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BOOKS035094I: DALE, RODNEY (ED) - Cats in books: a celebration of cat illustration through the ages
BOOKS107975I: DALE, PETER - Mortal fire
BOOKS268931I: DALE, PETER (ED) - Agenda, vol.9, no.1, Winter 1971
BOOKS152813I: DALE, DAVID (ED) - Probably the last of Stay in Touch
BOOKS112606I: DALE, FRANCES - O daughter of Babylon: a novel
BOOKS123911I: DALE, HERBERT D. - St. Leonard's Church Hythe from its foundation with some account of the life and customs of the town of Hythe from ancient sources.
BOOKS257215I: DALE, HERBERT D. - St. Leonard's Church Hythe from its foundation with some account of the life and customs of the town of Hythe from ancient sources
BOOKS168125I: DALE, JAMES - Pulling faces for a living
BOOKS274570I: DALE, DUNCAN - Stranger in Suomi
BOOKS273255I: DALE, RODNEY - Louis Wain: the man who drew cats
BOOKS006211I: DALE, RODNEY AND GRAY, JOAN - Edwardian inventions 1901-1905
BOOKS122941I: DALE, R.W. - Christian doctrine: a series of discourses
BOOKS271495I: DALE, PETER - Gloucestershire's lost railways
BOOKS243263I: DALE, CELIA - A dark corner
BOOKS101587I: DALES, DOUGLAS - Light to the Isles: a study of missionary theology in Celtic and Anglo Saxon Britain
BOOKS135458I: DALES, R.PHILLIPS - Practical invertebrate zoology
BOOKS254763I: DALES, DOUGLAS - Light to the Isles: a study of missionary theology in Celtic and early Anglo-Saxon Britain
BOOKS243143I: "DALESMAN" - Fox hunting for children: and other simple tales: a book of stories
BOOKS239085I: DALEY, PAUL (ED) - Golf architecture: a worldwide perspective, v. 1
BOOKS169640I: DALEY, JAMES (ED) - Great speeches by African Americans: Frederick Douglass, Sojourner Truth, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Barack Obama, and others
BOOKS219217I: DALEY, JANET AND OTHERS / ARTS COUNCIL - 3-infinity: new multiple art
BOOKS035082I: DALEY, ROBERT - The dangerous edge
BOOKS068142I: DALEY, JANET - Honourable friends
BOOKS275539I: DALLAIRE, JACQUES - Performance thinking: mental skills for the competitive world...and for life!
BOOKS266819I: DALLAL, HENRY - Horse warriors: India's 61st cavalry
BOOKS256845I: DALLAPICCOLA, LUIGI - Dallapiccola on opera: selected writings of Luigi Dallapiccola, volume one
BOOKS250086I: DALLAS, GEORGE FREDERICK - Eyewitness in the Crimea: the Crimean War letters (1854-1856) of Lt.Col.George Frederick Dallas
BOOKS216560I: DALLAS, OSWALD C.C. - Blinker
BOOKS068348I: DALLAS, OSWALD - The romance of a renegade: being the story of David MacCleish, true lover and soldier of fortune
BOOKS198726I: DALLAS, SANDRA - The Persian Pickle Club
BOOKS240552I: DALLAT, CAHAL - M'Cahan's local histories; a series of pamphlets on North Antrim and The Glens (1923)
BOOKS242461I: DALLENBACH, TAMARA K. - Ridgewood in the country club district: a historic suburb in the "best 60,000 city in America" - Springfield, Ohio
BOOKS081825I: DALLEY, JAN - The black hole: money, myth and Empire
BOOKS250242I: DALLEY, ROBERT J - Surfin' guitars:instrumental surf bands of the sixties
BOOKS201678I: DALLIMORE, WILLIAM & JACKSON, BRUCE - A handbook of Coniferae, including Ginkgoaceae
BOOKS273834I: DALLING, PHILIP - Nottingham and Long Eaton Speedway: 1928-1967
BOOKS039105I: DALLWITZ, JOHN AND MARSDEN, SUSAN - Heritage of the Lower North
BOOKS193354I: DALLY, PETER - Chemotherapy of psychiatric disorders
BOOKS044403I: DALRYMPLE, WILLIAM - The age of Kali: Indian travels & encounters
BOOKS089899I: DALRYMPLE, WILLIAM - In Xanadu: a quest
BOOKS236499I: DALTON, J - The Gentleman in Black
BOOKS186196I: DALTON, JOHN (ED) - Newsletter for Members of the Anthroposophical Society in Great Britain (5 issues)
BOOKS185313I: DALTON, JOHN (ED) - New View: Anthroposophy today, 1998 (4 issues)
BOOKS074816I: DALTON, DAVID - El Sid: Saint Vicious
BOOKS117428I: DALTON, NICHOLAS AND DALTON, DIANE - The venison cook: 106 imaginative recipes
BOOKS157506I: DALTON, ROGER AND OTHERS - Correlation techniques in geography
BOOKS209794I: DALTON, GILBERT - Perilous holiday
BOOKS011076I: DALTON, BASIL - The complete patience book
BOOKS265271I: DALTON, RUSSELL J & SHIN, DOH CHULL (EDS) - Citizens, democracy, and markets around the Pacific Rim: congruence theory and political culture
BOOKS154252I: DALTON, BASIL - The ten best card games for two
BOOKS008151I: DALTON, DAVID - James Dean: the mutant king
BOOKS188854I: DALTON, GILBERT - The secret legion
BOOKS204393I: DALTON, HUGH - Some aspects of the inequality of incomes in modern communities
BOOKS127313I: DALTON, STEWART - Crashing steel: a personal view
BOOKS185920I: DALTON, JOHN (ED) - New View: Anthroposophy today (8 issues)
BOOKS176090I: DALTON, A.J. - Necromancer's gambit
BOOKS202173I: DALTON, KATHARINA - The premenstrual syndrome
BOOKS119221I: DALTON, BASIL - Patience problems and puzzles
BOOKS230239I: DALY, J.S. - Evolution of metamorphic belts
BOOKS242676I: DALY, GREGORY - Cannae: the experience of battle in the Second Punic War
BOOKS236159I: DALZELL, TOM & VICTOR, TERRY (EDS) - The new Partridge Dictionary of slang and unconventional English
BOOKS251980I: DALZIEL, KEN - Penguin Road
BOOKS245448I: DAMARI, PAUL - The Herefordshire and Worcestershire weather book
BOOKS243296I: DAMERAU, FREDERICK J - Markov models and linguistic theory
BOOKS195623I: DAMES, MICHAEL - The Avebury cycle
BOOKS134978I: DAMES, MICHAEL - The Avebury cycle
BOOKS067126I: DAMESICK, PETER AND WOOD, PETER (EDS) - Regional problems, problem regions and public policy in the United Kingdom
BOOKS231071I: DAMMERS, A.H. - Thank you, Holy Spirit
BOOKS258861I: DAMON, CELIA - Useful animals
BOOKS128404I: DAMON, OLIVIER - One hundred years of Michelin Man
BOOKS140571I: PHAN QUANG DAN - The Republic of Vietnam's environment & people
BOOKS114492I: DANA, R.H. - Two years before the mast, or a voice from the forecastle: an authentic narrative of sailors' life at sea
BOOKS129738I: DANA, CHARLES A. - Recollections of the Civil War
BOOKS236400I: DANBY, MARY (ED) - The sixth Fontana book of great horror stories
BOOKS152549I: DANBY, JOHN F. - Approach to poetry
BOOKS236510I: DANBY, MARY (ED) - The 8th Fontana book of great horror stories
BOOKS235995I: DANBY, MARY (ED) - The seventh Fontana book of great horror stories
BOOKS211713I: DANCE, PETER - History of shell collecting
BOOKS245321I: DANCE, STANLEY - The world of Earl Hines
BOOKS265739I: DANCEY, PETER - The Avro Vulcan: a history
BOOKS259309I: DANCEY, CHARLIE - The encyclopaedia of ball juggling
BOOKS202967I: DANCU.JULIANA & DANCUDUMITRU - Romanian folk painting on glass
BOOKS120321I: DANCY, J.C. - A commentary on I Maccabees.
BOOKS189010I: DANDY, J.E. - List of British vascular plants
BOOKS167029I: DANDY, J. E. (ED) - The Sloane herbarium: an annotated list of the 'Horti Sicci' composing it; with biographical accounts of the principal contributors
BOOKS076723I: DANDY - The Dandy book (1981)
BOOKS063281I: DANDY - The Dandy monster comic (1951)
BOOKS237600I: DANE, JOHN COLIN - Champion
BOOKS243946I: DANE, CLEMENCE - The Babyons: a family chronicle
BOOKS149237I: DANE, K. - Willemstad: historisch overzicht van stad en polder
BOOKS234924I: DANE, CLEMENCE & SIMPSON, HELEN - Printer's devil
BOOKS218636I: DANE, LANCE (ED) - Aditi
BOOKS035344I: DANE, JOAN - Prince Madog, discoverer of America: a legendary story.
BOOKS073420I: DANE, J.Y. - Murder in college
BOOKS199387I: DANE, ELLIOTT - Crime takes the count
BOOKS095099I: DANFORTH, A.H. - The science of practical horsemanship
BOOKS231173I: DANFORTH, SUSAN - A matter of taste: discrimination in Nineteenth-century book collecting
BOOKS061363I: DANGELL, M.S. - The cabinet; or, Philosopher's masterpiece; which, by means of an oraculum, contains the method of obtaining a fore-knowledge ..
BOOKS060341I: DANGERFIELD, STANLEY - Your poodle and mine
BOOKS129547I: DANGERFIELD, STANLEY & HOWELL, ELSWORTH (EDS) - International encyclopaedia of dogs
BOOKS004774I: DANIEL, CLARENCE - Ghosts of Derbyshire
BOOKS195474I: DANIEL, ALBERT R. - The bakery trade as a career
BOOKS177885I: DANIEL, ROLAND - The man from prison
BOOKS177880I: DANIEL, ROLAND - The man who sold secrets
BOOKS035092I: DANIEL, MARK - Sleek bodies
BOOKS152311I: DANIEL, GLYN (ED) - Antiquity: a quarterly review of archaeology, Volume XXXVII (38), No.149, March 1964
BOOKS152652I: DANIEL, GLYN (ED) - Antiquity: a quarterly review of archaeology, vol.XXXVIII (38), no.150, June 1964
BOOKS243081I: DANIEL, ROLAND - The Professor
BOOKS095780I: DANIEL, VERNON - Punch and Judy
BOOKS096032I: DANIEL, CLARENCE - Derbyshire traditions
BOOKS250040I: DANIEL, WILLIAM T. - Career behaviour and the European Parliament: All roads lead through Brussels?
BOOKS182766I: DANIEL, GLYN (ED) - Antiquity: a quarterly review of archaeology, volume XXXVIII (38), no. 152, December 1964
BOOKS150469I: DANIEL, MARK - Sleek bodies
BOOKS053656I: DANIEL, ROLAND - The little old lady
BOOKS167056I: DANIEL, CLARENCE - Ghosts of Derbyshire
BOOKS233119I: DANIEL, , DANIEL M - The Mike Jacobs story
BOOKS177898I: DANIEL, ROLAND - The big squeal
BOOKS214453I: DANIEL, ROLAND - The Murphy Gang: a thriller
BOOKS177899I: DANIEL, ROLAND - The Murphy Gang: a thriller
BOOKS191053I: DANIEL, FLORENCE - The healthy life cook book
BOOKS177727I: DANIEL, ROLAND - The Kenya tragedy
BOOKS271111I: DANIEL, GLYN - Megaliths in history
BOOKS006263I: DANIELL, DAVID SCOTT - Flight Two: Canada
BOOKS027209I: DANIELL, ROSEMARY - Sleeping with soldiers: in search of the macho man
BOOKS212064I: DANIELL, WALTER V. (ED) - A catalogue of engraved portraits of celebrated personages, chiefly connected with the history and literature of Great Britain
BOOKS211944I: DANIELL, WALTER V. (ED) - A catalogue of engraved portraits of celebrated personages, chiefly connected with the history and literature of Great Britain
BOOKS234202I: DANIELL, JOHN J - The life of George Herbert of Bemerton
BOOKS128843I: DANIELS, THERESE & GERSON, JANE (EDS) - The colour black: black images in British television
BOOKS255303I: DANIELS, R (ED) - Medieval Settlement Research Group: annual report 11, 1996
BOOKS234020I: DANIELS, GRAHAM A (ED) - The Association of British Members of the Swiss Alpine Club Journal 1973
BOOKS039516I: DANIELS, JEFF (ED) - Roseworthy Agricultural College: a century of service
BOOKS152635I: DANIELS, NORMAN - Ben Casey: the fire within
BOOKS147692I: DANIELS, P.W. - Office location: an urban and regional study
BOOKS242332I: DANIELS, MARK - The "Bettabridge" handbook: a beginners' guide to contract bridge
BOOKS246678I: DANIELS, GERALD - Passengers no more
BOOKS230049I: DANIELS, GRAHAM A. (ED) - The Association of British Members of the Swiss Alpine Club: Journal 1970
BOOKS271806I: DANIELS, GRAHAM A (ED) - The Association of British Members of the Swiss Alpine Club: Journal 1972
BOOKS173415I: DANIELS,GRAHAM A. (ED) - The Association of British Members of the Swiss Alpine Club: Journal 1969
BOOKS173416I: DANIELS, GRAHAM A. (ED) - The Association of British Members of the Swiss Alpine Club: Journal 1968
BOOKS200725I: DANIELS, GARY & MCILROY, JOHN (EDS) - Trade unions in a Neoliberal World: British trade unions under New Labour
BOOKS230048I: DANIELS, GRAHAM A. (ED) - The Association of British Members of the Swiss Alpine Club: Journal 1971
BOOKS263480I: DANIELS, PETER & SAWYER, REX - Salisbury Plain
BOOKS173397I: DANIELS, GRAHAM A. (ED) - The Association of British Members of the Swiss Alpine Club: Journal 1975
BOOKS251992I: DANIELS, MORNA - Victorian book illustration
BOOKS261656I: DANIELS, PAUL - The Paul Daniels magic annual
BOOKS166675I: DANIELSSON, BENGT - The happy island
BOOKS035523I: DANIELSSON, BENGT - The happy island
BOOKS259852I: DANIELSSON, KARIN MOLANDER - The dynamic detective: Special interest and seriality in contemporary detective stories
BOOKS034516I: DANIELSSON, BENGT - The happy island
BOOKS239819I: DANILOFF, NICHOLAS - Of spies and spokesmen: my life as a Cold War correspondent
BOOKS244526I: DANILOVA, IRINA - The treasure of Troy: Heinrich Schliemann's excavations
BOOKS085689I: DANKS, DENISE - Wink a hopeful eye
BOOKS238350I: DANKS, DENISE - Frame grabber
BOOKS193310I: DANKWORTH, AVRIL - Voices and instruments
BOOKS249497I: DANN, H.C. - The romance of the posts of Rhodesia, British Central Africa and Nyasaland
BOOKS269395I: DANNATT, H.M. (ED) - The Railway Magazine, Volume 114, January to December 1968.
BOOKS207306I: DANNATT, H.M. (ED) - The Railway Magazine, volume 115, January-December 1969.
BOOKS229302I: DANNREUTHER, EDWARD - Wagner and the reform of the opera
BOOKS203427I: ACADEMIE NATIONALE DE MUSIQUE ET DE DANSE - Faust: (Vendredi 28 Fevrier 1930)
BOOKS208003I: DANSEY, HARRY - The New Zealand Maori in colour
BOOKS231843I: DANSON, LAWRENCE - Max Beerbohm and the act of writing
BOOKS152250I: DANT, CHARLES H. - Archbishop Temple: being the people's life of the Right Hon. and Most Rev. Frederick Temple, P.C., D.D., LL.D., Primate of all England, and Metropolitan
BOOKS180355I: DANTE - La Commedia di Dante Alighieri
BOOKS267142I: DANTE - La Vita Nuova
BOOKS231829I: DANTO, ARTHUR C. - Genius: In their own words - The intellectual journeys of seven great 20th-century thinkers
BOOKS243914I: DANTZIG, TOBIAS - Number: the language of science: a critical survey written for the cultured non-mathematician
BOOKS124274I: DANZIGER, JAMES N. - Making budgets: public resource allocation
BOOKS154727I: DANZIGER, NICK - Danziger's adventures: from Miami to Kabul
BOOKS210812I: DARBY, H.C. (ED) - An historical geography of England before A.D.1800: fourteen studies.
BOOKS247125I: DARBY, ELISABETH & SMITH, NICOLA - The cult of the Prince Consort
BOOKS176889I: DARBY, H.C. (ED) - A scientific survey of the Cambridge district
BOOKS252680I: DARBY, KEITH - Church Roofing
BOOKS247060I: DARBY, WILLIAM - John Ford's Westerns: a thematic analysis, with a filmography
BOOKS128105I: DARBYSHIRE, LYDIA (ED) - Juggling.
BOOKS258964I: DARBYSHIRE, SHIRLEY - Regency treasure
BOOKS052638I: DARCH, COLIN - Tanzania
BOOKS082954I: DARCY, CATHERINE C. - The Institute of the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas: the canonical development of the Proposed Governance Model
BOOKS124599I: DARE, SIMON - Stormways
BOOKS239729I: DARE, SIMON - These things he gave: poems
BOOKS035084I: DARE, MICHAEL - Murder incognito
BOOKS067600I: DARGIE, TOM - The distribution of lowland wet grassland in England: distribution of the resource
BOOKS198283I: DARK, RICHARD - Dibchick
BOOKS184382I: DARK, SIDNEY AND OTHERS - John O'London's Weekly, vol.VII, no 158; Saturday April 15 1922
BOOKS210597I: DARK, SIDNEY - London
BOOKS210829I: DARK, SIDNEY - Paris
BOOKS180279I: DARK, RICHARD - Shakespeare - and that crush, being Angela's guide to English literature
BOOKS194991I: DARKE, JO - The monument guide to England and Wales: a national portrait in bronze and stone
BOOKS062590I: DARKE, MARJORIE - Ride the iron horse
BOOKS056738I: DARKOH, M.B.K.(ED) - African river basins and dryland crises
BOOKS273974I: DARLEY, LIONEL S. - Bookbinding then and now: a survey of the first hundred and seventy-eight years of James Burn & Company
BOOKS275194I: DARLEY, LIONEL S. - Introduction to bookbinding
BOOKS004223I: DARLING, CHARLES (SIR) / INNER TEMPLE BENCHERS - Inner Templars who volunteered and served in the Great War
BOOKS148780I: DARLING, E. MOORE - Nathan the Verger, teller of country tales
BOOKS239762I: DARLING, WILLIAM Y - Down but not out, being the true story of Peter Godd
BOOKS202039I: DARLING, CHARLES J (LORD) - Autumnal leaves
BOOKS211550I: DARLING, FRANK FRASER - The seasons & the farmer. A book for children
BOOKS274670I: DARLING, F. FRASER - A naturalist on Rona: essays of a biologist in isolation
BOOKS232197I: DARLING-FINAN, NICOLA - Francis Frith's Sherborne
BOOKS194057I: DARLING, F. FRASER - Wild life of Britain.
BOOKS009348I: DARLINGTON, W.A. - Six thousand and one nights: forty years a critic
BOOKS265343I: DARLINGTON, ROY & STRONG, KEITH - Stirling and hot air engines: Designing and building experimental model Stirling engines
BOOKS103939I: DARLINGTON, W.A. - The actor and his audience
BOOKS244055I: DARLOW, STEVE - Five of the Few: survivors of the Battle of Britain and the Blitz tell their story
BOOKS245944I: DARLOW, STEPHEN - Lancaster down: the extraordinary tale of seven young airmen at war
BOOKS229862I: DARLOW, STEVE - Five of the Few: survivors of the Battle of Britain and the Blitz tell their story
BOOKS238121I: DARLOW, STEVE D - Five of the Many: survivors of the Bomber Command Offensive from the Battle of Britain tell their story
BOOKS133884I: DARNELL, A.W. - Orchids for the outdoor garden: a descriptive list of the world's orchids that may be grown outdoors in the British Isles: for the use of amateur gardeners.
BOOKS243878I: DARON, MAL & HEAP, ROY (EDS) - B.A.C.M.E. : British & American Country Music Entertainer, no.1, November 1974
BOOKS012775I: DARRACOTT, JOSEPH - England's Constable: the life and letters of John Constable
BOOKS227032I: DARRACOTT, MICHAEL JOHN - Proper Cornish childhood
BOOKS168524I: DARRACOTT, JOSEPH - England's Constable: the life and letters of John Constable
BOOKS275410I: DARROCH, SANDRA JOBSON - Ottoline: the life of Lady Ottoline Morrell
BOOKS246277I: DARROW, SHARON - Through the tempests dark and wild: a story of Mary Shelley, creator of Frankenstein
BOOKS109281I: DARTNELL, J. (ED) - The year-book of the Coke-Oven Managers' Association 1996
BOOKS109288I: DARTNELL, J. (ED) - The year-book of the Coke-Oven Managers' Association 1997
BOOKS180947I: DARTNELL, FRED - "Seconds out!": chats about boxers, their trainers and patrons.
BOOKS024335I: DARTON, F.J. HARVEY - The Marches of Wessex
BOOKS197199I: DARTON, F.J. HARVEY - Dickens: positively the first appearance: a centenary review with a bibliography of Sketches by Boz
BOOKS243952I: DARTON, F.J. HARVEY - Alibi pilgrimage
BOOKS148561I: DARTON, F.J. HARVEY - The life and aimes of Mrs.Sherwood (1775-1851) from the diaries of Captain and Mrs. Sherwood
BOOKS173372I: DARTY, PETER - The pocketbook of porcelain and pottery marks
BOOKS243737I: DARVAS, ROBERT & LUKACS, PAUL - Spotlight on card play: a new approach to the practical analysis of bridge hands
BOOKS186638I: DARVIL, M. (ED) - I remember - the day's work in Gloucestershire villages 1850-1950
BOOKS186249I: DARVILL, TIMOTHY - Prehistoric Gloucestershire
BOOKS271958I: DARVILL, T.C. - Megalithic chambered tombs of the Cotswold-Severn region
BOOKS115992I: DARWIN, BERNARD - Golfing by-paths
BOOKS213328I: DARWIN, CHARLES - The correspondence of Charles Darwin: Volume 1, 1821-1836
BOOKS212701I: DARWIN, CHARLES - The origin of species by means of natural selection, or the preservation of favoured races in the struggle for life
BOOKS150670I: DARWIN, CHARLES - The voyage of the Beagle
BOOKS247509I: DARWIN, CHARLES - Autobiography of Charles Darwin
BOOKS129255I: DARWIN, BERNARD - Every idle dream.
BOOKS243215I: DARWIN, BERNARD & OTHERS - Elizabeth Canning and the Gipsies, & other stories
BOOKS175119I: DARWIN, BERNARD - Golf between two wars.
BOOKS184349I: DARWIN, CHARLES - The origin of species by means of natural selection or the preservation of favoured races in the struggle for life
BOOKS127016I: DARWIN, BERNARD - A round with Darwin
BOOKS097770I: DARWIN, B. - Every idle dream
BOOKS213321I: DARWIN, CHARLES - The correspondence of Charles Darwin: volume 4, 1847-1850
BOOKS268863I: DARWIN, FLORENCE HENRIETTA - Princess Royal, and, The seeds of love
BOOKS213316I: DARWIN, CHARLES - The correspondence of Charles Darwin: Volume 3, 1844-1846
BOOKS224723I: DARWIN, CHARLES - The descent of man and selection in relation to sex
BOOKS213323I: DARWIN,CHARLES - The Correspondence of Charles Darwin: volume 2, 1837-1843
BOOKS012968I: DARWIN, BERNARD (ED) - The Dickens Advertiser
BOOKS161117I: DARWIN, BERNARD - Every idle dream
BOOKS114788I: DARWIN, CHARLES - On the structure and distribution of coral reefs; also geological observations on the volcanic islands and parts of South America visited during the voyage of H.M.S. Beagle.
BOOKS146373I: DARWIN, BERNARD - Every idle dream
BOOKS172761I: DARWIN, CHARLES - The voyage of the Beagle
BOOKS246058I: DARWIN, BERNARD - A round with Darwin
BOOKS002862I: GOSWAMI. SATSVARUPA DASA - Prabhupada: he built a house in which the whole world can live
BOOKS083258I: DASANNACHARYA, B. AND MOORTHY, T.S. KRISHNA - Sensitiveness of a geiger point counter in the region between its threshold voltage and the voltage for constant counting
BOOKS208128I: DASGUPTA, SURENDRANATH - Indian idealism
BOOKS179347I: DASMANN, RAYMOND F. - The destruction of California
BOOKS245532I: DATBELL, JAMES & GORDON, ANDREW (EDS) - Women and epistolary agency in early modern culture, 1450–1690
BOOKS203039I: DAUBENY, PETER - Stage by stage
BOOKS194552I: DAUBENY, PETER - Stage by stage
BOOKS226851I: DAUCH, RICHARD E. DAUCH - Passion for manufacturing
BOOKS239228I: DAUDET, ALPHONSE - Lettres de mon Moulin
BOOKS226594I: DAUDET, ALPHONSE - Contes Militaires.
BOOKS260229I: DAUDET, ALPHONSE - Fromont Junior and Risler Senior
BOOKS272537I: DAUDET, ALPHONSE - Tartarin on the alps
BOOKS109201I: DAUDET, ALPHONSE - Tartarin sur les Alpes
BOOKS238297I: DAVAGE, MIKE - Glorious Canaries, past and present, 1902-94
BOOKS146559I: DAVAL, JEAN-LUC AND OTHERS - Sculpture: from antiquity to the present. Four volumes
BOOKS240975I: DAVE, H.T. - Life and philosophy of Shree Swaminarayan 1781-1830
BOOKS271852I: DAVENPORT, HUGH - The trials and triumphs of the Mewar Kingdom (Udaipur.)
BOOKS262010I: DAVENPORT, D. DAVENPORT - Politics beyond black and white: biracial identity and attitudes in America
BOOKS084511I: DAVENPORT, M. (ED) - The Sherborne register: sixth edition, 1905-1980
BOOKS104213I: DAVENPORT, KAY - Lancashire hotch potch: "A second helping"
BOOKS261509I: DAVENPORT, HESTER - Faithful handmaid: Fanny Burney at the Court of King George III
BOOKS047477I: DAVENPORT, HESTER - Writers in Windsor
BOOKS187112I: DAVENPORT, M (ED) - The Sherborne register, sixth edition: 1905-1980
BOOKS012529I: DAVENPORTS - Fifty years of progress
BOOKS075040I: DAVENTRY, LEONARD - A man of double deed
BOOKS088922I: DAVESON, ELAINE A. - How to design beautiful cakes
BOOKS091092I: DAVEY, RICHARD - The Tower of London
BOOKS225522I: DAVEY, JOCELYN - A touch of stagefright
BOOKS034024I: DAVEY, JOCELYN - A touch of stage fright
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BOOKS057873I: DELAFIELD, E.M. AND OTHERS - Famous plays of 1931
BOOKS260048I: DELAFIELD, E. M - Thank heaven fasting
BOOKS204734I: DELAFIELD, E.M. - Ladies and gentlemen in Victorian fiction
BOOKS234814I: DELAFIELD, E.M. & OTHERS - The Queen's book of the Red Cross
BOOKS274869I: DELAFIELD, E. M. (ED); GALSWORTHY, JOHN (FOREWORD) - The time and tide album
BOOKS204736I: DELAFIELD, E.M. - The heel of Achilles: a novel
BOOKS273579I: DELAFIELD, E. M. - The provincial lady goes further
BOOKS145208I: DELAFONS, ALLAN (ED) - The Penrose annual: a review of the graphic arts, volume 54, 1960
BOOKS083713I: DELAFORCE, PATRICK - Wellington the beau: the life and loves of the Duke of Wellington
BOOKS150879I: DELAFORCE, PATRICK - Smashing the Atlantic wall: the destruction of Hitler's coastal fortresses
BOOKS268233I: DELAFORCE, PATRICK - Monty's Marauders: Red Fox 8th Armoured Brigade
BOOKS268235I: DELAFORCE, PATRICK - Monty's Highlanders
BOOKS256628I: DELAHAYE, ELIZABETH - The lady and the unicorn
BOOKS229268I: DELAHAYE, GILBERT - The little pilot
BOOKS105943I: DELANCEY, DINEY - Love's dawning
BOOKS183466I: DELAND, MARGARET - Around old Chester
BOOKS016460I: DELANEY, FRANK - Betjeman country
BOOKS012705I: DELANEY, FRANK - A walk to the Western Isles: after Boswell and Johnson
BOOKS269174I: DELANEY, EAMON - An accidental diplomat: my years in the Irish foreign service
BOOKS121193I: DELANTY, GREG - The hellbox
BOOKS170449I: DELANY, V.T.H. & DELANY, D.R. - The canals of the south of Ireland
BOOKS230462I: DELAP, LUCY AND OTHERS (EDS) - Feminism & the periodical press 1900-1918, volume 1
BOOKS145695I: DELAPORTE, DUNCAN - Stopover stories
BOOKS242058I: DELARUE, NORMAN C. & OTHERS - Oesophageal cancer
BOOKS274887I: DELATTRE, DANIEL - Le calvados les 705 communes
BOOKS031744I: DELBANCO, NICHOLAS - Running in place: scenes from the South of France
BOOKS206015I: DELDERFIELD, ERIC R. - Exmouth yesterdays: a glance back over fifty years
BOOKS265116I: DELDERFIELD, R.F - The unjust skies
BOOKS155630I: DELDERFIELD, ERIC R. - Travel with me: the story of a journey through the English countryside, of places, people, and memories.
BOOKS110187I: DELDERFIELD, R.F. - Come home Charlie and face them
BOOKS185420I: DELDERFIELD, ERIC R. - The visitors' brief guide to the Hardy Country of Dorset
BOOKS142463I: DELDERFIELD, R.F. - Bird's eye view: an autobiography
BOOKS102698I: DELDERFIELD, ERIC R. - The Cotswold countryside and its characters
BOOKS253790I: DELDERFIELD, ANTONY - Fate - the ultimate sculptor: an autobiography
BOOKS155687I: DELDERFIELD, R.F. - Too few for drums
BOOKS270711I: DELEAR, FRANK J. - Famous first flights across the Atlantic
BOOKS042566I: DELFONT (LORD) - East End, West End
BOOKS259667I: DELGADO, JAMES P (ED) - Encyclopaedia of underwater and maritime archaeology
BOOKS131289I: DELGADO, GERARDO (ED) - Arshile Gorky 1904-1948
BOOKS166197I: DELGADO, LLORENC BONET (ED) - Ultimate shop design
BOOKS252537I: DELGADO, MARIA M & SVICH, CARIDAD (EDS) - Theatre in crisis?: performance manifestos for a new century
BOOKS189579I: DELGARDO, ALAN (ED) - The Pony Club book no.9
BOOKS181240I: DELIEB, ERIC - Silver boxes
BOOKS258556I: DELIEB, ERIC - Silver boxes
BOOKS258439I: DELIEB, ERIC. - Matthew Boulton: master silversmith 1760-1790
BOOKS214224I: DELIEB, ERIC - Silver boxes
BOOKS004843I: DELISLE, FRANCOISE - Friendship's odyssey: in love with life
BOOKS004897I: DELISLE, FRANCOISE - Francoise: in love with love
BOOKS156800I: DELIUS, FREDERICK - The magic fountain: lyric drama in 3 acts
BOOKS260566I: O'DELL, PAUL - Griffith and the rise of Hollywood
BOOKS266137I: DELL, ETHEL M. - The obstacle race
BOOKS229049I: DELL, DRAYCOTT - Fan tan of the front page
BOOKS004811I: DELL, ETHEL M. - The obstacle race
BOOKS026883I: DELL, ETHEL M. - The rocks of Valpre
BOOKS161587I: O'DELL, PAUL - Griffith and the rise of Hollywood
BOOKS120976I: DELL, ETHEL M. - The Black Knight
BOOKS246518I: DELL, SUSANNE - Murder into manslaughter: the diminished responsibility defence in practice
BOOKS120950I: DELL, ETHEL M. - The knave of diamonds
BOOKS207115I: DELL, ETHEL M. - The top of the world
BOOKS245975I: DELL, ETHEL M. - The keeper of the door
BOOKS152590I: DELL, ETHEL M. - Rosa Mundi and other stories
BOOKS261591I: DELL, SIMON - Mutiny on the Moor (the story of the Dartmoor Prison Riot of 1932)
BOOKS136116I: DELL, ETHEL M. - Charles Rex.
BOOKS275489I: DELL, ETHEL M - The lamp in the desert
BOOKS201213I: DELL, ETHEL M. - Greatheart
BOOKS269047I: DELLAFONS, ALLAN & OTHERS - British book design 1957
BOOKS274528I: DELLBRIDGE, JOHN - Searchlight on Hambledon
BOOKS098090I: DELLENBAUGH, FREDERICK S. - The romance of the Colorado River
BOOKS256010I: DELLER, A.W. - An illustrated history of Slade Green Depot: from steam to networker
BOOKS252852I: DELLER, JEREMY (ED) - Iggy Pop life class
BOOKS188001I: DELLOR, RALPH - Durham: birth of a First-class County
BOOKS135231I: DELLOYE, H.-L. (ED) - Chants et chansons populaires de la France (3 volumes)
BOOKS061181I: DELMAN, DAVID - The last gambit
BOOKS002227I: DELMAR-MORGAN, EDWARD LOCKER - Power-boat cruising
BOOKS171335I: DELMAR-MORGAN, EDWARD - "Mansura": the adventures of this motor yacht and her predecessor from 1910 to 1935
BOOKS231930I: DELMONTE, JOHN - Technology of adhesives
BOOKS076934I: DELOGU, G. - Michelangelo: Plastik, gemalde und handzeichnungen
BOOKS078600I: DELOUGHERY, GRACE - Issues and trends in nursing
BOOKS258450I: DELOUISE, AMY - The producer's playbook: real people on camera
BOOKS216819I: DELPH, SHIRLEY & DELPH, JOHN - Factory decoys of Mason, Stevens, Dodge and Peterson
BOOKS195646I: DELPRETE, STEFANO (ED) - Architecture / Architektur
BOOKS266942I: DELVE, KEN - The military airfields of Britain: Wales and West Midlands: Cheshire, Hereford & Worcester, Northamptonshire, Shropshire, Staffordshire, Warwickshire, ... Warwickshire, West Midlands and Wales
BOOKS265828I: DELVE, KEN - The winged bomb: history of 39 Squadron, R.A.F.
BOOKS260855I: DELVE, KEN - The military airfields of Britain: Northern Home Counties (Bedfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Middlesex, Oxfordshire)
BOOKS188177I: DELVES, NANCY - The fourth form: a school tale for girls
BOOKS260626I: DELVES, NANCY - Well played Scotts': a school story for girls
BOOKS155843I: DELVES-BROUGHTON, J. - The past returned
BOOKS020998I: DELVIN, JACK - Magic of the masters
BOOKS025189I: DELVING, MICHAEL - Die like a man
BOOKS027375I: DELVING, MICHAEL - The China expert
BOOKS122131I: DELVOLDERE, LUC (ED) - TLC 17: the Low Countries: arts and society in Flanders and the Netherlands
BOOKS255157I: DEMANDT, ALEXANDER (ED) - Deutschlands Grenzen in der Geschichte
BOOKS181605I: DEMANGEON, A. - The British Isles
BOOKS107927I: DEMARGNE, PIERRE - Aegean art: the origins of Greek art
BOOKS221379I: DEMAUS, A.B. - Motor sport in the 20s
BOOKS236625I: DEMAW, M.F.'DOUG' - Ferromagnetic-core design and application andbook
BOOKS252906I: DEMEK, JAROMIR & STRIDA, MIROSLAV - Geography of Czechoslovakia
BOOKS197045I: DEMESSE, LUCIEN - Quest for the Babingas: the world's most primitive tribe
BOOKS187064I: DEMETRIADI, M (ED) - St Peter's College Radley register 1847-1947
BOOKS264941I: DEMETZ, PETER - Bohmen bohmisch: Essays
BOOKS260839I: DEMETZ, PETER - Böhmische Sonne, mährischer Mond: Essays und Erinnerungen
BOOKS032087I: DEMING, BARBARA - A humming under my feet: a book of travail
BOOKS140055I: DEMKO, GEORGE J. - The Russian colonization of Kazakhstan 1896-1916
BOOKS131646I: DEMMER, JO AND COLLINS, GAIL - Nigerian gems: expatriate tales of adventure
BOOKS195719I: "DEMOCRAT" - Be your own brains trust,
BOOKS248690I: DEMOSTHENES - Demosthenes, with English notes by Rev. Arthur Holmes, Part I: De Corona
BOOKS125434I: DEMOSTHENES - Demosthenis: Orationes Tomus III
BOOKS125435I: DEMOSTHENES; BUTCHER, S.H. (ED) - Demosthenis: Orationes, Tomi II Pars I
BOOKS112577I: DEMOSTHENIS - Orationes, tomi II pars II
BOOKS150248I: DEMOSTHENOUS, D. - The occupied churches of Cyprus
BOOKS193693I: DEMOSTHENOUS, DEMOSTHENIS - The occupied churches of Cyprus
BOOKS239797I: DEMOUZON - The first-born of Egypt
BOOKS273928I: DEMPSEY, HUGH AYLMER - Indian tribes of Alberta
BOOKS253748I: DEMPSEY, LORCAN (ED) - Bibliographic access in Europe: First International Conference
BOOKS048918I: DEMPSTER, NIGEL & EVANS, PETER - Behind palace doors
BOOKS232293I: DEMUTH, RACHEL - Green world cookbook
BOOKS261454I: DEMUTH, TIM - The spread of London's Underground

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