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090921: Nisenson, Eric - The Making of Kind of Blue; Miles Davis and His Masterpiece
082914: Niswander, Adam - The Sand Dwellers
067993: Nix, James Ernest - Mission Among the Buffalo; the Labours of the Reverends George M. And John C. Mcdougall in the Canadian Northwest, 1860-1876
077322: Nix, James Ernest - Mission Among the Buffalo; the Labours of the Reverends George M. And John C. Mcdougall in the Canadian Northwest, 1860-1876
070456: Nixon, Edna - Voltaire and the Calas Case
9900028747: NIXON, Howard M. - English Restoration Bookbindings Samuel Mearne and His Contemporaries
080663: Nnadi, Joseph - Black Pioneers of Saint Boniface, Mb; 1908-2008 a Preliminary Study
087971: Nobody, A. - Nonsense; for Somebody Anybody or Everybody Particularly the Baby Body
087955: Nodier, Charles - La Fée Aux Miettes; Trilby; Smarra; le Songe D'or; Franciscus Columna
054204: Noel, S. J. R. - Politics in Newfoundland
090262: Nolan, William F. - John Huston: King Rebel
051978: Nolan, Brian - King's War; Mackenzie King and the Politics of War, 1939-1945
073035: Nonte, George C. - Modern Handloading
086419: Nooteboom, Cees; Ina Rilke (trans.) - The Following Story
057617: Nooteboom, Cees - All Souls Day; a Novel
9900030000: [Sir Arthur Conan Doyle]; Weil-Nordon, Prof. P. (Intro.) - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle: Centenary 1859-1959
9900036193: NORFOLK, Lawrence - Lempriere's Dictionary
9900036149: NORMAN, F. J., E. H. Weber, R. R. Britton (eds.) - The Connecting File 1972 Edition the Royal Canadian Regiment
089681: Norman, Philip - John Lennon; the Life
080628: Norman, Michael; Elizabeth M. Norman - Tears in the Darkness; the Story of the Bataan Death March and Its Aftermath
085285: Norman, J.W. Thrower - The Three Voyages of Edmond Halley in the Paramore (2 Volumes); 1698-1701
053273: MacKenzie, Norman and Jeanne - H.G. Wells: A Biography
048631: Norrell, Marjorie - Promise the Doctor
9900044878: NORRIS, Charles - Bread
060964: Norris - The Canadian Museum of Caricature / le Musee Canadien de la Caricature
064677: North, Joseph - Literary Criticism; a Concise Political History
9900032820: NORTHFIELD, D. W. C. - The Surgery of the Central Nervous System; a Textbook for Postgraduate Students
053678: Northup, Solomon; Ira Berlin (Intro.); Henry Louis Gates, Jr. (General Editior) - Twelve Years a Slave
091135: Norton, Mary - The Borrowers Avenged
038157: Norton, Lucy - The Sun King and His Loves
029255: Norton, Lucy - The Sun King and His Loves
080323: Norton, David Fate (Ed.); Mary J. Norton (Ed.) - A Treatise of Human Nature (2 Volumes); a Treatise of Human Nature Texts (Clarendon Edition of the Works of David Hume)
061637: [Culinary Notebooks] - Appetizers; Dips & Salsas, Bready Things, Tasty Morsels, Hearty Bites
9900038059: JUNG, Rabbi Dr Leo / Translated into English with Notes and Glossary by - Hebrew-English Edition of the Babylonian Talmud / Yoma / New Edition
9900034779: RALEIGH, Sir Walter / Edited from the Original Text, with Introduction, Notes and Appendices by V. T. Harlow - The Discoverie of the Large and Bewtiful Empire of Guiana
9900034878: HALE, William Hale (Introduction, notes and illustrations) - The Domesday of St. Paul's of the Year MCCXXIL; or, Registrum de Visitatione Maneriorum Per Robertum Decanum
057635: Novakovich, Josip - April Fool's Day; a Novel
065467: Novick, Peter - That Noble Dream; the "Objectivity Question" and the American Historical Profession
086239: Nowak, Peter - The Rise of Real - Life Superheroes; and the Fall of Everything Else
052173: Nown, Graham - Malt Whisky; a Comprehensive Guide for Both Novice and Connoisseur
9900034032: Noyes, Pierrepont B. - The Pallid Giant; a Tale of Yesterday and Tomorrow
019035: Noyes, Steve - Cities of India
019615: Noyes, Steve - Ghost Country
089230: Noyes, Steve - Rainbow Stage-Manchuria
089231: Noyes, Steve - Backing Into Heaven
089385: Noyes, Steve - Cities of India
025742: Noyes, Steve - It Is Just That Your House Is So Far Away
056285: Noyes, Steve - Cities of India
089232: Noyes, Steve - Ghost Country
038577: Noyes, Steve - Cities of India
061101: [The Canadian National Association of Trained Nurses] - The Canadian Nurse and Hospital Review (17 Issues); Vol. XVI: No. 1-12; Vol. XVII: No. 1-4 & 7
066598: Nussbaum, Martha C. - The Monarchy of Fear; a Philosopher Looks at Our Political Crisis
9900009539: Nutchuk with Hatch, Alden - Son of the Smoky Sea
068853: Nuttall, Zelia, ed - New Light on Drake / a Collection of Documents Relating to His Voyage of Circumnavigation, / 1577-1580
086219: Nuzzi, Gianluigi; Michael F. Moore (trans.) - Merchants in the Temple; Inside Pope Francis's Secret Battle Against Corruption in the Vatican
9900036527: NYCH, E., J. Groves, L. Purse (Cook Book Committee) - Reunion Cook Book / Winnipeg Post Office
039443: Nyland, Gentry - Hot Bullets for Love; a Double Action Detective Novel. Selection No. 2
056261: Oake, Darcy - Behind the Illusion; Unlocking the 9 Types of Magic
075866: Mayer-Oakes, William J. - Archeological Investigations in the Grand Rapids, Manitoba, Reservoir 1961-1962
075864: Mayer-Oakes, William J. - Archeological Investigations in the Grand Rapids, Manitoba, Reservoir 1961-1962
091281: Hall, Judy, Jill Oakes and Sally Qimmiu'naaq Webster - Sanatujut Pride in Women's Work; Copper and Caribou Inuit Clothing Traditions
058406: Mayer-Oakes, William J. - Archeological Investigations in the Grand Rapids, Manitoba, Reservoir 1961-1962; with a Chapter on Faunal Materials by Paul W. Lukens, Jr.
083516: Oakes, Jillian E. - Copper and Caribou Inuit Skin Clothing Production
075869: Mayer-Oakes, William J. (ed.) - Life, Land and Water; Proceedings of the 1966 Conference on Environmental Studies of the Glacial Lake Agassiz Region
075870: Mayer-Oakes, William J. (ed.) - Life, Land and Water; Proceedings of the 1966 Conference on Environmental Studies of the Glacial Lake Agassiz Region
056812: Oakes, Jill; Rick Riewe (Production) - Coats of Eider
091037: Oakeshott, Michael - Experience and Its Modes
069976: Oates, Joyce Carol - We Were the Mulvaneys
9900026378: OATES, Joyce Carol - Miracle Play
057288: Oates, Joyce Carol - The Journal of Joyce Carol Oates 1973-1982
045319: Oates, Joyce Carol - The Accursed; a Novel
087416: Obama, Barack - A Promised Land
085003: Obama, Michelle - The Light We Carry; Overcoming in Uncertain Times
080613: Obama, Michelle - The Light We Carry
072983: Oberoi, Harjot - The Construction of Religious Boundaries; Culture, Identity, and Diversity in the Sikh Tradition
070372: Obioma, Chigozie - An Orchestra of Minorities; a Novel
089362: Obreht, Téa - Inland
080982: Occam - Expositio Aurea
044789: Ochiai, Mike; Amy Tomita [Trans]; Brian Kai; Ken Matsugu; George Tomita - A Centennial Pilgrimage: Japanese Canadians and the United Church of Canada
091009: Odell, Jenny - How to Do Nothing; Resisting the Attention Economy
082025: Odoevtseva, Irina - Isolde
077797: Off, Carol - The Ghosts of Medak Pocket; the Story of Canada's Secret War
018109: U.S. Government Printing Office - Hearing Before the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence House of Representatives; One Hundred Third Congress, First Session
080995: [French Government Tourist Office] - The Queen; the Coronation 1953
017460: International Labour Office - Public Investment and Full Employment
9900042658: OFFORD, Carl - The Naked Fear
056999: Offt, Avodah K. - Night Thoughts; Reflections of a Sex Therapist
9900023056: Ogg, Austin - The Reign of Andrew Jackson: A Chronicle of the Frontier in Politics
9900029689: OGRODNIK, Lawrence N. - Water Management in the Red River Valley / a History and Policy Review
088692: Ohienko, Ivan - History of Ukrainian Printing; a Historico-Bibliographical Review of Ukrainian Printing in XV-XVIII C.C.
087566: Ohlin, Alix - Dual Citizen
080092: Ohmagari, Kayo - Social Change and Transmission Knowledge and Bush Skills Among Omushkegowuk Cree Women
9900038467: OJETTI, Benedicto - Synopsis / Rerum Moralium Et Iuris Pontificii Alphabetica Ordine Digesta
077926: Okada, Mari - O Maidens in Your Savage Season (Book 2)
077925: Okada, Mari - O Maidens in Your Savage Season (Book 1)
084809: Okamoto, Nadya - Period Power; a Manifesto for the Menstrual Movement
088627: Okawa, Ryuho - The Laws of the Sun; the Spiritual Laws and History Governing Past, Present, and Future
080353: Okimasis, Jean - Cree: Language of the Plains
084835: Saitoti, Tepilit Ole and Carol Beckwith - Maasai
082188: Oliphant, Margaret; Elisabeth Jay [Ed.] - The Autobiography of Margaret Oliphant
033702: Oliva, Peter - Drowning in Darkness
051260: Fisher, Olive and Clara Tyner - Totem, Tipi and Tumpline; Stories of Canadian Indians
035157: Oliver, Edmund Henry - Roman Economic Conditions to the Close of the Republic
052382: Olney, Richard; Lewis Esson - The Good Cook's Encyclopedia
058978: Olson, Cathe - Lick It!; Creamy Dreamy Vegan Ice Creams Your Mouth Will Love
073433: Nels Olson - Time in Many Places
076146: Olthuis, Kleer, Townshend LLP - Aboriginal Law Handbook; 4th Edition
077985: Oluo, Ijeoma - So You Want to Talk About Race
077807: Oluo, Ijeoma - So You Want to Talk About Race
076323: Omry, Keren - Cross-Rhythms; Jazz Aesthetics in African-American Literature
087241: Ondaatje, Michael - There's a Trick with a Knife I'm Learning to Do; Poems 1963-1978
057900: Ondaatje, Michael - Divisadero
078993: Ondaatje, Michael - The English Patient
074455: Ondaatje, Michael - Warlight
063079: Ondaatje, Michael - Anil's Ghost
051134: Ondaatje, Michael - Anil's Ghost
070252: Ondaatje, Michael - The Collected Works of Billy the Kid; Left Handed Poems
084399: Ondaatje, Michael - In the Skin of a Lion
062635: Ondaatje, Michael - Anil's Ghost
076034: Ondaatje, Michael - The English Patient
083143: Ondaatje, Michael - Running in the Family
083495: Ondaatje, Michael - Rat Jelly
030411: Ondaatje, Michael - The Cat's Table; a Novel
090351: Ondaatje, Michael - Running in the Family
091817: Ondaatje, Michael - In the Skin of a Lion
064632: Ondaatje, Michael - The English Patient
9900031773: [WORLD WAR ONE] - Documents Relative to the European War
083835: Onfray, Michel; Jeremy Leggatt [Trans.] - In Defense of Atheism; the Case Against Christianity, Judaism, and Islam
069184: Onfray, Michel - In Defense of Atheism; the Case Against Christianity, Judaism, and Islam
085973: Onyemelukwe-Onuobia, Cheluchi - The Son of the House
081326: Co-Op; Donna Rochdale/Glenora Pierce (ed.) - Food Fun; the Step by Step Cookbook for Boys and Girls
9900027520: OPDYKE, George - A Treatise on Political Economy
077025: Oppel, Kenneth - The Nest
089888: Oppel, Kenneth - Sunwing
089889: Oppel, Kenneth - Silverwing
060165: Oppel, Kenneth - Airborn
084434: Oppel, Kenneth - Half Brother
9900036223: OPPEN, William - L'Experience Du Yak / Yak Experience
079676: Orage, A.R. - On Love; with Some Aphorisms and Other Essays
086197: Orbach, Susie - Bodies
048828: Orbinski, James - An Imperfect Offering; Humanitarian Action in the Twenty-First Century
069536: Orbinski, James - An Imperfect Offering; Humanitarian Action in the Twenty-First Century
058745: Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra - Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra; 16 Month Calendar
084920: Ord, Toby - The Precipice; Existential Risk and the Future of Humanity
035119: The Honorary Organiser - Hands Across the Seas" Magazine Vol. II No. 3 November 1913
047318: Lehava Chapter of the Pioneer Women's Organization - Lehava Cook Book; of Tested Recipes
088052: Orlean, Susan - On Animals
9900028183: Orsato, Sertorio [Sertorii Vrsati] - Monumenta Patavina [Monvmenta Patavina] Collecta, Digesta, Explicata, Suisque Iconibus Expressa
089096: Orsillo, Susan M.; Lizabeth Roemer - The Mindful Way Through Anxiety; Break Free from Chronic Worry and Reclaim Your Life
073964: Orsini, Luigi, and Franco Zagari [Trans. by Donald Kanfer] - Maserati a Complete History from 1929 to the Present
039123: Ortín, Tomás - Gravity and Strings
070885: Ortiz, Alfonso - The Tewa World; Space, Time, Being, and Becoming in a Pueblo Society
088366: Orwell, George - Animal Farm
087891: Orwell, George - Animal Farm
086087: Orwell, George - Burmese Days
091890: Orwell, George - Burmese Days
090037: Orwell, George - The Road to Wigan Pier
089402: Orwell, George - Animal Farm
091587: Orwell, George - Orwell in Spain; the Full Text of Homage to Catalonia with Associated Articles, Reviews and Letters from the Complete Works of George Orwell
091604: Orwell, George - Nineteen Eighty-Four
086086: Orwell, George - The Road to Wigan Pier
085672: Orwell, George - Homage to Catalonia
091568: Orwell, George - The Road to Wigan Pier
089752: Orwell, George; Sonia Orwell and Ian Angus (ed.) - The Collected Essays, Journalism and Letters Volume 4; in Front of Your Nose, 1945-50
089753: Orwell, George; Sonia Orwell and Ian Angus (ed.) - The Collected Essays, Journalism and Letters of George Orwell Volume 2; My Country Right or Left 1940-1943
090134: Orwell, George - Animal Farm
079857: Orwell, George - Some Thoughts on the Common Toad
086554: Orwell, George - 1984
086338: Orwell, George - Down and out in Paris and London
090625: Orwell, George - Animal Farm
090302: Orwell, George - Animal Farm
067518: Osasona, Cordelia O. - Ornamentation in Yoruba Folk Architecture
050317: Osborne, Robin (Ed.) - Classical Greece: 500-323 Bc
089135: Osborne, Jerry - Rock Rock & Roll 45s; Osborne and Hamilton's Original Record Collectors Price Guide
079066: Oschinsky, Lawrence - The Most Ancient Eskimos; the Eskimo Affinities of Dorset Culture Skeletal Remains
080210: Osgood, William; Leslie Hurley - The Snowshoe Book
088583: Osho - Zen; the Path of Paradox
083961: Osho - Zen; Its History and Teachings
091463: Osipov, Maxim; Boris Dralyuk, Alex Fleming, Anne Marie Jackson (trans.) - Rock, Paper, Scissors and Other Stories
088840: Ostenso, Martha - Wild Geese
054930: Ostiguy, Jean Rene - Charles Huot
076784: Ostlere, Cathy - Lost
074616: Ostrowitz, Judith - Privileging the Past; Reconstructing History in Northwest Coast Art
089550: Zinkewych, Osyp and Andrew Sorokowski (eds.) - A Thousand Years of Christianity in Ukraine; an Encyclopedic Chronology
068624: Otomo, Katsuhiro - Steam Boy; the Storyboard Book
090886: Ott, Frederick W. - The Films of Fritz Lang
076397: Otte, Daniel - The North American Grasshoppers (2 Volumes); Gomphocerinae and Acridinae; Oedipodinae
091301: Ottmann, Klaus - The Essential Mark Rothko
091727: Ottolenghi, Yotam - Plenty
087242: Ouellette, Grace J. M. W. - The Fourth World; an Indigenous Perspective on Feminism and Aboriginal Women's Activism
9900026380: OUSBY, Ian - The Cambridge Guide to Literature in English
080653: Ovenden, Richard - Burning the Books; a History of Knowledge Under Attack
089007: Overbye, Dennis - Einstein in Love; a Scientific Romance
044631: Overy, Richard - 1939; Countdown to War
091331: Owechko, Iwan - Don't Grieve, Ukraine!; Poems
087633: Owen, Wendy (ed.) - The Wheat King; Selected Letters and Papers of A.J. Cotton, 1988-1913
082654: Owen, Adrian - Into the Gray Zone; a Neuroscientist Explores the Border between Life and Death
091355: Owens, Delia - Where the Crawdads Sing
091798: Owens, Joseph - Cognition; Epistemological Inquiry
040137: Grey Owl; Victor B. Scheffer [Intro.] - Sajo and the Beaver People
081635: Oxford, Will - A Grammatical Study of Innu-Aimun Particles
081306: Oxford, Will - A Grammatical Study of Innu-Aimun Particles
062891: Oyer, Gordon - Pursuing the Spiritual Roots of Protest
073884: D'Oyley, Vincent (ed.) - Black Students in Urban Canada; T.E. S.L. Talk Vol. VII, No. 1 January, 1976
062307: Oz, Amos - Where the Jackals Howl; and Other Stories
072113: Oz, Amos - Soumchi; a Tale of Love and Adventure
047942: Ozick, Cynthia - The Shawl
089743: Ozick, Cynthia - Foreign Bodies
076395: Ozieva, Albina; Maree Airlie (Ed.); et al. - Harpercollins Russian Dictionary; Russian English English Russian
040518: Ozment, Steven - The Burgermeister's Daughter; Scandal in a Sixteenth-Century German Town
084270: Willoughby, David P. and George R. Weaver - The Complete Guide to Muscular Measurements
052939: van Paassen, Pierre - The Time Is Now!
091143: Pacifique, R. P. - Alasotmamgeoel. Le Paroissien Micmac. Prayer-Book in Micmac. Teloigiget. Lnoi Patlias. ; Nouvelle Edition
089670: Packard, Frank L. - The Hidden Door
048074: Padgham, Theresa; T. W. Caine, D. R. Hughes, C. W. Jefferson, M. W. Kennedy, J. D. Murphy - Mineral Industry Report: 1969 and 1970
090502: Padmasambhava; Gyatrul Rinpoche [Commentary]; B. Alan Wallace [Trans.] - Natural Liberation; Padmasambhava's Teachings on the Six Bardos
066596: Paetel, Karl O.; Willi Anders (Trans.) - Beat; Eine Anthologie
087742: Page, Jesse - Samuel Crowther the Slave Boy Who Became Bishop of the Niger
063574: Page, P. K. - Unless the Eye Catch Fire
031537: Page, P. K. [Judith Cape] - The Sun and the Moon; and Other Fictions
085334: Pagels, Elaine - Beyond Belief; the Secret Gospel of Thomas
050801: Pagels, Elaine; Karen L. King - Reading Judas; the Gospel of Judas and the Shaping of Christianity
053873: Pagels, Elaine - Beyond Beleif; the Secret Gospel of Thomas
067195: Pagels, Elaine - Revelations; Visions, Prophecy, and Politics in the Book of Revelation
067197: Pagels, Elaine - Beyond Belief; the Secret Gospel of Thomas
087680: Paglia, Camille - Sex, Art, and American Culture
072299: Paglia, Camille - Vamps & Tramps; New Essays
081934: Paine, Robert (ed.) - Patrons and Brokers in the East Arctic
054621: Paine, Thomas - The Age of Reason
9900029654: [Paint] - Paint Manufacture
9900029653: [Paint] - Paint Manufacture [Incorporating Varnish Lacquer Enamel and Colour] / Nine Volumes
9900030710: [QUEBEC - PAINTING] - Creation Quebec 81
9900032688: BYERS, Barbara B., Gabriel Pal et al (compilers) - Early Canadian Companies
089037: Palahniuk, Chuck - Diary a Novel
088589: Palahniuk, Chuck - Fight Club
088622: Palahniuk, Chuck - Choke
088686: Palahniuk, Chuck - Survivor
075701: Palango, Paul - 22 Murders ; Investigating the Massacres, Cover-Up and Obstacles to Justice in Nova Scotia
9900020520: Paldan, Capt. George - Forty Years on Seven Seas
052392: Paleologue, Maurice; Eric Mosbacher (Trans.) - My Secret Diary of the Dreyfus Case, 1894-1899
089931: Paley, Grace - The Collected Stories
075462: Palgrave, Francis Turner (arr.) - The Golden Treasury; of the Best Songs & Lyrical Poems in the English Language
9900044898: PALGRAVE, Francis Turner - The Golden Treasury of the Best Songs and Lyrical Poems in the English Language
052684: Palin, Michael - Sahara
083312: Palliser, Captain - Exploration-British North America; Papers Relative to the Exploration of That Portion of British North America Which Lies between the Northern Branch of the River Saskatchewan and the Frontier of the United States; and between the Red River and Rocky Mountains
9900041630: Palliser, John - Solitary Rambles and Adventures of a Hunter in the Prairies
089238: Palmer, Amanda - The Dresden Dolls Companion; Words, Music and Artwork
070625: Palmer, Amanda; Neil Gaiman - Who Killed Amanda Palmer; a Collection of Photographic Evidence
081670: Palmer, W. M. - The Assizes Held at Cambridge; Being a Condensed Translation of Assize Roll 82 in the Public Record Office, with an Introduction
057828: Prior-Palmer, Lara - Rough Magic; Riding the World's Loneliest Horse Race
088678: Palmer, Joy A. (ed.) - Fifty Modern Thinkers on Education; from Piaget to the Present Day
072155: Palsson, Hermann [ed.] - Seven Viking Romances
9900045361: [Paltock, Robert] - The Life and Remarkable Adventures of Peter Wilkins, a Cornish Man, As Related by Him on His Voyages from Cape Horn to England
089846: Pamuk, Orhan; Maureen Freely (trans.) - Other Colours; Essays and a Story
089847: Pamuk, Orhan; Maureen Freely (trans.) - Snow
084233: Pamuk, Orhan; Maureen Freely (trans.) - The Museum of Innocence
084319: Pamuk, Orhan; Ekin Oklap (trans.) - A Strangeness in My Mind
9900041461: Panton, J. Hoyes - Gleanings from Outcrops of Silurian Strata in the Red River Valley, Manitoba
9900041527: PAQUETTE, A. J. [Glen Gore-Smith editorial assistance] - Markings Scenes and Recollections from Winnipeg's North End
006347: Paquette, A. J. [Armand] - Markings; Scenes and Recollections of Winnipeg's North End
055314: Paquette, A. J. - Markings; Scenes and Recollections from Winnipeg's North End
024562: Paquette, A. J. [Armand] - Markings; Scenes and Recollections of Winnipeg's North End
9900044729: Paquette, A. J. - Markings; Scenes and Recollections from Winnipeg's North End
9900031245: PARADIS, Albert H. - Canada and Recovery an Analysis of Our Chief Economic Problem with a Proposal for Its Permanent Solution
089645: Parenti, Christian - Lockdown America; Police and Prisons in the Age of Crisis
069267: Chevignon Parfums - Max Helmut Newton Calendario 1995; Top Model Per Un Anno
078777: Parijs, Philippe Van - Arguing for Basic Income; Ethical Foundations for a Radical Reform
068994: [Revue de Paris] - Revue de Paris #53, June 1946
079033: Pariser, Eli - The Filter Bubble; How the New Personalized Web Is Changing What We Read and How We Think
064923: Parisi, Grace - Get Saucy; Make Dinner a New Way Every Day with Simple Sauces, Marinades, Glazes, Dressings, Pestos, Pasta Sauces, Salsas, and More
068218: Park, Robert - Voodoo Science; the Road from Foolishness to Fraud
058347: Parker, Robert M. - Bordeaux; a Comprehensive Guide to the Wines Produced from 1961-1990
9900026764: PARKER, G. H. - Sound As a Directing Influence in the Movements of Fishes
082176: Parker, George L. - The Beginnings of the Book Trade in Canada
091140: Parker, Dorothy - Sunset Gun; Poems
084422: Parker, Dorothy - The Collected Stories of Dorothy Parker
9900038751: PARKER, Barry - Sanctification in an Existential Environment; a Study of the Impact of Kierkegaard on the Pauline Doctrine of Sanctification
089049: Parker, Fawn - Set-Point
063463: Parkinson, C. Northcote - The Life and Times of Horatio Hornblower
9900023895: PARKINSON, Hazel McDonald - The Mere Living a Biography of the Hartney District
9900028203: PARKMAN, Francis - Montcalm and Wolfe. France and England in North America
080863: Parks, Jennifer - Canada's Arctic Sovereignty; Resources, Climate and Conflict
083033: Parks, Douglas R. (ed.) - Anthropological Linguistics Volume 45 Number 2
085233: Parkyn, H.G. - The Rifle Brigade Chronicle for 1947; Fifty-Eighth Year
078593: Parkyn, Major H. G., comp. & ed - The Rifle Brigade Chronicle for 1957; Sixty Eighth Year
078600: Parkyn, Major H. G., comp. & ed - The Rifle Brigade Chronicle for 1952; Sixty Third Year
078599: Parkyn, Major H. G., comp. & ed - The Rifle Brigade Chronicle for 1953; Sixty Fourth Year
078595: Parkyn, Major H. G., comp. & ed - The Rifle Brigade Chronicle for 1958; Sixty Ninth Year
078607: Parkyn, Major H.G., comp. & ed - The Rifle Brigade Chronicle for 1936; Forty Seventh Year
078596: Parkyn, Major H. G., comp. & ed - The Rifle Brigade Chronicle for 1956; Sixty Seventh Year
078577: Parkyn, Major H. G., comp. & ed - The Rifle Brigade Chronicle for 1921, 1922, 1923, 1924, 1925, 1927, 1928 / 7 Volumes; Thirty-Second to Thirty-Ninth Years
078597: Parkyn, Major H. G., comp. & ed - The Rifle Brigade Chronicle for 1954; Sixty Fifth Year
078606: Parkyn, Major H.G., comp. & ed - The Rifle Brigade Chronicle for 1933; Forty Fourth Year
066719: Parmeswaran, Rajesh - I Am an Executioner; Love Stories
072857: Parr, Adrian - Hijacking Sustainability
083430: Parr, Richard T. - A Bibliography of the Athapaskan Languages
050845: Parris, Barney - The Loving Son
091461: Parrott, Ursula - Ex-Wife
029018: Parry, Albert - Garrets and Pretenders; a History of Bohemianism in America
9900039879: PARSONS, Usher, M.D. - Boylston Prize Dissertations on Inflammation of the Peritoneum, Eneuresis Irritata, Cutaneous Diseases, Cancer of the Breast
055901: Parsons, H. P. "Hank - Trail of the Wild Goose; a Story of a Bush Pilot . .
072467: [General Parts and Service Dept., General Motors Products of Canada, Limited] - Chevrolet Flat Rate Operation Chart Book; April - 1929
088430: Partsch, Susanna - Klee; 1879-1940 Poet of Colours, Master of Lines
9900041264: PASK, Jim - 'Where It All Began' the History of the Lord Selkirk - West Kildonan Community
9900003876: Paskievich, John, et. al - Five Manitoba Photographers
081222: Passos, John Dos - First Encounter
081111: Dos Passos, John - U.S. A. ; the 42nd Parallel; 1919; the Big Money
022599: Passos, John Dos - First Encounter
091493: Pasternak, Boris - Doctor Zhivago
084845: Pastore, Ralph T. - Shanawdithit's People; the Archaeology of the Beothuks
084854: Patchett, Ann - What Now
091899: Patchett, Ann - The Dutch House
085734: Patchett, Ann - Truth & Beauty; a Friendship
070601: Patel, Raj - Stuffed and Starved; the Hidden Battle for the World's Food System
083399: Patent, Dorothy Hinshaw; William Muñoz - The Horse and the Plains Indians
073837: Paterson, Major R. A. - A History of the 10th Canadian Infantry Brigade; [a Short History the Tenth Canadian Infantry Bde - Cover Title]
091588: Prairie Pathfinders - Winnipeg Walks; New and Expanded
070173: Patkau, Esther - First Mennonite Church in Saskatoon 1923-1982
9900037501: PATON, Alan - Cry, the Beloved Country
084787: Paton, Alan - Cry, the Beloved Country
054865: Pattanaik, Devdutt - The Goddess in India; the Five Faces of the Eternal Feminine
074376: Patten, James, Curator; Essay by Diana Nemiroff - Gerald Ferguson Recent Paintings
089658: Patterson, James T. - Grand Expectations; the United States, 1945-1974
064992: Patterson, Nancy Lou - Changing People; a History of Canadian Indians
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085436: Rhodes, Richard A. - Eastern Ojibwa-Chippewa-Ottawa Dictionary; Trends in Linguistics Documentation 3de Gruyter Mouton
085163: Apollonius of Rhodes; E.V. Rieu (trans.) - The Voyage of Argo; the Argonautica
068884: Rhys, Grace; H. Granville Fell (Illus.) - Fairy Gifts and Tom Hickathrift
091921: Rhys, Ernest [Frederic C. Witney, ill's] - The English Fairy Book
090257: Rhys, Jean - Wide Sargasso Sea
080178: Ricci, Nino - The Origin of Species; a Novel
084018: Ricci, Nino - Testament
060828: Ricci, Nino - Lives of the Saints
9900043986: RICCI, Nino - Lives of the Saints
061445: Ricci, Nino - Lives of the Saints
087777: Rice, Anne - Called out of Darkness; a Spiritual Confession
071586: Rice, Prudence M. [ed.] - Pots and Potters; Current Approaches in Ceramic Archaeology
046468: Rice, Brian - A History of First Encounters between Indigenous Peoples and Newcomers from the East to Central Canada, for Educators
9900027286: RICH, E. E. (editor) - Minutes of the Hudson's Bay Company 1679-1684 Second Part, 1682-84
9900027287: RICH, E. E. (editor) - Minutes of the Hudson's Bay Company 1679-1684 First Part, 1679-82
091335: Rich, E.E. - John Rae's Correspondence; with the Hudson's Bay Company on Arctic Exploration 1844-1855
083651: Rich, E.E. (ed.) - Minutes of the Hudson's Bay Company 1679-1684; Second Part, 1682-84
9900027239: RICH, E. E. (editor) - Copy-Book of Letters Outward &C Begins 29th May, 1680 Ends 5 July, 1687
9900027241: RICH, E. E. (editor) - Colin Robertson's Correspondence Book, September 1817 to September 1822
9900027283: RICH, E. E. (editor) - The Letters of John Mcloughlin from Fort Vancouver to the Governor and Committee
9900027285: RICH, E. E. (editor), with an introduction by Sir John Clapham - Minutes of the Hudson's Bay Company 1671-1674
9900043119: RICH, E. E. (editor), with an Introduction by Sir John Clapham - Minutes of the Hudson's Bay Company 1671-1674
077356: Rich, E.E. (ed.) - John Rae's Correspondence with the Hudson's Bay Company on Arctic Exploration 1844-1855
077348: Rich, E. E. - Hudson's Bay Company 1670-1870 / 3 Volume Set; Volume I: 1670-1763; Volume II: 1763-1820; Volume III: 1821-1870
077354: Rich, E.E. (ed.) - Hudson's Bay Copy Booke of Letters Commissions Instructions Outward; 1688-1696
077397: Rich, E. E. - Hudson's Bay Company 1670-1870 / 3 Volume Set; Volume I: 1670-1763; Volume II: 1763-1820; Volume III: 1821-1870
091022: Bojarski, Richard and Kenneth Beals - The Films of Boris Karloff
085024: Helms, Richard and William Hood - A Look over My Shoulder; a Life in the Central Intelligence Agency
083793: Dominique, Richard and Jean-Guy Deschenes - Bibliographie Thematique Sur Les Montagnais-Naskapi
082828: Richard, Louis-Arthur; Légaré, Gladys-L., trans - Do the French-Canadians Speak Patois
087542: Jung, C. G; Aniela Jaffé (ed.); Richard and Clara Winston (trans.) - Memories, Dreams, Reflections
9900030274: MATHESON, Richard and Ricia Mainhardt (eds.) - Robert Bloch Appreciations of the Master
065943: Hamilton, Richard and Vicente Todoli, eds - Food for Thought. Thought for Food
081488: Hesse, Hermann; Richard and Clara Winston (trans.) - Kingsor's Last Summer
081082: Wilkinson, Richard and Kate Pickett - The Spirit Level; Why Equality Is Better for Everyone
017773: Richards, David Adams - Lives of Short Duration
044767: Richards, David Adams - River of the Brokenhearted
031778: Richards, Joan - Six Months in the Life of an Exhibitionist (Gca)
087560: Richards, David Adams - Principles to Live by
079964: Richards, David Adams - River of the Brokenhearted
054598: Richards, David Adams - Principles to Live by
086369: Richards, Eugene - The Blue Room
065784: Richards, David Adams - Incidents in the Life of Markus Paul
030552: Richards, David Adams - For Those Who Hunt the Wounded Down
088524: Richards, David Adams - The Coming of Winter
086347: Richardson, Samuel - Clarissa; or the History of a Young Lady
042220: Richardson, Bill - Waiting for Gertrude; a Graveyard Gothic
086442: Richardson, Sir John - Arctic Searching Expedition: A Journal of a Boat-Voyage Through Rupert's Land and the Arctic Sea
089239: Richardson, Mark - Flaming Lips' Zaireeka; (33 1/3)
087943: Richardson, Frank - The Mayfair Mystery
045798: Richardson, John; Alexander Clark Casselman - Richardson's War of 1812
032044: Richardson, Bill - Scorned and Beloved; Dead of Winter Meetings with Canadian Eccentrics
091708: Richardson, Boyce - People of Terra Nullius; Betrayal and Rebirth in Aboriginal Canada
9900032583: Richerand, A.; Farrell, M., M.D. (Trans.) - The Lectures of Boyer Upon Diseases of the Bones, Arranged Into a Systematic Treatise / Two Volumes in One
072460: Richeson, D. R. [ed.] - Western Canadian History; Museum Interpretations
9900023256: RICHLER, Mordecai - Jacob Two-Two's First Spy Case
086327: Richler, Mordecai - Hunting Tigers Under Glass; Essays and Reports
058010: Richler, Noah - The Candidate; Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail
085045: Richler, Mordechai - Joshua Then and Now
069906: Richler, Daniel - Kicking Tomorrow
021227: Richler, Mordecai - Joshua Then and Now
086205: Richler, Mordecai - The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz
082187: Richler, Mordecai; Jonathan Webb (ed.) - Mordecai Richler Was Here; Selected Writings
051735: Richler, Mordecai - St. Urbain's Horseman; a Novel
077668: Richler, Mordecai - The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz
086330: Richler, Mordechai - A Choice of Enemies
086329: Richler, Mordechai - The Incomparable Atuk
043144: Richler, Mordecai - Barney's Version
089288: Richler, Mordecai - The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz
086332: Richler, Mordechai - Joshua Then and Now

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