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26656: (GREY, ZANE) - En Su Proprio Derecho": A Vintage Lobby Card with an Original Photo for the Mexican Release of the Western Movie "the Dude Ranger" from a Story by Zane Grey
33942: GREY, HENRY, 3RD EARL GREY (1802-1894). ENGLISH STATESMAN WHO SERVED AS SECRETARY OF WAR FROM 1835 TO 1839. - A 4-Page Autograph Letter Signed by Henry Grey Regarding the 1871 Newcastle Labor Strike for Nine Hour Days.
4706: GRIBBLE, FRANCIS - Romances of the French Theatre
31620: GRIDLEY, JEREMIAH (1701-1767). - Colonial Autograph Document Signed by Jeremiah Gridley, the Teacher of John Adams, James Otis and William Cushing Regarding Legal Matters.
6080: (GRIEN, HANS BALDUNG). OLDENBOURG, M. CONSUELO - Die Buchholzschnitte Des Hans Baldung Griend: Ein Biblographisches Verzeichnis Ihrer Verwendungen
36969: GRIFFIN, CLARENCE (1873-1951). - Typed Letter Signed by Japan's First Scoutmaster Clarence Griffin.
5907: GRIFFIN, APPLETON PRENTISS CLARK - Bibliography of American Historical Societies (the United States and the Dominion of Canada)
16836: GRIFFIN, EDWARD DORR. (1770-1837) - A Sermon, Preached October 20, 1813, at Sandwich, Massachusetts, / at the Dedication of the Meeting House, Recently Erected for the Use of the Calvinistic Congregational Society in That Town. By Edward D. Griffin, D.D. , Pastor of Park Street Church, Boston. Published at His Request
36970: GRIFFIN, CLARENCE (1873-1951). - Typed Letter Signed by the Founder of Japan's First Boy Scout Troop, the "1st Yokohama", Clarence Griffin.
35893: GRIFFIN, JONATHAN. - In the Transparent Forest.
35894: GRIFFIN, JONATHAN. - In Time of Crowding: Selected Poems (1963-74).
2297: (GRIFFITH, D. W.). BARRY, IRIS - D.W. Griffith: American Film Master. With an Annotated List of Films by Eileen Bowser
13737: (GRIFFITH, D. W.). BARRY, IRIS - D.W. Griffith: American Film Master / with an Annotated List of Films by Eileen Bowser
30606: (GRIFFITH, E. M.) - First Annual Report of the State Forester 0f Wisconsin 1906
30989: GRIFFITH, T. GWYNFOR - Italian Writers and the "Italian" Language
12739: GRIFFITHS, NOEL - A History of the Government Savings Bank of N.S. W. (Australia's Largest Savings Bank). An Outline of the Events Leading to Its Present Importance. With a Foreword by H.D. Hall (President)
27453: GRIFFITHS, A. B - The Physiology of the Invertebrata
2300: (GRIFFTH, D. W.). WILLIAMS, MARTIN - Griffith: First Artist of the Movies
31457: GRILLO, JOHN (1917-2014) - Original 1961 Exhibition Poster for John Grillo's First Show at the Howard Wise Gallery
759: GRIMES, MARTHA - The Five Bells and Bladebone
770: GRIMES, MARTHA - The Old Silent
30434: (GRIMM, THE BROTHERS). SANTORE, CHARLES - Snow White": An Original Signed Poster for Santore's Illustrated Edition of the Classic Tale by the Brothers Grimm
22127: (BROTHERS GRIMM) - Blanca Nieves Y Los Siete Enanitos. Collecion Reina: Cuentos Viejos Con Gran Vestido Nuevo
17451: GRIMSHAW, H - The Kitchen Boiler and Water Pipes. A Few Words on Their Arrangement and Management; More Especially Their Treatment During Frost, and How to Avoid Explosions. By H. Grimshaw, F.C. S
24613: (GRISI, LAURA). CELANT, GERMANO - Laura Grisi: A Selection of Works with Notes by the Artist
34186: (GROLIER, JEAN). - Bookbindings from the Library of Jean Grolier. (the British Museum).
28580: (GROMAIRE, MARCEL; 1892-1971). GEORGE, WALDEMAR. - Gromaire.
15119: GRONOVER, SABINE SCHULZE - Ansichtssachen: Ein Kunstbuch Der Westfalischen Klinik Fur Psychiatrie Und Psychotherapie Munster. Mit Beitragen Von Mitarbeitern Und Mitarbeiterinnen Aus Den Kunstlerisch-Therapeutischen Fachbereichen
27534: GROOM, WINSTON. - Better Times Than These.
24854: GROOMS, RED - Red Grooms: New Works
21242: GROOMS, RED - Red Grooms: Tourist Traps and Other Places. April 6-28, 1990. Marlborough Gallery, Inc... . (Catalog)
20585: (GROOMS, RED). STEIN, JUDITH E.; ASHBERY, JOHN; CUTLER, JANET K - Red Grooms: A Retrospective 1956-1984. Essays by Judith E. Stein, John Ashbery, Janet K. Cutler. Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. (Catalog)
24568: GROOMS, RED; TULLY, JUDD - Red Grooms. Have Brush Will Travel: Red Grooms' Watercolor World
30938: (GROPIUS, WALTER; BAYER, HERBERT). NERLICH, WERNER. - 3. Internationales Bauhaus Kolloquium 5-7 Juli 1983. Original Poster for the 3rd International Bauhaus Colloquium Designed by Werner Nerlich and Illustrated with Herbert Bayer's Architectural Drawing of Walter Gropius' Office.
5768: (GROPPER, WILLIAM). FREUNDLICH, AUGUST L - William Gropper: Retrospective
7878: GROSBOIS, CHARLES - Shunga: Images of Spring. Essay on Erotic Elements in Japanese Art
28966: (GROSE, HELEN MASON). WIGGIN, KATE DOUGLAS - Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm
28963: GROSLIER, BERNARD; ARTHAUD, JACQUES - Angkor: Art and Civilization
25989: (GROSMAN, TATYANA). SPARKS, ESTHER - Universal Limited Art Editions. A History and Catalogue: The First Twenty-Five Years
21346: (GROSS, CHAIM). WERNER, ALFRED - Chaim Gross: Watercolors and Drawings. Text by Alfred Werner
34327: GROSS, MILT (1895-1953) AMERICAN CARTOONIST & ANIMATOR. - Autograph Note Signed by Milt Gross with a Sketch of His "Nize Baby" Comic Strip Character.
36939: BARTON, JOHN RHEA; DEWEES, WM P.; MEASE, JAMES; FLAGLER, DR. GILBERT; GROSS AND GARADIN. - A Systematic Bandage for Fractures of the Lower Jaw by J. Rhea Barton in the American Medical Recorder. Vol. II. No. II. April 1, 1819.
20808: (GROSS, CHAIM). (TARBELL, ROBERTA K.) - Chaim Gross: A Retrospective. Tapestries, Sculpture, Watercolors, Drawings and Lithographs. Lowe Art Museum/University of Miami / January 20-February 27, 1977. Organized by the Lowe Art Museum and Forum Gallery, Inc. , New York City. (Catalog)
29370: (DIEBENKORN, RICHARD; ET AL). GROSSINGER, RICHARD; HEMPEL, AMY; OWLFEATHER, M.; PERELMAN, BOB; ET AL. JUNKER, HOWARD; EDITOR - Zyzzyva. The Last Word: West Coast Writers and Artists. Volume III, Number 2, Summer 1987
1178: (GROSZ, JOZSEF) - The Trial of Jozsef Grosz and His Accomplices
28739: GROSZ, GEORG - New York
30390: GROSZ, GEORGE - George Grosz
35366: (GROTH, JOHN). GRAVES, JOHN. - The Last Running.
23666: GROTH, JOHN; AND SMITH, PAT - John Groth's World of Sport. Foreword by Arnold Gingrich. Text by Pat Smith
24781: GROTH, JOHN - Studio: Asia
12641: (GROTOWSKI, JERZY). TEMKINE, RAYMONDE - Grotowski. Translated by Alex Szogyi
14512: GROTOWSKI, JERZY; ROBERTSON, TOBY; BROWN, JOHN RUSSELL; ET AL. (SCHECHNER, RICHARD; EDITOR) - Tulane Drama Review. Volume 8, Number 4 / Summer 1964. (Marlowe Issue)
17025: (GROTOWSKI, JERZY). BURZYNSKI, TADEUSZ; OSINSKI, ZBIGNIEW - Das Teater Laboratorium Grotowskis
31858: GROTOWSKI, JERZY - Teoria Etica Del Teatro. (in Teatro '70, No. 30/31, Julio-Agosto 1972). (Cover Title)
16485: (FOREMAN, RICHARD; NIKOLAIS, ALWIN; GROOMS, RED; ET AL); GROTOWSKI, JERZY; WILSON, ROBERT; TRILLING, OSSIA; ET AL. (KIRBY, MICHAEL; EDITOR) - The Drama Review. Volume 17, Number 2 (T-58) June, 1973. (Visual Performance Issue)
1423: DIAGRAM GROUP - Longman Handbook of Orchestral Instruments
14500: GROUSSET, RENE - The Rise and Splendour of the Chinese Empire
33687: GROVER, DAVID S. - The Piano: Its Story from Zither to Grand.
31769: GRUNBERG, ARNON - Het Nieuwe Hart Slaat Niet Aan : The New Heart Did Not Start Ticking
22944: GRUNFELD, A. TOM - The Making of Modern Tibet
32040: GRUNWALD, LISA - Summer
21665: (GRUSHKIN, PHILIP). (GRUSHKIN, PAUL) - Philip Grushkin: A Retrospective. (Catalog)
29204: GRZESCZAK, MARIAN - Naczynie Powazne
14496: (GUARDINO, LEONARD). BARRETT, WILLIAM M - The Unbegotten Paradise
11127: GUARE, JOHN - Six Degrees of Separation: A Play by John Guare
30446: (GUDNASON, SVAVAR). LAXNESS, HALLDOR - Svavar Gudnason Et Udvalg Af Billeder Med Indledende Tekst Af Halldor Laxness
28255: GUEDALLA, PHILIP - The Second Empire: Bonopartism, the Prince, the President, the Emperor
24132: GUEMPLE, LEE; EDITOR - Alliance in Eskimo Society
31080: GUERMAN, MIKHAIL; COMPILER - Art of the October Revolution
17454: GUERRA, FRANCISCO - American Medical Bibliography 1639-1783: A Chronological Catalogue, and Critical and Bibliographical Study of Books, Pamphlets, Broadsides, and Articles in Periodicals, Publications Relating to the Medical Sciences... Printed in the Present Territory of the United States of America During British Dominion and the Revolutionary War
34655: GUERRA, TONINO. - Equilibrium. Translated from the Italian by Eric Mosbacher.
18675: GUEST, BARBARA. - Poems: The Location of Things / Archaics / the Open Skies.
31158: GUICHARD, M - Essai Historique Sur Les Mesures En Chimie. Vol. I: A) Avant Lavoisier. B) Avec Lavoisier. Vol. 2: C) Apres Lavoisier. (2 Volumes)
23144: (EDITORS OF CONSUMER GUIDE) - The Complete Book of Collectible Baseball Cards
1380: GUILD, TRICIA - Tricia Guild in Town: Contemporary Design for Urban Living. Photography - Giles de Chabaneix. Text - Elspeth Thompson
25747: (GUIMARD, HECTOR). GRAHAM, F. LANIER - Hector Guimard
1764: (GUMPERT, LYNN; WALLIS, BRIAN) - Beyond the Frame: American Art 1960-1990. Setagaya Art Museum, Tokyo July 6-August 18, 1991 / the National Museum of Art, Osaka August 29-September 29, 1991 / Fukuoka Art Museum, Fukuoka November 15-December 15, 1991. (Catalogue)
15079: GUNDEL, KAROLY - La Cuisine Hongroise
32105: GUNDERSON, KEITH - 3142 Lyndale Ave. So. Apt. 24: Prose Poems
29482: GUNN, THOM - Last Days at Teddington
32071: GUNN, THOM - The Man with Night Sweats
25559: GUNTHER, INGO - World Processor
15928: GURGANUS, ALLAN - White People
5035: BEN-GURION, DAVID - Israel: Years of Challenge
23280: GURNIS, PETER - The Body of Liberties
15207: GURUNG, HARKA - Mountain Reflections: Pattern and Development
15337: GURUNG, HARKA - Nepal: Dimensions of Development
13270: GUTERSON, DAVID - Our Lady of the Forest
36712: GUTHRIE, WILLIAM; FERGUSON, JAMES. - A New Geographical, Historical, and Commercial Grammar; Exhibiting the Present State of the Several Kingdoms of the World: And Containing, I. The Figures, Motions, and Distances, of the Planets, According to the Newtonian System, and the Latest Observations... . XII. The Longitude, Latitude, Bearings, and Distances of Principal Places from London. To Which Are Added, I. A Geographical Index, with the Names of Places Alphabetically Arranged. II. A Table of the Coins of All Nations, and Their Value in English Money. III. A Table of Weights and Measures. IV. A Chronological Table of Remarkable Events, from the Creation to the Present Time. By William Guthrie, Esq. The Astronomical Part by James Ferguson, Frs. To Which Have Been Added, the Late Discoveries of Dr Herschel, and Other Eminent Astronomers. Illustrated with a Correct Set of Maps, Engraved in a Very Superior Manner, by Kirkwood & Sons.
4893: GUTMAN, WALTER - The Gutman Letter
30940: GUTMAN, JUDITH MARA - Through Indian Eyes: 19th and Early 20th Century Photography from India
12137: GUTSELL, B. V - An Introduction to the Geography of Newfoundland. Information Series No. 1
17838: (GUYNEMER, GEORGES). BORDEAUX, HENRY - Le Chevalier de L'Air: Vie Heroique de Guynemer. Par Henry Bordeaux
19089: GWATHMEY, ROSALIE - Rosalie Gwathmey: Photographs from the Forties
28325: (GWATHMEY SIEGEL). GWATHMEY, CHARLES - Zumikon Residence
8509: GWATKIN, H. M.; WHITNEY, J. P.; EDITORS - The Cambridge Medieval History. Volume II: The Rise of the Saracens and the Foundation of the Western Empire. [Volume II Only]
28354: GYATSO, PALDEN; SHAKYA, TSERING - Fire Under the Snow
28725: (GYPSIES) - A Vintage Black & White Photograph of a Romani or Gypsy Family
30907: HAAS, RICHARD - Richard Haas: An Architecture of Illusion
32714: HABBERTON, JOHN - Some Folks
26722: HABER, IRA JOEL - 36 Houses. March 1970. (Cover Title)
3645: HABERMAN, DANIEL - Poems
31706: HACKENBROCH, YVONNE - Meissen and Other Continental Porcelain, Faience and Enamel in the Irwin Untermyer Collection. Text by Yvonne Hackenbroch
36999: HACKETT, FRANCIS. (1883-1962). NONFICTION WRITER, KNOWN FOR HIS BIOGRAPHY OF HENRY VIII. - Signature on a Slip of Paper of Biographer and Nonfiction Writer Francis Hackett.
7167: HACKETT, ALICE PAYNE - 60 Years of Best Sellers 1895-1955
36738: HACKIN, J.; MASPERO, HENRI; ET AL. - Asiatic Mythology: A Detailed Description and Explanation of the Mythologies of All the Great Nations of Asia. By J. Hackin, Clement Huart, Raymonde Linossier, H. De Wilman-Grabowska, Charles-Henri Marchal, Henri Maspero, Serge Eliseev. With an Introduction by Paul-Louis Couchoud.
16409: HADAS, MOSES - Style the Repository. Monday Evening Papers: Number 4. (Cover Title)
32896: HADDAD, IBRAHIM K - Polygon
553: HADDEN, J. CUTHBERT - Modern Musicians: A Book for Players, Singers & Listeners
29825: HADDON, ALFRED C - Head-Hunters / Black, White, and Brown. Abridged Edition
64: HAFFTKA, MICHAEL - Art of Experience/Experience of Art
28675: HAFTMAN, WERNER; HENTZEN, ALFRED; LIEBERMAN, WILLIAM S - German Art of the Twentieth Century. Edited by Andrew Carnduff Ritchie
35185: HAFTMANN, WERNER. - Painting in the Twentieth Century. (2 Volumes).
1377: VON HAGEN, VICTOR W - The Desert Kingdoms of Peru
15203: HAGEN, TONI; WAHLEN, FRIEDRICH TRAUGOTT; CORTI, WALTER ROBERT - Nepal: The Kingdom in the Himalayas
10500: HAGGIN, B. H - Music for the Man Who Enjoys 'Hamlet'
35979: HAINELLE, MICHEL. - Assessment Rolls of the Five Dutch Towns in King's County, L.I. 1675. (Translated from the Original Dutch Ms. ).
34872: HAINES, RALPH E., JR. (1913-2011). UNITED STATES ARMY FOUR STAR GENERAL WHO SERVED AS THE LAST COMMANDING GENERAL, U.S. CONTINENTAL ARMY COMMAND FROM 1970 TO 1973. - Typed Letter on the Subject of World Peace Signed by American Four Star General Ralph E. Haines, Jr.
8424: HAJEK, LUBOR - Chinese Art
28981: (HAJEK, O. H.). STULLE, JOHANNA; EDITOR - O.H. Hajek: Sculture, Pitture E Opere Urbanistiche. Plastiken, Bilder, Stadtikonographien
2635: (HALBEY, HANS A.) - Modern German Book Design: An Exhibition Arranged by Borsenverein Des Deutschen Buchhandels, Frankfurt/M. And Klingspor-Museum, Offenbach Am Main 1959. (Catalog)
32743: HALE, LOUISE CLOSSER - Oh, New York! New York! or, the Story of Jim
36935: HALE, SARAH JOSEPHA. - Woman's Record; or, Sketches of All Distinguished Women, from "the Beginning" Till A.D. 1850. Arranged in Four Eras. With Selections from Female Writers of Every Age. By Sarah Josepha Hale... . Illustrated by Two Hundred and Thirty Portraits Engraved on Wood by Lossing and Barritt.
31824: HALEY, ALEX - Roots
6636: HALIBURTON, THOMAS CHANDLER - Sam Slick. Edited with a Critical Estimate and a Bibliography by Ray Palmer Baker
35343: HALL, DAVID D. - On Native Ground: From the History of Printing to the History of the Book.
1146: (HALL, ARNOLD). WYSS, JOHANN DAVID - The Swiss Family Robinson: The Adventures of a Shipwrecked Family on an Uninhabited Isle Near New Guinea
3934: (HARVARD UNIVERSITY PRESS). HALL, MAX - Harvard University Press: A History
24412: HALL, HENNING - Solhverv I Natten: Dagbogsoptegnelser Af Gronlandspraesten Carl W. Wulff 1848-1858
12107: HALL, JULIE - Tradition and Change: The New American Craftsman. Foreword by Rose Slivka, Editor-in-Chief, Craft Horizons
12172: HALL, GUS - Negro Freeom Is in the Interest of Every American
14044: HALL, MAXIMO SOTO - Nicaragua Y El Imperialismo Norteamericano. Contraste Entre la Insolencia Norteamericano Y la Vergonzosa Tolerancia de Los Gobiernos de la America Latina
33921: HALL, ANNA MARIA. (1800-1881). IRISH NOVELIST WHO WROTE UNDER THE NAME "MRS. S. C. HALL". - Autograph Letter Signed by Anna Maria Hall to Her Publisher.
27620: (HALL, BARRY). RAWORTH, TOM - The Relation Ship
36737: (HALL, JULIUS). BRYAN, CLARK W. - From New York to the Hills and Homes of Berkshire.
35481: HALLADE, MADELEINE. - Arts de L'Asie Ancienne: Themes Et Motifs. II: L'Asie Du Sud-Est.
15562: HALLION, RICHARD P.; AND CROUCH, TOM D.; EDITORS - Apollo: Ten Years Since Tranquillity Base
6542: HALLIWELL, JAMES O - Catalogue of Proclamations, Broadsides, Ballads, and Poems. Presented to the Chetham Library, Manchester, by James O. Halliwell, Esq. , F.R. S
34182: (HALPEENY, FRANCES G.; HAMELIN, JEAN). - Dictionary of Canadian Biography. Volume IX: 1861 to 1870.
7101: HALPERT, STEPHEN; AND JOHNS, RICHARD; EDITORS - A Return to Pagany: The History, Correspodnence, and Selections from a Little Magazine 1929-1932. Introduction by Kenneth Rexroth
6060: HALSEY, R. T. HAINES - Pictures of Early New York on Dark Blue Staffordshire Pottery
29392: HALSEY, ASHLEY, JR - Illustrating for the Saturday Evening Post
17512: HALSTEAD, FRED - Antiwar Gis Speak out: Interviews with Ft. Jackson Gis United Against the War. (Cover Title)
20437: (HAMADY, WALTER). SCHLESINGER, KYLE - The Perishable Press Limited: A Retrospective Exhibition (1964-2003). Curated by Dr. Robert Bertholf, Curator of the Poetry/Rare Books Collection, University at Buffalo. Checklist by Kyle Schlesinger. February 18 - April 26, 2003
37045: HAMILL, PETE. - Loving Women: A Novel of the Fifties.
30627: HAMILTON, CHARLES - The Signature of America: A Fresh Look at Famous Handwriting
1012: HAMILTON, VIRGINIA - M.C. Higgins, the Great
5871: HAMILTON, MILTON W - The Country Printer: New York State 1785-1830
6389: HAMILTON, CHARLES - Auction Madness: An Uncensored Look Behind the Velvet Drapes of the Great Auction Houses
13940: HAMILTON, C. D. P - Modern Scientific Whist: The Principles of the Modern Game / Analyzed and Extended. Illustrate by over Sixty Critical Endings and Annotated Games from Actual Play
14197: HAMILTON, RICHARD - Richard Hamilton. (Cover Title). Catalogue of the Prints and Multiples by Richard Hamilton. Exhibition in Connection with the Award of the Talens Prize International 1970. 5 February - 14 March 1971. Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
14760: HAMILTON, CHARLES - The Illustrated Letter
22920: HAMILTON, LAWRENCE S.; EDITOR - Forest and Watershed Development and Conservation in Asia and the Pacific,
18157: (HAMILTON, ALEXANDER). BOYD, JULIAN P - Number 7: Alexander Hamilton's Secret Attempts to Control American Foreign Policy. With Supporting Documents
34378: HAMILTON, MARY AGNES (1884-1966). LABOUR MEMBER OF PARLIAMENT FOR BLACKBURN, U.K. (1929-1931). - Autograph of British Labour Party Politician Mary Agnes Hamilton Inscribed Below a Newspaper Portrait to Future New York Politician Seymour Halpern.
17288: HAMILTON, FRANKLIN - Leaf Scar: Poems by Franklin Hamilton
30672: HAMILTON, IAN - Anniversary and Vigil
32716: [HAMILTON, THOMAS] - Men and Manners in America. By the Author of Cyril Thornton, Etc
36373: HAMILTON, GENERAL SIR FREDERICK WILLIAM. (1815-1890). BRITISH ARMY OFFICER WHO SERVED AS MAJOR GENERAL COMMANDING THE BRIGADE OF GUARDS FROM 1868 TO 1870. - Autograph Letter Signed by General Sir Frederick William Hamilton, Commander of the Brigade of Guards from 1868 to 1870, Sending a Review of His Book on the Grenadier Guards.
32114: HAMM, CHARLES - Yesterdays: Popular Song in America
25613: (MODIGLIANI, AMEDEO). HAMMACHER, A. M.; MEGGED, MATTI; VITALI, LAMBERTO; ET AL - Modigliani: Gli Anni Della Scultura
11092: (VAN GOGH, VINCENT). HAMMACHER, A. M.; AND HAMMACHER, RENILDE - Van Gogh: A Documentary Biography
22718: HAMMACHER, A. M - The Evolution of Modern Sculpture / Tradition and Innovation
23926: (HAMMERSHOI, VILHELM). VAD, POUL - Hammershoi: Voerk Og LIV
6655: (HAMMETT, DASHIELL). LAYMAN, RICHARD - Dashiell Hammett, a Descriptive Bibliography
6656: (HAMMETT, DASHIELL). MUNDELL, E. H - A List of the Original Appearances of Dashiell Hammett's Magazine Work
28116: HAMMOND, PAUL - French Undressing: Naughty Postcards from 1900 to 1920
31751: HAMPSON, FERDINAND - Insight: A Collector's Guide to Contemporary American Glass
22004: HAMPSTEN, ELIZABETH - Settlers' Children: Growing Up on the Great Plains
12402: HAMPTON, CHRISTOPHER - Total Eclipse
4911: HANCE, WILLIAM A.; KOTSCHAR, VINCENT; AND PETEERC, RICHARD J - Source Areas of Export Production in Tropical Africa
36885: HANCE, WILLIAM A.; AND VAN DONGEN, IRENE S. - Dar Es Salaam, the Port and Its Tributary Area. (Cover Title).
16096: (HANCOCK, JOHN). BROWN, ABRAM ENGLISH - John Hancock: His Book
11027: (HANDEL, GEORGE FRIDERIC). MYERS, ROBERT MANSON - Handel's Messiah: A Touchstone of Taste
36633: HANDKE, PETER. - The Goalie's Anxiety at the Penalty Kick. Translated by Michael Roloff.
22073: HANDLER, A. BENJAMIN - Systems Approach to Architecture
6675: (HANDLEY, JAMES). GIBBS, LINEA - James Hanley, a Bibliography
417: HANLEY, JAMES - A Woman in the Sky
5342: HANLINE, MAURICE - Years of Indiscretion
24545: (HANNA, J. L.) - On February 26, 1948 the Board of Directors of Standard Oil Company of California Accepted the Resignation of J.L. Hanna As Director and Vice-President of the Company
18499: HANNAH, BARRY - Geronimo Rex
30228: (BASTERT VAN SCHAARDENBURG). HANNEMA, D.; DE GEUS, C - Catalogus Tentoonstelling Van Oud-Aardewerk Uit de Verzameling Bastert-Van Schaardenburg
7109: (HANRATH, JOH. J) - Exlibris Wereld. Driemaandelijks Tijdschrift Van de Exlibriskring Der W.B. -Vereniging. Twintigste Jaargang - Nr. 4 - Winter 1977
25764: HANRATTA, EUGENE J - An Original Vintage Electoral Campaign Calling Card for the "Democratic Candidate for Mayor Eugene J. Hanratta, M.D. " Who Was Elected Mayor of the City of Watervliet, Ny, an Office He Held from 1909-1912
35624: HANSEN, DOROTHEE; EDITOR. - Munch Und Deutschland.
35160: HANSEN, J. P. HART; HARVALD, BENT; EDITORS. - Arctic Medical Research. Vol. 49, No. 1, January 1990.
35161: HANSEN, J. P. HART; HARVALD, BENT; EDITORS. - Arctic Medical Research. Vol. 48, No. 4, October 1989.
36104: HANSEN, THORKILD. - North West to Hudson Bay: The Life and Times of Jens Munk.
35133: HANSEN, J. P. HART; HARVALD, BENT; EDITORS. - Arctic Medical Research. Vol. 50, No. 1, January 1991.
35132: HANSEN, J. P. HART; HARVALD, BENT; EDITORS. - Arctic Medical Research. Vol. 49, No. 3, July 1990.
35162: HANSEN, J. P. HART; HARVALD, BENT; EDITORS. - Arctic Medical Research. Vol. 51, No. 1, January 1992.
35163: HANSEN, J. P. HART; HARVALD, BENT; EDITORS. - Arctic Medical Research. Vol. 51, No. 2, January 1992.
35130: HANSEN, J. P. HART; HARVALD, BENT; EDITORS. - Arctic Medical Research. Vol. 49, No. 4, October 1990.
35166: HANSEN, J. P. HART; HARVALD, BENT; EDITORS. - Arctic Medical Research. Vol. 48, No. 1, January 1989.
35164: HANSEN, J. P. HART; HARVALD, BENT; EDITORS. - Arctic Medical Research. Vol. 50, No. 2, April 1991.
26810: HANSEN, JENS PEDER HART; MELDGAARD, JORGEN; NORDQUIST, JORGEN - Qilakitsoq: De Gronlandske Mumier Fra 1400-Tallet
35165: HANSEN, J. P. HART; HARVALD, BENT; EDITORS. - Arctic Medical Research. Vol. 48, No. 2, April 1989.
32717: HANSEN, RON - Mariette in Ecstasy
15571: HANSER, RICHARD; SALOMON, HENRY - Victory at Sea. Captions by Henry Salomon and Richard Hanser. Text by Richard Hanser. Photographs Selected by Charles Osborn
29733: (HANSON, DONALD). LARSON, LESLIE - Lighting and Its Design
29083: HANSON, DAVID A - Signed Limited Photogravure Poster for His Book "the Hudson River
35621: HANTZSCH, BERNHARD. - My Life Among the Eskimos: Baffinland Journeys in the Years 1909 to 1911.
26242: O HAODHA, MICHEAL - The Abbey --Then and Now
31274: O'HARA, JOHN - The Time Element and Other Stories
1564: O'HARA, JOHN MYERS - Pagan Sonnets
36577: O'HARA, JOHN. - A Family Party.
31097: (O'HARA, JOHN). BRUCCOLI, MATTHEW J - John O'Hara: A Checklist. With a Previously Unpublished Speech by John O'Hara
31098: (O'HARA, JOHN). BRUCCOLI, MATTHEW J - John O'Hara, a Descriptive Bibliography
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5864: JAHN, JANHEINZ; AND SCHILD, ULLA; AND NORDMANN, ALMUT - Who's Who in African Literature: Biographies, Works, Commentaries
32585: JAHN, MIKE - The Scene
23944: (NOLDE, EMIL; KIRCHNER, ERNST LUDWIG; SCHMIDT-ROTTLUFF, KARL; ET AL). JAHNER, HORST - Kunstlergruppe Brucke. : Geschichte--Leben Und Werk Ihrer Maler
24180: JAKAB, IRENE - Dessins Et Peintures Des Alienes: Analyse Au Point de Vue Psychiatrique Et Artistique
28786: JAKAH, I.; AND HOWARD, M - People in a Dehumanized World: The Influence of Artistic Talent on Personality Development and on the Symptomatology of Mental Illness. (Cover Title)
26484: (JAKOBER, BEN). SCHILLING, JURGEN; RESTANY, PIERRE - Ben Jakober: Skulpturen
31255: JAKOBSON, ROMAN - Towards a Linguistic Typology of Aphasic Impairments
15131: JAKSCH, HELLMUT - Der Kampf Um Die Goldwahrung in England: Zur Ideengeschichte Der Englischen Geldpolitik Seit Kriegsende. (Cover Title)
31686: (JAMES, HENRY). CARGILL, OSCAR - The Novels of Henry James
6672: (JAMES, HENRY). PHILLIPS, LE ROY - A Bibliography of the Writings of Henry James
29192: JAMES, HENRY - Eight Uncollected Tales of Henry James
21046: JAMES, HENRY - The Bostonians. (Alison Lurie Wrote the Introduction for This Volume)
20245: JAMES, HENRY - Julia Bride
16843: JAMES, GILBERT - The Song of Songs. With an Introductory Note and Photogravures After Eight Drawings by Gilbert James
36389: JAMES, HENRY; EDEL, LEON; EDITOR. - Henry James: Letters. Volume 1: 1843-1875. (Volume 1 Only).
19562: JAMES, W. O - An Introduction to Plant Physiology. Sixth Edition
21045: JAMES, HENRY - The Princess Casamassima. With an Introduction by Lionel Trilling. (2 Volumes)
24891: JAMES, HENRY - Henry James: Collected Travel Writings: Great Britain and America. English Hours / the American Scene / Other Travels
20984: JAMES, HENRY - Henry James: Literary Criticism. French Writers / Other European Writers / the Prefaces to the New York Edition. (Leon Edel, with the Assistance of Mark Wilson, Wrote the Notes and Selected the Texts for This Volume)
14102: JAMESON, RICHARD T.; EDITOR - Film Comment. Volume 30, Number 2. March-April 1994
14137: JAMESON, RICHARD T.; EDITOR - Film Comment. Volume 30, Number 4. July-August 1994
14147: JAMESON, RICHARD T.; EDITOR - Film Comment. Volume 30, Number 1. January-February 1994
14187: JAMESON, RICHARD T.; EDITOR - Film Comment. Volume 31, Number 1. January-February 1995
14188: JAMESON, RICHARD T.; EDITOR - Film Comment. Volume 31, Number 3. May-June 1995
14150: JAMESON, RICHARD T.; EDITOR. - Film Comment. Volume 29, Number 2. March-April 1993.
30510: JAMESON, J. FRANKLIN; CLEMENTS, WILLIAM L.; GORE, VICTOR M.; WINSHIP, GEORGE PARKER; ET AL - The American Historian's Raw Materials: An Address by J. Franklin Jameson, LL. D. , Litt. D. / with the Presentation and Other Exercises at the Dedication of the William L. Clements Library of Americana June 15, 1923
22455: JAMIE, WILLIAM - Stray Effusions; or, Gleamings from Nature. Second Edition
12846: JANDL, ERNST; MAYROCKER, FRIEDERIKE; OKOPENKO, ANDREAS - Gemeinschaftsarbeit. Experimentelle Texte Nr. 21
8132: JANES, EDWARD C - Hunting Ducks and Geese
36274: (BRAUN, ADOLPH; LE GRAY, GUSTAVE; ET AL). JANIS, EUGENIA PARRY. - The Flowering of Early French Photography 1840-1870.
12326: JANJIGIAN, ROBERT - High Touch: The New Materialism in Design / Robert Janjigian with Laura J. Haney. Foreword by Ivy Ross
33937: JANOTHA, MARIA CECYLIA NATALIA. (1856-1932) POLISH COURT PIANIST TO THE GERMAN EMPEROR, KING OF PRUSSIA. - Autograph Letter Signed by Pianist Maria Janotha to Mary Drew, Daughter of Prime Minister W.E. Gladstone.
37057: JANOWITZ, TAMA. - Slaves of New York: Stories by Tama Janowitz.
35834: JANSEN, JOHANNES. - Fundzeug: Chamaleon. Text-Bild-Kombinationen 1987-90.
33003: [JANSEN, HARRY AUGUST]. DANTE THE MAGICIAN - Sim Sala Bim" (El Espectaculo Que Maravilla) Con "Dante"... Esperanza Iris... . [an Original Flyer Advertising a Performance by the Great Magician Dante]
24186: JANUSSEN, JAKOB; MOLLER, AKIGSSIAX; ET AL; COMPILERS - Taigdlat Gronlandske Digte
34093: JARECKI, TADEUSZ (1889-1955). - An Autograph Musical Manuscript Titled "Crakov Trumpet Call": A Fragment from a Symphonic Poem Penned & Signed by the Polish-American Composer Tadeusz Jarecki.
34074: JARECKI, TADEUSZ (1889-1955). - Snow White Kimono": An Autograph Musical Manuscript for Violin Penned & Signed by the Polish-American Composer Tadeusz Jarecki.
34075: JARECKI, TADEUSZ (1889-1955). - An Autograph Musical Manuscript, Titled in Polish, Penned & Signed by the Polish-American Composer Tadeusz Jarecki.
6678: (JARRELL, RANDALL). WRIGHT, STUART - Randall Jarrell, a Descriptive Bibliography 1929-1983
232: JASCHKE, GERHARD; AND WALD, INGRID (JAWA) - Gemeinschaftsarbeiten 1986-1989
10658: JASCHKE, GERHARD - Flugspuren/Skulpturen. Experimentelle Texte Nr. 8 Hrsg. Von K. Riha Und S.J. Schmidt
36425: JASIN, RABBI JOSEPH. (1883-1968). RABBI OF THE FORT WORTH CONGREGATION BETH-EL (1904-1908). - Two Typed Letters Signed by Zionist and Fort Worth, Texas Rabbi Joseph Jasin.
24284: JAUMOTTE, ANDRE; DECELLE, PHILIPPE; EDEN, PIERRE; ET AL - Interieurs 50: Apogee de la Geometrie Curviligne
27120: JAVITS, BENJAMIN A - Make Everybody Rich: Industry's New Goal
881: DE BOSSCHERE. JEAN - Peacocks and Other Mysteries. Translated from the French by Frederick S. Hoppin
5605: DE SAINT JEAN, ROBERT. - Democratie, Beurre Et Canons. (Journal de Guerre D'Un Francais Moyen).
18887: (DE BRUNHOFF, JEAN AND LAURENT). WEBER, NICHOLAS FOX - The Art of Babar: The Work of Jean and Laurent de Brunhoff
30607: JEANROY, A - Bibliographie Sommaire Des Chansonniers Provencaux (Manuscrits Et Editions)
31767: (JEANSON, MARCEL) - Bibliotheque Marcel Jeanson Premiere Partie Chasse. [Part I: Hunting]
6507: (DYKES, JEFF AND MARTHA) - The Gunners. Spring 1983. Catalog 50
34668: JEFFERS, ROBINSON. - Dear Judas / and Other Poems.
2182: (JEFFERSON, JOSEPH). WILSON, FRANCIS - Joseph Jefferson: Reminiscences of a Fellow Player
13490: JEFFERSON, ALAN - The Glory of Opera
17596: (JEFFERSON, THOMAS). WHITEHILL, WALTER MUIR - The Many Faces of Monticello: Address at Monticello / 13 April 1964. (Cover Title)
28326: JEFFERSON, THOMAS - The Declaration of Independence / As Written by Thomas Jefferson and Changed by the Congress Before Its Unanimous Adoption on July the Fourth, 1776
36990: JEFFERSON, THOMAS. - Thomas Jefferson: Description of a Mould-Board. No. XXXVIII. The Description of a Mould-Board of the Least Resistence, and of the Easiest and Most Certain Construction, Taken from a Letter to Sir John Sinclair, President of the Board of Agriculture at London. [from the "Transactions of the American Philosophical Society, Volume IV"].
17018: JENIFER, DANIEL; TRIPLETT, PHILIP; JONES, BENJAMIN; COMMITTEE OF TOBACCO PLANTERS - Tobacco Trade: Memorial of the Committee of Tobacco-Planters. May 11, 1840. Referred to the Select Committee on the Tobacco Trade. 26th Congress, 1st Session. Ho. Of Reps. Doc. No. 198
31752: JENKINS, MCKAY - The White Death: Tragedy and Heroism in an Avalanche Zone
3142: JENKINS, JOHN H - Five Centuries of Printing 1450-1978: Including at Least One Work from Each of the Past 500 Years. (Catalogue One Hundred and Twenty Five)
6161: JENKINS, JOHN H.; HEASTON, MICHAEL D.; PARRISH, MICHAEL; AND SLOANE, DOROTHY - The Whole World: Books and Manuscripts on Many Subjects. (Jenkins Company Catalogue 128)
6338: JENKINS, JOHN H - Early American Imprints: A Collection of Works Printed in America between 1669 and 1800. Introduction by Edward J. Jennerich. Together with: Early American Imprints: A Collection of Works Printed in America between 1662 and 1800. II. (Catalogue One Hundred Ten and Catalogue One Hundred Twenty)
31986: JENKINS, JOHN H - Works of Genius: A Catalogue and a Commentary by John H. Jenkins. (Catalogue 50)
27684: JENKINS, DAN - Semi-Tough
32762: JENKINS, MIKE - Rat City: Poems from Northern Ireland
30109: (JENSEN, ALFRED J.). COOK, JOHN WESLEY; LUCE, HENRY, III; BOGAT, REGINA; EDITOR - Alfred J. Jensen December 11, 1903-April 4, 1981: A Memorial
36611: JENSEN, CECIL. (1902-1976). AMERICAN EDITORIAL CARTOONIST. - Pen-and-Ink Colonel Mccosmic Cartoon Signed by American Editorial Cartoonist Cecil Jensen Together with a Signed Mailing Envelope.
35189: JENSEN, PER HERHOLDT. - Fladens Inspektionskuttere Ved Gronland.
35304: JENSEN, BENT. - En Livsform Ved Kofsvejen: Gronlaendernes Mode Med Vesterlandsk Velfaerdspolitik.
14202: (JENSENIUS, HERLUF). ANDERSEN, HANS CHRISTIAN - Den Uartige Dreng / Og Andre Eventyr Om Kaerlighed of H.C. Anderson. Med Forord Af Edith Rode
35955: (JESSEN, BUBI). ELMAN, RICHARD M. - A Coat for the Tsar.
33563: JESSETT, MONTAGUE GEORGE. - The Key to South Africa: Delagoa Bay.
36596: JHABVALA, R. PRAWER. - Like Birds, Like Fishes and Other Stories.
33247: (JHABVALA, C. S. H.). JHABVALA, RUTH PRAWER - Out of India: Selected Stories
33408: STRANGE DE JIM - The Strange Experience: How to Be the World's Second Greatest Lover
2307: (JODOROWSKY, ALEJANDRO). BALLAD, RIC - Alexander Jodorowsky: Film Maker". Penthouse Interview. (in Penthouse Volume 4 Number 10 June 1973)
22685: JOENPELTO, EEVA - Jungfrun Gar Pa Vattnet
35517: [F. JOHANNOT]; [NAPOLEON BONAPARTE]. C. CORNETTO? - Holograph Letter Signed Penned on Superb Napoleonic Watermarked Paper by Johannot.
28372: GALSWORTHY, JOHN AND ADA - Carmen: An Opera in Four Acts. Taken from the Story of Prosper Merimee, the Original Libretto by H. Meilhac and L. Halevy. New English Version by John and Ada Galsworthy
36224: ST. JOHN, ROBERT. - From the Land of Silent People.
21100: JOHNS, JASPER - Jasper Johns. 18 October 1977-22 January 1978. Whiney Museum of American Art. (Cover Title). (Catalog)
28695: (JOHNS, JASPER). LEEPER, JOHN PALMER - Jasper Johns: The Graphic Work
24813: JOHNSON, WILLIAM WICKCLIFFE - Sketches of the Late Depression; Its Causes, Effects and Lessons, with a Synoptical Review of Leading Trades During the Past Decade
32453: JOHNSON, FRANK E - The Professional Wine Reference
36210: JOHNSON, LADY BIRD. (1912-2007). FIRST LADY OF THE UNITED STATES (1963-69) AS WIFE OF THE 36TH PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES LYNDON B. JOHNSON. - Typed Letter Signed As First Lady of the United States by Lady Bird Johnson.
28167: (SMALL W.; JOHNSON, CLIFTON). BLACKMORE, R. D, - Lorna Doone: A Romance of Exmoor
1617: JOHNSON, CLIFTON - The Farmer's Boy
1909: JOHNSON, MARTIN - Safari: A Saga of the African Blue
2306: JOHNSON, NUNNALLY - The Letters of Nunnallyjohnson. Selected and Edited by Dorris Johnson and Ellen Leventhal. Foreword by Alistair Cooke
26703: (JOHNSON, FRIDOLF) - Contemporary Ex Libris: An Exhibition. September 20-October 10, 1984. Organized by James P. Keenan. Introduction by Fridolf Johnson. (Catalogue)
4073: JOHNSON, RONALD - Eyes & Objects (Catalogue for an Exhibition: 1970-72). With a Gallery Goer's Foreword by John Russell
8339: (JOHNSON, SAMUEL). TINKER, CHAUNCEY BREWSTER - Rasselas in the New World
12519: JOHNSON, CLIFTON - New England and Its Neighbors
17868: JOHNSON, R. BRADFORD - Farewell to Fond Memories: A Portrait of Rural America. Signed by the Artist
14868: [JOHNSON, WILLIAM LUPTON] - The Primitive State of Man: The Rector's Offering for Mdcccxlv. Being a Sixth Pastoral Address to the Parishioners of Grace Church, Jamaica, Long-Island
31675: (JOHNSON, LYNDON BAINES) - A Wonderful Vintage News Photograph Taken Circa 1953-4 Depicting Then-Senator Lyndon Johnson Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee with Senator Wayne Morse and Senator Richard Russell of Georgia
16164: JOHNSON, FRIDOLF - Mythical Beasts Coloring Book
33827: JOHNSON, BEN. (B. 1902). - Ben Johnson. October 18 - November 5, 1960.
35483: STOPLE HERMAN; JOHNSON, EYVIND. - Resa Till Island Bockernas Land: Kring Den Svenska Bokutstallningen I Reykjavik Vdren 1958.
36207: JOHNSON, MYRON. - American Advertising 1800-1900.
36752: (JOHNSON, FRIDOLF). - Marty the Man from Mars Fun Mask: An Original Unused Vintage Wheaties Cereal Box Cut-out Mask.
30461: [JOHNSON, FRIDOLF] - Original Print by Fridolf Johnson Promoting Fritz Lang's Classic Film Noir "Scarlet Street
17436: (JOHNSON, DOUGLAS) - Geomorphology of the Central Appalachians. Prepared Under the Direction of Douglas Johnson, Columbia University. (International Geological Congress XVI Session, United States, 1933. Guidebook 7: Excursion a-7)
27160: JOHNSON, WILLIAM COST - Speech of William Cost Johnson, of Maryland, on Resolutions Which He Had Offered Proposing to Appropriate Public Land for Educational Purposes to All the States and Territories. Delivered in the House of Representatives, During the Morning Hour, February, 1838
36530: JOHNSON, GERALD W. - A Little Night Music: Discoveries in the Exploitation of an Art.
36593: JOHNSON, LADY BIRD. (1912-2007). FIRST LADY OF THE UNITED STATES (1963–1969) AS THE WIFE OF THE 36TH PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, LYNDON B. JOHNSON. - Signature on a Printed Card of Lady Bird Johnson, First Lady of the United States.
36561: JOHNSON, DIANE. - Terrorists and Novelists.
36874: JOHNSON, HUGH S. (1881-1942). A MEMBER OF FDR'S BRAIN TRUST & SPEECHWRITER WHO HELPED PLAN THE NEW DEAL. - Autograph: Hugh S. Johnson's Signature and Return Address.
34365: JOHNSON, OWEN. (1878-1952). AMERICAN WRITER WHO CREATED THE CHARACTER DINK STOVER. - Front Panel of the Dust Wrapper for Owen Johnson's Book "Sacrifice" (1929) Inscribed and Signed by the Author.
36716: (JOHNSON, RAY). JONES, MUFFET. - Mind Games: Ray Johnson's Art of Ideas.
6411: (JOHNSTON, EDWARD; D. 1944) - A Collection of Manuscripts, Working Papers, Books and Other Items of Great Interest, Acquired Privately from the Executors of Edward Johnston. List 54. (Catalogue)
6806: JOHNSTON, CAROL - Thomas Wolfe: A Descriptive Bibliography
36734: JOHNSTON, GUY E.; COMPILER. - A Detailed History of the Original Township of Huntington: Past -- Present-- Future. 1653-1860 / 1925-1930.
26744: JOHNSTON, WILLIAM M - Vienna Vienna: The Golden Age 1815-1914
22325: JOHNSTON, MARY - The Fortunes of Garin
19791: (JOHNSTON, FRANCES BENJAMIN; 1864-1952). KIRSTEIN, LINCOLN - The Hampton Album: 44 Photographs by Frances B. Johnston from an Album of Hampton Institute with an Introduction and a Note on the Photographer by Lincoln Kirstein
34438: (JOHNSTONE, FAWCETT, EMERY, MATTHEWS, &C.). - A Collection of the Most Favorite Comic Songs, Sung at the Theatres Royal and Public Meetings by Messrs. Johnstone, Fawcett, Emery, Matthews, &C. (3 Books in One Volume).
32707: PRINCE DE JOINVILLE - Memoirs (Vieux Souvenirs) of the Prince de Joinville
32001: DELLO JOIO, NORMAN - A Psalm of David / for Chorus of Mixed Voices and Piano or Brass, Strings and Percussion. Latin Text from the Vulgate. English Text Adapted from the King James Version. Vocal Score
10499: (JOLAS, EUGENE; KELLY, ROBERT; COULANGE, ALAIN; KAPPLER, ULRIKE; ET AL - Der Rabe / the Raven / le Corbeau. Jahrbuch/Yearbook/Annuaire 1981-1982. This Biennium Is the 80's Die 80er Jahre Des Annees 80 No. 10/11. Ed. Jurgen Kramer
28784: (HEIDEGGER; SARTRE). JOLIVET, REGIS - Le Probleme de la Mort Chez M. Heidegger Et J. -P. Sartre
32030: JOLLEY, RICHARD - Maurine Littleton Gallery Presents Richard Jolley May 21-June 7, 1989
33607: JONES, LUCY ELIZABETH. - The Long Road to Camp Pinnacle. As Told to Her Niece by Lucy Elizabeth Jones.
27686: JONES, L. E. [SIR LAURENCE] - Georgian Afternoon
35599: ROBERTS-JONES, PHILIPPE. - Du Realisme Au Surrealisme: La Peinture En Belgique de Joseph Stevens a Paul Delvaux.
994: JONES, HAROLD - Tales from Aesop

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