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15188: BROWNING, WILFRID. - Meet the New Testament. A Guide for Parish Groups and Private Study.
41294: BROWNLIE, REV. JOHN. - Pilgrim Songs. (Third Series).
21160: BROWNLOW, REV W.G. AND PRYNE, REV A. - Ought American Slavery to be Perpuated? A Debate. (held at Philadelphia,September 1858).
20671: BROWNRIGG, RONALD. - Come and See. For Pilgrims and Leaders of Pilgrimages.
17130: BROWNRIGG, RONALD. - Come See the Place. A Pilgrim Guide to the Holy Land.
27842: BROWNSON, WILLIAM C. - Courage to Pray.
27843: BROWNSON, WILLIAM C. - Life in the Light of the Gospel. Studies in I Corinthians.
46191: BRUCE, ANDREW. - The Bruce - Robert King of Scots. A Personal View.
16963: BRUCE, CHRISTINA. - The Woman A to Z of Health.
29644: BRUCE, F.F. - In Retrospect: Remembrance of Things Past.
7885: BRUCE, F.F. - Israel and the Nations. The History of Israel from the Exodus to the Fall of the Second Temple.
23531: BRUCE, F.F. - The English Bible.
7261: BRUCE, MICHAEL. - No Empty Creed.
20672: BRUCE, MICHAEL. - The Science of Prayer.
39915: BRUCE, REV. W.S. - Social Aspects of Christian Morality.
43624: BRUCE, F.F. - Are The New Testament Documents Reliable?.
46187: BRUCE, SCOTT G. - Silence and Sign Language in Medieval Monasticism. The Cluniac Tradition c.900-1200.
44902: BRUCE, CHARLES SIR 1836-1920. - Broad Stone Of Empire: Problems Of Crown Colony Administration, With Records Of Personal Experience. By Sir Charles Bruce ...With maps.
13985: BRUCE, F.F. - The Pauline Circle.
15937: BRUCKBERGER, RAYMOND LEOPOLD. - The Miracles of the Wolf of Gubbio. A Parable. (Translated from the French by Gerold Lauck & Illustrated by Peter Lauck.)
40001: BRUEGGEMANN, WALTER. - Using God's Resources Wisely: Isaiah and Urban Possibility.
30069: BRUEMMER, FRED. - Seals in the Wild.
6095: BRUGELMANN, HANS. (EDITOR). - Safari Case Studies. The Teachers' Centre.
45478: BRUGES, W..E. - Ecclesiastes. Based on the Septuagint.
42572: BRUGSCH-BEY, HEINRICH / BRODRICK, M. - Egypt Under The Pharaohs. A History Derived Entiely from The Monuments By Heinrich Brugsch-Bey. A New Edition Condensed And Thoroughly Revised By M. Brodrick. with Maps, Plans, And Illustrations.
26151: BRUIN, JANET. - The South and the Bretton Woods Institutions.
30289: BRULE, JEAN-PIERRE. - China Comes of Age. (Translated by Rosemary Sheed.)
45135: BRUMMER, VINCENT. - Theology & Philosophical Inquiry. An Introduction.
24435: BRUNER, KURT D. - Responsible Living in an Age of Excuses.
352: BRUNNER, EMIL. - Our Faith. (trans. John W. Rilling).
349: BRUNNER, EMIL. - Our Faith. (Translated by John W. Rilling).
350: BRUNNER, EMIL. - The Mediator. A study of the central doctrine of the Christian faith. (translated by Olive Wyon).
19929: BRUNNER, EMIL. - I Believe in the Living God. Sermons on the Apostles' Creed. (Translated and edited by John Holden).
43038: BRUNNER, EMIL. - The Misunderstanding of the Church. (Translated by Harold Knight).
43978: BRUNNER, EMIL. - The Divine-Human Encounter. (translated by Amandus W. Loos).
23817: BRUNO, FRANK. - Psychology: A Life-Centered Approach.
14644: BRUNS, DIMITRI, KANGROPOOL, RASMUS, & KALLION, VALMI. - The Architecture of Tallinn.
47441: BRUNT, P.A. & MOORE, J.M. (INTRODUCTION AND COMMENTARY). - Res Gestae Divi Augusti. The Achievements of the Divine Augustus.
21215: BRUSH, JOHN W. - Who's Who in Church History.
18959: BRUYN, LUCY DE. - Woman and the Devil in Sixteenth-Century Literature.
7021: BRYAN, ZINNIA. - Let's Talk to God. Illustrated by Gwen Gibson.
6345: BRYANT, A.J. (ARRANGED BY). - Query Corner. Three hundred questions and answers on the C.of E.
32552: BRYANT, CHARLES W. - The City at the Water's Edge.
7022: BRYANT, JOHN, AND WINTER, DAVID. - Well God, Here we are again.
43917: BRYANT, ARTHUR. - Postman's Horn.
45786: BRYANT, LOUISE. - Six Red Months in Russia.
46028: BRYCE, JAMES VISCOUNT 1838-1922. - Arnold Prize Essay. 1863. The Holy Roman Empire. by James Bryce, B.A., Fellow of Oxford College .
19654: BRYHER. (PSEUDONYM W. ELLERMAN). - Roman Wall.
12641: BUBER, MARTIN. - Between Man & Man.
16839: BUBER, MARTIN. - Biblical Humanism. Eighteen Studies. (Edited by Nahum N. Glatzer).
16273: BUCAILLE, MAURICE. - The Bible The Qur'an and Science.
24852: BUCHAN, ALASTAIR. - Change Without War. The Shifting Structure of World Power.
47824: BUCHAN, JOHN. - Greenmantle.
18752: BUCHANAN, COLIN. - Anglicans and Worship in Local Ecumenical Projects. (Grove Worship Series No.101).
14771: BUCHANAN, COLIN. - Modern Anglican Ordination Rites. (Liturgical Study 3).
21032: BUCHANAN, COLIN. - Open to Others. Ephesians: Overcoming barriers in today's church.
18754: BUCHANAN, COLIN. - Policies for Infant Baptism. (Grove Worship Series No.98).
20457: BUCHANAN, COLIN. - Revising the ASB (Grove Worship No.107).
21033: BUCHANAN, COLIN. - The Liturgy for Infant Baptism (Series 3) (Grove Ministry and Worship 37).
23533: BUCHANAN, COLIN. - The Lord's Prayer in the Church of England (Grove Worship 131).
18755: BUCHANAN, COLIN. - Unity on the Ground.
1752: BUCHANAN, JOHN. - An Oakham Overture to Poetry.
17667: BUCHANAN, MARY. - The Children's Village. The Village of Peace.
33044: BUCHANAN, PATRICK. - A Requiem of Sharks. (A Novel of Suspense).
14836: BUCHANAN, THOMAS G. - Who Killed Kennedy?
34262: BUCHANAN, GEORGE . - Geor: Buchanani Scoti, Poemata quae extant. Editio postrema. [ Paraphrasis Psalmorum Davidis poetica. ]
35024: BUCHANAN, JAMES. - The Doctrine of Justification.
19748: BUCHNER, GREET AND HOOGVELT, FIEKE. - Nature on Your Side. How to keep pests out of the garden and the home.
36099: BUCK, W. BRO. KEITH. - Provincial Grand Lodge of Essex 1776-1976.
1769: BUCKELL,A.C. - The Prodigal Son. Considered in Five Acts.
8220: BUCKINGHAM, HUGH. - Feeling Good.
4100: BUCKINGHAM, HUGH. - How to be a Christian in Trying Circumstances.
41768: BUCKLAND, REV. A.R. AND MULLINS, REV. J.D. - The Missionary Speaker's Manual. A Handbook for Deputations and Workers.
355: BUCKLER, REGINALD. - The Perfection of Man by Charity. A Spiritual Treatise.
43927: BUCKLER, GEORGINA. - Anna Comnena: A Study.
11578: BUCKLEY, MICHAEL. - Seeking His Peace.
32797: BUCKLEY, WILLIAM F. JR. - High Jinx.
47327: BUCKTON, HENRY. - The Royal British Legion Golden Book of Remembrance. A Tribute to Those Who Served.
15135: BUDD, ROSEMARY. - Journey of Prayer.
30497: BUDGE, FRANCES ANN. - Annals of the Early Friends. A Series of Biographical Sketches.
44962: BUDGE, FRANCES ANNE. - Isaac Sharp. An Apostle of the Nineteenth Century.
36274: R. A. O. B. - ROYAL ANTEDILUVIAN ORDER OF BUFFALOES . - Certificate of the Degree of Primo Joseph Goldsmith Smith .
44283: BUFFON, GEORGES LOUIS LECLERC COMTE DE (1707-1788). / COMTE, ACHILLE JOSEPH (1802-1866) / ADAM, JEAN VICTOR (1801-1867 - ILLUSTRATOR) : - 'Le Comte's Book Of Birds' - The Book Of Birds: Edited And Abridged From The Text Of Buffon. By M. Achille Comte, Illustrated By One Hundred And Fifty Designs By Victor Adam. Translated From The Original By Benjamin Clarke.
21756: BUHLMANN, WALBERT. - All have the same God. An encounter with the peoples and religions of Asia.
21169: BUHLMANN, WALBERT. - The Chosen Peoples. (Translated from the German by Robert R. Barr.)
24024: BUHLMANN, WALBERT. - The Church of the Future. A Model for the Year 2001.
10397: BUHLMANN, WALBERT. - With Eyes to See. Church and World in the Third Millennium. Trans. from German by Robert R. Barr.
27459: BUHRIG, MARGA. - Women Invisible. A Personal Odyssey in Christian Feminism.
16111: BULFINCH, THOMAS. - The Age of Fable.
2979: BULL, PAUL B. - The Economics of the Kingdom of God.
24025: BULL, PAUL B. - The Way of Conversion. Being Mission Sermons and Instructions for Home Reading.
33939: BULL, PAUL B. - The Spirit of Wisdom, Love, and Power: Instructions and Material for Meditation.
38565: BULL, FREDERICK WILLIAM . - A History Of Free Masonry with Historic Reference to the Province Of Warwickshire and Guy's Lodge 395 By Bro. Fredk. Wm. Bull Cor. Circle Coronati No. 2076, London Guy's Warwickshire No. 395. Plantation (S.C.) No. 581...
43150: BULL, A.J. - Poems in Pamphlet 1952. III. Drift. Poems and Sonnets.
43025: BULL, ARTHUR J. - Chromatic Airs. A Selection of Verse.
7670: BULLEN, ANTHONY. - Parents, Children and God.
20673: BULLEN, ANTHONY. - What's Happening to our Children? Faith-tensions in Christian Families Today.
26930: BULLEY, BISHOP CYRIL. - Faith Fire and Fun.
42969: BULLOCK, CHARLES. - The Queen's Resolve and Her "Doubly Royal" Reign of Sixty Years.
5305: BULLOUGH, SEBASTIAN. - Roman Catholicism.
27044: BULMER-THOMAS, IVOR. - St.Paul: Teacher and Traveller.
28020: BULOW-OLSEN, ANNE. - Plant Communities. (Illustrated by Susanne Larsen.) Translated from the Danish by Joan Tate.
26931: BULT, DR. J. - Bible and Evolution. (Translated from the Dutch).
46990: BULTMANN, RUDOLF. - Jesus and the Word.
47059: BULTMANN, RUDOLPH. - The History of the Synoptic Tradition. Translated by John Marsh.
46048: BULWER, E. L. ( BARON EDWARD GEORGE LYTTON [OR, BULWER LYTTON] 1803-1873 ) . - The Student. By E. L. Bulwer. - In One Volume.
45690: BUNCE, GORDON. - Lucas in Birmingham.
39508: BUNGEY, DAVID. - Education in Essex. 1964-1973.
5306: BUNKER, MICHAEL. - The Church on the Hill. The Remarkable Rebirth of a Local Church.
34311: BUNTING, IAN. - Models of Ministry. Managing the Church To-Day. (Grove Pastoral 54).
46345: BUNTROCK, MALCOLM (ILLUSTRATOR) AND BUNTROCK, MARGARET (TEXT). - Suffolk Scenes. (Millennium Edition).
44628: BUNYAN, JOHN 1628-1688. [ STURT, JOHN 1658-1730. - ILLUSTRATOR ] . - The Pilgrim's Progress From This World To That Which Is To Come...The thirty-second edition, adorned with curious sculptures, engraved by J. Sturt. To which is added, The Life of the Author, by a Friend of the Gospel.
43206: BUNYAN, JOHN / BROWN, JOHN . - A Book for Boys and Girls; Or, Country Rhymes for Children. By John Bunyan. Being A Facsimile Of The Unique First Edition, Published In 1686, Deposited In The British Museum. With And Introduction, Giving An Account Of The Work, By Rev. John Brown...
20003: BUNYAN, JOHN. - Grace Abounding.
23288: BUNYAN, JOHN. - Prayer.
23602: BUNYAN, JOHN. - The Holy War made by Shaddai upon Diabolus. For the Regaining of the Metropolis of the World or the Losing and Taking again of the town Mansoul.
12402: BUNYAN, JOHN. - The Pilgrim's Progress From This World to that which is to come. With 14 etchings by William Strang.
46410: BUNYAN, JOHN. (1628-1688). - Bunyan's Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners; Heart's Ease in Heart Trouble; The World to Come, or Visions of Heaven and Hell; and The Barren Fig-Tree.
43351: BUNYAN, JOHN. - The Pilgrim's Progress. (The Bedford Edition).
47248: BUNYAN, JOHN (1628-1688) / SCOTT, THOMAS (1747-1821) . - The Pilgrim's Progress, By John Bunyan. With Original Notes By Thomas Scott, Chaplain to the Lock Hospital. [ Parts 1 & 2 ] .
43187: BUNYAN, JOHN. - John Bunyan. An Autobiography. (With Illustrations by Mr E.N.Downard, Engraved by Mr Edward Whymper).
43648: BUNYAN, JOHN 1628-1688. - The Life and Death of Mr. Badman; Presented to the World in a Familiar Dialogue Between Mr. Wiseman and Mr. Attentive. By John Bunyan, Author of the Pilgrim's Progress. A New Edition.
46674: BUNYAN, JOHN 1628-1688 / WHITEFIELD, GEORGE 1714-1770. - The Works Of that eminent servant of Christ, Mr. John Bunyan. With copper-plates, adapted to the Pilgrim's progress, the Holy war, &c. In two volumes... The third edition: to which are now added, the Divine Emblems...Preface By... George Whitfield
46623: BUNYAN, JOHN 1628-1688 - The Holy War made by Shaddai upon Diabolus. For the Regaining of the Metropolis of the World or the Losing and Taking again of the town Mansoul. By Mr. John Bunyan... New and Correct Edition Illustrated with Notes... By W. Mason
30167: BURBIDGE, WM.F. - The Wizard of Wales. A Biographical Sketch of the Rt. Hon. David Lloyd George.
47726: LEO BURBRIDGE (FORMER ADJUTANT OF THE 487TH BOMB GROUP). - The History of the 487th Bombardment Group, 22 September 1943 to 7 November 1945 .
23729: BURCH, OLIVER. - The Infidel Sea. Travels in North Cyprus.
8018: BURCH, VACHER. - Jesus Christ and His Revelation. Fresh Evidence from Christian Sources and Josephus.
35834: BURDEN, JOY. - Winging Westward. From Eton Dungeon to Millfield Desk.
36898: BURDETT, BRIAN V WITH STURGEON, SHIRLEY M. - The Christmas Carol Book.
40522: BURDICK, DONALD. - Tongues - To Speak or Not to Speak.
8221: BURDON, CHRISTOPHER. - Stumbling on God.
42752: THE CONCRETE UTILITIES BUREAU. - Concrete. How It Is Made.
42751: THE CONCRETE UTILITIES BUREAU. - Concrete: A Unique Building Material and Substitute for Timber, Bricks, Iron & Steel.
42753: THE CONCRETE UTILITIES BUREAU. - Concrete Tanks & Cisterns.
42756: THE CONCRETE UTILITIES BUREAU. - Concrete Troughs and Wells.
42758: THE CONCRETE UTILITIES BUREAU. - Concrete Blocks. How to Make and Use Them.
42757: THE CONCRETE UTILITIES BUREAU. - Concrete in the Home.
42755: THE CONCRETE UTILITIES BUREAU. - Concrete Farm Buildings.
6686: VAN BUREN, PAUL. - The Secular Meaning of the Gospel. Based on an analysis of its language.
5383: VAN BUREN, PAUL. - The Secular Meaning of the Gospel. How many a Christian who is himself a secular man understand the Gospel.
41348: BURFORD, E.J. AND WOTTON, JOY. - Private Vices - Public Virtues. Bawdry in London from Elizabethan Times to the Regency.
37954: BURFORD, ROGER ET AL. - Appointment With Seven.
18757: BURGE, TED. - Lord of All, Hear Our Prayer. Intercessions and Meditations for Use in Public Worship and Private Prayer.
40047: BURGE, TED. - Lord For All Seasons. Meditative Prayers on the Lectionary Readings Years A, B & C.
23821: BURGESS, ALAN. - Daylight Must Come. The Story of Dr. Helen Roseveare.
29648: BURGESS, H.J. - Prayer Book Spirituality.
17530: BURGESS, HELEN (ED). - A Book of Verse for Girls.
4535: BURGESS, JOHN AND OTHERS. - Christians in Cumbria.
8067: BURGESS, THORNTON. - Billy Mink. (Illustrated by Harrison Cady).
46836: BURGESS, ANTHONY. - Homage to QWERT YUIOP. Selected Journalism 1978-1985.
25658: BURGESS, NEIL. - Into Deep Water. The Experience of Curates in the Church of England.
34125: BURGESS, FRANCIS. - The Plainchant Evening Psalter and Canticles.
45936: BURGESS, ANTHONY. - 1985.
16007: BURKE, ANNE. - Twelve Lessons for Confirmation in Secondary Schools.
22128: BURKE, DAVE. - Struggling to Believe. Help for Christians on the brink of abandoning their faith.
29453: BURKE, VINCENT. - Teachers in Turmoil.
33775: BURKE, DEREK. (EDITOR). - Creation and Evolution.: When Christians Disagree.
33108: BURKITT, F.C. - Early Christianity Outside the Roman Empire.
8512: BURL, AUBREY. - The Stone Circles of the British Isles.
31074: BURLEY, W.J. - Wycliffe and the House of Fear.
36782: BURMAN, EDWARD. - Supremely Abominable Crimes: The Trial of the Knights Templar.
14866: BURMAN, BEN LUCIEN. - Look Down That Winding River. An Informal Profile of the Mississippi. Illusrated by Alice Caddy.
43109: BURMAN, EDWARD. - The Assassins. Holy Killers of Islam.
44722: BURN-MURDOCH, B. (EDITOR). - Records of Huntingdonshire. The Journal of the Huntingdonshire Local History Society. Vol.3 No.7.
10840: BURN, A.E. - An Introduction to the Creeds and to the Te Deum.
1773: BURN, JOHN HENRY.(EDITOR). - Doctrine and Duty. Sermons for Sundays, Holy Days, and Special Occasions.
18332: BURN, RICHARD. - The Two Counties of Suffolk. A Pictorial Study by Richard Burn and other East Anglian Photographers.
368: BURNABY, JOHN. - Christian Words and Christian Meanings.
16008: BURNABY, JOHN. - Our Thought of God. The Meaning of Christian Faith.
9388: BURNABY, JOHN. - The Belief of Christendom. A Commentary on the Nicene Creed.
1879: BURNABY, JOHN. - The Belief of Christendom. A Commentary on the Nicene Creed.
47817: BURNER, DAVID AND MARCUS, ANTHONY. - Turning Points: Making Decisions in American History to 1876. (Volume I).
46012: BURNET, JOHN. - Platonism.
45185: BURNETT, FRANCES HODGSON. - That Lass O' Lowrie's.
47186: BURNETT, DAVID. - Victorian Legacy.
37539: BURNETT, DAVID. - Sudbury, Suffolk: The Unlisted Heritage.
45449: BURNETT, ANDREW. - Coinage in the Roman World.
16721: BURNEY,C.F. - Israel's Hope of Immortality. Four Lectures.
17668: BURNFORD, SHEILA. - The Incredible Journey. (Illustrated by Carl Burger).
10906: BURNHAM, DAVID. - The Rise of the Computer State.
37356: BURNHAM, ANDREW. - Heaven & Earth in Little Space: The Re-enchantment of Liturgy.
28243: BURNIE, MARY D., & HINDLE, FANNY. - Teacher Training in the Sunday School.
10198: BURNISH, RAYMOND. - The Meaning of Baptism: A Comparison of the Teaching and Practice of the 4th Century with the Present Day.
16614: BURNLEY, JUDITH (ED). - Penguin Modern Stories 6.
16964: BURNLEY, JUDITH. - Penguin Modern Stories. 11.
369: BURNS, JAMES. - Illustrations from Art for Pulpit and Platform.
20325: BURNS, ROBERT. - Selected Burns for Young Readers.
23011: BURNS, WILLIAM. - Revival Sermons.
47914: BURNS, ROBERT / MACKAY, JAMES. (EDITOR). - The Complete Letters of Robert Burns.
47633: BURNS, ROBERT (1759-1796) / [STEPHENSEN, P. R. (PERCY REGINALD) 1901-1965] . - Not For Maids, Ministers, Or Striplings. The Merry Muses. A Choice Collection Of Favourite Songs Gathered From Many Sources. By Robert Burns. To Which Are Added Two Of His Letters And A Poem - Hitherto Suppressed - Never Before Printed..
38547: BURR, ALISON. - Families & Alcoholics.
8642: BURRA, ELIZABETH. - Who Comes First. Illustrated by Pamela Dormer.
44382: BURRAGE, CHAMPLIN ( 1874-1951 ) . - The True Story of Robert Browne (1550?-1633-Father of Congregationalism, including various points hitherto unknown or misunderstood, with some account of the development of his religious views, and an extended and improved list of his writings.
13987: BURRELL, MAURICE C. / WRIGHT, J. STAFFORD. - Some Modern Faiths.
23289: BURROUGH, HOWARD C. - Sure and Certain Hope. Some Questions Asked and Answered about The Resurrection and The Life of the World to Come.
47102: BURROUGH, REV. HENRY - Lectures on the Church Catechism : Confirmation, and the nature and obligation of religious vows. By Henry Burrough LL.D. Prebendary of Peterborough. The Second Edition.
15337: BURROUGHS. JR, WILLIAM. - Kentucky Ham.
33688: BURROUGHS, RT REV.E.A. - The Christian Church and War.
39566: BURROWS, JOHN. - Making Crime Prevention Pay: Initiatives from Business.
29260: BURSEY, JACK. - Antarctic Night.
39460: BURSIK, ROBERT J. (EDITOR). - Criminology. An Interdisciplinary Journal. Volume 36. Number 2. May 1998.
30127: BURT, RAMSAY. - The Male Dancer. Bodies, Spectacle, Sexualities.
47338: BURT, J.E. - Burt's Directory and Guide of Mayfair and District. 1953. Coronation Edition.
19655: BURTON, ARTHUR. - Modern Humanistic Psychotherapy.
9493: BURTON, S.H. - The Lorna Doone Trail.
13236: BURTON-JONES, JULIA. - Now and Forever. Reflection on the later years of life.
46620: BURTON, ANTHOONY / COOTE, CLIVE. (PHOTOGRAPHER). - Industrial Archaeological Sites of Britain. (signed).
33243: BURTON, ANDREW AND RADFORD, JOHN.(EDITORS). - Thinking in Perspective: Critical Essays in the Study of Thought Processes.
47021: BURTON, DORIS. - Valiant Men of God. Volume 2.
44369: BURTON, I.F. / RILEY, P.W.J. & ROWLANDS,E. - Political Parties in the Reign of William III and Anne: The Evidence of Division Lists.
23250: BUSCH, NIVEN. - Duel in the Sun.
18758: BUSH, RICHARD C. - Religion in China.
46175: BUSH, MICHAEL. - The Casualties of Peterloo.
38469: BUSHELL, LYNN. - The Glass House. (Signed).
13642: BUSHILL, P.N. - Hosannas in the Temple.
40988: BUSHNELL, IAN W.R. AND MULLIN, JIM T. - Cognitive Psychology. A Computerized Laboratory Course. (Student Workbook).
17257: BUSTANOBY, ANDRE WITH BUSTANOBY, FAY. - Just Talk to Me. Talking and Listening For a Happier Marriage.
9389: BUTCHER, GEORGETTE. - Good Night Lord.
18759: BUTCHER, GEORGETTE. - Moments with God. Prayers and Readings for Women.
18452: BUTCHER, H.J AND LOMAX, D.E. - Readings in Human Intelligence.
18453: BUTCHER, H.J. - Human Intelligence Its Nature and Assessment.
38732: BUTCHER, CATHERINE.(EDITOR). - Changing Lives! Daily Readings for Women who Want More Than a Makeover.
42990: BUTCHER, CHARLES H . - Essex Bronze Implements and weapons in the Colchester Museum. Borough Of Colchester Museum Publication No. 1.
21568: BUTHELEZI, MANGOSUTHU G. - South Africa. My Vision of the Future.
19211: BUTLER, BARBARA & TOM. - Just Mission.
15570: BUTLER, BRYON. (EDITOR). - Sports Report. 40 Years of the Best. (Foreword by HRH The Princess Royal).
9329: BUTLER, JEAN CAMPBELL. - Danger Shark!
4991: BUTLER, JOSEPH. - Sermons.
3542: BUTLER, JOSEPH. - The Analogy of Religion Natural and Revealed to the Constitution and Course of Nature. With an introduction and an Appendix by Henry Morley.
20558: BUTLER, MILDRED, ALLEN. - Actress in Spite of Herself. The Life of Anna Cora Mowatt.
25174: BUTLER, PAUL. - Reaching Families.
3289: BUTLER, SAMUEL. - God the Known and God the Unknown.
6016: BUTLER,F.W. - Christian Thought. A Grammar of Reinterpretation or Christianity and Nature.
34762: BUTLER, MOLLIE. - August & Rab: A Memoir.
20675: BUTT, JOHN. - Fielding. Writers and their works No. 57.
19107: BUTTER, CHARLES M. - Neuropsychology: the Study of Brain and Behavior.
30193: BUTTERFIELD, HERBERT. - Writings on Christianity and History.
22130: BUTTERFIELD, P.D. - How to Make your Confession. A Primer for Members of the Church of England.
376: BUTTERWORTH, G.W. - Jesus, Leader of Men.
40010: BUTTRICK, DAVID. - Homiletic.Moves and Structures.
28622: BUXTON, EDMUND DIGBY. (EDITOR.) - Prayer - Plus. Prayers linked with Bible verses. (Foreword by Bishop John V. Taylor.)
28473: BUXTON, RICHARD F. - Eucharist and Institution Narrative. (Alcuin Club Collections No.58).
23823: BUXTON, RICHARD. - Local Government. (2nd ed).
43250: BUXTON, MARIA. - Antarctic Diary. A letter to her family by Maria Buxton.
27046: BUZZING, PAULINE. - Let's Sing and Make Music. Ideas and Advice for Those Who are Engaged in Christian Education with Children and Young People.
27194: BYE, BERYL AND BADROCKE, JOYCE. - About God...... Bedtime Stories and Prayers for Children.
19108: BYE, BERYL AND BADROCKE, JOYCE. - Please God ... Prayers for children.
23603: BYE, BERYL. - Learning from Life. Talks for Women (2).
14168: BYE, BERYL. - Looking Into Life, Talks for Women.
5692: BYE, BERYL. - More People Like Us.
23012: BYE, BERYL. - People Like Us.
44217: BYERS, MARGARETTA. (WITH KAMHOLZ, CONSUELO). - Designing Women. The Art, Technique, and Cost of Being Beautiful. (Illustrated by Jane Miller).
21869: BYRNE, DAVID. (ET AL). - Schools Council. Modular Courses in Technology. Materials Technology. (Teacher's Guide).
21368: BYRNE, JAMES. - Glory, Jest and Riddle. Religious Thought in the Enlightenment.
15297: BYRNE, LAVINIA. - The Journey is My Home.
4102: BYRNE, LAVINIA. - Women before God.
4302: BYRNE, LAVINIA. - Sharing the Vision. Creative Encounters Between Religious and Lay Life.
7567: BYRNE, LAVINIA. - A Time to Receive. Preparing for Easter with BBC Religious Programmes.
35857: BYRNE, JAMES. - Glory, Jest and Riddle: Religious Thought in the Enlightenment.
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46617: 18TH CENTURY MISSAL - CATHOLIC . - Officium B. Mariae Virginis : Nuper reformatum, & S. PII V. Pont. Max. jussu editum, Ad instar Breviarii Romani sub Urbano VIII. recogniti, ubi omnia suis locis sunt extensa...
42726: ROMAN CATHOLIC - Collectio Ex Rituali Romano .
39424: COMMITTEE OF ENGLISH CATHOLICS. - To the Right Reverend Father in God, John, Bishop of Centuria, Vicar Apostolic of the Southern District of England: My lord. We have seen a encyclical letter ...
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5612: CENTRAL BOARD OF FINANCE, CHURCH OF ENGLAND. - Partners in Ministry. Report.
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39668: LONDON HAZARDS CENTRE. - Sick Building Syndrome. Causes, Effects and Control.
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47157: PROBATE CERTIFICATE - 18TH CENTURY. - Probate certificate of Richard Newall of Bristol, Gloucestershire.
47161: PROBATE CERTIFICATE - 18TH CENTURY. - Probate certificate of John Willett, Cirencester, Gloucestershire.
47867: LADY HAWK'S PRAYER BOOK - 18TH CENTURY . - The Book of Common Prayer, And Administration Of The Sacraments, And Other Rites And ceremoniesOf The Church, According to the Use of The Church of England; Together with the Psalter or Psalms Of David...
47318: MASONIC - 19TH CENTURY - Membership Book - Burdett Coutts Lodge No. 1278
46655: BOOK BOX - 19TH CENTURY. - Large Victorian Book Box.
44033: GREEK NEW TESTAMENT - 18TH CENTURY - [ MAITTAIRE, MICHAEL 1667-1747 - EDITOR ] . - [Tes kaines diathekes hapanta.] Novum Testamentum .
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46853: VELVET PRAYER BOOK - 19TH CENTURY . - The Book Of Common Prayer And Administration of The Sacraments, And Other Rites And Ceremonies Of The Church, According To The Use Of The Church of England: Togehter With The Proper Lessons For Sundays And Other Holy-Days.
41377: A SUFFOLK RECTOR [ NEALE, ERSKINE 1804-1883 ] . MASONIC - 19TH CENTURY . - Stray Leaves from a Freemason's Note-book. By A Suffolk Rector.
17039: CERES. - Herbal Teas for Health and Healing.
16453: CERES. - Herbal Teas. For Health and Healing.
40586: 19TH CENTURY MASONIC CERTIFICATE. - Charles Mactaggart, Fraternity and Perseverance Lodge 1746, Benares, India.
47793: CERVANTES, SAAVEDRA, MIGUEL DE (1547-1616) / SHORE, T. TEIGNMOUTH (THOMAS TEIGNMOUTH SHORE 1841-1911) / CLARK, J. W. (JOHN WILLIS CLARK 1833-1910) / DORE, GUSTAVE 1832-1883 . - The History Of Don Quixote. By Cervantes. The Text Edited By J. W. Clark, And A Biographical Notice Of Cervantes By T. Teignmouth Shore. Illustrated By Gustave Dore .
47621: CERVANTES, SAAVEDRA, MIGUEL DE 1547-1616 / SMOLLETT, T. - TRANSLATOR (TOBIAS SMOLLETT 1721-1771 ) . - The History And Adventures Of The Renowned Don Quixote. Translated From The Spanish of Miguel De cervantes Saavedra. To Which Is Prefixed, Some Account Of The Author's Life By T. Smollett,, M.D. Ornamented With Engravings...
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23302: CHANTRY, WALTER J. - Signs of the Apostles. Observations on Pentecostalism Old and New,
26160: CHAPLIN, RAY. - Poems & Pictures for the Young.
3116: CHAPLIN, RAY. - Poems and Pieces for all.
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5312: CHAPMAN, COLIN. - Christianity on Trial. Questions of God, man and the universe. Book 2.
27047: CHAPMAN, COLIN. - Christianity onTrial: Book Three. Questions About Jesus Christ.
12235: CHAPMAN, COLIN. - You go and do the Same. Studies in relating to Muslims.
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18766: CHAVASSE, C.M. - Two Dreams. Good Friday. Easter Day.
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17260: CHAVE-JONES, MYRA. - The Gift of Helping.
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23027: CHCC. (COLLEGE OF HEALTH CARE CHAPLAINS). - Annual Study Conference. Ripon 2000. "Change - Friend or Foe?".
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46199: CHECKLAND, SYDNEY. - The Elgins 1766-1917. A Tale of Aristocrats, Proconsuls and Their Wives.
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33926: DIOCESE OF CHELMSFORD. - Services for Use in the Diocese of Chelmsford.
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39007: CHESLER, MURIEL. (COMPILER AND EDITOR). - A Shield About Me. The Six Day War portrayed in letters from Israel.
15717: CHESSER, EUSTACE. - Unmarried Love. Sexual wisdom for the single.
43124: CHESTER, PAUL (EDITOR) . - Frinton-on-Sea - The True Story .
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1796: CHESTERTON, W. RIDLEY. - Jesus by the Seaside. A series of Sermons preached at Worthing.
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15193: CHILCOTT, MONK, J.P. - Visions.
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19111: CHILD, JOHN. - The Business Enterprise in Modern Industrial Society.
18333: CHILD, KENNETH. - In His Own Parish: Pastoral Care through Parochial Visiting.
18267: CHILD, R.L. - A Conversation about Baptism.
25189: CONSULTATIVE GROUP ON MINISTRY AMONG CHILDREN. - Unfinished Business. Children and the Churches.
10319: METHODIST CHURCH & NCH ACTION FOR CHILDREN. - The Cities. A Methodist Report.
26963: INTERNATIONAL CHILDREN'S BIBLE. - Gospel of John. New Century Version. The Version Children Can Read and Understand.
27048: CHILDREN'S COUNCIL. - Companion of Christ (Part II). Teaching Guides for young people over eleven years of age, together with Notes for Leaders.
27049: CHILDREN'S COUNCIL. - Companions of Christ (Part 1). Teaching Guides for young people over eleven years of age, together with Notes for Leaders.
25176: CHILDREN'S SOCIETY. - Children and Divorce. The Report of an Ecumenical Working Party on the Effects of Divorce on Children.
3221: CHILDS, S.H. - The Gospel in Experience. An Introduction to Christian Doctrine.
3427: CHILTON, BRUCE. - Beginning New Testament Study.
43094: CHILTON, HEYWOOD . - Eighth Centenary of Holy Trinity Church Barrow-upon-Soar, 1938 / A Short History Of Holy Trinity Church Barrow-Upon-Soar by Heywood Chilton .
21038: CHILVERS, ROGER. - Discovery Group Leadership Training. A Training Course for Nurture Group Leaders.
16278: CHINMOY, SRI. - The Garland of Nation-Souls. Complete Talks at the United Nations.
46742: CHIPPENDALE, THOMAS (1718-1779) / BELL, J. MUNRO / HAYDEN, ARTHUR (1868-1946) . - The Furniture Designs of Thomas Chippendale. Arranged by J. Munro Bell. With an introduction and critical estimate by Arthur Hayden.
23609: CHIRGWIN, A.M. - They Translated the Bible.
33459: CHISENHALE-MARSH, T.C. (TRANSLATOR) . - Domesday Book Relating To Essex Translated by T. C. Chisenhale-Marsh
46421: CHITTY, SUSAN . - An Intelligent Woman’s Guide to Good Taste. Edited by Susan Chitty. Illustrated by May Routh & Peter Kneebone.
17377: CHO, DR. PAUL YONGGI. - Successful Home Cell Groups.
46775: CHOMSKY, NOAM. - Necessary Illusions. Thought Control in Democratic Societies.
19448: CHOPE, R.R. - Carols for Use in Church during Christmas and Epiphany. (Music edited by Herbert Stephen Irons. With an Introduction by S.Baring Gould).
19552: CHOPRA, DEEPAK. - Boundless Energy. The complete mind-body programme for overcoming chronic fatigue.
19553: CHOPRA, DEEPAK. - Perfect Digestion. The Complete Mind-Body Programme for Overcoming Digestive Disorders.
19554: CHOPRA, DEEPAK. - Perfect Health. The Complete Mind Body Guide (Revised ed).
9017: CHRISTENSEN, KAREN. - Home Ecology. Illustrated by Judy Strafford.
22644: CHRISTENSEN, MICHAEL J. - C.S. Lewis on Scripture. His Thoughts on the Nature of Biblical Inspiration, the Role of Revelation and the Question of Inerrancy.
12849: CHRISTENSON, EVELYN. - What Happens when Women Pray.
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47205: CHRISTIE, STEPHEN. - Slaughter in the Sun. (A Sexton Blake Novel).
37830: CHRISTMAS, TONY. - The Bulmer Brick & Tile Co. Ltd.
22933: CHRISTO, CARLOS. - Letters from a Prisoner of Conscience. (Translated by John Drury.)
47805: CHRISTOPHER, JOHN. - The World in Winter.
15662: CHRISTOPHER, TOM & ALISON. - Keep Smiling Through ...
4556: DONALDSON CHRISTOPHER. - Rising from the Root. The early Christians & tomorrow's Church.
15718: CHRISTY, JUDITH AND ROY. - Making Pottery.
46210: CHRISTY, MILLER. - The Bull Inn at Long Melford.
44375: CHRISTY, MILLER . - The Battle Of "Assandun": Where Was It Fought? By Miller Christy. Reprinted from The Journal Of The British Archaeological Association December, 1925.
27814: CHURCH, DEAN. - The Message of Peace and other Christmas Sermons.
22576: CHURCH, LESLIE F. - Listening at the Cross. Meditations on Calvary and the Seven Words.
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2002: CHURCH, LESLIE F. - The Early Methodist People.
12850: CHURCH, LESLIE F. (ED) - According to Matthew Henry. Paragraphs on Old Testament texts from his commentary.
11346: CHURCH,R.W. - Human Life and Its Conditions. Sermons preached before the University of Oxford in 1876-1878 with Three Ordination Sermons.
25916: HOME MISSION DIVISION OF THE METHODIST CHURCH. - Second Homes and the Church. With special Reference to Rural Wales.
24837: UNITED METHODIST CHURCH. - To Love and to Cherish. (For Engaged Couples). The Marriage Manual of The United Methodist Church.
21838: UNITED REFORMED CHURCH. - With People of Other Faiths in Britain. A Study Handbook for Christians.
44610: BRITISH ORTHODOX CHURCH. - The Raising of Incense and the Divine Liturgy of Saint James. (Congregational edition).
35764: ORTHODOX EASTERN CHURCH. - Octoechos : or, The book of eight tones : a primer containing the Sunday service in eight tones... [ Translated from the Slavonian first edition of 1891, by Professor N. Orloff ] .
46905: CHURCH, LESLIE F. - Oglethorpe: A Study of Philanthropy in England and Georgia.
14419: CHURCHER, ALEC. - The Second Mile.
21750: BRITISH COUNCIL FOR CHURCHES. - Observations on the Church from Britain and Abroad.
21751: BRITISH COUNCIL FOR CHURCHES. - Reflections. How Twenty-six Churches see their life and mission.
25168: BRITISH COUNCIL OF CHURCHES. - Arab Israeli Conflict: The Report of a Delegation to the Middle East.
25169: BRITISH COUNCIL OF CHURCHES. - Growing Together Locally Some Suggestions as to how the Ecumenical Movement can be made a reality wherever Christians of different traditions are found together.
26149: BRITISH COUNCIL OF CHURCHES. - Home and Family Life.
21752: BRITISH COUNCIL OF CHURCHES. - Relations with People of other Faiths. Guidelines for Dialogue in Britain.
7419: BRITISH COUNCIL OF CHURCHES. - The Next Steps for Churches together in Pilgrimage.
8079: BRITISH COUNCIL OF CHURCHES. - Views from the Pews.
14248: BRITISH COUNCIL OF CHURCHES. - Whose Rubicon? Report of a visit to South Africa by Representatives of the British Churches.
24832: THE BRITISH COUNCIL OF CHURCHES. - The Conflict in the Middle East and Religious Faith.
7529: WORLD COUNCIL OF CHURCHES - World Council of Churches.Yearbook 1999. Illustrated.
9139: WORLD COUNCIL OF CHURCHES. - Commemorating Amsterdam 1948: 40 years of the World Council of Churches.
8001: WORLD COUNCIL OF CHURCHES. - Nairobi to Vancouver.
9474: WORLD COUNCIL OF CHURCHES. - World Council of Churches Year Book 1995.
43757: WORLD COUNCIL OF CHURCHES. - Guidelines on Dialogue with People of Living Faiths and Ideologies.
18923: THE SCOTTISH CHURCHES' COUNCIL. - The Scottish Churches......Apart and Together Their History, characteristics and growing co-operation.
47611: CHURCHIILL, WINSTON 1874-1965. - My African Journey. By Winston Spencer Churchill, M.P. ... llustrations from photographs by the author and Lieutenanat-Colonel Gordon Wilson, and three maps.
18457: CHURCHILL, J.H. - Finding Communion.
18458: CHURCHILL, J.H. - Finding Prayer.
8372: CHURCHILL, J.H. - Putting Life Together.
47208: CHURCHILL, WINSTON - PRINTED SIGNATURE / VANDERKLOOT, WILLIAM / BIDDELL, WILLIAM - Liberator Bomber AL504 - Black & white photograph with 3 signatures + A typed letter from the Air Ministry with explanation.
11715: CHURCHILL, IRENE J; KEMP, REVD.CANON E.W.; JACOB,E.F.; AND DE BOULAY,F.R.H. - Mediaeval Records of the Archbishops of Canterbury. (Lambeth Lectures 1960).
26804: CHURCHMAN. - The Fallacy of "Collectivist" Christianity. A Challenge to the Industrial Christian Fellowship and the Council of Clergy and Ministers for Common Ownership.
45994: CHURCHWARD, JAMES. - The Children of Mu.
39877: CHURTON, REV. W.R. - Defence of the English Ordinal with Some Observations Upon Spiritual Jurisdiction and the Power of the Keys.
36064: CHURTON, TOBIAS . - Elias Ashmole (1617 - 1692) A Mighty Good Man .
47131: SAUNDERS CICELY. - Beyond the Horizon. A Search for Meaning in Suffering.
47684: CICERO, MARCUS TULLIUS / DAVIES, JOHN (1679-1732) EDITOR . - M. Tullii Ciceronis De Finibus Bonorum Et Malorum Libri Quinque. Ex recensione Joannis Davisii ... Cum ejusdem animadversionibus, et notis integris Petr. Victorii, P. Manucii, Joach. Camerarii, D. Lambini, ac Fulvi Ursini.. Editio Nova .
47276: CICERONIS, MARCUS TULLIUS / SCHREVEL, CORNELIS (1608-1664) / GRUTERUS, JANUS (1560-1627). - M. Tullii Ciceronis. Opera omnia: cum grvteri & selectis variorum notis indicibus locupletissimus, accurante C. Schrevelio
31759: CIRLOT, FELIX L. - The Early Eucharist.
2089: CIRLOT, FELIX L. - Christ and Divorce.
26630: CLAPHAM, REV. ARTHUR. - The Last Judgment and The Second Advent.
25823: CLAPHAM, S. - The Heated Greenhouse.
33900: CLAPSON, GED. - Come Celebrate! Four Acts of Worship for Christmas, Easter and Pentecost.
46402: CLAPTON, EDWARD (1830 - 1909) . - The Life of St. George.
12072: CLARE, ELIZABETH. - The Valley.
23828: CLARE, SISTER. - Journey Out of Chaos.
41723: CLARE, AUSTIN / JENNER, THE RIGHT REV. BISHOP (EDITOR). - The Perfect Sacrifice. Twelve Lessons on the Blessed Sacrament of the Body and Blood of Christ.
16064: MOTHER MARY CLARE. - Learning to Pray.
26835: MOTHER MARY CLARE. - Leisure.
26834: MOTHER MARY CLARE. - Christian Maturity Through Prayer.
4902: MOTHER MARY CLARE. - Encountering the Depths. (S.L.G. Pamphlet No.31)
46944: CLARE, FATHER JAMES. (EDITOR). - The Life of Blessed Julie Billiart, Foundress of the Institute of Sisters of Notre Dame, by a Member of the Same Society.
45163: CLARIDGE, JOHN . - The Shepherd Of Banbury's Rules To judge of the Changes of the Weather, Grounded on Forty Years Experience... By John Claridge, Shepherd. A New edition, Corrected.
23240: CLARIDGE, JOHN. (SHEPHERD). - The County Calendar or The Shepherd of Banbury's Rules. (With 28 engravings on wood by Margaret Webb).
12648: CLARK, ALAN C. & DAVEY, COLIN. - Anglican/Roman Catholic Dialogue. The Work of the Preparatory Commission.
21371: CLARK, DAVID (ED). - Changing World, Unchanging Church? An Agenda for Christians in Public Life.
28476: CLARK, EUGENE L. - My Hope - Poems.
30166: CLARK, F. LE GROS. - Feeding the Human Family. Science Plans for the World Larder.
24252: CLARK, HENRY. - The Church Under Thatcher.
6256: CLARK, K. S. L. (EDITED BY). - The Gospel According to St. John. The Students. JB.
30588: CLARK, K.S.L. - The Gospel According to St Luke. (The Students' JB).
30589: CLARK, K.S.L. - The Gospel According to St Mark. (The Students' JB).
20683: CLARK, K.S.L. (ED). - The Gospel Accordng to St Mark. (The Students' JB).
7675: CLARK, K.S.L. (EDITOR). - The Gospel According to St. Matthew.
7575: CLARK, KENNETH B. - Predjudice and Your Child. Second edition, enlarged.
19218: CLARK, MARY T. - Augustine. (Outstanding Christian Thinkers Series).
7576: CLARK, MARY T. (EDITED, WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY). - An Aquinas Reader. Selections from the writings of Thomas Aquinas.
4106: CLARK, NEVILLE. - An Approach to the Theology of the Sacraments. Studies in Biblical Theology. No. 17.
7676: CLARK, NEVILLE. - Interpreting the Resurrection.
17042: CLARK, NEVILLE. - Preaching in Context. Word, Worship and the People of God.
13034: CLARK, ROBERT E.D. - Darwin: Before and After. The Story of Evolution.
29462: CLARK, S.C. - The Second Advent.
3292: CLARK, STUART H. - God and the Universe.
14594: CLARK, WILLIAM. - East and West of Aldgate Pump.
4203: KEE HOWARD CLARK. - The Origins of Christianity. Sources and Documents.
42400: CLARK, STEWART AND HOWE, MARK. - Creativity and Ownership in a Digital Age. (Grove Ethics E 154).
36561: CLARK, BRIAN. - The Petition.
37481: CLARK, EUGENE L. (COMPILER). - Songs You Love No.5.
40902: CLARK, HENRY W. - Liberal Orthodoxy. A Historical Survey.
43725: CLARK, DAVID M. - Good Neighbours. A Practical Guide to Setting Up a Village Care Group.
46700: CLARK, PROFESSOR THOMAS (1801- 1867) - SIGNED LETTER. - A Practical View of the Amendments Needful in the existing Weights And Measures of the United Kingdom. (Being an Article from No. 31 of the Westminster Review) .
18459: CLARKE, ANN M & CLARKE, A.D.B. - Early Experience. Myth and Evidence.
18658: CLARKE, ANN M., & CLARKE, A.D.B. (EDITORS). - Mental Deficiency. The Changing Outlook.
20975: CLARKE, ARTHUR C. - The Ghost from the Grand Banks.
28628: CLARKE, BASIL F.L. - Lesson Notes on the Prayer Book.
2993: CLARKE, BASIL F.L. - My Parish Church.
18336: CLARKE, DIANA. - The Andersons.
27853: CLARKE, GRAHAM. - Gardener's Fact Finder.
2864: CLARKE, NORMAN H. - Thine is the Kingdom. A Book of Prayers for Use in Time of War.
7913: CLARKE, O. FIELDING. - For Christ's Sake.
19115: CLARKE, PROFESSOR A.D.B. - Recent Advances in the Study of Subnormality.
10473: CLARKE, ROGER. - Work in Crisis. Dilemma of a Nation.
21876: CLARKE, ROLAND (ET AL). - Schools Council. Modular Courses in Technology. Problem Solving. (Teacher's Guide).
10403: CLARKE, THOMAS E., S.J. - New Pentecost or New Passion? The Direction of Religious Life Today.
45749: CLARKE, JAMES (1798 - 1861) . - The Suffolk Antiquary: Containing a brief sketch of the sites of ancient castles, abbeys, priories, nunneries, & chantries: Also, notices of ancient coins, and other antiquities found in the county ... By J. Clarke.
44673: CLARKE, BOB . - Anglicans Against Apartheid, 1936-1996 . Bob Clarke.
36174: CLARKE, J.R. - A History of Britannia Lodge.
47124: CLARKE, M.V. / SUTHERLAND, L.S. AND MCKISACK, M. - Fourteenth Century Studies.
35595: CLARKE, POLLY. - Assorted Toffees From Colne Engaine.
44725: CLARKE, A.K. - Fourteen Sonnets on the Stations of the Cross.
33498: CLARKE, SIR ERNEST . - The Chronicle of Jocelin of Brakelond : A Picture Of Monastic Life In The Days Of Abbot Samson Newly Editied By Sir Ernest Clarke. [ The King's Classics ].
37016: CLARKE, PETER B. - New Religious Movements. (Pamphlet Library No.4)
45769: CLARKE, MARCUS. - For the Term of his Natural Life. (Australian Classics series).
40256: CLARKE, HENRY LOWTHER. (ARCHBISHOP OF MELBOURNE). - Studies in the English Reformation. (The Moorhouse Lectures, 1912).
46020: CLARKE, M.L. - Richard Porson. A Biographical Essay.
44386: CLARKE, JAMES STANIER 1766-1834. - A Sermon Preached At The Anniversary Meeting Of The Stewards Of The Sons Of The Clergy: In The Cathedral Church Of St. Paul, On Thursday, May 10, 1810. By the Rev. James Stanier Clarke, ... To which are added, lists of the nobility, clergy...
36077: CLARKSON, REV. W.M. - India and the Gospel or An Empire for the Messiah.
46088: PRAYER BOOK WITH GOTHIC STYLE BRASS CORNERS AND CLASP. - The Book Of Common Prayer, And Administration Of The Sacraments, And Other Rites And Ceremonies Of The Church...
46080: SCARCE BOXED PRAYER BOOK - VICTORIAN VELVET PRAYER BOOK WITH CLASP. - The Book Of Common Prayer, And Administration Of The Sacraments, And Other Rites And ceremonies Of The Church, According To The Use Of The United Church Of England And Ireland: Together With The Psalter or Psalms of David...
16967: CLASPER, P.D. - New Life in Christ. A Study of Paul's Theology for To'day.
47850: VICTORIAN BIBLE - AUTHORISED VERSION - BRASS CLASPS - The English Version Of The Polyglot Bible; Containing The Old And New testaments: With A Copious And Original Selection Of References To Parallel And Illustrative passages, Exhibted In A Manner Hitherto Unattempted...
45581: DEWEY DECIMAL CLASSIFICATION. - How to Find a Book. (New and Revised Edition).
46125: CLATTERBAUGH, KENNETH. - The Causation Debate in Modern Philosophy 1637-1739.
24034: CLAY, EMILY. - Extraordinary Parsons of Devon and Cornwall.
20684: CLAYTON, G.H. - Yea and Nay. Two Courses of Sermons.
46608: CLAYTON, HOWARD. - The Duffield Bank and Eaton Railwways.
42170: CLAYTON, S.G. - A Pocket Gynaecology.
29136: CLEEVE, BRIAN. - The Dark Side of the Sun.
9102: CLEGG, JOAN. - Dictionary of Social Services.
19753: CLEGG, KATHERINE. - The Lord of Life. A Play for Passiontide and Easter in Music, Dancing, Drama, Poetry, and Mime.
37421: CLEMENTS, BERNARD. - The Royal Banners.
3783: CLEMENTS R.E. - Prophecy and Tradition. Growing Points in Theology.
1800: CLEMENTS, BERNARD. - When Ye Pray.
1801: CLEMENTS, DOM BERNARD. - The Church Peter and Good Friday. Broadcast Addresses.
21996: CLEMENTS, HARRY. - Nature Cure for Prostate Troubles. (Self-Help Series.)
19327: CLEMENTS, JULIA. - The Julia Clements Colour Book of Flower Arrangements.
14110: CLEMENTS, KEITH. W. - Faith.
7677: CLEMENTS, R.D. - God and the gurus. An introduction for Christians to the present interest in mysticism.
12795: CLEMENTS, RONALD. - God's Chosen People. A Theological Interpretation of the Book of Deuteronomy.
45418: CLEMENTS, RORY. - Martyr.
431: CLEOBURY, F.H. - God, Man and the Absolute.
43599: LE CLERC, JEAN 1657-1736. - Mr. Le Clerc's Account of the Earl of Clarendon's History of the Civil Wars. Done from the French Printed at Amsterdam. By J. O. [John Ozell]. The Second Edition Corrected.
37022: CLERKE, COLONEL SHADWELL H . - Constitutions of the Antient Fraternity of Free and Accepted Masons, under the United Grand Lodge of England...1884, with amendments to January, 1888... Under The Authority Of The United Grand Lodge, By Colonel Shadwell H. Clerke, As Grand Secretary.
38408: CLERKE, COLONEL SHADWELL H . - Constitutions of the Antient Fraternity of Free and Accepted Masons, under the United Grand Lodge of England. Containing The General Charges, Laws... The Authority Of The United Grand Lodge, By Colonel Shadwell H. Clerke, As Grand Secretary.
36868: CLERKE, COLONEL SHADWELL H . - Constitutions of the Antient Fraternity of Free and Accepted Masons, under the United Grand Lodge of England...1884, with amendments to January, 1888... Under The Authority Of The United Grand Lodge, By Colonel Shadwell H. Clerke, As Grand Secretary.
46690: CLEUGH, M.F. - Time and its Importance in Modern Thought.
12290: CLEVERLEY FORD, D.W. - Preaching Through the Acts of the Apostles.
6528: CLEVERLEY FORD, D. W. - Preaching at the Parish Communion. 2: On the Epistles.
6047: CLEVERLEY FORD, D. W. - Preaching at the Parish Communion. On Saint's Days and Holy Days.
6049: CLEVERLEY FORD, D. W. - Preaching on Devotional Occasions.
7201: CLEVERLEY FORD, D. W. - Preaching on Special Occasions.
6258: CLEVERLEY FORD, D. W. - Preaching the Risen Christ.
6099: CLEVERLEY FORD, D.W. - A Reading of Saint Luke's Gospel. Foreword by Canon M.A.C. Warren, D.D.
2909: CLEVERLEY FORD, D.W. - A Theological Preacher's Notebook.
2908: CLEVERLEY FORD, D.W. - An Expository Preacher's Notebook.
24253: CLEVERLEY FORD, D.W. - From Strength to Strength. Daily Meditations in Lent.
13102: CLEVERLEY FORD, D.W. - Preaching on the Sayings of Jesus.
20685: CLEVERLEY FORD, D.W. - Preaching what we Believe.
27469: CLEVERLEY FORD, D.W. - Things that Cannot Save. An Exposition of Genesis 1-9. (Foundery Pamphlets No.6).
5313: CLEVERLEY FORD, D. W. - Have you Anything to Declare?
6100: CLEVERLEY FORD, D.W. - Preaching on Great Themes. Creation,Incarnation,Redemption and Resurrection.
46801: CLEWLOW, JOHN. - Lodge of King Solomon's Temple (3464). One Hundred Years 1910-2020.
47899: CLIFF, PAT. (EDITOR) . - Sudbury High School Magazine. July, 1963 .
7385: CLIFFORD, DEREK. - Collecting English Watercolours. (Including 243 Monochrome Plates and 13 in Colour).
30400: CLIFFORD, DR. DAVID L. - You Have an Unction. The Ministries of the Spirit of Christ.
5314: CLIFFORD, JOAN. - Ten of our Time.
7332: CLIFFORD, PAUL R. - Interpreting Human Experience. A Philosophical Prologue to Theology.
18961: CLIFFORD, PAUL R. - Now is the Time. Changing Church Structures.
17460: CLIFFORD, PAULA. - Divorced Christians and the Love of God.
34086: CLIFFORD, ALAN C. - The Good Doctor: Philip Doddridge of Northampton. (A Tercentenary Tribute).
34583: CLIFFORD, MARTIN. - The Scapegrace of St Jims.
29971: CLIFFORD, FRANCIS. - Ten Minutes on a June Morning and other stories.
47056: BISHOP OF CLIFTON. [WILLIAM JOHN BROWNLOW]. - Early History of the Church of God.
17952: CLINEBELL, CHARLOTTE HOLT. - Counseling for Liberation.
18962: CLINEBELL, HOWARD J. - Basic Types of Pastoral Counseling. New Resources for Ministering to the Troubled.
19035: CLINEBELL, HOWARD. - Growth Counseling: Hope-Centered Methods of Actualizing Human Wholeness.
45928: CLINES, DAVID J.A. (EDITOR). - The Poetical Books. A Sheffield Reader.
8066: CLINTON, IRIS. - Young Man In A Hurry. The Story of William Carey.
31713: CLISSOLD, STEPHEN. - Some Call It Providence: Don Orione and the Little Work of Divine Providence.
3986: CLISSOLD, STEPHEN. - The Saints of South America.
43963: CLIVE, HARRY . - Beyond Living Memory : The Story Of A Suffolk Village, Little Waldingfield. By Harry Clive.
10768: CLOSE, FRANK. - Too hot to Handle. The Story of the Race for Cold Fusion.
40479: CLOUGH, ALAN. - Sitting on the Fence. In Verse.
37201: CLOUSTON, R.W.M. AND PIPE, G.J.W. - Bells and Bellringing in Suffolk.
2183: CLOUSTON, R.S. - Sir Henry Raeburn, R.A.
9655: CLOW, ARCHIE & NAN. (EDITORS). - Science News 50.
47115: CLOWES, WILLIAM LAIRD SIR 1856-1905. - Cassell's Miniature Cyclopaedia. Compiled By W. L. Clowes.
17722: CLOWNEY, PAUL & TESSA. - Exploring Churches. Full Colour Guide to British Churches.
13779: CLOWNEY, PAUL. - Picture It! How God can use your Artistic Gifts.
40102: CHRIST'S HOSPITAL CLUB. - The Christ's Hospital Club. A History of the First Hundred Years.
39918: WOLLONGONG INNER WHEEL CLUB. - Cavalcade of Dolls.
43248: CITY OF LONDON POLICE ATHLETIC CLUB. - 100 Years of Heroes 1886 to 1986. City of London Police Athletic Club.
436: CLUTTON-BROCK, A. - More Essays on Religion. With an introduction by B.H.Streeter, FBA. Canon of Hereford.
18963: CLYNE, DOUGLAS. - Your Guide to Portugal.
17812: CND. - In God We Trust. Christian Reflections on the Nuclear Arms Race.
47568: BORDER PUBLICITY CO. - Carlisle Directory 1966 - 68 .
33233: PIGOT AND CO. - Royal National and Commercial Directory and Topography of the Counties of Essex, Herts, Middlesex. Pigot & Co. 1839.
47385: E.F. COPE & CO. - Walsall and District Trades and Residential Directory and Buyers' Guide, 1911.
17813: COATES, J., RICKWOOD, C AND STACEY, R. - Control and Audit in Management Accounting. Stage 4.
25890: COATES, KEN AND BARRATT BROWN, MICHAEL. - Community Under Attack. The Struggle for Survival in the Coalfield Communities of Britain.
29653: COATES, KEN. - The Crisis of British Socialism. Essays on the Rise of Harold Wilson and the Fall of the Labour Party.
46731: COATES, REYNELL (EDITOR). - Leaflets of Memory: An Illuminated Annual for MDCCCXLVI. Edited by Reynell Coates, M.D.
29264: COBB, DAVID. - Three Mile Limit: Shipping seen round Britain's Coasts. (Foreword by Hugh Ruttledge.)
4995: COBB, E. HOWARD. - Christ Healing.
41785: COBB, PETER G. - Derek William Allen, Priest.
39340: COBB, SYLVANUS JR. - The Caliph Of Bagdad. A Novel By Sylvanus Cobb, Jr.
2184: COBURN, JOHN B. - Twentieth-Century Spiritual Letters. An Introduction to Contemporary Prayer.
46448: COBURN, OLIVER. - Youth Hostel Story. The First Twenty Years in England and Wales.
45309: COCHRANE, KATHIE. - Oodgeroo.
32600: COCKAYNE, E.E. AND STOW, N.J.(EDITORS). - Stutter's Casebook: A Junior Hospital Doctor, 1839-1841.
41655: COCKCROFT, W.R. - From Cutlasses to Computers. The Police Force in Liverpool 1836-1989.
19219: COCKELL, BILL. - On Your Own. A Book for Young People Starting Out in Life.
28629: COCKER, G., & GODFREY, B.V. - Cook and Hostess.
27470: COCKERTON, R.W.P. - Some Interesting and Unusual Inscriptions in All Saints' Church and Churchyard Bakewell.
437: COCKIN, F.A. - The Holy Spirit and the Church.
24950: COCKIN, REV. F.A. - What it Means to be a Christian. A Syllabus of Religious Study.
6531: COCKIN, F. A. - God in Action. A study in the Holy Spirit.
24443: COCKSWORTH, CHRISTOPHER AND ROBERTS, PAUL. - Renewing Daily Prayer. An Introduction to Celebrating Common Prayer. (Grove Worship. 123).
38629: COCKSWORTH, CHRISTOPHER AND FLETCHER, JEREMY. - Common Worship Daily Prayer. (Grove Worship W.166).
32292: COCKSWORTH, CHRISTOPHER. - Holy, Holy, Holy: Worshipping the Trinitarian God.
6875: COE, GEORGE A. - The Motives of Men.
24691: COE, MICHAEL D. - The Maya. Fifth edition, fully revised and expanded.
37864: COELHO, PAULO. - By The River Piedra I Sat Down And Wept.
38161: COELHO, CHRISTOPHER. - A New Kind of Fool: Meditations on Saint Francis.
43100: COFFEE, FRANK (1852-1929). - Forty Years On The Pacific. The Lure Of The Great Ocean. A Book Of Reference For The Traveller And Pleasure For The Stay-At-Home. Compiled By Frank Coffee.
14422: COFFEY, DAVID. - Build That Bridge - Conflict and Reconciliation in the Church.
25446: COFFEY, IAN. - He Tells Us to Go. Evangelism - Sharing Good News in a Divided World.
13992: COFFEY, IAN. - Running to Win. Practical Bible studies for spiritual growth.
22136: COFFEY, JAN WITH BUSH, KIM. - Windows on the World from the Word.
42398: COFFEY, MARK. - The Theological Ethics of Stanley Hauerwas. A Very Concise Introduction. (Grove E 152).
22135: COFFEY, IAN AND GAUKROGER, STEPHEN. - Housegroups: The Leaders' Survival Guide.
4968: COFFIN, HENRY SLOANE. - What to Preach.
7577: COGGAN, DONALD. - Convictions.
13994: COGGAN, DONALD. - Five Makers of the New Testament.
4385: COGGAN, DONALD. - Meet Paul. An encounter with the apostle.
16017: COGGAN, DONALD. - New English Bible. New Testament Readings for Lent.
11124: COGGAN, DONALD. - Paul. Portrait of a Revolutionary.
29463: COGGAN, DONALD. - Preaching: An Essay in Co-operation (Simeon Booklets.)

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