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23955: HANS BOSCH: - Deutsche Schmiedearbeiten (Schmiede-arbeiten) aus funf Jahrhunderten, nach eigenen photographischen original-aufnahmen in Lichtdruck vervielfaltigt von den vereinigten Kunstanstalten A-G Munchen.
60785: PETER BOSLEY: - Light Railways in England and Wales.
59219: DOROTHY BOSOMWORTH [EDITOR]: - The Victorian catalogue of household goods; a complete compendium of over five thousand items to furnish and decorate the Victorian home.
46317: H TH BOSSERT, U B AKIM, H CAMBEL, N ONGUNSU & I SUZEN: - Die Ausgrabungen auf dem Karatepe (erster vorbericht) - Karatepe Kazilari (birinci on-rapor).
61921: DEREK OGDEN & GERALD BOST: - Ganzel & Wulff : the Quest for American Milling Secrets.
61784: WILLIAM A BOSTICK: - Decorative Arts of the Italian Renaissance 1400 - 1600.
54563: P G H BOSWELL: - Geology of The Country around Woodbridge, Felixstowe and Orford.
61548: ROSE HENNIKER HEATON & PHYLLIS BOSWORTH: - Contract with James.
26172: ROSE HENNIKER HEATON & PHYLLIS BOSWORTH: - Contract with James.
64655: KEITH BOTSFORD: - Master Race.
66585: GEORGE BOTT: - The Mary Hewetson Cottage Hospital, Keswick : a brief history 1892 - 1992.
7716: BOUCHARD, DAVID, ILLUSTRATED BY RON PARKER: - Voices from the wild.
47746: DAVID BOUCHER: - Steel, Skill & Survival : Rugby in Ebbw Vale and the Valleys, volume I (1870 - 1952).
57885: REV BARTON BOUCHIER: - The country pastor and his flock; or, stories of my parish, second series.
31385: H PERCY BOULNOIS: - Municipal Engineering; surveying the scope of municipal engineering and the statutory position, the appointment, the training and the duties of a Municipal Engineer.
17499: PIERRE DE BOURDEILLE: - Oeuvres completes de Pierre de Bourdeille, Abbe seculier de Brantome, et d'Andre, Vicomte de Bourdeille, tome premier, des Hommes.
67646: HENRY LEGGE-BOURKE: - The Brigade of Guards on Ceremonial Occasions.
60436: H N TWELLS & T W BOURNE: - A Pictorial Record of LMS Road Vehicles.
42923: GEORGE BOURNE: - Memoirs of a Surrey Labourer; a record of the last years of Frederick Bettesworth.
49703: KENNETH BOURNE [EDITOR]: - The Letters of the Third Viscount Palmerston to Laurence and Elizabeth Sullivan 1804 - 1863.
33858: ALAIN BOURNETON: - Panoramas des Pyrenees.
51358: M DE BOURRIENNE: - Private Memoirs of Napoleon Bonaparte, during the periods of the Directory, the Consulate and the Empire, volume II.
25956: AUGUSTIN BOUTIQUE [ILLUSTRATOR]: - Principaux Chateaux des Bords de la Loire et de ses Affluent, avec 90 illustrations phototypiques de Augustin Boutique [Les Grands Chateaux de France, deuxieme volume].
21988: CARL BOVALLIUS: - Nicaraguan Antiquities.
59632: LIONEL BOVIER [EDITOR]: - John Armleder [Flammarion Contemporary series].
64380: GREGORY HOUSTON BOWDEN: - Morgan : First and Last of the Real Sports Cars.
51797: H J M BOWEN: - The Flora of Berkshire.
65840: HUMPHRY BOWEN: - The Flora of Dorset.
42711: F O BOWER: - The Origin of a Land Flora; a theory based upon the facts of alternation.
39222: ROBERT BOWES: - The Correspondence of Robert Bowes, of Aske, esquire, the Ambassador of Queen Elizabeth in the Court of Scotland.
21778: ISAIAH BOWMAN: - The Andes of Southern Peru; geographical reconnaissance along the seventy-third meridian.
42344: JANE BOWN: - Pillars of the Church.
53798: E A BOWNESS, NORMAN DUERDEN & DAVID TARN: - The Yorkshire Dales.
60911: REV T NORMAN BOWSELL: - Historic Canterbury.
23459: OUR OWN BOARD SCHOOL BOY: - Prize essay on the history and antiquities of Exeter.
67555: F FRASER DARLING & J MORTON BOYD: - The Highlands and Islands.
12137: BOYES, JOHN: - The company of adventurers.
67568: ANDREW BOYLE: - The Fourth Man : the definitive account of Kim Philby, Guy Burgess and Donald Maclean, and who recruited them to spy for Russia.
1992: BOYSON, HUBERT: - Theme and fantasy (collected poems).
59610: FRANCIS RIBEMONT & BERNADETTE DE BOYSSON: - Les Raisins du silence : chef's-d'oeuvre de la nature morte europeene du XVIIe et du XVIIIe siecles [The grapes of silence : 17th and 18th century Masterpieces of European Still Life].
60110: EDWARD BRADBURY: - All about Derbyshire.
64758: JIM BRADBURY: - The Routledge Companion to Medieval Warfare.
18237: ROBIN BRADBURY: - The Magi and the Moontree.
55065: OLIVER BRADBURY: - The Lost Mansions of Mayfair.
24270: EDWARD BRADBY: - The book of Devizes; the life story of an ancient borough.
47655: DONALD W BRADEEN: - The Athenian Agora, volume XVII, Inscriptions, The Funerary Monuments.
3872: BRADFORD, HUGH: - The divine marriage; a symposium.
64465: A G BRADLEY: - The Avon and Shakespeare's Country.
63391: JOHN W BRADLEY: - A Dictionary of Miniaturists, Illuminators, Calligraphers and Copyists, with references to their works, and notices of their patrons, from the Establishment of Christianity to the Eighteenth Century [3 volumes].
61387: IAN BRADLEY [EDITOR]: - The Daily Telegraph Book of Carols.
66901: TEX BRADLEY: - Guntrail.
62944: H G BRADLEY [EDITOR]: - Ceramics of Derbyshire 1750 - 1975.
28219: JOSEPH ALFRED BRADNEY [EDITOR]: - Registrum Antiquum de Llanddewi Rhydderch in Comitatu Monumethensi, 1670-1783.
53836: PETER BRADSHAW: - 18th Century English Porcelain Figures, 1745 - 1795.
52163: PETER BRADSHAW: - 18th Century English Porcelain Figures, 1745 - 1795.
60461: LUCY BRAGGIOTTI [EDITOR]: - To Megalo Meteoro: Historia Kai Techne; The Great Meteorion [Meteoron] : History and Art
66067: ERNEST BRAMAH: - Kai Lung unrolls his Mat.
60368: MARGARET BRAMFORD: - Pershore, Where d'Ye Think?
64462: MARGARET BRAMFORD: - Pershore, Where d'Ye Think?
64459: MARGARET BRAMFORD: - Overbury, Queen of Villages : recollections.
60167: M BRAMSTON: - The Banner of St George : a Picture of Old England.
35020: HENDERSON WILLIAM BRAND: - Simpson's Cookery, improved and modernised; the Complete Modern Cook, containing a very extensive and original collection of reciped in cookery, as now used at the best tables of London and Paris.
58548: CHRISTIANNA BRAND: - Nurse Matilda.
42909: MARC BRANDEL: - The Ides of Summer (a low fantasy).
59279: JIM BRANDENBURG [FOREWORD]: - Wildlife Photographer of the Year, Portfolio 22.
63735: MICHAEL BRANDER: - The 10th Royal Hussars [Famous Regiments].
61872: RAPHAEL AND J ARTHUR BRANDON: - Parish Churches; being perspective views of English Ecclesiastical Structures.
18709: J F BRANSFORD: - Archaeological researches in Nicaragua.
28785: CLEMENS BRANTANO: - Funf Marchen.
49907: W S BRASSINGTON: - Picturesque Warwickshire.
67388: ADOLPHE ARMAND BRAUN: - Hieroglyphic or Greek Method of Life Drawing.
66612: EDWARD BRAUN: - Meyerhold : a revolution in theatre.
41450: WOLFGANG BRAUNFELS [INTRODUCTION]: - Industrielle Fruhzeit im Gemalde : Erzbergbau und Eisenhutten in der Europaischen Malerei 1500 bis 1850.
46068: WALTER T K BRAUNHOLTZ: - The institution of Gas Engineers; the first hundred years 1863-1963.
36391: MRS BRAY: - A description of the part of Devonshire bordering on the Tamar and the Tavy, volume III.
7750: BRAYLEY, W E, EDITED AND REVISED BY EDWARD WALFORD: - History of Surrey [complete in four volumes].
25922: S BRAZIER, R HAMMOND, S R WATERMAN & P A BROWN: - A new geography of Nottingham.
28701: A E BREHM: - De Kallblodiga Ryggradsdjurens Lif.
51472: G A BREMNER [EDITOR]: - Ecclesiology Abroad: the British Empire and Beyond.
65721: BRENDAN KENNELLY, ILLUSTRATED BY LIAM BLAKE: - Real Ireland : People & Landscape.
53182: BRENDAN O'KEEFFE: - British Railway Steam Locomotives in the 20th Century : volume 1, BR Standard Classes and WD Austerity Locomotives.
66824: OTTO J BRENDEL: - Etruscan Art.
64175: OTTO J BRENDEL: - Etruscan Art.
51380: COLIN BRENT: - Georgian Lewes 1714 - 1830 : the Heyday of a County Town.
67229: ANNE BRETON: - Collectible Miniature Perfume Bottles.
53573: JAMES A GANZ & RICHARD R BRETTELL: - From Paris : A Taste for Impressionism - Paintings from the Clark.
67852: SUSAN BREWER: - British Dolls of the 1950s.
49792: SARAH BREWER [EDITOR]: - The Early Letters of Bishop Richard Hurd 1739 - 1762.
26466: REV DR BREWER: - A Guide to Roman History, from the earliest period to the close of the Western Empire.
57611: PAUL BREWER: - War in Focus : 150 Years of Dramatic Photography from the Battlefield.
59175: BRIAN PHILP, KEITH PARFITT, JOHN WILLSON, MIKE DUTTO & WENDY WILLIAMS: - The Roman Villa Site at Keston, Kent : First Report, Excavations 1968 - 1978.
25398: WILLIAM C BRIDGE: - Fourteen to Eighty-Four.
49683: J B CORNISH & J A D BRIDGER [EDITORS]: - Penzance and the Land's End District : a handbook for visitors and residents [Homeland Handbooks series].
36103: W BRIDGES: - A Handy Book for Justices of the Peace.
56177: TIM BRIDGES: - Churches of Worcestershire.
33106: TESS BRIDGWATER: - Finding my Footprints in Sarum; memories of a war-time Childhood.
53663: TOM BRIDWELL: - Humours Run Deep.
53750: LOUIS METMAN & GASTON BRIERE: - Le Bois : premiere partie, Moyen Age - Renaissance.
53751: LOUIS METMAN & GASTON BRIERE: - Le Bois : deuxieme partie, XVIIe et XVIIIe Siecles.
22254: BEN BRIERLEY: - Ab-o'th'-Yate in Yankeeland; the results of two trips to America.
43964: JONATHAN BRIERLEY: - Jonathan Brierley 1974-1994, selected works - paintings and drawings.
50388: DAVID BRIERS [EDITOR]: - Pages [Issues 1, 2 & 3, Autumn 1970, Winter 1970 & 1972].
30074: WILLIAM BRIGG: - The Herts (Hertfordshire) Genealogist and Antiquary, volume II.
30010: KENNETH F GIBBS & WILLIAM BRIGG [EDITORS]: - The Parish Registers of Aldenham, Hertfordshire, 1559 to 1659.
16937: JOHN JOSEPH BRIGGS: - The Trent, and other poems.
64388: KATHARINE M BRIGGS: - A Dictionary of British Folk-Tales in the Englsh Language, incorporating the F J Norton Collection, part A, Folk Narratives [2 volumes].
57976: G V BRIGHT: - Picturesque Gloucestershire; being a series of exclusive photographs illustrating the ancient and interesting towns and villages of the County, together with a short historical and general description.
50948: W H BRINDLEY: - The Soul of Manchester.
35355: CAPTAIN F BRINKLEY: - Japan (and China), its history, arts and literature, volume 3.
56021: ROSEMARY BRINLEY: - Rugmaking.
8388: BRISCOE, JOHN POTTER: - Stories about the Midlands, being a collection of anecdotes relating to Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Lincolnshire and Leicestershire.
65058: W HOWIE WYLIE & J POTTER BRISCOE: - A Popular History of Nottingham.
51009: DERRICK BRISLEY: - Braintree and Bocking in old picture postcards.
67352: W S BRISTOWE: - The World of Spiders [King Penguin 35].
67580: STAN BRITT: - Dexter Gordon : a musical biography.
55931: COMMANDER CARLO B BRITTAIN: - Elements of Naval Warfare.
56727: F J BRITTEN, REVISED BY RICHARD GOOD: - Britten's Watch & Clock Maker's Handbook, Dictionary and Guide.
55152: F J BRITTEN: - [The Antique Collectors' Club edition of] Old Clocks and Watches and their makers, being an historical and descriptive account of the different styles of clocks and watches of the past, in England and Abroad.
16928: JOHN BRITTON: - Cathedral Antiquities; historical and descriptive accounts of the following English Cathedrals, viz Canterbury, York, Salisbury, Norwich, Oxford, Winchester, Lichfield, Hereford, Wells, Exeter, Worcester, Peterborough, Gloucester and Bristol.
31950: ANDREW BRITTON: - Once upon a Line, Reminiscences of the Isle of Wight railways, volume one.
63417: NATASHA BROAD [EDITOR] [SALOMON LILIAN]: - Salomon Lilian : Old Masters, 2012.
59525: NATASHA BROAD [EDITOR] [SALOMON LILIAN]: - Salomon Lilian : Old Masters, 2015.
51235: DAVID BROCK: - The Fox-hunter's [foxhunter's] week-end book.
11950: BROCKLEBANK, LIEUT COLONEL HUGH: - A turn or two I'll walk to still my beating mind - commentary on a private collection.
36190: E D DRAKE-BROCKMAN: - Staverton on the Dart, from records of church and parish.
48949: R E DRAKE-BROCKMAN: - The Mammals of Somaliland.
56443: JANIE BROCKMAN: - Scrap.
62694: J W BRODIE, F H JACKSON, K J MCNAUGHT & R S CRADDOCK: - New Zealand Railway and Revenue Stamps.
66397: NATALIA BRODSKAYA: - From Impressionism to Cubism.
37557: RAOUL DE BROGLIE: - Les Clouet de Chantilly; catalogue illustre.
52849: SEAN MCMAHON & ART O BROIN: - Faces of Munster : a photographic and literary record 1875 - 1925.
63815: J NOWILL BROMEHEAD: - Beverston : its church and its castle, with notes on Chavenage.
67200: ROY BROOK: - The Story of Eltham Palace.
64742: REV STOPFORD BROOKE: - Notes on the Liber Studiorum of J M W Turner R.A.
63755: MAJOR-GENERAL GEOFFREY BROOKE: - Horsemanship, Dressage & Show-jumping (showjumping) [The Lonsdale Library, volume I].
50029: GEOFFREY BROOKE: - Horse-sense and horsemanship of to-day [today].
59016: PETER CANNON-BROOKES: - Michael Ayrton : an illustrated commentary.
67847: ROBIN J BROOKS: - Thames Valley airfields in the Second World War; Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Middlesex.
34838: S H BROOKS: - Select Designs for Public Buildings; consisting of plans, elevations, perspective views, sections and details of churches, chapels, schools, alms-houses, gas-works, markets and other buildings erected for public purposes.
56275: B W L BROOKSBANK: - London Main Line War Damage.
63726: DORA BROOME: - Matilda the Radio Mouse.
53221: DORA BROOME: - Matilda the Radio Mouse.
65663: FRANK BROOMHEAD: - The book illustrations of Orlando Jewitt.
33717: LORD BROUGHAM: - Old England's Worthies; being full and original bographies of the most eminent statesmen, lawyers, warriors, men of letters and science, and artists of our country.
67115: SALOME BROUSSKY: - Chopard : the Passion for Excellence.
67076: FREDRIC BROWN: - Compliments of a Fiend.
59748: ERIC BROWN: - Cardiff Docks : a photographic history.
65286: DAVID BROWN: - Tchaikovsky : the Man and his Music.
42901: IVOR BROWN: - Masques and Phases.
65075: GEORGE MACKAY BROWN: - A Celebration for Magnus.
66877: MARSHALL BROWN: - Preromanticism.
57088: JOHN BROWN: - Musings behind the Plough.
38979: ANTHONY J BROWN: - Ill-starred Captains; Flinders and Baudin.
48347: JOHN BROWN: - Horae Subsecivae : Rab and his Friends and other papers.
62340: A GORDON-BROWN: - Christopher Webb Smith : an artist at the Cape of Good Hope 1837 - 1839.
58703: H LANGFORD BROWN: - By the Water's Side : a book of fishing memories.
17388: J M B BROWN: - Studies on British Beechwoods [Forestry Commission Bulletin no. 20].
18125: JIM BROWN: - Coventry City, the Elite Era; a complete record.
55850: CHRISTOPHER BROWN: - Images of a Golden Past : Dutch Genre Painting of the 17th Century.
18743: DR JOHN BROWN: - Pet Marjorie [Sesame booklets].
9659: BROWN, ALFRED W, EDITED BY GLAISYER, JOHN: - Short notes on "Evesham Friends in the olden time".
57533: KEVIN BROWN: - Passage to the World : the Emigrant Experience 1807 - 1940.
30841: GEOFF BROWN: - Riding the Midnight Hour; drama, excitement and fun on the footplate 1914-54.
62247: J R L ALLEN & ALEX BROWN [EDITORS]: - Archaeology in the Severn Estuary 2009 [volume 20].
62246: J R L ALLEN & ALEX BROWN [EDITORS]: - Archaeology in the Severn Estuary 2008 [volume 19].
62244: J R L ALLEN & ALEX BROWN [EDITORS]: - Archaeology in the Severn Estuary 2006 [volume 17].
62243: J R L ALLEN & ALEX BROWN [EDITORS]: - Archaeology in the Severn Estuary 2005 [volume 16].
53267: JONATHAN BROWN: - Farm Machinery 1750 - 1945.
53339: FRANK BALFOUR-BROWNE: - British Water Beetles, volume two.
62735: JOHN PADDY BROWNE: - Map Cover Art : a pictorial history of Ordnance Survey cover illustrations.
66285: K R G BROWNE: - Huntin' Shootin' and Fishin'.
66582: SISTER GREGORY KIRKUS & SISTER CHRISTINA KENWORTHY-BROWNE.: - The Big Bang : an historical sketch of the Bar Convent, York, 1900 - 2000.
66720: ALEXANDER GROSS & F WAITE BROWNE: - The Premier Road Book of Great Britain.
5773: BROWNE, THOMAS: - Viridarium Poeticum, or the Flower Garden of the muses; a synopsis of epithets, adopted by the most celebrated Latin authors.
18798: REV G F BROWNE: - Ice-caves of France and Switzerland; a narrative of subterranean exploration.
21112: R CHESTER-BROWNE: - The Manchester, Bolton & Bury canal; a preliminary report on the feasibility of restoration.
21111: R CHESTER-BROWNE: - The Manchester, Bolton & Bury canal; a preliminary report on the feasibility of restoration.
32786: EDITH A BROWNE: - Peeps at Vegetable Oils [Peeps at Industries].
36006: EDITH A BROWNE: - Early Christian and Byzantine Architecture [Great Buildings, and how to enjoy them].
63238: OSCAR BROWNING: - Charles XII of Sweden.
61190: OSCAR BROWNING [EDITOR]: - England and Napoleon in 1803, being the despatches of Lord Whitworth and others.
61173: OSCAR BROWNING: - Wars of the Century and the Development of Military Science.
40410: ELIZABETH BARRETT BROWNING: - Sonnets from the Portuguese.
16875: ROBERT BROWNING: - Ferishtah's Fancies.
32873: ALAN BROWNJOHN: - Transformation Scene.
27022: L A RADICATI DI BROZOLO: - Principio di Secol Novo; Saggi su Galileo.
64917: MRS C G BRUCE, ILLUSTRATED BY MAJOR E MOLYNEUX: - Kashmir (Peeps at Many Lands).
53660: DEBRA BRUCE: - Dissolves.
50182: JOHN BRUCE [EDITOR]: - Correspondence of Robert Dudley, Earl of Leycester, during his government of the Low Countries in the years 1585 and 1586.
62261: GENE BRUCKER [EDITOR]: - People and Communities in the Western World, volume II (2).
15565: AN OLD RESIDENT AT BRUSSELS (PRYSE LOCKHART GORDON): - A companion for the visitor at Brussels, with estimates of the expenses of living there, and sketches of the Pays Bas, to which are added notes of a tour to Italy by the Tyrol.
54351: CHARLES-LOUIS L'HERITIER DE BRUTELLE: - Sertum Anglicum 1788 : Facsimile with Critical Studies and a Translation.
63033: A H BRUTON: - Notes on the Life and Work of William Tyndale.
48858: ERIK HORNUNG & BETSY M BRYAN [EDITORS]: - The Quest for Immortality : Treasures of Ancient Egypt.
57040: SARA CONE BRYANT: - The Gingerbread Man and other stories for little ones.
62400: LAURA ZAKY & JASON BRYANT: - The 2014 Somerset Floods.
58797: G E BRYANT: - The Chelsea Porcelain Toys : scent-bottles, bonbonneries, etuis, seals and statuettes, made at the Chelsea Factory 1745-1769, & Derby Chelsea, 1770-1784.
33559: WILLIAM MOIR BRYCE: - Holyrood: its palace and its Abbey, an historical appreciation.
17920: JAMES BRYCE: - A gazetteer and atlas.
61991: MARIA CARBONELL I BUADES: - The Palau de la Generalitat de Catalunya : 600 Years - Art and Architecture.
65785: JOHN BUCHAN: - The History of the South African Forces in France.
62415: R ANGUS BUCHANAN [ETC]: - Bath History, volume III (3).
67899: MERIEL BUCHANAN: - The Great Mademoiselle.
62058: PROFESSOR R ANGUS BUCHANAN [EDITOR]: - Landscape with Technology : Essays in Honour of L T C Rolt.
34642: GEORGE BUCHANAN: - Rose Forbes; a novel.
43039: J A C BUCHON: - Choix de Monuments Primitifs de l'Eglise Francaise.
65233: PHYLLIS CUNNINGTON & ANNE BUCK: - Children's Costume in England from the Fourteenth to the end of the Nineteenth Century.
25362: MARTIN BUCK: - Pathfinder Tours Review of 1987-1988.
60592: PERCY C BUCK: - Acoustics for Musicians.
59474: JON BUCK: - Behind the Lines.
63198: ANNE BUCK: - Victorian Costume and Costume Accessories.
59968: FRANCIS T BUCKLAND: - Curiosities of Natural History, second series.
67879: J R BUCKLEY: - Cars of the Connoisseur.
39067: CHARLES W BUDDEN: - Old English Churches; their architecture, furniture and customs.
57110: CLIVE TURNBULL & TRISTAN BUESST: - The Art of Rupert Bunny.
7154: BULL, GERALD: - Realms of Green.
49314: A J BULL: - Drift : Poems and Sonnets [Poems in Pamphlet 1952 III].
23385: W H BULLOCK: - Across Mexico in 1864-5.
53893: JOHN BULLOCK: - The Rudiments of Architecture and Building, for the use of Architects, Builders, Draughtsmen, Machinists, Engineers and Mechanics.
64804: BRENDA BULLOCK: - A Pocket with a Hole : a Birmingham Childhood of the 1940s and 1950s.
46456: J G BULLOCKE [EDITOR]: - The Tomlinson Papers, selected from the correspondence and pamphlets of Captain Robert Tomlinson R.N. & Vice-Admiral Nicholas Tomlinson.
39025: TIM BULMER: - The Road to Racque and Rouen.
54370: GEORGIA B BUMGARDNER: - American Broadsides : sixty facsimilies dated 1680 to 1800 reproduced from originals in the American Antiquarian Society.
38278: ALISA BUNBURY: - Arid Arcadia; art of the Flinders Ranges.
66598: JOHN THACKRAY BUNCE: - The History of King Edward's Foundation in Birmingham.
32618: STEPHEN BUNKER [EDITOR]: - North Chilterns camera 1863 - 1954, from the Thurston Collection in Luton Museum.
34827: CYRIL G E BUNT: - The water-colours of Sir Frank Brangwyn R.A. 1867 - 1956.
45823: P P BURDETT, WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY J B HARLEY & P LAXTON: - A Survey of the County Palatine of Chester, P P Burdett 1777.
47833: P P BURDETT, WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY J B HARLEY & P LAXTON: - A Survey of the County Palatine of Chester, P P Burdett 1777.
64595: ERIC BURDICK: - I'm Coming, Virginia.
48298: D H BURGER: - Structural Changes in Javanese Society : the Supra-Village Sphere.
62963: FRED W BURGESS: - Old Prints and Engravings [The Home Connoisseur series].
62962: FRED W BURGESS: - Silver : Pewter : Sheffield Plate [The Home Connoisseur series].
62533: JACKSON BURGESS: - Pillar of Cloud.
38627: CLIVE BURGESS [EDITOR]: - The pre-Reformation Records of All Saints' Church, Bristol, part 3, Wills, the Halleway Chantry, Records and Deeds.
38741: CLIVE BURGESS [EDITOR]: - The pre-Reformation Records of All Saints' Church, Bristol, part 3, Wills, the Halleway Chantry, Records and Deeds.
57235: KARL BURGMULLER: - Der Moderne Holzbaustil.
67827: BETTY CROW & BOB BURKE: - The House Oklahoma Built : a History of the Oklahoma Governor's Mansion.
9938: BURKE, EDMUND: - The speeches of the right honourable Edmund Burke, in the House of Commons and in Westminster-Hall [complete in 4 volumes].
65918: PAUL D BURLEY: - Stonehenge : as above, so below - unveiling the Spirit Path on Salisbury Plain.
59593: BEN LUCIEN BURMAN: - The Owl Hoots Twice at Catfish Bend.
63760: BEN LUCIEN BURMAN: - The Generals wear Cork Hats : an amazing adventure in war-time diplomacy.
51560: URQUHART A FORBES & ARNOLD C BURMESTER: - Our Roman Highways.
60155: ROBERT SCOTT BURN: - Ornamental Drawing and Architectural Design, as applied to industrial and decorative design.
66273: SIR F C BURNAND [EDITOR]: - The Catholic Who's Who & Year-Book 1915.
65317: R V H BURNE: - The Monks of Chester : the History of St Werburgh's Abbey.
53244: MRS FRANCES HODGSON BURNETT: - The One I Knew the Best of All.
35882: FRANCES HODGSON BURNETT: - That Lass o'Lowrie's; a Lancashire story.
49442: A E ANNELS & B C BURNHAM: - The Dolaucothi Gold Mines.
60859: COLIN BURNHAM: - L.A. Car.
65518: JOHN BURNINGHAM: - John Burningham's ABC.
19243: ROBERT BURNS: - Auld Lang Syne and other songs.
51120: MONTAGU BURROWS [EDITOR]: - Collectanea, Third Series.
2736: BURT, BOB: - Surf city, drag city.
7630: BURTON, H V T: - The black crinoline; a fantasy.
57546: WILLIAM BURTON: - Josiah Wedgwood and his Pottery.
46967: ADAM BURTON: - Portrait of Southampton.
66899: O M HILLIARD & B L BURTT: - The Botany of the Southern Natal Drakensberg.
23023: ADRIAN BURY: - Two Centuries of British Water-colour painting.
10879: BUSCHING, MR: - Geographie Universelle, tome cinquieme [contenant la France, seconde partie].
12452: BUSHE-FOX, J P: - Excavations on the site of the Roman town at Wroxeter, Shropshire, in 1912, 1913 and 1914.
58592: ANTHONY BUSHELL [EDITOR]: - Essays in Germanic Studies [Carl Lofmark Memorial Volume].
66747: FIELD MARSHAL THE LORD BRAMALL OF BUSHFIELD: - The Bramall Papers : Reflections on War and Peace.
48966: FREDERICK BUSSBY: - Winchester Cathedral 1079 - 1979.
43678: SARNIA BUTCHER: - Nornour.
42139: SAMUEL BUTLER: - Hudibras, a poem, volume II.
31408: EWAN BUTLER: - Without Apology; the autobiography of Sir George Maudesley, Bart., edited with notes and a Postacript.
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46670: ELAINE CUNLIFFE: - Elaine's Australian Safari.
45544: FRANK F CUNNINGHAM: - James David Forbes : pioneer Scottish Glaciologist.
67202: JO CUNNINGHAM: - The Best of Collectible Dinnerware.
65615: PETER CUNNINGHAM: - The Story of Nell Gwyn.
22698: DAVID CUPPLEDITCH: - Lincoln; the Twentieth Century.
64032: DAVID ALDRED & TIM CURR: - In and around Winchcombe through time.
64031: DAVID ALDRED & TIM CURR: - In and around Bishop's Cleeve through time.
21392: CLAUDINE CURREY: - Children of Azra.
48478: MRS G HERBERT CURTEIS: - The Children's Hour : Twelve Songs for Little Ones with a Morning and Evening Hymn.
37638: CHARLES E CURTIS: - Estate Management; a practical handbook for Landlords, Agents and Pupils.
18324: ARTHUR CURTIS: - My spirit willing; poems 1931-2001.
51523: CHARLES E CURTIS: - Elementary Forestry.
62146: PENELOPE CURTIS: - Dead Language Sculpture : Sculpture from Fascist Italy [Scultura Lingua Morta : Sculture nell'Italia Fascista].
52631: COLIN CURTIS: - 40 Years with London Transport.
21332: J C CURWEN, ESQ, M.P.: - Hints on the economy of feeding stock, and bettering the condition of the poor.
62201: LUCY D CURZON: - Mass-Observation and Visual Culture : depicting everyday lives in Britain.
53591: CLIVE CUSSLER: - Atlantis Found.
53634: VERY REV A P PUREY-CUST: - Picturesque Old York : chapters historical and descriptive.
50547: LIONEL CUST [EDITOR]: - Notes on Pictures in the Royal Collections.
42014: ROBERT H HOBART CUST: - Giovanni Antonio Bazzi, hitherto usually styled "Sodoma", the man and the painter 1477 - 1549.
60187: ROBERT H HOBART CUST: - The Life of Benvenuto Cellini [2 volumes].
65834: LIONEL CUST [INTRODUCTION]: - Illustrated Catalogue of a Loan Collection of Portraits of English Historical Personages who died between 1714 and 1837.
28530: ROBERT NEEDHAM CUST: - Linguistic and Oriental Essays written from the year 1840 to 1901, sixth series.
66483: J CUTHBERT HADDEN, ILLUSTRATED BY BYAM SHAW: - The Operas of Wagner : their plots, music and history.
50086: M NANCY CUTT: - Mrs Sherwood and her Books for Children.
67249: BARRY CUTTELL: - One Day on the Somme : 1st July 1916.
50048: MICHEL LACLOTTE & JEAN-PIERRE CUZIN: - The Louvre : French and other European Paintings.
67498: CYRIL W BEAUMONT, EDITED BY C G HOLME: - Design for the Ballet.
64713: CYRIL W BEAUMONT, ILLUSTRATED BY WYNDHAM PAYNE: - Sea Magic : a story of adventure.
63763: COUNT FERDINAND CZERNIN: - The Salzburg : being an incomplete introduction to the beauty and charm of a town we love.
64240: ERIC FITCH DAGLISH: - The Life Story of Beasts.
46625: ERIC FITCH DAGLISH: - The Life Story of Beasts.
65947: DR H C DAKE: - The Art of Gem Cutting, including Cabochons, Faceting, Spheres, Tumbling and Special Techniques.
66189: DAVID DALBY [EDITOR]: - Language and History in Africa.
63060: L J DALBY: - The Wilts and Berks Canal.
59975: DALE, ELIZABETH: - The scenery and geology of the Peak of Derbyshire.
30957: BOB DALES: - The Time has Come.
50444: JOHN ARLOTT & ARTHUR DALEY: - Pageantry of Sport from the Age of Chivalry to the Age of Victoria.
48397: DEBRA DALEY: - The Revelations of Carey Ravine.
29179: FLORENCE DALGLEISH: - The Mighty Past; a tale of the plagues of Egypt for boys & girls.
63398: LENA DALKEITH: - Funny Fables retold for Children.
59275: DAVID DALLAS: - English & Irish Landscapes 1675 - 1965.
58663: WILLIAM DALTON: - Lost in Ceylon : in the Woods and the Wilds of the Lion King of Kandy.
65377: SIR CORNELIUS NEALE DALTON: - The Life of Thomas Pitt.
61518: DAVID DALTON: - Janis.
62689: R E R DALWICK: - Togo and its Occupation Stamps.
57763: DAN MICHEL, EDITED BY RICHARD MORRIS: - Dan Michel's Ayenbite of Inwyt, or Remorse of Conscience, in the Kentish Dialect, 1340 AD.
60646: DAN L MONROE, RICHARD CONN, RICHARD W HILL, SUZAN SHOWN HARJO & JOHN R GRIMES: - Gifts of the Spirit : Works by Nineteenth-Century & Contemporary Native American Artists.
64668: PETER A DANBY [EDITOR]: - United States Navy Serials 1941 to 1976.
35748: JULIANA DANCU & DUMITRU DANCU: - Pictura taraneasca pe sticla.
21414: DANIEL DE FOE (DEFOE), EDITED BY JOSEPH SHAYLOR: - Robinson Crusoe in short words.
67770: J C DANIEL: - The Book of Indian Reptiles.
19633: GERARD DANIEL: - Mary Stuart; a sketch and a defence.
66947: DAVID DANIELL: - The Interpreter's House : a Critical Assessment of the Work of John Buchan.
13216: DANIELL [DANIELS]S, JOHN J: - The history of Warminster, with a view of the town and neighbourhood in 1879.
61033: H K DANIELS: - Home Life in Norway.
20644: ROBERTO MIDDIONE & BRIGITTE DAPRA: - Reality & Imagination in Neapolitan painting of the 17th to 19th centuries.
56880: W A DARLINGTON: - J M Barrie.
23184: DIANE THOMAS DARNALL: - The Challengers; a century of ballooning.
61099: T WATKINSON & CELESTINE DARS [EDITORS]: - Catalogue of Paintings in British Collections : English Heritage, Geffrye Museum, The Guildhall Art Gallery, Royal Holloway College, Thomas Coram Foundation (London).
48792: T WATKINSON & CELESTINE DARS [EDITORS]: - Catalogue of Paintings in British Collections : English Heritage, Geffrye Museum, The Guildhall Art Gallery, Royal Holloway College, Thomas Coram Foundation (London).
35983: NATHANIEL POUSETTE-DART [EDITOR]: - American Painting Today; a cross-section of our contemporary art.
61456: CAPTAIN ROBERT L DARTT: - G A Henty : a bibliography.
13665: DARVILL, TIMOTHY: - Cirencester town centre development - stage 1, archaeological assessment.
24234: TIMOTHY DARVILL: - Ancient Monuments in the Countryside; an archaeological management review.
14583: ARTHUR IRWIN DASENT: - John Thadeus Delane, editor of "The Times", his life and correspondence [2 volumes].
37891: GEORGE WEBBE DASENT: - Jest and Earnest; a collection of essays and reviews [volume 2].
28125: B DASGUPTA: - The Oil industry in India; some economic aspects.
67263: M L'ABBE DASSANCE: - Les Saints Evangiles [2 tomes].
61769: C DAUBENY: - Climate : an inquiry into the causes of its differences, and into its influence on vegetable life.
53101: PETER DAUBENY: - My World of Theatre.
59783: REV CHARLES DAUBENY: - Eight discourses on the connection between the Old and New Testament considered as two parts of the same Divine Revelation; and demonstrative of the great doctrine of atonement.
52517: ALPHONSE DAUDET: - Aventures Prodigieuses de Tartarin de Tarascon.
33288: ALPHONES DAUDET: - Tartarin sur les Alpes.
15017: HONORE DAUMIER: - Daumier Mappe.
61122: CYRIL DAVENPORT: - The Book : its history and development.
42224: ROGER DAVEY: - East Sussex Land Tax 1785.
43564: P J DAVEY, D J FREKE & D A HIGGINS: - Excavations in Castletown, Isle of Man, 1989 - 1992.
63156: FRANCIS DAVEY [EDITOR]: - Richard of Lincoln : a Medieval Doctor travels to Jerusalem.
64386: FRANCIS DAVEY [EDITOR]: - Richard of Lincoln : a Medieval Doctor travels to Jerusalem.
53003: DAVID WINGFIELD GIBBONS, JAMES B REID & ROBERT A CHAPMAN: - The new atlas of breeding birds in Britain and Ireland, 1988-1991.
62153: DAVID ARMITAGE BANNERMAN, ILLUSTRATED BY GEORGE E LODGE: - The Birds of the British Isles, volume Nine (IX, 9): Scolopacidae (part).
62152: DAVID ARMITAGE BANNERMAN, ILLUSTRATED BY GEORGE E LODGE: - The Birds of the British Isles, volume Six (VI, 6): Ciconiidae, Phoenicopteridae, Ardeidae and Anatidae (part).
67463: MADELEINE P DAVID: - Hiroshige : la Route du Tokaido.
62159: DAVID ARMITAGE BANNERMAN, ILLUSTRATED BY GEORGE E LODGE: - The Birds of the British Isles, volume Eight (VIII, 8): Phalacrocoracidae, Diomedeidae, Sulidae, Podicipeididae, Fregatidae, Gaviidae, Procellariidae, Columbidae and Pteroclididae.
32433: WANG QI DAVID [EDITOR]: - The Sichuan Movement; new paintings from China.
62158: DAVID ARMITAGE BANNERMAN, ILLUSTRATED BY GEORGE E LODGE: - The Birds of the British Isles, volume Seven (VII, 7): Anatidae (conclusion).
63256: DAVID E OWEN, T A HUME & H E JEAN LE PATOUREL: - Kirkstall Abbey Excavations 1950 - 1954.
51891: VILLIERS DAVID: - A Diary of Quotations.
65586: DAVID ARMITAGE BANNERMAN, ILLUSTRATED BY GEORGE E LODGE: - The Birds of the British Isles, volume Ten (X, 10).
41345: DAVID SANDON, JOHN SANDON & HENRY SANDON: - The Sandon Guide to Royal Worcester Figures 1900 - 1970.
62154: DAVID ARMITAGE BANNERMAN, ILLUSTRATED BY GEORGE E LODGE: - The Birds of the British Isles, volume Eleven (XI, 11): Glareolidae, Otididae, Burhinidae, Gruidae and Laridae.
62151: DAVID ARMITAGE BANNERMAN, ILLUSTRATED BY GEORGE E LODGE: - The Birds of the British Isles, volume Three (III, 3): Sylviidae, Turdidae, Prunellidae, Troglodytidae, Cinclidae, Hirundinidae.
65712: DAVID HEY, MARTIN OLIVE & MARTIN LIDDAMENT: - Forging the Valley.
39120: D DAVIDSON: - The Great Pyramid's Prophecy on the Current Economic Oppression.
20465: JOHN DAVIDSON: - The Testament of a Prime Minister.
11335: DAVIDSON, A S: - Marine Art & Liverpool - painters, places & flag codes 1760-1960.
34979: A S DAVIDSON: - Marine Art & the Clyde; 100 years of sea, sail & steam.
57857: JOHN DAVIDSON: - Testaments, nos I, II & III (The Testament of a Vivisector, The Testament of a Man Forbid, The Testament of an Empire-Builder).
60638: RANDALL DAVIES: - Velasquez.
59340: PETER DAVIES: - St Ives 1975 - 2005 : Art Colony in Transition.
64105: W J K DAVIES: - The Ravenglass & Eskdale Railway.
60520: RANDALL DAVIES: - English Society of the Eighteenth Century in Contemporary Art.
55233: SALLY KEVILL-DAVIES: - Yesterday's Children; the antiques and history of childcare.
41232: JOHN DAVIES: - Glen Scouller : New Paintings.
64455: JAMIE DAVIES: - Shakespeare's Avon : the History of a Navigation.
48082: RANDALL DAVIES [EDITOR]: - The Old Water-colour [watercolour] Society's Club 1926 - 1927 : fourth annual volume.
57254: GLORIA EVANS DAVIES: - Words - for Blodwen.
50410: GERALD S DAVIES: - Hans Holbein the Younger.
44572: ROBERT DAVIES: - VW Beetle : the complete story.
64590: W H DAVIES: - The True Traveller.
65050: WILLIAM H DAVIES: - Nature Poems and others.
62594: L TWISTON DAVIES: - Men of Monmouthshire.
21204: KATHARINE DAVIES: - The first Queen Elizabeth.
58979: WILLIAM H DAVIES: - Collected Poems by William H Davies.
42731: WILLIAM GLOCK [INTRODUCTION]; J H DAVIES [NOTES]: - BBC Music Library; Chamber Music Catalogue (Chamber Music, Violin and Keyboard, Cello and Keyboard, Various).
22558: M JOYCE DAVIES: - Christopher Cottontail's adventures.
54690: W J K DAVIES: - The Ravenglass & Eskdale Railway.
67660: R E G DAVIES: - Airlines of the United States since 1914.
52887: ROBERT DAVIES [EDITOR]: - Extracts from the Municipal Records of the City of York, during the reigns of Edward IV, Edward V and Richard III.
41231: JOHN DAVIES: - Three Scottish Painters : Hazel Nagl, Sandy Murphy & John Kingsley, June - July 2006.
62279: RON DAVIES: - John Wilkinson.
62242: PAUL DAVIES [EDITOR]: - Archaeology in the Severn Estuary 2004 [volume 15].
62241: PAUL DAVIES [EDITOR]: - Archaeology in the Severn Estuary 2003 [volume 14].
62239: PAUL DAVIES [EDITOR]: - Archaeology in the Severn Estuary 2001 [volume 12].
62240: PAUL DAVIES [EDITOR]: - Archaeology in the Severn Estuary 2002 [volume 13].
52684: MICHAEL DAVIES: - Discovering Welsh Houses : a guide to eighteen architectural gems.
57716: DOMINC COVEY & CHRIS DAVIS: - Darwin's World : Post-Apocalyptic Adventures [d20 Modern Roleplaying].
37824: F HADLAND DAVIS: - The Persian Mystics volume 2, Jami [Wisdom of the East].
58105: ELLIS J DAVIS: - Whose fault? - the story of a trial at Nisi Prius.
45347: JOHN DAVIS: - Britain's Forgotten Heroes.
66016: S C H DAVIS: - Car Driving as an Art : a Guide for Learners and Advanced Drivers.
60652: BRIAN L DAVIS: - Waffen-SS.
66015: S C H DAVIS: - Car Driving as an Art : a Guide for Learners and Advanced Drivers.
16039: ALEXANDER DAVIS [EDITOR]: - Henry Moore Bibliography, volumes 1-3 [1898 - 1970, 1971 - 1986, plus index].
57878: CHARLES E DAVIS: - The mineral baths of Bath; the bathes of Bathe's Ayde in the reign of Charles 2nd.
62460: CHARLES EDWARD DAVIS: - Ancient Landmarks of Bath, or notes of Pagan and Christian Antiquities in and around Aquae Sulis.
62456: CHARLES E DAVIS: - The mineral baths of Bath; the bathes of Bathe's Ayde in the reign of Charles 2nd.
66778: AARON P DAVIS: - CITES Bulb Checklist for the genera : Cyclamen, Galanthus and Stembergia.
63738: IAN DAVISON: - Where Smugglers Walked.
65024: BRIAN K DAVISON: - The Observer's book of castles.
45244: GEORGE DAWE: - The Life of George Morland.
34220: RUFUS DAWES: - The Last Imperial Venture: The Long Voyage
51668: MAJOR KENNETH DAWSON: - Son of a Gun.
22149: JOAN DAWSON: - Lexicon novi testamenti alphabeticum, nune primum plene editum, omnes voces tam primitivas quam derivativas, anomalas atque communes in sacro textu occurentes, cum earum resolutione grammarica, complectens.
64589: CLARENCE DAY JR: - This Simian World.
56784: HAROLD A E DAY: - East Anglian Painters, volumes I, II & III : Suffolk School Painters & The Norwich School of Painters.
43525: HAROLD A E DAY: - East Anglian Painters vol II, Norwich School.
19763: J B W DAY: - Geology of the country around Bewcastle (explanation of one-inch geological sheet 12, new series).
45890: HAROLD A E DAY: - East Anglian Painters, vol I, Suffolk School Painters.
63273: REV E HERMITAGE DAY: - Gothic Architecture in England [The Arts of the Church].
54561: J B W DAY: - Geology of The Country around Bewcastle.
41881: GLORIA DEAK: - Discovering America's Southeast : a Sixteenth Century View based on the Mannerist Engravings of Theodore de Bry.
16627: REV JOSEPH DEANS: - Melbourne Church.
34474: STEVE DOMM & WALTER DEAS: - Corals of the Great Barrier Reef.
60166: MARY H DEBENHAM: - Conan the Wonder-Worker.
23544: M F DEE [EDITOR]: - British Sonnets [Wedgwood Selections].
65992: RENE DEE: - Sweet Peas, Suffragettes and Showmen : events that changed the world in the RHS Halls.

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