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28701: A E Brehm: - De Kallblodiga Ryggradsdjurens Lif.
51472: G A Bremner [editor]: - Ecclesiology Abroad: the British Empire and Beyond.
65721: Brendan Kennelly, illustrated by Liam Blake: - Real Ireland : People & Landscape.
64175: Otto J Brendel: - Etruscan Art.
66824: Otto J Brendel: - Etruscan Art.
51380: Colin Brent: - Georgian Lewes 1714 - 1830 : the Heyday of a County Town.
71928: Geoffrey Brereton: - Jean Racine : a critical biography.
67229: Anne Breton: - Collectible Miniature Perfume Bottles.
49792: Sarah Brewer [editor]: - The Early Letters of Bishop Richard Hurd 1739 - 1762.
57611: Paul Brewer: - War in Focus : 150 Years of Dramatic Photography from the Battlefield.
26466: Rev Dr Brewer: - A Guide to Roman History, from the earliest period to the close of the Western Empire.
68468: Brian Edwards, Magda Sibley, Mohamad Hakmi & Peter Land [editors]: - Courtyard Housing : past, present & future.
25398: William C Bridge: - Fourteen to Eighty-Four.
70406: Toby Bridges [editor]: - Black Powder Gun Digest.
36103: W Bridges: - A Handy Book for Justices of the Peace.
69362: Raymond L Ditmars & William Bridges: - Snake-Hunters' Holiday : tropical adventures in search of Bats and the Bushmaster.
33106: Tess Bridgwater: - Finding my Footprints in Sarum; memories of a war-time Childhood.
53663: Tom Bridwell: - Humours Run Deep.
53751: Louis Metman & Gaston Briere: - Le Bois : deuxieme partie, XVIIe et XVIIIe Siecles.
53750: Louis Metman & Gaston Briere: - Le Bois : premiere partie, Moyen Age - Renaissance.
43964: Jonathan Brierley: - Jonathan Brierley 1974-1994, selected works - paintings and drawings.
22254: Ben Brierley: - Ab-o'th'-Yate in Yankeeland; the results of two trips to America.
50388: David Briers [editor]: - Pages [Issues 1, 2 & 3, Autumn 1970, Winter 1970 & 1972].
30074: William Brigg: - The Herts (Hertfordshire) Genealogist and Antiquary, volume II.
30010: Kenneth F Gibbs & William Brigg [editors]: - The Parish Registers of Aldenham, Hertfordshire, 1559 to 1659.
69509: Roy W Briggs: - Chinese Wilson : a Life of Ernest H Wilson 1876 - 1930 [The Great Plant Collectors].
16937: John Joseph Briggs: - The Trent, and other poems.
71719: G A Briggs: - More about Loudspeakers.
71720: G A Briggs: - Cabinet Handbook.
57976: G V Bright: - Picturesque Gloucestershire; being a series of exclusive photographs illustrating the ancient and interesting towns and villages of the County, together with a short historical and general description.
50948: W H Brindley: - The Soul of Manchester.
35355: Captain F Brinkley: - Japan (and China), its history, arts and literature, volume 3.
56021: Rosemary Brinley: - Rugmaking.
65058: W Howie Wylie & J Potter Briscoe: - A Popular History of Nottingham.
8388: Briscoe, John Potter: - Stories about the Midlands, being a collection of anecdotes relating to Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Lincolnshire and Leicestershire.
51009: Derrick Brisley: - Braintree and Bocking in old picture postcards.
55931: Commander Carlo B Brittain: - Elements of Naval Warfare.
61567: F J Britten, revised by G H Baillie, C A Ilbert and Cecil Clutton, with diagrams by F Janca and endpapers by L H Cresswell: - Britten's old clocks and watches and their makers.
55152: F J Britten: - [The Antique Collectors' Club edition of] Old Clocks and Watches and their makers, being an historical and descriptive account of the different styles of clocks and watches of the past, in England and Abroad.
72395: Beth Britten: - My Brother Benjamin.
68513: J Britton [etc]: - Restoration of the Church of Saint Mary, Redcliffe, Bristol : an appeal by the Vicar, Churchwardens and Vestry.
16928: John Britton: - Cathedral Antiquities; historical and descriptive accounts of the following English Cathedrals, viz Canterbury, York, Salisbury, Norwich, Oxford, Winchester, Lichfield, Hereford, Wells, Exeter, Worcester, Peterborough, Gloucester and Bristol.
69242: Scott Brizel: - Audrey Hepburn : International Cover Girl.
63417: Natasha Broad [editor] [Salomon Lilian]: - Salomon Lilian : Old Masters, 2012.
69494: Harry Broad: - Rails to Ayr : 18th and 19th century coal waggonways.
68157: L Edna Walter & Lucy Broadwood: - Some Nursery Rhymes of Belgium, France & Russia.
68383: Russell Brockbank: - Motoring through Punch 1900 - 1970.
72455: William Brockbank: - The Honorary Medical Staff of the Manchester Royal Infirmary 1830 - 1948.
11950: Brocklebank, Lieut Colonel Hugh: - A turn or two I'll walk to still my beating mind - commentary on a private collection.
48949: R E Drake-Brockman: - The Mammals of Somaliland.
36190: E D Drake-Brockman: - Staverton on the Dart, from records of church and parish.
56443: Janie Brockman: - Scrap.
62694: J W Brodie, F H Jackson, K J McNaught & R S Craddock: - New Zealand Railway and Revenue Stamps.
66397: Natalia Brodskaya: - From Impressionism to Cubism.
37557: Raoul de Broglie: - Les Clouet de Chantilly; catalogue illustre.
52849: Sean McMahon & Art O Broin: - Faces of Munster : a photographic and literary record 1875 - 1925.
70469: T Percy Lewis & A G Bromley: - The Victorian Book of Cakes : recipes, techniques and decorations from the Golden Age of Cake-making.
64742: Rev Stopford Brooke: - Notes on the Liber Studiorum of J M W Turner R.A.
63755: Major-General Geoffrey Brooke: - Horsemanship, Dressage & Show-jumping (showjumping) [The Lonsdale Library, volume I].
59016: Peter Cannon-Brookes: - Michael Ayrton : an illustrated commentary.
34838: S H Brooks: - Select Designs for Public Buildings; consisting of plans, elevations, perspective views, sections and details of churches, chapels, schools, alms-houses, gas-works, markets and other buildings erected for public purposes.
71192: Phillips Brooks: - Essays and Addresses : Religious, Literary and Social.
53221: Dora Broome: - Matilda the Radio Mouse.
63726: Dora Broome: - Matilda the Radio Mouse.
70563: James M Brophy: - Popular Culture and the Public Sphere in the Rhineland 1800 - 1850.
67115: Salome Broussky: - Chopard : the Passion for Excellence.
18743: Dr John Brown: - Pet Marjorie [Sesame booklets].
48347: John Brown: - Horae Subsecivae : Rab and his Friends and other papers.
18125: Jim Brown: - Coventry City, the Elite Era; a complete record.
17388: J M B Brown: - Studies on British Beechwoods [Forestry Commission Bulletin no. 20].
62340: A Gordon-Brown: - Christopher Webb Smith : an artist at the Cape of Good Hope 1837 - 1839.
62247: J R L Allen & Alex Brown [editors]: - Archaeology in the Severn Estuary 2009 [volume 20].
62243: J R L Allen & Alex Brown [editors]: - Archaeology in the Severn Estuary 2005 [volume 16].
62244: J R L Allen & Alex Brown [editors]: - Archaeology in the Severn Estuary 2006 [volume 17].
62246: J R L Allen & Alex Brown [editors]: - Archaeology in the Severn Estuary 2008 [volume 19].
67076: Fredric Brown: - Compliments of a Fiend.
66877: Marshall Brown: - Preromanticism.
38979: Anthony J Brown: - Ill-starred Captains; Flinders and Baudin.
70032: D K Brown: - Before the Ironclad : Development of Ship Design, Propulsion and Armament in the Royal Navy, 1815-60.
30841: Geoff Brown: - Riding the Midnight Hour; drama, excitement and fun on the footplate 1914-54.
57533: Kevin Brown: - Passage to the World : the Emigrant Experience 1807 - 1940.
57088: John Brown: - Musings behind the Plough.
69566: F Yeats-Brown: - Bengal Lancer.
55850: Christopher Brown: - Images of a Golden Past : Dutch Genre Painting of the 17th Century.
68269: E J Brown: - The First Five : the story of a school.
71836: David C G Brown: - The Larger Moths of Warwickshire.
9659: Brown, Alfred W, edited by Glaisyer, John: - Short notes on "Evesham Friends in the olden time".
18798: Rev G F Browne: - Ice-caves of France and Switzerland; a narrative of subterranean exploration.
62735: John Paddy Browne: - Map Cover Art : a pictorial history of Ordnance Survey cover illustrations.
66720: Alexander Gross & F Waite Browne: - The Premier Road Book of Great Britain.
66582: Sister Gregory Kirkus & Sister Christina Kenworthy-Browne.: - The Big Bang : an historical sketch of the Bar Convent, York, 1900 - 2000.
32786: Edith A Browne: - Peeps at Vegetable Oils [Peeps at Industries].
5773: Browne, Thomas: - Viridarium Poeticum, or the Flower Garden of the muses; a synopsis of epithets, adopted by the most celebrated Latin authors.
63238: Oscar Browning: - Charles XII of Sweden.
16875: Robert Browning: - Ferishtah's Fancies.
61190: Oscar Browning [editor]: - England and Napoleon in 1803, being the despatches of Lord Whitworth and others.
61173: Oscar Browning: - Wars of the Century and the Development of Military Science.
68268: John Browning: - Golden Days : memories of a 1920s village lad.
9335: Browning, Ethel, with a foreword by J Davidson Pratt: - Toxic Solvents.
32873: Alan Brownjohn: - Transformation Scene.
27022: L A Radicati di Brozolo: - Principio di Secol Novo; Saggi su Galileo.
53660: Debra Bruce: - Dissolves.
64917: Mrs C G Bruce, illustrated by Major E Molyneux: - Kashmir (Peeps at Many Lands).
71509: Dorita Fairlie Bruce: - Dimsie Carries On.
62261: Gene Brucker [editor]: - People and Communities in the Western World, volume II (2).
70555: Jean de Brunhoff: - Histoire de Babar le petit elephant [The Story of Babar]; Sketches and Maquette, Commentary.
15565: An old resident at Brussels (Pryse Lockhart Gordon): - A companion for the visitor at Brussels, with estimates of the expenses of living there, and sketches of the Pays Bas, to which are added notes of a tour to Italy by the Tyrol.
54351: Charles-Louis L'Heritier de Brutelle: - Sertum Anglicum 1788 : Facsimile with Critical Studies and a Translation.
63033: A H Bruton: - Notes on the Life and Work of William Tyndale.
58075: La Bruyere; illustrated by Philippe Ledoux, preface by Andre Maurois: - Les Caracteres [2 volumes].
48858: Erik Hornung & Betsy M Bryan [editors]: - The Quest for Immortality : Treasures of Ancient Egypt.
58797: G E Bryant: - The Chelsea Porcelain Toys : scent-bottles, bonbonneries, etuis, seals and statuettes, made at the Chelsea Factory 1745-1769, & Derby Chelsea, 1770-1784.
57040: Sara Cone Bryant: - The Gingerbread Man and other stories for little ones.
17920: James Bryce: - A gazetteer and atlas.
33559: William Moir Bryce: - Holyrood: its palace and its Abbey, an historical appreciation.
61991: Maria Carbonell I Buades: - The Palau de la Generalitat de Catalunya : 600 Years - Art and Architecture.
70880: Alice Buchan: - A Stuart Portrait.
71055: John Buchan: - Oliver Cromwell.
69867: Charles Buchan: - A Lifetime in Football.
62415: R Angus Buchanan [etc]: - Bath History, volume III (3).
34642: George Buchanan: - Rose Forbes; a novel.
67899: Meriel Buchanan: - The Great Mademoiselle.
43039: J A C Buchon: - Choix de Monuments Primitifs de l'Eglise Francaise.
70904: Alex Buck [editor]: - Tassilo von Grolman [Designermonographien / Designer Monographs 8].
60592: Percy C Buck: - Acoustics for Musicians.
59474: Jon Buck: - Behind the Lines.
25362: Martin Buck: - Pathfinder Tours Review of 1987-1988.
67321: M E Buckingham, illustrated by H Radcliffe Wilson: - The Great Carlos.
68178: Henry Buckton: - Salisbury Plain : Home of Britain's Military Training.
57110: Clive Turnbull & Tristan Buesst: - The Art of Rupert Bunny.
68182: Caroline Bugler: - The Bird in Art.
49314: A J Bull: - Drift : Poems and Sonnets [Poems in Pamphlet 1952 III].
7154: Bull, Gerald: - Realms of Green.
53893: John Bullock: - The Rudiments of Architecture and Building, for the use of Architects, Builders, Draughtsmen, Machinists, Engineers and Mechanics.
64804: Brenda Bullock: - A Pocket with a Hole : a Birmingham Childhood of the 1940s and 1950s.
23385: W H Bullock: - Across Mexico in 1864-5.
46456: J G Bullocke [editor]: - The Tomlinson Papers, selected from the correspondence and pamphlets of Captain Robert Tomlinson R.N. & Vice-Admiral Nicholas Tomlinson.
39025: Tim Bulmer: - The Road to Racque and Rouen.
54370: Georgia B Bumgardner: - American Broadsides : sixty facsimilies dated 1680 to 1800 reproduced from originals in the American Antiquarian Society.
38278: Alisa Bunbury: - Arid Arcadia; art of the Flinders Ranges.
66598: John Thackray Bunce: - The History of King Edward's Foundation in Birmingham.
68881: Wiep van Bunge: - Philosopher of Peace : Spinoza, Resident of The Hague.
63427: The Bunkamura Museum of Art, illustrated by Pierre-Joseph Redoute: - Pierre-Joseph Redoute's Fairest Flowers.
32618: Stephen Bunker [editor]: - North Chilterns camera 1863 - 1954, from the Thurston Collection in Luton Museum.
34827: Cyril G E Bunt: - The water-colours of Sir Frank Brangwyn R.A. 1867 - 1956.
68725: Francesco Buranelli [preface]: - The Vatican Museums : The Last Judgement, the Restoration [2 volumes: text & plates].
70976: R Burchett: - Linear Perspective for the use of Schools of Art.
71199: C Burd: - Tewkesbury in old picture postcards, volume 2.
47833: P P Burdett, with an introduction by J B Harley & P Laxton: - A Survey of the County Palatine of Chester, P P Burdett 1777.
45823: P P Burdett, with an introduction by J B Harley & P Laxton: - A Survey of the County Palatine of Chester, P P Burdett 1777.
64595: Eric Burdick: - I'm Coming, Virginia.
72140: Dorothy Burdick [& other members of the Charing and District Local History Society]: - Charing : a Pictorial Past.
48298: D H Burger: - Structural Changes in Javanese Society : the Supra-Village Sphere.
62963: Fred W Burgess: - Old Prints and Engravings [The Home Connoisseur series].
62962: Fred W Burgess: - Silver : Pewter : Sheffield Plate [The Home Connoisseur series].
62533: Jackson Burgess: - Pillar of Cloud.
38741: Clive Burgess [editor]: - The pre-Reformation Records of All Saints' Church, Bristol, part 3, Wills, the Halleway Chantry, Records and Deeds.
38627: Clive Burgess [editor]: - The pre-Reformation Records of All Saints' Church, Bristol, part 3, Wills, the Halleway Chantry, Records and Deeds.
71554: Anthony Burgess: - Homage to Qwert Yuiop.
67827: Betty Crow & Bob Burke: - The House Oklahoma Built : a History of the Oklahoma Governor's Mansion.
9938: Burke, Edmund: - The speeches of the right honourable Edmund Burke, in the House of Commons and in Westminster-Hall [complete in 4 volumes].
65918: Paul D Burley: - Stonehenge : as above, so below - unveiling the Spirit Path on Salisbury Plain.
63760: Ben Lucien Burman: - The Generals wear Cork Hats : an amazing adventure in war-time diplomacy.
59593: Ben Lucien Burman: - The Owl Hoots Twice at Catfish Bend.
69896: Henry Holland Burne: - The Early Years of Queen Victoria's Reign : a paper read before the Bath Literary Club on the 10th of February 1896.
53244: Mrs Frances Hodgson Burnett: - The One I Knew the Best of All.
35882: Frances Hodgson Burnett: - That Lass o'Lowrie's; a Lancashire story.
49442: A E Annels & B C Burnham: - The Dolaucothi Gold Mines.
60859: Colin Burnham: - L.A. Car.
19243: Robert Burns: - Auld Lang Syne and other songs.
51120: Montagu Burrows [editor]: - Collectanea, Third Series.
2736: Burt, Bob: - Surf city, drag city.
7630: Burton, H V T: - The black crinoline; a fantasy.
23023: Adrian Bury: - Two Centuries of British Water-colour painting.
10879: Busching, Mr: - Geographie Universelle, tome cinquieme [contenant la France, seconde partie].
12452: Bushe-Fox, J P: - Excavations on the site of the Roman town at Wroxeter, Shropshire, in 1912, 1913 and 1914.
58592: Anthony Bushell [editor]: - Essays in Germanic Studies [Carl Lofmark Memorial Volume].
48966: Frederick Bussby: - Winchester Cathedral 1079 - 1979.
43678: Sarnia Butcher: - Nornour.
71523: Bob Butchers: - Silks, Soaks and Certainties.
70416: Edward Butler: - Transmission Gears : Mechanical, Electric and Hydraulic for Land and Marine Purposes.
31408: Ewan Butler: - Without Apology; the autobiography of Sir George Maudesley, Bart., edited with notes and a Postacript.
72146: John Butler: - The Quest for Becket's Bones : the mystery of the relics of St Thomas Becket of Canterbury.
8684: Butler, Derek: - Canterbury in old photographs.
59522: Martin Butlin: - Aspects of British Painting 1550 - 1800 from the Collection of the Sarah Campbell Blaffer Foundation.
69032: Dr John Butt [editor]: - Industrial Archaeology Volume 9.
69941: Sue Butterworth [editor]: - The Vietnam Story.
58421: A S Buxton: - Mansfield in the Eighteenth Century.
37830: L Cranmer-Byng: - The Rose Garden of Sa'di (Sadi) [Wisdom of the East].
70267: Andrew Byrne: - Bedford Square; an architectural study.
72473: Nora Byron: - Eton: a Dame's Chronicle.
55912: Hector C Bywater: - Sea-Power in the Pacific : a Study of the American-Japanese Naval Problem.
46128: H W Bywaters: - Modern Methods of Cocoa and Chocolate Manufacture.
54416: Elizabeth Cadell: - The Friendly Air.
63463: The Hon Edward Cadogan: - Makers of Modern History : Three Types, Louis Napoleon, Cavour, Bismarck.
70473: Margaret Cadwaladr: - In Veronica's Garden.
43175: Gabriele Caioni [editor]: - Moretti - The Middle Ages and Early Renaissance, paintings and sculptures from the Carlo de Carlo Collection and other Provenance.
28553: Mona Caird: - Romantic Cities of Provence.
60056: David Cairns: - Berlioz, volume two (2), Servitude and Greatness.
71331: Joyce Cairns: - Joyce Cairns : Ship to Shore.
68380: Caitriona O'Reilly: - Geis.
13334: Pontus Hulten & Germano Calant: - Italian Art 1900-1945.
64202: Randolph Caldecott: - Randolph Caldecott's Graphic Pictures.
62734: J W Caldicott, edited by J Starkie Gardner: - The Values of old English Silver and Sheffield Plate, from the XVth to the XIXth centuries.
66753: Dorothy J Callaway & M Brett Callaway [editors]: - Breeding Ornamental Plants.
14339: Godfrey Callaway: - Sketches of Kafir Life.
20205: M Victor Calliat: - Encyclopedie d'Architecture, journal mensuel, septieme Annee, 1857.
50983: Alastair Wilson & Joseph F Callo: - Who's Who in Naval History from 1550 to the present.
72133: Albert F Calvert: - The Escorial : a historical and descriptive account of the Spanish Royal Palace, monastery and mausoleum.
66528: Kenneth Cameron: - The place-names of Derbyshire, part Three (3), Appletree Hundred, Repton & Gresley Hundred, analyses & indexes.
59948: Kenneth Cameron: - The place-names of Derbyshire, part Three (3), Appletree Hundred, Repton & Gresley Hundred, analyses & indexes.
12987: Cameron, Charlotte: - Mexico in revolution - an account of an English woman's experiences & adventures in the land of revolution, with a description of the people, the beauties of the country & the highly interesting remains of Aztec civilisation.
22024: Camille Vincent, translated by M J Salter: - Ammonia and its compounds; their manufacture and uses.
66152: F J Camm: - Newnes Engineer's Manual.
10976: Cammaerts, Emile, illustrated by Louis Raemaekers: - The adoration of the soldiers [l'adoration des soldats].
54139: L Sprague de Camp & Catherine C de Camp: - Ancient Ruins and Archaeology.
35492: Anthony J Camp [editor]: - An index to the wills proved in the prerogative court of Canterbury, 1750-1800, volume 1, A-Bh.
23249: Anthony J Camp [editor]: - An index to the wills proved in the prerogative court of Canterbury, 1750-1800, volume 4, H-M
23248: Anthony J Camp [editor]: - An index to the wills proved in the prerogative court of Canterbury, 1750-1800, volume 1, A-Bh.
23140: Anthony J Camp [editor]: - An index to the wills proved in the prerogative court of Canterbury, 1750-1800, volume 3, Ch - G.
16493: W K H Campbell: - Practical co-operation in Asia and Africa.
32303: Tony Campbell: - Hoogtepunten uit de Wereld van de Cartografie; Oude kaarten en hun makers.
57609: David Campbell [foreword]: - Voice of the Seniors : The First Seven Years (August 1989 to May 1996).
55838: Rear-Admiral Gordon Campbell: - Number Thirteen : being the autobiography of Rear-Admiral Gordon Campbell VC DSO MP.
65774: Roger Campion: - The Call of Duty; Police Gallantry in Devon and Cornwall.
68077: Cristian Campos [editor]: - The Big Book of Bags, Tags, and Labels.
71815: Peter Du Cane: - An Engineer of Sorts.
36631: Richard Cannon: - Historical Record of the First, or Royal Regiment of Foot: containing an account of the origin of the regiment in the reign of King James VI of Scotland, and of its subsequent services to 1846.
25948: Canon Henry Scott Holland, edited by J Howard Whitehouse: - An Apology for St Paul's Cathedral.
63890: F J Sanchez Canton: - La Coleccion Cambo.
71769: Vivian Capel: - Audio on Wheels.
13901: Capella: - Magic Time.
33025: Wendy Caplan [editor]: - Scotland Creates: 5000 years of art and design.
68825: S Canynge Caple: - A History of Gloucestershire County Cricket Club 1870 - 1948.
67442: Edmund Capon: - Chinese Painting.
70115: Edmund Capon: - Tang China : Vision and Splendour of a Golden Age.
68874: Captain John Mansel, edited by E G C Beckwith: - The Mansel Diaries : the diaries of Captain John Mansel, prisoner-or-war and Camp forger, in Germany 1940-45.
37586: Rosario Caputo: - Vincenzo Migliaro.
50320: Steven Caras: - Peter Martins : Prince of the Dance.
68339: Peter Carey: - Bliss.
59480: Daniel Yonnet & Andre Cariou: - Le Finistere des Peintres.
35369: Carl A Zapffe, Frederick K Landgraf & Clee O Worden: - Fractographic Study of the Bismuth-Antimony system.
69544: Donald de Carle: - Watchmakers' & Clockmakers' Encyclopaedic Dictionary.
69825: Eric Carle: - Does a Kangaroo have a Mother, Too ?
71774: Donald de Carle: - Complicated watches and their repair.
47877: Will Carleton: - Farm Legends.
47878: Will Carleton: - Farm Ballads.
50710: Enzo Carli: - La Scultura Lignea Italiana dal XII al XVI Secolo.
69878: Claudio Carli: - Claudio Carli : terre.
64543: Carlo Goldoni, edited by Helen Zimmern: - The Comedies of Carlo Goldoni.
26802: Carlos Gonzalez Pena, translated by Gusta Barfield Nance & Florene Johnson Dunstan: - History of Mexican Literature.
2004: Carlton, Grace: - Running commentary.
68969: W Y Carman: - British Military Uniforms from contemporary pictures : Henry VII to the present day.
61993: Marius Carol: - Barcelona 360.
63052: J E Carpenter: - Routledge's Comic Reciter.
51198: David R Carr [editor]: - The first general entry book of the City of Salisbury, 1387 - 1452.
63440: John Dickson Carr: - In Spite of Thunder.
14889: David R Carr [editor]: - The first general entry book of the City of Salisbury, 1387 - 1452.
24050: E Carr: - The story of Sir Richard Whittington, Lord Mayor of London, in the years 1397, 1406-7 & 1419 A.D.
64940: Carlo Carra: - Giotto : the Cappella degli Scrovegni [Italian Frescoes].
58752: FitzRoy Carrington [editor]: - A Print-Lover's Hundred.
55820: David Carroll: - Dumfries [Scotland in Old Photographs].
4393: Carruthers, Thomas: - Urine examination made easy; a plan of examination with the common tests fully described.
10829: Carruthers, S W: - Three centuries of the Westminster shorter catechism, with a facsimile reproduction of the original manuscript presented to Parliament 25th November 1647.
51347: R A G Carson: - Coins : Ancient, Mediaeval & Modern.
41089: J L Carstairs: - This Art.
65113: Charles Carter: - The Easter Story in Art.
64737: Reg Carter [illustrator]: - Nursery Rhymes up-to-date (book number 2), The Queen of Hearts etc.
63424: David Giles Carter: - Northern Baroque Paintings & Drawings from the Collection of Mr and Mrs Henry H Weldon.
67118: Mary Randolph Carter [editor]: - Diary of a Collection : Ralph Lauren, Fall 2005.
39687: Rob and Nick Carter: - Rob and Nick Carter.
68076: Tom Carter: - The Victorian Garden.
21320: Robert Carter: - The Giants' Dance [book two of the Language of Stones].
72255: A C R Carter: - The Year's Art 1942 - 1944 : a concise spitome of all matters relating to the arts of painting, sculpture, engraving and architecture and to schools of design.
7562: Carter, Professor H & Griffiths, H M [editors]: - National atlas of Wales [Atlas Cenedlaethol Cymru].
47547: Nicole Cartier: - Les Orfevres de Douai [Dictionnaire des poincons de l'orfeverie francaise].
63746: Barbara Cartland: - Marriage for Moderns.
65491: Thos Cartwright: - Sigurd the Dragon-Slayer : a twice-told tale.
21121: Teresa Martins de Carvalho: - Um Patrimonio Artistico.
48533: Antony Griffiths & Frances Cary: - German Printmaking in the Age of Goethe.
60248: Dott Egidio Casasco: - L'Uomo e gli Animali (gli inutili maltrattamenti).
68376: Paul Casey: - Virtual Tides.
54168: Zoe Cass: - A Twist in the Silk.
58064: Frederick Charles Cass: - South Mimms.
56555: Caroline Cass: - Grand Illusions : Contemporary Interior Murals.
44189: Rev Stephen Hyde Cassan: - Lives and Memoirs of the Bishops of Sherborne and Salisbury.
70287: Joseph Bonnici & Michael Cassar: - The Malta Tramway and the Barracca Lift.
65121: Patrizia Castelli: - La Rinascita del Sapere : libri e maestri dello studio ferrarese.
37255: Enrique Balcells & Joaquim Castells: - Ordesa y Monte Perdido; parque nacional, la naturaleza en Espana.
51391: Egerton Castle: - Consequences, volume II.
66731: S Castroviejo [editor]: - Flora Iberica, Plantas vasulares de la Peninsula Iberica e Islas Baleares, vol. VII (II), Leguminosae (partim)
66726: S Castroviejo, M Lainz, G Lopez Gonzalez, P Montserrat, F Munoz Garmendia, J Paiva & L Villar [editors]: - Flora Iberica, Plantas vasulares de la Peninsula Iberica e Islas Baleares, vol. I (1), Lycopodiaceae - Papaveraceae.
66730: S Castroviejo, M Lainz, G Lopez Gonzalez, P Montserrat, F Munoz Garmendia, J Paiva & L Villar [editors]: - Flora Iberica, Plantas vasulares de la Peninsula Iberica e Islas Baleares, vol. VIII (8), Haloragaceae - Euphorbiaceae.
40251: Catherine Bruzzone, illustrated by Clare Beaton: - German for Children (fun, activity-based language learning).
26913: J J Catto [editor]: - The History of the University of Oxford, volume I, The Early Oxford Schools.
49136: M de Caumont: - Statistique Monumentale du Calvados [4 tomes].
70827: Brigadier J A L Caunter: - Shark Angling in Great Britain.
4146: Cave-Browne, J: - Lambeth Palace and its associations.
54547: R Cave: - Geology of The Malmesbury District.
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64477: R W Dickson: - The Farmer's Companion; being a complete system of modern husbandry, including the latest improvements and discoveries in theory and practice [2 volumes].
70709: Gowan C Clark & C G C Dickson: - Life Histories of the South African Lycaenid Butterflies.
7381: Diehl, Gaston: - Les Fauves.
21959: Jean-Marie Gehu & Hartmut Dierschke: - Documents Phytosociologiques, nouvelle serie, volume IV.
42970: George Digby: - Down Wind.
52259: Michael Diggin: - This is Kerry.
48923: Mary Dillon: - The Patience of John Morland.
63498: D Dilworth: - The Tame Mills of Staffordshire.
55778: Dina Vierny, Fanny Guillon-Laffaille, Pierre Cabanne & Bertrand Lorquin: - Raoul Dufy : un autre regard.
69295: Jim Dine: - Jim Dine : Venus.
65824: H G Dines, S Buchan & C R Bristow: - Geology of the Country around Sevenoaks and Tonbridge (sheet 287).
48948: John Dinsdale: - Sketches of Scarbro' [Scarborough] drawn from nature.
13882: G S Strange & D S Dinwoodie: - Cairngorms area vol IV & V, Lochnagar and Creag an Dubh-Loch (Scottish Mountaineering Club, climbers' guide books).
44628: Edouard Diricq: - Gruyeres en Gruyere.
28754: C Diriks: - Skisser af Reiselivet i Norge (sketches from travels in Norway).
15796: Rev P H Ditchfield [editor]: - The Berks, Bucks & Oxon Archaeological Journal, volume IV.
60926: P H Ditchfield: - Old English Sports.
35275: P H Ditchfield: - Memorials of old Oxfordshire.
55173: P H Ditchfield: - The Story of the City Companies.
67474: Kornel Divald: - Old Hungarian Art.
65551: Maud Diver: - Royal India : a descriptive and historical study of India's fifteen principal States and their Rulers.
49867: John Dix: - Local Legends and Rambling Rhymes.
56646: E E L Dixon, J Maden, F M Trotter, S E Hollingworth & L H Tonks: - The Geology of the Carlisle, Longtown and Silloth District.
33918: Michael Dobbin: - Nottinghamshire History and Topography; a select descriptive bibliography to 1980.
67697: Austen Dobbs: - The Birds of Nottinghamshire past and present.
18767: Margaret Dobson: - Art Appreciation.
68495: Austin Dobson: - At Prior Park and other papers.
72214: Jessica Fulford-Dobson: - Skate Girls of Kabul.
72215: Jessica Fulford-Dobson: - Skate Girls of Kabul.
67813: John Berchmans Dockery: - They that Build : the life of Mother Clare of Brentwood.
63946: Doctor Goldsmith, illustrated by Thomas Rowlandson: - The Vicar of Wakefield.
67079: E L Doctorow: - Bad Man from Bodie.
3895: Dodd, A E: - Three journeys.
59861: William Dodd: - The Beauties of Shakespear [Shakespeare], volume III.
21681: J McN Dodgson: - The place-names of Cheshire, part Three (3), the place names of Nantwich Hundred and Eddisbury Hundred.
69570: Maurice Doggett: - ECW : Eastern Coach Works, an illustrated history of the coachbuilding activities at Lowestoft 1919 - 1946.
69571: Maurice Doggett: - ECW : Eastern Coach Works, an illustrated history of the coachbuilding activities at Lowestoft 1919 - 1946.
65490: Bernard Dolman: - A Dictionary of Contemporary British Artists, 1929.
44310: Emmanuel Domenech: - Le Mexique : tel qu'il est la verite sur son climat, ses habitants et son gouvernement.
71405: Don Scott, edited by J W T Cooper: - The Nature of Hampstead Heath.
53966: David Donald [editor]: - Wings of Fame : The Journal of Classic Combat Aircraft, volume 1.
47266: David Donald [editor]: - Warplanes of the Luftaffe.
47268: David Donald [editor]: - Wings of Fame : The Journal of Classic Combat Aircraft, volume 4.
67201: Donald Martin Reynolds, illustrated by Richard Berenholtz: - Manhattan Architecture.
12961: Donizetti, adapted by Charles Lamb Kenney, edited by J Pittman: - La Figlia del Reggimento, opera in two acts by Donizetti, with Italian words and a new English adaptation by Charles Lamb Kenney.
64887: G L Donnelly: - A Quest for Wings : from Tail-Gunner to Pilot.
70980: Maureen Donnelly: - The Nine Glens : a perconal look at the history, folklore and poetryof the Nine Glens of Antrim.
24531: The Honble Donough o'Brien: - Miniatures in the XVIIIth and XIXth Centuries; an historical and descriptive record.
1406: Donovan, Mark: - Rawhide Storm.
59101: Claude Joseph Dorat: - The kisses (les baisers), preceded by the Month of May.
51254: Gustave Dore [illustrator]: - Oeuvres de Rabelais, tome premier.
12603: Doree, Stephen G [editor]: - The Parish Register and Tithing Book of Thomas Hassall of Amwell.
61962: Doris Twin, illustrated by Patricia Carey: - The Funny Bunnies.
5841: Dorival, Bernard: - Atlan; essai de biographie artistique.
67778: Peter Dorling: - The Lugg Valley, Herefordshire : Archaeology, Landscape Change and Conservation.
56786: Richard Dorment: - Alfred Gilbert.
25668: Richard Dorment: - Alfred Gilbert, Sculptor and Goldsmith.
68930: Marion Dormer: - Dubbo, City on the Plains, volume II (2), 1901 - 1988.
69285: Roland Dorn [etc]: - Van Gogh Face to Face : the portraits.
67206: Jane Dorner: - Fashion in the Twenties and Thirties.
68680: Roland Doschka [editor]: - Pablo Picasso : Metamorphoses of the Human Form, Graphic Works 1895 - 1972.
70502: Harry Double [editor]: - Stowmarket : a Pageant in Pictures.
72118: David Dougan: - The Great Gun-Maker : the life of Lord Armstrong.
69705: A Doughty: - The Central Wales Line : an illustrated history of the Shrewsbury to Swansea Railway.
64436: Genevieve Tudor & Amy Douglas: - Evesham Voices [Tempus Oral History series].
63594: Douglas Fraser, Howard Hibbard & Milton J Lewine [editors]: - Essays in the History of Art presented to Rudolf Wittkower.
17480: William Douglas: - Summer Roundels; a Merry Xmas by William Douglas.
35712: Loudon M Douglas: - The Bacillus of Long Life; a manual of the preparation and souring of milk for dietary purposes.
65628: Genevieve Tudor & Amy Douglas: - Evesham Voices [Tempus Oral History series].
41565: Donald McNutt Douglass: - Many Brave Hearts.
14123: Doust, L A: - How to draw for reproduction.
32817: L A Doust: - The Art of Lettering and Lay-out, including illuminating and book decoration.
34568: Archdeacon Dowling: - The Patriarchate of Jerusalem.
43748: Alec Down: - Chichester Excavations IV (4).
43530: Alec Down: - Chichester Excavations V (5).
41295: Alec Down: - Rescue Archaeology in Chichester.
54565: H C Squirrell & R A Downing: - Geology of the South Wales Coalfield, part I : the country around Newport (Mon).
67621: Sir Philip Dowson [etc]: - Royal Academy Schools : Final Year Exhibition 1997.
64446: Michael Dowty: - Around Pershore in old photographs.
55219: Michael Dowty: - Around Pershore in old photographs.

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