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34012: Lewis, Sinclair - Babbitt
34013: Lewis, Sinclair - Cass Timberlane, a Novel of Husbands and Wives, by Sinclair Lewis
34014: Lewis, Sinclair - The Prodigal Parents
33894: Lewis, Robert - Michel, Michel; a Novel
23415: Lewis, Lloyd - Captain Sam Grant
41068: Lewis, Richard, compiler - The Wind and the Rain : Chidrens's Poems
37007: Lewis, Florence Jay - The Climax, from the Screen Play by Curt Siodmak and Lynn Starling of the Universal Motion Picture...
39503: Lewis, Sinclair - Gideon Planish
41599: Lewis, Sinclair - Mantrap
008697: Lewis, Lloyd - Letters from Lloyd Lewis Showing Steps in the Research for His Biography of U.S. Grant... Introd. By Robert Maynard Hutchins
014210: Lewis, Michael M - The Money Culture
40848: Lewis, Richard, editor - The Luminous Landscape : Chinese Art and Poetry, Edited by Richard Lewis ; [Calligraphy by Loretta Pan]
008486: Lewis, Oscar - Hawaii Gem of the Pacific Landmark Books 49
35077: Lewis, Kenneth B. (Kenneth Burnham) - Steel Wire in America
018243: Lewis, Morris Michael - Language in Society: The Linguistic Revolution and Social Change
22812: Lewis, Taylor Biggs - Christmas in New England. Photos. By Taylor Lewis, Jr. Text by Joanne Young
32713: Lewis, Oscar - The Children of Sanchez: Autobiography of a Mexican Family
017030: Lewis, Michael - The History of the British Navy
012998: Lewis, David - Ice Bird: The First Single-Handed Voyage to Antarctica
44562: Lewis, Sinclair - Babbitt
016419: Lewis, D. B. Wyndham & Heseltine, G. C. - A Christmas Book, an Anthology
28279: Lewis, Sinclair - Cass Timberlane, a Novel of Husbands and Wives, by Sinclair Lewis
39040: Lewis, Rose A. - Every Year on Your Birthday
015997: Lewis, T. Percy & Bromley, A. G. - The Victorian Book of Cakes: Recipes, Techniques and Decorations from the Golden Age of Cake-Making
005214: Lewis, Lloyd - Sherman, Fighting Prophet
011425: Lewis, May - Red Drumming in the Sun
29168: Lewis, D. B. Wyndham (Dominic Bevan Wyndham) - François Villon, a Documented Survey by D.B. Wyndham Lewis, with a Preface by Hilaire Belloc
015958: Lewis, Michael, editor - Origins of Intelligence: Infancy and Early Childhood
011040: Lewis, Sinclair - World So Wide
21599: Lewis, Sinclair - The Man Who Knew Coolidge, Being the Soul of Lowell Schnaltz, Constructive and Nordic Citizen
24103: Lewis, Edward - From a Different Angle : Observations on Being Human
40634: Lewis, Sinclair - Main Street
40635: Lewis, Sinclair - Main Street
44308: Lewis, Thomas A. - For King and Country : The Maturing of George Washington, 1748-1760
24076: Lewis, John L. & Adams, Franklin P. et al. - Heywood Broun As He Seemed to Us
26313: Lewis, David Levering - The Race to Fashoda
23789: Lewis, Jean - The Flintstones at the Circus. Pictures by Frank Mcsavage and Robert Heiner
002606: Lewis, Alfred Henry - Wolfville
45392: Lewis, Charles Lee - Matthew Fontaine Maury: The Pathfinder of the Seas
7918: Lewis, Mary Tompkins - Cezanne's Early Imagery
8068: Lewis, Paul - Yankee Admiral: A Biography of David Dixon Porter
34019: Lewisohn, Ludwig - Roman Summer
34020: Lewisohn, Ludwig - The Island Within
26362: Lewisohn, Ludwig - Up Stream ; an American Chronicle
38521: Lewy, Guenter - Superior Orders, Nuclear Warfare, and the Dictates of Conscience in the Atomic Age
41938: Ley, Willy - Salamanders and Other Wonders; Still More Adventures of a Romantic Naturalist. With Illus. By Olga Ley
41919: Ley, Willy - Watchers of the Skies: An Informal History of Astronomy from Babylon to the Space Age
45370: Leymarie, Jean - Watercolors from Durer to Balthus Skira
017031: Leymarie, Jean - The Spirit of the Letter in Painting
24487: Leys, James Farquarson - After You, Magellan!
29671: Liang, Heng & Shapiro, Judith - Son of the Revolution by Liang Heng and Judith Shapiro.
45969: Libana (Musical group) - Fire Within : Magical and Contemplative Rounds and Songs from Around the World
018461: Libby, Bill - They Didn't Win the Oscars
17633: Liberace - Liberace, an Autobiograppphy
45371: Liberman, Cy & Pat - The Mystique of Tall Ships
28162: Liberman, Cy & Pat - Tall Ships 1986
26805: Libo, Kenneth - We Lived There, Too : In Their Own Words and Pictures--Pioneer Jews and the Westward Movement of America, 1630-1930
018188: Lichine, Alexis & Perkins, Samuel - Alexis Lichine's Guide to the Wines and Vineyards of France
007018: Lichine, Alexis - Encyclopaedia of Wine & Spirits, in Collaboration with William Fifield... With... Jonathan Bartlett and Jane Stockwood
41675: Liddell Hart, Basil Henry - Reputations, Ten Years After
41674: Liddell Hart, Basil Henry - Foch, the Man of Orleans
42243: Liddell Hart, Basil Henry - Great Captains Unveiled
43845: Lidoff, Joan - Christina Stead Literature and life series
015130: Lieb, Frederick G. - The Story of the World Series, an Informal History
34001: Lieberman, Herbert H. - City of the Dead
34002: Lieberman, Robert - Baby : A Novel
009822: Lieberman, William S., ed. - Art of the Twenties
012301: Liebling, Jerome - The People, Yes. Foreword by Carroll T. Hartwell. Introduction by Ken Burns.
34023: Liebman, Joshua Loth - Peace of Mind
23441: Liebman, Joshua Loth - Peace of Mind
41751: Liebman, Joshua Loth - Hope for Man : An Optimistic Philosophy and Guide to Self-Fulfillment
29018: Liebow, Elliot. - Tally's Corner : A Study of Negro Streetcorner Men / by Elliot Liebow ; with a Foreword by Hylan Lewis.
46041: Lies, Brian - Bats at the Library
40763: Lifton, Betty Jean - The King of Children : A Biography of Janusz Korczak
45276: Ligeoix de La Combe, Jean - Out of the Past a Sailor, by Ligeoix de la Combe... Translated from the French by Ellen Garwood
46347: Liggett, Kenneth W., editor - The Gun Report, V. 34, No 5, Oct. 1989
46348: Liggett, Kenneth W., editor - The Gun Report, V. 37, No 3, Aug. 1991
016404: Lighton, William B. - Narrative on the Life and Sufferings of William B. Lighton; Containing and Interesting Account... Written by Himself
37569: Lillemoe, Jim - Snow White
34022: Lillie, Lucy - A Family Dilemma : A Story for Girls
33580: Lima, Pedro - Un Portrait Par Pedro Lima, 122 Champs Elysees, Paris
016367: Lin, Yutang - Between Tears and Laughter
26517: Lin, Yutang - With Love and Irony
26410: Lin, Yutang - The Vigil of a Nation
17662: Lincoln, Joseph Crosby - The Depot Master
016895: Lincoln, W. Bruce - In War's Dark Shadow: The Russians Before the Great War
007441: Lincoln, Joseph Crosby - The Big Mogul
007442: Lincoln, Joseph Crosby - The Bradshaws of Harniss
007444: Lincoln, Joseph Crosby - Blowing Clear
007447: Lincoln, Joseph Crosby - Head Tide
007449: Lincoln, Joseph Crosby - Rugged Water
016631: Lincoln, Joseph Crosby - Cap'n Warren's Wards
007269: Lincoln, Joseph Crosby - The Peel Trait
007271: Lincoln, Joseph Crosby - Galusha the Magnificent
007272: Lincoln, Joseph Crosby - Queer Judson
44764: Lincoln, Joseph Crosby - Fair Harbor
44762: Lincoln, Joseph Crosby - Shavings
35664: Lincoln, Joseph Crosby - The Bradshaws of Harniss
44763: Lincoln, Joseph Crosby - Mr. Pratt's Patients
8114: Lincoln, Joseph Crosby - Silas Bradford's Boy
8153: Lincoln, Joseph Crosby - Mr. Pratt
8155: Lincoln, Joseph Crosby - Fair Harbor
34176: Lindbergh, Judith - The Thrall's Tale
013726: Lindbergh, Anne Morrow - Hour of Gold, Hour of Lead: Diaries and Letters of Anne Morrow Lindbergh, 1929-1932
22796: Lindbergh, Anne Morrow - Locked Rooms and Open Doors : Diaries and Letters... 1933 - 1935
004992: Lindbergh, Anne Morrow - North to the Orient. With Maps by Charles A. Lindbergh.
015613: Lindbergh, Anne Morrow - Earth Shine
7583: Lindbergh, Charles A - The Spirit of St. Louis
39041: Lindborg, Kristina - A Natural History of Boston's North Shore
1540: Linden, Auguste - Children's Trials; or, the Little Rope-Dancers and Other Tales.
010183: Lindfors, Viveca - Viveka... Viveca
38538: Lindley, D. V. & Miller, J. C. P. - Cambridge Elementary Statistical Tables
38243: Lindley, Percy - The World War Battlefields of Belgium and France
33982: Lindop, Audrey Erskine - The Way to the Lantern
34003: Lindop, Audrey Erskine - The Way to the Lantern
33974: Lindsay, John V. (John Vliet) - The Edge
014712: Lindsay, Howard & Crouse, Russell - Clarence Day's Life with Father. With an Introduction by Brooks Atkinson
22668: Lindsay, Jack - Turner : The Man and His Art
34004: Lindsey, David L. - Mercy : A Novel
30182: Lindsey, Alton A. - The Bicentennial of John James Audubon.
009895: Lindsey, John - Robert Burns Rantin' Dog: Poet of the Common Man
45296: Lindsley, C. A. - [Manuscript Journal] Eye & Ear Infirmary, New York, May 7th 1851
26546: Lindsstrom, Claes - Sjöfartens Historia
29721: Linington, Elizabeth - Forging an Empire: Queen Elizabeth I Bookshelf for Young Americans
43097: Linington, Elizabeth - Perchance of Death
46034: Link, Kelly - Pretty Monsters : Stories / Kelly Link ; with Decorations by Shaun Tan
26498: Linklater, Eric - The Sailor's Holiday
010751: Linklater, Eric - The Voyage of the Challenger
45299: LinkLee, Vernon - Sister Benvenuta and the Christ Child : An Eighteenth Century Legend
42831: Links, Bo - Follow the Wind
24641: Linn, Dennis - Healing the Greatest Hurt
24642: Linn, Mary Jane - Healing the Dying : Releasing People to Die An Exploration book
41460: Linscott, Gillian - Sister Beneath the Sheet
41171: Linsley, Leslie - Fabulous Furniture Decorations / by Leslie Linsley ; Photos. By Jon Aron
24310: Linsley, Leslie - Making It Personal with Monograms, Initials, and Names
43153: Linsley, Leslie - Custom Made
43091: Linzee, David - Belgravia
39967: Lipman, Jean - American Folk Painters of Three Centuries
34005: Lipman, Elinor - The Way Men Act : A Novel
30319: Lipman, Jean. - The Collector in America. Compiled by Jean Lipman and the Editors of Art in America. Introd. By Alan Pryce-Jones A Studio book
43297: Lipman, Jean - American Folk Decoration. By Jean Lipman, with Practical Instruction by Eve Meulendyke
29528: Lipman, Jean - American Primitive Painting [by] Jean Lipman
24201: Lipman, Jean - American Folk Art in Wood, Metal and Stone
44284: Lipman, Samuel - The House of Music : Art in an Era of Institutions
45177: Lipman, Jean, ed. - Art in America, Vol. 53, No. 3, June 1965
24565: Lipnack, Jessica & Stamps, Jessica - The Age of the Network : Organizing Principles for the 21st Century
011125: Lippman, Walter - U.S. War Aims
37890: Lippman, Laura - What the Dead Know
41962: Lippmann, Walter - U.S. War Aims
33961: Lipsky, Eleazar - Lincoln Mckeever
34006: Lipsky, Eleazar - The Devil's Daughter
34007: Lipsky, Eleazar - The Scientists
29139: Lipsky, Mortimer - Quest for Peace: The Story of the Nobel Award
21374: Lipton, James - An Exaltation of Home and Family
34008: Lish, Gordon - Dear Mr. Capote : A Novel
26877: Lisitzky, Gene - Four Ways of Being Human; an Introduction to Anthropology. Illustrated by C.B. Falls
40962: Lisle, Janet Taylor - The Lost Flower Children. Illustrations by Satomi Ichikawa
46016: Lisle, Janet Taylor - Highway Cats... Illustrated by David Frankland
013436: Litoff, Judy Barrett & Smith, David C., eds. - Since You Went Away: World War II Letters from American Women of the Home Front
34308: Litten, Frederic Nelson - Transatlantic Pilot
013633: Litten, Frederic Nelson - The Kingdom of Flying Men: A Story of Air Cargo
012269: Litten, Frederic Nelson - Air Trails North
33960: Little, Frances - The Lady and Sada San : A Sequel to the Lady of the Decoration
007339: Little, Nina Fletcher - Paintings by New England Provincial Artists 1775-1800
44543: Little, Frances - Little Sister Snow... Illustraations by Genjiro Kataoka
002641: Little Folks Magazine - Jeff and Lef: The Story of Two Poor City Arabs, and Other Stories
30015: Littlefield, Bill - Prospect
37980: Litton Systems, Inc. - Microwave Cooking from Litton
23127: Litvinoff, Barnet - Weizmann : Last of the Patriarchs
30615: Livesey, Margot. - Banishing Verona.
30670: Livesey, Margot. - Banishing Verona.
42180: Livesey, Margot - The House on Fortune Street
015056: Livingston, Nancy - Death in a Distant Land
17578: Livingston, Jack - Hell-Bent for Election: A Joe Binney Mystery
43254: Livingston, William, editor - The Independent Reflector: Or, Weekly Essays on Sundry Important Subjects. More Particularly Adapted to the Province of New York by William Livingston and Others. Edited by Milton M. Klein
013175: Livingston, Jack - Hell-Bent for Election: A Joe Binney Mystery
40868: Livingstone, David - Anne Murray, the Story So Far
34010: Llewellyn, Richard - Bride of Israel, My Love
014634: Llewellyn, Richard - A Few Flowers for Shiner
17579: Llewellyn, Caroline - Life Blood
39184: Llewellyn, Richard - None But the Lonely Heart
28245: Llewellyn, Sam - Dead Reckoning
7548: Llewellyn, Chris - Fragments from the Fire: The Triangle Shirtwaist Company Fire of March 25, 1911
24865: Llinás, Josep - Josep Llinás
26124: Lloyd Davis, Victoria - MMM Mushrooms
43047: Lloyd Davis, Victoria - The Mushroom Cookbook
31690: Lloyd, James - Hon. Mr. Lloyd's Letter on Impressments
002563: Lloyd, John Uri - Red Head
7625: Lloyd, Ann & Fuller, Graham, eds. - The Illustrated Who's Who of the Cinema
42696: Llywelyn, Morgan - Finn Maccool
33977: Lobsenz, Herbert - Vangel Griffin
33958: Locke, William J. - The House of Baltazar
33949: Locke, William J. - The Kingdom of Theophilus
33950: Locke, William J. - The Rough Road
33951: Locke, William J. - The Wonderful Year
33952: Locke, William J. - Perella
33954: Locke, William J. - The Coming of Amos
33955: Locke, William J. - Jaffrey
33956: Locke, William J. - The Great Pandolfo
33957: Locke, William J. - The Red Planet
23238: Locke, E. W. - Three Years in Camp and Hospital
011416: Locke, William J. - The Red Planet
28679: Locker, Thomas - Sailing with the Wind
39651: Lockhart, Robert Hamilton Bruce - Your England
39636: Lockhart, Robert Hamilton Bruce - Retreat from Glory
006210: Lockhart, Robert Hamilton Bruce - Return to Malaya
32479: Lockhart, Robert Hamilton Bruce - Retreat from Glory, by R.H. Bruce Lockhart.
40655: Lockhart, J. G. (John Gilbert) - East All the Way
25137: Lockhart, J. G. (John Gilbert) - The Sea, Our Heritage
33959: Lockridge, Ross - Raintree County
43137: Lockridge Richard - A Risky Way to Kill : An Inspector Heimrich Mystery
43088: Lockridge Richard - Dead Run : An Inspector Heimrich Mystery
40211: Lockspeiser, Edward - Debussy: His Life and Mind
015916: Lockwood, Sarah M. - Antiques
21847: Lockwood, Sarah M. - Antiques
23959: Lockwood, Hazel - The Golden Book of Birds Little Golden Book #13
017070: Loder, Kurt - Bat Chain Puller: Rock and Roll in the Age of Celebrity
011510: Loder, George - The New York Glee Book: Containing 100 Glees, Quartets, Trios, Songs in Parts, Rounds, and Catches Composed, Selected... By
31014: Lodge, Henry Cabot - Daniel Webster American Statemen series
33979: Lodge, David - Nice Work
27016: Lodge, David - Paradise News : A Novel
32969: Lodge, Henry Cabot - Typed Letter Signed to Bertha H. Marshall Thanking Her for Letter Protesting Procedure
008614: Lodge, Henry Cabot - Early Memories
45404: Lodge, Henry Cabot - As It Was : An Inside View of Politics and Power in the '50s and '60s
29019: Loeb, Paul Rogat - Generation at the Crossroads : Apathy and Action on the American Campus /. .
40401: Loevy, Diana - The Book Club Companion : A Comprehensive Guide to the Reading Group Experience
44230: Loewe, Frederick & Lerner, Alan Jay - My Fair Lady; a Musical Play in Two Acts, Based on Pygmalion by Bernard Shaw. Adaptation and Lyrics by Alan Jay Lerner
015199: Lofting, Hugh - Doctor Dolittle's Zoo
34041: Lofts, Norah - The Lute Player
34046: Lofts, Norah - A Rose for Virtue
34034: Lofts, Norah - Gad's Hall
33980: Lofts, Norah - Crown of Aloes [by] Norah Lofts
33981: Lofts, Norah - The Haunting of Gad's Hall
33934: Lofts, Norah - The Concubine; a Novel Based Upon the Life of Anne Boleyn,
41784: Loftus, John - The Belarus Secret by John Loftus ; Edited by Nathan Miller
23383: Logan, Joshua - Josh: My Up and Down, in and out Life
21464: Logan, Joshua - Josh: My Up and Down, in and out Life
31595: Logan, Michael & Popper, Lisl - Tomorrow's Dinner Cooked Tonight : 72 Complete Menus for Easy Entertaining
009937: Lohbeck, Don - Patrick J. Hurley
45601: Loke, William H. - Rim of the Sea : Essays
009742: Loken, Newt - Cheerleading
23572: Lomax, John A. & Alan, compilers - American Ballads and Folk Songs
21545: Lomax, John - Nashville: Music City Usa
012672: Lombreglia, Ralph - Make Me Work
34306: London, Jack - The Night-Born
014940: London, Jack - The Call of the Wild, the Cruise of the Dazzler and Other Stories of Adventure
008548: London, Hannah R - Portraits of Jews by Gilbert Stuart and Other Early American Artists
166: London, Jack - Before Adam
1660: London & South Western Railway - ... Working Time Tables... 1909
36002: London, Jack - The Sea Wolf
37611: London, Jack - The Call of the Wild
65: London, Jack - The Little Lady of the Big House
46515: Long, William J. (William Joseph) - School of the Woods; Some Life Studies of Animal Instincts and Animal Training, by William J. Long, Illustrated by Charles Copeland
34028: Long, John Luther - Seffy : A Little Comedy of Country Manners
35067: Long, John D - The New American Navy
42103: Long, William J. (William Joseph) - Wilderness Ways. Second Series
42229: Long, William J. (William Joseph) - Wood-Folk Comedies : The Play of Wild-Animal Life on a Natural Stage
39900: Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth - Tales from Longfellow. Retold by Margaret Christian Children's Classics series
004014: Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth - The Divine Tragedy
43594: Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth - Poetry for Young People, Edited by Frances Schoonmaker ; Illustrated by Chad Wallace Poetry for young people
43483: Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth - America, the Beautiful, in the Words of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. By the Editors of Country Beautiful. Editorial Direction: Michael P. Dineen. Edited by Robert L. Polley.
36650: Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth - The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere
008355: Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth - Favorite Poems of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
29690: Longfellow, Samuel - Final Memorials of Henry Wadworth Longfellow Edited by Samuel Longfellow
29691: Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth - The Masque of Pandora and Other Poems
29693: Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth - The Divine Tragedy
29694: Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth - Christus, a Mystery.
29695: Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth - Aftermath
29696: Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth - In the Harbor. Ultima Thule - Part II
29697: Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth - Ultima Thule
29699: Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth - The Hanging of the Crane
29700: Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth - The Courtship of Miles Standish
006478: Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth - The Poetical Works of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
005801: Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth - Evangeline
21932: Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth - The Divine Tragedy
45338: Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth - The Poetical Works of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
45333: Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth - The Seaside and the Fireside
45332: Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth - The Song of Hiawatha. By Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
31683: Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth - America, the Beautiful, in the Words of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. By the Editors of Country Beautiful. Editorial Direction: Michael P. Dineen. Edited by Robert L. Polley
42329: Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth - The Little Indian Hiawatha
33035: Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth, - Kavanagh
846: Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth - The New England Tragedies.
014013: Longford, Earl of, & O'Neill, Thomas P. - Eamon de Valera
29722: Longford, Elizabeth (Harman) Pakenham - Queen Victoria: Born to Succeed, by Elizabeth Longford
45851: Longford, Elizabeth - The Queen : The Life of Elizabeth II
34031: Longstreet, Stephen - A Few Painted Feathers
34035: Longstreet, Stephen - Masts to Spear the Stars
014246: Longstreet, Stephen & Ethel - The Joys of Jewish Cooking
41853: Longstreet, Stephen - The Lion at Morning, a Novel; with Line Drawings by the Author
30148: Longstreth, T. Morris. - To Nova Scotia the Sunrise Province.
015943: Longstreth, T. Morris - Knowing the Weather
009922: Longsworth, Polly - Austin and Mabel: The Amherst Affair & Love Letters of Austin Dickinson and Mabel Loomis Todd
2223: Longworth, Maria Theresa - Zanita: A Tale of the Yo-Semite, by Theresa Yelverton
010783: Longyard, William H. - Who's Who in Aviation History: 500 Biographies
42969: Longyear, Mary eecher - The History of a House (Built by Squire Bagley, in Amesbury, Massachusetts) Its Founder, Family and Guests
24066: Longyear, Burton O. - Rocky Mountain Wild Flower Studies : An Account of the Ways of Some Plants the Live in the Rocky Mountain Region
45705: Look - Look at the U.S. A. , by the Editors of Look. With Regional Introductions by Mary Ellen Chase [and Others]
25028: Loomis, Alfred F. - Yachts Under Sail: A Collection of Photographs
008275: Loomis, Robert D. - The Story of the U.S. Air Force
003158: Loomis, Lee P., et al. - The Lee Papers: A Saga of Midwestern Journalism, by Colleagues and Associates
39100: Loomis, Frederic - In a Chinese Garden
011362: Loomis, Alfred F. - Ocean Racing: The Great Blue Water Yacht Races
28986: Loomis, Stanley - Paris in the Terror: June 1793-July 1794
37245: Loomis, Susan Herrmann - From Sea to Shining Sea : The Great American Seafood Cookbook. Illustrations by Jamie Hogan
36242: Loomis, Stanley - Paris in the Terror: June 1793-July 1794
26174: Loomis, Alfred F. - The Yachtsman's Yearbook 1934
40228: Loomis, George B - The Progressive Glee and Chorus Book
40736: Lopes, Carlos Nuno Lacerda - Carlos Nuno Lacerda Lopes: A Sense of Sensuality
979: Lopes, Henri - The Laughing Cry: An African Cock and Bull Story
23455: Lopez, Enrique Hank - Conversations with Katherine Anne Porter: Refugee from Indian Creek
22380: Lopez, Vincent - What's Ahead? a Musician's Prophecies of World Events
004678: Lopez, Claude Anne - Mon Cher Papa: Franklin and the Ladies of Paris... With a New Preface by the Author
41172: Lorant, Tessa - Hand and Machine Knitting
008986: Lord, Priscilla Sawyer & Foley, Daniel J. - The Folk Arts and Crafts of New England
34032: Lord, Bette - Spring Moon : A Novel of China
34033: Lord, Bette - Legacies : A Chinese Mosaic
23207: Lord, Herbert Gardiner - The Psychology of Courage
32784: Lord, Bette - Spring Moon : A Novel of China
32786: Lord, Bette - Spring Moon : A Novel of China
32761: Lord, Bette - Legacies : A Chinese Mosaic
29730: Lord, Walter - Day of Infamy
29672: Lord, Bette - Legacies : A Chinese Mosaic
016843: Lord, James - Picasso and Dora: A Personal Memoir
010386: Lord, Walter - Lonely Vigil: Coastwatchers of the Solomons
26247: Lord, Walter - The Good Years: From 1900 to the First World War
21494: Lorentz, Pare - Fdr's Moviemaker: Memoirs & Scripts
34044: Lorenz, Helmut - The Sunken Fleet
41506: Lorenz, Clarissa M. - Lorelei Two : My Life with Conrad Aiken
43610: Lorenz, Albert - Illustrating Architecture
32930: Loring, Charles G. - An Oration, Pronounced on the Fourth of July, 1821...
45331: Loring, Frederic W. (Frederic Wadsworth) - The Boston Dip, and Other Verses, by Fred. W. Loring
7745: Loring, Emilie - Hilltops Clear
44913: Lory, Hillis - Japan's Military Masters; the Army in Japanese Life, by Hillis Lory; Foreword by Joseph C. Grew. Fighting forces series
29193: Lossing, Benson John - Mathew Brady's Illustrated History of the CIVIL War, 1861-65, and the Causes That Lead Up to the Great Conflict
43001: Loth, David Goldsmith - Lorenzo the Magnificent
34047: Lothar, Ernst - Beneath Another Sun
46242: Lothian, William John Kerr, Marquis of - Autograph Letter Signed to Capt. Fainch Arranging to Visit Him on a Trip to London, Mentioning That the Fox Hunting Has Been Good.
34071: Loti, Pierre - An Iceland Fisherman, by Pierre Loti. Translated from the French by Guy Endore, Illustrated with Lithographs by Yngve Berg
36453: Loti, Pierre - Madame Chrysantheme Modern Library 94
014416: Lott, John R. - More Guns, Less Crime: Understanding Crime and Gun-Control Laws
012995: Lottman, Herbert R - Jules Verne, an Exploratory Biography
45795: Louch, Jan - The True Tails of Baker and Taylor : The Library Cats Who Left Their Pawprints on a Small Town --and the World
013325: Louganis, Greg - Breaking the Surface
46052: Louis, Morris - Morris Louis 1912-1962
34107: Lourie, Richard - First Loyalty
34036: Lourie, Richard - Zero Gravity : A Novel
45629: Louttit, James - The New-Skipper's Bowditch : Piloting from Here to There, and Home Again, with Maximum Pleasure and Minimum Trauma [by] James Louttit
24423: Loux, John & Naomi - Cruising the World in High Style -- Sea, Sky, and Splendor
33840: Love, John F. - Mcdonald's : Behind the Arches
26502: Loveless, Norman H. - Modern Motor Boats and Yachts
32946: Lovell, James - Propagation of Truth, or, "Tyranny Anatomized" : In Four Letters, to the President of the United States, a Late Senator of Massachusetts, the President of Harvard University, the Undergraduates Thereof : With a Few Marginal Notes Dedicated to Four Reverend Gentlemen, Morse of Charlestown, Murray, Stillman, and Eckley of Boston, with James Sullivan and the Emperor Bonaparte. By James Lovell.
23107: Lovell, Mary S. - Straight on Till Morning : The Biography of Beryl Markham
23115: Lovell, Mary S. - The Sound of Wings : The Life of Amelia Earhart
008544: Lovell, Mary S - Straight on Till Morning: The Biography of Beryl Markham
013281: Lovell, Mary S. - The Sound of Wings: The Life of Amelia Earhart
1989: Lover, Samuel & Browne, Thomas, supposed authors - The Parson's Hornbook
22984: Lovesey, Peter - The Summons
010891: Lovesey, Peter - Keystone
36488: Lovett, Charles - Lewis Carroll and the Press : An Annotated Bibliography of Charles Dodgson's Contribution to Periodicals
016041: Lovett, Robert Morss - All Our Years: The Autobiography of Robert Morss Lovett
016933: Loving, Jerome - Walt Whitman: The Song of Himself
33392: Lowe, David - Chicago Interiors : Views of a Splendid World
33393: Lowe, David - Lost Chicago
26953: Lowe, Carl - Journeys by Rail
006800: Lowe, John T. Carr - A Collection of Letters Written to His Family While on Active Duty with the A.E. F. , Aug. 1918 - April 1919
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003958: MacShane, Frank - Into Eternity: The Life of James Jones, American Writer
34276: Madden, David - Pleasure-Dome
018146: Maddox, Brenda - D.H. Lawrence: The Story of a Marriage
44261: Madison, Charles Allan - Critics & Crusaders; a Century of American Protest [by] Charles A. Madison
45727: Madison, Lucy Foster - Peggy Owen, Patriot : A Story for Girls by Lucy Foster Madison ; Illustrated by H.J. Peck.
21479: Madison, Charles Allan - Eminent American Jews; 1776 to the Present [by] Charles A. Madison
010137: Madison, Lucy Foster - Lincoln
44312: Madox, Thomas - Firma Burgi, or, an Historical Essay Concerning the Cities, Towns, and Buroughs of England. Taken from Records. By Thomas Madox Esquire, His Majesties Historiographer.
41152: Maestro, Betsy - Big City Port
009631: Maeterlinck, Maurice - Old Fashioned Flowers and Other out-of-Doors Studies
44778: Maeterlinck, Maurice - PéLLéas and Mélisande, Translated by Ervibg Winslow, with an Introduction by Montrose J. Moses
35983: Maeterlinck, Maurice - A Miracle of Saint Anthony and Five Other Plays Modern Library 11
003720: Maeterlinck, Maurice - The Blue Bird: A Fairy Play in Five Acts
22381: Maeterlinck, Maurice - Wisdom and Destiny. Translated by Alfred Sutro
015893: Maeterlinck, Maurice - The Inner Beauty
23727: Magee, David - The Buccaneers, a Grove Play Based on Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island. Music by Leon C. Radsliff. Directed by Robert England The fifty-ninth Grove Play of the Bohemian Club of San Francisco
012319: Maggs, Sue - Fantastic Chicken
015666: Maggs, Sue - Step-by-Step Low Fat Pasta
34277: Magida, Daniel L. - The Rules of Seduction
015662: Magill, Frank N., editor - Masterplots II: American Fiction Series
39622: Magnus, Philip - King Edward the Seventh
016845: Magnus, Günter Hugo - Graphic Techniques for Designers and Illustrators
010492: Magnusson, Magnus - Vikings!
43534: Magoffin, R. V. D. (Ralph Van Deman) & Davis, Emily C. (Emily Cleveland) - Magic Spades: The Romance of Archaeology
46017: Magoon, Scott - Mystery Ride
29723: Magowan, R. S. - London. Londres. A Book of Photographs by R.S. Magowan, with an Introd. By A.P. Herbert [Famous cities of the world]
39738: Magris, Claudio - Danube
46298: Magueijo, João. - Faster Than the Speed of Light : The Story of a Scientific Speculation
013368: Mahan, A. T. (Alfred Thayer) - Letters and Papers of Alfred Thayer Mahan. Edited by Robert Seager II and Doris D. Maguire
40113: Mahler, Alma - Gustav Mahler; Memories and Letters, by Alma Mahler
23346: Mahler, Gustav - Symphony No. 1 in D Major : Titan Dover miniature scores
31123: Maier, Thomas - The Kennedys : America's Emerald Kings
009165: Mailer, Norman - Cannibals and Christians
41002: Mailer, Norman - Barbary Shore
015216: Mailer, Norman - The Naked and the Dead
003210: Mailer, Norman - Advertisements for Myself
012155: Mailer, Norman - The Gospel According to the Son
006255: Mailer, Norman - An American Dream
011206: Mailer, Norman - Some Honorable Men; Political Conventions 1960-1972
40660: Mailer, Norman - Pieces and Pontifications
40663: Mailer, Norman - The Deer Park
40664: Mailer, Norman - The Prisoner of Sex
1422: Mailer, Norman - Of a Fire on the Moon
004508: Mailer, Norman - Harlot's Ghost
010425: Mailer, Norman - Ancient Evenings
010426: Mailer, Norman - Oswald's Tale: An American Mystery
010427: Mailer, Norman - Portrait of Picasso As a Young Man: An Interpretive Biography
004429: Mailer, Norman - Tough Guys Don't Dance
2062: Mailer, Norman - Marilyn: A Biography
45405: Mailer, Norman - Some Honorable Men : Political Conventions, 1960-1972
013888: Maimbourg, Louis de - The History of the League. Written in French... Translated Into English... By Mr. [John] Dryden
014825: Maisey, John G. - Discovering Fossil Fishes
27383: Majdalany, F. - The Monastery
010016: Majdalany, Fred - The Eddystone Light
33935: Majno, Guido - The Healing Hand : Man and Wound in the Ancient World
27831: Majoor, Mireille - Inside the Hindenburg
34292: Major, Clarence - Such Was the Season
006267: Major, Norma - Joan Sutherland: The Authorized Biography
28232: Major, Charles - Dorothy Vernon of Haddon Hall
004671: Major, Charles - When Knighthood Was in Flower; or, the Love Story of Charles Brandon and Mary Tudor... By Edwin Caskoden
38689: Major, Charles - Yolanda, Maid of Burgundy
34279: Malamud, Bernard - Dubin's Lives
008669: Malamud, Bernard - The People and Uncollected Stories
36547: Malamud, Bernard - The Tenants
1383: Malamud, Bernard - Rembrandt's Hat
1384: Malamud, Bernard - The Tenants
015620: Malamud, Bernard - The Fixer
29366: Malan, C - The Image Boys American Tract Society. series II, no. 22
43868: Malanga, Gerard - This Will Kill That
43237: Malarkey, Tucker - Resurrection
32156: Malcolm, Andrew H. - The Canadians
32157: Malcolm, Andrew H. - The Canadians
33030: Malcolmson, Anne - William Blake, an Introduction
37602: Malcolmson, Patrica E - English Laundresses : A Social History, 1850-1930
41949: Malden, Karl - When Do I Start ? a Memoir
25160: Malherbe, François de - Les Lettres de Mre Francois de Malherbe...
29422: Malins, Edward - Yeats and Music Yeats Centenary Papers no. 12
7754: Malinski, Mieczyslaw - Pope John Paul II: The Life of Karol Wojtyla
25111: Malis, Jody Cameron - The Office Cookbook
24493: Malkus, Alida Sims - Eastward Sweeps the Current: A Saga of the Polynesian Seafarers
016665: Malkus, Alida Sims - The Story of Louis Pasteur
38921: Mallery, Paul - Wiring Your Layout
010253: Mallet-Joris, Francoise - A Letter to Myself. Translated by Patrick O'Brian from the French
002776: Mallet, Thierry - Glimpses of the Barren Lands
39592: Mallon, Thomas - A Book of One's Own : People and Their Diaries
40584: Mallon, Brian - Selections from Secrets of the Celtic Heart with the Stepping Down of the Gael
26859: Mallows, Wilfrid - The Mystery of the Great Zimbabwe : The Key to a Major Archaeological Enigma
38000: Malloy, Tess - Cooking in Color
34322: Malm, Frances - World Cruise
34330: Malm, Dorothea - To the Castle
40277: Malone, Michael - The Last Noel : A Novel
004242: Malone, Susan - By the Book
43401: Maloney, Tom, ed. - U.S. Camera, 1949
015927: Maloney, Tom, ed. - U.S. Camera, 1957
22519: Malory, Thomas - Le Morte Darthur: The Book of King Arthur and His Knights of the Round Table
28658: Malpass, Eric - A House of Women
009435: Malraux, Andre - Anti-Memoirs. Translated by Terence Kilmartin
009351: Malraux, Andre - Lazarus
34332: Malraux, Andre. - Days of Wrath
30121: Malraux, Andre. - Anti-Memoirs. Translated by Terence Kilmartin.
37431: Mamet, David - The Village
37374: Mamet, David - Some Freaks
28556: Man, Felix H. - Man with Camera: Photographs from Seven Decades
30616: Manchee, William. - Deadly Distractions.
22234: Manchee, William - Second Chair (a Stan Turner Mystery)
014756: Manchester, William - Goodbye, Darkness: A Memoir of the Pacific War
46475: Manchester, William - The Last Lion, William Spencer Churchill Alone, 1932-1940
44581: Manchester, William - One Brief Shining Moment : Remembering Kennedy
21359: Manchester, William - American Caesar: Douglas Macarthur, 1880-1964
003479: Mandel, Oscar - Gobble-Up Stories
010852: Mandel, David - Changing Art, Changing Man
29033: Mandela, Winnie - Part of My Soul Went with Him
29106: Mandelbaum, Ken - A Chorus Line and the Musicals of Michael Bennett
44969: Mandell, Muriel & Wood, Robert E - Make Your Own Musical Instruments, by Muriel Mandell and Robert E. Wood; Illustrations by Margaret Krivak
43493: Mandell, Patricia - Massachusetts: Off the Beaten Path (Insiders Guide: Off the Beaten Path) Insiders Guide: Off the Beaten Path
21729: Mango, Cyril - Byzantium: The Empire of New Rome
015154: Maniates, Belle Kanaris - Penny of Top Hill Trail
30617: Manikowski, John. - Fish Grilled & Smoked : 150 Recipes for Cooking Rich, Flavorful Fish on the Backyard Grill, Streamside, or in a Home Smoker.
014893: Mankowitz, Wolf - A Kid for Two Farthings
31329: Manley, Ray - Ray Manley's Southwestern Indian Arts & Crafts
44544: Manly, Harold Phillips - The Ford Motor Car Truck and Tractor Attachments
34314: Mann, Thomas - The Holy Sinner. Translated from the German by H.T. Lowe-Porter
34315: Mann, Thomas - Joseph the Provider. Translated from the German by H.T. Lowe-Porter Joseph and his Brothers, part 4
34316: Mann, Thomas - Doctor Faustus. Translated from the German by H.T. Lowe-Porter
018530: Mann, Zane B. - Fair Winds and Far Places
43909: Mann, Thomas - Bekenntnisse Des Hochstaplers Felix Krull; Der Memoiren Erster Teil
34550: Mann, Thomas - Joseph in Eygpt. Translated from the German by H.T. Lowe-Porter Joseph and his Brothers, part 3
33223: Mann, Katia - Unwritten Memories
43601: Mann, Charles C. - 1491 : New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus
41596: Mann, Arthur - Growth and Achievement: Temple Israel, 1854-1954. Foreword by Oscar Handlin. Contributors: Lee M. Friedman [and Others]
43380: Mann, Thomas - Doctor Faustus: The Life of the German Composer Adrian Leverk Hn As Told to a Friend. Translated from the German...
003578: Mann, Thomas - Confessions of Feliz Krull Confidence Man [the Early Years]
012757: Mann, F. O. - Albert Gope
012212: Mann, Thomas C. and Greene, Janet - Over Their Dead Bodies: Yankee Epitaphs & History
003166: Mann, Kathleen - Peasant Costume in Europe
005888: Mann, Arthur - La Guardia Comes to Power: 1933
011009: Mann, Katia - Unwritten Memories. Edited by Elisabeth Plessen & Michael Mann. Translated from the German by Hunter & Hildegarde Hannum
31305: Manners-Sutton, D. (Doris) - Black God: A Story of the Congo
26878: Manners, Ande - Poor Cousins
003362: Manners-Sutton, D. (Doris) - Black God: A Story of the Congo
014015: Mannes, Marya - Subverse: Rhymes for Our Times
007116: Mannes, Marya - Message from a Stranger
005813: Manning, Mary - The Last Chronicles of Ballyfungus
23756: Manolson, Frank - C Is for Cat
34556: Mansfield, Katherine - The Short Stories
41284: Mansfield, Irving - Life with Jackie
30618: Mansfield, Howard. - The Bones of the Earth.
25583: Mansfield, Katherine - In a German Pension
016898: Mansfield, Edward Deering - The Life of General Winfield Scott
002958: Mansfield, Peter - A History of the Middle East
40158: Mansfield, Katherine - The Garden Party
44968: Mansion, Horace. Arranger - Old English Nursery Songs
007021: Manso, Peter - Mailer: His Life and Times
43129: Mante, Harold - Color Design in Photography
011527: Mantle, Burns, ed. - The Best Plays of 1944-45 and the Year Book of the Drama in America
36735: Manuel, David - A Matter of Principle : A Faith Abbey Mystery Faith Abbey Mystery Series, 4
39217: Manuel, David - A Matter of Principle : A Faith Abbey Mystery
34539: Manville, William H. (William Henry) - Good-Bye
36855: Manzini, Giovanni Battista - Les Harangves Academiqves, de Iean-Babtiste Manzini
38181: Marburger, Richard E. - Lawrence Institute of Technology : A Tale of Three Students
34540: Marceau, Félicien - Heart Flights
40012: March, Charles W. (Charles Wainwright) - Daniel Webster and His Contemporaries
45641: Marchaj, Czes aw A. - Seaworthiness : The Forgotten Factor
23979: Marchant, William - The Privilege of His Company : NoëL Coward Remembered
016934: Marciano, Francesca - Rules of the Wild
24866: Marcinko, Richard - Rogue Warrior : The Real Team
012595: Marconi, Maria Cristina & Marconi, Elettra - Marconi, My Beloved. First English Language Edition Edited, Enlarged and Updated by Elettra Marconi
41723: Marconi, Maria Cristina. - Marconi My Beloved. 1st English-Language Ed. / Edited, Enlarged, and Updated by Elettra Marconi
43602: Marcus, Melanie - Cooking with a Harvard Accent : A Collection of International Recipes from the Harvard Community
46466: Marcus Aurelius, Emperor of Rome - Meditations of Marcus Aurelius, in the Translation of George Long, and with Decorations by Paul Mcpharlin.
32997: Marcus Ward & Co. - Christmas Greeting, Illus. With Pastoral Scene
32996: Marcus Ward & Co. ? - New Year's Greeting, Illus. Oriental Design and Bouquet
32995: Marcus Ward & Co. - Birthday Greeting, Illus. Of Boy Presenting Bouquet to Girl. Verso Blank
32998: Marcus Ward & Co. - Christmas Greeting, Illus. With Artworks & Flowers
32994: Marcus Ward & Co. - 2 Greeting Cards: Young Man Holding Large Sealed Message and a Young Woman Carrying Two Scrap Books, Verses on the Verso
015989: Maree, Aaron - Aaron Maree's Classic Desserts
40221: Marek, George R - Richard Strauss : The Life of a Non-Hero
45823: Maretzek, Max - Crotchets and Quavers: Or, Revelations of an Opera Manager in America / by Max Maretzek
23056: Marfleet, Peter - Carpentry for the Homeowner
24453: Marguerite, Queen, consort of Henry II, King of Navarre - The Heptameron or Tales and Novels of Marguerite D'Angoulême, Queen of Navarre Now First Completely Done Into English Prose and Verse from the Original French by Arthur Machen with Etchings by Leopold Flameng Bibliophilist's Library, vol. 3-4
016637: Margulies, Jane Umanoff & Kaufman, Eve - The Healthy Family Cookbook. Photosgraphs by Fred Margulies. Drawings by Sybil Herschbein
31146: Maria del Rey, Sister - Prospero Strikes It Rich: The Growth of a Gold Town
44596: Mariani, Valerio - Michelangelo the Painter
018511: Marich, Carl A. - Lyrics Close to the Heart
30352: Marie Louise, Empress, consort of Napoleon I. - My Dearest Louise, Marie-Louise and Napoleon 1813-1814. Collected and Annotated by C.F. Palmstierna.
40608: Marin, A. C. - A Storm of Spears
27545: Marine Historical Association - George Blunt Wendell, Clipper Ship Master [1831-1881]
44945: Marine Museum (Boston, Mass.) - In Memory of Lieut. Colonel William Francis Spicer, U.S. Marine Corps
30619: Marinick, Richard. - Boyos : A Novel.
39097: Marinick, Richard - In for a Pound
33991: Marino, John - John Marino's Bicycling Book
45466: Marion, Fulgence. - Les Ballons Et Les Voyages aériens, Par Fulgence Marion
29597: Marion, John L. & Anderson, Christopher - The Best of Everything: The Insider's Guide to Collecting -- for Every Taste and Every Budget
39552: Marjoribanks, Edward - Carson the Advocate
37599: Marjoribanks, Edward - For the Defence; the Life of Sir Edward Marshall Hall, by Edward Marjoribanks, M.P. , with an Introduction by the Rt. Honourable the Earl of Birkenhead...
43353: Mark, Vernon H. - Brain Power : A Neurosurgeon's Complete Program to Maintain and Enhance Brain Fitness Throughout Your Life
32371: Mark, Kenneth L. - Delayed by Fire; Being the Early History of Simmons College
34542: Markandaya, Kamala - Nectar in a Sieve, a Novel by Kamala Markandaya
41354: Marker, Sherry - Norman Rockwell
41257: Marki, Ivan - The Trial of the Poet : An Interpretation of the First Edition of Leaves of Grass
34552: Marks, Percy - Between Two Autumns
36191: Marks, Percy - A Dead Man Dies
34543: Markstein, George - Chance Awakening
23714: Markus, Rixi - Play Better Bridge
41386: Marling, Karal Ann - Norman Rockwell
34551: Marlow, Sidney - Harry Ambler
39879: Marlowe, Christopher - Plays by Christopher Marlowe. Introduction by Edward Thomas Everyman's Library 383 A
22988: Marlowe, Derek - Somebody's Sister
006828: Marlowe, Christopher - Hero and Leander
015849: Marlowe, George Francis - Churches of Old New England: Their Architecture and Their Architects, Their Pastors and Their People
2338: Marmontel, Jean Francois - Contes Moraux
43435: Maroney, William D., editor - Supernaculum, an Anthology of Writing by Students in Catholic Colleges and Universities. Spring 1959
25621: Marotta, Terry - Vacationing in My Driveway, or, How to Relax and Enjoy Life's Ride
34544: Marquand, John P. (John Phillips) - Sincerely, Willis Wayde
34548: Marquand, John P. (John Phillips) - So Little Time
34570: Marquand, John P. (John Phillips) - Women and Thomas Harrow
34571: Marquand, John P. (John Phillips) - Women and Thomas Harrow
34572: Marquand, John P. (John Phillips) - B.F. 's Daughter
004111: Marquand, John P. (John Phillips) - Repent in Haste
009152: Marquand, John P. (John Phillips) - Wickford Point
37467: Marquand, John P. (John Phillips) - Repent in Haste
41006: Marquand, John P. (John Phillips) - Stopover Tokyo
008377: Marquand, John P. (John Phillips) - Thirty Years
013661: Marquand, John P. (John Phillips) - Timothy Dexter Revisited
006565: Marquand, John P. (John Phillips) - Women and Thomas Harrow
43719: Marquis Albert Nelson, editor - Who's Who in New England
010533: Marquis, Don - Sonnets to a Red-Haired Lady (by a Gentleman with a Blue Beard) and Famous Love Affairs
012217: Marr, David - Patrick White, a Life
016808: Marrack, Eleanor - Cezanne
016811: Marrack, Eleanor &/or Potter, Gabriel - Gauguin
44744: Marric, J. J. - Gideon's Badge A Harper novel of suspense
44916: Marriott, A. E. (Arthur Elmer) - Suggested Athletics for Army Camps
27807: Marrot, H. V. - A Bibliography of the Works of John Galsworthy
013881: Marrs, Suzanne - The Welty Collection: A Guide to the Eudora Welty Manuscripts and Documents at the Mississippi Department of Archives...
34574: Marryat, Frederick - Olla Podrida
34575: Marryat, Frederick - Valerie, an Autobiography
27778: Marryat, Frederick - Newton Forster; or, the Merchant Service
25408: Marryat, Frederick - The Privateersman. Adventures by Sea and Land, in CIVIL and Savage Life, One Hundred Years Ago
45597: Marryat, Frederick - Mr. Midshipman Easy ; Peter Simple ; Jacob Faithful
43274: Marryat, Frederick - Mr. Midshipman Easy Everyman's Library No. 82
011776: Marryat, Frederick - Mr. Midshipman Easy
589: Marsden, Colin J. - Southern Rails in the 1980s
34703: Marsh, George - Flash, the Lead
34689: Marsh, Ngaio - When in Rome
45696: Marsh, Daniel Lash - The American Canon
23400: Marsh, Ngaio - Killer Dolphin
40698: Marsh, J. B. T. - The Story of the Jubilee Singers : With Their Songs
1373: Marsh, Ngaio - Grave Mistake
010225: Marsh, Dave - Glory Days: Bruce Springsteen in the 1980's
45967: Marsh, Mary Val - Explore and Discover Music ; Creative Approaches to Music Education in Elementary, Middle, and Junior High Schools [by] Mary Val Marsh.
34579: Marshall, Edison - American Captain
34580: Marshall, Edison - The Infinite World
34583: Marshall, Bruce - Vespers in Vienna
34586: Marshall, Bruce - The World, the Flesh and Father Smith
27432: Marshall, Anne - Night Before Cookery
009302: Marshall Cavendish Books - Three Course Menus: A Wealth of Appetising Ideas for Every Occasion
009376: Marshall, William - The New York Detective
39407: Marshall, S. L. A. (Samuel Lyman Atwood) - Blitzkrieg : Its History, Strategy, Economics, and the Challenge to America
013618: Marshall, William Emerson - Consider the Lilies
017306: Marshall, Sybil, editor - Fenland Chronicle
013046: Marshall, Roger - Designed to Win
003438: Marshall, Katherine Tupper - Together: Annals of an Army Wife
44556: Marshall, Rosamond - Celeste, the Gold Coast Virgin
22571: Marshall, W. G. - Through America; or, Nine Months in the United States
006737: Marshall, Nina L. - The Mushroom Book. A Popular Guide to the Indentification and Study of Our Common Fungi...
016398: Marshall, James Wilson & Buffum, Edward Gould - From Mexican Days to the Gold Rush: Memoirs of James Wilson Marshall & Edward Gould Buffum Who Grew Up with California. Edited by Doyce B. Nunis, Jr. Lakeside Classics 91
016018: Marshall, Roger - Designed to Cruise
016019: Marshall, Roger - Yacht Design Details
8146: Marshall, Roy K. - The Nature of Things
32365: Marston, Everett C. - Origin and Development of Northeastern University, 1898 - 1960
012345: Marszalek, John F. - The Petticoat Affair: Manner, Mutiny, and Sex in Andrew Jackson's White House
17448: Marszalek, John F. - Sherman: A Soldier's Passion for Order
23057: Martensson, Alf - The Book of Furniture Making
44818: Martensson, Alf - The Book of Furniture Making [by] Alf Martensson
27855: Martin, J. H. & Bennett, Geoffrey - Pictorial History of Ships
40435: Martin, Tovah - Once Upon a Windowsill : A History of Indoor Plants
40021: Martin, Joseph W. (Joseph William) - My First Fifty Years in Politics, As Told to Robert J. Donovan
34638: Martin, Peter - The Landsmen
34639: Martin, William - Nerve Endings
34587: Martin, Judith - Gilbert, a Comedy of Manners
34588: Martin, William - Nerve Endings

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