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79433: WELLS, H. G.; HUXLEY, JULIAN; WELLS, G. P. - The Science of Life: Fully Illustrated in Tone and Line and Including Many Diagrams
76520: WENNER, JANN S. (EDITOR) - Grateful Dead: The Ultimate Guide - Rolling Stone Special Collectors Edition
78100: WEST, MICHAEL - 30th Battalion Virginia Sharpshooters
78954: SACKVILLE-WEST, VITA - In Your Garden Again
78955: SACKVILLE-WEST, VITA - More For Your Garden
78948: SACKVILLE-WEST, VITA - Even More For Your Garden
79104: WESTERMAN, PERCY F. - On the Wings of the Wind
78344: WESTON, DAVID W.V. - Rose Castle and the Bishops of Carlisle: 1133-2012
78147: WESTON, DAVID W. V. - Carlisle Cathedral History
78872: WHEELER, TOM (FWD BY RICHARDS, KEITH) - The Soul of Tone: Celebrating 60 Years of Fender Amps
76781: WHITE, WILLIAM - The Story of Severn Street and Priory First-Day Adult Schools, Birmingham, Jubilee Year 1895
79661: WHITE, JAMES - Pauline Bewick: Painting a Life
77544: WHITE, GILBERT - The Natural History and Antiquities of Selborne (Stereotyped Edition)
78414: WHITING, C. E. - The University of Durham 1832-1932
76834: WHITLEY, W. T. (EDITOR) - Minutes of the Ford and Amersham Churches in the County of Bucks (Baptist Historical Society)
76786: THOMAS A KEMPIS; WHYTFORD, RICHARD (TRANSLATOR); RAYNAL, WILFRID (EDITOR) - Of The Imitation of Christ By Thomas a Kempis
78087: WILBARGER, J. W. - Indian Depredations in Texas: A Facsimile Reproductions of the Original (Original Narratives of Texas History and Adventure)
76765: WILKINSON, JOHN - Egeria's Travels
77706: WILKINSON, ELLEN - Peeps at Politicians
77652: WILLARD, FRANCES E.; WILLIAMS, ALICE L. (EDITOR) - Brilliants: Selected from the Writings of Frances E. Willard
77707: WILLARD, FRANCES E. - Brilliants from Frances E. Willard
79118: WILLIAMS, PHILIP MARTIN AND WILLIAMS, DAVID L. - Flickering Memories: A History of the Cinema in Ashton Under Lyne
77962: WILLIAMS, SIR IFOR (EDITOR); BROMWICH, RACHEL (TRANSLATOR) - Armes Prydein: The Prophecy of Britain, from the Book of Taliesin (Mediaeval and Modern Welsh Series, Volume VI)
78412: WILLIAMS, CHARLES - Seed of Adam and Other Plays
43446: WILLIAMS, KIT - Masquerade
76792: WILLIAMSON, KENNETH - Identification for Ringers: British Trust for Ornithology Indentification Guides 1, 2 and 3 (October 1976)
77778: WILLIAMSON, HENRY - Goodbye West Country
76648: WILLIAMSON, PAUL - Medieval Ivory Carvings: Early Christian to Romanesque
77824: ANONYMOUS; INTRODUCTION BY HENRY WILLIAMSON - A Soldier's Diary of the Great War
77896: WILLIAMSON, HENRY - A Test to Destruction
77901: WILLIAMSON, HENRY - Love and the Loveless: A Soldier's Tale
77902: WILLIAMSON, HENRY - Young Philip Madison
78370: WILSON, R. J. A. AND CARUANA, I. D. - Romans on the Solway: Essays in Honour of Richard Bellhouse
78943: WILSON, COLIN - The Misfits: A Study of Sexual Outsiders
78193: WILSON, R. J. A. AND CARUANA, I. D. - Romans on the Solway: Essays in Honour of Richard Bellhouse
76519: WILSON, MARGARET AND SMITH, SHEILA (COMPILERS) - Aberdeen Royal Infirmary: Deaths Recorded (Volume 1, 1743-1822; Volume 2, 1838-1855)
76914: WILSON, H. W. AND HAMMERTON, J. A. (EDITORS) - The Great War: The Illustrated History of the First World War (6 volumes)
77797: WILSON, ANDREW - A Manual of Health Science
79069: WINCHESTER, ANGUS J. L. (EDITOR) - Thomas Denton - A Perambulation of Cumberland 1687-1688 Including Descriptions of Westmorland, the Isle of Man and Ireland: The Surtees Society Volume 207 (2003)
78345: WINCHESTER, ANGUS J.L. CROSBY, ALAN G - England's Landscape (vol 8): The North West
78342: WINCHESTER, ANGUS J. L. (EDITOR) - John Denton's History of Cumberland
55600: WINCHESTER, ANGUS J.L. - Landscape and Society in Medieval Cumbria
78618: WINCHESTER, ANGUS (EDITOR) - England's Landscape: The North West
77486: WINCHESTER, ANGUS J.L. - Landscape and Society in Medieval Cumbria
78833: WINGATE, JOHN - HMS Belfast: Edinburgh Class Cruiser 1939-71 (Profile Warship Special 29)
77788: WINNICOTT, D. W. - The Family and Individual Development
78336: WINSTANLEY, MICHAEL (EDITOR) - Revealing Cumbria's Past: 150 Years of the Cumberland and Westmorland Antiquarian and Archaeological Society
77847: WINTER, GEORGE - With Tent and Caravan: The Story of Thirty-Seven Years' Evangelizing in North-West England
78302: WINTERBOTTOM, MICHAEL AND LAPIDGE, MICHAEL (EDITOR) - The Early Lives of St Dunstan (Oxford Medieval Texts)
46813: WODEHOUSE, P. G. - The Great Sermon Handicap
77805: WOOD, G. H. - Poems, To Which Are Added Critiques on Metaphysical Subjects
79012: WOOD, DAVID AND WOOD, ELIZABETH - The Last Berth of the Sailorman
76632: WOOD, DIANA (EDITOR) - Life and Thought in the Northern Church c.1100-c.1700 (Studies in Church History, Subsidia 12 - Essays in Honour of Claire Cross)
76890: WOODFORDE, CHRISTOPHER - The Norwich School of Glass-Painting in the Fifteenth Century
78049: WOODMAN, P. C. - Excavations at Mount Sandel 1973-77 (Northern Ireland Archaeological Monographs No. 2)
77553: WOODROFFE, SIR JOHN - Principles of Tantra Parts One and Two
79353: WOODS, MACDARA AND VAUGHAN, JIM (EDITORS) - Present Tense Words and Pictures: Poems and Photographs from County Mayo
77469: WOOLF, VIRGINIA (ED. MORRIS, JAN) - Travels with Virgina Woolf
78486: WOOLF, VIRGINIA - Roger Fry: A Biography
77453: WOOLF, VIRGINIA - A Writer's Diary
77454: WOOLF, VIRGINIA - The Common Reader: Second Series
78966: WOOLF, VIRGINIA - Jacob's Room (Uniform Edition)
78961: WOOLF, VIRGINIA - Flush: A Biography
78196: WOOLGAR, CHRISTOPHER M. (EDITOR) - The Elite Household in England, 1100-1550: Proceedings of the 2016 Harlaxton Symposium (Harlaxton Medieval Studies, Volume XXVIII)
76529: WORDSWORTH, WILLIAM; DE SELINCOURT, ERNEST (EDITOR) - The Prelude, or Growth of a Poet's Mind: Edited from the Manuscripts with Introduction, Textual and Critical Notes By Ernest De Selincourt
79090: WORNUM, RALPH N. - The History of Painting: The Epochs of Painting, characterized, a Sketch of the History of Painting, Ancient and Modern
76667: WORSLEY, GILES - The British Stable
79058: WRIGHT, WALTER P. (EDITOR) - Cassell's Dictionary of Practical Gardening: An Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Practical Horticulture for All Classes (4 volumes)
77833: FOWLER WRIGHT, S. (EDITOR) - Poets of Merseyside: An Anthology of Present-Day Liverpool Poetry
79540: WRIGHT, DAVID - Deafness: A Personal Account
79557: WRIGHT, C. E. - English Vernacular Hands, from the Twelfth to the Fifteenth Centuries (Oxford Palaeographical Handbooks)
79461: WRIGHT, LEWIS - The Practical Poultry Keeper: With Eight Coloured Plates and Other Illustrations
78617: DICKSON WRIGHT, CLARISSA - Clarissa's England (Clarissa Dickson Wright Ex-Libris copy)
79621: PURTSCHER-WYDENBRUCK, NORA - Woman Astride: A Novel
76708: WYLLY, COLONEL H. C. - The Border Regiment in the Great War
76658: YATES, NIGEL - Buildings, Faith and Worship: The Liturgical Arrangement of Anglican Churches 1600-1900 (Revised Edition)
79447: YEATS, W. B. - Poems (Ex-libris, from the Library of Alexander Morris Carr Saunders)
76947: YEATS, W.B. - Irish Fairy and Folk Tales
77660: CHIANG YEE - The Silent Traveller: A Chinese Artist in Lakeland
77695: CHIANG YEE - The Silent Traveller: A Chinese Artist in Lakeland
76817: YELTON, MICHAEL - Martin Travers: His Life and Work
76625: YORKE, BARBARA (EDITOR) - Bishop Aethelwold: His Career and Influence
79414: YOUNG, DARRELL - Mastering the Nikon D800
78949: YOUNG, WAYLAND - Eros Denied
78121: YOUNG, BENNETT H. - Confederate Wizards of the Saddle: Being Reminiscences and Observations of One Who Rode with Morgan
78614: DENHOLM-YOUNG, N. - Handwriting in England and Wales
79336: YOUNG, PERCY M. - Alice Elgar: Enigma of a Victorian Lady
78292: ZANT, JOHN AND HOWARD-DAVIS, CHRISTINE - Roman and Medieval Carlisle: The Northern Lanes, Excavations 1978-82, Volume One: The Roman Period
78408: ZANT, JOHN; HOWARD-DAVIS, CHRISTINE - The Carlisle Millennium Project: Excavations in Carlisle 1998-2001 (Volume 1: Stratigraphy and Volume 2: Finds)
78112: ZIMINSKI, ANDREW - The Stone Mason: A History of Building Britain
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