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3488: CROCKETT, W S: - Footsteps of Scott.
23393: S R CROCKETT: - Lochinvar.
23392: S R CROCKETT: - Cleg Kelly; Arab of the city.
23394: S R CROCKETT: - Bog-Myrtle and Peat, tales chiefly of Galloway gathered from the years 1889 to 1895.
55846: DEAN B CROMWELL: - The High Jump (technique, training, tips, diet, decathlon table).
31991: C CRONAU: - Die Huhnervogel von C Cronau, I. Band, erste Abtheilung, Atlas Band.
38379: JOHN S CRONE: - A Concise Dictionary of Irish Biography.
23698: PATRICK M CRONIN [INTRODUCTION]: - The Evolution of Strategic Thought; classic Adelphi papers.
45470: ALEC C CROOK: - From the Foundation to Gilbert Scott : a history of the buildings of St John's College, Cambridge, 1511 to 1885.
54235: JOHN CROOK [EDITOR]: - Winchester Cathedral; Nine Hundred Years 1093 - 1993.
39371: MAJOR J J CROOKS: - History of the Royal Irish Regiment of Artillery.
51793: LT-COL C DE W CROOKSHANK: - Prints of British Military Operations : a catalogue raisonne, with historical descriptions covering the period from the Norman Conquest to the Campaign in Abyssinia.
25918: ALAN CROSBY: - Penwortham in the past.
26874: JESSIE CROSLAND: - Outlaws in Fact and Fiction.
40932: AMANDA CROSS: - The Theban Mysteries.
53785: MARK CROSS: - Murder in the Pool (being the Fourteenth Exploit of Daphne Wrayne and her Four Adjusters).
42143: THOMAS CROSS: - The Autobiography of a Stage-coachman, volume III.
52875: TOM CROSS: - The Shining Sands : artists in Newlyn and St Ives 1880 - 1930.
19074: ALAN CROSSLEY [EDITOR]: - The Victoria History of the county of Oxford (Oxfordshire), volume Eleven (XI), Wootton Hundred (northern part).
9430: CROSTON, JAMES: - Historic sites of Lancashire and Cheshire; a watfarer's notes in the Palatine counties, historical, legendary, genealogical, and descriptive.
42004: DANIEL CROUCH: - Daniel Crouch Rare Books, catalogue II.
48028: D A CROWLEY [EDITOR]: - Victoria County History of Wiltshire, volume Thirteen (XIII), South-West Wiltshire, Chalke and Dunworth Hundreds.
54774: COLIN CRUDDAS: - In Cobhams' Company : Sixty Years of Flight Refuelling Limited.
56054: COLIN CRUDDAS: - 100 Years of Advertising in British Aviation.
24371: GEORGE CRUIKSHANK [ILLUSTRATOR]: - Old Miscellany Days.
49647: LUCY CRUMP: - Three Little Cooks.
29854: L B CRYER: - A history of Rochford.
54703: ARTHUR CRYER: - Engineering Drawing for the use of Students in Science Classes, Technical Schools and Colleges - or for Home Study.
15373: GEORGE CUBITT: - Cortes: or, the Discovery and Conquest of Mexico.
42856: E D CUMING: - Coaching Days & Ways.
53773: SIR WALTER GILBEY & E D CUMING: - George Morland; his life and works.
39760: E D CUMING, ILLUSTRATED BY GEORGE DENHOLM ARMOUR: - The Hunting Tours of Surtees (creator of Jorrocks).
50280: PRIMROSE CUMMING: - Spider Dog.
48811: JOHN CUMMINGS: - Railway Motor Buses and Bus Services in the British Isles 1902 - 1933, volume Two (2).
21800: H M CUNDALL: - Birket Foster [limited edition].
28964: H M CUNDALL: - Birket Foster [limited edition].
46690: ELAINE CUNLIFFE: - The Wandering Moon.
25260: BARRY CUNLIFFE [EDITOR]: - Excavations in Bath, 1950-1975.
46670: ELAINE CUNLIFFE: - Elaine's Australian Safari.
45544: FRANK F CUNNINGHAM: - James David Forbes : pioneer Scottish Glaciologist.
25477: REV THOMAS SCUDAMORE CUNNINGHAM: - Poems by the Rev Thomas Scudamore Cunningham, Vicar of Chirton & Marden, Wiltshire, born June 13th 1854, died May 30th 1913.
22698: DAVID CUPPLEDITCH: - Lincoln; the Twentieth Century.
5685: CUPPLES, MRS GEORGE: - Bluff Crag; or, a good word costs nothing.
31195: THE CURATOR [PSEUDONYM FOR HENRY COOK]: - A Gloucestershire wild garden; with some extraneous matter.
32716: THE CURATOR [PSEUDONYM FOR HENRY COOK]: - A Gloucestershire wild garden; with some extraneous matter.
23321: J H CURLE: - To-day and to-morrow (today and tomorrow); the testing period of the white race.
25976: KAREN CURRENT: - Photography and the Old West.
21392: CLAUDINE CURREY: - Children of Azra.
54453: BARTON CURRIE: - Fishers of Books.
44262: BOB CURRIE: - Great British Motor Cycles of the Thirties.
48478: MRS G HERBERT CURTEIS: - The Children's Hour : Twelve Songs for Little Ones with a Morning and Evening Hymn.
42876: CHARLES H CURTIS: - Orchids; their description and cultivation.
37638: CHARLES E CURTIS: - Estate Management; a practical handbook for Landlords, Agents and Pupils.
18324: ARTHUR CURTIS: - My spirit willing; poems 1931-2001.
51523: CHARLES E CURTIS: - Elementary Forestry.
51740: PENELOPE CURTIS: - On the Meanings of Sculpture in Painting.
52631: COLIN CURTIS: - 40 Years with London Transport.
21332: J C CURWEN, ESQ, M.P.: - Hints on the economy of feeding stock, and bettering the condition of the poor.
49701: NICHOLAS P CUSHNER [EDITOR]: - Documents illustrating the British Conquest of Manila 1762 - 1763.
53591: CLIVE CUSSLER: - Atlantis Found.
53634: VERY REV A P PUREY-CUST: - Picturesque Old York : chapters historical and descriptive.
50547: LIONEL CUST [EDITOR]: - Notes on Pictures in the Royal Collections.
45046: MRS HENRY CUST: - Gentlemen Errant, being the journeys and adventures of four noblemen in Europe during the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries.
42014: ROBERT H HOBART CUST: - Giovanni Antonio Bazzi, hitherto usually styled "Sodoma", the man and the painter 1477 - 1549.
53473: VERY REV A P PUREY-CUST: - Picturesque Old York : chapters historical and descriptive.
51612: ARTHUR P PUREY-CUST: - Coronations : their rise and development in England.
28530: ROBERT NEEDHAM CUST: - Linguistic and Oriental Essays written from the year 1840 to 1901, sixth series.
53475: VERY REV A P PUREY-CUST: - Walks round York Minster.
52886: VERY REV A P PUREY-CUST: - Walks round York Minster.
53207: GEORGE ASHDOWN AUDSLEY & THOMAS W CUTLER: - The Grammar of Japanese Ornament.
50086: M NANCY CUTT: - Mrs Sherwood and her Books for Children.
42040: GEORGE CUTTLE: - The Legacy of the Rural Guardians : a study of conditions in mid-Essex.
53671: SIMON CUTTS: - Quelques Pianos.
47440: REV EDWARD L CUTTS: - Historic Towns : Colchester.
50048: MICHEL LACLOTTE & JEAN-PIERRE CUZIN: - The Louvre : French and other European Paintings.
36949: EMILE DACIER: - Charles Meryon, 1821 - 1868 (Artistes Contemporains).
46625: ERIC FITCH DAGLISH: - The Life Story of Beasts.
30957: BOB DALES: - The Time has Come.
50444: JOHN ARLOTT & ARTHUR DALEY: - Pageantry of Sport from the Age of Chivalry to the Age of Victoria.
48397: DEBRA DALEY: - The Revelations of Carey Ravine.
29179: FLORENCE DALGLEISH: - The Mighty Past; a tale of the plagues of Egypt for boys & girls.
54431: HENRY DALLAL: - Horse Warriors : India's 61st Cavalry.
53465: HENRY DALLAL: - Horse Warriors : India's 61st Cavalry.
55530: HENRY DALLAL: - Pageantry & Performance : the Household Cavalry in a celebration of pictures.
54072: JAMES DALLAWAY: - Anecdotes of the Arts in England; or, comparative remarks on architecture, sculpture, and painting, chiefly illustrated by specimens at Oxford.
4389: DALTON, DIANE AND NICHOLAS: - The venison cook; 106 imaginative recipes.
35748: JULIANA DANCU & DUMITRU DANCU: - Pictura taraneasca pe sticla.
53437: WALTER P DANDO: - More Wild Animals & the Camera.
21414: DANIEL DE FOE (DEFOE), EDITED BY JOSEPH SHAYLOR: - Robinson Crusoe in short words.
15224: DANIEL DEFOE, ILLUSTRATED BY J J GRANDVILLE: - The life and adventures of Robinson Crusoe.
19633: GERARD DANIEL: - Mary Stuart; a sketch and a defence.
13216: DANIELL [DANIELS]S, JOHN J: - The history of Warminster, with a view of the town and neighbourhood in 1879.
24842: C EVELEIGH WOODRUFF & WILLIAM DANKS: - Memorials of the cathedral & priory of Christ in Canterbury.
20644: ROBERTO MIDDIONE & BRIGITTE DAPRA: - Reality & Imagination in Neapolitan painting of the 17th to 19th centuries.
53844: B V DARBISHIRE: - Stieler's Atlas of Modern Geography.
56204: WILLIAM DARBY: - Euan Uglow.
37961: WINIFRED DARCH: - The Lower Fourth and Joan.
40560: WINIFRED DARCH: - The Lower Fourth and Joan.
55585: P G KONODY & SIDNEY DARK: - Sir William Orpen : Artist & Man.
41694: MIRIAM DARLINGTON: - Otter Country : in search of the Wild Otter.
23184: DIANE THOMAS DARNALL: - The Challengers; a century of ballooning.
48792: T WATKINSON & CELESTINE DARS [EDITORS]: - Catalogue of Paintings in British Collections : English Heritage, Geffrye Museum, The Guildhall Art Gallery, Royal Holloway College, Thomas Coram Foundation (London).
35983: NATHANIEL POUSETTE-DART [EDITOR]: - American Painting Today; a cross-section of our contemporary art.
13665: DARVILL, TIMOTHY: - Cirencester town centre development - stage 1, archaeological assessment.
24234: TIMOTHY DARVILL: - Ancient Monuments in the Countryside; an archaeological management review.
54310: BERNARD DARWIN: - Golf between Two Wars.
14583: ARTHUR IRWIN DASENT: - John Thadeus Delane, editor of "The Times", his life and correspondence [2 volumes].
37891: GEORGE WEBBE DASENT: - Jest and Earnest; a collection of essays and reviews [volume 2].
28125: B DASGUPTA: - The Oil industry in India; some economic aspects.
53101: PETER DAUBENY: - My World of Theatre.
52517: ALPHONSE DAUDET: - Aventures Prodigieuses de Tartarin de Tarascon.
3612: DAUDET, ALPHONSE: - Entre les Frises et la Rampe; petites etudes de la vie theatrale.
33288: ALPHONES DAUDET: - Tartarin sur les Alpes.
15017: HONORE DAUMIER: - Daumier Mappe.
13855: DAVENPORT ADAMS, W H: - The buried cities of Campania; or, Pompeii and Herculaneum, their history, their destruction and their remains.
42224: ROGER DAVEY: - East Sussex Land Tax 1785.
43564: P J DAVEY, D J FREKE & D A HIGGINS: - Excavations in Castletown, Isle of Man, 1989 - 1992.
48854: DAVID WATKIN, ANTONY RATCLIFF, NICHOLAS THOMPSON & JOHN MILLS, EDITED BY PETER CAMPBELL: - A house in town - 22 Arlington Street ; its owners and builders.
53003: DAVID WINGFIELD GIBBONS, JAMES B REID & ROBERT A CHAPMAN: - The new atlas of breeding birds in Britain and Ireland, 1988-1991.
13681: JIRI DAVID: - Hidden Image (Skryte Podoby).
32433: WANG QI DAVID [EDITOR]: - The Sichuan Movement; new paintings from China.
51891: VILLIERS DAVID: - A Diary of Quotations.
41345: DAVID SANDON, JOHN SANDON & HENRY SANDON: - The Sandon Guide to Royal Worcester Figures 1900 - 1970.
55824: DAVIDE BANZATO, FRANCA PELLEGRINI & MONICA DE VINCENTI: - Dal Medioevo a Canova : Sculture die Musei Civici di Padova dal Trecento all'Ottocento.
31206: H H DAVIDIAN: - The Rhododendron Species, volume II, Part I, Elipidotes (Elipidote), Arboreum - Lacteum.
39120: D DAVIDSON: - The Great Pyramid's Prophecy on the Current Economic Oppression.
20465: JOHN DAVIDSON: - The Testament of a Prime Minister.
11335: DAVIDSON, A S: - Marine Art & Liverpool - painters, places & flag codes 1760-1960.
34638: ELLIS A DAVIDSON: - A Practical Manual of House-painting, graining, marbling and sign-writing.
34979: A S DAVIDSON: - Marine Art & the Clyde; 100 years of sea, sail & steam.
53022: W GALSWORTHY DAVIE: - Old Cottages & Farm-houses (farmhouses) in Surrey.
44430: C E FERGUSON-DAVIE [EDITOR]: - In Rubber Lands : an account of the work of the Church in Malaya.
42732: WILLIAM GLOCK [INTRODUCTION]; J H DAVIES [NOTES]: - BBC Music Library; Piano and Organ Catalogue [2 volumes - I Composers A-K, II Composers L-Z].
55233: SALLY KEVILL-DAVIES: - Yesterday's Children; the antiques and history of childcare.
38043: RANDALL DAVIES: - Chats on Old English Drawings.
41232: JOHN DAVIES: - Glen Scouller : New Paintings.
48082: RANDALL DAVIES [EDITOR]: - The Old Water-colour [watercolour] Society's Club 1926 - 1927 : fourth annual volume.
50410: GERALD S DAVIES: - Hans Holbein the Younger.
44572: ROBERT DAVIES: - VW Beetle : the complete story.
53053: VIC MITCHELL & MICHAEL DAVIES: - Festiniog 1946 - 1955 : the Pioneers' Stories [Great Railway Eras number 14].
51097: W T R PRYCE & T ALUN DAVIES: - Samuel Roberts, clock maker, an eighteenth-century craftsman in a Welsh rural community.
21204: KATHARINE DAVIES: - The first Queen Elizabeth.
42731: WILLIAM GLOCK [INTRODUCTION]; J H DAVIES [NOTES]: - BBC Music Library; Chamber Music Catalogue (Chamber Music, Violin and Keyboard, Cello and Keyboard, Various).
22558: M JOYCE DAVIES: - Christopher Cottontail's adventures.
54690: W J K DAVIES: - The Ravenglass & Eskdale Railway.
52887: ROBERT DAVIES [EDITOR]: - Extracts from the Municipal Records of the City of York, during the reigns of Edward IV, Edward V and Richard III.
41231: JOHN DAVIES: - Three Scottish Painters : Hazel Nagl, Sandy Murphy & John Kingsley, June - July 2006.
52684: MICHAEL DAVIES: - Discovering Welsh Houses : a guide to eighteen architectural gems.
54985: JAMES CONWAY DAVIES [EDITOR]: - Episcopal Acts and Cognate Documents relating to Welsh Dioceses 1066 - 1272, volume I.
37824: F HADLAND DAVIS: - The Persian Mystics volume 2, Jami [Wisdom of the East].
45347: JOHN DAVIS: - Britain's Forgotten Heroes.
51306: DUFF HART-DAVIS: - Raoul Millais : his life and work.
16039: ALEXANDER DAVIS [EDITOR]: - Henry Moore Bibliography, volumes 1-3 [1898 - 1970, 1971 - 1986, plus index].
6656: DAVIS, CHARLES E: - The mineral baths of Bath; the bathes of Bathe's Ayde in the reign of Charles 2nd.
7544: DAVIS, ELLIS J: - Whose fault? - the story of a trial at Nisi Prius.
28913: BRIAN DAVIS: - You 'orrible Little Man; former National Servicemen tell their stories to Brian Davis.
49496: MARK DAVIS: - Ilkley through time.
45244: GEORGE DAWE: - The Life of George Morland.
34220: RUFUS DAWES: - The Last Imperial Venture: The Long Voyage
18532: DICK DAWES: - Playing at Soldiers; a military memoir.
51668: MAJOR KENNETH DAWSON: - Son of a Gun.
22149: JOAN DAWSON: - Lexicon novi testamenti alphabeticum, nune primum plene editum, omnes voces tam primitivas quam derivativas, anomalas atque communes in sacro textu occurentes, cum earum resolutione grammarica, complectens.
34028: H N DAWSON: - Shrewsbury School Register, vol II, 1908 to 1958.
53682: KENNETH DAY [EDITOR]: - Book Typography 1815 - 1965 in Europe and the United States of America.
4409: DAY, SAMUEL PHILLIPS: - Life and Society in America (first and second series).
43525: HAROLD A E DAY: - East Anglian Painters vol II, Norwich School.
19763: J B W DAY: - Geology of the country around Bewcastle (explanation of one-inch geological sheet 12, new series).
45890: HAROLD A E DAY: - East Anglian Painters, vol I, Suffolk School Painters.
52352: JOHN R DAY: - Railways of Southern Africa.
54561: J B W DAY: - Geology of The Country around Bewcastle.
45888: HAROLD A E DAY: - East Anglian Painters, vol II, Norwich School.
41881: GLORIA DEAK: - Discovering America's Southeast : a Sixteenth Century View based on the Mannerist Engravings of Theodore de Bry.
6269: THE DEAN [EDITOR]: - Thirteen-hundredth anniversary of the Diocese of East Anglia; official handbook - Cathedral Church of Norwich.
52511: ANN S DEAN: - Burne-Jones and William Morris in Oxford and the Surrounding Area.
16627: REV JOSEPH DEANS: - Melbourne Church.
34474: STEVE DOMM & WALTER DEAS: - Corals of the Great Barrier Reef.
23544: M F DEE [EDITOR]: - British Sonnets [Wedgwood Selections].
53153: OISIN DEERY: - A compact History of Birr.
29476: GUY DEGHY: - Noble and manly; the history of the National Sporting Club, incorporating the posthumous papers of the Pelican Club.
51870: BARBARA DEIMLING: - Sandro Botticelli 1444/45 - 1510.
28522: MAURICE DEKOBRA: - Twenty-one Nights in Paris.
55563: EUGENE DELACROIX: - Painter of Passion : the journal of Eugene Delacroix.
55980: EUGENE DELACROIX: - Painter of Passion : the journal of Eugene Delacroix.
55807: EDMOND DELAGE: - The Tragedy of the Dardanelles.
18766: HENRY B WHEATLEY & PHILIP H DELAMOTTE: - Art work in gold and silver; mediaeval [Handbooks of Practical Art].
49282: FRANK DELANEY [EDITOR]: - Irish Short Stories [Classic Short Stories series].
55635: PAUL DELANEY: - The Neo-pagans : Friendship and Love in the Rupert Brooke Circle.
49264: FRANK DELANEY [EDITOR]: - The Folio Anthology of Essays.
44594: M C DELANY: - The Historical Geography of the Wealden Iron Industry.
7036: DELDERFIELD, ERIC R: - Travel with me; the story of a journey through the English countryside of places, people and memories.
36021: A J J DELEN: - Musee Royal des Beaux-Arts, Anvers, catalogue descriptif, I - Maitres Anciens.
45314: JAMES DELINGPOLE: - Coward at the Bridge.
39881: FREDERICK DELIUS: - Brigg Fair; an English Rhapsody.
50568: J H DELL: - Nature Pictures.
27215: H DELON (PREFACE): - Bormes les Mimosas; 2000 ans d'histoire.
48245: KEN DELVE: - Bomber Command 1936 - 1968 : an Operational & Historical Record.
20188: G DRYSDALE DEMPSEY: - Rudimentary treatise on the drainage of districts and lands.
51467: MIKE DEMPSEY: - Bubbles : early advertising from A & F Pears Ltd.
49403: C F DENING: - The Eighteenth-century Architecture of Bristol.
22523: M FERDINAND DENIS: - Histoire de l'ornementation des manuscrits.
46859: DENIS GRANVILLE, NATHAN DRAKE: - Miscellanea: The Remains of Denis Granville, D.D. Dean and Archdeacon of Durham etc, comprising his farewell sermons, letters to the Earl of Bath, and miscellaneous correspondence; a Journal of the First and Second Sieges of Pontefract Castle, 1644.
44640: D R DENMAN, J F Q SWITZER & O H M SAWYER: - Bibliography of Rural Land Economy and Landownership 1900 - 1957.
42655: GEOFFREY DENNIS: - Till Seven.
18400: JAMES TEACKLE DENNIS: - The Burden of Isis, being the laments of Isis and Nephthys [Wisdom of the East].
48580: DENNIS FLANDERS, WITH TEXT BY MALCOLM HORTON: - Dennis Flanders: Watercolours in Academe.
40429: JOYCE DENNYS: - The Over-dose.
34862: JOHN DENTON: - Jamie; the story of a Puffer.
40894: J F DERRY: - Loch Ness Monster and other Unexplained Mysteries.
55455: DESMOND EYLES, RICHARD DENNIS & LOUISE IRVINE: - Royal Doulton Figures produced at Burslem, Staffordshire.
24780: ALEC DESTICAS [EDITOR]: - Collectanea Historica; essays in memory of Stuart Rigold.
30759: JULES DESTREE: - Roger de la Pasture van der Weyden [2 tomes].
27628: GERARD DETAILLE: - Le pays d'Avignon; un siecle d'images (a century of pictures).
1582: DEWAR, GEORGE A B: - This realm, this England.
41408: J DEWE: - Dewe's Pictorial Plan of Oxford, with a route for the use of Visitors.
31123: CHRISTOPHER M DEWEES: - The Printer's Catch; an artist's guide to Pacific Coast Edible Marine Animals.
41560: EMILY DIAMAND: - Reavers' Ransom.
41548: EMILY DIAMAND: - Reavers' Ransom.
55504: DIANA ROSS, ILLUSTRATED BY LESLIE WOOD: - The story of the Little Red Engine.
41763: DIANA B, LORNA B, MARGOT B, OLIVER B, BETTY B & WINDHAM B: - Buzzings of an Irresponsible Hive, kept by one of the Parent Bees.
54902: DIANA ROSS, ILLUSTRATED BY LESLIE WOOD: - The Little Red Engine and the Rocket.
55503: DIANA ROSS, ILLUSTRATED BY LESLIE WOOD: - The Little Red Engine goes travelling.
55054: DIANA ROSS, ILLUSTRATED BY LESLIE WOOD: - The Little Red Engine goes carolling.
55055: DIANA ROSS, ILLUSTRATED BY LESLIE WOOD: - The Little Red Engine and the Taddlecombe Outing.
6727: DICEY, EDWARD: - The morning land [2 volumes bound in one].
43372: EDWARD DICEY: - The Egypt of the Future.
48303: PHILIP K DICK: - The Preserving Machine and other stories.
47022: CHARLES DICKENS: - The mystery of Edwin Drood.
20394: CHARLES DICKENS [ETC]: - Gleanings from popular authors, grave and gay [2 volumes in one].
56096: CHARLES DICKENS: - The Mystery of Edwin Drood.
56095: CHARLES DICKENS: - Hard times for these times.
56094: CHARLES DICKENS: - Barnaby Rudge; a tale of the Riots of 'Eighty.
56093: CHARLES DICKENS: - Little Dorrit.
56092: CHARLES DICKENS: - Our Mutual Friend.
56091: CHARLES DICKENS: - Dealings with the Firm of Dombey and Son; wholesale, retail and for exportation.
56090: CHARLES DICKENS: - Great Expectations, Oliver Twist, Pickwick Papers, David Copperfield, A Tale of Two Cities.
56089: CHARLES DICKENS: - The Old Curiosity Shop.
56087: CHARLES DICKENS: - The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby.
56088: CHARLES DICKENS: - Christmas Books.
56086: CHARLES DICKENS: - Bleak House.
56085: CHARLES DICKENS: - Martin Chuzzlewit.
54145: CHARLES DICKENS: - The Old Curiosity Shop.
54150: CHARLES DICKENS: - Christmas Books.
54153: CHARLES DICKENS: - The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby.
54155: CHARLES DICKENS: - The Personal History of David Copperfield.
54156: CHARLES DICKENS: - Martin Chuzzlewit.
54157: CHARLES DICKENS: - Bleak House.
55571: JOEL DICKER: - The Truth about the Harry Quebert Affair.
55160: PETER DICKINSON [EDITOR]: - Lennox Berkeley and Friends : Writings, Letters and Interviews.
49118: CHARLES PIERCE MERRIAM & C E GILDERSOME-DICKINSON: - Genealogical Memoranda relating to the Family of Merriam.
56105: SARAH MACDOUGALL & RACHEL DICKSON [EDITORS]: - Uproar! - the first 50 years of the London Group 1913-63.
32559: JOHN HORNE STEVENSON & WILLIAM KIRK DICKSON [EDITORS]: - The Register of the Great Seal of Scotland [Registrum Magni Sigilli Regum Scotorum], volume X, AD 1652 - 1659.
46150: CARTER DICKSON [JOHN DICKSON CARR]: - Night at the Mocking Widow.
48591: GASTON DIEHL: - Nicolas Tarkhoff
7383: DIEHL, GASTON: - Henri Matisse
7381: DIEHL, GASTON: - Les Fauves.
21959: JEAN-MARIE GEHU & HARTMUT DIERSCHKE: - Documents Phytosociologiques, nouvelle serie, volume IV.
42970: GEORGE DIGBY: - Down Wind.
38507: SIR THOMAS BROWNE & KENELM (KENELOME) DIGBY: - Browne's Religio Medici and Digby's Observations.
54461: AN OLD DIGGER [JOHN NOAKE]: - Worcestershire Nuggets.
52259: MICHAEL DIGGIN: - This is Kerry.
18558: LADY DILKE: - French painters of the XVIIIth (eighteenth) century.
11989: DILL, FRANCIS P & GARNETT, PORTER: - The Ideal Book - two essays jointly awarded the prize offered by the Limited Editions Club for the best essay upon the subject.
54022: EDWARD DILLON: - Porcelain.
48923: MARY DILLON: - The Patience of John Morland.
14285: PATRICK DILLON: - Mammals in Wiltshire; a tribute to the life and work of Marion Browne.
54609: H G DINES, F H EDMUNDS & C P CHATWIN: - The Geology of the Country around Aldershot and Guildford.
54548: H G DINES, S C A HOLMES & J A ROBBIE: - Geology of The Country around Chatham.
53822: ISAK DINESEN: - Seven Gothic Tales.
48948: JOHN DINSDALE: - Sketches of Scarbro' [Scarborough] drawn from nature.
13882: G S STRANGE & D S DINWOODIE: - Cairngorms area vol IV & V, Lochnagar and Creag an Dubh-Loch (Scottish Mountaineering Club, climbers' guide books).
52784: DIO CASSIUS, TRANSLATED BY EARNEST CARY: - Dio Cassius volume 4 : Roman History Books XLI-XLV (41-45).
52785: DIO CASSIUS, TRANSLATED BY EARNEST CARY: - Dio Cassius volume 5 : Roman History Books XLVI-L (46-50).
52789: DIO CASSIUS, TRANSLATED BY EARNEST CARY: - Dio Cassius volume 9 : Roman History Books LXXI-LXXX (71-80).
45045: JOHN DIPROSE: - Some Account of the Parish of Saint Clement Danes (Westminster) past and present, volume II.
50830: RUDOLPH DIRCKS [EDITOR]: - Sir Christopher Wren, AD 1632 - 1723; bicentenary memorial volume published under the auspices of the Royal Institute of British Architects.
44628: EDOUARD DIRICQ: - Gruyeres en Gruyere.
28754: C DIRIKS: - Skisser af Reiselivet i Norge (sketches from travels in Norway).
56193: MICHAEL A DIRR: - Manual of Woody Landscape Plants : their identification, ornamental characteristics, culture, propagation and use.
34359: DISCIPULUS: - The Great Pyramid; its construction, symbolism & chronology (The Bible in Stone).
33278: MARTIN DISLER: - Martin Disler: monotypes.
51753: P H DITCHFIELD: - Memorials of Old London [2 volumes].
52121: P H DITCHFIELD: - The City Companies of London and their Good Works : a record of their history, charity and treasure.
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9655: FORD, JOHN, EDITED BY SILVANUS THOMPSON: - Memorials of John Ford.
44764: JACQUELINE FORD [INTRODUCTION]: - Codes and Messages : Lettering Today.
40579: GEOFF FORD: - Grimsby Town Football Club; a pictorial history.
40593: BORIS FORD [EDITOR]: - Romantics to Early Victorians (The Cambridge Guide to the Arts in Britain, volume 6).
40594: BORIS FORD [EDITOR]: - The Augustan Age (The Cambridge Guide to the Arts in Britain, volume 5).
46224: SIR HERBERT GEORGE FORDHAM: - The Road-books & Itineraries of Great Britain, 1570 to 1850, a catalogue with an introduction and a bibliography.
46222: SIR HERBERT GEORGE FORDHAM: - Studies in Carto-bibliography, British and French, and in the Bibliography of Itineraries and Road-books.
28520: WILLIAM FORDYCE: - The Old Sport and other verses.
37659: GEORGE FORDYCE: - Five Dissertations on Fever.
55868: FOREIGN PRESS CENTER, JAPAN: - Japan, Eyes On The Country, Views of the 47 Prefectures.
37166: MICHAEL FOREMAN: - Michael Foreman's Mother Goose.
37134: MICHAEL FOREMAN: - Panda and the Bushfire.
7545: FORFAR, W BENTINCK: - Cornish Poems, and selections from "Pentowan".
18173: PIETRO TOESCA & FERDINANDO FORLATI: - Mosaici di San Marco.
8224: FORRER, R: - Spatgothische Wohnraume und Wandmalereien aus Schloss Issogne.
3859: FORREST, GEORGE W [EDITOR]: - Selections from the letters, dispatches, and other state papers preserved in the Bombay Secretariat; Maratha Series Vol I.
7187: FORRESTER, ADAIR, ILLUSTRATED BY HONOR C APPLETON: - The Children's Irish Legends (first edition).
50925: CHAS F FORSHAW [EDITOR]: - The Poets of Keighley, Bingley, Haworth and District.
2529: FORSTER, E M: - Abinger Harvest.
47128: WILLIAM J FORSTER: - The Man in the Moon and other stories.
33718: ILENE SUSAN FORT: - The Figure in American Sculpture; a question of modernity.
46048: M C MESTON & A D M FORTE [EDITORS]: - The Aberdeen Stylebook 1722.
53828: SIR JOHN W FORTESCUE: - The Last Post.
53278: RICHARD FORTEY: - Life - an unauthorised biography, a natural history of the first four thousand million years of Life on Earth.
51872: RICHARD FORTEY: - Life - an unauthorised biography, a natural history of the first four thousand million years of Life on Earth.
41682: THOMAS DUDLEY FOSBROOKE: - An original history of the city of Gloucester.
40864: THOMAS DUDLEY FOSBROOKE: - An original history of the city of Gloucester.
40863: THOMAS DUDLEY FOSBROOKE: - An original history of the city of Gloucester.
54951: KEIR FOSS: - The Book of Newtown, Ancient Capital of the Isle of Wight, with Porchfield, Locks Green & Shalfleet.
43414: SIR NORMAN FOSTER: - Sir Norman Foster and Partners: Architecture as Building.
7647: FOSTER, STEPHEN JOHN: - Sculpture.
12271: FOSTER, WILLIAM: - Keeper Jocko.
17751: R H FOSTER, A D STAMMERS & G L DAY: - The history of the Lady Margaret Boat Club, St John's College, Cambridge, 1825-1926.
48362: JOSEPH FOSTER: - Some Account of the Pedigree of the Forsters of Cold Hesledon, in the County Palatine of Durham.
56188: W ARNOLD-FOSTER: - Shrubs for the Milder Counties.
40835: JOSEPH FOSTER: - The Royal Lineage of our Noble and Gentle Families, together with their paternal ancestry.
55194: BIRKET FOSTER [ILLUSTRATOR]: - The Illustrated Book of Songs for Children.
40773: R F FOSTER: - Foster's Bridge Maxims.
41426: PAUL FOSTER [EDITOR]: - William Collins Poet 1721 - 59.
8033: FOTHERGILL, JOHN: - An account of the life and travels in the work of the Ministry of John Fothergill, to which are added divers epistles to friends in Great Britain and America, on various occasions.
29956: G A FOTHERGILL: - Hunting, Racing, Coaching & Boxing Ballads.
51081: PAUL FOUNTAIN: - The River Amazon from its Sources to the Sea.
51126: THOMAS FOWLER: - The History of Corpus Christi College, with lists of its members.
28030: J K FOWLER (RUSTICUS): - Recollections of old Country Life; social, political, sporting & agricultural.
28047: J K FOWLER (RUSTICUS): - Recollections of old Country Life; social, political, sporting & agricultural.
53769: ROBERT FOWLER: - North Wales Water-colours [watercolours].
55712: G HERBERT FOWLER [EDITOR]: - The Cartulary of the Cistercian Abbey of Old Wardon, Bedfordshire.
28587: J KERSLEY FOWLER: - Records of old times; historical, social, political, sporting and agricultural.
48861: SIR CYRIL FOX: - Life and Death in the Bronze Age : an archaeologist's field work.
18631: NICHOLAS FOX: - The Gentleman's Recreation.
54706: UFFA FOX: - Thoughts on Yachts and Yachting - Design : Construction : Handling.
5130: FRACASTORO, GIROLAMO, TRAZUZIONE DI FABRIZIO WINSPEARE: - Sifilide ossia del mal Francese, libri III, traduzione introduzione e note do Fabrizio Winspeare, col testo Latino del poema separatamente impresso.
42297: JOHN FRAMPTON [EDITOR]: - The Most Noble and Famous Travels of Marco Polo.
54062: JAMES FRANCE: - The Cistercians in Medieval Art.
2003: FRANCES, CHARLOTTE.: - The Carter Street story, a play in three acts.
8642: FRANCES, VERA GRACE: - I have loved beauty.
44826: RICHARD FRANCIS: - Jasper Johns [Modern Masters series].
21980: M E FRANCIS [MRS FRANCIS BLUNDELL]: - North, South, and over the sea.
38495: G W FRANCIS: - The Little English Flora, or a botanical and popular account of all our common flowers.
14870: COL GRANT-FRANCIS: - The smelting of copper in the Swansea district of South Wales, from the time of Elizabeth to the present day.
52614: FRANCIS MOORE, JOHN PARTRIDGE, RICHARD SAUNDERS, HENRY SEASON, TYCHO WING & ROBERT WHITE: - Vox Stellarum Loyal Almanack for 1773); Gentleman's Diary 1774; Ladies Diary or Woman's Almanack; Merlinus Liberatus; Parker's Ephemeris; English Apollo; Speculum Anni; Tycho Wing's Almanack; Robert White's Coelestial Atlas.
42924: JOHN W FRANCIS: - Old New York; or, reminiscences of the past sixty years, being an enlarged and revised edition of the anniversary discourse delivered before the New York Historical Society (November 17, 1857).
55012: DICK FRANCIS: - The Danger.
55013: DICK FRANCIS: - Bolt.
55014: DICK FRANCIS: - Break In.
55015: DICK FRANCIS: - Proof.
54529: FRANCISCO VIANA, MAIA MENDONCA, RENATA VENTURA & NORMAN RODI: - Brazil : splendid land [Brasil - terra esplendida].
46538: HARRY A FRANCK: - Roaming through the West Indies.
44236: H FRANCKLIN, EDITED BY H SNOWDEN WARD: - Utility Fowls : Houses and Appliances, Feeding and Management, Selection, Improvement and Diseases, Incubating and Rearing.
43177: FRANCOIS CLOUET, EDITED BY LORD RONALD GOWER: - Choix de Portraits de Personnages Francais de la Cour des Rois Francois Ier, Henri II & Francois II, par Clouet, autolithographies d'apres les originaux conserves au chateau de Howard (Yorkshire), par Lord Ronald Gower.
28252: FRANCOISE D'YSSAT: - Recueil de lettres usuelles et pratiques.
51647: FRANK SIDGWICK, ILLUSTRATED BY BYAM SHAW: - Ballads and Lyrics of Love.
55489: FRANK WOOTTON, WITH A FOREWORD BY AIR CHIEF MARSHAL SIR NEIL WHEELER: - Frank Wootton: 50 (fifty) Years of Aviation Art.
40736: FRANK H GOODYEAR, JR: - Contemporary American realism since 1960.
1565: FRANKAU, GILBERT: - Selected verses.
18257: S HERBERT FRANKEL: - The tyranny of economic paternalism in Africa; a study of frontier mentality, 1860 - 1960.
47356: CHARLES FRANKEL: - Worlds on Fire : volcanoes on the Earth, the Moon, Mars, Venus and Io.
10662: FRANKLAND, E: - Water analysis for sanitary purposes, with hints for the interpretation of results.
41718: JOHN FRANKLIN: - Journey to the Shores of the Polar Sea in 1819-20-21-22, with a brief accounf of the second journey in 1825-26-27 [volume 2].
54827: CHARLES A H FRANKLIN: - The Bearing of Coat-Armour by Ladies.
8721: FRANKLIN, THOMAS & GRIFFITHS, E D: - The Atlas Geographies; a new visual atlas and geography combined - part 1, physical geography and part 2, Geography of the world.
20396: BENJAMIN FRANKLIN: - The life and miscellaneous writings of Benjamin Franklin, greatly extended and improved.
34676: HENRI FRANTZ: - French Pottery and Porcelain.
36044: DUNCAN FRASER: - Discovering Angus & Mearns.
11671: FRASER, MRS HUGH: - A Diplomatist's wife in many lands [complete in two volumes].
8412: FRASER, WILLIAM: - Field-names in South Derbyshire.
38057: GEORGE MACDONALD FRASER: - McAuslan in the Rough, and other stories.
36041: JAMES E FRASER: - The Battle of Dunnichen 685.
54972: HUGH FRASER: - Amid the High Hills.
43636: FRASS, HOFLER & WERNER, TRANSLATED BY CECIL DAVIES: - Via Ferrata - scrambles in the Dolomites, fifty climbing paths.
37419: DANIEL FRAZER: - The story of the making of Buchanan Street: with some reminiscences of the past half century.
42793: FRED STOKER, ILLUSTRATED BY LILIAN SNELLING: - Popular Art in Britain [King Penguin 15].
15799: MME G FREDERIC: - A B C [ABC] pour les touts petits.
18715: FREDERIC CHAPMAN, ILLUSTRATED BY THOMAS R WAY: - Architectural remains of Richmond, Twickenham, Kew, Petersham and Mortlake.
38657: FREDERIC ANSERMET, EDITED BY DANIELLE BENITO-GARCIA: - Epica Book 6; Europe's Best Advertising.
32380: FREDERIC D'AGAY: - D'Encre et de Lumieres; Itineraires secrets dans la bibliotheque du Senat.
49108: FREDERICK ROSS, ILLUSTRATED BY A F LYDON: - The ruined abbeys of Britain [2 volumes].
52304: SIR CHARLES FREDERICK: - Fox-Hunting (Foxhunting).
25000: PETER FREDRICK: - Creative Sunprinting; early photographic printing processes rediscovered.
46175: R AUSTIN FREEMAN: - A Certain Dr Thorndyke.
55261: MARION FREEMAN: - Pershore and District in Old Picture Postcards.
51414: MARION FREEMAN: - Pershore and District in Old Picture Postcards.
46177: R AUSTIN FREEMAN: - Pontifex, son & Thorndyke.
47993: ROBERT FREEMAN: - Yesterday : Photographs of the Beatles.
28353: EDWARD A FREEMAN: - English Towns and Districts; a series of addresses and sketches.
12993: FREEMAN, EDWARD A: - Some impressions of the United States.
22520: R AUSTIN FREEMAN: - A Certain Dr Thorndyke.
28332: E A FREEMAN: - Western Europe in the Fifth Century; an aftermath.
46163: R AUSTIN FREEMAN: - The Stoneware Monkey.
46123: R AUSTIN FREEMAN: - Mr Pottermack's Oversight.
52724: RON FREETHY: - Turnpikes and Toll Houses of Lancashire.
43565: LISA D FREIMAN: - Aziz + Cucher : Some People.
13843: CHRISTOPH FREIMANN: - Christoph Freimann: skulpturen, 1990 - 1995.
43650: GILBERT J FRENCH: - Practical Remarks on some of the minor accessories to the Services of the Church, with hints on the preparation of Altar Cloths, Pede Cloths, and other Ecclesiastical Furniture.
21274: W FREND: - Is it impossible to free the atmosphere of London in a very considerable degree, from the smoke and deleterious vapours with which it is hourly impregnated?
28929: WALTER HOWARD FRERE [EDITOR]: - Pontifical Services, illustrated from miniatures of the XVth and XVIth centuries, volumes I & II [Alcuin Club Collections III & IV].
28926: WALTER HOWARD FRERE [EDITOR]: - Exposition de la Messe, from La Legende Doree of Jean de Vignay, with illuminations reproduced from Fitzwilliam Ms. 22 [Alcuin Club Collections II].
49771: WALTER HOWARD FRERE [EDITOR]: - Pontifical Services, illustrated from miniatures of the XVth and XVIth centuries, volume II [Alcuin Club Collections IV].
53471: PETER FREUCHEN: - Arctic Adventure : My Life in the Frozen North.
54849: STEPHEN FRIAR: - A Companion to the English Parish Church.
55032: STEPHEN FRIAR: - A Companion to the English parish church.
53607: MARTIN FRIEDMAN: - Hockney paints the stage.
30026: REV HILDERIC FRIEND: - Bygone Devonshire.
32917: REV HILDERIC FRIEND: - Bygone Devonshire.
37109: ERNEST FRITH: - The Atmosphere and its Story; a popular presentation of the science of Meteorology, free from technicalities and formulae.
46273: GEORGE H FROST: - Munitions of War : a Record of the Work of the B.S.A. And Daimler Companies During the World War 1914 - 1918.
32968: ROBERT FROST: - Selected Poems by Robert Frost.
39607: LAZAR BACIUCU & ION FRUNZETTI [FOREWORDS]: - Tabara de Sculptura (Sculpture Camp), Magura.
51066: ROGER FRY: - Characteristics of French Art.
49115: C B FRY [EDITOR]: - The book of cricket; a gallery of famous players.
39152: W P W PHILLIMORE & GEORGE S FRY [EDITORS]: - Abstracts of Gloucestershire Inquisitiones Post Mortem, returned into the Court of Chancery in the reign of King Charles the First, part 2, 12-18 Charles I, 1637 - 1642 [The Index Library, volume 13].
49713: GEORGE S FRY & EDWARD ALEXANDER FRY [EDITORS]: - Abstracts of Wiltshire Inquisitiones Post Mortem, returned into the Court of Chancery in the reign of King Charles the First [The Index Library, volume 23].
39160: EDWARD ALEXANDER FRY [EDITOR]: - Abstracts of Gloucestershire Inquisitiones Post Mortem, returned into the Court of Chancery in the reign of King Charles the First, part 3, 1-18 Charles I, 1625 - 1642 [The Index Library, volume 21].
39153: EDWARD ALEXANDER FRY [EDITOR]: - A Calendar of Chancery Proceedings, Bills and Answers filed in the reign of Charles the First, volume 4, IV [The Index Library, volume 14].
39148: W P W PHILLIMORE & GEORGE S FRY [EDITORS]: - Abstracts of Gloucestershire Inquisitiones Post Mortem, returned into the Court of Chancery in the reign of King Charles the First, part 1, I-II Charles I, 1625 - 1636 [The Index Library, volume 9].
54216: ROGER FRY: - Reflections on British Painting.
39154: GEORGE S FRY [EDITOR]: - Abstracts of Inquisitiones Post Mortem relating to the City of London, returned into the Court of Chancery, part I, 1 Henry VII to 3 Elizabeth, 1485 - 1561 [The Index Library, volume 15].
39158: W P W PHILLIMORE & EDWARD ALEXANDER FRY [EDITORS]: - Placita Coram Domino Rege; the pleas of the Court of the King's Bench, Trinity Term, 25 Edward I, 1297 [The Index Library, volume 19].
39162: GEORGE S FRY & EDWARD ALEXANDER FRY [EDITORS]: - Abstracts of Wiltshire Inquisitiones Post Mortem, returned into the Court of Chancery in the reign of King Charles the First [The Index Library, volume 23].
39164: S A SMITH & EDWARD ALEXANDER FRY [EDITORS]: - Index of Wills proved in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, 1584 - 1604, and now preserved in the Principal Probate Registry, Somerset House, London: volume 4, IV [The Index Library, volume 25].
39168: EDWARD ALEXANDER FRY [EDITOR]: - Index of Chancery Proceedings (Reynardson's Division), preserved in the Public Record Office, volume I, A to K, AD 1649 - 1714 [The Index Library, volume 29].
39170: EDWARD ALEXANDER FRY [EDITOR]: - Index of Chancery Proceedings (Reynardson's Division), preserved in the Public Record Office, volume II, L to Z, AD 1649 - 1714 [The Index Library, volume 32].
39174: EDWARD ALEXANDER FRY [EDITOR]: - Abstracts of Inquisitiones Post Mortem relating to the City of London, returned into the Court of Chancery during the Tudor Period, part III, 19-45 Elizabeth, 1577 - 1603 [The Index Library, volume 36].
39175: EDWARD ALEXANDER FRY [EDITOR]: - Abstracts of Wiltshire Inquisitiones Post Mortem, returned into the Court of Chancery in the reigns of Henry III, Edward I and Edward II, AD 1242 - 1326 [The Index Library, volume 37].
50075: NORBERTO FUENTES: - Ernest Hemingway rediscovered.

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