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31300: (Creeley, Robert; Gunn, Thom; Paz, Octavio; Williams, Tennessee; Bowles, Paul; Levertov, Denise; et al) - Conjunctions: 1. Bi-Annual Volumes of New Writing. Inaugural Double-Issue: A Festschrift in Honor of James Laughlin, Publisher of New Directions. (Winter 81-82)
20698: (Auden; W. H.; Thomas, Dylan; Moore, Marianne; Cummings, E. E.; Merwin, W. S.; Spender, Stephen; et al) - Poetry London -- New York. Vol. 1, No. 1. March-April 1956. Editor: Tambimuttu
97368: (Pavlova, Anna). (Cash, Theodore; and McCue, Eugene; editors). - The Hippodrome Usher's Gazette. Vol. 2, No. 4. Oct. 21, 1916.
32188: (Murrin, John M.; Nugent, S. Georgia; et al) (Oberfranc, Gretchen; editor) - Princeton University Library Chronicle. Volume LXII 2000-2001 (Number 2 Winter 2001). (with Supplement)
21139: (Morgan, John Hill; et al) - Loan Exhibition of Portraits of the Signers and Deputies to the Convention of 1787 and Signers of the Declaration of Independence / Including Their Families and Associates / in Commemoration of the 150th Anniversary of the Formation of the Constitution of the United States. The Corcoran Gallery of Art, City of Washington / November 27, 1937 to February 1, 1938. Assembled by the United States Constitution Sesquicentennial Commission. (Catalog)
17542: (Brevoort, J. Carson, President; Stephenson, George S., Treasurer; Hannah, George, Librarian; et al) - Fifth Annual Report of the Board of Directors, the Librarian, and the Treasurer, Presented at the Annual Meeting of the Long Island Historical Society, May, 1868. With the President's Address
29444: (Atkins, Lloyd; Schaefer, Taf Lebel; Houston, James; et al). - One Hundred Years of Collecting 2003: Steuben Glass. (Cover Title).
31967: [Laine, P.-Louis; and Laine, Francois-Jules] - Album de Blasons Des Archives Genealogiques Et Historiques de la Noblesse de France
37030: (Veber, Pierre; and Madis, Alex). - Les Dessous de la Robe: Piece En 3 Actes Et 4 Tableaux de Pierre Veber Et Alex Madis. (Creation le 20 Decembre 1930). Theatre de Palais-Royal. (Souvenir Program).
12688: (Fourcade, Dominique; Fremon, Jean; Roubaud, Jacques; et al); (Waldrop, Keith; Waldrop, Rosmarie; Bernstein, Charles; et al; translators) - Serie D'Ecriture 3
11447: (Vossnack, E.; Crone, G. L. E.; et al) - Schip En Schoonheid. Prisma Der Kunsten No. 6 1937. (Cover Title)
11057: (Parker, Dorothy; Anderson, Maxwell; Bynner, Witter; Cullen, Countee P.; Burgess, Gelett; et al) - The Conning Tower Book. Being a Selection of the Best Verses Published in the Conning Tower, Edited by F.P. A. In the New York World
31722: (Schlossberg, Joseph; Hillman, Sidney; et al) - Anniversary Journal Published by Local 25, A.C. W. Of A. On the Occasion of the Celebration of the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Founding of the First Organization of Men's Clothing Workers in New York, Which Is Now a Part of Local 25. October 9, 1937: Concert at Carnegie Hall / October 10, 1937: Banquet at Center Hotel
37484: (Anderson, Lindsay; Arrabal, Fernando; et al). - Continental Film Review. Vol. 20 No. 7.
36839: - Memorabilia Sophomorum, Edited and Published by the Freshman Class of the College of New Jersey, Princeton, New Jersey, June, 1858.
1259: [Marsh, Anne; and Kingsley, Charles] - The Triumphs of Time. The Previsions of Lady Evelyn; with the Conclusion. By the Author of "Two Old Men's Tales," Emilia Wyndham," &C
13158: (Robbins, Jacob; Patterson, Majorie; Fletcher, John Gould; et al) - The Lyric. Vol. II. No. 2 December, 1917
36673: (Byron, Lord George Gordon; Moore, Thomas; and Porter, Ann Maria). - The Ladies' Literary Cabinet, Being a Repository of Miscellaneous Literary Productions, Both Original and Selected, in Prose and Verse. New Series - Vol. IV. (Volume 4, Issues Nos. 1 Through 26 Bound in One Volume).
35553: (Koyama, Fujio; Tanaka, Sakutaro; Fujioka, Ryoichi; Mitsuoka, Tadanari; and Mizuno, Seiichi; editors). - Sekai Toji Zenshu: Catalogue of World's Ceramics... . Volume 1. Japan: Prehistoric. Proto-Historic, and Early Historic Periods. (Jomon, Yayoi, Haji and Sue Potteries and Haniwa). (Volume 1 Only of a 16 Volume Work).
13208: (Jellicoe, Charles; Brown, Samuel; Hodge, William Barwick; Younger, Samuel; Sprague, T.B.; et al) - The Assurance Magazine and Journal of the Institute of Actuaries. Vol. VII. Part I. April, 1857 - Vol. VII. Part 4. January, 1858 and Vol. VII. Part 6. July, 1858. (Nos. XXVII-XXX and No. XXXII) (5 Issues)
95783: (Domolky, Lidia; Nagy, Marta; Hamori, Jeno; Belsey,Jim; Zimonyi, Robert; Magay, Daniel; Keresztes, Attila; Rerrich, Bela; and McCrum, Marie). - [Hungarian Olympic Athletes' Freedom Tour]: Autographs of 14 Hungarian Athletes and Their Sponsors Attending a Dinner Party Hosted by Charles Douglas Jackson and His Wife Grace Bristed Jackson at the Dakota in New York City in Honor of the Defecting Hungarian Olympic Athletes
30079: (Bowles, William Augustus; Callot, Jacques; Flamsteed, John; Wood, Grant; et al) - The Zeitlin & Ver Brugge Portfolio No. 1: Prints, Drawings, Paintings and Sculpture. Spring 1965. (Cover Title)
16263: (Jancso, Miklos; Jodorowsky, Alexandro; Beatty, Warren; Atlman, Robert; Schneider, Romy; Birkin, Jane; Chambers, Marilyn; et al) - Euro Cinema: Le Reflet de la Vie Moderne Au Cinema. No. 30. Decembre 1975
31363: (Dowley, Peter; and Wells, Edward) - A True Copy of a Letter Lately Written by Mr. Dowley to Dr. Wells, and Now Published by Dr. Wells, Together with the Doctor's Answer
11619: (Richardson, Nan; and Hagen, Charles; editors) - Photostroika: New Soviet Photography. Aperture (Number One Hundred Sixteen / Fall 1989). (Cover Title)
25359: (Dorsey, Frances; GrandJean, Silvia; and GrandJean, Michel) - 2 Original Photographs Depicting 1950's U.S. Figure Skating Champions Frances Dorsey, and European Champions Silvia and Michel Grandjean, Each Mounted on Board with Typographic Text Serving As Mock-Ups for Publicity Releases
24387: (Kussmaul, Friedrich; et al) - Ferne Volker Fruhe Zeiten. Kunstwerke Aus Dem Linden-Museum Stuttgart / Staatliches Museum Fur Volkerkunde. Band 1: Afrika, Ozeanien, Amerika. (Catalog). (Volume 1 Only)
28968: (Monroe, Marilyn; Warhol, Andy; Schroeder, Barbet; Brando, Marlon; et al) - In Masculin Magazine. No. 2. (Cover Title)
97487: (Hammett, Dashiell; Gardner, Erle Stanley; Sayers, Dorothy; Stout, Rex; et al). - The Pocket Mystery Reader. [Includes the Complete Novelette "the Farewell Murder" by Dashiell Hammett, Which Was Subsequently Adapted for the Screen As "Another Thin Man"].
95705: (Schottenloher, Gertraud; Inckmann, Lisa; Meschede, Eva; et al). - Dich Kenn' Ich Doch: Begegnungen Und Kunstlerisches Handeln IM Klinischen Kontext.
97536: (Jerusalem Lodge Masonic Lodge No. 49). - Souvenir of the Fair Given by Jerusalem Lodge No. 49. F. & A.M. Ridgefield, Connecticut, July 12, 13, 14 Nineteen Hundred Six.
7217: (Bettoni, Nicolo; 1770-1842). (Vergnano, Letizia Pecorella; et al) - Nicolo Bettoni E IL Suo Tempo: Mostra Iconografica. Comune Di Brescia Marzo 1979. (Catalogue)
35971: [Wentworth, B.; Colden, Cadwallader; and others]. - Controversy between New York and New Hampshire, Respecting the Territory Now the State of Vermont.
15399: (Denholm, Jeannette; et al. Project Direction). - Regenerative Agriculture Technologies for the Hill Farmers of Nepal: An Information Kit. (Cover Title).
12338: [Fraenkel, Michael; and Lowenfels, Walter]. - Anonymous the Need for Anonymity.
28676: (Bois Vives, Anselme; Conche, Damien; Bosilj, Ilija; Wilson, Scottie; et al). - Outsider-Art.
27855: (Amundarain, Susan; Arria, Maria Eugenia; Frias, Onofre; Gorodine, Alexis; et al) - Premio Eugenio Mendoza: Mencion Pintura. Cuarta Edicion
27772: (Tice, George A.; Picasso, Pablo; Lionni, Leo; et al) - Du: Kulturelle Monatsschrit. 31. Jahrgang. Dezember 1971
27766: (Shamir, Marli; Dolder, Willy; Snyder, Norman; et al) - Du: Kulturelle Monatsschrit. 30. Jahrgang. August 1970
27734: (McNamee, John; Taylor, Peter G.; et al; Special Committee of Arrangements) - Celebration of the Introduction of the Nassau Water, City of Brooklyn, April 27, 1859. (Program)
27128: (Kohler, Michael; Felix, Zdenek; and Vowinckel, Andreas) - Constructed Realities: The Art of Staged Photography
26977: (Kim Chong, Tae; Mee Hyang, Lee; Soon Ki, Jung; et al) - Fiber Art Exhibition
26733: (Feiffer, Jules; Fischetti, John; Levine, David; et al). (Coffey, Marilyn). - Black Salt: April 14-May 5, 1978, Pratt Institute Gallery, Brooklyn, N.Y. May 25-June 14, 1978, Pratt Manhattan Center Gallery, New York, N.Y. (Exhibition).
26643: (Abels, Pio; von Berg, Helga; Ermert, Udo; et al). (Berche, Axel; Bulkowski, Hansjurgen; Glaser, Peter; et al) - Tympan: Literatur/Grafik. (Cover Title)
22520: (Close, Chuck). (Poetter, Jochen; and Friedel, Helmut) - Chuck Close
26262: (Gilbert & George; Klokov, Sergei; and Richardson, Brenda) - [Gilbert & George: Katalog Vystavki Proizvedenii]
25901: (Arp, Jean; Ray, Man; Dali, Salvador; Ernst, Max; Magritte, Rene; Tanguy, Yves; et al) - The Surrealists
25706: (Atthill, Catherine; Elphick, Judith; Fitton, Mary; et al; translators) - The Simon and Schuster Book of the Opera: A Complete Reference Guide -- 1597 to the Present
25362: (Johnson, Fridolf; and The Mermaid Press) - An Attractively Playful and Colorful Collection of Ephemera Printed by Fridolf Johnson at His Mermaid Press
25046: (Abbott, Berenice; Bourke-White, Margaret; Cartier-Bresson, Henri; Renger-Patzsch, Albert; et al) - Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Photographs. Property of Various Owners. Sale Number 4382. Public Auction: Monday, May 19, 1980 at 2 P.M. / Tuesday, May 20 at 10. 15 A.M. And 2 P. M
24723: (Tepper, Saul; Coe, Roland; Rockwell, Norman; Sarg, Tony; Kirmse, Marguerite; et al). - Creative Artists 1937.
24504: (Cornell, Joseph). (Coover, Robert; Hustvedt, Siri; Moody, Rick; Oates, Joyce Carol; Lopez, Barry; Foer, Jonathan Safran; et al) - A Convergence of Birds / Joseph Cornell's Taxidermy of the Unreal. (Original Fiction and Poetry Inspired by the Work of Joseph Cornell). Edited by Jonathan Safran Foer. D.A. P. Uncorrected Proof
14698: (Kroetz, Franz Xaver; Chaikin, Joseph). (Brustein, Robert; Yankowitz, Susan; Auletta, Robert; et al) - Yale/Theatre. Volume 6, Number 1. Fall 1974
24024: (Tarn, Nathaniel; Milosz, Czeslaw; Rexroth, Kenneth; Creeley, Robert; Abish, Walter; McClure, Michael; et al) - Conjunctions: Bi-Annual Volumes of New Writing. (No. 2 Spring Summer 82)
24025: (Creeley, Robert; Gunn, Thom; Paz, Octavio; Williams, Tennessee; Bowles, Paul; Levertov, Denise; et al) - Conjunctions: 1. Bi-Annual Volumes of New Writing. Inaugural Double-Issue: A Festschrift in Honor of James Laughlin, Publisher of New Directions. (Winter 81-82)
24008: (Duncan, Robert; Hawkes, John; Caponegro, Mary; Abish, Walter; Corman, Cid; White, Edmund; Tarn, Nathaniel; et al) - Conjunctions: 7. Bi-Annual Volumes of New Writing
23738: (Barthelme, Donald; Rosenfeld, Isaac; Seferis, George; Morgenstern, Christian; Kunitz, Stanley; et al) - New World Writing 20
23737: (Levi-Strauss, Claude; Daix, Pierre; Zimmermann, Jean-Louis; et al) - Arts & Cultures No. 3: A Magazine Dedicated to the Arts of Antiquity, Africa, Asia, Oceania, and the Americas
23655: (Xu Bing; Mori, Mariko; Appleby, Anne; Ott, Sabina; Min-ha, Trinh T.; Kelley, Mike; Rollof, Ulf; et al) - World Art: The Magazine of Contempory Visual Arts. Number 14
10007: (Biasi, Guiseppe; 1885-1945). (Frongia, Maria Luisa; et al) - Biasi Nella Collezione Regionale
97159: (Preminger, Otto; and Goldwyn, Samuel). - Original Invitation to the Preview Showing of Otto Preminger's Feature Film "Porgy and Bess": "Mr. Samuel Goldwyn Requests the Pleasure of Your Attendance at a Preview of His Motion Picture Porgy and Bess. Tuesday Evening June 23rd, 1959 at 8: 30 P.M. Warner Theatre, Broadway at 47th Street, New York City".
97151: (Douglas, Lloyd G.; Lee, Rowland V.; and Borzage, Frank; et al.). - Limited Edition Portfolio of Scenes from the Rowland V. Lee Production the Big Fisherman, Panavision - Technicolor. Based on the Novel by Lloyd C. Douglas. Starring Howard Keel, Susan Kohner, John Saxon, Martha Hyer, Herbert Lom. Presented by Centurion Films, Inc.
21535: (Fitzgerald, W.H.; Force, Roland W.; and Kaeppler, Adrienne L.) - Directory of Asian-Pacific Museums. Compiled by W.H. Fitzgerald, Roland W. Force, and Adrienne L. Kaeppler
19132: (Parton, James; et al) - Journal of the American Institute of Graphic Arts 14. Fall 1970
16370: (Emerson, Ralph Waldo; Hawthorne, Nathaniel; Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth; et al) - American Authors: First Editions of Emerson, Hawthorne, Holmes, Longfellow, Whittier, Etc. , Etc. For Sale by Dodd, Mead & Company. October, 1898. (Cover Title). (Sale Catalog)
9443: (Miller, Henry). (Durrell, Lawrence; Fraenkel, Michael; Williams, William Carlos; Patchen, Kenneth; et al) - The Happy Rock: A Book About Henry Miller
9459: (Volf, Josef; Lifka, Bohumir; et al) - Cesky Bibliofil 1935. (Volume VII)
96901: (Virchow, Rudolf Ludwig Carl; Wolff, Julius; Schatz, Christian Friedrich; and von Waldeyer-Hartz, Heinrich Wilhelm Gottfried). - [Articles on Cholera, Croup & Diphteria, Etc. By Rudolf Virchow], As Published in "Berliner Klinische Wochenschrift. Organ Fur Practische Aerzte... . " Edited by Dr. C.A. Ewald. [a Full Year's Run of 52 Issues from January 5, 1885 Through December 28, 1885, Bound in One Volume As Published].
96768: (Zimbalist, Efrem; and Pollain, Rene). - The New Jersey Orchestra, Rene Pollain, Conductor. Season 1929-1930 Third Concert. Soloist Efrem Zimbalist. Orange High School Auditorium. [Original Concert Program Signed by Efrem Zimbalist & Rene Pollain].
21923: (Beghin, F. X.; Burland, C. A.; Chretien, Pere J.; et al) - Journal de la Societe Des Americanistes. Nouvelle Serie--Tome XLVI. (Cover Title)
17595: (Farrand, Max; and Davies, David) - The Constitution of the United States: An Exhibition on the 150th Anniversary of Its Formation. (Cover Title)
96644: (Wolf, Colonel Paul A.; Baer, Joseph A.; Schauffer, Robert Haven; et al). - The Plattsburger.
96420: (Hegel, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich; and Nohl, Herman). - Hegels Theologische Jugendschriften: Nach Den Handscriften Der Kgl. Bibliothek in Berlin. Herausgegeben Von Dr. Herman Nohl.
96409: (Byrd, Admiral Richard E.; Cotlow, Lewis N.; and MacDonald, H.B., &c.). - Through Africa Unarmed" by Lewis N. Cotlow, [Published in]: The Log of the Circumnavigators Club, Vol. 26, No. 3, Summer 1938.
14582: (Strater, Henry). (Chamberlain, Betty; Lansdell, Sarah; et al) - Paintings, 1968-1972 / Together with Earlier Works 1920-1967 and Various Drawings by Henry Strater, American Artist (1896- ). (Catalog)
3599: (Rathenau, Ernest). (Arnold, Sir Edwin; Bikshu, Subhandra; et al) - Orientals: People from India, Malaya, Bali, China. Text Selected from Writings of Sir Edwin Arnold, Subhandra Bikshu, Pearl S. Buck, Confucius, Miguel Covarrubias,Gertrude Emerson, Eli Faure, L.J. Gallagher, Kalidasa, Rudyard Kipling, Laotse, Lusin, Mencius, Jawaharlal Nehru, Marco Polo, Lau Shaw, Rabindranath Tagore, Lin Yutang, Beryl de Zoete. Edited by Horst
23421: (Matthews, Derek; Waterman, Dudley M.; Wagner, Anthony R.; London, H. Stanford; Summerson, Sir John; et al) - Archaeologia / or Miscellaneous Tracts Relating to Antiquity / Published by the Society of Antiquaries of London. Vol. XCVII (Second Series, Volume XLVII)
12157: (Bowering, George; Lev, Donald; et al) - Gnosis (VI). Stanley Nelson, Editor
15687: (Kent, Rockwell; Manet, Edouard; Picasso, Pablo; Rembrandt, Van Rijn; et al) - Etchings & Engravings by Old & Modern Masters. Property of Fritz Bloch, New York, a Prominent New York Physician... . [Et Al]. Public Auction Sale March 8 and 9 at 8: 15 P.M. (Cover Title). (Catalog)
4826: (Kauffman, Reginald W.; Sangster, Margaret, Jr.; Kemp, Harry; Neiman, Howard S.; et al) - Pleiades Club / Year Book 1916 -1917
11070: (Archer, William; Hutton, Laurence; Winter, William; et al) - Actors and Actresses of Great Britain and the United States / from the Days of David Garrick to the Present Time. Edited by Brander Matthews and Laurence Hutton. Volume 4: Macready and Forrest; and Their Contemporaries. (Volume 4 Only)
13322: (Johnston, John W.; Chairman; et al) - Report of the Commission Created in Accordance with a Joint Resolution of Congress, Approved March 3, 1881, Providing for the Erection of a Monument at Yorktown, Va. , Commemorative of the Surrender of Lord Cornwallis
8734: (Donner, Anders; Grotenfelt, Arvid; Hendell, Lauri; et al) - Finland: Land. Folk. Rike. 3 Volumes
17704: (Rachmaninoff, Sergei; Nemirovich-Danchenko, Vladimir; et al). (Stalin, Joseph; Tolstoy, Alexei; Pogodin, Nikolai; Glebov,Ivan; et al; Kemenov, Vladimir; Editor-in-Chief) - Voks Bulletin 5-6
17630: (Day, C. S.; Caryl, Leo G.; Knowlson, T. Sharper; et al) - The Editor: (a Journal of Information for Literary Workers). Vol. VIII No. 1. July 1898
17629: (Russey, Ella; Coleman, Nellie G.; Tolman, M. D.; et al) - The Editor: (a Journal of Information for Writers). Vol. VIII No. 2. August 1898
21244: (Levine, Philip; Gilbert, Sandra; Dillard, Annie; Daugherty, Janice; et al). (Smith, Raymond J.; editor. Oates, Joyce Carol; Associate Editor) - Ontario Review. No. 50, Spring/Summer 1999
9852: (Barba, Eugenio; Fumaroli, Marc; et al) - Odin Teatret: Experiences
9804: (Chudzinski, Edward; Jasinski, Krzysztof; Miklaszewski, Krzysztof; et al) - Stu Theatre. (Cover Title)
20046: (Uram, Lauren; Kelley, Gary; Keppler, Kathy L.; Sicangco, Eduardo; et al) - Stages Before the Curtain Rises: A Tribute to the New York Theater
97321: (Barilli, Renato; Caroli, Flavio; Pozzati, Concetto; Abadie, Daniel; et al.). - Anniottanta.
97297: (Heller, Joseph; Bellow, Saul, Pynchon, Thomas; Algren, Neslon; et a.). - Nelson Algren's Own Book of Lonesome Monsters.
97269: (Ray, Fred; and Robinson, Jerry). - Large Partially Printed Reproduction of the Cover Art for "Batman No. 11, June/July" 1942, with the Title, Dc Logo, and Issue Information Inked in and Pasted Along the Top.
16481: (Brokaw, John; Cohn, Ruby; Knauf, David; Stoddard, Richard; et al) - Educational Theatre Journal (Volume 27, Number 1, March 1975). Editor: Anthony Graham-White
97258: (Dexter, Andrew Jun.; Colwell, William; Rhodes, William; Smith, Simeon; Mason, James B.; et al). - Report of the Committee Appointed by the General Assembly of the State of Rhode-Island and Providence Plantations. At the February Session, A.D. 1809, to Inquire Into the Situation of the Farmers' Exchange Bank in Glocester, with the Documents Accompanying the Same.
97217: (Adams, Ansel; Abbott, Berenice; Morgan, Barbara; Morgan, Willard D.; Lester, Henry M.; et al.). - Graphic Graflex Photography. The Master Book of the Larger Camera.
29858: (Roosevelt, Franklin D.) (King, William H.; McCarran, Patrick; Burke, Edward R.; et al) - Adverse Report of the Committee on the Judiciary on a Bill to Reorganize the Judicial Branch of the Government
20507: (Nauman, Bruce; Flavin, Dan; Holzer, Jenny; Nannucci, Maurizio; Morellet, Francois; et al). (Marzahn, Alexander) - Artlight. Austellung Dezember 2000 Bis April 2001. Galerie Beyeler. (Catalog)
36826: (Sullivan, Arthur [of Gilbert & Sullivan fame]; German, Edward; and Hood, Basil). - Prof. Bunn / Elocutionist / Mesmerist / Ventriloquist / Illusionist / and / Entertainer / Children's Parties a Specialty": An Original Broadside Promoting Performances by One of the Characters in the Comic Opera "the Emerald Isle".
4945: (Archer, John). (Lydenberg, Harry Miller; Bennett, Paul A.; Melcher, Frederic G.; et al) - Sagittarius: His Book. Gathered for John Archer by His Friends
19359: (Eisenman, Peter; Derrida, Jacques; et al) - Re: Working Eisenman
35962: (Schuyler, Philip; Watson, Elkanah; and Banyar, Goldsbrow). - The Report of a Committee Appointed to Explore the Western Waters in the State of New-York for the Purpose of Prosecuting the Inland Lock Navigation.
30059: (Crane, Walter; Tenniel, John; Foster, Myles Birket; Staniland, Charles Joseph; Cooper, Alfred W.; Small, William; et al). [Baker, Sarah Schoonmaker. (1824-1906).] - Keepsake for the Young. A Book of Amusement. By Aunt Friendly, Author of "the Holiday Album," "the Gift Book," Etc. With One Hundred and Eighty [Full-] Page Illustrations
12486: (Roditi, Eduard; Honig, Edwin; Arias-Mission, Alain; Halpern, Daniel; Jozsef, Attila; Rannit, Aleksis; Taggart, John; Tanizaki, Junichiro; et al) - New Directions 24. An International Anthology of Prose and Poetry: Estonia, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Spain, U.S. A. (Edited by J. Laughlin). (Cover Title)
96261: (Washington, George; Randolph, Edmund; and Murray, Judith Sargent). - George Washington Transmits Letters Regarding a Speech by Lord Dorchester Considered Hostile to the U.S. [in the Massachusetts Magazine. Or, Monthly Museum of Knowledge and Rational Entertainment. No. V, Vol. I - for May, 1794.
11557: (Kemp, J. F.; Cushing, H. P.; Smyth, C. H., Jr.; et al) - 18th Report of the State Geologist and Paleontologist and Field Assistants. New York State Museum / 52nd Annual Report of the Regents 1898 Vol. 2. Transmitted to the Legislature 4 January 1899
22625: (Cowley, Malcolm; Edel, Leon; Wilbur, Richard; Kunitz, Stanley; Barber, Samuel; Schumann, William; Commager, Henry Steele; et al) - Proceedings of the American Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters. (May 19, 1976). Second Series, Number Twenty-Seven
35231: (Blamey, General Sir Thomas A.; General Commanding the Australian Imperial Force in the Middle East; et al). - Active Service with Australia in the Middle East. Published for the Military History and Information Section, A.I. F. (Middle East).
21509: (Feldman, Ronald; Lippard, Lucy R.; et al) - Ida Applebroog. Text: Ronald Feldman / Carrie Rickey / Lucy R. Lippard / Linda F. Mcgreevy / Carter Ratcliff
34590: (Johnson, Fridolf; and Browne, Howard). - An Original Unused Proof for the Color Illustrated Dust Jacket for Howard Browne's First Book "Warrior of the Dawn".
29900: (Lincoln, Abraham; and Hugo, Victor) - Symposium Lincolniana: Patriotic Speeches by Abraham Lincoln and Poems by Victor Hugo in French and English. Various Display Prints in Denby Type
20119: (Moody, Rick; Winterson, Jeanette; Bender, Aimee; Howard, Richard; Gaiman, Neil; et al) - Columbia: A Journal of Literature and Art. (Issue 31. Winter 1999)
37529: (Zanussi, Krzysztof; Bava, Mario; Schubert, Karin; Demy, Jacques; et al). - Continental Film Review. Vol. 20 No. 11.
15292: (Rieger, H. C.; Toffin, G.; Panday, K. K.; et al). - Mountain Environment and Development: A Collection of Papers Published on the Occasion of the 20th Anniversary of the Swiss Association for Technical Assistance in Nepal (Sata).
36092: (Weiermair, Peter; Garberi, Mercedes; et al). - Italienische Kunst 1900-1980: Hauptwerke Aus Dem Museo D'Arte Contemporanea, Mailand.
23122: (Carone, Walter; Niepce, Janine; Stern, Bert; Ghirri, Luigi; Malanga, Gerard; Kobal, John; Warhol, Andy; Mayer, Brigitte Maria; Zoetmulder, Steef; Helwein, Gottfried; et al.) - Mois de la Photo a Paris. Novembre 1992. Catalogue General
12379: (Grundberg, Andy; et al) - Camera Obscura School of Art. (Prospectus)
11350: (Wroth, Lawrence C.; et al) - The John Carter Brown Library / Providence, Rhode Island. Report to the Corporation of Brown University / July 1, 1943
32936: (Untermeyer, Louis; Markham, Edwin; Roth, Herb; Smith, Dan; Norris, Frank L.; Landon, G. Warren; Masterson, Kate; Tyrrell, Henry; Miner, E.H.; Ross, Gordon; Conrey, L.F.; Gunn, Archie; et al) - The Pleiad 1914-1915. (6 Issues of "the Pleiad" from December 1914 Through May 1915 Bound in One Volume)
20357: (Silber, Irwin, editor; Seeger, Pete; and Silverman, Jerry; associate editors) - Reprints from Sing out!
8736: (Mannheim, L.A.; Principal Technical editor; et al) - The Focal Encylopedia of Photography. Completely Revised. 2 Volumes
4472: (Jenkins, Olaf P.; Averill, Charles V.; et al) - The Mother Lode Country: Geologic Guidebook. Along Highway 49--Sierran Gold Belt. Bulletin 141. Prepared Under the Direction of Olaf P. Jenkins
1950: (Segal, George; Judd, Donald; Kaprow, Allan; et al) - George Segal / Cnacarchives 5
12733: (Arnaboldi, Tiziana; di Leonardo, Salvatore; Galeone, Rosario; et al) - IL Teatro E IL Sapere Dell'Occhio: Scritti 1981-1984. / Mutus Liber
13913: (Mariano Cubi y Soler, D.; Tanner, Rev. Benjamin F.; ; et al) - The Phrenological Journal and Life Illustrated. Vol. 62, Number 4. Whole No. 454. October, 1876
21426: (Picasso, Pablo). (Parmelin, Helen; Spies, Werner; et al) - Picasso: Retratos de Jacqueline. 4 de Febrero - 28 de Abril, 1991. Fundacion Juan March. (Catalog)
95668: (Dali, Salvador; Ernst, Max; Picasso, Pablo; De Chirico, Andrea; et al). - Surrealismo.
16648: (Dalrymple, Jean; Emerson, Faye; Hopper, Hedda; Webster, Margaret; Bankhead, Tallulah; et al) - The American National Theatre and Academy Presents the Anta Album 1951. Ziegfeld Theatre, Avenue of the Americas at 54th Street, Sunday Evening, May 6th. (Program)
95768: [Taylor, Jane; and Taylor, Ann]. - Rural Scenes; or, a Peep Into the Country. For Children.
14705: (Peirce, Bradford K; and Hale, Charles; Editors) - Debates and Proceedings in the Convention of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Held in the Year 1788, / and Which Finally Ratified the Constitution of the United States. Printed by Authority of Resolves of the Legislature, 1856
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94791: (Agnew, Spiro; Hamar, Sherman C.). Butler, Richard (1918-2004). White supremacist founder of the Neo-Nazi Aryan Nations. - Rare 1964 White Supremacist "Christian Defense News" Racist & Anti-Semitic Broadside on Newspaper Stock. This Broadside, Accompanied by 2 Letters Signed by Sherman C. Hamar, Was Mailed to Spyro Agnew, Richard Nixon's Future Vice-President Who Was Then Running for the Office of Governor of Maryland.
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