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76688: - Carlisle United Official Programme 1994 (38 issues)
76689: - Carlisle United Official Programme 1991 (29 issues)
76703: - Carlisle United Official Programme 2000 (9 issues)
76696: - Carlisle United Official Programme 1992 (17 issues)
76697: - Carlisle United Official Programme 1999 (22 issues)
76698: - Carlisle United Official Programme 1988 (18 issues)
76699: - Carlisle United Official Programme 1987 (28 issues)
76701: - Carlisle United Official Programme 1979 (10 issues)
76702: - Carlisle United Official Programme 2002 (5 issues)
76695: - Carlisle United Official Programme 1986 (24 issues)
76694: - Carlisle United Official Programme 1985 (21 issues)
76690: - Carlisle United Official Programme 1998 (22 issues)
64465: - Harrington Through the Years: Book 7
76523: - Richard Lannowe Hall (Brian Sinfield Gallery)
76611: - The Elizabethan Vol. 29 No. 7: Queen Elizabeth Grammar School Penrith, December 1989
76534: - Why We Say Troops Out of Ireland!: A Socialist Workers Party Pamphlet
37648: - Eikon Basilike: The Pourtraicture of His Sacred Majesty in his Solitudes and Sufferings. Rom. VIII More Than Conqueror, &c.
76569: - The Lees and Raper Lectures, Volume 1: Lectures 1-5
76704: - Carlisle United Official Programme 2001 (10 issues)
76685: - Carlisle United Official Programme 1995 (32 issues)
76686: - Carlisle United Official Programme 1993 (17 issues)
76609: - The Riley One-Point-Five Driver's Handbook: Sixth Edition
76600: - Art Since 1945 (Thames and Hudson)
76565: - Tribute to Kenneth Patchen
76787: - The Sussex Bird Report
56514: --- - The Mariner's Mirror - Various Issues from Volumes 51-55 (1965-69)
76684: - Carlisle United Official Programme 1996 (28 issues)
76683: - The Cycle of Life, or Poems for Young and Old, Town and Country
76682: - The Welcome Hour, Volume XIII
76901: - The Breeding Birds of Cumbria: A Tetrad Atlas 1997-2001
76125: - The Story of the 93rd Bomb Group
76791: - The Scottish Naturalist (25 Issues from 1936 to 1939)
76793: - The Nottinghamshire Naturalist (7 issues)
76535: - The Irish War - Why We Say Troops Out: A Socialist Workers Party Pamphlet
76563: - Christmas with the Poets: A Collection of Songs, Carols, and Descriptive Verses Relating to the Festival of Christmas, from the Anglo-Norman Period to the Present Time
001721: --- - Ready Steady Go 1965
76498: - Holo 1 - Emerging Trajectories in Art, Science, and Technology:
76497: - Holo 2 - Emerging Trajectories in Art, Science, and Technology: If/Then - Chance (Un)certainty, and the Search for True Randomness
76930: - Living and Giving 1963-1991, Giving and Living 1991-2001
76560: - Horizon: No Ordinary Genius Parts 1 And 2 (Text Adapted from the Programme Transmitted 25th January 1993)
76885: - Directory and Gazetteer of Cumberland 1861
52927: - The Breeding Birds of Cumbria A Tetrad Atlas 1997-2001
76490: - Ceremonial of Bishops: Revised by Decree of the Second Vatican Ecumenical Council and Published By Authority of Pope John Paul II
76610: - The Riley One-Point-Five Graphoref 14: Owner's Service Parts List
76522: - Small Locomotion Construction: Building a Small Edition of the L.M.S. Loco Princess Royal for 2 1/2 Gauge
76687: - Carlisle United Official Programme 1997 (29 issues)
76501: - Black: Architecture in Monochrome
76700: - Carlisle United Official Programme 1983 (3 issues)
76693: - Carlisle United Official Programme 1984 (21 issues)
76692: - Carlisle United Official Programme 1989 (39 issues)
76691: - Carlisle United Official Programme 1990 (34 issues)
76597: GODDENM GEOFFREY A. - The Illustrated Guide to Lowestoft Porcelain
76663: AIRD, WILLIAM M. - St Cuthbert and the Normans: The Church of Durham 1071-1153
76651: ALIGHIERI, DANTE; CARY, REV. HENRY FRANCIS (TRANSLATOR) - The Vision of Hell By Dante Alighieri
76650: ALIGHIERI, DANTE; CARY, REV. HENRY FRANCIS (TRANSLATOR) - The Vision of Purgatory and Paradise By Dante Alighieri: New Edition
76802: ANDERSON, VERILY - Daughters of Divinity
76770: ANDERSON, BARBARA - All the Nice Girls
76707: ANDERSON, M. D. - Animal Carvings in British Churches
76564: ARAN, LYDIA - The Art of Nepal: A Guide to the Masterpieces of Sculpture, Painting and Woodcarving
76988: ARMITAGE, SIMON - Queenhood: A Poem for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee 2022
76987: ARMITAGE, SIMON - Queenhood: A Poem for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee 2022
76948: THE ROYAL COLLEGE OF ART - The Cookery Book
70825: AUSTEN, JANE - The Novels of Jane Austen Lady Susan, The Watsons, Letters-Volume One
76769: AYLMER, G. E. AND CANT, REGINALD - A History of York Minster
76861: BACH, C. P. E.; MITCHELL, WILLIAM J. (EDITOR) - Essay on the True Art of Playing Keyboard Instruments By Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach
76735: BADHAM, SALLY AND OOSTERWIJK, SOPHIE - Monumental Industry: The Production of Tomb Monuments in England and Wales in the Long Fourteenth Century
76681: BADHAM, SALLY - Seeking Salvation: Commemorating the Dead in the Late-Medieval English Parish
76492: BAGNER, SARAH - East London Homes: Creative Interiors from London's East End
76656: BAILEY, GAUVIN ALEXANDER - Art on the Jesuit Missions in Asia and Latin America 1542-1773
76486: BAKER, AUDREY - English Panel Paintings 1400-1558: A Survey of Figure Paintings on East Anglian Rood Screens
76533: BALKAN, ABBIE - The Great Lie!: A Socialist Workers Party Pamphlet
76813: BARBER, MALCOLM - The Crusader States
76673: BARLOW, FRANK - The English Church 1066-1154 (A History of the Anglo-Norman Church)
76676: BARNET, PETER, BRANDT, MICHAEL, AND LUTZ, GERHARD (EDITORS) - Medieval Treasures from Hildesheim
62489: BARRIE, J. M. - Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens
76562: ASHMEAD-BARTLETT, E. - Some of My Experiences in the Great War
76679: BARTON, JOHN AND MUDDIMAN, JOHN (EDITORS) - The Oxford Bible Commentary
76850: BASILE, GIUSEPPE (EDITOR) - Giotto: The Frescoes of the Scrovegni Chapel in Padua
76665: BATES, STUART AND SUCIU, PETER - The Wolseley Helmet: In Pictures from Omdurman to El Alamein
76853: BATTISCOMBE, C. F. (EDITOR) - The Relics of Saint Cuthbert
76824: MRS BEETON - Mrs Beeton's Cookery Book: New and Enlarged Edition (1890)
76538: BELL, JAMES - Herefordshire 1833 Map (from A New and Comprehensive Gazetteer of England and Wales By James Bell)
76542: BELL, JAMES - Bedfordshire 1833 Map (from A New and Comprehensive Gazetteer of England and Wales By James Bell)
76539: BELL, JAMES - Cambridgeshire 1833 Map (from A New and Comprehensive Gazetteer of England and Wales By James Bell)
76553: BELL, JAMES - Oxfordshire 1833 Map (from A New and Comprehensive Gazetteer of England and Wales By James Bell)
76557: BELL, JAMES - Suffolk 1833 Map (from A New and Comprehensive Gazetteer of England and Wales By James Bell)
76543: BELL, JAMES - Huntingdonshire 1833 Map (from A New and Comprehensive Gazetteer of England and Wales By James Bell)
76544: BELL, JAMES - Kent 1833 Map (from A New and Comprehensive Gazetteer of England and Wales By James Bell)
76549: BELL, JAMES - Westmoreland 1833 Map (from A New and Comprehensive Gazetteer of England and Wales By James Bell)
76552: BELL, JAMES - Wiltshire 1833 Map (from A New and Comprehensive Gazetteer of England and Wales By James Bell)
76541: BELL, JAMES - Berkshire 1833 Map (from A New and Comprehensive Gazetteer of England and Wales By James Bell)
76550: BELL, JAMES - Worcestershire 1833 Map (from A New and Comprehensive Gazetteer of England and Wales By James Bell)
76556: BELL, JAMES - Northamptonshire 1833 Map (from A New and Comprehensive Gazetteer of England and Wales By James Bell)
76558: BELL, JAMES - A Map of England and Wales 1833 (from A New and Comprehensive Gazetteer of England and Wales By James Bell)
76554: BELL, JAMES - Shropshire 1833 Map (from A New and Comprehensive Gazetteer of England and Wales By James Bell)
76546: BELL, JAMES - Lancashire 1833 Map (from A New and Comprehensive Gazetteer of England and Wales By James Bell)
76545: BELL, JAMES - Northumberland 1833 Map (from A New and Comprehensive Gazetteer of England and Wales By James Bell)
76551: BELL, JAMES - Hampshire, or Southampton 1833 Map (from A New and Comprehensive Gazetteer of England and Wales By James Bell)
76537: BELL, JAMES - Hertfordshire 1833 Map (from A New and Comprehensive Gazetteer of England and Wales By James Bell)
76540: BELL, JAMES - Buckinghamshire 1833 Map (from A New and Comprehensive Gazetteer of England and Wales By James Bell)
76555: BELL, JAMES - Cornwall 1833 Map (from A New and Comprehensive Gazetteer of England and Wales By James Bell)
76548: BELL, JAMES - Rutlandshire 1833 Map (from A New and Comprehensive Gazetteer of England and Wales By James Bell)
76547: BELL, JAMES - Somersetshire 1833 Map (from A New and Comprehensive Gazetteer of England and Wales By James Bell)
76841: BENJAMIN, ANDREW (EDITOR) - The Problems of Modernity: Adorno and Benjamin
76742: BENTON, TED - Bumblebees (The New Naturalist Library 98)
76858: BERGANT, DIANNE - The Song of Songs (Berit Olam: Studies in Hebrew Narrative and Poetry)
76741: BERRY, R. J. - Islands (The New Naturalist Library 109)
76500: BETJEMAN, JOHN - Cornwall: A Shell Guide
76629: BLAIR, JOHN - The Church in Anglo-Saxon Society
76836: BLINDHEIM, MARTIN - Norwegian Romanesque Decorative Sculpture 1090-1210
76879: BLYTHE, RONALD - Out of the Valley: Another Year at Wormingford
76878: BLYTHE, RONALD - Borderland: Volume III of the The Wormingford Trilogy
76710: BONNER, GERALD, ROLLASON, DAVID, AND STANCLIFFE, CLARE (EDITORS) - St Cuthbert, His Cult and His Community to AD 1200
76843: BOULEZ, PIERRE - Orientations: Collected Writings
76827: BOURKE, CORMAC (EDITOR) - From the Isles of the North: Early Medieval Art in Ireland and Britain
76614: ERLANDE-BRANDENBURG, ALAIN - The Cathedral: The Social and Architectural Dynamics of Construction
76620: BRANNER, ROBERT - The Cathedral of Bourges and Its Place in Gothic Architecture
76953: BREMNER, G.A. - Imperial Gothic: Religious Architecture and High Anglican Culture in the British Empire
76837: CARTIER-BRESSON, HENRI - Henri Cartier-Bresson in India
76670: BROADLEY, ROSIE - Laura Knight Portraits
76972: BROOKS, TERRY - The Talismans of Shannara: Book 4 of The Heritage of Shannara
76957: BROOKS, TERRY - First King of Shannara
76971: BROOKS, TERRY - The Elf Queen of Shannara: Book 3 of The Heritage of Shannara
76978: BROOKS, TERRY - The Fall of Shannara: The Black Elfstone
76975: BROOKS, TERRY - Street Freaks
76989: BROOKS, TERRY - High Druid of Shannara Trilogy (3 volumes)
76985: BROOKS, TERRY - Genesis of Shannara Trilogy (3 volumes)
76974: BROOKS, TERRY - Small Magic: Short Fiction 1977-2020
76976: BROOKS, TERRY - The Fall of Shannara: The Stiehl Assassin
76983: BROOKS, TERRY - A Knight of the World
76984: BROOKS, TERRY - Angel Fire East
76970: BROOKS, TERRY - The Druid of Shannara
76977: BROOKS, TERRY - The Fall of Shannara: The Skaar Invasion
76990: BROOKS, TERRY - The Voyage of the Jerle Shannara Trilogy (3 volumes)
76973: BROOKS, TERRY - Child of Light
76969: BROOKS, TERRY - The High Druid's Blade
76979: BROOKS, TERRY - The Measure of Magic: Legends of Shannara Book Two
76980: BROOKS, TERRY - Bearers of the Black Staff: Legends of Shannara Book One
76981: BROOKS, TERRY - Bloodfire Quest: The Dark Legacy of Shannara Book Two
76982: BROOKS, TERRY - Running with the Demon
76627: BROOKS, CHRIS AND SAINT, ANDREW (EDITORS) - The Victorian Church: Architecture and Society
76960: BROOKS, TERRY - Wards of Faerie: The Dark Legacy of Shannara: Book 1
76959: BROOKS, TERRY - Witch Wraith: The Dark Legacy of Shannara : Book 3
76958: BROOKS, TERRY - The Scions of Shannara
76831: BROPHY, JOHN - Fanfare and Other Papers
76709: BROWN, PETER - The Cult of the Saints: Its Rise and Function in Latin Christianity
76615: BROWN, DAVID - Discipleship and Imagination: Christian Tradition and Truth
76815: MACKAY BROWN, GEORGE - An Orkney Tapestry
76768: TATTON-BROWN, TIM AND MORTIMER, RICHARD (EDITORS) - Westminster Abbey: The Lady Chapel of Henry VII
76637: BROWN, DAVID - God and Enchantment of Place: Reclaiming Human Experience
76633: BROWN, ROSALIND (EDITOR) - Ramsey Remembered: The Durham Years
76655: BROWN, SARAH AND MACDONALD, LINDSAY (EDITORS) - Life, Death and Art: The Medieval Stained Glass of Fairford Parish Church
76773: BRUZELIUS, CAROLINE - The Stones of Naples: Church Building in Angevin Italy 1266-1343
76567: BUCHANAN, GEORGE - Green Seacoast: An Autobiography
76750: BUCZACKI, STEFAN - Garden Natural History (The New Naturalist Library 102)
76784: BURKITT, REV. W. M. (EDITOR) - The Book of Common Prayers with the Administration of the Sacraments
76661: BURTON, JANET - The Monastic Order in Yorkshire 1069-1215
76933: L.B.S.C. - Mona: A Simple 0-6-2 Tank Engine (Technical Publication Specialist Booklets No. 3)
76934: L.B.S.C. - Princess Marina L.M.S. 2-6-0 Mogul Class (Technical Publication Specialist Booklets No. 5)
76935: L.B.S.C. - Betty the Mongoliper (Technical Publication Specialist Booklets No. 4)
76743: CABOT, DAVID - Wildfowl (The New Naturalist Library 110)
76877: CAMILLE, MICHAEL - Mirror in Parchment: The Luttrell Psalter and the Making of Medieval England
76619: CAMILLE, MICHAEL - The Gothic Idol: Ideology and Image-Making in Medieval Art
62514: CARROLL, LEWIS - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
76780: CARSON, J.J. G. - Emilie Solomon: 1858-1939
76855: CASEY, CHRISTINE - Making Magnificence: Architects, Stuccatori and the Eighteenth-Century Interior
76942: CASSIRER, ERNST - The Problem of Knowledge: Philosophy, Science, and History Since Hegel
76626: CECIL, DAVID - Some Dorset Country Houses: A Personal Selection
76571: CHADWICK, TIM - Trucking Along: A Pictorial History of Trucks in New Zealand
76559: CHADWICK, REVEREND DR. OWEN - Classical Anglicanism and Lancelot Andrewes: The Second Southwell Lecture Given By the Reverend Dr. Owen Chadwick, O.M., 16th June 1986
76928: CHANNEL, ERIC - On The City Wall and Other Chester Poems
76479: CHAPLIN, MICHAEL - Tyne View: A Walk Around the Port of Tyne
76601: TEILHARD DE CHARDIN, PIERRE - Letters to Two Friends 1926-1952
76649: CHEETHAM, FRANCIS - English Medieval Alabasters: With a Catalogue of the Collection in the Victoria and Albert Museum
76867: SIR GEORGE TOMKYNS CHESNEY - The Battle of Dorking: Reminiscences of a Volunteer (from Blackwood's Magazine, May 1871)
76838: CHITTY, DERWAS J. - The Desert A City: An Introduction to the Study of Egyptian and Palestinian Monasticism Under the Christian Empire
76758: CLANCHY, M. T. - Abelard: A Medieval Life
76839: CLARK, MARK W. - Calculated Risk: The Story of the War in the Mediterranean
76799: CUMBRIA BIRD CLUB - The Breeding Birds of Cumbria: A Tetrad Atlas 1997-2001
76624: CONSTABLE, GILES - Three Studies in Medieval Religious and Social Thought: The Interpretation of Mary and Martha; The Ideal of the Imitation of Christ; The Orders of Society
76816: COOPER, DEREK AND GODWIN, FAY - The Whisky Roads of Scotland
76751: CORBET, PHILIP AND BROOKS, STEPHEN - Dragonflies (The New Naturalist Library 106)
76612: COVENTRY, MARTIN - Castles of the Clans: The Strongholds and Seats of 750 Scottish Families and Clans
76613: COVENTRY, MARTIN - The Castles of Scotland
76760: COWAN, JOHN WOLDEMAR - The Complete Lojban Language
76949: COX, DEVON - The Street of Wonderful Possibilities: Whistler, Wilde and Sargent in Tite Street
62171: CRAGGS, STEWART R. - William Walton: Music and Literature
76897: CRAWFORD, BARBARA E. (EDITOR) - St Magnus Cathedral and Orkney's Twelfth-Century Renaissance
76669: CRESWICK, PAUL - In Aelfred's Days: A Story of Saga the Dane
76755: CROOK, JOHN - The Hospital of St Cross and Almshouse of Noble Poverty
76925: CUGNO, ALAIN; WALL, BARBARA (TRANSLATOR) - St John of the Cross: The Life and Thought of a Christian Mystic
76833: DANIELL, DAVID (EDITOR) - Tyndale's New Testament
39709: DARWIN, CHARLES; VARIOUS EDITORS - The Correspondence of Charles Darwin in 15 Volumes
76526: FERGUSON-DAVIE, PATRICK - The Bishop in Church
76578: DAVIES, PETER - Atkinson: A Pictorial Record of Atkinsons at Work from the Early Sixties to the Mid Eighties
76577: DAVIES, PETER - ERF 'The World's Best Oil Engined Lorry': 60 Years of Truck Building
76536: DAVIES, GLYN (EDITOR) - The Birds of the Banbury Area: A Report By the Banbury Ornithological Society
76581: DAVIES, PETER - Bedford: Trucks and Vans in Colour
76995: DAVIES, HUNTER - A Life in the Day: Memories of Sixties London, Lots of Writing, The Beatles, and My Beloved Wife
76580: DAVIES, PETER - Foden: A Pictorial History
76634: DAVIES, PHILIP - Lost England 1870-1930
76774: DEMUS, OTTO - The Mosaics of Norman Sicily
76524: DOBSON, R. B. - Durham Priory 1400-1450 (Cambridge Studies in Medieval Life and Thought, Third Series, Volume 6)
76499: DODSON, AIDAN - The Royal Tombs of Great Britain: An Illustrated History
76961: DONOVAN, CLAIRE - The De Brailles Hours: Shaping the Book of Hours in Thirteenth-Century Oxford
76862: DUGMORE, C. W. - Eucharistic Doctrine in England from Hooker to Waterland (Being the Norrisan Prize Essay in the University of Cambridge for the Year 1940)
76586: DYER, PATRICK W. - Scania at Work: LB110, 111, 140 and 141
76889: DYER, C. F. W. - Emulation - A Ritual to Remember: The Lodge, the Men and the Times in the One Hundred and Fifty Years History of the Emulation Lodge of Improvement 1823-1973
76582: DYER, PATRICK W. - Volvo F88 and F89 at Work
76875: EAMES, ROBIN - Unfinished Search
76572: EATON, A. E. - Sunters: High-Wide and Mighty
76946: TONER-EDGAR, MAGGI - Thinking Caps
76594: EDGE, GRAHAM - The Leyland Octopus (Commercial Vehicles Archive Series)
76573: EDGE, GRAHAM - Spiers of Melksham (Transport Archive Series)
76950: ELLIOT, GRAHAM - Les Animaux Exotique
76785: ELWORTHY, GERTRUDE AND ELWORTHY, ANTHONY - A Power in the Land: Churchill Julius 1847-1938
76903: EVANS, JOAN - The Romanesque Architecture of the Order of Cluny: Cambridge 1938
76881: EVERY, GEORGE - The High Church Party 1688-1718
76603: FAIR, A. A. - Cut Thin to Win
76596: FAIR, A. A. - Widows Wear Weeds
76677: FAU, JEAN-CLAUDE - Les Chapiteaux De Sainte-Foy De Conques
70759: FAULKNER, WILLIAM - The Sound and the Fury The Collected Works of William Faulkner
76893: FAWCETT, RICHARD (ED.) - Glasgow's Great Glass Experiment: The Munich Glass of Glasgow Cathedral
76954: FERGUSSON, PETER AND HARRISON, STUART - Rievaulx Abbey: Community, Architecture, Memory
76994: FERRY, BRYAN - Lyrics
76896: FITCH, AUDREY-BETH; EWAN, ELIZABETH (EDITOR) - The Search for Salvation: Lay Faith in Scotland 1480-1560
76945: PINK FLOYD - Animals
76640: FOLDA, JAROSLAV - The Art of the Crusaders in the Holy Land, 1098-1187
66215: FRASER, GEORGE MACDONALD - Flashman: From the Flashman Papers 1839-1842
76748: FRIEND, PETER - Southern England (The New Naturalist Library 108)
76986: FRY, STEPHEN - Mythos: The Greek Myths Retold
76779: FULLER, RONALD - Hell-Fire Francis
76493: GARNETT, EMMELINE - John Marsden's Will: The Hornby Castle Dispute 1780-1840
76645: GENTLEMAN, DAVID - In The Country
76955: GERSTER, GEORG - Churches In Rock: Early Christian Art in Ethiopia
76736: GILCHRIST, ROBERTA - Gender and Material Culture: The Archaeology of Religious Women
76812: GLASS, DOROTHY F. - Portals, Pilgrimage, and Crusade in Western Tuscany
76808: GOFFEN, RONA - Renaissance Rivals: Michelangelo, Leonardo, Raphael, Titian
76992: GOODKIND, TERRY - Severed Souls
76964: GOODKIND, TERRY - Naked Empire
76966: GOODKIND, TERRY - Phantom
76967: GOODKIND, TERRY - Faith of the Fallen
76968: GOODKIND, TERRY - The Pillars of Creation
76991: GOODKIND, TERRY - The Third Kingdom
76993: GOODKIND, TERRY - The Nicci Chronicles (4 volumes)
76965: GOODKIND, TERRY - The Law of Nines
76963: GOODKIND, TERRY - The Omen Machine
76962: GOODKIND, TERRY - Chainfire
76821: GORDON, CATHERINE - Cotswold Arts and Craft Architecture
76794: GORDON, YEFIM, KOMISSAROV, SERGEY, AND KOMISSAROV, DMITRIY - Ilyushin Il-2/Il-10: Famous Russian Aircraft
76851: GOULD, JOYCE - The Witchfinder General: A Political Odyssey
69538: GRAHAME, KENNETH - The Wind in the Willows
003308: GRAHAME, KENNETH; MILNE, A. A. (INTRO) - The Wind in the Willows
76766: GRANT, LINDY - Abbot Suger of St-Denis: Church and State in Early Twelfth-Century France
76904: GREEN, WILLIAM - Green's Guide to the Lakes Volume 2
76757: GREENGRASS, MARK - Christendom Destroyed: Europe 1517-1648
76672: GRIERSON, RODERICK (ED.) - African Zion: The Sacred Art of Ethiopia
76528: GRONTVED, JUL AND SEIDENFADEN, GUNNAR - Meddelelser om Gronland: The Godthaab Expedition 1928 - The Phytoplankton of the Waters West of Greenland
001653: GROTE, GEORGE - History of Greece
76525: LE GUIN, URSULA K. - Four Ways to Forgiveness
76482: GUINNESS, DESMOND - Georgian Dublin
76863: GUNN, STEVEN AND MONCKTON, LINDA (EDITORS) - Arthur Tudor, Prince of Wales: Life, Death and Commemoration
76937: ZHECHEN GYALTSAB AND PADMA GYURMED NAMGYAL - Path of Heroes: Birth of Enlightenment (2 volumes)
76854: HAMBURGER, JEFFREY F. - Nuns as Artists: The Visual Culture of a Medieval Convent
76929: HAMMOND, J. M. - Cockermouth, Keswick and Penrith Railway In Memoriam: A Short History to Commemorate the Line Closure 1972
76900: EDMONDSON HANEY, KRISTINE - The Winchester Psalter: An Iconographic Study
76869: HANNAH, ROSEMARY - The Grand Designer: Third Marquess of Bute
76561: HARDY, MARGARET - The Role of Gifts in Maintaining Influence: Politics and the Carlisle Guilds 1700-1800
76531: HARRISON, MICHAEL - Higher Things
76870: HARVEY, BARBARA - Living and Dying in England 1100-1540: The Monastic Experience
76931: HASSAN, WALTER T. F. - Jaguar V12 Engine - Its Design and Background (Session 1976-1977 - Technical, Administrative and Supervisory Section of AUEW)
76657: HAWKES, JANE AND MILLS, SUSAN (EDITORS) - Northumbria's Golden Age
76616: HEALE, MARTIN - The Abbots and Priors of Late Medieval and Reformation England
76902: HEANEY, SEAMUS - Death of a Naturalist
75250: HELLER, JOSEPH - Catch 22
64416: HEMINGWAY, ERNEST - The Old Man and the Sea
76738: HENDERSON, PAULA - The Tudor House and Garden: Architecture and Landscape in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries
76639: HENRY, TOM - The Life and Art of Luca Signorelli
76807: HERRIOT, JAMES - Vet in a Spin
76772: HEWETT, CECIL A. - English Historic Carpentry
76485: HICKS, CAROLA - Animals in Medieval Art
76951: HIPGNOSIS - Walk Away Rene
76659: HOLMES, RICHARD - Thomas Lawrence Portraits
76926: THE XIITH KHENTIN TAI SITUPA; HOLMES, KENNETH - Tilopa: Some Glimpses of His Life
76638: HOPKINS, ANDREW - Baldassare Longhena and Venetian Baroque Architecture
76590: HORNER, ROBIN (COMPILER) - RSPB Fairburn Ings Nature Reserve Annual Report 1990
76706: HUGHES, KATHLEEN - The Church in Early Irish Society
76866: HUNT, E. D. - Holy Land Pilgrimage in the Later Roman Empire AD 312-460
76483: JACKSON, MICHAEL J. - Engineering a Cathedral
76938: JANKEL, ANNABEL AND MORTON, ROCKY - Creative Computer Graphics
76496: JOHANSEN, GRACE - Pioneers to Prosperity: A History of Fitzroy Shire 1853-2003
76776: JOHNSTON, COLIN AND HUME, JOHN R. - Glasgow Stations
76820: KANDA, K. C. - Masterpieces of Urdu Rubaiyat
76856: KARPATI, JANOS - Bartok's String Quartets
76865: KENDALL, CALVIN B. - The Allegory of the Church: Romanesque Portals and Their Verse Inscriptions
76892: KERNEY, MICHAEL - The Stained Glass of Frederick Preedy (1820-1898): A Catalogue of Designs
47565: KIRBY, W. F. (TRANSLATED BY) - Kalevala the Land of Heroes: Volume Two
76844: KIRKPATRICK, RALPH - Domenico Scarlatti
76956: KNOWLES, DOM DAVID - The Religious Orders in England Vol 1
76764: KNOWLSON, JAMES - Damned to Fame: The Life of Samuel Beckett
76489: KRAUS, HENRY - Gold Was the Mortar: The Economics of Cathedral Building
76891: LACY, NORRIS J. (EDITOR) - The Arthurian Encyclopedia
76940: LAMBERT, ROYSTON - Beloved and God: The Story of Hadrian and Antinous
76872: LANGER, SUSANNE K. - Feeling and Form: A Theory of Art
76711: LANGER, SUSANNE K. - Philosophy in a New Key: A Study in the Symbolism of Reason, Rite, and Art
76583: LEE, DAVID - West Country Trucks: Cornwall
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