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37766: Roderick Grierson [editor]: - Gates of Mystery; the art of Holy Russia.
26151: P Francis Hunt & Mary Grierson: - The Country Life book of orchids.
34966: George Griffith: - The Free Schools and Endowments of Staffordshire, and their fulfilment.
10231: Griffith, I Kathleen: - To Nancy Price C.B.E., verse and prose.
66165: Geoffrey Grimshaw: - British Pleasure Steamers 1920 - 1939.
68016: Chloe Grimshaw: - Creative Living Country.
66817: A G Grimwade: - The Garrard Ledgers : a paper read before the Society of Silver Collectors on April 10, 1961.
20954: Frank Gray Griswold: - Observations on a Salmon River.
20948: Frank Gray Griswold: - After Thoughts.
63414: N I Gritsaj: - Antwerpse Meesters uit de Hermitage / Leningrad.
72320: Lady Grogan: - Reginald Bosworth Smith : a memoir.
68051: Will Grohmann: - Paul Klee.
27357: Georges Gromort: - Jardins d'Espagne [2 volumes].
17980: A J Pelham Groom: - High Adventure.
58209: Bernard Groom & J Sutherland Groom: - Poems of Two Continents.
18575: Grosclaude.: - Les joies du plein air.
29649: Charles Gross: - A Bibliography of British Municipal History, including Gilds and Parliamentary Representation.
65531: Barry Gross: - The Pen Turner's Workbook : making pens from simple to stunning.
72430: Hallow History Group: - Hallow Farms and Mills past and present : a study of agricultural life around the Worcestershire village of Hallow over three centuries.
66904: Marshall Grover: - Texans Never Quit : a Larry and Stretch western.
54078: Catherine Groves: - Wilfred : the Little White Horse of Wiltshire.
65386: F P Groves: - Nottingham City Transport.
12003: Grudin, Louis: - Mr Eliot among the nightingales.
49522: Herbert A Grueber: - Handbook of the Coins of Great Britain and Ireland in the British Museum.
53877: Norman Grummitt: - The Building Trades [Choosing a Job].
20076: Captain E L Gruning: - Report on the British Museum Expedition to British Honduras, 1930.
32335: Guanjian: - The Tension from the Field; Guanjian's Oil Painting.
63326: Kristmann Gudmundsson: - The Morning of Life.
3912: Guenther, John: - Time and place.
3891: Guenther, John: - Elegies; poems.
63471: Jose Manuel Pita Andrade & Maria del Mar Borobia Guerrero: - Old Masters : Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum.
3794: Guerrero, Juan Agustin, with text by Wilson Hallo: - Imagenes del Ecuador del siglo XIX.
66766: C C Townsend & Evan Guest: - Flora of Iraq, Volume Three (3), Leguminales.
59674: M Gueullette, translated by Revd Mr Stackhouse: - Chinese Tales : or, the Wonderful Adventures of the Mandarin Fum Hoam, related by himself, to divert the Sultana, upon the Celebration of her Nuptuals [volume I].
60229: Jules Guiffrey: - Sir Anthony van Dyck : his life and work.
71332: Rosanne Guille: - Sark Sketch Book : Journal of a local artist.
2556: Guinness, Paul: - We pledge our lives.
51910: Nora Crook & Derek Guiton: - Shelley's Venomed Melody.
68503: M E Gullick: - The Dipping Well : a story of a Roman Bath.
63477: Peter Murray & Philip Gumuchdjian: - Lloyd's of London [Richard Rogers Partnership].
63476: Peter Murray & Philip Gumuchdjian: - Lloyd's of London [Richard Rogers Partnership].
65149: Bill Gunston [editor]: - The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Propeller Airliners.
69174: Bill Gunston: - Mikoyan MiG-21.
52596: Harri Gunther: - Garten der Goethe Zeit.
71860: Moses Tyson & Henry Guppy [editors]: - The French Journals of Mrs. Thrale and Doctor Johnson.
65928: W B Gurney: - The Trial of Lieutenant General Sir John Murray, Bart, by a General Court Martial held at Winchester.
36446: Thomas Guthrie: - Parables of Our Lord, read in the light of the present day.
41451: Guy de Maupassand, translated by Desmond Flower, illustrated by Charles Mozley: - The Tellier House.
61532: Guy Cogeval, Stephane Guegan & Alice Thomine-Berrada: - Birth of Impressionism : Masterpieces from the Musee D'Orsay.
37897: Guy Boas, C S Cloake & H J Warren: - Wimbledon - has a history.
28513: Guy-Jean Michel, Jean Grossier & Marie-Rose Amet: - Legendes et Fiauves du Pays des Lacs, tome II.
18550: Dr S Guyer, translated by L B Ellis: - Venice, buildings and sculptures, with an outline of its art-history [Mirabilia Mundi, volume 1].
46739: Gwavas Lake & Clive Phillpot, illustrated by Michael Porter.: - Michael Porter.
62656: D R Gwynn, P R Reynolds & H R Warren: - A Postal History of Swansea and District.
9548: Habakkuk, H J & Postan, M [editors]: - The Cambridge Economic History of Europe, volume 6 (part II); the Industrial Revolutions and after; incomes, population and technological change.
19957: John Hackett: - Select and remarkable epitaphs on illustrious and other persons, in several parts of Europe, with translations of such as are in Latin and foreign languages, and compendious accounts of the deceased, their lives and works (2 volumes bound in one).
70923: Mark Haddon: - The Pier Falls and other stories.
70994: Trevor Haddrell: - Bristol and Beyond : fifty-five relief engravings.
64603: John Hadfield [editor]: - The Saturday Book 29 [Twenty-Ninth Year].
64602: John Hadfield [editor]: - The Saturday Book 30 [Thirtieth Year].
64577: John Hadfield [editor]: - The Saturday Book 34 [Thirty-Fourth Year].
47719: John Hadfield [editor]: - The Saturday Book 20.
47718: John Hadfield [editor]: - The Saturday Book 26.
44258: John Hadfield [editor]: - Cowardy [Cowardly] Custard - the world of Noel Coward.
57783: John Hadfield [editor]: - The Saturday Book 19.
55104: John Hadfield [editor]: - The Saturday Book 31 [Thirty-First Year].
54387: John Hadfield [editor]: - The Saturday Book 31.
55643: G N Frykman & E J Hadley: - Warwick School : a history.
57210: Hans-Ulrich Haedeke: - Metalwork [The Universe Social History of the Decorative Arts].
72235: Hafiz, illustrated by Mahmoud Farshchian, with calligraphy by Amir Ahmad Falsafi: - The Ghazals of Hafiz.
68616: Eva Hagberg: - Dark Nostalgia : faultlessly stylish interiors for business, pleasure and leisure.
67160: Wolfgang Hageney [editor]: - Deco Ideas : Floral & Graphic & Figurative Art-Deco-Designs [Designers Notebook 10].
71328: Prof Gunther von Hagens [etc]: - Prof Gunther von Hagens' Korperwelten : Fascination beneath the surface.
59597: Reginald G Haggar: - The Masons of Lane Delph and the Origin of Masons Patent Ironstone China.
26372: H Rider Haggard: - Doctor Therne.
71830: H Rider Haggard: - Allan's Wife and other tales.
63235: Henry Haguet: - L'Orleans a Toute Vapeur : Le Reseau du Chemin de Fer de Paris a Orleans de 1838 a 1908.
67154: Kate Hahn: - Forgotten Fashion : an illustrated faux history of outrageous trends and their untimely demise.
35970: Axel Herman Haig: - Mont Saint-Michel; an etching by Axel Herman Haig.
65207: J W Haines, P B H May, J A Bailey [etc]: - A History of Cricket at Reading School.
59006: M May Haines: - The History of Guiding in Gloucestershire 1910 - 1990.
67307: Peter Haining: - The Legend of Garbo.
46800: D R Hainsworth [editor]: - Commercial Papers of Sir Christopher Lowther 1611 - 1644.
51155: Desiree Hajny: - Mammals : an artistic approach, power carving, woodburning, texturing, painting.
6655: Hake, Gordon: - Memoirs of eighty years.
68072: Samia Halaby: - Drawing the Kafr Qasem Massacre.
52060: Robert A Haldane: - Giants of the Ring : story of the Heavyweights for Two Hundred Years.
66140: Charlotte Haldane: - Alfred : the Passionate Life of Alfred de Musset.
55334: Irene Hales: - Maidstone in old photographs.
71601: J E Connor & B L Halford: - The Forgotten Stations of Greater London.
23599: Joseph Halfpenny: - Gothic Ornaments in the Cathedral Church of York.
14855: M C Halifax: - Among the Welsh hills.
14798: M C Halifax: - Among the Welsh [Welch] hills.
54136: Stephen King-Hall [editor]: - Young Authors & Artists of 1935.
65015: Mike Hall: - Lost Railways of South Wales.
52758: James Hall: - The Sinister Side : how left-right Symbolism shaped Western Art.
51164: R F Homer & D W Hall: - Provincial Pewterers : a study of the craft in the West Midlands and Wales.
68630: Marshall Hall: - The Artists of Northumbria; an illustrated dictionary of Northumberland, Newcastle upon Tyne, Durham and North East Yorkshire painters, sculptors, engravers, stained glass designers, illustrators, caricaturists and cartoonists born 1625 - 1950.
63252: Llewellynn Jewitt & S C Hall: - The Stately Homes of England [2 volumes].
44756: Patrick Bingham-Hall: - Austral Eden : 200 years of Australian architecture.
65475: Marshall Hall: - The Artists of Northumbria; an illustrated dictionary of Northumberland, Newcastle upon Tyne, Durham and North East Yorkshire painters, sculptors, engravers, stained glass designers, illustrators, caricaturists and cartoonists born 1625 - 1900.
66211: W S Hall: - The Spirit of America : Currier & Ives Prints.
15566: Lieut. Francis Hall: - Travels in France in 1818.
69034: Anne Hall: - Widnes [The Archive Photographs series].
37686: John Hall [alias J H J]: - Thoughts and Sketches in Verse.
58224: George Hall: - Navy Jax : Sub-Hunters and Light Strikers [Superbase 15].
31142: Leslie Hall: - The History of the Federation of School Lodges 1947 - 1986.
57464: George Hall: - Nellis : the Home of Red Flag [Superbase 1].
11757: Hall, Michael: - The English Country House from the archives of Country Life, 1897-1939.
55993: J A Hall: - The Law of Naval Warfare.
55917: Captain Basil Hall: - Fragments of Voyages and Travels, Second Series [3 volumes].
67733: L Michael Hall: - Dragon Slaying from Dragons to Princes : meta-stating from Dragon States to Royal States.
68011: George W Hall: - Food in War Time : recipes for 100 inexpensive dishes, and helpful suggestions for providing two-course dinners for 6 people for one shilling.
71801: Tony Hall: - Falconry Basics : a Handbook for Beginners.
64579: James J Halley: - Royal Air Force Aircraft BA100 - BZ999.
66758: James J Halley: - Royal Air Force Aircraft BA100 - BZ999.
2740: Halliday, George Eley: - Llandaff church plate.
71021: Lincoln Hallinan: - British Commemoratives : Royalty, Politics, War and Sport.
63274: William A Hallock: - Memoir of Harlan Page; or, the power of prayer and personal effort for the souls of individuals.
58280: Anthony Bird and Ian Hallows: - The Rolls-Royce Motor-Car and the Bentleys built by Rolls-Royce.
58274: Anthony Bird and Ian Hallows: - The Rolls-Royce Motor-Car and the Bentleys built by Rolls-Royce.
55352: Sally Morris & Jan Hallwood: - Living with Eagles - Priest to Publisher : the life and times of Marcus Morris.
63522: Paul G Halpern [editor]: - The Keyes Papers : selections from the private and official correspondence of Admiral of the Fleet Baron Keyes of Zeebrugge, volume III, 1939 - 1945.
63521: Paul G Halpern [editor]: - The Keyes Papers : selections from the private and official correspondence of Admiral of the Fleet Baron Keyes of Zeebrugge, volume II, 1919 - 1938.
30516: Alan Halsey: - The book of coming forth in official secrecy.
29889: Philip Gilbert Hamerton: - Wenderholme; a story of Lancashire and Yorkshire [3 volumes].
5366: Hamilton, A H A [editor]; Northcote, John: - Note book of Sir John Northcote, sometime MP for Ashburton and afterwards for the county of Devon.
50097: Charles Hamilton: - The Book of Autographs : more than 1000 fascinating facsimiles of original signatures.
19207: William Douglas Hamilton: - Outlines of the hisatory of England, more especially with refrence to the origin and progress of the English Constitution, volume 1, from the invasion of the Romans to the reign of Edward III.
63665: James Hamilton: - William Heath Robinson.
67269: Caroline Hamilton: - Decorative Dolls' Houses : original interiors for twenty five dolls' houses.
66360: Hans Claude Hamilton [editor]: - Chronicon Domini Walteri De Hemingburgh [2 volumes].
66359: Hans Claude Hamilton [editor]: - Historia rerum anglicarum Willelmi Parvi, vol. I (1).
68949: R W Hamilton: - A Guide to Bethlehem.
57084: P E Hamlin: - Norfolk Peculiar Jurisdictions : Index to Probate Records 1416 - 1857, Index of Marriage Licence Bonds 1624 - 1860.
20035: Robin Hamlyd [editor]: - Viktorianische Malerei von Turner bis Whistler.
24958: A M Hammacher: - Vincent van Gogh; Genius and Disaster.
57531: Eric Hammel: - Air War Europa : America's Air War against Germany in Europe and North Africa, Chronology 1942 - 1945.
53515: Michael Hammerson: - Highgate from old Photographs.
71002: Rosemary Hammond.: - The Gifted Bear.
38500: Franklin D Jones & Edward K Hammond: - Shop Management and Systems; a treatise on the organization of Machine Building Plants and the systematic methods that are essential to efficient administration.
30287: John Hammond: - Progress in the Physiology of Farm Animals, volume 2.
30286: John Hammond: - Progress in the Physiology of Farm Animals, volume 1.
70258: Frank Hampson [illustrator]: - A First Ladybird book of nursery rhymes.
65821: Diana Edwards & Rodney Hampson: - English Dry-bodied Stoneware; Wedgwood and contemporary manufacturers, 1774 to 1830.
68442: Frank Hampson [illustrator]: - A Second Ladybird book of nursery rhymes.
20207: P Alfred Hamy: - Documents pour servir a l'histoire des domiciles de la Compagnie de Jesus, dans le monde entier de 1540 a 1773.
50071: Ali Hanan [Introduction]: - Colour inspiration; creative schemes to transform your home.
27982: Avery S Hancox: - A Country Collection of Random Recollections (Stratford and the Cotswolds).
16010: An Old Hand [Martin William Sodbury]: - Hints to horsemen, by an old hand.
42895: G F Handel, arranged by Dr John Clarke: - Saul, composed by G F Handel, arranged for the organ or piano-forte by Dr John Clarke of Cambridge.
42896: G F Handel, arranged by Dr John Clarke: - Samson, composed by G F Handel, arranged for the organ or piano-forte by Dr John Clarke of Cambridge.
42894: G F Handel, arranged by Dr John Clarke: - Jeptha [Jephtha], composed by G F Handel, arranged for the organ or piano-forte by Dr John Clarke of Cambridge.
42893: G F Handel, arranged by Dr John Clarke: - L'Allegro ed il Pensieroso, composed by G F Handel, arranged for the organ or piano-forte by Dr John Clarke of Cambridge.
42892: G F Handel, arranged by Dr John Clarke: - Judas Maccabaeus, composed by G F Handel, arranged for the organ or piano-forte by Dr John Clarke of Cambridge.
12822: Handford, Michael: - The Stroudwater canal, volume 1, 1729-63.
2552: Hankins, R M: - Lonesone River range
68907: David Hanks: - Naunton 2000: a brief look at both ends of the last two millennia, set within a timelessly beautiful Cotswold landscape.
58875: Linda Hannas: - The English Jigsaw Puzzle 1760-1890, with a descriptive check-list of puzzles in the museums of Great Britain and the author's collection.
55520: John Hannavy: - Historic Wigan : two thousand years of history.
40317: Robert Kerr Hannay [editor]: - Rentale Dunkeldense, being accounts of the Bishopric (AD 1505-1517) with Myln's lives of the Bishops (AD 1483-1517).
65733: Des Hannigan: - Francis Frith's Around St Ives.
61231: Hans-Hermann Braess, translated by Peter L Albrecht: - BMW Dimensions - The Original, The BMW 3 Series : Concept, Technology, Design.
71384: Hans Christian Andersen, illustrated by Rie Cramer & L A Govey: - Hans Christian Andersen's Fairy Tales.
49005: Peter Hansell: - 35mm Filmstrip Technique.
65147: K H Hansen, R P Benzinger [etc]: - Corvair : SAE Papers.
60896: H J Hanson: - Ianthe Cruises : Ushant - Gironde.
50219: Sven A Hansson: - Birger and Fredrik Ljungstrom - Inventors.
58580: Happy, the King's Dog: - If I were King George.
18664: Selim Abdul Haq [etc]: - An illustrated inventory of famous dismembered works of art; European painting, with a section on dismembered tombs in France.
71616: Lyn Harber: - Try Back Lads, Try Back : Reminiscences of Northern Hunting Folk.
71617: Lyn Harber: - Try Back Lads, Try Back : Reminiscences of Northern Hunting Folk, volume 2.
57494: Peter Harbison: - Ireland's Treasures : 5000 Years of Artistic Expression.
71872: Richard Harbord: - Shipden alias Cromer : Norfolk's most consmopolitan Sea-Resort - its origins and early development.
21236: Paul Harbutt: - Paul Harbutt; Interference, New Works 1994.
47845: L V Harcourt: - An Eton Bibliography.
59623: Melville Harcourt: - Tubby Clayton : a Personal Saga.
57126: Michael Hardcastle: - Aim for the Flag.
41536: Martin Hardie: - Famous Water-colour Painters VII: J S Sargent R.A. R.W.S.
62441: Alan Hardiman: - Tried and Tested : advise for owners of old buildings in Bath.
50592: Col T Walter Harding: - Tales of Madingley.
66914: Malcolm McGregor & Winton Harding: - Saxifrages : the complete list of species.
61407: H Hodges & S C Harding [editors]: - Gleanings from Gloucestershire Housewives.
68535: W G Hardy: - From Sea unto Sea : the Road to Nationhood 1850 - 1910.
59892: Thomas Hardy: - The Well-Beloved : a sketch of a temperament.
59756: Thomas Hardy: - Life's Little Ironies : a set of tales with some colloquial sketches entitled A Few Crusted Characters.
59755: Thomas Hardy: - A Group of Noble Dames.
12709: Hardy, Violet: - Touched by the sun - a frivolous guide book for the superficial tourist in Egypt.
55491: Clive Hardy: - Buxton.
65528: Bill Hare: - Contemporary Painting in Scotland.
26438: Augustus J C Hare: - Days near Paris [2 volumes].
67919: Paul R Hare: - Aeroplanes of the Royal Aircraft Factory.
61911: T J Hearn & R P Hargreaves: - The Speculators' Dream : Gold Dredging in Southern New Zealand.
60667: James Harithas: - Paintings, Drawings and Sculptures in the Phoenix Art Museum Collection.
67713: Robert J Harley: - Croydon Tramways, including the South Metropolitan Electric Tramways & Lighting Company : a history from 1879 to 1951.
69524: J B Harley, with a carto-bibliography by Richard Oliver, and text illustrations by Rodney Fry: - The old series Ordnance Survey maps of England and Wales, volume VIII (8), Northern England and the Isle of Man.
67685: J B Harley, with a carto-bibliography by J B & B A D Manterfield, and text illustrations by Rodney Fry: - The old series Ordnance Survey maps of England and Wales, volume IV (4), Central England.
67802: J B Harley, with a carto-bibliography by Richard Oliver, and text illustrations by Rodney Fry: - The old series Ordnance Survey maps of England and Wales, volume VIII (8), Northern England and the Isle of Man.
69744: Robert Harling [editor]: - House & Garden Dictionary of Design & Decoration.
68809: V T Harlow [editor]: - Ralegh's Last Voyage.
38748: Jonathan Harlow [editor]: - The Ledger of Thomas Speed, 1681 - 1690.
70721: Vernon Stokes & Cynthia Harnett: - Ducks and Drakes.
66502: Harold Boulton, with music arranged by Arthur Somervell: - Songs of the Four Nations.
45931: Wilhelmina Harper: - The Gunniwolf and other merry tales.
44379: Edith K Harper: - A Cornish Giant : Richard Trevithick, the father of the locomotive-engine.
67449: Jennifer Harper: - City Work at Country Prices : the Portrait Photographs of Duncan Donovan.
71982: Charles G Harper: - The Bunyan Country.
48383: `Right Hon Lord Harris [editor]: - The History of Kent Cricket.
66587: Trevor Harris: - The Andersons of White House, Lazonby : a sort of history from 36 postcards.
61210: R G Harris: - Bengal Cavalry Regiments 1857 - 1914.
68558: W Gregory Harris: - Ballads of Bath, and other West Country Verses.
33249: Steven Harris: - Baden-Powell Country.
70006: John Harris: - The Design of the English Country House 1620 - 1920.
29796: Valentina Harris: - Valentina Harris' Complete Italian Cookery Course.
29789: Valentina Harris: - Valentina's Italian Family Feast; festive cooking for family occasions.
29794: Valentina Harris: - Valentina's 4 Seasons Cookbook.
57687: Frank Harris: - Frank Harris : His Life and Adventures, an autobiography.
69477: Helen Harris: - The Grand Western Canal.
71960: John Harris: - The Architect and the British Country House 1620 - 1920.
7780: Harris, W J: - Letters on one-sided free trade.
4835: Harrison, C W Francis: - Harrison's business & general year book of South Africa and adjacent territories 1927 - 1928.
46035: Wilmot Harrison: - Memorable Paris Houses, with illustrative critical and anecdotal notices.
60925: Edgar Harrison: - A Dissertation upon Guns and Shooting.
65906: M W F Tweedie & J L Harrison: - Malayan Animal Life.
59190: Martin Harrison: - Brian Clarke.
68902: Graham and Janet Harrison: - The new Birds of the West Midlands, covering Staffordshire, Warwickshire, Worcestershire and the former West Midlands county.
48282: G L Harriss [editor]: - Henry V : the practice of Kingship.
60016: Stanley Harrop: - World Wealth in Maps : a concise survey of the natural resources, manufactures & trade highways of the Earth.
69493: Harry Appleyard, revised and extended by F R Harper: - The Allerdale Ramble.
37108: Harry Escombe, edited by J T Henderson: - Speeches of the late Right Honourable Harry Escombe.
49028: F Dudley Hart: - Colour Atlas of Rheumatology.
62218: Cyril Hart: - Between Severn (Saefern) and Wye (Waege) in the Year 1000 - a prelude to the Norman Forest of Dene in Glowecestscire (Gloucesershire) and Herefordscire (Herefordshire).
40118: Brian Hart: - The Hythe & Sandgate Railway.
68982: Linda Hart: - Once they lived in Gloucestershire: a Dymock Poets Anthology.
71127: Linda Hart: - Once they lived in Gloucestershire: a Dymock Poets Anthology.
11377: Hart, E J: - The selling of Canada; the CPR and the beginnings of Canadian tourism.
28238: Bret Harte: - Bret Harte's select works in prose and poetry.
57675: George Hartfield: - Horse Brasses.
62287: E N Hartley: - Ironworks on the Saugus : the Lynn and Braintree Ventures of the Company of Undertakers of the Ironworks in New England.
66618: C Gasquoine Hartley: - The Cathedrals of Southern Spain.
61990: George Harvan: - The Mollie Maguire Trials in Carbon and Schuylkill Counties, PA [Time of the Mollies].
66525: E Harvey: - The Potter's Wife : the story of Mary Bourne Machin (1781 - 1870).
60840: Robin & Barbara Harvey: - Winsley from Cecilia to Victoria.
71825: D W Harvey: - A Manual of Steam Locomotive Restoration and Preservation.
13850: Haselhorst, Antoinette: - Motherhood.
67441: Anthony Burgess & Francis Haskell: - The Age of the Grand Tour, containing sketches of the manners, society and customs of France, Flanders, the United Provinces, Germany, Switzerland and Italy, with descriptions of the most illustrious antiquities and curiosities in these countries.
37633: W Davis Haskoll: - The engineer's, mining surveyor's and contractor's field-book.
7280: Haskoll, W Davis: - The engineer's, mining surveyor's and contractor's field-book.
64925: G E Haslam [editor]: - The Manchester Public Libraries, Reference Library Subject Catalogue, Section 655, Printing, part 2, Type & Typesetting, Printing Processes, Publishing & Bookselling, Copyright.
56774: Charles Hasler: - The Royal Arms; its graphic and decorative development.
57070: C O Hunt & S K Haslett [editors]: - Quaternary of Somerset : Field Guide.
61352: John Hassall [illustrator]: - Beauty and the Beast.
28939: A G & Dr W O Hassall: - Treasures from the Bodleian Library.
66190: Carlos van Hasselt [editor]: - Eloge de la Navigation Hollandaise au XVIIe Siecle : Tableaux, Dessins et Gravures de la Mer et de ses Rivages dans la Collection Frits Lugt.
14511: Michael Hastings: - The Snake and the Arrow.
58999: Charles Hastings: - Illustrations of the Natural History of Worcestershire, with information on the statistics, zoology and geology of the county, including also a short account of its mineral waters.
17115: Bessie Hatton: - Pilgrims of Love.
57182: Arthur Waugh & Thomas Hatton: - The Nonesuch Dickens : Retrospectus and Prospectus.
67536: Teruko Hattori: - European Life, Arts and Costume Culture [Japanese Language edition].
36289: Max Walter Haueter: - Ronald Duncan; the metaphysical content of his plays.
37570: Roar Hauglid [editor]: - Native Art of Norway.
56702: Roar Hauglid: - Old Art and Monumental Buildings in Norway restored during the last fifty years.
57946: Werner Haupt: - Die Deutschen vor Moskau 1941/42 : Bildchronik einer Schlacht der verfehlten Strategie.
68443: I & J Havenhand, illustrated by John Berry: - Water Supply [The Public Services].
72193: I & J Havenhand, illustrated by John Berry: - On the Railways [People at Work].
63953: Cecilia Havergal [and others]: - Serving the King.
16551: Mrs F Sheridan & Dr Hawkesworth: - The history of Nourjahad by Mrs F Sheridan, and Almoran and Hamet, by Dr Hawkesworth, with a biographical preface.
53566: Mac Hawkins: - The Railway Paintings of Malcolm Root.
49648: Edward Hawkins: - A Catalogue of the Greek and Etruscan Vases in the British Museum, volume I.
61063: Mac Hawkins: - The Railway Paintings of Malcolm Root.
39469: Steve Kemp & John Hawkins: - Love Poems & other short stories [bound with] The Wheat and the Weeds, collected poems 1979 - 1982.
30085: Michael Hawkins: - Devon Roads; an illustrated survey of the development and management of Devon's highway network.
51821: Nathaniel Hawthorne: - Our Old Home [volume 1].
67380: Sam Hunter & Don Hawthorne: - George Segal.
65222: David and Joan Hay: - Hilltop Villages of the Chilterns : Cholesbury, Hawridge, St Leonards, Buckland Common
57197: John Hay: - Pike County Ballads and other pieces.
72006: Robert Hay: - Lismore : the Great Garden.
70395: David Boyd Haycock: - Nash Nevinson Spencer Gertler Carrington Bomberg : A Crisis of Brilliance 1908 - 1922.
24613: Arthur Hayden: - Bye-paths in curio collecting.
56394: Amy de la Haye: - Chanel; Couture and Industry.
68075: Amy de la Haye [editor]: - The Cutting Edge : 50 Years of British Fashion 1947 - 1997.
65043: M Horace Hayes: - Veterinary Notes for Horse Owners : a manual of horse medicine and surgery.
63047: Anne Hayes: - Family in Print : Bailey Newspaper Group Ltd, a history.
16572: Richard Hayes: - Interest at one view, calculated to a farthing, at £2.5, 3, 3.5, 4, 4.5, 5, 6, 7 and 8 per cent.
48146: Arthur Haygarth: - Arthur Haygarth's M.C.C. Cricket Scores and Biographies, being a continuation of Frederick Lillywhite's Scores and Biographies, volume VI, 1858 - 1860.
48139: Arthur Haygarth: - Arthur Haygarth's M.C.C. Cricket Scores and Biographies, being a continuation of Frederick Lillywhite's Scores and Biographies, volume XIV, 1877 - 1878.
50427: Vicky Hayward [editor]: - Bartolome Esteban Murillo 1617 - 1682.
68371: Mike Forbes & David Hayward: - British Lorries since 1945.
67367: J F Hayward: - Huguenot Silver in England 1688 - 1727.
70110: J F Hayward: - The Art of the Gunmaker, volume II (2), Europe and America 1660 - 1830.
66013: Charles H Hayward: - Practical Veneering : hammer and caul methods, presses, built-up patterns, marquetry, inlays etc.
68765: Paul Antony Hayward [editor]: - The Winchcombe and Coventry Chronicles : Hitherto Unnoticed Witnesses to the Work of John of Worcester, volume two (2), texts and translations.
65620: J W Hayward: - First Stage Steam [The Organized Science Series].
71538: Paul Hazeldine: - Triumph Bonneville Year by Year.
19185: Rex Hazlewood: - The Opinions of Delta.
19181: Leslie Arkill & Rex Hazlewood: - Public Occasions.
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69539: John Bellm [music], with text from Martin Luther King: - Antidotes for Fear : Cantata for Soprano (treble optional), Baritone, Chorus (S.A.T.B.) and Organ or Orchestra.
69540: John Bellm [music], with text from Martin Luther King: - Antidotes for Fear : Cantata for Soprano (treble optional), Baritone, Chorus (S.A.T.B.) and Organ or Orchestra.
69079: John Ruskin, illustrated by Richard Doyle: - The King of the Golden River; or the Black Brothers : a Legend of Stiria.
44929: John Blaeu, with an introduction by R V Tooley: - Blaeu's Atlas of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.
44144: John Halle, edited by Rev Edward Duke: - Prolusiones Historicae; or, essays illustrative of the Halle of John Halle, citizen and merchant of Salisbury in the reigns of Henry VI and Edward IV.
71282: Eddie John: - Butterflies of Cyprus 1998 : Records of a year's sightings.
67088: John Marriott Davenport, revised by Thomas Marriott Davenport: - Oxfordshire : Lords Lieutenant, High Sheriffs, Members of Paliament etc.
66438: John Young, edited by William Boyd: - Essays on Evolution & Design.
70609: John L Gittleman, Stephan M Funk, David Macdonald & Robert K Wayne: - Carnivore Conservation.
42166: John Malsbury Kirby Elliott, edited by his son, Edward Kirby Elliott: - Fifty Years' Fox-hunting with the Grafton and other packs of hounds.
61771: John Read, Clifford Paine, John Gwynant Evans & Sir Alexander Todd: - Perkin Centenary London : 100 Years of Synthetic Dyestuffs.
61671: John Masefield, illustrated by Cecil Aldin: - Right Royal.
15786: Rev Theophilus St John: - Practical sermons on several important subjects, for the use of families.
68898: John le Neve, edited by Joyce M Horn: - Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1300 - 1541, volume II, Hereford Diocese.
60647: John Ashman, edited by Mike Esau: - John Ashman FRPS : Rail Portfolio.
14540: Charles St John: - The Wild Sports and natural history of the Scottish Highlands.
59729: John Fisher, edited by John E B Mayor: - The English Works of John Fisher, Bishop of Rochester, Born 1459, Died June 22, 1535, Part I.
34110: John C Moore, illustrated by Barrington Browne: - The New Forest.
34105: John Moore, illustrated by Barrington Browne: - A walk through Surrey.
65709: John Webb, Nigel Yates & Sarah Peacock [editors]: - Hampshire Studies presented to Dorothy Dymond.
13521: John Aubrey, edited by John Fowles and annotated by Rodney Legg: - John Aubrey's Monumenta Britannica, part three and index.
13259: John Chandler, illustrated by Jim Lowe and Karen Pigott: - The prospect of Wiltshire.
65681: John Baskett, Jules David Prown, Duncan Robinson, Brian Allen & William Reese: - Paul Mellon's Legacy : a passion for British Art, masterpieces from the Yale Center for British Art.
71097: John C Moore, illustrated by Barrington Browne: - The New Forest.
57877: Molyneux St John: - The sea of mountains; an account of Lord Dufferin's tour through British Columbia in 1876 [2 volumes].
68276: A H John: - The Industrial Development of South Wales 1750 - 1850.
29777: John Fryer, edited by William Crooke: - A new account of East India and Persia, being nine years' travels 1672 - 1681, volume III.
69912: John Phillips, with an introduction by Charles Hadfield: - Phillips' Inland Navigation 1805 - a reprint of a general history of inland navigation, foreign and domestic; containing a complete account of the canals already executed in England with considerations on those proposed.
28764: John Habberton, illustrated by Carrie Solomon: - Helen's Babies.
28342: John Mitchell Kemble, revised by Walter de Gray Birch: - The Saxons in England; a history of the English Commonwealth till the period of the Norman Conquest [2 volumes].
69558: John R Jewitt, annotated and illustrated by Hilary Stewart: - The Adventures and Sufferings of John R Jewitt, Captive of Maquinna.
69541: John Bellm [music], with text from Martin Luther King: - I have a Dream : Cantata for Baritone, Chorus (S.A.T.B.) and Organ or Orchestra.
69542: John Bellm [music], with text from Martin Luther King: - I Have a Dream : Cantata for Baritone, Chorus (S.A.T.B.) and Organ or Orchestra.
27277: Benjamin John: - The PIllar in the Wilderness.
54841: John Hunter, with notes by Richard Owen: - Observations on certain parts of the Animal Oeconomy, inclusive of several papers from the Philosophical Transactions etc.
54718: Evan John: - Time Table for Victory : a brief and popular account of the Railways & railway-owned Dockyards of Great Britain & Northern Ireland during the six years' war of 1939-45.
21779: John Luccock, translated by Milton da Silva Rodrigues: - Notas sobre o Rio-de-Janeiro e partes meridionais do Brasil, tomadas durante uma estada de dez anos nesse pais, de 1808 a 1818 (Biblioteca Historica Brasileira X).
71516: John Mills, illustrated by John Leech: - The Life of a Foxhound.
72027: John Leonard, David Preshous, Marion Roberts, John Smyth & Christopher Train [editors]: - The Gale of Life : two thousand years in South-West Shropshire.
72062: John Dent, Calvin Greig & Lisbeth M Thoms, edited by Grant G Simpson: - Aberdeen's Hidden History; a report on excavations at Broad Street, 1973.
72063: John Norden, with an introduction by William Ravenhill: - John Norden's Manuscript Maps of Cornwall and its Nine Hundreds.
72132: John Harwood & Dave Viggers, edited by Ian Smith: - Pembroke (Climbers' Club Guides to Wales).
67042: John O'Hara: - The Farmers Hotel.
59604: John O'Hara: - Pipe Night.
66617: Elizabeth Johns: - Thomas Eakins : the Heroism of Modern Life.
66468: A Wesley Johns: - The Man who shot McKinley : a New View of the Assassination of the President.
65959: Rowland Johns [editor]: - Our Friend the Bulldog.
52176: C W Thomas & E James Johnson [foreword]: - The A T Green Book, dedicated to Arnold Trevor Green.
2002: Johnson, Stowers: - The Mundane Tree.
51614: Cecil Webb-Johnson: - Diet for Infants.
64615: A E Johnson: - Dudley Hardy [Brush, pen and pencil series].
63611: Edgar Johnson: - Charles Dickens, his tragedy and triumph, volume two.
46089: Margaret Johnson: - A Visit to the Cities of Cheese.
17537: Cuthbert W Johnson: - Modern Agricultural Improvements: being a supplement to the British Husbandry of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge.
44836: Lewis Johnson: - Prospects, thresholds, interiors : watercolours from the National Collection at the Victoria and Albert Museum.
66451: Rossiter Johnson: - Campfire and Battlefield : an illustrated history of the Campaigns and Conflicts of the Great Civil War.
61696: Alan Campbell Johnson: - Viscount Halifax : a biography.
66112: R Brimley Johnson [editor]: - Eighteenth Century Letters : Swift, Addison, Steele.
66111: R Brimley Johnson [editor]: - Eighteenth Century Letters : Johnson, Lord Chesterfield.
68557: Marie Byng-Johnson: - A Picture-book of Old Bath.
66062: Philip Johnson: - It's a Small World : a Comedy in One Act.
38411: John Johnson: - Reliques of Ancient English Architecture.
60339: Grove Johnson: - The Student's Manual of Yeast Culture.
65861: Philip Arkins & Michael Johnson: - A Dodo at Oxford : the unreliable account of a student and his pet dodo.
71076: Keith Johnson: - Pembroke in old Picture Postcards.
12533: Johnson, Charles Plumptre: - The early writings of William Makepeace Thackeray.
57629: Henry Johnson: - The Life and Voyages of Joseph Wiggins FRGS, Modern Discoverer of the Kara Sea Route to Siberia.
69407: Martin Johnson: - Safari : a Saga of the African Blue.
71442: E M Johnson: - Railways in and around the Manchester Suburbs [Scenes from the Past 8].
21370: Joy Melville & Angela Lewis-Johnson: - Hythe (the archive photographs series).
8849: Johnson, Dr Samuel: - The works of the poets of Great Britain and Ireland; with prefaces biographical and critical - volume the first, containing the lives.
64516: Alfred W Johnston & Amy Johnston [editors]: - Old-Lore Miscellany of Orkney, Shetland, Caithness and Sutherland, vol IV part I (Old-Lore Series no. 26, January 1911).
64515: Alfred W Johnston & Amy Johnston [editors]: - Old-Lore Miscellany of Orkney, Shetland, Caithness and Sutherland, vol III part IV (Old-Lore Series no. 25, October 1910).
64514: Alfred W Johnston & Amy Johnston [editors]: - Old-Lore Miscellany of Orkney, Shetland, Caithness and Sutherland, vol III part III (Old-Lore Series no. 24, July 1910).
64513: Alfred W Johnston & Amy Johnston [editors]: - Old-Lore Miscellany of Orkney, Shetland, Caithness and Sutherland, vol III part II (Old-Lore Series no. 23, April 1910).
64512: Alfred W Johnston & Amy Johnston [editors]: - Old-Lore Miscellany of Orkney, Shetland, Caithness and Sutherland, vol III part I (Old-Lore Series no. 20, January 1910).
64510: Alfred W Johnston & Amy Johnston [editors]: - Old-Lore Miscellany of Orkney, Shetland, Caithness and Sutherland, vol II part II (Old-Lore Series no. 11, April 1909).
64511: Alfred W Johnston & Amy Johnston [editors]: - Old-Lore Miscellany of Orkney, Shetland, Caithness and Sutherland, vol II part IV (Old-Lore Series no. 17, October 1909).
64509: Alfred W Johnston & Amy Johnston [editors]: - Old-Lore Miscellany of Orkney, Shetland, Caithness and Sutherland, vol II part III (Old-Lore Series no. 14, July 1909).
64508: Alfred W Johnston & Amy Johnston [editors]: - Caithness & Sutherland Records, vol I part IV (Old-Lore Series no. 22, January 1910).
64507: Alfred W Johnston & Amy Johnston [editors]: - Caithness & Sutherland Records, vol I part III (Old-Lore Series no. 19, October 1909).
64506: Alfred W Johnston & Amy Johnston [editors]: - Caithness & Sutherland Records, vol I part II (Old-Lore Series no. 16, July 1909).
64505: Alfred W Johnston & Amy Johnston [editors]: - Caithness & Sutherland Records, vol I part I (Old-Lore Series no. 13, April 1909).
64504: Alfred W Johnston & Amy Johnston [editors]: - Orkney and Shetland Records, vol I part VIII (Old-Lore Series no 21, January 1910).
64503: Alfred W Johnston & Amy Johnston [editors]: - Orkney and Shetland Records, vol I part VII (Old-Lore Series no. 18, October 1909).
64502: Alfred W Johnston & Amy Johnston [editors]: - Orkney and Shetland Records, vol I part VI (Old-Lore Series no. 15, July 1909).
64501: Alfred W Johnston & Amy Johnston [editors]: - Orkney and Shetland Records, vol I part V (Old-Lore Series no. 12, April 1909).
17543: James F W Johnston: - Experimental Agriculture, being the results of past, and suggestions for future experiments in scientific and practical agriculture.
36603: J Laughton Johnston: - Scotland's nature in trust; the National Trust for Scotland and its Wildland and Crofting Management.
54885: Robin Knox-Johnston: - Robin Knox-Johnston's History of Yachting.
72031: David E Johnston: - An illustrated history of Roman roads in Britain.
48710: W Dyde & James Johnstone: - The history and antiquities of Tewkesbury, from the earliest periods to the present time [bound with] some account of the medicinal water near Tewkesbury.
71763: Viola Johnstone: - Green Salads [The Home Entertainments series].
71854: Janet & Anne Grahame Johnstone [illustrators]: - Dean's Gift Book of Cowboys & Indians.
58216: Marcel van Jole: - The Power of Example : 40 Years of Europa Nostra [Le pouvoir de l'exemple, Het voorbeeld aan de macht].
67035: John Joliffe: - Eccentrics.
12099: Jollie, Ethel Tawse: - The real Rhodesia.
72385: Jon Whiteley, Colin Harrison & Simon Shorvon: - Lucien Pissarro in England; the Eragny Press, 1895 - 1914.
55121: Jonathan Swift, illustrated by Jon Corbino: - Gulliver's Travels.
71861: Jonathan Wordsworth, Michael C Jaye & Robert Woof: - William Wordsworth and the Age of English Romanticism.
63971: E Alfred Jones: - Old Silver of Europe & America, from early times to the Nineteenth century.
17371: Lilian Mary Jones: - I like to think; a book of verses by Lilian Mary Jones [bound with] Other Poems.
44146: Harry E Jones: - Mainstays of the Marsey (shipping section).
16775: Thomas Gwynn Jones: - Yn oes yr arth a'r blaidd: ystori i blant.
62307: E Alfred Jones: - The Gold and Silver of Windsor Castle.
66919: Hugh Conway-Jones: - The Gloucester & Sharpness Canal; an illustrated history.
62132: Mervyn Jones: - The Essential Guide to French Heritage and Tourist Railways.
42083: Stephen Jones (& Oriole Cullen): - Hats: An Anthology [limited edition].
61510: Howard Jones: - The Web of Caesar : a John Haddon Adventure.
60898: Eric Gethyn-Jones: - George Thorpe and the Berkeley Company; a Gloucestershire enterprise in Virginia.

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