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BOOKS150469I: DANIEL, Mark - Sleek bodies
BOOKS287085I: DANIEL, Glyn / PIGGOTT, Stuart / McBURNEY, Charles (eds) - France before the Romans
BOOKS310342I: DANIEL, Larry J. - Conquered: why the army of Tennessee failed
BOOKS053656I: DANIEL, Roland - The little old lady
BOOKS301628I: DANIEL, Glyn - Writing for Antiquity
BOOKS233119I: DANIEL, , Daniel M - The Mike Jacobs story
BOOKS177898I: DANIEL, Roland - The big squeal
BOOKS214453I: DANIEL, Roland - The Murphy Gang: a thriller
BOOKS177899I: DANIEL, Roland - The Murphy Gang: a thriller
BOOKS292133I: DANIEL, J.E - Welsh Nationalism: what it stands for
BOOKS191053I: DANIEL, Florence - The healthy life cook book
BOOKS310487I: DANIEL, Clarence - The story of Eyam Plague with a guide to the village
BOOKS293856I: DE ANGELIS: Daniela - Albano Laziale: il circuito archeologico monumentale
BOOKS291849I: DANIELE, Nunzio - Paestum: hypothesis and reality: a practical guide for the visit of the ancient city and of the National Archaeological Museum with an appendix on Velia
BOOKS027209I: DANIELL, Rosemary - Sleeping with soldiers: in search of the macho man
BOOKS304008I: DANIELL, Thomas, William & Samuel - An illustrated journey round the world
BOOKS006263I: DANIELL, David Scott - Flight Two: Canada
BOOKS287651I: DANIELL, S. V. - The story of Cornwall's churches
BOOKS287659I: DANIELL, S. V. - The story of Cornwall's churches
BOOKS212064I: DANIELL, Walter V. (ed) - A catalogue of engraved portraits of celebrated personages, chiefly connected with the history and literature of Great Britain
BOOKS211944I: DANIELL, Walter V. (ed) - A catalogue of engraved portraits of celebrated personages, chiefly connected with the history and literature of Great Britain
BOOKS234202I: DANIELL, John J - The life of George Herbert of Bemerton
BOOKS234020I: DANIELS, Graham A (ed) - The Association of British Members of the Swiss Alpine Club Journal 1973
BOOKS152635I: DANIELS, Norman - Ben Casey: the fire within
BOOKS242332I: DANIELS, Mark - The "Bettabridge" handbook: a beginners' guide to contract bridge
BOOKS300468I: DANIELS, Les - The black castle: a novel of the macabre
BOOKS300923I: DANIELS, Stephen - Fields of vision: landscape imagery and national identity in England and the United States
BOOKS246678I: DANIELS, Gerald - Passengers no more
BOOKS128843I: DANIELS, Therese & GERSON, Jane (eds) - The colour black: black images in British television
BOOKS309868I: DANIELS, Jeff - Jaguar: the engineering story
BOOKS230049I: DANIELS, Graham A. (ed) - The Association of British Members of the Swiss Alpine Club: Journal 1970
BOOKS173415I: DANIELS,Graham A. (ed) - The Association of British Members of the Swiss Alpine Club: Journal 1969
BOOKS173416I: DANIELS, Graham A. (ed) - The Association of British Members of the Swiss Alpine Club: Journal 1968
BOOKS200725I: DANIELS, Gary & MCILROY, John (eds) - Trade unions in a Neoliberal World: British trade unions under New Labour
BOOKS230048I: DANIELS, Graham A. (ed) - The Association of British Members of the Swiss Alpine Club: Journal 1971
BOOKS263480I: DANIELS, Peter & SAWYER, Rex - Salisbury Plain
BOOKS173397I: DANIELS, Graham A. (ed) - The Association of British Members of the Swiss Alpine Club: Journal 1975
BOOKS304633I: DANIELS, Chris - Daniels of Stroud: the history of a family engineering firm
BOOKS310612I: DANIELS, Bebe & ALLGOOD, Jill - 282 ways of making a salad
BOOKS298200I: DANIELSON, Richard - Railway ships and packet ports
BOOKS035523I: DANIELSSON, Bengt - The happy island
BOOKS034516I: DANIELSSON, Bengt - The happy island
BOOKS244526I: DANILOVA, Irina - The treasure of Troy: Heinrich Schliemann's excavations
BOOKS085689I: DANKS, Denise - Wink a hopeful eye
BOOKS238350I: DANKS, Denise - Frame grabber
BOOKS310583I: DANKS, Warwick - Claverton pumping station: a definitive study
BOOKS193310I: DANKWORTH, Avril - Voices and instruments
BOOKS286837I: DANN, Rachael J. - Current research in Egyptology 2004: proceedings of the fifth annual symposium
BOOKS249497I: DANN, H.C. - The romance of the posts of Rhodesia, British Central Africa and Nyasaland
BOOKS207306I: DANNATT, H.M. (ed) - The Railway Magazine, volume 115, January-December 1969.
BOOKS229302I: DANNREUTHER, Edward - Wagner and the reform of the opera
BOOKS287043I: DANOS, Jacques & GIBELIN, Marcel - June '36: class struggle and the popular front in France
BOOKS305150I: DANOT, Serge; retold by CARRUTH, Jane - The magic roundabout: a holiday with Zebedee
BOOKS203427I: ACADEMIE NATIONALE DE MUSIQUE ET DE DANSE - Faust: (Vendredi 28 Fevrier 1930)
BOOKS208003I: DANSEY, Harry - The New Zealand Maori in colour
BOOKS152250I: DANT, Charles H. - Archbishop Temple: being the people's life of the Right Hon. and Most Rev. Frederick Temple, P.C., D.D., LL.D., Primate of all England, and Metropolitan
BOOKS290930I: DANTIS, Xenophon - Ancient Aegina, the Temple of Aphaea, and of Jupiter Panhellenius
BOOKS289193I: DANTZIC, Cynthia Maris - Design dimensions: an introduction to the visual surface
BOOKS243914I: DANTZIG, Tobias - Number: the language of science: a critical survey written for the cultured non-mathematician
BOOKS210812I: DARBY, H.C. (ed) - An historical geography of England before A.D.1800: fourteen studies.
BOOKS286165I: DARBY, Catherine - A pride of falcons
BOOKS176889I: DARBY, H.C. (ed) - A scientific survey of the Cambridge district
BOOKS247060I: DARBY, William - John Ford's Westerns: a thematic analysis, with a filmography
BOOKS128105I: DARBYSHIRE, Lydia (ed) - Juggling.
BOOKS285484I: DARBYSHIRE, Bramwell - Hamish and Richard
BOOKS052638I: DARCH, Colin - Tanzania
BOOKS082954I: DARCY, Catherine C. - The Institute of the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas: the canonical development of the Proposed Governance Model
BOOKS293927I: DARCY, Jonathan (editor) - Running dog addiction
BOOKS292814I: DARDE, Dominique & LASSALLE, Victor - Nîmes antique: monuments et sites
BOOKS239729I: DARE, Simon - These things he gave: poems
BOOKS124599I: DARE, Simon - Stormways
BOOKS035084I: DARE, Michael - Murder incognito
BOOKS067600I: DARGIE, Tom - The distribution of lowland wet grassland in England: distribution of the resource
BOOKS198283I: DARK, Richard - Dibchick
BOOKS295680I: DARK, Ken - Britain and the end of the Roman Empire
BOOKS184382I: DARK, Sidney and others - John O'London's Weekly, vol.VII, no 158; Saturday April 15 1922
BOOKS210597I: DARK, Sidney - London
BOOKS304289I: DARK, Irene - Flower spotting
BOOKS210829I: DARK, Sidney - Paris
BOOKS180279I: DARK, Richard - Shakespeare - and that crush, being Angela's guide to English literature
BOOKS194991I: DARKE, Jo - The monument guide to England and Wales: a national portrait in bronze and stone
BOOKS062590I: DARKE, Marjorie - Ride the iron horse
BOOKS056738I: DARKOH, M.B.K.(ed) - African river basins and dryland crises
BOOKS302291I: DARLEY, Gillian - Octavia Hill
BOOKS004223I: DARLING, Charles (Sir) / INNER TEMPLE BENCHERS - Inner Templars who volunteered and served in the Great War
BOOKS148780I: DARLING, E. Moore - Nathan the Verger, teller of country tales
BOOKS294448I: DARLING, F. Fraser - The seasons and the fisherman: a book for children
BOOKS202039I: DARLING, Charles J (Lord) - Autumnal leaves
BOOKS291932I: DARLING, F Fraser - The New Naturalist: Natural history in the Highlands & Islands
BOOKS211550I: DARLING, Frank Fraser - The seasons & the farmer. A book for children
BOOKS308924I: DARLING, Aage - I'll read your mind
BOOKS232197I: DARLING-FINAN, Nicola - Francis Frith's Sherborne
BOOKS310550I: DARLING, F. Fraser - The seasons & the farmer: a book for children
BOOKS194057I: DARLING, F. Fraser - Wild life of Britain.
BOOKS307843I: DARLINGTON, C. D. & LA COUR, L. F. - The handling of chromosomes
BOOKS103939I: DARLINGTON, W.A. - The actor and his audience
BOOKS244055I: DARLOW, Steve - Five of the Few: survivors of the Battle of Britain and the Blitz tell their story
BOOKS245944I: DARLOW, Stephen - Lancaster down: the extraordinary tale of seven young airmen at war
BOOKS229862I: DARLOW, Steve - Five of the Few: survivors of the Battle of Britain and the Blitz tell their story
BOOKS238121I: DARLOW, Steve D - Five of the Many: survivors of the Bomber Command Offensive from the Battle of Britain tell their story
BOOKS291733I: DARMON, JeanPierre & others - O mosaico Romano nos centeos e nas periferias: originalidades, influencias e identidades
BOOKS133884I: DARNELL, A.W. - Orchids for the outdoor garden: a descriptive list of the world's orchids that may be grown outdoors in the British Isles: for the use of amateur gardeners.
BOOKS243878I: DARON, Mal & HEAP, Roy (eds) - B.A.C.M.E. : British & American Country Music Entertainer, no.1, November 1974
BOOKS301528I: DARRACOTT, Joseph - England's Constable: the life and letters of John Constable
BOOKS012775I: DARRACOTT, Joseph - England's Constable: the life and letters of John Constable
BOOKS227032I: DARRACOTT, Michael John - Proper Cornish childhood
BOOKS168524I: DARRACOTT, Joseph - England's Constable: the life and letters of John Constable
BOOKS287523I: DART, Maurice - Images of Wiltshire railways: classic photographs from the Maurice Dart railway collection
BOOKS109281I: DARTNELL, J. (ed) - The year-book of the Coke-Oven Managers' Association 1996
BOOKS109288I: DARTNELL, J. (ed) - The year-book of the Coke-Oven Managers' Association 1997
BOOKS180947I: DARTNELL, Fred - "Seconds out!": chats about boxers, their trainers and patrons.
BOOKS299578I: DARTON, J. M - Brave boys who have become illustrious men of our time
BOOKS024335I: DARTON, F.J. Harvey - The Marches of Wessex
BOOKS290751I: DARTON, F. J. Harvey - Children's books in England: five centuries of social life
BOOKS197199I: DARTON, F.J. Harvey - Dickens: positively the first appearance: a centenary review with a bibliography of Sketches by Boz
BOOKS243952I: DARTON, F.J. Harvey - Alibi pilgrimage
BOOKS148561I: DARTON, F.J. Harvey - The life and aimes of Mrs.Sherwood (1775-1851) from the diaries of Captain and Mrs. Sherwood
BOOKS309735I: DARTON - Darton's Sunday pleasure book
BOOKS243737I: DARVAS, Robert & LUKACS, Paul - Spotlight on card play: a new approach to the practical analysis of bridge hands
BOOKS186638I: DARVIL, M. (ed) - I remember - the day's work in Gloucestershire villages 1850-1950
BOOKS293775I: DARVILL, Timothy & GERRARD, Christopher - Cirencester: town and landscape: an urban archaeological assessment
BOOKS186249I: DARVILL, Timothy - Prehistoric Gloucestershire
BOOKS303496I: DARWIN, John - Britain and decolonisation: the retreat from Empire in the post-war world
BOOKS115992I: DARWIN, Bernard - Golfing by-paths
BOOKS213328I: DARWIN, Charles - The correspondence of Charles Darwin: Volume 1, 1821-1836
BOOKS212701I: DARWIN, Charles - The origin of species by means of natural selection, or the preservation of favoured races in the struggle for life
BOOKS146373I: DARWIN, Bernard - Every idle dream
BOOKS150670I: DARWIN, Charles - The voyage of the Beagle
BOOKS129255I: DARWIN, Bernard - Every idle dream.
BOOKS247509I: DARWIN, Charles - Autobiography of Charles Darwin
BOOKS303555I: DARWIN, John - After Tamerlane: the rise and fall of global empires, 1400-2000
BOOKS243215I: DARWIN, Bernard & others - Elizabeth Canning and the Gipsies, & other stories
BOOKS175119I: DARWIN, Bernard - Golf between two wars.
BOOKS300598I: DARWIN, Bernard - Every idle dream
BOOKS184349I: DARWIN, Charles - The origin of species by means of natural selection or the preservation of favoured races in the struggle for life
BOOKS127016I: DARWIN, Bernard - A round with Darwin
BOOKS097770I: DARWIN, B. - Every idle dream
BOOKS213321I: DARWIN, Charles - The correspondence of Charles Darwin: volume 4, 1847-1850
BOOKS213316I: DARWIN, Charles - The correspondence of Charles Darwin: Volume 3, 1844-1846
BOOKS224723I: DARWIN, Charles - The descent of man and selection in relation to sex
BOOKS114788I: DARWIN, Charles - On the structure and distribution of coral reefs; also geological observations on the volcanic islands and parts of South America visited during the voyage of H.M.S. Beagle.
BOOKS172761I: DARWIN, Charles - The voyage of the Beagle
BOOKS309063I: DARWIN, Bernard - Robinsons of Bristol, 1844-1944
BOOKS304018I: DARWIN, Charles & FITZROY, Robert - A narrative of the voyage of HMS Beagle
BOOKS161117I: DARWIN, Bernard - Every idle dream
BOOKS306061I: DARWIN, Francis (Sir) - Rustic sounds and other studies in literature and natural history
BOOKS294397I: DARWIN, Charles & Gould, John - The zoology of the Voyage of H.M.S Beagle under the Command of Captain Fitzroy during the years 1832 to 1836: part 3: birds
BOOKS290343I: DARWIN, Bernard & others - A history of golf in Britain
BOOKS299856I: DARWIN, Charles - The voyage of the "Beagle"
BOOKS246058I: DARWIN, Bernard - A round with Darwin
BOOKS285733I: DARWIN, Charles - The origin of species
BOOKS293886I: DARWISH, Nazmieh Rida Tawfiq - Giordania
BOOKS002862I: GOSWAMI. Satsvarupa Dasa - Prabhupada: he built a house in which the whole world can live
BOOKS083258I: DASANNACHARYA, B. and MOORTHY, T.S. Krishna - Sensitiveness of a geiger point counter in the region between its threshold voltage and the voltage for constant counting
BOOKS208128I: DASGUPTA, Surendranath - Indian idealism
BOOKS303634I: DASH, Terry (ed) - Footnote, vol. 14, no. 4, April May 1983
BOOKS310962I: DASHWOOD - Breaking the mould
BOOKS245532I: DATBELL, James & GORDON, Andrew (eds) - Women and epistolary agency in early modern culture, 1450–1690
BOOKS310966I: DATIG, Fred A. - Cartridges for collectors: volume I (centerfire)
BOOKS294492I: DATIG, Fred A - The Luger pistol (Pistole Parabellum): its history and development from 1893-1945
BOOKS310836I: DATIG, Fred A. - Cartridges for collectors, vol. 2 (centerfire-rimfire-patent ignition)
BOOKS226851I: DAUCH, Richard E. Dauch - Passion for manufacturing
BOOKS239228I: DAUDET, Alphonse - Lettres de mon Moulin
BOOKS226594I: DAUDET, Alphonse - Contes Militaires.
BOOKS109201I: DAUDET, Alphonse - Tartarin sur les Alpes
BOOKS293706I: DAUDET, Alphonse - Sappho
BOOKS304098I: DAUGHERTY, Richard (ed) - Geography in the national curriculum: a viewpoint from The Geographical Association
BOOKS307698I: DAUGHTERS, Paul - As endless is my love as this: a history of marriage rings
BOOKS238297I: DAVAGE, Mike - Glorious Canaries, past and present, 1902-94
BOOKS146559I: DAVAL, Jean-Luc and others - Sculpture: from antiquity to the present. Four volumes
BOOKS292992I: DAVARAS, Costis - Guide to Cretan antiquities
BOOKS294053I: DAVARAS, Costis - Hagios Nikolaos Museum
BOOKS293854I: DAVARAS, Costis - Phaistos: Hagia Triada, Gortyn
BOOKS290364I: DAVARIS, D. - Museum of Kos: exhibits list
BOOKS294188I: DAVARIS, Dimitris - Kos: Hippocrates' Island - tourist guide
BOOKS240975I: DAVE, H.T. - Life and philosophy of Shree Swaminarayan 1781-1830
BOOKS299186I: DAVENPORT - Davenport's Popular Magic
BOOKS084511I: DAVENPORT, M. (ed) - The Sherborne register: sixth edition, 1905-1980
BOOKS104213I: DAVENPORT, Kay - Lancashire hotch potch: "A second helping"
BOOKS285929I: DAVENPORT, Arthur - A country holiday
BOOKS284214I: DAVENPORT, Percy.: - Old Stanmore, Records chiefly Manorial.
BOOKS299226I: DAVENPORT, Peter and others - Bath history: volume V: 1994
BOOKS291471I: DAVENPORT, Cyril - Cameos
BOOKS047477I: DAVENPORT, Hester - Writers in Windsor
BOOKS187112I: DAVENPORT, M (ed) - The Sherborne register, sixth edition: 1905-1980
BOOKS284937I: DAVENPORT, Marcia - The valley of decision
BOOKS012529I: DAVENPORTS - Fifty years of progress
BOOKS075040I: DAVENTRY, Leonard - A man of double deed
BOOKS088922I: DAVESON, Elaine A. - How to design beautiful cakes
BOOKS091092I: DAVEY, Richard - The Tower of London
BOOKS034024I: DAVEY, Jocelyn - A touch of stage fright
BOOKS215089I: DAVEY, Cyril - On the clouds to China: the story of Hudson Taylor
BOOKS154851I: DAVEY, Cyril - Kagawa of Japan
BOOKS035081I: DAVEY, Jocelyn - A touch of stage fright
BOOKS211953I: DAVEY, Henry - History of English music
BOOKS291704I: DAVEY, Norman & LING, Roger - Wall-painting in Roman Britain
BOOKS226785I: DAVEY, Jocelyn - A touch of stagefright
BOOKS176156I: DAVEY, H.T. & WILKINS, R.J. - Engineering drawing including introductory practical design data for students of engineering
BOOKS309650I: DAVEY, Arnold - Lagonda: 4 1/2 litre and V12: in detail
BOOKS248148I: DAVEY, Ruth & PARKER, Lis - The art of Applewood: from hospital to homes
BOOKS309894I: DAVEY, A. and MAY, Anthony - Lagonda: a history of the Marque
BOOKS303574I: DAVEY, C.R. - Reflections of the Furness Railway
BOOKS080406I: DAVEY, Margaret - The Calcrafts: their times and reforms
BOOKS299033I: DAVID, Trefor - The tickets of the Liverpool Overhead Railway Company
BOOKS195048I: SMITH. David - Maps and plans for the local historian and collector
BOOKS286854I: DAVID, Jean–Michael - The Roman conquest of Italy
BOOKS189509I: DAVID, Elizabeth - Summer cooking
BOOKS153224I: DAVID, BELFIELD AND EVERESTS (eds) - Spon's architects' and builders' price book 1984
BOOKS004977I: PILGRIM. David - The Emperor's servant: four tales of the Napoleonic wars
BOOKS014334I: DAVID, Elizabeth - Summer cooking
BOOKS015384I: DAVID, Elizabeth - Summer cooking
BOOKS037090I: DAVID, Jay - The Scarsdale murder
BOOKS113556I: DAVID, Andrew - Rock stars: people at the top of the charts
BOOKS207708I: CECIL. David - Early Victorian novelists: essays in revaluation
BOOKS159533I: DAVID, Elizabeth - French country cooking
BOOKS248271I: DAVID, Walter (ed) - Do it yourself constructions in glass fibre: a description of over 45 different GRP projects
BOOKS122894I: DAVID, Joy - An invitation to Plymouth
BOOKS268466I: DAVID, Saul - Zulu Hart
BOOKS183951I: DAVID, Elizabeth - Harvest of the cold months: the social history of ice and ices (Penguin Cookery Library)
BOOKS296722I: DAVID-NEEL, Alexandra - Initiations and initiates in Tibet
BOOKS301583I: CROWLEY David - Posters of the Cold War
BOOKS240382I: DAVID, A.A. - Life and the public schools: a prospect
BOOKS244633I: DAVID, Walter (ed) - Glass fibre swimming-pools and ponds for the amateur
BOOKS075445I: DAVID, Elizabeth - Peperonata and other Italian dishes
BOOKS292850I: DAVID, A. Rosalie - The Egyptian kingdoms
BOOKS293643I: DAVID, Rosalie - A guide to religious ritual at Abydos
BOOKS151076I: DAVID, Elizabeth - Summer cooking
BOOKS304550I: DAVID, Elizabeth. - Spices, salts and aromatics in the English kitchen
BOOKS287701I: DAVID, Elizabeth - French country cooking
BOOKS240284I: DAVID, A.A. (Rev) - The idea of God
BOOKS073099I: DAVID, Joy (ed) - The hidden places of Devon and Cornwall
BOOKS243539I: DAVID, Deirdre - Intellectual women and Victorian patriarchy: Harriet Martineau, Elizabrth Barrett Browning, George Eliot
BOOKS292559I: DAVIDS, Roy - The artist as a portrait
BOOKS120622I: DAVIDSOHN, A. and MILWIDSKY, B.M. - Synthetic detergents.
BOOKS197162I: DAVIDSON, John F. - Roller skating: a handy guide for the novice and those more advanced in the art
BOOKS161713I: DAVIDSON, Basil - Africa: history of a continent
BOOKS267922I: DAVIDSON, Lionel - 'Daisy Girl' in John Bull no.2662, July 6, 1957
BOOKS200602I: DAVIDSON, Marshall B.(ed) - Horizon: a magazine of the arts, Volume VII, Number 4, Autumn 1965
BOOKS200603I: DAVIDSON, Marshall B. (ed) - Horizon: a magazine of the arts, Volume VII, Number 3, Summer 1965
BOOKS200604I: DAVIDSON, Marshall (ed) - Horizon: a magazine of the arts, Volume VII, Number 2, Spring 1965
BOOKS303315I: DAVIDSON, Basil - The black man's burden: Africa and the curse of the nation-state
BOOKS124785I: DAVIDSON, Lynette - Acacias: a field guide to the acacias of Southern Africa
BOOKS090759I: DAVIDSON, James - Garden lighting: contemporary exterior lighting
BOOKS302263I: DAVIDSON, Lorna - The story of Robert Owen, 1771-1858: a brief guide to his life and work
BOOKS048575I: DAVIDSON, Gladys - Standard stories from the operas
BOOKS038720I: DAVIDSON, A.A. - Eilean More
BOOKS062700I: DAVIDSON, Gladys - Animal adventures
BOOKS043988I: DAVIDSON, Joan and MYERS, Dorothy - No time to waste: poverty and the global environment
BOOKS085331I: DAVIDSON, J.N. - The biochemistry of the nucleic acids
BOOKS098889I: DAVIDSON, Ian - At a stretch
BOOKS249577I: DAVIDSON, Ian & WEIL, Gordon L. - The gold war
BOOKS168376I: DAVIDSON, Avram - Masters of the maze
BOOKS263078I: DAVIDSON, Gladys and others - Heap of fun
BOOKS154304I: DAVIDSON, Eugene - The making of Adolf Hitler
BOOKS076558I: DAVIDSON, Sheila - Infant assemblies
BOOKS168533I: DAVIDSON, Gladys - The Arabian Nights: selected and retold for children
BOOKS305640I: DAVIDSON, Benjamin - The analytical Hebrew and Chaldee lexicon
BOOKS232370I: DAVIDSON, John (ed) - A treasury of mystic terms, part 1: the principles of mysticism, volume 4: the hierarchy of creation
BOOKS159907I: DAVIDSON, Robert - Wisdom and worship
BOOKS235395I: DAVIDSON, Max - Adam the Gardener: a pictorial calendar and guide to the year's work in the garden, showing how to grow vegetables, fruit and flowers
BOOKS154526I: DAVIDSON, Judson France - The Anacreontea & principal remains of Anacreon of Teos, in English verse
BOOKS219578I: DAVIDSON, Lionel - The rose of Tibet
BOOKS052810I: DAVIDSON, John - A second series of Fleet Street eclogues
BOOKS160784I: DAVIDSON, H.B. - Geraldine, a Ranger
BOOKS284582I: DAVIDSON, Lionel - Making good again
BOOKS160986I: DAVIDSON, Basil - Africa in history: themes and outlines
BOOKS066425I: DAVIDSON, Rob - Business travel
BOOKS284461I: DAVIDSON, Peter (Rev) - Opinions concerning Jesus Christ
BOOKS160979I: DAVIDSON, Basil - Africa in modern history: the search for a new society
BOOKS310851I: DAVIDSON, L. M. - Things seen in the Dolomites
BOOKS129659I: DAVIDSON, John - Baptist Lake
BOOKS299959I: DAVIDSON, K.L - The unheated greenhouse
BOOKS297568I: DAVIDSON, Angus - Edward Lear, landscape painter and nonsense poet, 1812-1888
BOOKS267918I: DAVIDSON, Lionel - 'The Cure' in John Bull, no.2687, December 28, 1957
BOOKS299030I: DAVIE, Donald - Thomas Hardy and British poetry
BOOKS174047I: DAVIE, W.Galsworthy - Old cottages and farmhouses in Kent and Sussex
BOOKS111111I: DAVIE, R.G. - Old Bristol ships I remember
BOOKS239408I: DAVIES, Rhys - Girl waiting in the shade
BOOKS238577I: DAVIES, Peter - The historical dictionary of golfing terms: from 1500 to the present
BOOKS307997I: DAVIES, Martin & DAVIES, Teresa - For Club, King & Country: the story of the Gloucestershire County cricketers and the Gloucester Rugby Club players as soldiers of Gloucestershire in the Great War 1914-1918
BOOKS269683I: DAVIES, Margaret - Danny's exciting adventures in Lichfield Cathedral
BOOKS292422I: DAVIES, G. M. - The Dorset coast: a geological guide
BOOKS158571I: DAVIES, Martin & GOLDFINCH, John (eds) - Vergil: a census of printed editions 1469-1500
BOOKS221626I: DAVIES, Charles E. (ed) - Global interests in the Arab Gulf
BOOKS296608I: DAVIES, Maud F - Life in an English village
BOOKS115377I: DAVIES, W.H. (ed) - Shorter lyrics of the twentieth century 1900-1922.
BOOKS235220I: DAVIES, Peter J - The world encyclopedia of trucks: an illustrated guide to classic and contemporary trucks around the world
BOOKS203733I: DAVIES, William David - "Yr llythyr at yr Effesiaid" [The letter to the Ephesians]
BOOKS203732I: DAVIES, William David - Datblygiad Duw Efrydiau diwinyddol [Theological studies in the belief of God]
BOOKS195751I: DAVIES, Randall - Six centuries of painting
BOOKS246101I: DAVIES, Joanna & HASSELL, Lynda - Children in intensive care: a nurse's survival guide
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BOOKS233419I: DENES, Gee / DESMOND, D.J. (Malcolm SAVILLE) - John and Jennifer on the farm
BOOKS053361I: DENES, Gee - John and Jennifer at the zoo
BOOKS297228I: DENES, Gee & DESMOND, D.J (Malcolm Saville) - John and Jennifer at the farm
BOOKS291235I: DENFORD, Geoff - Wintanceaster: Saxon and Medieval Winchester
BOOKS157928I: DENHAM, T.S. - Speed!
BOOKS247373I: DENHAM, Sidney & COWLISHAW, Arthur E. - Our cats
BOOKS234080I: DENING, Walter - Japan in days of yore
BOOKS044087I: DENING, Walter - Japan in days of yore
BOOKS305495I: DENING, C.F.W. - Old inns of Bristol
BOOKS306830I: DENING, C. F. W. - The eighteenth-century architecture of Bristol
BOOKS124859I: DENIS, Armand - On safari: the story of my life
BOOKS158924I: DENIS, Armand - Cats of the world
BOOKS056084I: DENIS-BROWNE, Rosalind - In two dimensions: poems
BOOKS208220I: DENISON, George T. - The struggle for imperial unity: recollections & experiences
BOOKS204235I: DENISON, Mary A. - The master
BOOKS140738I: DENKSTEIN, Vladimir - Hollar: drawings
BOOKS294315I: DENMAN, D.R. - Estate capital: the contribution of landownership to agricultural finance
BOOKS021726I: DENMAN, D.R. - A half and half affair: chronicles of a hybrid don
BOOKS170222I: DENMAN, D.R. - A half and half affair: chronicles of a hybrid don
BOOKS303600I: DENMAN, Ann - A silent handicap
BOOKS308193I: DENMAN, Earl. - Alone to Everest
BOOKS294312I: DENMAN, Donald R. - Tenant-right valuation and current legislation
BOOKS294307I: DENMAN, D.R & others - Contemporary problems of land ownership
BOOKS195208I: DENMAN, Ann - A silent handicap
BOOKS294314I: DENMAN, Donald R. - Tenant-right valuation: in history and modern practice
BOOKS294247I: DENMAN, D. R. and STEWART, V.F. - Farm rents: a comparison of current and past farm rents in England and Wales
BOOKS244602I: DENNETT, Daniel C. - Brainstorms: philosophical essays on mind and psychology
BOOKS126925I: DENNEY, A.H. (ed) - The Sibton Abbey estates: select documents 1325-1509
BOOKS001168I: DENNIE, Joseph / ELLIS, Milton (ed) - The lay preacher
BOOKS132668I: DENNING, Roy - The Vale of Glamorgan in old photographs, volume 1
BOOKS239681I: DENNIS, C. J. - Digger Smith
BOOKS310772I: DENNIS, Richard - Royal Doulton limited edition loving-cups and jugs
BOOKS157702I: DENNIS, Peter & PRESTON, Adrian (eds) - Soldiers as statesmen
BOOKS154972I: DENNIS, Norman & ERDOS, George - Cultures and crimes: policing in four nations
BOOKS188934I: DENNIS, Richard - English industrial cities of the nineteenth century: a social geography
BOOKS240584I: DENNIS, Philip - Goodbye to Pith Helmets: a District Commissioner's account of the last years before Ghana's Independence
BOOKS055528I: DENNIS, Owen - The rest go on
BOOKS181190I: DENNIS, R.W.G. - Concise guide to British fungi
BOOKS126536I: DENNIS, Patrick - Genius
BOOKS303698I: DENNIS, James F.E (ed) - The Record Collector (6 issues)
BOOKS228619I: DENNIS, Steve - Sergeant Cecil: the impossible dream - from rags to racing's riches
BOOKS111575I: DENNISON, Dorothy - These girls I knew
BOOKS202922I: DENNISON, Dorothy - The rival schools of Trentham
BOOKS062352I: DENNISTON, Robin - Churchill's secret war: diplomatic decrypts, the Foreign Office and Turkey, 1942-44
BOOKS178770I: DENNY, Cecil E. - March of the Mounties
BOOKS299410I: DENSLOW, Van Buren & PARKER, Jane Marsh - Thomas A. Edison and Samuel F.B. Morse
BOOKS153428I: DENSMORE, Emmet - Sex equality: a solution of the woman problem
BOOKS188538I: DENT, Robert K - Old and new Birmingham: a history of the town and its people
BOOKS224506I: DENT, Herbert C. - Piqué: a beautiful minor art
BOOKS291355I: DENT, David & others - Hoddesdon & Broxbourne through time
BOOKS113953I: DENT, Alan - Preludes & studies
BOOKS152385I: DENT, Edward J. - Handel
BOOKS008157I: DENT, Edward J - A theatre for everybody: the story of the Old Vic and Sadler's Wells
BOOKS034384I: DENT, Jenny - A quiet mind companion
BOOKS241847I: DENT, Robert K - The Cathedrals of England and Wales through a Camera
BOOKS105667I: DENT, H.C. - Growth in English education 1946-1952
BOOKS042102I: DENT, Edward J. - A theatre for everybody
BOOKS249477I: DENT, Emma - Emma Dent: diary
BOOKS247314I: DENT, Leonard & others - Grocers' Hall and the principal objects of interest therein
BOOKS003625I: DENT, Alan - Burns in his time
BOOKS053895I: DENT, Robert K. - The making of Birmingham: being a history of the rise and growth of the Midland metrolopis
BOOKS103610I: DENT, Alan - Town
BOOKS225295I: DENT, Emma - Diary
BOOKS079320I: DENT, Herbert C. - Pique: a beautiful minor art
BOOKS190516I: DENT, Alan - World of Shakespeare: plants
BOOKS165202I: DENT, Herbert C. - Wine, spirit & sauce labels of the 18th and 19th centuries
BOOKS271158I: DENTON, Osborne - Old English songs: popular traditional songs and ballads, revised, with new symphonies & accompaniments, Series 11
BOOKS266908I: DENTON, William (Rev.) - Moorfields: a lecture delivered to the members of the Mutual Improvement Society at Messrs. W. Smee & Sons' Little Moorfields, on the evening of Thursday October 22, 1863
BOOKS140557I: DENTON, Derek - Hiders and seekers
BOOKS297330I: DENTON, Clive & others - Hollywood professionals vol. 5: King Vidor, John Cromwell, Mervyn LeRoy
BOOKS109922I: DENTON, Susan (ed) - Quilt art: Moving on
BOOKS292576I: DENTON, Sally & MORRIS, Roger - The money and the power: the making of Las Vegas and its hold on America, 1947-2000
BOOKS297864I: DENTON, A. S. - D. D. L. R.: the story of the Dearne District Light Railways and Competitors
BOOKS194186I: DENTON, G.R. & TRENCH, S - Growth in the British economy: a study of economic problems and policies in contemporary Britain
BOOKS295285I: DENTON, John - Jamie: the story of a puffer
BOOKS184860I: DENVIR, Bernard - Chardin.
BOOKS097400I: DENVIR, Bernard & GRAY, Howard - Making art pay
BOOKS124347I: DENYER-GREEN, Barry - Wild Life and Countryside Act, 1981: the practitioner's companion
BOOKS249817I: DENYSENKO, Nicholas - Theology and form: contemporary orthodox architecture in America
BOOKS264206I: DEO, S.B. & DHAVALIKAR, M.K (eds) - Studies in Indian archaeology: Professor H.D Sankalia felicitation volume
BOOKS078159I: REFERENCE & INFORMATION SERVICES DEPARTMENT - Index to periodical articles relating to Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei and ASEAN: humanities and social sciences, supplement 1991
BOOKS049020I: SCOTTISH DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT - Cairngorm area: report of the Technical group on the Cairngorm area of the Eastern Highlands of Scotland
BOOKS164744I: EDUCATION DEPARTMENT - Code of regulations for day schools with schedules and appendices (Cmnd. 9198)
BOOKS288224I: HONGQI (RED FLAG): Editorial Department - More on the differences between Comrade Togliatti and us - some important problems of Leninism in the contemporary world
BOOKS291236I: Isle of Wight Cultural Services Department - Romans on the Wight
BOOKS211562I: RAILWAY DEPARTMENT - Map of the Queensland Railways 1882
BOOKS116817I: AUTOMOBILE ASSOCIATION TOURING DEPARTMENT - Bartholomew's "Half inch to Mile" map of Engkand & Wales, Sheet 11, North Wales
BOOKS189349I: ARCHITECTURE & PLANNING DEPARTMENTS - Civil Amenities Act 1967: Conservation Area V4: Chalfont St Giles: consultation copy
BOOKS189348I: ARCHITECTS & PLANNING DEPARTMENTS - Civic Amernities Act, 1967: Conservation Area T1: Beaconsfield: consultation copy
BOOKS189351I: ARCHITECTURE & PLANNING DEPARTMENTS - Civic Amenities Act 1967: Conservation Area T2: Marlow: consultation copy
BOOKS189352I: ARCHITECTURE & PLANNING DEPARTMENTS - Civic Amenities Act 1967: Conservation Area T7: Princes Risborough: consultation copy
BOOKS189353I: ARCHITECTURE & PLANNING DEPARTMENTS - Little Marlow recreation area: consultation edition
BOOKS220123I: DEPEYROT, Georges - Le numeraire gaulois du IVe siece: aspects quantitatifs

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