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79432: GREENWOOD, JOHN T. (EDITOR) - Milestones of Aviation: The Smithsonian Institution National Air and Space Museum
77775: GREGORY, ROBERT - Armor Color Gallery No. 15: Armor Camouflage and Markings of the British Expeditionary Force, France 1939-1940 - Part 1: 1st Army Tank Bridgade
76672: GRIERSON, RODERICK (ED.) - African Zion: The Sacred Art of Ethiopia
77694: GRIFFIN, A. HARRY - The Coniston Tigers: Seventy Years of Mountain Adventure
78876: GRIFFITHS, ELLY - The Blood Card (signed 1st edition)
77658: GRIMBLE, IAN - The World of Rob Donn
77809: GRINDROD, CHARLES F. - The Shadow of the Raggedstone
77843: GRINGOIRE, TH. AND SAULNIER, L. - Le Repertoire De La Cuisine
76528: GRONTVED, JUL AND SEIDENFADEN, GUNNAR - Meddelelser om Gronland: The Godthaab Expedition 1928 - The Phytoplankton of the Waters West of Greenland
79393: HOLME ST CUTHBERT HISTORY GROUP - Plain People: Bygone Times on the Cumbrian Solway Plain
79394: HOLME ST CUTHBERT HISTORY GROUP - Plain People: Bygone Times on the Cumbrian Solway Plain
78663: TOTNES LIBRARY WRITERS GROUP - More Gallimaufry: A Second Collection of Poems, Short Stories and Memoirs
78664: TOTNES WRITING GROUP - Gallimaufry: An Anthology
79361: GRUCHY, JOHN W. DE - Christianity, Art and Transformation: Theological Aesthetics in the Struggle for Justice
78878: GUERNSEY, ALFRED H. AND ALDEN, HENRY M. - Harper's Pictorial History of the Civil War: Contemporary Accounts and Illustrations from the Greatest Magazine of the Time, with 1000 Scenes, Maps, Plans and Portraits
78096: NOONAN GUERRA, MARY ANN - Heroes of the Alamo and Goliad: Revolutionaries on the Road to San Jacino and Texas Independence
76525: LE GUIN, URSULA K. - Four Ways to Forgiveness
76482: GUINNESS, DESMOND - Georgian Dublin
77855: GUNER, OZGUR, AND SEGARRA, RAMON - IDF Colors: Painting and Weathering Techniques with Vallejo Acrylic Colors
76863: GUNN, STEVEN AND MONCKTON, LINDA (EDITORS) - Arthur Tudor, Prince of Wales: Life, Death and Commemoration
77426: GUTIERREZ, RAMON (EDITOR) - L'art Chretien Du Noveau Monde: La Baroque En Amerique Latine
79096: GUZZINI, STEFANO (EDITOR) - The Return of Geopolitics in Europe?: Social Mechanisms and Foreign Policy Identity Crises
76937: ZHECHEN GYALTSAB AND PADMA GYURMED NAMGYAL - Path of Heroes: Birth of Enlightenment (2 volumes)
77406: GYSEGHEM, ANDRE VAN - Theatre in Soviet Russia
77823: HAIGH, CHRISTOPHER - The Last Days of the Lancashire Monasteries and the Pilgrimage of Grace (Remains Historical and Literary Connected with the Palatine Counties of Lancaster and Chester, Volume XVII Third Series)
79222: HAIR, P. E. H. (EDITOR) - Arts, Letters, Society: A Miscellany Commemorating the Centenary of the Faculty of Arts at the University of Liverpool
78151: HALE, W. G. - Waders (The New Naturalist No. 65)
77804: SUSSEX HALL, JOHN HENRY - Poems of Sussex By Eaglespear: The Poetic Works of John Henry Sussex Hall
78821: HALL, PETER - By Day and By Night: The Men and Machines of West Malling Airfield 1940-1960
77618: HALL, MARGARET - On Display: A Design Grammar for Museum Exhibitions
77877: HALL, SARAH - Burntcoat
78417: HALLWARD, PETER (EDITOR) - Balliol Occasional Papers, Spring 1989 (No. 1)
76854: HAMBURGER, JEFFREY F. - Nuns as Artists: The Visual Culture of a Medieval Convent
77481: HAMLETT, JACKIE AND HAMLETT, CHRISTINE - A House With Spirit: A Dedication to Marbury Hall
77430: HAMLYN, R ET AL. - Pintura Victoriana: De Turner a Whistler
79337: HAMMOND, JOAN - A Voice, A Life: The Autobiography of Joan Hammond
76929: HAMMOND, J. M. - Cockermouth, Keswick and Penrith Railway In Memoriam: A Short History to Commemorate the Line Closure 1972
78108: HANCOCK, MALCOLM - The History of Rugby Radio Station
76900: EDMONDSON HANEY, KRISTINE - The Winchester Psalter: An Iconographic Study
79683: HANKS, TOM - The Making of Another Major Motion Picture Masterpiece (SIGNED FIRST EDITION)
76869: HANNAH, ROSEMARY - The Grand Designer: Third Marquess of Bute
78875: HARBER, LYN - Try Back Lads, Try Back 2: Reminiscences of Northern Hunting Folk
78192: HARCOMBE, DAVID (EDITOR) - The Working Terrier Year Books 1987-1991
77642: HARDIE, MARTIN - The British School of Etching, Being a Lecture Delivered to the Print Collectors' Club on July 8th 1921
76561: HARDY, MARGARET - The Role of Gifts in Maintaining Influence: Politics and the Carlisle Guilds 1700-1800
77976: HARRIS, PAUL - Broadcasting From The High Seas
77796: HARRIS, GEORGE W. - The Practical Guide to Algiers
79209: HARRIS, TINDALL - Here and There: An Angler's Memories
76531: HARRISON, MICHAEL - Higher Things
78065: HARRISON, JAMES M. - A Hand List of the Birds of the Sevenoaks or Western District of Kent
78384: HARROP, SYLVIA - Decade of Change: The University of Liverpool 1981-1991
77541: TINDAL HART, A. AND CARPENTER, EDWARD - The Nineteenth Century Country Parson (Circa. 1832-1900)
76870: HARVEY, BARBARA - Living and Dying in England 1100-1540: The Monastic Experience
78084: HARWOOD JR., HERBERT H. - Impossible Challenge II: The Odyssean Saga of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad from Baltimore to Washington and Harpers Ferry from 1828 to 1994
76931: HASSAN, WALTER T. F. - Jaguar V12 Engine - Its Design and Background (Session 1976-1977 - Technical, Administrative and Supervisory Section of AUEW)
77783: HASSELHOFF, DAVID - Making Waves: The Autobiography
78601: HAWKER, PAT - Technical Topics Scrapbook 2005-2008
79351: HAWKING, STEPHEN W. - A Brief History of Time: From the Big Bang to Black Holes (4th impression)
77617: HAWKINS, J. B. - Thomas Cole and Victorian Clockmaking
79375: HAYNES, JOANNA AND MURRIS, KARIN - Picturebooks, Pedagogy and Philosophy
76616: HEALE, MARTIN - The Abbots and Priors of Late Medieval and Reformation England
76902: HEANEY, SEAMUS - Death of a Naturalist
78597: HEASMAN, KATHLEEN - Josephine Butler House: A History
78602: HECTOR, L. C. - The Handwriting of English Documents
50165: HEDGES, ALAN - The Annual 2006 Top Staffordshire Bull Terrier
50166: HEDGES, ALAN - The Border Terrier Annual
79074: VAN DER HEIJDEN, H.A.M. - The Oldest Maps of the Netherlands: An Illustrated and Annotated Carto-Bibliography of the 16th Century Maps of the XVII Provinces
75250: HELLER, JOSEPH - Catch 22
79093: HELLMICH, CHRISTINA AND BEHNIKE, ANDREAS (EDITORS) - Knowing Al-Qaeda: The Epistemology of Terrorism
79675: HELWIG, DAVID (EDITOR) - The Human Elements: Critical Essays
78404: HEMINGWAY, ERNEST - A Moveable Feast
78968: HEMINGWAY, ERNEST - For Whom the Bell Tolls
64416: HEMINGWAY, ERNEST - The Old Man and the Sea
78945: HENDERSON, GRAEME AND STANBURY, MYRA - The Sirius: Past and Present
62152: HENDERSON, FRED - The Economic Consequences of Power Production
76738: HENDERSON, PAULA - The Tudor House and Garden: Architecture and Landscape in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries
77490: HENEAGE, SIMON; GARDEN, GRAEME (FOREWORD) - Heath Robinson's Helpful Solutions
79356: HENIG, MARTIN AND BOOTH, PAUL - Roman Oxfordshire
76639: HENRY, TOM - The Life and Art of Luca Signorelli
77561: HENRY, FRANCOISE - Irish Art in 3 Volumes: Early Christian Period to A.D. 800; Viking Invasions 800-1020 A.D.; Romanesque Period 1020-1170 A.D.
67927: HEPPLEWHITE, A.; AND CO. - The Cabinet-Maker and Upholsterer's Guide; or, Repository of Designs for Every Article of Household Furniture, in the Newest and Most Approved Taste, Etc.
76807: HERRIOT, JAMES - Vet in a Spin
76772: HEWETT, CECIL A. - English Historic Carpentry
76485: HICKS, CAROLA - Animals in Medieval Art
78115: HICKS, MICHAEL (EDITOR) - The Later Medieval Inquisitions Post Mortem: Mapping the Medieval Countryside and Rural Society
77491: HILL, C. N. - A Vertical Empire: The History of the UK Rocket and Space Programme, 1950-1971
78146: HILL, TIM - Football in the 1960s: The Beautiful Game in a Golden Decade
79613: HILL, JASON - Wild Foods of Britain
78104: HINCHCLIFFE, PETER; DUCKER, JOHN T.; HOLT, MARIA - Without Glory in Arabia: The British Retreat from Aden
76951: HIPGNOSIS - Walk Away Rene
77415: MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY - The Face of Denmark: The Danish Portrait from 1750 Until the Present Day
78998: HITLER, ADOLF - My Struggle
77892: HOARE, TEDDY - Beyond My Parish Boundaries: A Theology of Game Shooting
78499: HOBDAY, COLONEL E. A. - The Gunners' A. B. C.
79568: HOBHOUSE, JANET - November
77529: HOBHOUSE, L. T. - The Theory of Knowledge: A Contribution to Some Problems of Logic and Metaphysics
77815: HOBSON, LAURA Z. - First Papers
79145: HOFFMANN, RALPH - A Guide to the Birds of New England and Eastern New York
38088: PROFESSOR HOFFMANN (ANGELO LEWIS) - The Book of Card and Table Games
78103: HOIG, STAN - The Kiowas and the Legend of Kicking Bird
78308: HOLDEN, EDITH - The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady
79652: HOLDEN, EDITH - The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady
76659: HOLMES, RICHARD - Thomas Lawrence Portraits
79454: HOLMES, GEOFFREY AND SZECHI, DANIEL - The Age of Oligarchy: Pre-industrial Britain 1722-1783 (Foundations of Modern Britain series)
76926: THE XIITH KHENTIN TAI SITUPA; HOLMES, KENNETH - Tilopa: Some Glimpses of His Life
77444: HOOK, PETER - Substance: Inside New Order
76638: HOPKINS, ANDREW - Baldassare Longhena and Venetian Baroque Architecture
78826: HORABIN, RON - H.M.S. Bryony: Tribute to a Flower - A Flower Class Corvette 1942
76590: HORNER, ROBIN (COMPILER) - RSPB Fairburn Ings Nature Reserve Annual Report 1990
77551: HORSLEY, J. E. - Jottings About Old Time Penrith
77910: HORSTE, KATHRYN - Cloister Design and Monastic Reform in Toulouse: The Romanesque Sculpture of La Daurade (Clarendon Studies in the History of Art)
77627: HOURIHAN, MARIAH (EDITOR) - Quiet Moments: The International Library of Poetry
79546: HOWARD, GHISLAINE; HOWARD, MICHAEL - Stations of the Cross: The Captive Figure
78190: HOWE, IRVING - Trotsky: Why His Ideas Remain a Powerful Force
78337: HRADSKY, ROBERT (EDITOR) - Triumph, Disaster and Decay: The SAVE Survey of Liverpool's Heritage
57001: HUDLESTON, C ROY; BOUMPHREY, R S - Cumberland Families and Heraldry with a Supplement to an Armorial for Westmorland and Lonsdale
78411: HUDLESTON, C. ROY (EDITOR) - Naworth Estate and Household Accounts 1648-1660
56314: HUDLESTON, C ROY; BOUMPHREY, R S - Cumberland Families and Heraldry with a Supplement to an Armorial for Westmorland and Lonsdale
78366: HUDLESTON, C. ROY AND BOUMPHREY, R. S. (EDITORS) - Cumberland Families and Heraldry with a Supplement to an Armorial for Westmorland and Lonsdale
79342: HUDSON, KENNETH - Women as Speakers: A Book of Practical Advice for English Women of all Ages and Abilities Who May be Attracted or Driven to Express Themselves in Public
77504: HUGHES, QUENTIN - Seaport: Architecture & Townscape in Liverpool
78074: HUGHES, MARK - F1 Retro 1970
76706: HUGHES, KATHLEEN - The Church in Early Irish Society
70955: HUGHES, LANGSTON - Tambourines to Glory
79696: HUGHES, TED - Crow: From the Life and Songs of the Crow (Second edition, Second printing)
79701: HUGHES, ROBERT - Frank Auerbach
77897: HUNNICUTT, R. P. - Sherman: A History of the American Medium Tank
79638: STATHER HUNT, B. P. W. - Flinten History: Being the Story of Pakefield and Its Church
76866: HUNT, E. D. - Holy Land Pilgrimage in the Later Roman Empire AD 312-460
78653: HURTAK, J.J. - The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch
77827: HUTCHINSON, WILLIAM - The History of the County of Cumberland in Two Volumes
79426: HYDE, MATTHEW AND WHITTAKER, ESME - Arts and Crafts Houses in the Lake District
78357: HYLAND, G. J. AND ROWLANDS, PETER - Herbert Frohlich, FRS: A Physicist Ahead of His Time
78605: HYLAND, G. J. AND ROWLANDS, PETER - Herbert Frohlich, FRS: A Physicist Ahead of His Time
78984: ILES, FRANCIS - Malice Aforethought: The Story of a Commonplace Crime
77625: INFIELD, BRIAN - The Infields: A Memoir
79610: INGRAMS, RICHARD (EDITOR) - The Oldie, Numbers 1 and 2 (February 1992 and April 1992)
77549: IRVING, WILLIAM - Historic Penrith: Rambles in Ancient Byways
79212: IRVING, WASHINGTON; MUIR, P. H. (EDITOR) - Washington Irving's Alhambra Tales
79228: ISHERWOOD, CHRISTOPHER - Mr. Norris Changes Trains
77575: JACKSON, KURT - Kurt Jackson: Paintings of Cornwall and the Scillies
76483: JACKSON, MICHAEL J. - Engineering a Cathedral
78599: WARD-JACKSON, PHILIP - Public Sculpture of the City of London : Public Sculpture of Britain Volume Seven
76938: JANKEL, ANNABEL AND MORTON, ROCKY - Creative Computer Graphics
61100: JANSSONIUM, JOANNES - Accuratissima Orbis Antiqui Delineatio Sive Geographica Vetus Sacra and Profana
77650: JAROSZEWSKI, TADEUSZ S. - The Book of Warsaw Palaces
77777: JEFFERIES, RICHARD - Bevis: The Story of a Boy
77536: JEFFERIES, RICHARD - The Amateur Poacher
79365: JEFFREY, ROBERT AND WATSON, IAN - Doon the Watter: A Century of Holidays on the Clyde (The Herald Book of the Clyde, Volume 2)
78307: JENCKS, CHARLES - The Iconic Building: The Power of Engima
79113: JENCKS, CHARLES - The Universe in the Landscape: Landforms
79164: JENTZ, THOMAS L. DOYLE, HILARY LEWIS. AND FRIEDLI, LUKAS - Panzer Tracts No.16-1: Bergepanther Ausf. D, A, G - Vol. 51
76496: JOHANSEN, GRACE - Pioneers to Prosperity: A History of Fitzroy Shire 1853-2003
79648: JOHNS, CAPTAIN W. E. - Biggles and the Plane That Disappeared: A Story of the Air Police
79655: JOHNS, CAPTAIN W. E. - Biggles Goes Home
77601: JOHNS, CAPTAIN W. E. - Biggles Buries a Hatchet
79649: JOHNS, CAPTAIN W. E. - Biggles and the Lost Sovereigns
79650: JOHNS, CAPTAIN W. E. - Biggles Takes It Rough
79653: JOHNS, CAPTAIN W. E. - Biggles Sets a Trap
79654: JOHNS, CAPTAIN W. E. - Worlds of Wonder: More Adventures in Space
79659: JOHNS, CAPT W.E. - Biggles and the Poor Rich Boy: Another Case from the Records of Biggles and the Sprcial Air Police
78829: JOHNS, W. E. - Fighting Planes and Aces
77664: JOHNSON, MARY E. - The Outcasts of the City and Other Poems and Recitations
79102: JOHNSON, SAMUEL - Prayers and Meditations: Third New and Revised Edition with Additional Matter
79068: JOHNSON, ALASTAIR (EDITOR) - The Diary of Thomas Giordani Wright, Newcastle Doctor 1826-1829: The Surtees Society Volume 206 (2001)
76776: JOHNSTON, COLIN AND HUME, JOHN R. - Glasgow Stations
79405: LLOYD-JONES, D. M. - Romans: An Exposition of Chapters 7.1-8.4 The Law: Its Functions and Limits
77826: BENCE-JONES, MARK - A Guide to Irish Country Houses: Revised Edition
79635: LLOYD-JONES, DAVID - The Christian Soldier: An Exposition of Ephesians 6:10 to 20
78604: JONES, PHILIP E. - The Butchers of London: A History of the Worshipful Company of Butchers of the City of London (Clarissa Dickson Wright Presentation Copy)
79417: JONES, BARRY M. - Granville Bradshaw: A Flawed Genius?
78611: JONES, EDGAR - A History of GKN, Volume One: Innovation and Enterprise, 1759-1918
77708: JONES, P. T. - The English Lakes: A Practical Guide Book Chiefly for Walkers
77605: THE LEYLAND SOCIETY JOURNAL - The Leyland Society Journal Issues 1-20 (July 1999-2018)
79376: JOY, DAVID C. - Monte Carlo Modeling for Electron Microscopy and Microanalysis
78942: JUNG, C. G. - Analytical Psychology: Its Theory and Practice - The Tavistock Lectures
79402: JUNIER, ALEXANDER; SMULDERS, BART; KORSLOOT, JAAP - By Land, Sea and Air: An Illustrated History of the 2nd Battalion, The South Staffordshire Regiment 1940-1945 - From Official Records and Personal Accounts of Members of the Battalion
77515: KAHAN, ALAIN (COMPILER) - Working Class Movement Library Bulletin Number 6 1996
76820: KANDA, K. C. - Masterpieces of Urdu Rubaiyat
76856: KARPATI, JANOS - Bartok's String Quartets
78416: O'ROURKE KATHLEEN - Shades and Echoes of Old Killarney
77495: KEARTON, RICHARD - Our Rarer British Breeding Birds: Their Nests, Eggs, and Summer Haunts
78170: KEEN, HUGH C. AND MEWBORN, HORACE - 43rd Battalion Virginia Cavalry Mosby's Command
67453: KEENE, CHARLES; LEECH, JOHN; DU MAURIER, GEORGE; TENNIEL, SIR JOHN; ET AL - Punch Library of Humour - 25 Volumes
77592: KELLY, PERCY - Percy Kelly: Letters to My Stepdaughter
77593: KELLY, PERCY - Percy Kelly: Letters to My Stepdaughter
78612: KELLY, THOMAS - For Advancement of Learning: The University of Liverpool 1881-1981
78620: KELLY, THOMAS - For Advancement of Learning: The University of Liverpool 1881-1981
77635: KELTIE, JOHN S. (EDITOR) - The Scottish Highlands: Highland Clans and Regiments (5 volumes)
76865: KENDALL, CALVIN B. - The Allegory of the Church: Romanesque Portals and Their Verse Inscriptions
77439: KENNEDY, MICHAEL - The Works of Ralph Vaughan Williams
78157: KENNER, CHARLES L. - A History of New Mexican-Plains Indian Relations
78114: KENYON, JOHN R. - Medieval Fortifications
77437: KERMAN, JOSEPH - The Beethoven Quartets
76892: KERNEY, MICHAEL - The Stained Glass of Frederick Preedy (1820-1898): A Catalogue of Designs
79639: KERR, J. WILLIAM - Frank Slide
77899: KEYES, SIR ROGER - The Naval Memoirs of Admiral of the Fleet Sir Roger Keyes: The Narrow Seas to the Dardanelles 1910-1915
79583: KHAYYAM, OMAR; FITZGERALD, EDWARD (TRANSLATOR) - Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam: First and Fifth Versions Illustrated
77825: KHAYYAM, OMAR - The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam
77423: KILLER, WILHELM K. - Polsko-Angielsko-Niemiecki Ilustrowany Slownik Budowlany
78273: KILVERT, REV. FRANCIS; PLOMER, WILLIAM (EDITOR) - Kilvert's Diary: Selections from the Diary of the Rev. Francis Kilvert (3 volumes)
79094: KINNVALL, CATARINA; MANNERS, IAN; MITZEN, JENNIFER (EDITORS) - Ontological Insecurity in the European Union
79095: KINNVALL, CATARINA; MANNERS, IAN; MITZEN, JENNIFER (EDITORS) - Ontological Insecurity in the European Union
47565: KIRBY, W. F. (TRANSLATED BY) - Kalevala the Land of Heroes: Volume Two
76844: KIRKPATRICK, RALPH - Domenico Scarlatti
77693: KIRTON, JOHN W. (EDITOR) - The Standard Irish Reciter: A Collection of Prose and Poetical Pieces Suitable for Readings, Recitations and Dialogues
76956: KNOWLES, DOM DAVID - The Religious Orders in England Vol 1
76764: KNOWLSON, JAMES - Damned to Fame: The Life of Samuel Beckett
76489: KRAUS, HENRY - Gold Was the Mortar: The Economics of Cathedral Building
79172: KRESIC, NEVEN (ED). STEVANOVIC, ZORAN (ED) - Groundwater Hydrology of Springs: Engineering, Theory, Management, and Sustainability
77651: KROESE, A. - The Dutch Navy at War
77425: KUBLER, GEORGE AND SORIA, MARTIN - Art and Architecture in Spain and Portugal and Their American Dominions 1500 to 1800
77898: KUSHI, MICHIO; LEDBETTER, JIM (EDITOR) - The Teachings of Michio Kushi: Compiled Edition, Volume One
76891: LACY, NORRIS J. (EDITOR) - The Arthurian Encyclopedia
79142: LAGERLOF, SELMA; BANCROFT FLACH, PAULINE (TRANSLATOR) - The Miracles of Antichrist: A Novel
79366: LAMAZOU, TITOUAN - Les Iles Grecques
79554: LAMB, GRISELDA - Running a Successful Tea Shop
79112: LAMB, TOM - My Mining Days
78825: LAMBERT, JOHN AND BROWN, LES - Flower Class Corvettes (ShipCraft Special)
78836: LANCASTER, J. Y. AND WATTLEWORTH, D. R. - The Iron and Steel Industry of West Cumberland: An Historical Survey
79339: LANCASTER, J. Y. AND WATTLEWORTH, D. R. - The Iron and Steel Industry of West Cumberland: An Historical Survey
79646: MRS. LANG; ANDREW LANG (EDITOR) - The Book of Princes and Princesses
79620: LANG, ANDREW (EDITOR) - The Grey Fairy Book
79617: LANG, ANDREW (EDITOR) - The Green Fairy Book
79007: LANG, ANDREW (EDITOR) - The Green Fairy Book (The Folio Society)
79666: MRS LANG; LANG, ANDREW (EDITOR) - The All Sorts of Stories Book
76872: LANGER, SUSANNE K. - Feeling and Form: A Theory of Art
76711: LANGER, SUSANNE K. - Philosophy in a New Key: A Study in the Symbolism of Reason, Rite, and Art
78879: LANGFORD, T. E. - Electricity Generation and the Ecology of Natural Waters
79434: SOMERVILLE-LARGE, PETER - The Irish Country House: A Social History
79134: SOMERVILLE-LARGE, PETER - The Irish Country House: A Social History
23136: LARKMAN, BRIAN - Metalwork Designs of Today.
77784: LATOUR, BRUNO - Reassembling the Social: An Introduction to Actor-Network-Theory
78392: LAUER, JEAN-PHILIPPE - Saqqara: The Royal Cemetary of Memphis Excavations and Discoveries Since 1850
77518: LAVELL, PAUL - 100 Years of Recreation: Winnington Park Recreation Club Centenary 1890-1990
50794: LAW, SIR ALGERNON - Letters of Dr William Paley to the Rev John Law
77947: LAWRENCE, CHRISTOPHER AND LAWRENCE, GHISLAINE - No Laughing Matter - Historical Aspects of Anaesthesia: Wellcome Institute for the History of Medicine Exhibition Catalogue 1987
78952: LAWRENSON, T. E.; SUTCLIFFE, F. E.; GADOFFRE, G. F. A. (EDITORS) - Modern Miscellany Presented to Eugene Vinaver
77508: LAWSON, JAMES - Sacred and Profane: Calum Colvin
76997: LAWSON, MARK - The Allegations
77704: O'LEARY, DE LACY - The Saints of Egypt
77560: LEASK, HAROLD G. - Irish Churches and Monastic Buildings (3 volumes)
76583: LEE, DAVID - West Country Trucks: Cornwall
79668: LEE, MRS. R. - Trees, Plants, and Flowers: Their Beauties, Uses, and Influences
76579: LEE, HARPER - To Kill a Mockingbird
77737: WICKHAM LEGG, J. - The Sarum Missal: Edited from Three Early Manuscripts
76566: LEHANE, BRENDAN - The Quest of Three Abbots: Pioneers of Ireland's Golden Age
79385: LEHMAN, JOHN (EDITOR) - The Penguin New Writing: Volumes 1-14, 16-21, 23-40
79144: LEIGHTON, ROBERT - The Wreck of the Golden Fleece: The Story of a North Sea Fisher-Boy
77564: LEIGHTON, GERALD R. - British Serpents: The Life History of British Serprents and Their Local Distribution in the British Isles
78123: LEMON, MARK - The Illustrated Alamo 1836: A Photographic Journey
76810: ISAKSEN LEONARD, KAREN - Making Ethnic Choices: California's Punjabi Mexican Americans
77974: LEONARD, MIKE - From International Waters: 60 Years of Offshore Broadcasting
78932: LEOPARD, JOHN - Duluth, Missabe and Iron Range Railway (MBI Railroad Color History)
76782: LEVO, JOHN - The Exile and Other Poems
79055: LEWIS, SAMUEL - A Topographical Dictionary of England in Four Volumes
76740: LEWIS, DAVID - The Churches of Liverpool
77830: DAY LEWIS, C. - Starting Point
77740: LEWIS, NORMAN - Sand and Sea in Arabia
79446: ST TERESA OF AVILA; DAVID LEWIS (TRANSLATOR) - The Life of St Teresa of Avila, Including the Relations of Her Spiritual State, Written By Herself
76602: LEWIS, C. S. - That Hideous Strength: A Modern Fairy Tale for Grown Ups
77545: LEWIS, LEONARD, AND CROFTS, ANDREW - Leonard of Mayfair
78973: LEWIS, SAMUEL - A Topographical Dictionary of England in Four Volumes (with Volume of Maps)
77889: LEYEL, MRS C. F. - The Magic of Herbs: A Modern Book of Secrets
77408: LIBERMAN, ALEXANDER - The Artist in His Studio
78171: LIDDIARD, ROBERT (EDITOR) - Late Medieval Castles
76788: LIGHTFOOT, J. B. (EDITOR) - Saint Paul's Epistle to the Galatians: A Revised Text with Introduction, Notes, and Dissertations
76876: LINDLEY, PHILLIP - Gothic to Renaissance: Essays on Sculpture in England
79352: LINDSAY, MAURICE - Worlds Apart
77808: LINTON, E. LYNN - The Lake Country
78712: LIVINGSTON, JANE - Lee Miller: Photographer
78822: LIVINGSTON, WILLIAM - A Million Years on Mount Bermuda
78161: LIVINGSTONE, ALASTAIR; AIKMAN, C. W. H.; HART, B. S. (EDITORS) - No Quarter Given: The Muster Roll of Prince Charles Edward Stuart's Army, 1745-46
76737: LLOYD, NATHANIEL - A History of English Brickwork
79579: LOCHHEAD, LIZ - Memo For Spring
79349: LOCKETT, WILLIAM (EDITOR) - The Modern Architectural Setting of the Liturgy: Papers Read at a Conference Held at Liverpool, September 1962
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78971: SADE, MARQUIS DE - Justine Und Juliette: V
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78160: STEINHARDT, DR FREDERICK P. (EDITOR) - Panzer Lehr Division 1944-45: Helion WWII German Military Studies, Volume 1
77438: STEKEL, WILHELM - Sadism and Masochism: The Psychology of Hatred and Cruelty Vol 2
78341: STEPHENSON, GORDON - On a Human Scale: A Life in City Design
78419: STEPONAVICIUS, A. - English Historical Phonology
77555: BLACKWELL STERLING, MARY - The Story of Sir Galahad
77413: STEVENSON, SARA - A Face for Any Occasion: Some Aspects of Portrait Engraving
003505: STEVENSON, ROBERT LOUIS - Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde with Other Fables
77975: STEVENSON, SARA AND THOMSON, DUNCAN - John Michael Wright: The King's Painter
77700: STEVENSON, SARA AND BENNETT, HELEN - Van Dyck in Check Trousers: Fancy Dress in Art and Life 1700-1900
79457: STONE, BEN AND STONE, PEARL - The Stone Guide to Dog Grooming for All Breeds
78377: STONE, JIM - A User's Guide to the View Camera
77615: STONER, FRANK - Chelsea Bow and Derby Porcelain Figures: Their Distinguishing Characteristics
78298: STOPES, MARIE CARMICHAEL - Birth Control Today: A Practical Handbook
77713: STRACHEY, RAY - A Quaker Grandmother: Hannah Whitall Smith
1033: STRACHEY, LYTTON - Portraits in Minature and other Essays
76840: STRAVINSKY, VERA AND CRAFT, ROBERT - Stravinsky in Pictures and Documents
79569: STRICK, PHILIP; ANTONIONI, MICHELANGELO (FOREWORD) - Michelangelo Antonioni: A Motion Monograph
77939: STRINGER, KEITH J. AND WINCHESTER, ANGUS J. L. (EDITORS) - Northern England and Southern Scotland in the Central Middle Ages
77644: SUENKLER, SOEREN AND GELBART, MARSH - IDF Armoured Vehicles: Tracked Armour of the Modern Israeli Defense Forces (IDF)
79109: SULEIMAN, YASIR - A War of Words: Language and Conflict in the Middle East
77559: SULLIVAN, J. - Cumberland and Westmorland, Ancient and Modern: The People, Dialect, Superstitions and Customs
42651: SUMMERSON, HENRY & HARRISON, STUART - Lanercost Priory, Cumbria. A Survey and Documentary History
77888: SUMMERSON, HENRY - Medieval Carlisle: The City and the Borders from the Late Eleventh to the Mid-Sixteenth Century Vol 1 & 2
78343: SUMMERSON, HENRY. HARRISON, STUART - Lanercost Priory, Cumbria: A Survey and Documentary History
78109: SUNDERMANN, JAN - Offshore Radio Engineering
79618: AUNT SUSAN - Little Susy's Six Teachers By Her Aunt Susan
79480: SUTHERLAND, DOUGLAS - The Yellow Earl: The Life of Hugh Lowther 5th Earl of Lonsdale, K.G., G.C.V.O. 1857-1944
56626: SUTHERLAND, DOUGLAS - The Yellow Earl: The Life of Hugh Lowther 5th Earl of Lonsdale, K.G., G.C.V.O. 1857-1944
76849: SCOTT-SUTHERLAND, COLIN (EDITOR) - Ronald Stevenson: The Man and His Music - a Symposium
76480: SWINFEN, AVERIL - Forgotten Stones: Ancient Church Sites of the Burren and Environs
39911: SXARKOWSKI, JOHN & HAMBOURG, MARIA MORRIS - The Work of Atget- The Ancien Regime Volume 3
78504: MICHELANGELO; SYMONDS, J. A. (TRANSLATOR) - The Sonnets of Michelangelo: The Italian Text with an English Translation and Introduction By J. A. Symonds
79147: SYMONS, JOHN - Wellcome Institute for the History of Medicine: A Short History
79154: SYNGE, J. M.; STEPHENS, LILO - My Wallet of Photographs: The Photographs of J. M. Synge, Arranged and Introduced By Lilo Stephens
76734: SYSON, LUKE - Renaissance Siena: Art for a City
76852: SYSON, LUKE AND GORDON, DILLIAN - Pisanello: Painter to the Renaissance Court
77429: SZAFER, T.P. - Nowa Architektura Polska: Diariusz Lat 1966-1970
41602: SZECHI, D. - George Lockhart of Carnwath, 1689-1727: A Study in Jacobitism
79421: SZYMONSKI, MAREK AND KORECKI, JOZEF (EDITORS) - Nano-Scale Modification of Surfaces: Proceedings of the International Symposium on Nano-Scale Modification of Surfaces, Krakow, Poland, 1998
77884: TAHERZADEH, HABIB (COMPILER AND TRANSLATOR) - Selections from the Writings of the Bab
79614: TALBOT, L. AGNES - Three Little Gardeners
78896: TANKARD, JUDITH B. - Gertrude Jekyll and the Country House Garden: From the Archives of Country Life
79088: TANNER, TERENCE EDMUND - Saint Edmund's Chapel, Dover, and Its Restoration
78323: TANRE, CON - The Mechanical Eye: A Historical Guide to Australian Photography and Photographers
76671: TAVERNOR, ROBERT - On Alberti and the Art of Building
68198: TAYLOR, H.V. - The Plums of England
77864: TAYLOR, DICK - The Men Inside the Metal: The British AVF Crewman in WW2 (2 volumes)
77868: TAYLOR, DICK - Warpaint: Colours and Markings of British Army Vehicles 1903-2003 (4 volumes)
78994: TAYLOR, A. J. P. - The Trouble Makers: Dissent Over Foreign Policy 1792-1939
79387: TAYLOR, THE RIGHT REV. JEREMY - The Whole Works of the Right Rev. Jeremy Taylor, D.D. In Fifteen Volumes
78997: TAYLOR, A. J. P. - The Origins of the Second World War
77465: TAYLOR, DICK - Into the Vally: The Valentine Tank and Derivatives 1938-1960
77622: TERRASSE, MICHEL - Bonnard at Le Cannet
77496: TESTINO, MARIO - Diana Princess of Wales By Mario Testino at Kensington Palace
77838: THACKERY, MISS - The Village on the Cliff (The Works of Miss Thackery, Volume II)
78715: THEISSEN, GERD - Psychological Aspects of Pauline Theology
78300: THEROUX, PAUL - Sailing Through China
78195: THOMAS, MARK - A History of Brougham Hall and High Head Castle
68453: THOMAS, F.E. (EDITOR) - The Bakery Handbook
71376: THOMAS, JOHN - The North British Railway Volume Two
77999: THOMAS, DYLAN - 18 Poems
78179: THOMPSON, GEORGE - Gateshead F.C. 1930-1960: The Football League Years
76771: THOMSON, JUNE - Shadow of a Doubt
77964: THOMSON, DERICK S. - Branwen Uerch Lyr: The Second of the Four Branches of the Mabinogi (Mediaeval and Modern Welsh Series, Volume II)
76618: THOROLD, HENRY - Lincolnshire Houses
76635: THURLEY, SIMON - Houses of Power: The Places That Shaped The Tudor World
78369: TIBBLES, ANTHONY - Liverpool and the Slave Trade
79413: TIEMANN, HARRY DONALD - The Kiln Drying of Lumber: A Practical and Theoretical Treatise
76484: TISDALL, M. W. - God's Beasts: Identify and Understand Animals in Church Carvings
78607: TODD, JOHN M. (EDITOR) - The Lanercost Cartulary (Cumberland and Westmorland Antiquarian and Archaeological Society Record Series XI)
76823: TOLKIEN, J. R. R. - The Lord of the Rings
79674: TOLKIEN, J. R. R. - The Silmarillion (1st Edition 1st Impression printed by Billing & Sons Ltd.)
67911: TOLKIEN, J.R.R. - The Two Towers (Being the Second Part of the Lord of the Rings)
78621: TOLKIEN, J. R. R. - Beowulf: The Monsters and the Critics (Sir Israel Gollancz Memorial Lecture, British Academy 1936)
76818: TOLKIEN, J. R. R. - The Lord of the Rings (The Fellowship of the Ring; The Two Towers; The Return of the King)
76803: TOLKIEN, J. R. R. - The Return of the King
76804: TOLKIEN, J. R. R. - The Fellowship of the Ring
79152: TOLKIEN, J. R. R. - The Lord of the Rings
79070: TOLKIEN, J. R. R. - The Silmarillion
79673: TOYNBEE, ARNOLD AND TOYNBEE, VERONICA M. (EDITORS) - Survey of International Affairs 1939-1946: The War and the Neutrals
77715: TOYNBEE, ARNOLD J. - Survey of International Affairs 1920-1923
78153: TRANTER, NIGEL - The Wallace
77619: TRENTER, N. A. - Ciria C504: Engineering in Glacial Tills
76630: TREXLER, RICHARD C. - The Journey of the Magi: Meanings in History Of a Christian Story
79539: TROCCHI, ALEXANDER - Man at Leisure (Signature 15)
76864: TRONZO, WILLIAM - The Cultures of His Kingdom: Roger II and the Cappella Palatina in Palermo
78054: TROTSKY, LEON - In Defence of Marxism
78187: TROTSKY, LEON - Stalin's Gangsters
78149: TROTSKY, LEON - Writings of Leon Trotsky (1930-31)
78155: TROTSKY, LEON - Writings of Leon Trotsky (1930)
78156: TROTSKY, LEON - The Challenge of the Left Opposition (1923-25)
78158: TROTSKY, LEON - Writings of Leon Trotsky: Supplement (1929-33)
78150: TROTSKY, LEON - Writings of Leon Trotsky (1933-34)
78546: TROTSKY, LEON - Writings of Leon Trotsky: 1935-36
76585: TUCK, BOB - Donald Malcolm: The Driving Force
79443: TULLIE, ISAAC - A Narrative of the Siege of Carlisel, in 1644 and 1645, to Which are Added, a Preface; an Historical Account of Carlisle During the Civil War; and biographical, historical, and Explanatory Notes
77882: MAO TSE-TUNG - Quotations from Chairman Mao Tse-Tung
24107: T. N. TURNBULL - What God Hath Wrought. A Short History of the Apostolic Church
78110: TURNER, SAM AND SILVESTER, BOB (EDITORS) - Life in Medieval Landscapes: People and Places in the Middle Ages (Papers in Memoryof H. S. A. Fox)
79664: TWEEDSMUIR, SUSAN - Cousin Harriet
79427: TWIGGE, STEPHEN AND SCOTT, LEN - Planning Armageddon: Britain, the United States and the Command of Western Nuclear Forces 1945-1964
78152: TWYDELL, DAVE - Grounds Around the World
76860: TYACKE, NICHOLAS - Anti-Calvinists: The Rise of English Arminianism C.1590-1640
78162: TYLER, IAN - Greenside and the Mines of the Ullswater Valley
63340: TYLER, IAN - Honister slate: The history of a Lakeland slate mine
79341: TYLER, IAN - Carrock and The Mines of Skiddaw and Blencathra (SIGNED BY IAN TYLER)
79625: TYLER, IAN - Force Crag: The History of a Lakeland Mine
78181: TYLER, IAN - The Gunpowder Mills of Cumbria: A History of Cumbria's Gunpowder Industry
79429: TYRRELL, JOHN - Janacek: Years of a Life, Volume 1 (1854-1914) - The Lonely Blackbird
79631: ULLMANN, WALTER - The Growth of Papal Government in the Middle Ages: A Study in the Ideological Relation of Clerical to Lay Power
42370: UPTON, FLORENCE - The Golliwog in Holland
79411: USHERWOOD, NICHOLAS - Echo Moment: The Work of Christopher P. Wood
78501: UTTLEY, ALISON - Grey Rabbit's May Day
78502: UTTLEY, ALISON - Little Grey Rabbit's Paint-Box
62767: UTTLEY, DAVID - The Anatomy of the Helm Wind
77510: VALLANCE, AYMER - English Church Screens: Being Great Roods, Screenwork and Rood Lofts of Parish Chruches in England and Wales
79099: VANES, JEAN - Apparelled in Red: The History of the Red Maids School
79435: VARIOUS (BRIAN W. ALDIS ET. AL.) - A.D. 2500: The Observer Prize Stories 1954
76778: VARIOUS - The New Keepsake
79162: VARIOUS - Folklore, Myths and Legends of Britain
79111: VASSILIEV, ALEXEI - The History of Saudi Arabia
77451: EDITED. VELLACOTT, HELEN - Diary of a Lady's Maid: Government House in Colonial Australia: Journals of Emma Southgate, 'Between Stairs' Servant, 1884-1886
79360: VERLAINE, PAUL - Confessions of a Poet
77533: VERNON, ARTHUR - Estate Fences: Their Choice, Construction and Cost
78130: VICKERS, HUGO - Malice in Wonderland: My Adventures in the World of Cecil Beaton (signed)
79467: VIGNY, ALFRED DE - Oeuvres Completes, Tome 1: Texte Presente et Commente Par F. Baldensperger
76644: VINCENT, NICHOLAS - The Holy Blood: King Henry III and the Westminster Blood Relic
77641: VISSER, JOHN AND CHAPMAN, DAVID S. - Snakes and Snakebite: Venomous Snakes and Management of Snakebite in Southern Africa
77867: VOLLERT, JOCHEN AND FRANZ, MICHAEL - US Army Heavy Wreckers of World War II: 6-ton 6x6 Ward LaFrance and Kenworth M1-M1A1 (Tankograd West - Military Vehicle Series No. 1001)
76819: PRASAD VYAS, LALLAN (EDITOR) - Ramayana Around the World
79067: WADE, J. F. (EDITOR) - The Customs Accounts of Newcastle Upon Tyne 1454-1500: The Surtees Society Volume 202 (1995)
77586: WADSWORTH, CHRIS - Whitewash and Brown Paint - Lovely: The Sketchbooks of Percy Kelly
79031: SHEIKH-UL-ISLAM; MUHAMMAD BIN ABDUL-WAHHAB - Kitab At-Tauhid: The Book of Monotheism
77460: WAINWRIGHT, ALFRED - Walks in Limestone Country
002424: WAINWRIGHT, A - Pennine Way Companion
57874: WAINWRIGHT, A - Pennine Way Companion A Pictorial Guide
76797: WAINWRIGHT, A. - The Outlying Fells of Lakeland
76806: WAINWRIGHT, A. - Scottish Mountain Drawings Volume Six: The Islands
7293: WAINWRIGHT, A. - Scottish Mountain Drawings: Volume Two The North-Western Highlands
79173: WAINWRIGHT, ALFRED - An Eden Sketchbook
76795: WAINWRIGHT, A. - Pennine Way Companion: A Pictorial Guide
77459: WAINWRIGHT, ALFRED - A Lune Sketchbook
77458: WAINWRIGHT, ALFRED - Wainwright in Lakeland
78310: WALBANK, F. W. - Arts at Liverpool: The First Hundred Years (The University of Liverpool Faculty of Arts Centenary Lecture)
78272: MATTHEW-WALKER, ROBERT - The Recordings of Edvard Grieg: A Tradition Captured
79160: WALL, MICK - Enter Night: Metallica - The Biography
42542: WALLER, MICHAEL - A Lakeland Climbing Pioneer. John Wilson Robinson of Whinfell Hall
78360: WALLER, P. J. - Democracy and Sectarianism: A Political and Social History of Liverpool 1868-1939
78974: MOLIERE; WALLER, A. R. (TRANSLATOR) - The Plays of Moliere in French and English (8 volumes)
79667: WALTHER, INGO F.; METZGER, RAINER - Van Gogh: The Complete Paintings
78603: WALTON, IZAAK AND COTTON, CHARLES - The Complete Angler, with Eighty-Two Illustrations
77735: WALTON, IZAAK - The Compleat Angler
76884: WARE, CHRIS - Building Stories
76653: WARRENER, RODNEY AND YELTON, MICHAEL - Martin Travers 1886-1948: An Appreciation
76587: WASPE, SIMON - One Eleven Squadron: Russell Davies Ltd - a Transport Legend
79400: WATSON, NIGEL - The Taste of the Lake District: The Story of Jennings Brother PLC
9195: WATSON, JOHN - The English Lake District Fisheries
76568: WATSON, REVD. RICHARD J. S. - Cumberland's Clifton: A Short Guide with Historical Notes of the Parish and Parish Church of Saint Luke, Clifton in Workington
76754: WATSON, ADAM AND MOSS, ROBERT - Grouse (The New Naturalist Library 107)
79157: WATTS, VICTOR - The Cambridge Dictionary of English Place-Names: Based on the Collection of the English Place-Name Society
76999: WEAVER, ELISSA B. - Convent Theatre in Early Modern Italy: Spiritual Fun and Learning for Women
79702: WEBB, PETER AND SHORT, ROBERT - Hans Bellmer
78169: WEDDLE, ROBERT S. - Plow-Horse Cavalry: The Caney Creek Boys of the Thirty-fourth Texas
77591: WEIGHT, R. V. - Carel Weight: A Haunted Imagination
75057: WEIWEI, AI - 1000 Years of Joys and Sorrows A Memoir
78083: WELLMAN, PAUL I. - The Trampling Herd: The Story of the Cattle Range in America

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