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056333: Moppett, George - Lorna Russell Drawings 1980-1983
074899: Morales, Rodolfo - Maestro de Los Suenos / Master of Dreams
074898: Morales, Rodolfo - Un Tema Que Se Repite Obra grafica - 1994 a 1997
019751: Moran, Richard - Executioner's Current Thomas Edison, George Westinghouse, and the Invention of the Electric Chair
059153: Moran, Bridget - A Little Rebellion
063035: Moran, Bridget - Stoney Creek Woman: Sai'k'Iz Ts'Eke The Story of Mary John
069767: Moran, Lord (Charles Wilson) - Churchill Taken from the Diaries of Lord Moran / the Struggle for Survival 1940-1965
082087: Morantz, Toby - The White Man's Gonna Getcha The Colonial Challenge to the Crees in Quebec
055832: Ronen, Mordechai and Steve Paikin - I Am a Victor The Mordechai Ronen Story
078390: More, Thomas; Ralph Robinson (Trans.) - Utopia
084248: More, Thomas - Utopia
9900033797: Moreau, Achile - Exil Et Captivite de Napoleon : Extraits Du Memorial de Saint-Helene Par le Comte de Las-Cases [Etc. ] [Bound together with] 'Souvenirs de la Vie Politique et Intime, Anecdotes, Episodes faits et Paroles Memorables du Grand Homme et du Grand Empereur'
9900035310: MOREUX, Abbe Th. - Les Engimes de la Creation / D'Ou Venons-Nous? Qui Sommes-Nous?
059286: MOREUX, l'Abbe Th. - Les Confins de la Science Et de la Foi (Vol. One Only)
059280: MOREUX, l'Abbe TH. - Que Deviendrons-Nous Apres la Mort?
061343: MOREUX, l'Abbe Th. - La Science Mysterieuse Des Pharaons
062212: Moreux, Abbe Th. - Les Autres Mondes Sont-Ils Habites?
073245: Morey, Dr. Robert A. - Death and the Afterlife
050747: Morga, Betty - My Brother Ruined My Life
069759: Morgan, Michael H. - Lost History The Enduring Legacy of Muslim Scientists, Thinkers, and Artists
019181: Morgan, Bill - The Typewriter Is Holy The Complete, Uncensored History of the Beat Generation
071105: Morgan, Bill - Beat Generation in New York A Walking Tour of Jack Kerouac's City
9900035789: ABBOTT, Roger / Don Ferguson / John Morgan / with / Dave Broadfoot / Gord Holtam & Rick Olsen - The Air Farce Book
082263: Morgan, Jeff; Steven Rothfeld (Photos) - Dean & Deluca The Food and Wine Cookbook
072449: Morgan, Dale L.; et al. - Aspects of the Fur Trade Selected Papers of the 1965 North American Fur Trade Conference
083668: Morgan, Henry James - The Canadian Men and Women of the Time A Hand-book of Canadian Biography
082408: Morgan, Lewis H. - Houses and House-Life of the American Aborigines
038324: Morgan, Bill - I Celebrate Myself: The Somewhat Private Life of Allen Ginsberg
064123: Morice, Adrien-Gabriel - Croquis Anthropologiques
9900025375: Morice, Adrien Gabriel - Voyages Et Aventures de Lebret a la Haye Lisieux, Lourdes Et Verdun
075238: Morice, R. P - Histoire de L'Eglise Catholique Dans L'Ouest Canadien, Du Lac Superieur Au Pacifique 1659-1905 (Three Volume Set)
067741: Morice, A. G. - Monseigneur Turquetil, Oblat de Marie-Immaculee apotre des esquimaux et le miracle de ses missions
083286: Morice, R. P. - Dictionnaire Historique Des Canadiens Et Des Métis Français de L'Ouest
077329: Morice, A. G. - Monseigneur Turquetil, Oblat de Marie-Immaculee apotre des esquimaux et le miracle de ses missions
047213: Morley, Sheridan; Tim Heald (Ed.) - The Best of the Raconteurs
9900039925: Selected by Sheridan Morley and Tim Heald with a Preface by Sheridan Morley and Illustrations by John Lawrence - The Best of the Raconteurs
9900018987: MORLEY, Christopher - Shandygaff
082713: Moros, Arthur - The Cult of the Black Cube A Saturnian Grimoire
014938: Moroz, Valentyn - Among the Snows Protest Writings from the Ukraine
055059: Morra, Linda (Ed.) - Corresponding Influence Selected Letters of Emily Carr and Ira Dilworth
084827: Morris, Leslie - The Story of Tim Buck's Party 1922 - 1939
041367: Morris, Benny - Righteous Victims A History of the Zionist-Arab Conflict, 1881-1998
9900034053: MORRIS, Ralph [sic] - The Life and Astonishing Adventures of John Daniel
076276: Morris, Percy A. - A Field Guide to Shells
076277: Morris, Percy A. - A Field Guide to Shells
041962: Morris, Desmond - The Naked Ape A Zoologist's Study of the Human Animal
079526: Morris, Alexander - Treaties of Canada with the Indians of Manitoba and the North-West Territories Including the Negotiations on Which They Were Based
081046: Morris, William - Political Writings Contributions to Justice and Commonwealth 1883-90 (William Morris Library)
048527: Morris, Barbara - Libery Design 1874 - 1914
082796: Morris, Alexander - Nova Britannia or our New Canadian Dominion Foreshadowed being a series of Lectures, Speeches and Addresses by the Honorable Alexander Morris
082164: Morris, James - Pax Britannica (3 Vols. In Slipcase) Heaven's Command; Pax Britannica; Farewell the Trumpets
050788: Morris, Craig - Lust Trail
9900030460: MORRIS, William - News from Nowhere... Or... An Epoch of Rest / Being Some Chapters from a Utopian Romance
057166: Morris, William - News from Nowhere and Other Writings
077782: Morrison, Jim - The American Night The Writings of Jim Morrison / Volume 2
022417: Morrison, Dorothy - Tales the Eskimos Tell
079059: Morrison, David; Jean-Luc Pilon (eds.) - Threads of Arctic Prehistory: Papers in Honour of William E. Taylor, Jr.
073585: Morrison, Jean - Superior Rendezvous-Place Fort William in the Canadian Fur Trade
066912: Morrison, Grant - Happy!
080062: Morrison, David A. - Caribou Hunters in the Western Arctic Zooarchaeology of the Rita-Claire and Bison Skull Sites
079838: Morrison, Toni - Beloved
066744: Morrison, Grant; et al. - Animal Man
084117: Morrison, Toni - Beloved
074143: Morrison, Grant - Final Crisis
084345: Morrison, Toni - Love
056203: Morrison, Dorothy - Everyday Magic Spells & Rituals for Modern Living
062427: Grant Morrison - Superman - Action Comics, Volume 1 Superman and the Men of Steel
079938: Morriss, Geraldine (ed.) - The Most Important Available Reserve of Manpower: A Series of Wartime Recollections by Members and Friends of the University Women's Club of Winnipeg A Series of Wartime Recollections By Members and Friends of the University Women's Club of Winnipeg
075674: Morrisseau, Norval - The Red Lake Years Red Lake Museum / June 1 to September 30, 2000
082662: Comack, Elizabeth, Lawrence Deane, Larry Morrissette and Jim Silver - Indians Wear Red Colonialism, Resistance and Aboriginal Street Gangs
059058: Morrissey - Autobiography
033262: Morse, Garry Thomas - Discovery Passages
9900031246: MORSE, R. - National Ports of Canada
075113: Morse, Roger A. - Making Mead (Honey Wine) History, Recipes, Methods and Equipment
063252: Mortimer, John - Rumpole
9900004990: MORTIMER, Ruth - A Portrait of the Author in Sixteenth-Century France
022059: Mortimer, John - Rumpole
063479: Mortimer, John - Quite Honestly
062040: Mortimore, George E. - The Indian in Industry Roads to Independence
077796: Morton, W. L. - One University A History of the University of Manitoba
077357: Morton, Desmond; Reginald H. Roy (eds.) - Telegrams of the North-West Campaign 1885
9900034052: MORTON, A. S. - Beyond the Palaeocrystic Sea or the Legend of Halfjord
051463: Morton, Andrew - Madonna
078057: Morton, Arthur S. - A History of the Canadian West to 1870-71 Being a history of Rupert's Land (the Hudson's Bay Company's territory) and of the North-West Territory (including the Pacific slope)
063243: Morton, H. V.; Simon Jenkins (Intro.) - In Search of England
052211: FAHRNI, Margaret Morton and Morton, W. L. - Third Crossing a History of the First Quarter Century of the Town and District of Gladstone in the Province of Manitoba
9900022717: Morton, Arthur S. - Sir George Simpson Overseas Governor of the Hudson's Bay Company: A Pen Picture of a Man of Action
065626: Morton, H. V.; Richard John Neuhaus (Intro.) - In the Steps of the Master
084574: Morton, Anthony (John Creasy) - Meet the Baron
061542: Morton, Mark - Cupboard Love A Dictionary of Culinary Curiosities
080375: Morton, James - Polson's Probation A Story of Manitoba
062252: Moses, Daniel David - White Line The White Line Poems
067012: Moses, Daniel David; Terry Goldie [Eds.] - An Anthology of Canadian Native Literature in English
063349: Mosher, Thomas B. (Ed. ) - The Bibelot Vol. XVI, No. 5
081410: Mosionier, Beatrice - In Search of April Raintree
074290: Mosionier, Beatrice - In Search of April Raintree
079571: Mosionier, Beatrice - In Search of April Raintree 25th Anniversary Edition
077425: Mosionier, Beatrice Culleton - April Raintree Critical Edition Edited by Cheryl Suzack
079464: Mosionier, Beatrice - In Search of April Raintree Critical Edition
036954: Moss, W. Stanley - ILL Met by Moonlight
047763: Moss, W. Stanley - ILL Met by Moonlight
048282: Moss, H. St. L. B.; D. J. A. Matthew; - The Story of the Middle Ages [Five Volumes in Slipcase] The Birth of the Middle Ages; The Crucible of the Middle Ages; The Making of the Middle Ages; The High Middle Ages; The Wanting of the Middle Ages;
065725: Mothersbaugh, Mark; Adam Lerner (Ed.); Wes Anderson (Foreword) - Myopia
039215: Mothersole, Jesse - Hadrian's Wall
052400: Motion, Andrew - Wainewright the Poisoner: The Confession of Thomas Griffiths Wainewright
084903: Cervantes ; P. A. Motteux, trans. - The History of the Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote / 4 Leather Volumes
071503: Mottram, R. H. - The Spanish Farm
9900040445: MOULIK, Moni - A Wounded Dream & Other Poems
079967: Moulin, R. P. - Catechisme En Cris
078140: Mountford, Charles P. - Legends of the Dreamtime Australian Aboriginal Myths
057892: Masson, Jeffrey Moussaieff and Susan McCarthy - When Elephants Weep The Emotional Lives of Animals
062493: Mouton, Jean; et al. - La Nouvelle Revue Canadienne (Vol I. No. 2-6)
074239: Farley. Mowat - Sibir My Discovery of Siberia
051259: Farley Mowat - A Whale for the Killing
9900045393: RCAF [Mowat, J.E.] - Rcaf Cf - 101 Check Lists.
079311: Mowat, Farley - The Desperate People With woodcuts by Rosemary Kilbourn
074569: Mowat, Farley - And No Birds Sang
083974: Mowat, Farley - Never Cry Wolf
027976: Mowat, Farley - Born Naked
9900004992: Mowat, Farley - Born Naked
060751: Mowat, Farley - Aftermath Travels in a Post-War World
074540: Mowat, Farley - The Desperate People
072317: Mowat, Farley - Sea of Slaughter
9900016722: MOWAT, Farley - Tundra Selections from the Great Accounts of Arctic Land Voyages
067462: Mowat, Farley - Never Cry Wolf
062552: Moynihan, Ray; Barbara Mintzes - Sex, Lies, and Pharmaceuticals How Drug Companies Plan to Profit from Female Sexual Dysfunction
081334: de Beauvoir, Simone; Yvonne Moyse and Roger Senhouse (trans.) - She Came to Stay
080493: Moziño, José Mariano; Iris H. Wilson Engstrand (trans.) - Noticias de Nutka An Account of Nootka Sound in 1792
074703: Mudry, Vasyl & Roman Olesnicki (Eds.) - LVIV A Symposium On Its 700th Anniversary
077640: Muffs, Judith Hershlag - The Holocaust in Books and Films A Selected, Annotated List
075902: Ali, Muhammad with Hana Yasmeen Ali - The Soul of a Butterfly Reflections on Life's Journey
081462: Muir, John - Travels in Alaska
082017: Muir, John - Travels in Alaska Modern Library Classics
048018: Muir, Frank - An Irreverent and Thoroughly Incomplete Social History of Almost Everything
056605: Mukerjee, Ruchira - Toad in My Garden
084774: Mukherjee, Siddhartha - The Gene An Intimate History
056611: Mukherjee, Bharati - Darkness
082810: Muldrew, Aandeg - Red Rising | Dune'Aw Nendohot'En Iloh 'En 'Atenilh Aandeg Muldrew // Star Wars // Pat Ningewance // Climate Change | Issue 8 Language
056981: Mulisch, Harry; Paul Vincent (Trans.) - The Discovery of Heaven
051834: Mulisch, Harry; Vincent, Paul (Trans.) - The Discovery of Heaven A Novel
9900031364: MULLER, Prof. V. K. - English-Russian Dictionary
080860: Müller, Herta; Michael Hofman (trans.) - The Land of Green Plums
078706: Muller, Herat - The Land of Green Plums
9900035864: Muller, John - A Treatise Containing the Elementary Part of Fortifications, Regular and Irregular.
084298: Thomas-Müller, Clayton - Life in the City of Dirty Water A Memoir of Healing
034246: Muller, Herta - The Land of Green Plums
054333: Mulvaney, Charles Pelham - The History of the North-West Rebellion of 1885
053774: Mundy, John H. - The High Middle Ages 1150-1309
077986: Munro, Alice - Alice Munro Collection (5 Volumes in Slipcase) Friend of My Youth; Hateship, Friendship, Courtship, Loveship, Marriage; The Love of a Good Woman; Runaway; The View from Castle Rock
065160: Munro, Hector Hugh - The Collected Short Stories of Saki
067675: Munro, H. H.; [Saki] - The Complete Short Stories of 'Saki'
071960: Munro, Alice - Hateship, Friendship, Courtship, Loveship, Marriage Stories
081752: Munro, Alice - Selected Stories
070190: Munro, Alice - Dance of the Happy Shades
075753: Munro, Alice - Lives of Girls & Women
023575: Munro, Alice - The View from Castle Rock
076026: Munro, Alice - The Love of a Good Woman
026495: Munro, Alice - The Progress of Love
081629: Munro, H. H. (Saki); Christopher Morley - The Short Stories of Saki
075505: Munro, Alice - Hateship, Friendship, Courtship, Loveship, Marriage Stories
050451: Munro, H. H.; Noel Coward (Intro.) - The Complete Works of Saki
082406: Munro, Alice - Dance of the Happy Shades
9900042256: MUNRO, Alice - The Progress of Love
079093: Munro, H.H.; Noel Coward - The Complete Works of Saki
077246: Munro, William Bennett - Documents Relating to the Seigniorial Tenure in Canada 1598-1854
069037: Munro, Alice - The Progress of Love
039965: Munro, Alice - The Love of a Good Woman
033907: Munro, Alice - Open Secrets
050405: Saki (Munro, H.H.) - The Unbearable Bassington
050463: Munro, Alice - The Progress of Love
084468: Munro, H.H. - The Complete Works of Saki
084276: Müntz, Eugène - Leonardo Da Vinci (Two Books in Slip Case) Artist, Thinker and Man of Science
076666: Murakami, Takashi; Paul Schimmel (Ed.); Dick Hebdige; Midori Matsui; Scott Rothkopf; Mika Yoshitake - Murakami
079809: Murakami, Haruki; Philip Gabriel [Trans.] - What I Talk About When I Talk About Running A Memoir
084909: Murakami, Haruki - What I Talk About When I Talk About Running
078043: Murchu, Liam O - Black Cat in the Window
083821: Murdoch, John - A Bibliography of Algonquian Syllabic Texts in Canadian Repositories Rough Draft
073680: Murdoch, John - Study of the Eskimo Bows in the United States National Museum Extract from: Smithsonian Annual Report 1884 - Vol.2
084225: Murdoch, Iris - The Green Knight
079324: Murdoch, John Stewart - Syllabics A Successful Educational Innovation
081760: Murdoch, Iris - The Flight from the Enchanter
080503: Murdoch, Iris - The Sea, the Sea
081476: Murdoch, Iris - The Bell
084780: Murdoch, Iris - Nuns and Soldiers
084007: Murdoch, Iris - The Book and the Brotherhood
084771: Murdoch, Iris - A Fairly Honourable Defeat
081889: Murdoch, Iris - Nice and the Good
077270: Mure, Eleanor - The Story of the Three Beans
080135: Murphy, Bruce Allen - Scalia A Court of One
9900029100: [SAMUEL JOHNSON] MURPHY, Arthur - The Works of Samuel Johnson LL. D. With an Essay on his Life and Genius
067534: Murphy, Derryl - Napier's Bones
9900039988: MURRAY, Irene (general editor) - Percy Erskine Nobbs and His Associates: A Guide to the Archive / Et Ses Associes: Guide Du Fonds
047623: Murray, James Henry - Routledge's Encyclopaedia Biographical - Geographical - Historical - General
081270: Murray, Bonnie - LI Sannchur Fleshii Di Michif Thomas and the Metis Sash
058322: Waldman, Murray and Marjorie Lamb - Dying for a Hamburger Modern Meat Processing and the Epidemic of Alzheimer's Disease
055715: Murray, Gilbert - Aristophanes A Study
055381: Murray, Joan - Tom Thomson Design for a Canadian Hero
063589: Murray, Hattie May - Pioneers All
081984: Collodi, Carlo; M.A. Murray and G. Tassinari (trans.) - Pinocchio
077750: Murray, Williamson - The Change in the European Balance of Power, 1938-1939 The Path to Ruin
079260: Murray, Hugh - An Historical and Descriptive Account of British North America (Three Volume Set) Comprehending Canada Upper and Lower, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island, the Bermudas, and the Fur Countries: Their History From the Earliest Settlement; the Statistics and Topography of Eash District; Their Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries; Their Social and Political Condition; As Also an Account of the Manners and Present State of Aboriginal Tribes; to Which is Added A Full Detail of the Principles and Best Modes of Emigration.
052176: Murray, Nicholas - Aldous Huxley: An English Intellectual
012997: Murray, Joan; The Robert McLaughlin Gallery - The Dodds Family Collection of First People's Art
074951: Murray, Margaret - The God of the Witches Galaxy Books
068477: [Pilot Mound Museum] - Captured Memories A Pictorial History of the Rural Municipality of Louise
045553: [Manitoba Crafts Museum and Library] - Crafting the Mosaic: Celebrating 75 Years of Craft in Manitoba
048633: Weisman Art Museum - Weisman Art Museum the Collection
012574: Brooklyn Museum - The American Renaissance 1876-1917 Guide to the Exhibition and Illustrated Catalogue
076668: Royal Ontario Museum - Amphibians of Ontario Les Amphibiens de l'Ontario
046908: [Commitees of the J A Victor Museum and New Horizons] - Reflections: 1882 - 1982 A Community History of The Rual Municipality of Turtle Mountain and the Town of Kilarney
064887: Musgrave, Susan - Gullband Thought Measles was a Happy Ending
9900037010: MUSGROVE, Gladys - Village Cook Book
9900037997: MUSIL, Alois - Arabia Deserta a Topographical Itinerary / American Geographical Society / Oriental Exploration and Studies No. 2
9900037998: Musil, Alois - The Northern Hegaz, a Topographical Itinerary American Geographical Society, Oriental Exploration and Studies, No. 4
067799: Musiol, Marie-Jeanne - La Filature Inc.
9900039326: de Musset, d'Alfred - Oeuvres Completes D'Alfred de Musset / Complete Set in Nine Volumes
9900022954: Muther, Richard - The History of Modern Painting
073726: Mutonji, Tea - Shut Up, You'Re Pretty Stories
046579: Inomata, Mutsumi and Kosuke Fujishima - The Art of Tales of Xillia 2
9900040737: MYERS John Myers - The Moon's Fire-Eating Daughter
054672: Myers, Jacob M. (Trans., Intro., & Notes) - Ezra & Nehemiah
054671: Myers, Jacob M. (Trans., Intro., & Notes) - I Chronicles
054673: Myers, Jacob M. (Trans., Intro., & Notes) - II Chronicles
044071: Myers, John Myers - The Saga of Hugh Glass: Pirate, Pawnee, and Mountain Man
031596: Myers, Jacob M. - The Anchor Bible I Chronicles
047053: Myerson, Julie - Sleepwalking
077632: Myss, Caroline - Entering the Castle Finding the Inner Path to God and Your Soul's Purpose
084830: Sprague, D. N. and R. P. Frye - The Genealogy of the First Metis Nation The Development and Dispersal of the Red River Settlement 1820-1900
9900006957: HARGER, Dr. R. N. and R. F. Borkenstein - Chemical Tests for Intoxication / Training Manual No. 1 / Indiana State Police
9900044189: NABAKOV, Vladimir - The Waltz Invention / a Play in Three Acts.
077969: Nabokov, Vladimir - The Stories of Vladimir Nabokov
081408: Nabokov, Vladimir - Think, Write, Speak Uncollected Essays, Reviews, Interviews and Letters to the Editor
067039: Nabokov, Vladimir - Mary
082285: Nabokov, Vladimir - Look at the Harlequins!
081714: Nabokov, Vladimir Vladimirovich - Nabokov's Butterflies Unpublished and Uncollected Writings
084505: Nabokov, Vladimir; Dmitri Nabokov (ed.) - The Original of Laura
081001: Nabokov, Vladimir; Dmitri Nabokov (trans.) - Glory
081162: Nabokov, Vladimir - The Eye
076888: Nabokov, Vladimir - Pnin
083619: Nabokov, Vladimir - Lolita
080866: Nabokov, Vladimir - Ada or Ardor: A Family Chronicle
067040: Nabokov, Vladimir - Pale Fire
060176: Nabokov, Vladimir - Ada
081478: Nabokov, Vladimir; Dmitri Nabokov (ed.) - The Original of Laura
079402: Nabokov, Vladimir - Think, Write, Speak Uncollected Essays, Reviews, Interviews and Letters to the Editor
077088: Nabokov, Vladimir - Glory
076813: Nabokov, Vladimir - Pale Fire
076814: Nabokov, Vladimir - Look at the Harlequins!
071249: Nace, Don - Drawn out
078538: Nadel, Ira B. - Various Positions A Life of Leonard Cohen
065889: Nadel, Ira B. - Various Positions A Life of Leonard Cohen
014234: Nadel, Ira B. - Various Positions A Life of Leonard Cohen
075665: Nagam, Julie - Locating the Little Heartbeats
084025: Nagel, Thomas - Mortal Questions
075151: Nagl, John A. - Learning to Eat Soup with a Knife Counterinsurgency Lessons from Malaya and Vietnam
082478: Nagle, Angela - Kill All Normies Online Culture Wars From 4Chan And Tumblr To Trump And The Alt-Right
9900042453: NAHUM, Peter (ed.) - Prices of Victorian Paintings, Drawings and Watercolours
9900036186: NAIPAUL, V. S. - India a Million Mutinies Now
075717: Naipaul, V.S. - Beyond Belief
071059: Naipaul, V.S. - The Enigma of Arrival
071227: Naipaul, V. S. - India A Wounded Civilization
043403: Naipaul, V. S. - The MIMIC Men
072110: Naipaul, V.S. - A House for Mr. Biswas
056859: Naipaul, V.S. - A Turn in the South
081151: Naipaul, V.S. - Half a Life
9900003970: Naipaul, V. S. - The Mystic Masseur
067331: Naipaul, V. S. - The Writer and the World
061737: Nakamura, Fuminori - The Kingdom
071973: Nakayama, Masatoshi; Herman Kauz (Trans.) - Dynamic Karate Bushido--The Way of the Warrior
9900035194: POWER, Patrick ('Place-Names and Antiquities of S.E. Cork - Part II) and S.E. County Cork - Barony of Barrymore. Part III') - Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy Volume XXXIV. , Section C, No. 9 (1918) and Volume XXXVI, Section C. No. 11 (1923)
065535: Namto, Achan Sobin S. - Insight Meditation Practical Steps to Ultimate Truth
9900042802: NANCREDE, Charles B., M.D. - Recent Advances in the Surgery of the Brain and Its Coverings [an Original Lecture Reprinted in the Medical News, Jan 28 1888]
061204: Nansen, Fridtjof - Farthest North (Volume Two) Being the Record of a Voyage of exploration of the Ship Fram, 1893-96, and of a Fifteen Months' Sleigh Journey by Dr. Nansen and Lieut. Johansen
064104: Nanton, Paul - Arctic Breakthrough Franklin's Expeditions 1819-1847
063674: Charles Napier; Rosamond Lawrence - Charles Napier Friend and Fighter, 1782-1853
080531: Naranjo, Michael A.; Mary C. Fredenburgh - Naranjo
081842: Narayan, R. K. - The Painter of Signs
066756: Narayan, Rasipuram Krishnaswamy - Malgudi Adventures Classic Tales for Children
075966: Nariko, Enomoto - Big Spirits Comics Special
063549: Nasgaar, Roald; Jeune, Marie-Claude - Individualites: 14 Contemporary Artists from France
055145: Nasgaard, Roald; et al. - The Gershon Iskowitz Prize 1986 - 2006
043707: Nasgaard, Roald; Ray Ellenwood - The Automatiste Revolution: Montreal 1941 - 1960
067699: Nash, Knowlton - The Microphone Wars A History of Triumph and Betrayal at the CBC
002652: Nash, Ronald J. - Archaeological Investigations in the Transitional Forest Zone: Northern Manitoba, Southern Keewatin, N.W. T.
084769: Nash, Mike - Outdoor Safety & Survival
043245: Nash, Knowlton - Microphone Wars: A History of Triumph and Betrayal at Cbc
066346: Nasiri, Omar - Inside the Jihad my life with Al Qaeda : a spy's story
082590: Nasmith, George G. - Canada's Sons and Great Britain in the World War
065231: Naso, Publius Ovidius (Ovid); B. P. Moore (Trans.) - Ars Amatoria
074205: Ovid [Publius Ovidius Naso]; James Michie (Trans.) - The Art of Love
056316: Nasple, Jaume; Kyoko Asakura - Chinese Design
075511: Abun-Nasr, Jamil M. - The Tijaniyya A Sufi Order in the Modern World
061069: Ribkoff, Natalie and Christine, Lalonde - Itukiagatta! Inuit Sculpture from the Collection of the TD Bank Financial Group
083524: Nater, H. F. - A Concise Nuxalk-English Dictionary
059465: Nathan, Jacques - Histoire de la Litterature Contemporaine (Nouvelle edition augmentee 1919-1960)
9900019558: Nathan, George Jean - Five Great Modern Irish Plays: The Complete Texts
074586: Nauman, Bruce; Janet Kraynak (ed.) - Please Pay Attention Please: Bruce Nauman's Words Writings and Interviews
034936: Navask, Victor S. - A Matter of Opinion
061759: [Department of the Navy] - United States Submarine Losses World War II
082562: Du Nay, André - The Early History of the Rumanian Language
9900037649: NAYLOR, H. Roger - A History of the Four Bodies of the Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite of the Valley of Trenton, New Jersey
079032: NDiaye, Marie; Jordan Stump [Trans.] - Ladivine
011707: O' Neal, William B, ed. - The American Association of Architectural Bibliographers Papers Volumes I to XI
073586: Neale, Graham H.; Ross W. Irwin - The Medal Roll of the Red River Campaign of 1870 in Canada
077235: Needler, G.H. - The Battleford Column Verified Memories of a Queen's Own Corporal in the Northwest Rebellion 1885
083394: Cook-Neff, Stella - A Cree Dictionary Itewina Masinayikan
068068: Negri, Mario - Mario Negri Sculptures: First One-Man Exhibition in Canada
069231: Neidlinger, W. H. - Small Songs for Small Singers
074368: O'Neill, Eugene - Ah, Wilderness! A Comedy of Recollection
079480: O'Neill, Eugene Gladstone - Long Day's Journey Into Night
051708: O'Neill, Richard - Suicide Squads The Men and Machines of World War II Special Operations
080449: O'Neill, Robert J. - The German Army and the Nazi Party, 1933-1939
055991: O'Neill, Tony - Down and out on Murder Mile A Novel
073128: O'Neill, Joseph - Good Trouble Stories
079142: Neilson, J. L. Hubert - Facsimile of Pere Marquettes Illinois Prayer Book
049335: Neitzel, Neal - Hot-Blooded Blond
9900042244: NELLIS, Andrew J. - The Law of Street Surface Railroads
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080036: Philip, I. G. - William Blackstone and the Oxford University Press
084773: Phillips, Patrick - Blood at the Root A Racial Cleansing in America
9900045136: PHILLIPS, Wendell - Oration Delivered in the Old South Meeting-House by Wendell Phillips, June 14, 1876 (Revised by Himself)
080302: Phillips, Ian; Angelika Taschen (ed.) - New Paris Interiors
9900037295: Phillips, K. N. - Musings of a Missionary
077271: Phillips, Adam; Barbara Taylor - On Kindness
9900038962: Phillips, K. A. - Common Rocks in Manitoba [Together with] Looking at Rocks / July, 1976 'Conservation Comment'
043886: Phillips, Conrad - Dolls with Sad Faces
9900039675: PHILLIPS, Gordon G. - The Rise and Fall of a Prairie Town / a History of Lauder Manitoba and the Surrounding District / Volume 4 June 1977
9900028478: [PHILLIPS] - British, Topographical & Victorian Paintings (Auction Catalog from Phillips, London, May 1, 1990).
081191: Phillips, Barty - Carpet Style A Comprehensive, Style-by-Style Directory to Choosing the Right Carpet for Your Home
9900037325: Phillips, C. H. [ed.] - The Correspondence of David Scott Director and Chairman of the East India Company Relating to Indian Affairs 1787 - 1805
076291: Phillps, U. Utah - Starlight on the Rails and Other Songs
062354: Philpott, Mary Laura - I Miss You When I Blink
060859: Phong, Duong Thanh - The Document Album of Cu Chi, 1960-1975
9900043369: Photographed and Printed by G. W. Wilson & Co. Ltd. - Grand Photographic View Album of Aberfoyle & Vicinity
074067: Piaget, Jean - The Language and Thought of the Child
9900035395: PICARD, L. B. [Louis-Benoit Picard] - Les Tracasseries / Un Jeu de la Fortune / Encore Des Menechmes / la Noce Sans Mariage / Les Trois Maris Five plays bound in one volume
081732: Picard, Marc - Principles and Methods in Historical Phonology From Proto-Algonkian to Arapaho
067109: Picard, Liza - The Life of London (4 Volumes in Slipcase) Elizabeth's London; Restoration London; Dr. Johnson's London; Victorian London
062533: Picard, Roger - Artifices Et Mystifications Litteraires
050189: Roland Pichet; Jacques de Roussan; Gilles Vigneault (Preface) - Pichet (Collection Signatures)
9900043503: PICHON, Leon / Translated from the French by Herbert B. Grimsditch - The New Book-Illustrations in France
078163: Pickering, John - A Vocabulary, or Collection of Words and Phrases Which Have Been Supposed to Be Peculiar to the United States of America. To Which Is Prefixed an Essay on the Present State of the English Language in the United States.
052980: Pickersgill, J. W.; D. F. Forster - Mackenzie King Record (4 Volume Set)
057234: Pickover, Clifford A. - The Paradox of God and the Science of Omniscience
071009: Pien, Ed - Ed Pien In a Realm of Others
083925: Pienkowski, Jan - Robot
080518: Pierce, Lorne (Ed.) - James Evans The Ryerson Canadian History Readers / Imperial Order Daughters of the Empire Recommended by the Provincial Departments of Education
058080: Pierce, Patricia - The Great Shakespeare Fraud The Strange, True Story of William-Henry Ireland
9900045145: PIERCE, Richard D. - The Legal Aspects of the Andover Creed
070086: Piercey, Stephen - Superprops Classic Flying Freighters
070340: Pierik, Perry - From Leningrad to Berlin Dutch Volunteers In The Service Of The German Waffen-SS 1941-1945
076150: Saint-Pierre, Annette - Jean Riel Fils de Louis Riel Sous une mauvaise etoile
054229: Saint-Pierre, Annette; Andrew de Repentigny (Trans.) - The Metis Princess
081291: Piggott, Glyne Leroy - Aspects of Odawa Morphonemics Thesis submitted in conformity with the requirements for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy in the University of Toronto
9900037369: Pike, Clement Edwards [ed.] - Selections from the Correspondence of Arthur Capel Earl of Essex 1675-1677
075837: Pike, S. N. - Water-Divining A Book of Practical Instruction
065336: Pilger, John - The New Rulers of the World
080806: Pilkey, Dav - Dog Man Lord of the Fleas by the creator of captain underpants
080818: Pilkey, Dav - Dog Man and Cat Kid by the creator of captain underpants
080817: Pilkey, Dav - Cat Kid Comic Club by the creator of captain underpants

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