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078296: Macken, Walter - I Am Alone
060764: Mackennal, Alexander - The Story of the English Seperatists
079309: MacKenzie, Marguerite - Naskapi Lexicon / Lexique Naskapi . Volume 1 Naskapi - English/French / naskapi - anglais/francais
079699: Mackenzie, Alexander - Voyages from Montreal, on the River St. Laurence, Through the Continent of North America, to the Frozen and Pacific Oceans; in the Years 1789 and 1793. With a Preliminary Account of the Rise, Progress, and Present State of the Fur Trade of That Country
077164: Mackenzie, Agnes Mure - The Women in Shakespeare's Plays A Critical Study from the Dramatic and the Psychological Points of View and in Relation to the Development of Shakespeare’s Art
078066: Mackenzie, Sir Alexander - Voyages from Montreal, on the River St. Laurence, Through the Continent of North America, to the Frozen and Pacific Oceans; in the Years 1789 and 1793. With a Preliminary Account of the Rise, Progress, and Present State of the Fur Trade of That Country
079310: MacKenzie, Marguerite E. (Ed.) - Cree Lexicon Eastern James Bay Dialects | Iinuu Ayimuun Masinahiikan Waapanuutaahch Chemis Pei Eishi Ayiminaanuuhch Iyiyuu Ayimuun Misinihiikin Waapinuutaahch Chemis pei Aaishi Ayiminaanuuch
079259: Mackenzie, J. B. - The Six-Nations Indians in Canada
076665: Mackenzie, Alexander - Voyages from Montreal Through the Continent of North America on the river St. Laurence / to the Frozen and Pacific Oceans in the Years 1789 and 1793 with a preliminary account of the Rise, Progress, and Present State of the Fur Trade of that Country
082936: Mackenzie, Alexander - Voyages from Montreal on the River St. Laurence Through the Continent of North America to the Frozen and Pacific Oceans in the Years 1789 and 1793 With a Preliminary Account of the Rise, Progress, and Present State of the Fur Trade of that Country
078120: Mackenzie, Alexander - Voyages from Montreal, on the River St. Laurence
078089: Mackenzie, Alexander - Voyages from Montreal, on the River St. Laurence, Through the Continent of North America, to the Frozen and Pacific Oceans; in the Years 1789 and 1793. With a Preliminary Account of the Rise, Progress, and Present State of the Fur Trade of That Country. In Two Volumes.
083111: Mackenzie, Alexander - Voyages from Montreal Through the Continent of North America on the river St. Laurence / to the Frozen and Pacific Oceans in the Years 1789 and 1793 with a preliminary account of the Rise, Progress, and Present State of the Fur Trade of that Country
078787: Mackey, Albert G. - Encyclopedia of Freemasonry / 3 Volume Set
069591: Mackie, B. Allan - Building with Logs
063068: Mackie, B. Allan - Log House Plans
081870: Mackie, B. Allan - Building with Logs
072066: MacKinnon, John - A Sketch Book Comprising Historical incidents, Traditional Tales and Translations
074292: MacKinnon, Catharine A. - Toward a Feminist Theory of the State
062935: MacKinnon, Shauna - Decolonizing Employment Aboriginal Inclusion in Canada's Labour Market
052472: Shaw-MacKinnon, Margaret; Laszlo Gal (Paintings) - Tiktala
017980: Maclaren, George - Nova Scotia Furniture
079138: Maclean, John - Vanguards of Canada
9900036159: MACLEAN, John (ed.) - Letters from George Lord Carew to Sir Thomas Roe, Ambassador to the Court of the Great Mogul 1615-1617
9900036165: MACLEAN, John (ed.) - Letters from Sir Robert Cecil to Sir George Carew
049627: Maclean, John - Native Tribes of Canada
9900041055: MACLEAN, John - The Indians Their Manners and Customs
9900029333: MacLean, Alistair - The Lonely Sea / Collected Short Stories
077415: MacLean, Rory - Berlin Imagine a City
051734: MacLennan, Hugh - Return of the Sphinx: A Novel
9900021821: MacLENNAN, Hugh - Each Man's Son
079326: MacLeod, Margaret Arnett - Bells of Red River
078067: MacLeod, Alistair - No Great Mischief
9900029497: MacLEOD, Margaret Arnett - Lower Fort Garry
051282: MacManus, Seumas; Colum, Padraic (Intro.); Kennedy, Paul (Illus.) - Hibernian Nights
076304: Macmichael, H. A. - A History of the Arabs in the Sudan (2 Volumes) And Some Account of the People who Preceded Them and of the Tribes Inhabiting Darfur
9900045178: [Donald MacMillan] - Harper's Magazine September 1918 / with 'Record Hunting in the Arctic'
9900035237: MACMILLAN, D. - John Knox a Biography
063680: MacMillan, Harrold - The Blast of War 1939-1945
081516: MacMillan, Margaret - The Uses and Abuses of History
081527: MacMillan, Margaret - Nixon in China The Week That Changed the World
081493: MacMillan, Margaret - Women of the Raj
080202: Macmillan, Margaret; Richard Holbrooke - Paris 1919 Six Months That Changed the World
076794: MacMillan, Margaret - History's People Personalities and the Past
081050: MacMillan, Margaret - Nixon in China The Week That Changed the World
081242: MacMillan, Margaret - Nixon in China The Week That Changed the World
079384: MacMillan, Margaret - The War That Ended Peace The Road to 1914
9900035292: MACNEILL, John / 'Early Irish Pppulation-Groups: Their Nomenclature, Classification, and Chronology' - Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy Volume XXIX, Section C, No. 4
9900000973: MaCoun, John - Manitoba and the Great Northwest
9900042028: MACOUN, John - Manitoba and the Great Northwest: The Field for Investment; the Home of the Emigrant; Being a Full and Complete History
027456: Macpherson, C.B. - Democarcy in Alberta: Social Credit and the Party System
074652: Macpherson, C. B. - The Real World of Democracy The Masseey Lectures Fourth Series
060294: MacRae, Allan; Al Kahanoff - L'Chaim! The Story of Minnie Kahanoff
045273: MacSkimming, Roy - Gordie: A Hockey Legend The Unathorized Biography of Gordie Howe
052549: MacSorley, C. M. - The Earl-Painter A Tale of The Time of Caxton
073562: MacSwain, James (Ed.) - Intersections 25 Years Of Connecting And The Centre For Art Tapes
070293: Maddin, Guy - From the Atelier Tovar Selected Writings of Guy Maddin
057809: Maddin, Guy - From the Atelier Tovar Selected Writings
030000: Maddin, Guy - Cowards Bend the Knee
052465: Haworth-Maden, Clare (Ed.) - Art Nouveau: Architecture and Furniture
9900027173: MADGE, Sidney J. - The Domesday of Crown Lands
9900042412: MADILL, Shirley (essay) - A Sense of Place Photography in Manitoba
055132: Madill, Shirley J. R. - Robert Houle Sovreignty over Subjectivity
076730: Madill, Shirley (Intro.) - Latitudes + Parallels / Latitudes + Paralleles Focus on Contemporary Canadian Photography / Convergences sur la photographie canadienne contemporaine
049338: Madill, Shirley J. R. - Robert Houle: Sovreignty over Subjectivity
9900044416: Medd, Verna Mae and Edna Alexandra Medd (eds.) - Macarthur Family Letters Correspondence among members of the family of John and Sarah Dallas Macarthur of Nairn, Scotland
044041: Maerin, Jordan - Raw Foods for Busy People Simple and Machine Free Recipes for Every Day
075657: Maestro, Lani - Her Rain
071384: Maeterlinck, Maurice - The Intelligence of the Flowers
9900039824: [PUNCH MAGAZINE] - The Pick of Punch
064243: Found Magazine - Found Magazine
079715: Magee, Sean - Desert Island Discs 70 Years of Castaways From One of BBC Radio 4's Best-Loved Programmes
9900010519: [MAGIC] - Marconick's Tu Tu Wun Rope Trick
065883: Magnetical and Meteorological Observatory (Toronto, Ont.) - Abstracts of Magnetical Observations Made at the Magnetical Observatory, Toronto, Canada West, During the Years 1856 to 1862, Inclusive and During Parts of the Years 1853, 1854, and 1855
056278: Magnus; Detlef Goebler (Trans.) - The 110 Pills after Jin Ping Mei
072154: Magnusson, Magnus [ed.] - The Vinland Sagas The Norse Discovery of America - Grawlwndinga Saga and Eirik's Saga
072156: Magnusson, Magnus [ed.] - King Harald's Saga Haral Hardradi of Norway - From Snorri Sturluson's Heimskringla
9900036611: MAGNUSSON, H. E. - Lykkjufoll Nokkur Sma Kvaedi
9900036011: MAGNUSSON, Kristiana - Roots That Bind
069728: Magris, Claudio - Microcosms
068478: Maguet, Paul - From the Hamlet of Kergwenan to the Capital of Manitoba
078794: Maguire, Gregory - Wicked / Son of a Witch
067506: Maguire, Muireann - Red Spectres
080576: Magwood, Chris; Peter MacK - Straw Bale Building How to Plan, Design & Build With Straw
079577: Mahan, Gail; Merrily Mihel (Illus.) - All About You
058365: Maharaj, Rabindranath - A Perfect Pledge A Novel
076560: Maher, Robert V.; George W. Argus, et all - The Rare Vascular Plants of Saskatchewan
051871: Maher, Paul Jr. - Jack Kerouac's American Journey The Real-Life Odyssey of On the Road
069951: Mahfouz, Naguib - Palace Walk
052074: Mahfouz, Naguib; Allen, Roger (Trans.); Rodenbeck, John (Revised) - Autumn Quail
059046: Mahler, Nicholas - Angelman No. 1: "Fallen Angel A Super-Hero Graphic Novel!
052280: Mai, Francois Martin - Diagnosing Genius
076923: Mailer, Norman - Harlot's Ghost
078331: Mailer, Norman - The Naked and the Dead
081379: Mailer, Norman - Marilyn
081724: Mailer, Norman - The Naked and the Dead
076636: Mailer, Norman - Marilyn
081052: Mailer, Norman - Advertisements for Myself
078065: Mailhot, José; Marguerite MacKenzie, Will Oxford; Mamu Tshishkutamashutau-Innu Education Inc.,; - English-Innu Dictionary Aimun-mashinaikan
081321: Mailhot, José, and Kateri Lescop, et al - Lexique Montagnais-Francais du dialecte de Schefferville, Sept-Iles et Maliotenam
078064: Mailhot, José; Marguerite MacKenzie, Will Oxford; Mamu Tshishkutamashutau-Innu Education Inc.,; - Innu-English Dictionary Aimun-mashinaikan
057898: Maine, David - Fallen A Novel
082783: Carré, Albert L.; Frank Le Maistre and Philip M. De Veulle - English-Jersey Language Vocabulary
9900035186: MAJOR, Kevin - Visual Artists of Newfoundland & Labrador a Juried Exhibition in Print
059355: Major, Kevin - Land Beyond the Sea
080040: Makachi, Ohoyo - Words of Today's American Indian Women A first collection of Oratory by American Indian/Alaska Native Women
079470: Makie, John G. - The Silent Moccasins Tootimah
9900000416: [MODEL MAKING] - The Modelmaker for Those Interested in Making Working Models
079199: Vertikoff, Alexander; Mal and Sandra Sharpe - Weird Rooms
078584: Malaparte, Curzio; Jenny McPhee (trans.) - The Kremlin Ball
050255: Malin, David (Intro.) - Heaven & Earth: Unseen by the Naked Eye
068235: Malkani, Gautam - Londonstani A Novel
060913: Malki, David - Beards of Our Forefathers A Collection of Wondermark Comic Strips
047111: Mallary, Dominic Owen - Destroyer of Man: Selected Poems, 1984-2008
071078: Mallea, Paula - Aboriginal Law Apartheid in Canada?
9900027855: MALLEY, Louis - Tiger in the Streets a Novel of the Spanish Harlem Jungle
9900044608: MALLOY, Ronald Alexander - Guilty Till Proven Innocent (the Thomas Sophonow Story) / the Bizarre Case of the 'Cowboy Killer'
058964: Malmont, Paul - The Chinatown Death Cloud Peril A Novel
054819: Malory, Thomas - Morte D'Arthur
081073: Malouf, David - An Imaginary Life
025908: Malraux, Andre - Man's Fate
052318: Malraux, Andre; Haakon M. Chevalier (Trans.); John Leonard (Foreword); Madeline Sorel (Illus.) - Man's Fate (la Condition Humaine)
080538: Malthus, T. R.; Patricia James (ed.) - An Essay on the Principle of Population (Volumes 1 and 2)
081416: Malthus, T. R; John Pullen [Ed.]; Trevor Hughes Parry [Ed.] - T.R. Malthus (2 Vols. ) The Unpublished Papers in the Collection of Kanto Gakuen University
058818: Mamatas, Nick - Sensation
9900029761: [ABORIGINAL - INDIANS OF CANADA] National Museum of Man - Oracle - a Collection of 25 Pamphlets on Aboriginal Culture, Crafts, Tolls and Customs
048120: Man, John - The Terra Cotta Army: China's First Emperor and the Birth of a Nation
082902: National Museum of Man - The Athapaskans: Strangers of the North An International Travelling Exhibition from the Collection of the National Museum of Man, Canada, and the Royal Scottish Museum
079644: Man, John - Ninja 1,000 Years of the Shadow Warrior
082608: Department of Mines Resources & Environmental Management - 1975 Annual Directory of Manitoba Geographical Names
077274: Manchess, Gregory - Above the Timberline
058073: Manchester, Susan - Pouring Small Fire Poems
062323: Manchester, William - The Last Lion Winston Spencer Churchill; Alone: 1932-1940
054979: Kristen Mancinelli - The Ketogenic Diet A Scientifically Proven Approach to Fast, Healthy Weight Loss
081696: Mancke, Elizabeth - A Company of Businessmen The Hudson's Bay Company and Long-Distance Trade, 1670-1730
066393: Mandela, Nelson - Long Walk to Freedom The Autobiography of Nelson Mandela
067127: Mandela, Nelson; et al. - Mandela: Young Voices of Canada Mandela and the Children, Toronto Skydome, September 25, 1998
056781: Manea, Norman - October Eight O'Clock
056556: Manguel, Alberto - Into the Looking-Glass Wood
080457: Manguel, Alberto - The Library Book
068425: Manguel, Alberto - Curiosity
062067: Manguel, Alberto - The City of Words
079372: Manguel, Alberto - Fabulous Monsters Dracula, Alice, Superman, and Other Literary Friends
044626: Manguel, Alberto - A History of Reading
080547: Manguel, Alberto - Packing My Library An Elegy and Ten Digressions
077491: Manguel, Alberto - Into the Looking-Glass Wood
046008: Manguel, Alberto - News from a Foreign Country Came A Novel
069217: [The University of Manitoba] - York Factory Studies Progress Report, September 1969
076595: Treaty & Aboriginal Rights Research Centre of Manitoba - A Debt to Be Paid Treaty Land Entitlement in Manitoba
9900044115: [Manitoba] - Manitoba Heritage - a Collection of Eleven Pamphlets on Manitoba's Heritage Published by the Government of Manitoba
080288: [Manitoba] - Evidence Given Before the Public Accounts Committee Relating to the Expenditures, etc., on the New Parliament Buildings
068095: Travel Manitoba - The Manitoba Legislative Building Guide
081255: Manitoba - Geographical Names of Manitoba
082533: Cattle Breeders' Association of Manitoba - The Sixth Annual Auction Sale of Pure Bred Cattle
082802: [The Moderation League of Manitoba] - Failure of Prohibition Terse Facts for thoughtful Electors
042427: Military History Society of Manitoba - Journal of the Military History Society of Manitoba Vol. 1, No. 2
081060: Manitoba - Geographical Names of Manitoba
062734: [Public Welfare Commission of Manitoba] - Third and Final Report of the Public Welfare Commission of Manitoba
008188: [PRESS - MANITOBA] - The Multilingual Press in Manitoba
9900038326: [AGRONOMY - MANITOBA] - Annual Conference of Manitoba Agronomists December 16 and 17, 1959
055294: Province of Manitoba - Royal Commission Inquiry Into Northern Transportation
068789: [University of Manitoba] - School of Art Annual Report 2007-2008
011351: [Manitoba] - Brandon an Architectural Walking Tour
061843: [Manitoba] - Manitoba (Two Volumes) Pictorial and Biographical
029025: [Government of Manitoba, Department of Education] - The Regulation and Supplementary Material Regarding Patriotic Excercises in the Public Schools of the Province of Manitoba; Effective March 1st, 1966
067909: Manitoba, Historic Resources Branch - Grund Lutheran Church
083020: Province of Manitoba - Native Peoples Department of Education Resources Pertaining to Indians, Inuit, and Metis
9900007316: [MANITOBA] - Gazetteer of Canada Manitoba
9900045211: [Storefront Manitoba] - Mb 2014 a Collection of Manitoba Architecture
063110: Professional Interior Designers Institute of Manitoba - Designed for Eating
079603: [Manitoba] - Geographical Names of Manitoba
081757: Mankell, Henning; Ebba Sgerberg [Trans] - Firewall
076024: Mankell, Henning - The Troubled Man
082193: Mankell, Henning; Ebba Segerberg [Trans.] - The Pyramid The Origins of Kurt Wallander
074968: Mankell, Henning - Sidetracked
074966: Mankell, Henning - The Man Who Smiled
074970: Mankell, Henning - The Fifth Woman
079544: Mankiller, Wilma - Every Day Is a Good Day
074074: Mankoff, Robert (ed.) - The New Yorker Book of Technology Cartoons
058760: Manly, Dr. Steven - Visions of the Multiverse
078693: Mann, Gwen - History of the Icelandic National League of North America, 1919-2009
055556: Mann, Thomas - The Tales of Jacob Joseph and His Brethren: I
077594: Mann, Judy - The Difference Growing Up Female in America
052105: Mann, Thomas - The Black Swan
078335: Mann, Thomas - Doctor Faustus The Life of the German Composer Adrian Leverkiihn
080842: Mann, Thomas; H.T. Lowe-Porter (trans.) - Death in Venice And Seven Other Stories
052015: Mann, Thomas; Lowe-Porter, H. T. (Trans.) - The Tables of the Law
052109: Mann, Thomas - Joseph in Egypt (Two Volumes in Slipcase)
017115: Mann, Margaret - The Strike That Wasn't Teachers' "Strike" Brandon, 1922
061848: Mann, S. Allan - Story for a Rainy Day
078445: Mann, Thomas; John E. Wood [Trans.] - The Magic Mountain
047841: Mannering, Derek - Mario Lanza
083228: Inglis, Stephanie, Joy Mannette and Stacey Sulewski (eds.) - Paqtatek Policy and Consciousness in Mi'Kmaq Life (Volume 1)
074779: Manning, Hugo - The It and the Odyssey of Henry Miller
076975: Manning, Al G. - Helping Yourself with White Witchcraft
074372: Manocha, Dr Ramesh - Silence Your Mind Improve Your Happiness in Just 10 Minutes a Day With This New Approach to Meditation
025701: Mansbridge, Peter - Peter Mansbridge One on One: Favourite Conversations and the Stories Behind Them
055475: Mansfield, Katherine - In a German Pension
052364: Manson, Jock - United in Effort: Story of No. 53 Squadron Raf: 1916-1976
082627: Mantel, Hilary - Wolf Hall
083325: Manuel, Arthur - Unsettling Canada A National Wake-Up Call
069168: Manvell, Roger - Ballantine's Illustrated History of the Violent Century: The Conspirators, 20th July 1944 Politics in Action, Book #1
9900042479: [Map] - Canada-Labrador Boundary Prepared by James White, F.R. G.S. , Expressly for 'Canada and Its Provinces'.
9900042356: [MAP] - Manitoba and Northwest Territories
075800: Mapleson, T. W. Gwilt. Esq. - Pearls of American Poetry
082651: O'Mara, Shane - In Praise of Walking A New Scientific Exploration
080736: Maracle, Lee - Ravensong
056334: Maracle, Ross; Linda Maracle - Medley of First Nations Cooking Creating a Family Heirloom
047327: Maraniss, David - When Pride Still Mattered Lombardi: The Classic That Inspired the Broadway Play
035432: Marcellinus, Ammianus [John C. Rolfe, trans.] - Ammianus Marcellinus / Volume III Books XXVII-XXXI. Excerpta Valesiana
066870: Marchak, M. Patricia - Racism, Sexism, and the University The Political Science Affair at the University of British Columbia
073757: [Xenophon]; E. C. Marchant, ed. - Xenophontis Opera Omnia Tomus I Historia Graeca
073758: [Xenophon]; E. C. Marchant, ed. - Xenophontis Opera Omnia Tomus II Commentarii, Oeconomicus, Convivum Apologia Socratis
073759: [Xenophon]; E. C. Marchant, ed. - Xenophontis Opera Omnia Tomus V Opuscula
066402: Handy-Marchello, Barbara - Women of the Northern Plains Gender and Settlement on the Homestead Frontier, 1870-1930
080394: Marchildon, Greg; Sid Robinson; Ralph Nilson [Ed.] - Canoeing the Churchill A Practical Guide to the Historic Voyageur Highway
059283: Marcireau, Jacques - Rene Guenon Et Son Oeuvre
064184: Marcireau, Jacques - Jalousie, Passivite, Revolte Kolney, Verlaine, Rimbaud
062519: Marcireau, Jaques (Ed.) - Recits D'Experiences
059013: Marcuse, Herbert - Counterrevolution and Revolt
081960: Marcuse, Herbert - Eros and Civilization A Philosophical Inquiry into Freud
060095: Marcuse, Herbert - Studies in Critical Philosophy
078116: Richardson, Margaret and MaryAnne Stevens - John Soane, Architect Master of Space and Light
069181: Marini, Marino; Mercedes Precerutti Garberi; ed. - Marino Marini Alla Galleria D'arte Moderna di Milano
075146: Marion, Russ - The Edge of Organization Chaos and Complexity Theories of Formal Social Systems
070410: Mark, Kelly - Important Instructions for Changing the World Recent Work by Kelly Mark
075956: Mark, Lisa Gabrielle (Ed.) - The Pressing of Flesh A Photo-Based Investigation of the Male Nude
058022: Markham, Beryl - West with the Night
046269: Markham, Beryl - West with the Night
024853: Marko, Olya S. - Heart and Soul; Paintings by Jeanette Shewchuk
055971: Marks, Howard - Mr. Nice An Autobiography
059727: Marks, Don - Playing the White Man's Games
068267: Markson, David - Vanishing Point
069851: Markstein, George - Chance Awakening
045717: Marlantes, Karl - Matterhorn A Novel of the Vietnam War
081217: Marlowe, Ann - How to Stop Time heroin from A to Z
076392: Marlowe, Christopher - The Complete Plays
076393: Marlowe, Christopher - The Complete Poems and Translations Classics
082464: Marnell, Cat - How to Murder Your Life A Memoir
081848: Maron, Monika - Silent Close No. 6
067372: Marozzi, Justin - Tamerlane Sword of Islam, Conqueror of the World
076032: Marples, David R. - Heroes and Villains Creating National History in Contemporary Ukraine
051225: Marquardt, Martin - The Interlake: A Land and Its People
081827: Marquardt, Martin - The Interlake A Land and It's people
068538: Márquez, Gabriel García - Of Love and Other Demons
081520: Márquez, Gabriel García; Edith Grossman (trans.) - The General in His Labyrinth
083183: Márquez, Gabriel García; Edith Grossman (trans.) - The General in His Labyrinth
081792: Márquez, Gabriel García; Gregory Rabassa (trans.) - Chronicle of a Death Foretold
076357: Marr, Ruth - Walking and Hiking Guide Manitoba Outdoor Adventure Guide
068277: Marra, Anthony - The Tsar of Love and Techno Stories
062452: Marran, Ray J. - Making Models of Famous Ships
9900023386: MARRYAT, Frederick - Narrative of the Travels and Adventures of Monsieur Violet, in California, Sonora, and Western Texas
073097: Mars, Chris - Tolerance
076507: Marsh, Madeleine - Miller's Collectables Price Guide 2001/2002 (Miller's Collectables Price Guide)
076577: Marsh, Ian - Suicide Foucault, History and Truth
9900017352: MARSH, Winifred Petchey - People of the Willow / Signed Copy
030457: Marshak, S. - Twelve Months A Fairy-Tale
079969: Marshall, James; Maurice Sendak - Swine Lake
063401: Marshall, Clare C . - Stars in Her Eyes Book One of the Sparkstone Saga
059016: Marshall, Jeannie - Outside the Box Why Our Children Need Real Food, Not Food Products
059585: Marshall, J. Stanley - The Tumultuous Sixties Campus Unrest and Student Life at a Southern University
077873: Marshall, Joseph - The Lakota Way Stories and Lessons For Living
043913: Marshall, Alison R. - Cultivating Connections: The Making of Chinese Prairie Canada
075765: Marshall, Ingeborg - The History and Ethnography of the Beothuk
034111: Marshall, G. C. - Technical Manual The Internal Combustion Engine
052083: Marsters, Roger - Bold Privateers: Terror, Plunder and Profit on Canada's Atlantic Coast
076373: Martain, Jaques; Harry Lorin Binsse (Trans.) - Ransoming the Time
081751: Martel, Yann - Life of Pi
041386: Martel, Yann - Life of Pi
077710: Martel, Yann - Life of Pi
072990: Martel, Yann - Beatrice and Virgil
073950: Martel, Yann - Self
056970: Martel, Yann - The Facts Behind the Helsinki Roccamatios Short Fiction
059754: Martel, Yann - The High Mountains of Portugal A Novel
062105: Martel, Yann - Beatrice & Virgil
056483: Martel, Yann - Beatrice & Virgil
034298: Martel, Yann - Life of Pi
040118: Martel, Yann - The Facts Behind the Helsinki Roccamatios And Other Stories
9900039689: MARTELL, I. Arleigh - One Window, Backward
9900042193: MARTENS, Katherine - All in a Row: The Klassens of Homewood
076597: Martignette, Charles G.; Louis K. Meisel - Gil Elvgren: All His Glamorous American Pin-Ups
081799: Martignette, Charles G.; Louis K. Meisel - The Great American Pin-Up
050711: Martin, George R.R. - A Dance with Dragons A Song of Ice and Fire: Book Five
047670: Martin, Guy - Vegetables
063140: Martin, Ben - Marcel Marceau Master of Mime
050834: Martin, Jay - Plugged in
082146: Martin, Don - Mad's Greatest Artists: The Completely Mad Don Martin Two volumes in slipcase
058549: Martin, David G. - The Second Bull Run Campaign, July - August 1962
065402: Martin, Rafe - The Hungry Tigress Buddhist Legends and Jataka Tales
9900042567: [PLAN (as blueprint)] Surveyed by A. F. Martin, Dominion Land Surveyor - Plan of West Lynne, Being a Subdivision of Lot No. 5 in the Parish of St. Agathe in the Province of Manitoba
081342: Martin, Pierre - Le Montagnais Langue Algonquienne du Quebec
082321: Martin, George R. R. - A Storm of Swords
024952: Windrow, Martin and Francis K. Mason - A Concise Dictionary of Military Biography The Careers and Campaigns of 200 of the Most Important Military Leaders
079903: Martin, George R. R. - A Game of Thrones Book One of a Song of Ice And Fire
079154: Martin, Claire - The Keewatin Profile
075592: Martin, George R. R.; Daniel Abraham (Adapted by) - A Game of Thrones: The Graphic Novel Volume One
081636: Martin, Ernest - Le Francais Des Canadiens Est-IL Un Patois? Zigzags Autour de Nos Communs Parlers / Liaison
082322: Martin, George R.R. - A Dance with Dragons A Song of Ice and Fire: Book Five
080921: Thibault, Martin and Steven M. Hoffman (eds.) - Power Struggles Hydro Development and First Nations in Manitoba and Quebec
043914: Martin, Paul - Very Public Life [2 Volumes] Vol. I: Far From Home; Vol. II: So Many Worlds
080091: Martin, Steve - Kindly Lent Their Owner The Private Collection of Steve Martin
077361: Martin, Calvin - Keepers of the Game Indian-Animal Relationships and the Fur Trade
9900004576: MARTIN, A. L. D., and JOHNSON, T. A - The History of the Manitoba Branch of the Canadian Seed Growers Association
075907: Martin, Bill Jr. - Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear?
075631: Martin, Thomas Commerford - The Inventions, Researches, and Writings of Nikola Tesla
070015: Martin, Rita - Robin Hood Prize Winning Recipes
057577: Martin, Robert M. - There Are Two Errors in the the Title of This Book A Sourcebook of Philosophical Puzzles, Problems, and Paradoxes
081398: Martin, Steven - Opium Fiend A 21st Century Slave to a 19th Century Addiction
014912: Martin, E.G. - Sailorman
048065: Martin, Thomas R. - Herodotus and Sima Qian: The First Great Historians of Greece and China A Brief History with Documents
9900035398: Mr. B. L. M. [Antoine Augustin Bruzen de la Martiniere] - Nouveau Recueil Des Epigrammatistes Francois, Anciens Et Modernes
070924: Martner, Knud [Ed.] - Selected Letters of Gustav Mahler
060935: Marty, Sid - A Grand and Fabulous Notion The First Century of Canada's Parks
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082911: Montaigne - Les Essais
080849: Sebag-Montefiore, Hugh - Enigma The Battle for the Code
067124: Montenegro, Christian - The Creation Pictures from the Book of Genesis
035267: Montesquieu - Persian Letters
069839: Montfrey, B. F. - Balling
076551: Montgomery, L.M. - The Watchman and Other Poems
069318: Montgomery, L.M. - The Alpine Path The Story of my Career
080380: Montgomery, L.M. - Anne of Ingleside
070375: Montgomery, John D. - Beyond Redemption The People vs Lucas and Bender
081391: Montgomery, Jack - She Was Only Three The Trials of John James Jr
081411: Montgomery, L.M.; Benjamin Lefebvre (ed.) - The Blythes Are Quoted
013977: Montgomery, W. - St. Augustine Aspects of His Life and Thought
051495: Montgomery, Bernard - The Memoirs of Field-Marshal Montgomery
9900035592: MONTGOMERY, James - Poems. / to Which Is Added a Memoir of the Author
9900028164: MONTGOMERY, L. M. - Rainbow Valley
079966: Montgomery, L. M. - Anne of Green Gables (Volumes 4,5,6 in Slipcase) Continuing the Adventures of the Most Beloved, Beguiling, and Timesless Heroine in All of Fiction / Anne of Windy Poplars; Anne's House of Dreams; Anne of Ingleside
065644: Montgomery, L. M. - Magic for Marigold
9900040666: MONTGOMERY, L. M. - Mistress Pat A Novel of Silver Bush
050581: Monti, Franco - African Masks
082944: Montigny, Louvigny de - La Langue Française Au Canada Son État Actuel
046917: Monus, Vic; Stanley Isaiah - Slavey Topical Dictionary A topical list of words and phrases reflecting the dialect of the Slavey language spoken in the Fort Simpson area
082634: Moodie, Susanna - Roughing It in the Bush, or, Life in Canada / 2 Volumes
081970: Moodie, Susanna - Roughing It in the Bush Or, Forest Life in Canada
058912: Moody, Rick - The Black Veil A Memoir With Digressions
058994: Moody, Rick - The Diviners A Novel
049866: Moon, Sister - Spell Castings Practical Magick for Daily Life
9900017879: MOOR, William, M.D. - Report of Cases of Opium Poisoning, Successfully Treated by Permanganate of Potassium [an Original Article]
078282: Moore, Thomas - The Re-Enchantment of Everyday Life
069841: Moore, Marsha - Secretary's Lust
047582: Moore, Lisa - Alligator
076167: Moore, Robert - A Time to Die The Untold Story of the Kursk Tragedy
062943: Moore, Anne Elizabeth - Unmarketable Brandalism, Copyfighting, Mocketing, and the Erosion of Integrity
051267: Moore, Lisa - Alligator A Novel
080537: Marx, Karl; Samuel Moore and Edward Aveling (trans.) - Capital (Three Volume Set) A Critique of Political Economy
054668: Moore, Carey A. (Trans., Intro., & Notes) - Esther
053718: Moore, Charles; Michael S. Durham (Text); Andrew Young (Intro.) - Powerful Days: The CIVIL Right Photography of Charles Moore
055605: Moore, Christopher - Bloodsucking Fiends
075998: Moore, Lisa - February
075952: Moore, Terry - Strangers in Paradise Omnibus (Two Volumes in Slipcase)
077717: Moore, Clement Clarke; Robert Sabuda (Pop-ups) - The Night Before Christmas Pop-Up
080640: Moore, W. F. - Indian Place Names In the Province of Ontario
071502: Moore, George - Esther Waters
077848: Moore, Thomas - Care of the Soul A Guide for Cultivating Depth and Sacredness in Everyday Life
9900027336: Moore, Brian - I Am Mary Dunne
072264: Moore, Alan - Batman Killing Joke
077953: Moore, Brian - Wreath for a Redhead
064257: Moore, Christopher - The Lust Lizard of Melancholy Cove
055608: Moore, Christopher - Bite Me: A Love Story
054175: Moore, Christopher - Island of the Sequined Love Nun
060976: Moore, Ishbel - Music for Its Own Sake: Or, Somehow We Pulled It Off The Winnipeg Philharmonic Choir: Seventy-Five Years of Choral History
074853: Moore, Rep. J. Hampton - [Four Dis-Bound Printed Speeches] A Tariff Primer", "Damming the Susquehanna", on antitrust legislation and equal rights - labor union exemptions, and "The Colombian Viewpoint
063263: Moore, W. F. - Indian Place Names in the Province of Ontario
073699: Moore, Joe [ed.] - The Bulletin of Concerned Asian Scholars Volume 15, No. 2/Apr.-June, 1983
081640: Moore, Clement C. - The Night Before Christmas
9900035024: MOOREHEAD, Alan - The White Nile
077256: Moorehead, Alan - Gallipoli
067836: Moorhouse, Hopkins - Deep Furrows Which Tells of Pioneer Trails Along Which the Farmers of Western Canada Fought THeir Way to Great Achievements in Co-Operation

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