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58405: Johannes Guthmann, illustrated by Max Slevogt: - Bilder aus Agypten.
70862: John Henderson, illustrated by A S Forrest: - Jamaica.
65022: John Hopwood Blake, edited by H W Monckton: - The Geology of the Country around Reading (sheet 268 of the Map of the Geological Survey of Great Britain).
64833: John Finnemore, illustrated by A S Forrest: - Morocco (Peeps at Many Lands).
68798: John Rocque, with improvements and additions by Bernard Scale: - A Survey of the City, Harbour Bay and Environs of Dublin by John Rocque 1773 [2 maps].
71141: John G Paton, edited by the Rev James Paton: - John G Paton, D.D. - Missionary to the New Hebrides.
64298: John Ruskin [editor], illustrated by Kate Greenaway: - Dame Wiggins of Lee, and her seven wonderful cats: a humorous tale written principally by a lady of Ninety.
49612: John Stewart, with an introduction by Sebastiano Cameli: - Un'Idea di Liguria.
64038: John Moore, illustrated by Barrington Browne: - A walk through Surrey.
68810: John A Birks, Yvonne Brittan, Keith A S Dickie & Tony Beetham: - National Bus Company 1968 - 1989 : a commemorative volume.
63674: John Milton, illustrated by Birket Foster: - Milton's L'Allegro and Il Penseroso.
63283: John Bunyan, edited by George Godwin & Lewis Pocock, illustrated by Henry C Selous: - The Pilgrim's Progress from this world to that which is to come.
69539: John Bellm [music], with text from Martin Luther King: - Antidotes for Fear : Cantata for Soprano (treble optional), Baritone, Chorus (S.A.T.B.) and Organ or Orchestra.
69540: John Bellm [music], with text from Martin Luther King: - Antidotes for Fear : Cantata for Soprano (treble optional), Baritone, Chorus (S.A.T.B.) and Organ or Orchestra.
69079: John Ruskin, illustrated by Richard Doyle: - The King of the Golden River; or the Black Brothers : a Legend of Stiria.
44929: John Blaeu, with an introduction by R V Tooley: - Blaeu's Atlas of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.
44846: John Halkes, illustrated by Michael Canney: - Michael Canney : recent works.
44144: John Halle, edited by Rev Edward Duke: - Prolusiones Historicae; or, essays illustrative of the Halle of John Halle, citizen and merchant of Salisbury in the reigns of Henry VI and Edward IV.
71282: Eddie John: - Butterflies of Cyprus 1998 : Records of a year's sightings.
67088: John Marriott Davenport, revised by Thomas Marriott Davenport: - Oxfordshire : Lords Lieutenant, High Sheriffs, Members of Paliament etc.
66438: John Young, edited by William Boyd: - Essays on Evolution & Design.
70609: John L Gittleman, Stephan M Funk, David Macdonald & Robert K Wayne: - Carnivore Conservation.
42166: John Malsbury Kirby Elliott, edited by his son, Edward Kirby Elliott: - Fifty Years' Fox-hunting with the Grafton and other packs of hounds.
70184: John Milton, with an introduction by John Wain, and illustrations by Ian Pollock: - Paradise Lost; a poem in twelve books.
61771: John Read, Clifford Paine, John Gwynant Evans & Sir Alexander Todd: - Perkin Centenary London : 100 Years of Synthetic Dyestuffs.
61671: John Masefield, illustrated by Cecil Aldin: - Right Royal.
15786: Rev Theophilus St John: - Practical sermons on several important subjects, for the use of families.
68898: John le Neve, edited by Joyce M Horn: - Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1300 - 1541, volume II, Hereford Diocese.
60647: John Ashman, edited by Mike Esau: - John Ashman FRPS : Rail Portfolio.
15138: John G Whittier, illustrated by George Carline: - Maud Muller.
14540: Charles St John: - The Wild Sports and natural history of the Scottish Highlands.
14509: John Moore, illustrated by Barrington Browne: - A walk through Surrey.
59729: John Fisher, edited by John E B Mayor: - The English Works of John Fisher, Bishop of Rochester, Born 1459, Died June 22, 1535, Part I.
34110: John C Moore, illustrated by Barrington Browne: - The New Forest.
34105: John Moore, illustrated by Barrington Browne: - A walk through Surrey.
65709: John Webb, Nigel Yates & Sarah Peacock [editors]: - Hampshire Studies presented to Dorothy Dymond.
13521: John Aubrey, edited by John Fowles and annotated by Rodney Legg: - John Aubrey's Monumenta Britannica, part three and index.
13259: John Chandler, illustrated by Jim Lowe and Karen Pigott: - The prospect of Wiltshire.
65681: John Baskett, Jules David Prown, Duncan Robinson, Brian Allen & William Reese: - Paul Mellon's Legacy : a passion for British Art, masterpieces from the Yale Center for British Art.
71097: John C Moore, illustrated by Barrington Browne: - The New Forest.
57877: Molyneux St John: - The sea of mountains; an account of Lord Dufferin's tour through British Columbia in 1876 [2 volumes].
68276: A H John: - The Industrial Development of South Wales 1750 - 1850.
29777: John Fryer, edited by William Crooke: - A new account of East India and Persia, being nine years' travels 1672 - 1681, volume III.
69912: John Phillips, with an introduction by Charles Hadfield: - Phillips' Inland Navigation 1805 - a reprint of a general history of inland navigation, foreign and domestic; containing a complete account of the canals already executed in England with considerations on those proposed.
28764: John Habberton, illustrated by Carrie Solomon: - Helen's Babies.
28342: John Mitchell Kemble, revised by Walter de Gray Birch: - The Saxons in England; a history of the English Commonwealth till the period of the Norman Conquest [2 volumes].
69558: John R Jewitt, annotated and illustrated by Hilary Stewart: - The Adventures and Sufferings of John R Jewitt, Captive of Maquinna.
69541: John Bellm [music], with text from Martin Luther King: - I have a Dream : Cantata for Baritone, Chorus (S.A.T.B.) and Organ or Orchestra.
69542: John Bellm [music], with text from Martin Luther King: - I Have a Dream : Cantata for Baritone, Chorus (S.A.T.B.) and Organ or Orchestra.
27277: Benjamin John: - The PIllar in the Wilderness.
54841: John Hunter, with notes by Richard Owen: - Observations on certain parts of the Animal Oeconomy, inclusive of several papers from the Philosophical Transactions etc.
54718: Evan John: - Time Table for Victory : a brief and popular account of the Railways & railway-owned Dockyards of Great Britain & Northern Ireland during the six years' war of 1939-45.
21779: John Luccock, translated by Milton da Silva Rodrigues: - Notas sobre o Rio-de-Janeiro e partes meridionais do Brasil, tomadas durante uma estada de dez anos nesse pais, de 1808 a 1818 (Biblioteca Historica Brasileira X).
71516: John Mills, illustrated by John Leech: - The Life of a Foxhound.
72027: John Leonard, David Preshous, Marion Roberts, John Smyth & Christopher Train [editors]: - The Gale of Life : two thousand years in South-West Shropshire.
72062: John Dent, Calvin Greig & Lisbeth M Thoms, edited by Grant G Simpson: - Aberdeen's Hidden History; a report on excavations at Broad Street, 1973.
72063: John Norden, with an introduction by William Ravenhill: - John Norden's Manuscript Maps of Cornwall and its Nine Hundreds.
72132: John Harwood & Dave Viggers, edited by Ian Smith: - Pembroke (Climbers' Club Guides to Wales).
67042: John O'Hara: - The Farmers Hotel.
59604: John O'Hara: - Pipe Night.
66617: Elizabeth Johns: - Thomas Eakins : the Heroism of Modern Life.
66468: A Wesley Johns: - The Man who shot McKinley : a New View of the Assassination of the President.
65959: Rowland Johns [editor]: - Our Friend the Bulldog.
52176: C W Thomas & E James Johnson [foreword]: - The A T Green Book, dedicated to Arnold Trevor Green.
2002: Johnson, Stowers: - The Mundane Tree.
51614: Cecil Webb-Johnson: - Diet for Infants.
64615: A E Johnson: - Dudley Hardy [Brush, pen and pencil series].
63611: Edgar Johnson: - Charles Dickens, his tragedy and triumph, volume two.
46089: Margaret Johnson: - A Visit to the Cities of Cheese.
17537: Cuthbert W Johnson: - Modern Agricultural Improvements: being a supplement to the British Husbandry of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge.
44836: Lewis Johnson: - Prospects, thresholds, interiors : watercolours from the National Collection at the Victoria and Albert Museum.
66451: Rossiter Johnson: - Campfire and Battlefield : an illustrated history of the Campaigns and Conflicts of the Great Civil War.
61696: Alan Campbell Johnson: - Viscount Halifax : a biography.
66112: R Brimley Johnson [editor]: - Eighteenth Century Letters : Swift, Addison, Steele.
66111: R Brimley Johnson [editor]: - Eighteenth Century Letters : Johnson, Lord Chesterfield.
68557: Marie Byng-Johnson: - A Picture-book of Old Bath.
66062: Philip Johnson: - It's a Small World : a Comedy in One Act.
38411: John Johnson: - Reliques of Ancient English Architecture.
60339: Grove Johnson: - The Student's Manual of Yeast Culture.
65861: Philip Arkins & Michael Johnson: - A Dodo at Oxford : the unreliable account of a student and his pet dodo.
71076: Keith Johnson: - Pembroke in old Picture Postcards.
12533: Johnson, Charles Plumptre: - The early writings of William Makepeace Thackeray.
57629: Henry Johnson: - The Life and Voyages of Joseph Wiggins FRGS, Modern Discoverer of the Kara Sea Route to Siberia.
69407: Martin Johnson: - Safari : a Saga of the African Blue.
71442: E M Johnson: - Railways in and around the Manchester Suburbs [Scenes from the Past 8].
21370: Joy Melville & Angela Lewis-Johnson: - Hythe (the archive photographs series).
8849: Johnson, Dr Samuel: - The works of the poets of Great Britain and Ireland; with prefaces biographical and critical - volume the first, containing the lives.
64516: Alfred W Johnston & Amy Johnston [editors]: - Old-Lore Miscellany of Orkney, Shetland, Caithness and Sutherland, vol IV part I (Old-Lore Series no. 26, January 1911).
64515: Alfred W Johnston & Amy Johnston [editors]: - Old-Lore Miscellany of Orkney, Shetland, Caithness and Sutherland, vol III part IV (Old-Lore Series no. 25, October 1910).
64514: Alfred W Johnston & Amy Johnston [editors]: - Old-Lore Miscellany of Orkney, Shetland, Caithness and Sutherland, vol III part III (Old-Lore Series no. 24, July 1910).
64513: Alfred W Johnston & Amy Johnston [editors]: - Old-Lore Miscellany of Orkney, Shetland, Caithness and Sutherland, vol III part II (Old-Lore Series no. 23, April 1910).
64512: Alfred W Johnston & Amy Johnston [editors]: - Old-Lore Miscellany of Orkney, Shetland, Caithness and Sutherland, vol III part I (Old-Lore Series no. 20, January 1910).
64510: Alfred W Johnston & Amy Johnston [editors]: - Old-Lore Miscellany of Orkney, Shetland, Caithness and Sutherland, vol II part II (Old-Lore Series no. 11, April 1909).
64511: Alfred W Johnston & Amy Johnston [editors]: - Old-Lore Miscellany of Orkney, Shetland, Caithness and Sutherland, vol II part IV (Old-Lore Series no. 17, October 1909).
64509: Alfred W Johnston & Amy Johnston [editors]: - Old-Lore Miscellany of Orkney, Shetland, Caithness and Sutherland, vol II part III (Old-Lore Series no. 14, July 1909).
64508: Alfred W Johnston & Amy Johnston [editors]: - Caithness & Sutherland Records, vol I part IV (Old-Lore Series no. 22, January 1910).
64507: Alfred W Johnston & Amy Johnston [editors]: - Caithness & Sutherland Records, vol I part III (Old-Lore Series no. 19, October 1909).
64506: Alfred W Johnston & Amy Johnston [editors]: - Caithness & Sutherland Records, vol I part II (Old-Lore Series no. 16, July 1909).
64505: Alfred W Johnston & Amy Johnston [editors]: - Caithness & Sutherland Records, vol I part I (Old-Lore Series no. 13, April 1909).
64504: Alfred W Johnston & Amy Johnston [editors]: - Orkney and Shetland Records, vol I part VIII (Old-Lore Series no 21, January 1910).
64503: Alfred W Johnston & Amy Johnston [editors]: - Orkney and Shetland Records, vol I part VII (Old-Lore Series no. 18, October 1909).
64502: Alfred W Johnston & Amy Johnston [editors]: - Orkney and Shetland Records, vol I part VI (Old-Lore Series no. 15, July 1909).
64501: Alfred W Johnston & Amy Johnston [editors]: - Orkney and Shetland Records, vol I part V (Old-Lore Series no. 12, April 1909).
17543: James F W Johnston: - Experimental Agriculture, being the results of past, and suggestions for future experiments in scientific and practical agriculture.
36603: J Laughton Johnston: - Scotland's nature in trust; the National Trust for Scotland and its Wildland and Crofting Management.
54885: Robin Knox-Johnston: - Robin Knox-Johnston's History of Yachting.
72031: David E Johnston: - An illustrated history of Roman roads in Britain.
48710: W Dyde & James Johnstone: - The history and antiquities of Tewkesbury, from the earliest periods to the present time [bound with] some account of the medicinal water near Tewkesbury.
71763: Viola Johnstone: - Green Salads [The Home Entertainments series].
71854: Janet & Anne Grahame Johnstone [illustrators]: - Dean's Gift Book of Cowboys & Indians.
58216: Marcel van Jole: - The Power of Example : 40 Years of Europa Nostra [Le pouvoir de l'exemple, Het voorbeeld aan de macht].
67035: John Joliffe: - Eccentrics.
12099: Jollie, Ethel Tawse: - The real Rhodesia.
72385: Jon Whiteley, Colin Harrison & Simon Shorvon: - Lucien Pissarro in England; the Eragny Press, 1895 - 1914.
55121: Jonathan Swift, illustrated by Jon Corbino: - Gulliver's Travels.
71861: Jonathan Wordsworth, Michael C Jaye & Robert Woof: - William Wordsworth and the Age of English Romanticism.
63971: E Alfred Jones: - Old Silver of Europe & America, from early times to the Nineteenth century.
68625: Owen Jones: - The Grammar of Ornament - the Victorian Masterpiece on Oriental, Primitive, Classical, Mediaeval and Renaissance Design and Decorative Art.
17371: Lilian Mary Jones: - I like to think; a book of verses by Lilian Mary Jones [bound with] Other Poems.
44146: Harry E Jones: - Mainstays of the Marsey (shipping section).
16775: Thomas Gwynn Jones: - Yn oes yr arth a'r blaidd: ystori i blant.
62307: E Alfred Jones: - The Gold and Silver of Windsor Castle.
66919: Hugh Conway-Jones: - The Gloucester & Sharpness Canal; an illustrated history.
62132: Mervyn Jones: - The Essential Guide to French Heritage and Tourist Railways.
42083: Stephen Jones (& Oriole Cullen): - Hats: An Anthology [limited edition].
61510: Howard Jones: - The Web of Caesar : a John Haddon Adventure.
60898: Eric Gethyn-Jones: - George Thorpe and the Berkeley Company; a Gloucestershire enterprise in Virginia.
14843: Y Parch H Jones: - Y Weithred o Fedyddio, neu ymchwiliad y Ddull Bedydd.
38048: George F Jones: - German-American Names.
69260: Sir Edward Burne-Jones: - Letters to Katie.
60173: N F Blake & Charles Jones [editors]: - English Historical Linguistics : Studies in Development.
14256: Jones, Malcolm & Dillon, Patrick: - Dialect in Wiltshire, and its historical, topographical and natural science contexts [signed by both authors].
71437: Jenny Jones: - Where the Children Cry.
71188: Brian Jones: - Josiah Mason 1795 - 1881 : Birmingham's Benevolent Benefactor.
12837: Jones, S J: - The Growth of Bristol.
31062: Iwan Arfon Jones: - Ogwen and Carneddau [Climbers' Club Guides].
69802: Charles Jones: - Refuse Destructors, with results up to present time.
70756: E Alfred Jones: - Catalogue of the Collection of Old Plate of Leopold de Rothschild, esquire.
27573: Robin Jones: - Island Fever; a journey around all the coastal islands of England and Wales.
69586: Vincent Jones: - Sail the Indian Sea.
25476: W Ibberson Jones: - No Flowers.
24915: Very Rev Dr Spence-Jones: - The secret of a great cathedral.
2433: Jones, J B: - The Witch of Chedworth.
55950: Ray Jones: - Around Worcester in old photographs.
10071: Jones, Herbert Gresford: - Uganda in transformation, 1876-1926.
71526: Arthur F McClure & Ken D Jones: - Heroes, Heavies and Sagebrush : A Pictorial History of the "B" Western Players.
72046: Ivor Wynne Jones: - Victorian Slate Mining : a social and economic study.
42533: Dr C H de Jonge: - Hollandische Mobel und Raumkunst von 1650 - 1780.
46581: Meg Jordan: - Every Summer.
28140: Jorge E Hardoy, translated by Judith Thorne: - Pre-Columbian Cities.
72202: Finn Jorgensen: - Handbook of Magnetic Recording.
13909: Jose Luis Ramirez, prologo de Jose Luis Tolosa: - Ibai Biziak; Paisajes del Nervion e Ibaizabal.
49445: M W Beresford & J K S St Joseph: - Medieval England : an Aerial Survey.
69491: Shirley Joseph: - If their Mothers only Knew : an unofficial acount of Life in the Women's Land Army.
58239: Joseph Moorat, illustrated by Paul Woodroffe: - Thirty Old-time Nursery Songs.
70011: Joseph Wheatley, with text by Stephen Howarth: - Historic Sail : the Glory of the Sailing Ship from the 13th to the 19th Century.
71864: Joseph-Clement Tissot, translated by Elizabeth and Sidney Licht: - Tissot's Gymnastics : a translation of Joseph-Clement Tissot's Gymnastique Medicinale et Chirurgicale.
41563: Joseph o'Neill: - Netherland.
72425: Eleanor F Jourdain: - An Introduction to the French Classical Drama.
62069: David Jowett: - A Royal Visit to celebrate restoration of the first phase of the Cotswold Canals.
68580: Jenny Jowett: - Canary Wharf : New Squares for London.
37756: Charles R Joy: - Lutterworth Topical Concordance.
30635: J George Frederick & Jean Joyce: - Long Island Seafood Cook Book.
55222: J Joyce: - Operation Tramway : the end of London's Trams, 1950 - 1952.
71374: Karey Judd: - Shoes : Memories of a Lifetime - artwork for scrapbooks and fabric-transfer crafts.
55628: Rev G H Bancroft Judge: - The Origin and Progress of Wesleyan Methodism in Cheltenham and District: a souvenir of the Cheltenham Wesleyan Circuit centenary celebrations held in 1912.
63958: Jules Renard, illustrated by Toulouse-Lautrec: - Toulouse-Lautrec : Hunting with the Fox.
64949: Julian Hunt, Roger Bettridge & Alison Toplis [editors]: - Probate Records of the Archdeaconry Court of Buckingham, 1483-1660, and of the Buckinghamshire Peculiars, 1420-1660.
70780: Jane Julianelli: - The Naked Shoe : the Artistry of Mabel Julianelli.
24580: Julien Godon, translated by B Bucknall: - Painted Tapestry and its application to Interior Decoration; practical lessons in tapestry painting with liquid colour.
46853: James Raine Jun: - Wills and Inventories from the Registry of the Archdeaconry of Richmond, extending over portions of the counties of York, Westmerland (Westmorland), Cumberland and Lancaster.
58997: John Washbourn Jun [editor]: - Bibliotheca Gloucestrensis : a collection of scarce and curious tracts relating to the County and City of Gloucester, illustrative of, and published during the Civil War.
53159: June Morton, illustrated by Winifred Vaizey: - Creatures of the Night [Peeps at Nature for Little People].
61713: C G Jung, edited by J J Clarke: - Jung on the East.
53738: Ewald Junge: - World Coin Encyclopedia.
14533: Philo-Junius: - Reform, in two parts; an introductory letter addressed to John George Lambton MP, & the Touchstone, a proposed petition and form of a Bill for the reform of a Borough.
44503: John Jurica [editor]: - Transactions of the Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society for 1995, volume CXIII.
44504: John Jurica [editor]: - Transactions of the Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society for 1996, volume CXIV.
14098: John Jurica [etc]: - Transactions of the Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society, 1929 - 2005.
28817: Carl Just: - Den Norske Turistforenings Arbok 1956, Seterliv.
6197: Justi, Carl: - Diego Velazguez und sein Jahrhundert [2 Bande, 2 volumes].
15517: Mary Kaeding: - Building on a century; the Kraus-Anderson story.
53180: Jane Sarasohn-Kahn: - Contemporary Barbie : Barbie Dolls 1980 and Beyond.
63923: David Kahn: - Seizing the Enigma : the Race to Break the German U-Boat Codes, 1939 - 1943.
71268: Tom Kakonis: - Criss Cross.
59638: Paul-Henri Campbell & Aris Kalaizis: - Aris Kalaizis: Sottorealism - Monografie mit Werkverzeichnis.
67050: Marvin L Kalb: - Dragon in the Kremlin : a report on the Russian-Chinese Alliance.
56760: Andras Kaldor: - Opera Houses of Europe.
66453: Marion Kaminski: - Tiziano Vecellio, known as Titian, 1488 / 1490 - 1576.
60563: George Kane [editor]: - Will's Visions of Piers Plowman and Do-Well [The A Version].
46247: Dr Sevket Aziz Kansu: - Les Fouilles d'Etiyokosu [Etiyokusu Hafriyati Raporu, 1937].
45716: Nathan Kantrowitz: - Negro and Puerto Rican Populations of New York City in the Twentieth Century.
11184: Kanwar, Ponchie: - Smoke in the sun.
71459: Ian Pope & Paul Karau: - The Forest of Dean branch, volume one.
71460: Ian Pope & Paul Karau: - The Forest of Dean branch, volume two.
66717: Karen Howes, illustrated by Simon McBride: - Private Ireland.
71666: Elis Karlsson: - Mother Sea.
71092: Kas Kastner: - Kas Kastner's Triumphs : Race Cars, Street cars and Special Cars, Australia, Britain, Canada, Germany, Italy and the USA.
40734: Kate Coolahan, Richard Depaux, Gaston Petit, Birgit Skiold, Nils Stenquist, Yoshisuke Funasaka, Kosuke Kimura, Kunichi Shima, Aijiro Wakita & Tetuo Yoneda: - Compact Gallery Exhibition 1974; New Zealand, America, Canada, England, Sweden, Japan.
67033: Kathleen Mackenzie, illustrated by Violet Morgan: - Pony and Trap.
72143: Kathleen Ferrier, edited by Christopher Fifield: - Letters and Diaries of Kathleen Ferrier.
55552: Desire Kauffmann: - Graphic Arts Crafts.
14515: Michael Kaufman: - The Container.
16405: G L Kaul: - Kashmir through the ages.
70589: Benedikt Kautsky: - Devils and the Damned : the authentic history of Hell !
70711: J N Eliot & A Kawazoe: - Blue Butterflies of the Lycaenopsis Group.
72487: Marvin Kaye: - Catalog of Magic : an indispensable guide to the apparatus and technique of over 250 tricks.
60088: Edward J Kealey: - Harvesting the Air : Windmill Pioneers in Twelfth-Century England.
46172: H R F Keating: - Go West, Inspector Ghote.
46159: H R F Keating: - The Good Detective.
59469: H Keatley Moore, illustrated by May Sandheim: - The Nusery Song Book : traditional nursery songs.
70973: John Keay: - The Spice Route.
56735: Rev John Keble: - Evening.
55877: Terry Keegan [editor]: - A Scrapbook of Harness Decorations : over 500 designs from old manufacturer's catalogues.
52237: Richard Keene: - Richard Keene's Household Almanack and Year-Book of Useful Knowledge for 1863 - 1864.
65804: Major C A Cuthbert Keeson: - The History & Records of Queen Victoria's Rifles, 1792-1922 [2 volumes].
68654: Susan Keevil [editor]: - The Nine Ages of Justerini's.
70731: Susan Keevil [editor]: - The Nine Ages of Justerini's.
67439: Keith Allardyce, with a foreword by Magnus Magnusson: - Northumberland : a photographer's view.
66513: Keith A Falconer, Adam Menuge & Anthony Calladine: - Derwent Valley Textile Mills.
60304: R Keith Kelsall, Anne Poole & Annette Kuhn: - Six Years After : first report on a national follow-up survey of ten thousand graduates of British Universities in 1960.
31538: Alexander Keith: - Burns and Folk-song.
69657: Keliks Topolski, with text by D B Wyndham Lewis: - The London Spectacle 1935.
68910: Geoff Burrows & Bob Kell: - Northern Coachbuilders : a history of the company and its products.
62251: Brad E Kelle: - Ancient Israel at War 853 - 586 BC.
28739: Gottfried Keller: - Das Tanzlegendchen von Gottfried Keller.
67717: Philip J Kelley: - Road Vehicles of the Great Western Railway.
64828: R Talbot Kelly: - Burma (Peeps at Many Lands).
41857: Joanne M Kelly: - Cuna.
32196: James Kelly: - A Complete Collection of Scottish Proverbs, explained and made intelligible to the English reader.
5704: Kelly, Walter K: - Proverbs of all nations; compared, explained and illustrated.
72418: E R Kelly [editor]: - Somersetshire [County Topographies].
50653: Janet Harvey Kelman: - Children of Japan.
69860: Elmer Kelton: - The Art of Frank C McCarthy.
66358: Johannis M Kemble: - Codex Diplomaticus Aevi Saxonici : Opera Johannis M Kemble, tomus VI (6).
66357: Johannis M Kemble: - Codex Diplomaticus Aevi Saxonici : Opera Johannis M Kemble, tomus V (5).
66356: Johannis M Kemble: - Codex Diplomaticus Aevi Saxonici : Opera Johannis M Kemble, tomus IV (4).
66355: Johannis M Kemble: - Codex Diplomaticus Aevi Saxonici : Opera Johannis M Kemble, tomus III (3).
66354: Johannis M Kemble: - Codex Diplomaticus Aevi Saxonici : Opera Johannis M Kemble, tomus II (2).
52120: Martin Kemp: - Leonardo da Vinci - the marvellous works of nature and man.
50104: Harry Kemp: - Collected Poems.
49157: Dan Kemp: - A Jubilee in the Hardwood Trade 1945 - 1995, to commemorate 50 years in the timber trade.
68624: Martin Kemp: - Leonardo da Vinci : Experience, Experiment and Design.
10510: Kendall, S C [editor]: - The Hants County Book.
7912: Kendall, Rev H G O: - Scraper-core industries in North Wilts.
61636: T D Kendrick: - A History of the Vikings.
68245: R C Kenedy, illustrated by Richard Bixby: - Gorilla : a novel without heroes.
65729: Dan Kennedy: - Tales of the Galloway Hills.
71110: Rankin Kennedy: - The Book of the Motor Car : a comprehensive and authoritative guide on the care, management, maintenance and construction of the Motor Car and Motor Cycle [3 volumes].
68543: Rankin Kennedy: - The Modern Machine Shop : its tools, practice and design [4 volumes].
28167: Captain Malcolm D Kennedy: - The Problem of Japan.
63980: Kenneth Grahame, illustrated by Maxfield [Max] Parrish: - The Golden Age.
33904: Kenneth Carter, edited by Elizabeth V Pitman: - Dorset: a catalogue of the books and other printed materials on the history, topography, geology, archaeology, natural history and biography of Dorset , in Dorset County Library.
55486: Kenneth Burton, with an introduction and notes by Janet Hind: - The County of Worcestershire [Counties of Britain, volume 1].
65191: Elise K Kenney [etc]: - A Taste for Angels: Neapolitan Painting in North America, 1650-1750.
58141: Edith C Kenyon: - Scenes in the Life of the Royal Family.
24511: Sir Frederic George Kenyon: - Museums & National Life - the Romanes Lecture, delivered in the Sheldonian Theatre, 17 June 1927.
67433: Kerdroya (I D Spreadbury): - Fowey : a brief history.
33947: Dr Hermann Kern [Redaktion]: - Peruanische Erdzeichen (Peruvian Ground Drawings).
67216: Gordon Kerr: - Art Deco.
41559: Philip Kerr: - Esau.
60856: Eleanor Kerr: - Hunting Parson : the Life and Times of the Reverend John Russell.
57879: S W Kershaw: - Surrey sketches in olden time.
24043: Kerttu Karvonen-Kannas, Anne Pelin & Tuja Wahlroos [editors]: - Finland Depicted - In Hearts and Minds [Koivu ja tahti - Suomi sydamissa].
49197: Bill Horan & Phil Kessling: - Battle Honours : US Military Model Show Medal-winners.
31443: Fiona Pitt-Kethley: - Gesta; poems by Fiona Pitt-Kethley.
41524: R N Ketterer: - Moderne Kunst IV.
19507: H Guyer & E Kettiger [editors]: - Mobel & Wohnraum; meubles et amenagements interieurs; Furniture and Rooms.
18128: H Guyer & E Kettiger [editors]: - Mobel & Wohnraum; meubles et amenagements interieurs; Furniture and Rooms.
71401: David Levy & Kevin O'Connell: - How to Play the Sicilian Defence.
63136: Geoffrey Keynes: - Blake Studies : Notes on his Life and Works in seventeen chapters.
52580: John Kidd: - On the Adaptation of External Nature to the Physical Condition of Man.
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41824: Jules Marcou & John Belknap Marcou: - Mapoteca Geologica Americana : A Catalogue of Geological Maps of America (North and South) in Geographic and Chronologic Order.
66944: Walter de la Mare: - Lewis Carroll.
49150: Warwick Paul Marett: - A Calendar of the Register of Henry Wakefield, Bishop of Worcester 1375-95.
63943: Margaret Baker, illustrated by Mary Baker: - Dunderpate.
67497: Margaret Garlake, illustrated by Elisabeth Lalouschek: - Elisabeth Lalouschek : Works 1990.
71478: Karel Margry [editor]: - Operation Market-Garden Then and Now [2 volumes].
63671: Maria Pia Dal Bianco, Giorgo Campanino, Pier Massimo Cinquetti & Mario Ronchetta: - Palazzo Bricherasio : restauro e recupero funzionale di un Palazzo torinese : restoration and rehabilitation of a Palazzo in Turin.
34701: Maria Dolores Vila jato, translated by R Gimeno & S Cedar: - Echoes of a Thousand Year Voyage.
67877: Fernando Marias: - El Greco in Toledo.
65021: Marie-Therese Lenger, Jean-Francois et Martine Gilmont, Nathalie Grunhard & Jean Warmoes: - Bibliotheque de Madame Louis Solvay, tome III, Editions Originales et Autographes d'Ecrivains Francais contemporains.
50680: Marie-Claire Blanckaert, Barbara Bourgois & Sylvie Eloy-Ridel, edited by Jean Demachy: - Le Best of Elle Deco No 2 : Gardens & Bouquets [Jardins & Bouquets].
4693: Marietti, Pietro, introduzione e testi di Ada Peyrot: - Album Piemontese; 32 tavole in nero e 8 a colori riprodotte in fotolito dagli originali editi da Pietro Marietti nel 1835 - 1838.
51625: Mario Botta, interviewed by Pierluigi Nicolin: - Mario Botta : Architectures 1980 - 1990.
59258: Maritz Vandenberg, Michael Brawne: - Architecture 3s : Twentieth-Century Museums I - New National Gallery Berlin (Ludwig Mies van der Rohe), Kimbell Art Musem Fort Worth Texas (Louis I Kahn), Museum fur Kunsthandwerk Franfurt am Main (Richard Meier).
62540: Mark Steiner, illustrated by Ruth Bayley: - Alpine Legends of Switzerland.
62539: Mark Steiner, illustrated by Ruth Bayley: - Alpine Legends of Switzerland.
41841: E A Markham: - Love, Politics and Food.
38509: Stanislaw Markowski: - The Cathedral at Wawel.
32383: Elana Towne-Markus: - Capolavori del J Paul Getty Museum.
61946: Allan Marquand: - The Brothers of Giovanni Della Robbia : Fra Mattia, Luca, Girolamo, Fra Ambrogio.
61928: Allan Marquand: - Benetto and Santi Buglioni & The Brothers of Giovanni Della Robbia.
61887: Allan Marquand: - Giovanni Della Robbia.
26221: R R Marrett: - Anthropology.
27669: Paul J Marriott: - Red Sky at Night, Shepherd's Delight? Weather Lore of the English Countryside.
29566: H V Marrot: - A Bibliography of the works of John Galsworthy.
64430: Christopher Marsden: - Nottinghamshire [The County Books].
54784: Barry M Marsden: - The Early Barrow Diggers.
9932: Marsden, J B: - The history of the later Puritans: from the opening of the Civil War in 1642, to the ejection of the non-conforming clergy in 1662.
41765: J E Marsh: - On the Trail of the Albatross.
64019: Mrs A B Marshall: - Mrs A B Marshall's Cookery Book.
46929: H N Marshall: - Elephant Kingdom.
37522: Emma Marshall: - The Two Henriettas.
70648: Honor Marshall: - Twilight London : a study in degradation.
72122: Michael Marshman: - Trowbridge in old photographs.
49885: E Le Breton Martin: - Sam Sutton's Scouts.
63556: Roland Martin: - Living Architecture : Mayan.
46593: H J Martin [Introduction]: - Automobile Association of Northern India : Handbook.
17747: A D Martin: - The religion of Wordsworth.
44814: Martin Maloney, illustrated by Ian Davenport: - Ian Davenport : new paintings.
42752: Arlan Stone Martin: - Vivaldi Violin Concertos - a handbook.
66530: James Martin: - A Graduated Course of Problems in Practical Plane and Solid Geometry.
10472: Martin, Ivor: - Ivybridge [The Archive Photographs series].
60322: Robert Delpire & Andre Martin: - Hearts.
13670: Mrs M E Richards & Mrs H C Martin: - Gloucestershire Record Office Handlist of Genealogical Sources.
58591: Colin Martin: - Cheltenham's Buses 1939 - 1980.
30292: R D Martin, G A Doyle & A C Walker [editors]: - Prosimian Behaviour.
12315: M Vivien de Saint-Martin: - L'annee geographique, douzieme annee (1873).
28718: Thomas Martindale: - Sport Indeed.
55276: Roddy Martine: - Scotland : the Land and the Whisky.
68917: Clovis Whitfield & Jane Martineau [editors]: - Painting in Naples 1606 - 1705 from Caravaggio to Giordano.
68819: Jane Martineau [editor]: - Andrea Mantegna.
60243: Harriet Martineau: - Feats on the Fjord.
68656: Jane Martineau: - Shakespeare in Art.
68732: Hugo Martinez: - Graffiti NYC.
70393: Henri Martinie: - Art Deco Ornamental Ironwork.
55796: J P Oliveira Martins: - The Golden Age of Prince Henry the Navigator.
67588: Francesca Marton: - Mrs Betsey; or, Widowed and Wed.
68480: Claude Roger-Marx: - French Original Engravings from Manet to the Present Time.
66512: Mary Wiltshire, Sue Woore, Barry Crisp & Brian Rich: - Duffield Frith : History & Evolution of the Landscape of a Medieval Derbyshire Forest.
39609: Mary Pittaluga, traduit par Edith Combe: - Raphael Tableaux.
68106: Mary Rose Beaumont, illustrated by Chris Savvides.: - Chris Savvides.
68167: Mary Leland, edited by Jim Fegan: - Cork / Corcaigh.
72247: Mary Webb, edited by Gladys Mary Coles: - Mary Webb : Collected Prose and Poems - a selection of Mary Webb's Hitherto uncollected and unpublished work.
43916: Peter C Marzio: - The Democratic Art: Chromolithography 1840 - 1900, pictures for a 19th-century America.
24885: Peter C Marzio: - The Democratic Art; chromolithography 1840-1900, pictures for a 19th-century America.
61458: John Masefield: - Some Verses to some Germans.
13063: Masefield, John: - A KIng's daughter - a tragedy in verse [first edition in dustwrapper].
13058: Masefield, John: - The Daffodil Fields [first edition in dustwrapper].
54719: John Masefield: - Gallipoli.
54079: Roy Masini: - Sea Scouting : a History 1909 - 2009.
65503: Oliver Mason: - Bartholomew Gazetteer of Britain.
69217: Roger Mason: - The Chiltern Line to Birmingham.
35826: James Mason [editor]: - Ice-World Adventures; or, voyages and travels in the Arctic Regions, from the discovery of Iceland to the English Expedition of 1875.
27641: D J P Mason: - Excavations at Chester, 11-15 Castle Street and neighbouring sites 1974-8.
71959: Jill Mason: - The Rabbit.
71966: R T Mason: - Framed Buildings of the Weald.
63271: H J L J Masse: - The City of Chartres : its cathedrals & churches.
28842: Elio Massei: - Handicraft of the Chianti; roots, models and traditional motifs.
27128: Alexandre Masseron (Traduction): - Les petites fleurs de saint Francois d'Assis (Fioretti), precedees du Cantique de frere soleil et suivies des Considerations sur les Stigmates.
38294: Massimo d'Amico: - Jewels of Italy.
65183: Jean Michel Massing: - Du Texte a l'Image : La Calomnie d'Apelle et son Iconographie.
21218: Massinger; Beaumont & Fletcher; Wycherley; Congreve, revised by J P Kemble: - New Way to pay old debts, Rule a Wife and have a wife, The Plain Dealer, The Double Dealer, The Way of the World, published as performed at the Theatres Royal.
46166: John Masters: - The Breaking Strain.
56968: Anthony Masters: - The Seahorse.
69342: al-Masudi: - An Account of the Establishment of the Fatemite Dynasty in Africa.
47109: Clara L Mateaux: - Sunday Chats with Sensible Children.
10230: Mathers, John: - The history of My John Decastro, and his brother Bat commonly called old Crab [2 volumes].
14105: Mathews, Norris: - Early printed books and manuscripts in the City Reference Library, Bristol.
67824: Tom Mathews: - Levon.
9584: Mathews, Norris: - Early printed books and manuscripts in the city reference library, Bristol.
70607: Casey C M Mathewson: - XXSmall (XX Small) Houses.
63940: Axel Mathiesen: - Old Stories from Denmark : twenty funny stories about the humour-loving people of Mols.
69348: Ralph W Mathisen [editor]: - Ruricius of Limoges and Friends : a collection of letters from Visigoth Gaul.
67496: Theo Matoff: - Don Quixote's Dance [La Danza de Don Quijote].
51551: sa.Cecile Hulse Matschat: - Mexican Plants for American Gardens.
21145: Kanshi Matsubayashi: - La Vie - the art of Kanshi Matsubayishi.
58488: Leonard von Matt: - Architecture in Ancient Rome.
17010: Matthaei [Matthew] Prior, translated by Guil [William] Dobson: - Solomon de mundi Vanitate [knowledge & pleasure].
45217: Matthew Pilkington, edited by Allan Cunningham: - A General Dictionary of Painters ; containing memoirs of the lives and works of the most eminent Professors of the art of painting, from its revival by Cimabue, in the year 1250, to the present time.
61939: Lars R Jones & Louisa C Matthew: - Coming About : a Festschrift for John Shearman.
68246: Matthew Arnold, illustrated by Frank Adams: - The Scholar-Gipsy.
33903: George F Matthews: - Contemporary Index to Printed Parish (and non-parochial) Registers: part I, printed church registers.
63412: Matthias Weniger, Peter Cherry, Fred G Meijer, & Keith Sciberras: - B'08 4 : Bilboko Arte eder Museoa, Museo de Bellas Artes de Bilbao [Buletina, Boletin, Bulletin].
15382: A Ll Matthison: - Bullocks at Stamford Fair, and other sketches.
64473: [R S Surtees], illustrated by H K Browne & W T Maud: - Hawbuck Grange, or, the sporting adventures of Thomas Scott, esq.
28306: Constance Elizabeth Maud: - My French Friends.
63580: W Somerset Maugham: - Theatre : a novel.
42859: W Somerset Maugham: - On a Chinese Screen.
57772: W Somerset Maugham: - The Narrow Corner.
71576: W Somerset Maugham: - Cosmopolitans : very short stories.
17736: Guy de Maupassant: - The Tellier House.
23696: Maureen & Albert Morgan, with Patricia Hansen: - Rising to the Occasion; a story of resiliance (resilience).
64119: Maurer Maurer [editor]: - Combat Squadrons of the Air Force in World War II : History and Insignia.
65318: Furnley Maurice: - The Bay and Padie Book : Child Poems.
69221: Sir Frederick Maurice: - The Armistices of 1918.
46025: Maurice Sand, translated by Babette & Glenn Hughes: - Maurice Sand's Plays for Marionettes.
70620: Daphne du Maurier: - The Du Mauriers.

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