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29093: Matloff, Maurice & Worth, Fred L. - World War II : Strnage & Fascinating Facts
003542: Matschat, Cecile Hulse - Suwannee River: Strange Green River
7920: Matschat, Cecile Hulse - Seven Grass Huts: An Engineer's Wife in Central-and-South America
30145: Matsubara, Naoko. - Boston Impressions. Woodcuts by Naoko Matsubara. Text by Sinclair Hitchings.
013176: Matteson, Stefanie - Murder on High
34646: Matthews, Jack - Pictures of the Journey Back
39955: Matthews, Brander - An Introduction to the Study of American Literature
26043: Matthews, L. Harrison - Penguins, Whalers, and Sealers: A Voyage of Discovery
27150: Matthews, G. V. T. - Bird Navigation Cambridge Monographs in Experimental Biology No. 3
013267: Matthews, Caitlin & John - British and Irish Mythology : An Encyclopedia of Myth and Legend
016209: Matthews, Greg - The Further Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
003913: Matthiessen, F. O. - The James Family Including Selections from the Writings of Henry James, Senior, William, Henry, & Alice James
22927: Matthiessen, Peter - Wildlife in America
011711: Matthiessen, Peter & Porter, Eliot - The Tree Where Man Was Born: The African Experience
005006: Matthiessen, F. O., ed. - The Oxford Book of American Verse
21952: Matthiessen, Peter - Killing Mister Watson
38934: Matthiessen, Peter - Killing Mister Watson
23984: Matthiessen, F. O. - Theodore Dreiser American Men of Letters Series
26143: Matthiessen, Peter & Porter, Eliot - The Tree Where Man Was Born - the African Experience
23735: Matthijs, Koen & Draguet, Michel - The Belgians
24620: Mattingly, Garrett - The Armada
24621: Mattingly, Garrett - The Armada
016687: Mattingly, Garrett - The Armada
26211: Mattingly, Garrett - The Armada
009605: Maud, Constance - Wagner's Heroines
25125: Maugham, W. Somerset (William Somerset) - The Moon and Sizpence
37468: Maugham, Robin - Nomad
43763: Maugham, W. Somerset (William Somerset) - Mr. Maugham Himself. Selected by John Beecroft
33225: Maugham, Robin - Conversations with Willie : Recollections of W. Somerset Maugham
33226: Maugham, W. Somerset (William Somerset) - Points of View; Five Essays
008745: Maugham, Robin - The Servant
018198: Maugham, W. Somerset (William Somerset) - Ashenden; or, the British Agent in One Volume
011617: Maugham, W. Somerset (William Somerset) - Then and Now
38990: Maugham, W. Somerset (William Somerset) - The World over : Stories on Minifold Places and People
21566: Maugham, W. Somerset (William Somerset) - The Moon and Sixpence
40650: Maugham, W. Somerset (William Somerset) - Christmas Holiday
44516: Maugham, W. Somerset (William Somerset) - The Somerset Maugham Pocket Book. Edited with an Introduction by Jerome Weidman
008860: Mauldin, Bill - The Brass Ring
37378: Mauldin, Bill - A Sort of a Saga
29361: Mauldin, Bill - Back Home
002932: Mauldin, Bill - Up Front
004292: Mauldin, Bill - Back Home
39774: Maupassant, Guy de - A Woman's Life
007220: Maupassant, Guy de - A Woman's Life
26222: Maupassant, Guy de - The Tales of Guy de Maupassant. The Translations of Lafcadio Hearn and Others Chosen & with an Introduction by Justin O'Brien.
010808: Maupin, Armistad - Maybe the Moon
010809: Maupin, Armistad - Sure of You
44137: Maurois, André - Ariel; the Life of Shelley, by André Maurois, Translated by Ella D'Arcy
39650: Maurois, André - Disraeli : A Picture of the Victoria Age, by André Maurois; Translated by Hamish Miles
43883: Maurois, André - Disraeli : A Picture of the Victoria Age, by André Maurois; Translated by Hamish Miles. With a New Introduction by Henri Peyre
007222: Maurois, Andre - Les Silences Du Colonel Bramble
29073: Maurois, André - Tragedy in France, by André Maurois; Translated from the French by Denver Lindley
28562: Maurois, Andre - Byron. Translated from the French by Hamish Miles.
23980: Maurois, André - Alexandre Dumas; a Great Life in Brief
45900: Maurois, André - The Miracle of America, by André Maurois, Translated from the French by Denver and Jane Lindley
39859: Maury, Jean Siffrein - The Principles of Eloquence : Adapted to the Pulpit and the Bar / by the Abbe´ Maury ; Translated from the French, with Additional Notes by John Neal Lake
011201: Maury, Richard - The Saga of "Cimba
25685: Maury, Richard - The Saga of "Cimba
776: Mawer, Irene - The Art of Mime: Its History and Technique in Education and the Theatre
018444: Mawhinney, Thomas A. H. - English Oak and Spanish Gold
42540: Max-Planck-Gesellschaft - Jahrbuch 1996
015809: Maxcy, Caroll Lewis, compiler - Representative Narratives
014941: Maxwell, Gavin - The Rock Remains
23616: Maxwell, Nicole - Witch Doctor's Apprentice Library of the mystic arts
013177: Maxwell, A. E. - Just Enough Light to Kill
012555: Maxwell, Gavin - The Otters' Tale
42594: Maxwell, James A. - America's Fascinating Indian Heritage
37994: Maxwell, Sarah - Greek Meze Cooking
30945: May, Sophie - Little Prudy's Cousin Grace
332: May, Sophie - Little Grandfather
41062: May, Peter - Top of the World : The Inside Story of the Boston Celtics' Amazing One-Year. .
29786: May, Rollo, editor - Symbolish in Religion and Literature
012723: May, Sophie - Little Prudy's Cousin Grace
006838: May, Sophie - Little Grandfather [by Rebecca Sophia Clarke]
006839: May, Sophie - Dotty Dimple at Her Grandmother's [by Rebecca Sophia Clarke]
015878: May, Earl Chapin - Century of Silver, 1847-1947: Connecticut Yankees and a Noble Metal
45490: May, John Bichard - The Hawks of North America; Their Field Identification and Feeding Habits, by John Bichard May; Illustrated by Allan Brooks and Roger Tory Peterson.
26967: Maybury-Lewis, David - Millennium: Tribal Wisdom and the Modern World
008468: Mayer, Jane - Betsy Ross and the Flag
29977: Mayer, Jeffrey J. - If You Haven't Got the Time to Do It Right, When Will You Find the Time to Do It over?
40453: Mayer, Elizabeth Lloyd & de Marneffe, Daphne - When Theory and Practice Diverge: Gender-Related Patterns of Referral to Psychoanalysts
17927: Mayer, Arthur - Merely Colossal: The Story of the Movies from the Long Chase to the Chaise Longue
009607: Mayfield, Sara - The Constant Circle: H.L. Mencken and His Friends
31692: Mayfield, John, and others, defendants - The Trial of the Mutineers, Late of His Majesty's Ship Temeraire, Held on Board His Majesty's Ship, Gladiator, in Portsmouth Harbour. January 6, 1802
17785: Mayle, Peter - Acquired Tastes
21504: Mayle, Peter - A Year in Provence
21505: Mayle, Peter - Toujours Provence
25888: Maynard, Joe - William S. Burroughs : A Bibliography, 1953-73 : Unlocking Inspector Lee's Word Hoard
33149: Mayo, Lawrence Shaw - Three Essays, by Lawrence Shaw Mayo. An Appreciation, with a Bibliography
35593: Mayo, Eleanor R. - Swan's Harbor
31309: Mayor, A. Hyatt (Alpheus Hyatt) - Giovanni Battista Piranesi
25623: Mayor, Archer - The Sniper's Wife
31124: Mayor, Archer - Gatekeeper
29633: Mayor, Archer - Gatekeeper
006271: Mayor, A. Hyatt - Selected Writings and a Bibliography
38223: Mazama Women's Club - A Book of Favorite Recipes
33828: Mazel, Judy - The Beverly Hills Diet
30995: Mazo, Earl - Richard Nixon: A Political and Personal Portrait
25344: Mazur, Gail, editor - Ploughshares, V. 6, No. 2, 1980.
42579: Mazur, Grace Dane - Trespass
36556: Mazzola, Reparata & Gibson, Sonny - Mafia Kingpin by Reparata Mazzola & Sonny Gibson
31227: McAdam, Roger Williams - Salts of the Sound : An Informal of Steamboat Days and the Famous Skippers Who Sailed Long Island Sound
22622: McAdam, Roger Williams - Priscilla of Fall River
31317: McAdam, Roger Williams - Priscilla of Fall River
004334: McAleer, John - Coign of Vantage; or, the Boston Athenaeum Murders
34116: McAlister, Hugh. [from old catalog] - Steve Holworth of the Oldham Works; the Story of a Boy Who Chose a Career in the Rubber Industry
44287: McAllester, David P., ed. - Ethnomusicilogy, Journal of the Society for Ethnomusicology, V. 3, No. 2, May 1959
40481: McArthur, Tom (Thomas Burns) - Worlds of Reference : Lexicography, Learning, and Language from the Clay Tablet to the Computer
34117: McAulay, Sara - Chance
34118: McBain, Ed - Downtown : A Novel
34119: McBain, Ed - Goldilocks
34120: McBain, Ed - The Sentries : A Novel
34121: McBain, Ed - Where There's Smoke
018554: McBride, Chris - The White Lions of Timbavati
26965: McBride, Stewart Dill - Boston in Color. Profiles in America
012306: McBride, Ian - The Siege of Derry in Ulster Protestant Mythology
43603: McCabe, John - Cagney
013570: McCabe, James D - Planting the Wilderness; or, the Pioneer Boys. A Story of Frontier Life
44565: McCabe, Lida Rose - Ardent Adrienne, the Life of Madame de la Fayette, by Lida Rose Mccabe
012199: McCabe, Patrick - Breakfast on Pluto
44314: McCabe, Bob - Dark Knights & Holy Fools
018577: McCaffery, Mary A., Quinlan, Henry M. & Quinlan, Michael P., compilers - Irish Trivia
015302: McCaffery, Michael J. A. - The Worst Boy in the School
106: McCaffery, Arthur - Cape Cod on the Subway: A Memoir of Pleasure Boating
39335: McCaffrey, Anne - The Rowan
005039: McCaffrey, Anne - Killashandra
34122: McCaig, Donald - The Bamboo Cannon
018290: McCall, Sidney - Truth Dexter
29448: McCall, Michael - Country Music Stars: The Legends and the New Breed
23791: McCall Corporation - Mccall's Sewing Book
42530: McCall, Sidney - Truth Dexter
008595: McCallum, John - That Kelly Family
42210: McCann, Rebecca - The Annabel Books. Volume 1 - 2
31429: McCardell, Roy L. - Olde Love and Lavender & Other Verses
28246: McCarry, Charles - Double Eagle : Ben Abruzzo, Maxie Anderson, Larry Newman
009113: McCarthy, Mary - On the Contrary
45719: McCarthy, Eugene J. - Required Reading : A Decade of Political Wit & Wisdom
34124: McCarthy, Justin H. (Justin Huntly) - If I Were King
34126: McCarthy, Mary - Cannibals and Missionaries
008913: McCarthy, Mary - Vietnam
33187: McCarthy, Mary - Intellectual Memoirs : New York, 1936-1938
33188: McCarthy, Mary - Memories of a Catholic Girlhood A harvest/HBJ book
33186: McCarthy, Mary - How I Grew
33013: McCarthy, Mary - How I Grew
016504: McCarthy, Eugene J - Mr. Raccoon and His Friends
43041: McCarthy, Denis Aloysius - Heart Songs and Home Songs, by Denis A. Mccarthy
005518: McCarthy, Mary - The Oasis, in Horizon: A Review of Literature and Art, Edited by Cyril Connolly, Vol. 19, No. 110, February 1949
28935: McCarthy, Mary - Cannibals and Missionaries
45500: McCarthy, Justin - Inside Brother Juniper
31673: McCarthy, Justin - The Story of the People of England in the Nineteenth Century. The Story of the Nations series
44793: McCarthy, Justin - The Story of Gladstone's Life, by Justin Mccarthy
7711: McCarthy, Mary - Sights and Spectacles, 1937-1956
26999: McCarty, Clifford - Bogey: The Films of Humphrey Bogart
016863: McCarty, Diane - Basset Hounds
004560: McCarty, Clifford - Bogey: The Films of Humphrey Bogart
42763: McCash, June Hall - A Titanic Love Story : Ida and Isidor Straus
21440: McClaine, Shirley - Out on a Limb
31366: McClanahan, Ed - Famous People I Have Known
003664: McClane, A. J., ed. - Mcclane's Standard Fishing Encyclopedia and International Angling Guide
015875: McClane, A. J., ed. - Mcclane's New Standard Fishing Encyclopedia and International Angling Guide
40378: McClane, A. J. (Albert Jules) - Mcclane's Game Fish of North America by A.J. Mcclane & Keith Gardner
240: McCleery, Albert, and Carl Glick - Curtains Going Up
69: McClellan, Elisabeth - History of American Costume, 1607-1870
003382: McClelland, Doug - The Golden Age of "B" Movies
27174: McClintick, David - Indecent Exposure: A True Story of Hollywood and Wall Street
016330: McClintock, Barbara - The Battle of Luke and Longnose
46042: McClintock, Barbara - Adèle & Simon in America
009815: McClinton, Katharine Morrison - Antique Collecting for Everyone
27113: McClinton, Katharine Morrison - Antiques : Past and Present
29611: McClinton, Katharine Morrison - A Handbook of Popular Antiques
21791: McClinton, Katharine Morrison - A Handbook of Popular Antiques
016864: McCloskey, E. - This Is the Collie
014710: McClung, Robert M. - All About Animals and Their Young
34231: McClure, James - The Gooseberry Fool
44420: McComas, Tom - A Collector's Guide and History to Lionel Trains: V.1. Prewar O Gauge Lionel Collector's Guide
44419: McComas, Tom - A Collector's Guide and History to Lionel Trains. V.4. 1970-1980. Lionel Collector's Guide
44417: McComas, Tom & Tuohy, James - Lionel: A Collector's Guide and History : V.6. Advertising & Art.
24525: McConachie William - The Glamour of the Glen : Nature Studies in the Lammermoors
38800: McConkey, Kenneth - British Impressionism
40678: McConn, Max - Mollie's Subsitute Husband
018529: McConnell, Carol & Malcolm - Middle Sea Autumn
23301: McConnell, Frank D. - Blood Lake
32872: McConnell, Jane Tompkins - First Ladies, from Martha Washington to Mamie Eisenhower [by] Jane and Burt
25285: McConnell, Stuart - Glorious Contentment: The Grand Army of the Republic, 1865 - 1900
009063: McCord, David - Stirabout
34227: McCord, Jean - Deep Where the Octopi Lie
34080: McCord, David - A Star by Day
36954: McCord, David Thompson Watson - Speak Up : More Rhymes of the Never Was and Always Is
008736: McCord, David - The Old Bateau and Other Poems
013440: McCord, David, ed. - What Cheer: An Anthology of American and British Humorous and Witty Verse Gathered, Sifted, and Salted, with an Introduction
2293: McCord, David - Notes on the Harvard Tercentenary
012442: McCord, David - H.T. P. : Portrait of a Critic
006376: McCord, David, ed. - What Cheer: An Anthology of American and British Humorous and Witty Verse Gathered, Sifted, and Salted, with an Introduction
29257: McCord, Richard - The Chain Gang : One Newspaper Versus the Gannett Empire
32301: McCord, David - An Acre for Education: Being Notes on the History of Radcliffe College
006820: McCorkle, Jill - Crash Diet
015009: McCormick, Renee de Fontarce - Little Coquette: The Story of a French Girlhood. Translated by Leander J. Mccormick
45545: McCormick, Richard C. (Richard Cunningham) - A Visit to the Camp Before Sevastopol
013164: McCormick, Claire - The Club Paradis Murders
27533: McCourt, Malachy - A Monk Swimming : A Memoir
012339: McCourt, Frank - 'Tis
41153: McCoy, Jack - Book of Submarines
45321: McCoy, Donald R. - Landon of Kansas [by] Donald R. Mccoy
014441: McCracken, Elizabeth - The Giant's House, a Romance
30281: McCracken, Harold. - The American Cowboy.
36134: McCrery, Nigel - The Complete History of the Sas : The Full Story of the World's Most Feared Special Forces
34238: McCrone, Guy - Charlotte and Dr. James
34239: McCrone, Guy - Red Plush : The Story of the Moorhouse Family
34228: McCrum, Robert - In the Secret State
30975: McCrumb, Sharyn - She Walks These Hills
30621: McCrumb, Sharyn. - St. Dale.
31619: McCrumb, Sharyn. - St. Dale
44706: McCrumb, Sharyn - Foggy Mountain Breakdown and Other Stories
37054: McCullers, Carson - The Mortgaged Heart. Edited by Margarita G. Smith
009849: McCullers, Carson - Reflections in a Golden Eye
013710: McCulloch-Williams, Martha - Next to the Ground: Chronicles of the Countryside
27838: McCullough, David Willis - Wars of the Irish Kings : A Thousand Years of Struggle from the Age of Myth Through the Reign of Queen Elizabeth I
009120: McCullough, Colleen - The First Man in Rome
43797: McCullough, David G. - 1776
45579: McCullough, David - The Wright Brothers
018010: McCullough, J. - Golf in the Year 2000; or, What We Are Coming to
006523: McCullough, Colleen - The Ladies of Missalonghi
42759: McCullough, David Willis - City Sleuths and Tough Guys
23893: McCullough, David Willis, editor - Great Detectives: A Century of the Best Mysteries from England and America
015720: McCullough, Colleen - The Thorn Birds
24992: McCurdy, Michael - The Illustrated Harvard : Harvard University in Wood Engravings and Words
016536: McCurdy, Michael - Trapped by the Ice!: Shackleton's Amazing Antarctic Adventure
016331: McCurdy, Michael - The Devils Who Learned to Be Good
010720: McCurdy, Edward - Raphael Santi... With Twenty Illustrations in Colour Executed Under the Supervision of the Medici Society
28297: McCutchan, Philip - Great Yachts
42695: McCutchan, Philip - Great Yachts
34085: McCutcheon, George Barr - Beverly of Graustark
34086: McCutcheon, George Barr - Graustark: The Story of a Love Behind a Throne
34087: McCutcheon, George Barr - Brewster's Millions
17665: McCutcheon, George Barr - The Man from Brodney's, by George Barr Mccutcheon... With Illustrations by Harrison Fisher
011970: McCutcheon, George Barr - Castle Craneycrow
015886: McCutcheon, George Barr - Mr. Bingle
25624: McDermid, Val - The Last Temptation
24807: McDermott, Thomas J. - Manual of Sailboat Racing: An Encyclopedic Treatise for Small-Boat Sailors
33506: McDermott, Alice - At Weddings and Wakes
33277: McDermott, Alice - Charming Billy
24436: McDermott, Thomas J. - Sailboat Racing Rules: Explained and Illustrated Including Digests from All Nayru Appeals & Iyru Cases with Appendix, Tables, & Protest or Study Kit
23958: McDermott, P. L. - The Last King of Yewle; a Novelette in Nine Chapters, by P.L. Mcdermott, Author of "Julius Vernon. The "unknown" library [no. 21]
24643: McDonagh, John M. - Christian Psychology : Toward a New Synthesis
016083: McDonagh, Don - The Rise and Fall and Rise of Modern Dance
34230: McDonald, Frank - Provenance
34103: McDonald, Frank - Provenance
34104: Mcdonald, Gregory - Safekeeping
23272: McDonald, Megan - Judy Moody Gets Famous ! Illustrated by Peter Reynolds
43414: McDonald, Megan - Judy Moody Saves the World, Illustrated by Peter Reynolds
22989: Mcdonald, Gregory - Fletch, Too
006131: McDonald, Gregory - Fletch Won
22255: McDonald, Megan - Judy Moody. Illustrated by Peter Reynolds
011397: McDonald, Etta Blaisdell & Dalrymple, Julia - Josefa in Spain
1721: McDonald, Gerald D., et al. - The Films of Charlie Chaplin
010453: McDonald, Etta Blaisdell & Dalrymple, Julia - Gerda in Sweden
34177: McDonell, Nick - The Third Brother : A Novel
34105: McDonell, Gordon - Intruder from the Sea
36684: McDonell, Nick - The Third Brother : A Novel
38259: McDonnell, Alfred - Landlords' Rights and Englishmen's Wrongs Being a Reply to a Pamphlet by Samuel Smith, M.P. , Erroneously Entitled -- the Nationalisation of the Land.
30292: McDonough, Margo. - Delaware First Place : A Contemporary Portrait.
014275: McDougall, Walter A. - Let the Sea Make a Noise: A History of the North Pacific from Magellan to Macarthur
45813: McDowell, Bart - The Revolutionary War; America's Fight for Freedom. Prepared by Special Publications Division National geographic special publications
43505: McDowell, Charles - Campaign Fever; the National Folk Festival, from New Hampshire to November, 1964
22928: McDowell, Ian - Merlin's Gift
38441: McElderry, B. R. & others - The Changing Role of the Middle West
23641: McEldowney, Eugene - A Stone of the Heart
46467: McElroy, Paul Simpson, compiler - Golden Nuggets of Wisdom / Compiled by Paul S. Mcelroy ; with Illustrations by Stanley Clough
24962: McEntire, Reba & Carter, Tom - Reba : My Story
2366: McEvoy, Charles L., ed. - Cuneo Christmas Book
42348: McFadden, Christine - Chocolate: Cooking with the World's Best Ingredient Ultimate Editions
23109: McFarland, Kevin - Incredible But True!
26879: McFarland, Gerald W. - A Scattered People : An American Family Moves West
27384: McFarlane, Peter Clark - The Exploits of Bilge and Ma
012123: McFarlane, Arthur E - Great Bear Island: A Boy's Story of Adventure and Discovery
25528: McFee, William - Pilgrims of Adversity
34235: McFee, William - Spenlove in Arcady
34236: McFee, William - Family Trouble
34097: McFee, William - Ship to Shore
23232: McFee, William - Command
45624: McFee, William - The Life of Sir Martin Frobisher, by William Mcfee The Golden hind series, ed. by M. Waldman
25386: McFee, William - Race
39643: McFeely, Mary Drake - Lady Inspectors : The Campaign for a Better Workplace, 1893-1921
009934: McGarrity, Michael - Tularosa
013165: McGaughey, Neil - The Best Money Murder Can Buy: A Stokes Moran
36129: McGhee, Robert - The Arctic Voyages of Martin Frobisher : An Elizabethan Adventure
014826: McGilligan, Patrick - Fritz Lang: The Nature of the Beast
018555: McGinley, Phyllis - Merry Christmas, Happy New Year
34106: McGinley, Phyllis - The Province of the Heart; [Essays]
30048: McGinley, Phyllis - The Horse Who Lived Upstairs
42164: McGinley, Patrick - Foggage
27534: McGinniss, Joe - The Last Brother
7813: McGinniss, Joe - Cruel Doubt
22146: McGloin, John Bernard - San Francisco, the Story of a City
009375: McGrath, Patrick - Spider
013006: McGraw, Louise Harrison - Hearts That Understand
26426: McGraw, Donald, editor - Nautical Quarterly, No. 22, Summer 1983
46095: McGrew, Fenn, pseud. - Made for Murder A Murray Hill mystery
22238: McGrory, Brian - The Incumbent
009429: McGuffey, William Holmes - Mcguffey's New Revised Eclectic Primer
009430: McGuffey, Alexander Hamilton - The Eclectic Progressive Spelling Book
44576: McGuffey, William Holmes - Mcguffey's Fifth Eclectic Reader
30406: McGuire, Paul. - There's Freedom for the Brave: An Approach to World Order.
016161: McGuire, Paul - Westward the Course! the New World of Oceania
34280: McHale, Tom - Farragan's Retreat
34281: McHale, Tom - The Lady from Boston
33189: McHaney, Pearl Amelia - Eudora Welty : Writers' Reflections Upon First Reading Welty
23574: McHenry, Robert, editor - Famous American Women : A Biographical Dictionary from Colonial Times to the Present
34237: McHugh, Vincent - The Victory
29431: McHugh, Arona - A Banner with a Strange Device
28188: McInerney, Jay - Story of My Life : A Novel
004381: McInerney, Jay - Story of My Life
23398: McInerny, Ralph M. - Judas Priest A Father Dowling Mystery
22990: McInerny, Ralph M. - Desert Sinner
014306: McIntosh, Susan M. - Cooking Light
44707: McIntosh, Rustin - Helen Rice : The Great Lady of Chamber Music
30622: McIntyre, Vestal. - You Are Not the One : Stories.
34243: McIntyre, Marjorie - The River Witch
24756: McIntyre, Joan - The Delicate Art of Whale Watching
008245: McIntyre, O. O. - Twenty-Five Selected Stories of O.O. Mcintyre. With an Introduction by Ray Long, Editor of Cosmopolitan
40286: McIntyre, Loren - The Incredible Incas and Their Timeless Land
38818: McJilton, Celeste - Peggy and I
40179: McKay, John, illustrator - Charles Dickens and Old Rochester
23885: McKeague, Charles P. - Elementary Algebra
38983: McKean, James B. - Democracy Alias Slavery : Speech of Hon. Jas. B. Mckean, of New York, Delivered in the U.S. House of Representatives, June 6, 1860.
23110: Mckee, Alexander - Great Mysteries of Aviation
22147: McKee, Ruth Eleanor - The Lord's Anointed, a Novel of Hawaii [by] Ruth Eleanor Mckee
26289: McKelvey, Blake - Emergence of Metropolitan America, 1915-1966
32980: McKelvie, Samuel R. - Typed Letter Signed to John L. Macvicar, Thanking Him for the Copy of Arthur Nash's "the Golden Rule in Business"
006545: McKendry, John J., ed. - Aesop: Five Centuries of Illustrated Fables
34240: McKenna, Stephen - Vindication
34296: McKenna, Richard - The Sand Pebbles
25059: McKenzie, Alan & Ware, Derek - Hollywood Tricks of the Trade
43013: McKenzie, Michael - Tufenkian Carpets : Core Tibetan Collection
005932: McKeown, William Taylor, ed. - Boating in America
007322: McKerrow, Ronald B - An Introduction to Bibliography for Literary Students
34335: McKillip, Patricia A. - Riddle of the Stars
24105: McKim, Elizabeth - Body India
25659: McKinley, Catherine E. - The Book of Sarahs : A Family in Parts
45268: McKissack, Pat - Nettie Jo's Friends, by Patricia C. Mckissack ; Illustrated by Scott Cook
018485: McKnight, Gerald - Gucci: A House Divided
015961: McKnight, Hugh - Cruising French Canals and Rivers
44649: McKnight, Gerald - Bitter Legacy : Picasso's Disputed Millions
37442: McKuen, Rod - Fields of Wonder
37443: McKuen, Rod - Lonesome Cities
39179: McKuen, Rod - Listen to the Warm
24313: McLanathan, Richard B. K. - World Art in American Museums : A Personal Guide
44330: McLaughlin, Emma & Kraus, Nicola - Dedication : A Novel [by] Emma Mclaughlin and Nicola Kraus
005696: McLaverty, Michael - The Brightening Day: A Novel of Ireland
30623: McLean, Margaret. - Under Oath.
34024: McLean, Forman T. - The Gladiolus
39088: McLeish, Todd - Golden Wings and Hairy Toes : Encounters with New England's Most Imperiled Wildlife
28682: McLoughlin, Emmett - People's Padre, an Autobiography
011634: McLuhan, T. C. - Touch the Earth: A Self-Portrait of Indian Existence
013166: McMahon, Jim, with Verdi, Bob - Mcmahon!
016706: McMahon, Jim & Verdi, Bob - Mcmahon!
23549: McMaster, John Bach - The United States in the World War
33880: McMillan, Terry - Waiting to Exhale
33190: McMillan, Ann - CIVIL Blood : A CIVIL War Mystery
17811: McMillan Terry, et al. - Five for Five: The Films of Spike Lee. Foreword by Melvin Van Peebles. Introduction by Spike Lee
007188: McMillan, Terry - How Stella Got Her Groove Back
35178: McMinnies, W. G. - Signposts : A Confidential Motor Guide to British Inns
42979: McMullan, Joseph V. - The George Walter Vincent and Belle Townsley Smith Collection of Islamic Rugs
004231: McMurtry, Larry - The Evening Star
34676: McMurtry, Larry - Somebody's Darling
014638: McMurtry, Larry - Streets of Laredo
26919: McMurtry, Larry - Walter Benjamin at the Dairy Queen : Reflections at Sixty and Beyond
008376: McMurtry, Larry - Anything for Billy
40488: McMurtry, Larry - Anything for Billy
40489: McMurtry, Larry - Some Can Whistle
42497: McMurtry, Larry - Folly and Glory : A Novel The Berrybender narratives ; bk. 4
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018596: Millett, Kate - Sexual Politics
32874: Millett, Fred Benjamin - The Rebirth of Liberal Education, by Fred B. Millett
43469: Millhauser, Steven - The Knife Thrower and Other Stories
28463: Millman, Lawrence - Paris Was My Paramour and Other Shameless Diaries
014699: Millman, Joan - The Effigy
015296: Millman, Lawrence - Our Like Will Not Be There Again: Notes from the West of Ireland
45670: Mills, James - Report to the Commissioner
41603: Mills, Adelbert P. (Adelbert Philo) - Materials of Construction, Their Manufacture and Properties, by the Late Professor Adelbert P. Mills. 3rd Ed. , Edited by Harrison W. Hayward.
33015: Mills, Hilary - Mailer : A Biography
008681: Mills, John - Painting Made Easy
013050: Mills, Fred - Great Uncle Fred's War: An Illustrated Diary. Researched & Edited by Alan Pryor and Jenifer K. Woods
22672: Mills, Daniel Quinn - Not Like Our Parents : How the Baby Boom Generation Is Changing America
004724: Mills, James - The Prosecutor
33795: Milne, A. A. (Alan Alexander) - The Princess and the Apple Tree
37389: Milne, A. A. (Alan Alexander) - Chloe Marr
22832: Milne, Antony - Floodshock : The Drowning of Planet Earth
013179: Milne, John - The Moody Man: A Jimmy Jenner Mystery
45244: Milne, A. A. (Alan Alexander) - Prince Rabbit, and the Princess Who Could Not Laugh
28617: Milne, Lorus Johnson - The Crab That Crawled out of the Past [by] Lorus & Margery Milne. Drawings. .
39090: Milord, Susan - Pebble : A Story About Belonging
015177: Milton, John - The Complete Poetical Works... Together with a Life of the Author
24372: Milton, John - The Poetical Works of John Milton Edited by Egerton Brydges. Illustrated with Engravings Designed by John Martin and J.W. M. Turner
013180: Milton, David Scott - Kabbalah
23867: Milton, John - L'Allegro
44805: Milton, John - The Poetical Works... With a Sketch of His Life
38811: Milwaukee Art Center - The Inner Circle, September 15 Through October 23, 1966
34768: Miner, Valerie - All Good Women
34767: Miner, Robert - Mother's Day : A Novel
45180: Mink, Janis - Marcel Duchamp, 1887-1968 : Art As Anti-Art
44708: Minkin, Jacob Samuel - The World of Moses Maimonides, with Selections from His Writings
33396: Minney, R. J. (Rubeigh James) - The Edwardian Age
29724: Minney, R. J. (Rubeigh James) - The Tower of London [by] R.J. Minney
1963: Minney, R. J., ed. - The War: A Weekly Illustrated Survey of the Second Great War
29454: Minnigh, Luther William - Gettysburg: What They Did Here
013427: Minor, Marz & Nono - The American Indian Craft Book
22833: Minot, Stephen - Three Genres : The Writing of Poetry, Fiction, and Drama
016936: Minot, Susan - Evening
34769: Minot, Susan - Folly
014886: Minter, John Easter - The Chagres: River of Westward Passage
43214: Minto, William - Daniel Defoe
007305: Minus, Paul M - Walter Rauschenbusch: American Reformer
016345: Miracle, Berniece Baker & Mona Rae - My Sister Marilyn: A Memoir of Marilyn Monroe
29159: Miracle, Leonard & Decker, Maurice H. - Complete Book of Camping
29160: Miracle, Leonard & Decker, Maurice H. - Complete Book of Camping
013861: Mironovitch, Serge G - The Kiev Encounter
006094: Mironovitch, Serge G - The Kiev Encounter
34770: Mirsky, Mark - Proceedings of the Rabble
34783: Mirza, Youel B. - Son of the Sword. Decorations by Boris Artzybasheff
37259: Mishima, Yukio - The Sailor Who Fell from Grace with the Sea Perigee Japanese Library
24395: Mitchamore, Pat - A Tennessee Legend with a Pictorial of Old Bottles & Jugs
009716: Mitchell, Donald Grant - Reveries of a Bachelor; or, a Book of the Heart. By Ik Marvel
015057: Mitchell, Kay - A Lively Form of Death : A Chief Inspector Morrissey Mystery.
44184: Mitchell, Jay Gordon - Principles and Practice of Telephony... [in Five Volumes]
41277: Mitchell, S. Augustus (Samuel Augustus) - Mitchell’S School Geography... A System of Modern Geography, Comprising a Description of the Present State of the World, and Its Five Great Divisions, America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceanica...
23433: Mitchell, Carleton - Isles of the Caribbees
37037: Mitchell, John Ames - Amos Judd
27083: Mitchell, S. Weir (Silas Weir) - Hugh Wynne, Free Quaker; Sometime Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel on the Staff of His Excellency General Washington, by S. Weir Mitchell
43786: Mitchell, G. Frank, et al. - Treasures of Irish Art, 1500 B.C. -1500 A.D. : From the Collections of the National Museum of Ireland, Royal Irish Academy, Trinity College, Dublin
43677: Mitchell, Elsie P. - Our Own Day
17668: Mitchell, J. A. - The Pines of Lory
015185: Mitchell, Donald Grant - Reveries of a Bachelor; or, a Book of the Heart. By Ik Marvel
018149: Mitchell, Teri, editor - Cold Cuisine for Entertaining
018116: Mitchell, Don - Living Up Country: A Pilgrim's Progress
003683: Mitchell, Horace - Raising Game Birds
24315: Mitchell, Jay P. - Runaway from Innocence
012228: Mitchell, Edwin Valentine - Maine Summer
40737: Mitchell, Al - Lighthouses: A Pop-Up Gallery of America's Most Beloved Beacons
45479: Mitchell, William J. (William John) - Reinventing the Automobile: Personal Urban Mobility for the 21st Century MIT Press
005958: Mitchell, S. Weir - Hugh Wynne, Free Quaker: Sometime Lieutenant-Colonel on the Staff of His Excellency General Washington
1654: Mitchell, Vic & Smith, Keith - Woking to Portsmouth
21933: Mitchell, Donald Grant - About Old Story-Tellers: Of How and When They Lived, and What Stories They Told
010704: Mitchell, Eleanor Swann - Postscript to Seven Homes
010217: Mitchell, John Ames - Amos Judd
26367: Mitchell, Edwin Valentine - The Horse & Buggy Age in New England
1972: Mitchell, Pryce - Deep Water: The Autobiography of a Sea Captain
45248: Mitchell, Joni - Both Sides Now [by] Joni Mitchell ; Illustrated by Alan Baker
34771: Mitchell, Paige - The Covenant
35518: Mitchell, Don - Four-Stroke; a Novel
26094: Mitchell, G. Frank (George Frank), et al. - Treasures of Irish Art, 1500 B.C. -1500 A.D. : From the Collections of the National Museum of Ireland, Royal Irish Academy, Trinity College, Dublin, by G. Frank Mitchell... [Et Al. ] ; Photography by Lee Boltin and Others.
7885: Mitchell, S. Weir - Westways, a Village Chronicle
016916: Mitchinson, David & Stallabrass, Julian - Henry Moore
34787: Mitchner, Stuart - Rosamund's Vision
35: Mitford, Mary Russell - Sketches of English Life and Character
010874: Mitford, Jessica - A Fine Old Conflict
37985: Mitford, Mary Russell - Our Village... With an Introduction by Anne Thackery Ritchie
41371: Mitford, Jessica - Faces of Philip : A Memoir of Philip Toynbee
29101: Mitgang, Herbert, editor - Civilians Under Arms; the American Soldier - CIVIL War to Korea - As He Revealed Himself in His Own Words in the Stars and Stripes, Army Newspaper
28344: Mitteldorf, Klaus - Norami
761: Mixter, George W. - Primer of Navigation... Revised by Donald Mcclench and Donald B. Millar
762: Mixter, George W. - Primer of Navigation...
34525: Mizener, Arthur - The Far Side of Paradise : A Biography of F. Scott Fitzgerald
41314: Mnookin, Robert H. - Child, Family, and State : Problems and Materials on Children and the Law
36955: Mo, Timothy - An Insular Possession
33508: Moates, Marianne M. (Marianne Merrill) - A Bridge of Childhood : Truman Capote's Southern Years
40563: Moberly, R. B. (Robert Basil) - Three Mozart Operas : Figaro, Don Giovanni, the Magic Flute
29911: Mockridge, Norton - The Scrawl of the Wild; What People Write on Walls and Why
015795: Moderow, Gertrude & others, eds. - Six Great Stories
23534: Moe, Henry Allen - The Power of Freedom in Human Affairs. Introduction by John Sloan Dickey
26157: Moeller, Jan & Bill - Living Aboard: The Cruising Sailboat As a Home
41618: Moen, Lars - How to Expose Ansco Color Film
23340: Moffat, Alexander W. - A Navy Maverick Comes of Age, 1939-1945
29912: Moger, Art - The Complete Pun Book
011288: Moglen, Helene - Charlotte Bronte, the Self Conceived
24592: Mohr, Ulrich & Sellwood, A. V. - Ship 16: The Story of the Secret German Raider Atlantis
33297: Moine, Marie-Pierre - French Country Crafts
42900: Molière, 1622-1673 - Molière, Four Plays
24017: Moliere, Jean Baptiste Poquelin - Les Fourberies de Scapin... With Preface, Glossary Etc. , by Frederic Spencer The Temple Molière
24157: Moller, Mary Elkins - Thoreau in the Human Community
36183: Monahan, Michael - Nova Hibernia : Irish Poets and Dramatists of Today and Yesterday
003566: Monastery Hill Bindery, Chicago - Songs to Be Sung for Christmas
36273: Monckton, Charles Arthur Whitmore - Some Experiences of a New Guinea Resident Magistrate
36274: Monckton, Charles Arthur Whitmore - Last Days in New Guinea; Being Further Experiences of a New Guinea Resident Magistrate
25571: Moncreiffe of that Ilk, Iain & Hicks, David - The Highland Clans; the Dynastic Origins, Chiefs and Background of the Clans Connected with Highland History and of Some Other Families [by] Sir Iain Moncreiffe of That Ilk, with Photographs by David Hicks.
25083: Monden, Louis - Sin, Liberty and Law
25166: Mondin, Ch - Batiment... A L'Usage Des: Ingénieurs, Architectes, Entrepreneurs, Conducteurs, Agents Voyers, Métreurs Et Commis de Travaux
014739: Monet, Joseph, ed. - Casanova's Memoirs
17501: Monet, Joseph, ed. - Casanova's Memoirs
43411: Monet, Claude - Monet's Years at Giverny : Beyond Impressionism.
45415: Monet, Claude - Waterlilies [Edited by] Charles F. Stuckey.
31000: Monette, Paul - Becoming a Man: Half a Life Story
39131: Monette, Paul - Last Watch of the Night : Essays Too Personal and Otherwise
46219: Monette, Paul - Becoming a Man : Half a Life Story
8112: Monette, Paul - West of Yesterday, East of Summer. New and Selected Poems (1973-1993)
009890: Monfredo, Miriam Grace - Through a Gold Eagle ; a Glynis Tryon Mystery
40328: Mongan, Elizabeth - Berthe Morisot; Drawings, Pastels, Watercolors, Paintings. Introd. By Elizabeth Mongan. Pref. By Denis Rouart. Research and Chronology by Elaine Johnson. Catalog Commentary by Regina Shoolman. General Editor: Ira Moskowitz.
26544: Monk, Edwin - Modern Boat Building
39886: Monkhouse, Patrick & Plumb, Charles, editors - Oxford Poetry 1925
25800: Monkhouse, Patrick & Plumb, Charles, editors - Oxford Poetry 1925
016866: Monks of New Skete - How to Be Your Dog's Best Friend: A Training Manual for Dog Owners
016867: Monks of New Skete - The Art of Raising a Puppy
40360: Monroe, Ruth - Kitchen Candlecrafting
008952: Monsarrat, Nicholas - Breaking in, Breaking out
45562: Monsarrat, Nicholas - The White Rajah
004315: Monsarrat, Nicholas - The Story of Esther Costello
44143: Monsman, Gerald Cornelius - Walter Pater's Art of Autobiography
30664: Montagu, Ashley. - Human Heredity.
002917: Montagu, Ewen - The Man Who Never Was
222: Monteath, Robert - Forester's Guide and Profitable Planter...
014512: Montefiore, Arthur - Leaders Into Unknown Lands, Being Chapters in Recent Travel.
24452: Montesquieu, Charles de Secondat - The Persian Letters of Charles de Secondat Montesquieu... Translated Into English with Note and Memoir by John Davidson... Portrait and Etchings by C. Boilvin After Drawings by C. De Beaumont Bibliophilist's Library, vol. 5-6
26181: Montevans, - Happy Adventurer, an Autobiography
27027: Montford, Charles P. - Brown Men and Red Sand : Journeyings in Wild Australia
015124: Montgomery, Richard G - Young Northwest
014250: Montgomery, M. R. - Saying Goodbye: A Memoir for Two Fathers
39466: Montgomery, Frances Trego - Billy Whiskers, Jr. By Frances Trego Montgomery
24566: Montgomery, L. M. (Lucy Maud) - Anne of Green Gables The World's Best Reading series
017205: Montgomery, Ruth Shick - Aliens Among Us
016122: Montgomery, Ruth - A Gift of Prophecy: The Phenomenal Jeane Dixon
41355: Montgomery. Elizabeth Miles - Norman Rockwell
46448: Montgomery, Paul - The Romance of Canada's Money
46382: Montorgueil, Georges - La Cantinière : (France-Son Histoire) Par G. Montorgueil ; Imagée Par Job.
009286: Montross, Lynn - Washington and the Revolution
011832: Montross, Lynn & Miller, William M - The United States Marines
38137: Montville, Leigh - Why Not Us? : The 86-Year Journey of the Boston Red Sox Fans from Unparalleled Suffering to the Promised Land of the 2004 World Series
40033: Moody, John - John Henry Newman
015313: Moody, T. W. & Martin, F. X., editors - The Course of Irish History
013733: Moody, Rick - The Ring of Brightest Angels Around Heaven; a Novella and Stories
22278: Moody, Rick - Demonology
35494: Moody, Fred - I Sing the Body Electronic : A Year with Microsoft on the Multimedia Frontier
796: Moody, Linwood W - The Maine Two-Footers: The Story of the Two-Foot Gauge Railroads of Maine.
40738: Moon, Elizabeth - Command Decision Vatta's war
42693: Moon, Rosemary, editor - Classic Indian Cuisine
009127: Mooney, Michael Macdonald - The Hindenburg
012139: Mooney, Bel - The Stove Haunting
42428: Mooney, Michael Macdonald - The Hindenburg
34647: Moore, Thomas - The Poetical Works
009809: Moore, N. Hudson - The Collector's Manual
34533: Moore, Archie & Pearl, Leonard - Any Boy Can : The Archie Moore Story
015308: Moore, Harry H - Keeping in Condition: A Handbook on Training for Older Boys
41991: Moore, N. Hudson - The Old China Book, Including Staffordshire, Wedgwood, Lustre and Other English Pottery and Porcelain
25754: Moore, James & Turvey, Alan - Starting Sailing
25847: Moore, Charles B. - Painting and Paper Hanging for the Home Owner
45807: Moore, N. Hudson - Old Pewter, Brass, Copper & Sheffield Plate, by N. Hudson Moore, with One Hundred and Five Illustrations
34378: Moore, Charles W. - The New Masonic Trestle-Board, Adapted to the Work and Lectures As Practiced in the Lodges, Chapters, Councils and Encampments of Knights Templar
39674: Moore, Lorrie - Birds of America : Stories
33913: Moore, Clement C. - The Night Before Christmas : A Visit from St. Nicholas
24645: Moore, John - Sexuality & Spirituality : The Interplay of Masculine and Feminine in Human Development
40986: Moore, Pete - E=Mc2: The Great Ideas That Shaped Our World
23358: Moore, Alma Chesnut - How to Clean Everything : An Encyclopedia of What to Use and How to Use It
37426: Moore, N. Hudson - Old Glass, European and American
30282: Moore, Roy. - Reflections on Greece. Photographs by Roy Moore, with Quotation from Kios Kazantzakis.
43394: Moore, Patrick - The Moon [by] Patrick Moore ; Maps by Charles A. Cross ; Foreword by Archie E. Roy
008820: Moore, George - Hail and Farewell!
013628: Moore, Clement C - The Night Before Christmas
39356: Moore, Thomas - Lalla Rookh, an Oriental Romance
22740: Moore, Clement - The Night Before Christmas
016971: Moore, Robin - Fiedler: The Colorful Mr. Pops - the Man and His Music
016688: Moore, Winthrop P. - Yachts: Their Care and Handling. Illustrated from Photographs, Plans and Charts
22673: Moore, Robin - The Treasure Hunter, by Robin Moore and Howard Jennings
29581: Moore, Molly - A Woman at War: Storming Kuwait with the U.S. Marines
012125: Moore, Robin - The Moscow Connection
005717: Moore, George - Memoirs of My Dead Life
22279: Moore, George - Hail and Farewell!
39061: Moore, Charlie - The Mad Fisherman : Kick Some Bass with America's Wildest Tv Host
004793: Moore, John E., ed. - Jane's Fighting Ships, 1973-74
38848: Moore, Bernard Francis - Brother Against Brother, a Military Play in Five Acts
21405: Moore, Arthur Cotton - The Powers of Preservation: New Life for Urban Historic Places
23943: Moore, Charles and others - The Place of Houses
34789: Moore, Robin - The Country Team; a Novel
17964: Moore, Patrick - The Picture History of Astronomy
46139: Moore, Donald K., ed. - Liberty's Impact-the World Views 1776 / [Edited by Donald K. Moore].
46151: Moore, N. O. (Nathan Olney) - The History of Printing Illustrated by Books and Specimens. Library and Collection of N.O. Moore, Instructor in Printing, Polytechnic High School and Junior College, Riverside, California
8091: Moore, Donald J - Martin Buber: Prophet of Religious Secularism
44631: Moorehead, Caroline - Troublesome People: The Warriors of Pacifism
30680: Moorehead, Alan. - The Russian Revolution.
30733: Moorehead, Alan. - A Late Education: Episodes in a Life.
30270: Moorehead, Alan. - The Russian Revolution.
013985: Moorehead, Alan - The White Nile
013986: Moorehead, Alan - The Blue Nile
013987: Moorehead, Alan - The Blue Nile
013090: Moorhouse, Geoffrey - The Boat and the Town
016938: Mootoo, Shani - Cereus Blooms at Night
21480: Moran, Peter - A Speck in the Sky
42118: Moran, Catherine - Spain; Its Story Briefly Told
17600: Morante, Elsa - L'Opera Completa Dell' Angelico. Presentazioni Di Elsa Morante. Apparati Critici E Filogici Di Umberto Baldini
43957: Morash, Marian - The Victory Garden Fish and Vegetable Cookbook
003962: Morath, Inge & Miller, Arthur - Chinese Encounters
004319: Moravia, Alberto - The Empty Canvas. Translated by Angus Davidson
34784: Moravia, Alberto - Two Adolescents : The Story of Agostino and Luca
33829: Mordden, Ethan - That Jazz! : An Idiosyncratic Social History of the American Twenties
018324: Mordden, Ethan - Beautiful Mornin': The Broadway Musical in the 1940s
22448: Mordden, Ethan - Movie Star: A Look at the Women Who Made Hollywood
011319: Mordden, Ethan - The Fireside Companion to the Theatre
21577: Mordden, Ethan - Medium Cool: The Movies of the 1960s
34742: Mordden, Ethan - Demented, the World of the Opera Diva
46215: Mordden, Ethan - Some Men Are Lookers
39413: More, Hannah - An Estimate of the Religion of the Fashionable World by One of the Laity
45284: More, Hannah - Letters to Young Ladies
42580: Morea, Marianne - Hunter's Blood [Cursed by blood ; bk. 1]
34775: Moreau, Marcel - The Selves of Quinte
42230: Morehen, John - English Choral Practice 1400-1650 Cambridge studies in performance practice ; 5
004518: Morehouse, Ward - Forty-Five Minutes Past Eight
30722: Morgan, John S. - Robert Fulton.
014574: Morgan, Dodge - The Voyage of American Promise
43561: Morgan, Elaine - The Descent of Woman
43354: Morgan, Marlo - Mutant Message Down Under
29961: Morgan, Ted - An Uncertain Hour: The French, the Germans, the Jews, the Barbie Trial, and the City of Lyon, 1940-1945
45455: Morgan, Marlo - Mutant Message Down Under [by] Marlo Morgan ; Illustrated by Carri Garrison
29362: Morgan, William C. - Beverly, Garden City by the Sea. An Historical Sketch of the North Shore City...
34814: Morgan, Robert - The Hinterlands : A Mountain Tale in Three Parts
34776: Morgan, Al - To Sit on a Horse
34777: Morgan, Marlo - Mutant Message Down Under
34790: Morgan, Al - Anchorwoman; a Novel, by Al Morgan
26249: Morgan, James - The Beauty of America; Our Heritage and Destiny in Great Words and Photographs Hallmark crown editions
46003: Morgan, Charles - The Fountain
009047: Morier, James - The Adventures of Hajji Baba of Ispahan
39767: Morier, James - The Adventures of Hajji Baba of Ispahan
34890: Morier, James Justinian - The Adventures of Hajji Baba of Ispahan
35613: Morier, James Justinian - The Adventures of Hajji Baba of Ispahan
46538: Mörike, Eduard - Mozart on the Way to Prague; Illus. By Eliane Bonabel. [Translation and Introd. By Walter and Catherine Alison Phillips]
29973: Morin, Thomas - Sculpture, Frbruary 24 - March 17, 1963
46018: Morin, Donna Russo - The Courtier's Secret
45884: Morine, David E. - Good Dirt : Confessions of a Conservationist
44002: Morison, Samuel Eliot - Spring Tides. Drawings by Samuel Hanks Bryant.
45661: Morison, Samuel Eliot - Spring Tides. Drawings by Samuel Hanks Bryant.
43755: Morison, Elting Elmore - Turmoil and Tradition; a Study of the Life and Times of Henry L. Stimson
46497: Morison, Samuel Eliot - John Paul Jones. A Sailor's Biography
014176: Morison, Samuel Eliot - Admiral of the Ocean Sea: A Life of Christopher Columbus
012110: Morison, Samuel Eliot - John Paul Jones. A Sailor's Biography
011805: Morison, Samuel Eliot - The Ropemakers of Plymouth: A History of the Plymouth Cordage Company, 1824-1949
011806: Morison, Samuel Eliot - Old Bruin": Commodore Matthew C. Perry, 1794-1858; the American Naval Officer Who Helped Found Liberia... .
015826: Morison, Samuel Eliot - Admiral of the Ocean Sea: A Life of Christopher Columbus
010567: Morison, Samuel Eliot - Vistas of History
015524: Morison, Samuel Eliot - The European Discovery of America: The Southern Voyages, A.D. 1492-1616
015526: Morison, Samuel Eliot - Freedom in Contemporary Society
28789: Morison, Samuel Eliot - Samuel de Champlain, Father of New France
26661: Morison, Samuel Eliot - History of U.S. Naval Operations in World War II.
25738: Morison, Samuel Eliot - The Oxford History of the American People
26088: Morison, Samuel Eliot - The European Discovery of America : The Northern Voyages
43890: Morisot, Claude-Barthélemy - Orbis Maritimi, Sive, Rerum in Mari Et Littoribus : Gestarum Generalis Historia : In Qva Inuentiones Nauium, Earundem Partes, Armamenta : Instructiones Classium, Nauigationes, Proelia Maritima... Opus Vnicâ Centuriâ Contentum, Quae in Duos Libros Diuisa & Partita Est : Primvs : Res in Mari, Aut Circa Mare Gestas Continet, Ab Initio Nauigationum Ad Constantini Magni Obitum, Cum Descriptione Littorum Antiquis Cosmographis Cognitorum : Secvndvs : A Constantino Magno Ad Hanc Vsque Diem Res Pelago, & in Oris Gestas Complectitur, Cum Descriptione Littorum Antiquis Incognitorum. Authore Claudio BartholomæO Morisoto.
23494: Morland, Nigel, editor - Science Against Crime
26052: Morley, Derek Wragge - The Evolution of an Insect Society
34404: Morley, Christopher - Plum Pudding of Divers Ingredients, Discreetly Blended & Seasoned
014640: Morley, Christopher - Where the Blue Begins
33124: Morley, Christopher - The Goldfish Under the Ice
37363: Morley, Christopher - Where the Blue Begins
013630: Morley, Christopher - John Mistletoe
22869: Morley, Christopher - The Man Who Made Friends with Himself
008325: Morley, Christopher - The Trojan Horse
007027: Morley, Christopher - The Ironing Board
016436: Morley, F. V. - My One Contribution to Chess
005728: Morley, Christopher - Don't Open Until Christmas
015928: Morley, Christopher, editor - The Panorama of Modern Literature,
32456: Morley, Christopher - Human Being
34829: Morley, Christopher - Human Being

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