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27723: AMERICAN GEOGRAPHICAL SOCIETY, NEW YORK - Geographical Review, V. 42, No. 4, Oct. 1952
27724: AMERICAN GEOGRAPHICAL SOCIETY, NEW YORK - Geographical Review, V. 43 No. 1, Jan. 1953
27727: AMERICAN GEOGRAPHICAL SOCIETY, NEW YORK - Geographical Review, V. 36, No. 1, Jan. 1936
27728: AMERICAN GEOGRAPHICAL SOCIETY, NEW YORK - Geographical Review, V. 36, No. 2, Apr. 1936
27729: AMERICAN GEOGRAPHICAL SOCIETY, NEW YORK - Geographical Review, V. 36, No. 3, July 1936
27730: AMERICAN GEOGRAPHICAL SOCIETY, NEW YORK - Geographical Review, V. 36, No. 4, Oct. 1936
27731: AMERICAN GEOGRAPHICAL SOCIETY, NEW YORK - Geographical Review, V. 37, No. 1, Jan. 1937
27733: AMERICAN GEOGRAPHICAL SOCIETY, NEW YORK - Geographical Review, V. 37, No. 3, July 1937
27734: AMERICAN GEOGRAPHICAL SOCIETY, NEW YORK - Geographical Review, V. 37, No. 4, Oct. 1937
27735: AMERICAN GEOGRAPHICAL SOCIETY, NEW YORK - Geographical Review, V. 38, No. 1, Jan. 1938
27736: AMERICAN GEOGRAPHICAL SOCIETY, NEW YORK - Geographical Review, V. 38, No. 2, Apr. 1938
27737: AMERICAN GEOGRAPHICAL SOCIETY, NEW YORK - Geographical Review, V. 38, No. 3, July 1938
27739: AMERICAN GEOGRAPHICAL SOCIETY, NEW YORK - Geographical Review, V. 39, No. 1, Jan. 1939
27740: AMERICAN GEOGRAPHICAL SOCIETY, NEW YORK - Geographical Review, V. 39, No. 2, Apr. 1939
28953: AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF GRAPHIC ARTS - Daniel Berkeley Updike and the Merrymount Press
39018: AMERICAN TOLL BRIDGE COMPANY - Scenic Tours Via Vistory Highway and Pacific Highway
45181: AMERICAN VETERINARY MEDICAL ASSOCIATION - The Avma : 150 Years of Education, Science, and Service
43154: AMERICAN SCHOOL OF NEEDLEWORK - The Great Afghan Book
44478: AMERICAN GYNECOLOGICAL SOCIETY - The Recruitment of Talent for a Medical Speciality; a Report to the American Gynecological Society on the Problem of the Procurement of Academic and Scientific Personnel for Obsteterics and Gynecology by the Committee of the American Gynecological Society, Appointed to Study the Problem
38697: AMERMAN, LOCKHART - Cape Cod Casket
008739: AMES, VAN METER - Andre Gide
29813: AMES, EVELYN PERKINS - In Time Like Glass; Reflections on a Journey in Asia [by] Evelyn Ames, with. .
26274: AMFITHEATROF, ERIK - The Children of Columbus; an Informal History of the Italians in the New World
21623: AMICIS, EDMONDO DE - Holland. Translated from the... Italian by Helen Zimmern
34357: AMICIS, EDMONDO DE - Spain and the Spaniards...
25989: AMIEL, RUTH & GERHARD, HAPPY - Finally It Fits; the No-Scare Home Patternmaking System for Everyone, Every Size [by] Ruth Amiel & Happy Gerhard
41331: AMIS, MARTIN - House of Meetings
003734: AMIS, KINGSLEY - Stanley and the Women
011177: AMIS, MARTIN - London Fields
013824: AMIS, KINGSLEY - Ending Up
015941: AMIS, MARTIN - The Information
35590: AMIS, MARTIN - Night Train
35604: AMIS, KINSLEY - We Are All Guilty
35670: AMIS, MARTIN - The Information
35676: AMIS, KINGSLEY - Girl, 20
016477: AMMERS-K LLER, JO VAN - Jenny Heysten's Career. Translated from the Dutch by H. Van Wyhe
45790: AMORY, CLEVELAND - The Best Cat Ever
013626: AMORY, CLEVELAND - The Cat Who Came for Christmas
42614: AMORY, CLEVELAND - The Cat and the Curmudgeon
27657: AMORY, THOMAS C. - Class Memoir of George Washington Warren with English and American Ancestry... Together with Letters, Valedictory Poem. Odes, Etc.
38115: AMORY, CLEVELAND - The Proper Bostonians
40359: AMORY, CLEVELAND - Ranch of Dreams : The Heartwarming Story of America's Most Unusual Animal Sanctuary
29579: AMOS, DEBORAH - Lines in the Sand: Desert Storm and the Remaking of the Arab World
31028: AMSDEN, JOHN P. - The Mary Hitchcock Memorial Hospital Its Third Quarter Century, 1943 - 1968
25407: AMSTER, SHIRLEY - The Complete Book of Family Boating
39957: AMSTERDAM, HERMAN VAN - Holland Fascinating Flowerfields
27877: ANACREON - Anacreon Teius, Poeta Lyricus, Summa Cura Et Diligentia, Ad Fidem Etiam Vet. Ms. Vatican, Emendatus, Pristino Nitori, Numerisque Suis Restitutus, Dimidia Sere Parte Auctus. Aliquit Nempe Justis Poematiis, Et Fragmentis Plurimis, Ab Undiquaque Conquisitis... Opera Et Studio Josuae Barnes. Editio Tertia Auctior & Emendatior.
016479: ANAND, VALERIE - The Proud Villeins: Bridges over Time, Book I
34461: ANASTAS, PETER - Glooskap’S Children; Encounters with the Penobscot Indians of Maine. Photos. By Mark Power.
33052: ANATI, EMMANUEL - Palestine Before the Hebrews; a History, from the Earliest Arrival of Man to the Conquest of Canaan.
975: ANDERMAN, JANUSZ - Poland Under Black Light
27361: ANDERS, NEDDA CASSON - Casserole Specialties
005192: ANDERSEN, HANS CHRISTIAN - The Snow Queen
006190: ANDERSEN, HANS CHRISTIAN - Something
31419: ANDERSEN, HANS CHRISTIAN - Pictures of Travel in Sweden, Among the Hartz Mountains, and in Switzerland, with a Visit at Charles Dickens's House
43305: ANDERSEN, HANS CHRISTIAN - Fairy Tales Everyman's Library No. 4
34208: ANDERSEN, JON - Stomp and Sing : Poems
37604: ANDERSEN, H. C. (HANS CHRISTIAN) - Andersen's Fairy Tales
43691: ANDERSEN, CHRISTOPHER P. - Jagger Unauthorized
43224: ANDERSON, JACK - The Anderson Papers
41343: ANDERSON, WALTER - Courage Is a Three-Letter Word
45239: ANDERSON, PAUL THOMAS, DIRECTOR - Phantom Thread. Special 70mm Presentation
43532: ANDERSON, BERNICE G. - Indian Sleep-Man Tales : Authentic Legends of the Otoe Tribe / by Bernice G. Anderson ; Illustrated by Sears Frank and the Author.
43506: ANDERSON, JACK - Washington Expose
41501: ANDERSON, SHERWOOD - Tar: A Midwest Childhood; a Critical Text. Edited with an Introd. By Ray Lewis White
1880: ANDERSON, ISABEL - A Yacht in Mediterranean Seas
1881: ANDERSON, ISABEL - Circling South America
1882: ANDERSON, ISABEL - From Corsair to Riffian
2067: ANDERSON, R. ROWAND; ROSS, THOMAS, ET AL., EDS. - Examples of Scottish Architecture from the 12th to the 17th Century...
002953: ANDERSON, TOM - Shiyak: Misadventures of the Schooner Lottie Bennett
003081: ANDERSON, JEAN - Processor Cooking
003892: ANDERSON, ISABEL - A Yacht in Mediterranean Seas
006855: ANDERSON, CHRISTOPHER - Jagger Unauthorized
007351: ANDERSON, ISABEL - The Spell of Belgium
7770: ANDERSON, LINDSAY - About John Ford...
008473: ANDERSON, RICHARD CLOUGH - Animals in Social Captivity
009095: ANDERSON, ISABEL - Circling Africa
009975: ANDERSON, ISABEL - Polly the Pagan, Her Lost Love Letters... . with a Foreword by Basil King
010911: ANDERSON, JOHN & FULOP-MILLER, RENE - The American Theatre and the Motion Picture in America
012472: ANDERSON, ROBERT GORDON - The City and the Cathedral; a Reflection of the Glory of the Gothic and the Middle Ages... In the City by the Seine
012592: ANDERSON, BERTHA C - Tinker's Tim and the Witches
012630: ANDERSON, POUL - We Claim These Stars!
012906: ANDERSON, ISABEL - From Corsair to Riffian
013926: ANDERSON, JANICE & SWINGLEHURST, EDMUND - Train and Transport: A Collector's Guide
014488: ANDERSON, NANCY SCOTT & DWIGHT - The Generals: Ulysses S. Grant and Robert E. Lee
016493: ANDERSON, BARBARA TUNNELL - The Days Grow Cold
016714: ANDERSON, JOAN - Christmas on the Prairie
018609: ANDERSON, POUL - Fire Time
018610: ANDERSON, POUL - The Day of Their Return
018627: ANDERSON, POUL - The Dancer from Atlantis
018628: ANDERSON, POUL, AND OTHERS - The Day the Sun Stood Still: Three Original Novellas of Science Fiction
018640: ANDERSON, POUL - A Knight of Ghosts and Shadows
23564: ANDERSON, R. C. (ROGER CHARLES) - The Rigging of Ships in the Days of the Spritsail Topmast, 1600-1720
23719: ANDERSON, BOB, EDITOR - Sportsource
26173: ANDERSON, ROMOLA & R. C. - The Sailing-Ship: Six Thousand Years of History
26947: ANDERSON, MAXWELL - The Bases of Artistic Creation; Essays by Maxwell Anderson, Rhys Carpenter [and] Roy Harris. Rutgers University. Publications of the one hundred seventy-fifth anniversary celebration, no. 1
27579: ANDERSON, CHRISTOPHER - Jagger Unauthorized
27580: ANDERSON, CHRISTOPHER - Jagger Unauthorized
28337: ANDERSON, PATRICIA - All of Us : Americans Talk About the Meaning of Death
28894: ANDERSON, J. R. L. (JOHN RICHARD LANE) - Vinland Voyage [by] J.R. L. Anderson
34141: ANDERSON, M. T. - Me, All Alone, at the End of the World
34340: ANDERSON, ISABEL - Circling Africa
37785: ANDERSON, FREDERICK O. - How to Grow Herbs for Gourmet Cooking, Including 100 Recipes from 25 Countries, by Frederick O. Anderson
39522: ANDERSON, MAXWELL - Key Largo; a Play in a Prologue and Two Acts, by Maxwell Anderson
39535: ANDERSON, MAXWELL & HICKERSON, HAROLD - Dii Della Folgore. (Gods of Lightning) Prima Traduzion Italiana Di F. Guadagni
39976: ANDERSON, LAURA KILLEN - Handbook for Proofreading
45858: ANDERSON, EDWIN P - Audels Electronic Devices and Their Application, by E.P. Anderson
43861: ANDERSON, DAVID R. - Rex Stout
46061: ANDERSON, M. T. - The Astonishing Life of Octavian Nothing, Traitor to the Nation. V. #2 the Kingdom on the Waves
42926: ANDERSON, FAY - Crewel Embroidery
41162: ANDERSON, FAY - Crewel Embroidery
30915: ANDERSSON, HILDUR - Uddevalla
43015: ANDOH, ELIZABETH - An American Taste of Japan
42139: ANDREW, CHRISTOPHER M. & GORDIEVSKY, OLEG - Kgb : The Inside Story of Its Foreign Operations from Lenin to Gorbachev
916: ANDREWS, RALPH W. - Indian Primitive
004126: ANDREWS, LYNN V - Crystal Woman: The Sisters of the Dreamtime
005137: ANDREWS, EDWARD DEMING - The People Called Shakers: A Search for the Perfect Society
005772: ANDREWS, JANE - Ten Boys Who Lived on the Road from Long Ago to Now
006782: ANDREWS, LYNN V - Star Woman: We Are Made from the Stars and to the Stars We Must Return
009595: ANDREWS, ROY CHAPMAN - All About Whales
011643: ANDREWS, JOHN WILLIAMS - Hill Country North
013079: ANDREWS, JIM - Twelve Ships a-Sailing : Thirty-Five Years of Home-Water Cruising
014352: ANDREWS, WILLIAM L. - Literary Romanticism in America
014902: ANDREWS, CLARENCE L - The Story of Alaska
015063: ANDREWS, LYNN V - Star Woman: We Are Made from the Stars and to the Stars We Must Return
015428: ANDREWS, V. C. - Dark Angel
015429: ANDREWS, V. C. - Darkest Hour
015431: ANDREWS, V. C. - Fallen Hearts (Casteel Series #3)
015433: ANDREWS, V. C. - Heart Song (Logan Family Series, No 2)
015438: ANDREWS, V. C. - Midnight Whispers
015439: ANDREWS, V. C. - My Sweet Audrina
015440: ANDREWS, V. C. - Pearl in the Mist
015441: ANDREWS, V. C. - Raven (the Orphans)
015442: ANDREWS, V. C. - Runaways (the Orphans)
015444: ANDREWS, V. C. - Seeds of Yesterday
015445: ANDREWS, V. C. - Tarnished Gold (No 1 New York Times Bestselling Landry Family Series)
015447: ANDREWS, V. C. - Web of Dreams (Casteel Series #5)
016452: ANDREWS, WILLIAM & LANG, ELSIE M. - Old English Towns
016491: ANDREWS, V. C. - My Sweet Audrina
17572: ANDREWS, V. C. (VIRGINIA C.) - Gates of Paradise
21524: ANDREWS, BART - The Tv Addict's Nostalgia, Trivia & Quizbook
24222: ANDREWS, LINTON & TAYLOR, H. A. - Lords and Laborers of the Press: Men Who Fashioned the Modern British Newspaper. Foreword by Howard Rusk Long
25573: ANDREWS, CHARLES M., COMPILER - Ideal Empires and Republics : Rousseau's Social Contract, More's Utopia, Bacon's New Atlantis, Campanella's City of the Sun
26189: ANDREWS, JIM - Catamarans for Cruising
27050: ANDREWS, O. W. - Seamarks and Landmarks; Being Leaves from the Log of Surgeon Captain O.W. Andrews, C.B. E. , R.N.
009925: ANDREWS, COLEMAN - Flavors of the Riviera: Discovering Real Mediterranean Cooking
43973: ANDRIST, RALPH K. - The California Gold Rush, by the Editors of American Heritage. Narrative by Ralph K. Andrist, in Consultation with Archibald Hanna American heritage junior library
43975: ANDRIST, RALPH K. - Steamboats on the Mississippi, by the Editors of American Heritage. Narrative by Ralph K. Andrist, in Consultation with C. Bradford Mitchell American heritage junior library
43976: ANDRIST, RALPH K. - The Erie Canal, by the Editors of American Heritage. Author: Ralph K. Andrist. Consultant: Carter Goodrich American heritage junior library
43974: ANDRIST, RALPH K. - Andrew Jackson, Soldier and Statesman, by the Editors of American Heritage. Author: Ralph K. Andrist. Consultant: Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr American heritage junior library
013611: ANDRIST, RALPH K., ED. - The American Heritage History of the Making of the Nation
39396: ANGAS, WILLIAM MACK - Rivalry on the Atlantic
353: ANGEL, NICOLAS - Capsize in a Trimaran: A Story of Survival in the North Atlantic.
003039: ANGEL, NICOLAS - Capsize! a Story of Survival in the North Atlantic.
42247: ANGEL, MARIE - A Bestiary [and] a New Bestiary
22021: ANGELL, ROGER - Late Innings: A Baseball Companion
35677: ANGELL, NORMAN - The Story of Money
37934: ANGELL, ROGER - Once More Around the Park : A Baseball Reader
1230: ANGELO, VALENTI - The Merry Marcos
1346: ANGELO, VALENTI - Paradise Valley
011145: ANGELOU, MAYA - Shaker, Why Don't You Sing?
42663: ANGELOU, MAYA - A Brave and Startling Truth
23960: ANGELOU, MAYA - Singin' and Swingin' and Gettin' Merry Like Christmas
44063: ANGELOU, MAYA - A Song Flung Up to Heaven
35528: ANGELOU, MAYA - Wouldn't Take Nothing for My Journey Now
42805: ANGELOU, MAYA - The Heart of a Woman by Maya Angelou (1984, Paperback)
011328: ANGER, KENNETH - Hollywood Babylon
25251: ANGER, KENNETH - Hollywood Babylon II
36899: ANGIER, NATALIE - The Canon : A Whirligig Tour of the Beautiful Basics of Science
25167: ANGLE, PAUL M., EDITOR - Pioneers: Narratives of Noah Harris Letts and Thomas Allen Banning, 1825-1865 Lakeside Classics 70
32731: ANGLO, MICHAEL - Nostalgia Spotlight on the Fifties
016556: ANGOFF, CHARLES - Something About My Father and Other People
016557: ANGOFF, CHARLES - In the Morning Light
29605: ANGUS, S. F. IAN - Collecting Antiques
016548: ANNANDALE, BARBARA - The Bonnet Laird's Daughter
1737: ANOBILE, RICHARD J. - A Flask of Fields: Verbal & and Visual Gems from the Films of W.C. Fields
7632: ANOBILE, RICHARD J., ED. - Woody Allen's Play It Again, Sam
013483: ANOBILE, RICHARD J., ED. - Hooray for Captain Spaulding: Verbal and Visual Gems from 'Animal Crackers'
1775: ANOBILE, RICHARD J., ED. - Why a Duck? Visual and Verbal Gems from the Marx Brothers Movies. Introduction by Groucho Marx.
41944: ANOBILE, RICHARD J., EDITOR - Who's on First?: Verbal and Visual Gems from the Films of Abbott & Costello
010940: ANOBILE, RICHARD J., ED. - Who's on First?: Verbal and Visual Gems from the Films of Abbott & Costello
003791: ANOLBILE, RICHARD J - Why a Duck? Visual and Verbal Gems from the Marx Brothers Movies. Introd. By Groucho Marx
009368: ANSCOMBE, RODERICK - The Secret Life of Laszlo, Count Dracula
1541: ANSON, PETER F. - A Pilgrim Artist in Palestine
004958: ANTHONY, PIERS - Tatham Mound
006089: ANTHONY, PIERS - Shade of the Tree
011594: ANTHONY, IRVIN - Down to the Sea in Ships
016103: ANTHONY, EVELYN - Victoria and Albert
016546: ANTHONY, EVELYN - Anne Boleyn
018611: ANTHONY, PIERS - Orn
42414: ANTHONY, KATHARINE SUSAN - Queen Elizabeth, by Katharine Anthony
23302: ANTHONY, KATHARINE SUSAN - Queen Elizabeth, by Katharine Anthony
34343: ANTHONY, KATHARINE SUSAN - Queen Elizabeth, by Katharine Anthony
35707: ANTHONY, PIERS - With a Tangled Skein Incarnations of immortality ; bk. 3
39620: ANTHONY, KATHARINE SUSAN - Queen Elizabeth, by Katharine Anthony
39621: ANTHONY, KATHARINE SUSAN - Queen Elizabeth, by Katharine Anthony
39717: ANTHONY, PIERS - Three Complete Novels: Dragon's Gold, Serpent's Silver, Chimaera's Copper
42134: ANTHONY, IRVIN - Paddle Wheels and Pistols. Illustrated and Decorated by Manning Dev. Lee and Lyle Justis
23360: ANTOLINI, HOLLY LYMAN, EDITOR - Sunset Seafood Cook Book
39233: ANTONIO, DE BEATIS - The Travel Journal of Antonio de Beatis : Germany, Switzerland, the Low Countries, France and Italy, 1517-1518 Translated from the Italian by J.R. Hale and J.M. A. Lindon ; Edited by J.R. Hale. Hakluyt Society ; 2nd ser., no. 150
26614: ANTROBUS, PAUL; ROSS, BOB; HAMMOND GEOFFREY - Ocean Racing Around the World: Admiral's Cup, Southern Cross Cup; Southern Ocean Racing Conference and Onion Patch
39919: APEL, WILLI - Harvard Dictionary of Music
33907: APERTURE - Weegee, with an Essay by Allene Talmey Masters Series
27861: APHTHONIUS - Aphthonii Progymnasmata, Partim a Rod. Agricola, Partim a Joh. Maria CatanæO Latinitate Donata: Cum Scholiis R. Lorichii. Novissima Editio. Superioribus Emendatior & Concinnior.
25381: APPEL, JOSEPH H. - A World Cruise Log
46102: APPELBAUM, PAUL S. - Almost a Revolution: Mental Health Law and the Limits of Change
016544: APPELFELD, AHARON - The Age of Wonders. Translated by Dalya Bilu
21673: APPELFELD, AHARON - Tzili, the Story of a Life. Translated by Dalya Bilu
42008: APPELFELD, AHARON - The Retreat. Translated by Dalya Bilu
008414: APPLEGARTH, MARGARET T - Merry-Go-Round: A Pilgrim's Progress Around the World. With Decorations by the Author.
016547: APPLEMAN, PHILIP - Shame the Devil
007048: APPLETON, VICTOR - The Moving Picture Boys in the Jungle; or, Stirring Times Among the Wild Animals
015533: APPLETON, VICTOR - Don Sturdy on the Desert of Mystery; or, Autoing in the Land of the Caravans
38438: APTHEKER, HERBERT - The World of C. Wright Mills
43526: APTHEKER, HERBERT - History and Reality
016535: APULEIUS, LUCIUS - The Golden Asse... Translated out the Latin by William Aldington with and Itroduction by E.B. Osborn
006479: ARABIAN NIGHTS - The Arabian Nights Entertainment
015303: ARABIAN NIGHTS - The Arabian Nights Entertainment
43451: ARABIAN NIGHTS - The Arabian Nights Entertainment; or, the Thousand and One Nights. The Complete, Original Translation of Edward William Lane
33869: ARANA, MARIE - American Chica : Two Worlds, One Childhood
42504: ARASKOG, RAND V. - The Itt Wars
016564: ARATHORN, D. W. - Kamal
27415: ARATON, HARVEY & BONDY, FILIP - Selling of the Green
42069: ARATOW, PAUL - 100 Years of Erotica; a Photographic Portfolio of Mainstream American Subculture from 1845-1945
37865: ARBIT, NAOMI & TURNER, JUNE - Ideals Quick and Delicious Gourmet Cookbook
010571: ARBUS, DIANE - Untitled
26494: ARBUTHNOT, MAY HILL - Children and Books
1851: ARCE, HECTOR - The Secret Life of Tyrone Power
41328: ARCHER, JEFFREY - A Twist in the Tale
006866: ARCHER, JEFFREY - A Twist in the Tale
012945: ARCHER, JEFFREY - A Twist in the Tale
017182: ARCHER, JEFFREY - First Among Equals
43228: ARCHER, JEFFREY - False Impression
41610: ARCHER, R. S. (ROBERT SAMUEL) - Molybdenum; Steels, Irons, Alloys [by] R.S. Archer, J.Z. Briggs [and] C.M. Loeb, Jr.
005754: ARCHITECTURAL FORUM - Building, U.S. A. : The Men and Methods That Influence Architecture in America Today
30287: ARDEN, HARVEY & WALL, STEVE. - Wisdomkeepers : Meetings with Native American Spiritual Elders The Earthsong collection
34734: ARDOIN, JOHN - The Callas Legacy
016562: ARDREY, ROBERT - Worlds Beginning
26384: ARDREY, ROBERT - The Territorial Imperative; a Personal Inquiry Into the Animal Origins of Property and Nations. Drawings by Berdine Ardrey
24291: ARENAS, JOSÉ FERNÁNDEZ - The Key to Renaissance Art The Key to art
43470: ARENAS, REINALDO - The Color of Summer, or, the New Garden of Earthly Delights [by] Reinaldo Arenas ; Translated from the Spanish by Andrew Hurley.
40956: ARENSON, ROBERTA - Manu and the Talking Fish
28347: ARETS, W. M. J. - Wiel Arets. Edited by Xavier Costa. Photographs by HéLène Binet
24138: ARIÈS, PHILIPPE & DUBY, GEORGES, EDITORS - A History of Private Life
43373: ARISTOPHANES - The Acharnians and Two Other Plays of Aristophanes, Tr. By J. Hookham Frere Everyman's Library No. 344
27635: ARISTOPHANES - The Frogs. Translated from the Greek by William James Hickie, with an Introd. By Gilbert Seldes, and Wood-Engravings by John Austen
33033: ARISTOPHANES - Lysistrata, an English Version by Dudley Fitts
33068: ARISTOPHANES - The Frogs. An English Version by Dudley Fitts
009661: ARISTOTELIAN SOCIETY - Psychical Research, Ethics and Logic
009663: ARISTOTELIAN SOCIETY - Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society: New Series - Vol. LVII
009665: ARISTOTELIAN SOCIETY - Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society: New Series-Vol. LIX
009666: ARISTOTELIAN SOCIETY - Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society: New Series-Vol. LXII
009667: ARISTOTELIAN SOCIETY - Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society: New Series-Vol. LXIII
009668: ARISTOTELIAN SOCIETY - Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society: New Series-Vol. LXIV
43374: ARISTOTLE - A Treatise on Government; Translated from the Greek... By William Ellis Everyman's Library No. 605
41509: ARISTOTLE - Poetics, Demetrius on Style [and] Longinus on the Sublime Everyman's library, no. 901
016560: ARLEN, MICHAEL - Young Men in Love
17515: ARLEN, MICHAEL - Lily Christine, a Romance
40519: ARLINGTON MILLS, LAWRENCE, MASS. - Tops, a New American Industry; a Study in the Development of the American Worsted Manufacture. The Arlington Mills.
25024: ARLISS, GEORGE - Up the Years from Bloomsbury, an Autobiography
173: ARMITAGE, ISABELLE & MERLE - Fit for a Queen
005473: ARMITAGE, MERLE - Operations Santa Fe: Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway System, Edited by Edwin Corle
33084: ARMITAGE, CHRISTOPHER M., COMPILER - Sir Walter Ralegh, an Annotated Bibliography
36266: ARMITAGE, MERLE - The Railroads of America
38917: ARMITAGE - Donkey Engines. Plan Book No. 9. O Scale
45507: ARMITAGE, M. TERESA (MARIE TERESA), ED. - A Singing School : Our Songs
23629: ARMS, MYRON - Riddle of the Ice : A Scientific Adventure Into the Arctic
24859: ARMS, MYRON - Cathedral of the World : Sailing Notes for a Blue Planet
003722: ARMSTRONG, MARGARET - Fanny Kemble: A Passionate Victorian
008229: ARMSTRONG, MARGARET - Trelawny : A Man's Life
010454: ARMSTRONG, WILLIAM - Cleopatra's Daughter : Romance of a Branch of Roses
013519: ARMSTRONG, JENNIFER - Mary Mehan Awake
23846: ARMSTRONG, NEIL, ET AL. - First on the Moon: A Voyage with N. Armstrong, Michael Collins, Edwin E. Aldrin Jr. Written with G. Farmer & Dora J. Hamblin
31039: ARMSTRONG, MARGARET - Fanny Kemble: A Passionate Victorian
31473: ARMSTRONG, M. F. (MARY FRANCES) & LUDLOW, HELEN W. - Hampton and Its Students. By Two of Its Teachers, Mrs. M.F. Armstrong and Helen W. Ludlow. With Fifty Cabin and Plantation Songs, Arranged by Thomas P. Fenner.
43835: ARMSTRONG, BERYL - Design and Build Your Own Dollhouses
42681: ARMSTRONG, CHARLOTTE - The Charlotte Armstrong Reader. Preface by Alice Cromie
011387: ARNASON, H. HARVARD - History of Modern Art: Painting, Sculpture, Architecture
33928: ARNASON, H. HARVARD - History of Modern Art: Painting, Sculpture, Architecture
009916: ARNETT PETER - Live from the Battlefield: From Vietnam to Baghdad, 35 Years in the World's War Zones
2352: ARNOLD, MATTHEW - Discourses in America
002699: ARNOLD, OREN & HALE, JOHN P. - Hot Irons: Heraldry of the Range
016553: ARNOLD, MICHAEL - The Archduke
016563: ARNOLD, ELLIOTT - A Night of Watching
25403: ARNOLD, EDWIN - The Voyage of Ithobal
28777: ARNOLD, MATTHEW - The Strayed Reveller, and Other Poems. By a
38132: ARNOLD, A. JAMES (ALBERT JAMES) - Monsters, Tricksters, and Sacred Cows : Animal Tales and American Identities New World studies
41511: ARNOLD, MATTHEW - Selections from the Prose Writings of Matthew Arnold
41510: ARNOLD, MATTHEW - Essays in Criticism. First Series
43329: ARNOLD, MATTHEW - The Poems of Matthew Arnold, 1840 to 1866 Everyman's Library No. 334
17764: ARNOV, BORIS & MINDLIN, HELEN MATHER-SMITH - Wonders of the Deep Sea
003590: ARONIN, BEN - Walt Whitman's Secret
36685: ARONSON, MARC - Witch-Hunt : Mysteries of the Salem Witch Trials
014097: ARROW, NEILL - 10,000 Miles to Boston
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017169: AUCHINCLOSS, LOUIS - A World of Profit
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24788: AYMAR, GORDON - A Pictorial Primer of Yacht Racing Rules & Tactics. With a Foreword by Philip J. Roosevelt
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1957: BAILEY, HIRAM P. - Shanghied out of 'Frisco in the 'Nineties.
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42192: BAUM, L. FRANK (LYMAN FRANK) - Tik Tok of Oz
17953: BAUR, SUSAN - Confiding: A Psychotherapist and Her Patients Search for Stories to Live by
25092: BAUS, HERBERT M. - How to Wine Your Way to Good Health [by] Herbert M. Baus. Foreword by Harold C. Torbert
009365: BAUSCH, RICHARD - Violence
46318: BAUSSAN, OLIVER & CHIBOIS, JACQUES - Olive Oil : A Gourmet Guide
44085: BAUWENS, JOE & FLOWER, MARYBETH - Piazza : Italy's Heart and Soul... [Edited by] Carrie J. Lightner, Constance Hoffman Phelps.
003012: BAVIER, BOB - The America's Cup: An Insider's View - 1930 to the Present
013054: BAVIER, ROBERT N.,JR. - Sailing to Win. Revised Edition with New Racing Rules
23835: BAVIER, ROBERT N. - The New Yacht Racing Rules
24344: BAVIER, ROBERT N. - Sailing to Win
25144: BAVIER, ROBERT N. - Faster Sailing: New Developments in Yacht Racing
25237: BAVIER, ROBERT N. - The New Yacht Racing Rules
25273: BAVIER, ROBERT N. - The New Yacht Racing Rules
25274: BAVIER, ROBERT N. - The New Yacht Racing Rules
25277: BAVIER, ROBERT N. - Sailing to Win
27581: BAVIER, BOB - The America's Cup: An Insider's View - 1930 to the Present
28167: BAVIER, ROBERT N. - A View from the Cockpit: Winning the America's Cup
23748: BAWDEN, NINA - A Woman of My Age
28062: BAWDEN, NINA - A Handful of Thieves
007430: BAX, CLIFFORD, ED. - All the World's a Stage: Theatrical Portraits
002661: BAXTER, BETTY - The Unseen Enemy
010889: BAXTER, GEORGE OWEN - The Range-Land Avenger, a Western Story
012498: BAXTER, KATHARINE SCHUYLER - In Beautiful Japan: A Story of Bamboo Lands
23991: BAXTER, JOHN - Sixty Years of Hollywood
36718: BAYARD, SAMUEL PRESTON - Hill Country Tunes : Instrumental Folk Music of Southwestern Pennsylvania
39103: BAYLESS, RICK - Rick Bayless's Mexican Kitchen : Capturing the Vibrant Flavors of a World-Class Cuisine
23531: BAYLEY, STEPHEN, AND OTHERS - Twentieth-Century Style & Design
33363: BAYLEY, JOHN - Elegy for Iris
44546: BAYNE, SAMUEL G. (SAMUEL GAMBLE) - On an Irish Jaunting-Car Through Donegal and Connemara, by S.G. Bayne.
28568: BAYRD, NED - Kyoto Wonders of Man
28716: BAZIN, GERMAIN - L'école Franco-Flamande, XIV-XV Siécles
28717: BAZIN, GERMAIN - L'école Provençale. , XIV-XV Siécles
30882: BAZIN, GERMAIN - La Pietà D'Avignon; Texte de Germain Bazin Les Trésors de la peinture française, XIV. siècle
40837: BAZIN, GERMAIN - Memling, by Germain Bazin...
40811: BAZIN, GERMAIN - A History of Art from Prehistoric Times to the Present
002688: BEACH, REX - The Spoilers Tales of the Frontier series
003559: BEACH, REX - The Iron Trail: An Alaska Romance
003805: BEACH, REX - The Barrier
012646: BEACH, REX - The Spoilers
016647: BEACH, EDWARD LATIMER - The United States Navy: A 200-Year History
21795: BEACH, REX - The Silver Horde
21803: BEACH, REX - Rainbow's End
23145: BEACH, REX - Flowing Gold
27519: BEACH, REX - The Auction Block : A Novel of New York Life
27520: BEACH, REX - The Barrier
27521: BEACH, REX - The Silver Horde
27522: BEACH, REX - The Spoilers
28217: BEACH, REX - The Goose Woman and Other Stories
44188: BEACH, REX - The Spoilers
37936: BEADLE, MURIEL - The Cat : History, Biology, and Behavior
45649: BEAGLEHOLE, J. C. (JOHN CAWTE) - The Life of Captain James Cook
34143: BEAHRS, ANDREW - Strange Saint
012866: BEAL, J. HOLLAND - The Mountains, the Main and Members of Our Tribe
39285: BEALL, PAMELA CONN - Wee Sing Christmas Book
29769: BEALS, CARLETON - Brass-Knuckle Crusade : The Great Know-Nothing Conspiracy: 1820-1860
31559: BEALS, CARLETON - The Coming Struggle for Latin America
31560: BEALS, CARLETON - Lands of the Dawning Morrow: The Awakening from Rio Grande to Cape Horn
21740: BEAM, ALEX - Fellow Travelers
46027: BEAM, ALEX - A Great Idea at the Time : The Rise, Fall, and Curious Afterlife of the Great Books
25784: BEAN, DAVID - The Day of the Bugles
38847: BEAN, VALENTINE - The Veil, a Play for Women in One Act
004503: BEARD, JAMES A. & AARON, SAM - How to Eat Better for Less Money
011729: BEARD, JAMES - Beard on Food. Assisted by Jose Wilson
013520: BEARD, JO ANN - The Boys of My Youth
018076: BEARD, JAMES - James Beard's Treasury of Outdoor Cooking
013230: BEARD, JAMES - The New James Beard
27240: BEARD, JAMES - James Beard's Theory & Practice of Good Cooking
26895: BEARD, CHARLES AUSTIN - America in Midpassage, by Charles A. Beard & Mary R. Beard; Drawings by Wilfred Jones The Rise of American Civilization vol. 3
38716: BEARD, JAMES - Beard on Pasta
35610: BEARD, DAN (DANIEL CARTER) - Moonblight and Six Feet of Romance, by Dan. Beard, with Illustrations by the Author
21775: BEARDSLEY, AUBREY & GLASCO, JOHN - Under the Hill; or, the Story of Venus Ans Tannhauser...
26541: BEASLEY, W. G. (WILLIAM G.) - The Modern History of Japan The Praeger Asia-Africa series
44001: BEATON, M. C. - Death of a Dustman
44132: BEATON, M. C. - Death of a Poisin Pen
29814: BEATON, CECIL WALTER HARDY - Chinese Diary & Album
43999: BEATON, M. C. - Death of a Bore
44000: BEATON, M. C. - Death of a Dentist
43998: BEATON, M. C. - Death of an Addict
42108: BEATON, CECIL - Photobiography
43997: BEATON, M. C. - Death of a Celebrity
46240: BEATON, M. C. - The Dead Ringer : An Agatha Raisin Mystery / M.C. Beato Warner Books
43713: BEATRICE BAYLEY INC. - The Kirkcaldy Family Heritage Book

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