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059006: Pinchbeck, Daniel; Sting (Preface); Russell Brand (Intro.) - How Soon Is Now? From Personal Initiation to Global Transformation
056758: Pinchbeck, Daniel - Breaking Open the Head A Psychedelic Journey into the Heart of Contemporary Shamanism
072334: Pinchbeck, Daniel - How Soon Is Now? From Personal Initiation to Global Transformation
038093: Pindari (Pindar) - Carmina Quae Supereunt Cum Deperditorum Fragmentis Selectis Ex Recensione Boeckhii. Commentario Perpetuo Illustravit Ludolphus Dissenius Sect. II. Commentarius
9900017844: Pine, L. G. - Trace Your Ancestors
075931: Pineau, John - My Winnipeg
067487: Pini, Wendy, art. Kay Reynolds, ed., et al - Elfquest Book 2
081010: Pinker, Steven - Enlightenment Now The Case for Reason, Science, Humanism, and Progress
081547: Pinker, Steven - The Better Angels of Our Nature Why Violence Has Declined
079639: Pinker, Steven - The Better Angels of Our Nature Why Violence Has Declined
079640: Pinker, Steven - The Blank Slate The Modern Denial of Human Nature
079641: Pinker, Steven - Enlightenment Now The Case for Reason, Science, Humanism and Progress
083967: Pinnow, Jürgen - The Na-Déné Language in Light of Greenberg's Classification Die Na-Dene-Sprachen im Lichte der Greenberg-Klassifikation
083968: Pinnow, Jürgen - Sprachhistoriesche Untersuchung Zur Stellung Des Haida Als Na-Dene-Sprach
058683: Pinter, Harold - The Homecoming
070597: Pinter, Harold - The Caretaker and the Dumb Waiter Two Plays by Harold Pinter
9900026645: Pinter, Harold - Poems
058077: Pirandello, Luigi - Pirandello's One-Act Plays
080016: Pirotta, Saviour - If You Love a Magical Tale Aladdin and The Wizard of Oz
080466: Pirsig, Robert M - Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance An Inquiry into Values
084267: Pirsig, Robert M. - Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance An Inquiry into Values
059196: Pittard, Hannah - The Fates Will Find Their Way A Novel
064238: Pitts, Mike - Digging Up Britain
076370: Pizzetti, Ippolita; Henry Cocker - Flowers (Two Volumes in Slipcase) A Guide for Your Garden
067911: City of Winnipeg Neighbourhood Improvement Division: Department of Environmental Planning - City Spaces The Design projects of Neighbourhood Improvement
080557: Plath, Sylvia - Letters of Sylvia Plath (Two Volumes) Volume I: 1940-1956; Volume II 1956-1963
084764: Plato; Desmond Lee (trans.) - The Republic
078580: Plato; A.D. Lindsay (trans.) - The Republic
044260: Plato; B. Jowett [Trans.] - The Republic and Other Works
073477: Plato; Xenophon; Mark Kremer (Trans. & Intro.) - Plato and Xenophon Apologies Focus Philosophical Library
075006: Plato - Plato Theaetetus
073484: Plato - Plato Phaedo
074498: Plato - Selected Writings from "Protagoras", "Republic", "Phaedrus" and "Gorgias
041734: Platt, Colin - The Atlas of Medieval Man
058092: Plautus - Four Comedies The Braggart Soldier; The Brothers Menaechmus; The Haunted House; The Pot of Gold
032331: Plautus - The Pot of Gold and Other Plays
080793: Playboy - The Complete Centerfolds
080643: Playter, George F. - History of Methodism in Canada With an Account of the Rise and Progres of the Work of God among the Canadian indian Tribes, and Occasional Notices of the Civil Affairs of the Province
9900029618: Plecan, Paul - Model Car Handbook
050737: Plew, Mark G - Prehistoric Hunter-Gatherer Fishing Strategies
075157: Plokhy, Serhii - The Origins of the Slavic Nations Premodern Identities in Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus
060619: Plowden, David - Heartland The Plains and the Prairie
084465: Plummer, John (ed.) - The Hours of Catherine of Cleves
080522: Plunkett, Thomas - Winnipeg Canada's Third Largest City An explanation of its new government
084282: Plutarch; Louise Ropes Loomis (trans.) - Selected Lives and Essays
055669: Plutarch - The Rise and Fall of Athens: Nine Greek Lives
053717: Poblete, JoAnna - Islanders in the Empire: Filipino and Puerto Rican Laborers in Hawai'i
083097: Podalydès, Denis - Album Shakespeare
031359: Podnieks, Andrew - Lord Stanley's Cup
018037: Poe, Edgar Allan - The Illustrated Edgar Allan Poe
058919: Poe, Edgar Allan - The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket
074608: Poe, Edgar Allan - Tales of Mystery and Imagination
081739: Poe, Edgar Allan - Poes Tales of Mystery & Imagination
062771: Poe, Edgar Allan; Wilbur S. Scott (Intro.) - The Complete Tales & Poems of Edgar Allan Poe
072401: Poe, Edgar Allan - The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket
070337: Poehler, Amy - Yes Please
9900027947: [FRENCH POETRY] - Contes Et Nouvelles En Vers [Tales and New Verse]
9900035815: POHORILYJ, Semen - The Unpublished Novels of Volodymyr Vynnychenko
051534: Poitier, Sidney - The Measure of a Man: A Spiritual Autobiography
083001: Pokagon, Chief Simon - O-Gî-Mäw-Kwe Mit-I-Gwä-Kî (Queen of the Woods) Also Brief Sketch of the Algaic Language
066762: Polanyi, Michael - Study of Man
072937: Polenberg, Richard - Fighting Faiths The Abrams Case, the Supreme Court, and Free Speech
044717: Commissioners of The Royal North-West Mounted Police - Opening Up the West Being the Official Reports to Parliment of the Activities of The Royal North-West Mounted Police Force 1874 - 1881
056263: Commissioners of The Royal North-West Mounted Police - Law and Order Being the Official Reports to Parliment of the Activities of The Royal North-West Mounted Police Force 1886 - 1887
056288: Commissioners of The Royal North-West Mounted Police - Opening Up the West Being the Official Reports to Parliment of the Activities of The Royal North-West Mounted Police Force 1874 - 1881
044715: Commissioners of The Royal North-West Mounted Police - The New West Being the Official Reports to Parliment of the Activities of The Royal North-West Mounted Police Force 1888 - 1889
083473: Guay-Poliquin, Christian; David Homel (trans.) - The Weight of Snow
058483: Pollack, W. G. - Shegonaba A Tale of Mission Work Among the Chippewas
056725: Pollack, Neal - Never Mind the Pollacks A Rock and Roll Novel
084612: Pollan, Michael - A Place of My Own The Architecture of Daydreams
084871: Pollan, Michael - The Omnivore's Dilemma A Natural History of Four Meals
079394: Pollan, Michael - A Place of My Own The Architecture of Daydreams
059380: Pollan, Michael - In Defense of Food
074717: Pollan, Michael - Cooked A Natural History of Transformation
049884: Pollitt, J. J. - The Art of Greece, 1400-31 B.C. Sources and Documents
9900038653: POLLOCK, A. J. - Hades and Eternal Punishment
081166: Poloz, Stephen - The Next Age of Uncertainty How the World Can Adapt to a Riskier Future
049188: Pomerantz, Gary M. - Wilt, 1962 The Night of 100 Points and the Dawn of a New Era
074854: Pomerene, Senator Atlee - [Two Dis-Bound Printed Speeches] Free Wine Spirits" and "Pending Pension Legislation
070833: Pomeroy, Sarah B.; Stanley M. Burstein, Walter Donlan, Jennifer Tolbert Roberts - Ancient Greece A Political, Social, and Cultural History
9900002160: PONENTE, Nello - The Structures of the Modern World 1850-1900
057252: Pontiggia, Giuseppe; Oonagh Stransky (Trans.) - Born Twice A Novel of Fatherhood
082010: Pontoppidan, Henrik - Lucky Per
084667: Merleau-Ponty, Maurice; Donald A. Landes (trans.) - Phenomenology of Perception
076701: Pooch - Tales of a Forgotten Theatre A Medical Officer's Reminiscences of the Campaign of the Canadian Army in Italy
067265: Poor, Henry Varnum - An Artist Sees Alaska
076615: Poortvliet, Rien; Robert Elman (Intro.); Marlies Comjean (Trans.) - The Living Forest A World of Animals
076609: Poortvliet, Rien; Maria Milne (Trans.) - Dutch Treat The Artist's Life, Written and Painted by Himself
9900025459: POPE, Dudley - Ramage's Signal
079957: Pope, Joseph - Correspondence of Sir John Macdonald Selections from the Correspondence of the Right Honourable Sir John Alexander Macdonald, G.C.B.
9900030167: POPE, Dudley - The Black Ship
054852: Pope, Alexander - The Rape of the Lock
061828: Pope, Jessie - The Adventures of Silversuit
071156: [PopMatters] - Joss Whedon The Complete Companion / The TV Series, the Movies, the Comic Books and More
081509: Popper, Karl - The Open Universe An Argument for Indeterminism
078431: Popper, Karl R. - Conjectures and Refutations The Growth of Scientific Knowledge
055737: Moliere [Jean-Baptiste Poquelin]; Richard Wilbur (Trans.) - The School for Wives Comedy in Five Acts, 1662
9900037209: MOLIERE [Jean Baptise Poquelin] - Oeuvres de Moliere Precedees D'Une Notice Sur Sa Vie Et Ses Ouvrages Par M. Sainte Beauve / Vignettes Par Tony Johannot
083424: Porges, Irwin - Edgar Rice Burroughs The Man who Created Tarzan
069599: Porritt, Jonathon - Capitalism As If the World Matters
074535: Portal, Ellis - Killing Ground The Canadian Civil War
080945: Porter, H. C. - Inconstant Savage England and the North American Indian, 1500-1660
077957: Porter, Max - Lanny
053859: Porter, Catherine - Miller's Collecting Books
077813: Porter, Roy - The Greatest Benefit to Mankind A Medical History of Humanity
9900008025: PORTER, John C. - The Men Who Put the Show on the Road
077189: Posar, Pompeo (Photo.) - Nackt Vor Der Linse. Aus Dem Album Von Playboy-Photograph Pompeo Posar [the Playboy Photographer 1]
077187: Posar, Pompeo (Photo.) - The Playboy Photographer 1
077133: Posner, Gerald - God's Bankers A History of Money and Power at the Vatican
018126: Canada Post - Souvenir Collection of the Postage Stamps of Canada 1979
9900033422: POST, Melville Davison - The Revolt of the Birds
084665: Poster, Mark - Existential Marxism in Postwar France From Sartre to Althusser
083404: Posthumus, Marten - Impressions of Manitoba Drawings by Marten Posthumus
065638: Posthumus, Martin - Impressions of Manitoba
081602: Postman, Neil - Building a Bridge to the 18th Century How the Past Can Improve Our Future
058800: Potter, Russell - Pyg The Memoirs of Toby, the Learned Pig
9900038445: POTTER, Beatrix / Traduit de l'Anglais par Victorine Ballon & Julienne Profichet - L'Histoire de Sophie Canetang
9900029073: POTTLE, Frederick A. (ed.) - Boswell in Holland 1763-1764 Including His Correspondence with Belle de Zuylen (Zelide)
051884: Pottle, Frederick A. [editor] - Boswell in Holland 1763-1764 Including His Correspondence with Belle de Zuylen (Zelide)
9900037219: POTTLE, Frederick A. (ed.) - Boswell on the Grand Tour: Germany and Switzerland 1764
078288: Potts, Malcolm; Thomas Hayden - Sex and War How Biology Explains Warfare and Terrorism and Offers a Path to a Safer World
065605: Potts, Adeline J. - Walk by the Spirit
061345: Poulet, Robert - La Lanterne Magique de la Critique
053700: Poulton, J. Alexander; Arpon Basu - Great Canadian Hockey (Three Volume Boxed-Set) Greatest Games of the Stanley Cup; Hockey's Hottest Players; NHL Enforcers
066694: Pound, Ezra - ABC of Reading
039311: Powe, B. W. - Mystic Trudeau The Fire and the Rose
9900000521: POWELL, Matthew - God Off-Broadway the Blackfriars Theatre of New York
083568: Powell, Anthony - A Dance to the Music of Time: Fourth Movement Books Do Furnish a Room; Temporary Kings; Hearing Secret Harmonies
069925: Powell, Richard J. - Going There Black Visual Satire
041563: Powell, Julie - Julie and Julia: My Year of Cooking Dangerously
083567: Powell, Anthony - A Dance to the Music of Time: Second Movement At Lady Molly's; Casanova's Chinese Restaurant; The Kindly Ones
083566: Powell, Anthony - A Dance to the Music of Time: Third Movement The Valley of Bones; The Soldier's Art; The Military Philosophers
065902: Powell, Kerry Lee - Willem de Kooning's Paintbrush
052443: Powell, Jay; Vivkie Jensen; Vera Cranmer; Agnes Cranmer - Yaxwatlan's: Learning Kwakwala Book 12
084650: Power, Samantha - The Education of an Idealist
072919: Power, Eileen - Medieval People
077676: Powers, Richard - Three Farmers on Their Way to a Dance
072947: Powers, Francis Gray - The Trial of the U2 Westmoreland v. CBS et al.; Sharon v. Time
084714: Powers, Richard - The Overstory
052473: Pracht, Klaus - Modern Oriels on Roofs and Facades
060656: Pratap, Vijayendra - Beginning Yoga
084846: Pratchett, Terry - Monstrous Regiment
076181: Prater, Gene; Dave Felkley [Ed.] - Snowshoeing
082371: Pratt, Christopher - The Places I Go
071008: Pratt, Mary Louise - Imperial Eyes Travel Writing and Transculturation
083886: Ehrlich, W.A., E.A. Poyser, L.E. Pratt and J.H. Ellis - Report of Reconnaissance Soil Survey of Winnipeg and Morris Map Sheet Areas
9900004958: PRATT, Major A. M - The Story of Manitoba's Weekly Newspapers
081005: Prebble, John - The Highland Clearances 'Since you have preferred sheep to men, let sheep defend you!'
051442: Preiss, Byron (Ed.) - The Ultimate Frankenstein: New Stories by Some of the World's Leading Authors
063768: Hallward, John. M. (prepared and ed.); G. G. Chamaillard and Associes (trans.) - Mid-Canada Report / Rapport Sur le Canada-Median Report of the Mid-Canada Development Conference / Rapport de la conference sur la mise en valeur du Canada-median
023864: Press and Information Office of the Federal Government - The Quadripartite Agreement on Berlin
9900027305: The Associated Press - The Instant It Happened
004425: [Winnipeg Free Press] - The Way We Live in Manitoba
079734: Winnipeg Free Press - The Way We Live in Manitoba
082968: The Nonesuch Press - Bodkin Permitting Being the Prospectus and Retrospectus for 1929
065637: [Winnipeg Free Press] - The Way We Live in Manitoba
078272: [St. Dominic's Press] - Diary with Dominican Calendar and XII Wood-Engravings
081716: Winnipeg Free Press - A Red Sea Rising The Flood of the Century
069790: Preston, Douglas - The Monster of Florence
045559: Preston, Kerrison [Ed.] - The Blake Collection of W. Graham Robertson
053360: Preston, Diana - Wilful Murder: The Sinking of the Lusitania
083425: Preston, Richard J. - Cree Narrative Expressing the Personal Meanings of Events
061034: Preston, Diana; Michael Preston - Taj Mahal Passion and Genius at the Heart of the Moghul Empire
032209: Preston, Alison - Blue Vengeance
9900034771: PRETI, Numa / Principaux Debuts Revises par D. Janowski - Traite Complet Du Jeu Des Echecs / Quartieme Edition / L'ABC Des Echecs
067230: Prevost, Mederic, Rev.; O. M. I. [Oblates of Mary Immaculate] - Nikamo Masinaigan Ojibwa ["Chippewa"] Hymnal
061353: Prevost, Marcel - L'Art D'Apprendre
083351: Price, Robert M. (ed.) - Cthulhu Codex Number 8
083352: Price, Robert M. (ed.) - Cthulhu Codex Number 9
083348: Price, Robert M. - Tales of Lovecraftian Horror No. 4
083349: Price, Robert M. - Crypts of Cthulhu Volume 13 No. 3 A Pulp Thriller and Theological Journal
083314: Price, Robert M. (ed.) - Midnight Shambler #3
083315: Price, Robert M. - Midnight Shambler #4
9900035291: PRICE, Liam - Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy Volume XLVI, Section C, No. 5 / 'Place-Names of the Barony of Arklow, County of Wicklow'
9900035196: PRICE, Liam - 'The Place-Names of the Barony of Newcastle, County of Wicklow' - Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy Volume XLIV, Section C, No. 6
082904: Price, G. Ward - I Know These Dictators
071432: Price, Ray - The Howling Arctic The Remarkable People Who Made Canada Sovereign in the Farthest North
066007: Price, John A - Native Studies American and Canadian Indians
083347: Price, Robert M. (ed.) - Crypt of Cthulhu Volume 12, Number 2.
078247: Price, Robert M., ed. - Tales of the Lovecraft Mythos
083350: Price, Robert M. (ed.) - Cthulhu Codex Number 7
9900043926: PRICHARD, M. J., and D. E. C. Yale (eds.) - Hale and Fleetwood on Admiralty Jurisdiction
9900034252: PRIES, George David - A Place Called Peniel Winkler Bible Institute 1925-1975
053877: Priess, David - How to Get Rid of a President History's Guide to Removing Unpopular, Unable, or Unfit Chief Executives
080452: Priest, W.R. (ed.) - The Letters of Sir William Blackstone 1744-1780
083184: Priestley, J.B. - The Thirty-First of June A Tale of True Love, Enterprise and Progress in the Arthurian and Ad-Atomic Age
9900028421: Priestley, Raymond E. - Antarctic Adventure: Scott's Northern Party
9900029287: Priestley, J. B. - Fools and Philosophers / a Gallery of Comic Figures from English Literature
056989: Prieur, Annick - Mema's House, Mexico City On Transvestites, Queens, and Machos
9900045134: PRIME, Frederick - Dedication of Tablet in the State House, Philadelphia / Society of Colonial Wars in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
082531: Prince, J. Dyneley - Notes on Passamaquoddy Literature
083396: Prince, John Dynelsey - Passamaquoddy Texts
082532: Prince, J. Dyneley - Some Passamaquoddy Documents
065634: Pringle, Jim - United We Stand A History of Winnipeg's Civic Workers
074572: Pringle, Jim - United We Stand A History of Winnipeg's Civic Workers
051042: Pringle, Duncan John - Life As a Pow: What My Father Never Told Me
035434: Pringle, Heather - The Mummy Congress Science, Obsession, and the Everlasting Dead
008338: Pringle, Jim - United We Stand a History of Winnipeg's CIVIC Workers
076677: Pringle, Heather - The Master Plan Himmler's Scholars and the Holocaust
075557: Friesen Printers - Make History with Friesen Printers
017724: Committee for the Defense of Soviet Political Prisoners - Inside Soviet Prisons Documents of the Struggle for Human and National Rights in the USSR
066506: Pritchard, William A. - W.A. Pritchard's Address to the Jury in The Crown Vs. Armstrong, Heaps, Bray, Ivens, Johns, Pritchard, and Queen
074590: Pritchard, Lorraine; J.R. Leveille - Litanie
9900043767: PRITCHETT, Henry S. - Andrew Carnegie
039775: Boehringer Ingelheim Products - Boehringer Ingelheim Portfolio 4 Dermatology
083513: The Northern Cheyenne Title VII ESEA Bilingual Education Program - English-Cheyenne Student Dictionary
083421: Critical Wildlife Habitat Program - Prairie Grasslands Guidebook A Management Manual
9900042609: [THEATRE PROGRAMS] - [Rainbow Stage] the King and I / the Music Man / the Pajama Game [Programs for the 1979 and 1982 Summer Theatre Productions]
078137: Prokofieff, Sergey O.; Simon Blaxland de Lange [Trans.] - The Occult Significance of Forgiveness
067635: Prokofiev, Sergei - Sergei Prokofiev Autobiography, Articles, Reminiscences
071196: Prose, Francine - Anne Frank The Book, The Life, The Afterlife
063610: Prose, Francine - A Changed Man
084027: Prose, Nita - The Maid
050283: Prothero, Stephen - The American Bible How Our Words Unite, Divide, and Define a Nation
082511: Proulx, Paul - The Subordinative Order of Proto-Algonquian
084770: Proulx, Annie - Barkskins
084728: Proulx, Annie - Brokeback Mountain
077703: Jean Baptiste Proulx - A la Baie D'Hudson ou Recit de la premiere visite pastorale de Mgr N.Z. Lorrain
084352: Proust, Marcel - Remembrance of Things Past (3 Volumes in Slipcase)
081514: Proust, Marcel; Louise Varese (trans.) - Pleasures and Regrets
081871: Proust, Marcel - Cities of the Plain
084082: Proust, Marcel; C.K. Scott Moncrief (trans.) - Swann's Way
064127: [Provencher] - Bulletin de la Societe Historique de Saint-Boniface / Vol. III 1913 Lettres de Monseigneur Joseph-Norbert Provencher, premier évêque de Saint-Boniface
071349: Provost, George R. (Ed.); et al. - Winnipeg Centennial Souvenir Book
056359: Prudek, Wolfgang M. - Carrying the Message An Introduction to Iroquios Stone Sculpture
9900032940: MAX GOLDIN [Edited by Eileen Pruden and Garfield McRae] - An Affair with My City Selected Works of Max Goldin
073358: Prunet, Antoine; Peter Vann - Fantastic Ferraris
063350: Unique Publications - Bruce Lee: The Untold Story Bruce Lee's Life Story as Told by his Mother, Family and Friends
9900044024: [Air Data Publications] - Pilot's Notes for Lancaster II Four Hercules VI or XVI Engines
9900034127: [PIETER DE HOOCH] Published with an Introduction by Wilhelm R. Valentiner - Pieter de Hooch / the Master's Paintings / in 180 Reproductions with an Appendix on the Genre Painters in the Manner of de Hooch
080316: [Graphic Publishers] - Graphic Map and Street Guide of Winnipeg Manitoba With Dierections to Places of Interest including Suburbs: St. Vital / St. James / Tuxedo / Fort Garry / St. Boniface / West, North, and East Kildonan / Brooklands / Rosser
059017: SHS Publishing - One Gear Converting and Maintaining Single Speed and Fixed Gear Bicycles
053802: Pufendorf, Samuel; Simone Zurbuchen (Ed. & Intro.); Knud Haakonssen (Ed.); Theophilus Dorrington (Trans.) - The Divine Feudal Law Or, Covenants with Mankind, Represented
053796: Pufendorf, Samuel; Thomas Behme (Ed. & Intro.); Knud Hakkonssen (Ed.); William Abbot Oldfather (Trans.) - Two Books of the Elements of Universal Jurisprudence
053797: Pufendorf, Samuel; Ian Hunter (Ed. & Intro); David Sauderns (Ed., Intro. & Trans.); Knud Haakonssen (Ed.); Andrew Tooke (Trans.) - Whole Duty of Man, According to the Law of Nature
053801: Pufendorf, Samuel; Simone Zurbuchen (Ed. & Intro.); Knud Haakonssen (Ed.); Jodocus Crull (Trans.) - Of the Nature and Qualification of Religion in Reference to CIVIL Society
069989: Pugh, Peter - Rolls-Royce: The Magic of a Name The First Forty Years of Britain's Most Prestigious Company
083346: Pugmire, W.H. (ed.) - Tales of Lovecraftian Horror No. 2
047076: Pullman, Philip - The Shadow in the North
062229: Pullman, Philip - The Amber Spyglass His Dark Materials; Book Three
080416: Pullman, Philip - Aladdin and the Enchanted Lamp
9900032318: [Punch] - The Pick of Punch an Annual Selection
078485: Purchase, Graham - My Journey with Aristotle to the Anarchist Utopia
9900026628: PURDY, Ralph S. - Farmers - What Now?
073755: [Cicero]; Ludouicus Claude Purser, ed. - M. Tulli Ciceronis Epistulae Vol. 2 Epistulae ad Atticum / Pars Prior Libri I-VIII
081919: Purucker, G. de - Studies in Occult Philosophy
084928: Pushkin, Alexander; Natalie Duddington (trans.) - The Captain's Daughter And Other Stories
084811: Pushkin, Alexander; Avrahm Yarmolinsky (ed.) - The Poems, Prose, and Plays of Alexander Pushkin
084515: Pushkin, Alexander; Charles Johnston (trans.) - Eugene Onegin
9900030646: PUTT, Eric D. - Sunflower Seed Production
082753: Pye, Michael - The Pirelli Calender Album The First Twenty-Five Years
059473: Pye, Kenneth A. - The Use of Troops in CIVIL Disturbances in the United States A Paper Delivered at a Seminar on Canada: Centralization or Devolution
084744: Pynchon, Thomas - Vineland
060572: Guo-Qiang, Cia - Transparent Monument
056373: Guo-Qiang, Cai - Cai Guo-Qiang An Arbitrary History
062312: Quajar, Jeannette - In Three Parallels of Grass Peguis poetry, 1
9900039946: [BERNARD QUARITCH] With a portrait-study of the founder by his daughter Charlotte Quaritch Wrentmore - A Catalogue of Books and Manuscripts Issued to Commemorate the One Hundredth Anniversary of the Firm of Bernard Quaritch
053358: Quarrington, Paul - Galveston
071401: Quartey, Kwei - The Missing American
083466: Quayle, D.B. - The Intertidal Bivalves of British Columbia
084794: Musée du Québec - Marcel Barbeau
069693: Queen, Ellery - Calamity Town
082054: Queiroz, Eca De - The Mandarin and Other Stories Dedalus European Classics
059357: Quimper, Charles - In Every Wave
076649: de Quincey, Christian - Deep Spirit
068646: de Quincey, Thomas - The Confessions of an English Opium Eater
066403: Quincey, Thomas De - Confessions of an English Opium Eater
074949: de Quincey, Christian - Radical Nature Rediscovering the Soul of Matter
083737: Quinn, David Beers (ed.) - The Roanoke Voyages 1584-1590 (Two Volumes Set) Documents to Illustrate the English Voyages to North America Under the Patent Granted to Walter Raleigh in 1584
051396: Quinn, Daniel - Ishmael A Novel
057509: Quinn, Daniel - My Ishmael A Sequel
080625: Quintilian; Donald A. Russell (trans.) - Quintilian Volume II Books 3-5
080626: Quintilian; Donald A. Russell (trans.) - Quintilian Volume IV Books 9-10
081268: Salvucci. Claudio R. - American Languages in New France Extracts from the Jesuit Relations
083775: McCabe, H.R. and B.B. Bannatyne - Lake St. Martin Crypto-Explosion Crater and Geology of the Surrounding Area
084105: Hofstadter, Douglas R. and Daniel C. Dennett - The Mind's I Fantasies and Reflections on Self and Soul
083384: Westrop, S.R. and R. Ludvigsen - Systematics and Paleoecology of Upper Ordovican Trilobites from the Selkirk Member of the Red River Formation, Southern Manitoba
027604: McNorgan, Michael R. and Gordon T. Crossley - Facta Non Verba A History of the Fort Garry Horse
068766: Molecule-R - Molecular Gastronomy by Molecule-R An Introduction to the Science Behind 40 Spectacular Recipes
015672: Dawson, John R. and John Overton, Eugene Houser - Their Roles Remembered Farmer City Veterans in World War II
050918: Kleiman, Karen R. and Valerie D. Raskin - This Isn't What I Expected: Overcoming Postpartum Depression
083055: Anderson, Daniel R. and Alda M. Anderson - The Metis People of Canada A History
053626: Raab, George - George Raab
042794: Raban, Jonathan - Coasting a Private Journey
052311: Raban, Jonathan - Bad Land An American Romance
039990: Rabinowitz, Harold; Rob Kaplan - Passion for Books A Book Lover's Treasury of Stories, Essays, Humor, Lore, and Lists on Collecting, Reading, Borrowing, Lending, Caring for, and Appreciating Books
042868: Rachman, Tom - The Imperfectionists
024305: Racine, Louis - Life of Milton Together with Observations on Paradise Lost
082918: Racine, Jean - Oeuvres Complètes / 2 Volumes: Théâtre - Poésie; Prose
046132: Rackstraw, Loree - Love As Always, Kurt
074519: Radano, John A. (Ed.) - Celebrating a Century of Ecumenism Exploring the Achievements of International Dialogue
080222: Radcliff, Thomas (Ed.); Thomas William Magrath; James John Talman (Intro.) - Authentic Letters from Upper Canada
082020: Radcliffe, Ann - The Mysteries of Udolpho
082021: Radcliffe, Ann - A Sicilian Romance
061494: Rader, Andrew - Beyond the Known How Exploration Created The Modern World and Will Take Us to the Stars
075171: Radford, Edwin; Mona A. Radford - Encyclopaedia of Superstitions
083931: Radha, Swami Sivananda - Kundalini Yoga for the West A Foundation for Character Building Courage and Awareness
058091: Radice, Betty [Editor] - Selections from the Carmina Burana
065120: Pliny; Betty Radice, trans. - Pliny A Self Portrait in Letters
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080563: Sanders, Bernie - Bernie Sanders Guide to Political Revolution
077152: Sanders, Ronald - The High Walls of Jerusalem A History of the Balfour Declaration and the Birth of the British Mandate for Palestine
048310: Sandford, Robert William - Saving Lake Winnipeg
081555: Sandiford, Keith A.P - Caribbean Community Millennium Project Impact of Caribbean Immigration on the Development of Manitoba 1950-2002
082401: Sandler, Martin W. - Resolute The Epic Search for the Northwest Passage and John Franklin, and the Discovery of the Queen's Ghost Ship
059942: Ingram, Sandra and Anne Parker - Gender and Collaboration Communication Styles in the Engineering Classroom
067553: Dyck, Sandra with Jeff Thomas - Urban Myths Aboriginal Artists in the City / Mythes urbains vus par les artistes autochtones
051458: Sands, Donald B. (Ed.) - Middle English Verse Romances
9900034508: SANDWELL, Prof. B. K. - Our Canada
9900044620: McGILLIVRAY, Sandy et al - Reflections of Howland, Little Current and Vicinty
036892: Sandys, John Edwin - The Speech of Demosthenes Against the Law of Leptines A Revised Text with an Introduction, Critical and Explanatory Notes, and an Autotype Facsimile from the Paris MS
083671: Sanger, Margaret - Woman and the New Race
065429: Sangharakshita - The Eternal Legacy An Introduction to the Canonical Literature of Buddhism
9900019428: Sangster, Charles - The St. Lawrence and the Saguenay, and Other Poems.
078736: Sansom, Ian - September 1, 1939 A Biography of a Poem
040266: GUS VAN SANT - Pink
064983: Santayana, George - The Idler and His Works and other essays
084379: Santelli, Robert - The Best of the Blues The 101 Essential Albums
069306: Santini, Captain Piero - The Forward Impulse
056899: Saper, Arnold; Arthur Adamson - Arnold Saper Recent Works
084726: Sapienza, Goliarda; Anne Milano Appel (trans.) - Art of Joy
082561: Sapir, E. - Time Perspective in Aboriginal American Culture, a Study in Method
083581: Sapir, Edward - A Sketch of the Social Organization of the Nass River Indians
073869: Sapp, Allen - A Cree Life The Art of Allen Sapp
060338: Sapp, Allen; John Anson Warner; Thecla Bradshaw (Intro.) - A Cree Life The Art of Allen Sapp
9900033583: 'SAPPER' - Bull-Dog Drummond
082483: Sarah, Robert - The Power of Silence Against the Dictatorship of Noise
080906: Saramago, José; Margaret Jull Costa (trans.) - Death with Interruptions
080839: Saramago, José; Margaret Jull Costa - Cain
077009: Saramago, Jose - Blindness
081041: Saramago, Jose - The Stone Raft
081983: Sarma, Visnu; Chandra Rajan (trans.) - The Pancatantra
9900033662: SARRASIN, Soeur Marie Olive - Histoire de la Parosse Saint-Joseph / Saint Joseph Manitoba
9900043586: SARRASIN, Soeur Marie Olive - Histoire de la Paroisse Saint-Joseph / Saint-Joseph, Manitoba
059508: Jean Sarrazin - Visages de L'Homme
052722: Sarsfield, Pete - Running with the Caribou
082951: Sartre, Jean-Paul - Théâtre Complet
082952: Sartre, KJean-Paul - Les Mots
078503: Sartre, Jean-Paul; Eric Sutton (trans.) - The Reprieve
078505: Sartre, Jean-Paul; Eric Sutton (trans.) - The Age of Reason
078504: Sartre, Jean-Paul; Gerard Hopkins (trans.) - Iron in the Soul
082950: Sartre, Jean-Paul - Oeuvres Romanesques
066051: Sartre, Jean-Paul - The Flies and in Camera
064710: Sartre, Jean-Paul - Reflexions Sur la Question Juive
062175: Sartre, Jean Paul; Bernard Frechtman (Trans.) - Saint Genet Actor and Martyr
081449: Sartre, Jean-Paul - No Exit And Three Other Plays
063113: Sasek, M. - This Is Paris
074718: University of Saskatchewan - Calendar of University of Saskatchewan 1919-1920
082485: Sassoon, Siegfried; Paul Fussell - Sherston's Progress
9900044126: SATHER, Nancy - Western Prairie Fringed Orchid
084361: Satrapi, Marjane - The Complete Persepolis
076778: Sauer, Carl Ortwin - The Early Spanish Man
056706: Saul, John Ralston - Voltaire's Bastards The Dictatorship of Reason in the West
074089: Saul, John Ralston - Louis-Hippolyte Lafontaine and Robert Baldwin
056778: Saul, John Ralston - The Next Best Thing The Field Trilogy
057101: Saul, John Ralston - The Unconscious Civilization
062720: Saul, John Ralston - The Unconscious Civilization

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