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BOOKS213637I: DAWSON, Janet - Kindred crimes
BOOKS288888I: DAWSON, Kenneth - Just an ordinary shoot
BOOKS270706I: DAWSON, Leslie - Wings over Dorset:: aviation's story in the south
BOOKS265846I: DAX, Anthony - The man behind
BOOKS239288I: DAY, P (ed) - Proceedings of the Royal Institution of Great Britain, volume 67
BOOKS230827I: DAY, David - Flying model helicopters
BOOKS268974I: DAY, Cyrus Lawrence - The art of knotting and splicing
BOOKS134152I: DAY, Robin - Speaking for myself
BOOKS128433I: DAY, Jill - A software guide for specific learning difficulties
BOOKS155911I: FRANCIS & DAY - Francis & Day's community song album for all occasions, no.5
BOOKS240866I: DAY, P & CATLOW, C.R.A. (ed) - Proceedings of the Royal Institution of Great Britain, volume 66
BOOKS007082I: DAY, James Wentworth - The Queen Mother's family story
BOOKS023311I: DAY, J. Wentworth - Norwich and the Broads
BOOKS063103I: DAY, Clive - The policy and administration of the Dutch in Java
BOOKS209403I: DAY LEWIS, C. - Poems 1943-1947
BOOKS191375I: DAY, Harvey - The second book of curries
BOOKS106258I: DAY, David - All over the Wold
BOOKS170589I: DAY, Colin (ed) - Now then, number seventeen, November 2008
BOOKS170591I: DAY, Colin (ed) - Now then, number nineteen, November 2010
BOOKS249245I: DAY, Antony - No. 671 Squadron, Royal Air Force: a wartime history
BOOKS244547I: DAY, Juliette & others (eds) - Spaces in late antiquity: cultural, theological and archaeological perspectives
BOOKS113705I: DAY LEWIS, C. - An Italian visit
BOOKS124008I: DAY, Robert A. - How to write and publish a scientific paper
BOOKS010809I: DAY, Barry - This wooden 'O': Shakespeare's Globe reborn
BOOKS006045I: DAY, J. Wentworth - Inns of sport
BOOKS063243I: DAY, David - A guide to Tolkien
BOOKS160307I: DAY, P. (ed) - Proceedings of Royal Institution of Great Britain, volume 69
BOOKS139479I: DAY, Mary - Mary Day's book: a selection from the weekly articles Mary Day wrote for the Farmer"s Weekly 1934-1951
BOOKS155913I: FRANCIS & DAY - Francis & Day's community song book No. 4
BOOKS292037I: DAY, L.R. - The Newcomen Society for the Study of the Hhistory of Engineering and technology: transactions Volume 66 1994-95
BOOKS263931I: DAY, Marele - The disappearances of Madalena Grimaldi
BOOKS270514I: DAY, David - Setting up radio control helicopters
BOOKS156475I: DAY LEWIS, C. - Poems 1943-1947
BOOKS105685I: DAY, Douglas - Journey of the wolf
BOOKS035412I: DAY, John & FENTON, William - The last drop: the steam age on the Underground from 1863 to 1971
BOOKS243117I: DAY, David - All over the Wold
BOOKS286347I: DAY, W. D. - Introduction to Laplace transforms for radio and electronic engineers
BOOKS142286I: DAY, William - The horse: how to breed and rear him,
BOOKS184957I: DAY, Harvey - Luck of the toss
BOOKS156840I: DAY, Marele - The disappearances of Magdalena Grimaldi
BOOKS054989I: DAY LEWIS, Cecil - A time to dance and other poems
BOOKS214538I: DAY, Langston - The life and art of W. Heath Robinson
BOOKS170590I: DAY, Colin (ed) - Now then, number eighteen, November 2009
BOOKS292110I: DAY, A.F - The Church of St.Nicolas of Myram Dyke Road, Brighton: a history with some deviations
BOOKS212331I: DAY, Lewis F. - Enamelling: a comparative account of the development and practice of the art
BOOKS170816I: DAY, Harvey - Luck of the toss
BOOKS196967I: DAY, William - William Day's reminiscences of the turf
BOOKS070549I: DAY, Angell - Daphnis and Chloe: the Elizabethan version from Amyot's translation
BOOKS269103I: DAY, James Wentworth - The Queen Mother's family story
BOOKS214481I: DAY, David - The Bevin boy
BOOKS052005I: DAY, Beth - Home of the grizzlies
BOOKS245156I: DAY, D.W. - Biopsy pathology of the oesophagus, stomach and duodenum
BOOKS056772I: DAY, David - Pearl beyond price: the attractive Jesus
BOOKS268732I: DAYBELL, Peter - With a smile and a wave: the life of Captain Aidan Liddell: The Life of Captain Aidan Liddell VC,MC
BOOKS245095I: DAYTON, Tim - American poetry and the First World War
BOOKS079558I: DAYUS, Kathleen - Her people
BOOKS079583I: DAYUS, Kathleen - All my days
BOOKS002323I: DEACON, Richard - Escape!
BOOKS018065I: DEACON, Renee M. - Bernard Shaw as artist-philosopher: an exposition of Shavianism
BOOKS038168I: DEACON, Eileen - Astrological cook-book
BOOKS069778I: DEACON, Richard - The truth twisters
BOOKS129646I: DEACON, Malcolm - Philip Doddridge of Northampton 1702-51
BOOKS123639I: DEACON, Richard - The silent war: a history of Western Naval Intelligence
BOOKS125112I: DEACON, Richard - William Caxton: the first English editor, printer, merchant and translator
BOOKS293726I: DEACON, Richard - The Cambridge Apostles: a history of Cambridge University's elite intellectual secret society
BOOKS286639I: DEACON, Ray - Hawker Hunter: fifty golden years
BOOKS206885I: DEADMAN, Andrew - The Coal Tit
BOOKS280262I: DEAK, Istvan - The lawful revolution: Louis Kossuth and the Hungarians, 1848-1849
BOOKS201482I: DEAKES, Christopher - A postcard history of the passenger liner
BOOKS216672I: DEAKIN, Hilda L. - The secret of the cove
BOOKS291681I: DEALEY, Carol - The care of wounds: a guide for nurses
BOOKS241151I: DEAN, Lucy (Ed.) - Middle East and North Africa 2007
BOOKS149335I: DEAN, Winton - Bizet
BOOKS060498I: DEAN, Dita Lou - Arreglos florales: un libro sobre el arreglo de las flores, utilziando la flora tipica del pais de Mexico
BOOKS284974I: DEAN, S.F.X. - By frequent anguish: a love story interrupted by a murder and introducing Professor Neil Kelly
BOOKS263109I: DEAN, S.F.X. - Ceremony of innocence
BOOKS078138I: DEAN, Gary J. - Designing instruction for adult learners
BOOKS247687I: DEAN, Pauline M. - Portfolio of a botanical artist
BOOKS288955I: DEAN, David - The thirties: recalling the English architectural scene
BOOKS067437I: DEAN, Joan - Organising learning in the primary school classroom
BOOKS213539I: DEAN, S. F. X. - By frequent anguish
BOOKS132741I: DEAN, Martin and others - The Basingstoke and Alton Light Railway
BOOKS157643I: DEAN, Kenneth J. - Town & Westminster: a political history of Walsall
BOOKS268442I: DEAN, Rod - Fifty years of flying fun: from the Hunter to the Spitfire and back again
BOOKS225828I: DEAN, Graham D. - A handful of pullets
BOOKS289988I: DEAN - Mickey Mouse magic water colour book
BOOKS165389I: DEAN, Graham & EVANS, Keith - Nelson's heroes
BOOKS191896I: DEAN, Roy - Diplomat with a difference
BOOKS180692I: DEAN, Anabel - Submerge!: the story of divers and their crafts
BOOKS270584I: DEAN, W. T. - Geologists' association Guides, No. 27: Geological itineraries in South Shropshire
BOOKS032862I: DEANE, Phyllis - The first industrial revolution
BOOKS052676I: DEANE, Spencer - The riddle of the rock
BOOKS263036I: DEANE, Anthony C - The valley and beyond
BOOKS214133I: DEANESLEY,Margaret - The Pre-conquest Church in England
BOOKS049783I: DEANESLY, Margaret - A history of the Medieval Church, 590-1500
BOOKS042172I: DEANS, Marjorie - Meeting at the Sphinx
BOOKS235173I: DEAR, Ian - The Royal Ocean Racing Club: the first seventy-five years
BOOKS285665I: DEAR, P. J. - Are these things so? or The triumph of Darwinism: an inquiry into religion and its origin
BOOKS293460I: DEAR, Ian - The Royal Yacht Squadron 1815-1985
BOOKS265605I: DEARBORN, Dorothy - True stories: New Brunswickers at war!
BOOKS267383I: DEARDEN, Steven & HASSELL, Ken - The Isle of Man: a postcard tour, volume two: Douglas and the East
BOOKS285294I: DEARDEN, Harold - The mind of the murderer
BOOKS048725I: DEARDEN, Harold - Devilish but true: the doctor looks at Spiritualism
BOOKS286592I: DEARDEN, R. L. (Commander) - Watch on deck
BOOKS267378I: DEARDEN, Steven & HASSELL, Ken - The Isle of Man: a postcard tour, volume three: the South
BOOKS086654I: DEARING, Trevor - Wesleyan and Tractarian worship: an ecumenical study
BOOKS016998I: DEARMER, Geoffrey / COTTRELL, Laurence (comp) - A pilgrim's song: selected poems to mark the poet's 100th birthday
BOOKS038501I: DEARMER, Percy - Body and soul
BOOKS197737I: DEARMER, Percy (ed) - Songs of Praise: enlarged edition, with music
BOOKS114766I: DEARMER, Percy (ed) - Songs of praise:
BOOKS233245I: DEARNLEY, Moira - The poetry of Christopher Smart
BOOKS220038I: DEAVER, Jeffery - The blue nowhere
BOOKS294860I: DEBELIUS, Helmut and others - Angelfishes: a comprehensive guide to Pomacanthidae
BOOKS288901I: DEBELIUS, Helmut & BAENSCH, Hans A. - Marine Atlas, 1: the joint aquarium care of invertebrates and tropical marine fishes
BOOKS292114I: DEBENHAM, Frank - Antarctica: the story of a continent
BOOKS074022I: DEBENHAM, Mary H. - The Waterloo lass
BOOKS073873I: DEBENHAM, Mary J. - Two maiden aunts
BOOKS288325I: DEBNEY, Jean - Jewels of our city: Birmingham's jewellery quarter
BOOKS191164I: DEBOUZY, Marianne - In the shadow of the statue of liberty: immigrants, workers and citizens in the American Republic, 1880-1920
BOOKS170091I: DECHARNE, Max - Hardboiled Hollywood
BOOKS078280I: BLACK & DECKER - Building decks
BOOKS295339I: DECOPOULOS, John - Athens
BOOKS293398I: DECOPOULOS, John - Ancient Corinth - Nauplion - Tiryns - Mycenae - Epidaurus
BOOKS149990I: DECOSTER, Dominique-Paule (ed) - Local government, local development and citizen participation
BOOKS206437I: DECRE, Francoise - Catalogue du fonds Jules Verne
BOOKS293537I: DEDEOGLU, Jale (Oz) - Izmir Archaeological Museum
BOOKS144121I: DEE, C.H. (compiler) - In friendship's name
BOOKS083234I: DEE, P.I. and GILBERT, C.W. - The angular distribution of protons projected by fast neutrons
BOOKS138047I: DEEDES, W.F. - Words and Deedes: selected journalism 1931-2006
BOOKS138067I: DEEDES, William - Brief lives
BOOKS138066I: DEEDES, W.F. - Dear Bill: W.F. Deedes reports
BOOKS116069I: DEEKS, David - Pastoral theology: an inquiry
BOOKS285836I: DEEMING, Julian K - The French cinema during the German occupation
BOOKS204417I: DEEPING, Warwick - Reprieve
BOOKS208809I: DEEPING, Warwick - Laughing House.
BOOKS030793I: DEEPING, Warwick - Portrait of a playboy
BOOKS243072I: DEEPING, Warwick - The impudence of youth
BOOKS169337I: DEEPING, Warwick - Laughing house
BOOKS245674I: DEEPING, Warwick - Laughing house
BOOKS169184I: DEEPING, Warwick - Slade
BOOKS231800I: DEEPING, Warwick - The Road
BOOKS169164I: DEEPING, Warwick - Sorrell and son
BOOKS235309I: DEEPROSE, Melanie - Carols (with CD)
BOOKS201000I: DEERE, Carmen Diana & DOSS, Cheryl R. (eds) - Women and the distribution of wealth: Feminist economics
BOOKS249555I: DEERR, Noël - Cane sugar: a textbook on the agriculture of the sugar cane
BOOKS127766I: DEESON, A.F.L. (ed) - Collector's encyclopaedia of rocks and minerals
BOOKS209110I: DEESON, Rachel (ed) - Bygone Kent: bringing the county's local history to life, vol.31 No. 1,January/February 2010
BOOKS209111I: DEESON, Rachel (ed) - Bygone Kent: bringing the county's local history to life, Vol.29 nos.2, 4 & 6 (3 issues)
BOOKS236501I: MINISTRY OF DEFENCE - Royal Engineers training notes no.2 (special): engineer planning, May 1965
BOOKS172106I: HOME OFFICE: CIVIL DEFENCE - Manual of basic training, volume II: Basic first aid
BOOKS292174I: Ministry of Defence - Cadet training: volume I
BOOKS238192I: MINISTRY OF DEFENCE - Nepal and the Gurkhas
BOOKS236272I: MINISTRY OF DEFENCE - British Army Engineering Equipment Exhibition, 7, 8 and 9 June 1972
BOOKS246485I: Defence for Children International, Palestine Section - Bound, blindfolded and convicted: children held in military detention
BOOKS181530I: DEFFONTAINES, Pierre & DELAMARRE, Mariel Jean-Brunhes - Atlas Aérien, France, tome 2: Bretagne, Val de Loire, Sologne et Berry, pays Atlantique entre Loire et Gironde.
BOOKS149486I: DEFOE, Daniel - The adventures of Robinson Crusoe
BOOKS174846I: DEFOE, Daniel - The life and strange surprizing adventures of Robinson Crusoe of York, Mariner
BOOKS197592I: DEFOE, Daniel - Robinson Crusoe
BOOKS230020I: DEFOE, Daniel - The fortunate mistress or Roxana (Constable's miscellany of original & selected publications in literature)
BOOKS292747I: DEFOE, Daniel - The adventures of Robinson Crusoe
BOOKS165363I: DEFOE, Daniel - Robinson Crusoe: his life and adventures
BOOKS204829I: DEFOE, Daniel - Moll Flanders
BOOKS264442I: DEFOE, Daniel - Robinson Crusoe
BOOKS206151I: DEFOE, Daniel - Roxana, the fortunate mistress
BOOKS205257I: DEFOE, Daniel - Moll Flanders
BOOKS212593I: DEFOE, Daniel / ROBARTS, Edith - Robinson Crusoe in words of one syllable
BOOKS294342I: DEFRIES, Amelia - Sheep and turnips: being the life and times of Arthur Young, F.R.S.
BOOKS039377I: DeGARIS, Kenneth L. - Cameron Country
BOOKS028419I: DEGENER, F. Schmidt / VAN GELDER, H.E. - Veertig meesterwerken van Jan Steen
BOOKS233193I: DEGHY, Guy - Noble and manly: the history of the National Sporting Club
BOOKS169578I: DEGLER, Carl N - At odds: women and the family in America from the Revolution to the present
BOOKS037637I: DEIGHTON, Len - Goodbye Mickey Mouse
BOOKS178058I: DEIGHTON, Len - An expensive place to die
BOOKS062802I: DEIGHTON, Jane and others - Sweet ramparts: women in revolutionary Nicaragua
BOOKS267574I: DEISS, Jay - The blue chips: a novel
BOOKS291277I: DEISS, J.J. - The town of Hercules: a buried treasure trove
BOOKS291300I: DEISS, Joseph Jay - Herculaneum: Italy's buried treasure
BOOKS137871I: DEITEL, Harvey and others - E-business and e-commerce for managers
BOOKS166312I: DEITH, C.L. (ed) - Engineering in Miniature, vol 20, no 1; July 1998
BOOKS170875I: DEITH, C.L. (ed) - Engineering in Miniature, volume 5, no. 3, August 1983
BOOKS170874I: DEITH, C.L. (ed) - Engineering in Miniature, volume 4, no. 6, November 1982
BOOKS170305I: DEITH, C.L. (ed) - Model engineering year book
BOOKS040786I: DEKKER, Thomas / STEANE, J.B. (ed) - The shoemaker's holiday
BOOKS065729I: DEKKERS, Odin - J.M.Robertson: rationalist and literary critic
BOOKS295168I: DEL VALLE AREVALO, Manuel - El agua en Sevilla
BOOKS141541I: DEL REY,Lester - Attack from Atlantis
BOOKS052739I: DEL VILLAR, Manuel - The circle
BOOKS053346I: DEL REY, Lester - Marooned on Mars
BOOKS216376I: DEL GUERCIO, Antonio - Renato Guttuso: i desegni dell'amore
BOOKS204738I: DEL REY,Lester - The man without a planet
BOOKS124882I: DEL REY, Lester - Badge of infamy
BOOKS290257I: DEL CHIARO, Mario A. - Classical art: sculpture (at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art)
BOOKS204740I: DEL REY, Lester - Moon of mutiny
BOOKS057873I: DELAFIELD, E.M. and others - Famous plays of 1931
BOOKS292238I: DELAFIELD, E.M - As others hear us: a miscellany
BOOKS204870I: DELAFIELD, E.M. - The heel of Achilles: a novel
BOOKS234814I: DELAFIELD, E.M. & others - The Queen's book of the Red Cross
BOOKS204736I: DELAFIELD, E.M. - The heel of Achilles: a novel
BOOKS145208I: DELAFONS, Allan (ed) - The Penrose annual: a review of the graphic arts, volume 54, 1960
BOOKS150879I: DELAFORCE, Patrick - Smashing the Atlantic wall: the destruction of Hitler's coastal fortresses
BOOKS083713I: DELAFORCE, Patrick - Wellington the beau: the life and loves of the Duke of Wellington
BOOKS268233I: DELAFORCE, Patrick - Monty's Marauders: Red Fox 8th Armoured Brigade
BOOKS268235I: DELAFORCE, Patrick - Monty's Highlanders
BOOKS229268I: DELAHAYE, GIlbert - The little pilot
BOOKS105943I: DELANCEY, Diney - Love's dawning
BOOKS183466I: DELAND, Margaret - Around old Chester
BOOKS016460I: DELANEY, Frank - Betjeman country
BOOKS012705I: DELANEY, Frank - A walk to the Western Isles: after Boswell and Johnson
BOOKS269174I: DELANEY, Eamon - An accidental diplomat: my years in the Irish foreign service
BOOKS285960I: DELANO, Edith Barnard - The Colonel's experiment
BOOKS121193I: DELANTY, Greg - The hellbox
BOOKS170449I: DELANY, V.T.H. & DELANY, D.R. - The canals of the south of Ireland
BOOKS230462I: DELAP, Lucy and others (eds) - Feminism & the periodical press 1900-1918, volume 1
BOOKS145695I: DELAPORTE, Duncan - Stopover stories
BOOKS242058I: DELARUE, Norman C. & others - Oesophageal cancer
BOOKS265116I: DELDERFIELD, R.F - The unjust skies
BOOKS155630I: DELDERFIELD, Eric R. - Travel with me: the story of a journey through the English countryside, of places, people, and memories.
BOOKS110187I: DELDERFIELD, R.F. - Come home Charlie and face them
BOOKS185420I: DELDERFIELD, Eric R. - The visitors' brief guide to the Hardy Country of Dorset
BOOKS142463I: DELDERFIELD, R.F. - Bird's eye view: an autobiography
BOOKS270711I: DELEAR, Frank J. - Famous first flights across the Atlantic
BOOKS294585I: DELESTRE, Xavier & SALVIAT, Francois - Le mausolee de Saint-Remy-de-Provence: les Iulii, Jules Cesar et la bataille de Zela
BOOKS289932I: DELESTRE, Xavier - Vaison la Romaine: antique, medievale at moderne
BOOKS293380I: DELESTRE, Xavier & SALVIAT, François - Glanum antique: guides archeologiques de la France
BOOKS292287I: DELESTRE, Xavier & others (eds) - Frejus: Colonie romaine et port de guerre
BOOKS042566I: DELFONT (Lord) - East End, West End
BOOKS131289I: DELGADO, Gerardo (ed) - Arshile Gorky 1904-1948
BOOKS166197I: DELGADO, Llorenc Bonet (ed) - Ultimate shop design
BOOKS189579I: DELGARDO, Alan (ed) - The Pony Club book no.9
BOOKS288812I: DELICATA, Aldo & COLE, Beverley - Speed to the West
BOOKS181240I: DELIEB, Eric - Silver boxes
BOOKS214224I: DELIEB, Eric - Silver boxes
BOOKS004843I: DELISLE, Francoise - Friendship's odyssey: in love with life
BOOKS004897I: DELISLE, Francoise - Francoise: in love with love
BOOKS156800I: DELIUS, Frederick - The magic fountain: lyric drama in 3 acts
BOOKS266137I: DELL, Ethel M. - The obstacle race
BOOKS229049I: DELL, Draycott - Fan tan of the front page
BOOKS004811I: DELL, Ethel M. - The obstacle race
BOOKS026883I: DELL, Ethel M. - The rocks of Valpre
BOOKS246518I: DELL, Susanne - Murder into manslaughter: the diminished responsibility defence in practice
BOOKS284902I: DELL, Robert - Germany unmasked
BOOKS288102I: DELL, Ethel M - Greatheart
BOOKS120950I: DELL, Ethel M. - The knave of diamonds
BOOKS207115I: DELL, Ethel M. - The top of the world
BOOKS245975I: DELL, Ethel M. - The keeper of the door
BOOKS152590I: DELL, Ethel M. - Rosa Mundi and other stories
BOOKS161587I: O'DELL, Paul - Griffith and the rise of Hollywood
BOOKS136116I: DELL, Ethel M. - Charles Rex.
BOOKS288097I: DELL, Ethel M - The top of the world
BOOKS287768I: O'DELL, Damien - St Ninian's isle treasure: a silver hoard discovered on St. Ninian's Isle, Zetland on 4th July, 1958
BOOKS201213I: DELL, Ethel M. - Greatheart
BOOKS285465I: O'DELL, Andrew C. - The historical geography of the Shetland Islands
BOOKS291660I: DELLA PORTELLA, Ivana - Subterranean Rome
BOOKS293647I: DELLASORTE, Gabriella Brumat - Aquileia antica
BOOKS098090I: DELLENBAUGH, Frederick S. - The romance of the Colorado River
BOOKS188001I: DELLOR, Ralph - Durham: birth of a First-class County
BOOKS135231I: DELLOYE, H.-L. (ed) - Chants et chansons populaires de la France (3 volumes)
BOOKS061181I: DELMAN, David - The last gambit
BOOKS002227I: DELMAR-MORGAN, Edward Locker - Power-boat cruising
BOOKS171335I: DELMAR-MORGAN, Edward - "Mansura": the adventures of this motor yacht and her predecessor from 1910 to 1935
BOOKS231930I: DELMONTE, John - Technology of adhesives
BOOKS076934I: DELOGU, G. - Michelangelo: Plastik, gemalde und handzeichnungen
BOOKS078600I: DELOUGHERY, Grace - Issues and trends in nursing
BOOKS216819I: DELPH, Shirley & DELPH, John - Factory decoys of Mason, Stevens, Dodge and Peterson
BOOKS195646I: DELPRETE, Stefano (ed) - Architecture / Architektur
BOOKS266942I: DELVE, Ken - The military airfields of Britain: Wales and West Midlands: Cheshire, Hereford & Worcester, Northamptonshire, Shropshire, Staffordshire, Warwickshire, ... Warwickshire, West Midlands and Wales
BOOKS188177I: DELVES, Nancy - The fourth form: a school tale for girls
BOOKS155843I: DELVES-BROUGHTON, J. - The past returned
BOOKS027375I: DELVING, Michael - The China expert
BOOKS025189I: DELVING, Michael - Die like a man
BOOKS122131I: DELVOLDERE, Luc (ed) - TLC 17: the Low Countries: arts and society in Flanders and the Netherlands
BOOKS291464I: DEMAARGNE, Pierre - Aegean art: the origins of Greek art
BOOKS295358I: DEMAKOPOULOU, Katie & DIVARI-VALAKOU, Nicoletta - The Aidonia Treasure
BOOKS181605I: DEMANGEON, A. - The British Isles
BOOKS107927I: DEMARGNE, Pierre - Aegean art: the origins of Greek art
BOOKS221379I: DEMAUS, A.B. - Motor sport in the 20s
BOOKS293675I: DEMCAK, Andrew - Night Chant
BOOKS197045I: DEMESSE, Lucien - Quest for the Babingas: the world's most primitive tribe
BOOKS284659I: ARISTOTLE & DEMETRIUS - Poetics: on style
BOOKS264941I: DEMETZ, Peter - Bohmen bohmisch: Essays
BOOKS032087I: DEMING, Barbara - A humming under my feet: a book of travail
BOOKS140055I: DEMKO, George J. - The Russian colonization of Kazakhstan 1896-1916
BOOKS131646I: DEMMER, Jo and COLLINS, Gail - Nigerian gems: expatriate tales of adventure
BOOKS195719I: "DEMOCRAT" - Be your own brains trust,
BOOKS125435I: DEMOSTHENES; BUTCHER, S.H. (ed) - Demosthenis: Orationes, Tomi II Pars I
BOOKS112577I: DEMOSTHENIS - Orationes, tomi II pars II
BOOKS150248I: DEMOSTHENOUS, D. - The occupied churches of Cyprus
BOOKS193693I: DEMOSTHENOUS, Demosthenis - The occupied churches of Cyprus
BOOKS239797I: DEMOUZON - The first-born of Egypt
BOOKS048918I: DEMPSTER, Nigel & EVANS, Peter - Behind palace doors
BOOKS291827I: DEMPSTER, John (ed) - James Common in Antarctica
BOOKS232293I: DEMUTH, Rachel - Green world cookbook
BOOKS183836I: DEMUTH, Norman - Vincent d'Indy, 1851-1931, champion of classicism: a study
BOOKS223954I: DEMUTH, Norman - Musical trends in the 20th century
BOOKS203868I: DEMUTH, Averil - Trudi and Hansel. A story of the Austrian Tyrol
BOOKS268464I: DENBY, Elaine - Interior design
BOOKS056469I: DENBY, Elaine and others - The book for the serious student of interior design and decoration
BOOKS152139I: DENDY, William & KILBOURN, William - Toronto observed: its architecture, patrons, and history
BOOKS233419I: DENES, Gee / DESMOND, D.J. (Malcolm SAVILLE) - John and Jennifer on the farm
BOOKS053361I: DENES, Gee - John and Jennifer at the zoo
BOOKS291235I: DENFORD, Geoff - Wintanceaster: Saxon and Medieval Winchester
BOOKS157928I: DENHAM, T.S. - Speed!
BOOKS247373I: DENHAM, Sidney & COWLISHAW, Arthur E. - Our cats
BOOKS234080I: DENING, Walter - Japan in days of yore
BOOKS044087I: DENING, Walter - Japan in days of yore
BOOKS158924I: DENIS, Armand - Cats of the world
BOOKS124859I: DENIS, Armand - On safari: the story of my life
BOOKS056066I: DENIS-BROWNE, Rosalind - The unguessed riddle: poems
BOOKS056084I: DENIS-BROWNE, Rosalind - In two dimensions: poems
BOOKS208220I: DENISON, George T. - The struggle for imperial unity: recollections & experiences
BOOKS204235I: DENISON, Mary A. - The master
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BOOKS293062I: DIXON, Philip - Lincoln Cathedral: the Romanesque frieze
BOOKS058391I: DIXON, Keith - Sociological theory: pretence and possibility
BOOKS270074I: DIXON-SCOTT, J. & JORDAN, J.A. - The beauty of Jersey: camera pictures of the island
BOOKS195939I: DIXON, Miriam - Pig tales.
BOOKS294310I: DIXON, H. N. - The student's handbook of British mosses
BOOKS086090I: DIXSON, A.F. - The natural history of the gorilla
BOOKS193077I: DJELANTIK, A.A.M. - Balinese paintings
BOOKS164106I: DJILAS, Milovan - Wartime
BOOKS164073I: DJILAS, Milovan - Rise and fall
BOOKS146733I: DMITRI, Ivan - How to use your miniature camera
BOOKS286858I: DOBBIN, Michael - Nottinghamshire history and topography: a select descriptive bibliography to 1980
BOOKS051837I: DOBBS, Patrick - Here for a month: an Ulster journey
BOOKS130811I: DOBBS, Brian - Edwardians at play: sport 1890-1914
BOOKS243648I: DOBELL, Ralph - A Cotswold duet with accompaniments on an April morning in 1887 in the village of Willington Abdale
BOOKS024965I: DOBELL, J. and others / SPARROW, W. Shaw (ed) - The Old Testament in art from the creation of the world to the death of Moses
BOOKS068126I: DOBELL, Bertram (ed) - The partiall law: a tragi-comedy by an unknown author (circa 1615-30)
BOOKS223192I: DOBELL, Bertram - A lover's moods
BOOKS286021I: DOBELL, Clarence M - Memoirs of old Charlton Kings
BOOKS066051I: DOBEREINER, Peter - Golf rules explained
BOOKS006553I: DOBEREINER, Peter - Down the 19th fairway: a golfing anthology
BOOKS171373I: DOBIE, J. Frank - The longhorns
BOOKS171647I: DOBLE, Gilbert H. - Saint Samson in Cornwall
BOOKS268865I: DOBLE, K. - Poems
BOOKS107778I: DOBREE, Bonamy - Restoration comedy 1660-1720
BOOKS038690I: DOBREE, Bonamy - The lamp and the lute: studies in six modern authors
BOOKS164584I: DOBREE, Bonamy (ed) - Five Restoration tragedies.
BOOKS234613I: DOBREE, Bonamy - English literature in the early 18th Century, 1700-40 (Oxford History of English Literature)
BOOKS135139I: DOBRONIN, Lelja and others - Zagreb
BOOKS219709I: DOBSON, Austin - Proverbs in porcelain, to which is added "Au revoir": a dramatic vignette
BOOKS187058I: DOBSON, Austin - The story of Rosina and other verses
BOOKS119714I: DOBSON, Fred - Fungus, the Lincolnshire cat: his adventures as told in his native dialect of Lincolnshire
BOOKS003230I: DOBSON, Christopher and PAYNE, Ronald - The Carlos complex: a pattern of violence
BOOKS151196I: DOBSON, Austin - Side-walk studies
BOOKS233378I: DOBSON, John S. - Fowlness: the mystery isle (illustrated past)
BOOKS265921I: DOBSON, Mary J. - Contours of death and disease in early modern England
BOOKS012719I: DOBSON, Christopher and others - The Falklands conflict
BOOKS204892I: DOBSON, Austin - De libris: Prose & verse
BOOKS280047I: DOBSON, B Palin - The story of the evolution of the spinning machine
BOOKS002728I: DOBSON, Christopher and PAYNE, Ronald - The Carlos complex: a pattern of violence.
BOOKS023006I: DOBSON, Christopher and PAYNE, Ronald - The Carlos complex: a pattern of violence.
BOOKS240978I: DOBSON, Austin - William Hogarth
BOOKS218830I: DOBSON, Austin - Poems (Selected).
BOOKS289503I: DOBSON, Sheila Lemmer - There goes the siren: childhood memories of the London Blitz and wartime evacuation
BOOKS154657I: DOBSON, H.W. (ed) - Church teaching for the junior child: junior grade Sunday School lessons, book one
BOOKS290285I: DOBSON, John - The mammals of Essex
BOOKS263117I: DOBYNS, Stephen - Saratoga longshot
BOOKS035136I: DOBYNS,Stephen - Saratoga bestiary
BOOKS125661I: DOBYNS, Stephen - The two deaths of Senora Puccini
BOOKS231376I: DOCHARTY, William McKnight - The supplement to A selection of some 900 British and Irish mountain tops and a selection of 1,000 tops under 2,500 feet, volume II
BOOKS179822I: DOCHERTY, Tommy - Call the Doc
BOOKS170089I: DOCHERTY, Brian (ed) - American crime fiction: studies in the genre
BOOKS036771I: DOCHERTY, Tommy - Manchester United: champions 1966-1993
BOOKS268070I: DOCHERTY, Tom - Swift to battle: No 72 Fighter Squadron RAF in action, Vol. 1: 1937 - 1942
BOOKS054338I: DOCKER, Amanda - Armscote Manor book of dried flowers
BOOKS198231I: A SCOTCH DOCTOR - The danger signs of disease: a book for the layman
BOOKS158708I: DOCTOROW, E.L. - Billy Bathgate
BOOKS188809I: DOCTOROW, E.L. - Billy Bathgate
BOOKS041848I: DOCTOROW, E.L. - Billy Bathgate
BOOKS193178I: DOD, Bernard (ed) - Flowering plants of the world
BOOKS041177I: DOD - Dod's Peerage, Baronetage and Knightage of Great Britain and Ireland for 1911
BOOKS102847I: DOD'S - Dod's Peerage, Baronetage and Knightage of Great Britain and Ireland for 1880 including all the titled classes
BOOKS050015I: DOD - Dod's peerage, baronetage and knightage of Great Britain and Ireland for 1889 including all the titled classes
BOOKS105211I: VACHER DOD - The Vacher Dod Guide to the new House of Commons 1997
BOOKS181543I: DODD, Edward - Polynesian art
BOOKS120903I: DODD, C.H. - The Bible to-day
BOOKS189085I: DODD, C.H. - The founder of Christianity
BOOKS285382I: DODD, Maurice - The perishers no 12
BOOKS183335I: DODDRIDGE, P. - The family expositor: or, a paraphrase and version of the New testament; with critical notes, and a practrical improvement of each section, volume the first: containing the former part of the history of Our Lord Jesus Christ
BOOKS142333I: DODDS, Arthur - Desert harvest
BOOKS124773I: DODDS, Arthur - Desert harvest
BOOKS295566I: DODDS, James - The work of human hands
BOOKS081996I: DODDS, Arthur - Desert harvest
BOOKS237835I: DODGE, David - High life in the Andes
BOOKS189331I: DODGE, David - The lights of Skaro
BOOKS238039I: DODGE, David - High life in the Andes
BOOKS135735I: DODGE, Constance W. - Bonnie Dundee.
BOOKS220947I: DODGE, Mary Mapes - Hans Brinker: or, The silver skates
BOOKS223751I: DODGE, Alan - Freshford: the history of a Somerset village
BOOKS063235I: DODGE, Mary Mapes - The silver skates or Hans Brinker: a story of life in Holland
BOOKS188060I: DODGE, David - Troubleshooter
BOOKS149387I: DODGSON, Campbell - Woodcuts of the Fifteenth Century in the John Rylands Library, Manchester
BOOKS027629I: DODGSON, Campbell - Woodcuts of the Fifteenth century in the John Rylands Library, Manchester

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