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47683: [ TWISS, HORACE (1787-1849) ] . - Posthumous Parodies And Other Pieces, Composed By Several Of Our Most Celebrated Poets, But Not Published In Any Former Edition Of Their Works.
14492: [ GOODWIN, HARVEY ]. - Statuata Ecclesiae Cathedralis Eliensis. Recognita per Augustissimum Dominum Regum Carolum Secundum
8187: [ HALL, JOSEPH ] - The Contemplations Upon the History of the New Testament.
5020: [ YONGE, CHARLOTTE M. ] - Cameos from English History. [ Vol.I.] From Rollo To Edward II. Second Edition / [Vol.II.] The Wars In France. Second Series.
7255: B.B.C. - More from Ten to Eight on Radio 4.
28094: C.E.M. - I Believe. The Place of Faith in World Religions.
27197: C.I.O. - Diocesan Boundaries. Being the Report of the Archbishop of Canterbury's Commission on the Organisation of the Church by Diocesses in London and the South-East of England. 1965/67.
27199: C.I.O. - The Care of Churches. Seventeenth annual review of the Council for the Care of Churches.
27653: C.I.O. - The Layman in Church Government. Being a Guide to The Representation of the Laity Measure, 1956 and The Parochial Church Councils (Powers) Measure, 1956.
27461: C.I.O. - Trainer's in Action. 1. Conflict. A case study of the training of young people along inductive lines by the Church of England Youth Council.
26153: C.I.O. - Work or What? A Christian Examination of the Employment Crisis.
26798: C.S.P. - Critical Social Policy. Volume 1. No.3.
37064: [MATTEUCCI, MARCO] - History of the Motor Car .
21571: E.M. - More Gathered Gems. Bedside Readings. (Introduction by Rev. John Macbeath.)
32566: [NEALE, J.M.]. - Notes on the Divine Office, Historical and Mystical, from Ancient and Modern Sources.
42635: [SURTEES, R.S]. - "Ask Mamma" or The Richest Commoner in England. (Illustrated by John Leech). Jorrocks Edition.
12688: H.M.S.O. - Slow Learners at School. (Department of Education and Science Education Pamphlet No. 46).
26816: I & C. - Life, Labour and Insecurity. Issue 9. Winter 1981/82.
38306: [HARRISON, J.W.] - The Story of the Life of Mackay of Uganda. Told for Boys. (By his sister).
47502: [ DR GEORGE BATE, EDITED BY EDWARD ALMACK ] . - A Short Narrative Of The Late Troubles In England. First written in Latin by an Anonymus, for the information of Forreners, and now don into English, for the behoof and pleasure of our Country-mn 1649 .
21269: LAMBETH CONFERENCE 1968. - Lambeth Conference 1968. Preparatory Information.
26671: M.B. - The Evidence of Things not Seen. Practical Talks on Prayer-Power.
26493: M.L.W. - A Gardener's Prayer Book. Being a few Prayers and Thoughts from the Lessons we Learn of Flowers and Trees in a Garden.
37751: PAST MASTER OF LODGE 2885. - Charterhouse: A Brief Record of Sutton's Hospital.
38577: LODGE KINTA NO.3212. - Lodge Kinta No.3212. The First Fifty Years. 1907-1957.
37277: C., D. - The Matter Of Manner. By D. C.
18195: P.E.Q. - Palestine Exploration Quarterly: January-June 1994.
29612: S.J.L.(LERESCHE?). - The First Chapter of Genesis Justified by the Teachings of Modern Science.
25753: S.N.D. - Mother St. Joseph. (Illustrated by T.J. Bond).
27348: S.P.G. - S.P.G. Youth Club Handbook.
47371: [FLOWERS, T.G. (ENGRAVER).] - English Cathedrals.
39128: 19TH CENTURY DOCUMENT - EMMA SQUIRE, ROBERT JOHN, AND RICHARD SQUIRE, JOHN KING - Notice served by the executors of the Will of Richard Squire, Sudbury, Suffolk - Requiring repayment of mortgage.
34465: COLCHESTER CHARTER 800. - Colchester Charter 800: A Celebration 1189-1989.
39421: [DAY, WILLIAM ] . - Hiero-Mastix, a satire, occaisioned by the publications which have recently appeared in connection with the Apocrypha Controversy.
26277: W.C.C. - All Things New. Preparatory Booklet for the Fourth Assembly of the World Council of Churches. Uppsala, Sweden, July 4-20, 1968.
25301: W.C.C. - Centres of Renewal. For Study and Lay Training
27544: W.C.C. - Social Questions. The Responsible Society in a World Perspective.
29120: W.C.C. - Violence, Nonviolence and the Struggle for Social Justice.
43642: [ GARDNER, ROBERT ] . - History, Gazetteer, and Directory of Cambridgeshire,comprising a General Survey of the County Including the Isle of Ely And Embracing Separate Historical Descriptions of the University and Town of Cambridge, the City and Diocese of Ely...
46287: [ HOLLAND, JOHN 1794-1872 ] . - The History And Description Of Fossil Fuel, The Collieries, And Coal Trade Of Great Britain. By the author of the 'Treatise On Manufactures In Metal' (three volumes) in the cabinet cyclopaedia.
43831: [ROBERTS, MARGARET]. - Niccolina Niccolini.
42996: [ MILNE, JAMES LEES 1908-1997 ] . - Melford Hall. Suffolk. A Property of the National Trust Home of Sir Richard Hyde Parker, Bt.
35472: F.W.H. - Genesis Unveiled.
44041: [GRAYSON, DAVID]. [PSEUD. RAY STANNARD BAKER]. - The Lowly Estate.
39102: [ WOODFORD, REV. ADOLPHUS FREDERIC ALEXANDER - EDITOR] . - The Freemason: A Weekly Journal Of Freemasonry. Literature, Science, and Art. Vol. XI.
43244: [BELLET, J.G]. - The Son of God.
40359: [MCGAVIN, WILLIAM/HUME, W.M./ BAPTIE, DAVID]. - The Union School-Song Garland. A Collection of Songs for School and Home Use; The Music Arranged for Two Trebles and Bass, and Printed in Hamilton's Patent Union Musical Notation, (Invented by Mr John Lang).
38851: [VICKERS,JOHN] (AKA MORATA, JAIDO). - The Book of Bander: A Scripture-Form Story of Past and Present Times.
41510: [HELPS, SIR ARTHUR]. - Brevia. Short Essays and Aphorisms. (By the author of "Friends in Council").
37781: [ REDDING, M. WOLCOTT ] . - Cabala Or The Rites and Ceremonies of the Cabalist. National Series, 12, W.C.B. Revised And Arranged Strictly In Accordance With The Standard Formula.
46119: [ JOHNSON, DAVID ] . - Some Notes On The History Of the Parish Of Acton Suffolk.
47372: [ PENNANT, THOMAS 1726-1798 ] . - Some Account Of London. Second Edition.
46397: [ THE BRITISH EMPIRE LEAVE CLUB - SIGNED BY DECIMA MOORE ] . - The British Empire Leave Club, Cologne : British Army of the Rhine.
40507: [STEPHENS, REV. THOMAS] . - A Handbook To The Parish Church Of Saffron Walden, With Illustrations And Notes Upon Local Church History In Olden Time .
36935: "A. A." ( ARMSTRONG, ANTHONY). - Warriors Still at Ease.
47447: W. B. (WILLIAM BADCOCK). - A New Touch-Stone For Gold and Silver Wares. Directing all buyers of large plate, or small works...The Second Edition / A Touch-Stone For Gold and Silver Wares Or, A Manual for Goldsmiths And All other Persons... By W. B. of London Goldsmith
34778: F.M.L. - Recitations for Missionary Meetings.
39104: 18TH CENTURY DOCUMENT ROGER WOOD, MARY WOOD, MICHAEL WOOD, ROGER PRICKLE . - Certified extract (made in 1793) of entry in Rolls of Kings Silver Office - relating to transfer of Property.
39805: H.M. [HAROLD MURRAY]. - Twixt Aldgate Pump and Poplar. The Story of Fifty Years Adventure in East London.
35760: [ LOUIS ISAAC LEMAISTRE, SAID DE SACY (1613 - 1684) ] . - Josué, Les Juges et Ruth. traduits en françois, avec une explication tirée des saints pères & des autheurs écclésiastiques
46036: [ WIGHTMAN, BAINBRIGGE WIGHTMAN 1817 - 1898 ] . - Arrest The Destroyer's March; Or, "Lift Ye Up A Banner." By The Author of "Haste To The Rescue," "Annals Of The Rescued," "More The Conqueror," &c.
36918: [ GODWYN (GOODWIN), THOMAS, 1587 -1643. ] - Romanae Historiae Anthologia Recognita & Aucta: An English Exposition of the Roman antiquities: Wherein many Roman and English Offices are parallel'd, and divers obscure phrases explain'd. For the use of Abingdon School. Revised and Corrected. 15th ed.
45416: 18TH CENTURY LEGAL DOCUMENT - SOLOMON HENRY, SAMUEL MOULTON - Sudbury - Copy of Lease and Release.
47541: [ADAMS, WILLIAM HENRY DAVENPORT]. - The Jordan and its Valley and the Dead Sea.
42007: F.W.H. [FREDERICK WHILEY HILLES]. - God's Week of Creation Work.
39129: 19TH CENTURY DOCUMENT - JOHN KING, JOHN SYMPSON JESSOPP, ROBERT LEWIS . - Certificate of Contract for redemption of Land Tax relating to property .
46714: [ STRAUSS, G. L. M. (GUSTAVE LOUIS MAURICE STRAUSS) 1807?-1887 ] . - Dishes And Drinks; Or, Philosophy In The Kitchen. By An Old Bohemian. Revised And Enlarged Edition.
45634: [BARROW, JOHN]. - The Eventful History of the Mutiny and Piratical Seizure of H.M.S.Bounty: Its Cause and Consequences.
45761: 19TH CENTURY VELLUM DOCUMENT - SNOWDEN, JOHN ; ANDREWES, A. B. - Large hand written vellum document - Mortgage.
46723: [ BENSTEAD, SAMUEL D. ] . - Crowning Evidence That London Yearly Meeting: Has Ceased to Uphold the Original Faith and Practice of the Society of Friends
45760: 19TH CENTURY VELLUM DOCUMENT - RUDD, ARTHUR; HARRINGTON, ALBERT - Large hand written vellum document - Mortgage.
35996: [ MATHEWS, RICHARD ] - The Thomas Ralling Lodge No. 2508 1894 - 1994 . A Retrospect
42992: [ MATTHEWS, REV. S. J.] . - Saint Bartholomew Ipswich. Blotter Year-Book 1947/8 .
47782: [ WILLIAM & THOMAS HARRISON / GEORGE WILLIS ] . - The Great Jennens Case : Being An Epitome Of The History Of The Jennens Family. Compiled On Behalf Of The Jennens Family By Messrs. Harrison & Willis.
42008: F.W.H. [FREDERICK WHILEY HILLES]. - The World's Week of Human History.
47531: [MUILMAN, PETER] (C. 1713-1790) - A New and Complete History of Essex, From a Late Survey; Compared with the most celebrated Histories Containing, A natural and pleasing Description of the Several Divisions of the County, With Their Products and Curiosities of every Kind...
43538: [ BLUNT, REGINALD ] / [ CARLYLE, THOMAS ] . - A Chelsea Centenary, 1834-June-1934 The Story of a Flitting a hundred years ago.
47878: [ RUNDELL, MRS. (MARIA ELIZA (NEE KETELBY) RUNDELL, 1745-1828 ) ] . - A New System Of Domestic Cookery: Founded Upon Principles Of Economy; And Adapted To The Use Of Private Families. By A Lady. WithThe Addition Of Many New Receipts .
37952: A.E.C. - Hymns and Their Stories.
47302: [TURNER, ELIZABETH]. - The Cowslip; or More Cautionary Stories in Verse.
46395: [ STEVENS, THADDEUS 1792-1868 / LEFEVER, JACOB 1795-1875 ] . - Free-Masonry Unmasked or Minutes of the Trial of a Suit in the Court of Common Pleas of Adams County, wherein Thaddeus Stevens, esq. was Plaintiff and Jacob Lefever, Defendant.
44304: 19TH CENTURY PRAYER BOOK - THE UNITED PARISHES OF S. MARGARET LOTHBURY, S. CHRISTOPHER LE STOCKS, S. BARTHOLOMEW BY THE EXCHANGE . - The Book Of Common Prayer: And Administration Of The Sacraments, And Other Rites And Ceremonies Of The Church, According to the use of the United Church of England and Ireland : Together with the Psalter or Psalms of David...
39334: 19TH CENTURY CONVEYANCE - ODDFELLOWS , COLCHESTER - Indenture - Mr. Henry Howe to The Trustees of The Albert Edward Lodge No. 6032 Bury St. Edmunds District Manchester Unity Friendly Society .
47821: 19TH CENTURY PRAYER BOOK - ILLUSTRATIONS AFTER ALBERT DURER, HANS HOLBEIN, AND OTHERS : IN IMITATION OF QUEEN ELIZABETH'S BOOK OF CHRISTIAN PRAYERS . - Book Of Common Prayer and Administration of the Sacraments and other Rites and Ceremonies of the Church according to the use of the United Church Of England And Ireland. Together with the Psalter or Psalms of David. Pointed as they are to be sung...
46321: [ BEJARD, I. - JOSEPH BÉJART 1617-1659 ] - Recueil Des Tiltres, Qualites, Blazons Et Armes Des Seigneurs Barons Des Estats Generaux De La Province De Languedoc Tenus par ... Monseignr le Prince de Conty, en la ville de Montpelier l'annee 1654. Dedie a Son Altesse Serinissime .
46328: T. B. [THOMAS BAYLY]. - The Royal Charter Granted Unto Kings, By God Hiimself: And Collected Out of His Holy Word , in Both Testaments. by T. B. Dr. in Divinity.
43048: [ WRIGHT, JAMES ] . - Sudbury Leaflets : Poetry and Prose, Original And Selected.
39117: 18TH CENTURY PERFORMANCE BOND: PARRAT, MIRIAM (MARY); PARRAT, ROBERT . - Performance Bond: Folded paper document: Mariam (Mary) Parrat of Broadwater Sussex and Robert Parrat, West Hanning, Suffolk, Farmer.
39130: 19TH CENTURY DOCUMENT - JOSEPH DOUBLEDAY BEAMISH, MARY BEAMISH, BENJAMIN BEAMISH - Mr. Jos. Doubleday Beamish to the Representatives of Mary Beamish - Discharge .
39131: 19TH CENTURY DOCUMENT - THOMAS SMITH, WILLIAM MOULTON . - Agreement for purchase of messuage & garden.
45827: 19TH CENTURY VELLUM DOCUMENT - HILL, J. / SNOWDEN, J. - Vellum document - Conveyance of freehold building land situate in Great Cornard, Suffolk - Mr. John Hill to Mr. John Snowden
45826: 19TH CENTURY VELLUM DOCUMENT - WILSON, C. J. / RUDD, A. E. - Vellum document - Conveyance of a piece of land in Great Cornard, Suffolk - Mr. Charles J. Wilson and Mr. Arthur E. Rudd.
45824: 19TH CENTURY VELLUM DOCUMENT - RUDD, EDWARD; HILL, JOHN . - Large hand written vellum document - Conveyance of Allotment of Land Number 9 situate in Great Cornard, Suffolk .
45825: 19TH CENTURY VELLUM DOCUMENT - HILL, J. / LLOYD, J. - Vellum document - Conveyance two messuages in Great Cornard, Suffolk - Mr. John Hill to Mr. James Lloyd
45823: 19TH CENTURY VELLUM DOCUMENT - RUDD, EDWARD; TRUSTEES OF THE SUDBURY PERMANENT BENEFIT BUILDING SOCIETY - Large hand written vellum document - Mortgage of a piece of Land situate at great Cornard, Suffolk .
26127: UNDER 14'S COMMITTEE. - The Junior Club Handbook. A Guide to the Organisation of Clubs for the Under 14's.
25814: ABBA, HERBERT W. - To Build and to Plant. Memoirs of a Forty-five Years' Ministry.
47227: EL-ABBADI, MOSTAFA. - The Life and Fate of the Ancient Library of Alexandria.
15563: ABBATE, FRANCESCO. (GENERAL EDITOR). - Christian Art of the 4th to 12th Centuries. (Translated by Pamela Swinglehurst).
46279: ABBAY, RICHARD. - The Castle of Knaresburgh and The White Mare of Whitestonecliff.
12829: A BENEDICTINE OF STANBROOK ABBEY. - Frances Xavier Cabrini.
29028: A MONK OF MARMION ABBEY. - Becoming a Disciple of Christ.
28223: ABBEY, REV. C.J. - Religious Thought in Old English Verse.
5550: SISTER OF MALLING ABBEY. - The Play of Wisdom. Foreword by Martin Israel.
38095: ABBEY, STATON. - The Book of the Ford Cortina, Corsair and Classic to 1970. (The Pitman Motorists' Library).
38734: MALLING ABBEY. - Infinite the Glory.
38735: MALLING ABBEY. - The Benedictine Life.
14190: ABBEY, STATON. - The Book of the B.L.M.C. 1100 and 1300.
34111: ABBOTT, RONALD W. - Donald English: An Evangelical Celebration.
45640: ABBOTT, JOHN. - The Keys of Power. A Study of Indian Ritual and Belief.
24928: ABBOTT, EDWIN A. - Flatland. A Romance of Many Dimensions (Unabridged).
24407: ABDALATI, HAMMUDAH. - Islam in Focus.
19200: ABRECHT, PAUL. - Faith and Science in an Unjust World. Report of the World Council of Churches' Conference on Faith, Science and the Future. Vol.2. Reports and Recommendations.
31552: ABSE, DANNIE. - Selected Poems.
33714: ABSE, DANNIE. - Way Out in the Centre.
6588: ABSHIRE, BRIAN M. - Get More from your Bible..
21120: ABU-HAKIMA, AHMAD MUSTAFA. - The Modern History of Kuwait 1750-1965.
26606: ACC. - Trustworthy and True. Pastoral Letters from The Lambeth Conference. 1988.
17921: ACC. - For the Sake of the Kingdom. God's Church and the New Creation.
37344: ACC. - Communion, Conflict and Hope: The Kuala Lumpur Report of the third Inter-Anglican Theological and Doctrinal Commission.
9372: ACCM. - Teaching Christian Ethics.
16602: ACHTEMEIER, ELIZABETH. - Preaching About Family Relationships.
7251: ACHTEMEIER, PAUL AND ELIZABETH. - The Old Testament Roots of our Faith.
16250: ACKERMAN, JOHN. - Welsh Dylan, Dylan Thomas's Life, Writing and his Wales.
46179: ACKERMAN, JAMES S. - Origins, Imitation, Conventions. Representations in the Visual Arts.
9006: ACKROYD, PETER. - The Life of Thomas More.
44743: ACKROYD, PETER. - Venice. Pure City. (Signed).
24962: FAMILY AND SOCIAL ACTION. - Christians at Work.
30629: ACTON, HAROLD. - The Pazzi Conspiracy: The Plot Against the Medici.
40588: SUDBURY. PARLIAMENTARY ACTS - An Act For The Appropriation Of The Seats Vacated By The Disenfranchisement Of The Boroughs Of Sudbury And Saint Albans. 6th July 1861 .
40587: SUDBURY. PARLIAMENTARY ACTS - An Act To Indemnify Witnesses Who May Give Evidence Before The Lords Spiritual And Temporal On A Bill To Exclude The Borough Of Sudbury From Sending Burgesses To Serve In Parliament. 16th July 1842 .
29628: ACZEL, AMIR D. - Chance: A Guide to Gambling, Love, the Stock Market & Just about Everything Else.
5402: ADAIR, JOHN. - Effective Leadership. A modern guide to developing leadership skills.
40389: ADAIR, GILBERT. - The Post-Modernist Always Rings Twice. Reflections on Culture in the 90s.
41870: ADAM, DAVID. - The Wonder of the Beyond.
23591: ADAM, DAVID. - Forward to Freedom. A Journey into God.
28798: ADAM, DAVID. - The Edge of Glory. Prayers in the Celtic Tradition.
11662: ADAM, DAVID. - The Eye of the Eagle. Meditations on the hymn 'Be thou my vision'.
8447: ADAM, DAVID. - The Open Gate. Celtic prayers for growing spirituality.
18374: ADAM, DAVID. - The Wisdom of the Celts.
21201: ADAM, L. - Primitive Art.
4699: ADAM, DAVID.( ILLUSTRATED BY PETER DINGLE AND JENNY PEARSON.) - The Cry of the Deer. Meditations on the Hymn of St. Patrick.
25: ADAM, JAMES. - The Religious Teachers of Greece. Being Gifford Lectures on Natural Religion delivered at Aberdeen.
29: ADAMS BROWN, W. - Christian Theology in Outline.
16661: ADAMS, CAREN, FAY, JENNIFER AND LOREEN-MARTIN, JAN. - No is Not Enough. Helping Teenagers Avoid Sexual Assault.
18653: ADAMS, CAROLINE. - The Prayer Book Pattern: A Consideration.
27028: ADAMS, CLARE. - Understanding Our Little Ones.
15384: ADAMS, H. G. - David Livingstone: The Weaver Boy Who Became A Missionary.
24930: ADAMS, J. CLIFFORD. - The Work of God and Man. The Arthur Rank Lecture Delivered on Wednesday, June 12th 1974 at the Luton Industrial College.
17030: ADAMS, JAMES R. - So You Think You're not Religious? A Thinking Person's Guide to the Church.
13759: ADAMS, MARTHA. O. - Alzheimer's Disease. A Call to Courage for Caregivers.
16895: ADAMS, RICHARD. - A Nature Diary. (Illustrated by John Lawrence).
14403: ADAMS, RICHARD. - Signs of Life.
17437: ADAMS, MARY. - Six Talks on Heredity. A Handbook to the Cradle.
43504: ADAMS, EDDIE. - Grave Matters. A Walk in Kensal Green.
45350: ADAMS, STUART J. - The Essex Collection. Post 1820 Tokens, Tallies & Medallions.
12126: ADAMS, RICHARD. - Watership Down.
42013: ADAMS, W.G.S. (EDITOR). - The Political Quarterly. Number 2. May 1914.
46389: LARGE HANDWRITEN DIARY - JOHN HENRY ADAMS . - MANCHESTER - Lord Mayor's Diary 1946 - 1947 .
45765: ADAMS, RICHARD. - Watership Down.
45354: ADDISON, JOSEPH (1672-1719) / STEELE, RICHARD SIR (1672-1729) . - The Spectator . [ Complete - 8 volume set ] .
25322: ADDISON, WILLIAM. - Essex Worthies. A Biographical Companion to the County.
40663: ADDISON, WILLIAM. - Essex Heyday.
42547: ADE, SARAH. - Self-Sufficiency: Soap Making.
18441: ADENEY, DAVID H. - China - The Church's Long March.
28726: ADENEY, WALTER F. - Women of the New Testament.
47184: ADEY, ROBERT. - Locked Room Murders and Other Impossible Crimes.
47546: ADLER, FELIX. - The Moral Instruction of Children.
42019: ADLER, ALFRED (AND ASSOCIATES. - Guiding the Child on the Principles of Individual Psychology. (Translated from the German by Benjamin Ginzburg).
45419: ADOMEIT, RUTH ELIZABETH. - Three Centuries of Thumb Bibles: A Checklist.
38341: ADON. - Through Storm and Sunshine.
40708: ADRIANE, GASTON. - Andre Revesz.
39444: AEROFILMS. - From the Air Britain's Railways Then & Now.
25859: AESCHYLUS (TRANSLATED BY FREDERIC RAPHAEL AND KENNETH MCLEISH). - Plays: One. Persians, Prometheus Bound, Suppliants, Seven Against Thebes.
16324: INSTITUTE OF JEWISH AFFAIRS. - Antisemitism. World Report 1994.
41289: FREEMASONRY - SOUTH AFRICA [ VRYMESSELAARS. GRAND LODGE OF SCOTLAND. DISTRICT GRAND LODGE OF THE TRANSVAAL ] . - Bye-Laws Of The District Grand Lodge of the Transvaal, S.C. Erected March 27th, 1896.
31682: AGATE, JOHN. - Benches and Stalls in Suffolk Churches.
44766: AGLE, WILLIAM C. - In the Footsteps of Pizarro; Or, a Yankee's Five Years Experience in the Klondike of South America.
45063: AGRESTIS [PSEUD. JOHN ALSTON ? ] . - Thoughts on population and the means of comfortable subsistence : with suggestions regarding an increased supply and lessened cost of food for childhood and the industrial classes .
20093: AHLGREN, GILBERT H. - Forage Crops.
26225: NATIONAL COUNCIL FOR SOCIAL AID. - Responding to Aids. A Consultative Document from the National Council for Social Aid.
21369: CAFOD/CHRISTIAN AID. - Act Justly or 15 Drama Sketches to solve the Worlds Problems.
29629: AIKEN, NICK. - Being Confirmed. (Illustrated by Simon Jenkins.)
28800: AIKEN, NICK. - Working with Teenagers.
25141: AINGER, GEOFFREY. - Jesus Our Contemporary.
5286: AINSWORTH-SMITH, IAN. & SPECK, PETER. - Letting Go. Caring for the Dying and the Bereaved.
39911: AINSWORTH, PETER B. & PEASE, KEN. - Police Work. (Psychology in Action series).
38644: AINSWORTH-SMITH, IAN AND SPECK, PETER. - Letting Go. Caring for the Dying and Bereaved. (New Edition).
32350: AINSWORTH, JANINA AND BROWN, ALAN. - Moral Education.
26745: AIRD, EILEEN. - Sylvia Plath.
22984: AITKEN, J.T, FULLER, H.W.C AND JOHNSON, D. - The Influence of Christians in Medicine.
33587: AITKEN, KENNETH T.. - Proverbs. (The Daily Study Bible).
40459: AIVANHOV, OMRAAM MIKHAEL. - In Spirit and in Truth.
18442: AJAEGBU, H.I. - Urban & Rural Development in Nigeria.
38023: AKBAR, M.J. - The Shade of Swords. Jihad and the Conflict Between Islam and Christianity.
39803: AKDENIZ, YAMAN, WALKER, CLIVE AND WALL, DAVID. - The Internet, Law and Society.
21729: AKEHURST PETER R AND WOOTTON, R.W.F. - Inter-Faith Worship? (Grove Ministry and Worship 52).
16170: AKEHURST, PETER R. - Community, Prayer and the Individual. (Grove Booklet on Ministry and Worship No. 18).
17154: AKEHURST, PETER R. - Praying Aloud Together. (Grove Booklet on Ministry and Worship No. 36.)
41702: AKEROYD, JOHN. - The Historic Countryside of the Saxon Villages of Southern Transylvania.
4557: DUNSTAN ALAN. - Preaching Through the Christian Year.
4560: ECCLESTONE ALAN. - Yes to God.
6125: HARRIS. ALAN. - Questions about Living.
21318: WEEKS. ALAN. - Your School Brochure.
35590: ST ALBAN'S DIOCESE. - Guidelines For Healing Services.
5183: TAYLOR JOHN B. BISHOP OF ST. ALBANS. - Going on. Guidelines for the newly confirmed.
25046: ALBEE, EDWARD. - Tiny Alice. A Play.
28079: ALBERY, NICHOLAS. - Poem for the Day. 366 Poems, Old and New, worth Learning by Heart.
42071: ALCOCK, REV.H.J. - Earth's Preparation For Man.
8786: ALCUIN CLUB COLECTIONS NO.XLIV. - WILLIS, G. G. - St Augustine's Lectionary.
20587: ALCUIN CLUB PRAYER BOOK REVISION PAMPHLETS X. - MURRAY, D. L. - Reservation: Its Purpose And Method .
17155: ALDAY, SALVADOR CARRILLO. - Power from on High. The Holy Sprirt in the Gospels and Acts.
23256: ALDERSON, RICHARD. - No Holiness, No Heaven! Antinomianism Today.
38381: ALDOUS, MARY. - Time Was: Childhood Memories of the Maplesteads.
45851: ALDRICH, THOMAS BAILEY. - Wyndham Towers.
12788: ALDRIDGE, JAMES. - A Captive in the Land.
19379: ALDRIDGE, DAVID. - One Body. A Healing Ministry in Your Church.
18715: ALDWINCKLE, RUSSELL. - Death in the Secular City. A Study of the Notion of Life After Death in Contemporary Theology and Philosophy.
15996: ALESSI, VINCIE. - Programs for Advent and Christmas.
41779: ALEXANDER, DENIS. - Creation or Evolution. Do We Have To Choose?
23257: ALEXANDER, J.W. - God is Love. (Communion Addresses).
15293: ALEXANDER, MARC. - Painters First. Art celebrating the conquest of misfortune.
22400: ALEXANDER, NEIL. - The way of the Lord and the way of the World. Addresses for Holy week.
18073: ALEXANDER, PAT. (WITH VERONICA ZUNDEL). - The Lion Book of Christian Poetry. A Treasury of Poems and the Stories of their writers.
18716: ALEXANDER, PETER. - Atomic Radiation and Life.
43169: ALEXANDER, J.H. - Gleanings About Jesus Christ and Early Christianity.
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44343: BAIN, F. W. - [ The Indian Stories Of F. W. Bain. Vol. I. ] A Digit Of The Moon A Hindoo Love Story. Translated from the Original MS. By F. W. Bain .
44347: BAIN, F. W. - [ The Indian Stories Of F. W. Bain. Vol. IX. ] The Ashes Of A God. Translated from the Original MS. By F. W. Bain .
34941: BAIN, ROLY AND FORBES, PATRICK. - Clowning Glory.
44353: BAIN, F. W. - [ The Indian Stories Of F. W. Bain. Vol. XII. ] The Livery Of Eve. Translated from the Original MS. By F. W. Bain .
44352: BAIN, F. W. - [ The Indian Stories Of F. W. Bain. Vol. XIII. ] The Substance Of A Dream. Translated from the Original MS. By F. W. Bain .
44354: BAIN, F. W. - [ The Indian Stories Of F. W. Bain. Vol. V. ] A Draught Of The Blue. Translated from the Original MS. By F. W. Bain .
44355: BAIN, F. W. - [ The Indian Stories Of F. W. Bain. Vol. VII. ] An Incarnation Of The Snow. Translated from the Original MS. By F. W. Bain .
44356: BAIN, F. W. - [ The Indian Stories Of F. W. Bain. Vol. IV. ] In The Great God's Hair. Translated from the Original MS. By F. W. Bain .
44357: BAIN, F. W. - [ The Indian Stories Of F. W. Bain. Vol. X. ] Bubbles Of The Foam. Translated from the Original MS. By F. W. Bain .
44358: BAIN, F. W. - [ The Indian Stories Of F. W. Bain. Vol. VI. ] An Essence Of The Dusk. Translated from the Original MS. By F. W. Bain .
7197: BAINES, JOCELYN. - Joseph Conrad. A critical biography.
42777: BAINES, MAUD. - Vegetarianism for Beginners. Food Reform for Slender Purses.
22987: BAINTON, ROLAND H. - Here I Stand. A Life of Martin Luther.
8870: BAINTON, ROLAND. - Here I Stand. Martin Luther.
6090: BAINTON, ROLAND. - The Penguin History of Christianity. Volumes 1 & 2.
23264: BAINTON, ROLAND. - The Reformation of the Sixteenth Century.
3720: BAIRD, J. ARTHUR. - The Justice of God in the Teaching of Jesus.
47667: BAIRSTOW, EDWARD C AND GREENE, HARRY PLUNKET. - Singing Learned from Speech.
47924: KUM-BAK - RUN-IT-OUT or Card Cricket .
15776: BAKER, A. GORDON. - Do This. An analysis of the basic structure of the eucharist and how it relates to our culture.
98: BAKER, A.E. - A short life of our Lord.
97: BAKER, A.E. - Jesus.
3898: BAKER, A.E. - Prophets for a Day of Judgement.
1898: BAKER, A.E. - Prophets for an Age of Doubt.
9649: BAKER, CANON A.E. - William Temple and his Message.
6591: BAKER, DONALD. - Philippians. Jesus our Joy. 9 Studies for individuals or groups.
27187: BAKER, DOROTHY E. - Teaching the Parables. (Church Teacher Booklets 2).
20812: BAKER, DR. DOUGLAS H. - The Techniques of Astral Projection.
22623: BAKER, ERIC W. - From the Church in the Orchard. The Gospel and the Church.
32945: BAKER, FRANK. - Charles Wesley's Verse. An Introduction.
21354: BAKER, JAN. - The Church of England.
1917: BAKER, JOHN AUSTIN. - The Foolishness of God.
14256: BAKER, JOHN AUSTIN. - The Whole Family of God.
17157: BAKER, JOHN AUSTIN. - The Whole Family of God.
27035: BAKER, JOHN P. - Christ's Living Body. An Examination of Ministry in the Local Church.
16173: BAKER, MICHAEL J. - Marketing. An Introductory Text (5th ed).
29132: BAKER, RACHEL. - The First Woman Doctor: The Story of Elizabeth Blackwell, M.D. (Foreword by Dr. Edith Summerskill, M.P.)
12226: BAKER, RICHARD. - The Magic of Music.
18734: BAKER, T.G.A. - What is the New Testament?
102: BAKER,A.E. - The Divine Christ.
7008: BAKER. T.G.A. (DEAN OF WORCESTER). - Questioning Worship.
11850: BAKER, MARGARET. - Christmas Customs and Folklore. A 'Discovering' guide to seasonal rites.
46335: BAKER, HUGH . - The Story of Cornard Mills by Hugh Baker.
44856: BAKER, JOANNE. - The Christmas Tree Book.
38830: BAKER, KENNETH.(EDITOR). - The Faber Book of War Poetry. (Signed).
42523: BAKER, THOMAS AND FERRONE, FRANK. - The Liturgy Committee Handbook.
9153: BALADO, J.L.G. - The Story of Taize.
35997: BALCON, RAY . - A Brief History Of the Chigwell Lodge No. 453 . A paper presented By W.Bro, Ray Balcon P.P.J.G.W. On the occasion of the one hundred and fiftieth Anniversary of the lodge.
14767: BALDANZA, FRANK. - Mark Twain. An Introduction and Interpretation.
45485: BALDRY, GEORGE/ RIDER HAGGARD, LILIAS (EDITOR). - The Rabbitskin Cap. (The Norfolk Library).
24415: BALDWIN, DOROTHY. - It's a Great Life. (Written in Association with The National Children's Home).
31277: BALDWIN, STANLEY P. - CliffsNotes: Melville's Moby Dick.
38879: BALE, M. POWIS. - Handbook of Saw-Mill and Wood Converting Machinery with Notes on Construction, Speeds, etc.
25115: BALL, ARTHUR. - Moods.
30370: BALL, J.N. - Merchants and Merchandise. The Expansion of Trade in Europe 1500-1630.
21355: BALL, PETER AND GRUNDY, MALCOLM. - Faith on the Way. A Practical Parish Guide to the Adult Catechumenate.
5481: BALL, PETER. - Adult Believing. A guide to the Christian initiation of Adults.
27188: BALL, PETER. - Journey Into Faith.
5293: BALL, PETER. - Adult Way to Faith. A Practical Handbook with Resources to Photocopy.
45183: BALLANCE, THE REV. V.G. - A Short History of the Parish Church of Dovercourt.
3037: BALLARD, PHILIP BOSWOOD. - Group Tests of Intelligence.
44847: BALLEINE, G.R. - The Bailiwick of Jersey. (Signed).
47223: BALLINGER, W.A. [BAKER, ARTHUR ATHWILL WILLIAM]. - I, The Hangman. (Sexton Blake. 5th Series. No.13).
104: BALMFORTH,HENRY. - The Christ of God.
25050: BALOGH, THOMAS. - The Economics of Poverty.
10521: BALTAZAR, EULALIO R. - God Within Process.
37636: BALUK, STEFAN. - Poland at Arms 1939-1945.
7414: BALY, DENIS. - Besieged City. The Church in the World.
7557: BALY, DENIS. - Palestine and the Bible.
18957: BALY, DENIS. - The Geography of the Bible. A Study in Historical Geography.
44007: BALZAC, HONORE DE (1799-1850) / MACNAMARA, FRANCIS - The Physiology of Marriage or Meditations of an Eclectic Philosopher on Happiness and Unhappiness in Marriage
34657: BAMFORD, ALAN. (EDITOR). - Where Do We Go From Here? The Future of The Brethren.
29432: BAMONTE, LOUIS J. - Your Faith (Leader's Guide.) A Popular Presentation of Catholic Belief.
31994: BANCROFT, ALAN.(TRANSLATOR). - Poems of St Therese of Lisieux.
19321: BANCROFT, ANNE. - Twentieth Century Mystics and Sages.
42637: BANFIELD, STEPHEN. - Sensibility and English Song. Critical Studies of the Early 20th Century. Volumes 1 & 2.
12628: BANKS, F.R. - Sussex. (The Penguin Guides).
17251: BANKS, MARTIN. - Rolf Harris On Safari Quiz Book. (Illustrated by Susan Neale).
10668: BANKS, OLIVE. - The Sociology of Education.
18736: BANNISTER, GRACE. - Not Yet Five. A Nursery Lesson Book. (Illustrated by Mary Hall).
11986: BAPTIST, R.HERNEKIN. - Four Handsome Negresses. The Record of a Voyage.
9376: BARANOWSKI, ARTHUR R. - Creating Small Faith Communities. A Plan for restructuring the Parish and renewing Catholic life.
11409: BARBER, C. L. - The Story of Language.
2376: BARBER, REV. W.T.A. - David Hill. Missionary and Saint.
10901: BARBER, RICHARD. - Living Legends. Foreword by Magnus Magnusson.
33890: BARBER, CHARLES. - Linguistic Change in Present-Day English.
37715: BARBER, NOEL. - Prisoner of War. The Story of British Prisoners Held by the Enemy.
47306: BARBER - Barber's Littleport & District Directory & Almanack. Golden Jubilee Edition. Price Two Shillings (Including 6d. Purchase Tax) .
47334: BARBER, JOHN J. (EDITOR). - The Booth Charities and a History of the Church of the Sacred Trinity, Salford.
6339: BARBER, PAUL J., & LEGGE, DAVID. - Perception and Information. Essential Psychology edited by Peter Herriot.
41699: BARBIROLLI, EVELYN. - Life With Glorious John. A Portrait of Sir John Barbirolli.
46300: BARBOUR, REID. - Literature and Religious Culture in Seventeenth-Century England.
27651: BARCLAY, GEORGE. - The Bible Speaks to Our Day.
22123: BARCLAY, IAN. - Basic Christian Living.
20813: BARCLAY, IAN. - Down with Heaven. Living out the Fruit of the Spirit.
12474: BARCLAY, JAMES. - A Stroll through Borneo.
30948: BARCLAY, OLIVER R. - Guidance: Some Biblical Principles.
24236: BARCLAY, OLIVER R. - Reasons for Faith.
4960: BARCLAY, REV.P. - Renewal in the Church.
4914: BARCLAY, WILLIAM AND ROGERSON, JOHN. (REVISED AND UPDATED BY.) - William Barclay Introduces The Bible.
15415: BARCLAY, WILLIAM. - A New People's Life of Jesus.
13631: BARCLAY, WILLIAM. - And He Had Compassion on Them. A Handbook on the Miracles of the Bible.
15709: BARCLAY, WILLIAM. - Epilogues and Prayers.
16258: BARCLAY, WILLIAM. - Introducing the Bible.
15100: BARCLAY, WILLIAM. - Jesus and the Cross. Pocket Guide.
3769: BARCLAY, WILLIAM. - Jesus as they saw Him. New Testament Interpretation of Jesus.
22989: BARCLAY, WILLIAM. - Marching on. Daily Readings for Younger People.
13221: BARCLAY, WILLIAM. - Marching Orders. Daily Readings for Younger People.
28734: BARCLAY, WILLIAM. - Men and Affairs. (Edited by Clive Rawlins.)
22042: BARCLAY, WILLIAM. - Testament of Faith. (Preface by David L. Edwards.)
11146: BARCLAY, WILLIAM. - The Character of God.
15777: BARCLAY, WILLIAM. - The Gospels & Acts. Volume One. The First Three Gospels.
11853: BARCLAY, WILLIAM. - The Letters of James and Peter. (The Daily Study Bible).
15131: BARCLAY, WILLIAM. - The Plain Man Looks at the Lord's Prayer.
15116: BARCLAY, WILLIAM. - The Ten Commandments. Pocket Guide.
1980: BARCLAY,WILLIAM (TRANSLATOR). - The New Testament. Volume 1. The Gospels and The Acts of the Apostles.
31132: BARCLAY, WILLIAM. - The Gospel of Matthew. Volume 1. Chapters 1-10. (The Daily Study Bible).
14101: BARCLAY, WILLIAM. - The Lord's Supper.
9485: BARCLAY, WILLIAM. - Franco Zeffirelli's Jesus of Nazareth.
15132: BARCLAY, WILLIAM. - Testament of Faith.
14192: BARCLAY, WILLIAM. - The Master's Men.
108: BARCLAY, WILLIAM. - Crucified and Crowned.
9601: BARCLAY, WILLIAM. - Prayers for Young People.
21020: BARCLAY, WILLIAM. - The Plain Man's Book of Prayers.
44600: BARCLAY, ROBERT . - An Apology for the True Christian Divinity, As the same is held forth, and preached, by the people, called in scorn, Quakers: Being A Full Explanation and vindication of their principles and doctrines, by many arguments, deduced from Scripture...
11851: BARCLAY, WILLIAM. - The Gospel of John. Vol. 1 Chapters 1-7. (The Daily Study Bible).
11854: BARCLAY, WILLIAM. - The Gospel of Luke. (The Daily Study Bible).
32223: BARD, MARY. - Whom God Hath Joined.
39697: BARD, MITCHELL G. - Myths and Facts: A Guide to the Arab-Israeli Conflict.
15416: BARDSLEY, CUTHBERT. - I Believe in Mission.
42000: BARER, SHLOMO. - The Magic Carpet.
9486: BARFORD, J.E.Q. - Climbing in Britain.
25326: BARHAM, ALLAN. - Life Unlimited. The Persistence of Personality Beyond Death.
37304: BARIL, GILBERTE. - Feminine Face of the People of God: Biblical Symbols of the Church as Bride and Mother.
31762: BARING-GOULD, S. - Our Inheritance: An Account of the Eucharistic Service in the First Three Centuries.
47255: BARING GOULD, SABINE. - Pabo the Priest. A Novel.
47657: BARING, MAURICE. - Sarah Bernhardt.
8872: BARKAT, ANWAR M. (ED). - Conflict Violence and Peace.
16900: BARKER, ALEX. - Calorie Counted Meals. (Sainsbury's Recipe Library).
8056: BARKER, ANTHONY. - Giving and Receiving. An Adventure in African Medical Service.
6980: BARKER, EDWIN AND PRESTON, RONALD. - Christians in Society.
27037: BARKER, EDWIN. - The Responsible Church.
20649: BARKER, JOSEPH. - The Sacrifice of the People.
10082: BARKER,EILEEN.(ED). - New Religious Movements: Perspective for Understanding Society.
39448: BARKER, NIKKI. - Heated Ice and Other Poems. (Illustrated by Yvonne Hudson).
33716: BARKER, COLIN AND WEBER, KARA. - Solidarnosc: From Gdansk to Military Repression.
47274: BARKER, LADY. - Station Life in New Zealand.
46737: BARKER, GEORGE. - The True Confession of George Barker.
46671: BARKER, A.T. - The Mahatma Letters to A.P.Sinnett from The Mahatmas M and K.H. (transcribed & compiled by A.T.Barker).
47583: BARKER, FRANK GRANVILLE. - Stars of the Opera.
31767: BARKLEY, JOHN M./ (EDITED BY J.G.DAVIES AND A.RAYMOND GEORGE) - The Worship of the Reformed Church. (Ecumenical Studies in Worship No.15).
3349: BARKWAY, LUMSDEN. - The Creed and its Credentials.
19727: BARKWAY, LUMSDEN. - The Creed and its Credentials.
47649: BARKWORTH, PETER. - About Acting. (Introduction by John Fernald).
12943: BARLOW, GEOFFREY. - Young People's Parables.
15564: BARLTROP, ROBERT. - Jack London. The Man, the Writer, the Rebel.
45295: BARNARD, GEORGE ( 11 MAR 1807 - 29 SEP 1890) . - The Theory And Practice Of Landscape Painting In Water Colours. Illustrated by a series of twenty-four designs, coloured diagrams, and numerous woodcuts; with two extra plates on simultaneous contrasts. By George Barnard,...
35791: BARNEBY, MOLLIE. - The Music of Words.
32197: BARNES, ARTHUR STAPYLTON . - The Popes and the Ordinal: A Collection of Documents bearing on the Question of Anglican Orders.
113: BARNES, ERNEST WILLIAM. (BISHOP OF BIRMINGHAM). - Should Such A Faith Offend? Sermons and Addresses.
10015: BARNES, KENNETH C. - He and She.
22626: BARNES, PETER. - Open Your Mouth for the Dumb. Abortion and the Christian.
32799: BARNES, REV. R.L. - An Introduction to Worship. Written for those in the Family of Toc H who love the Church of England.
27453: BARNES, W.R AND LONGBOTHAM, I.M. - The Story of Halifax Parish Church.
33329: BARNES, REV. R.L. - The Priest & His Priesthood.
44527: BARNES, JOHN E. - George Ratcliffe Woodward 1848-1934. Priest, Poet and Musician.
37168: BARNES, CYRIL. - Be a Bible Brainbox: Games and Puzzles based on the NIV. (Book One).
116: BARNETT, LEONARD. - Talking to Youth again. 40 five-minute scripts for the Epilogue with a foreword by Philip Race.
15636: BARNEY, GERALD O. WITH BLEWETT, JANE AND BARNEY, KRISTEN R. - Threshold 2000. Critical Issues and Spiritual Values for a Global Age.
13223: BARON, BARCLAY. - An African Transit.
14408: BARON, BARCLAY. - The Birth of a Movement 1919-1922 - The Story of Toc H - Part II.
34164: BARON, BARCLAY. - The Doctor: The Story of John Stansfeld of Oxford and Bermondsey. (Wyvern Books No.13).
15107: BARR, ANDREW. - Songs of Praise. The Nation's Favourite. (Foreword by Pam Rhodes).
12172: BARR, PAT. - I Remember. An arrangement for many voices. Drawings by Jane Dickins.
5001: BARR, STRINGFELLOW. - The Pilgrimage of Western Man. A History of Europe from 1500 to 1949 & - as its leading motif- our approach from the vision of the Pilgrim City to our vision of One World.
3853: BARR, JAMES. - The Bible in the Modern World.
47505: BARR, RANEE AND PERCY, DAVID S. (COMPILERS). - Belsize Remembered. Memories of Belsize Park.
35044: BARR, O. SYDNEY. - The Christian New Morality: A Biblical Study of Situation Ethics.
26041: BARRAUD, CLEMENT WILLIAM. - Saint Thomas of Canterbury and Saint Elizabeth of Hungary. Historical Dramas.
26295: BARRELL, JOHN, & BULL, JOHN. (EDITORS.) - The Penguin Book of English Pastoral Verse.
32912: BARRETT, C.K. - History and Faith: The Story of the Passion.
117: BARRETT, C.K. - Jesus and the Gospel Tradition.
15417: BARRETT, C.K. - The Signs of an Apostle.
6342: BARRETT, JAMES, & WILLIAMS, GEOFFREY. - Test your own Aptitude. How to find your true job potential.
9244: BARRETT, JOHN C.A. - Family Worship. In Theory and Practice.
10902: BARRETT, NORMAN. (EDITOR). - The Daily Telegraph Chronicle of Cricket.
46616: BARRETT JENKINS, A. (COMPILER). - Memories of the Southwold Railway.

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