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5706: DODSON, PETER. - Contemplating the Word. A Practical Handbook.
20383: DODSON, PETER. - Embody the Word. Being a Temple of the Holy Spirit.
26636: DODSON, PETER. - Towards Contemplation. A Practical Introduction for Prayer Groups.
17264: DOGGETT, SCOTT. - Panama. (Lonely Planet Guide).
36017: DOGGETT, HAROLD EDWIN. - The Making of a Parish.
42395: DOHERTY, SEAN. - Foundations for Medical Ethics. (Grove E 146).
6025: DOIDGE, REG AND EVELINE. - Epilogues. For Youth Clubs, Community Centres,etc.
3987: DOIDGE, REG AND EVELINE. - Women at Worship. A Book for those who lead Women in Thought and Prayer.
28316: DOLLINGER, JOHN IGNATIUS / OXENHAM, HENRY NUTCOMBE (TRANSLATOR) . - The First Age Of Christianity And The Church. by John Ignatius Dollinger... translated by Henry Nutcombe Oxenham. Second Edition.
26585: DOLLNGER, JOHN IGNATIUS. - The First Age of Christianity and The Church. (Translated by Henry Nutcombe Oxenham). 2 Volumes.
47203: DOLPHIN, REX. - Driven to Kill. (A Sexton Blake Novel).
32115: DOMERIS, WILLIAM AND WORTLEY, RICHARD. - Portraits of Jesus: John. A Contextual Approach to Bible Study.
11558: DOMINIAN, J. - Marital Breakdown.
29475: DOMINIAN, J. - The Marriage Relationship Today.
10675: DOMINIAN, JACK & PEACOCKE, A.R. - From Cosmos to Love The Meaning of Human Life.
19761: DOMINIAN, JACK. - An Introduction to Marital Problems.
12665: DOMINIAN, JACK. - Authority. A Christian Interpretation of the Psychological Evolution of Authority.
6269: DOMINIAN, JACK. - Make or Break. An Introduction to Marriage Counselling.
4719: DOMINIAN, JACK. - Marital Pathology. An Introduction for Doctors, Counsellors and Clergy.
6848: DOMINIAN, JACK. - The Church and the Sexual Revolution.
6050: DOMINIAN, JACK. - Sexual Integrity. The Answer to AIDS.
43959: FATHER DOMINIC. - Methodology of Study and Scientific Work.
15576: DONALD, DAVID HERBERT. - Look Homeward. A Life of Thomas Wolfe.
3818: REEVES DONALD. - For God's Sake. Foreword by Monica Furlong.
37289: DONALD, JAMES AND RATTANSI, ALI. - 'Race', Culture & Difference.
20104: DONALDSON, JOHN . - The Cultivated Plants Of The Farm. The Legumes, the Grains, and the Esculents, comprising The Scientific Description And Cultivated Use Of Wheat, Oats, Peas, Rape, Rye, Vetches, Turnips, Carrots, Barley, Beans, Cabbages, Parsnips, Beetroot, Potato.
31464: DONEY, MERYL. - The Piccolo Book of Prayers. (Illustrated by Chris Molan).
6330: VAN DONGEN-GARRAD, JESSIE. - Invisible Barriers. Pastoral Care with Physically Disabled People.
41733: DONIA, ROBERT J AND FINE JR, JOHN V.A. - Bosnia and Hercegovina. A Tradition Betrayed.
31621: DONN, THOMAS M. - The Allegory of Divine Love. Being a Metrical Version of the Song of Songs.
14280: DONN, THOMAS M. - The Divine Challenge. Being a metrical paraphrase of the Book of Job in four-line stanzas of anapaestic tetrrameters in rhyme.
10857: DONNE, JOHN. - The Complete English Poems.
27729: O'DONNELL, KEVIN. - Praying the Eucharist.
29267: DONNELLY, CHRISTOPHER. (EDITOR.) - Gorbachev's Revolution: Economic Pressures and Defence Realities.
43733: DONNELLY, DORIS. (EDITOR). - Jesus: A Colloquium in the Holy Land.
24519: O'DONOHUE, JOHN. - Eternal Echoes. Exploring our Hunger to Belong.
29476: DONOVAN, J.B. - Breakaway. (Line drawings by Jennifer Miles.)
12857: DONOVAN, J.B. - Inside Story.
1954: DONOVAN, MARCUS. - Gospel Sermons. Notes for Preachers.
5995: O'DONOVAN, PATRICK. - A Journalist's Odyssey. With a personal recollection by Robert Kee and biographical notes by Hermione O'Donovan.
31200: DOOHAN, HELEN AND LEONARD. - Prayer in the New Testament: Make Your Requests Known to God.
23841: DOOHAN, LEONARD. - John: Gospel for a New Age.
23842: DOOHAN, LEONARD. - Luke: The Perennial Spirituality.
23843: DOOHAN, LEONARD. - Matthew: Spirituality for the 80's and 90's.
25900: DOOREN, L.A.T VAN. - Prayer - the Christian Vital Breath.
12403: DOOREN, L.A.T. VAN. - Come - See the place. A Pilgrimage in Thought with The Book to The Land of The Master.
16027: DOOREN, L.A.T. VAN. - Men Alive! Church Aflame! A Call to Spiritual Renewal and Power from The Book of the Acts.
45140: DOORLY, M. E. [ MARTIN EDWARD DOORLY 1847–1895 ] . - Masonic Musical Service For The Three Degrees Of Craft Masonry And Installation Ceremony. Words Selected By W.P.M. N. R. Fitzpatrick, Director Of Ceremonies. Music Composed By Bro. M. E. Doorly., Organist.
12666: DORE, ASHTON. - Modern American Painting.
17826: DORMAN, B.E. - The Story of Ely and its Cathedral.
32791: DORNER, MARJORIE. - A Choice of Nightmares.
16437: DOUBLE, DON (WITH JONES TIM). - Be Real About Guidance. Understanding the Will of God in your life.
46102: DOUGHTY, CHARLES M. - The Dawn in Britain.
27868: DOUGLAS, ALTON, STRETCH, GORDON AND HARDY, CLIVE. - Coventry at War. A Pictorial Account. 1939-45.
32840: DOUGLAS, MAARY. - Natural Symbols: Explorations in Cosmology.
32921: DOUGLAS, RONALD MACDONALD. (COMILER). - The Scots Book of Lore and Folklore.
44383: DOUGLAS, A. J. A. ( ARCHIBALD JOHN ANGUS DOUGLAS 1883- ) / JOHNSON, P. H. ( PHILIP HENRY JOHNSON 1879- ) - The South Seas of To-day, Being an Account of the Cruise of the Yacht St George to the South Pacific. By Major A. J. A. Douglas F.R.G.S. and P. H. Johnson. B.A., B.Sc., F.R.G.S. With Thirty-nine Illustrations and Three Charts.
43149: DOUGLAS, NORMAN. - How About Europe? Some Footnotes on East and West.
46115: DOUGLAS, THE REV C.E. - The Mystery of the Kingdom.
42379: DOUGLAS, REV. C.E. - The Rallying Centre of Christendom.
20924: DOUTY, NORMAN F. - Union with Christ.
31168: DOUWMA, ROBERT. - Daumier and His Contemporaries: Robert Douwma Catalogue 32.
10563: DOVER, JOHN. - The Words of the Crucified. A Book for Lent.
22055: DOVER, JOHN. - To Be a Christian.
8376: DOVEY, G. KENDAL. - The Sacrament of Penance.
16491: DOW, JAMES L. - No Better than I Should Be: The Making of a Minister.
31788: DOW, GRAHAM. - A Christian Understanding of Daily Work. (Grove Pastoral No.57).
43584: DOWDEN, EDWARD. - Puritan and Anglican. Studies in Literature.
15665: DOWNER, ALAN S. - The Memoir of John Durang. American Actor, 1785-1816.
39863: DOWNES, DAVID. - Unravelling Criminal Justice. Eleven British Studies.
14281: DOWNEY, M.E. AND KELLY, A.V. - Theory and Practice of Education: An Introduction.
14599: DOWNEY, MERIEL & KELLY, A.V. - Theory and Practice of Education. An Introduction.
17827: DOWNEY, MERIEL. - Interpersonal Judgements in Education.
28848: DOWNEY, MARY AND POTTS, DOREEN. - Schools and Scholars in Halstead District.
15140: DOWNING, DAVID. - Marlon Brando.
35847: DOWNING, F.GERALD. - Jesus and the Threat of Freedom.
38282: DOWNING, F. GERALD. - Doing theology thoughtfully is really very like thoughtfully doing all sorts of other things.(The Theologians' Craft).
3665: DOWNING, F. GERALD. - The Church and Jesus. A Study in History, Philosophy and Theology.
9271: DOWRICK, STEPHANIE. - Land of Zeus: Myths of the Greek Gods and Heroes.
46015: DOWSETT, W.T. - Elementary Mathematics in Economics.
30200: DOWSING, WILLIAM / LODER, S. / WALLER, JAMES GREEN . - The Journal Of William Dowsing Of Stratford, Parliamentary Visitor, Appointed Under A Warrant From The Earl Of Manchster, For Demolishing The Superstitious Pictures & ornaments Of Churches, &c. Within The County of Suffolk, in the years 1643,- 1644.
30201: DOWSING, WILLIAM / WHITE, REV. C. H. EVELYN . - The Journal of William Dowsing, of Stratford, Parliamentary Visitor, appointed under a warrant from the Earl of Manchester, for demolishing the superstitious pictures and ornaments of churches &c., within the county of Suffolk, inthe years 1643-1644.
37739: DOYLE, MATTHEW. - Musings By The Barrow.
24263: DOYLE, ROBERT (ED). - Signs and Wonders and Evangelicals. A Response to the Teaching of John Wimber.
35119: DRAAISMA, DOUWE. - Why Life Speeds Up As You Get Older: How Memory Shapes Our Past.
36450: DRAFFEN, GEORGE(OF NEWINGTON). (EDITOR). - Masons and Masonry: Selected Articles from the Grand Lodge of Scotland Year Books 1953-72.
5203: DRAKE, F.W. - Galilean Days.
28353: DRAKE, STANLEY. - Though You Die: An Introductory Approach to the Problem of Death and the Life Beyond Death.
37446: DRAKE, F.W. - The Glory of Bethlehem.
44838: DRAKE, MAURICE, ( 1875-1923 ) / DRAKE, WILFRED ( 1879-1948 ) / VALLANCE, AYMER ( 1862-1943 ) . - Saints And Their Emblems. By Maurice & Wilfred Drake. Illustrated by XII. plates from photographs and drawings by Wilfred Drake, with a foreword by Aymer Vallance.
20836: DRANE, JOHN AND BELBEN, JIM. - Understanding Gospels Today. Nine Bible Studies for students and young adult groups. Jigsaw Series: (Group Bible Studies).
7919: DRANE, JOHN. - The Life of the Early Church. An Illustrated Documentary.
20693: DRANE, JOHN. - Tune in to the Bible.
15198: DRAPER, ELIZABETH. - Birth Control in the Modern World.
29664: DRAPER, THEODORE. - Abuse of Power. U.S. Foreign Policy from Cuba to Vietnam.
13789: DRENNAN, PAUL. - Collecting British Stamps.
33928: DRESSER, HORATIO. - Living By The Spirit.
24450: DREWETT, JOHN. - Journey Into Freedom.
28110: DREWETT, JOHN. - Not Many Mighty. A Study of the Biblical Idea of the Remnant.
6360: DREWETT, JOHN. - The Ten Commandments in the 20th Century.
46038: DREXEL, JEREMY ( JEREMIAS DREXEL 1581-1638 ) . - Amussis: A Right Intention The Rule Of All Human Actions. By Jeremy Drexel. Translated And Revised By The Rev. L. M. Dalton., M.A.
28251: DREXLER, K. ERIC, & PETERSON, CHRIS, WITH PERGAMIT, GAYLE. - Unbounding the Future. The Nanotechnology Revolution.
37768: DRING, EDMUND HUNT. [MASTER 2076]. - English Masonic Literature A.D. 1563-1751.
36171: DRINKELL, W.BRO. L.C. - Colne Lodge No. 2477 Province of Essex. The First Hundred Years.
555: DRINKWATER, JOHN. - Victorian Poetry.
28452: DRINKWATER, JOHN. - Patriotism in Literature.
46070: DRINKWATER, H. - A Lecture on Mendelism.
45216: DRINKWATER, JOHN. - The Pilgrim of Eternity. Byron - A Conflict.
43592: DRINKWATER, JOHN / IRBY, CHARLES LEONARD / MANGLES, JAMES . - A History Of The Siege Of Gibraltar, 1779-1783. With A Description And Account Of That Garrison From The Earliest Periods. By John Drinkwater. / Travels In Egypt and Nubia, Syria, And The Holy Land. By The Hon. Charles Leonard Irby and James Mangles
6064: O'DRISCOLL, HERBERT. - A Year of the Lord. Reflections of Christian faith from the advent of the Christ Child to the reign of Christ as King.
28944: O'DRISCOLL, HERBERT. - Prayers for the Breaking of Bread. Meditations on the Collects of the Church Year.
41300: DRIVER, S.R. AND SANDAY, W. - Christianity and Other Religions.
41209: DRIVER, JOHN EDMUND. - Bakery Science.
5323: DRIVER, CHRISTOPHER. - A Future for the Free Churches?
44073: DRONKE, PETER. - A History of Twelfth-Century Western Philosophy.
30015: DRUCKER, PETER F. - Managing in Turbulent Times.
46880: DRUERY, JOHN HENRY. - Historical And Topographical Notices Of Great Yarmouth, In Norfolk, And Its Environs, Including The Parishes And Hamlets Of The Half Hundered Of Lothingland, In Suffolk. By John Henry Druery .
13765: BBC DRUGWATCH. - Drug Problems. Where to get Help.
4501: DRUMMOND, HENRY. - Natural Law in the Spiritual World.
24046: DRUMMOND, LEWIS A. - Evangelism the Counter Revolution.
12859: DRUMMOND, LEWIS A. - The Awakening that Must Come.
20925: DRUMMOND, LEWIS. (EDITOR). - What the Bible Says. (Foreword by Dr. Billy Graham).
28252: DRUMMOND, REV. ROBERT B. (EDITOR.) - Free Thought and Christian Faith. Four Lectures on Unitarian Principles delivered under the Terms of the M'Quaker Trust.
43262: DRUMMOND, ANDREW LANSDALE. - Edward Irving and His Circle. Including Some Consideration of the 'Tongues' Movement in the Light of Modern Psychology.
5324: DRURY, JOHN. - The Burning Bush. The Archbishop of Canterbury's Lent Book.
9398: DRURY, JOHN. - The Pot and the Knife.
26174: DRURY, M. - Whole Person Medicine.
39861: DRURY, JOHN. - Felsted Parish Council 1894-1944.
42074: VAN DRUTEN, JOHN. - After All. A Play in Three Acts.
47471: VAN DRUTEN, JOHN. - I Am Camera. A Play in Three Acts.
47791: DRYSDALE, JOHN D. - Louis Veron and the Finances of the Academie Royale de Musique.
46810: DRYSDALE DEMPSEY, G. - The Locomotive Engine. Circa 1850.
44024: DRYSDALE, MARGARET. - An Heir For The Earl.
5605: ARNOLD DUANE. - Praying with John Dunne & George Herbert. Intro. by Richard Harries.
10452: DUBOSARSKY, URSULA. - The First Book of Samuel.
5000: DUCKER, E.N. - A Christian Therapy for a Neurotic World.
27320: DUCKER, E.N. - Psychotherapy: A Christian Approach. (Foreword by Dr. E. Graham Howe.)
25901: DUCKWORTH, BRIAN. - Understanding Aids. What it is, its 'Meaning' and a Christian Response.
7959: DUCLAUX, MARY.(MARY F.ROBINSON). - Portrait of Pascal.
5325: DUDLEY - SMITH, TIMOTHY. - Christian Literature and the Church Bookstall.
28488: DUDLEY, DONALD. - Roman Society.
32298: DUDLEY, MARTIN. - Ashes to Glory. Meditations for Lent, Holy Week and Easter.
32304: DUDLEY, MARTIN. - Humanity and Healing: Ministering to the Sick in the Catholic Tradition. (Affirming Catholicism series).
42172: DUDLEY, MARTIN. - Manual for Ministry to the Sick.
29138: DUFF, DAVID. - Victoria Travels: Journeys of Queen Victoria between 1830 and 1900, with Extracts from Her Journal.
43469: DUFF, E. GORDON. (1863-1924). - Early English Printing. A Series of Facsimiles of all the Types used in England during the XVth century, with some of those used in the Printing of English Books Abroad. With An Introduction By E. Gordon Duff.
44760: DUFF, PHILIP . - Original School Photograph - Sudbury Grammar School .
20475: DUFFIELD, A.W.G. - Main Line. A simple guide to the English Church.
10475: DUFFIELD, IAN K. - Urban Christ. Responses to John Vincent.
32176: DUFFY, EAMON. - The Stripping of the Altars. Traditional Religion in England 1400-1580.
31221: DUGGAN, MARGARET. (EDITOR). - Through the Year with Michael Ramsey. Devotional Readings for Every Day.
46122: DUGUID, PETER. - Monks Eleigh A Thousand Years.
5622: DUKE, MICHAEL HARE, BISHOP OF ST. ANDREWS. - Stories, Signs and Sacraments in the Emerging Church.
16492: DUKE, MICHAEL HARE. - Understanding the Adolescent.
46604: DUKER, PETER. - Sting in the Tail. By Racing Bicycle Around the World.
3763: DUMAS, ANDRE. - Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Theologian of Reality.(Translated by Robert McAfee Brown).
5623: DUMAS, FRANCINE. - Man and Woman: Similarity and Difference.
34875: DUMAS, ALEXANDRE / FROST, MARY D. (TRASLATOR) - [SUEDE LEATHER BINDING] . - The Black Tulip By Alexandre DumasTranslated By Mary D. Frost . [suede leather binding]
562: DUN, ANGUS. - Not By Bread Alone.
38643: DUNCAN, GEOFFREY. - Let Justice Roll Down. A Christian Aid/CAFOD Anthology for Lent, Holy Week & Easter.
32351: DUNCAN, GEOFFREY AND LANKSHEAR, DAVID W. - Church Schools: A Guide for Governors.
6361: DUNCAN, DENIS. - Creative Silence. Through Inner Silence to the Harvest of the Spirit.
29665: DUNCAN, DENIS. - Solitude, Stillness, Serenity. (75 Saturday Meditations from The Daily Telegraph.)
6442: DUNCAN, EDMONDSTOUNE. - The Story of Minstrelsy.
6443: DUNCAN, EDMONDSTOUNE. - The Story of the Carol.
32352: DUNCAN, GEOFFREY. - The Church School.
37504: DUNCAN, JAMES S. - A Businessman Looks at Red China.
20476: DUNCAN, GEOFFREY. - Dare to Dream. A Prayer and Worship Anthology from Around the World.
43030: DUNCAN, ANTHONY D. - The Fourth Dimension. A Christian Approach to the Occult.
33596: DUNCAN, ANTHONY. - Jesus: Essential Readings.
38164: DUNCAN, CARLTON. - Pastoral Care: An Antiracist/Multicultural Perspective.
36659: DUNCAN, CHARLES WILLIAM . - Thoughts On The Threshold : Being an attempt to trace the landmarks of Masonic history : addressed to the brethren of No. 425, The Cestrian Lodge, of Free and Accepted Masons By Charles William Duncan, now Worshipful Master of the Lodge
20694: DUNDEE, JOHN W. - The Aetiology of Drug Addiction.
7686: DUNKERLEY, RODERIC. - Beyond the Gospels.
18781: DUNLOP, M.V. - Introduction to Contemplative Meditation.
16119: DUNN, JAMES D.G. - The Living World.
12006: DUNN, MARGARET. - Games Activities for Girls.
12135: DUNN, RONALD. - Don't Just Stand There Pray Something.
27869: DUNN, GWEN. - Simon's Last Year. The Story of a Suffolk Village School. (Illustrated by Paddy Bechely).
44435: DUNN, THEODORE DOUGLAS. (EDITOR). - The Bengali Book of English Verse.
14893: DUNNE, DOMINICK. - An Inconvenient Woman.
12181: DUNNE, JOHN S. - The City of the Gods. A Study in Myth and Mortality. Introduction by Ninian
18782: DUNNE, JOHN S. - The City of the Gods. A Study in Myth and Mortality.
23322: DUNNE, JOHN S. - The House of Wisdom. A Pilgrimage.
28253: DUNNE, JOHN S. - The Way of All the Earth. An Encounter with Eastern Religions.
7687: DUNNE, JOHN S. - Time and Myth.
26382: DUNNING, T.P. - Piers Plowman: An Interpretation of the A-text.
43721: DUNNING, BEATRIX. - Graham Street Memories. Francis Holland Church of England School for Girls.
5624: DUNSTAN, ALAN. - Interpreting Worship. Foreword by the Bishop of Gloucester.
6849: DUNSTAN, G. R. - The Family is not Broken.
20012: DUNSTAN, G.R. - Not Yet The Epitaph. Some Ethical Dilemmas of 1968.
13790: DUNSTAN, G.R. - The Artifice of Ethics. The Moorhouse Lectures 1973.
17131: DUNSTAN, G.R. - The Sacred Ministry.
18971: DUNSTAN, G.R. (EDITOR). - Duty and Discernment.
27218: DUNSTAN, REV. CANON G.R. - 1929-1979: And What Have the Righteous Done?
13652: DUNSTAN, ALAN. - The Use of Hymns. A Practical Exploration of the Place of Hymnody within the Liturgy.
6610: DUNSTAN, ALAN. - Growth through Worship.
24862: DUPLESIS, E. - The Cohort of the Damned. From 'Bleu' to Capitaine. As told to and written down by E.C. Trelawney-Ansell.
12800: DURBANVILLE, HENRY. - Three Deadly Foes and how to deal with them.
18783: DURBER, MICHAEL AND SUSAN. - For the Love of God. Prayer Handbook. 1996.
28113: DURCAN, PAUL. - Paul Durcan's Diary.
29666: DURELL, J.C.V. - The New Prayer Book in Relation to Life. A Study of some of the features of the revised book and the Principles underlying.
47877: DURER, ALBRECHT (1471-1528) . - The Humiliation And Exaltation Of Our Redeemer: In 32 Prints, Representing The Original Wood-Blocks Of Albert Durer. Edited By John Allen, M.A..
13252: DURHAM, J. - Here and There, A Toc H. Anthology.
17050: DURHAM, JOHN. - Directed Silence.
39683: DURIE, BRUCE. - The High History of the Holy Quail.
19932: DURKIN, HELEN E. - The Group in Depth.
31216: DURRAN, MAGGIE. - Hello, I'm a Person Too!
38965: DURRANT, MIKE. (RESEARCHER AND COMPILER). - A History and Genealogy of Badley, Suffolk.
41316: DURRANT, EDMUND . - Reminiscences of Old Chelmsford. Illustrated. By Edmund Durrant. Reprinted from The Essex Review, No. 34, Vol. IX.
26016: DURRELL, LAWRENCE. (EDITOR). - New Poems. 1963. A P.E.N. Anthology of Contemporary Poetry.
47942: DURRELL, LAWRENCE. - Esprit de Corps. Sketches from Diplomatic Life.
41701: DURRELL, LAWRENCE. - Tunc.
42414: DURRWELL, F.X. - The Resurrection. A Biblical Study.
23323: DURSTON, DAVID. - Growing Through Grief. Sharing Our Experience of Loss.
12801: DUSEN, HENRY P. VAN. - They Found the Church There. The Armed Forces Discover Christian Missions.
6051: DUTHIE, CHARLES. - Outline of Christian Belief.
45483: DUTT, WILLIAM A. - Wild Life in East Anglia.
44148: DUTT, ROMESH [ ROMESH CHUNDER DUTT 1848-1909 ] / HARDY, EVELYN STUART (ILLUSTRATOR) . - Ramayana. The Epic of Rama, Prince of India Condensed into English Verse By Romesh Dutt, C.I.E. Ten Photogravures From Original Illustrations Designed From Indian Sources By E. Stuart Hardy .
28635: DUTTA, REGINALD. - Tropical Fish and Fish Tanks. (With line drawings.)
11100: DUTTON, BRIAN, HARVEY, L.P. WALKER, ROGER, M. - Cassell's Spanish English Dictionary.
25686: DWAN, SEAN (ED). - Inculturation. Vol.4. No.3. (Fall 1989).
43830: DWIGHT, THOMAS. - Thoughts of a Catholic Anatomist.
17675: DWYER, PHILOMENA, & WRIGHT, JOANNA. (EDITORS.) - The Hospice Book of Poetry. Volume Two. (Illustrated by Andrew Dodds.)
24154: VAN DYCK, MARIA J. - Growing Closer Together. Rome and Canterbury: a Relationship of Hope.
9785: DYCKMAN, KATHERINE MARIE, & CARROLL, L. PATRICK. - Inviting the Mystic , Supporting the Prophet. An Introduction to Spiritual Direction.
35069: DYE, COLIN. - Prayer Explosion: Power for Christian Living.
18275: DYER, JAMES. - Discovering Archaeology in England and Wales.
36244: DYER, COLIN. - The Grand Stewards and Their Lodge.
36737: DYER, C. F. W. - Prestonian Lecture 1973 - In Search Of Ritual Uniformity. A General examination of the Regulation and Development of Craft Ritual Procedures after 1813 by C. F. W. Dyer P.A.G.D.C. Past Grand Steward .
28747: DYKE, HENRY VAN. - The Story of the Other Wise Man. (Retold by Michael Lynberg.)
31794: DYMOND, DAVID. - Writing Local History: A Practical Guide.
47520: DYMOND, DAVID AND MARTIN, EDWARD. - An Historical Atlas of Suffolk. (Second Edition).
36156: DYMOND, DAVID - EDITOR. - The Register of Thetford Priory [ 2 Volumes ]; Part 1 1482-1517 & Part 2 1518-1540 . The Norfolk Record Society Vols. LIX & LX, 1995 and 1996.
37732: DYMOND, DAVID AND MARTIN, EDWARD. - An Historical Atlas of Suffolk. (Revised and Enlarged Edition).
31675: DYMOND, DAVID AND NORTHEAST, PETER. - A History of Suffolk.
18784: DYNE, GEOFFREY. - Bereavement Visiting.
11070: DYSON, A.O. - The Immortality of the Past.
26090: DYSON, ANTHONY. - We Believe. (Mowbrays Library of Theology.)
26464: DYSON, H.V.D AND BUTT, JOHN. - Augustans and Romantics 1689-1830. (Introductions to English Literature Vol.3).
39831: DYSON, F.W. - Astronomy. (With numerous diagrams and illustrations).
3990: EADIE, JOHN. - A Biblical Cyclopedia or Dictionary of Eastern Antiquities, Geography, Natural History, Sacred Annals and Biography, Theology, and Biblical Literature, illustrative of The Old and New Testaments. With Maps and Pictorial Illustrations.
14282: EAGLE, JULIAN. - A Smouldering Land. Lessons from the Philippines.
9786: EAGLE, ROBERT. - Eating and Allergy.
19567: EAGLE, WHITE. - The Light Bringer. The Ray of John and the Age of Intuition.
47688: EALES, SAMUEL J. - Via Crucis: Fourteen Meditations on the Passion of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ with Accompanying Forms of Devotion Forming a Companion to Meditation and Prayer During Lent or Holy Week. By Rev. Samuel J. Eales, M.A., D.C.L.
10858: EAREY, MARK. - Producing your own Orders of Service.
28801: ALLEN. R. EARL. - Funeral Source Book. Thoughts for Funerals and Other Occasions.
7446: EARL, GORDON. (COMPILER). - Special Pages of Good News. A Helping Hand Again and Again.
7447: EARLE, NICK. - What's wrong with the Church?
19040: EARLE, PETER. - The Life and Times of Henry V. Introduction by Antonia Fraser.
47017: EARLE, JOHN CHARLES.48556 - A Manual of the Lives of the Popes from St Peter to Pius IX. For the Use of Students.
11570: EARNSHAW, LESLIE. - Praying with Adults and in family worship.
8890: EAST, REGINALD. - Heal the Sick.
14172: EASTMAN, MICHAEL. - Inside Out. A Handbook for Youth Leaders.
571: EASTON, BURTON SCOTT. - Christ in the Gospels.
42877: EATHERLY, CLAUDE. - Burning Conscience. The Case of the Hiroshima Pilot Claude Eatherly told in his Letters to Gunther Anders.
7688: EATON, ALBERT WILLIAM. - The Faith, History and Practice of the Church of England.
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17832: FAIRWEATHER, E.R. - Episcopacy Re-Asserted. A Rejoiner to 'The Historic Episcopate'.
22942: FAIRWEATHER, E.R., & HETTLINGER, R.F. - Episcopacy and Reunion. (Foreword by the Bishop of Durham.)
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27061: FARNCOMBE, ANNE. - Dear Father God......Prayers for 5-8's
20699: FARNCOMBE, ANNE. - Moments of praise, prayer and poetry in the school day. (For use wth 5-8 year olds).
21781: FARNCOMBE, ANNE. - Our Sikh Friends.
12961: FARNCOMBE, ANNE. - The Christmas Book.
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21656: FARQUHARSON-COE, A. - Devon's Smugglers.
9505: FARR, GRAHAME. - Ships and Harbours of Exmoor.
44848: FARRAN, DORIS. - Pictures from a Life....ain't it a game, eh!
44816: FARRAN, DORIS. - Some 'Opes of Brody Street, E.1.
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35587: FARRAR, DEAN. - The Young Man Master of Himself.
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46485: FARRAR, JANET AND STEWART. - A Witches Bible. The Complete Witches' Handbook.
23740: FARRE, ROWENA. - Seal Morning. (Decorations by Raymond Sheppard.)
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15301: FARRELL, JAMES T. - Reflections at Fifty and other Essays.
9002: FARRER, AUSTIN. - Saving Belief. A Discussion of Essentials.
7921: FARRER, AUSTIN ET AL. - The Communication of The Gospel in New Testament Times.
34586: FARRER-HALLS, GILL. - The Feminine Face of Buddhism.
47315: FARRIES, KENNETH G. - Essex Windmills, Millers & Millwrights. Volume Three: A Review by Parishes, A-E.
47316: FARRIES, KENNETH G. - Essex Windmills, Millers & Millwrights. Volume Five: A Review by Parishes, S-Z..
24463: FARROW, DEREK. - Meditations on Ministry.
24709: FARROW, DEREK. - Through the Eye of a Needle. A short study of a Christian Approach to Money.
33683: FARROW, JOHN. - Damien The Leper.
46157: FARSON, NEGLEY. - The Way of a Transgressor.
46155: FARSON, NEGLEY. - A Mirror for Narcissus. An Autobiography.
38702: FASSNIDGE, HAROLD. - Bradford on Avon Past and Present.
15580: FATOUT, PAUL. - Mark Twain in Virginia City.
47427: FAULKNER, WILLIAM. - As I Lay Dying.
15237: FAULKNER, WILLIAM. - Absalom, Absalom!
45348: FAULKNER, NEIL. - The Decline and Fall of Roman Britain.
42604: FAULKS, SEBASTIAN. - The Girl at the Lion D'Or.
46800: FAULKS, PHILIPPA AND COOPER, ROBERT L.D. - The Masonic Magician. The Life and Death of Count Cagliostro and his Egyptian Rite.
621: FAURE, GABRIEL . - The Land of St. Francis of Assisi. Assisi And Perugia .
34470: FAUSSET, HUGH L'ANSON. - Walt Whitman: Poet of Democracy.
24963: FAUVEL, JOHN. FLOOD, RAYMOND. SHORTLAND, MICHAEL AND WILSON, ROBIN. - Let Newton Be! A New Perspective on his Life and Works.
15949: FAWCETT, THOMAS. - Hebrew Myth & Christian Gospel.
41793: FAWCETT, NICK. - A Calendar of Classic Prayer.
43189: FAWELL, RUTH. - Courage To Grow. A Collection of the Writings of Ruth Fawell.
7834: FAY, FREDERIC L. - A Student's Bible Dictionary. Drawings by William Duncan.
43645: FAY, AMY [ AMELIA MULLER FAY1844-1928 ] . - Music-Study In Germany. From The Home Correspondence Of Amy Fay.
5712: FEARN, HUGH. (FOREWORD BY D. W. CLEVERLY FORD.) - Preaching at the Parish Communion. The Gospels. Series 3, Cycle 1.
21045: FEARN, JACQUELINE. - Discovering Heraldry.
17833: FEARN, JACQUELINE. - Domestic Bygones. (Shire Album 20).
29669: FEARNLEY-WHITTINGSTALL, JANE. - The Good Granny Guide or How to be a modern grandmother. (Illustrations by Alex Fox.)
47600: W. FEARNSIDE. - The Pershore Almanac, Diary and Directory. The Blue Book for 1936.
45785: FEAST, SEAN. - Heroic Endeavour. One Attack, a Victoria Cross, and 206 Brave Men. (Signed).
16495: FEDER, JAN. - Animal Lives. The Life of a Dog. (Illustrated by Tilman Michalski). Translated by Anthea Bell.
15049: FEEHAN, JAMES A. - Preaching in Stories.
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39531: INDEPENDENT ORDER OF ODD FELLOWS . - Ritual Of The Independent Order of Odd Fellows Manchester Unity Friendly Society - For The Use Of Lodge Members .
27045: BURRSWOOD INTERNATIONAL FELLOWSHIP. - The Burrswood Herald. (Vol.1 No.2). (Dorothy Kerin Memorial Number).
22809: UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP. - For the Faith of the Gospel 1928-78.
16681: FELSTEIN, IVOR. - Later Life: Geriatrics Today and Tomorrow.
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45208: FENELON, FRANCOIS DE SALIGNAC DE LA MOTHE- 1651-1715. - The Adventures Of Telemachus, The Son Of Ulysses ... : complete in twenty four books. Originally written in French ... / by Francis Salignac de La Mothe Fenelon ... ; now newly translated ... by William Henry Melmoth
37317: FENN, RICHARD K. - Liturgies & Trials: The Secularization of Religious Language.
42456: FENN, THOMAS / GREY, ROBERT / GOLDNEY, FREDERICK HASTINGS / GODSON, CLEMENT / COTTERELL , C. VINCENT. - Prince of Wales's Lodge No.259. List of Members From The Time Of Its Constitution. With Notes Of Proceedings And Circumstances Of Interest In Connection With The Lodge And Its Members. Compiled From The Minutes And Other Sources. Thomas Fenn, P.M.
5101: FENTON J.C. VICAR OF WENTWORTH, YORKSHIRE. - Preaching the Cross. The Passion & Resurrection according to St. Mark.
18464: FENTON, HORACE L. - Myths about Missions. A Challenge to Face the Truth.
12081: FENTON, J.C. - Saint Matthew.
28859: FENTON, JOHN. - Affirmations Based on the Sunday and Principal Holy Day Readings ASB Year One and Two.
13656: FENTON, JOHN. - Commentary on the Sunday and Principal Holy Day Readings ASB Year One and Two.
7038: FENTON, JOHN. - The Matthew Passion. A Lenten Journey to the Cross & Resurrection.
7588: FENTON, J. C. - The Passion According to John.
45945: FENTON HALL, ERNEST GEORGE. - The Journals of Ernest George Fenton Hall: Pioneer & Hero.
28115: FERGUSON, JOHN AND PITT-WATSON, IAN. - Letters on Pacifism.
26179: FERGUSON, JOHN. - The Biblical Basis of Pacifism.
4058: FERGUSON, JOHN. - The Place of Suffering.
14566: FERGUSON, JOHN. - The Politics of Love: The New Testament and Non-Violent Revolution.
3590: FERGUSON, JOHN.(EDITOR). - Studies in Christian Social Commitment. A Christian Pacifist Symposium.
3862: FERGUSON, KITTY. - Measuring the Universe.
14724: FERGUSON, NEIL. - Bars of America.
19770: FERGUSON, SARAH. - A Guard Within.
23343: FERGUSON, SINCLAIR B. - A Heart for God.
31205: FERGUSON, SINCLAIR B. - Deserted By God?
23346: FERGUSON, SINCLAIR B. - Grow in Grace.
22450: FERGUSON, SINCLAIR B. - Undaunted Spirit. The Life and Testimony of Gordon Anderson-Smith.
40889: FERGUSON, JAMES AND TEMPLE, JAMES GRAHAM. - Epilogue to "The Old Vale and Its Memories".
34162: FERGUSON, HOWARD. - Five Bagatelles. (Piano Solo).
43230: FERGUSON, ROBERT. - The Evangelism for To-Day: Our New Approach to the Old Task.
7960: FERGUSSON, DAVID. - Christ,Church and Society. Essays on John Baillie and Donald Baillie.
3905: FERGUSSON, ERNA. - Dancing Gods. Indian Ceremonials of New Mexico and Arizona. With 16 illustrations.
16297: FERLEY, JOHN. - The Holy Catholic Church. The Divine Community.
10299: FERNANDES, ANGELO. - As You Pray So You Live.
5713: FERNANDEZ - ARMESTO, FELIPE. & WILSON, DEREK. - Reformation. Christianity and the World. 1500 - 2000.
21895: FERNANDEZ-ARMESTO, FELIPE AND WILSON, DEREK. - Reformation: Christianity and the World 1500-2000.
26045: FERRAR, W.J. - From Daniel to St John the Divine. A Study in Apocalpse.
33824: FERRAR, WILLIAM JOHN. - The Ladder of the Cross.
4001: FERRARI, ORESTE. - Treasures of the Vatican.
624: FERRE, NELS F.S. - Christ and the Christian.
8348: FERRE, NELS F.S. - The Living God of Nowhere and Nothing.
41712: FERRÉ, NELS F.S. - Evil and the Christian Faith. (signed).
18792: FERRIS, PAUL (ED). - Dylan Thomas. The Collected Letters.
22150: FERRIS, PAUL. - The Church of England.
625: FERRIS, THEODORE PARKER. - The story of Jesus.
38400: FERRY, BRO.C.E.(P.M & P.Z). - History of the Lodge of Prosperity No.65. Of the most Antient & Honourable Fraternity of Free & Accepted Masons of England.
34942: FESTING, GABRIELLE. - Unstoried in History: Portraits of Some Famous Women of the 16th, 17th, and 18th Centuries.
33871: FESTING, GABRIELLE. - On the Distaff Side. Portraits of Four Great Ladies.
46524: CITY OF NOTTINGHAM FESTIVAL. - It's Like This...500 Years of Pictures for Science.
24820: SALISBURY DIOCESAN CHOIR FESTIVALS. - Rabboni: Festival Service Book for the Millennium.
11559: FEUER, LEWIS S. - Marx and Engels. Basic Writings on Politics and Philosophy.
40824: LE FEUVRE, AMY. - The Most Wonderful Story in the World.
39770: FEVYER, W.H. - The George Medal.
28492: FEWINS, CLIVE. - Be a Church Detective. A Young Person's Guide to Old Churches. (Cartoons by Taffy Davies).
16121: FFRENCH, BEYTAGH, GONVILLE. - Encountering Light.
29056: FFRENCH-BEYTAGH, GONVILLE. - Facing Depression. (Fairacres. 70).
9863: FIAND, BARBARA. - Where Two or Three Are Gathered. Community Life for the Contemporary Religious.
41325: FIDLER, FLORENCE G. - Cremation.
24964: FIELD, DAVID AND STEPHENSON, ELSPETH. - Just the Job. Christians Talk About Work and Vocation.
13797: FIELD, DAVID. - Free to do Right.
24965: FIELD, DAVID. - The Homosexual Way. A Christian Option?
12183: FIELD, DOROTHY. - The Religion of The Sikhs.
28030: FIELD, JOHN. - Place Names of Great Britain and Ireland
14993: FIELD, LESLIE A. (EDITOR). - Thomas Wolfe. Three Decades of Criticism.
16496: FIELDEN, CHRISTOPHER. - The Sainsbury Book of Wine.
22671: FIELDER, ARTHUR J. - Understanding the Eucharist. A Dramatic Method.
43384: FIELDING, HENRY. - The History and Adventures of Joseph Andrews and his Friend Mr Abraham Adams. (Illustrated by Norman Tealby).
39887: FIELDING, NIGEL G. - The Police and Social Conflict: Rhetoric and Reality.
46962: FIEU, REV. S. - Lenten Meditations on the Passion and Death of Our Divine Saviour.
14117: FIFE, ERIC S. - The Holy Spirit: The Bible and Common Sense.
20333: FIFE, JANET. - To Be Honest.
1966: FIGGIS, JOHN NEVILLE. - Religion and English Society. Two Addresses. Delivered at a conference held in London November 9th and 10th,1910.
41713: FIGGIS, J.NEVILLE. - Christianity and History.
24710: FILBY, F.A. - Creation Revealed. A Study of Genesis 1 in the Light of Modern Science.
15844: FILBY, RAY. - The Sun and the Moon of Alexandria.
5627: FILIPOVIC, ZLATA. - Zlata's Diary. A child's life in Sarajevo. Intro. by Janine di Giovanni.
11729: FILSON, FLOYD V. - A New Testament History.
3681: FILSON, FLOYD V. - A New Testament History.
8379: FILSON, FLOYD V. - The New Testament Against Its Environment.
37293: FINCHAM, PAUL. - The Suffolk We Live In.
41770: FINDLATER, JANE HELEN. - Stones from a Glass House.
629: FINDLAY, J. ALEXANDER. - The realism of Jesus. A paraphrase and exposition of the Sermon on the Mount.
631: FINDLAY, J. ALEXANDER. - What did Jesus teach?
46364: FINDLAY, GEORGE. - The Working and Management of an English Railway.
46517: FINDLAY, ARTHUR. - On the Edge of the Etheric. Or, Survival after Death Scientifically Explained.
47150: FINDLAY, ARTHUR. - The Unfolding Universe.
11878: FINE, ANNE. - Telling Tales. An Interview with ANNE FINE.
46525: FINÉ, ORONCE / DRINKWATER, PETER I. - Oronce Finé's First Book of Solar Horology.
40525: FINEGAN, JACK. - The Archeology of the New Testament. The Mediterranean World of the Early Christian Apostles.
27772: FINK, DAVID HAROLD. - Release from Nervous Tension. (Foreword by Harry Roberts.)
43509: FINKEL, IRVING. - Alfred and the Pirates. (Illustrated by Emily Donegan).
22673: FINLEY, JAMES AND PENNOCK, MICHAEL. - Christian Morality and You.
7694: FINLEY, JAMES, & PENNOCK, MICHAEL. - Jesus and You. Discovering the Real Christ.
7693: FINLEY, JAMES, & PENNOCK, MICHAEL. - Your Faith and You.
12434: FINLEY, MARK A. - The Almost Forgotten Day.
25695: FINLEY, MITCH. - The Seeker's Guide to Being Catholic.
39847: FINLEY, MITCH. - The Joy of Being a Eucharistic Minister.
40858: FINNEMORE, JOHN. - Peeps at History. France. Containing 16 full-page illustrations, 8 of them in colour, and five line illustrations in the text.
5328: FINNEY, JOHN. - Church on the Move. Leadership for Mission.
34049: FINNIGAN, ROBERT E. - The Cathedral Church of St. Anne, Leeds. A History and Guide.
45811: FIORI, GIUSEPPE. - Antonio Gramsci. Life of a Revolutionary.
45858: FIRBANK, RONALD. - Prancing Nigger.
47419: FIRBANK, RONALLD. - Valmouth, Prancing Nigger ,Concerniing the Eccentricities of Cardinal Pirelli.
3642: FIRSTBROOK,PETER. - The Voyage of the Matthew. John Cabot and the Discovery of North America. (Acompanies the Major Television Series).
26467: FIRTH, J. D'E. - The Church and the Schools.
30708: FISCHER, ARNOLD. (WITH WEISS, E; MDALA, E; AND TSHABE, S). - English Xhosa Dictionary.
8460: FISCHER, KATHLEEN. - Women at the Well.
44134: FISCHER, KUNO./ PORTER, NOAH (EDITOR). - History of Modern Philosophy. Descartes and His School.
34172: FISH, DONALD. - Airline Detective. The Fight Against International Air Crime.
45577: FISH, SIMON / ARBER, EDWARD (EDITOR). - Simon Fish of Gray's Inn, Gentleman. A Supplication for the Beggars. [Spring of 1529].
12435: FISHER, A.S.T. - 50 Days to Easter. Devotional Readings for the Lenten Season.
30073: FISHER, DAVID. - Compartments.
16122: FISHER, J.D.C. - Confirmation: Then and Now.
14291: FISHER, JUDITH; MARSDEN, ANDREW; AND ROGERS, JENNY. - Save a Life. An Instructors' Guide.
10981: FISHER, KATHLEEN, R. & HART, THOMAS, N. - Promises to Keep. Developing the Skills of Marriage.
27576: FISHER, MARSHALL JON, & FISHER, DAVID E. - Mysteries of Lost Empires.
29671: FISHER, NORMAN. - Christian Convictions.
20965: FISHER, STEVE. - I Wake Up Screaming.
12184: FISHER, JOHN. - The World of the Forsytes.
42766: FISHER, JOHN L. - The Deanery of Harlow. A Small Contribution to the History of the Church in Essex.
18793: FISHER, PETER. - Unpacking the Gift. Anglican Resources for Theological Reflection on The Gift of Authority.
39413: FISHER, DOROTHY CANFIELD. - Vermont Tradition: The Biography of an Outlook on Life.
36567: FISHER, W. G. / LANGLER, L. W. M. (EDITORS) . - Transactions Of The Somerset Masters' Lodge No. 3746 . 1965 . R.W.Bro. Brigadier A. de L. Cazenove, C.B.E., D.S.O., M.V.O., D.L. - Master. Editor: W. G. Fisher, P.A.G.D.C. Assistant Editor: L. W. M. Langler, P.P.S.G.W.
43514: FISHER, W. BRO. WILFRED G. - The History of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Somerset.
29534: MINISTRY OF AGRICULTURE & FISHERIES. - Collected leaflets on Cultivation and Diseases of Potatoes.
29535: MINISTRY OF AGRICULTURE & FISHERIES. - Collected Leaflets on Weeds.
29536: MINISTRY OF AGRICULTURE AND FISHERIES. - Chrysanthemums. Bulletin No. 92.
47911: MINISTRY OF AGRICULTURE AND FISHERIES. - Edible and Poisonous Fungi. (With 25 Coloured Plates).
15302: FISHLOCK, TREVOR. - Talking of Wales.
19130: FISK, ROY. - Lincolnshire Gleanings. Being a miscellany of drawings stories etc.
19132: FISK, ROY. - Reflecting Lincolnshire. Being a miscellany of drawings, stories etc.
28860: FISON, J.E. - The Blessing of the Holy Spirit.
29245: FISON, J.E. - The Christian Hope. The Presence and the Parousia.
9670: FISON, J.E. - The Faith of the Bible.
25059: FISON, J.E. - Understanding the Old Testament: The Way of Holiness.
40060: FITCH, JOHN. - Anglican Eirenicon. The Concept of Churchmanship in the Quest for Christian Unity.
44633: FITCH, STANLEY H.G. - Subury Quakers 1655-1953.
44997: FITCH, JOHN. - Anglican Eirenicon. The Concept of Churchmanship in the Quest for Christian Unity.
11732: FITTER, RICHARD. - Wildlife in Britain.
27689: FITZER, H.C. - Christian Flare-Path. A Pageant for Performance by Children in Church.
30500: FITZGEORGE-PARKER, TIM. - Grundy: The Making of a Derby Winner.
23849: FITZGERALD, JIM (ED). - Celebration. A Salute to a Visiting Artist.
24051: FITZGERALD, WILLIAM J. - Seasons of the Earth and Heart. Becoming Aware of Nature, Self, and Spirit.
47743: FITZGERALD, EDWARD 1809-1883 / LEESON, ADELAIDE HANSCOM 1876-1932 / CUMMING, BLANCHE (FL. 1902 - 1924) . - The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, translated into English verse by Edward FitzGerald; with illustrations photographed from life studies by Adelaide Hanscom and Blanche Cumming.
47650: FITZGERALD, PERCY. - Life of David Garrick. From Original Family Papers, and Numerous Published and Unpublished Sources.
39886: FITZGERALD, MARION & SIBBITT, RAE. - Ethnic Monitoring in Police Forces: A Beginning.
45909: FITZGERALD, DIANE. - Netted Beadwork.
25117: FITZMAURICE-KELLY, JAMES. - The Oxford Book of Spanish Verse. XIIIth Century - XXth Century.
35416: FITZPATRICK, GRAHAM. - Dreams & Visions.
47801: FITZROY, OLIVIA. - Orders to Poach. (Illustrated Junior Fontanas 143J).
32270: FLAHERTY, REGIS J. - Last Things First.
12675: FLANAGAN, SISTER MARIE-BERNARD. - A Good Man has Passed this Way. Life of Pierre Bienvenu Noailles, priest. 1793-1861.
14725: FLANDERS, ALLAN. - The Fawley Productivity Agreements. A case study of management and collective bargaining.
47614: FLATTER, DR RICHARD (EDITOR). - Shakespeare Quarterly. No.1. Summer 1948.
19231: FLAVELL, DAVID E. - Getting Married in Church - Again.
14095: FLECHIER, ESPRIT . - Recueil Des Oraisons Funebres Prononcees Par Messire Esprit Flechier, Eveque de Nismes. Nouvelle Edition, dans laquelle on a ajoute Precis de la vie de l'Auteur.
29344: FLEETWOOD, WILLIAM . - A sermon preached on September the 7th. Being the day appointed for the thanksgiving. By W. Fleetwood, Rector of St. Austin's, London; and Chaplain in Ordinary to Her Majesty.
11115: FLEGATE, T.M. - Knights on Suffolk Brasses.
11879: FLEMING, C.M. - Teaching. A Psychological Analysis.
9864: FLEMING, DAVID L., S.J. (EDITOR). - Paths of Renewal for Religious.
45683: FLEMING, IAN . - The Man with the Golden Gun.
19772: FLEMING, CHRISTOPHER LE. - The Use of Music in Religious Drama.
45712: FLEMING, IAN . - The Man with the Golden Gun.
2448: FLEMINGTON, W.F. - The New Testament Doctrine of Baptism.
4319: FLETCHER, BEN. FOREWARD BY DR. JACK DOMINIAN. - Clergy Under Stress. A study of homosexual and heterosexual clergy.
29194: FLETCHER, JOAN. - Silk in New Zealand.
7451: FLETCHER, RONALD. - The Family and Marriage in Britain. An Analysis and Moral Assessment.
10078: FLETCHER, WILLIAM C. - Religion and Soviet Foreign Policy. 1945-1970.
39240: FLETCHER, J. M. J. (JAMES MICHAEL JOHN), 1852-1940. - Historical Notes On The Old Sick Club, Tideswell, Derbyshire (founded 1764). By Rev. J. M. J. Fletcher, M.A., Vicar Of Tideswell. [Re-Printed From The "High Peak News."] .
16188: FLOOD, DOM EDMUND. - The Divorced Catholic.
9025: FLOOD, DOM PETER. - New Problems in Medical Ethics. No.1. Artificial Insemination. Death.
27064: FLOOD, EDMUND. - From Advent to Lent. The Sunday Epistles and Gospels.
6113: FLOOD, EDMUND. - More Parables for Now. Illustd. by Penelope Burns.
6112: FLOOD, EDMUND. - Parables for Now. Illustd. by Penelope Burns.
46094: FLORENCE BAIRD BOOKPLATE BY WILLIAM PHILLIPS BARRETT / CHATEAUBRIAND, FRANÇOIS-RENÉ VICOMTE DE [1768-1848] . - Atala, René, Le Dernier Des Abencérrages Par Le Vicomte De Chateaubriand.
6892: FLOWER, J.CYRIL. - The Mastery of Mind.
40545: FLOWERS, H.J. - The Permanent Value of the Ten Commandments.
28861: FLOYD, PAT. (COMPILER). - Come to Christmas. The Customs of the Christmas and Advent Season.
16448: FLUDE, FREDA. - Mountaineering in Prayer.
18241: FLUGEL, J.C. - The Psycho-Analytic study of the Family. (International Psycho-Analytical Library No.3).
11734: FLURRY, GERALD. - Daniel. Revelation and War.
36862: FLYNN, MARY & WATSON, DIANE. - Witham Voices. (Tempus Oral History series).
2662: FOAKES-JACKSON, F.J. - The Life of Saint Paul. The Man and the Apostle.
8974: FOHRER, GEORG. - Hebraisches und Aramaisches Worterbuch zum Alten Testament.
46162: SELLIN- FOHRER. - Introduction to the Old Testament. (translated by David E.Green).
46197: FOISTER, SUSAN / ROY, ASHOK AND WYLD, MARTIN. - Making & Meaning; Holbein's Ambassadors.
45269: FOKKER, ANTHONY AND GOULD, BRUCE. - Flying Dutchman. The Life of Anthony Fokker. (A Youth Edition).
46994: GEORGIAN LEATHER FOLDER - Large leather folder with gilt decoration and silk lining.
47464: FOLEY, RT. REV. B.C. - Some People of the Penal Times. (Chiefly 1688-1791).
9026: FOLEY, LEONARD., O.F.M. - Signs of Love. Illustd. by Michael Reynolds.
33772: FOLEY, LEONARD. - Believing in Jesus: A Popular Overview of the Catholic Faith.
44651: FOLEY, RT. REV. B.C. - The Eighty-Five Blessed Martyrs of England, Wales and Scotland Beatified by Pope John Paul II, 22 November 1987.
45229: FOLEY, JOHN MILES. (EDITOR). - Oral-Formulaic Theory. A Folklore Casebook.
45935: FONER, PHILIP S. (EDITOR). - The Factory Girls.
27880: FONT QUER, P. - Physiology of Plants.
46084: MINIATURE FONT . - Miniature Font - varigated marble.
37551: FOORD, J. - Flowers.
12862: FOOT, DAVID R.P. - Divine Healing in the Scriptures.
20701: FORBES, PATRICK. - The Gospel of Folly.
1918: FORBES, RAYMOND. - Geometrical & Mechanical Drawing.
2026: FORBES, G.M. - George Herbert's Country Parson. Selected Passages.
4547: CLEVERLEY FORD D.W. - More Preaching from the New Testament.
4545: CLEVERLEY FORD D.W. - Preaching on the Crucifixion.
17314: FORD, ELIZABETH. - The Green Beetle.
18465: FORD, LEIGHTON. - The Christian Persuader.
19332: FORD, LEIGHTON. - The Christian Persuader. A new look at Evangelism Today. (Foreword by Billy Graham.)
6735: FORD, SIR JOHN. - Honest to Christ.
6815: FORD, WORTHINGTON CHAUNCEY.(EDITOR). - Letters of Henry Adams (1858 - 1891).
14208: FORD, BORIS. (ED). - The Age of Chaucer. (A guide to English literature Vol. 1).
11541: FORD, BORIS. - From Blake to Byron. Pelican Guide to English Literature 5.
24712: FORD, DAVID F. - The Shape of Living.
42742: FORD, JACK. - In the Steps of John Wesley. The Church of the Nazarene in Britain.
33627: FORD, REV. JACK. - What the Holiness People Believe.: A Mid-Century Review of Holiness Teaching among the Holiness Groups of Britain.
43211: FORD, SALLIE ROCHESTER, (1828-1910) . - Mary Bunyan, The Dreamer's Blind Daughter. A Tale. By Sallie Rochester Ford.
35836: FORD, NORMAN R. - The Black The Grey and The Gold.
45791: FORD, DENHAM. - The Sir Thomas Beecham Society 1964-1988. Newsletters 1-128 Complete.
38074: FORD, LAURA. - Between Two Jubilees. Bures: A Village Correspondent's View.

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