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96531: TREBELLI-BETTINI, ZELIA (1836-1892). FRENCH OPERATIC MEZZO-SOPRANO. - Autograph. The Signature of the French Mezzo-Soprano Zelia Trebelli-Bettini Penned with the Date Onto a Slip of Paper.
96603: (BETTS, SAMUEL ROSSITER). WELLS, GEORGINA BETTS. - Life and Career of Samuel Rossiter Betts by Georgina Betts Wells.
26081: BETTS, DORIS - The Astronomer / and Other Stories
33608: BEUTH, EUGENE C. - We Love Our New Home by T-Bone and Samantha.
12537: SAINTE-BEUVE, C. A - Monday-Chats, Selected and Translated from the "Causeries Du Lundi," with an Introductory Essay on the Life and Writings of Sainte-Beuve, by William Matthews, LL. D
19454: (BEUYS, JOSEPH). (BASTIAN, HEINER) - Joseph Beuys: Blitzschlag Mit Lichtschein Auf Hirsch/Lightning with Stag in Its Glare / 1958-1985
13813: BEWSHER, PAUL - Green Balls: The Adventures of a Night Bomber
15880: BIALOSTOTZKY, B. J - Dream in Reality: Essays
96818: BIBBINS, MRS. ARTHUR BARNEVELD. - The Beginnings of Maryland in England and America. By Mrs. Arthur Barneveld Bibbins, Ph. M. Member of Maryland Tercentenary Commission 1634-1934.
16568: BICHEL, J - Koloniliv
96503: BICKERSTETH, ROBERT (1816-1884). ANGLICAN BISHOP OF RIPON. - Autograph Note Signed "R. Ripon" by the Anglican Bishop of Ripon Robert Bickersteth.
5752: BIDDLE, GORDON; AND NOCK, O. S - The Railway Heritage of Britain: 150 Years of Railway Architecture and Engineering / Gordon Biddle and O.S. Nock / with Other Contributors
28865: BIERCE, AMBROSE - Twenty-One Letters of Ambrose Bierce. Edited with a Note by Samuel Loveman
37562: BIFROST, ANDREW; EDITOR. - Mouth of the Dragon. Volume 2, Number 3. November, 1979. (Cover Title).
96411: (BIGELOW, POULTNEY; BULLIS, COLONEL H. EDMUND; MACDONALD, H.B.; WHITMAN, RAY BELMONT). - What a Little Canoe Can Do for You" by Poultney Bigelow; and "Rushing Through Russia" by Colonel H. Edmund Bullis, [Published in]: The Log of the Circumnavigators Club, Vol. 24, No. 3, Fall 1935.
37307: BIGGLE, JACOB. - Biggle Berry Book: Small Fruit Facts from Bud to Box Conserved Into Understandable Form.
10296: BILEK, FRANZISKA - Franziskas Blumenstrauss
37489: BILLETER, ERIKA; MAYOU, ROGER MARCEL. - Self-Portrait in the Age of Photography: Photographers Reflecting Their Own Image.
35556: BILLETER, ERIKA. - Malerei Und Photographie IM Dialog Von 1840 Bis Heute.
5948: (BILLINGS, HAMMATT). O'GORMAN, JAMES F - A Billings Bookshelf: An Annotated Bibliography of Works Illustrated by Hammatt Billings (1819-1874)
96884: BILOW, JOHN A. - Chateaugay, N.Y. And the War of 1812.
96112: BINDLOSS, HAROLD EDWARD. (1866-1945). ENGLISH NOVELIST WHO WROTE MANY ADVENTURE NOVELS SET IN WESTERN CANADA. - Autograph Quotation on a Sheet of Note Paper Signed by English Novelist Harold Edward Bindloss.
26272: (BINGHAM, GEORGE CALEB). MCDERMOTT, JOHN FRANCIS - George Caleb Bingham: River Portraitist
21174: BINGHAM, PEREGRINE; WIGRAM, JAMES; POYNTER, THOMAS; GIBBONS, DAVID - The Law and Practice of Judgments and Executions, Including Extents at the Suit of the Crown. By Peregrine Bingham, A.B. Of the Middle Temple, Special Pleader. From the London Edition. Points in the Law of Discovery. By James Wigram, Esq. , F.R. S. One of His Majesty's Counsel. From the London Edition. A Concise View of the Doctrine and Practice of the Ecclesiastical Courts in Doctors' Commons, on Various Points Relative to the Subject of Marriage and Divorce. Second Edition, Revised and Augmented. By Thomas Poynter, Proctor in Doctors' Commons. From the London Edition. A Manual of the Law of Fixtures. By David Gibbons, Esq. Of the Middle Temple, Special Pleader. From the London Edition. (4 Books in 1 Volume)
95699: BINNS, ARCHIE. (1899-1971). AMERICAN AUTHOR. - Slip of Paper Signed by American Author Archie Binns.
26802: BINNS, ARCHIE - The Roaring Land
96313: BINSWANGER, LUDWIG (1881-1866). - Erinnerungen an Sigmund Freud. [Memories of Sigmund Freud].
32053: BINYON, LAURENCE - Dutch Etchers of the Seventeenth Century
14455: BINYON, LAURENCE - The Sirens: An Ode
95469: BAKER, RAY STANNARD [PEN NAME DAVID GRAYSON]. (1870-1946). AMERICAN JOURNALIST, HISTORIAN, BIOGRAPHER AND AUTHOR. - Signature on a Card of American Journalist, Historian and Biographer Ray Stannard Baker [David Grayson].
17050: (BIRCH, REGINALD). BURNETT, FRANCES HODGSON. - Sara Crewe / or / What Happened at Miss Minchin's.
36982: BIRD, J. MALCOLM. - My Psychic Adventures. By J. Malcolm Bird, Associate Editor, Scientific American.
95740: BIRD, REMSEN DUBOIS. (1888-1971). PRESIDENT OF OCCIDENTAL COLLEGE, LOS ANGELES 1921-1946. - Typed Letter to Seymour Halpern Signed by the President of Occidental College Remsen Dubois Bird.
36560: (BIRDSALL, TIMOTHY). FRAYN, MICHAEL. - The Day of the Dog.
7009: (BIRKELUND, PALLE; COMPILER) - Dansk Boghaandvaerk Gennem Tiderne 1482-1948
96870: BIRMINGHAM, STEPHEN. - The Grandees: America's Sephardic Elite. [Signed by the Author].
23238: BIRNBAUM, ANDREA; PORCEILBO, MICHAEL - Flora: A Contemporary Collection of Floral Photography
26102: BIRNBAUM, MARTIN - Angkor and the Mandarin Road
94976: BIRSTEIN, ANN. - Summer Situations.
3977: BIRYUKOV, V.A.; LEBEDENKO, M.M.; AND RYZHOV, A. M - Joint Institute for Nuclear Research
26938: (BISCHOFF, ILSE). FLAUBERT, GUSTAVE - The Temptation of Saint Antony
10424: (BISCHOFF, ILSE). FIELD, RACHEL - The Bird Began to Sing
96530: WORDSWORTH, CHRISTOPHER (1807-1885). ENGLISH ANGLICAN BISHOP AND MAN OF LETTERS. - Autograph Letter Signed by the Travel Writer and Anglican Bishop Christopher Wordsworth.
1977: BISHOP, JOSEPH BUCKLIN - A Chronicle of One Hundred & Fifty Years: The Chamber of Commerce of the State of New York 1768-1918
26792: (BISHOP, WILLIAM G.) - Charter of the City of Brooklyn, Passed June 28, 1873. As Subsequently Amended with the Charter of April 17, 1854, and the Amendments Thereto, and Other Laws Relating to Said City. Also, the Ordinances of the Common Council of the City of Brooklyn As Codified and Adopted Dec. 10, 1877. (Compiled by Wm. G. Bishop, City Clerk)
20463: BISHOP, MINOR L.; COMPILER - Fountains in Contemporary Architecture. An Exhibition Organized by the American Federation of Arts Under a Grant from the Old Dominion Foundation. Circulated March 1965 - March 1967. (Catalog)
95272: BISHOP, JOSEPH BUCKLIN. - A Chronicle of One Hundred & Fifty Years: The Chamber of Commerce of the State of New York 1768-1918.
34804: BISPHAM, DAVID. (1857-1921). AMERICAN OPERATIC BARITONE. - Close of a Letter Signed by American Operatic Baritone David Bispham.
36345: BISPHAM, DAVID. (1857- 1921). AMERICAN OPERATIC BARITONE . - Close of an Autograph Letter Signed by American Operatic Baritone David Bispham.
11329: BISSELL, RICHARD - Julia Harrington / Winnebago, Iowa / 1913
7078: BLACK, R. D. COLISON - A Catalogue of Pamphlets on Economic Subjects Published between 1750-1900 and Now Housed in Irish Libraries
16927: BLACK, DAVID - An Impossible Life: A Bobeh Myseh / a Novel
33889: BLACK, WILLIAM. (1841-1898). SCOTTISH NOVELIST. - Autograph Letter to His Biographer Signed by Scottish Novelist William Black.
6166: BLACKEY, ROBERT - Modern Revolutions and Revolutionists: A Bibligraphy
13055: BLACKMUR, R.P - Dirty Hands or the True-Born Censor
31536: BLACKWELL, EARL. (1909-1995). HOLLYWOOD GOSSIP MAVEN. - Typed Letter Signed by Hollywood Gossip Maven Earl Blackwell.
3926: BLAINE, JULIEN - 13427 Poemes Metaphysiques
4230: BLAINE, JULIEN (CH.P.) - Calmar: Petites Proses Americaines / Precedes Et Suivies Par / la Vie Est Simple
36822: BLAINE, JAMES G. - An Irredeemable Paper Currency: Speech of the Hon. James G. Blaine, in the House of Representatives, February 10th, 1876.
30311: BLAIR, EDWARD T. - Henry of Navarre and the Religious Wars.
36081: (BLAKE, WILLIAM). LACHMAN, BARBARA. - Voices for Catherine Blake: A Gathering.
18063: (BLAKE, WILLIAM). (THORNE, MRS. LANDON K.) - The Blake Collection of Mrs. Landon K. Thorne. Catalogue by G.E. Bentley, Jr. Introduction by Charles Ryskamp. (Catalog)
96955: LE BLANC, MAURICE. - Arsene Lupin Intervenes.
95431: BLANCH, ARNOLD. - Yasuo Kuniyoshi 1893-1953: Memorial Exhibition.
6134: BLANCK, JACOB - Peter Parley to Penrod: A Bibliographical Description of the Best-Loved American Juvenile Books
15472: BLAND, RICHARD - A Fragment on the Pistole Fee, Claimed by the Governor of Virginia, 1753. Edited by Worthington Chauncey Ford
22012: BLAND, ALEXANDER - A History of Ballet and Dance in the Western World
22398: BLAY, JOHN S - After the CIVIL War: A Pictorial Profile of America from 1865 to 1900
16036: BLEILER, EVERETT F.; EDITOR - The Checklist of Fantastic Literature: A Bibligraphy of Fantasy, Weird and Science Fiction Books Published in the English Language
413: BLESH, RUDI - Shining Trumpets: A History of Jazz
30889: BLISS, DOUGLAS PERCY - A History of Wood-Engraving
94834: (BLISS, MILDRED). MIREPOIX, LEVIS. - Les Campagnes Ardentes: Impressions de Guerre.
6949: BLOCK, ADRIENNE FRIED; AND NEULS-BATES, CAROL; COMPILERS AND EDITORS - Women in American Music: A Bibliography of Music and Literature
11914: BLOCK, MAURICE - Les Progres de la Science Economique Depuis Adam Smith. Revision Des Doctrines Economiques Par Maurice Block, Membre de L'Institut. 2e Edition Considerablement Augmentee. (2 Volumes)
13292: BLOCK, HERBERT - The Herblock Book: Text and Cartoons by Herbert Block
1900: BLODGETT, RICHARD - Photographs: A Collector's Guide
96810: BLOEM, J.C. [JAKOBUS CORNELIS] (1887-1966). - Het Verlangen.
30879: BLOOM, AMY - A Blind Man Can See How Much I Love You: Stories
24060: (BLOSSFELDT, KARL) - Karl Blossfeldt: Lich an Der Grenze Des Sichtbaren. Die Sammlung Der Blossfeldt-Fotografien in Der Hochschule Der Kunste Berlin
95776: BLOWER, DAVID. (1901-1976) AMERICAN WATERCOLORIST. - Typed Letter to American Artist Magazine Signed by California Watercolorist David Blower.
28280: (BLUESINGER, TAKI). LEWIS, GLENN - Journey Through an Earthly Paradise
30221: BLUM, DANIEL - Screen World 1953. Volume IV
6320: BLUM, ANDRE - The Origins of Printing and Engraving. Translated from the French by Harry Miller Lydenberg
35180: BLUM, DANIEL. - Screen World 1952. (Volume III).
26813: BLUM, ANDRE - The Last Valois 1515-90
26974: (SPIRAL PRESS). BLUMENTHAL, JOSEPH - The Spiral Press: An Exhibition of Books and Ephemera with a Commentary by Joseph Blumenthal. (Catalogue)
10428: BLUMENTHAL, WALTER HART - The Red Shadow: A Tale of the Devil Frustrated
96216: BLUMENTHAL, JOSEPH. - Pome Honoring a Master Printer 1926-1961. [a Keepsake Commemorating Joseph Blumenthal's 35th Anniversary As a Printer, Most Likely Printed at the Spiral Press].
33896: BLUMENTHAL, JOSEPH. - Typographic Years: A Printer's Journey Through a Half Century / 1925-1975.
33291: BLUMENTHAL, JOSEPH - The Art of the Printed Book 1455-1955: Masterpieces of Typography Through Five Centuries from the Collections of the Pierpont Morgan Library New York
18705: [BLUNT, WILFRID SCAWEN] - The Love Sonnets of Proteus. With a Frontispiece by the Author
34028: BLUNT, WILFRED. - Cockerell: Sydney Carlyle Cockerell, Friend of Ruskin and William Morris and Director of the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge.
96016: BLUNT, EDMUND. - Cape Ann Harbour. Surveyed by the Rev. C. Felch & W.T. Mallone Esq. In 1819, by Direction of Comr. Wm. Bainbridge, Usn. (Map).
30637: BLUTKE, GUNTER - Leipzig: Fotografien 1956-1959
36636: BLY, ROBERT. - Sleepers Joining Hands.
16529: BLY, ROBERT - What Have I Ever Lost by Dying?: Collected Prose Poems
29195: BLY, ROBERT - This Tree Will Be Here for a Thousand Years
36497: BLY, ROBERT. - American Poetry: Wildness and Domesticity.
36784: (THE PARK BOARD). - The City of New York, Department of Parks: Report for the Year 1903.
28979: (MUNCH, EDVARD). BOCK, HENNING; AND BUSCH, GUNTER; EDITORS - Edvard Munch: Probleme - Forschungen - Thesen
7027: (BODLEY, SIR THOMAS) - The Bodleian Library and Its Friends. Catalogue of an Exhibition Held 1969-1970
30308: BODROGI, TIBOR - Art of Indonesia
9643: VON BOEHN, MAX - Miniatures and Silhouettes. Translated by E.K. Walker
25770: BOERI, DAVID - People of the Ice Whale: Eskimos, White Men, and the Whale
22371: BOGEN, MEL - The Magic of Children's Theatre
3954: BOGER, LOUISE ADE - The Dictionary of World Pottery and Porcelain (from Prehistoric Times to the Present)
12217: BOGOSIAN, ERIC - The Essential Bogosian: Talk Radio, Drinking in America, Funhouse & Men Inside
32134: BOHM, VICTOR - Cubes and Man. : A Psychological View of Architecture
35445: BOHN, DAVE. - Glacier Bay: The Land and the Silence.
30357: BOILLY, LOUIS-LEOPOLD - L'Avarice". A Vintage Color Lithograph by Boilly
30360: BOILLY, LOUIS-LEOPOLD - La Paresse". A Vintage Color Lithograph by Boilly
33064: BOILLY, LOUIS-LEOPOLD - L'Enfance". A Vintage Color Lithograph by Boilly
12667: DU BOIS, HENRI PENE - Four Private Libraries in New York: A Contribution to the History of Bibliophilism in America. First Series. Preface by Octave Uzanne
35305: BOJE, OVE. - Slaedespor: Laege I Nordgronland.
36563: BOK, SISSELA. - Secrets: On the Ethics of Concealment and Revelation.
27890: BOLDT, DR. JULIUS - Trachoma. Translated by J. Herbert Parsons, D. Sc. And Thos. Snowball, M.B. , C.M. With an Introductory Chapter by E. Treacher Collins, F.R. C. S
36524: (BOLIN, JIM). PHILBROOK, ROSE. - The Wings of Dr. Smidge.
12433: BOLITHO, HECTOR; EDITOR - A Batsford Century: The Record of a Hundred Years of Publishing and Bookselling / 1843-1943
34740: BOLITHO, WILLIAM. - Camera Obscura. Preface by Noel Coward.
30814: BOLL, HEINRICH - Adam, Where Art Thou?
4329: BOLOGNA, GIULIA, EDITOR - La Legatura D'Arte Nel Xxo Secolo. 21 Maggio - 9 Giugno 1985. Milano - Castello Sforzesco. (Catalogue)
17412: (BOLTON, CHARLES K.) - Christ Church / Salem Street, Boston / 1723: A Guide
18168: BONACOSSA, CESARE - Lo Sport Nasce in Asia
13657: BOND, EDWARD - Saved
13661: BOND, EDWARD - Lear
13665: BOND, EDWARD - The Fool and We Come to the River
14614: BOND, EDWARD - The Sea / a Comedy
14615: BOND, EDWARD - Narrow Road to the Deep North / a Comedy
36308: (BOND, W. H.). - The Houghton Library 1942-1967: A Selection of Books and Manuscripts in Harvard Collections.
17074: BOND, EDWARD - The Pope's Wedding
30609: (BONE, MUIRHEAD). BONE, GERTRUDE - Came to Oxford
8427: BONELLIE, HELEN-JANET - The Status Merchants: The Trade of Interior Decoration
14025: BONITZER, PASCAL; COMOLLI, JEAN-LOUIS; DANEY, SERGE; ET AL; EDITORS - Cahiers Du Cinema. No. 265, Mars-Avril 1976
14576: BONITZER, PASCAL; COMOLLI, JEAN-LOUIS; DANEY, SERGE; ET AL; EDITORS - Cahiers Du Cinema. [No. ] 272. Decembre 1976
14577: BONITZER, PASCAL; COMOLLI, JEAN-LOUIS; DANEY, SERGE; ET AL; EDITORS - Cahiers Du Cinema. [No. ] 273. Janvier-Fevrier 1977
35795: (AIKEN, CONRAD). BONNELL, F.W.; AND F.C. - Conrad Aiken: A Bibliography (1902-1978).
96545: [COMTE DE BONNEVAL, ALEXANDRE]. - 26 Original Engravings, Including 12 Colored, Extracted from "Antiquites Romaines Expliquees Dans Les Memoires Du Comte de B*** Contenant Ses Avantures, Un Grand Nombre D'Histoires & D'Anecdotes Du Tems Tres-Curieuses.
36451: KISSIN, RITA. (B. 1885). AUTHOR OF CHILDREN'S BOOKS AND OPERATOR OF MONTESSORI KINDERGARTENS. - Autograph Letter Signed by Children's Author and Montessori Educator Rita Kissin Asking James B. Pond If German Lecture Agents Have New York Representatives.
2235: (BOORMAN, JOHN). CIMENT, MICHAEL - Boorman: Un Visionnaire En Son Temps
12069: BOOTES, HENRY H - Deep Sea Bubbles / or the Cruise of the Anna Lombard
96967: BOOTH, CHARLES G. - Mr. Angel Comes Aboard.
18820: BOOTH, GEORGE; ANTHON, JOHN - The Nature and Practice of Real Actions, in Their Writs and Process, Both Original and Judicial. By George Booth, Esq. / First American Edition; / in Which the Ancient Writs and Records Are Correctly Translated from the Latin, with the Addition of References to English and American Authorities, and to the Statutes of the State of New-York. / by John Anthon, Esq. Counsellor at Law
36619: BOOTH, WAYNE C. - The Company We Keep: An Ethics of Fiction.
33515: BORAO, GERONIMO. - Noticia de D. Geronimo Jimenez de Urrea, Y de Su Novela Caballeresca Inedita D. Clarisel de Las Flores.
6464: BORCHARDT, D. H - Australian Bibliography: A Guide to Printed Sources of Information
15076: BORDE, RAYMOND; AND BOUISSY, ANDRE - Le Neo-Realisme Italien: Une Experience de Cinema Social. Preface de Freddy Buache
6934: (BORDEN, M. C. D.). - Illustrated Catalogue of the Valuable Library Formed by the Late M.C. D. Borden, Esq. To Be Sold at Unrestricted Public Sale by Order of the Executors at the American Art Galleries... . Part I - - a to J. Part I -- K to Z. (2-Volume Catalogue).
27994: VON KERCKERINCK ZUR BORG, JOSEF - Deer Farming in North America: The Conquest of a New Frontier
30995: BORGEN, JOHAN - Lillelord
33580: BOROWSKI, FELIX. - The Chicago Symphony Orchestra: Twenty-Fifth Season 1915-1916.
6604: (BORROW, GEORGE HENRY). WISE, THOMAS J - A Bibliography of the Writings in Prose and Verse of George Henry Borrow
34045: BORTHWICK, SIR ALGERNON. (1830-1908). BRITISH JOURNALIST, OWNER OF THE MORNING POST. - Autograph Note Signed by Sir Algernon Borthwick in the Third Person.
35447: BORUM, VILLY. - Gronland: Danmark I Nord.
95707: BORY, JEAN-FRANCOIS. - Sarenco a Verona: (Romanzo / Roman) / Traduzione Di Gigliola Fazzini.
10799: BORY, JEAN-FRANCOIS - Scritto Misto: Saggi/Essais / Traduzione Di Gigliola Fazzini
95434: BOSCHINI, MARCO (1613-1678). - Le Minere Della Pittura. Compendiosa Informazione Di Marco Boschini Non Solo Della Pitture Publiche Di Venezia: Ma Dell'Isole Ancora Circonvicine. Al Serenissimo Prencipe E Regal Coleggio Di Venezia.
17119: BOSER, RENEE; JEANNERET, ALAIN - Schwarzafrika: Plastik. Fuhrer Durch Das Museum Fur Volkerkunde Und Schweizerische Museum Fur Volkskunde Basel. Sonderausstellung 1969/70. (Catalog)
12175: BOSSUET, JACQUES BENIGNE - Oraison Funebre de Henriette Anne D'Angleterre, Duchesse D'Orleans. Prononcee a Saint Denis le 21. Jour D'Aoust 1670. Par Messire Jacques Benigne Bossuet, Conseiller Du Roi En Ses Conseils, Eveque de Condom, Precepteur de Monseigneur le Dauphin
12335: BOSSUET, JACQUES BENIGNE - Oraison Funebre de Marie Terese D'Austriche, Infante D'Espagne, Reine de France Et de Navarre. Prononcee a Saint Denis le Premier de Septembre 1683. Par Monsieur Jacques Benigne Bossuet, Evesque de Meaux, Conseiller Du Roy En Ses Conseils, Cy-Devant Precepteur de Monseigneur le Dauphin, Premier Aumosnier de Madame la Dauphine
12336: BOSSUET, JACQUES BENIGNE - Oraison Funebre de Tres-Haut, Et Tres-Puissant Prince Louis de Bourbon / Prince de Conde, Premier Prince Du Sang. Prononcee a L'Eglise de Nostre-Dame de Paris le 10. Jour de Mars 1687. Par Monsieur Jacques Benigne Bossuet, Evesque de Meaux, Conseiller Du Roy En Ses Conseils, Cy-Devant Precepteur de Monseigneur le Dauphin, Premier Aumosnier de Madame la Dauphine
12358: BOSSUET, JACQUES BENIGNE - Oraison Funebre de Tres-Haute Et Tres-Puissante Princesse Anne de Gonzague de Cleves, Princesse Palatine. Prononcee En Presence de Monseigneur le Duc, de Madame la Duchesse, & de Monseigneur le Duc de Bourbon, Dans L'Eglise Des Carmelites Du Fauxbourg Saint Jacques, le 9. Aoust 1685. Par Messire Jacques Benigne Bossuet, Evesque de Meaux, Conseiller Du Roy En Ses Conseils, Cy-Devant Precepteur de Monseigneur le Dauphin, Premier Aumosnier de Madame la Dauphine
96766: BOSSUET, JACQUES BENIGNE (1627-1704). - Recueil Des Oraisons Funebres Prononcees Par Messire Jacques Benigne Bossuet, Eveque de Meaux. Nouvelle Edition. Augmentee de L'Eloge Historique de L'Auteur, & Du Catalogue de Ses Ouvrages.
95492: (BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS). - A Collection of 150 Prints, Most 19th Century, Relating to Boston and Its Environs. Included Are Many Wood Engravings, Together with Steel Engravings, Lithographs, and a Few Photographs.
20761: (BOTERO, FERNANDO). (RATCLIFF, CARTER) - Fernando Botero: Recent Work. November 7-December 2, 1980. (Catalog)
21302: (BOTERO, FERNANDO). (DEL RE, MARISA; BIANCHERI, RAOUL; BIATTAINI, ANTOINE) - Fernando Botero in Monte Carlo. March 20 to September 30, 1992. Marisa Del Re Gallery. (Catalog)
97029: BOTSFORD, SUE; BROWN, DEE; CAUDELL, ROBIN; ET AL. - Ice Storm '98: A North Country Disaster.
1952: (BOTTA, MARIO). WREDE, STUART - Mario Botta
24696: (BOTTICELLI, SANDRO). CARTWRIGHT, JULIA - Sandro Botticelli
96262: BOUCICAULT, DIONYSIUS LARDNER "DION" (1820[2]-1890). IRISH ACTOR & PLAYWRIGHT FAMED FOR HIS MELODRAMAS. - Autograph: Close of a Letter Signed by the Irish Actor & Playwright Dion Boucicault.
95890: BOUDIN, EUGENE; AND DE KNYFF, GILBERT. - Eugene Boudin Raconte Par Lui-Meme: Sa Vie; Son Atelier; Son Oeuvre; Par Gilbert de Knyff.
27336: (BOULEZ, PIERRE). PEYSER, JOAN - Boulez
37565: (BOULT, SIR ADRIAN). ASHMAN, MIKE; COMPILER. - Boult Discography. (in Records and Recordings April 1974. Vol 17 No 7 Issue No 199).
3983: BOURFEIND, PAUL - Niederrhein: Gedichte
30104: BOURGEOIS, ARTHUR P - The Gelbard Collection of African Art / Tuesday November 13, 2007
19416: BOURGEOIS, LOUISE - Louise Bourgeois: The Locus of Memory / Works 1982-1993. Charlotta Kotik / Terrie Sultan / Christian Leigh
28155: BOURJAILY, VANCE - The Violated
32264: BOURJAILY, VANCE - The End of My Life
6168: BOUTELL, H. S - First Editions of to-Day and How to Tell Them
17069: (CANNES FILM FESTIVAL). BOUZET, ANGE DOMINIQUE; CLOQUET, GHISLAIN; MARCHI, MARIE-PAULE; PORCILE, FRANCOIS; EDITORS - Film Francais: L'Hebdomadaire Des Professionels Du Cinema. (No. 1626 - 21/5/76). Special Cannes
13342: BOVA, BEN - Assured Survival: Putting the Star Wars Defense in Perspective
15024: DE BOW, J. D. B - Mortality Statistics of the Seventh Census of the United States, 1850: Embracing I. - the Cause of Death. II. - the Age and Sex. III. - the Color and Condition. IV. - the Nativity. V. - the Season of Decease. VI. - the Duration of Illness. VII. - the Occupation, / of the Persons Reported to Have Died in the Twelve Months Preceding the First of June of That Year. With Sundry Comparative and Illustrative Tables. By J.D. B. De Bow, Superintendent United States Census. / 33rd Congress, 2nd Session, the House of Representatives, Ex. Doc. No. 98
22302: BOWEN, FRANK C - Wooden Walls in Action
6007: BOWERS, FREDSON; EDITOR - Studies in Bibliography: Papers of the Bibliographical Society of the University of Virginia. (13 Volumes)
20094: (HOKUSAI). BOWIE, THEODORE - The Drawings of Hokusai
96407: BOWLES, JERRY G.; EDITOR. - Art Work, No Commercial Value.
2504: (BOWRING, CHARLES W.; TABOR, FRANCIS H.) - A History of St. George's Society of New York from 1770 to 1913
3185: (BOWSER, KEN). ZULLO, MICHAEL - Catastrology: The Complete Guide to Feline Horoscopes. A Bruce Nash and Allan Zullo Book
25746: (MOHOLY-NAGY, LASZLO; KEPES, GYORGY; SIEGEL, ARTHUR; LERNER, NATHAN; BROWN, JAMES HAMILTON). BOXER, ADAM J.; ET AL - The New Bauhaus School of Design in Chicago: Photographs 1937-1944
95066: BOYD, JAMES (1888-1944). AMERICAN NOVELIST, KNOWN FOR HIS REVOLUTIONARY WAR NOVEL "DRUMS" WHICH WAS ILLUSTRATED BY N.C. WYETH. - Autograph of the American Novelist James Boyd, Author of the Revolutionary War Historical Novel "Drums".
95049: BOYD, WILLIAM C.; CAMERON, J. W.; DIAMOND, L. K.; ET AL. - Blood Grouping.
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9097: GODDARD SPACE FLIGHT CENTER - Advanced Scanners and Imaging Systems for Earth Observations: The Report of a Working Group Sponsored by Goddard Space Flight Center on Behalf of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration Which Met at Cocoa Beach, Florida, December 11-15, 1972. Prepared by Goddard Space Flight Center
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6386: CERF, BENNETT - At Random: The Reminiscences of Bennett Cerf
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95025: CHAMBAUD, LOUIS. - Fables Choisies, a L'Usage Des Enfans, Et Des Autres Personnes Qui Commencent a Apprendre la Langue Francoise, Avec Un Index Alphabetique de Tous Les Mots Traduits En Anglois.
34584: CHAMBERLAIN, SAMUEL VANCE; AND JOHNSON, FRIDOLF. - A Correspondence between the Artist & Illustrator Samuel Chamberlain and Executive Editor Fridolf Johnson, Regarding an Article in American Artist Magazine. The Correspondence Includes Typed Letters Signed by Chamberlain and Original Photographs.
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2089: CHAMBERS, ERNEST J - The Unexploited West: A Compilation of All of the Authentic Information Available at the Present Time As to the Natural Resources of the Unexploited Regions of Northern Canada by Major Ernest J. Chambers, Corps of Guides... . Published Under the Direction of F.C. C. Lynch Superintendent of the Railway Lands Branch, Department of the Interior, Hon. W.J. Roche, Minister
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447: CHASE, GILBERT - America's Music. From the Pilgrims to the Present
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33776: CHATWIN, BRUCE. - The Viceroy of Ouidah.
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32353: CHEEVER, JOHN - The Wapshot Scandal
29563: CHEEVER, BENJAMIN - The Plagiarist
30618: CHEEVER, JOHN - The Wapshot Scandal
33157: CHEEVER, JOHN - The Brigadier and the Golf Widow
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30396: (CHEN, ZHEN; 1955-2000). GUERRERO, ANTOINE - Chen Zhen
25313: CHEN, TONY - Superb Black Beauty Color Poster Signed by Tony Chen for the Golden Classics Illustrated Edition of Anna Sewel's Immortal Children's Book, the Poster Is Entitled: "Golden Classics Make a Lasting Impression.
33532: CHENERY, WILLIAM L.; EDITOR - The University Club Yesterday and Today
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17088: (CHENTOFF, POLIA). SCHNITZLER, ARTHUR - Couples: Ten Dialogues Rendered from the German by Lily Wolfe and E.W. Titus. Including a Translation of the Opinion of the State Court at Berlin in Vindication of the Fitness of the Play for Performance in Public. [Translation of "Reigen"]
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26563: (CHERKASSKY, SHURA) - Shura Cherkassky: The World's Greatest Boy Pianist... . His Majesty's Theatre, Perth [Australia]. Saturday, August 4th. Monday, August 6th. Wednesday, August 8th. Thursday, August 9th. (Program)
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23422: CHESTER, LAURA - In the Zone: New and Selected Writing
95858: (J. & W. CHESTER, LTD.) - Eugene Goossens.
36365: CHEW, BEVERLY (1773-1851). NEW ORLEANS BUSINESSMAN, POLITICAL APPOINTEE & PURPORTED SMUGGLER. - Partially Printed Document: A Baggage Entry Declaration Signed 3 Times by the Powerful New Orleans Businessman Beverly Chew, Importing 2 Trunks Purportedly Containing Personal "Wearing Apparel" to a Port in the District of Philadelphia on Board the Ship "Snow Experiment". Additionally Endorsed and Docketed by His Mentor, the Philadelphia Merchant Daniel William Coxe.
15338: (UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO) - Handbook of Indian Civilization
28959: CHICHLO, BORIS; EDITOR - Siberia I: Siberian Questions / Economy, Ecology, Strategy. Siberie I: Questions Siberiennes / Economie, Ecologie, Strategie
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31874: (CHIHULY, DALE). SIMS, PATTERSON - Dale Chihuly: Installations 1964-1992
26321: (CHIHULY, DALE). SIMS, PATTERSON - Dale Chihuly: Installations 1964-1992
5799: CHILD, HEATHER. - Calligraphy Today.
32624: CHILDRESS, MARK - Tender
36338: COCHRANE, THOMAS, 10TH EARL OF DUNDONALD (1775-1860). BRITISH ADMIRAL, NICKNAMED "THE SEA WOLF" BY NAPOLEON. DUNDONALD LED THE REBEL CHILEAN AND BRAZILIAN NAVIES DURING THEIR WARS OF INDEPENDENCE AND CONTRIBUTED TO PERUVIAN INDEPENDENCE. - Autograph Letter Concerning a Demostration of Hypnotism Signed "Dundonald" by Thomas Cochrane, 10th Earl of Dundonald, Addressed to Dr. John Elliotson, Who Is Recognized for His Role in Promoting Mesmerism and Phrenology and for the Introduction of the Stethoscope to the Uk. Together with a Rare 1809 Portrait of Lord Cochrane.
96041: CHILTON, C. W. - Early Hull Printers and Booksellers: An Account of the Printing, Bookselling and Allied Trades from Their Beginnings to 1840.
34577: PERKINS, MAHLON F. (1882-1963). AMERICAN DIPLOMAT WHO SERVED IN CHINA AND IN BARCELONA DURING THE SPANISH CIVIL WAR. - Typed Letter Signed by American Diplomat Mahlon F. Perkins Regarding an Application to Officer Candidate School and the Draft.
35147: DE CHIRICO, GIORGIO. - De Chirico by de Chirico. The New York Cultural Center in Association with Fairleigh Dickinson University January 19-April 2, 1972. Art Gallery of Ontario June 16-July 16,1972. (Catalogue).
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19342: (CHOPIN, FREDERIC). FERRA, BARTOMEU - Chopin and George Sand in Majorca. Translated from the Spanish by R.D. F. Pring-MILL... . Preceded by an Extract from "the Memoirs of Aurore Sand
95409: (CHOPIN, FREDERIC). - The Chopin Year 1949 in Poland / Warsaw 1949.
6351: CHRISMAN, MIRIAM USHER - Bibliography of Strasbourg Imprints, 1480-1599
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23173: (CHRISTIE, MANSON & WOODS) - Fifteenth-Century Books Illustrating the Spread of Printing. The Collection of the Late Eric Sexton, F.S. A. And Seventeen Duplicates from the Pierpont Morgan Library Which Will Be Sold on Wednesday, April 8, 1981 at 10: 00 A. M
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32799: CHRISTOPHER, NICHOLAS - Desperate Characters: A Novella in Verse & Other Poems
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1051: (CHRISTY, HOWARD CHANDLER). NICHOLSON, MEREDITH - The House of a Thousand Candles
23632: CHRYSSA - Cityscapes
22493: CHUJOY, ANATOLE; AND MANCHESTER, P. W.; COMPILERS AND EDITORS - The Dance Encyclopedia. Revised and Enlarged Edition. (with an Introduction by Lincoln Kirstein)
17623: TRUSTEES OF ST. THOMAS'S CHURCH - Statement and Appeal of the Trustees of St. Thomas's Church, Brooklyn
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31416: CHURCHILL, ABBY P - Birds in Literature
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94608: CHURCHILL, WINSTON; ROOSEVELT, FRANKLIN D.; STALIN, JOSEPH. - 3 Stepping Stones to Lasting Peace: The Atlantic Charter / Dumbarton Oaks Proposals / Yalta Conference Communique.
27408: CHURCHILL, WINSTON S - Maxims and Reflections
96295: BONAR, HORATIUS. (1808-1889). SCOTTISH CHURCHMAN AND POET, BEST REMEMBERED AS A HYMNODIST. - Slip of Paper Signed by Scottish Churchman and Poet Horatius Bonar.
24923: (CHVALA, ALOIS). STOCKY, DR. JOSEF. - Novorocenky 1934.
31773: CIARDI, JOHN - Person to Person
31784: CIARDI, JOHN - Homeward to America
36446: CIMINO, MICHAEL. - An Original Large Format Illustrated Ticket for the Preview Showing of Michael Cimino's Much Maligned Masterpiece "Heaven's Gate".
96218: CIMINO, HARRY (1898-1969). - Spring 1928 the Marchbanks Press": An Original Broadside for the Marchbanks Press' Calendar Illustrated with a Superb Color Print by Harry Cimino.
29264: CIST, HENRY M. - The Army of the Cumberland.
37031: (PUCCINI, GIACOMO). CIVININI, GUELFO; AND ZANGARINI, CARLO; LIBRETTISTS. - Das Madchen Aus Dem Goldenen Westen. Bayerische Staatsoper National-Theater. Donnerstag Den 3. November 1938. (Program).
23784: CLAERHOUT, ADR. G - Afrikaanse Kunst
2259: CLAIR, RENE - Four Screenplays: Le Silence Est D'or / la Beaute Du Diable / Les Belles-de-Nuit / Les Grandes Manoeuvres. Translated from the French by Piergiuseppe Bozzetti
35615: CLAIR, RENE. - A Nous la Liberte and Entr'Acte: Films by Rene Clair. English Translation and Description of the Action by Richard Jacques and Nicola Hayden.
37393: CLAIRE, MABEL. - Short Cut Cookery.
3809: CLAPP, HENRY AUSTIN - Reminscences of a Dramatic Critic; with an Essay on the Art of Henry Irving
19429: CLARK, ROBERT JUDSON; EDITOR - The Arts and Crafts Movement in America 1876-1916: An Exhibition Organized by the Art Museum, Princeton University and the Art Institute of Chicago. With Texts by the Editor and Martin Eidelberg, David A. Hanks, Susan Otis Thompson and Others
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22476: CLARK, WALTER VAN TILBURG. - The Track of the Cat: A Novel.
96701: (CLARK, ALAN M.). WILSON, F. PAUL. - The Christmas Thingy. [Signed Limited Edition].
27228: (CLARK, KENNETH S.). BURT, M. STRUTHERS - The Man from Where: A Musical Comedy. As Presented by the Princeton Triangle Club. Book by M. Struthers Burt. Score by Kenneth S. Clark
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36381: CLARK, RONALD W. - The Survival of Charles Darwin: A Biography of a Man and an Idea.
22719: (CLARK, EMMA). WATSON, ELIZABETH C - The Metropolitan Mother Goose
96396: (CLARKE, CAMPBELL). SKOUZES, ALEXANDROS. (1853-1937). GREEK POLITICIAN WHO SERVED SEVERAL TIMES AS MINISTER FOR FOREIGN AFFAIRS OF THE KINGDOM OF GREECE. - A Partially Printed Document Signed by Minister for Foreign Affairs Alexandros Skouzes Conferring, on Behalf of the King, the Cross of the Commander of the Royal Order of the Redeemer on British Journalist Campbell Clarke.
36871: (ROGERS, BRUCE; LESLIE, ROBERT L.). CLARKE, BERT; ET AL. - Two Views of the Mountain: Gift Book for Bruce Rogers on His 85th Birthday. Together with Robert L. Leslie's Place Card at the May 14, 1955 Luncheon Marking This Event.
3673: CLARY, MARTIN - Mid-Manhattan: That Section of the Greater City of New York between Washington Square and Central Park and the East and North Rivers in the Borough of Manhattan
1476: CLAUDEL, PAUL - L'Oeil Ecoute
7693: CLAUDEL, PAUL - I Believe in God: A Meditation on the Apostles' Creed. Edited by Agnes Du Sarment. Translated by Helen Weaver. Introduction by Henri de Lubac, S. J
24159: CLAUDEL, PAUL - The City: A Play by Paul Claudel
27140: (CLAUDEL, CAMILLE). PARIS, REINE-MARIE. - Camille: The Life of Camille Claudel, Rodin's Muse and Mistress.
36018: CLAUSEN, SVEN; MUNK, KAJ; ET AL. - Contemporary Danish Plays: An Anthology.
24003: (CLAVERIE, JEAN). WILDE, OSCAR. - The Happy Prince.
887: (CLAY, HENRY). SKINNER, H. B - The Clay Memorial; or the Domestic and Public Life of Henry Clay, with an Account of His Last Sickness--Death, and Funeral Obsequies
24027: (CLAY, HENRY). O'HANLON, JOHN R - Henry Clay: A Lecture, by John R. O'Hanlon
95964: (CLAY, HENRY). - Captive African Slaves: Letter from the Secretary of State, in Reply to a Resolution of the House of Representatives, of the 2d Instant, in Relation to Certain African Captives, Seized in the Harbor of Pensacola. March 10, 1826. Read, and Laid Upon the Table.
26527: (CLAYTON, PAUL) - Paul Clayton Sings Whaling and Sailing Songs from the Days of Moby Dick. Edited by Kenneth S. Goldenstein. Tlp 1005
94750: (CLEARWATER, WILLIAM M.). - Some Notes About the Coffee House: A Private Club.
29459: CLEARWATER, A. T., HON - Celebration of the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Incorporation of Kingston. High School Auditorium Kingston. March 29, 1872--April 2, 1922. [Together with a T.L. S. And the Original Mailing Envelope]
12388: CLEATOR, P. E - Archaeology in the Making
6867: CLEAVER, JAMES - A History of Graphic Art
5055: (CLELAND, T. M.). CLEMENCEAU, GEORGES - The Veil of Happiness: A Play in One Act Translated from the French of Georges Clemenceau. As Played for the First Time in English by the Beechwood Players at the Beechwood Theatre / Scarborough on Hudson, New York / June First & Second 1920
14574: (CLELAND, TOM). ECKMAN, JAMES - Week Ends with Tom Cleland
1090: CLEMEN, PAUL - Der Dom Zu Koln. In Verbinden Mit Heinrich Neu Und Fritz Witte
3893: CLEMENTS, ROBERT J - The Peregrine Muse: Studies in Comparative Renaissance Literature
5888: CLENDENING, LOGAN - The Romance of Medicine: Behind the Doctor. With Illustrations from Contemporary Sources, Portraits, Photographs and Original Drawings
24021: LE CLERE, PIERRE - Sa Vie Durant Dupont
96296: BEECHER, HENRY WARD. (1813-1887). AMERICAN CONGREGATIONALIST CLERGYMAN AND SOCIAL REFORMER. - Slip of Paper Signed by Congregationalist Clergyman and Social Reformer Henry Ward Beecher.
21175: CLERKE, THOMAS W - Rudiments of American Law and Practice, on the Plan of Blackstone; Prepared for the Use of Students at Law, and Adapted to Schools and Colleges
13088: CLIFFORD, MRS. W. K - A Flash of Summer: The Story of a Simple Woman's Life
25812: CLINCH, GEORGE - English Costume: From Prehistoric Times to the End of the Eighteenth Century
37331: (CLOKE, RENE). GREEN, ROGER LANCELYN. - The Sleeping Beauty and Other Tales. Retold by Roger Lancelyn Green.
29928: (CLOSE, CHUCK). KERTESS, KLAUS - Chuck Close: New Paintings
23870: (CLOSE, CHUCK). WESTERBECK, COLIN - Chuck Close: Up Close
23869: (CLOSE, CHUCK). FINCH, CHRISTOPHER - Chuck Close: Dot Drawings 1973 to 1975
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12327: (CLOVIO, GIORGIO GIULIO). GIONONI-VISANI, MARIA; GAMULIN, GRGO - Clovio: Miniaturist of the Renaissance
23157: (GROLIER CLUB) - Catalogue of Original and Early Editions of Some of the Poetical and Prose Works of English Writers from Wither to Prior. With Collations, Notes. 3 Volumes
96605: (THE CIRCUMNAVIGATORS' CLUB). - ["the Circumnavigators' Club Song", Printed on the Rear Cover of]: Circumnavigators' Club Twenty-Second Annual Dinner Meeting: Held in the South Gardens : Hotel Astor New York City U.S. A. December Eleven Nineteen Twenty-Four. (Program). [Together with 2 Different Copies of the Original Menu].
31520: CLYMER, JOHN. (1907-1989). AMERICAN ARTIST WHO CREATED 80 COVERS FOR THE SATURDAY EVENING POST - Typed Letter Signed to the Saturday Evening Post
96235: (THE LYDIA E. PINKHAM MEDICINE CO.). - How Phyllis Grew Thin.
96278: (F.G. CLARKE BLUE-STONE CO.) - 1891 F.G. Clarke Blue-Stone Co. : Oxford, Chenango Co. , N.Y. [an Original Promotional Trade Catalog & View Book Advertising the Firm].
37348: (EURAP PUBLISHING CO. ). - Continental Film Review. Vol. 20 No. 4.
23172: (GEROLD WUNDERLICH & CO.) - Lithography in America, 1825-1885. March 28-April 29, 1989. (Catalogue)
7170: (MENNO HERTZBERGER & CO.) - Sixty Two Incunabula. Catalogue No. 190
28718: (BRAINARD & ARMSTRONG CO.) - Directions for Crocheting "Four-in-Hand" Scarf and Other Articles. Presented by the Brainard & Armstrong Co
95514: (THE MARIETTA CHAIR CO.). - The Marietta Chair Company Tables". An Original Broadsheet Folder Illustrating the Marietta Chair Company's Line of Tables.
26538: (DOMINION TOBACCO CO.) - 30 "Products of the World" Cigarette Cards
27733: (VAL DONA DRUG CO.) - Vintage 1919 Pharmaceutical Company Advertising Brochure. : "the Val Dona Drug Co. , Chicago, ILL.
30881: (NEW ORLEANS NEWS CO.) - New Orleans. America's Most Interesting City. (Cover Title)
95124: (C.G. HENDERSON & CO.). - Frank and Maja's Stories and Rhymes, for the Amusement and Instruction of Good Children. With Numerous Illustrations Form New Drawings. [an Alphabet Book].
96340: (M. HEMINWAY & SONS SILK CO.). - Directions for Knitting and Crochet with M. Heminway & Sons' Knitting Silk, Together with Engraved Patterns.
96753: (JACKSON & PERKINS CO.). - The Parade of Modern Roses and Perennials. Fall 1947 Jackson & Perkins Co. Catalog Introducing the "Diamond Jubilee" Rose.
29258: B. ALTMAN & CO - B. Altman & Co. Fall and Winter Catalog. Number One Hundred Eight. 1913-14,
96419: (H.L. HURST MANUFACTURING CO.). - Hurst Spraying Machines. Catalogue No. 11.
95128: THE TRUMBULL ELECTRIC MFG CO. - Trumbullist July 1938: Electrical Control Apparatus.
37347: (EURAP PUBLISHING CO.). - Continental Film Review. Vol. 20 No. 6.
22233: (PLATT & MUNK CO.) - Prattles for Our Boys and Girls
96277: (F.G. CLARKE BLUE-STONE CO.) - 1891 F.G. Clarke Blue-Stone Co. : Oxford, Chenango Co. , N.Y. [an Original Promotional Trade Catalog & View Book Advertising the Firm].
22996: (NEW HOME SEWING MACHINE CO.) - [Running Title]: Do You Want a Sewing Machine? We Feel Assured If You Do That You Can Make a Selection from This List... . " [an Original Foldout Advertisement Brochure for the New Home Sewing Machine Co. ]
28350: (THE NOVITA CO.) - Key to Health. Devoted to the Better Instruction of Women Concerning Their Physical Being, Needs, Diseases and How Successfully Treated with a Wonderful Discovery for Woman's Afflictions
34218: (WILLIAM WOOD & CO.). - The Tent in the Garden.
36662: (BROOKLYN MAJESTIC THEATRE CO.). - Morris Rose Presents Charles Cherry and June Walker in Scandal / a Play in Three Acts by Cosmo Hamilton. Week Beginning Monday Evening September 20, 1920. The Majestic / the Brooklyn Majestic Theatre Co. (Program).
96752: (CINCINNATI IRON FENCE CO., INC.). - Ornamental Iron Work: Iron Fence and Gates.
32302: (B. ALTMAN & CO.) - Guide to Collectors: Marks of Antique Silver, Sheffield Plate, Old China, &C. [Cover Title]
33845: (T. ELLWOOD ZELL & CO.). - The Good Orphan Boy: And Other Stories. For the Entertainment and Instruction of the Young.
37629: AUTHORS INTERNATIONAL PUBLISHING CO. - Who's Who Today in the Musical World: A Biographical and Pictorial Record of Musicians of Today. Compiled in 1936-7.
96972: (HENRY A. YOUNG & CO.). - Frank's Pet Rooster.
37346: (EURAP PUBLISHING CO). - Continental Film Review. Vol. 20 No. 5.
12072: COATES, ROBERT M - South of Rome: A Spring and Summer in Southern Italy and Sicily
16382: (COBURN, C.R.; SUPERINTENDENT) - Report of the Superintendent of Common Schools of Pennsylvania. For the Year Ending June 4,1863
36218: SOCIETY OF THE COCHLEAUREATI. - Presentation of the Wooden Spoon. (Program).
96516: COCKBURN, SIR ALEXANDER; 12TH BARONET OF LANGTON (1802-1880). LORD CHIEF JUSTICE OF THE QUEEN'S BENCH. - Autograph Close of a Letter Signed by the Lord Chief Justice of the Queen's Bench Sir Alexander Cockburn, 12th Baronet of Langton.
17375: COCKLE, MAURICE J. D - A Bibliography of Military Books Up to 1642. With an Introduction by Sir Charles Oman
3303: COCROFT, THODA - Great Names and How They Are Made
2257: COCTEAU, JEAN - Two Screenplays: The Blood of a Poet / the Testament of Orpheus. Translated from the French by Carol Martin-Sperry
11069: COCTEAU, JEAN - Entre Picasso Et Radiguet. Textes Reunis Et Presentes Par Andre Fermigier
24341: COCTEAU, JEAN; SCHMIDT, GEORG; STECK, HANS; BADER, ALFRED - Petits Maitres de la Folie
28460: COCTEAU, JEAN - Le Sang D'Un Poete
25803: COCTEAU, JEAN - Photograph of Jean Cocteau on the Set of One of His Films
4545: CODELL, ESME RAJI - Educating Esme: Diary of a Teacher's First Year
4838: CODERE, HELEN - Fighting with Property: A Study of Kwakiutl Potlatching and Warfare 1792-1930. With Tribal and Linguistic Map of Vancouver Island and Adjacent Territory Drawn and Compiled by Vincent Kotschar
5501: COE, MICHAEL D - The Maya
11215: COE, MICHAEL D - Mexico
27094: COETZEE, J. M - Waiting for the Barbarians
11885: COFFIN, ROBERT P. TRISTRAM - The Collected Poems of Robert P. Tristram Coffin
14092: (COGGESHALL, HOWARD). PATER, ERRA - How a Person May Know Under Which of the Twelve Signs They Are Born. Faithfully Reprinted As It Appears in the Book of Knowledge / "Wisdom of the Ancients, Written by Erra Pater, a Jew, Doctor in Astronomy and Physic, Born in Bethany, Near Mount Olivet, in Judea. Made English by W. Lilly, Student in Physic and Astrology.
26385: (BREITENBACH EDGAR; COGSWELL, MARGARET; BACKLUND, CAROLINE H.) - The American Poster: An Exhibition Prepared by the American Federation of Arts Under a Grant Received from the Old Dominion Foundation. Selected by Margaret Cogswell, National Collection of Fine Arts, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C. Circulated July, 1967-1969. (Catalogue)
34952: COGSWELL, REV. WILLIAM, D.D. - The New Hampshire Repository: Devoted to Education, Literature and Religion. Vol. II. No. 1. October 1846. (Cover Title).
4749: COHEN, RONALD - The Kanuri of Bornu
9510: COHEN, JOAN LEBOLD; AND COHEN, JEROME ALAN - China Today / and Her Ancient Treasures
29149: COHEN, DANIEL - The Tomb Robbers
31021: (CALMELS COHEN) - Arts Primitifs / Archeologie. (Cover Title)
28904: COKE, VAN DEREN; AND DU PONT, DIANA C - Photography: A Facet of Modernism. Photographs from the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
29821: COLE, F. J - A History of Comparative Anatomy from Aristotle to the Eighteenth Century
33256: COLEMAN, MARION MOORE; EDITOR - The Wayside Willow
35453: (COLEMAN, GLENN O.). GLASSGOLD, C. ADOLPH. - Glenn O. Coleman.
6606: (COLERIDGE, SAMUEL TAYLOR). WISE, THOMAS J - A Bibliography of the Writings in Prose and Verse of Samuel Taylor Coleridge
95508: SILVER, ROLLO G. (1909-1989). A NOTED BOSTON BOOK COLLECTOR AND A SCHOLAR OF U.S. PRINTING, TYPOGRAPHY AND BIBLIOGRAPHICAL STUDIES OF RARE BOOKS. - Fridolf Johnson Book Label Signed by Noted Book Collector, Author, and Editor of Whitman's Letters Rollo G. Silver.
5714: (VASSAR COLLEGE) - Vassar: A Brief Account of the History, Ideals, Purposes and Life of Vassar College
23251: (HARVARD COLLEGE) - The Rules and by-Laws of the Board of Overseers of Harvard College. To Which Is Appended the College Charter, with Sundry Acts and Instruments Relating to the Powers and Duties of the Overseers
25839: (DARTHMOUTH COLLEGE) - Catalogus Senatus Academici, Et Omnium Alicujus Gradus Laurea Exornatorum, in Collegio Dartmuthensi, Hanoverae, in Republica Neo-Hantoniensi
96292: (VASSAR COLLEGE). - Historical Sketch of Vassar College. Founded at Poughkeepsie, N.Y. , January 18, 1861. Prepared in Compliance with an Invitation from the Commissions of the Bureau of Education, Representing the Department of the Interior in Matters Relating to the National Centennial of 1876.
4874: COLLINS, HENRY B., JR.; CLARK, AUSTIN H.; WALKER, EGBERT H - The Aleutian Islands: Their People and Natural History (with Keys for the Identification of the Birds and Plants)
6058: COLLINS, FRANK D - Popular Sports: Their Origin and Development
11599: COLLINS, WILLIAM - Odes on Several Descriptive and Allegoric Subjects. (Facsimile)
15728: COLLINS, WILKIE - Armadale. A Novel. By Wilkie Collins. With Illustrations
36101: (COLLINS, JOHN F.). (CAREY, MARTY; PROJECT DIRECTOR). - John F. Collins: Master Photographer. (Photographs 1904-1946). Photofind Gallery, New York / December 2, 1987-January 9, 1988 / Catalogue 7/8.
13560: COLOMBO, SILVANO; COTTINI, PAOLO; GALLI, ALBERTINA - Varese: Ambiente Ed Arte Nella Provincia Di Varese
23358: COLOMBO, CESARE - IL Viaggio Dell'Industria Italiana
23969: COLOMBO, CESARE; CHIARA, PIERO - Italia: Cento Anni Di Fotografia
5518: (THE COLOPHON) - The Annual of Book-Making
31474: SEIDENBAUM, ART (D.1990) LOS ANGELES COLUMNIST AND EDITOR - A 4-Page Typed Manuscript Proposal Signed by Art Seidenbaum, for an Article on the Extortion of Gays by Criminals & by the Police
36881: BAKER, RUSSELL (B.1925). AMERICAN SATIRICAL WRITER, NEW YORK TIMES COLUMNIST AND PULITZER PRIZE WINNING AUTHOR FOR "GROWING UP". - Typed Letter Signed by Russell Baker, to Jean Dalrymple, Probably Referring to One of His Columns.
34948: COLVER, NATHANIEL; DAVIS, JONATHAN. - Debate on Slavery. (in the Journal of the American Baptist Anti-Slavery Convention, Vol. 1, No. 3).
28330: [COLWELL, STEPHEN] - The South: A Letter from a Friend in the North / with Special Reference to the Effects of Disunion Upon Slavery
2256: (COMENCINI, LUIGI). TRIONFERA, CLAUDIO - Luigi Comencini. Filmography by Franco Mariotti
36912: STRAUS, OSCAR (1850-1926). U.S. SECRETARY OF COMMERCE AND LABOR UNDER PRESIDENT THEODORE ROOSEVELT, STRAUS WAS THE FIRST JEWISH CABINET SECRETARY. - Autograph Letter Signed by Theodore Roosevelt's Former Secretary of Commerce and Labor Oscar Straus Who Had the Distinction of Being the First Jewish Cabinet Secretary, in Reply to James B. Pond's Invitation to Join His Reception Committee for Maeterlinck's First American Lecture.
36913: STRAUS, OSCAR (1850-1926). U.S. SECRETARY OF COMMERCE AND LABOR UNDER PRESIDENT THEODORE ROOSEVELT, STRAUS WAS THE FIRST JEWISH CABINET SECRETARY. - Autograph Letter Signed by Theodore Roosevelt's Former Secretary of Commerce and Labor Oscar Straus Who Had the Distinction of Being the First Jewish Cabinet Secretary, Asking James B. Pond Details As to When to Assemble in the Green Room As Part of the Reception Committee for Maeterlinck's First American Lecture.
36602: NEW YORK [STATE] HUDSON RIVER VALLEY COMMISSION. - An Environmental Approach to Identifying Significant Sites in the Hudson River Valley.
15029: COMMON, JACK; PLOWMAN, DOROTHY; HAMILTON, ROBERT; ET AL. PLOWMAN, MAX; EDITOR - The Adelphi. April, 1941. Vol. 17. No. 7. (Cover Title)
96907: COMO, PERRY (1912-2001); AND BLAINE, VIVIAN (1921-1985). - A Vintage Publicity Photograph of Crooner Perry Como Performing "Red Hot and Beautiful" Together with Actress Vivian Blaine and a Line of Chorus Girls Attired in White Sleeveless Gowns with Heart-Shaped Hats in a Scene from 20th Century-Fox's "Doll Face".
14101: COMOLLI, JEAN-LOUIS; BONITZER, PASCAL; BERGALA, ALAIN; ET AL; EDITORS - Cahiers Du Cinema 285. Fevrier 1978
14748: COMOLLI, JEAN-LOUIS; BONITZER, PASCAL; DANEY, SERGE; ET AL; EDITORS - Cahiers Du Cinema. No. 266-267, Mai 1976
14749: COMOLLI, JEAN-LOUIS; BONITZER, PASCAL; DANEY, SERGE; ET AL; EDITORS - Cahiers Du Cinema. No. 270, Septembre-Octobre 1976
96320: (AMERICAN RADIATOR COMPANY). - Ideal Heating.
96773: (MORGAN COMPANY). - The Hand Book of Early American and Colonial Woodwork. Reproductions and Adaptations of Unusual Interest. The Products of Craftsmen... . Woodwork Designers, Carvers and Other Artisans of Rare Skill and Ability. A Guide for the Builder... . Who Seeks the Very Utmost in Architectural Charm for His Dwelling.
30055: (ASAHI SHIMBUN PUBLISHING COMPANY) - [Japanese Art Book Depicting Buddhist Art on Fabric & Examples of Thanka]
33535: (WEYERHAEUSER COMPANY) - The Cougar Project Brought to You by Weyehaeuser: 2003 Test Format. (Cover Title)
32036: (A.M. BYERS COMPANY) - Ice Skating Rinks - Their Construction and Maintenance. Report of a Study Made by Engineering Service Department, A.M. Byers Company, Ambridge, Pennsylvania
22514: (STRATHMORE PAPER COMPANY) - Strathmore Rhododendron. (Sample Book). (Cover Title)
96771: (WALCOTT LATHE COMPANY). - The No. 10 Jackson Duplex Typeless Die Sinker Machine: A Machine Tool Embodying Features of Construction, Control and Operation Which Set a Standard of Accuracy, Convenience and Economy.
22370: (AMERICAN SEATING COMPANY) - School Furniture. No. 264-2. (Cover Title). (Catalog)
6478: (M. KNOEDLER & COMPANY) - Sixty Masterpieces of Engraving and Etching. (Catalogue)
6479: (M. KNOEDLER & COMPANY) - Catalogue of the Ninth Annual Exhibition of Engravings and Woodcuts of the XV and XVI Centuries. February, 1934
6539: (ROSENBACH COMPANY) - English Plays to 1700 Including an Unique Shakespeare Collection. (Catalogue)
6931: (ROSENBACH COMPANY) - English Poetry to 1700. (Catalogue)
7236: (ROSENBACH COMPANY) - The History of America in Documents: Original Autograph Letters, Manuscripts and Source Materials. Part I: The Period of Discovery to the Battle of Yorktown. (Catalogue)
32088: RISING PAPER COMPANY. - Rising Maureen Deckledge.
27774: (CAXTON PUBLISHING COMPANY) - Catalogue of New and Standard Books
29456: (SAMUEL GABRIEL SONS & COMPANY) - Cheerful Chicks. (Cover Title)
29455: (SAMUEL GABRIEL SONS & COMPANY) - Chickies. (Cover Title)
22894: (DIXON COMPANY) - The Skyscraper
94931: BURLEIGH, GEORGE WILLIAM (1870-1940). DIRECTOR OF THE LACKAWANNA STEEL COMPANY AND COLONEL IN THE NEW YORK NATIONAL GUARD WHO COMMANDED THE NINTH COAST DEFENSE. - Typed Letter Signed by the Director of the Lackawanna Steel Company George William Burleigh Regretting That He Won't Be Able to Serve on the Honorary Reception Committee for Maurice Maeterlinck.
36840: (LAWRENCE M. STEIN COMPANY). - Catalog of Time, Money and Labor Saving Equipment: Sewing Machines, Cutting Machines, Pressing Machines.
22234: (DUTTON & COMPANY) - Tip-Top Pictures and Stories
26024: (JOHN A. ROEBLING'S SONS COMPANY) - Wire in Electrical Construction
96823: (ALASKA SLEEPING BAG COMPANY). - Alaska Sleeping Bag Company: Outfitters to Active Outdoorsmen for over 25 Years. (Catalog).
96859: (THE BASSICK COMPANY). - Bassick Casters. Catalog No. 117.
27080: (DOMTAR SPECIALTY FINE PAPER COMPANY) - The New Femininity: Mademoiselle Magazine
24518: (UNGERER & COMPANY) - Ungerer & Company Celebrates Its 100th Anniversary 1893-1993
95816: (MERRIMACK MANUFACTURING COMPANY). - Sheercord: The Aristocrat of Corduroys. Tub Fast Colors. Quality 28.
19332: [NATIONAL NEWARK & ESSEX BANKING COMPANY] - Directory of Newark, for 1835-6. With an Historical Sketch. (Facsimile)
26824: (THE BABCOCK & WILCOX COMPANY) - The Stirling Water-Tube Boiler
95896: (CHIMANIAL PAPER COMPANY). - India 72": An Illustrated Astrological Desktop Calendar for the Year 1972 Designed & Produced As a Paper Sample Book by Bombay's Chimanial Paper Company.
879: SCHADT, JORG; COMPILER AND EDITOR - Alles Fur Das Volk / Alles Durch Das Volk: Dokumente Zur Demokratischen Bewegung in Mannheim 1848-1948
2022: (HYMAN, NAT; COMPILER AND EDITOR) - Eyes of the War: A Photographic Report of World War II. 612 Authentic Battle Photos from Dec. 7, 1941 to V-E Day, May 8, 1945. America's Fighting Forces on All War Fronts. (Cover Title)
2460: WILSON, ARTHUR; COMPILER AND EDITOR - The Warner Bros. Golden Anniversary Book. With a Critical Essay by Arthur Knight. Introduction by Willard Van Dyke
4343: BURGE, C. G.; COMPILER AND EDITOR - Encyclopaedia of Aviation Compiled and Edited by Squadron-Leader C.G. Burge
5396: (LOTH, LESLIE L.). GRONINGER, ALMA; COMPILER AND EDITOR - The Infiniteness of Great Artistry. Introduction by William Haeseler, Jr
6137: REED, WALT; COMPILER AND EDITOR - The Illustrator in America 1900-1960's
6882: GARDINER, S. T.; COMPILER AND EDITOR - The Poet's Yearbook 1976
7058: (DA BOLL, RAYMOND). CUSICK, RICK; COMPILER AND EDITOR - With Respect... To Rfd: An Appreciation of Raymond Franklin Da Boll and His Contribution to the Letter Arts
7076: STAMMHAMMER, JOSEF; COMPILER AND EDITOR - Bibliographie Der Finanzwissenschaft
7142: FARMER, JOHN S.; COMPILER AND EDITOR - Vocabula Amatoria: A French-English Glossary of Words, Phrases, and Allusions Occurring in the Works of Rabelais, Voltaire, Moliere, Rousseau, Beranger, Zola, and Others, with English Equivalents and Synonyms. Introduction by Lee Revens
7146: (BROADSIDE PRESS). BAILEY, LEAONEAD PACK; COMPILER AND EDITOR - Broadside Authors and Artists: An Illustrated Biographical Directory
34316: CAIRNS, HUNTINGTON; COMPILER AND EDITOR. - The Limits of Art: Poetry and Prose Chosen by Ancient and Modern Critics.
13363: HILL, G. F.; COMPILER AND EDITOR. - Sources for Greek History / between the Persian and Peloponnesian Wars. Collected and Arranged by G.F. Hill. A New Edition by R. Meiggs and A. Andrewes.
13908: JOHNSON, E.A.; COMPILER AND PUBLISHER - Selections for Autograph Albums Published by E.A. Johnson, East Pepperell, Mass. (Cover Title)
27574: (DAVIES, PETER MAXWELL). ARNOLD, JUDY; COMPILER AND EDITOR - Peter Maxwell Davies: The Complete Catalogue of Published Works
29512: (BACON, ROGER). LITTLE, A. G.; COMPILER AND EDITOR - Roger Bacon Essays / Contributed by Various Writers on the Occasion of the Commemoration of the Seventh Centenary of His Birth
94639: CANICK, MICHAEL; COMPILER AND ANNOTATOR. - A Price Guide to Magic Books: 1639-1990.
24755: SAKHAROV, ANDREI; BONNER, YELENA. TRIANTOPOULOS, LYDIA C.; COMPILER AND EDITOR - Voices of Freedom: Published by Simon Wiesenthal Center in Honor of 1984 Simon Wiesenthal Humanitarian Laureates Dr. Andrei Sakharov and Yelena Bonner
33353: PROSKAUER, JULIEN J.; COMPILER AND EDITOR - What'LL You Have? a Not Too Dry Text Book About Cocktails / Almost 200 of Them --and What to Serve with Them. Wines, Liqueurs, Cordials: How, When and Where to Serve Them
26305: STINGL, ALFRED; STROBL, HELMUT; BREICHA, OTTO. MARUSCHKO, RENATE; COMPILER AND EDITOR - Alles in Allem: 20 Jahre Ausstellungen IM Kulturhaus Der Stadt Graz
34622: (MAHLER, GUSTAV). BLAUKOPF, KURT; COMPILER AND EDITOR. - Mahler: A Documentary Study.
31955: HULLAH, JOHN PYKE. (1812-1884). ENGLISH COMPOSER AND MUSIC TEACHER. - Autograph Letter Signed by English Composer and Music Teacher John Pyke Hullah.
33701: HUTCHESON, ERNEST. [1871-1951]. AUSTRALIAN COMPOSER AND CONCERT PIANIST. - Original Photograph of Composer and Concert Pianist Ernest Hutcheson.
33911: NOVELLO, VINCENT. (1781-1861). COMPOSER AND FOUNDER OF THE PUBLISHING FIRM NOVELLO & CO. - Signed Close of a Letter from Music Publisher Vincent Novello to Pianist/Composer Ann Mounsey (or Her Sister).
34602: WAGNER, JOSEF. (1909-1947). GERMAN-BORN COMPOSER AND PIANIST. - Program Signed by German-Born Pianist and Composer Josef Wagner.
25332: (GENTHE, ARNOLD). PADEREWSKI, IGNACE JAN (1860-1941). GREAT POLISH CONCERT PIANIST & COMPOSER AND FIRST PREMIER OF THE POLISH REPUBLIC. - Typed Letter Signed by Paderewski, with Superb Content, Framed Together with an Original Photograph of the Actress Margaret Anglin Signed by Arnold Genthe.
96561: RUDERSDORFF [MANSFIELD], HERMINE "ERMINIA" (1822-1882). COMPOSER AND OPERA SOPRANO. - Autograph Sentiment Signed by the Ukrainian Soprano and Composer Erminia Rudersdorff.
95291: (CONANT, MRS. J.H.). PUTNAM, ALLEN. - Flashes of Light from the Spirit-Land, Through the Mediumship of Mrs. J.H. Conant. Compiled by Allen Putnam.
96515: LEMMENS-SHERRINGTON, HELEN (1834-1906). ENGLISH CONCERT AND OPERATIC SOPRANO. - Autograph Note Signed by the English Soprano Helen Lemmens-Sherrington, Responding to a Request for Her Autograph.
94904: CONDEN, CORRINE. SWIMMING CHAMPION WHO, AT THE AGE OF 14, BROKE A WORLD'S RECORD WINNING THE NATIONAL A.A.U. JUNIOR 50 YARD FREESTYLE SWIM. - A Vintage Magazine Photographic Portrait of the Young Swimming Champion Corrine Condon, Who Broke the World's Record by Winning the National A.A. U. Junior 50 Yard Freestyle Swim in 28 Seconds at the Age of 14.
95467: SEREBRIER, JOSE. (B. 1938). URUGUAYAN CONDUCTOR AND COMPOSER, ONE OF THE MOST RECORDED CONDUCTORS OF HIS GENERATION. - Autograph New Year's Greeting to City Center Producer Jean Dalrymple on an Index Card Signed by Uruguayan Conductor and Composer Jose Serebrier with a Bar of Music Penned Above His Name.
96424: SEREBRIER, JOSE. (B. 1938). URUGUAYAN CONDUCTOR AND COMPOSER, ONE OF THE MOST RECORDED CONDUCTORS OF HIS GENERATION. - Typed Letter Signed by Uruguayan Conductor and Composer Jose Serebrier to His Friend City Center Producer Jean Dalrymple About Concerts He Has Been Invited to Conduct with the American Symphony Orchestra and a Forthcoming Feature Article About Him.
25353: REINER, FRITZ (1888-1963). HUNGARIAN-BORN AMERICAN CLASSICAL MUSIC CONDUCTOR AND AMATEUR PHOTOGRAPHER. - Gastanks": An Original Signed Photograph by Fritz Reiner the Celebrated Conductor and Amateur Photographer.
25489: BALES, RICHARD. (B. 1915). AMERICAN CONDUCTOR AND COMPOSER. HE ARRANGED THE POPULAR COLLECTION OF SOUTHERN SONGS, "THE CONFEDERACY". - Autograph Musical Quotation Signed by Richard Bales American Conductor and Composer. He Arranged the Popular Collection of Southern Songs, "the Confederacy".
23230: (PAN-AMERICAN CONFERENCE) - International American Conference. Reports of Committees and Discussions Thereon. (4 Volumes)
10262: CONGDON, KIRBY - Drawing. Music. Poem
94866: COX, SAMUEL S. (1824-1889). AMERICAN CONGRESSMAN AND DIPLOMAT. - Autograph Letter Signed by American Congressman and Diplomat Samuel S. "Sunset" Cox.

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