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BOOKS154457I: JONES, Richard - The tower is everywhere
BOOKS296262I: JONES, Bernard E. (editor) - The handyman's 1,000 practical receipts
BOOKS027059I: JONES, Christopher - The Great Palace: the story of Parliament
BOOKS286292I: JONES, J. R. - Britain and the world, 1649-1815
BOOKS028923I: JONES, C.M. (ed) - Winning bowls
BOOKS148454I: JONES, Tom - Where the viper strikes
BOOKS212947I: JONES, R.F.J. and others (eds) - First Millenium papers: Western Europe in the First Millennium A.D. (British Archaeological Reports (BAR))
BOOKS116277I: JONES, C.M. (ed) - Winning bowls
BOOKS295463I: JONES, Anthea - A thousand years of the English parish: medieval patterns & modern interpretations
BOOKS244437I: JONES, Hazel Wynn - Death and the trumpets of Tuscany
BOOKS180341I: JONES, Russell Celyn - The ninth wave: new stories from the Mabinogion
BOOKS070050I: JONES, Sally - Legends of Cornwall
BOOKS233754I: JONES, Franklin D (ed) - Die design and diemaking practice
BOOKS215562I: JONES, Holly / WILSON, Alan - The book of organic potatoes
BOOKS219097I: JONES, Gwyn - Kings, beasts and heroes
BOOKS153318I: JONES, Kathleen (ed) - Woman's Journal, September 1972
BOOKS292568I: JONES, James - Whistle
BOOKS296933I: JONES, Handel - A family affair: the story of the Farmers' Union of Wales 1955 - 1992
BOOKS169383I: JONES, Aled - Aled: the autobiography
BOOKS171390I: JONES, E.H. - The road to En-dor
BOOKS053922I: JONES, L.E. - Father Lascaut hits back
BOOKS181658I: JONES, Jack (ed) - Rhyming Cockney slang
BOOKS037875I: JONES, Pamela Fletcher - Richmond Park: portrait of a Royal playground
BOOKS292298I: JONES, T Gwynn - Iwerddon (Ad-argraffwyd o'r "Darian")
BOOKS293822I: JONES, H. Stuart - Select passages from ancient writers illustrative of the history of Greek sculpture
BOOKS195305I: JONES, T.W. - Gaffer: life as I have lived it
BOOKS160708I: JONES, F.C. - Japan
BOOKS173458I: JONES, Maldwyn Allen - American immigration
BOOKS158967I: JONES, Peter G. (ed) - Liverpool Family Historian: quarterly journal of the Liverpool & S.W. lancashire Family History Society, vol.24, no.3, September 2002 - vol.29, no.1, March 2007
BOOKS209964I: JONES, Stephen G. - Sport, politics and the working class: organized labour and sport in inter-war Britain
BOOKS048680I: JONES, M. Whitmore - Popular games of patience: forty-five of the best games clearly described and illustrated
BOOKS296978I: JONES, G. D. B. - Roman Manchester
BOOKS151363I: JONES, M.E . Monckton - Ancient Egypt from the records
BOOKS284485I: JONES, Terry - The saga of Erik the Viking
BOOKS292787I: JONES, Gwen (ed) - Sussex Archaeological collections volume 136, 1998
BOOKS263319I: JONES, Walter - Heating by hot water, ventilation, and hot water supply
BOOKS241274I: JONES, Roger - The rescue of Emin Pasha: the story of Henry M. Stanley and the Emin Pasha relief Expedition, 1887 - 1889
BOOKS294237I: JONES, John - Wonders of the stereoscope
BOOKS288750I: JONES, Barbara - Building with straw bales: a practical guide for the UK and Ireland
BOOKS164480I: JONES, Thomas - A theme with variations
BOOKS144795I: JONES, Ken and others - 25 years of UEFA (1954-1979)
BOOKS180841I: JONES, Brynmoor - A bibliography of Anglo-Welsh literature 1900-1965
BOOKS288845I: JONES, Guy &others - Vague Skate Mag, issue 7
BOOKS011588I: JONES, Max & CHILTON, John - Louis: the Louis Armstrong story 1900-1971
BOOKS244709I: JONES, Hugh - The Chiltern Railways story
BOOKS201211I: JONES, James - The pistol
BOOKS291360I: JONES, Steve - In darkest London: antisocial behaviour, 1900-1939
BOOKS152251I: JONES, Kathleen - The compassionate society: studies in Christian social thinking; with a 'Litany of social service', by the Reverend David Gwyn Jones (Seraph books, here and now series)
BOOKS298151I: JONES, Lawrence E. - The Observer's book of old English churches
BOOKS037091I: JONES, Johanna - The island cookbook: traditional recipes from the Isle of Wight.
BOOKS292289I: JONES, T. Gwynn (translator) - Pfoffwydi Rwsia: y ddau ddewis (Russian Prophets - two choices)
BOOKS234702I: JONES, P. Thoresby - Welsh border country
BOOKS209827I: JONES, Thomes & JONES, T.Gilbert - Machine drawing for the use of engineering students in sceince and technical schools and colleges, Book 1
BOOKS294856I: JONES, Herbert (Mrs) - Sandringham: past and present: with some historic memorials of the Norfolk Coast
BOOKS117186I: JONES, M.E. Monckton - Life in old Cambridge: illustrations of English history
BOOKS296853I: JONES, David - The crag guide to England and Wales
BOOKS265357I: JONES, Wilmer L. - Generals in blue and gray: Lincoln's generals
BOOKS116737I: JONES, R. (Pelidros) - Isaac Lewis: a humorous Welsh character
BOOKS294591I: JONES, Gwen (ed) - Sussex archaeological collections, vol. 137, 1999
BOOKS292960I: JONES, Mike - Set for a King: 200 years of gardening at the Royal Pavilion
BOOKS284367I: JONES, R Tudur - Diwinyddiaeth ym Mangor / Theology in Bangor 1922-1972
BOOKS286785I: JONES, Gwyn & QUINN, Michael - Fountains of praise: University College Cardiff, 1883-1983
BOOKS285163I: JONES, Ian and others - The Brecon and Abergavenny Canal (sometimes known as the Monmouthshire and Brecon Canal): a short guide with maps
BOOKS241527I: JONES, E Alfred - The old church plate of the Isle of Man
BOOKS140657I: JONES, Holly - The book of organic potatoes
BOOKS223523I: JONES, Calico - Bugles before dawn
BOOKS119298I: JONES, Peter d'A - Since Columbus: poverty and pluralismin the history of the Americas
BOOKS292489I: JONES, James - From here to eternity
BOOKS158728I: JONES, Pauline (ed) - Historical records of Victoria, volume one: beginnings of permanent government
BOOKS172711I: JONES, S.J. (ed) - Dundee and district
BOOKS168607I: JONES., Tristan - Ice!
BOOKS021549I: JONES, Richard - The toy crusaders
BOOKS280235I: JONES, Vincent - Sail the Indian Sea
BOOKS091849I: JONES, Dylan - iPod, therefore I am
BOOKS205339I: JONES, E.J. - History of education in Wales, volume one
BOOKS163547I: JONES, Sydney R. - The village homes of England
BOOKS194039I: JONES, David - Rock climbing in Britain
BOOKS292342I: JONES, Enid Huws - Mrs Humphry Ward
BOOKS292645I: JONES, Charles - Glass fibre yachts: improvement and repair
BOOKS234434I: JONES, Shirley R. - Ethics in midwifery
BOOKS286039I: JONES, Sydney R - England East
BOOKS294869I: JONES, G.F Trevallyn - Saw-pit Wharton: the political career from 1640 to 1691 of Philip, fourth Lord Wharton
BOOKS244345I: JONES, J.A.T. - Copter pilot: a life of danger and drama
BOOKS241956I: JONES, W.P. - Air conditioning engineering
BOOKS233229I: JONES, Gwyn (trans) - The Mabinogion
BOOKS167953I: JONES, Roger - Where Wiltshire meets Somerset: 20 walks in the country around Bath, Bradford-on-Avon, Trowbrifgr, Westbury, Warminster and Frome
BOOKS187422I: JONES, Max & CHILTON, John - Louis: the Louis Armstrong story, 1900-1971.
BOOKS218779I: JONES, Stephen (ed) - Flotsam fantasique: The souvenir book of World Fantasy Convention 2013
BOOKS186906I: JONES, John & WILLBERY, Catherine (eds) - The Balliol College register 1940-1990
BOOKS100444I: JONES, W.M. - Our village parliament
BOOKS231506I: JONES, Denna & others - Needles in medical history
BOOKS225323I: JONES, Thomas Firth - A pair of lawn sleeves: A biography of William Smith (1727-1803)
BOOKS264953I: JONES, E Cafni & HUGHES, John (eds) - Emynau'r Llawlyfr Moliant Newydd: at Wasanaeth Cynulleidfaoedd y Bedyddwyr
BOOKS292306I: JONES, David - The bankers of Puteoli: finance, trade and industry in the Roman world
BOOKS289109I: JONES, Dick - A guide to spiders of Britain and Northern Europe
BOOKS227039I: DE JONGE, Alex - Fire and water: a life of Peter the Great
BOOKS056880I: JONGELING, B. - A classified bibliography of the finds in the desert of Judah, 1958-1969
BOOKS232985I: JONGMANS, Petra - The intelligibility of tracheoesophageal speech: an analytic and rehabilitation study
BOOKS029105I: JONKER, Joan - Last tram to Lime Street
BOOKS292394I: DE JONNES, Moreau - Adventures in the Revolution and under the Consulate
BOOKS133886I: JONSCHER, Charles P. - WiredLife: who are we in the digital age?
BOOKS045956I: JONSON, Ben - Every man in his humour
BOOKS249118I: JONSON, Ben - Five plays of Ben Jonson
BOOKS286338I: JONSON, Ben / HORSMAN, E.A (ed) - Bartholomew Fair
BOOKS095122I: JONSON, Ben - The complete plays of Ben Jonson, volume two
BOOKS204610I: JONSON, Ben - Ben Jonson
BOOKS193345I: JONSON, Ben - Ben Jonson
BOOKS292619I: JONSON, Wilfrid - Conjuring
BOOKS015947I: JONSON, Ben - Every man in his humour
BOOKS106139I: JONSON, Ben - The alchemist
BOOKS028137I: JONSON, Benjamin - Every man in his humour
BOOKS223009I: JONSON, Ben - Every man in his humor
BOOKS292712I: JONSON, Wilfrid - Card conjuring
BOOKS141188I: JOOS, L.D.C. - Through the Sahara to the Congo
BOOKS044679I: JOOS, Louis D.C. - Through the Sahara to the Congo
BOOKS103798I: JOOST, Nicholas - Years of transition: The Dial 1912-1920
BOOKS054220I: JORDAN, H.E. - The tramways of Reading
BOOKS114907I: JORDAN, R.Furneaux - European architecture in colour, from the Greeks to the nineteenth century )
BOOKS220913I: JORDAN, V. Craig (ed) - Tamoxifen: a guide for clinicians and patients
BOOKS229670I: JORDAN, Humfrey - The Islander
BOOKS235295I: JORDAN, Chris - Ushirikano: Building a sustainable future in Kenya's Northern Rangelands
BOOKS184669I: JORDAN, Katy - Grandmother's recipes: the receipt-book of Mary Jane Stratton
BOOKS061599I: JORDAN, Humfrey - No one way
BOOKS033035I: JORDAN, Humphrey - This island demands
BOOKS033969I: JORDAN, Humfrey - Blue water dwelling
BOOKS269215I: JORDAN, Humfrey - A valley decides
BOOKS004050I: JORDAN, Humfrey - Anchor comes back
BOOKS016833I: JORDAN, Paul - The face of the past
BOOKS017905I: JORDAN, Humfrey - Blue water dwelling
BOOKS024535I: JORDAN, Humfrey - Finished with engines
BOOKS088510I: JORDAN, Ruth - Sophie Dorothea
BOOKS026859I: JORDAN, Rene - Marlon Brando
BOOKS105034I: JORDAN, Humfrey - Broken link holds
BOOKS163291I: JORDAN-MOSS, Nick - Don't kill the cuckoos
BOOKS081019I: JORDAN, Humphrey - From such freedoms
BOOKS264738I: JORDAN, Humfrey - Landfall then departure
BOOKS181555I: JORDAN. Z.A. (ed) - Karl Marx: economy, class and social revolution
BOOKS068431I: JORDAN, Humfrey - Spoiling for mischief
BOOKS247699I: JORDAN, Humfrey - Overdue - Arrived
BOOKS172361I: JORDAN, Humfrey - Decency of hate
BOOKS235573I: JORDAN, Bill - Orphans in danger
BOOKS235452I: JORDAN, Bill - Imenti and Emily: two friends in need
BOOKS012045I: JORDAN, Michael - Mushroom magic
BOOKS232657I: JORDAN, Derek H. - Victorian china fairings: the collectors' guide
BOOKS085008I: JORDAN, Humfrey - Day without evening
BOOKS163062I: JORDAN, Humfrey and others - Blackwood's Magazine, no.1334, vol.220, December 1926
BOOKS289742I: JORDAN, Bill & others - Trapped in poverty?: Labour-market decisions in low-income households
BOOKS297941I: JORDAN, Herbert Edgar - The tramways of Reading
BOOKS237669I: JORDAN, Jennifer - Book early for murder
BOOKS182150I: JORDAN, Michael - The green mantle: an investigation into our lost knowledge of plants
BOOKS072375I: JORDAN, Humfrey - Only a real Jonah
BOOKS141308I: JORDAN, Humfrey - The Commander shall...
BOOKS237535I: JORDAN, Humfrey - This island demands
BOOKS292733I: JORDAN, Christopher - Severn Enterprise: the story of the Old and New Passage ferries
BOOKS194933I: JORDAN, Humfrey - Decency of hate
BOOKS204599I: JORDAN, Humfrey - Found at sea
BOOKS190050I: JORDAN, Humfrey - Only a real Jonah
BOOKS204636I: JORDAN, Humfrey - Only a real Jonah
BOOKS289033I: JORDAN, Louise - How to write for children and get published
BOOKS241822I: JORDAN, Robert Paul - The Civil War
BOOKS226205I: JORDAN, William B - Juan Van der Hamen y Leon y la Corte de Madrid
BOOKS011275I: JORDON, Rene - Marlon Brando
BOOKS028773I: JORDON, Roland K. - Dawn command
BOOKS248704I: JORGENSEN, Ernst & others - Reconsider Baby: the definitive Elvis sessionography, 1954-1977
BOOKS172629I: JORGENSEN, Christer - Rommel's Panzers: Rommel and the Panzer forces of the Blitzkrieg 1940-1942
BOOKS265274I: JOS=ZSEF, Goncz & BELA, Bognar - Szep Felvidekunk: tortenelmi Kepeslapokon 1897-1940
BOOKS241734I: JOSCELYN, Archie - Gunsmoke on the Gila
BOOKS075687I: JOSCELYN, Archie - Valley ranch
BOOKS134903I: JOSE, Andrew - Love your hair: be your own haircare expert
BOOKS232924I: JOSE, Nicholas - The Custodians
BOOKS291376I: JOSE, Christopher - Red Tegu care: all you need to know about Red Tegu
BOOKS151800I: JOSEPH, H. - God v. Gods: religion for the new era: religion without tears or side effects
BOOKS247294I: ADDISON. Joseph - Miscellaneous works in verse & prose of the Late Right Honourable Joseph Addison, Esq. with some account of the life and writings of the author by Mr Tickell (Volume the Second)
BOOKS246890I: JOSEPH, George - Before I die (American Bloodhound no.260)
BOOKS157661I: JOSEPH, Jenny - Ghosts and other company
BOOKS088363I: JOSEPH, Miriam - Agenda: Speed
BOOKS244475I: JOSEPH, Cynthia - Growing up female in multi-ethnic Malaysia
BOOKS150965I: JOSEPH, Jenny and MITCHELL, Robert - Beached boats
BOOKS013372I: JOSEPH, Richard - Michael Joseph: master of words
BOOKS031852I: JOSEPH, Richard - Michael Joseph: master of words
BOOKS285047I: JOSEPH, George (ed) - "The editor regrets..."
BOOKS157297I: JOSEPH, Jenny - Extended similes
BOOKS285662I: JOSEPH, Richard, & others - At the Sign of the Mermaid: Fifty years of Michael Joseph.
BOOKS180373I: JOSEPHUS, Titus Flavius & WHITSON, William (ed) - The works of Flavius Josephus, volumes 1-3
BOOKS286234I: JOSEPHUS Flavius / WHISTON, William (trans) - The Jewish War
BOOKS173355I: JOSEPHY, Alvin M. - The Indian heritage of America
BOOKS190857I: JOSHI, R.Malatesha & AARON, P.G. (eds) - Handbook of orthography and literacy
BOOKS066213I: JOSHI, Heather (ed) - The changing population of Britain
BOOKS058999I: JOSHI, Heather (ed) - The changing population of Britain
BOOKS214366I: JOSLIN, E.C. - The standard catalogue of British orders, decorations and medals
BOOKS072953I: JOSLIN, George B. - Stories from Gina
BOOKS074825I: JOSLIN, Brian - Thee-ater corner: nostalgic Durham verse
BOOKS206107I: JOSLIN, Eliott P. - Diabetes Mellitus
BOOKS204802I: JOSLIN, E.C. - The standard catalogue of British orders, decorations and medals, third edition 1976 with valuations
BOOKS144293I: JOSO, Jayne - Soothing music for stray cats
BOOKS296429I: JOSO, Estudio (ed) - The monster book of Manga
BOOKS198929I: JOSS, Morag - Funeral music
BOOKS238120I: JOSSE, Ann & others - Durer a les colleccions franceses
BOOKS149129I: JOSTEN, Joost (ed) - The great challenge, as seen by international artists
BOOKS083642I: JOUBERT, Eugene - On the clover trail: the plight of the world's rhinos
BOOKS192864I: JOUBERT DE LA FERTE, Philip - Rocket
BOOKS165699I: JOUDAIN, Margaret - Old lace: a handbook for collectors
BOOKS159548I: De JOUEY, Etienne - L'hermite de la Guiane, ou observations sur les moeurs et les usages Francais au commencement du XIXe siecle, tome troisieme
BOOKS165759I: JOURDAIN, Francis & ADHEMAR, Jean - T-Lautrec: essai sur Toulouse-Lautrec & Lautrec, peintre-graveur
BOOKS028545I: ANTIQUARIES JOURNAL - The Antiquaries Journal: general index Volumes XXXI-XL
BOOKS010431I: ANTIQUARIES JOURNAL - The Antiquaries Journal: general index volumes XXI-XXX
BOOKS285353I: EAST AFRICAN WILDLIFE JOURNAL - East African Wildlife Journal, volume 8, August 1970
BOOKS090977I: JOURQUIN, Bart and others (eds) - Toward better performing transport networks
BOOKS033492I: JOUVE, Nicole Jouve - Baudelaire: a fire to conquer darkness
BOOKS042780I: JOVANOVICH, William - Now, Barabbas
BOOKS190223I: JOVANOVICH, William - Stations of our life
BOOKS292828I: JOVER, Manuel - Ingres
BOOKS124276I: JOWELL, Roger and others (eds) - British social attitudes: the 1986 report
BOOKS124489I: JOWELL, Roger and others (eds) - British social attitudes: the 1987 report
BOOKS124490I: JOWELL, Roger & WITHERSPOON, Sharon (eds) - British social attitudes: the 1985 report
BOOKS124476I: JOWELL, Roger and others (eds) - British social attitudes: the 8th report
BOOKS124483I: JOWELL, Roger and others - British social attitudes: special international report
BOOKS089170I: JOWELL, Roger and others (eds) - British social attitudes, the 9th report
BOOKS064774I: JOWETT, Evelyn M. - A history of Merton and Morden
BOOKS231911I: JOWETT, Judy - The warning carriers: how messengers of the Goldsmiths' Company warned the luxury trades of criminal activities in Eighteenth-century London
BOOKS294853I: JOWITT, R.L.P. & JOWITT, Dorothy M. - The Isle of Wight
BOOKS267115I: JOY, William - The aviators
BOOKS104863I: JOY, William & PRIOR, Tom - The Bushrangers
BOOKS270903I: JOY, William - The aviators
BOOKS161012I: JOY, Charles R. & ARNOLD, Melvin - The Africa of Albert Schweizer
BOOKS229894I: JOYCE, Davis D. - Howard Zinn: a radical American vision
BOOKS233971I: JOYCE, James - A portrait of the artist as a young man
BOOKS233685I: JOYCE, John (ed) - The Jazz Archivist: a newsletter of the William Ransom Hogan Jazz Archive, vol.X, 1-2 (May - December 1995)
BOOKS148210I: JOYCE, James - A portrait of the artist as a young man
BOOKS035997I: JOYCE, J. (ed) - Modern tramway review
BOOKS053349I: JOYCE, J. (ed) - Modern tramway review
BOOKS191381I: JOYCE, James - Dubliners
BOOKS139883I: JOYCE, Patrick - The history of Morden College, Blackheath, 1695 to the present
BOOKS234889I: JOYCE, T. Heath - Much ado about something
BOOKS247592I: JOYCE, James - Dubliners
BOOKS143824I: JOYCE, Barry - Derbyshire: detail and character - a celebration of its towns and villages
BOOKS125649I: JOYCE, H.S. - Holiday trout fishing
BOOKS216169I: JOYCE, Barry and others - Derbyshire: detail & character - a celebration of its towns & villages
BOOKS297015I: JOYCE, J (Rev) - Scientific dialogues; intended for the instruction and entertainment of young people: in which the first principles of natural and experimental philosophy are full explained
BOOKS298101I: JOYCE, J & WYSE, W. J (eds) - Modern Tramway and Light Railway Review/Modern Tramway and Light Rapid Transit, 1962-1979
BOOKS107372I: JOYCE, James - Exiles: a play in three acts
BOOKS098413I: JOYCE, James - Pomes Penyeach and other verses
BOOKS298051I: JOYCE, J. (compiler) - The British tramway scene
BOOKS048934I: JOYCE, James - A portrait of the artist as a young man
BOOKS186296I: JOYCE, James - Dubliners
BOOKS298022I: JOYCE, J. (editor) - Modern Tramway and Light Railway Review: March 1962: vol. 25 no. 291
BOOKS084966I: JOYNT, Carey B. - John Foster Dulles and the Suez crisis
BOOKS265250I: JOZSEF, Goncz & BELA, Bognar - Szep Felvidekunk II: Eljen a Haza: kordokumentumokon es tortenelmi kepeslapokon
BOOKS079695I: JUBAK, Jim - In the image of the brain: breaking the barrier between the human mind and intelligent machines
BOOKS105855I: JUBENVILLE, Alan and others - Outdoor recreation management: theory and application
BOOKS108387I: JUDD, Alfred - The school on the steep: a chronicle of happenings
BOOKS291169I: JUDE, M. & POP, C. - Monumente sculpturale Romane in Muzeul de Istorie Turda
BOOKS097218I: JUDGE, Michael - The killing trade
BOOKS208844I: JUDGE, Colin - The L. M. S. era
BOOKS151254I: JUDGE, C.W. - Oxford past and present
BOOKS121520I: JUDGE, Arthur W. - Steroscopic photography: its application to science, industry and education
BOOKS150432I: JUDGE, Tony - The force of persuasion
BOOKS170663I: JUDGE, Arthur W - Engineering workshop practice: a practical work on engineering workshop tools, machines, materials and equipment, engineering manufacturing processes amd machining operations, Vols 1-3
BOOKS216364I: JUDRIN, Claudie - Rodin, drawings and watercolours
BOOKS270872I: JUDSON, David & CHAMPION, Arthur - Caving and potholing
BOOKS072478I: JUDSON, David (ed) - Caving practice & equipment
BOOKS181617I: JUDSON, David (ed) - Caving practice and equipment
BOOKS287082I: JUDSON, Henry P.ratt - Caesar's Army: a study of the military art of the Romans in the last days of the Republic
BOOKS180153I: JUKES, Matthew - Wine: everything you ever wanted to know about wine but were afraid to ask
BOOKS207831I: NORWICH. John Julius - Still more Christmas crackers: being ten commonplace selections
BOOKS046722I: JULIUS, Deanne - Global companies and public policy: the growing challenge of foreign direct investment
BOOKS044325I: JULLIAN, Philippe - Oscar Wilde
BOOKS077208I: JULLIAN, Philippe and PHILLIPS, John - Violet Trefusis: life and letters
BOOKS153744I: JULLIAN, Phillippe - Flight into Egypt
BOOKS056862I: JULLIEN, R. and others (eds) - Proceedings of the workshop on surface disordering: growth, roughening and phase transitions
BOOKS238919I: JUMA, Calestous & SERAGELDIN, Ismail - Freedom to innovate: biotechnology in Africa's development
BOOKS149066I: JUMPER, Sidney R. and others - Economic growth and disparities: a world view
BOOKS239656I: JUMSAI, Manich - History of Thailand & Cambodia (from the days of Angkor to the present)
BOOKS114187I: MA Ying-Jun - Job title degree in Chinese and English (dictionary)
BOOKS245120I: JUN, Zhou (ed) - Chinese Universities and Colleges
BOOKS013598I: JUNEAU, James - Judy Garland
BOOKS229714I: JUNEAU, Thomas & RAZAVI, Sam (eds) - Iranian foreign policy since 2001: alone in the world
BOOKS077435I: JUNEJA, Om P. - Post colonial novel: narratives of colonial consciousness
BOOKS297894I: JUNG, Ingvar - The marine turbine: a historical review by a Swedish engineer, part 1: the days of coal and steam 1897-1927
BOOKS295408I: JUNGER, Ernst - Auf Den Marmorklippen
BOOKS126028I: JUNGMAN, Beatrix - Holland, by Nico Jungman
BOOKS049899I: JUNIOR, Allan - Canny tales about ministers and elders
BOOKS286684I: JUNIPER, William - The true drunkards delight
BOOKS295254I: JUNKELMANN, Marcus - Die Reiter Roms: teil 1: Reise, Jagd, Triumph und Circusrennen
BOOKS292916I: JUNKELMANN, Marcus - Reiter wie statuen aus Erz
BOOKS073423I: JUNKINS, Charles Edson - "Sweetness and light": a volume of poems
BOOKS015287I: JUNOR, Penny - Margaret Thatcher: wife, mother, politician
BOOKS051119I: JUNOR, Penny - Charles, victim or villain?
BOOKS060106I: JUNOR, Penny - The Major enigma
BOOKS156921I: JUPP, Peter - British and Irish elections, 1784-1831
BOOKS198892I: JURICA, John (ed) - Transactions of the Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society vol. 122, 2004
BOOKS198543I: JURICA, John (ed) - Transactions of the Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society, volume 116, 1998
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BOOKS177544I: KENNEDY, A.E. & KAYE, Albert - The wonderful animal book
BOOKS287895I: KENNEDY, A.E (illlus) - Mother Goose rhymes
BOOKS263663I: KENNEL, Herma - Die Welt im Frühling verlassen
BOOKS235389I: KENNELLY, Jacqueline - Olympic exclusions: youth, poverty and social legacies
BOOKS230724I: KENNERLEY, Peter - The building of Liverpool Cathedral
BOOKS247253I: KENNERLEY, Peter - The building of Liverpool Cathedral
BOOKS240225I: KENNERLEY, Peter - The building of Liverpool Cathedral
BOOKS285172I: KENNETT, Bill & Helen - Harleston Fair: The story of Robert Greene
BOOKS022584I: KENNETT, Frances & SCARLETT, Belinda - Country house needlepoint
BOOKS054194I: KENNEY, M.E. - Christie's next things
BOOKS190929I: KENNEY-HERBERT, A.R. - Vegetarian and simple diet
BOOKS175420I: KENNEY-HERBERT, A.R. - Wyvern's Indian cookery book, being a new and revised edition of 'Culinary jottings for Madras'.
BOOKS239156I: KENNEY, Cyril Ernest - The Quadrant and the Quill: a book written in honour of Captain Samuel Sturmy, "a tryed and trusty sea-man," and author of The Mariner's Magazine, 1669
BOOKS264229I: KENNING, L & others - DB-Triebwagen der 50er Jahre: die Stromlinientriebwgen des deustschen Wirtschaftswunders
BOOKS068027I: KENNINGTON, Don - The sourcebook of golf
BOOKS212127I: KENNION, R.L. - Sport and life in the Further Himalaya.
BOOKS008765I: KENNY, John B. - Ceramic sculpture
BOOKS043856I: KENNY, John B. - The complete book of pottery making
BOOKS124177I: KENNY, Courtney Stanhope - A selection of cases illustrative of English criminal law
BOOKS243947I: KENRICK, Vivienne - Horses in Japan
BOOKS166554I: KENRICK, Rosemary - Culinary herbs
BOOKS266048I: KENRICK, Donald & PUXON, Grattan - Gypsies under the Swastika
BOOKS134113I: KENSDALE, W.E.N. - Field notes on the Arabic literature of the Western Sudan
BOOKS134114I: KENSDALE, W.E.N. - Two South Arabian antiquities
BOOKS270895I: KENSDALE, W.E.N. - Field notes on the Arabic literature of the Western Sudan: Shehu Usumanu dan Fodio
BOOKS266947I: KENSDALE, W. E. N. - Field notes on the Arabic literatures of the Western Sudan; Muhammudu Bello
BOOKS244824I: KENSTOWICZ, Michael J & KISSEBERTH, Charles W (eds) - Issues in phonological theory: Proceedings of the Urbana Conference on Phonology
BOOKS208658I: KENT, W.R.L. & GUNN, D.C. - Boiler plant instrumentation
BOOKS155091I: KENT, Noel Jacob - America in 1900
BOOKS170169I: KENT, Marie Christine (Princess Michael of Kent) - Cupid and the King: five royal paramours
BOOKS221844I: KENT, John A. - One of the few
BOOKS037890I: KENT, Alexander - A tradition of victory
BOOKS181986I: KENT, Simon - Ferry to Hongkong
BOOKS202462I: MICHAEL OF KENT (Princess) - Cupid and the king: Five royal paramours
BOOKS170954I: KENT, William - My lord mayor
BOOKS009340I: KENT, Alexander - The darkening sea
BOOKS289576I: KENT, Sarah and MORREAU, Jacqueline (editors) - Women's images of men
BOOKS296458I: KENT, Barrie - Signal!: a history of signalling in the Royal Navy
BOOKS236736I: KENT, Ron - First In! Parachute Pathfinder Company: a history of the 21st Independent Parachute Company, the original pathfinders of British Airborne Forces 1942-1946
BOOKS202456I: KENT, William - Walks in London
BOOKS089689I: KENT, John - Elizabeth Fry
BOOKS147586I: KENT, Douglas H. & LOUSLEY, J. Edward - A hand list of the plants of the London area: flowering plants, ferns and stoneworts, parts I-VII
BOOKS267185I: KENT, Michael John - Haselmere Comrades' Club: 1880 to 1980
BOOKS234509I: KENT, Michael - Hail, Victor Hail !
BOOKS040471I: KENT, Alexander - The inshore squadron
BOOKS209917I: KENT, William - My Lord Mayor
BOOKS216028I: KENT, Alexander - Man of War
BOOKS191016I: KENT, Christobel - The dead season
BOOKS140554I: KENT, John - Holding the fort: studies in Victorian Revivalism
BOOKS091625I: KENTNER, Louis - Piano
BOOKS207217I: KENTNER, Louis - Yehudi Menuhin music guides: Piano
BOOKS128831I: KENTON, Warren - Stage properties and how to make them
BOOKS223835I: KENTON, Warren - Stage properties and how to make them
BOOKS188690I: KENWARD, James - Harborne and its surroundings
BOOKS046112I: KENWARD, John and ROE, Nicholas - Swish fish: an entertaining guide to buying and cooking fish
BOOKS158476I: KENWARD, James - Prep School
BOOKS208754I: KENWARD, James - The roof-tree
BOOKS109120I: KENWORTHY, Christopher - Will you hold me?
BOOKS154482I: KENWRICK, Evelyn E. - Number in the nursery and infant school
BOOKS053019I: KENYON, Nicholas (ed) - The BBC Proms guide to great concertos
BOOKS136493I: KENYON, Nicholas - Simon Rattle: the making of a conductor.
BOOKS003245I: KENYON, Anne - Embroidery and design on patterned fabric
BOOKS045528I: KENYON, Olga - Women's voices: their lives and loves through two thousand years of letters
BOOKS038093I: KENYON, Anne - Embroidery and design on patterned fabric
BOOKS022555I: KENYON, Anne - Embroidery and design on patterned fabric
BOOKS293392I: KENYON, John R. - Kidwelly Castle
BOOKS116417I: KENYON, Max - Harpsichord music: a survey of the virginals, spinet, harpsichord and their continental equivalents; the people who played oon them; the composers of them; and the music they wrote
BOOKS037577I: KENYON, Michael - A healthy way to die
BOOKS050664I: KENYON, Michael - Peckover and the bog man
BOOKS109490I: KENYON, James W. - Easter Egg
BOOKS295355I: KENYON, Kathleen K. & FRERE, Sheppard S. - The Roman Theatre of Verulamium (St. Albans): official guide
BOOKS058935I: KENYON, James W. - Peter Trant: heavyweight champion
BOOKS232054I: KENYON, John R. (ed) - Poste-Medieval Archaeology: the journal of the Society for Post-Medieval Archaeology, volume 26, 1992
BOOKS166185I: KENYON, C. Nigel - Playing on a shoestring: 'sporting bachelor at large'
BOOKS218900I: KENYON, Edith C. - Pickles: a Red Cross heroine
BOOKS132922I: KENYON, Olga - 800 years of women's letters
BOOKS148044I: KENYON, John - Thumbs up!
BOOKS288398I: KENYON, Kathleen M. - Excavations at the Jewry Wall site, Leicester
BOOKS232080I: KENYON, John R (ed) - Post-Medieval Archaeology: the journal of the Society for Post-Medieval Archaeology, volume 27, 1993
BOOKS190015I: KENYON, Katharine M.R. - Keats in Winchester
BOOKS136300I: KENYON, James W. - "On my right..."
BOOKS234584I: KENYON, J.P. - The Stuarts: a study in English kingship
BOOKS148141I: KENYON, James W. - Easter egg
BOOKS202765I: KENYON,J ames William - Peter Trant: cricketer-detective
BOOKS264694I: KENYON, Edith C. - The centenary life of Wesley
BOOKS134560I: KENYON, James William - "On my right..."
BOOKS268911I: KENYUR HODGKINS, Ian Garner - Three Housmans: exhibition catalogue
BOOKS087115I: KEOGH, E.G. - Shenandoah 1861-62
BOOKS155637I: KEOGH, Brian & GILL, Melvyn - British domestic design through the ages
BOOKS011415I: KEOWN, Eric - Peggy Ashcroft
BOOKS201006I: KEOWN, Damien (ed) - Buddhist studies from India to America: essays in honor of Charles S. Prebish
BOOKS089250I: KEOWN, Eric and LANGLEY, Nina Scott - The complete dog's dudgeon or hard words on the human
BOOKS155861I: KEPPEL, Charlotte - The villains: a haunting tale of the marshes
BOOKS296562I: KEPPIE, Lawrence - The legacy of Rome: Scotland's Roman remains
BOOKS287603I: KEPPIE, L.J.F. and ARNOLD, Beverly J. - Great Britain: volume 1 fascicule 4: Scotland (corpus signorum imperii Romani: corpus of sculpture of the Roman world)
BOOKS296089I: KEPPIE, Lawrence - The legacy of Rome: Scotland's Roman remains
BOOKS293797I: KEPPIE, L.J & ARNOLD, Beverley J - Great Britain, volume I Fascicule 4: Scotland
BOOKS038980I: KER, Alan - Poems by Alan Ker, 1904-1967
BOOKS139828I: KER, David - Under the flag of France: a tale of Bertrand du Guesclin
BOOKS267352I: KER, W.P - Epic and Romance: essays on Medieval literature
BOOKS238028I: KER, J. Inglis. - Scotland for the motorist
BOOKS139929I: KERBAKER, Andrea (ed) - Skira 1928-2008: storie e immagini di una casa editrice
BOOKS298089I: DE KERBRECH, Richard P. - The last liners of the White Star Line: MV Britannic and MV Georgic
BOOKS151580I: KERCHER, John - Guns N' Roses special
BOOKS237768I: KERFOOT, J.B. - Broadway
BOOKS230004I: KERIVEL, Liza & others - L'auberge: Estelle Lagarde
BOOKS132464I: KERKUT, G.A. - The invertebrata: a manual for the use of students
BOOKS158493I: KERKUT, G.A. - The invertebrata: a manual for the use of students
BOOKS143757I: KERMANI, Abdy - Structural timber design
BOOKS107741I: KERMODE, Frank - Romantic image
BOOKS188972I: KERMODE, Frank & LASKY, Melvin J. (eds) - Encounter, vol.XXVIII, no.4, April 1967
BOOKS192975I: KERMODE, Frank and others - English Renaissance literature: introductory lectures
BOOKS266624I: KERMODE, P.M.C - Catalogue of the Manks crosses with the Runic inscriptions and various readings and renderings compared
BOOKS238561I: KERN, Walter (ed) - J.P. Hodin. European critic: essays by various hands & published as a tribute on his sixtieth birthday
BOOKS043599I: KERN, Fritz - The wildbooters

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