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39849: F B BRADLEY-BIRT [EDITOR]: - A Worcestershire Anthology.
49102: F B BRADLEY-BIRT: - Tewkesbury: The story of Abbey, Town and Neighbourhood.
30119: F B BRADLEY-BIRT [EDITOR]: - A Worcestershire Anthology.
52545: ULRICH BISCHOFF: - Edvvard Munch 1863 - 1944.
13494: BISHOP, LEIGHTON [EDITOR]: - General Accounts of the Churchwardens of Chipping Campden, 1626 to 1907.
7858: BISHOP, P M: - Looking Back.
55851: CHRIS BISHOP: - The Military Atlas of World War II.
10096: BISSET, REV A: - The comedy of the Kirks played out.
53421: JULIUS BISSIER: - Julius Bissier : Tuschen 1934 - 1964.
54568: E R SHEPHARD-THORN & G BISSON: - Geology of the Country around Tenterden.
29538: KATHERINE GOLDEN BITTING: - Gastronomic Bibliography.
38854: GEORGES BLACHE: - Floralies 1982; Importants Tableaux Modernes.
10495: BLACIGNAC, J D: - Histoire de l'architecture sacree du quatrieme au dixieme siecle dans les anciens eveches de Geneve, Lausanne et Sion [2 volumes: texte et atlas].
47494: SIR FREDERICK BLACK: - An outline sketch of the Parliamentary History of the Isle of Wight, with lists of MPs and several portraits.
55324: EUGENE C BLACK [EDITOR]: - Victorian Culture and Society.
54956: JEREMY BLACK: - Maps of War : Mapping Conflict through the Centuries.
55361: JEREMY BLACK: - Mapping Shakespeare : an exploration of Shakespeare's world through maps.
52066: HENRY BLACKBURN: - Art in the Mountains : the Story of the Oberammergau Passion Play.
2277: BLACKBURN, EDWARD L: - An architectural and historical account of Crosby Place, London, compiled from original and unpublished sources, with an appendix of illustrative documents and fac-simile autographs of several of its ancient possessors.
50593: STEVE BLACKBURN: - Dive Islay.
15397: H S BLACKBURNE: - Tables for Azimuths, Great-Cirlce sailing, and reduction to the Meridian, with improved Sumner and Marcq St Hilaire method [volume 1].
54995: COLONEL ROBERT J BLACKHAM: - London for ever the Sovereign City : its romance, its reality.
54112: JOHN STUART BLACKIE: - Scottish Song : its wealth, wisdom and social significance.
31473: ROGER BLACKLEY: - Two Centuries of New Zealand Landscape Art.
32142: NANCY SHIPWAY-BLACKWELL: - The sporting farmer.
20545: H A BLAIR: - A Stranger in the House; the astonishing gospel.
50650: WARD J M HAGEMEIJER & MICHAEL J BLAIR [EDITORS]: - The EBCC Atlas of European Breeding Birds : their distribution and abundance,
52341: PETER HUNTER BLAIR: - Anglo-Saxon England (A History of England, volume 1).
54739: QUENTIN BLAKE: - Quentin Blake : Words and Pictures.
27923: VERNON BLAKE: - The way to sketch; notes on the essentials of landscape sketching, particular reference being made to the use of water-colour.
54410: JOHN YEOMAN & QUENTIN BLAKE: - Featherbrains.
42654: WILLIAM J BLAKE: - The Painter and the Lady.
431: BLAKE, WILLIAM: - Job.
55395: JOHN WILLIAM BLAKE [EDITOR]: - Europeans in West Africa, 1450 - 1560 [2 volumes].
46012: NICHOLAS BLAKE: - The Private Wound.
32333: ATELIER BLAKE: - Blake: Portraits of the Spirit, a celebration in Sculpture.
37581: TREVOR BLAKEMORE: - The Art of Herbert Schmalz.
51920: EDWARD H BLAKENEY: - Four Gnostic Psalms, translated from the Greek by Edward H Blakeney.
37450: J DELACOUR & F EDMOND-BLANC: - Monographie des Veuves (Revision des genres Euplectes et Vidua).
10404: BLATCHFORD, ROBERT, COMPILED BY ROBERT WILLIAMSON: - The Robert Blatchford calendar; a quotation from the writings of Rebert Blatchford for every day in the year.
29928: ROBERT BLATCHFORD: - Tommy Atkins of the Ramchunders.
49727: W F BLAY: - Street Names of Walsall : volume I of Street Names of Walsall Metropolitan Borough.
44804: IWONA BLAZWICK [EDITOR]: - Century City; Art and Culture in the Modern Metropolis.
5527: BLEASE, H J: - A system of British Geography.
49887: FREDERICK JONES BLISS: - A Mound of Many Cities ; or, Tell El Hesy ecavated.
54100: RICHARD BLIZZARD: - Blizzard's Action Toys.
32418: PETER BLOCH: - Painting and Sculpture of the Puerto Ricans.
54464: ANDREW BLOCK: - A Short History of the Principal London Antiquarian Booksellers and Book-Auctioneers.
54788: KEVIN BLOCKLEY: - Prestatyn 1984-5 : an Iron Age Farmstead and Romano-British Industrial Settlement in North Wales.
53800: ANN BLOCKLEY: - Country Flowers in Watercolour.
40428: REGINALD BLOMFIELD: - The Mistress Art.
16136: CHARLES JAMES BLOMFIELD: - A dissertation upon the traditional knowledge of a promised Redeemer which subsisted before the Advent of our Saviour.
42370: REV MATTHEW HENRY & REV E BLOMFIELD [EDITORS]: - A New Family Bible, containing the Old and New Testaments, with notes, illustrations and practical improvements, volume II.
47896: SIR REGINALD BLOMFIELD: - A History of French Architecture from the death of Mazarin till the death of Louis XV 1661 - 1774 [2 volumes].
46083: SIR REGINALD BLOMFIELD: - Byways; leaves from an architect's note-book.
51855: MRS AUBREY LE BLOND (MRS MAIN): - Adventures on the Roof of the World.
51296: URSULA BLOOM: - The Changed Village.
43156: MAYOR MICHAEL R BLOOMBERG [FOREWORD]: - We Build the City - NYC's design + construction excellence program.
8375: BLOTT, WALTER: - A chronicle of Blemundsbury; a record of St Giles in the Fields and Bloomsbury.
17544: W P BLOUNT: - Hen Batteries.
49806: EDMUND BLUNDEN: - Undertones of War.
50942: EDMUND BLUNDEN: - Undertones of War.
55168: EDMUND BLUNDEN: - Undertones of War.
43: BLUNT, REGINALD: - Red Anchor Pieces.
54354: WILFRID BLUNT: - The Art of Botanical Illustration.
35696: BRIAN DURRANS & T RICHARD BLURTON [EDITORS]: - The Cultural Heritage of the Indian Village.
51795: ENID BLYTON: - The Noddy Jungle Book.
4486: BLYTON, ENID: - Enid Blyton's little bedtime book about Silly Sammy.
17308: ENID BLYTON: - Hello, Twins!
15880: W J BLYTON: - So you're going farming!
23480: ENID BLYTON: - Noddy's funny kite (& Noddy and the Magic Boots).
55982: ENID BLYTON: - The Island of Adventure.
53815: ENID BLYTON: - Five Run away Together : the Third Story of the Adventures of the Four Children and their Dog.
42105: ENID BLYTON: - Five Run away Together : the Third Story of the Adventures of the Four Children and their Dog.
42956: FREDERICK S BOAS: - Christopher Marlowe - a biographical and critical study.
40037: BOB SMITH, WITH SALIM AMIN: - The Man who moved the World; the life & work of Mohamed Amin.
24716: HARRY BOBER: - The St Blasien Psalter.
52349: HELENE BOCARD: - De Paris a la Mer : la Ligne de Chemin de Fer Paris - Rouen - Le Havre [Images du Patrimoine 239].
55896: GISELA REINEKING VON BOCK: - Steinzeug [Kunstgewerbemuseum der Stadt Koln].
37265: KARL BODMER: - Maximilian, Prince of Wiedís Travels in the Interior of North America [Missouri River Expedition].
53129: GEOFFREY BODY: - Clifton Suspension Bridge : an Illustrated History.
27410: W S BODY [EDITOR]: - City of Birmingham Official Handbook, 1930-1931.
55262: GEOFFREY BODY: - The East Coast Main Line : King's Cross to Newcastle, the route of the Silver Jubilee.
11150: VAN BOECKEL, J: - Gravitational and geomagnetic investigations in Surinam and their structural implications.
46799: ELIZABETH PLAYNE & G DE BOER [EDITORS]: - Lonsdale Documents.
47014: ARTHUR W CRAWLEY-BOEVEY: - The "Perverse Widow" : being passages in the life of Catharina, wife of William Boevey esq, of Flaxley Abber in the County of Gloucester, with genealogical notes on that family and others connected therewith.
54879: S M CRAWLEY BOEVEY: - Dene Forest Sketches, Historical and Biographical, founded on family records and manuscripts preserved at Flaxley Abbey.
51540: MRS E BOGER: - Myths, Scenes, & Worthies of Somerset.
7081: BOGG, EDMUND: - Lower Wharfeland [Wharfedale]; the old city of York and the Ainsty.
47851: HENRY G BOHN: - Appendix to the Bibliographer's manual of English Literature.
17123: ALFRED CROWQUILL & HENRY G BOHN: - Seymour's humorous sketches, comprising eighty-six caricature etchings illustrated in prose and verse by Alfred Crowquill.
49287: HENRY G BOHN: - A Guide to the Knowledge of Pottery, Porcelain and other objects of vertu.
38996: LEE GEOK BOI [EDITOR]: - Reminiscences of the Straits Settlements through Postcards.
2439: BOISSIERE, P: - Dictionnaire aanalogique de la langue Francaise, repertoire complet des mots par les idees et des idees par les mots.
32252: TIM BOLTON: - Crumbs under the Table.
46244: ANNE-MARIE BON & ANTOINE BON: - Les Timbres Amphoriques de Thasos [Etudes Thasiennes IV].
46576: P FILIPPO BONANNI [PHILIPPO BONANNI]: - Catalogo degli Ordini Religiosi Della Chiesa Militante / Ordinum Religiosorum in Ecclesia Militanti Catalogus, parte seconda [pars secunda].
13472: PETER JOHNSON & CREINA BOND: - The Sappi Collection.
29064: E A BOND, E M THOMPSON, REV H O COXE, REV S S LEWIS, SIR M DIGBY WYATT, PROFESSOR WESTWOOD, F H DICKINSON & PROFESSOR SWAINSON, PREFACE BY A PENRHYN STANLEY: - The Utrecht Psalter; reports addressed to the Trustees of the British Museum on the age of the Manuscript.
54466: JAMES BONE: - Edinburgh Revisited.
44257: STEPHEN BONE: - Albion - an Artist's Britain.
48666: T G BONNEY: - The Story of our Planet.
53737: N R P BONSOR: - The Jersey Eastern Railway and the German Occupation Lines in Jersey.
46255: JAMES BONWICK: - Daily Life and Origin of the Tasmanians.
47362: BOOKER T WASHINGTON, EDITED BY LOUIS R HARLAN & RAYMOND W SMOCK: - The Booker T Washington Papers, volume 6, 1901-2.
17346: OLD BOOMERANG: - A flood that led on to fortune.
44502: GEORGE C BOON [EDITOR]: - Transactions of the Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society for 1994, volume CXII.
50350: LAWRENCE BOOTH [EDITOR]: - Wisden Cricketers' Almanack 2012.
35546: CHARLES BOOTH: - Life and Labour of the People in London; third series (religious influences), London North of the Thames, the Outer Ring, volume 1.
52449: CATHERINE BRAMWELL BOOTH: - Bramwell Booth.
31660: WILLIAM STONE BOOTH: - Some Acrostic Signatures of Francis Bacon, Baron Verulam of Verulam, Viscount St Alban, together with some others, all of which are now for the first time deciphered and published.
42438: GAVIN BOOTH [EDITOR]: - The Little Red Book 1994/95 - Road Passenger Transport Directory for the British Isles and Western Europe.
23915: B BOOYENS (PREFACE), ILLUSTRATED BY SOLOMON CAESAR MALAN: - Solomon Caesar Malan: Aquarelles / Akwarelle die Universiteit van Stellenbosch.
55495: GEORGE BORCHARD: - Paper Sculpture.
37476: HENRY BORDEAUX: - L'Amour en Fuite.
51067: TANCRED BORENIUS: - Florentine Frescoes.
29941: DR TANCRED BORENIUS (ETC).: - Catalogue of an Exhibition of Florentine Painting before 1500 (Burlington Fine Arts Club).
53799: BORIS OMETEV & JOHN STUART, EDITED BY OLGA SUSLOVA & LILY UKHTOMSKAYA: - St Petersburg : Portrait of an Imperial City.
37253: RODRIGO BORJA: - Encuen ros en Yucatan.
45721: DR W BORMANN [EDITOR]: - McGraw-Hill International Atlas.
30346: EDITH DE BORN: - The Bidou Inheritance.
45006: GEORGE BORODIN: - Those Borgias.
46954: MARIE-FRANCE BOROT: - Subirachs [le dur desir de creer, el duro deseo de crear, the hard desire to create, il forte desiderio di creare].
38287: ELIE BOROWSKI: - Glories of Ancient Greece; Vases and Jewelry from the Borowski Collection.
20879: A L REES & FRANCES BORZELLO [EDITORS]: - The New Art History.
23955: HANS BOSCH: - Deutsche Schmiedearbeiten (Schmiede-arbeiten) aus funf Jahrhunderten, nach eigenen photographischen original-aufnahmen in Lichtdruck vervielfaltigt von den vereinigten Kunstanstalten A-G Munchen.
52294: MIKLOS BOSKOVITS: - The Thyssen-Bornemisza Collection; Early Italian Painting 1290 - 1470.
56056: DOROTHY BOSOMWORTH [EDITOR]: - The Victorian catalogue of household goods; a complete compendium of over five thousand items to furnish and decorate the Victorian home.
46317: H TH BOSSERT, U B AKIM, H CAMBEL, N ONGUNSU & I SUZEN: - Die Ausgrabungen auf dem Karatepe (erster vorbericht) - Karatepe Kazilari (birinci on-rapor).
19487: HELMUTH BOSSERT: - A Encyclopaedia of Colour Decoration from the earliest times to the middle of the XIXth Century.
54563: P G H BOSWELL: - Geology of The Country around Woodbridge, Felixstowe and Orford.
26172: ROSE HENNIKER HEATON & PHYLLIS BOSWORTH: - Contract with James.
23575: ZOLTAN BOSZORMENYI: - Far from Nothing.
7716: BOUCHARD, DAVID, ILLUSTRATED BY RON PARKER: - Voices from the wild.
47746: DAVID BOUCHER: - Steel, Skill & Survival : Rugby in Ebbw Vale and the Valleys, volume I (1870 - 1952).
7820: BOUCHIER, REV BARTON: - The country pastor and his flock; or, stories of my parish, second series.
52393: JOSEPH BOUGHEY: - Charles Hadfield : Canal Man and more.
31385: H PERCY BOULNOIS: - Municipal Engineering; surveying the scope of municipal engineering and the statutory position, the appointment, the training and the duties of a Municipal Engineer.
33150: JAMES T BOULTON: - On the Brink of the Unknown; an address in honour of D H Lawrence by James T Boulton, Poets' Corner, Westminster Abbey, 12 September 1987.
17499: PIERRE DE BOURDEILLE: - Oeuvres completes de Pierre de Bourdeille, Abbe seculier de Brantome, et d'Andre, Vicomte de Bourdeille, tome premier, des Hommes.
42923: GEORGE BOURNE: - Memoirs of a Surrey Labourer; a record of the last years of Frederick Bettesworth.
25560: ROY BOURNE: - Hendon Electric Supply Company.
49703: KENNETH BOURNE [EDITOR]: - The Letters of the Third Viscount Palmerston to Laurence and Elizabeth Sullivan 1804 - 1863.
33858: ALAIN BOURNETON: - Panoramas des Pyrenees.
51358: M DE BOURRIENNE: - Private Memoirs of Napoleon Bonaparte, during the periods of the Directory, the Consulate and the Empire, volume II.
25956: AUGUSTIN BOUTIQUE [ILLUSTRATOR]: - Principaux Chateaux des Bords de la Loire et de ses Affluent, avec 90 illustrations phototypiques de Augustin Boutique [Les Grands Chateaux de France, deuxieme volume].
21988: CARL BOVALLIUS: - Nicaraguan Antiquities.
36404: W B FORSTER BOVILL: - Hungary and the Hungarians.
51797: H J M BOWEN: - The Flora of Berkshire.
45283: MARJORIE BOWEN: - The Netherlands Display'd ; or, the delights of the Low Countries.
49509: OLWEN BOWEN: - Taddy Tadpole and the Pond-folk.
39756: FRANK C BOWEN: - The sea; its history and romance [4 volumes].
42711: F O BOWER: - The Origin of a Land Flora; a theory based upon the facts of alternation.
39347: RAY L BOWERS: - Tactical Airlift [The United States Air Force in Southeast Asia].
39222: ROBERT BOWES: - The Correspondence of Robert Bowes, of Aske, esquire, the Ambassador of Queen Elizabeth in the Court of Scotland.
52178: A K BOWMAN: - The Life and Teaching of Sir William MacEwen : a chapter in the history of surgery.
21778: ISAIAH BOWMAN: - The Andes of Southern Peru; geographical reconnaissance along the seventy-third meridian.
55479: STEPHEN BOWN: - Old Selsley.
42344: JANE BOWN: - Pillars of the Church.
48012: ALAN BOWNESS [EDITOR]: - Henry Moore Complete Sculpture and Drawings, volume 4, sculpture 1964-73.
53798: E A BOWNESS, NORMAN DUERDEN & DAVID TARN: - The Yorkshire Dales.
54256: C M BOWRA: - Tradition and Design in the Iliad.
51720: DOROTHY E G WOOLLARD & P N BOXER: - Riverside London : a sketch-book.
23459: OUR OWN BOARD SCHOOL BOY: - Prize essay on the history and antiquities of Exeter.
44216: HENRY KEOWN-BOYD: - Remember with Advantages - a history of the Tenth, Eleventh and Royal Hussars, 1945-1992.
54174: WILLIAM BOYD: - From Locke to Montessori : a critical account of the Montessori Point of View.
12137: BOYES, JOHN: - The company of adventurers.
39943: FREDERICK BOYLE: - About Orchids; a chat.
36253: WILLIAM BOYNE: - The Yorkshire Library; a bibliographical account relating to the County of York.
33908: WILLIAM BOYNE: - The Yorkshire Library; a bibliographical account relating to the County of York.
1992: BOYSON, HUBERT: - Theme and fantasy (collected poems).
4537: BRACHFELD, SYLVAIN: - The Brachfeld family book.
54458: S BRADBURY: - Bertram Dobell : Bookseller and Man of Letters.
41704: URGUNGE ONON & SUE BRADBURY: - Chinggis [Genghis] Khan : The Golden History of the Mongols.
18237: ROBIN BRADBURY: - The Magi and the Moontree.
56048: J BERNARD BRADBURY: - A History of Cockermouth.
56045: J BERNARD BRADBURY: - Bradbury's History of Cockermouth.
55065: OLIVER BRADBURY: - The Lost Mansions of Mayfair.
24270: EDWARD BRADBY: - The book of Devizes; the life story of an ancient borough.
47655: DONALD W BRADEEN: - The Athenian Agora, volume XVII, Inscriptions, The Funerary Monuments.
17420: ANNE BRADFORD: - Haunted Worcestershire.
3872: BRADFORD, HUGH: - The divine marriage; a symposium.
53832: H G BRADLEY [EDITOR]: - Ceramics of Derbyshire 1750 - 1975.
52098: D L BRADLEY: - Locomotives of the London and South Western Railway, part 1.
25400: A G BRADLEY: - Wiltshire [Cambridge County Geographies].
52099: D L BRADLEY: - Locomotives of the London and South Western Railway, part 2.
51948: D L BRADLEY: - The Locomotives of the South Eastern and Chatham Railway.
55942: RODGER P BRADLEY: - Power for the World's Railways : GEC Traction and its predecessors - 1823 to the present day.
52025: D L BRADLEY: - The Locomotives of the South Eastern Railway.
28219: JOSEPH ALFRED BRADNEY [EDITOR]: - Registrum Antiquum de Llanddewi Rhydderch in Comitatu Monumethensi, 1670-1783.
52584: JOSEPH ALFRED BRADNEY [EDITOR]: - Registrum Antiquum de Grosmont in Comitatu Monumethensi 1589 - 1812.
53836: PETER BRADSHAW: - 18th Century English Porcelain Figures, 1745 - 1795.
52163: PETER BRADSHAW: - 18th Century English Porcelain Figures, 1745 - 1795.
54331: JAMES BRAID: - Golf Guide, and How to Play Golf.
18536: MARGARET BRAMFORD: - This was our Malvern, volume one.
18537: MARGARET BRAMFORD: - This was our Malvern, volume two
47144: MARGARET BRAMFORD: - This was our Malvern, volume two
55220: MARGARET BRAMFORD: - Pershore, Where d'Ye Think?
47143: MARGARET BRAMFORD: - This was our Malvern, volume one.
35020: HENDERSON WILLIAM BRAND: - Simpson's Cookery, improved and modernised; the Complete Modern Cook, containing a very extensive and original collection of reciped in cookery, as now used at the best tables of London and Paris.
54813: VANESSA BRAND [EDITOR]: - The Study of the Past in the Victorian Age.
54889: CHRISTIANNA BRAND: - Green for Danger.
54264: CHRISTIANNA BRAND: - Nurse Matilda.
44750: C P BRAND, K FOSTER & U LIMENTANI [EDITORS]: - Italian Studies presented to E R Vincent.
42909: MARC BRANDEL: - The Ides of Summer (a low fantasy).
56115: CHRISTIAN BRANN: - Kemble, Ewen and Poole Keynes; three villages by the infant Thames.
18709: J F BRANSFORD: - Archaeological researches in Nicaragua.
28785: CLEMENS BRANTANO: - Funf Marchen.
49907: W S BRASSINGTON: - Picturesque Warwickshire.
41450: WOLFGANG BRAUNFELS [INTRODUCTION]: - Industrielle Fruhzeit im Gemalde : Erzbergbau und Eisenhutten in der Europaischen Malerei 1500 bis 1850.
54981: WOLFGANG BRAUNFELS: - Monasteries of Western Europe : the Architecture of the Orders.
46068: WALTER T K BRAUNHOLTZ: - The institution of Gas Engineers; the first hundred years 1863-1963.
36391: MRS BRAY: - A description of the part of Devonshire bordering on the Tamar and the Tavy, volume III.
7750: BRAYLEY, W E, EDITED AND REVISED BY EDWARD WALFORD: - History of Surrey [complete in four volumes].
28170: AMELIE POSSE-BRAZDOVA: - Further.
25922: S BRAZIER, R HAMMOND, S R WATERMAN & P A BROWN: - A new geography of Nottingham.
53406: JOHN BARTLET BREBNER: - The Explorers of North America 1492 - 1806.
28701: A E BREHM: - De Kallblodiga Ryggradsdjurens Lif.
51472: G A BREMNER [EDITOR]: - Ecclesiology Abroad: the British Empire and Beyond.
42671: WILLIAM A BREND: - The Story of Ice in the Present and Past.
53182: BRENDAN O'KEEFFE: - British Railway Steam Locomotives in the 20th Century : volume 1, BR Standard Classes and WD Austerity Locomotives.
51380: COLIN BRENT: - Georgian Lewes 1714 - 1830 : the Heyday of a County Town.
53573: JAMES A GANZ & RICHARD R BRETTELL: - From Paris : A Taste for Impressionism - Paintings from the Clark.
36758: DAVID BREUER (ETC): - Rodin.
46382: DAVID BREUER (ETC): - Aztecs.
41042: DAVID BREUER (ETC): - Aztecs.
49792: SARAH BREWER [EDITOR]: - The Early Letters of Bishop Richard Hurd 1739 - 1762.
26466: REV DR BREWER: - A Guide to Roman History, from the earliest period to the close of the Western Empire.
45188: SUSAN BREWER: - British Dolls of the 1950s.
51815: BRIAN PEARCE, WITH HEATHER BURNETT-WELLS: - Exmoor : Food & Cookery - a Moorland Heritage.
25398: WILLIAM C BRIDGE: - Fourteen to Eighty-Four.
56022: ADMIRAL SIR CYPRIAN BRIDGE: - The Art of Naval Warfare.
55994: ADMIRAL SIR CYPRIAN BRIDGE: - Sea-Power and other stories.
49683: J B CORNISH & J A D BRIDGER [EDITORS]: - Penzance and the Land's End District : a handbook for visitors and residents [Homeland Handbooks series].
36103: W BRIDGES: - A Handy Book for Justices of the Peace.
56177: TIM BRIDGES: - Churches of Worcestershire.
55984: TIM BRIDGES: - Churches of Worcestershire.
33106: TESS BRIDGWATER: - Finding my Footprints in Sarum; memories of a war-time Childhood.
53663: TOM BRIDWELL: - Humours Run Deep.
43014: PETER BRIEGER: - English Art 1216 - 1307 [The Oxford History of English Art].
53750: LOUIS METMAN & GASTON BRIERE: - Le Bois : premiere partie, Moyen Age - Renaissance.
53751: LOUIS METMAN & GASTON BRIERE: - Le Bois : deuxieme partie, XVIIe et XVIIIe Siecles.
22254: BEN BRIERLEY: - Ab-o'th'-Yate in Yankeeland; the results of two trips to America.
43964: JONATHAN BRIERLEY: - Jonathan Brierley 1974-1994, selected works - paintings and drawings.
50388: DAVID BRIERS [EDITOR]: - Pages [Issues 1, 2 & 3, Autumn 1970, Winter 1970 & 1972].
30803: GIULIANO BRIGANTI: - The View Painters of Europe.
43334: JOHN J BRIGG: - The King's Highway in Craven - being notes on the history of the Yorkshire Portion of the Keighley and Kendal Turnpike Road.
30074: WILLIAM BRIGG: - The Herts (Hertfordshire) Genealogist and Antiquary, volume II.
30073: WILLIAM BRIGG: - The Herts (Hertfordshire) Genealogist and Antiquary, volume I.
30010: KENNETH F GIBBS & WILLIAM BRIGG [EDITORS]: - The Parish Registers of Aldenham, Hertfordshire, 1559 to 1659.
8408: BRIGGS, JOHN JOSEPH: - The history of Melbourne, in the county of Derby, including biographical notices of the Coke, Melbourne and Hardinge families.
16937: JOHN JOSEPH BRIGGS: - The Trent, and other poems.
47836: GRACE M BRIGGS [EDITOR]: - The Honnold Library : The William W Clary Oxford Collection, 2 volumes [descriptive catalogue & supplementary catalogue].
52625: G V BRIGHT: - Picturesque Gloucestershire; being a series of exclusive photographs illustrating the ancient and interesting towns and villages of the County, together with a short historical and general description.
54257: HUGH BRIGSTOCKE: - A Loan Exhibition of Drawings by Nicolas Poussin from British Collections [Sotheby Ashmolean Exhibition].
50948: W H BRINDLEY: - The Soul of Manchester.
35355: CAPTAIN F BRINKLEY: - Japan (and China), its history, arts and literature, volume 3.
56021: ROSEMARY BRINLEY: - Rugmaking.
49812: ROY BRINTON: - Isle of Wight : the Complete Guide.
34210: E D BRINTON: - Eton Water-colours (watercolours).
53761: E D BRINTON: - Eton Water-colours [watercolours].
8388: BRISCOE, JOHN POTTER: - Stories about the Midlands, being a collection of anecdotes relating to Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Lincolnshire and Leicestershire.
51009: DERRICK BRISLEY: - Braintree and Bocking in old picture postcards.
29474: ADRIAN BRISTOW: - George Smith; the Children's Friend.
55931: COMMANDER CARLO B BRITTAIN: - Elements of Naval Warfare.
38537: SIR HARRY BRITTAIN: - Wings of Speed.
48850: F J BRITTEN, REVISED BY J W PLAYER: - The Watch & Clock Makers' Handbook, Dictionary and Guide.
53306: F J BRITTEN: - On the Springing and Adjusting of Watches.
55152: F J BRITTEN: - [The Antique Collectors' Club edition of] Old Clocks and Watches and their makers, being an historical and descriptive account of the different styles of clocks and watches of the past, in England and Abroad.
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33846: AN OLD COLLEGER (ARTHUR DUKE COLERIDGE): - Eton in the Forties.
14890: ROBERT COLLEY [EDITOR]: - Devizes division income tax assessments, 1842 - 1860.
39078: BASIL COLLIER: - Catalan France; a study of the Roussillon and the French Cerdagne, with an excursion to the Co-Principality of the Valleys of Andorra.
8600: COLLIER, JAMES: - Early pastoralists of Australasia; an interesting account of the pastoral age in Australasia.
38378: MONTY COLLIER: - Dog Training for Home and Stage; a complete textbook for the Dog Trainer, including 80 interesting tricks.
48210: ROCCO RANTE & ANNABELLE COLLINET: - Nishapur Revisited : Stratigraphy and Ceramics of the Qohandez.
12696: COLLINGS, RIGHT HON JESSE: - Land reform - occupying ownership, peasant proprietary and rural education.
4457: COLLINGWOOD, HARRY, ILLUSTRATED BY EDWARD S HODGSON: - Two gallant sons of Devon; a tale of the days of Queen Bess.
6226: COLLINGWOOD, W G: - Thurstan at the Thwaite; a Coniston tale.
52861: IAN COLLINS: - A Broad Canvas : Art in East Anglia since 1880.
53561: NORMAN COLLINS: - London belongs to Me.
49025: E TREACHER COLLINS: - The History & Traditions of the Moorfields Eye Hospital : one hundred years of ophthalmic discovery & development, volume I.
52734: CLIFFORD W COLLINSON: - Life and Laughter midst the Cannibals.
52732: MAURICE COLLIS: - Last and First in Burma (1941 - 1948).
14379: ROBIN G COLLOMB: - Bernese Alps Central.
20918: SILVANO COLOMBO: - Itinerari d'arte nel territorio della Provincia di Varese.
53908: COLONEL ALLOTTE DE LA FUYE, FRANZ CUMONT & R DE MECQUENEM, EDITED BY V SCHEIL: - Mission en Susiane, Numismatique, Epigraphie Grecque & Ceramique Elamite [Memoires de la Mission Archaeologique de Perse, tome XX].
53909: COLONEL ALLOTTE DE LA FUYE, COLONEL N T BELAIEW, J-M UNVALA & R DE MECQUENEM, EDITED BY V SCHEIL: - Mission en Susiane, Archaeologie, Metrologie et Numismatique Susiennes [Memoires de la Mission Archaeologique de Perse, tome XXV].
37050: COLONEL SIGISMUND THALY, TRANSLATED BY WILLIAM RUSHTON: - The Fortress of Komarom (Comorn), during the war of independence in Hungary in 1848 - 1849.
48359: COLONEL G S HATCH, EDITED BY MAJOR J W TIMBERS: - Hatch's Despatches : the (near) Compleat Works.
46381: COLTA FELLER IVES, ILLUSTRATED BY GIOVANNI DOMENICO TIEPOLO: - Picturesque Ideas on the Flight into Egypt, etched by Giovanni Domenico Tiepolo.
50912: BUEL P COLTON: - Physiology, experimental and descriptive.
37116: ZELIE COLVILE [COLVILLE]: - Round the Black Man's Garden.
46301: IAN D COLVIN: - South Africa [Romance of Empire].
40535: GEORGE COMBE: - American Notes.
42733: SHEILA COMPTON [EDITOR]: - BBC Music Library; Orchestral Catalogue, composers, 4 volumes [A-E, F-L, M-R, S-Z].
9305: COMPTON, H K: - Storehouse and stockyard management.
54928: J G CONE: - Make and Do the Woodcraft Way.
33840: L R CONISBEE: - A Bedfordshire Bibliography, with some comments and biographical notes.
47526: PATRICK CONNER: - Oriental Architecture in the West.
49824: PATRICK CONNER: - Oriental Architecture in the West.
51519: EDWARD T CONNOLD: - British Vegetable Galls : an introduction to their study.
6524: CONNOR, MICHAEL [EDITOR]: - The years of change 1952-1977 - silver jubilee of HM Queen Elizabeth II; a Lloyds list publication.
49897: A B CONNOR: - Monumental brasses in Somerset.
46991: JOSEPH CONRAD: - Two Tales of the Congo.
56020: JOSEPH CONRAD: - Typhoon and Other Stories.
48222: JOSEPH CONRAD: - Lord Jim : a tale.
55087: JOSEPH CONRAD: - Under Western Eyes.
35714: JOSEPH CONSENTINO: - Farm Life Today, an exhibit portfolio by the New York State Council on the Arts for the New York Museums Collaborative.
8965: CONSTANDUROS, MABEL: - Shreds and patches.
14652: DERWENT CONWAY: - A personal narrative of a journey through Norway, part of Sweden and the islands and states of Denmark [Constable's Miscellany, vol XXXVIII].
38122: HERBERT COOK: - Reviews and Appreciations; studies of some Old Italian Masters.
52590: J M COOK: - The Greeks in Ionia and the East.
23179: JEFFREY COOK: - An engineering history of the ZRS-4/5 Fin Design.
42151: DUTTON COOK: - Hours with the Players, volume II.
49319: R L COOK: - Within the Tavern Caught [Poems in Pamphlet 1952 VIII].
53700: JOHN L COOK: - Rescue under Fire : the story of DUST OFF in Vietnam.
55989: MARTIN GODFREY COOK: - Edward Prior : Arts and Crafts Architect.
47516: SIR THEODORE ANDREA COOK: - Twenty-five great houses of France.
55116: ROBIN COOK: - The Crust on its Uppers.
51528: M C COOKE: - Natural History Rambles : the Woodlands.
28956: JOHN COOKE: - Waterscape Painting.
2223: COOKE, ALFRED ARBER: - Old Wimbledon.
11317: COOKE, GEORGE ALEXANDER: - Topographical and statistical description of the county of Wilts [bound with] Topographical and statistical description of the county of Salop.
31412: ARTHUR O COOKE: - Peeps at Great Industries; a visit to a Woollen Mill, a visit to a Cotton Mill, a Day with the Leather Workers.
40421: RUPERT CROFT-COOKE: - How to get More out of Life.
56017: GEORGE ALEXANDER COOKE: - Topographical and Statistical Description of the County of Hereford.
21272: EDWARD COOKE: - Thoughts on the expediency of repealing the Usury laws.
51526: M C COOKE: - Handbook of British Hepaticae, containing descriptions and figures of the indigenous species of Marchantia, Jungermannia, Riccia and Anthoceros.
38360: JOHN HENRY COOKE: - Ida, or the Mystery of the Nun's Grave at Vale Royal Abbey, Cheshire, an historical novel [signed, limited edition].
43676: JAMES HERBERT COOKE: - The Shipwreck of Sir Cloudesley Shovell on the Scilly Islands in 1707.
56138: ANANDA K COOMARASWAMY: - Introduction to Indian Art.
54949: TARNYA COOPER: - Searching for Shakespeare.
53112: JEREMY COOPER: - Victorian & Edwardian Furniture & Interiors, from the Gothic Revival to Art Nouveau.
49574: J F COOPER: - The Spy : a tale of the neutral ground.
14639: CHARLES A COOPER: - Seeking the Sun; an Egyptian holiday.
10616: COOPER, JULIA: - Beauty of Bath.
55909: J FENIMORE COOPER: - The History of the Navy of the United States of America.
55654: T P COOPER: - Some Old York Inns, with special reference to The Star, Stonegate.
21305: RAY COOPER: - Retrospective Sympathetic Affection; a tribute to the academic community.
48653: A HEATON COOPER: - Suffolk Water-colours [watercolours].
38453: C S COOPER: - The Outdoor Monuments of London; statues, memorial buildings, tablets and war memorials.
54204: JAMES COOPER: - Heart Discipline.
12975: COOTE, WALTER: - Wanderings south and east.
23702: RICHARD COPE: - Natural History; or, a description of the earth and of animated nature, compiled from the works of Buffon, Goldsmith, Cuvier, Shaw, Vaillant, Humboldt, Audubon etc.
11485: COPE, MICHAEL: - The plectrum of fret-suns; the collected poems of Michael Cope.
37496: W A COPINGER: - Heraldry Simplified; an easy introduction to the science and a complete Body of Armory.
24840: GORDON J COPLEY: - An Archaeology of south-east England.
46494: STEPHEN COPPEL: - The American Scene : Prints from Hopper to Pollock.
55809: JULIAN S CORBETT: - The Campaign of Trafalgar.
55922: JULIAN S CORBETT: - Drake and the Tudor Navy, with a history of the Rise of England as a Maritime Power [2 volumes].
13314: CORDERN, CHRIS: - The Plain: Life on Salisbury Plain from the 1890s to the Present Day.
53121: CHRISTIAAN CORLETT: - Robert L Chapman's Ireland : Photographs from the Chapman Collection 1907 - 1957.
51944: IAN L CORMACK: - Seventy-Five Years on Wheels : the History of Public Transport in Barrow-in-Furness, 1885 - 1960.
38764: MALCOLM CORMACK: - Constable.
54102: SARA CORNELL: - Art : a History of Changing Style.
13442: CORNER, SIDNEY: - Rural Churches; their histories, architecture and antiquities.
28561: MISS JULIA CORNER: - The Histories of Spain and Portugal, from the earliest period to the present time, adapted for youth, schools and families.
12503: A CORNET [THOMAS LETTSOM PETTIGREW], ILLUSTRATED BY GEORGE CRUIKSHANK: - Lucien Greville [3 volumes bound in one].
14692: RICHARD CORNISH [ETC]: - Fifty Dynamic Years.
45584: C J CORNISH, JULIA CARTWRIGHT & L BINYON: - The Portfolio; monographs on artistic subjects with many illustrations - The Isle of Wight, Raphael in Rome, Dutch Etchers of the Seventeenth Century.
10185: LE CORNU, COLONEL C-P: - Memoir sur l'Hermitage, l'abbaye de St Helier, et le chateau Elisabeth.
49039: JAMES E CORNWALL: - Historische Kameras 1845 - 1970 : ein Handbuch fur Sammler.
38789: PETER CORNWELL: - Success with Watercolour; Peter Cornwell shares 25 years experience of painting watercolours.
51671: CORONET [COL WALTER FABER]: - Wit and Wisdom of the Shires.
42035: CORRADO RICCI, TRANSLATED BY HEDWIG JAHN: - Antonio Allegri da Correggio : sein Leben und seine Zeit.
12834: COSSHAM, HANDEL: - Battle of Lansdown, a paper read to the Cotteswold Naturalists' Field Club, August 16th 1881.
53404: JOHN COSSINS: - Cossins' New and Exact Plan of the City of York 1748.
21613: CAP CLOVIS NOVA DA COSTA: - O Vale do Rio Branco (suas Realidades e Perspectivas).
30847: MARIA COSTANTINO [CONSTANTINO]: - Treasures of the Louvre.
39087: M D COSTEN [EDITOR]: - Wesleyans and Bible Christians in South Somerset, accounts and minutes 1808 - 1907.
31700: LUCRETIA EDDY COTCHETT: - The Evolution of Furniture.
53266: HOWARD H COTTERELL: - Bristol and West-Country Pewterers, with illustrations of their marks.
11419: COTTIN, MADAME: - Elizabeth; or, the exiles of Siberia.
47378: FRAN COTTON: - My Pride of Lions : the British Isles Tour of South Africa 1997.
55878: BERNARD D COTTON: - The English Regional Chair.
39564: A T QUILLER-COUCH [Q]: - Two Sides of the Face; Midwinter Tales.
39565: A T QUILLER-COUCH [Q]: - The Westcotes.
20220: G G COULTON: - The Chronicler of European Chivalry.
47815: COUNT D'ORNANO: - Life and Loves of Marie Walewska.
7895: COURT, ARTHUR: - A farmer's diary; the farming scene, 1964-74.
7894: COURT, ARTHUR: - Seedtime to harvest; a farmer's life.
54584: ASHLEY COURTENAY: - Let's Halt Awhile in Kent, Surrey & Sussex.
55615: COURTNEY LOVE, EDITED BY AVA STANDER: - Dirty Blonde : the diaries of Courtney Love.
55915: NICHOLAS COURTNEY: - The Queen's Stamps : the authorised history of the Royal Philatelic Collection.
51432: DR JEAN COUTEAU: - Darmadji Satiman : the journey of a lone dreamer - Artist, Gentleman and Nationalist.
54958: DOMINIC COUZENS: - Songs of Love and War : the Dark Heart of Bird Behaviour.
18224: J W COWAN: - Central Heating and Hot-water supply.
14885: MICHAEL COWAN [EDITOR]: - The letters of John Peniston, Salisbury architect, Catholic and Yeomanry Officer, 1823 - 1830.
55205: JOHN COWDERY: - Carriage Driving.
29902: DONALD COWIE [EDITOR]: - The Farmer's Yearbook 1954-1955; Encyclopaedia & Directory of Pedigree Breeders (Cattle, Sheep and Horse).
43371: DONALD COWIE: - New Zealand from within.
43842: C E & T J COWLES: - Felix - the Black & White Catalogue.
55309: TOM PIERCE COWLING: - Little Songs : a book of poems with music for the nursery.
52834: MARY COWLING: - Victorian Figurative Painting : Domestic Life and the Contemporary Social Scene.
55048: FRANK COWPER: - Sailing Tours: the Yachtsman's Guide to the Cruising Waters of the English and adjacent coasts, part III, Falmouth to the Loire - The Coast of Brittany, including the Departments of Finisterre, the Morbihan, and the Lower Loire.
8821: COX, REV J CHARLES [EDITOR]: - Memorials of old Surrey.
47658: C W M COX, A CAMERON & J CULLEN, EDITED BY B LEVICK & S MITCHELL: - Monuments from Appia and the Upper Tembris Valley, Cotiaeum, Cadi, Synaus, Ancyra Sidera and Tiberiopolis.
55944: J CHARLES COX: - English Church fittings, furniture and accessories.
29730: THOMAS COX: - Hertfordshire, extracted from Thomas Cox's Magna Britannia.
51533: CAPTAIN J R W COXHEAD: - Honiton and the Vale of the Otter : a history.
49873: F E CRACKLES, EDITED BY DR R R ARNETT: - Flora of the East Riding of Yorkshire.
23747: JOHN BLANDY & CHRISTINA MARY CRAIG: - Lives of the Fellows of the Royal College of Surgeons of England 1997-2002, vol. 9, with a cumulated index to vols 1-8.
37903: CRAIG HARTLEY, ILLUSTRATED BY DAVID HOCKNEY: - 25 Years of Printmaking.
31530: WILLIAM A CRAIGIE: - A Primer of Burns.
55506: DOROTHY CRAIGIE: - The Little Train.
17174: M SYLVIA CRAIK: - The Splendid Smile.
45620: DAVID CRAMP: - Plovers and others.
50636: STANLEY CRAMP [EDITOR]: - Handbook of the birds of Europe, the Middle East and North Africa (the birds of the Western Palearctic); volume 1, Ostrich to Ducks.
55948: STANLEY CRAMP [EDITOR]: - Handbook of the birds of Europe, the Middle East and North Africa (the birds of the Western Palearctic); volume 3, Waders to Gulls.
37974: E MOCHRIE & C CRAMPTON: - Leather Seated Stools.
37972: CHARLES CRAMPTON: - Brown Cane (Palembang) Baskets.
51026: HANNAH CRANBORNE [EDITOR]: - David Cecil : a portrait by his friends.
42717: YUKI MINEGISHI & DAVID CRANDALL: - Discography of Japanese Traditional Music [Performing Arts of Japan 1].
54486: MICHAEL ORR & JAMES CRATHORNE: - A Present from Crathorne : a pictorial history of the North Yorkshire Village of Crathorne.
53190: JIMAXWELL CRAVEN: - Images of Derby 1860 - 1960.
52838: MAXWELL CRAVEN: - An Illustrated History of Derby.
52807: MAXWELL CRAVEN: - Derby Then and Now in colour [Britain in old photographs series].
52808: MAXWELL CRAVEN: - Derby Past & Present.
52792: MAXWELL CRAVEN: - An Illustrated History of Derby.
52778: MICHAEL CRAVEN: - Inns and Taverns : the Illustrated History of Derby's Pubs.
50227: F MARION CRAWFORD: - Pietro Ghisleri [volume I].
39754: ALISON CRAWFORD: - Bristol Past and Present.
30694: FRANCIS MARION CRAWFORD: - Ave Roma Immortalis; studies from the chronicles of Rome [2 volumes, limited edition].
42967: OSWALD CRAWFURD: - Round the calendar in Portugal.
32507: JIM CRAWLEY: - Crimes of the Century: An illustrated History of British Felony & Misdemeanour.
45563: JOHN CREASEY: - The Valley of Fear.
7567: CREDLE-ROSENTHAL, MCCALL: - Delray Beach (Images of America).
14053: MANDELL CREIGHTON: - The Story Of Some English Shires.
31105: MANDELL CREIGHTON: - The Story Of Some English Shires.
28552: LUELLA CREIGHTON: - The Elegant Canadians.
50228: JEAN-PAUL CRESPELLE: - Monet; the masterworks.
53938: MRS T D CREWDSON: - Aunt Jane's Verses for Children.
24540: ANTHONY CRICKMAY: - Dancers.
47562: WILFRED JOSEPH CRIPPS: - Old French Plate : its makers and marks.
51257: FRANK CRISP: - The Giant of Jembu Gulf : a Dirk Rogers Adventure.
46148: EDMUND CRISPIN [EDITOR]: - Best Detective Stories.
24985: ANNARITA CRISPO: - Danza d'Arte; Divagazioni sulle arti a passo di danza.
43746: R B PUGH & ELIZABETH CRITTALL [EDITORS]: - The Victoria History of the County of Wiltshire, volume Two (II).
43536: R B PUGH & ELIZABETH CRITTALL [EDITORS]: - The Victoria History of the County of Wiltshire, volume Three (III).
26972: R B PUGH & ELIZABETH CRITTALL [EDITORS]: - The Victoria History of the County of Wiltshire, volume Three (III).
23322: S R CROCKETT: - The Dark o' the Moon, being certain further histories of the folk called "Raiders".
23325: S R CROCKETT: - The Banner of Blue.

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