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36018: CLAUSEN, SVEN; MUNK, KAJ; ET AL. - Contemporary Danish Plays: An Anthology.
24003: (CLAVERIE, JEAN). WILDE, OSCAR. - The Happy Prince.
25860: CLAXTON, WILLIAM. MARSH, GRAHAM; AND CALLINGHAM, GLYN; EDITORS - California Cool. West Coast Jazz of the 50s and 60s: The Album Cover Art
887: (CLAY, HENRY). SKINNER, H. B - The Clay Memorial; or the Domestic and Public Life of Henry Clay, with an Account of His Last Sickness--Death, and Funeral Obsequies
24027: (CLAY, HENRY). O'HANLON, JOHN R - Henry Clay: A Lecture, by John R. O'Hanlon
26527: (CLAYTON, PAUL) - Paul Clayton Sings Whaling and Sailing Songs from the Days of Moby Dick. Edited by Kenneth S. Goldenstein. Tlp 1005
29459: CLEARWATER, A. T., HON - Celebration of the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Incorporation of Kingston. High School Auditorium Kingston. March 29, 1872--April 2, 1922. [Together with a T.L. S. And the Original Mailing Envelope]
27794: CLEARWATER, ALPHONSO TRUMPBOUR - The Old Dutch Church at Shawangunk. (in Year Book of the Holland Society of New York 1928 and 1929)
23551: CLEARWATER, BONNIE; DUNCAN, MICHAEL; SCHWARTZMAN, ALLAN - Defining the Nineties: Consensus-Making in New York, Miami, and Los Angeles
12388: CLEATOR, P. E - Archaeology in the Making
6867: CLEAVER, JAMES - A History of Graphic Art
5055: (CLELAND, T. M.). CLEMENCEAU, GEORGES - The Veil of Happiness: A Play in One Act Translated from the French of Georges Clemenceau. As Played for the First Time in English by the Beechwood Players at the Beechwood Theatre / Scarborough on Hudson, New York / June First & Second 1920
14574: (CLELAND, TOM). ECKMAN, JAMES - Week Ends with Tom Cleland
1090: CLEMEN, PAUL - Der Dom Zu Koln. In Verbinden Mit Heinrich Neu Und Fritz Witte
36898: CLEMENTI, PIERRE. - Quelques Messages Personnels.
3893: CLEMENTS, ROBERT J - The Peregrine Muse: Studies in Comparative Renaissance Literature
5888: CLENDENING, LOGAN - The Romance of Medicine: Behind the Doctor. With Illustrations from Contemporary Sources, Portraits, Photographs and Original Drawings
24021: LE CLERE, PIERRE - Sa Vie Durant Dupont
21175: CLERKE, THOMAS W - Rudiments of American Law and Practice, on the Plan of Blackstone; Prepared for the Use of Students at Law, and Adapted to Schools and Colleges
13088: CLIFFORD, MRS. W. K - A Flash of Summer: The Story of a Simple Woman's Life
25812: CLINCH, GEORGE - English Costume: From Prehistoric Times to the End of the Eighteenth Century
33963: CLINTON, LARRY (1909-1985). TRUMPETER & BIG BAND LEADER. - Eastwood Gardens Beverage Menu Signed by 6 Big Band/Jazz Musicians, Including Band Leader Larry Clinton.
29928: (CLOSE, CHUCK). KERTESS, KLAUS - Chuck Close: New Paintings
23870: (CLOSE, CHUCK). WESTERBECK, COLIN - Chuck Close: Up Close
23869: (CLOSE, CHUCK). FINCH, CHRISTOPHER - Chuck Close: Dot Drawings 1973 to 1975
12327: (CLOVIO, GIORGIO GIULIO). GIONONI-VISANI, MARIA; GAMULIN, GRGO - Clovio: Miniaturist of the Renaissance
23157: (GROLIER CLUB) - Catalogue of Original and Early Editions of Some of the Poetical and Prose Works of English Writers from Wither to Prior. With Collations, Notes. 3 Volumes
34289: THE LYTLE WOMAN'S CLUB. - Patchwork: Lytle Folks. Facts & Fables. 1776-1976. 1882-1982.
11410: CLUTSAM, G.H - Ma Curly-Headed Babby. Plantation Song Written and Composed by G.H. Clutsam
31520: CLYMER, JOHN. (1907-1989). AMERICAN ARTIST WHO CREATED 80 COVERS FOR THE SATURDAY EVENING POST - Typed Letter Signed to the Saturday Evening Post
36785: (ROYAL NOVELTY CO.) - American Joke Book: Ford Jokes, Moving Picture Jokes, Jitney, War, and Vaudeville Jokes.
2503: (JOSEPH BAER & CO.) - Incunabula Xylographica Et Typographica / 1450-1500. Lagercatalog 585(III). Nachtrag II. (Catalog)
23172: (GEROLD WUNDERLICH & CO.) - Lithography in America, 1825-1885. March 28-April 29, 1989. (Catalogue)
7170: (MENNO HERTZBERGER & CO.) - Sixty Two Incunabula. Catalogue No. 190
28718: (BRAINARD & ARMSTRONG CO.) - Directions for Crocheting "Four-in-Hand" Scarf and Other Articles. Presented by the Brainard & Armstrong Co
26538: (DOMINION TOBACCO CO.) - 30 "Products of the World" Cigarette Cards
27733: (VAL DONA DRUG CO.) - Vintage 1919 Pharmaceutical Company Advertising Brochure. : "the Val Dona Drug Co. , Chicago, ILL.
30881: (NEW ORLEANS NEWS CO.) - New Orleans. America's Most Interesting City. (Cover Title)
32107: KRONHEIM & CO - Aunt Louisa's London Toy Books: John Gilpin. (Cover Title)
29258: B. ALTMAN & CO - B. Altman & Co. Fall and Winter Catalog. Number One Hundred Eight. 1913-14,
22233: (PLATT & MUNK CO.) - Prattles for Our Boys and Girls
22996: (NEW HOME SEWING MACHINE CO.) - [Running Title]: Do You Want a Sewing Machine? We Feel Assured If You Do That You Can Make a Selection from This List... . " [an Original Foldout Advertisement Brochure for the New Home Sewing Machine Co. ]
28350: (THE NOVITA CO.) - Key to Health. Devoted to the Better Instruction of Women Concerning Their Physical Being, Needs, Diseases and How Successfully Treated with a Wonderful Discovery for Woman's Afflictions
34218: (WILLIAM WOOD & CO.). - The Tent in the Garden.
36662: (BROOKLYN MAJESTIC THEATRE CO.). - Morris Rose Presents Charles Cherry and June Walker in Scandal / a Play in Three Acts by Cosmo Hamilton. Week Beginning Monday Evening September 20, 1920. The Majestic / the Brooklyn Majestic Theatre Co. (Program).
32302: (B. ALTMAN & CO.) - Guide to Collectors: Marks of Antique Silver, Sheffield Plate, Old China, &C. [Cover Title]
33845: (T. ELLWOOD ZELL & CO.). - The Good Orphan Boy: And Other Stories. For the Entertainment and Instruction of the Young.
12072: COATES, ROBERT M - South of Rome: A Spring and Summer in Southern Italy and Sicily
18301: COBB, HUMPHREY - Paths of Glory
16382: (COBURN, C.R.; SUPERINTENDENT) - Report of the Superintendent of Common Schools of Pennsylvania. For the Year Ending June 4,1863
36218: SOCIETY OF THE COCHLEAUREATI. - Presentation of the Wooden Spoon. (Program).
27760: COCKBURN, ALEXANDER - Idle Passion: Chess and the Dance of Death
17375: COCKLE, MAURICE J. D - A Bibliography of Military Books Up to 1642. With an Introduction by Sir Charles Oman
3303: COCROFT, THODA - Great Names and How They Are Made
2257: COCTEAU, JEAN - Two Screenplays: The Blood of a Poet / the Testament of Orpheus. Translated from the French by Carol Martin-Sperry
11069: COCTEAU, JEAN - Entre Picasso Et Radiguet. Textes Reunis Et Presentes Par Andre Fermigier
24341: COCTEAU, JEAN; SCHMIDT, GEORG; STECK, HANS; BADER, ALFRED - Petits Maitres de la Folie
34291: (COCTEAU, JEAN). PETERS, ARTHUR KING. - Jean Cocteau and His World: An Illustrated Biography.
28460: COCTEAU, JEAN - Le Sang D'Un Poete
25803: COCTEAU, JEAN - Photograph of Jean Cocteau on the Set of One of His Films
4545: CODELL, ESME RAJI - Educating Esme: Diary of a Teacher's First Year
4838: CODERE, HELEN - Fighting with Property: A Study of Kwakiutl Potlatching and Warfare 1792-1930. With Tribal and Linguistic Map of Vancouver Island and Adjacent Territory Drawn and Compiled by Vincent Kotschar
5501: COE, MICHAEL D - The Maya
11215: COE, MICHAEL D - Mexico
27094: COETZEE, J. M - Waiting for the Barbarians
11885: COFFIN, ROBERT P. TRISTRAM - The Collected Poems of Robert P. Tristram Coffin
14092: (COGGESHALL, HOWARD). PATER, ERRA - How a Person May Know Under Which of the Twelve Signs They Are Born. Faithfully Reprinted As It Appears in the Book of Knowledge / "Wisdom of the Ancients, Written by Erra Pater, a Jew, Doctor in Astronomy and Physic, Born in Bethany, Near Mount Olivet, in Judea. Made English by W. Lilly, Student in Physic and Astrology.
26385: (BREITENBACH EDGAR; COGSWELL, MARGARET; BACKLUND, CAROLINE H.) - The American Poster: An Exhibition Prepared by the American Federation of Arts Under a Grant Received from the Old Dominion Foundation. Selected by Margaret Cogswell, National Collection of Fine Arts, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C. Circulated July, 1967-1969. (Catalogue)
34952: COGSWELL, REV. WILLIAM, D.D. - The New Hampshire Repository: Devoted to Education, Literature and Religion. Vol. II. No. 1. October 1846. (Cover Title).
4749: COHEN, RONALD - The Kanuri of Bornu
9510: COHEN, JOAN LEBOLD; AND COHEN, JEROME ALAN - China Today / and Her Ancient Treasures
25595: COHEN, RYOSUKE. - [Mail Art]: 19 Issues of “Brain Cell”, by Ryosuke Cohen, Each Issue Signed by the Artist. (Issues Numbered 202-220 Created in 1991 Are Being Offered Here).
32322: COHEN, RANDY - Diary of a Flying Man
29149: COHEN, DANIEL - The Tomb Robbers
31021: (CALMELS COHEN) - Arts Primitifs / Archeologie. (Cover Title)
28904: COKE, VAN DEREN; AND DU PONT, DIANA C - Photography: A Facet of Modernism. Photographs from the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
29821: COLE, F. J - A History of Comparative Anatomy from Aristotle to the Eighteenth Century
33256: COLEMAN, MARION MOORE; EDITOR - The Wayside Willow
31109: COLEMAN, CHARLES W. (1862-1932) - In His Own Country and Other Poems
35453: (COLEMAN, GLENN O.). GLASSGOLD, C. ADOLPH. - Glenn O. Coleman.
6606: (COLERIDGE, SAMUEL TAYLOR). WISE, THOMAS J - A Bibliography of the Writings in Prose and Verse of Samuel Taylor Coleridge
34895: JIURUTANG COLLECTION, EDITOR. - Jiurutang Collection.
5714: (VASSAR COLLEGE) - Vassar: A Brief Account of the History, Ideals, Purposes and Life of Vassar College
23251: (HARVARD COLLEGE) - The Rules and by-Laws of the Board of Overseers of Harvard College. To Which Is Appended the College Charter, with Sundry Acts and Instruments Relating to the Powers and Duties of the Overseers
25839: (DARTHMOUTH COLLEGE) - Catalogus Senatus Academici, Et Omnium Alicujus Gradus Laurea Exornatorum, in Collegio Dartmuthensi, Hanoverae, in Republica Neo-Hantoniensi
37032: COLLIN, NICHOLAS [NILS]; AND WISTAR, CASPAR. - Description of a Speedy Elevator. By the Inventor, Nicholas Collin, D.D. With Two Drawings from a Model Representing It Folded and Wound Up. [Together with]: A Description of the Bones Deposited, by the President, in the Museum of the Society, and Represented in the Annexed Plates. By C. Wistar, M.D. [from the "Transactions of the American Philosophical Society, Volume IV"].
4874: COLLINS, HENRY B., JR.; CLARK, AUSTIN H.; WALKER, EGBERT H - The Aleutian Islands: Their People and Natural History (with Keys for the Identification of the Birds and Plants)
6058: COLLINS, FRANK D - Popular Sports: Their Origin and Development
11599: COLLINS, WILLIAM - Odes on Several Descriptive and Allegoric Subjects. (Facsimile)
15728: COLLINS, WILKIE - Armadale. A Novel. By Wilkie Collins. With Illustrations
36101: (COLLINS, JOHN F.). (CAREY, MARTY; PROJECT DIRECTOR). - John F. Collins: Master Photographer. (Photographs 1904-1946). Photofind Gallery, New York / December 2, 1987-January 9, 1988 / Catalogue 7/8.
34026: COLOMBINI, MAURILLIO. - Colombini: Ceramiche.
13560: COLOMBO, SILVANO; COTTINI, PAOLO; GALLI, ALBERTINA - Varese: Ambiente Ed Arte Nella Provincia Di Varese
23358: COLOMBO, CESARE - IL Viaggio Dell'Industria Italiana
23969: COLOMBO, CESARE; CHIARA, PIERO - Italia: Cento Anni Di Fotografia
27611: COLONNA, ANGELA; DI TURSI, MARILENA - Architetture Dell'Eclettismo in Puglia Nel XIX Secolo
5518: (THE COLOPHON) - The Annual of Book-Making
31474: SEIDENBAUM, ART (D.1990) LOS ANGELES COLUMNIST AND EDITOR - A 4-Page Typed Manuscript Proposal Signed by Art Seidenbaum, for an Article on the Extortion of Gays by Criminals & by the Police
36881: BAKER, RUSSELL (B.1925). AMERICAN SATIRICAL WRITER, NEW YORK TIMES COLUMNIST AND PULITZER PRIZE WINNING AUTHOR FOR "GROWING UP". - Typed Letter Signed by Russell Baker, to Jean Dalrymple, Probably Referring to One of His Columns.
34948: COLVER, NATHANIEL; DAVIS, JONATHAN. - Debate on Slavery. (in the Journal of the American Baptist Anti-Slavery Convention, Vol. 1, No. 3).
28330: [COLWELL, STEPHEN] - The South: A Letter from a Friend in the North / with Special Reference to the Effects of Disunion Upon Slavery
33428: COLWIN, LAURIE - Goodbye without Leaving
2256: (COMENCINI, LUIGI). TRIONFERA, CLAUDIO - Luigi Comencini. Filmography by Franco Mariotti
36912: STRAUS, OSCAR (1850-1926). U.S. SECRETARY OF COMMERCE AND LABOR UNDER PRESIDENT THEODORE ROOSEVELT, STRAUS WAS THE FIRST JEWISH CABINET SECRETARY. - Autograph Letter Signed by Theodore Roosevelt's Former Secretary of Commerce and Labor Oscar Straus Who Had the Distinction of Being the First Jewish Cabinet Secretary, in Reply to James B. Pond's Invitation to Join His Reception Committee for Maeterlinck's First American Lecture.
36913: STRAUS, OSCAR (1850-1926). U.S. SECRETARY OF COMMERCE AND LABOR UNDER PRESIDENT THEODORE ROOSEVELT, STRAUS WAS THE FIRST JEWISH CABINET SECRETARY. - Autograph Letter Signed by Theodore Roosevelt's Former Secretary of Commerce and Labor Oscar Straus Who Had the Distinction of Being the First Jewish Cabinet Secretary, Asking James B. Pond Details As to When to Assemble in the Green Room As Part of the Reception Committee for Maeterlinck's First American Lecture.
36602: NEW YORK [STATE] HUDSON RIVER VALLEY COMMISSION. - An Environmental Approach to Identifying Significant Sites in the Hudson River Valley.
15029: COMMON, JACK; PLOWMAN, DOROTHY; HAMILTON, ROBERT; ET AL. PLOWMAN, MAX; EDITOR - The Adelphi. April, 1941. Vol. 17. No. 7. (Cover Title)
24874: (GRAND FUNK RAILROAD; CARSON, KIT; MITCHELL, JACK; GALLAGHER, HELEN; ET AL). COMO, WILLIAM; EDITOR-IN-CHIEF - After Dark: Magazine of Entertainment. Volume 3 No. 11 March 1971
14101: COMOLLI, JEAN-LOUIS; BONITZER, PASCAL; BERGALA, ALAIN; ET AL; EDITORS - Cahiers Du Cinema 285. Fevrier 1978
14747: COMOLLI, JEAN-LOUIS; BONITZER, PASCAL; DANEY, SERGE; ET AL; EDITORS - Cahiers Du Cinema. No. 264, Fevrier 1976
14748: COMOLLI, JEAN-LOUIS; BONITZER, PASCAL; DANEY, SERGE; ET AL; EDITORS - Cahiers Du Cinema. No. 266-267, Mai 1976
14749: COMOLLI, JEAN-LOUIS; BONITZER, PASCAL; DANEY, SERGE; ET AL; EDITORS - Cahiers Du Cinema. No. 270, Septembre-Octobre 1976
30055: (ASAHI SHIMBUN PUBLISHING COMPANY) - [Japanese Art Book Depicting Buddhist Art on Fabric & Examples of Thanka]
33535: (WEYERHAEUSER COMPANY) - The Cougar Project Brought to You by Weyehaeuser: 2003 Test Format. (Cover Title)
32036: (A.M. BYERS COMPANY) - Ice Skating Rinks - Their Construction and Maintenance. Report of a Study Made by Engineering Service Department, A.M. Byers Company, Ambridge, Pennsylvania
22514: (STRATHMORE PAPER COMPANY) - Strathmore Rhododendron. (Sample Book). (Cover Title)
22370: (AMERICAN SEATING COMPANY) - School Furniture. No. 264-2. (Cover Title). (Catalog)
6478: (M. KNOEDLER & COMPANY) - Sixty Masterpieces of Engraving and Etching. (Catalogue)
6479: (M. KNOEDLER & COMPANY) - Catalogue of the Ninth Annual Exhibition of Engravings and Woodcuts of the XV and XVI Centuries. February, 1934
6539: (ROSENBACH COMPANY) - English Plays to 1700 Including an Unique Shakespeare Collection. (Catalogue)
6931: (ROSENBACH COMPANY) - English Poetry to 1700. (Catalogue)
7236: (ROSENBACH COMPANY) - The History of America in Documents: Original Autograph Letters, Manuscripts and Source Materials. Part I: The Period of Discovery to the Battle of Yorktown. (Catalogue)
32088: RISING PAPER COMPANY. - Rising Maureen Deckledge.
27774: (CAXTON PUBLISHING COMPANY) - Catalogue of New and Standard Books
22970: (J.B. LYON COMPANY) - Type Faces
29456: (SAMUEL GABRIEL SONS & COMPANY) - Cheerful Chicks. (Cover Title)
29455: (SAMUEL GABRIEL SONS & COMPANY) - Chickies. (Cover Title)
22894: (DIXON COMPANY) - The Skyscraper
36840: (LAWRENCE M. STEIN COMPANY). - Catalog of Time, Money and Labor Saving Equipment: Sewing Machines, Cutting Machines, Pressing Machines.
22234: (DUTTON & COMPANY) - Tip-Top Pictures and Stories
26024: (JOHN A. ROEBLING'S SONS COMPANY) - Wire in Electrical Construction
27080: (DOMTAR SPECIALTY FINE PAPER COMPANY) - The New Femininity: Mademoiselle Magazine
24518: (UNGERER & COMPANY) - Ungerer & Company Celebrates Its 100th Anniversary 1893-1993
19332: [NATIONAL NEWARK & ESSEX BANKING COMPANY] - Directory of Newark, for 1835-6. With an Historical Sketch. (Facsimile)
26824: (THE BABCOCK & WILCOX COMPANY) - The Stirling Water-Tube Boiler
22144: (DODGE PUBLISHING COMPANY). - The Calendar of Sunshine. (Cover Title).
879: SCHADT, JORG; COMPILER AND EDITOR - Alles Fur Das Volk / Alles Durch Das Volk: Dokumente Zur Demokratischen Bewegung in Mannheim 1848-1948
2022: (HYMAN, NAT; COMPILER AND EDITOR) - Eyes of the War: A Photographic Report of World War II. 612 Authentic Battle Photos from Dec. 7, 1941 to V-E Day, May 8, 1945. America's Fighting Forces on All War Fronts. (Cover Title)
2460: WILSON, ARTHUR; COMPILER AND EDITOR - The Warner Bros. Golden Anniversary Book. With a Critical Essay by Arthur Knight. Introduction by Willard Van Dyke
4343: BURGE, C. G.; COMPILER AND EDITOR - Encyclopaedia of Aviation Compiled and Edited by Squadron-Leader C.G. Burge
5396: (LOTH, LESLIE L.). GRONINGER, ALMA; COMPILER AND EDITOR - The Infiniteness of Great Artistry. Introduction by William Haeseler, Jr
6137: REED, WALT; COMPILER AND EDITOR - The Illustrator in America 1900-1960's
6882: GARDINER, S. T.; COMPILER AND EDITOR - The Poet's Yearbook 1976
7058: (DA BOLL, RAYMOND). CUSICK, RICK; COMPILER AND EDITOR - With Respect... To Rfd: An Appreciation of Raymond Franklin Da Boll and His Contribution to the Letter Arts
7076: STAMMHAMMER, JOSEF; COMPILER AND EDITOR - Bibliographie Der Finanzwissenschaft
7142: FARMER, JOHN S.; COMPILER AND EDITOR - Vocabula Amatoria: A French-English Glossary of Words, Phrases, and Allusions Occurring in the Works of Rabelais, Voltaire, Moliere, Rousseau, Beranger, Zola, and Others, with English Equivalents and Synonyms. Introduction by Lee Revens
7146: (BROADSIDE PRESS). BAILEY, LEAONEAD PACK; COMPILER AND EDITOR - Broadside Authors and Artists: An Illustrated Biographical Directory
7721: JACOBSEN, JACQUES NOEL, JR.; COMPILER AND EDITOR - Regulations and Notes for the Uniform of the Army of the United States 1882. [Cover Title]. (Facsimile)
34316: CAIRNS, HUNTINGTON; COMPILER AND EDITOR. - The Limits of Art: Poetry and Prose Chosen by Ancient and Modern Critics.
13363: HILL, G. F.; COMPILER AND EDITOR - Sources for Greek History / between the Persian and Peloponnesian Wars. Collected and Arranged by G.F. Hill. A New Edition by R. Meiggs and A. Andrewes
13908: JOHNSON, E.A.; COMPILER AND PUBLISHER - Selections for Autograph Albums Published by E.A. Johnson, East Pepperell, Mass. (Cover Title)
35970: SHEDLOCK, MARIE L.; COMPILER AND ADAPTER. - A Collection of Eastern Stories and Legends: For Narration or Later Reading in Schools.
27574: (DAVIES, PETER MAXWELL). ARNOLD, JUDY; COMPILER AND EDITOR - Peter Maxwell Davies: The Complete Catalogue of Published Works
29512: (BACON, ROGER). LITTLE, A. G.; COMPILER AND EDITOR - Roger Bacon Essays / Contributed by Various Writers on the Occasion of the Commemoration of the Seventh Centenary of His Birth
31929: (MOSER, BARRY). ANDERSON, ERIC; COMPILER AND EDITOR. - An Ephemeral Diary of the Year Eighteen Forty-One.
21497: HUGHES, LANGSTON; COMPILER AND EDITOR - An African Treasury: Articles, Essays, Stories, Poems by Black Africans. Selected by Langston Hughes
27457: (VON POST TOTTEN, VICKEN). PENDLETON, LAURA; COMPILER AND ARRANGER. - A Child's Book of American Song : An Easy to Read and Play Book Containing Forty-Four Traditional Tunes of North America. Collected and Arrange for the Piano by Laura Pendleton.
20199: MARIN, ALLAN; COMPILER AND EDITOR - 50 Years of Advertising As Seen Through the Eyes of Advertising Age 1930-1980. Inscribed by Allan Marin
24755: SAKHAROV, ANDREI; BONNER, YELENA. TRIANTOPOULOS, LYDIA C.; COMPILER AND EDITOR - Voices of Freedom: Published by Simon Wiesenthal Center in Honor of 1984 Simon Wiesenthal Humanitarian Laureates Dr. Andrei Sakharov and Yelena Bonner
33353: PROSKAUER, JULIEN J.; COMPILER AND EDITOR - What'LL You Have? a Not Too Dry Text Book About Cocktails / Almost 200 of Them --and What to Serve with Them. Wines, Liqueurs, Cordials: How, When and Where to Serve Them
26305: STINGL, ALFRED; STROBL, HELMUT; BREICHA, OTTO. MARUSCHKO, RENATE; COMPILER AND EDITOR - Alles in Allem: 20 Jahre Ausstellungen IM Kulturhaus Der Stadt Graz
34622: (MAHLER, GUSTAV). BLAUKOPF, KURT; COMPILER AND EDITOR. - Mahler: A Documentary Study.
31955: HULLAH, JOHN PYKE. (1812-1884). ENGLISH COMPOSER AND MUSIC TEACHER. - Autograph Letter Signed by English Composer and Music Teacher John Pyke Hullah.
35899: MOLLOY, JAMES LYNAM. (1837-1909). IRISH COMPOSER AND POET WHO SOMETIMES COLLABORATED WITH W. S. GILBERT. - Autograph Letter About the Accompaniment to a Song Signed by Irish Composer and Poet James Lynam Molloy.
33701: HUTCHESON, ERNEST. [1871-1951]. AUSTRALIAN COMPOSER AND CONCERT PIANIST. - Original Photograph of Composer and Concert Pianist Ernest Hutcheson.
33911: NOVELLO, VINCENT. (1781-1861). COMPOSER AND FOUNDER OF THE PUBLISHING FIRM NOVELLO & CO. - Signed Close of a Letter from Music Publisher Vincent Novello to Pianist/Composer Ann Mounsey (or Her Sister).
34602: WAGNER, JOSEF. (1909-1947). GERMAN-BORN COMPOSER AND PIANIST. - Program Signed by German-Born Pianist and Composer Josef Wagner.
25332: (GENTHE, ARNOLD). PADEREWSKI, IGNACE JAN (1860-1941). GREAT POLISH CONCERT PIANIST & COMPOSER AND FIRST PREMIER OF THE POLISH REPUBLIC. - Typed Letter Signed by Paderewski, with Superb Content, Framed Together with an Original Photograph of the Actress Margaret Anglin Signed by Arnold Genthe.
25353: REINER, FRITZ (1888-1963). HUNGARIAN-BORN AMERICAN CLASSICAL MUSIC CONDUCTOR AND AMATEUR PHOTOGRAPHER. - Gastanks": An Original Signed Photograph by Fritz Reiner the Celebrated Conductor and Amateur Photographer.
25489: BALES, RICHARD. (B. 1915). AMERICAN CONDUCTOR AND COMPOSER. HE ARRANGED THE POPULAR COLLECTION OF SOUTHERN SONGS, "THE CONFEDERACY". - Autograph Musical Quotation Signed by Richard Bales American Conductor and Composer. He Arranged the Popular Collection of Southern Songs, "the Confederacy".
28040: (COPELAND'S CONFECTIONERY) - Vintage Photograph of "Copeland's Old Confectionery Shop, East Side of Court, between Brattle and Hanover Streets", in Boston
23230: (PAN-AMERICAN CONFERENCE) - International American Conference. Reports of Committees and Discussions Thereon. (4 Volumes)
10262: CONGDON, KIRBY - Drawing. Music. Poem
34956: GRASSO, ELLA T. (1919-1981). U.S. CONGRESSWOMAN AND GOVERNOR OF CONNECTICUT. - Typed Letter Signed by U.S. Congresswoman and Governor of Connecticut Ella T. Grasso.
33699: CONNELL, EVAN S., JR. - Notes from a Bottle Found on the Beach at Carmel.
31630: CONNELL, EVAN S., JR - The Anatomy Lesson and Other Stories
14176: (O'CONNELL, DANIEL). EDWARDS, R. DUDLEY - Daniel O'Connell and His World
26414: (RODIN, AUGUSTE; DALI, SALVADOR; MOORE, HENRY; BOTERO, FERNANDO; ET AL). CONNERY, STEPHANE COSMAN - Monumental: Masterpieces of Modern Sculpture. Sotheby's at Isleworth / December 2003 - April 2004
27871: SORIA, DARIO. (1912-1980). OPERA CONNOISSEUR AND FOUNDER OF ANGEL RECORDS. - Autograph Letter Signed by Dario Soria Founder of Angel Records to City Center Producer Jean Dalrymple.
664: CONNOLLY, CYRIL - The Evening Colonnade
11941: CONNOLLY, CYRIL - Previous Convictions (Selected Writings of a Decade)
34849: CONNOR, RALPH. (1860-1937). POPULAR CANADIAN NOVELIST. - Autograph Inscription Signed by the Popular Canadian Novelist with Both His Pen Name Ralph Connor and His Given Name Charles W. Gordon.
18249: (O'CONNOR, BASIL). MARK, JULIUS; SPELLMAN, FRANCIS, CARDINAL; PEALE, NORMAN VINCENT - Understanding. Not Tolerance, But Understanding / by Julius Marks, D.D. , LL. D. , Senior Rabbi of Congregation Emanu-El of the City of New York. Bigotry Is Un-American / by His Eminence Francis Cardinal Spellman, Archbishop of New York. Understanding... A Source of Strength / by Norman Vincent Peale, D.D. , LL. D. , Minister, Marble Collegiate Church, New York City
8332: O'CONNOR, FLANNERY - Everything That Rises Must Converge
13806: (O'CONNOR, MICHAEL PATRICK; 1831-1881). O'CONNOR, MARY DOLINE - The Life and Letters of M.P. O'Connor. Written and Edited by His Daughter Mary Doline O'Connor
15780: CONNOR, RALPH - The Sky Pilot: A Tale of the Foothills
17383: O'CONNOR, RAYMOND G - Victory in Modern War
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26346: DUMAS, JORGE - Musical #4": An Original Signed Lithograph, Titled and Dated by the Artist
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17576: (DYCKMAN, H.A.; MANAGER) - Churchill Hall / Stamford-in-the-Catskills, New York / Stamford Hotel Corporation / H.A. Dyckman, Mgr
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2422: EBERT, ROGER - A Kiss Is Still a Kiss
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34142: ECKLEY, JOSEPH (1750-1811). - Divine Glory, Brought to View, in the Condemnation of the Ungodly: Or the Doctrine of Future Punishment, Illustrated and Vindicated, As Rational and True. In Reply to a Late Pamphlet, Entitled, Salvation for All Men. By a Friend to Truth.
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36699: EDDY, MAJOR GEN. MANTON S. (1892-1962). COMMANDING GENERAL OF XII CORPS, THE SPEARHEAD OF PATTON'S THIRD U.S. ARMY. - An Original File Copy of a Recommendation for Unit Citation Sent by the Commanding General of XII Corps, Major General Manton S. Eddy to the Commanding General, Third U.S. Army, George S. Patton.
9292: EDE, CHARLES; EDITOR - The Art of the Book: Some Record of Work Carried out in Europe and the U.S. A. 1939-1950
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21780: (DETHLEFFS-EDELMANN, FRIDEL; 1899-1982). MERKEL, URSULA; EDITOR - Fridel Dethleffs-Edelmann: Malerin Der Neuen Sachlichkeit. 26. Januar Bis 27. Februar 2000 / IM Forum Der Stadtischen Galerie. (Catalog)
29849: EDGERTON, CLYDE - Raney
16133: EDGEWORTH, R. L. [EDGEWORTH, MARIA]. - The Cherry Orchard: A Story for Children.
23614: [EDGEWORTH, MARIA]. - Waste Not Want Not. Nettie Lighfoot Series.
21162: (EDISON, THOMAS). BALDWIN, NEIL - Edison: Inventing the Century
36692: JONAS, BARUKH. AUTHOR & LITERARY PHILOSOPHER WHO ASSISTED THOMAS EDISON WITH HIS BOTANICAL EXPERIMENTS. - Autograph Letter Signed by the Author, Literary Philosopher & Edison's Research Assistant Barukh Jonas, Addressed to Mark Van Doren.
36598: GREENSLET, FERRIS. (1875-1959). AMERICAN EDITOR AND WRITER. HE WAS A DIRECTOR AT THE HOUGHTON MIFFLIN PUBLISHING FIRM FROM 1910 TO 1942. - Autograph Letter Signed by Associate Editor of the Atlantic Monthly and Houghton Mifflin Director Ferris Greenslet.
36468: FARRAR, JOHN C. (1896-1974). AMERICAN EDITOR AND PUBLISHER. FOUNDER OF FARRAR & RINEHART AND FARRAR, STRAUS AND GIROUX. - Typed Letter to John Hyde Preston Signed by Publisher John C. Farrar Referring to Preston's "a Gentleman Rebel: The Exploits of Anthony Wayne".
36567: ABBOTT, LYMAN. (1835-1922). AMERICAN CONGREGATIONALIST THEOLOGIAN, EDITOR AND AUTHOR. - Autograph Letter Signed by Lyman Abbott, Congregationalist Theologian and Editor of the Outlook Weekly.
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35315: FRANK, GLENN. (1887-1940). AMERICAN EDITOR AND EDUCATOR. PRESIDENT OF THE UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN, HE INITIATED THE FAMOUS "EXPERIMENTAL COLLEGE". - Signature on a Card of Glenn Frank American Editor and Educator He Initiated the Famous "Experimental College".
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18216: JOANNES SECUNDUS; WRIGHT, F. A.; EDITOR AND TRANSLATOR - The Love Poems of Joannes Secundus: A Revised Latin Text and an English Verse Translation, Together with an Introductory Essay on the Latin Poetry of the Renaissance, by F.A. Wright
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37005: COBB, IRVIN S. (1876-1944). AMERICAN AUTHOR, HUMORIST, EDITOR AND COLUMNIST. - A Sheet of His Letterhead Inscribed and Signed by American Author and Humorist Irvin S. Cobb.
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34080: SELDES, GEORGE. (1890-1995). AMERICAN INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALIST, FOREIGN CORRESPONDENT, EDITOR AND AUTHOR. - Typed Letter Signed by American Investigative Journalist and Foreign Correspondent George Seldes.
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32171: (GRABOFF, ABNER). CAZDEN, NORMAN; EDITOR AND ARRANGER - The Abelard Folk Song Book: More Than 101 Ballads to Sing. Edited and Arranged for Piano and Guitar by Norman Cazden
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25628: (FRATELLI FABBRI EDITORI). - Enciclopedia Della Fanciulla. (Volume 5 Only).
33708: EDMONDS, WALTER. - Moses.
31200: EDMUNDS, LOWELL - Martini, Straight Up: The American Cocktail
34828: EDMUNDS, GEORGE F. (1828-1919). REPUBLICAN U.S. SENATOR FROM VERMONT. - Signature on a Card of George F. Edmunds, Republican U.S. Senator from Vermont.
36236: DWIGHT V, TIMOTHY. (1828-1916). AMERICAN EDUCATOR AND CLERGYMAN, ELECTED PRESIDENT OF YALE COLLEGE IN 1886. - Autograph Letter Signed by American Educator and Clergyman Timothy Dwight V, the Future President of Yale College.
30096: MEARNS, HUGHES (1875-1965). AMERICAN EDUCATOR AND POET, AUTHOR OF THE POEM "THE LITTLE MAN WHO WASN'T THERE - Creative Youth. How a School Environment Set Free the Creative Spirit. By Hughes Mearns. With a Foreword by Otis W. Caldwell and an Anthology of the High School Verse
36994: WIGGIN, KATE DOUGLAS. (1856-1923). AMERICAN EDUCATOR AND CHILDREN'S AUTHOR. - Envelope Signed by American Educator and Children's Author Kate Douglas Wiggin with Both Her Married and Professional Names.
36671: BUTLER, NICHOLAS MURRAY. (1862-1947). EDUCATOR AND PRESIDENT OF COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY. - Typed Letter Signed by Distinguished Educator and President of Columbia University Nicholas Murray Butler.
36701: LOW, SETH. (1850-1916). AMERICAN EDUCATOR AND POLITICIAN. SERVED SUCCESSIVELY AS MAYOR OF BROOKLYN, PRESIDENT OF COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY AND MAYOR OF NEW YORK CITY. - Typed Letter to Major Pond Signed by the President of Columbia University and Future Mayor of New York Seth Low Concerning a Possible Business Conflict Involving the Dean of Ely.
6303: (MORRIS, WILLIAM). GODWIN, EDWARD AND STEPHANI - Warrior Bard: The Life of William Morris
24883: (KIENHOLZ, EDWARD AND NANCY REDDIN). PINCUS, ROBERT L - On a Scale That Competes with the World: The Art of Edward and Nancy Reddin Kienholz
14376: BETHAM-EDWARDS, (M.) - In the Heart of the Vosges / and Other Sketches by a "Devious Traveller" / by Miss Betham-Edwards / Officier de L"Instruction Publique de France
16073: EDWARDS, A. C.; EDITOR - Modern Drama. Volume 11, Number 2, Fall 1968
5812: EDWARDS, EVERETT E. - A Bibliography of the History of Agriculture in the United States.
21803: EGAN, M. DAVID - Concepts in Architectural Acoustics
568: EHLERT, LOUIS - From the Tone World. A Series of Essays by Louis Ehlert. Translated from the German by Helen D. Tretbar
9998: EHMCKE, F. H - Angewandte Schrift. Mitteilungen Der Pelikan-Werke Nummer 25
12111: EHRMANN, ERIC - Hummel: The Complete Collector's Guide and Illustrated Reference. Photography by Seymour Linden. Special Contributor, Robert L. Muller. Special Consultant, Louise Schaub Witt
5977: EHRSAM, THEODORE C.; DEILY, ROBERT H.; AND SMITH, ROBERT M - Bibliographies of Twelve Victorian Authors
24498: (EICHENBERG, FRITZ; EDITOR) - Artist's Proof: The Annual of Prints and Printmaking. Volume X1
1016: (EICHENBERG, FRITZ). DAVIS, ROBERT - Padre Porko the Gentlemanly Pig
36039: EICHENBERG, FRITZ (1901-1990). GERMAN-AMERICAN WOOD ENGRAVER & ILLUSTRATOR. - Autograph Letter to the Editor of "American Artist" Signed by the Wood Engraver & Illustrator Fritz Eichenberg.
28900: (AMBROSETTI, TONATIUH). EICHLER, RALPH; EBERLE, MEINRAD K.; ET AL - New Monte Rosa Hut Sac: Self-Sufficient Building in the High Alps
23997: EIDER, PREBEN; COMPILER - H.C. Andersens Danmark / Hans Christian Andersen's Denmark. Foto Og Tekstudvalg Ved / Photographs and Text Selection [by] Preben Eider. English Translation by Mark Hebsgaard
3283: EIGER, ALBIN - Solitaries
6684: (EIGNER, LARRY). WYATT, ANDREA - A Bibliography of Works by Larry Eigner 1937-1969
12398: EILAND, MURRAY L - Oriental Rugs: A Comprehensive Guide
7084: (EINAUDI, LUIGI). FIRPO, LUIGI; EDITOR - Bibliografia Degli Scritti Di Luigi Einaudi (Dal 1893 Al 1970)
36556: (EINSTEIN, ALBERT). HARRIS, MARTIN. - A Beautiful Original Photograph of Albert Einstein Emerging from Under an Arch Honoring Jerusalem.
412: EINSTEIN, ALFRED - Essays on Music
26301: EINSTEIN, CARL - Die Kunst Des 20. Jahrhunderts
11983: (EISENHOWER, DWIGHT D.; NIXON, RICHARD) - Official Program of the Inaugural Ceremonies / Inducting Into Office Dwight D. Eisenhower, President of the United States / Richard M. Nixon, Vice President of the United States / January 20, 1953
33093: OLDFIELD, COLONEL BARNEY, USAF (RET.). (D. 2003). AIDE TO GENERAL EISENHOWER AND HOLLYWOOD PUBLICIST. - Typed Letter Signed by Colonel Barney Oldfield, Aide to General Eisenhower and Hollywood Publicist.
35576: (EISENSTAEDT, ALFRED). VITIELLO, GREGORY A.; EDITOR. - Eisenstaedt: Germany.
19278: EISENSTAEDT, ALFRED - Witness to Nature
2267: EISENSTEIN, SERGEI - Ivan the Terrible: A Screenplay by Sergei M. Eisenstein. Translated by Ivor Montagu and Herbert Marshall. Edited by Ivor Montagu, with Appendices and Illustrations
2269: EISENSTEIN, SERGEI M - Immoral Memories: An Autobiography. Translated by Herbert Marshall

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