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33918: Michael Dobbin: - Nottinghamshire History and Topography; a select descriptive bibliography to 1980.
67697: Austen Dobbs: - The Birds of Nottinghamshire past and present.
18767: Margaret Dobson: - Art Appreciation.
68495: Austin Dobson: - At Prior Park and other papers.
72214: Jessica Fulford-Dobson: - Skate Girls of Kabul.
72215: Jessica Fulford-Dobson: - Skate Girls of Kabul.
67813: John Berchmans Dockery: - They that Build : the life of Mother Clare of Brentwood.
63946: Doctor Goldsmith, illustrated by Thomas Rowlandson: - The Vicar of Wakefield.
67079: E L Doctorow: - Bad Man from Bodie.
3895: Dodd, A E: - Three journeys.
59861: William Dodd: - The Beauties of Shakespear [Shakespeare], volume III.
21681: J McN Dodgson: - The place-names of Cheshire, part Three (3), the place names of Nantwich Hundred and Eddisbury Hundred.
69570: Maurice Doggett: - ECW : Eastern Coach Works, an illustrated history of the coachbuilding activities at Lowestoft 1919 - 1946.
69571: Maurice Doggett: - ECW : Eastern Coach Works, an illustrated history of the coachbuilding activities at Lowestoft 1919 - 1946.
65490: Bernard Dolman: - A Dictionary of Contemporary British Artists, 1929.
44310: Emmanuel Domenech: - Le Mexique : tel qu'il est la verite sur son climat, ses habitants et son gouvernement.
71405: Don Scott, edited by J W T Cooper: - The Nature of Hampstead Heath.
53966: David Donald [editor]: - Wings of Fame : The Journal of Classic Combat Aircraft, volume 1.
47266: David Donald [editor]: - Warplanes of the Luftaffe.
47268: David Donald [editor]: - Wings of Fame : The Journal of Classic Combat Aircraft, volume 4.
67201: Donald Martin Reynolds, illustrated by Richard Berenholtz: - Manhattan Architecture.
12961: Donizetti, adapted by Charles Lamb Kenney, edited by J Pittman: - La Figlia del Reggimento, opera in two acts by Donizetti, with Italian words and a new English adaptation by Charles Lamb Kenney.
64887: G L Donnelly: - A Quest for Wings : from Tail-Gunner to Pilot.
70980: Maureen Donnelly: - The Nine Glens : a perconal look at the history, folklore and poetryof the Nine Glens of Antrim.
24531: The Honble Donough o'Brien: - Miniatures in the XVIIIth and XIXth Centuries; an historical and descriptive record.
1406: Donovan, Mark: - Rawhide Storm.
59101: Claude Joseph Dorat: - The kisses (les baisers), preceded by the Month of May.
51254: Gustave Dore [illustrator]: - Oeuvres de Rabelais, tome premier.
12603: Doree, Stephen G [editor]: - The Parish Register and Tithing Book of Thomas Hassall of Amwell.
61962: Doris Twin, illustrated by Patricia Carey: - The Funny Bunnies.
5841: Dorival, Bernard: - Atlan; essai de biographie artistique.
67778: Peter Dorling: - The Lugg Valley, Herefordshire : Archaeology, Landscape Change and Conservation.
56786: Richard Dorment: - Alfred Gilbert.
25668: Richard Dorment: - Alfred Gilbert, Sculptor and Goldsmith.
68930: Marion Dormer: - Dubbo, City on the Plains, volume II (2), 1901 - 1988.
69285: Roland Dorn [etc]: - Van Gogh Face to Face : the portraits.
67206: Jane Dorner: - Fashion in the Twenties and Thirties.
68680: Roland Doschka [editor]: - Pablo Picasso : Metamorphoses of the Human Form, Graphic Works 1895 - 1972.
70502: Harry Double [editor]: - Stowmarket : a Pageant in Pictures.
72118: David Dougan: - The Great Gun-Maker : the life of Lord Armstrong.
69705: A Doughty: - The Central Wales Line : an illustrated history of the Shrewsbury to Swansea Railway.
64436: Genevieve Tudor & Amy Douglas: - Evesham Voices [Tempus Oral History series].
63594: Douglas Fraser, Howard Hibbard & Milton J Lewine [editors]: - Essays in the History of Art presented to Rudolf Wittkower.
17480: William Douglas: - Summer Roundels; a Merry Xmas by William Douglas.
35712: Loudon M Douglas: - The Bacillus of Long Life; a manual of the preparation and souring of milk for dietary purposes.
65628: Genevieve Tudor & Amy Douglas: - Evesham Voices [Tempus Oral History series].
41565: Donald McNutt Douglass: - Many Brave Hearts.
14123: Doust, L A: - How to draw for reproduction.
32817: L A Doust: - The Art of Lettering and Lay-out, including illuminating and book decoration.
34568: Archdeacon Dowling: - The Patriarchate of Jerusalem.
43748: Alec Down: - Chichester Excavations IV (4).
43530: Alec Down: - Chichester Excavations V (5).
41295: Alec Down: - Rescue Archaeology in Chichester.
54565: H C Squirrell & R A Downing: - Geology of the South Wales Coalfield, part I : the country around Newport (Mon).
67621: Sir Philip Dowson [etc]: - Royal Academy Schools : Final Year Exhibition 1997.
64446: Michael Dowty: - Around Pershore in old photographs.
55219: Michael Dowty: - Around Pershore in old photographs.
42146: A Conan Doyle: - Songs of the Road.
71991: Phil Drabble: - Black Country [The Regional Books series].
64484: Reginald Woolford & Barbara Drake: - Gloucester in old picture postcards.
62790: Reginald Woolford & Barbara Drake: - Gloucester in old picture postcards.
66955: Michael I Draper: - Shadows : Airlift and Airwar in Biafra and Nigeria 1967 - 1970.
62181: William Dreghorn: - Geology explained in the Severn Vale and Cotswolds.
68564: William Dreghorn: - Geology and the Severn Bridge.
72278: William Dreghorn: - Geology explained in the Severn Vale and Cotswolds.
67304: William M Drew: - Speaking of Silents : First Ladies of the Screen.
43232: Simon Drew: - Pie aaaaaaaaggh (squared) - Simon Drew's book on food and drink.
40785: Ian Drew: - Two a Penny; a collection of variations on various themes.
69443: Eric Manning & Grahame Drew: - Royal Armoured Corps : The Italian Campaign 3 Sep 1943 - 2 May 1945.
33229: Joanna Drew [foreword]: - Bibliography of Arts Council Exhibition Catalogues 1942-1980.
72154: Bryan Drew: - A Journey through the History of Stockland.
65715: John Drewett: - The Nature of Surrey : the wildlife and ecology of the county and London south of the Thames.
44330: Lee Trimble with Jeremy Dronfield: - Beyond the Call - the true story of one World War II Pilot's covert mission to rescue POWs on the Eastern Front.
62196: Fred Druce: - Remembrance of Things Past : Ross-on-Wye 1869 - 1930.
70633: The Druid [Henry Hall Dixon]: - The Post and the Paddock.
70634: The Druid [Henry Hall Dixon]: - Silk and Scarlet.
70635: The Druid [Henry Hall Dixon]: - Saddle and Sirloin, or English Farm and Sporting Worthies.
70636: The Druid [Henry Hall Dixon]: - Scott and Sebright.
52134: Aldred Drummond: - Angus : a Mutkirk Memoir.
43179: Edouard Drumont: - Les Fetes Nationales a Paris.
49504: Major W P Drury: - The Peradventures of Private Pagett.
49365: John Drury: - Painting the Wood : Christian Pictures and their Meanings.
12538: Dryden, John: - The critical and miscellaneous prose works of John Dryden, now first collected, an account of the life and writings of the author and a collection of his letters [3 volumes of 4].
70486: Ria van Els-Dubelaar: - Dutch Felt : Vilt in Beeld.
57892: A DuBosc & Dr A Luttringer, translated by Edward W Lewis: - Rubber; its production, chemistry and synthesis in the light of recent research - a practical handbook for the use of rubber cultivators, chemists, economists and others.
56123: Georges Duby: - Fondements d'un Nouvel Humanisme 1280 - 1440.
68361: Monica Bohm-Duchen: - Art and the Second World War.
56530: Monsignor Louis Duchesne: - Early History of the Christian Church from its Foundation to the End of the Fifth Century, volume II, the Fourth Century.
72424: Madame Ducrest: - Secret Memoirs of the Court of the Empress osephine, with anecdotes of the courts of Navarre and Malmaison, volume II (2).
52175: Siegfried Ducret: - Unknown Porcelain of the 18th (Eighteenth) Century.
5583: Opatus Ductor [James Mumford]: - The Question of Questions, which rightly resolv’d resolves all our questions in religion. This Question is, Who ought to be our judge in all these differences...
66018: C L Duddington: - Instructions to Young Botanists.
16731: Edmonde Dudlay: - The tree of common wealth; a treatise by Edmonde Dudlay.
21498: Robert Dudley: - Monthly Maxims.
33796: Michel Dufet: - Bourdelle et l'erotisme grec, 100 epigrammes grecques.
30462: Michel Dufet: - Meubles Ensembles Decors; recueil de documents et de commentaires sur la decoration d'interieurs moderne contemporaine.
2839: Duff, Douglas V: - Sea Whelps [first edition in dustwrapper].
72337: Jacalyn Duffin: - Langstaff : a Nineteenth-Century Medical Life.
70548: Carol Ann Duffy: - Sincerity.
70549: Carol Ann Duffy: - Love Poems.
60054: J-M Dufour: - De L'Ancien Poitou, et de sa Capitale, pour servir d'introduction a l'histoire de cette province.
66092: Arthur Richard Dufty: - European Armour in the Tower of London.
28725: A Radclyffe Dugmore: - In the heart of the Northern Forests.
9453: Dugmore, A Radclyffe: - In the heart of the Northern Forests.
57538: Adrien Lesur et Tardy & Odette Dumaret: - Les Poteries et les Faiences Francaises, 4eme partie.
62391: Maurice Dumas: - L'Archeologie Industrielle en France.
37308: Alexandre Dumas [pere]: - Memoires d'Alex [Alexandre] Dumas, deuxieme serie, tome V.
37307: Alexandre Dumas [pere]: - Memoires d'Alex [Alexandre] Dumas, deuxieme serie, tome IV.
70804: Alexandre Dumas: - The Count of Monte Cristo.
68940: Jean Dunbabin: - A Hound of God : Pierre de la Palud and the Fourteenth-Century Church.
69125: Michael Dunbar: - Windsor Chairmaking.
70866: Charles Duncan: - The Bewitched Broomsticks and other tales.
64904: W P W Phillimore & Leland L Duncan [editors]: - A Calendar of Wills proved in the Consistory Court of the Bishop of Gloucester, 1541 - 1650, with an index of dispersed wills and wills proved in the peculiar courts of Bibury and Bishop's Cleeve [The Index Library, volume 12].
66829: David Douglas Duncan: - The Kremlin Art Treasures.
16409: E A Duncan [editor]: - Keene's handbook for visitors to Agra and its neighbourhood [Thacker's handbooks of Hindustan].
39151: W P W Phillimore & Leland L Duncan [editors]: - A Calendar of Wills proved in the Consistory Court of the Bishop of Gloucester, 1541 - 1650, with an index of dispersed wills and wills proved in the peculiar courts of Bibury and Bishop's Cleeve [The Index Library, volume 12].
36309: Ronald Duncan: - O-B-A-F-G-K-M-R-N-S; a play in one act for stereophonic sound.
36297: Ronald Duncan: - The Perfect Mistress and other stories.
36307: Ronald Duncan: - Collected Plays (This Way to the Tomb, St Spiv, Our Lady's Tumbler, The Seven Deadly Virtues, The Rehearsal, O-B-A-F-G, The Gift).
36295: Ronald Duncan: - Mr and Mrs Mouse.
36292: Ronald Duncan: - Saint Spiv.
36291: Ronald Duncan: - Don Juan.
36290: Ronald Duncan: - A Kettle of Fish.
36284: Ronald Duncan: - Jan at the Blue Fox.
36282: Ronald Duncan: - Our Lady's Tumbler.
36278: Ronald Duncan: - Tobacco Cultivation in England.
36271: Ronald Duncan: - Stratton; a play in verse.
36274: Ronald Duncan: - The Death of Satan; a comedy.
67986: Duncan Fife, illustrated by Philip C Priestley: - Children of the Chase : being leaves from the Diary of Tramp, a Hunt Terrier.
69902: Jane Duncan: - My Friend my Father.
69024: John Duncumb: - Collections toward the history and antiquities of the County of Hereford, volume I part 1, General Introduction
40319: Edwin H W Dunkin [editor]: - Sussex Manors, advowsons etc recorded in the Feet of Fines, Henry VIII to William IV (1509 - 1833), volume II, M-Z.
69031: Edward Dunkin: - The Midnight Sky : familiar notes on the stars and planets.
65460: James Dunlop: - Death and After : Survival, Resurrection and Reunion.
69235: Ian Dunlop: - Edward VII and the Entente Cordiale.
44997: J Allan Dunn: - The House on Doubloon Inlet.
60831: R W Dunning [editor]: - The Victoria History of the County of Somerset, volume Three (III).
46729: Bernard Dunstan [editor]: - The Royal Academy Illustrated 1988 : a souvenir of the 220th Summer Exhibition.
67104: Simon Dunstan: - British Combat Vehicles Today [Tanks Illustrated no. 23].
67101: Simon Dunstan: - Challenger, Main Battle Tank 1982 - 1997 [Osprey New Vanguard Series 23].
67714: H J A Duparc: - De Amsterdamse paardentrams.
59373: Charles Dupin: - Voyages dans La Grande Bretagne, Planches 1re Partie : Force Militaire.
66159: Duplex: - In the Workshop, volume II (2).
60660: M Dupont-Auberville, illustrated by M Bachelin-Deflorenne: - La Decoration Polychrome d'apres les Etoffes Anciennes.
37321: Em de Wildeman et Th Durand: - Illustrations de la Flore du Congo, tome I (fascicule 6).
37320: Em de Wildeman et Th Durand: - Illustrations de la Flore du Congo, tome I (fascicule 5).
37319: Em de Wildeman et Th Durand: - Illustrations de la Flore du Congo, tome I (fascicule 4).
37318: Em de Wildeman et Th Durand: - Illustrations de la Flore du Congo, tome I (fascicule 2).
68096: Em de Wildeman et Th Durand: - Illustrations de la Flore du Congo, tome I (fascicule 1).
68097: Em de Wildeman et Th Durand: - Illustrations de la Flore du Congo, tome I (fascicule 1).
65340: David N Durant: - Bess of Hardwick : portrait of an Elizabethan Dynast.
28584: D Duret: - Architecture Religieuse; notions elementaires.
68745: Dick Durham: - Where the River meets the Sea : One Hundred Years of the Sussex Yacht Club.
70578: Alastair J Durie: - The British Linen Company 1745 - 1775.
68166: Bruce Durie: - A Century of Dunfermline; events, people and places over the last 100 years.
70959: C S Durrant: - A Link between Flemish Mystics and English Martyrs.
69530: Dean Dursley: - Roman Glass St George FC : the 125 Year History of Bristol's Oldest Football Club 1882 - 2007.
69437: Juliet Dusinberre: - Shakespeare and the Nature of Women.
60108: W A Dutt: - Sunlit Norway : Nature's Wonderland.
41834: J P Duviols: - Voyageurs Francais en Amerique : Colonies espagnoles et portugaises.
26408: E Dwelly & T W Dwelly [editors]: - Dwelly's Parish Records, volume 7, Bishop's Transcripts at Wells vol 5, being all the unpublished transcripts for Bath to 1793-4 & Othery 1608.
32435: Gilles Dyan [preface]: - Modern Masters, 09-2011
32436: Gilles Dyan [preface]: - Master's Formula: The Artistic Drive.
32423: Gilles Dyan [preface]: - In the Mood for Pop: we are all the children of Pop Art.
38371: Frederick Dye: - A Practical Treatise upon Steam Heating, embracing methods and appliances for warming buildings, heating water and cooking by steam, low pressure, high pressure and exhaust steam.
70234: Colin Dyer: - The Guild of Freemen of the City of London.
66796: R A Dyer, L E Codd & H B Rycroft [editors]: - Flora of Southern Africa, volume 26.
60394: Dyer: - Intensity Coils : how made and how used.
68262: Elinor M Brent-Dyer: - Peggy of the Chalet School.
54976: Colin Dyer: - The Guild of Freemen of the City of London.
70746: Bob Dylan: - Tarantula.
56879: Dylan Thomas, adapted by Andrew Sinclair: - Adventures in the Skin Trade.
72264: Stuart Eadon: - Sakishima.
68550: Joyce Eales: - Bradford-on-Avon : an artist's eye 1960 - 2001.
66967: Eamonn O'Boyle: - A Peopled Landscape.
50369: Mrs C W Earle: - Pot-pourri from a Surrey Garden.
50115: Alice Morse Earle: - Colonial Dames and Good Wives.
70479: Tim Mowl & Brian Earnshaw: - Trumpet at a Distant Gate - the Lodge as prelude to the Country House.
70066: Tim Mowl & Brian Earnshaw: - Trumpet at a Distant Gate - the Lodge as prelude to the Country House.
72065: Eric Thacker & Anthony Earnshaw: - Musrum.
53273: Marian Eason: - The Deaf Doctor : a memoir of a 1950s Cotswold Childhood.
65042: Marian Eason: - The Deaf Doctor: a Memoir of a 1950s Cotswold Childhood.
27945: Sir Alfred East: - Brush and Pencil notes in landscape.
41555: James Eastwood: - Deadline.
56636: T Eastwood, W Gibson, T C Cantrill & T H Whitehead: - The Geology of the Country around Coventry, including an account of the Carbiniferous Rocks of the Warwickshire Coalfield.
67313: Faith Eaton: - The Miniature House.
59198: Godfrey Eaton: - Ferrari : the Road and Racing Cars.
68248: Faith Eaton: - The Miniature House.
72416: John Eaton: - A lad from Elmley; an account of life and characters in the village of Elmley Castle during the 20th Century incorporating earlier history of the Castle and Park House.
70982: E W Edersheim: - The Laws and Polity of the Jews.
53857: Neal L Edgar: - A History and Bibliography of American Magazines 1810 - 1820.
65096: Edgar Thurston, assisted by K Rangachari: - Castes and Tribes of Southern India, volume VI, P to S.
68330: Edgar Kaufmann, jr: - Fallingwater : a Frank Lloyd Wright Country House.
55911: Edgar Stanton Maclay, assisted by Barrett Philip: - The Life and Adventures of Jack Philip.
16537: Maria Edgeworth: - The Bracelets; and the White Pigeon.
33437: Edith Brill, illustrated by Susannah Rose Andrews: - Cotswold for the Curious.
64061: Michel Fixot & Lucy Vallauri [editors[: - L'eglise et son environnement : Archeologie medievale en Provence.
70565: H L Edlin: - Forestry and Woodland Life.
67728: H L Edlin: - Man and Plants.
69224: Paul Edmonds: - Peacocks and Pagodas.
65023: H G Dines & F H Edmunds: - The Geology of the Country around Romford (sheet 257 of the Map of the Geological Survey of Great Britain).
43698: Rebecca W E Edmunds: - Individual to Collective - Duda / Paine Architects.
65090: L Edna Walter, illustrated by Guy Lipscombe, Alexander Federley and others: - Finland and the Tundra : the land of the bear and the walrus (Peeps at Many Lands).
58961: L Edna Walter, harmonised by Lucy E Broadwood, illustrated by J H Hartley: - Christmas Carols : Old English Carols for Christmas and other Festivals.
65506: Rodney Edrich: - Bayley's Children : a history of Wrekin College 1880 - 2005.
51932: Edward Lucie-Smith, Carolyn Cohen & Judith Higgins: - The New British Painting.
34479: Edward, Earl of Clarendon: - The History of the Rebellion and Civil wars in England, begun in the year 1641, volume the second.
13077: Edward Steere, revised by A C Madan: - A handbook of the Swahili language as spoken at Zanzibar.
69719: Edward Hawkins, with additions by R L Kenyon: - Hawkins' The Silver Coins of England, arranged and described, with remarks on British Money, previous to the Saxon Dynasties.
27661: Edward Stanley, edited by Jane H Adeane & Maud Grenfell: - Before and After Waterloo; letters from Edward Stanley, sometime Bishop of Norwich (1802, 1814, 1816).
68013: Edward Fitzgerald, illustrated by Hamzeh Abd-Ullah Kar: - The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam.
21457: Edward Wedlake Brayley, revised and edited by Edward Walford: - A topographical history of Surrey (4 volumes bound in two).
8369: Edward, Lord Bishop of Llandaff: - Report of the society for the improvement of church music, in the archdeaconry of Monmouth for 1848, to which is prefixed a sermon preached in Usk church on Thursday 20 July 1848.
53015: Ralph Edwards: - The shorter dictionary of English Furniture, from the Middle Ages to the Late Georgian period.
71140: John Edwards: - Llanelli : story of a town.
70476: Barry Edwards: - Trains & Trams of the Isle of Man.
39512: W Edwards: - A Mediaeval [medieval] Scrap-heap.
60950: J R Edwards: - Everybody Happy : talks to young people.
38577: David Edwards: - D-Day to Berlin; the long march to Victory.
58982: George Wharton Edwards: - Holland of To-day [today].
32288: Arthur E Edwards: - How to Take out Patents in England and Abroad.
70762: Lionel Edwards: - My Hunting Sketch Book, volume Two (II, 2).
70761: Lionel Edwards: - My Hunting Sketch Book.
71400: Lionel Edwards: - Thy Servant, the horse.
56944: Amanda Edwards [editor]: - York : The Second Selection [Images of England].
56936: Richard Edwards: - The Field of Stones : a study of the art of Shen Chou (1427 - 1509).
56667: W N Edwards: - Geology of the country around Ollerton (explanation of one-inch geological sheet 113, new series).
25517: John Edwards: - The Cheshire Coast; a summary and a conjecture.
54570: W Edwards: - [Geology of] The Concealed Coalfield of Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire.
71703: Lionel Edwards: - Huntsmen Past and Present.
71985: A Trystan Edwards: - Merthyr, Rhondda and the Valleys [The Regional Books series].
72082: Ifor Edwards: - Decorative Cast-Ironwork in Wales [Gwaith Haearn-Bwrw Addurnol yng Nghymru].
36031: Edwin Muir, edited by Andrew Noble: - Edwin Muir; uncollected Scottish criticism.
67786: Edwin T Sachs, edited by Paul Fleming: - Sleight-of-Hand : a practical manual of Legerdemain for amateurs and others.
34399: Efrem Lukatskiy, with text by Dmitry Mosienko: - Ukrainian Pictures.
53099: Caroline Paulsberg & John Olav Egeland: - Vaertshuset : Baerums Verk - Norway's Oldest Inn.
59225: Anne Egger: - De Jonckheere : Tableaux de Maitres Flamands et Hollandais des XVIe et XVIIe siecles.
70977: Barbro Leffler-Egnell: - Slim and Supple : a New System of Swedish Exercises for Young and Old.
52171: Louis Ehlers: - Dansk Lertoj.
58827: Christian-Jacques Ehrengardt: - Normandie : Niemen.
6774: Ehrlich, Eugene & Carruth, Gorton: - The Oxford illustrated literary guide to the United States.
48789: Eileen Black, S B Kennedy & W A Maguire: - Dreams & Traditions : 300 Years of British and Irish Painting from the collection of the Ulster Museum.
59371: David Whitehead & John Eisel [editors]: - A Herefordshire Miscellany : celebrating 150 years of the Woolhope Club.
65559: Stefan Eklof: - Pirates in Paradise : a modern history of Southeast Asia's Maritime Marauders.
43092: David Ekserdjian: - Treasures from Budapest - European Masterpieces from Leonardo to Schiele.
61966: Elaine Dines-Cox, Carol McCusker & M F Agha, edited by Manfred Heiting: - Paul Outerbridge 1896 - 1958.
33914: W Bradbrooke & G Eland [preface]: - Index to Records of Bucks, vols I to X.
26333: G Eland: - In Bucks; a second & enlarged edition of Old Works & Past Days in Buckinghamshire.
68062: Johan Koning & L J Eland: - Nederlandsch Oost-Indie, Land van Gewijde Rust de Gordel van Smaragd.
36637: Elda Fezzi, Fiorella Minervino & Marc Sanson: - Noa Noa e il Primo Viaggio a Tahiti di Gauguin.
19892: Raphe Treswell the Elder: - The London Topographical Society; Survey of all lands and tenements belonging to the worshipful company of the clothworkers of London, made by Raphe Treswell the Elder [plates 8-9]
19891: Raphe Treswell the Elder: - The London Topographical Society; Survey of all lands and tenements belonging to the worshipful company of the clothworkers of London, made by Raphe Treswell the Elder [plates 4-5].
19890: Raphe Treswell the Elder: - The London Topographical Society; Survey of all lands and tenements belonging to the worshipful company of the clothworkers of London, made by Raphe Treswell the Elder [plates 1-3].
70728: Uncle Elgo: - Gnomeland : Teatime Tales for Tiny Tots.
53964: Charles W Eliot: - The Working of the American Democracy : an Address delivered before the Fraternity of Harvard University, June 28, 1888.
57175: T S Eliot: - Growltiger's Last Stand and other poems.
72207: George Eliot: - Silas Marner, the Weaver of Raveloe, and Scenes of Clerical Life.
66569: E C Eliott: - Tas and the Space Machine.
45589: Elisabeth Hardouin-Fugier & Etienne Grafe, edited by Peter Mitchell: - The Flower Painters; an illustrated dictionary.
35908: Elisabeth Hardouin-Fugier & Etienne Grafe, edited by Peter Mitchell: - The Flower Painters; an illustrated dictionary.
63257: Elizabeth J E Pirie, H E Jean Le Patourel, D B Whitehouse, J Hurst & C R Robinson: - Kirkstall Abbey Excavations 1960 - 1964.
61800: Elizabeth Keane, illustrated by Neville Main: - Much and More and four other stories.
60881: Trevor Elkington: - The Nature of Derbyshire : the wildlife and ecology of the county.
47104: D H Elletson: - The Chamberlains.
68539: Ian Elliot: - Moondyne Joe : the Man and the Myth.
68512: Francis Elliott: - Our Town : The Foundry [Bath].
46597: James Elliott: - The City in Maps : urban mapping to 1900.
67399: John Elliott: - Palaces, Patronages & Pills - Thomas Holloway : His Sanatorium, College & Picture Gallery.
62071: Ruth Elliott: - A Voice from the Sea ; or, the Wreck of the Eglantine.
66586: Peter A Elliott: - Dick Turpin in Derbyshire.
61638: John Elliott: - Orchid Hybrids of Singapore 1893 - 2003.
61232: Brent Elliott: - The Royal Horticultural Society : a history 1804 - 2004.
39616: William J Elliott: - He Met Mr Moon; a novel.
21433: Brian Elliott: - Aspects of Doncaster 2 (Discovering Local History series).
64999: Bryan Ellis: - Surveying Caves.
51542: P R Ellis, A R Entwistle & D G A Walkey: - Pests and Diseases of Alpine Plants.
19174: Alec R Ellis: - The Group Scoutmaster.
62412: M J Hall Ellis: - The early years of the Telephone service in Bath.
71997: Chris Ellis [editor]: - Smiths Industries at Cheltenham; the story of fifty years at Bishops Cleeve, 1940 - 1990.
59069: Norman Ellison: - The Wirral Peninsula [The Regional Books Series].
56412: Norman Ellison: - The Wirral Peninsula.
54397: James Elmes: - A Letter to Thomas Hope esq, Hereditary Governor and Director of the British Institution for Promoting the Fine Arts in the United Kingdom.
70637: Captain E Pennell-Elmhirst: - The Best of The Fun, 1891-1897.
70638: Captain E Pennell-Elmhirst: - The Best Season on Record.
46088: Kenward Elmslie: - Communications Equipment.
47199: Peter Elphick: - Life Line : the Merchant Navy at War 1939 - 1945.
12915: Mrs C W Elphinstone Hope, illustrated by John Laurent: - The star of the fairies.
54016: C R Elrington [editor]: - Abstracts of Feet of Fines relating to Gloucestershire 1199 - 1299.
35966: C R Elrington [editor]: - Abstracts of Feet of Fines relating to Gloucestershire 1199 - 1299.
35965: C R Elrington [editor]: - Abstracts of Feet of Fines relating to Gloucestershire 1300-1359.
58142: Elsie Taylor, with additions and reminiscences by Elizabeth M Cadbury: - Historical Rhymes.
67808: Elsie Mills, illustrated by Kenneth Langstaff: - The Big Tufty Book (1974).
17977: Eleanor Elsner: - The Airway to see Europe; a woman around the airways of Europe.
13949: Elssie Ansareo, prologo de Adelina Moya: - Variaciones de Piel.
69638: G R Elton: - England under the Tudors [A History of England, volume 4].
29195: G R Elvey [editor]: - Luffield Priory Charters, part 1.
69448: Charles Norton Elvin: - A Hand-Book of the Orders of Chivalry. War Medals & Crosses with their Clasps & Ribbons and other decorations.
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71939: W S Gilbert & Arthur Sullivan, retold by Jean Blashfield, illustrated by Anne and Janet Graham Johnstone: - The Gondoliers.
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62696: John Spencer Gilks: - From Pillar to Post : a pictorial celebration of Post Offices.
64449: Peter Gill: - Cheltenham in the 1950s [Britain in old photographs series].
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72484: Sidney Gilpin: - Sam Bough R.S.A. - some account of his life and works.
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27561: Madeleine Ginsburg [editor]: - The illustrated history of Textiles.
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71128: Xavier Girard: - Mediterranean from Homer to Picasso.
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66122: Robert Gittings: - Out of this Wood : a Country Sequence of Five Plays.
64939: Giuseppe Bovini, translated by Giustina Scaglia: - Ravenna Mosaics: The So-called Mauseoleum of Galla Placidia, The Baptistery of the Cathedral, The Archiepiscopal Chapel, The Baptistery of the Arians, The Basilica Sant' Apollinare Nuovo, The Church of San Vitale, The Basilica of Sant' Apollinare.
38142: Giuseppe Fiocco, translated by Jean Chuzeville: - Carpaccio.
68849: Giuseppe Fiocco, with an introduction by Terisio Pignatti: - The Frescoes of Mantegna in the Eremitani Church, Padua.
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63341: P V Glob: - Danish Prehistoric Monuments : Denmark from the Stone Age to the Vikings.
33915: Canon Ed H Goddard: - Wiltshire Bibliography, part I, Wiltshire as a whole & part II, individual parishes arranged alphabetically.
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62498: Geoffrey Godden: - Collecting Picture Postcards.
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63286: Oliver Goldsmith: - The Deserted Village.
66320: Oliver Goldsmith: - The Miscellaneous Works of Dr Goldsmith, containing all his Essays and Poems.
23739: Dr Goldsmith: - An abridgement of Dr Goldsmith's history of England; from the invasion of Julius Caesar to the death of George the second, and continued to the meeting of the congress at Verona in the year 1822.
22004: Oliver Goldsmith: - The Deserted Village.
71800: Will Goldston: - More Tricks and Puzzles without Mechanical Apparatus.
70434: Andy Goldsworthy: - Midsummer Snowballs.
50411: Susan Gole [editor]: - A Series of Early Printed Maps of India in facsimile.
59608: Mary Anne Goley: - Seventeenth-Century Dutch and Flemish Paintings from the Butkin Foundation, on permanent loan to Cleveland State University.
67599: Vitold de Golish: - Konarak : le Temple d'Amour de la Pagode Noire.
71215: George Laurence Gomme: - Folklore as an historical science.
47919: George Laurence Gomme [editor]: - The Gentleman's Magazine Library, Archaeology [part I].
42153: George Laurence Gomme: - Dialect, Proverbs and Word-lore - a classified collection of the chief contents of "The Gentleman's Magazine" from 1731 - 1868.
59653: Sir Laurence Gomme [preface]: - Stanford's Indexed Atlas of the County of London, with parts of the adjacent boroughs and urban districts.
62362: G St G M Gompertz: - Celadon Wares.
58673: Jean-Francois Gonthier [editor]: - American Contemporary Houses.
63987: George Philip & George Goodall [editors]: - The Taj Mahal Atlas of Comparative Geography.
62253: George Goodall: - The War in Maps : its background and course.
70899: Anthony Dent & Daphne Machin Goodall: - A History of British Native Ponies from the Bronze Age to the present day.
69611: John Goodchild: - The Borough of Yeovil : its history and government through the ages.
70582: Peter Goodfellow: - Treason of the Scholars.
68311: F Goodger: - Bob the Binder's Progress.
63636: Geoffrey Beard & Judith Goodison: - English Furniture 1500 - 1840 (Christie's Pictorial Histories).
43507: Nicholas Goodison: - Furniture History : forty years on, lecture delivered to the Furniture History Society on the occasion of its fortieth anniversary.
19667: Frances Goodwin: - Seven Romantic Days.
69016: Sara Goodwins: - A Brief History of the Isle of Man.
59307: P M Sutton-Goold: - Extant Horse Furniture in North America and London.
47677: Ken Gorbey: - Stories of an Exhibition : Two Millennia of German Jewish History.
51267: Gordon Beningfield, with text by Betty Beningfield & Robin Page: - Beningfield's Orchards.
67564: R G Gordon: - The Neurotic Personality.
69536: Gordon Beningfield, with text by Betty Beningfield & Robin Page: - Beningfield's Orchards.
66883: Adam Lindsay Gordon: - The Poems of Adam Lindsay Gordon : Sea Spray & Smoke Drift, Bush Ballads and Rhymes.
26857: Dr Gordon Wyatt, edited by Clive Birch: - Maps of Bucks (The Barracuda map collection)
56133: Dillian Gordon [Introduction]: - Early Italian Paintings and Works of Art 1300 - 1480, in aid of the Friends of the Fitzwilliam Museum.
55766: Kenneth G Gordon: - Pewter : The Candlestick Maker's Bawle - A Family Portrait.
53155: Gordon D'Arcy: - The Burren Wall.
62322: G Gore: - The Scientific Basis of National Progress, including that of morality.
5810: Gore, St George Richard, illustrated by Mary Fairclough: - Grandfather's stories.
57684: Jan-Albert Goris [Introduction]: - Flores Artis Belgicae.
70937: Ted Gosling: - Exmouth and Budleigh Salterton in Old Photographs.
70941: Les Berry & Gerald Gosling: - Around Sidmouth [The Archive Photographs Series].
8703: Gosling, Ted & Marshall, Lyn: - Lyme Regis [Towns and villages of England].
70235: Peter Gosson: - A Century of Sand Dredging in the Bristol Channel : volume one (1), the English Coast.
57822: Mary Gostelow: - Art of Embroidery : Geat Needlework Collections of Britain and the United States.
68329: Joan Gott & Charles Gott: - The Book of Witney.
63402: Christine Gottler: - Last Things : Art and the Religious Imagination in the Age of Reform.
13574: Gottman, Gosbert: - Modern Sufferings.
66800: Christopher J Goudey: - A Handbook of Ferns for Australia and New Zealand.
64013: Terry Gough: - Sussex [British Railways Past and Present, no. 45].
54429: Paul Gough [editor]: - Back from the Front : Art, Memory and the Aftermath of War.
52261: Ronald Cox & Michael Gould: - Ireland's Bridges.
27139: Robert Freke Gould: - The history of Freemasonry, its antiquities symbols, constitutions, customs etc [volume 1 of 3].
72482: Francis Goulding: - Ashington, Chilton Cantelo & Mudford : the Story of Three Somerset Parishes.
10872: Gouvion Saint-Cyr, le Marechal: - Memoires sur les campagnes des Armees du Rhin et de Rhin-et-Moselle, de 1792 jusqu'a la paix de Campo-Formio [volumes 1, 2 and 4].
68937: J E B Gover, Allen Mawer, F M Stenton & S J Madge: - The place-names of Middlesex.
40489: R Cagnat & Georges Goyau: - Chronologie de l'Empire Romain [Nouvelle Collection a l'usage des Classes XVII].

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