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45976: BARRETT, MICHAEL P.V. - Beginning at Moses. A Guide to Finding Christ in the Old Testament.
28086: BARRETT, MARK. - Crossing: Reclaiming the Landscape of Our Lives.
45561: BARRETT, C.R.B. - Essex: Highways, Byways and Waterways. (Second Series).
47317: BARRETTS. - Wakefield and District Directory. 1966 Edition.
42927: BARRIE, J. M. (JAMES MATTHEW) 1860-1937 / GLADSTONE, W. E. (WILLIAM EWART) 1809-1898. - "British Weekly" Extras, No. 3 - An Edinburgh Eleven: Pencil Portraits From College Life By J.M. Barrie. [Bound With] British Weekly" Extras, No. 1. - Books Which Have Influenced Me By W. E. Gladstone ... [et al.]
10813: BARROW, ANDREW. - The Flesh is Weak. An Intimate History of the Church of England.
5061: BARRY F.R. - Secular and Supernatural.
5803: BARRY, F.R. - To Recover Confidence.
120: BARRY, F.R. - Weep Not For Me. (Jesus and Christianity).
20590: BARRY, GERALD. (ED). - The Weekend Calender.
9706: BARRY,F.R. - St. Paul and Social Psychology. An Introduction to the Epistle to the Ephesians.
13978: BARRY,F.R. - The Atonement. (Knowing Christianity Series).
5904: BARS, HENRY. - Faith, Hope and Charity. Faith & Fact Book: 27.
21989: BARSKY, ROBERT F. - Noam Chomsky. A Life of Dissent.
34451: BARTER SNOW, LAURA A. - Her Little Kingdom.
9245: BARTH, HANS-MARTIN. - Fulfilment. Translated by John Bowden from the German.
41680: BARTH, JACK. - Roadside Elvis. The Complete State-by-State Travel Guide for Elvis Presley Fans.
39833: BARTH, KARL. - Protestant Theology in the Nineteenth Century. Its Background & History.
47586: BARTH, HERBERT. - Richard Wagner: Life, Work, Festspielhaus.
3190: BARTH, KARL. - The Epistle to the Philippians.
33031: BARTHELME, FREDERICK. - Tracer.
23724: BARTHOLOMEW, K.G. - Caravan Crazy. Twenty-five years of Caravanning.
25641: BARTLETT, M. GRACE. - Lessons on Christian Stewardship.
44912: BARTLETT, ROSAMUND. - Chekhov. Scenes from a Life.
122: BARTON, BRUCE. - The man nobody knows.
21631: BARTON, JOHN. - Love Unknown. Meditations on the Death and Resurrection of Jesus.
5804: BARTON, STEPHEN. - People of the Passion.
8305: BARUCH, DOROTHY WALTER AND MILLER, HYMAN. - Sex in Marriage. New Understandings.
46075: AFTER BARYE - Bookends - A matching pair of dog bronzes on marble bases - Red Setters ?
27128: BARZUN, JACQUES. - Darwin, Marx, Wagner: Critique of a Heritage.
19203: BASCUTI, ELLEN AND OWENS, DAN. (EDITORS). - Bridge Builder. Training Course Handbook.
35401: BASHFORD, ROBERT. - Mission & Evangelism in Recent Thinking, 1974-1986. (Latimer Studies No.35/36).
8180: BIBLE - NEW TESTAMENT - BASKETT. - The New Testament Of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, Newly translated out of the Original Greek:With the Former Translations diligently Compared and revised. By His Majesty's Special Command. Appointed to be read in Churches.
44981: BASSANI, GIORGIO. - The Garden of the Finzi-Continis.
3978: BASSET, BERNARD. - Guilty My Lord. Yes, I still go to confession.
16667: BASSET, BERNARD. - Let's Start Praying Again: Field Work in Meditation.
26076: BASSET, BERNARD. - Priest in the Piazza. Touchline Tribute to a Council. (Illustrated by Penelope Harter.)
26542: BASSET, BERNARD. - The English Jesuits: From Campion to Martindale.
6043: BASSET, ELIZABETH. (FOREWORD BY HM QUEEN ELIZABETH THE QUEEN MOTHER). - Love is my Meaning. An Anthology of Assurance.
22993: BASSETT, PAUL. - God's Way.
38637: BASTIN, BRUCE. - Never Sell A Copyright. Joe Davis and His Role in the New York Music Scene 1916-1978.
27836: BATCHELOR, JULIE FORSYTH AND DE LYS, CLAUDIA. - Superstitious? Here's Why.
11069: BATCHELOR, MARY, BYE, BERYL, LEE, HELEN R. ET AL. - Family Devotions.
20914: BATCHELOR, MARY. - The Everyday Book.
24416: BATCHELOR, MARY. - The Lion Easter Book.
41760: BATCHELOR, REV. HENRY. - The Christian Fulfilments and Uses of the Levitical Sin-Offering.
6092: BATE, HERBERT NEWELL. DEAN OF YORK. - A Guide to the Epistles of Saint Paul.
40727: BATEMAN, JAMES A. - Animal Traps and Trapping.
24848: BATES, H.E. - A Love of Flowers. (Illustrations by Pauline Ellison.)
29032: BATES, JIM. - The Methodist Church.
47461: BATES, BRIAN. - The Way of Wyrd. Tales of an Anglo-Saxon Sorcerr.
9247: BATEY, MAVIS. - Alice's Adventures in Oxford.
5805: BATEY, RICHARD. EDITOR). - New Testament Issues.
38594: BATHAM, C. N. / POPE, TONY (EDITOR) / HENDERSON, KENT (INTRODUCTION) . - Freemasonry in England and France. Collected Papers of C. N. Batham . Edited by Tony Pope . Introduced by Kent Henderson .
26440: BATHO, EDITH C AND DOBREE, BONAMY. - The Victorians and After 1830-1914. (Introductions to English Literature Vol.4).
19097: BATSON, C.D; BECKER, J.C. AND CLARK, W.M. - Commitment Without Ideology.
5294: BATT, W. F. - Facing the Facts. The Evidence of Christian Experience.
47516: BATTEN, REX. - Nunhead and the Music Hall. A Guide to Music Hall Personalities in Nunhead Cemetery.
35074: BATTEN, DON.(EDITOR). - The Answers Book. (Updated and Expanded).
8365: BAUGH, G.C., & COX, D.C. - Monastic Shropshire.
34206: BAUGHEN, MICHAEL. - The Prayer Principle.
11147: BAUM, GREGORY. - New Horizon. Theological Essays.
43708: BAUMANN, HANS. - Dimitri and the False Tsars. (Translated by Anthea Bell).
28341: BAUMBACH, GERARD F. - Spirituality for Lent and Easter. A Guide for Bridging the Mysteries.
28805: BAVIDGE, NIGEL. - The Family at Easter. Prayer and the family.
36597: BAWDEN, HAROLD W. G. (EDITOR) . - Transactions of the North Devon Masonic Study Circle. Volume VIII, 1952 .
36655: BAWDEN, HAROLD W. G. (EDITOR) . - Transactions of the North Devon Masonic Study Circle. Volume VII, 1951 .
20654: BAX, JOSEPHINE. - Finding God Today. Contemporary Spirituality and the Church.
8076: BAX, JOSEPHINE. - The Good Wine.
10710: BAX, JOSEPHINE. - Meeting God Today. A Lent Course.
47513: BAX, ARNOLD. - Farewell MyYouth.
23596: BAXTER, CHRISTINA. - Ready for the Party? Jesus the King: reigning and returning.
21742: BAYFIELD, TONY AND BRAYBROOKE, MARCUS (EDS). - Dialogue with a Difference: The Manor House Group Experience.
41862: BAYFIELD ROBERTS, GEORGE. - The Papal Question.
47004: BAYLEY, JOHN. - The Lost Language of Symbolism. (One Volume edition).
9095: BAYNE, STEPHEN F. - Mutual Responsibility and Interdependence in the Body of Christ.
10081: BAYNE, STEPHEN FIELDING. - An Anglican Turning Point. Documents and Interpretations.
43629: BAYNE, VEN. ARCHDEACON P.M. - The Silver Jubilee of the Diocese of Chelmsford 1914-1939. Some Thoughts and Memories.
8366: BAYNE, STEPHEN F., JR. - Mutual Responsibility and Interdependence on the Body of Christ.
127: BAYNES, KEN AND KATE. - Art and Society. Worship.
47257: BAYNES, H.G. - Mythology of the Soul. A Research into the Unconscious from Schizophrenic Dreams and Drawings.
43479: BB. - The Shooting Man's Bedside Book. (Illustrated by Watkins-Pitchford).
28342: BCC. - Reports of Working Parties on Ecumenical Instruments.
42984: BEABLE, W.H. - Behind the Counter. A Practical Guide for Shop Assistants.
18448: BEACH, MARK. - Using Common Worship: Holy Communion. A Practical Guide to the New Services.
41333: BEACON, ROBERT. - Folia Caduca.
28011: BEALE, REGINALD. - The Book of the Lawn. (Completely Revised Edition.)
9650: BEALES, A.C.F. - The Catholic Church and International Order.
40437: BEALES, CHRIS. - Mainstream and Marginal. Creating Economic Change in Inner City Life.
21632: BEALES, MICHAEL. - Do You Love Me?
14409: BEALS, ART. WITH LIBBY, LARRY. - Beyond Hunger.
45521: BEAN, PERCY AND SCARISBRICK, F. - The Chemistry and Practice of Sizing.
20969: BEAR, GREG. - Legacy.
26077: BEAR, GREG. - Moving Mars.
47787: BEARDALL, DR C. & CASEY, D. - Suffolk's Changing Countryside. Wildlife Habitats and Their Conservation in Suffolk.
20449: BEARDSHAW, JOHN AND PALFREMAN, DAVID. - The Organisation in its Environment (3rd ed).
35859: BEARDSLEE, WILLIAM A. - Margins of Belonging: Essays on the New Testament and Theology.
3846: BEARE, F.W. - The Earliest Records of Jesus. A Companion to Huck's Synopsis of the First Three Gospels.
26789: BEARSHAW, BRIAN. - Towpaths of England. (Illustrated by David Chesworth).
9096: BEASLEY-MURRAY, G. R. - The Resurrection of Jesus Christ.
29434: BEASLEY-MURRAY, G.R. - The Servant of God.
22412: BEASLEY-MURRAY, PAUL. - Pastors under Pressure. (A Spurgeon's Booklet).
45860: BEASLEY, B. - Stammering: Its Treatment.
26747: BEATON, LIZ. (COMPILER.) - Ipswich in Prayer. 40 Days of Prayer for Ipswich.
23803: BEATON, THE REV. D. - Some Noted Ministers of the Northern Highlands.
26078: BEATTIE, DAVID J. - The Romance of Sacred Song.
25427: BEATTIE, JOHN. - The Doctor, the Patient and the Art of Dying.
6833: BEAUMONT, HENRY. - Psychology Applied to Personnel.
28464: BEAUMONT, TIMOTHY (OF WHITLEY). - A New Christian Reader
29435: BEAUMONT, WILLIAM. - Tales of Moortop.
20318: BEAUMONT, ENID, FREEMAN,MARJORIE, JAMAL, DOROTHY AND VINCENT, SYLVIA. - Getting to Know God 2. A year's teaching course for children of 5-7.
17033: BEAUMONT, ENID; BLACKSHAW, CLARE; EGAN PAMELA; RICHARDSON, SR MARY. - Getting to Know God. A Year's teaching course for children of 5-7.
40266: BEAVER, ALLAN AND TADMAN,MICHAEL. - Charity Matters. The Charity Steward's Handbook.
13634: BECK, BRIAN E. - Reading the New Testament Today. An Introduction to New Testament Study.
10846: BECK, ELEONORE. - God Speaks to His Children. Texts from the Bible.
24013: BECKER, WILHARD. - Love in Action.
26891: BECKETT, SISTER WENDY, & PATTISON, GEORGE. - Pains of Glass. The Story of the Passion from King's College Chapel, Cambridge.
37158: BECKLEY, RENE. - Ancient Walls of East Anglia.
15418: BECKWITH, R.T., BUCHANAN, C.O. AND PRIOR, K.F.W. - Latimer Monograph 2. Services of Baptism and Confirmation.
44016: BEDFORD, HENRY. - The Life of St. Vincent De Paul.
19204: BEDOYERE, MICHAEL DE LA. - The Future of Catholic Christianity.
7584: DE LA BEDOYERE, MICHAEL. - Francis. A Biography of the Saint of Assisi.
8077: BEEBY, H. D. - Grace Abounding. Hosea.
42659: BEECHAM, SIR THOMAS. - Frederick Delius.
133: BEECHING, H.C. - The Apostles' Creed. Six Lectures given in Westminster Abbey.
26143: BEECHING, JACK. - Aspects of Love. (Key Poets. 9).
43997: BEEKE, JOEL R. - The Quest for Full Assurance. The Legacy of Calvin and His Successors.
28308: BEEMAN, THOMAS O. - Ritualism: Doctrine Not Dress. Notes Of Lectures On Ritualism, The Development Of Tractarianism: Published By Request, With Additions, Including remarks On The Charge Of The Bishop Of Salisbury, By The Rev. Thomas O. Beeman.
25155: BEER, JOHN. - Who is Jesus?
21633: BEER, T. - Devon's Animals of the Wild.
21634: BEER, T. - Hants and Dorset's Birds.
13766: BEERS, V. GILBERT. - Patterns for Prayer from the Gospels.
27456: BEESLEY, MICHAEL. - Training in Being. (Trainers in Action. 4).
38405: BEESLEY, EUSTACE B. - Freemasonry in Lancashire from the earliest times down to the partition of the Province of Lancashire into two Divisions in A.D. 1825-6. Written and Photographically Illustrated by Brother Eustace B. Beesley.
46266: BEESLEY, EUSTACE B. - A Record of Antiquities, and Articles of Masonic Interest, Belonging to the Craft Lodges and R.A. Chapters of the Province of East Lancashire.
28806: BEESON, TREVOR AND PEARCE, JENNY. - A Vision of Hope. The Churches and Change in Latin America.
9248: BEESON, TREVOR. - Britain Today & Tomorrow.
5295: BEESON, TREVOR. - Discretion and Valour. Religious conditions in Russia and Eastern Europe.
16261: BEESON, TREVOR. - The Church of England in Crisis.
33815: BEESON, TREVOR. - A Dean's Diary: Winchester 1987-1996.
47494: BEETON, SAMUEL ORCHART (1831-1877 ) . - Beeton's British Gazetteer : a topographical and historical guide to the United Kingdom : containing nearly five thousand distinct articles with the correct pronunciation of the name of every place. With Supplements... returns of 1871 and 1881 .
47382: BEETON, MRS ISABELLA. - Mrs Beeton's Shilling Cookery Book. The Englishwoman's Cookery Book.
47039: BEEVERS, JOHN. - Virgin of the Poor. The Apparitions of Our Lady at Banneux.
43983: BEGBIE, HAROLD. - William Booth. The Founder of The Salvation Army. (with illustrations). (2 Volumes).
43487: BEHN, APHRA 1640-1689 / HARVEY, JOHN (PSEUD.) / MARSH, A. (PSEUD. - TYPOGRAPHER?) . - The Ten Pleasures Of Marriage And The Second Part, The Confession Of The New Married Couple, Attributed To Aphra Behn; Reprinted With An Introduction By John Harvey; And The Original Twenty Plates And Two Engraved Titles Re-engraved.
31347: BEHR, EDWARD. - Prohibition: The 13 Years That Changed America.
47794: BEILHARZ, PETER. - Social Theory. A Guide to Central Thinkers.
43330: BEITH, JANET. - The Corbies.
136: BEITZ, EGID. - Das Heilige Trier.
24671: BELBEN, HOWARD. - Ministry in the Local Church.
8634: BELBEN, HOWARD. - The Mission of Jesus.
20814: BELBEN, JIM & COOPER, TREVOR. - Everyone's A Winner. Games, Simulations, and Role-Plays for Exploring the Bible.
19923: BELCHEM, MAJOR-GENERAL DAVID. - Victory in Normandy.
45423: BELCHER, DIANA JOLLIFFE LADY [1805?-1890] - The Mutineers Of The Bounty And Their Descendants In Pitcairn And Norfolk Islands. By Lady Belcher. With Illustrations.
45841: BELDAM, GEORGE W. - Great Golfers: Their Methods at a Glance.
5013: BELL NICOLL, J.T. - The Span of Time. The Autobiography of a Doctor.
22570: BELL, EVELYN. - So Kind to Youth.
8635: BELL, G.K.A. BISHOP OF CHICHESTER. - The Kingship of Christ.
25329: BELL, QUENTIN. - A New and Noble School: The Pre-Raphaelites.
3352: BELL, REV.G.K.A.(EDITOR). - The Meaning of the Creed. Papers on the Apostles' Creed.
44669: BELL, ADRIAN. - Corduroy. (With illustrations in colour and black and white by the late Harry Becker).
37989: BELL, MRS ARTHUR G. - The Skirts of the Great City.
39498: BELL, ADRIAN. - The Budding Morrow.
19099: BELL, HOLLY. - A Christmas Dictionary (Drawings by William Duncan).
42986: BELL, JOHN L. - Hard Words for Interesting Times. Biblical Texts in Contemporary Contexts.
42362: BELL, STEVE AND CHAPMAN, COLIN. - Between Naivety and Hostility. Uncovering the best Christian responses to Islam in Britain.
41605: BELLAMY, R.L. - The Unruly Member. Six Lenten Addresses on the Government of the Tongue.
41694: BELLAMY, LIZ. - Commerce, Morality and the Eighteenth-Century Novel.
42003: BELLAMY, R.L. - Craft and Assault.
30392: BELLETT, J.G. - The Moral Glory of the Lord Jesus Christ.
34613: BELLETT, J.G. - Return Of The Lord Jesus Christ From Heaven...To Meet His Saints In The Air.
15565: BELLOW, SAUL. - Mosby's Memoirs and Other Stories.
26545: BELLOW, SAUL. - Mr. Sammler's Planet.
16262: BELSHAW, G.P. MELLICK (ED). - Lent with Evelyn Underhill. Selections from her writings.
41698: BELTON, C. - The Decision and the Consequence.
46248: BELTON, JOHN. - The English Masonic Union of 1813. A Tale Antient and Modern.
35073: BELTON, FRANCIS GEORGE. - Present Day Problems in Christian Morals.
47178: BELVALKAR, S.K. AND RANADE, R.D. - History of Indian Philosophy. The Creative Period.
40398: BEMELMANS, LUDWIG. - Madeline in London.
40399: BEMELMANS, LUDWIG. - Madeline.
1837: BENAMMI. - Essays on Jewish Life and Thought. (The Letters of Benammi: Second Series).
44941: BENCE-JONES, GILLIAN. - Bacton Where the Orwell Rises.
44942: BENCE-JONES, GILLIAN. - Ostrich Creek. Tom and Other Survivors.
44940: BENCE-JONES, GILLIAN. - Freston Tower.
44939: BENCE-JONES, GILLIAN. - Orwell Park.
20147: BENDA, JULIEN. - The Living Thoughts of Kant.
3925: BENDINER,BURTON. - Tell the Stars.
26849: SISTER BENEDICTA. - Liturgy Today. 2. The Divine Office.
32439: BENES, V.L. & POUNDS, N.J.G. - Poland.
15900: BENET, STEPHEN VINCENT. - Thirteen O'Clock. Stories of Several Worlds.
11831: BENHAM, PHYLLIS. - In Livingstone's Trail. (The Quest of the Mighty).
47132: BENJAMIN, HARRY. - Everyone's Guide to Theosophy.
24240: BENN, WALLACE. - Jesus Our Joy. Learning About True Spirituality.
42634: BENN, ERNEST J.P. - Trade Parliaments & Their Work.
43918: BENN, TONY. - The Case for a Constitutional Premiership.
41974: BENNET, THOMAS ( 1673–1728 ) . - A Confutation of Quakerism; Or a Plain Proof of the Falshood of what the Principal Quaker Writers (especially Mr. R. Barclay in his Apology and Other Works) do Teach....
46042: BENNETT, F. - The Story of W.J.E.Bennett...and of His Part in the Oxford Church Movement of the Nineteenth Century.
9008: BENNETT, ALAN. - The Clothes They Stood Up In.
8982: BENNETT, ALAN. - Writing Home. (Includes The Lady in the Van).
25642: BENNETT, DENNIS. - Moving On in the Spirit.
12633: BENNETT, F.S.M. - Expecto. An Essay Towards A Biology of the World to Come.
14587: BENNETT, FRANK. - Laodicea in the Twentieth Century or the Church of England in England of Today.
13025: BENNETT, GEORGE. - The Heart of Healing. A Handbook on Healing.
24939: BENNETT, GEORGE. - When the Mental Patient Comes Home. (Christian Care No.2).
2956: BENNETT, JOHN C. - Christianity and Communism Today.
2957: BENNETT, JOHN C. - Christianity and Communism.
28807: BENNETT, ROBERT A AND EDWARDS, O.C. - The Bible for Today's Church.
26872: BENNETT, SIR RISDON. - The Diseases of the Bible.
5806: BENNETT, VICTOR AND WINCH, RAYMOND. - The Assumption of Our Lady and Catholic Theology.
38454: BENNETT, C.M. - Tim Kane's Treasure.
34581: BENNETT, WILLIAM W. - A Narrative of the Great Revival Which Prevailed in the Southern Armies During the Late Civil War Between the States of the Federal Union.
15779: BENNETT, JOYCE M. - Hasten Slowly. The First Legal Ordination of Women Priests.
36615: BENNETT, IAN. - Ordained to the Office...? (Grove Pastoral series No.35).
43200: BENNETT-SYMONS, REV F.W. - The Great Hospital In Norwich. A Short Account Of Its History And Buildings by The Rev. F. W. bennett-Symons, Chaplain of the Hospital and Vicar of St Helen's, Norwich
43157: BENNETT, SIR WILLIAM. - Injuries and Diseases of the Knee-Joint Considered from the Clinical Aspect.
40070: BENNETT, DAVID W. - Metaphors of Ministry. Biblical Images for Leaders and Followers.
12274: BENOIT, J.-D. - Liturgical Renewal. Studies in Catholic & Prostestant Developments on the Continent.
38608: BENSLEY, MICK. - Watercolours of Norfolk Past.
25116: BENSON, ROBERT HUGH. - Poems.
46709: BENSON, LEWIS. - A Revolutionary Gospel.
46941: BENSON, A.C./ NEWSOME, DAVID (EDITOR). - Edwardian Excursions. From the Diaries of A.C.Benson 1898-1904.
46390: BENSON, FRANCIS ROBERT SIR 91858-19390 / TUDOR-CRAIG, ALGERNON SIR (1873-1943) . - The Book of The Army Pageant Held at Fulham Palace ... Edited and arranged by F. R. Benson and Algernon Tudor Craig. 20th June to 2nd July, 1910.
41764: BENSON, ARTHUR CHRISTOPHER. - Along The Road.
46886: BENSON, CHRISTOPHER (1862-1925) / ESHER, VISCOUNT (1852-1930) . - The Letters Of Queen Victoria: A Selection From Her Majesty's Correspondence Between The Years 1837 And 1861. Published By Authority Of His Majesty The King. Edited By Arthur Christopher Benson, M.A. And Viscount Esher, G.C.V.O., K.C.B.
4373: VAN DER BENT, A. J. - The Utopia of World community. An Interpretation of the World Council of Churches for Outsiders.
45831: VELLUM DOCUMENT - ROBERT BREWSTER; JAMES BREWSTER; STURGEON NUNN BREWSTER; JOHN BENTALL; THOAMS BENTALL; CHARLES ARTHUR BENTALL - Reconveyance and Release - Robert Brewster Esqr. and others... to The Surviving Trustees of the Will of Mr. John Bentall (deceased).
47142: BENTLEY, RICHARD / DYCE, REV. ALEXANDER (EDITOR). - Works of Richard Bentley. (3 Volume set).
14833: BENTLEY, ERIC. - The Dramatic Event. An American Chronicle.
16668: BENTLEY, JAMES & AUDREY. - Christianity.
11609: BENTLEY, JAMES. - Umbria. Illustration by Joy FitzSimmons.
23804: BENTLEY-TAYLOR, DAVID. - Augustine: Wayward Genius.
144: BENTLEY-TAYLOR, DAVID. - The Prisoner Leaps. A diary of Missionary life in Java.
35681: BENTLEY, LISA MISRAJE. - Saving Levi: Left to Die...Destined to Live.
35486: BENTLEY DUNCAN, T. - A Missionary Arrives in Brazil.
43085: BENTLEY, T. [ THOMAS BENTLEY, 1740? -1819? ] . - To the Poor and The Friends of the Poor: A few Thoughts, Occasioned by some late addresses To The King. Also a form, or a sketch of an Address, Recommended to the signature of every honest, Humane Man in the Kingdom both Rich and Poor by T. Bentley.
41364: BENTLEY, JAMES. - Ritualism and Politics in Victorian Britain. The Attempt to Legislate for Belief.
22996: BENTON, JOHN. - Is Christianity True?
24014: BENTON, JOHN. - Looking for the Answer.
22413: BENTON, JOHN. - One World One Way.
43064: BENTON, REV. G. MONTAGU [ GERALD MONTAGU BENTON 1881-1959 ] . - The Church Of S. Mary The Virgin, Saffron Walden. By the Rev. G. Montagu Benton, M.A.
46970: BENTON, G. MONTAGU AND GEARE, JOHN G. - The Church Plate of the Newport & Stansted Deanery, Essex. G. Montagu Benton, M.A., And John G. Geare, M.A., R.D.
46971: BENTON, G. MONTAGU . - The Church Plate of the Saffron Walden Deanery, Essex. G. Montagu Benton, M.A.
9488: BENTWICH, NORMAN. - The Jews in our Time.
14194: BENZ, ERNST. - Buddhism or Communism: Which Holds the Future of Asia?
43856: BENZ, WOLFGANG AND DISTEL, BARBARA. - Dachau and the Nazi Terror 1933-1945. Vol.1. Testimonies and Memoirs.
46719: BERANGER, P. J. [ PIERRE JEAN DE BÉRANGER 1780-1857 - ORIGINAL MINIATURE QUARTER CALF BINDING - Oeuvres Posthumes De Beranger - Dernieres Chansons, 1834 a 1851 - Ma Biographie, avec un appendice et un grand nombre de notes de Beranger sur ses anciennes chansons.
27039: BERCHOLZ, SAMUEL AND KOHN, SHERAB CHODZIN. - Entering the Stream. An Introduction to the Buddha and His Teachings.
13979: BERESFORD, BRIAN. - The Church in the Bear's Garden.
35583: BERESFORD, GILBERT. - Poems.
44428: BERG, LEILA. - Backwards & Forwards. An Intertwining Celebration.
5063: BERGER NAN, DE BLANK JOOST, ET AL. - Human Rights.A Study Guide for International Year for Human Rights.
19458: BERGER, PETER L. - A Rumour of Angels. Modern Society and the Rediscovery of the Supernatural.
7258: BERGER, PETER L. - Invitation to Sociology. A Humanistic Perspective.
12275: BERGER, PETER L. - A Rumour of Angels. Modern Society and the Rediscovery of the Supernatural.
14986: BERGMAN, ANDREW. - Hollywood and LeVine.
34592: BERGNER, MARIO. - Setting Love in Order: Hope and Healing for the Homosexual.
29437: BERGSON, HENRI. - The Two Sources of Morality and Religion. (Translated by R. Ashley Audra and Cloudesley Brereton with the assistance of W. Horsfall Carter.)
34985: BERGSTEN, GOTE. - Pastoral Psychology: A Study in the Care of Souls.
9592: BERGUER, GEORGES. - Some Aspects of The Life of Jesus from the Psychological and Psycho-Analytic Point of View. (Translated by Eleanor Stimson Brooks and Van Wyck Brooks).
9602: BERKHOF, HENDRIKUS. & POTTER, PHILLIP. - Key Words of the Gospel. Bible Studies Delivered at the Mexico Meeting of the World Council of Churches Commission on World Mission and Evangelism 1963.
21023: BERKHOF, LOUIS. - A Summary of Christian Doctrine.
20817: BERKHOF, LOUIS. - A Summary of Christian Doctrine.
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17528: BRENNEMAN, HELEN GOOD. - Morning Joy. Meditations for Those Who Have Suffered Loss.
35728: BRENT, CHARLES H. - The Sixth Sense: Its Cultivation and Use.
12478: BRERETON, PETER. - A Touring Guide to English Villages.
12477: BRERETON, PETER. - Through Britain on Country Roads.
24678: BRESTIN, DEE. - Finders Keepers.
46000: BRETON, NICHOLAS 1545-1626. [ GROSART, ALEXANDER BALLOCH, 1827-1899 ] - A Bower of Delights : being Interwoven verse and Prose from the Works of Nicholas Breton. The Weaver Alexander B. Grosart. FIRST EDITION. LONDON : 1893. [ The Elizabethan Library. ]
21638: BRETT, MICHAEL. - How to Read the Financial Pages. A Simple Guide to the way Money Works and the Jargon.
31733: BRETT, PAUL. - Love Your Neighbour: The Bible and Christian Ethics Today.
12231: BRETT, SIMON. - The Faber Book of Useful Verse.
45863: BRETT YOUNG, FRANCIS. - White Ladies.
35812: BRETT-JAMES, NORMAN G. - The History of Mill Hill School. 1807-1923. (With 80 illustrations).
47141: BRETTSCHNEIDER, BERTRAM D, - The Philosophy of Samuel Alexander. Idealism in "Space, Time and Deity".
21994: BREWER. - Brewer's Dictionary of 20th-Century Phrase and Fable. (3rd Edition).
16266: BREWER, ELIZABETH. - Studying Chaucer.
40681: BREWER, REVERAND DR. COBHAM . - The Political, Social, And Literary History Of Germany From The Commencement To The Present Day. By The Rev. Dr. Cobham Brewer, Trinity Hall, Cambridge.
7418: BREWIS, J.S. - We have a Gospel. Foreword by the Bishop of London.
28776: O'BRIAN, PATRICK. - Hussein: An Entertainment.
25166: BRICE, PETER. - On the Edge. Wrestling with God in Depression.
43438: BRICHTO, SIDNEY. - Ritual Slaughter. Growing Up Jewish in America.
5809: BRIDGE, DAVID. - Looking at Leisure.
9256: BRIDGE, DAVID. (EDITOR). - Sharing in God's Mission. What it means to me.
23006: BRIDGE, DONALD AND PHYPERS, DAVID. - Growing in God's Family.
14413: BRIDGE, DONALD. - How to spot a Church Split before it happens (and do something about it).
20663: BRIDGE, DONALD. - Spare the Rod and Spoil the Church.
6523: BRIDGE, DONALD. - When Christians Doubt.
17163: BRIDGE, GORDON. - Winning Men for Christ. The report of a series of training lectures.
323: BRIDGE, SIR FREDERICK. - A Westminster Pilgrim. Being a Record of Service in Church, Cathedral, and Abbey, College, University, and Concert-Room with a Few Notes on Sport.
15032: BRIDGE,DONALD AND PHYPERS, DAVID. - Spiritual Gifts and the Church.
37298: BRIDGE, G. RICHMOND. - Women and the Apostolic Ministry?
32955: BRIDGE, HORATIO. - Personal Recollections of Nathaniel Hawthorne.
25875: BRIDGER, FRANCIS. - Celebrating the Family. A Critique of the BSR Report. Something to Celebrate. (Grove Ethical 99a).
8639: BRIDGER, PETER. - A Hindu Family in Britain. Illustd. by Keith Clements.
24679: BRIDGER, FRANCIS. - The Diana Phenomenon. (Grove Pastoral. 75).
20664: BRIDGER, GORDON. - A Day that Changed the World.
324: BRIDGES, ROBERT. - The Shorter Poems of Robert Bridges.
1790: BRIDGES, ROBERT. - The Testament of Beauty. A Poem in Four Books.
42151: BRIDGES, JOHN F. - Early Country Motoring. Cars and Motorcycles in Suffolk 1896-1940.
6344: BRIDGLAND, CYRIL & FOULKES, FRANCIS. - Pocket Guide to the Bible.
16348: O'BRIEN, JOHN A. ED). - Steps to Christian Unity. The Crucial issues of Christian Unity discussed by 24 outstanding ecumenical leaders.
23922: O'BRIEN, JOHN. - Seeds of a New Church.
10322: O'BRIEN, NIALL. - Revolution From The Heart.
8793: O'BRIEN, R BARRY. - John Bright. A Monograph. With a preface by the Rgt.Hon.Augustine Birrell,M.P. (with portraits and fascimiles).
22502: O'BRIEN, TIM. - July, July.
42524: O'BRIEN, WILLIAM. (M.P). - When We Were Boys. (A Novel).
43576: O'BRIEN, REV. MICHAEL AND STEIMEL, RAYMOND J. - Psychological Aspects of Spiritual Development.
46393: BRIERCLIFFE, HAROLD. - Cycling Touring Guides. No.1. Northern England.
21364: BRIERLEY, DR. PETER. - Steps to the Future. Issues facing the church in the new millennium.
327: BRIERLEY, J. - The Eternal Religion.
5685: BRIERLEY, PETER. - Act on the Facts. Information to Steer.
13316: BRIERLEY, PETER. - Beyond the Churches. Facing a Task Unfinished.
2975: BRIERLEY, PETER. - Christian England. What the 1989 English Church Census Reveals. (Forewords by Rev.George Carey and Sir John Boreham).
13773: BRIERLEY, PETER. - Vision Building. Knowing where you are going.
15834: BRIGGS, ASA. (EDITOR). - Gladstone's Boswell: Late Victorian Conversations. (By Lionel A. Tollemache and other documents.)
20665: BRIGGS, G.W. - The Daily Reading.
31999: BRIGGS, H. B. - Recent Research In Plainsong. A Paper Read To The Members Of The Plainsong And Mediaeval Music Society By H. B. Briggs .
45574: BRIGGS, MISS. - Cookery Book and General Axioms for Plain Cookery. (School Board for London).
3537: BRIGHT, JOHN. - Covenant & Promise. The Future in the Preaching of the Pre-exilic Prophets.
28737: BRIGHT, JOHN. - The Authority of the Old Testament.
9159: BRIGHT, JOHN. - The Authority of the Old Testament.
12277: BRIGHT, LAUENCE. - Last Writings. Scripture Discussion Commentry 12.
12278: BRIGHT, LAUENCE. - Paul 11. Scripture Discussion Commentary 11.
12283: BRIGHT, LAURENCE. - Histories 1. Scripture Discussion Commentary 3.
12279: BRIGHT, LAURENCE. - Histories 11. Scripture Discussion Commentry 5.
12281: BRIGHT, LAURENCE. - Luke. Scripture Discussion Commentary 8.
28346: BRIGHT, RODERIC (TRANSLATER). - What Montserrat Is.
28619: BRIGHT, WILLIAM. - Private Prayers for a Week.
43021: BRIGHT, FRED & DOREEN. - Twenty-Nine Years in the Licence Trade - Our Story.
40254: BRIGHT, WILLIAM. - Waymarks in Church History.
26148: BRIGHTWELL, ROBIN. - Mental Illness and Handicap. Community Care. (A Handbook for Nurses in Training).
22421: BRILEY, JOHN. - Cry Freedom. (Based on his original screenplay).
6469: BRILIOTH, YNGVE. - Eucharistic Faith and Practice Evangelical and Catholic. (Authorised translation by A.G.Hebert).
6723: BRILL, EARL H. - Sex is Dead and Other Post-mortems.
28817: BRILL, EARL H. - The Christian Moral Vision.
9774: BRINKMAN,B.R. - To The Lengths of God. Truth and the Ecumenical Age.
2178: BRINTON, SELWYN. - Correggio.
44074: BRINTON, DANIEL G. - Ancient Nahuatl Poetry, Containing the Nahuatl Text of XXVII Ancient Mexican Poems, with a Translation, Introduction, Notes and Vocabulary.
9385: BRISCOE, D. STUART. - Getting into God.
14414: BRISCOE, STUART. - Bound for Joy. Philippians - Paul's letter from prison.
24246: BRISSETTE, CLAIRE M. - Reflective Living: A Spiritual Approach to Everyday Living.
12442: HOME AND SCHOOL COUNCIL OF GREAT BRITAIN. - Advances in Understanding the Adolescent.
44648: THE ARTS COUNCIL OF GREAT BRITAIN. - A Descriptive Catalogue of Art Films.
45030: BRITTAIN, VERA. - England's Hour. (Signed).
47903: BRITTEN, E. J. (EDITOR) . - The Talbot. Autumn Term [ The Magazine of the Grammar School, Sudbury, Suffolk No.29 ], 1964 .
47906: BRITTEN, E. J. (EDITOR) . - The Talbot. Autumn Term [ The Magazine of the Grammar School, Sudbury, Suffolk No.32 ], 1967 .
47904: BRITTEN, E. J. (EDITOR) . - The Talbot. Autumn Term [ The Magazine of the Grammar School, Sudbury, Suffolk No.31 ], 1966 .
47905: BRITTEN, E. J. (EDITOR) . - The Talbot. Autumn Term [ The Magazine of the Grammar School, Sudbury, Suffolk No.33 ], 1968 .
11862: BROADBENT, D.E. - Behaviour.
47189: BROADBENT, E.H. - The Pilgrim Church.
42004: BROADBENT, S.J. - Science: The Demonstrator of Revelation.
15936: BROADBERRY, RICHARD ST. L. - Thinking about Christianity.
9331: BROADHURST, ALLAN R. - He Speaks the Word of God. A Study of the Sermons of Norman Vincent Peale.
47342: BROADLEY, MARTIN JOHN. - Louis Charles Casartelli. A Bishop in Peace and War.
25877: BROADY, MAURICE. - Tomorrows Community. The Development of Neighbourhood Organisations.
16906: BROCKIE, KEITH. - One Man's Island. Paintings and Sketches from the Isle of May.
16766: BROCKINGTON, FRASER. - World Heath.
35294: BROCKIS, JOHN. - Christian Zionism.
15659: BRODIE, FAWN M. - Thomas Jefferson: An Intimate History.
3479: BRODRICK, JAMES. - The Progress of the Jesuits (1556-79).
42185: BRODY, ELAINE. - Paris. The Musical Kaleidoscope 1870-1925.
31337: BROKS, PAUL. - Into the Silent Land: Travels in Neuropyschology.
6879: BROME, VINCENT. - The Problem of Progress.
19928: BROMILEY, REV. PROFESSOR G.W. - Daniel Henry Charles Bartlett. A Memoir.
16670: BROMLEY, D.B. - The Psychology of Human Ageing.
28819: BRONNERT, DAVID. - Race: The Challenge to Christians.
46032: BRONSHTEIN, I.N / SEMENDYAYEV, K.A. - Handbook of Mathematics. (translated by K.A.Hirsch).
44783: BRONTE, CHARLOTTE. - The Search After Hapiness. (illustrated by Carolyn Dinan).
24680: BROOK, RHIDIAN. - Jesus and the Adman.
38668: BROOK, AVERY (EDITOR). - The Vineyard Bible. A Central Narrative and Index.
45842: BROOK-ROSE, CHRISTINE. - A ZBC of Ezra Pound.
4776: BROOKE, RUPERT. - Poems by Rupert Brooke.
19208: BROOKE, RUPERT. - The Works of Rupert Brooke. With an Introduction and Bibliography.
331: BROOKE, RUPERT. - Twenty Poems by Rupert Brooke.
26373: BROOKE, Z.N. - The English Church and the Papacy From the Conquest to the Reign of John.
2315: BROOKE, STOPFORD A. - Life and Letters of Fred W. Robertson. Incumbent of Trinity Chapel, Brighton, 1847-53.
10767: BROOKESMITH, PETER. (EDITOR). - The Occult Connection. Bizarre Beliefs & Practices.
41057: BROOKNER, ANITA. - The Next Big Thing.
41058: BROOKNER, ANITA. - Altered States.
9160: BROOKS, JAMES. - Past and Present London. A new perspective.
10905: BROOKS, JIM. - Origins of Life.
29134: BROOKS, LINDSAY, & ANDERSON, EMMA. - The Impossible View?
32296: BROOKS-DAVIES, DOUGLAS.(EDITOR). - Robert Herrick.
35612: BROOKS, PAMELA. - The Norfolk Almanac of Disasters.
4976: BROOKS, REV PHILLIPS. - Sermons. Preached in Boston and Philadelphia,1879.
33966: BROOM, NEIL. - How Blind is the Watchmaker? Nature's Design & the Limits of Naturalistic Science.
6524: BROOMFIELD, GERALD W. - The Chosen People or The Bible, Christianity and Race.
2977: BROOMFIELD, GERALD WEBB. - Colour Conflict. Race Relations in Africa.
42813: BROOMFIELD, GERALD WEBB. - John, Peter and the Fourth Gospel.
12400: BROOMHALL, A.J. - Strong Man's Prey.
26619: BROPHY, JOHN. - Somerset Maugham.
21754: BROSSE, JACQUES. - Religious Leaders.
15422: BROTHER, KENNETH. - More Saints of the Twentieth Century.
34058: BROUWER, DOUGLAS J. - Remembering the Faith: What Christians Believe.
43378: BROWER, HARRIETTE. - Piano Mastery. Talks with Master Pianists and Teachers.
47545: BROWN, ELUNED. (EDITOR). - The London Theatre 1811-1866. Selections from the Diary of Henry Crabb Robinson.
27840: BROWN, A.F.J. - Chartism in Essex and Suffolk.
32356: BROWN, ALAN. - Sex Education: Guidelines for Church School Governors.
9851: BROWN, BISHOP RONALD. - Good Lord. A Light-hearted Sketch of a Ministry. Illustd. by Graeme Skinner.
21030: BROWN, COLIN. - Karl Barth and the Christian Message.
13775: BROWN, COLIN. - Philosophy and the Christian Fairh. A Historical Sketch from the Middle Ages to the Present Day.
12177: BROWN, DAVID, & FULLER, DAVID. - Signs of Grace. Sacraments in Poetry and Prose. Foreword by P.D. James.
11545: BROWN, DAVID. - God's Tomorrow.
13640: BROWN, DAVID. - Newman. A Man for our Time. Centenary Essays.
20667: BROWN, DAVID. - The Christian Scriptures. (Christianity and Islam 2).
24434: BROWN, DAVID. - The Way of the Prophet. An Introduction to Islam.
20150: BROWN, DAVID. (EDITOR). - The Dictionary of Life. Biblical Wisdom for Modern Living.
27191: BROWN, E.A. - In a School Chapel.
32357: BROWN, ERICA. - Mixed Blessings: The Special Child in Your School.
18751: BROWN, FRED. - Faith Without Religion.
11554: BROWN, FRED. - Living before you Die.
13234: BROWN, FRED. - Secular Evangelism.
11721: BROWN, H. JACKSON. - Life's Little Instruction Book.
30397: BROWN, HILTON. (EDITOR.) - Wednesday Stories: Short Stories Broadcast by the B.B.C.
2978: BROWN, IVOR J.C. - The Meaning of Democracy.
17355: BROWN, IVOR.(INTRODUCTION). - Word for Word. An Encyclopaedia of Beer.(Illustrated by Derrick Harris).
20620: BROWN, JOHN. - Discourses and Sayings of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Vol 2.
5301: BROWN, L. W. - Relevant Liturgy.
6249: BROWN, LESLIE AND WINIFRED. - The Christian Family.
23009: BROWN, MALCOLM. - A Helping Hand. A Book about Christian Counselling.
16962: BROWN, MICHAEL AND MAY, JOHN. - The Greenpeace Story.
12949: BROWN, MICHELE. & BRANDRETH, GYLES. - How to Interview and be Interviewed.
17805: BROWN, PETER LANCASTER. - Star & Planet Spotting. A Field Guide to the Night Sky.
13984: BROWN, RAYMOND. - Let's read the Old Testament.
24176: BROWN, REV. STEPHEN J. - Alone with God. Meditations for a Retreat.
26929: BROWN, RICHARD. - Storyworlds. 1. A Multicultural Anthology.
340: BROWN, ROBERT MCAFEE. - The Significance of the Church.
19209: BROWN, SHELAGH. - Drawing Near to the City. Christians speak about Dying.
15483: BROWN, SHELAGH. - Someone There. Making Sense of Christianity.
7198: BROWN, SHELAGH. (EDITED BY.) - Lent for Busy People.
5303: BROWN, SHELAGH. AND REID, GAVIN. ILLUSTRATIONS BY TAFFY. - Brushing up on Believing. A fresh look at basic Christianity and prayer.
25433: BROWN, SID. - Where the Rainbow Ends. Sonnets.
25879: BROWN, VINSON AND LAWRENCE, GEORGE. - The Californian Wildlife Region. (2nd Revised ed).
26025: BROWN, WILLIAM. - War and the Psychological Conditions of Peace.
15035: BROWN,COLIN.(ED). - History, Criticism & Faith. Four Exploratory Studies.
47108: BROWN, JOHN - VICTORIAN FOLIO BIBLE WITH TWO BRASS CLASPS. - Brown's Self-Interpreting Family Bible Containing The Old And New Testaments; To Which Are Annexed An Extensive Introduction; Marginal References And Illustrations... By The Late Rev. John Brown, Minister Of The Gospel At Haddington
27432: BROWN, WILLIAM JAMES. - The Life of Rowland Taylor. Rector of Hadleigh in the Deanery of Bocking.
5302: BROWN, SHELAGH. & REID, GAVIN. - Lights that Shine. How Christians Can Fulfil Their Call to Mission.
32355: BROWN, ALAN. - Christianity in the Agreed Syllabus.
35550: BROWN, ALAN AND FURLONG, JOAN. - Spiritual Development in Schools: Invisible to the Eye.
47671: BROWN, ROSEMARY. - Unfinished Symphonies. Voices from the Beyond.
35549: BROWN, ALAN AND ERICA. - Religious Education in the Primary School.
45950: `BROWN, W. J. - [ SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR + LETTER ]. - Jeremy Taylor By W. J. Brown, B.D. late Scholar, Exhibitioner and Priestman, University of London, King's College, Director of Religious Education in the Diocese of Wakefield, Canon of Wakefield Cathedral.
44493: BROWN, ROSALIND. - Durham Sings! Durham's Contribution to English Hymnody.
44956: BROWN, NEVILLE. - Dissenting Forbears. The Maternal Ancestors of J.M.Keynes.
2989: BROWN, JOHN. - John Leech and Other Papers.
27841: BROWN, A.F.J. - Colchester in the 18th Century.
28018: BROWN, A.F.J. - Essex at Work 1700-1815.
47335: BROWN, REGINALD W. - The Washington and Franklin Country. Northamptonshire, England.
46318: BROWN, WILLIAM MOSELY. - Freemasonry in Virginia (1733-1936).
4179: BROWN RAYMOND E., DONFRIED KARL P. REUMANN JOHN. - Peter in the New Testament.
21867: BROWN, JUDITH M. - Men and Gods in a Changing World. Some Themes in the Religious Experience of Twentieth-Century Hindus and Christians.
21868: BROWN, RAYMOND E. - A Crucified Christ in Holy Week. Essays on the Four Gospel Passion Narratives.
40140: BROWN, JOHN. - Commonwealth England.
35654: BROWN, CASSIE. - A Winter's Tale: The Wreck of the 'Florizel'.
45479: BROWN, A.E.J. - Essex People 1750-1900. From Their Diaries, Memoirs and Letters.
42974: BROWN, JUDITH C. - Immodest Acts. The Life of a Lesbian Nun in Renaissance Italy.
32346: BROWN, ALAN. - Religious Education.
14196: BROWN, RONALD. - Bishop's Brew - An Anthology of Clerical Humour.
40440: BROWN, RAYMOND E. - Christ in the Gospels of the Ordinary Sundays.
29449: BROWNE, LAURENCE E. - Ezekiel and Alexander.
31692: BROWNE, REV. C.F. - The Conversion of the Heptarchy.
3647: BROWNE-WILKINSON,A.R. - Pastoral Work Among Children.
43454: BROWNE, FRANCES. - Granny's Wonderful Chair.
13319: BROWNE, E. MARTIN. - The Story of Christmas in Mime. With Bible Words and Carols. Sheldon Plays No. 1.
1749: BROWNING, ROBERT. - Selections from the Poetical Works of Robert Browning. First Series.
343: BROWNING, ROBERT. - The Poetical Works of Robert Browning. In 2 volumes, with portraits.
20323: BROWNING, ROBERT. - The Works of Robert Browning.
19210: BROWNING, WILFRID. - A Handbook of The Ministry. A Guide to Ordination in the Anglican Communion.

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