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BOOKS039935I: HUXLEY, ELSPETH - The red rock wilderness
BOOKS198863I: HUXLEY, ELSPETH - The walled city: a novel
BOOKS007199I: HUXLEY, JULIAN - Democracy marches
BOOKS068628I: HUXLEY, ALDOUS - Brief candles: stories
BOOKS244640I: HUXLEY, ALDOUS - Text & Pretexts: an anthology with commentaries
BOOKS008439I: HUXLEY, ELSPETH - Their shining Eldorado: a journey through Australia
BOOKS158695I: HUXLEY, ALDOUS - Twice seven: fourteen selected stories
BOOKS056338I: HUXLEY, ELSPETH - Their shining Eldorado: a journey through Australia
BOOKS193107I: HUXLEY, THOMAS HENRY - Man's place in nature and other essays
BOOKS171804I: HUXLEY, ALDOUS - Two or three graces and other stories
BOOKS271775I: HUXLEY, ALDOUS - Brief candles
BOOKS087196I: HUXLEY, ALDOUS - Beyond the Mexique Bay
BOOKS167520I: HUXLEY, LEONARD - Life and letters of Sir Joseph Dalton Hooker O.M.,G.C.S.I., based on materials collected and arranged by Lady Hooker (2 volumes)
BOOKS240842I: HUXLEY, ALDOUS - The Gioconda Smile: a play from the short story in 'Mortal Coils'
BOOKS167361I: HUXLEY, JULIAN & KETTLEWELL, H.B. - Charles Darwin and his world
BOOKS268400I: HUXLEY, ANTHONY - Plant and planet
BOOKS175669I: HUXLEY, JULIAN - TVA: adventure in planning
BOOKS268159I: HUXLEY, RON - The rise and fall of the Severn Railway Bridge, 1872-1970: an illustrated history
BOOKS257250I: HUXLEY, PAUL - Exhibition Road : painters at the Royal College of Art
BOOKS271807I: HUXLEY, ALDOUS - Crome yellow
BOOKS263175I: HUXLEY, ALDOUS - Rotunda: a selection from the works of Aldous Huxley
BOOKS244287I: HUXLEY, ALDOUS - Rotunda: a selection from the works of Aldous Huxley
BOOKS073232I: HUXTER, NEIL - The ebbing tide: a collection of sonnets
BOOKS232685I: HUYGEN, FREDERIQUE - British design: image & identity
BOOKS222921I: HUYGEN, FREDERIQUE - British design: image & identity
BOOKS082526I: HUYGHE, RENE (ED) - Larousse encyclopedia of modern art from 1800 to the present day
BOOKS209233I: HUYGHE, RENE (ED) - Larousse encyclopedia of Byzantine and Medieval art
BOOKS271842I: HUZARD, J.-B. - Instruction sur l'amelioration des chexaux en France, destinee principalment aux cultivateurs
BOOKS024011I: HYAMS, EDWARD - Pleasure from plants
BOOKS026179I: HYAMS, EDWARD - William Medium
BOOKS033964I: HYAMS, EDWARD - All we possess
BOOKS042504I: HYAMS, EDWARD - Pleasure from plants
BOOKS167015I: HYAMS, EDWARD - The Millennium postponed
BOOKS197560I: HYAMS, EDWARD - A history of gardens and gardening.
BOOKS087603I: HYAMS, EDWARD - The story of England's flora
BOOKS200581I: HYAMS, EDWARD - Final Agenda
BOOKS273845I: HYAMS, EDWARD - The English garden
BOOKS244001I: HYAMS, EDWARD - Sylvester
BOOKS234493I: HYATT, STANLEY PORTAL - The law of the Bolo
BOOKS234985I: HYATT, STANLEY PORTAL - Biffel: a trek ox
BOOKS119610I: HYDE, JAMES WILSON - The post in grant and farm
BOOKS117150I: HYDE, NORMAN - Four faces of British music
BOOKS036911I: HYDE, H. MONTGOMERY - Norman Birkett: the life of Lord Birkett of Ulverston
BOOKS197826I: HYDE, H.MONTGOMERY - Mr. and Mrs. Beeton
BOOKS274445I: HYDE, LEWIS - Trickster makes this world: how disruptive imagination creates culture
BOOKS195891I: HYDE, H. MONTGOMERY - Henry James at home
BOOKS000025I: HYDE, H. MONTGOMERY - The atom bomb spies
BOOKS274437I: HYDE, CHRISTOPHER - Whisperland
BOOKS013919I: HYDE, H. MONTGOMERY - Oscar Wilde
BOOKS273857I: HYDE, CHRISTOPHER - Maxwell's train
BOOKS246206I: HYDE, NEIL AND OTHERS - 100 - celebrating the centenary of the Old Patesians RFC 1912/13 - 2012/13
BOOKS264222I: HYDE, MILFORD & OTHERS - Air Stories: flying thrills and aerial adventure, Vol. I, No. 7, November 1935
BOOKS274733I: HYDE, CHRISTOPHER - Hard target
BOOKS163829I: HYDE, VICTOR - Freelance journalism: a practical guide to success
BOOKS009500I: HYDE, H. MONTGOMERY - A tangled web: sex scandals in British politics and society
BOOKS256195I: HYDEN,WALFORD - Pavlova: the genius of dance.
BOOKS217871I: HYDER, ALAN - Prelude to blue mountains
BOOKS233411I: HYE, HASNAT ABDUL (ED) - Governance: South Asian perspective
BOOKS139972I: HYETT, FRANCIS ADAMS & BAZELEY, WILLIAM - The bibliographer's manual of Gloucestershire literature being a classified catalogue of books, pamphlets, broadsides, and other printed matter relating to the county of Gloucester or to the city of Bristol, with descriptive and explanatory notes, vol.I.
BOOKS096519I: HYETT, FRANCIS ADAMS AND BAZELEY, WILLIAM (REV.) - The bibliographer's manual of Gloucestershire literature, being a classified catalogue of books, pamphlets, broadsides, and other printed matter relating to the County of Gloucester or to the City of Bristol, with descriptive and explanatory notes, vol.I.
BOOKS056351I: HYLAND, ANN - Riding long distance
BOOKS130086I: HYLAND, GARTH - Desert images of Saudi Arabia
BOOKS041154I: HYLAND, ANN - Beginner's guide to endurance riding
BOOKS220076I: HYLAND, L. (ED) - The Irish Railfans' News, vol. 3, no. 1, January 1957
BOOKS231136I: HYLANDS, GEORGE J. - Fifty years on British bikes
BOOKS196167I: HYLSON-SMITH, KENNETH - The churches in England from Elizabeth I to Elizabeth II, volume I: 1558-1688
BOOKS232765I: HYLSON-SMITH, KENNETH - The Churches in England from Elizabeth I to Elizabeth II, Volume 1, 1558-1688
BOOKS191981I: HYLTON, STUART - Reading places, Reading people: an illustrated history of the town
BOOKS012667I: HYLTON, WILLIAM AND OTHERS - Handcrafted shelves & cabinets
BOOKS185091I: HYMAN, P.S. - U.K. nature conservation, no.3: a review of the scarce and threatened Coloptera of Great Britain
BOOKS033346I: HYMAN, ALAN - The Gaiety years
BOOKS235534I: HYMAN, ANTHONY - Charles Babbage: pioneer of the computer
BOOKS107971I: HYMAN, MAC - No time for sergeants
BOOKS114926I: HYMERS, PAUL - Converting to an eco-friendly home: the complete handbook
BOOKS274089I: CUNNINGHAM OF HYNDHOPE (VISCOUNT) - A sailor's odyssey: the autobiography of Admiral of the Fleet Viscount Cunningham of Hyndhope
BOOKS169621I: HYNE, CUTCLIFFE - The filibusters
BOOKS127107I: HYNE, C.J. CUTCLIFFE - Captain Kettle K.C.B. (the last adventures).
BOOKS129392I: HYNE, C.J. CUTCLIFFE - The Rev. Captain Kettle
BOOKS202732I: HYNES, H.B.N. - The biology of polluted waters
BOOKS226390I: HYNES, SAMUEL - Flights of passage: reflections of a World War II aviator
BOOKS176837I: HYNES, SAMUEL - Flights of passage: reflections of a World War II aviator
BOOKS160815I: HYSLOP, THEO B. - The great abnormals
BOOKS076500I: HYTONEN, MARJATTA (ED) - Multiple-use forestry in the Nordic countries
BOOKS078240I: HYTONEN, MARJATTA (ED) - Multiple-use forestry in the Nordic countries
BOOKS185520I: IACARUSO, PINO - Honey: my autobiography
BOOKS182674I: IACARUSO, PINO - Honey: my autobiography
BOOKS139598I: IACARUSO, PINO - Honey: my autobiography
BOOKS221850I: IANUSHKOV, V. AND OTHERS - The businessman's Russian- English dictionary Volume 2 of 2.
BOOKS267852I: IATRIDIS, YANOUKOS - Flowers of Crete
BOOKS227703I: IBANEZ, TOMAS & INIGUEZ, LUPICINIO (EDS) - Critical social psychology
BOOKS009300I: IBBERSON, MARY - For joy that we are here: rural music schools 1929-1950
BOOKS152149I: IBBERSON, DAVID - Corsham p.p.c's
BOOKS245198I: IBBETSON, JOHN HOLT - Specimens in eccentric circular turning: With practical instructions for producing corresponding pieces in that art (Classic Reprint)
BOOKS197209I: IBBETT, WILLIAM J. - Chosen poems of William J. Ibbett
BOOKS242648I: IBELL, BRIGID - Malerei und Ordnung / Painting and Order
BOOKS157502I: WOMEN & GEOGRAPHY STUDY GROUP OF THE IBG - Geography and gender: an introduction to feminist geography
BOOKS173230I: IBOU, PAUL (ED) - Banking symbols collection: international collection of trademarks and symbols of banking and saving companies all over the world, volume 2
BOOKS149587I: IBSEN, HENRIK - Ghosts; The Warriors at Helgeland; An Enemy of the People.
BOOKS249625I: IBSEN, HENRIK - John Gabriel Borkman: a play in four acts
BOOKS147209I: IBSEN, HENRIK - Nora: a play
BOOKS147296I: IBSEN, HENRIK - Three plays: The pillars of the comunity; The wild duck; Hedda Gabler
BOOKS243729I: IBSEN, HENRIK - A Doll's House and two other plays
BOOKS104089I: IBSEN, HENRIK - The Pillars of Society, and other plays
BOOKS188486I: IBSEN, HENRIK - Six plays
BOOKS180543I: ICELY, H.E.M - Blockley through twelve centuries: annals of a Cotswold parish
BOOKS003359I: ICKIS, MARGUERITE - The standard book of quilt making and collecting
BOOKS008915I: ICKIS, MARGUERITE - The standard book of quilt making and collecting
BOOKS066490I: ICKIS, MARGUERITE - Standard book of quilt making and collecting
BOOKS168443I: ICKS, ROBERT J. - AFV weapons profile No. 52: M47 Patton
BOOKS047385I: ICUMSA (INTERNATIONAL COMMISSION FOR UNIFORM METHODS OF SUGAR ANALYSIS) - Report of the proceedings of the twentieth session held in Colorado Springs 3-8 June 1990
BOOKS201015I: IDA, TAKONORI - Broadband economics: Lessons from Japan
BOOKS245307I: IDE, EISAKU & PARK, GENE (EDS) - Deficits and debt in industrialized democracies
BOOKS048982I: AN IDEALIST (MARY WILKINSON) - Shattered dreams
BOOKS117739I: IDLE, CHRISTOPHER - Christmas carols and their stories
BOOKS275409I: IDRIESS, ION L - The great boomerang
BOOKS205329I: "IDSTONE" (THOMAS PEARCE) - The ''Idstone'' papers, a series of articles and desultory observations on sport and things in general
BOOKS205227I: "IDSTONE" (THOMAS PEARCE) - The "Idstone" papers: a series of articles and desultory observations on sport and things in general
BOOKS238982I: IDZIAK, PAWET & PERZANOWSKI, JERZY (EDS) - Reports on mathematical logic, no.34
BOOKS238995I: IDZIAK, PAWET & PERZANOWSKI, JERZY (EDS) - Reports on Mathematical Logic, no.29
BOOKS239006I: IDZIAK, PAWEL M & PERZANOWSKI, JERZY (EDS) - Reports on Mathematical Logic, no.33
BOOKS239009I: IDZIAK, PAWEL M & PERZANOWSKI, JERZY (EDS) - Reports on Mathematical Logic, no.42
BOOKS239022I: IDZIAK, PAWEL M & OTHERS (EDS) - Roports on Mathematical Logic, no.43
BOOKS030126I: CH'IEN, HSIAO - Traveller without a map
BOOKS226135I: IERLEY, M. - With charity for all: Welfare and society, ancient times to the present
BOOKS257996I: IFRAH, GEORGES - The universal history of numbers (3 vols): "World's first number-systems", "The modern number-system", "The computer and the information revolution"
BOOKS251557I: IGGERS, WILMA ABELES - Women of Prague: ethnic diversity and social change from the eighteenth century to the present
BOOKS048646I: DE LA IGLESIA, MARIA ELENA - The catalogue of American catalogues: how to buy practically everything by mail in America
BOOKS271849I: IGNATIEFF, MICHAEL - The warrior's honour: ethnic war and the modern conscience
BOOKS271812I: IGNATIEFF, MICHAEL - Blood and belonging: journeys into the new nationalism
BOOKS271848I: IGNATIEFF, MICHAEL - Human rights as politics and idolatry:
BOOKS159215I: IGNATIEFF, MICHAEL - Isaiah Berlin: a life
BOOKS267560I: CONTEM IGNOTUS - The golden decade of a favoured town, being the biographical sketches and personal recollections of the celebrated characters who have been connected with Cheltenham from 1843 to 1853
BOOKS033879I: CONTEM IGNOTUS - The golden decade of a favoured town
BOOKS170796I: IGORT - 5 is the perfect number (1994-2002)
BOOKS142161I: JOHN PAUL II - Crossing the threshold of hope
BOOKS106275I: IISS - Politics and conflict in the Middle East, volume II (Adelphi papers)
BOOKS160365I: IKE, NOBATUKA - A theory of Japanese democracy
BOOKS112859I: IKEGAMI, T. AND OTHERS (EDS) - Gallium Arsenide and related compounds: Proceedings of the Nineteenth International Symposium on Gallium Arsenide and Related Compounds, Karuizawa, Japan,1992
BOOKS190321I: IKERRIN, DAVID - Ladbroke's Flat racing companion 1986
BOOKS229780I: IKIME, OBARO (ED) - Leadership in 19th Century Africa: essays from Tarikh
BOOKS081676I: IKO, PER AND OTHERS (EDS) - La guerre totale, la defense total, 1789-2000 / The total war, the total defence, 1789 -2000
BOOKS005855I: ILES, JANE - The needlework garden: over 20 creative designs
BOOKS044463I: ILES, JANE - Old English roses in needlework
BOOKS048542I: ILES, JANE - The needlework garden: over 20 creative designs
BOOKS241591I: ILES, GERRY - War-time memoirs of Shirley residents - 1939 to 1945
BOOKS275079I: ILES, FRANCIS - Malice aforethought: the story of a commonplace crime
BOOKS191432I: ILES, GREG - Dead sleep
BOOKS125375I: ILIFFE, ANNA - sunshine: a holiday in southern Italy
BOOKS273774I: ILLES, JUDIKA - Pure magic: a complete course in spellcasting
BOOKS032835I: ILLINGWORTH, RAY - Spinner's wicket
BOOKS155099I: ILLINGWORTH, C.F.W. - Peptic ulcer
BOOKS051056I: ILLINGWORTH, JOHN L. - Yorkshire's ruined castles
BOOKS039089I: ILLINGWORTH, JOHN AND ROUTH, JANE (ED) - Reginald Farrer: Dalesman, planthunter, gardener
BOOKS046155I: ILLSLEY, JANET (ED) - MasterChef (1995)
BOOKS216692I: 'ILLUSIONIST' - Popular magic for the amateur conjurer
BOOKS217501I: ASSOCIATION OF ILLUSTRATORS - Images 23: the best of British illustration
BOOKS144607I: ASSOCIATION OF MEDICAL ILLUSTRATORS - The medical illustration source book
BOOKS121842I: ASSOCIATION OF ILLUSTRATORS - Images 31 2007: the best of British contemporary illustration
BOOKS246171I: ILVAS, JUHA - The Kansallis Centenary Collection of Finnish Art
BOOKS241365I: IMAGEBANK - Image Bank Retrospective 1910-1970
BOOKS169624I: IMAN, RAYMOND S & KOCH, THOMAS W - Labor in American society
BOOKS197023I: IMBER, HUGH - The Spine
BOOKS173067I: IMES, RICK - Insects: the practical guide to entomology
BOOKS123275I: IMLAH, MICK (ED) - Poetry Review, volume 75, no.2, August 1985
BOOKS013127I: IMLAY, ROBERT - A fallen leaf: poems on America and other themes
BOOKS013128I: IMLAY, ROBERT - Atlantic river
BOOKS128841I: IMMS, A.D. - Insect natural history
BOOKS272336I: IMMS, A.D - Insect natural history
BOOKS049162I: IMMS, A.D. / RICHARDS, O.W. AND DAVIES, R.G. - Outlines of entomology
BOOKS250321I: IMMS, A. D. - Insect natural history
BOOKS267571I: IMMS, A.D - Insect natural history (New Naturalist)
BOOKS095021I: IMPEY, ROSE - Sir Billy Bear and other friends
BOOKS192213I: INAL, GULSELI - Ertugrul Ates
BOOKS259312I: MOGI-INC - Electric scooter XYDH - 051: instruction leaflet
BOOKS246496I: JEANETTE CREWS DESIGNS INC - The OmniBook of quickies
BOOKS224991I: INCE, RICHARD BASIL - England's High Chancellor: a romance.
BOOKS153655I: INCHBALD, RALPH - September story, being the third adventure of Colonel Paternoster
BOOKS204041I: INCHBALD, ELIZABETH (MRS) - A simple story, and, Nature and art
BOOKS244068I: INCHBOLD, A.C. - Under the Syrian sun: the Lebanon, Baalbek, Galilee, and Judea, volume II
BOOKS062541I: INCHFAWN, FAY - Songs of the ups and downs
BOOKS269918I: INCHFAWN, FAY - The adventures of a homely woman
BOOKS049918I: INCHFAWN, FAY - Grandmother's ballads
BOOKS063278I: INCHFAWN, FAY - Dreams on the golden road
BOOKS062363I: INCHFAWN, FAY - The adventures of a homely woman
BOOKS210837I: INCHFAWN, FAY - Homely verses of a home-lover
BOOKS062709I: INCHFAWN, FAY - Barrow Down folk
BOOKS164453I: INCHFAWN, FAY AND OTHERS - Woman's Magazine, May 1938
BOOKS185697I: INCHFAWN, FAY - The verse-book of a homely woman .
BOOKS218655I: INCHFAWN, FAY - Verses of a house-mother
BOOKS161177I: INCHFAWN, FAY - Verse of a house-mother
BOOKS242148I: INCHLEY, WILLIAM - Steam boilers and boiler accessories: for steam users, engineers, and engineering students
BOOKS274334I: INCHLEY, WILLIAM - The theory of heat engines
BOOKS215366I: IND, ROSEMARY - Emberton
BOOKS061187I: INDERWICK, SHEILA - Lungeing the horse and rider
BOOKS085808I: INDERWICK, SHEILA - Lungeing the horse & rider
BOOKS114346I: INDERWICK, SHEILA - Lungeing the horse and rider
BOOKS222223I: INDEX ON CENSORSHIP / VIDAL-HALL, JUDITH (ED) - Index on Censorship: The lying game [volume 33, no.2, April 2004, issue 211]
BOOKS119030I: SURVEY OF INDIA - Machine computation
BOOKS042487I: INDIAMAN - Three adresses: an essay in publishing ecology
BOOKS257459I: D'INDY, VINCENT - Cesar Franck
BOOKS185706I: MINISTRY OF INFORMATION - Roof over Britain: the official story of Britain's Anti-aircraft defences 1939-1942
BOOKS096110I: MINISTRY OF INFORMATION - Over to you: new broadcasts by the R.A.F.
BOOKS189164I: MINISTRY OF INFORMATION - The Royal Marines: the Admiralty account of their achievement 1939-1943
BOOKS117006I: MINISTRY OF INFORMATION - East of Malta, West of Suez: the Admiralty account of the naval war in the Eastern Mediterranean September 1939 to March 1941
BOOKS274990I: MINISTRY OF INFORMATION - The Abyssinian Campaigns: the official story of the conquest of Italian East Africa
BOOKS131680I: ING, CATHERINE & POND, GRACE - Champion cats of the world
BOOKS174001I: ING, JANET - Johann Gutenberg and his Bible: an historical study
BOOKS249783I: INGALESE, RICHARD & INGALESE, ISABELLA - From incarnation to re-incarnation
BOOKS249784I: INGALESE, RICHARD & INGALESE, ISABELLA - Cosmogony and evolution
BOOKS126992I: INGATE, MARY - A tomb of flowers
BOOKS155793I: INGE, WILLIAM RALPH - The Victorian Age: the Rede Lecture for 1922
BOOKS087936I: INGE, KAREN & BRUKNER, PETER - Food for sport: a nutrition guide for sportsmen, sportswomen, coaches and parents
BOOKS051181I: INGE, WILLIAM RALPH - Personal idealism and mysticism: the Paddock Lectures for 1906
BOOKS010278I: INGELOW, JEAN - A story of doom and other poems
BOOKS178403I: INGELOW, JEAN - A sister's bye-hours
BOOKS250136I: INGELOW, JEAN - Poems by Jean Ingelow
BOOKS261158I: INGER, R.F. & TAN FUI LIAN - The natural history of amphibians and reptiles in Sabah
BOOKS001308I: INGERSOLL, RALPH - The battle is the pay-off
BOOKS017627I: INGERSOLL, RALPH - The battle is the pay-off
BOOKS145233I: INGHAM, BERNARD - Kill the messenger
BOOKS271247I: INGHAM, MKE - Air Force memorials of Lincolnshire
BOOKS045178I: INGLE, JACK - No brief candle
BOOKS248321I: INGLE, R.W - Shallow-water crabs
BOOKS239537I: INGLIS-JONES, ELISABETH - Augustus Smith of Scilly
BOOKS262557I: GALL & INGLIS - The safety cycling map of England, sheet no.3: Central division.
BOOKS106377I: INGLIS, FRED (EDITED) - Literature and environment: essays in reading and social studies
BOOKS154584I: INGLIS, K.S. - The Australian colonists: an exploration of social history, 1788-1870
BOOKS162918I: GALL & INGLIS - Gall & Inglis' Tourist map of Scotland: the Clyde, for cyclists, tourists &c.
BOOKS223087I: INGLIS, JOHN - Border Land, and other poems
BOOKS273541I: INGLIS, WILLIAM O. - Champions off guard
BOOKS197495I: INGLIS, HARRY R.G. - The 'Contour' road book of Scotland: a series of elevation plans of the roads, with measurements and descriptive letterpress.
BOOKS099753I: INGOLD, C. T. - Spore liberation
BOOKS099984I: INGOLD, C. - The biology of fungi
BOOKS127093I: INGOLD, C.T. - The biology of fungi
BOOKS206774I: INGOLD, C.T. - Dispersal in fungi
BOOKS005522I: INGOLDSBY, THOMAS - Misadventures at Margate: a legend of Jarvis's Jetty.
BOOKS063143I: INGOLDSBY, THOMAS - The Ingoldsby legends or Mirth & marvels
BOOKS022648I: INGOLDSBY, THOMAS - The Ingoldsby legends, or Mirth and marvels: first series
BOOKS083372I: INGOLDSBY, THOMAS - The Ingoldsby legends or mirth and marvels, third series
BOOKS052227I: INGOLDSBY, THOMAS (BARHAM, R.H.) - The Ingoldsby legends, or Mirth and Marvels, second series
BOOKS224702I: INGOLDSBY, THOMAS - The Ingoldsby Legends or mirth and marvels
BOOKS188819I: INGOLDSBY, THOMAS - The jackdaw of Rheims
BOOKS126483I: INGOLDSBY, THOMAS - The Ingoldsby Legends or mirth and marvels
BOOKS083371I: INGOLDSBY, THOMAS - The Ingoldsby legends or mirth and marvels, Second series
BOOKS060362I: INGOLDSBY, THOMAS - Misadventures at Margate: a legend of Jarvis's Jetty.
BOOKS186791I: INGOLDSBY, THOMAS - The Ingoldsby legends or Mirth and marvels, vol.I
BOOKS161522I: INGOLDSBY, THOMAS - The Ingoldsby legends, or, mirth and marvels
BOOKS253064I: INGPEN, ROGER - The glory of Belgium
BOOKS158562I: INGRAHAM, J.H. - The Prince of the House of David, or three years in the Holy City
BOOKS251492I: INGRAHAM, J. H. - The pillar of fire; or, Israel in bondage
BOOKS155393I: INGRAM, A.F. WINNINGTON - The afterglow of a great reign: four addresses delivered in St.Paul's Cathedral
BOOKS243763I: INGRAM, H. ST.JOHN - How to win at Bridge
BOOKS264647I: INGRAM, TOM & NEWTON, DOUGLAS (COMPILERS) - Hymns as poetry: an anthology
BOOKS181391I: INGRAM, BRUCE (ED) - The Illustrated London News, Coronation number: Queen Elizabeth II (1953)
BOOKS112116I: INGRAM, ANTHONY - Shepherd's pie: farmer into priest
BOOKS259693I: INGRAM, M EDWARD (ED) - The parish register of Sculcoates (part 1): 1538-1772
BOOKS172734I: INGRAM, GEOFFREY C.S AND OTHERS - The birds of Cardiganshire
BOOKS218235I: INGRAM, KENNETH - Out of darkness: a drama of Flanders
BOOKS199058I: INGRAM, JOHN H. - Christopher Marlowe and his associates
BOOKS231228I: INGWERSEN, WILL - Ingwersen's manual of alpine plants
BOOKS194691I: INGWERSEN, WILL - Manual of Alpine plants
BOOKS160798I: INGWERSEN, WILL - Rock garden plants
BOOKS230972I: INGWERSEN, WILL - Classic garden plants
BOOKS241602I: AN INHABITANT - The Canterbury guide; or, travellers pocket companion
BOOKS060363I: INKELES, GORDON & TODRIS, MURRAY - The art of sensual massage
BOOKS060376I: INKELES, GORDON - Super massage: simple techniques for instant relaxation
BOOKS047988I: INKELES, GORDON - The new massage: total body conditioning for people who exercise
BOOKS189382I: INKERSLEY, THOMAS - An inquiry Iito the chronological succession of the styles of Romanesque and Pointed architecture in France, with notices of some of the principal buildings on which it is founded
BOOKS160537I: INMAN, MELBOURNE - Billiards: How to play and win
BOOKS123188I: INMAN, P. - amounts. to.
BOOKS205019I: INMAN, ERIC R. & TONKIN, NANCY - Beckenham
BOOKS266303I: INMAN, MELBOURNE - Billiards: how to play and win
BOOKS109194I: INMAN, MELBOURNE - Billiards: how to play and win
BOOKS244477I: INNANEN, TAPANI & SALMINEN, VELI-MATTI (EDS) - Hymn, song, society
BOOKS267539I: INNES, MICHAEL - A private view
BOOKS188995I: INNES, HAMMOND - Atlantic fury
BOOKS235183I: INNES, MICHAEL - Lament for a Maker
BOOKS235240I: INNES, MICHAEL - There came both mist and snow
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BOOKS176611I: JAMES, S.T. - Aircraft carrier
BOOKS218111I: JAMES, P. D. - Death of an expert witness
BOOKS147150I: JAMES, M.R. - Lists of manuscripts fornerly in Peterborough Abbey Library, with preface and identifications
BOOKS165247I: JAMES, GRACE - The Blakes and the Blacketts
BOOKS127005I: JAMES, HENRY - London Stories and other writings
BOOKS196434I: JAMES, G.P.R. - The brigand; or, Corse de Leon: a romance
BOOKS199895I: JAMES, HENRY - Tuscan places, as seen by Henry James: with 32 coloured plates and original extracts from Henry James
BOOKS232846I: JAMES, HENRY - The Golden Bowl
BOOKS256765I: JAMES, GLYN - Advanced modern engineering mathematics
BOOKS179181I: JAMES, HENRY AND OTHERS - The English Illustrated Magazine, October 1887 - September 1888
BOOKS270665I: JAMES, DEREK N. - Gloster Aircraft since 1917
BOOKS244051I: JAMES, WILLIAM - Psychology (Briefer course)
BOOKS028407I: JAMES, HENRY - The Lesson of the Master and other stories
BOOKS012576I: JAMES, P.D. - The maul and the pear tree
BOOKS148344I: JAMES, HENRY - The soft side.
BOOKS128002I: JAMES, RUSSELL - Underground
BOOKS128003I: JAMES, RUSSELL - Daylight
BOOKS263479I: JAMES, TOM BEAUMONT & GERRARD, CHRISTOPHER - Clarendon: landscape of Kings
BOOKS129434I: JAMES, STEVE - Third man to fatty's leg: an autobiography
BOOKS220695I: JAMES, HENRY - In the cage and other tales
BOOKS141592I: JAMES, NORAH C. - Pedigree of honey
BOOKS191378I: JAMES, HENRY - Daisy Miller: a study; An international episode; Four meetings
BOOKS145898I: JAMES, GRACE - John & Mary's secret society
BOOKS088527I: JAMES, DAN L. - Cwrs Cymraeg Llafar: conversational Welsh course
BOOKS267715I: JAMES, DEREK N. - The Bristol Aeroplane Company (Archive Photographs)
BOOKS218262I: JAMES, BILL - Come clean
BOOKS149069I: JAMES, HENRY - The wings of the dove
BOOKS190303I: JAMES, IAN - The story of R.A.F. Lulsgate Bottom
BOOKS085839I: JAMES, P.D. - The skull beneath the skin (complete & unabridged)
BOOKS086068I: JAMES, P.D. - Unnatural causes (complete & unabridged)
BOOKS272258I: JAMES, THOMAS - Aesop's fables: a new version chiefly from original sources
BOOKS260609I: JAMES, IOAN - Remarkable physicists: from Galileo to Yukawa
BOOKS268739I: JAMES, DEREK N. - The flying machine in Gloucestershire
BOOKS198747I: JAMES, P.D. - A taste for death
BOOKS210091I: JAMES, N. D.G. - The Bicton Woodland Railway, East Budleigh, Devon
BOOKS256261I: JAMES, ANTONY - A new look at capital punishment
BOOKS160133I: JAMES, P.D. - Shroud for a nightingale
BOOKS255985I: JAMES, P.D. - The Mistletoe Murder and other stories
BOOKS239831I: JAMES, STANLIE M & ROBERTSON, CLAIRE C (EDS_ - Genital cutting and transnational sisterhood: disputing U.S polemics
BOOKS253063I: JAMES. S. T. - Railway stories
BOOKS062533I: JAMES, P.D. - Time to be in earnest: a fragment of autobiography
BOOKS274749I: JAMES. S. T. - Railway stories
BOOKS190641I: JAMES, W - Famous buildings from the air: a series of pen-drawings
BOOKS217721I: JAMES, M.R. - Abbeys
BOOKS176867I: JAMES, OLIVER - Britain on the couch: why we're unhappier compared with 1950, despite being richer - a treatment for the low-serotonin society
BOOKS167433I: JAMES, RUSSELL - Underground
BOOKS167420I: JAMES, RUSSELL - Payback
BOOKS223790I: JAMES, KENNETH & MULLEN,LLOYD - Inspector Thackeray calls
BOOKS261514I: JAMES, TREVOR - Bodies on the moor
BOOKS225277I: JAMES, SUSAN E. - The feminine dynamic in English art, 1485-1603: women as consumers, patrons and painters
BOOKS219262I: JAMES, T.B. (ED) - The third book of remembrance of Southampton 1514-1602: Volume IV 1590-1602
BOOKS236037I: JAMES, BILL - Gospel
BOOKS066187I: JAMES, HENRY - The other house
BOOKS259986I: JAMESON, WILLIAM - Ark Royal 1939-1941
BOOKS221210I: JAMESON, STORM - Morley Roberts: the last eminent Victorian
BOOKS011210I: JAMESON, STORM - The intruder
BOOKS048816I: JAMESON, STORM - The intruder
BOOKS146858I: JAMESON, STORM - The road from the monument
BOOKS210085I: JAMESON, STORM - Before the crossing
BOOKS050341I: JAMESON, STORM - The road from the monument
BOOKS126011I: JAMESON, JILL - Leadership in post-compulsory education: inspiring leaders of the future
BOOKS188391I: JAMESON, STORM - The road from the monument
BOOKS056353I: JAMESON, STORM - The journal of Mary Hervey Russell
BOOKS274618I: JAMESON, STORM - Lady Susan and life: an indiscretion
BOOKS226610I: JAMIESON, EWAN (SIR) - Friend or ally: New Zealand at odds with its past
BOOKS121672I: JAMIESON, ALICE - Today I'm Alice: the heartbreaking memoir of a woman with multiple personality disorder
BOOKS166523I: JAMIESON, ALAN & SMITH, BRIAN S. - Gloucestershire: a local history handbook
BOOKS180494I: JAMIESON, NINA MOORE - The cattle in the stall: sketches and poems
BOOKS196811I: JAMIESON, ANDREW - A text-book on applied mechanics, volume 1
BOOKS192470I: JAMIESON, GEORGE - Radford revelations
BOOKS190059I: JAMIN, M.J. - Cours de physique de 'ecole polytechnique, tome premier
BOOKS215095I: JAMOT, PAUL - A-G Perret et l'architecture du beton arme
BOOKS150007I: JANACEK, LEOS - Lachische Tanze (Lachian dances, Danses de Lachie)
BOOKS116420I: JANAWAY, JOHN - Surrey murders
BOOKS026917I: JANAWAY, JOHN - Surrey privies
BOOKS170763I: JANCOVICH, MARK - American horror from 1951 to the present
BOOKS166880I: JANCOVICH, MARK - The cultural politics of the new criticism
BOOKS145561I: JANE'S - China in crisis
BOOKS002148I: JANE'S / TAYLOR, JOHN W.R. (ED) - Jane's all the world's aircraft 1985-86
BOOKS270570I: JANE, FRED T. (ED) - Jane's All the world's airships 1909
BOOKS172510I: JANE, FRED T. - The British battle-fleet: its inception and growth throughout the centuries
BOOKS158927I: JANE'S / TRILLO, ROBERT L. (ED) - Jane's high speed marine craft and air cushion vehicles (formerly Jane's surface skimmers)
BOOKS147426I: JANES, THOMAS - The beauties of the poets: being a collection of moral and sacred poetry, from the most eminent authors
BOOKS177870I: JANES, PHIL - The galaxy game
BOOKS012696I: JANES, PHIL - Fission impossible
BOOKS194664I: JANES, J. ROBERT - Mannequin
BOOKS252161I: JANICS, KALMAN - Czechoslovak policy and the Hungarian ,minority, 1945-1948
BOOKS110915I: JANIS, MARJORIE GRAHAM - A two-year-old goes to nursery school: a case study of separation reactions
BOOKS004470I: JANITCH, VALERIE - Valerie Janitch's book of crafts: handmade at home
BOOKS250088I: JANNARONE, KIMBERLY (ED) - Vanguard performance beyond left and right
BOOKS127271I: JANNER, GREVILLE - Janner's complete letterwriter
BOOKS243745I: JANNERSTEN, ERIC - Find the mistakes: a Bridge quiz
BOOKS081144I: JANS, DAVID A. - The mobile receptor hypothesis: the role of membrane receptor lateral movement in signal transduction
BOOKS251773I: JANSE, HERMAN - Building Amsterdam
BOOKS238908I: JANSEN, EIRIK G. - Rural Bangladesh: competition for scarce resources
BOOKS191201I: JANSEN, SHEILA - Bridget Brannigan
BOOKS238747I: JANSOHN, CHRISTA & STEGER, FLORIAN (EDS.) - Jahrbuch literatur und medizin: Band VIII
BOOKS146466I: JANSON, HANK - The love secretaries
BOOKS229613I: JANSON, HANK - Amorous captive, Volume 2
BOOKS157844I: JANSON, HANK - Too soon to die
BOOKS062603I: JANSON, HANK - Like poison
BOOKS062604I: JANSON, HANK - Lake loot
BOOKS079178I: JANSON, H.W. - A history of art: a survey of the visual arts from the dawn of history to the present day
BOOKS133366I: JANSON, HANK - Play it quiet
BOOKS107973I: JANSON, HANK - Doctor Fix
BOOKS209192I: JANSON, HANK - Invasion

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