.8, August 1955
BOOKS177227I: LEHMANN, John (ed) - The London Magazine, volume 7, nos.1-12, January - December 1960, + index
BOOKS177251I: LEHMANN, John (ed) - The London Magazine, volume 2, no.6, June 1955
BOOKS183978I: LEHMANN, Rosamond - The weather in the streets
BOOKS196920I: LEHMANN, John (ed) - The London Magazine August 1957
BOOKS166494I: LEHMANN, John (ed) - The Penguin new writing, 33
BOOKS166495I: LEHMANN, John (ed) - The Penguin new writing, 31
BOOKS293732I: LEHMANN, John (ed) - The London Magazine, volume 5, no.10, October 1958
BOOKS219177I: LEHMANN, John (ed) - The London Magazine, Volume 2, No.1, January 1955
BOOKS220832I: LEHMANN, John (ed) - The London Magazine, volume 6, no.1, January 1959
BOOKS177245I: LEHMANN, John (ed) - The London Magazine, volume 3, no. 10, October 1956
BOOKS177429I: LEHMANN, John (ed) - The London Magazine, volume 5, no.7, July 1958
BOOKS263735I: LEHMANN, Rosamond - The Gipsy's Baby and other stories
BOOKS293731I: LEHMANN, John (ed) - The London Magazine, volume 5, no. 6, June 1958
BOOKS178387I: LEHMANN, John (ed) - The London Magazine: a monthly review of literature, volume 7 (7 issues)
BOOKS205880I: LEHMANN, John (ed) - The London Magazine, July 1955, volume 2 no 7
BOOKS178389I: LEHMANN, John (ed) - The London Magazine: a monthly review of literature, vol.7 (8 issues), 1960
BOOKS178397I: LEHMANN, John (ed) - The London Magazine, vol.7, 1960 (11 issues)
BOOKS177222I: LEHMANN, John (ed) - The London Magazine, volume 5, nos.1-12, January - December 1958, + index
BOOKS294481I: LEHMANN, John (ed) - The London Magazine: a monthly review of literature, vol.8, no.3, March 1961
BOOKS224140I: LEHMANN, R. C - The return of Picklock Holes
BOOKS178572I: LEHMANN, John (ed) - The London Magazine: a monthly review of literature, volume I, no.7, August 1954
BOOKS166493I: LEHMANN, John (ed) - The Penguin new writing; 29
BOOKS177422I: LEHMANN, John (ed) - The London Magazine, volume 5, no. 4, April 1958
BOOKS177423I: LEHMANN, John (ed) - The London Magazine, volume 5, no. 5, May 1958
BOOKS285386I: LEHMANN, Rosamond. - The weather in the streets
BOOKS004527I: LEHMANN, John - Christopher Isherwood: a personal memoir
BOOKS162740I: LEHMANN, Rosamond - The ballad and the source
BOOKS214464I: LEHMANN, R.C. - Crumbs of Pity, and other verses. to which are added six lives of great men
BOOKS194954I: LEHMBRUCK, Wilhelm - Wilhelm Lehmbruck: 21 March - 11 May 2013
BOOKS095268I: LEHNDORFF, G. - Horse breeding recollections
BOOKS295077I: LEHNDORFF, Vera & TRULZSCH, Holger - Body art: 'Veruschka' trans-figurative Malerei
BOOKS226556I: LEHRKE, Jesse Paul - The transition to National Armies in the former Soviet Republics, 1988-2005
BOOKS234151I: LEHTO, Olli & others (eds) - Topics in analysis: Colloquium on Mathematical Analysis, Jyvasjyla 1970
BOOKS206185I: LEHWALD, Edward A. (ed) - Chevelle SS: A source book
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BOOKS061528I: LEIBER, Fritz - The big time
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BOOKS067452I: LILIEN-KIPNIS, H. and others (eds) - Proceedings of the seventh international symposium on flower bulbs, volume I
BOOKS247140I: LILL, John - Louth playgoers: the first sixty years
BOOKS206030I: LILLARD, Richard G. - American life in autobiography, a descriptive guide
BOOKS136814I: LILLEE, Dennis - My life in cricket
BOOKS204059I: LILLEY, Arthur - The Atheist: an original poem
BOOKS266858I: LILLEY, George & MARSHALL, Keith C (eds) - Celebrating the 50th anniversary of a Dance to the Music of Time: Proceedings of the First Biennial Anthony Powell Conference 2001
BOOKS266846I: LILLEY, George & others (eds) - Anthony Powell and the Oxford of the 1920s
BOOKS232355I: LILLIE, R.D - H.J. Conn's Biological stains: a handbook on the nature and uses of the dyes employed in the biological laboratory
BOOKS160904I: LILLIE, William - Studies in New Testament ethics
BOOKS123080I: LILLIPUT - Lilliput, vol.8 no.1, issue 43, January 1941
BOOKS075791I: LILLIPUT - Lilliput, May 1949 (Vo.24 no.5, issue no.143)
BOOKS123083I: LILLIPUT - Lilliput, vol.27, no.2, issue no.158, August 1950
BOOKS123087I: LILLIPUT - Lilliput, vol.26, no.1, issue no.151, January 1950
BOOKS123092I: LILLIPUT - Lilliput, vol.26, no.3, issue no.153, March 1950
BOOKS209380I: LILLY, Toni - Foul Contagion
BOOKS288556I: LILY, J. Robert - Taken by force: rape and American GIs in Europe during WWII
BOOKS035689I: LIMB, Sue - Love forty
BOOKS079948I: LIMB, Sue - Big trouble
BOOKS094164I: LIMB, Sue - Love forty
BOOKS049733I: LIMBACH, Hans Jorg - Cosmocide / Kosmozid / Cosmocidio
BOOKS291005I: LIMBERT, John W. - Negotiating with Iran: wrestling the ghosts of history
BOOKS227659I: ILFORD LIMITED - Ilford photographic materials: professional catalogue, 1961
BOOKS054905I: DAIMLER COMPANY LIMITED - Handbook for the Daimler Conquest saloon
BOOKS199855I: KODAK LIMITED - Photographic aspects of radiography
BOOKS078303I: MORRIS MOTORS LIMITED - The manual of the Morris Major Six
BOOKS181579I: VAUXHALL MOTORS LIMITED - Instruction book for Bedford Model S
BOOKS113177I: WOLSELEY MOTORS LIMITED - The Wolseley "Four Fifty" instruction manual
BOOKS185694I: BLCARS LIMITED - Austin Morris: great cars for Great Britain (sales brochure)
BOOKS171619I: F. PERKINS LIMITED - Driver's handbook of the Perkins diesel P6 & P4 vehicle engine
BOOKS222562I: Ilford Limited - Panchromatism
BOOKS243093I: QUAKER OATS LIMITED - Meals in a moment and other dishes
BOOKS237244I: LIN-CHANDLER, Irene - Grievous angel
BOOKS162849I: LIN, Vance & JENSSEN, Heinke (eds) - Design annual 2001: the international annual of design and illustration
BOOKS181005I: LINACRE, Edward & HOBBS, John - The Australian climatic environment
BOOKS002451I: LINCOLN, E.F. - The medieval legacy
BOOKS072030I: LINCOLN, Reuben - Pecker the super-bird or the cave of delight: a fairy story with many morals
BOOKS189970I: LINCOLN, Mary J. - Mrs. Lincoln's Boston cook book: what to do and what not to do in cooking
BOOKS226491I: LINCOLN, Edward Frank - The heritage of Yorkshire
BOOKS211444I: LINCOLN, John Abraham - The restrictive society: A report on restrictive practices
BOOKS284726I: LINCOLN, Joseph C - The Peel Trait
BOOKS036194I: LINCOLN, Abraham - An italic notebook
BOOKS228078I: LIND-GUIMARAES, George (ed) - Eyewitness accounts of the Portuguese revolution (1974-1976)
BOOKS213406I: LIND, Richard F. - Rails to the High Country
BOOKS294523I: LIND, Ernie - The complete book of trick & fancy shooting.
BOOKS178931I: LINDAU, Paul - Zur Erinnerungen, erfter band mit bildnis, 3 und 4 auflage
BOOKS268744I: LINDBERGH, Charles A. - The Spirit of St. Louis
BOOKS003733I: LINDBERGH, Anne Morrow - North to the Orient
BOOKS001618I: LINDBERGH, Anne Morrow - Dearly beloved: a theme and variations
BOOKS000031I: LINDBERGH, Anne Morrow - Dearly beloved: a theme and variations
BOOKS157919I: LINDBERGH, Charles A. - The Spirit of St. Louis
BOOKS032674I: LINDBERGH, Anne Morrow - Hour of gold, hour of lead
BOOKS166462I: LINDBERGH, Annie Morrow - Listen! the wind
BOOKS182880I: LINDBERGH, Anne Morrow - North to the Orient
BOOKS167949I: LINDBLAD, Torsten - A study of foreign-language teacher trainees: their theoretical training in methodology and their foreign-language proficiency including a comparison with the proficiency of their future pupils
BOOKS263392I: LINDE, Arvid - Preston Tucker and others: tales of brilliant automotive innovators & innovations
BOOKS289694I: LINDE, Anders - Dentin & dentigenesis vol. 2
BOOKS062538I: LINDE, Gunnel - The invisible league and the royal ghost
BOOKS269834I: LINDEMEYER, Paul - Celebrating the saxophone
BOOKS224838I: LINDEN, Jane - Rainbows don't last
BOOKS033097I: LINDER, Leslie - A history of the writings of Beatrix Potter including unpublished work
BOOKS294630I: LINDER, Leslie - A history of the writings of Beatrix Potter: including unpublished work
BOOKS245195I: LINDERMAN, Frank Bird - Pretty-shield: Medicine woman of the crows
BOOKS291783I: LINDGREN, Claire - Classical art forms and Celtic mutations: figural art in Roman Britain
BOOKS036206I: LINDGREN, Ernest - The art of the film: an introduction to film appreciation.
BOOKS143328I: LINDGREN, Juhani - Unity of all Christians in love and mission: the ecumenical method of Kenneth Scott Latourette
BOOKS193993I: LINDH, Carl and others - Parallel historia - Skanes konstarenor 1968-2008
BOOKS201051I: LINDLE, Jane Clark (ed) - Political contexts of educational leadership: ISLLC standard six
BOOKS178939I: LINDLEY, John & MOORE, Thomas - The treasury of botany: a popular dictionary of the vegetable kingdom; with which is incorporated a glossary of botanical terms, Part II, L-Z, with supplement
BOOKS280225I: LINDLEY, E.S. - Wotton-under-Edge: men and affairs of a Cotswold wool town
BOOKS148825I: LINDLEY, E.S. - Wotton under Edge: men and affairs of a Cotswold wool town
BOOKS148180I: LINDLEY, Sally - Make your own Titanic
BOOKS234828I: LINDNER, Gert - Seashells of the world
BOOKS175308I: LINDO, R.H. - From stage to bar
BOOKS268363I: LINDO, Diana - A WAAF at war: wartime jottings of a WAAF driver, 1941-46
BOOKS019862I: LINDOP, Audrey Erskine - I thank a fool
BOOKS270285I: LINDOP, Audrey Erskine - The singer not the song
BOOKS128272I: LINDOP, Grevel - Tourists
BOOKS265400I: LINDOP, Audrey Erskie & others - John Bull, volume 99, number 2585, January 14 1956
BOOKS266298I: LINDOP, Audrey Erskine - The Judas figures, continuing the story of 'The singer not the song'
BOOKS237862I: LINDSAY, Donald - Friends for life: a portrait of Launcelot Fleming
BOOKS291535I: LINDSAY, Ivan & LAVERY, Rena - Soviet women and their art: the spirit of equality
BOOKS111164I: LINDSAY, Philip - The loves of Florizel
BOOKS204149I: LINDSAY, Jack - William Morris: his life and work
BOOKS054209I: LINDSAY, Maurice - Robert Burns: the man, his work, the legend
BOOKS011315I: LINDSAY, David (Sir) / LYALL, Roderick (ed) - Ane satyre of the thrie estaitis
BOOKS144372I: LINDSAY, Cynthia - The climate of lunacy: an unnatural history of Southern California
BOOKS046800I: LINDSAY, Jessie - What every cook should know
BOOKS151269I: LINDSAY, Maurice - The Lowlands of Scotland: Edinburgh and the south
BOOKS033476I: LINDSAY, Maurice - Collected poems 1940-1990
BOOKS076871I: LINDSAY, Donald - A form of gratitude: the life of Angela Limerick
BOOKS077698I: LINDSAY, David (Sir) - Ane satyre of the thrie estaitis
BOOKS225580I: LINDSAY, Norman (preface) - Poetry in Australia 1923
BOOKS171755I: LINDSAY, Philip - The loves of Florizel
BOOKS125267I: LINDSAY, Jack - A short history of culture, from prehistory to the Renascence
BOOKS265758I: LINDSAY, David T. - Air bandits
BOOKS245246I: LINDSAY, Maurice - History of Scottish literature
BOOKS105779I: LINDSAY, Jean - A Cambridge scrapbook
BOOKS211048I: LINDSAY, Beverly & GINSBURG, Mark B.(eds) - The political dimension In teacher education: comparative perspectives on policy formation, socialization and society
BOOKS135544I: LINDSAY, Phillip - Here comes the King
BOOKS135548I: LINDSAY, Percy - Along the Western Road: bush stories and ballads
BOOKS112025I: LINDSAY, David (Sir) - Ane satyre of the Thrie Estaitis
BOOKS224636I: LINDSAY, Ethel - Here be mystery and murder: reference books in the mystery genre excluding Sherlockiana
BOOKS224633I: LINDSAY, Ethel - Here be mystery and murder: reference books in the mystery genre excluding Sherlockiana.
BOOKS225608I: LINDSAY, Maurice (ed) - A book of Scottish verse
BOOKS235113I: LINDSAY, Kathleen - If love be ours
BOOKS291467I: LINDSAY, Jack - Leisure and pleasure in Roman Egypt
BOOKS200596I: LINDSAY, Martin - The House of Commons
BOOKS291460I: LINDSAY, Jack - Cleopatra
BOOKS201543I: LINDSAY, Jack - The wanderings of Wenamen, 1115-1114 B.C.,
BOOKS234544I: LINDSAY, Jack / LONGUS - Daphnis & Chloe
BOOKS193148I: LINDSAY, Jessie & TRESS, Helen M. - What every cook should know
BOOKS163631I: LINDSAY, J.Seymour - Iron & brass implements of the English house
BOOKS284864I: LINDSAY, Martin - Three got through: memoirs of an Arctic explorer
BOOKS026399I: LINDSAY, David (Sir) - Ane satyre of the thrie estaitis
BOOKS295722I: LINDSAY, Frederic - Brond
BOOKS161499I: LINDSAY, Maud - More mother stories
BOOKS045787I: LINDSAY, Jack - Turner: the man and his art
BOOKS087332I: LINDSAY, Lee - A song on the road

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