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015202: Beck, May Randlette - Great Grandpapa Billie: A Down Easter's Adventures North and South from Square Rig to Steam
018185: Beck, Simone & Simon, Patricia - Simca's Cuisine
016874: Beck, Myron & Thornby, Kirk - Dog Tales: Classic Stories About Smart Dogs
1603: Beck, Horace - Folklore and the Sea
32368: Beck, Richard - A Proud Tradition a Bright Future: A Sesquicentennial History of St. Johnsbury Academy
009892: Beck, K. K. - Cold Smoked
39400: Becke, Lois - Pacific Tales
28002: Beckenbach, Edwin F. - Modern Mathematics for the Engineer
43853: Becker, George Joseph - James A. Michener F. Ungar Pub. Co.
003838: Becker, May Lamberton, ed. - Louisa Alcott's People
40890: Becker, Stephen D. - Marshall Field III; a Biography, by Stephen Becker
17647: Becker, Belle & Linscott, Robert N., editors - Bedside Book of Famous French Stories;... With an Introduction by Lewis Galantiere
37435: Becker, Stephen D. - Dog Tags Shoreline Bks.
21794: Becker, Stephen - A Covenant with Death
010145: Becker, May Lamberton, compiler - Golden Tales of New England
009436: Beckett, Samuel - Endgame: A Play in One Act Followed by Act without Words: A Mime for One Player
43880: Beckett, Samuel - Waiting for Godot; Tragicomedy in 2 Acts
29601: Beckett, Ian F. W. - The War Correspondents: The American CIVIL War
010598: Beckett, Samuel - Dream of Fair to Middling Women
015499: - Beckett, Gilbert Abbott - The Comic History of Rome
42403: Beckett, Wendy - Sister Wendy's Nativity
21465: Beckmann, Petr - A History of Rr (Pi)
21745: Beckner, Morton - Money Plays
46147: Beckwith, T. D. (Theodore Day) & Swanson, Wilbur Harold & Iiams, Thomas M. (Thomas Marion) - Deterioration of Paper; the Cause and Effect of Foxing, by T.D. Beckwith, W.H. Swanson, and T.M. Iiams.
36173: Bednarik, Rudolf, editor - Slovenska Vlastiveda
39934: Bee Gees (Musical group) - Bee Gees Greatest
44258: Beebe, Lucius Morris - The Big Spenders
24628: Beebe, William - Beneath Tropic Seas: A Record of Diving Among the Coral Reefs of Haiti
016454: Beebe, William - Jungle Peace
003028: Beebe, Lucius Morris & Clegg, Charles - The Age of Steam: A Classic Album of American Railroading
44853: Beebe, William - Jungle Peace
39874: Beecher, Henry Ward - Life Thoughts : Gathered from the Extemporaneous Discourses of Henry Ward Beecher / by One of His Congregation
32915: Beecher, Lyman - Remedy for Duelling : A Sermon, Delivered Before the Presbytery of Long-Island, at the Opening of Their Session, at Aquebogue, April 16, 1806. By Lyman Beecher.
016717: Beeching, Henry Charles, compiler - A Book of Christmas Verse
23757: Beecroft, John, editor - Cat Magic A Treasury of the World's Best Writing about Cats in Fact and Fiction
008598: Beeding, Francis - The Secret Weapon
41017: Beeler, Nelson F. & Branley, Franklyn M. - Experiments in Optical Illusion [by] Nelson F. Beeler and Franklyn M. Branley; Illustrated by Fred H. Lyon
009551: Beer, Thomas - Collected Stories of... Edited and with an Introduction by Wilson Follett
013884: Beer, Lisl - Punch and Judy. Revised and Adapted from Several Standard Versions
013885: Beer, Lisl - Second Shepherd's Play. Adapted from the Townley Manuscript The Silver Series of Puppet Plays
011800: Beer, Thomas - The Mauve Decade: American Life at the End of the Nineteenth Century
21840: Beer, Thomas - The Road to Heaven
42719: Beer, Thomas - Hanna, Crane, and the Mauve Decade... With an Introduction by Leonard Bacon
26348: Beer, Thomas - The Mauve Decade; American Life at the End of the Nineteenth Century,
002778: Beer, Thomas - Hanna
37708: Beer, Kitty - What Love Can't Do
012041: Beerbohm, Max - Observations
23242: Beethoven, Ludwig van - Symphony No. 5 in C Minor, Op. 67 Dover miniature scores
40865: Beethoven, Ludwig Van - Fidelio
45522: Beethoven, Ludwig van - Sonatas for Pianoforte Solo. [Vol. 2] Revised and Fingered by Dr, Hans Von Bulow and Dr, Sigmund Lebert
42588: Beethoven, Ludwig van - Symphonies Nos. 5, 6, and 7
36544: Begbie, Harold - The Mirrors of Downing Street; Some Political Reflections by a Gentleman with a Duster
29626: Begiebing, Robert J. - Rebecca Wentworth's Distraction : A Novel
46091: Begiebing, Robert J. - The Strange Death of Mistress Coffin : A Novel [by] Robert J. Begiebing.
34164: Begin, Mary Jane - The Sorcerer's Apprentice
21805: Begner, Edith P. - Just Off Fifth
21806: Begner, Edith P. - Son and Heir
004700: Behan, Brendan - Brendan Behan's Island: An Irish Sketch-Book
016312: Behn, Noel - The Shadowboxer
23451: Behrman, S. N. - Portrait of Max: An Intimate Memoir of Sir Max Beerbohm
25136: Behrman, Cynthia Fansler - Victorian Myths of the Sea
43977: Bégué, Armand - Speak and Read French; [Sound Recording] Written and Spoken by Armand and Louis BeGue
27483: Beilby, Alec - To Beat the Clippers: The Financial Times Clipper Race 1975-76
018190: Beilenson, Edna, compiler - Simple French Cookery
018191: Beilenson, Edna, compiler - Simple Oriental Cookery
41337: Beilenson, Peter & Behn, Harry, translators - Haiku Harvest : Japanese Haiku Series IV
28266: Beiser, Arthur - The Sailor's World
28267: Beiser, Arthur - The Sailor's World. Photography by Stanley Rosenfeld
005291: Beith, John Hay - The First Hundred Thousand, Being the Unofficial Chronicle of a Unit of "K (1)" by Ian Hay [Pseud. ]
005302: Beith, John Hay - The First Hundred Thousand, Being the Unofficial Chronicle of a Unit of "K (1)" by Ian Hay [Pseud. ]
27663: Beken, Keith - Yachting: The Photography of Beken of Cowes. Introduced by Richard Ballantine.
012521: Beken, Keith - The Beken File
26523: Beken, Keith - Yachting: The Photography of Beken of Cowes. Introduced by Richard Ballantine.
26491: Beken, Frank & Keith - The Beauty of Sail. Commentary by John Scott Hughes.
26492: Beken, Frank & Keith - The Glory of Sail. Foreword & Commentaries by Bill Smart
21833: Beken, Keith - The Beken File
45773: Belasco, David - The Return of Peter Grimm. Novelised from the Play.
39470: Belcher, Joseph - George Whitefield : A Biography with Special Reference to His Labors in America
21841: Belden, Jack - Still Time to Die
42927: Belfer, Nancy - Weaving : Design and Expression
44924: Belgian American Educational Foundation, inc. - The Belgian Campaign and the Surrender of the Belgian Army, May 10-28, 1940
37960: Belinkie, Helen - The New Gourmet in the Low-Calorie Kitchen Cookbook
30398: Bell, Edward Price. - World Chancelleries: Sentiments, Ideas, and Arguments Expressed by Famous Occidental & Oriental Statesmen Looking to... International Peace.
33205: Bell, Quentin - Virginia Woolf; a Biography A Harvest book, HB 269
36803: Bell, Nancy (Mrs. Arthur G.) - Nuremberg, Painted by Arthur G. Bell; Described by Mrs. Arthur G. Bell.
23189: Bell, J. J. - Oh! Christina!
40768: Bell, Clive - French Impressionists (Colour Plate Books)
007308: Bell, Madison Smartt - Barking Man and Other Stories
016264: Bell, Nancy (Mrs. Arthur G.) - Picturesque Brittany
42994: Bell, Arthur Wellington - Cape Cod Color; Being a Pot-Pourri of Promiscuous Paragraphs Concerning Fish, Flesh, and Fowl, with a Few Stray Observations Upon Flowers, Fruits, and Institutions on the Cape, by Arthur W. Bell; with a Frontispiece by Henry J. Peck.
011094: Bell, Helen G - Winning the King's Cup: An Account of the "Elena's" Race to Spain, 1928
011095: Bell, Helen G - Winning the King's Cup: An Account of the "Elena's" Race to Spain, 1928
004942: Bell, Ernest A - Fighting the Traffic in Young Girls; or, War on the White Slave Trade
21870: Bell, William Dixon - The Sacred Scimiter, by William Dixon Bell
21807: Bell, J. J. - The Misadventures of Joseph
38742: Bell, Nancy (Mrs. Arthur G.) - Picturesque Brittany, by Mrs. Arthur G. Bell, with Illustrations in Colour by Arthur G. Bell.
1981: Bell, W. J. - British Locomotive Illustrated
38439: Bell, Edward Price - Pillars of World Peace : Mackenzie King, Prime Minister of Canada, Discusses the Problem of the Pacific and Gives a Formula for Inter-Racial Good Relations Chicago Daily News Reprints, no. 20
26275: Bell, William Clark, editor - African Bridge Builders
44715: Bell, Quentin - Virginia Woolf; a Biography
21793: Bellah, James Warner - Ward Twenty
008746: Bellamann, Henry - Victoria Grandolet
21871: Bellamann, Henry & Katherine - Parris Mitchell of Kings Row, by Henry and Katherine Bellamann
21872: Bellamann, Henry - Victoria Grandolet, a Novel by Henry Bellamann
009202: Bellamy, Edward - Looking Backward, 2000-1887. Edited by Robert C. Elliott Riverside Editions A 99
42043: Bellamy, Edward - Equality
30327: Bellamy, David. - Bellamy's New World: A Botanical History of America.
012500: Bellamy, Edward - The Duke of Stockbridge: A Romance of Shays' Rebellion. Edited by Joseph Schiffman
44992: Bellard, Alfred - Gone for a Soldier : The CIVIL War Memoirs of Private Alfred Bellard : From the Alec Thomas Archives. Edited by David Herbert Donald.
40901: Bellegarde, M. labb de (Jean Baptiste Morvan) - Reflexions Sur la Politesse Des Moeurs, Avec Des Maximes Pour la Societ Civile. Suite Des Reflexions Sur le Ridicule. Par Monsieur LAbb de Bellegarde
37155: Bellin, Harvey F. - Blake and Swedenborg, Opposition Is True Friendship : The Sources of William Blake's Arts in the Writings of Emanuel Swedenborg : An Anthology
017299: Belliveau, Fred - One Hundred and Fifty Years of Publishing, 1837-1987
44241: Belloc, Hilaire - Cranmer, Archbishop of Canterbury, 1533-1556, by Hilaire Belloc, with 16 Illustrations
44239: Belloc, Hilaire - Richelieu; a Study, by Hilaire Belloc; with 7 Illustrations and 4 Maps
40081: Belloc, Hilaire - Richelieu, a Study
39761: Belloc, Hilaire - Richelieu
39762: Belloc, Hilaire - Richelieu, a Study
45840: Bellot, Leland J. - William Knox: The Life and Thought of an Eighteenth-Century Imperialist
003753: Bellow, Saul - The Dean's December
42160: Bellow, Saul - Ravelstein
21873: Bellow, Saul - Him with His Foot in His Mouth and Other Stories
21874: Bellow, Saul - The Dean's December : A Novel
28103: Bellow, Saul - More Die of Heartbreak
1240: Bellow, Saul - Mr. Sammler's Planet
015750: Bellow, Saul - Herzog
35672: Bellow, Saul - The Dean's December : A Novel
44414: Bellwood, John - Gresley and Stanier
40591: Belson, Al - Fashion Photography Techniques
28063: Belton, Sandra - Ernestine & Amanda
25027: Belushi, Judith Jacklin - Samurai Widow
004872: Bemelmans, Ludwig - The Blue Danube
004877: Bemelmans, Ludwig - Father, Dear Father
004882: Bemelmans, Ludwig - Dirty Eddie
21898: Bemelmans, Ludwig - Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep
21899: Bemelmans, Ludwig - The Street Where the Heart Lies
41629: Bemelmans, Ludwig - MadelineS Rescue
41526: Ben-Amos, Dan - Sweet Words : Storytelling Events in Benin
30288: Ben-Asher, Naomi & Leaf, Hayim, editors. - The Junior Jewish Encyclopedia.
21875: Ben-Gavriel, Moshe Yaacov - Mahaschavi in Peace and War; [Novel] Introd. By Harry Golden
010509: Ben-Gurion, David - Letters to Paula
009361: Benchley, Peter - Q Clearance
37000: Benchley, Nathaniel - The Hunter's Moon
37008: Benchley, Robert - The Treasurer's Report and Other Aspects of Community Singing.
007190: Benchley, Peter - Rummies
006791: Benchley, Nathaniel - Humphrey Bogart
005663: Benchley, Peter - Beast
011219: Benchley, Peter - White Shark
1241: Benchley, Peter - The Deep
35447: Benchley, Nathaniel - Side Street
27660: Bender, Robert J. - U.S. Boats 1. A Complete Review and Record of the Yachting Year [1952] in Sail and Power.
26862: Bender, Sue - Plain and Simple : A Woman's Journey to the Amish
17931: Bendick, Jeanne - Making the Movies
25596: Benedict, Elizabeth - Almost: A Novel
41502: Benedict, Stewart H. - The Literary Guide to the United States
008297: Benedict, Jeff - Public Heroes, Private Felons: Athletes and Crimes Against Women
46421: Benedict, Joel Avery & Shenenberger, Ted W. - Creative Photography Camera & Darkroom Manual / Joel A. Benedict, Ted W. Shenenberger
018379: Benenson, Sharen - The New York Botanical Garden Cookbook. Edited by Jules Bond
43937: Benesch, Ladislaus, Edler von - Old Lamps of Central Europe and Other Lightning Devices. Translated and Edited by Leroy Thwing
1927: Benest, E. E. - Inland Waterways of the Netherlands
41549: Bent, William Rose - With Wings As Eagles : Poems and Ballads of the Air
41547: Bent, William Rose - The Burglar of the Zodiac and Other Poems
41524: Bent, Laura - Basket for a Fair
31023: Bent, William Rose - Rip Tide : A Novel in Verse
41523: Bent, Stephen Vincent - Selected Works of Stephen Vincent Bent
37010: Bent, Stephen Vincent - The Spirit of the Scene
23222: Bent, Laura - Bridge of a Single Hair. A Book of Poems
008357: Bent, Stephen Vincent - Western Star
006629: Bent, Stephen Vincent - John Brown's Body
21883: Bent, Stephen Vincent - Jean Huguenot, by Stephen Vincent Bent
35635: Bent, Stephen Vincent - John Brown's Body
45908: Bent, Stephen Vincent - America
46090: Bent, William Rose, ed. - The Reader's Encyclopedia, an Encyclopedia of World Literature and the Arts
009413: Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks - The Elks National Memorial
45646: Benjamin, S. G. W. (Samuel Greene Wheeler) - The Atlantic Islands As Resorts of Health and Pleasure. By S.G. W. Benjamin...
33303: Benjamin, Susan - Enamals Smithsonian Illustrated Library of Antiques
018263: [Benjamin, Helen Mina Purvis] - An Anthology of Humorous Verse, from Robert Herrick to Owen Seaman, by Helen and Lewis Melville [Pseud. ] . .
39896: Bennett, James O'Donnell, compiler - When Good Fellows Get Together
25907: Bennett, Ivan L., ed. - Song and Service Book for Ship and Field, Army and Navy
26115: Bennett, William J., editor - The Children's Book of Virtues
014175: Bennett, Arnold - From the Log of the Velsa
013993: Bennett, Arnold - Paris Nights and Other Impressions of Places and People
006785: Bennett, John - Master Skylark: A Story of Shakspere's Time
21879: Bennett, John - Master Skylark, a Story of Shakspere's Time,
21881: Bennett, Dorothea - The Jigsaw Man
21930: Bennett, William J. - The Book of Virtues : A Treasury of Great Moral Stories
42740: Bennett, Ian - Complete Illustrated Rugs & Carpets of the World
38867: Bennett, John M. - Meat Watch
26302: Bennett, Ross, editor - Visiting Our Past : America's Historylands The World in color library
28065: Bennett, James W. - The Squared Circle
28780: Bennett, Arnold - The Human Machine, by Arnold Bennett
37988: Bennett, Jackie P. - Chinese Cooking for Everyone
40157: Bennett, Arnold - The Old Wives' Tale
39019: Bennie Lenard Support Committee - Justice for Bennie Lenard : Blues Beneift at B.L. U.E. S. 2519 North Halstead
22574: Bennion, Edmund B. & Stewart, James - Cake Making
24545: Bennis, Warren G. - An Invented Life : Reflections on Leadership and Change
24220: Bennis, Warren & Biederman, Patricia Ward - The Leaning Ivory Tower
27406: Benoit, Jehane. - Madame Benoit's Microwave Cook Book.
016613: Benoit, Jehane - Madame Benoit's Microwave Cook Book
25821: Bens, John H. - A Search for Awarness : Short Stories, Paintings, Sculpture, Poetry, a Play
24674: Benson, William S. - The Merchant Marine Knights of Columbus Historical series
23303: Benson, E. F. (Edward Frederic) - King Edward VII, an Appreciation, by E.F. Benson
24401: Benson, E. F. (Edward Frederic) - Ferdinand Magellan
29711: Benson, E. F. (Edward Frederic) - Queen Victoria's Daughters, by E.F. Benson . .
013131: Benson, Irene Elliott - How Ethel Hollister Became a Campfire Girl
016881: Benson, Elaine & Esten, John - Unmentionables: A Brief History of Underwear
43168: Benson, Ann - Beadweaving : New Needle Techniques & Original Designs
46004: Benson, Michael - Murder in Connecticut: The Shocking Crime That Destroyed a Family and United a Community
017007: Bensusan, Samuel Levy - Titian. Illustrated with Eight Reproductions in Colour
41422: Bent, Arthur Cleveland - Life Histories of North American Blackbirds, Orioles, Tanagers, and Allies United States National Museum Bulletin 211
43928: Bentinck-Smith, William & Stouffer, Elizabeth, eds. - More Lives of Harvard Scholars : A Selection of Biographies Written by Their Colleagues ; Collected and Arranged by William Bentinck-Smith and Elizabeth Stouffer
008826: Bentinck-Smith, William - Building a Great Library: The Coolidge Years at Harvard
2297: Bentinck-Smith, William, ed. - The Harvard Book: Selections from Three Centuries
44141: Bentley, Eric - The Pirandello Commentaries Pirandellian studies, 1046-557X
41931: Bentley, James - Secrets of Mount Sinai : The Story of the World's Oldest Bible--Codex Sinaiticus
38277: Bentley, William - A Sermon Delivered July 2, 1806, at the Ordination of Mr. Joseph Richardson, A.M. To the Pastoral Care of the Church and Congregation of the First Parish in Hingham
43787: Benton, Elbert Jay - Cultural Story of an American City, Cleveland. Pt. I. During the Log Cabin Phases, 1796-1825
29988: Benton, Kitty - Classic Designs for Today's Active Children. Illustrated, Step-by-Step Instructions, Patterns, and Techniques for Sewing Daytime, Nighttime, and Partytime Clothes for Busy Boys and Girls
22714: Benton, Barbara, editor - Christmas at Home : Crafts for the Holidays : From Mccall's Needlework & Crafts
32510: Benton, Frances - Etiquette; the Complete Modern Guide for Day-to-Day Living the Correct Way
011276: Benton, Walter - This Is My Beloved
010367: Benton, Josiah H. - A Notable Libel Case: The Criminal Prosecution of Theodore Lyman, Jr. By Daniel Webster in... 1828
005784: Bepi Nider Histrico, Joseph - Al Tempo de la Cintura Di Castita... Con Lo Proemio de Lo Messer Mario Castellacci
010570: Beranbaum, Rose Levy - Rose's Celebrations
016622: Berchan, Richard - The Inner Stage: An Essay of the Conflict of Vocations in the Early Work of Paul Claudel
014239: Berend, T. Ivan - Decades of Crisis: Central and Eastern Europe Before World War II
33169: Berendsohn, Walter A. - Selma Lagerlf, Her Life and Work
34590: Berendt, John - Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil : A Savannah Story
011973: Berendt, John - Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil: A Savannah Story
43121: Berendt, Joachim-Ernst - The Jazz Book : From New Orleans to Rock and Free Jazz
25062: Berendzen, Richard - Is My Armor Straight? : A Year in the Life of a University President
29683: Berenson, Bernard - Rumor and Reflection
44192: Beresford, Richard - Glist'Ring Phaeton, by Richard Beresford
39958: Berg, Elizabeth - Open House (Oprah's Book Club)
1778: Bergen, Candice - Knock Wood
22821: Bergen, Polly - Polly's Principles; Polly Bergen Tells You How You Can Feel and Look As Young As She Does
003372: Bergen, Candice - Knock Wood
39799: Berger, Carl - Broadsides & Bayonets : The Propaganda War of the American Revolution
40975: Berger, John J - Charging Ahead : The Business of Renewable Energy and What It Means for America
30086: Berger, Phil. - Heroes of Pro Basketball Pro Basketball Library No. 1
29987: Berger, Kathleen Stassen - The Developing Person Through the Life Span
017119: Berger, Thomas - Who Is Teddy Villanova?
36574: Berger, Morroe - The Arab World Today
21884: Berger, Thomas - Regiment of Women; a Novel
21885: Berger, Thomas - Vital Parts, a Novel
34700: Berger, Arthur - Reflections of an American Composer
46308: Berger, John & Mohr, Jean - Another Way of Telling / by John Berger, Jean Mohr ; with the Help of Nicholas Philibert
7683: Berges, Ruth - From Gold to Porcelain: The Art of Porcelain and Faience
42952: Bergin, Thomas Goddard - The Game : The Harvard-Yale Football Rivalry, 1875-1983
17998: Bergin, Bonnie & McNally, Robert Aquinas - Bonnie Bergin's Guide to Bringing out the Best in Your Dog
017292: Bergman, Andrew - Hollywood and Levine
016372: Bergman, Hjalmar - Four Plays. With Introductions by Stina Bergman. Edited by Walter Johnson
25971: Bergmann, Peter G. - The Riddle of Gravitation
018341: Bergmann, Peter Gabriel - Introduction to the Theory of Relativity
40305: Berk, Susan - Uncommon Boston : A Guide to Hidden Spaces and Special Places
004157: Berke, Helen - Winnie Winkle and the Diamond Heirlooms
23304: Berkeley, Edmund C - Probability and Statistics, an Introduction Through Experiments
39477: Berkeley, Edmund & Dorothy Smith - The Life and Travels of John Bartram from Lake Ontario to the River St. John
010730: Berkeley, Mary Emlen Lowell - Winking at the Brim. With a Foreword by L.P. Hartley
007253: Berkley, George E - Jews
42891: Berkley, George E. - The Filenes
41722: Berkley, George E. - Jews
011852: Berkman, Pamela, ed. - The History of the Atchison, Topeka & Sante Fe
013785: Berkow, Ira - Hank Greenberg: Hall-of-Fame Slugger
25254: Berle, Milton - Milton Berle's Private Joke File : Over 10,000 of His Best Gags, Anecdotes, and One-Liners
40595: Berle, Adolf A. - Power Epilogue in America
009981: Berle, Milton - B.S. I Love You: Sixty Funny Years with the Famous and the Infamous
7835: Berle, Milton - Out of My Trunk
41145: Berleth, Richard J. - Mary Patten's Voyage
014378: Berlin, Edward A. - King of Ragtime: Scott Joplin and His Era
39398: Berlin, Isaiah - Mr. Churchill in 1940
21908: Berlin, Ellin (Mackay) - The Best of Families [by] Ellin Berlin
21909: Berlin, Ellin (Mackay) - Land I Have Chosen
23344: Berlioz, Hector - Symphonie Fantastique. (Episode in the Life of an Artist). Op. 14 Dover miniature scores
015094: Berlitz, Charles - The Lost Ship of Noah: In Search of the Ark at Ararat
39729: Berlitz, M. D, - Libro Italiano
24618: Berlitz, Charles - The Bermuda Triangle
24619: Berlitz, Charles - The Bermuda Triangle
016668: Berlitz, Charles - The Bermuda Triangle
018110: Berman, Eleanor - Cape Cod & the Islands: Portraits of America
013305: Berman, Edgar - Hubert: The Triumph and Tragedy of the Humphrey I Knew
45925: Berman, Leonid - The Three Worlds of Leonid... With a Pref. By Virgil Thomson ; [Translated from the French by Olivier Bernier].
010554: Bermant, Chaim and Weitzman, Michael - Ebla: A Revelation in Archaeology
016284: Bernard, Charlotte - Caesar and Rome
22723: Bernardini, Robert - Santa's Christmas Surprise
21910: Bernays, Anne - Professor Romeo
21911: Bernays, Anne - The Address Book : A Novel
7685: Bernbaum, Ernest - The Mary Carleton Narratives, 1883-1673; a Missing Chapter in the History of the English Novel
37252: Berndt, Ronald Murray - The Speaking Land : Myth and Story in Aboriginal Australia
013521: Berne, Suzanne - A Crime in the Neighborhood: A Novel
018330: Bernhard, Marianne - Monasteries: A Hundred Jewels of Euopean Architecture
011534: Bernhard, Josephine B. - 9 Cry-Baby Dolls, a Folk-Tale
27892: Bernheim, Marc & Evelyne - African Success Story: The Ivory Coast [by] Marc and Evelyne Bernheim
013735: Bernier, Olivier - Fireworks at Dusk: Paris in the Thirties
22203: Bernikow, Louise - Bark If You Love Me : A Woman-Meets-Dog Story
43966: Bernoulli, Johann Jakob - Griechische Ikonographie Mit Ausschluss Alexanders Und Der Diadochen; Von J.J. Bernoulli.
44252: Bernstein, Philip S. (Philip Sydney) - What the Jews Believe, by Philip S. Bernstein. Illustrated by Fritz Eichenberg.
015167: Bernstein, Leonard - The Joy of Music
44010: Bernstein, Philip S. (Philip Sydney) - Rabbis at War: The Canra Story, by Philip S. Bernstein
013198: Bernstein, Peter L. - Against the Gods: The Remarkable Story of Risk
26730: Bernstein, Jeremy - The Life It Brings : One Physicist's Beginnings
29560: Bernstein, Theodore M. - More Language That Needs Watching: Second Aid for Writers and Editors, Emanating from the News Room of the the New York Times
21913: Bernstein, Hillel - L'Affaire Jones
42747: Bernstein, Jeremy - The Life It Brings : One Physicist's Beginnings
26387: Bernstein, Richard & Munro, Ross H. - The Coming Conflict with China
44295: Bernstein, Leonard - The Joy of Music
41637: Bernstein, Carl - Loyalties : A Son's Memoir
45920: Bernstein, Carl - Loyalties : A Son's Memoir
45347: Berolzheimer, Ruth, editor - Culinary Arts Institute Encyclopedic Cookbook
018380: Berra, Tim M. - William Beebe: An Annotated Bibliography
21914: Berri, Claude - Marry Me!, Marry Me! Translated by June P. Wilson and Walter B. Michaels
41527: Berrigan, Daniel - Daniel Berrigan : Poetry, Drama, Prose
45672: Berrigan, Daniel - The Dark Night of Resistance
012296: Berrigan, Daniel - The Dark Night of Resistance
27847: Berry, Jim - Berry's World
015052: Berry, Carole - The Letter of the Law
015053: Berry, Carole - The Year of the Monkey
29618: Berry, John Stevens - Those Gallant Men: On Trial in Vietnam
22694: Berry, Carmen Renee & Barrington, Lynn - Daddies and Daughters
006549: Berry, Wendell - November Twenty Six Nineteen Hundred Sixty Three
004584: Berry, Faith - Langston Hughes: Before and Beyond Harlem
37961: Berry, Mary - Popular Freezer Cookery
46028: Berry, Jedediah - The Manual of Detection
36809: Berryman, John - Homage to Mistress Bradstreet... With Pictures by Beh Shahn
24042: Berryman, John - Henry's Fate & Other Poems, 1967-1972
31160: Bertail, Inez, compiler - A Child's Book of Christmas Carols. Illustrated by Masha
016244: Bertin, Lon and others - Larousse Encyclopedia of Animal Life
22800: Berton, Ralph - Remembering Bix: A Memoir of the Jazz Age
012438: Berton, Pierre - The Impossible Railway: The Building of the Canadian Pacific
2147: Berton, Pierre - The National Dream: The Great Railway, 1871-1881
41805: Bertram, Anthony - They Came to the Castle
21917: Besant, Walter - A Fountain Sealed
27394: Bespaloff, Alexis. - Guide to Inexpensive Wines.
011017: Besson, George [text in French] - Daumier
36328: Besson, Luc - Arthur and the Minimoys
27609: Best, Herbert - Young'Un
27066: Best, Hugh - Debrett's Texas Peerage
008596: Best, Herbert - Young'Un
37265: Bester, Alfred - Starlight : The Great Short Fiction of Alfred Bester
012874: Bestic, Alan - The Importance of Being Irish
012784: Bethell, John T - Harvard Observed: An Illustrated History of the University in the Twentieth Century
29120: Bethell, Nicholas - Russia Besieged World War II
39881: Betjeman, John - A Nip in the Air
45771: Betsky, Aaron & Paganelli, Carlo - Schwartz/Silver : Arguments for Building. Preface by Robert H. Silver ; Essays by Aaron Betsky and Carlo Paganelli.
012879: Bett, Henry - English Legends
25000: Bettelheim, Bruno - The Children of the Dream
22949: Bettelheim, Bruno - Surviving, and Other Essays
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40175: Brandeis, Madeline - Little John of New England
45001: Brandeis, Madeline - Carmen of the Gold Coast
8192: Brandeis, Madeline - The Little Indian Weaver
8196: Brandeis, Madeline - The Little Mexican Donkey Boy
8197: Brandeis, Madeline - Little Anne of Canada
8199: Brandeis, Madeline - Little Tom of England
8203: Brandeis, Madeline - Little Rose of the Mesa
41721: Branden Books - Centennial Special, 1909 to 2009, Branden Books : Featuring William FaulknerS 1924 First Book, the Marble Faun. Adolph Caso, Editor
31405: Brander, Bruce - Australia, by Bruce Brander, Mary Ann Harrell, and Hector Holthouse
23432: Brander, Bruce - The River Nile
23690: Brandner, Gary - Living Off the Land
41471: Brando, Marlon - Brando : Songs My Mother Taught Me
31358: Brandon, S. G. F., ed. - Ancient Empires, 3000 B.C. - A.D. 70. Milestones of History Vol. 1.
22649: Brands, H. W. - The Wages of Globalism : Lyndon Johnson and the Limits of American Power
012421: Brandt, Willy - My Life in Politics
37923: Brandt, Jane - Drinks without Liquor : For Bashes, Beaches, Bbqs and Birthdays, by Jane Brandt ; Illustrations by Jerry Joyner.
46389: Brandt, William Edward - The Way of Music / William E. Brandt
43481: Branigan, Keith & Vickers, Michael - Hellas, the Civilizations of Ancient Greece [by] Keith Branigan, Michael Vickers ; Foreword by John Boardman.
35965: Branley, Franklyn Mansfield - Solar Energy. Illustrated by John Teppich
35958: Branley, Franklyn Mansfield - The Moon, Earth's Natural Satellite. Illustrated by Helmut K. Wimmer Exploring our universe
2168: Brann, William Cowper, 1855-1898 - Brann, the Iconoclast: A Collection of the Writings of...
005650: Branner, H. C. - Two Minutes of Silence; Selected Short Stories
009379: Bratby, John - Breakdown
41530: Brater, Enoch - Beyond Minimalism : Beckett's Late Style in the Theater
41933: Bratton, Fred Gladstone - Myths and Legends of the Ancient Near East
42034: Braude, Jacob Morton - Complete SpeakerS and ToastmasterS Library
1836: Braudy, Leo - Jean Renoir: The World of His Films
010266: Braun, Hugh - The English Castle, with a Foreword by Hilaire Belloc

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