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BOOKS117525I: DEPPING, G.B. and MICHEL, Francisque - Wayland Smith: a dissertation on a tradition of the Middle Ages from the French of G.B. Depping and Francisque Michel, with additions by S.W.Singer and the amplified legend by Oehlenschlager
BOOKS178736I: DEQUIN, Horst - The challenge of Saudi Arabia: the regional setting and economic development as a result of the conquest of the Arabian peninsula by King Abdul 'Aziz al Sa'ud
BOOKS227487I: DERBY (Lord) - Ouija Board: a mare in a million
BOOKS298792I: DERBY, Mark & others - Suspense, vol. 2, no. 7, July 1959
BOOKS123983I: DERBYSHIRE, Edward and others - Geomorphological processes
BOOKS294788I: DERKS, Ton & ROYMANS, Nico (editors) - Villa landscapes in the Roman North: economy, culture, and lifestyles
BOOKS311056I: DERLETH, August (ed) - Worlds of tomorrow
BOOKS007565I: DERLETH, August - Bright journey
BOOKS145052I: DERMENGHEM, Emile - Muhammad and the Islamic tradition.
BOOKS165357I: DEROUBAIX, Bernard - Le pont de Normandie
BOOKS302641I: DERRICK, Freda - A traveller among the farms
BOOKS217886I: DERRICK, Richard - Love or a Crown
BOOKS164097I: DERRICK, Freda - A trinity of craftsmen
BOOKS115720I: DERRICK, R.A. - A history of Fiji, volume one
BOOKS263744I: DERRICK, Freda. - Cotswold stone
BOOKS095081I: DERRICK, Freda - Gothic wanderings in Somerset
BOOKS149254I: DERRICK, Freda - Cotswold stone
BOOKS301304I: DERRICK, Freda - A trinity of craftsmen
BOOKS304923I: DERRIMAN, Philip - The best of keepers: the life and artistry of Don Tallon
BOOKS270526I: DERRY, John - Across the Derbyshire Moors: twelve rambles near Sheffield
BOOKS038060I: DERRY, T.K. & BLAKEWAY, M.G. - The making of Early and Mediaeval Britain: life and work to the close of the Middle Ages.
BOOKS038061I: DERRY, T.K. & BLAKEWAY, M.G. - The making of pre-industrial Britain: life and work between the Renaissance and the Industrial Revolution
BOOKS164841I: DERRY, Vida - Give love a chance
BOOKS298004I: DERRY, Ramsay - The world of Robert Bateman
BOOKS168155I: DERSLEY, Keith - Fugitive days
BOOKS125341I: DERVEAUX, Daniel - St-Malo de Bretagne
BOOKS286903I: DERWENT, Lavinia & GILLESPIE, T. H. - Nature's wonders
BOOKS289558I: DESAI, Chelna - Ikat textiles of India
BOOKS143313I: DESAI, Rajiv - Indian business culture: an insider's guide
BOOKS303880I: DESARNAUD, Christina - Spanish water dog
BOOKS098837I: DESAULNIERS, Marcel - Burgers: classic American hamburgers and their accompaniments
BOOKS170806I: DESCARGUES, Pierre - Goya
BOOKS111981I: DESCARTES, Rene - Philosophical writings
BOOKS082305I: DESCHARNES, Robert - Il mondo di Salvador Dali
BOOKS124698I: DESCHNER, Donald - The films of W.C. Fields
BOOKS003187I: DESENCLOS, Hubert - Understanding graphology: how to interpret handwriting.
BOOKS043652I: DESENCLOS, Hubert - Understanding graphology: how to interpret handwriting
BOOKS023705I: DESENCLOS, Hubert - Understanding graphology: how to interpret handwriting
BOOKS057189I: DESFORGES, Charles and COCKBURN, Anne - Understanding the mathematics teacher: a study of practice in First schools
BOOKS177875I: DESMOND, Hugh - Calling Alan Fraser
BOOKS177858I: DESMOND, Hugh - Death let loose
BOOKS177900I: DESMOND, Hugh - They lived with death
BOOKS270129I: DESMOND, G.G - The roll of the seasons: a book of nature essays
BOOKS177857I: DESMOND, Hugh - His reverence the rogue.
BOOKS103744I: DESMOND, D.J. (Malcolm SAVILLE) - Amateur acting and producing for beginners
BOOKS177256I: DESMOND, Hugh - Not guilty, My Lord
BOOKS025277I: DESMOND, Hugh - The viper's sting
BOOKS305623I: DESMOND, Angela & others (eds) - New agendas in Irish prehistory: papers in commemoration of Liz Anderson
BOOKS167080I: DESMOND, Ray & HEPER, F. Nigel - A century of Kew plantsmen: a celebration of the Kew Guild
BOOKS177894I: DESMOND, Hugh - Mask of terror
BOOKS177872I: DESMOND, Hugh - Turn back from death
BOOKS037666I: DESMOND, Kevin - Aviation ghosts: stories of paranormal activity along Line SSE 165 degrees
BOOKS096896I: DESMOND, Hugh - His Reverence the rogue
BOOKS177859I: DESMOND, Hugh - A slight case of murder
BOOKS004005I: DESMONDE, Kay - Dolls and dolls houses
BOOKS269943I: DESOUTTER, D. M. - Aircraft & missiles: what they are, what they do, how they work
BOOKS150968I: DESQUESNES, Remy - The Canadians to Europe's rescue / Les Canadiens au secours de l'Europe
BOOKS293846I: DESSALES, Helene (ed) - The Villa of Diomedes: the making of a Roman villa in Pompeii
BOOKS237469I: DESSART, Gina - Cry for the lost
BOOKS285155I: DESSART, Gina - A man died here
BOOKS230450I: VAN DETH, Jan W & MALONEY, Willilam A (eds) - New participatory dimensions in civil society: professionalization and individualized collective action
BOOKS108878I: DETRANI, Geoffrey and others - 6 x 6 No.10, Spring 2005: Ten miles out
BOOKS221456I: DETSICAS, A.P. (ed) - Archaeologia Cantiana: being contributions to the history and archaeology of Kent, volume CIII (103), 1986
BOOKS224954I: DETSICAS, A.P. (ed) - Archaeologia Cantiana: being contributions to the history and archaeology of Kent, volume CX (110), 1992
BOOKS223823I: DETSICAS, A.P. (ed) - Archaeologia Cantiana: being contributions to the history and archaeology of Kent, Volume CVII, 1989
BOOKS223824I: DETSICAS, A.P. (ed) - Archaeologia Cantiana: being contributions to the history and archaeology of Kent, Volume CVIII, 1990
BOOKS221322I: DETSICAS, A.P. (ed) - Archaeologia Cantiana: being contributions to the history and archaeology of Kent, volume C (100), 1984
BOOKS224817I: DETSICAS, A.P. (ed) - Archaeologia Cantiana: being contributions to the history and archaeology of Kent, Volume CXII, 1993
BOOKS221455I: DETSICAS, A.P. (ed) - Archaeologia Cantiana: being contributions to the history and archaeology of Kent, volume CII (102), 1985
BOOKS220721I: DETSICAS, A.P. (ed) - Archaeologica Cantiana: being contributions to the archaeology of Kent, Volume CXVIII (118), 1998
BOOKS307010I: DETTMANN, H. C. Ludwig - Mit dem Zepplin nach Amerika: das wunder von himmel und ozean
BOOKS306980I: DETWEILER, M. David - The Civil War: the story of the war with maps
BOOKS213400I: DEUNERT, Boris - A fundamental basalt flake analysis: based on experimentally-produced and used flakes as well as the prehistoric Waikalva material
BOOKS170240I: VAN DEUSEN, Glyndon G - The Jacksonian era 1828-1848
BOOKS263415I: DEUSS, Krystyna - Indian costumes from Guatemala
BOOKS162877I: DEUTCH, Yvonne (ed) - Bake your own bread
BOOKS099097I: DEUTSCHLE, Phil - The two year mountain: a Nepal journey
BOOKS108669I: DEUTSCHMANN, Wilhelm - Theatralische Bilder-Gallerie: Weiner theater in aquarellen von Johann Christian Schoeller
BOOKS290784I: DEVAMBEZ, Pierre - Greek painting
BOOKS047171I: DEVANANDAN, P.D. & THOMAS, M.M. (eds) - Community development in India's industrial urban areas
BOOKS218723I: DEVAS, Nick - Urban governance voice and poverty in the developing world
BOOKS241943I: International Institute for Environment and Development - Towards a sustainable paper cycle: independent study on the sustainability of the pulp and paper industry
BOOKS233319I: Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development - The use of coal in industry
BOOKS149802I: ORGANIZATION FOR ECONOMIC CO-OPERATION AND DEVELOPMENT - Territorial development: Ireland: local partnerships and social innovation
BOOKS311082I: DEVER, Joe & CHALK, Gary - The Caverns of Kalte
BOOKS124534I: DEVEREUX, Paul & BROOKESMITH, Peter - UFOs and Ufology: the first 50 years
BOOKS291749I: DEVEREUX, Stephen and others (editors) - Seasonality, rural livelihoods and development
BOOKS309313I: DEVEREUX, Paul - The new ley hunter's guide
BOOKS161412I: DEVEREUX, J. & SACKER, G. (eds) - The Roll of Honour, Land Forces World War 2 (vol.1): Cavalry, Yeomanry, Royal Armoured Corps, Reconnaissance Corps, Royal Tank Regt; Brigade of Guards
BOOKS235821I: DEVERILL, Paul - Designing water supply and sanitation projects to meet demand in rural and peri-urban communities, Book 1: concept, principles and practice
BOOKS177649I: DEVERNAY, Emile - La locomotive actuelle
BOOKS079184I: DEVERSON, Jane - Night edge
BOOKS239942I: DEVI, Shovona - The Orient pearls: Indian folk-lore
BOOKS310891I: DEVIN, Flanna - Alien encounter
BOOKS300759I: DEVINE, John - Pentacle
BOOKS236936I: DEVINE, Dominic - Sunk without trace
BOOKS030817I: DEVLIN, D.D. - The author of Waverley: a critical study of Walter Scott
BOOKS006361I: DEVLIN, John C and NAISMITH, Grace - The world of Roger Tory Peterson: an authorized biography
BOOKS066191I: DEVLIN, John C. and NAISMITH, Grace - The world of Roger Tory Peterson: an authorized biography
BOOKS221516I: DEVLIN, Keith J. - Mathematics: the new golden age
BOOKS103758I: DEVLIN, Anne - The way-paver
BOOKS020800I: DEVLIN, Diana - A speaking part: Lewis Casson and the theatre of his time
BOOKS048510I: DEVONIAN - Turf topics
BOOKS240654I: DEVONS, Samuel - Excited states of nuclei
BOOKS264981I: DEVONSHIRE, Deborah - Counting my chickens ... and other home thoughts
BOOKS247136I: DEVONSHIRE, Deborah - Counting my chickens and other home thoughts
BOOKS232631I: DEVONSHIRE (4th Duke of) - Memoranda on State Affairs, 1759-62
BOOKS304027I: DeVOTO, Bernard - Westward the course of Empire
BOOKS037814I: DEW-SMITH, A.M. - Confidences of an amateur gardener
BOOKS309507I: DEWAR, Douglas - Game birds
BOOKS154097I: DEWAR, Michael - Brush fire wars: minor campaigns of the British Army since 1945
BOOKS219386I: DEWAR, Diana - Orphans of the living: a study of bastardy
BOOKS170569I: DEWAR, George A.B - Wild life in Hampshire highlands
BOOKS171770I: DEWAR, Michael - Weapons and equipment of counter-terrorism
BOOKS310899I: DEWEESE, Gene - Chain of attack (Star Trek)
BOOKS042055I: DEWES, Simon - Marian: the life of George Eliot
BOOKS003916I: DEWES, Simon - Marian: the life of George Eliot
BOOKS310752I: DEWES, Simon - Mrs. Delany
BOOKS216608I: DEWEY,Peter - Iron harvests of the field: The making of farm machinery in Britain since 1800
BOOKS247567I: DEWEY, Percy - The homeland story of Hayles Broadway Winchcombe
BOOKS191682I: DEWEY, John / ANDERSON, Sherwood - The Seven Arts, vol.2, no.1, May 1917
BOOKS223199I: DEWEY, Thomas B. - Portrait of a dead heiress.
BOOKS290180I: DEWEZ, Guy - Villa Madama: a memoir relating to Raphael's Project
BOOKS100181I: DEWHIRST, Ian - More old Keighley in old photographs
BOOKS213256I: DEWHURST, Noel - My cob and I: we live and learn
BOOKS300702I: DEWHURST, Eileen - Curtain fall
BOOKS287560I: DEWICK, Tony - Complete atlas of railway station names
BOOKS150171I: VON DEWITZ, Arden - A fun book on acrylic painting polymer
BOOKS291055I: DEWS, Laurie - The story of a river bargeman: 50 years on the River Ouse
BOOKS284569I: DEXTER, Ray - The Imperial phase: the rise and fall of British Indie music 1986-1997
BOOKS152120I: DEXTER, Emma and others - Bruce Nauman: Raw materials
BOOKS011876I: DEXTER, T.F.G. - Cornish names: an attempt to explain over 1600 Cornish names
BOOKS139002I: DEXTER, Colin - The remorseful day
BOOKS061407I: DEXTER, Colin - The wench is dead
BOOKS077934I: DEXTER, Eric - Reflections from White Rock
BOOKS097468I: DEXTER, Walter - Dickens: the story of the life of the world's favourite author
BOOKS008235I: DEXTER, Colin - Morse's greatest mystery and other stories
BOOKS301601I: DEXTER, Ted - 85 not out
BOOKS302855I: DEXTER, Colin - The silent world of Nicholas Quinn
BOOKS056699I: DEXTER, Colin - The wench is dead
BOOKS304266I: DEXTER, Colin - Death is now my neighbour
BOOKS304967I: DEXTER, Colin - Last seen wearing
BOOKS164487I: DEXTER, T. G. F. - Cornish names
BOOKS135565I: DEXTER, Colin - The remorseful day
BOOKS042466I: DEXTER, Colin - The remorseful day
BOOKS191126I: DEXTER, Colin - Death is now my neighbour
BOOKS036107I: DEXTER, Colin - The wench is dead
BOOKS046306I: DEXTER, Colin - The secret of Annexe 3
BOOKS181098I: DEXTER, Colin - The dead of Jericho
BOOKS166401I: DEXTER, Colin - Death is now my neighbour
BOOKS072165I: DEXTER, Colin - Morse's greatest mysteries
BOOKS040188I: DEYNEKA, Anita & Peter - A song in Siberia
BOOKS295979I: DEYTS, Simone - Sculptures Gallo-Romanes mythologiques et religieuses
BOOKS081866I: DHIR, Ravindra K. and others (eds) - Composite materials in concrete construction
BOOKS089053I: DIAMANT, R.M.E. - Insulation of buildings: thermal and acoustic
BOOKS144131I: DIAMOND, Lucy - The ladder that reached to heaven
BOOKS144130I: DIAMOND, Lucy - The burning bush
BOOKS158225I: DIAMOND, Philip - Philip Diamond's Covent Garden fish book
BOOKS289305I: DIAMOND, Frank - Murder rides a rocket: a Ransome Dragoon - Vicky Gaines mystery
BOOKS237407I: DIAMOND, Neil - Neil Diamond's greatest hits
BOOKS308958I: DIAMOND, John B. - "The Diamond stable": a professionals' guide to a lifetime of earnings from the horses
BOOKS268172I: DIAMONSTEIN, Barbaralee - Handmade in America: conversations with fourteen craftmasters
BOOKS245767I: DIANA, Maurizio (ed) - New technologies for the safeguard of artistic heritage: twenty-three interventions by the ENEA
BOOKS222419I: DIAPER,Tom - Tom Diaper's log: memoirs of a yacht racing skipper
BOOKS154698I: DIAS, H.and others (eds) - Nuclear dynamics at long and short distances: Proceedings of the First International Conference, Angra dos Reis, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 8-12 April 1996
BOOKS230820I: DIAS, José Roberto de Souza - Santa Catarina: Imigrantes & indústria (Santa Catarina: immigrants & industry)
BOOKS135297I: DIAT, Louis - Sauces, French and famous
BOOKS111687I: DIAZ, Arthur F. & DROGOS, Donna L. (eds) - Oxygenates in gasoline: environmental aspects
BOOKS154363I: DIBBEN, J.V. - Mountain adventure
BOOKS246538I: DIBBEN, Andrew - Andrew Dibben's Norfolk waterscapes
BOOKS249925I: DIBBLE, R.F - John L. Sullivan: an intimate narrative
BOOKS233463I: DIBBLE, R.F. - John L. Sullivan: an intimate narrative
BOOKS053630I: DIBDIN, Michael - The dying of the light
BOOKS076046I: DIBDIN, Michael - Dirty tricks
BOOKS016918I: DIBDIN, Michael - The dying of the light
BOOKS016704I: DIBDIN, Michael - Dirty tricks
BOOKS219559I: DIBDIN, Michael - Cabal
BOOKS219690I: DIBDIN, Michael - The Tryst
BOOKS247921I: DIBDIN, Michael - The dying of the light
BOOKS301402I: DIBDIN, Michael - Vendetta
BOOKS220192I: DIBDIN, Michael - The dying of the light
BOOKS177968I: DIBELIUS, Wilhelm - England (vols.1 & 2)
BOOKS299101I: DICK, Thomas - The Christian philosopher: or the connection of science and philosophy with religion
BOOKS118990I: DICK, Philip K. - Our friends from Frolix 8
BOOKS307855I: DICK, Alexandra - Macalastair looks on
BOOKS269329I: DICK, Ron & PATTERSON, Dan - Aviation century: the early years
BOOKS142037I: DICK, Frank - Winning: motivation for business, sport & life
BOOKS298838I: DICK, David (editor) - A Scottish electrical enlightenment: celebrating 100 years of the Institution of Electrical Engineers in Scotland, 1899-1999
BOOKS244033I: DICK, Alexandra - No sentiment
BOOKS128495I: DICK, Frank - Winning: motivation for business, sport & life
BOOKS127903I: DICK, Phllip K. - Lies, Inc.
BOOKS310074I: DICK, William - A bunch of ratbags
BOOKS144524I: DICK, Stewart - Arts and crafts of old Japan
BOOKS209487I: DICK, Frank W. - Sports training principles
BOOKS211298I: DICK, Thomas - The Christian philosopher; or, The connection of science and philosophy with religion: Volumes I & II
BOOKS119018I: UNCLE DICK (ed) - Pip and Squeak annual 1934.
BOOKS225436I: DICK, Frank - Winning: motivation for business, sport & life
BOOKS154429I: DICKEL, C.E. - A bridge phantasmagoria or green baize knavery - Tales of the Unusual and the McTavish Exploits
BOOKS307293I: DICKENS, Michael & STOREY, Eric - The world of moths
BOOKS237860I: DICKENS, Bruce & WILSON, R.M. (eds) - Early Middle English texts
BOOKS236494I: DICKENS, Charles - The Chimes: a goblin story
BOOKS201196I: DICKENS, Charles - The life and adventures of Martin Chuzzlewit
BOOKS186850I: DICKENS, Charles - The life and adventures of Martin Chuzzlewit,vols. I & II
BOOKS186851I: DICKENS, Charles - Little Dorrit, vols. I & II
BOOKS201199I: DICKENS, Charles - The Posthumous papers of the Pickwick Club
BOOKS144939I: DICKENS, Charles - Hard times
BOOKS306982I: DICKENS, Charles - The posthumous papers of the Pickwick Club
BOOKS155385I: DICKENS, Charles - Hard times for these times
BOOKS185990I: DICKENS, Charles - Martin Chuzzlewit
BOOKS299768I: DICKENS, Charles - Great Expectations: the graphic novel: original text version
BOOKS206550I: DICKENS, Charles - The old curiosity shop
BOOKS300611I: DICKENS, Charles - Works (16 volume set)
BOOKS184238I: DICKENS, Charles - The mystery of Edwin Drood and Master Humphrey's clock
BOOKS191939I: DICKENS, Charles - Hard times for these times
BOOKS179589I: DICKENS, Charles - 'Gone Astray' and other papers from Household Words 1851-59
BOOKS302634I: DICKENS, Charles - Hunted down: the detective stories of Charles Dickens
BOOKS035560I: DICKENS, Charles - Boots at the Holly-Tree Inn and other stories
BOOKS179299I: DICKENS, Charles - The posthumous papers of the Pickwick Club
BOOKS173109I: DICKENS, Charles - Barnaby Rudge, a tale of the riots of "'Eighty" and "Reprinted pieces" (two volumes)
BOOKS297803I: DICKENS, Charles & COLLINS, Wilkie - No thoroughfare
BOOKS180354I: DICKENS, Charles - Pictures from Italy
BOOKS162960I: DICKENS, Charles - Great expectations
BOOKS304516I: DICKENS, Charles - The life and adventures of Nicholas Nickleby
BOOKS249744I: DICKENS, Charles - The mystery of Edwin Drood
BOOKS264816I: DICKENS, Charles - The posthumous papers of the Pickwick Club, vols. I & II
BOOKS023703I: DICKENS, Charles - The holly tree
BOOKS264815I: DICKENS, Charles - David Copperfield, vols. I & II
BOOKS230010I: DICKENS, Charles (conducted by) - Mrs. Lirriper's legacy, the extra Christmas number of All the year round
BOOKS201595I: DICKENS, Charles (conducted by) - The blue chamber, being the extra Christmas number of All year round conducted by Charles Dickens, for Christmas 1873
BOOKS220795I: DICKENS, Charles - The life of Our Lord
BOOKS227552I: DICKENS, Monica - The winds of Heaven
BOOKS197763I: DICKENS, Charles - My early times
BOOKS247656I: DICKENS, Charles - The life of Our Lord
BOOKS247339I: DICKENS, Monica - Last year when I was young
BOOKS089895I: DICKENS, Mary Angela and others - Dickens' dream children
BOOKS196662I: DICKENS, Monica - Enchantment
BOOKS125820I: DICKENS, Charles - The uncommercial traveller
BOOKS205885I: DICKENS, Charles - Barnaby Rudge: a tale of the riots of 'Eighty
BOOKS264810I: DICKENS, Charles - Christmas stories, vols. I & II
BOOKS201193I: DICKENS, Charles - Christmas books
BOOKS011633I: DICKENS, Monica - Flowers on the grass
BOOKS234060I: DICKENS, Charles - Mystery of Edwin Drood
BOOKS297479I: DICKENS, Charles - Life and adventures of Martin Chuzzlewit
BOOKS304265I: DICKENS, Charles - Christmas books
BOOKS304273I: DICKENS, Charles - Barnaby Rudge
BOOKS202621I: DICKENS, Charles - The haunted house
BOOKS235396I: DICKENS, Charles / KAVANAGH, Mary - The mystery of Edwin Drood [with solution]
BOOKS235633I: DICKENS, Charles - Edwin Drood
BOOKS205843I: DICKENS, Charles - Sketches by Boz, illustrative of every-day life and every-day people
BOOKS193037I: DICKENS, Charles & others - Christmas pop-ups treasury collection: four holiday pop-ups
BOOKS304490I: DICKENS, Charles - The Old Curiosity Shop
BOOKS191934I: DICKENS, Charles - Dickens in Europe
BOOKS242147I: DICKENS, Monica - Thursday afternoons
BOOKS163153I: DICKENS, Charles - Great expectations
BOOKS058168I: DICKENS, Charles - The battle of life: a love story
BOOKS286035I: DICKENS, Monica - Joy and Josephine
BOOKS266250I: DICKENS, Charles / CALDWELL Margaret (ed) - The mystery of Edwin Drood
BOOKS309914I: DICKENS, Monica - Joy and Josephine
BOOKS214708I: DICKENS, Charles - Dickens' Mystery of Edwin Drood, completed by a loyal Dickensian
BOOKS214712I: DICKENS, Charles - The mystery of Edwin Drood
BOOKS307148I: DICKENS, Charles - A Christmas carol: in prose: being a ghost story of Christmas
BOOKS265154I: DICKENS, Charles - The mystery of Edwin Drood & Master Humphrey's clock
BOOKS240459I: DICKENS, Charles - The mystery of Edwin Drood
BOOKS265103I: DICKENS, Frank - Bristow desk diary 1991
BOOKS177556I: DICKENS, Charles - The life of Our Lord
BOOKS304279I: DICKENS, Charles - Dealings with the firm of Dombey and Son: wholesale, retail and for exportation
BOOKS201188I: DICKENS, Charles - Sketches by Boz: Illustrative of everyday life and everyday people
BOOKS304283I: DICKENS, Charles - The adventures of Oliver Twist
BOOKS264811I: DICKENS, Charles - The old curiosity shop, vols. I & II
BOOKS307452I: DICKENS, Charles - Life and adventures of Martin Chuzzlewit
BOOKS182687I: DICKENS, Charles - The posthumous papers of the of Pickwick Club (2 volumes)
BOOKS201191I: DICKENS, Charles - The life and adventures of Nicholas Nickleby
BOOKS201192I: DICKENS, Charles - The old curiosity shop
BOOKS209323I: DICKENS, Charles - The Pickwick papers
BOOKS162538I: DICKENS, Charles - Tale of two cities
BOOKS300541I: DICKENS, Charles - Works (16 volume set)
BOOKS225684I: DICKENS, Charles - Little Dorrit
BOOKS150529I: DICKENS, Charles - Our mutual friend
BOOKS205253I: DICKENS, Charles - David Copperfield
BOOKS189046I: DICKENS, Charles - Master Humphrey's clock, vols. 1 & 2
BOOKS009068I: DICKENS, Monica - Man overboard
BOOKS201194I: DICKENS, Charles - Hard times and Master Humphrey's clock.
BOOKS286444I: DICKENS, Cedric - Drinking with Dickens
BOOKS304300I: DICKENS, Charles - Great expectations
BOOKS162735I: DICKENS, Charles - Great expectations
BOOKS203426I: DICKENS, Charles - Dickens on America and the Americans
BOOKS199101I: DICKENS, Charles - Hard times for these times
BOOKS197250I: DICKENS, Monica - Man overboard
BOOKS307457I: DICKENS, Charles - Dombey and Son
BOOKS183388I: DICKENS, Charles - The cricket on the hearth: a fairy tale of home
BOOKS307446I: DICKENS, Charles - Bleak house
BOOKS194772I: DICKENS, Charles - The mystery of Edwin Drood
BOOKS184405I: DICKENS, Charles - 12 volumes
BOOKS193946I: DICKENS, R.F. & MITCHELL, W.R. - Birdwatching in Yorkshire
BOOKS230824I: DICKENS, Charles - Dickens: 20 titles in 10 volumes
BOOKS304485I: DICKENS, Charles - The life and adventures of Martin Chuzzlewit.
BOOKS198802I: DICKENSON, Christopher - Filters and filtration handbook
BOOKS237381I: DICKER, C.W.H. (ed) - Proceedings of the Dorset Natural History and Antiquarian Field Club, volume XXXII
BOOKS237376I: DICKER, C.W.H. (ed) - Proceedings of the Dorset Natural History and Antiquarian Field Club, volume XXXI
BOOKS183110I: DICKIE, Bryan (ed) - Glyndebourne Festival Opera 1987
BOOKS208076I: DICKIE, Paula - Land of many hills
BOOKS156530I: DICKIE, Brian (ed) - Glyndebourne Festival Opera programme book, 1985
BOOKS197201I: DICKINS, Gordon - Mary Webb: a narrative bibliography of her life and work
BOOKS307848I: DICKINSON, Emily - Emily Dickinson
BOOKS195024I: DICKINSON, Thomas H. (ed) - Chief contemporary dramatists: twenty plays from the recent drama of England, Ireland, America, Germany, France, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, and Russia
BOOKS051778I: DICKINSON, A.E.F. - A study of Mozart's last three symphonies (The Musical Pilgrim series)
BOOKS169573I: DICKINSON, Colin & LUCAS, John - The encyclopaedia of mushrooms
BOOKS140627I: DICKINSON, C.H. & LUCAS, J.A. - Plant pathology and plant pathogens
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BOOKS135212I: DOUGLAS, Alton and others - Birmingham at war: a pictorial account (2 volumes)
BOOKS288368I: DOUGLAS, Lloyd C. - Lloyd C. Douglas, Collection novels
BOOKS300141I: DOUGLAS, George - The house with the green shutters
BOOKS303848I: DOUGLAS, O - Olivia
BOOKS148640I: DOUGLAS, Norman - In the beginning
BOOKS015891I: DOUGLAS, Peter - Clint Eastwood: movin' on
BOOKS010174I: DOUGLAS, John - Creative techniques in travel photography
BOOKS043448I: DOUGLAS, Hugh - Robert Burns - a life
BOOKS046178I: DOUGLAS, John / MACFARLANE, W.V. (ed) - South Australia from space
BOOKS055089I: DOUGLAS, O. - The Setons
BOOKS058721I: DOUGLAS, Norman (ed) - Venus in the kitchen or love's cookery book
BOOKS121069I: DOUGLAS, J.D. and others - The concise dictionary of the Christian tradition: doctrine, liturgy, history
BOOKS230964I: DOUGLAS, Alton & THOMPSON, Shirley - The original Alton Douglas: a biography
BOOKS231308I: DOUGLAS, Alton, & MOORE, Dennis - Memories of Coventry
BOOKS037417I: DOUGLAS-HAMILTON, James - The air battle for Malta: the diaries of a fighter pilot
BOOKS187773I: DOUGLAS, Norman - In the beginning
BOOKS174750I: DOUGLAS, Alton - Birmingham at war
BOOKS293978I: DOUGLAS-MORRIS, Kenneth - The Naval General Service Medal roll, 1793-1840
BOOKS307683I: DOUGLAS, A.C. - Gliding and advanced soaring
BOOKS112419I: DOUGLAS, M.A. and ASH, C.R. (eds) - The Godolphin School 172-1926
BOOKS304062I: DOUGLAS, Norman - Fountains in the sand
BOOKS203112I: DOUGLAS,J ames - The sporting gun
BOOKS186090I: DOUGLAS, Alton and others - Birmingham at war
BOOKS003329I: DOUGLAS, Peter - About this village
BOOKS310735I: DOUGLAS, Sholto - Years of command: the second volume of the autobiography of Sholto Douglas
BOOKS126793I: DOUGLAS, Norman - Experiments
BOOKS232595I: DOUGLAS, Alton - Memories of Birmingham
BOOKS232637I: DOUGLAS, Alton - Memories of the Black Country: 100 years of photographs
BOOKS302589I: DOUGLAS, Norman - Siren land
BOOKS206321I: DOUGLAS, Lloyd C. - Magnificent obsession
BOOKS296701I: DOUGLAS-MORRIS, K. J. - Naval medals 1857-1880
BOOKS293960I: DOUGLAS-MORRIS, Kenneth - Naval long service medals: 1830-1990
BOOKS293977I: DOUGLAS-MORRIS, K. J. - Naval medals 1793-1856
BOOKS147364I: DOUGLAS, Alton & MOORE, Dennis - Memories of Shrewsbury
BOOKS301338I: DOUGLAS, Norman - Together
BOOKS155555I: DOUGLAS, Sholto - Liberation of Europe (Operation Overlord): operations of Coastal Command, Royal Air Force, from May to August, 1944
BOOKS023555I: DOUGLAS, Norman - In the beginning
BOOKS285789I: DOUGLAS, Alan - The electrical production of music
BOOKS161283I: DOUGLAS, Lloyd C - The robe
BOOKS244215I: DOUGLAS, Hugh - Crossing the Forth
BOOKS200013I: DOUGLAS, Norman - In the beginning
BOOKS243711I: DOUGLAS, Norman - How about Europe? Some footnotes on East and West
BOOKS234315I: DOUGLAS, G.A.H - Further adventures of Rab Hewison: humorous Scotch readings
BOOKS180495I: DOUGLAS, Jake - Too many sundowns
BOOKS267380I: DOUGLAS, George - The House with the green shutters
BOOKS234857I: DOUGLAS, John Scott - Summits of adventure: the story of famous mountain climbs and mountain climbers.
BOOKS297696I: DOUGLAS, Robert K. - Confucianism and Taouism
BOOKS238962I: DOUGLASS-WILLIAMS, Christine - The challenge of modernizing Islam: reformers speak out and the obstacles they face
BOOKS000676I: DOUGLASS, Sara - The nameless day (The Crucible, book One)
BOOKS309786I: DOUIE, Charles - Raynard
BOOKS290604I: DOUMAS, Christos - Santorini
BOOKS294605I: DOUMAS, Christos G. - Santorini: the prehistoric city of Akroteri
BOOKS292716I: DOUSKOU, Iris - Athens : the city and its museums
BOOKS045075I: DOUSSY, Michel - Antiques: professional secrets for the amateur
BOOKS064861I: DOUSSY, Michel - Antiques: professional secrets for the amateur
BOOKS310554I: DOUST, L. A. - A manual on figure drawing & fashion designing
BOOKS310584I: DOUST, L. A. - A manual on caricature and cartoon drawing
BOOKS116908I: DOUTHWAITE, L.C. - "Seconds out!": a public school story
BOOKS248331I: DOUTHWAITE,L.C. - Mass murder
BOOKS223832I: DOUTHWAITE, L.Charles - Wardens of the wilds
BOOKS063364I: DOUTHWAITE, L. Charles - Murder goes west
BOOKS245110I: DOVE, Richard & WALLACE, Ian (eds) - Vision and reality: Central Europe after Hitler
BOOKS155044I: DOVE, Richard - Journey of no return: five German-speaking literary exiles in Britain, 1933-1945
BOOKS303865I: DOVE, R.H - A bellringer's guide to the church bells of Britain and ringing peals of the world
BOOKS307986I: DOVE, Castleden - Lowanna: an Australian school story
BOOKS001821I: DOVEY, Jon (ed) - Fractal dreams: new media in a social context
BOOKS241669I: DOWD, J.H. & SPOONER, Brenda E. - People of importance
BOOKS190597I: O'DOWD, Cathy - Just for the love of it: the first woman to climb Mount Everest from both sides
BOOKS239067I: DOWDALL, Mary Frances - The book of Martha
BOOKS308888I: DOWDEY, Clifford - Lee's last campaign: the story of Lee and his men against Grant, 1864
BOOKS305802I: DOWDING, W.L. - The story of Bristol: a brief history for young citizens
BOOKS302595I: DOWER, Gandar - Amateur adventure
BOOKS187788I: DOWER, Kenneth Cecil & RIDDELL, James - Outside Britain: a guide to this grave new world.
BOOKS073887I: DOWLING, Marion and DAUNCEY, Elizabeth - Teaching 3-9 year olds: theory into practice
BOOKS230940I: DOWLING, Brian (ed) - Wild flowers of the Cotswolds: a Millenium celebration of our local wild flowers by the Gloucestershire Society for Botanical Illustration
BOOKS047731I: DOWLING, Marion and DAUNCEY, Elizabeth - Teaching 3 - 9 year olds: theory into practice
BOOKS304698I: DOWLING, Elizabeth Meredith - American classicist: the architecture of Philip Trammel Shutze
BOOKS194804I: DOWN, Alec & RULE, Margaret - Chichester excavations 1
BOOKS247142I: DOWN, Bill - On course together

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