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36154: FIELD, EUGENE. - Eugene Field's Bookplate.
36027: FIELD, HENRY M. - The Greek Islands and Turkey After the War.
27643: FIELD, HENRY M - [Journey Round the World].I. From the Lakes to Killarney to the Golden Horn. II. From Egypt to Japan. (2 Volumes)
34324: FIELDING, HENRY. - The Genius of Henry Fielding (with Selections from His Works) Introduction and Notes by Henry H. Harper.
8634: (FIELDS, W. C.) ANOBILE, RICHARD J.; EDITOR - A Flask of Fields: Verbal and Visual Gems from the Films of W.C. Fields. Introduction by Judith Crist
33331: FIELDS, JOSEPH; CHODOROV, JEROME; COMDEN, BETTY; GREEN, ADOLPH - Wonderful Town: A New Musical Comedy
20975: FIERET, GERARD PETRUS - Gerard Petrus Fieret: Photographs. Exhibition on View February 24-May 19, 2007. Deborah Bell Photographs
203: FIERO, WINIFRED WARDLE - Attic Odyssey: Letters Tell a Tale or Two (Letters from 1854 to the 1900's)
6158: DI SAN FILIPPO, PIETRO AMAT - Biografia Del Viaggiatori Italiani. Colla Bibliografia Delle Loro Opere. 3 Volumes in 1
33091: SUSSKIND, DAVID. (1920-1987). STAGE, FILM AND TELEVISION PRODUCER AND TV TALK SHOW HOST. - Two Typed Letters to the Saturday Evening Post Signed by Tv Talk Show Host David Susskind.
32118: RING, BLANCHE. (1871-1961). SILENT FILM AND STAGE ACTRESS. - Actors' Equity Document Signed by Silent Film and Stage Actress Blanche Ring.
36352: KAZAN, ELIA. (1909-2003). FILM AND STAGE DIRECTOR AND WRITER. - Typed Letter to City Center Producer Jean Dalrymple Signed "Gadg" by Film and Stage Director Elia Kazan.
96546: SONTAG, SUSAN (1933-2004) AMERICAN AUTHOR, FILMMAKER AND POLITICAL ACTIVIST. - Autograph, a Slip of Paper Signed by the Author Susan Sontag, with Her Address.
36903: BELMONT, AUGUST JR. (1853-1924). AMERICAN FINANCIER AND THOROUGHBRED RACEHORSE OWNER WHO FINANCED CONSTRUCTION OF THE ORIGINAL NY SUBWAY, THE CAPE COD CANAL, AND BUILT NEW YORK'S BELMONT PARK RACETRACK. - Typed Letter Signed by August Belmont, Jr. , the American Financier Who Funded the Construction of the New York Subway and Belmont Park Racetrack, in Reply to an Invitation by James B. Pond to Join His Reception Committee for Maeterlinck's First American Lecture.
34667: AMES, OLIVER. (1831-1895). AMERICAN BUSINESSMAN, FINANCIER AND POLITICIAN. 35TH GOVERNOR OF MASSACHUSETTS (1887-1890). - Autograph Letter Signed by Massachusetts Governor Oliver Ames.
94751: (FINCH, HON. EDWARD R.). - The Saint Nicholas Society of the City of New York: An Hundred Year Record 1835 -- 1935.
12210: FINCH, WILLIAM - The New Deal in a Nut Shell. (Cover Title)
26690: FINCH, CHRISTOPHER - Special Effects: Creating Movie Magic
94886: FINCH, PETER; EDITOR. - Typewriter Poems.
14591: FINCK, HENRY T - Primitive Love and Love-Stories
21888: (FINER, PETER). - In Armis Ars". Peter Finer, the Old Rectory, Ilmington, Shipston-on-Stour, Warwickshire... . (Peter Finer's Arms and Armor Sales Catalog).
2815: FINLAYSON, JOHN; EDITOR - Morte Arthure
15825: (FINLAYSON, GRAHAM). TUOHY, FRANK - Portugal. Introduction and Notes on the Plates by Frank Tuohy. Photographs by Graham Finlayson
11575: FINLEY, MARTHA. - Elsie on the Hudson and Elsewhere.
30600: FINOTTI, JOSEPH M - Bibliographia Catholica Americana: A List of Works Written by Catholic Authors, and Published in the United Works
31924: FIRBANK, RONALD - Prancing Nigger
6686: (FIRBANK, RONALD). BENKOVITZ, MIRIAM J - A Bibliography of Ronald Firbank
28180: FISCHER, BRUNO - The Restless Hands
35312: (FISCHER, RICARDA; MORRIS, MICHAEL; PEEK, JOACHIM; TRASOV, VINCENT; YO, YANA). - Berliner Aufzeichnungen/Berlin Notes. (Catalogue).
7090: FISCHERSTROM, IWAN W - Bokens Konstnarer: Tolv Svenska Bokillustratorer
15368: (FISCHL, ERIC). KINCAID, JAMAICA - Annie, Gwen, Lilly, Pam and Tulip
22358: (FISCHL, ERIC). SCHJELDAHL, PETER - Eric Fischl
27916: FISCHL, ERIC; WOLFE, GEORGE C.; KIAROSTAMI, ABBAS; DORFMAN, ARIEL; DANTICAT, EDWIGE; ADNAN, ETEL; ET AL - Bomb: Artists, Writers, Actors, Directors, Musicians. Winter 1994/95. No. L
33453: FISH, WILLISTON - A Last Will
30542: FISHER, ED - Ed Fisher's First Folio
34420: FISHER, ISOBEL HUME. - The Pursuit and Other Poems.
36484: FISHER, JOHN S. (1867-1940). AMERICAN POLITICIAN WHO SERVED AS THE 29TH GOVERNOR OF PENNSYLVANIA FROM 1927 TO 1931. - Signature on a Card with the Governor's Seal.
34817: FISHER, CHARLES. (1816-1891). ANGLO-AMERICAN COMEDIAN. - Autograph Sentiment Signed by Anglo-American Comedian Charles Fisher.
17015: FISK, ISAAC - An Eulogy on Mr. Samuel Smith Adams, Member of the Senior Class of Brown University, Who Died February 6th, 1812, Aetat. 22 Years. Pronounced in the University Chapel April 18, 1812, by Isaac Fisk, Classmate of the Deceased. Published at the Request of the Senior Class
30155: FISKE, JOHN - New France and New England. Large Paper Edition
35156: FISKER, JORGEN; EDITOR. - Narssak: Igaliko, K'Agssiarssuk, Narssarssuak.
35207: FISKER, JORGEN; EDITOR. - Pamiut Frederikshab: Narssalik Avigait Arsuk.
35129: FISKER, JORGEN; EGEDE, NIELS; OSTERMANN, HOTHER; ET AL. - Ilulissat Jakobshavn: Rodebay, Qeqertaq, Sarqaq.
35209: FISKER, JORGEN; EDITOR. - Nanortalik: Nunap Isuata Erqa. Kap Farvel-Landet.
2611: FITCH, CLYDE - The Smart Set: Correspondence & Conversations
17883: FITCH, CLYDE - The Truth: A Play in Four Acts
21227: FITOUSSI, BRIGITTE - Objets Affectifs: Le Nouveau Design de la Table
2283: FITZGERALD, MICHAEL E - Universal Pictures: A Panoramic History in Words, Pictures, and Filmographies
5211: FITZGERALD, WALTER - Africa: A Social, Economic and Political Geography of Its Major Regions
6622: (FITZGERALD, EDWARD). PRIDEAUX, COLONEL W. F - Notes for a Bibliography of Edward Fitzgerald
13067: FITZGERALD, F. SCOTT - The Cut-Glass Bowl. A Story. (in Scribner's Magazine. Volume LXVII No. 5. May 1920)
22258: FITZGERALD, F. SCOTT - Love in the Night
18152: FITZGERALD, EDWARD. (1809-1883) - Letters of Edward Fitzgerald to Fanny Kemble 1871-1883. Edited by William Aldis Wright
94740: FITZGERALD, F. SCOTT. - The Stories of F. Scott Fitzgerald.
23657: (FITZGERALD, AUGUSTINE). FITZGERALD, SYBIL - In the Track of the Moors. Sketches in Spain and Northern Africa by Sybil Fitzgerald. With 63 Illustrations in Colour and Many Drawings in the Text by Augustine Fitzgerald
30108: (FITZGERALD, VINCENT). WILSON, MARTHA; HAEUSGEN, URSULA; GARVEY, ELEANOR; STEIN, DONNA - A Catalogue Raisonne of the First 26 Books Published by Vincent Fitzgerald and Company from 1981-1992
25243: (FITZGERALD, F. SCOTT). TATE, MARY JO - F. Scott Fitzgerald a to Z: The Essential Reference Work to His Life and Work
37427: FITZMAURICE, JAMES (1898-1965). IRISH AVIATION PIONEER WHO FLEW AS PART OF THE CREW OF THE BREMEN ON THE FIRST SUCCESSFUL TRANS-ATLANTIC FLIGHT FROM EAST TO WEST. - A Vintage Magazine Photographic Illustration of the Irish Aviator Pioneer James Fitzmaurice, Who Flew on the First East to West Trans-Atlantic Flight, Shaking the Hand of American Aviator Floyd Bennett, Byrd's Pilot During His Expedition to the North Pole Who Also Flew the Relief Mission to the Bremen Aviators.
15187: FJELDE, ROLF; IBSEN, HENRIK; ESSLIN, MARTIN; SARRIS, ANDREW; SPRINCHORN, EVERT; LAHR, JOHN; ET AL. (SCHECHNER, RICHARD; EDITOR) - The Drama Review. Volume 13 Number 2 (T-42) Winter 1968. (Naturalism Revisited)
17361: FLAGG, CHARLES A.; AND JENNINGS, JUDSON T - Bibliography of New York Colonial History
29708: O'FLAHERTY, LIAM - The Wilderness
95779: FLAHERTY, FRANCES HUBBARD. - The Odyssey of a Film-Maker: Robert Flaherty's Story.
15864: FLAMBERT, RICHARD - The Second "a Cook's Tour
31205: FLAMMARION, CAMILLE - The Flammarion Book of Astronomy: An Entirely New Edition of the Original Work of Camille Flammarion Prepared Under the Directrion of Gabrielle Camille Flammarion and of Andre Danjon in Collaboration with a Group of Astronomers. Translated Into English by Annabel and Bernard Pagel
20877: FLANAGAN, BARRY - Barry Flanagan: Recent Sculpture. April 29 - June 30, 1994. The Pace Gallery 32 East 57 Street New York City. (Catalog)
28095: FLANDERS, MICHAEL; AND SWANN, DONALD - The Songs of Michael Flanders & Donald Swann
34391: FLAVEL, JOHN. - A Token for Mourners, or, the Advice of Christ to a Distressed Mother, Bewailing the Death of Her Dear and Only Son, Wherein the Boundaries of Sorrow Are Duly Fixed, Excesses Restrained, the Common Pleas Answered, and Divers Rules for the Support of God's Afflicted Ones Prescrieed [Sic].
33618: FLAY, BOBBY; BANYAS, STEPHANIE; JACKSON, SALLY. - Bobby Flay's Grilling for Life: 15 Healthier Ideas for Big Flavor from the Fire.
36491: FLETCHER, HENRY P. (1873-1959). AMERICAN DIPLOMAT WHO SERVED UNDER SIX PRESIDENTS. - Magazine Portrait Signed by American Diplomat Henry P. Fletcher Who Served Under Six Presidents.
3455: FLETCHER, JOHN GOULD - The Burning Mountain
16642: FLETCHER, JOHN; [REYNOLDS, FREDERIC; ADAPTER] - The Humorous Lieutenant; or, Alexander's Successors: A Tragi-Comedy, Written by Beaumont and Fletcher; and Now Performed at the Theatre Royal, Covent Garden
36070: [WILLIAM FLETCHER, OF DUBLIN]. - Lights, Shadows, and Reflections of Whigs and Tories. By a Country Gentleman.
27778: FLEURY, LAME. - L'Histoire Moderne Racontee a la Jeunesse. 2 Volumes in 1.
7300: FLINT, OLIVER S., JR - Studies of Neotropical Caddisflies, XIII: The Genus Ochrotrichia from Mexico and Central America (Trichoptera: Hydroptilidae)
34610: (FLINZER, FEDOR [1832-1911]). - Jugendbrunnen: Alte Reime Mit Neuen Bildern.
11431: (FLOETHE, RICHARD) - The World's Best Limericks
2552: FLOOD, BARBARA - Game in the Kitchen: Cookery for Nimrods, Anglers and Their Friends. Edited by Willan C. Roux. With a Preface by Dana S. Lamb
13885: CLARIS DE FLORIAN, JEAN-PIERRE. (1755-1794) - Numa Pompilio, Segundo Rey de Roma, Poema Del Caballero de Florian, Puesto En Castellano Por El Traductor de Las Veladas de la Quinta. Nueva Edicion. 2 Volumes
28896: RINHART, FLOYD AND MARION - American Miniature Case Art
31589: FOCH, FERDINAND - A Vintage 1929 News Photograph Depicting Marshal Foch Who Commanded Allied Forces During the First World War
31623: (FOCH, MARSHALL FERDINAND). MOORE, FRANK - Original Silver Print Photograph of the French World War I Hero Marshall Foch During His Visit to Cleveland
5418: FODA, AUN (PSEUDONYM OF ARTHUR FOXE) - Garbo: A Commentary on the Times. By Aun Foda
26725: FOLEY, DENNIS P - The Rural Six Nations Traditionalist Belief System: 1870-1914. / Dennis P. Foley, School of Criminal Justice, University of New York at Albany. (Offprint)
33964: FOLI, ALLAN JAMES (1835-1899). IRISH OPERATIC BASS. - Autograph. Irish Operatic Bass A.J. Foli's Signature at the Close of a Letter.
33965: FOLI, ALLAN JAMES (1835-1899). IRISH OPERATIC BASS. - Autograph Note Signed by the Irish Operatic Bass A.J. Foli.
12437: (FOLLI, UMBERTO). GAVIOLI, LAURA; EDITOR - Umberto Folli E I Suoi Amici. (Massa Lombarda, Sala Del Carmine / 28 Febbraio - 21 Marzo 1999. Testi Di Laura Gavioli, Giordano Viroli). (Catalog)
96233: FOLMSBEE, BEULAH. - A Little History of the Horn-Book.
35369: FOLTYN, LADISLAV. - Slowakische Architektur Und Die Tschechische Avantgarde 1918-1939.
30219: FONTAN, JEAN-MARC - La Marine Provencale Dans la Guerre D'Independance Des Etats-Unis. Par M. Le Docteur Fontan, Medecin General de la Marine, E.R. Ouvrage Orne de 15 Planches Hors Texte
3768: (FORAIN, JEAN-LOUIS) - Sixty Lithographs, Etchings and Dry-Points by Jean-Louis Forain (1852-1931). The Print-Collector's Bulletin: An Illustrated Catalogue for Museums and Collectors. Volume Two, Number Five
7942: (FORAIN, J.-L.) - Les Humoristes. No. 2 Juin 1924
27015: FORBES, DUNCAN - Report on the Sanitary Condition of the Borough of Cambridge, from January 1st to December 31st, 1907 by Duncan Forbes, M.D. , B. Sc. , D.P. H. , Medical Officer of Health
15254: FORBES, ANN ARMBRECHT - Settlements of Hope: An Account of Tibetan Refugees in Nepal
25903: FORBES, ANN; AND MCGRANAHAN, CAROLE - Developing Tibet? a Survey of International Development Projects
34151: [FORBES, GERRITT VAN HUSEN]. (1795-1863). - The Life of Benjamin West. The Great American Painter. Written for Children / by the Author of Green Mountain Annals, Uncle John's New-York Evening Tales, &C, &C.
19861: FORCE, M. F - From Fort Henry to Corinth
22037: FORCHE, CAROLYN. - Gathering the Tribes.
32556: FORD, FORD MADOX - The Fifth Queen: The Fifth Queen. Privy Seal. The Fifth Queen Crowned
30482: FORD, PAUL LEICESTER - The Great K. & A. Train-Robbery
2295: (FORD, JOHN). ANOBILE, RICHARD J.; EDITOR - John Ford's Stagecoach Starring John Wayne
6002: FORD, PAUL LEICESTER; EDITOR. - The Bibliographer. January 1902.
6003: FORD, PAUL LEICESTER; EDITOR - The Bibliographer. May 1902
6004: FORD, PAUL LEICESTER; EDITOR - The Bibliographer. April 1902
6005: FORD, PAUL LEICESTER; EDITOR - The Bibliographer. March 1902
6006: FORD, PAUL LEICESTER; EDITOR - The Bibliographer. November 1902
6207: FORD, PAUL LEICESTER; EDITOR - The Journals of Hugh Gaine, Printer. 2 Volumes in 1
6733: (FORD, FORD MADOX). HARVEY, DAVID DOW - Ford Madox Ford 1873-1939: A Bibliography of Works and Criticism
16713: FORD, RICHARD B - Tradition and Change in the Republic of South Africa: An Inquiry Approach
5825: FORD, EDWARD. - Bibliography of Australian Medicine 1790-1900.
95749: FORD, GORDON ONSLOW. - Gordon Onslow Ford: Retrospective Exhibition of Paintings 1937-1975.
29217: FORD, RICHARD - The Lay of the Land
27090: FORD, WORTHINGTON CHAUNCEY; COMPILER - Bibliographical Notes on the Issues of the Continental Congress 1774
1457: FOREMAN, MICHAEL - Cat & Canary
1598: FOREMAN, RICHARD - Reverberation Machines. The Later Plays and Essays
20710: (FORESTER, RUSSELL; 1920-2002). (ZAKIAN, MICHAEL; COHEN, ALAN J. J.) - Russell Forester: Unauthorized Autobiography. Track 16 Gallery March 15 - May 24 - 1997... . Smart Art Press Volume 3, Number 28. (Catalog). Signed by Russell Forester
28405: FORG, GUNTHER - Moskau / Moscow
31779: FORGET, CARL; COMPILER - The Association of Brewer's Dictionary of Beer and Brewing: The Most Complete Collection of Brewing Terms Written in English
35903: FORLONG, JAMES GEORGE ROCHE. (1824-1904), INDIAN ARMY GENERAL. AUTHOR OF THE MAJOR WORK OF COMPARATIVE RELIGION "RIVERS OF LIFE. - Three Autograph Letters Signed by James Forlong at the Time of Publication of His Major Work "Rivers of Life".
94820: FORRESTER, GLENN C. - The Falls of Niagara.
1841: (DE STAEL, MADAME). FORSBERG, ROBERTA J.; AND NIXON, H.C - Madame de Stael and Freedom Today
5593: (FORSS, GEORGE). DUNCAN, DAVID DOUGLAS - New York/New York / Masterworks of a Street Peddler: George Forss Presented by David Douglas Duncan
7333: (FORSTER, E. M.). KIRKPATRICK, B. J - A Bibliography of E.M. Forster. With a Foreword by E.M. Forster
15731: FORSTER, E. M - Marianne Thornton: A Domestic Biography 1797-1887
29290: FORSTER, KURT W.; MITCHELL, W. J. T.; KRAUSS, ROSALIND; FOSTER, HAL; ET AL - October 77. Summer 1996
7447: FORSYTH, CECIL - A Digest of Music History, Revision of Chapters Xx1x-XXXVI by Ernest C. Krohn
23033: FORTUINE, ROBERT; COMPILER - The Health of the Eskimos: A Bibliography 1857-1967
95613: (FOSDICK, HARRY EMERSON). PRESTON, JOHN HYDE (1906-1980). - The Man Fosdick and the Riverside Idea": Pages from an Incomplete Manuscript by John Hyde Preston About the American Pastor Harry Emerson Fosdick, Annotated in Part by Fosdick.
35885: FOSS, PHILLIP, JR. - Grace; the Snakes and the Dogs.
4679: FOSS, PHILLIP, JR - Roaring Fork Passage: Poems by Phillip Foss, Jr
12656: FOSS, CHARLES R - Evening Before the Diesel: A Pictorial History of Steam and First Generation Diesel Motive Power on the Grand Trunk Western Railroad, 1938-1961
35889: FOSS, PHILLIP. - House of Eagles. (Trade/3).
11986: FOSTER, JOHN - Essays in a Series of Letters, on the Following Subjects: On a Man's Writing Memoirs of Himself. On Decision of Character. On the Application of the Epithet Romantic. On Some of the Causes by Which Evangelical Religion Has Been Rendered Unacceptable to Persons of Cultivated Taste
16201: FOSTER, R. F - Foster's American Leads and How to Learn Them
21135: (HOYLE). FOSTER, R. F.; EDITOR - The Official Rules of Card Games. Hoyle Up-to-Date
32003: (FOSTER, STEPHEN COLLINS; 1826-1864) - Foster Hall Bulletins, Nos. 5 and 8-12 (6 Issues), with Two Other Pieces
36414: KNOPF, ALFRED A., SR. (1892-1984). AMERICAN PUBLISHER. FOUNDER AND PRESIDENT OF ALFRED A. KNOPF, INC. - Typed Letter Signed by American Publisher Alfred A. Knopf Complaining to the Pond Lecture Bureau About Payment for Tickets to a Hugh Walpole Lecture.
2944: VANGELISTI, PAUL; HICKMAN, LELAND; FOUNDERS AND EDITORS - Boxcar: A Magazine of the Arts. Number 1
95212: FOURNIER, O;; WEBBER, R. G.; POND, D. D.; ET AL. - Seventy-Ninth Annual Report of the Entomological Society of Ontario 1948. (Cover Title).
7031: FOWLER, H. ALFRED; EDITOR - The Biblio Vol I. No. 1 March 1913
7879: FOWLER, GENE - Trumpet in the Dust
36315: FOWLER, O.S. - Memory and Intellectual Improvement Applied to Self-Education and Juvenile Instruction. By O.S. Fowler, Practical Phrenologist.
32092: FOX, CHARLES PHILIP; AND PARKINSON, TOM - The Circus in America
37520: FOX, SIV CEDERING; LAX, ROBERT; PASTEN, LINDA; ET AL. - Dryad. Number 9/10.
28642: (FOX, LORRAINE). VAN DOREN, MARK - Somebody Came
5224: FOXE, ARTHUR N - The Life and Death Instincts (the Vita and the Fatum)
24017: FOXE, ARTHUR - Far
16489: FOXE, ARTHUR N., M.D - The Oath of Hippocrates. Reprinted from the Psychiatric Quarterly Vol. 19, Pages 17-25, January, 1945. (Cover Title)
33656: (FOXE, ARTHUR). GLUECK, ELEANOR T. (1898-1972). INTERNATIONALLY RENOWNED CRIMINOLOGIST. - Three Typed Letters Signed to Psychiatrist Arthur Foxe Showing Great Interest in His Paper "Crime and Sexual Development".
24127: (FOY, OTTILIE) - Original Illustrated Fashion Design for "Genuine Westminster 'Garterite' Hosiery for Boys" Attributed to the Children's Book Illustrator Ottilie Foy
1484: FRAENKEL, MICHAEL - The Day Face and the Night Face
14478: FRAENKEL, MICHAEL - Death Is Not Enough: Essays in Active Negation
29908: (FRAENKEL, MICHAEL) - Werther's Younger Brother. The Story of an Attitude
35144: FRAENKEL, MICHAEL. - Bastard Death: The Autobiography of an Idea.
715: (FRANCALANCIA, RICCARDO). RIVOSECCHI, V[ALERIO]; EDITOR - Francalancia. Contributi Di G. Giuffre, J. Recupero, A. Trombadori. (Catalogue)
5744: (FRANCE, ANATOLE). BRAIBANT, CHARLES - Le Secret D'Anatole France / Du Boulangisme Au Panama,
9651: (FRANCHI, FAUSTO MARIA). SCALMATI, LUCIA SABATINI; EDITOR - Libero Pensiero: Fausto Maria Franchi / Orafo-Scultore
22726: (WHITMAN, WALT). FRANCIS, GLORIA A.; AND LOZYNSKY, ARTEM - Whitman at Auction 1899-1972
29765: FRANCIS, DICK - Smokescreen
32041: FRANCIS, DICK - Smokescreen
95801: FRANCIS, DICK. - Forfeit.
1138: FRANCK, HARRY A - Four Months Afoot in Spain
9075: FRANCK, HARRY A - Four Months Afoot in Spain
22560: FRANCK, FREDERICK - The Book of Angelus Silesius with Observations by the Ancient Zen Masters
7952: FRANCKE, A. H - Tibetische Hochzeitsleider. Ubersetzt Nach Handscriften Von Tag-Ma-Cig. Mit Einer Einleitung Uber Die Mythologie Der Tibetischen Sagenwelt Und Bildern, Meist Nach Aufnahmen Des Verfassers Von A.H. Francke Dr. Phil. Lieder in Die Ursprunglichen Versmasze Ubertragen Von Anna Paalzow
96226: FRANCO, JAMES; RICARDO, FRANCISCO J.; AND ABRAMOVIC, MARINA. - Moving Pictures / Moving Sculptures: The Films of James Franco; [with 4 Dvds of James Franco's Personal Independent Films].
23165: (FRANCOIS ET RODOLPHE CHAMONAL) - Voyages Geographie Marine Americana. (Catalogue)
96009: FRANK, ROBERT; AND WURLITZER, RUDY. - [Original Program for the Cult-Classic Film Candy Mountain]: Kevin J. O'Connor in Candy Mountain; a Film by Robert Frank and Rudy Wurlitzer.
6170: FRANK, JOSEPH - Hobbled Pegasus / a Descriptive Bibliography of Minor English Poetry 1641-1660
13359: FRANK, DOROTHEA BENTON - The Land of Mango Sunsets
28338: VELOZ, FRANK AND YOLANDA - Tango and Rumba: The Dances of Today and Tomorrow. Described by Veloz and Yolanda
27131: FRANK, ROBERT - The Americans and New York Photographs. (an Exhibition the Americans and New York Photographs by Robert Frank Opening Thursday February 1 from 4 to 7 Pm Through February 24 1979 at Sidney Janis 6 West 57 Ny). (Catalog)
20124: (FRANK, MARY). HERRERA, HAYDEN; KRAMRISCH, STELLA - Natural Histories: Mary Frank's Sculpture, Prints, and Drawings. Organized by Rachel Rosenfield Lafo, Senior Curator. De Cordova and Dana Museum and Park, Lincoln, Massachusetts. February 27-May 7, 1988. With Essays by Hayden Herrera and Stella Kramrisch. (Catalog)
19917: FRANK, MARY; HOFFELD, JEFFREY - Mary Frank: Recent Paintings and Pastels. February 14 - March 16, 1996. Essay by Jeffrey Hoffeld. Photographs by Jerry Thompson. Inscribed by Mary Frank
31539: FRANKEL, MAX. - Typed Note Signed by Pulitzer Prize Winning Reporter Max Frankel to Madeline Sherwood.
95578: FRANKLIN, JAY. - 1940.
5916: FRANKLIN, BENJAMIN, V.; EDITOR - Boston Printers, Publishers and Booksellers: 1640-1800
24597: FRANKLIN, BENJAMIN - Poor Richard's Almanack: Being the Choicest Morsels of Wisdom, Written During the Years of the Almanack's Publication, by That Well-Known Savant, Dr. Benjamin Franklin of Philadelphia
11391: FRANKLIN, SIDNEY - Bullfighter from Brooklyn: An Autobiography of Sidney Franklin. With an Evaluation of Sidney Franklin from Death in the Afternoon by Ernest Hemingway
32148: FRANKLIN, BENJAMIN - Great American Speeches: Benjamin Franklin, September 17, 1787
29926: (FRANKLIN, BENJAMIN). - [Illuminated Broadside]: Poor Richard's Almanac and the Gazette Are to-Day the Most Famous of This Type of Publications [Sic]. In His Autobiography Franklin Says... .
34258: (FRANKLIN, ALFRED). - Ordonnance Faicte Pour Les Funerailles Celebrees a Paris le 24 Avril 1498 Pour L'Enterrement Du Corps de Bon Roy Charles Huytiesme / Que Dieu Absoille / Avec Son Epitaphe Et la Piteuse Complainte de Dame Chrestiente. Suivant Les Editions Imprimees MCCCCXCVIII.
96460: (AUSTIN, RICHARD T.; CORBOULD, RICHARD; BROMLEY, WILLIAM; HOPWOOD, JAMES; REYNOLDS, JOSHUA; RIDLEY, WILLIAM; CRAIG, W.M.; AND NOBLE, SAMUEL; ILLUSTRATORS). FRANKLIN, BENJAMIN; ET AL. - Select Pieces by Benj. Franklin, Lld. [Together with 4 Other Early 19th Century Works Published by George Nicholson]. (5 Books in One Volume).
37028: FRANTISEK, RACHLIK. - Ceskoslovensko.
24637: FRANZEN, JONATHAN - The Discomfort Zone: A Personal History
31022: FRANZEN, ANDERS - The Warship Vasa: Deep Diving and Marine Archaeology in Stockholm
28520: FRANZEN, BRIGITTE; SCHADEL, DITMAR - Eros Und Stasi: Ostdeutsche Fotografie / East German Photography. Sammlung Gabriele Koenig
32378: FRANZEN, JONATHAN - The Twenty-Seventh City
17937: FRASER, ANTONIA - Quiet As a Nun
21902: FRASER, DOUGLAS - Village Planning in the Primitive World
24595: FRATTA, ARTURO; EDITOR - L'Aula Magna Della Federico II: Storia E Restauro
26705: FRATTI, MARIO (B. 1927) - Cristiano (a New Version of "Cage"). A Play in Two Acts
26612: FRATTI, MARIO; AND SCOTT, ED - The Seducers: A Musical by Mario Fratti and Ed Scott (Based on Fratti's "Academy"). Book by Mario Fratti. Music and Lyrics by Ed Scott
94714: FRAZIER, CHARLES. - Cold Mountain: A Limited Edition Broadside Signed by Charles Frazier
25798: FRAZIER, JOE - A Vintage News Photograph Depicting Joe Frazier After the 1974 Ali-Frazier Fight
25240: FRAZIER, IAN - Nobody Better, Better Than Nobody
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29031: (FAR GALLERY) - [Ballooning]: A Lot of 4 Bright Hand-Colored Lithographs Depicting Nineteenth Century Ballooning: "Descent Near Philadelphia, Phil. , 1850"; "the Vauxhall Balloon, Phil. , 1850"; "Descent Near Easton, Pennsylvania"; and 'Mr. Cocking's Parachute, Phil. , 1850
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17410: (GOODRICH, CHARLES A., THE REV.) - Result of a Mutual Ecclesiastical Council, Convened at Worcester, Nov. 14, 1820, to Consider the Expediency of Granting the Request of the Rev. Charles A. Goodrich to Be Dismissed from the Pastoral Care of the First Church and Parish in Worcester. To Which Are Prefixed the Documents Upon Which Said Result Was Founded
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34374: VON HAUPT, LOIS. - The Music Game: A Learn-to-Read-Music Story Book.
6810: (HAUPTMANN, GERHART). (ZELLER, BERNHARD) - Gerhart Hauptmann: Leben Und Werk. Eine Gedächtnisausstellung Des Deutschen Literaturarchivs Zum 100. Geburtstag Des Dichters IM Schiller-Nationalmuseum Marbach A.N. (Catalogue)
14692: HAUPTMANN, GERHART - Die Versunkene Glocke: Ein Deutsches Marchendrama
4102: HAUSTRATE, GASTON; EDITOR-IN-CHIEF - Cinema 73: Le Guide Du Spectateur. (Avril / No. 175)
4105: HAUSTRATE, GASTON; EDITOR-IN-CHIEF - Cinema 73: Le Guide Du Spectateur. Juin / No. 177)
28360: (HAVEN, RICHARD). PARK, JOHN C - Address at a Meeting of the Descendants of Richard Haven of Lynn, at Framingham, Mass. , August 19, 1844. Second Centennial Anniversary of His Landing in New England by John C. Park of Boston. Also, an Account of the Proceedings and Events of the Day, by the Committee of Arrangements for the Occasion
35569: HAVU, I.; WARBURTON, TH. - Finlands Litteratur 1900-1950. I. Den Finska Litteraturen. II. Den Finlandssvenska Litteraturen. Two Parts in One Volume.

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