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BOOKS207473I: - Understanding cardiovascular diseases
BOOKS132923I: - The best traditional recipes of Greek cooking
BOOKS243125I: - Rules of the National Union of Railwaymen, January 1st 1920
BOOKS246998I: - Model Engineer: the magazine for the mechanically minded: Vols 122 & 123, 1960 (26 issues)
BOOKS195552I: - Hulk annual 1983
BOOKS184034I: - "Bestway" no.138: jam dishes
BOOKS188116I: - Cassell's family magazine, illustrated 1880
BOOKS128132I: - Anecdotes of the family circle
BOOKS245431I: - Wayfarers' Club Liverpool, Bulletin, 1942
BOOKS190542I: - The Sun guide to the Flat 1998
BOOKS175198I: - Compost et calendrier des bergers
BOOKS077561I: - Revue Mabillon: international review for ecclesiastical history and literature, nouvelle series 8 (tome 69) 1997
BOOKS001458I: - Overlord - 1944
BOOKS236840I: - The Railway Magazine, volume 104, January to December 1958
BOOKS236841I: - The Railway Magazine, Volume 106, January to December 1960.
BOOKS187274I: - The Rossall School register, eighth edition: 1881-1954
BOOKS199666I: - Arts decoratifs du XXe Siecle, 11 Octobre 1987
BOOKS185511I: - Look and Learn magazine 1975; 14 issues
BOOKS156673I: - Pictures from the Italian telephone directories: glimpses of a nation's art (1996)
BOOKS190555I: - Tote racing annual 1968
BOOKS156682I: - Guide to the manuscripts and printed books exhibited in celebration of the tercentenary of the Authorized Version: British Museum Bible exhibition, 1911
BOOKS178290I: - The Film Show annual
BOOKS130501I: - Celebrated trials of all countries, and remarkable cases of criminal jurisprudence, selected by a member of the Philadelphia Bar
BOOKS130326I: - Chasse-Maree: histoire et ethnologie maritime: revue bimestrielle, no 39 (Janvier 1989)
BOOKS130325I: - London
BOOKS158353I: - Strange tales of peril and adventure
BOOKS183043I: - Fight for peace
BOOKS185002I: - The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Annual (1966)
BOOKS184998I: - The Champion Annual for boys 1955
BOOKS242204I: - Country Life: the journal for all interested in country life and country pursuits, vol.XXXIII (33)
BOOKS197733I: - International bibliography of the social sciences (IBSS), 2011: International bibliography of sociology, volume LXI (59)
BOOKS242187I: - Solway Junction Railway (Transfer) Act, 1895 [58 & 59 Vict.] [Ch.cxxxii]
BOOKS246028I: - Manual of Physical Training (reprint 1908 with amendments published in Army Orders to 1st December, 1914)
BOOKS247139I: - Tottenham Hotspur - sporting highlights from the national press from 1907 to the present day
BOOKS183192I: - British Rail main line gradient profiles
BOOKS173081I: - The Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh: the garden companion
BOOKS235051I: - Everyday, with which is incorporated 'Sunday', volume XLIX: a long serial, stories, pictures, puzzles, and interesting articles, etc.;, etc.
BOOKS182583I: - Punch, or the London Charivari, vol. 90 & vol.91, 1886
BOOKS053497I: - Rupert and the little tree
BOOKS053500I: - Rupert and the holiday ship
BOOKS053501I: - Rupert and the space ship
BOOKS053502I: - Rupert and the little 'plane
BOOKS134593I: - Oxford, volume I, number 3, Spring 1935
BOOKS173607I: - Domecq: the Royal Silver Jubilee calendar 1977
BOOKS147358I: - The evacuation of the allied armies from Dunkirk and neighbouring beaches
BOOKS110711I: - The pictorial tour of the world containing pen & pencil sketches of travel, incident, adventure and scenery in all parts of the globe.
BOOKS224963I: - Records of the Borough of Nottingham, Volumes I - IX
BOOKS160893I: - Glasgow Architectural Association sketch book, vol.V
BOOKS135894I: - Somerset County Cricket Club yearbook 1986
BOOKS135893I: - Somerset County Cricket Club handbook 1985
BOOKS245504I: - 50 Masterpieces of Japanese Art from the Tokyo National Museum Collection
BOOKS229765I: - Gloucestershire County Cricket Club year book 1986
BOOKS229766I: - Gloucestershire County Cricket Club year book 1987
BOOKS229767I: - Gloucestershire County Cricket Club year book 1988
BOOKS229768I: - Gloucestershire County Cricket Club year book 1989
BOOKS229769I: - Gloucestershire County Cricket Club year book 1992
BOOKS229770I: - Gloucestershire County Cricket Club year book 1990
BOOKS229771I: - Gloucestershire County Cricket Club year book 1990
BOOKS147125I: - Twenty-six stories of the backwoods
BOOKS129446I: - English-Korean & Korean-English dictionary
BOOKS128450I: - South Asia 2007
BOOKS201207I: - Girls' Crystal annual 1956
BOOKS203490I: - A second series of essays from "The Times", being a selection from the literary papers which have appeared in that journal
BOOKS209117I: - The Cotswold Line newsletter; Cotswold & Malvern Line News (86 issues)
BOOKS243802I: - School Friend annual 1956
BOOKS167544I: - Weather, (7 issues, 1984)
BOOKS167551I: - Weather: a monthly magazine for all interested in meteorology, May & August 1956
BOOKS181400I: - Black & White Budget, no. 7 (Transvaal special)
BOOKS228828I: - The Saturday Evening Post, April 1,1942, volume214, no.41
BOOKS224036I: - Saihgals Hindustani grammar
BOOKS235512I: - Cooking with Cannon, for use with the Cannon Foldaway gas cooker (Model 134F)
BOOKS205909I: - Catalogue of English pottery and porcelain (and fine services), Monday 20th December & Tuesday 21st December 1965
BOOKS205910I: - Astounding Science Fiction December 1958
BOOKS205911I: - Astounding Science Fiction, September 1953
BOOKS242823I: - The book of Blue Peter
BOOKS168007I: - Tiger Tim's annual 1941
BOOKS211530I: - Locovariety; ABC locomotive series
BOOKS211531I: - Titans of the track - Great Western Railway. ABC Locomotive series
BOOKS211547I: - Berrow's Worcester journal-pictorial supplement 1st January 1910 - 31st December 1910
BOOKS156370I: - The graphic souvenir and programme of the Royal Agricultural Society's Show, Nottingham, 1915
BOOKS136287I: - Timber seasoning
BOOKS179045I: - Further selections from The Pearl
BOOKS178466I: - Touches of nature by eminent artists and authors
BOOKS211940I: - Punch, or the London Charivari, vol.CLXXIX (179), July to December 1930
BOOKS167593I: - The North-East of Scotland: a survey
BOOKS195480I: - Arthur Conan Doyle 1859-1930: abbreviated bibliographic check list
BOOKS157060I: - Bewdley in its golden age, Vol. 2: trades and Industries 1660-1760
BOOKS208438I: - The children of this world
BOOKS168558I: - Tiger Tim's 1953 annual: a picture and story book for boys and girls
BOOKS168560I: - The Boys' and Girls' Cinema Clubs annual
BOOKS186450I: - Festschrift der Musikgesellschaft Davos, 1877-1927
BOOKS197852I: - Society for Nautical Research: Annual report for the year 1933, Rules &c
BOOKS187381I: - Anno tricesimo quinto Georgii III Regis, Cap.I: an Act for continuing and granting to His Majesty certain duties upon malt, mum, cyder, and perry, for the service of the year one thousand seven hundred and ninety-five [21 January 1795]
BOOKS135275I: - Fantasy macabre 13, November - December
BOOKS139737I: - Light: a review of spiritual and psychic knowledge, vol.116, no.1, Spring 1996
BOOKS139736I: - Nautical Magazine: a magazine for those interested in ships and the sea, volume 166, no.5, November 1951
BOOKS211819I: - Ancient Britain. South Sheet (Ordnance Survey)
BOOKS147488I: - The Old Testament with a brief commentary: the Apocryphal books: Esdras to Maccabees
BOOKS139727I: - O fewn ein cof: Llanrhaeadr yn yr ugeinfed ganrif / Within living memory: Llanrhaeadr in the twentieth century
BOOKS144106I: - Prayers for children
BOOKS209646I: - Flight: first aero weekly in the world, no123 (no.18, vol.III), May 6 1911
BOOKS231850I: - Tottenham Hotspur handbook 1912-13
BOOKS184934I: - The Tunbridge Wells guide; or an account of the ancient and present state of that place to which is added a particular description of the towns and villages, remains of antiquity, gentlemens seats, founderies, &c. &c. within the circumference of sixteen miles
BOOKS219904I: - Fores's sporting notes & sketches, Volume XVI, 1899
BOOKS159449I: - Blandford's Bible painting book, no.7: Daniel in the lion's den
BOOKS187175I: - The Public General Acts passed in the thirty-seventh and thirty-eighth years of the reign of Her Majesty Queen Victoria
BOOKS187176I: - The Public General Acts passed in the thirty-second and thirty-third years of the reign of Her Majest Queen Victoria
BOOKS201967I: - Punch, vol.CCXIII (213), June 23 to December 31 1947
BOOKS196129I: - Dod's Peerage (1947)
BOOKS200408I: - Impulse, Inner London Dance Teachers Association (I.L.D.T.A) Winter 1982
BOOKS200396I: - Poetry of today. A quarterly extra of the Poetry Review, summer 1927
BOOKS202422I: - Royal Garhwali Quarterly, 1932-1938: Volume 6, no. 35 (1st Jan '32) through to Volume 10, no. 62 (1st Oct '38)
BOOKS187173I: - The Public General Acts passed in the thirty-third and thirty-fourth years of the reign of Her Majesty Queen Victoria
BOOKS160157I: - Transactions of the Oriental Ceramic Society 1969 - 1970, 1970 - 1971 (volume 38)
BOOKS160159I: - Transactions of the Oriental Ceramic Society 1971-1972, 1972-1973 (volume 39)
BOOKS189951I: - The Family Circle dessert and fruit cookbook
BOOKS236908I: "L.B.S.C." - "Maisie": words and music
BOOKS239125I: - Human rights in Bangladesh: a study of standards & practices
BOOKS187465I: - The Old Sennockian News, vol.10, no. 1, April 1959
BOOKS187466I: - The Old Sennockian News, vol. 7 no. 1, March 1956
BOOKS079323I: - The collection of old Worcester porcelain formed by the late Mr. Robert Drane, F.L.S.
BOOKS242175I: - Montrose Harbour: Montrose Harbour Acts and Order 1837-1878, and, Table or artes and duties on goods and shipping annexed to the Montrose Harbour Order, 1878
BOOKS212607I: - The Railway Magazine: nos 567-572 (6 magazines)
BOOKS178807I: - Motor Sport, vol. LVII (57), no.12, December 1981
BOOKS132008I: - Voyages of discovery round the globe
BOOKS242185I: - Railway Working and Management Company Act, 1882 [45 & 46 Vict.] [ Ch.clxxvii.]
BOOKS132598I: - "Echoes of Service" missionary hymnal (music & words)
BOOKS177568I: - Facts about Ireland
BOOKS197304I: - Blackwood's Magazinem volume 263: January - June 1948 (nos.1587-1592)
BOOKS197305I: - Blackwood's Magazine, volume 265: January - June 1949 (nos.1599 - 1604)
BOOKS217624I: - The Journal of the Royal Agricultural Society of England, volume 75, 1914
BOOKS182502I: - Longman's Magazine, vol XXIII (23), November 1893 to April 1894
BOOKS164035I: - The British Philatelic Bulletin, volume 27 (4 issues only)
BOOKS192927I: - Chapters from the Fusus-Al-Hikam III
BOOKS235333I: - Folk dances from many lands (third series)
BOOKS235334I: - Folk dances from many lands (fourth series)
BOOKS004757I: - Some seventeenth century allusions to Shakespeare and his works not hitherto collected.
BOOKS100817I: - Directory of Gloucestershire
BOOKS144640I: - The Clarkson Chronicle 1852 - 1952
BOOKS228919I: - Beeton's Gardening book
BOOKS231425I: - Fossil man in China
BOOKS122759I: - Premier business, special edition December 1996
BOOKS211063I: - The Psalter newly pointed
BOOKS209297I: - Aditi Exhibition
BOOKS183514I: - Uppingham School Roll 1868-1960
BOOKS115322I: - The compleat tutor for the harpischord or spinnet
BOOKS146267I: - The challenges of drought: Ethiopia's decade of struggle in relief and rehabilitation
BOOKS208654I: - The calculation of atmospheric dispersion from a stack
BOOKS132117I: - Victorian church art
BOOKS150684I: - Glossary of automation terms in cartography
BOOKS200128I: - Cape Town, official guide 1951
BOOKS187258I: - The Campbell College register 1894-1954
BOOKS209294I: - Scythian, Persian, and Central Asian art from the Hermitage Collection, Leningrad
BOOKS209292I: - Creation: Modern art and nature : an exhibition, sponsored by IBM United Kingdom Limited to inaugurate the new Gallery of the Scottish National ... Road, Edinburgh, 15 August to 14 October 1984
BOOKS214122I: - The Greek merchant marine
BOOKS156797I: - Karnataka
BOOKS173223I: - Contemporary lighting; selected projects from the fourth Philips International Lighting Contest
BOOKS190548I: - "Sporting Life" trainer's review: National Hunt season 1985/86
BOOKS193191I: - MJC: Marine Jockey Commissions Ltd
BOOKS133773I: - Bee-keeping
BOOKS141989I: - Gradulae sacrosanctae Romanae Ecclesiae de tempore & de sanctis
BOOKS188730I: - The book of Common Prayer and Administration of the Sacraments and other rites and ceremonies of the Church according to the use of the Church of England: together with the Psalter or Psalms of David.
BOOKS150053I: - The Charles and Emma Frye Art Museum: a handbook to the collection
BOOKS190295I: - Racing Post guide to the jumps 1998/99
BOOKS223130I: - Reference atlas of Greater London
BOOKS178881I: - The principles of the International Phonetic Association
BOOKS032297I: - The Portmeirion book of country cooking
BOOKS214940I: - The triple clue: A "Tex" picture
BOOKS212668I: - Oor Wullie 1975 Annual
BOOKS212667I: - Oor Wullie 1979 Annual
BOOKS214956I: (ASHBERY, JOHN, ET AL., EDS.) - Art and literature. An international quarterly- No 12
BOOKS212670I: - Oor Wullie 1981 Annual
BOOKS208747I: - Modern water treatment plant
BOOKS134927I: - Introducing apes & monkeys
BOOKS134767I: - The shilling guides: Somerset
BOOKS160411I: - A gathering of the clans: a map of Scotland of old
BOOKS134145I: - C.B. Tiepolo
BOOKS164791I: - To farm in Kenya?
BOOKS246331I: - Roy Rogers cowboy annual
BOOKS239658I: - The Mikado's Japan: being glimpses of nineteenth century Japan ... as seen and reported by the Illustrated London News and other contemporary sources
BOOKS168555I: - Lancer annual
BOOKS185675I: - The Illustrated London News, no.6274, volume 235, October 31st 1959
BOOKS172153I: - Alice in Wonderland
BOOKS185732I: - The Complete Fantastic Four, no. 21, Feb 15 1978
BOOKS185733I: - Power Man and Iron Fist, no 53, October 1978
BOOKS198067I: - French-English and English-French dictionary of technical terms and phrases used in civil, mechanical, electrical, & mining etc.
BOOKS228840I: - Kaikodo Journal, nos.1-22, Spring 1996 - Spring 2002
BOOKS141577I: - The Tewkesbury Yearly Register and Magazine, 1845
BOOKS169137I: - Philips practical welding course
BOOKS085505I: - The Dandy book 1972
BOOKS207382I: - The Railway Magazine, volume LVI (56) January to June 1925
BOOKS204867I: - A handbook on clay target shooting
BOOKS184095I: - Aero engines and their lubrication
BOOKS174874I: - Gibraltar's favourite recipes in English and Spanish
BOOKS164557I: - Souvenir du Lac Leman
BOOKS219411I: - The Hotspur (14 issues), 1936.
BOOKS173850I: - Anno quinquagesimo sexto Georgii III Regis, Cap.lxx: An act for making and maintaining highways, roads, bridges, and quays, and for regulating ferries in the Shire of Argyll; and for altering and repairing certain military and other roads, bridges, and quays in the said Shire, and in the Parish of Arrochar, and Shire of Dumbarton [20th June 1816]
BOOKS078073I: [MORNING LEADER] - Peers plain and colored from The Morning Leader
BOOKS197314I: - Men Only, Volume 43, No. 172, April 1950
BOOKS222814I: - Courier: Volume 6, No. 4, July 1946
BOOKS178380I: - Proceedings of the XXIII Congress of the History of Medicine, volume I
BOOKS219847I: - Our Indian Empire: a short review and some hints for the use of soldiers proceeding to India
BOOKS173929I: - Cambridge University Engineering & Aeronautical Society's Journal 1943
BOOKS194735I: - Solo: Timothy Taylor Gallery
BOOKS208444I: - Art & Design - David Hockney
BOOKS136117I: - Converging views of social reform, no.2: being a series of lectures on The industrial unrest and the living wage
BOOKS156472I: - Walt Disney's Donald Duck's lucky day
BOOKS159087I: - Rural disadvantage: our first thematic study
BOOKS159088I: - Rural disadvantage: reviewing the evidence
BOOKS159089I: - Rural audit: a health check on rural Britain
BOOKS243387I: - Men Only, April 1969
BOOKS207387I: - The Railway Magazine, volume LXXXIV (84) January to June 1939
BOOKS165633I: - The story of Sinbad the sailor
BOOKS138325I: - Triebkraft evolution: vielfalt, wandel, menschwerdung
BOOKS185673I: - The Illustrated London News, no.5534, volume 206, May 12th 1945: victory number
BOOKS168342I: E.B.C. - Barley varieties
BOOKS040351I: - Joke pics: 68 laughter packed picture pages.
BOOKS221051I: - Chinese language basic textbook volume 1: Romanised version
BOOKS152010I: - Transactions of the Essex Archaeological Society, volume I (third series) 1961-1965: Index
BOOKS154528I: - Master Detective, vol.5, no. 1 (1955)
BOOKS146621I: - The Beano Book 1986
BOOKS114152I: - A Chinese-English English-Chinese library science and information science dictionary
BOOKS114156I: - An English-Chinese computer technology dictionary
BOOKS146404I: - P & O Autumn passenger sailings 1906: Egypt, India, Ceylon, China, Japan, Australia
BOOKS148155I: - Tiger book of soccer stars 1973
BOOKS055603I: - Emil Nolde
BOOKS064234I: - Extracts from the court rolls of the Manor of Wimbledon (Part III) and extracts from miscellaneous manuscripts
BOOKS064279I: M.G. (MARGARET GRANT) - Viewpoints in and around Wimbledon
BOOKS175204I: - Journal for the Society for Psychical Research (25 issues, 1961-1968)
BOOKS036873I: - South Australiana, Volume 18, No. 2, September 1979
BOOKS235352I: - The Professionals annual 1984
BOOKS218201I: - Journal of the British Interplanetary Society. Volume 17 part 2 [March / April 1959]
BOOKS179113I: - The new handbook to Clevedon and the neighbourhood
BOOKS179526I: - Punch No.4493, volume CLXXIII, August 17 1927.
BOOKS018792I: - Denys
BOOKS203081I: - Standing Orders of the 1st Royal Dragoons
BOOKS185933I: - An Act to repeal the several Laws relating to the Customs (Anno Sexton Georgii IV Regis, CAP CV) 5 July 1825.
BOOKS187352I: - Anno sexto Georgii IV Regis: an Act for the general regulation of the customs [5th July 1825]
BOOKS187351I: - Anno Regni decimo quinto Georgii II Regis: an Act for continuing the duties upon malt, mum, cyder, and perry, in that part of Great britain called England; and for granting to His Majesty certain duties upon malt, mum, cyder, and perry, in the part of Great britain called Scotland, for the service of the year one thousand seven hundred and forty two
BOOKS231932I: - Chamber's mineralogical dictoionary
BOOKS188166I: - The complete illustrated home book
BOOKS188165I: - Model engineer 1961 (12 issues)
BOOKS237430I: - Insects and their habitations: a book for children
BOOKS241434I: - Rupert annual (1979)
BOOKS176692I: H.G. - R.A.F. occasions.
BOOKS204348I: A.D.I. - XV Premio Compasso d'Oro (Exhibition of Italian industrial design)
BOOKS188262I: - Handbook for Westmoreland, Cumberland and the Lakes, with map
BOOKS018721I: - Jolly times
BOOKS232157I: - The Universal British Directory 1793-1798, volume 5: Appendix A - Y
BOOKS191811I: - Cooking with sea vegetables
BOOKS210126I: - Great Western Railway Magazine, vo.51, no.9, September 1939 (ordinary edition)
BOOKS169087I: - Fores's Sporting Notes & Sketches: a quarterly magazone descriptive of British, Indian, colonial and foreign sport, volumes XII - XXIV
BOOKS209643I: - Flight: first aero weekly in the world, no.111 (no.6 vol.III), February 11 1911
BOOKS187766I: - Meccano Magazine, vol.XXX (30), no.7, July 1945
BOOKS155715I: - Days with Sir Roger de Coverley
BOOKS199606I: - The Cheltenham Chronicle and Glo'shire Graphic, art and literary supplement, no 350: Saturday September 14 1907
BOOKS137462I: - Third dimension picture book with the wonder spectacles
BOOKS162142I: - Chambers's Journal, part 9 (8th series), September 1932
BOOKS162141I: - Chambers's Journal, part 8 (8th series), August 1932
BOOKS162137I: - The Pop annual
BOOKS064906I: - The lost ports of Cornwall
BOOKS221005I: - Marlborough College Register 1903-1996 with alphabetical index from 1843
BOOKS157376I: - Then and now: the changing scene of Surrey village life in Banstead
BOOKS226050I: - Pennsylvania archives Volumes 1-6
BOOKS146110I: - Dragonflies and damselflies of Great Britain
BOOKS168661I: - The Royal Masonic Institution for Girls yearbook 1954: being some account of the history, objects and work of the Institution
BOOKS245825I: - The Times anthology of ghost stories
BOOKS200048I: - William Gillies and the Edinburgh School
BOOKS246052I: - The Imperial Studio
BOOKS208393I: - Hullo boys: a budget of good things by the Uncles on the wireless
BOOKS185643I: - Punch, vol.257, no.6742, 3-9 December 1969 nostalgia edition
BOOKS226151I: - The Aeroplane Spotter, vol.5 (1944)
BOOKS143980I: - Pre-Raphaelite photography
BOOKS206747I: - The Fairbourne Railway
BOOKS243735I: - Star Wars Return of the Jedi Annual
BOOKS146009I: - Reversed phase chromatography
BOOKS165628I: - A picture-book of merry tales
BOOKS182122I: - The Royal Kalendar: and court and city register for England, Scotland, Ireland, and the colonies for the year 1827.
BOOKS156097I: - The Field Illustrated, Volume 30, January 1920 to December 1920
BOOKS197973I: - The National Geographic Magazine, vol.LVI, no.1, July 1929 - no.6, December 1929
BOOKS209229I: - A chart of English ecclesiastical architecture, illustrated from Westminster Abbey, from the eleventh to the seventeenth century
BOOKS117762I: - Metal turning made easy
BOOKS117775I: - Super Horoscopes' compatibility guide
BOOKS191822I: - Picturesque word origins
BOOKS193465I: - Raceform 1989 Flat annual
BOOKS208361I: - Members of Parliament, England 1529-1881 [Abbot - Angerstein]
BOOKS145485I: - The songs and sonnets of Shakespeare
BOOKS100323I: - The Cornish fishermen's watch-night and other stories
BOOKS230172I: - OZ no.36, June 1971
BOOKS195455I: - Les manuscrits a peintures en France du VIIe au XIIe siècle.
BOOKS173018I: - Forest products
BOOKS182135I: - Industrial fasteners handbook
BOOKS183930I: - National commercial directory: Cumberland, Lancashire, Westmoreland: Pigot & Co., 1828-9
BOOKS208177I: - This is the Forces - a Basinful of Fun, no.14
BOOKS026414I: - The Champagne wine
BOOKS191706I: - Casual columns: the Glasgow Herald miscellany
BOOKS214179I: - British Railways- Working timetable 17 May 1982 to 15 May 1983
BOOKS166942I: - Environmental design in four general improvement areas
BOOKS246659I: - Icons: masterpieces of old Russian art at Suzdal Museums
BOOKS239389I: - The Turnbridge News, volume 17, no.1, Winter 1971-72
BOOKS225170I: - History of Hingham, Norfolk and its Church of St. Andrew
BOOKS225169I: - The emigrants' guide to South Africa, including Cape Colony; the diamond fields, Bechuanaland, Transvaal; the goldfields, Natal, the Orange Free State, and the territories of the British South African Co.
BOOKS225167I: - County of Essex manual 1919-1911
BOOKS047569I: - Japanese naval vessels of World War Two as seen by US Naval Intelligence
BOOKS247134I: - Gloucestershire Golf Union 1906-2006 centenary county year book
BOOKS213409I: - N-5, N-15, N-15 GNC
BOOKS140644I: - Lead: airborne lead in perspective
BOOKS106714I: - The Pop annual
BOOKS100337I: - The Ladies Treasury, volume II
BOOKS101194I: - The Bradfield College Register, 1898, corrected to May, 1898
BOOKS101225I: - Water treatment handbook
BOOKS151556I: - News from nowhere: Journal of the Oxford English Faculty Opposition, no.4, Nov.12987
BOOKS182385I: A.D.A.S. - Straw as a fuel for heating greenhouses
BOOKS202303I: - Holy Bible (11 volume set)
BOOKS194620I: - Teddy Tail annual (1950)
BOOKS177414I: - Old Master Drawings: a quarterly magazine for students and collectors, volume ten, no. 39, December 1935
BOOKS225833I: - Pilot's and Flight Engineers Notes For Lincoln 1 & 11. mark I - four Merlin 85 power plants; Mark II - four Merlin 68 power plants
BOOKS178349I: - The Manchester Guardian commercial, Thursday June 18 1931: Printing, paper, publicity
BOOKS042228I: - Illustrated dictionary of archaeology
BOOKS181140I: - The Manchester Genealogist, volume 44, Numbers 1-4, 2008
BOOKS160153I: - Transactions of the Oriental Ceramic Society 1954-1955 (volume 29)
BOOKS142414I: A.L.O.E. - The Lady of Provence; or, humbled and healed: a tale of the first French Revolution
BOOKS226209I: - Castella presents 'British Aviation'. A collection of picture cards ...
BOOKS241444I: - Galerie Laurent Strouk: exposition du 23 Mars - 30 Avril 2012
BOOKS206818I: - The Edinburgh Review, or Critical Journal: for April.......July, 1836, vol.LXIIIVolume 63
BOOKS175969I: - The National Geographic Magazine. vol.LV, no.1 - 6, January - June 1929
BOOKS238400I: - The Man from U.N.C.L.E annual (1966)
BOOKS247112I: - The spirit of Russian vodka
BOOKS159462I: - Diana for Girls 1973
BOOKS225764I: - Pilot's notes for Dakota 1V, two twin wasp R1830-90C engines
BOOKS142372I: - Pollen and mould allergens in Southern Africa
BOOKS175970I: - The National Geographic Magazine, vol.LVI, no.1-6, July - December 1929
BOOKS184821I: - Gloucestershire Bowling Association 1978 year book
BOOKS235328I: - A history of flow measurement by pressure-difference devices
BOOKS235331I: - Scandinavian Dances & Scandinavian dance music (second series)
BOOKS235332I: - Scandinavian Dances & Scandinavian dance music (third series)
BOOKS205554I: - The Bookman, February 1914
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BOOKS024385I: ABBEY, STATON AND THORPE, JOHN - All-in-one book of the Datsun Cherry
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BOOKS197385I: ABBEY, STATON - Book of the Minis; Austin and Morris Minis, Wolesely Hornet, Riley Elf, Clubman, 1275 GT, Cooper and Cooper 'S' models and the Mini-moke. Do it yourself servicing and maintenance for practical owners
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BOOKS227334I: ABE, K. - Jazz giants: a visual retrospective
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BOOKS185019I: ABEL, KEITH - The Abel & Cole cookbook: easy, seasonal, organic
BOOKS004350I: ABEL, DERYCK - Channel underground: a new survey of the Channel Tunnel question
BOOKS170221I: ABEL-MUSGRAVE, C - German dramatic scenes: twelve short plays for use in schools
BOOKS082924I: ABEL, E.W. (ED) - Organometallic chemistry, volume 25
BOOKS126915I: ABEL, GEORGE - Wylins fae my wallet
BOOKS129710I: ABEL, ANNIE HELOISE - The American Indian and the End of the Confederacy, 1863-1866
BOOKS076898I: ABELARD, P. AND OTHERS (EDS) - Euro ceramics V, part 2, sessions 1B, 2A, 2B, 4
BOOKS073387I: ABELARD, P. AND OTHERS (EDS) - Euro Ceramics V, Part 1: sessions 1A, 1C, 1D, 3
BOOKS053606I: ABELL, P.H. - British tramways & preserved tramcars
BOOKS216253I: ABELS, RICHARD P. - Lordship and military obligation in Anglo-Saxon England
BOOKS124329I: ABELSON, PHILIP H. - Cost-benefit analysis and environmental problems
BOOKS058660I: ABENSUR, NADINE - Cranks light: 100 recipes for health and vitality
BOOKS153328I: ABER, ITA - The art of Judaic needlework: traditional and contemporary designs
BOOKS000342I: ABERCROMBIE, LASCELLES - Thomas Hardy: a critical study
BOOKS206849I: ABERCROMBIE, LASCELLES - The Epic, the art and craft of letters
BOOKS162220I: ABERCROMBIE, LASCELLES - Interludes and poems
BOOKS047350I: ABERCROMBIE, LASCELLES - The sale of St Thomas, in six acts
BOOKS060297I: ABERCROMBIE, LASCELLES - The sale of Saint Thomas
BOOKS041552I: ABERCROMBIE, LASCELLES - Four short plays
BOOKS124848I: ABERCROMBIE, LASCELLES AND OTHERS - Georgian poetry 1920-1922
BOOKS178237I: ABERCROMBIE, LASCELLES AND OTHERS - Poems of to-day: an anthology
BOOKS218719I: ABERDACH, JOEL D. ET AL. - The role of the state in Taiwan's development (Taiwan in the Modern World)
BOOKS172286I: ABERDARE (LORD) (ED) - The Lonsdale Library volume XVI: Rackets, squash-rackets, tennis, fives & badminton
BOOKS216348I: ABERG, F.A. & BROWN, A.E. (EDS) - Medieval moated sites in North-West Europe
BOOKS005570I: ABERNETHY, JOHN - Surgical observations on the constitutional origin and treatment of local diseases and on aneurisms
BOOKS236608I: D'ABERNON (LORD) - An Ambassador of Peace: Lord d'Abernon's diary (volumes 1-3)
BOOKS169061I: ABEYSEKARA, INDRA - Intellectual capital accounting: practices in a developing country
BOOKS245310I: ABI-MERSHED, OSAMA (ED) - Social currents in North Africa: culture and governance after the Arab Spring
BOOKS032118I: ABLEMAN, PAUL - Dad's Army: the defence of a front line English village
BOOKS012345I: ABLEMAN, PAUL - Porridge: the inside story
BOOKS029148I: ABLEMAN, PAUL / "WILSON, ARTHUR" - Dad's Army: the defence of a front line English village
BOOKS115059I: ABLETT, WILLIAM H. - English trees and tree-planting.
BOOKS175633I: ABLETT, WILLIAM H. - English trees and tree-planting
BOOKS128755I: ABONDOLO, DANIEL - Colloquial Finnish: the complete course for beginners
BOOKS094356I: ABOU-HADID, YUSSREYA - Why pyramids?
BOOKS108106I: ABRAHAM, GEORGE D. - Mountain adventures at home and abroad
BOOKS108123I: ABRAHAM, GEORGE D. - The complete mountaineer
BOOKS111659I: ABRAHAM, E. AND OTHERS - Laser advances and applications: Proceedings of the Fourth National Quantum Electronics Conference
BOOKS200442I: ABRAHAM, J JOHNSTON - The surgeon's log
BOOKS200347I: ABRAHAM, JAMES JOHNSTON - Surgeon's journey
BOOKS205644I: ABRAHAM, GERALD - This modern stuff: an introduction to contemporary music
BOOKS049681I: ABRAHAMS, GERALD - Brains in bridge
BOOKS180916I: ABRAHAMS, H.M. - Training for health and athletics
BOOKS019883I: ABRAHAMS, PETER - Tongues of fire
BOOKS243743I: ABRAHAMS, GERALD - Brains in Bridge
BOOKS180954I: ABRAHAMS, HAROLD M. - Athletics
BOOKS160909I: ABRAHAMS, ISRAEL - Jewish life in the Middle Ages.
BOOKS243458I: ABRAHAMSEN, ADELE A. - Child language: an interdisciplinary guide to theory and research
BOOKS242629I: ABRAM, SIMONE - Tourists and tourism: identifying with people and places
BOOKS241813I: ABRAM, LAWRENCE - The old church of St. Nicholas, Uphill
BOOKS175684I: ABRAMOVITZ, ANITA - People and spaces: a view of history through architecture
BOOKS192181I: ABRAMS, PHILIP (ED) - Work, urbanism and inequality: UK society today
BOOKS089167I: ABRAMS, PHILIP AND MCCULLOCH, ANDREW - Communes, sociology and society
BOOKS172637I: ABRAMS, M.H. - A glossary of literary terms
BOOKS222558I: ABRAMS, MELANIE - The Rolls-Royce enthusiasts' club. 2013 yearbook
BOOKS193799I: ABRAMS,M.H. - Media companion CD-ROM for the Norton Anthology of English Literature
BOOKS004014I: ABRAMSKY, SAMUEL - Ancient towns in Israel

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