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BOOKS181372I: ABRAMSON, EDWARD A. - The immigrant experience in American literature
BOOKS097107I: ABSALOM, R.N.L. - Passages for translation from Italian
BOOKS171644I: ABSALOM, JACK & BURT, JOCELYN - Absalom's outback paintings
BOOKS025554I: ABSE, DANNIE - A small desperation
BOOKS235215I: ABSE, DANNIE - The strange case of Dr.Simmonds and Dr.Glas
BOOKS139870I: ABSE, DANNIE - A poet in the family
BOOKS029389I: ABSE, DANNIE - Way out in the centre
BOOKS029994I: ABSE, DANNIE - O.Jones, O.Jones
BOOKS060199I: ABSE, DANNIE - Encounters
BOOKS119447I: ABSE, DANNIE - A poet in the family
BOOKS123017I: ABSE, DANNIE - Arcadia, one mile
BOOKS038660I: ABSE, DANNIE - A small desperation
BOOKS183970I: ABSE, DANNIE - Ash on a young man's sleeve
BOOKS140100I: ABSE, DANNIE - Funland and other poems
BOOKS140099I: ABSE, DANNIE - Funland and other poems
BOOKS037007I: ABSE, DANNIE - Ash on a young man's sleeve
BOOKS128362I: ABSE, DANNIE - Ask the bloody horse
BOOKS246049I: ABSOLON, ERIC - On the edge of flight: a lifetime in the development and engineering of aircraft
BOOKS234217I: ABUKHATER, AHMED - Water as a catalyst for peace: transboundary water management and conflict resolution
BOOKS230517I: ABUKHATER, AHMED - Water as a catalyst for peace: transboundary water management and conflict resolution
BOOKS154057I: ABUZA, ZACHARY - Militant Islam in Southeast Asia: crucible of terror
BOOKS108810I: AMERICAN ACADEMY - Proceedings of ceremonies to mark the formal opening of the new building of the American Academy of Arts and Letters
BOOKS225964I: ROYAL ACADEMY - The Royal Academy Illustrated 1981: a souvenir of the 213th Summer Exhibition
BOOKS225966I: ROYAL ACADEMY - The Royal Academy illustrated 1979: a souvenir of the 211th Summer Exhibition
BOOKS148167I: ROYAL ACADEMY - The pictures of 1891
BOOKS188626I: ROYAL ACADEMY - Exhibition of art chiefly from the dominions of India & Pakistan
BOOKS109292I: ACEVEDO, M.L. AND OTHERS - Forschungshefte fur Schiffstechnik: schiffbau - schiffmaschinenbau, 4 Band (1956-57)
BOOKS239811I: ACHAREKAR, M.R. - Rupadarsini: the Indian approach to human form
BOOKS070850I: ACHARYA, SHANTA - Numbering our days' illusions
BOOKS163651I: ACHDJIAN, ALBERT - Un art fondamental: le tapis / A fundamental art: the rug
BOOKS047067I: ACHEBE, CHINUA - A man of the people
BOOKS184527I: ACHENBACH, JOEL - The grand idea: George Washington's Potomac and the race to the West
BOOKS001230I: ACHESON, EDWARD GOODRICH - A pathfinder: inventor, scientist, industrialist
BOOKS208874I: ACHESON, JOHN - The Nelson experience
BOOKS027644I: ACHILLEROS, CHRIS - Beauty and the beast
BOOKS241900I: ACKERLEY, J.R. - Hindoo holiday
BOOKS229725I: ACKERLEY, J.R. - My dog Tulip
BOOKS184683I: ACKERMAN, DIANE - The moon by whale light: and other adventures among bats, penguins, crocodilians and whales
BOOKS032415I: ACKERMAN, JOHN - Welsh Dylan
BOOKS126657I: ACKERMAN, JAMES S. - The villa: form and ideology of country houses
BOOKS235606I: ACKERMAN, FORREST J. - Forrest Ackerman's World of science fiction
BOOKS000487I: ACKERMAN, JOHN - Welsh Dylan: Dylan Thomas's life, writings and his Wales
BOOKS001811I: ACKERMAN, JOHN - Up the lamb: a fictional autobiography
BOOKS084132I: ACKERMANN, UWE - Essentials of human physiology
BOOKS091760I: ACKERMANN, WILLIAM C. AND OTHERS (EDS) - Man-made lakes: their problems and environmental effects
BOOKS128736I: ACKERMANN, UWE - Essentials of human physiology
BOOKS164151I: ACKERMANN, A.S.E . - Popular fallacies: a book of common errors
BOOKS074265I: ACKERMANN, UWE - Essentials of human physiology
BOOKS135252I: ACKLAND-SNOW, NICOLA & BRETT, NATHAN - Fly: the art of the club flyer
BOOKS012947I: ACKROYD, PETER - First light
BOOKS044930I: ACKROYD, PETER - Chatterton
BOOKS174833I: ACKROYD, PETER - Albion: the origins of the English imagination
BOOKS220956I: ACKROYD, PETER & LINDARS, BARNABAS (EDS) - Words and meanings: essays presented to David Winton Thomas
BOOKS198737I: ACKROYD, PETER - The Clerkenwell tales
BOOKS208972I: ACKROYD, MARTIN H. - Digital filters
BOOKS237183I: ACKROYD, PETER - The life of Thomas More
BOOKS171394I: ACKWORTH, JOHN - Clog shop chronicles
BOOKS051786I: ACLAND, B. DYKE - Peregrine
BOOKS235937I: ACORAH, DEREK - The psychic adventures of Derek Acorah
BOOKS228110I: ACORAH, DEREK - The psychic adventures of Derek Acorah: TVs number one psychic
BOOKS199070I: ACORD, DAVID - What would Lincoln do? Lincoln's most inspired solutions to challenging problems and diffucult situations
BOOKS158881I: ACRES, W.MARSTON - Notes on the historical and literary associations of the City of London
BOOKS243063I: ACTON, C.R. (ED) - The dog annual, 1951
BOOKS207209I: ACTON, H.B. - What Marx really said
BOOKS049099I: ACTON, HAROLD - Prince Isidore
BOOKS093944I: ACTON, C.R. - Dogs, their care and training
BOOKS147449I: ACTON, VIV & CARTER, DEREK - Cornish war and peace: the road to victory - and beyond
BOOKS228389I: ACTON, C.R. - The modern foxhound
BOOKS246151I: ACTON, BOB - Exploring Cornwall's tramway trails, volume 1: the Great Flat Lode Trail
BOOKS132713I: ACTON, ELIZA - The best of Eliza Acton
BOOKS226378I: ACTON, JOHNNY - The man who touched the sky
BOOKS240600I: ACTON, HAROLD - Prince Isidore
BOOKS192113I: ACTON, C.R. - Hounds: an account of the kennels of Great Britain with some record of make, shape and pedigree
BOOKS192123I: ACTON C.R. - Saddle and shoeleather.
BOOKS170950I: ACTON, VIV & CARTER, DEREK - Cornish war & peace: the road to victory - and beyond
BOOKS172955I: ACWORTH, BERNARD - The cuckoo and other bird mysteries
BOOKS165485I: ACWORTH, BERNARD - Britain in danger: a examination of our new navy
BOOKS123243I: ACZEL, JOHN AND JAY, PETER (EDS) - New Measure: a quarterly magazine of poetry, no.1, Autumn 1965
BOOKS037806I: ADAIR, A.H. - Salads and salads
BOOKS069339I: ADAIR, JOHN - The Pilgrims' Way: shrines and saints in Britain and Ireland
BOOKS239211I: ADAIR, VIRGINIA & ADAIR, LEE - 18th Century pastel portraits
BOOKS007100I: ADAIR, IAN - Oceans of notions
BOOKS171570I: ADAIR, HUNTER - Shooting and the countryside
BOOKS154829I: ADAIR,JOHN - Founding Fathers: Puritans in England and America
BOOKS216664I: ADAIR, HAZEL & LING, PETER - Compact Annual.
BOOKS223294I: ADAIR, JOHN - Founding Fathers: the Puritans in England and America
BOOKS229638I: ADAJANIAN, ALEXANDER AND OTHERS (EDS) - Religion, nation and democracy in the South Caucasus
BOOKS244399I: ADAM, J.A. STANLEY & WHITE, BERNARD C (EDS) - Parodies and imitations, old and new
BOOKS032270I: ADAM, WILLIAM - Gem of the Peak
BOOKS246256I: ADAM, ISABEL - Witch hunt: a true story
BOOKS009528I: ADAM, C.G.M. - Occult astrology
BOOKS156781I: ADAM, KATIE & BEESLEY, CLARE (EDS) - Hunting year book 1994-95 with diary and hunt maps
BOOKS038592I: ADAM, KENNETH - The battle of Flanders
BOOKS045360I: ADAM, RUTH - A stepmother for Susan of St Bride's: a Girl novel
BOOKS049769I: ADAM, ANTOINE - Grandeur and illusion: French literature and society 1600-1715
BOOKS065936I: ADAM, WILLIAM - Gem of the Peak; or Matlock Bath and its vicinity
BOOKS090275I: ADAM, KATIE AND BEESLEY, CLARE - Hunting year book 1994-95
BOOKS090276I: ADAM, KATIE - Hunting year book 1995-96
BOOKS094210I: ADAM, DAVID - The cry of the deer
BOOKS217508I: ADAM, B. & HERWIG,O. - Schloss Herrenhausen: Architecture - Gardens - Intellectual History
BOOKS216891I: ADAM, PETER - Eileen Gray: Architect/designer
BOOKS189523I: ADAM, HANS KARL - The Wine and Food Society's guide to German cookery
BOOKS242539I: ADAM, C.G.M. - Occult astrology
BOOKS139826I: ADAM H.L. (ED) - Trial of George Henry Lamson
BOOKS019940I: ADAM, NICOLAS - The triplehip cracksman
BOOKS224884I: ADAM, RUTH - Murder in the Home Guard
BOOKS166186I: ADAM-SMITH, DEREK & PEACOCK, ALAN (EDS) - Cases in organisational behaviour
BOOKS122267I: ADAMOWICZ, W.L. (ED) - Forestry and the environment: economic perspectives
BOOKS160283I: ADAMS, WILLIAM BRIDGES - English pleasure carriages
BOOKS216263I: ADAMS, ANSEL & ALINDER, MARY STREET - Ansel Adams: An autobiography
BOOKS229540I: ADAMS, ROGER (ED) - Famous writers on cricket
BOOKS145555I: ADAMS, DAVID K. AND VAN MINNEN, CORNELIS A. (EDITORS) - Aspects of war in American history
BOOKS123786I: ADAMS, RICHARD - The girl in a swing
BOOKS151528I: ADAMS, RONALD - South coast sketchbook
BOOKS002050I: ADAMS, W.H. DAVENPORT - Famous regiments of the British Army
BOOKS009057I: ADAMS, NORMAN - Scotland's chronicles of blood: torture and execution in bygone times
BOOKS022840I: ADAMS, IAN - John McEnroe: rebel without applause
BOOKS011889I: ADAMS, W.H. DAVENPORT - The golden book of English song
BOOKS014439I: ADAMS, DOUGLAS - So long, and thanks for all the fish
BOOKS187602I: ADAMS, ALICE - Second chances
BOOKS016147I: ADAMS, W.H. DAVENPORT - Celebrated women travellers of the nineteenth century
BOOKS022641I: ADAMS, CHUCK - Trouble shooter
BOOKS032468I: ADAMS, BARBARA - Egyptian mummies
BOOKS052015I: ADAMS, ANDY - The log of a cowboy
BOOKS056349I: ADAMS, E.B. AND OTHERS - Tetanus
BOOKS140057I: ADAMS, KATHERINE H - Progressive politics and the training of America's persuaders
BOOKS060980I: ADAMS, ANDY - The log of a cowboy
BOOKS066838I: ADAMS, DOUGLAS - So long, and thanks for all the fish: the Hitchhikers' Guide to the Galaxy 4
BOOKS071510I: ADAMS, H.G. - David Livingstone: the weaver boy who became a missionary
BOOKS084340I: ADAMS, MARIA (COMPILER) - Combustion and emissions control III
BOOKS026848I: ADAMS, ANDY - The log of a cowboy
BOOKS089089I: ADAMS, MALCOLM - Hurry! Miss Thane
BOOKS098256I: ADAMS, MORLEY (ED) - The Boy's Own book of indoor games and recreations: an instructive manual of home amusements
BOOKS109501I: ADAMS, JAMES TRUSLOW - The Adams family
BOOKS066166I: ADAMS, GILBERT - Photograms of the year 1948
BOOKS170911I: ADAMS, HENRY - Democracy: an American novel
BOOKS117375I: ADAMS, STEVEN - The Arts and Crafts movement
BOOKS203054I: ADAMS, STEPHEN - The Homosexual as hero in contemporary fiction
BOOKS068541I: ADAMS, ANTHONY & LEACH, ROBERT - Talent, wonder & delight: a scrapbook of Victorian entertainment
BOOKS102053I: ADAMS, KEN - Bring out the genius in your child
BOOKS064262I: ADAMS, STEVEN - The art of the Pre-Raphaelites
BOOKS241299I: ADAMS, RAMON F - The old-time cowhand
BOOKS223686I: ADAMS, NIGEL - More layouts for limited spaces: further practical solutions for the space-starved modeller
BOOKS177865I: ADAMS, WILLIAM - Sacred allegories
BOOKS039082I: ADAMS, RICHARD - The legend of Te Tuna
BOOKS056174I: ADAMS, D. J. - Bibliographie d'ouvrages francais en forme de dialogue 1700-1750 (Studies on Voltaire and the eighteenth century 293)
BOOKS242005I: ADAMS, WILLIAM Y. - The philosophical roots of anthropology
BOOKS205634I: ADAMS, CLEMENT; M'CRINDLE, J.; GOLDSMID, EDMUND - Bibliotheca curiousa. Chancellor's voyage to Muscovy: Being Clement Adam's Anglorum Navigatio Ad Muscovitas, Taken from Respublica Muscoviae (1630)
BOOKS243314I: ADAMS, E DAVENPORT - On honour: a school and home story
BOOKS246909I: ADAMS, FRANCIS & ADAMS, PAM - Star Castle and its Garrison
BOOKS227117I: ADAMS, GEORGE MARTIN - Foliage birds: Australian birds and their favoured plants
BOOKS186777I: ADAMS, JANE - Angel eyes
BOOKS199897I: ADAMS, MARY - Natural flower arranging
BOOKS155444I: ADAMS, CAROL - Ordinary lives: a hundred years ago
BOOKS054136I: ADAMS, CHARLES J. & SEIBOLD, DAVID J. - Ghost stories of the Lehigh Valley
BOOKS175632I: ADAMS, WILLIAM HOWARD - The French garden, 1500-1800
BOOKS102061I: ADAMS, W.H. DAVENPORT - The men at the helm: biographical sketches of great English statesmen
BOOKS195426I: ADAMS, HENRY - The formative years, volume two
BOOKS235062I: ADAMS, KATHLEEN - George Eliot: a brief biography
BOOKS110049I: ADAMS, BETSY - The dead birth, itself
BOOKS203534I: ADAMS, FREDERICK B. AND OTHERS (EDS) - The Colophon, new graphic series, number one: the quarterly for bookmen
BOOKS242405I: ADAMS, JOHN F - Two plus two equals minus seven: ael
BOOKS191263I: ADAMS, WILLI PAUL - Die Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika
BOOKS246649I: ADAMS, TRISH & OTHERS - Buckland remembered: a Millennnium celebration
BOOKS191258I: ADAMS, WILLI P. - Los Estados Unidos de America
BOOKS190970I: ADAMS, WILLI PAUL (ED) - Die Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika: band 30
BOOKS227954I: ADAMS, ROBERT - A cat of silvery hue (A Horseclans novel)
BOOKS165948I: ADAMS, THOMAS R. - The non-cartographical maritime works published by Mount and Page: a preliminary hand-list
BOOKS235718I: ADAMS, CHARLES DENNIS - Caribbean Flora
BOOKS163775I: ADAMS, HENRY - History of the United States of America during the administration of Jefferon and Madison
BOOKS214526I: ADAMS, SEAN & MORIOKA, NOREEN - The logo design workbook: a hands-on guide to creating logos
BOOKS227069I: ADAMS, J. BARFIELD - The perfumed robe: a romance of modern China
BOOKS165438I: ADAMS, ROBERT - A cat of silvery hue: a Horseclans novel
BOOKS220176I: ADAMS, MAX - Admiral Collingwood: Nelson's own hero
BOOKS243327I: ADAMS, RICHARD - Nature through the seasons
BOOKS244134I: ADAMS, RICHARD - The ship's cat
BOOKS244852I: ADAMSON, JEAN & ADAMSON, GARETH - Topsy and Tim's Weekend book
BOOKS205501I: ADAMSON, W.A. - Trout: how to catch them
BOOKS232093I: ADAMSON, W.A. - Trout: how to catch them.
BOOKS244861I: ADAMSON, JEAN & ADAMSON, GARETH - Surprises for Topsy and Tim
BOOKS245070I: ADAMSON, JEAN & ADAMSON, GARETH - Topsy and Tim and their friends
BOOKS245053I: ADAMSON, JEAN & ADAMSON, GARETH - Happy days with Topsy and Tim
BOOKS109447I: ADAMSON, JOY - Blackwood's Magazine, May 1956, No.1687, Vol 279
BOOKS046979I: ADAMSON, HELEN LYON - Grandmother's household hints: as good today as yesterday
BOOKS167545I: ADAMSON, R.S. & SALTER, T.M. - Flora of the Cape Peninsula
BOOKS108376I: ADAMSON, JOHN WILLIAM - 'The illiterate Anglo-Saxon' and other essays on education, medieval and modern
BOOKS234334I: ADAMSON, H.D. - Interlanguage variation in theoretical and pedagogical perspective
BOOKS188255I: ADAMTHWAITE, ADAM P - The lost peace: international relations in Europe, 1918-39
BOOKS006974I: ADAMU (E.C ADAMS) - Lyra Nigeriae
BOOKS110357I: ADAMYAN, V. M. AND OTHERS (EDS) - Operator theory and related topics.
BOOKS156561I: ADBURGHAM, ALISON - Shops and shopping, 1800-1914: wjere, and in what manner the well-dressed Englishwoman bought her cloths
BOOKS021285I: ADCOCK, A. ST JOHN - Billicks
BOOKS041540I: ADCOCK, A. ST.JOHN - For remembrance: soldier poets who have fallen in the war
BOOKS078553I: ADCOCK, FLEUR - Selected poems
BOOKS079736I: ADCOCK, FLEUR - The inner harbour
BOOKS110934I: ADCOCK, F.E. - Roman political ideas and practice
BOOKS055373I: ADCOCK, FLEUR - Selected poems
BOOKS201489I: ADCOCK, ST.JOHN AND OTHERS - The Bookman Christmas number 1925 (no.411, vol.LXIX, December 1925)
BOOKS160422I: ADCOCK, ST.JOHN - The Prince of Wales' African book: a pictorial record of the journey to West Africa, South Africa and South America
BOOKS160111I: ADCOCK, ST.JOHN - The Prince of Wales' African book: a pictorial record of the journey to West Africa, South Africa and South America.
BOOKS190967I: ADDAMS, JANE - Twenty years at Hull House, with autobiographical notes
BOOKS050758I: ADDIS, H.I. (MRS) - Akela's yarn book
BOOKS226396I: ADDIS, M.E. LEICESTER - Scottish Cathedrals and Abbeys: their history and associations
BOOKS051216I: ADDISON, JOHN - Wellington Suite: for two solo horns, solo piano, strings, timpani, and percussion
BOOKS010103I: ADDISON, JOSEPH - Days with Sir Roger de Coverley: a reprint from "The Spectator"
BOOKS060841I: ADDISON, WILLIAM - Essex heyday
BOOKS074850I: ADDISON, JOSEPH - The Spectator, complete in one volume with notes and a general index
BOOKS079951I: ADDISON, JOSEPH / DEIGHTON, K. - Coverley papers from the Spectator
BOOKS113071I: ADDISON, WILLIAM - Epping Forest: its literary and historical associations
BOOKS157993I: ADDISON, ROBERT B. - Children's voices: a book of simple songs set to music
BOOKS208500I: ADDISON, WILLIAM - The English country parson
BOOKS205353I: ADDISON, JOSEPH - Essays on taste, and the pleasures of the imagination, from The Spectator
BOOKS237945I: ADDISON, CHARLES G. - The history of the Knights Templar
BOOKS206299I: ADDISON, JOSEPH/ GREEN, JOHN RICHARD (ED) - Essays of Joseph Addison.
BOOKS127501I: ADDISON, WILLIAM - The English country parson
BOOKS146195I: ADDISON, WILLIAM - Epping Forest: its literary and historical associations
BOOKS168415I: ADDISON, JOSEPH - Sir Roger de Coverly
BOOKS197761I: ADDISON, JOSEPH & STEELE, RICHARD - Sir Roger de Coverly
BOOKS146371I: ADDYMAN, PETER & MORRIS, RICHARD (EDS) - The archaeological study of churches
BOOKS206731I: ADEANE, JANE H. (ED) - The early married life of Maria Josepha, Lady Stanley
BOOKS036461I: CITY OF ADELAIDE - City of Adelaide reference book,1972-73-74
BOOKS025697I: ADELAIDE, DEBRA - Australian women writers: a bibliographic guide
BOOKS105721I: ADELI, H. (ED) - Expert systems in construction and structural engineering
BOOKS112731I: ADENEY, MIRIAM - Daughters of Islam: building bridges with Muslim women
BOOKS137921I: ADEY, PETER - Mobility
BOOKS192105I: ADGER, NEIL & MORAN, DOMINIC - Global sources of methane and the benefits of agricultural policy reform
BOOKS172122I: ADHEMAR, HELENE - Embarkation for Cythera: Watteau
BOOKS194901I: ADHEMAR, JEAN ET SEGUIN, JEAN-PIERRE - Le livre romantique.
BOOKS243553I: ADHEMAR, JEAN - Toulouse-Lautrec: lithographies, pointes seches: oeuvre complete
BOOKS141407I: ADHIKARI, JAGANNATH - Food crisis in Nepal: how mountain farmers cope
BOOKS144531I: ADIE, KATE - The kindness of strangers
BOOKS141020I: ADIE, KATE - The kindness of strangers
BOOKS165524I: ADIE, DONALD - Marinas: a working guide to their development and design
BOOKS184165I: "WING ADJUTANT" - Plane tales from the skies
BOOKS128201I: WING ADJUTANT - Plane tales from the skies
BOOKS064722I: ADKINS, LESLEY - The archaeology of the London Borough of Merton: an interim survey
BOOKS024064I: ADLAM, BRIAN - Yesterday's town: the changing face of Worcester
BOOKS015702I: ADLARD, ELEANOR - Winchcombe cavalcade, or Sidelights on Winchcombe history
BOOKS215898I: ADLER, BRUNO - Das Weimarer Bauhaus
BOOKS156817I: ADLER, ELMER AND OTHERS (EDS) - The Colophon: a quarterly for bookmen, volume III new series, number 4, Autumn 1938
BOOKS132449I: ADLER, RICHARD & ELIZABETH - Needlepoint: a new look
BOOKS008615I: ADLER, RICHARD & ADLER, ELIZABETH - Needlepoint: a new look
BOOKS156816I: ADLER, ELMER AND OTHERS (ED) - The Colophon: a quarterly for bookmen, volume I new series, number 2, Autumn 1935
BOOKS246414I: ADLER, MICHAEL & LONGHURST, BRIAN - Discourse power and justice: towards a new sociology of imprisonment
BOOKS156815I: ADLER, ELMER AND OTHERS (EDS) - The Colophon: a quarterly for bookmen, Volume I new series, number 3, Winter 1936
BOOKS189423I: ADLER, LAURE & LECOSSE, ELISA - Dangerous women: the perils of muses and femmes fatales
BOOKS228909I: ADLER, MARTA - My life with the gipsies
BOOKS019884I: ADLER, BILL / CHASTAIN, THOMAS - Who killed the Robins family?
BOOKS009138I: ADLEY, ROBERT - Wheels
BOOKS179747I: ADLEY, DEREK & LOFTS, W.O.G. - Catalogue of boys & girls annuals
BOOKS223077I: ADLEY, D.J. & LOFTS, W.O.G. - Identification guide to the D.C. Thomson & John Leng Children's Annuals 1921 to 1965
BOOKS035316I: ADLEY, ROBERT - Covering my tracks: recollections of the end of steam
BOOKS114167I: OVERSEAS DEVELOPMENT ADMINISTRATION - A guide to social analysis for projects in developing countries
BOOKS054315I: MINISTRY OF INFORMATION / ADMIRALTY - His Majesty's submarines
BOOKS055805I: ADMIRALTY - His Majesty' submarines
BOOKS055827I: ADMIRALTY - The Royal Marines: the Admiralty account of their achievement 1939-1943
BOOKS056022I: ADMIRALTY - East of Malta, West of Suez
BOOKS099152I: ADMIRALTY - The Navy and the Y scheme
BOOKS124458I: ADMIRALTY - Ark Royal
BOOKS155928I: ADMIRALTY - East of Malta, West of Suez: the Admiralty account of the naval war in the Eastern Mediterranean, September 1939 to March 1941
BOOKS223578I: ADMIRALTY - Naval marine engineering practice [B.R.2007]
BOOKS169410I: ADOFF, ARNOLD - Brothers and sisters: modern stories by Black Americans
BOOKS119440I: ADONIS - Victims of a map: a bilingual anthology of Arabic poetry
BOOKS241242I: ADORJAN, ANDRAS - Black is O.K.!
BOOKS177937I: ADRIAN, JACK (ED) - Sexton Blake wins
BOOKS111694I: ADU, DWOMOA AND OTHERS (EDS) - Rheumatology and the kidney
BOOKS244918I: ADUT, ARI - Reign of appearances: the misery and splendor of the public sphere
BOOKS212965I: ADY,JULIA MARY CARTWRIGHT - Italian gardens of the Renaissance and other studies (1914)
BOOKS086617I: ADYE, JOHN (SIR) - At the house of the priest
BOOKS227588I: ADYE, JOHN - At the house of the priest
BOOKS161487I: AEBERLI, JVAN - Antique Airplane Association of Switzerland: 25 Jahre Jubilaum / the 25th anniversary
BOOKS228870I: AEBI,ORMOND & HARRY - Mastering the art of beekeeping: v. 2
BOOKS140616I: AEROFILMS - Football grounds from the air: Then and now
BOOKS196399I: AEROFILMS - The Aerofilms book of aerial photographs
BOOKS152507I: NATIONAL ADVISORY COMMITTEE FOR AERONAUTICS - Bibliography of aeronautics 1909-1916
BOOKS132933I: VICKERS AEROSPACE - Vickers inline type pressure compensated pumps and their aplication in airborne hydraulic systems
BOOKS225171I: AERTS, JEROEN AND OTHERS (EDS) - Climate adaptation and flood risk in coastal cities
BOOKS114319I: AESCHYLI (AESCHLYUS) - Septem quae supersunt tragoediae
BOOKS035010I: AESCHYLUS / VELLACOTT, PHILIP (TRANS) - The Oresteian trilogy: Agamemnon, The Choephori, The Euminides
BOOKS084987I: AESCHYLUS / MURRAY, GILBERT - The seven against Thebes (Septem contra Thebas)
BOOKS094259I: AESCHYLUS / SHEPPARD, JOHN (TRANS) - The Agamemnon of Aeschylus
BOOKS110219I: AESCHYLUS - Agamemnon
BOOKS042411I: AESCHYLUS / MURRAY, GILBERT (TRANS) - The seven against Thebes [Septem contra Thebas]
BOOKS120013I: AESCHYLUS - The Dramas of Æschylus
BOOKS113446I: AESCHYLUS - Aeschylus, vol.II
BOOKS236293I: AESCHYLUS - Agamemnon
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BOOKS041977I: AIRD, CATHERINE - His burial too
BOOKS236459I: AIRD, CATHERINE - Slight mourning
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BOOKS210123I: AIREVIEW - Aireview no.212: 60 Attack/reconaissance aircraft of the Second World War
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BOOKS217662I: AKBAR, M.J. - The shade of swords: jihad and the conflict between Islam and Christianity
BOOKS190032I: AKBAR, M.J. - The shade of swords: Jihad and the conflict between Islam and Christianity
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BOOKS126519I: AKRILL, CAROLINE - Not quite a horsewoman:
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BOOKS154442I: ALBERY, NICHOLAS AND OTHERS (EDS) - The natural death handbook: a manual for improving the quality of living and dying
BOOKS119713I: ALBON, OLIVE AND OTHERS - Together with under fives: a resource anthology
BOOKS153431I: ALBRAND, MARTHA - The story that could not be told
BOOKS019888I: ALBRAND, MARTHA - Endure no longer
BOOKS019892I: ALBRAND, MARTHA - None shall know
BOOKS019893I: ALBRAND, MARTHA - Without orders
BOOKS019894I: ALBRAND, MARTHA - Without orders
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BOOKS064287I: ALDEN, HENRY J.C. (ED) - Alden's guide to Oxford
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BOOKS237641I: ALLEN, BENEDICT - Edge of blue heaven: a journey through Mongolia
BOOKS170830I: ALLEN, HERVEY - Anthony Adverse
BOOKS237238I: ALLEN, GRANT - The woman who did: a Hill-Top novel
BOOKS164053I: ALLEN, GARDNER W - A naval history of the American Revolution, volume II
BOOKS166461I: ALLEN, OSRIC - The dark tunnel: a comedy
BOOKS087264I: ALLEN, WILLIAM - The drawings of William Allen
BOOKS187538I: ALLEN, CHARLES - Raj: a scrapbook of British India 1877 - 1947
BOOKS143428I: ALLEN, D.G.C. - William Shipley: founder of the Royal Society of Arts
BOOKS208017I: ALLEN, E. ET AL. - North-east engineers' strikes of 1871: The nine hours league
BOOKS237454I: ALLEN, HERBERT E. & KRAMER, JAMES R.(EDS) - Nutrients in natural waters
BOOKS204224I: ALLEN, JOHN (ED) - The humiliation and exaltation of Our Redeemer in 32 prints, representing the original wood blocks of Albert Durer.
BOOKS211706I: ALLEN, CECIL JOHN - Titled trains of Great Britain
BOOKS166516I: ALLEN, JAMES LANE - A Kentucky Cardinal & Aftermath
BOOKS074363I: ALLEN, J.P.B. AND CORDER, S.PIT (EDS) - Papers in applied linguistics
BOOKS153092I: ALLEN, HERVEY - The forest and the fort
BOOKS245461I: ALLEN, ROBERT - Mensa personality tests
BOOKS235463I: ALLEN, JOHANNES - Young love
BOOKS141947I: ALLEN, MARK - First Holy Communion
BOOKS134464I: ALLEN, CECIL J. (ED) - Trains annual 1955
BOOKS240776I: ALLEN, H. C. - Key notes and characteristics with comparisons of some of the leading remedies of the Materia Medica [with nosodes]
BOOKS232543I: ALLEN, JOHN R. - Physical processes of sedimentation
BOOKS019312I: ALLEN, HUBERT RAYMOND ('DIZZY') - Fighter Squadron: a memoir 1949-1942
BOOKS192268I: ALLEN, CECIL J. - Salute to the Southern
BOOKS109968I: ALLEN, AGNES - The story of the highway
BOOKS221981I: ALLEN, H.C. - The Anglo-American relationship since 1783
BOOKS178494I: ALLEN, GEOFFREY - Clive's Lost Treasure
BOOKS168078I: ALLEN, WALTER - Accosting profiles
BOOKS182349I: ALLEN, THOMAS - The history and antiquities of London, Westminster, Southwark and parts adjacent, Vol. IV
BOOKS161266I: ALLEN, A.J - More Cotswold stories
BOOKS207610I: ALLEN, ROLAND - All in the day's sport
BOOKS240849I: ALLEN, GERALD R. - Tropical reef fishes of Malasia and Singapore
BOOKS242024I: ALLEN, JANE - The Wallace connection: the Scott family and the restoration of Orford Church
BOOKS056138I: ALLEN, JUDY - The dream thing
BOOKS182350I: ALLEN, THOMAS - The history and antiquities of London, Westminster, Southwark and parts adjacent, Vol. III
BOOKS181090I: ALLEN, P. (ED) - Rhythm in sedimentation
BOOKS161227I: ALLEN, JUDY & FINMARK, SHARON - How to re-cycle your rubbish
BOOKS236513I: ALLEN, J.M. - Heat in hospitals: a study of the fuel in use and the methods of generating, transmitting and using heat in modern hospitals
BOOKS064170I: ALLEN, DAVID RAYVERN (ED) - The Field book of cricket from 1853 to the present
BOOKS240605I: ALLEN, L & JONES, D.G.C - Principles of gas lasers
BOOKS242745I: ALLEN, TRAUDI - Roar!: and quieter moments from the work of a group of Melbourne artists 1980-1993
BOOKS047832I: ALLEN, SADIE - Creative embroidery collage
BOOKS116358I: ALLEN, HARRISON - A system of human anatomy including its medical and surgical relations, section V: nervous system.
BOOKS165179I: ALLEN, LESLIE - Liberty: the statue and the American dream
BOOKS247120I: ALLEN, MARTIN - The Hitler–Hess deception: British intelligence's best-kept secret of the Second World War
BOOKS239742I: ALLEN, JOSEPH - The battles of the British Navy: a popular history of all the important engagements from the earliest period to recent times
BOOKS230707I: ALLEN, J.ROMILLY & ANDERSON, JOSEPH - Early Christian monuments of Scotland, volume 1 (parts I & II)
BOOKS175613I: ALLEN, CECIL J. (ED) - Trains annual 1957
BOOKS180181I: ALLEN, JAMES LANE - The sword of youth
BOOKS182835I: ALLEN, THOMAS - The histories and antiquities of London, Westminster, Southwark and parts adjacent, Vol. I
BOOKS230160I: ALLEN, BARBARA & JOHNSTON-WILDER, SUE (ED) - Mathematics education: exploring the culture of learning
BOOKS190458I: ALLEN, RALPH - Peace River country
BOOKS186206I: ALLEN, ALEXANDRA - Travelling ladies
BOOKS014207I: ALLEN, ANDREW - A dictionary of Sussex folk medicine
BOOKS243965I: ALLEN, D.F - Sylloge of coins of the British Isles: the coins of the Coritani,
BOOKS243274I: ALLEN, HERVEY - Bedford Village
BOOKS243326I: ALLEN, FRED - Fred Allen on rugby
BOOKS244191I: ALLEN, JUDY - The stones of the moon
BOOKS044631I: ALLENDE, ISABEL - The infinite plan
BOOKS196686I: ALLER, DORIS - Sunset leather craft book
BOOKS222836I: ALLERTON, FRANK W. - Tomatoes for everyone with particular reference to ring culture
BOOKS188760I: ALLERTON, FRANK W. - Tomatoes for everyone including ring culture and growing on straw bales
BOOKS143952I: ALLEY, RONALD & OTHERS - Forty years of modern art 1945-1985
BOOKS050542I: ALLEYNE, TIMOTHY - The story of Timothy Twitter
BOOKS209262I: ALLIES, JABEZ. - The British, Roman, and Saxon antiquities and folk-lore of Worcestershire.
BOOKS220019I: ALLING, ROBERT BABSON - Robert Babson alling's ancestors, descendants and close relations
BOOKS181073I: ALLINGER, GUSTAV - Schöne Wohngärten in Stadt und Land
BOOKS240853I: ALLINGHAM, MARGERY - Cargo of eagles
BOOKS019877I: ALLINGHAM, MARGERY - The tiger in the smoke
BOOKS020078I: ALLINGHAM, MARGERY - The case of the late pig
BOOKS003075I: ALLINGHAM, MARGERY - The fear sign
BOOKS020461I: ALLINGHAM, MARGERY - Mystery mile
BOOKS027863I: ALLINGHAM, MARGERY - The tiger in the smoke
BOOKS054086I: ALLINGHAM, MARGERY - Dance of the years
BOOKS084069I: ALLINGHAM, MARGERY - Police at the funeral
BOOKS096390I: ALLINGHAM, MARGERY - Police at the funeral
BOOKS097124I: ALLINGHAM, MARGERY - Take two at bedtime
BOOKS117842I: ALLINGHAM, MARGERY - Police at the funeral
BOOKS200963I: ALLINGHAM, MICHAEL - Distributive Justice
BOOKS234583I: ALLINGHAM, MARGERY AND OTHERS - The Evening Standard detective book
BOOKS127847I: ALLINGHAM, MARGERY - Cargo of eagles
BOOKS147589I: ALLINGHAM, MARGERY - Death of a ghost
BOOKS215874I: ALLINGHAM, HELEN & DICK, STEWART - The cottage homes of England
BOOKS205650I: ALLINGHAM, WILLIAM - A manual of marine meteorology for a[pprentices and officers of the world's merchant navies
BOOKS082249I: ALLINGHAM, MARGERY - More work for the undertaker
BOOKS082252I: ALLINGHAM, MARGERY - The case of the late pig
BOOKS147718I: ALLINGHAM, MARGERY - The tiger in the smoke
BOOKS182977I: ALLINGHAM, MARGERY - The fashion in shrouds
BOOKS206454I: ALLINGHAM. H. & RADFORD, D. - William Allingham. A diary
BOOKS241673I: ALLINGHAM, MARGERY - Traitor's purse
BOOKS019886I: ALLINGHAM, MARGERY - The case of the late pig
BOOKS214135I: ALLINGHAM, MARGERY - Traitor's purse
BOOKS153841I: ALLINGHAM, MARGERY - Mystery mile
BOOKS087142I: ALLINGHAM, MARGERY - The oaken heart
BOOKS105513I: ALLINGHAM, HELEN / DICK, STEWART - The cottage homes of England
BOOKS231384I: ALLINGHAM, WILLIAM - William Allingham: the diaries
BOOKS220084I: ALLINGHAM, MARGERY - The crime at Black Dudley
BOOKS147740I: ALLINGTON, C.A. - Things ancient and modern
BOOKS232317I: ALLINSON, T.R. - The Allinson vegetarian cookery book
BOOKS044055I: ALLISON, GEORGE F. - The inside story of football
BOOKS015379I: ALLISON, WILLIAM AND FAIRLEY, JOHN - The monocled mutineer
BOOKS087771I: ALLISON, SONIA - The Bisto book of meat cookery
BOOKS041002I: ALLISON, SONIA - Fondues
BOOKS118094I: ALLISON, ROY AND OTHERS - Adelphi Papers: Russia and the successor states
BOOKS033196I: ALLISON, J.E. - Sidelights on Tranmere
BOOKS179228I: ALLISON, SONIA - Home baking book
BOOKS209960I: ALLISON, LINCOLN (ED) - Taking sport seriously:
BOOKS239884I: ALLISON, J. MURRAY (ED) - Official illustrated catalogue of the Queen's dolls' house
BOOKS044068I: ALLISON, SONIA - The book of microwave cookery
BOOKS042960I: ALLISON, SONIA - The horoscope cook book
BOOKS107699I: ALLISON, YOUNG E. - Select works of Young E. Allison: literature - biography - history - insurance

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