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13993: COGGAN, DONALD. - Sinews of Faith. A Primary Visitation Charge to the Diocese of York April 1969.
22647: COGGAN, DONALD. - Sure Foundation.
14910: COGGAN, DONALD. - The Christian Faith.
17954: COGGAN, DONALD. - The Prayers of the New Testament.
15138: COGGAN, DONALD. - The Sacrament of the Word.
19220: COGGAN, DONALD. - The Servant - Son: Jesus Then and Now.
1805: COGGAN, DONALD. (ARCHBISHOP OF YORK). - Christian Priorities.
17814: COGGAN, NORAH. - Lighten Our Darkness.
3170: COGGIN, PHILIP A. - Art, Science, and Religion.
41169: COGGIN, FREDERICK ERNEST. - Man's Great Charter. An Exposition of the First Chapter of Genesis.
8084: COGGINS, RICHARD J. - Israel among the Nations. Nahum, Obadiah, Esther.
30469: COGGINS, RICHARD; PHILLIPS, ANTHONY AND KNIBB, MICHAEL. (EDITORS). - Israel's Prophetic Tradition: Essays in Honour of Peter Ackroyd.
25054: COGGLE, BERTRAND J., & BYRNES, JOHN P.K. - Christian Social Ethics. (Foreword by Edward Rogers.)
25055: COHEN, JOHN. - Human Nature, War, and Society. (Thinker's Library No. 112.) Foreword by Lord Raglan.
18270: COHEN, MORTON N. - The Selected Letters of Lewis Carroll.
11122: COHEN, PERCY S. - Modern Social Theory.
47515: COHEN, THE REV. DR A. - The Psalms. (Soncino Books of the Bible).
43747: COHEN, RICHARD M. - Strong at the Broken Places. Voices of Illness, a Chorus of Hope.
38415: COHEN, REV. A.(TRANSLATOR). - Lessing's Masonic Dialogues. (Ernst und Falk).
46136: COHEN, HERMANN. - Religion of Reason. Out of the Sources of Judaism.
21762: COHN-SHERBOK, DAN (ED). - Many Mansions. Interfaith and Religious Intolerance.
21373: COHN-SHERBOK, DAN AND LAVINIA. - A Popular Dictionary of Judaism.
43239: COHN-SHERBOK, DAN. - Jewish Petitionary Prayer. A Theological Exploration.
40909: COHU, THE REV.J.R. - The Evolution of the Christian Ministry.
29790: COLBERT, EDWIN H. - Evolution of the Vertebrates. A History of the Backboned Animals Through Time.
45193: COLDWELL, DAVID F.C. (INTRODUCTION, NOTES AND GLOSSARY). - Selections from Gavin Douglas.
16434: COLE, ALAN. - A Christian's Guide to the New Testament.
29464: COLE, DOUGLAS; COLE, W. OWEN; EL-DROUBIE, RIADH; PANCHOLI, NILA & SAMBHI, PIARA SINGH. - Comparative Religions. A Modern Textbook. Edited by W. Owen Cole.
26165: COLE, G.D.H. - G.D.H. Cole on Labour's Foreign Policy. (New Statesman Pamphlet).
24951: COLE, JOHN. - How to Produce a Church Magazine.
31541: COLE, MICHAEL. - He Is Lord.
22430: COLE, MICHAEL. - Living by the Cross.
16183: COLE, MICHAEL. - Prayer Changes People. The Power at the Heart of Prayer.
20830: COLE, MICHAEL. - The Power Dimension. (Growing with Jesus Bible Guides).
17671: COLE, PEGGY. - Peggy Cole's Country Cottage Companion. (Illustrated by Alfred Geary).
20464: COLE, R. ALAN. - The Epistle of Paul to the Galatians. An Introduction and Commentary.
5697: COLE, W. OWEN. - Five Religions in the Twentieth Century.
16282: COLE, W. OWEN. - Religion in the Multi-Faith School. A Tool for Teachers.
21374: COLE, W. OWEN. - Religion in the Multi-Faith School. A Tool for Teachers.
27854: COLE, W. OWEN. - The Christian Bible. (Discovering Sacred Texts).
20327: COLE, W. OWEN. - World Faiths in Education.
14112: COLE, ALAN. - Exodus. An Introduction and Commentary.
19389: COLE, W. OWEN AND SAMBHI, SINGH. - Sikhism.
27568: COLE, PEGGY. - A Country Girl at Heart. (Foreword by Ronald Blythe.)
46250: COLE, KATE J. - Tudor Lives: Great Dunmow During the Reformation.
42147: COLE, KATE J. - Sudbury, Long Melford and Lavenham Through Time. Kate J. Cole (Paperback) .
10716: COLEBROOK, ERNA. - A Spark in my Soul. Awakening Spirituality in an Ecological Age.
47616: COLEBY, G. ARTHUR. - Dereham Directory and Almanack. 1957.
47617: COLEBY, GEORGE. - Geo. Coleby's Dereham Almanack and Directory.
5698: COLEMAN, JOY. - Bridges Not Road Blocks.
15786: COLEMAN, WILLIAM L. - It's Your Funeral.
46832: COLEMAN, ROGER. - New Light & Truth. The Making of the Revised English Bible.
24183: COLES, K. ADLARD. - The Shell Pilot to The South Coast Harbours. (With plans by Alan H. Irving.)
15298: COLES, ROBERT. - Simone Weil. A Modern Pilgrimage.
9394: COLETTE. - Claudine and Annie.
43546: COLEY, REV.SAMUEL. - The Life of the Rev. Thos. Collins.
5099: EVANS COLIN. - Communicate or Die.
47033: COLIN, L. - The Superior's Handbook. (translated from the French by Fergus Murphy, Licencie-es-Lettres).
44992: COLLARD, B. ST. G. - A Text-Book of Netting. (Drawings by Gordon Bennett).
46486: ETON COLLEGE. - Eton College Communion Services.
19657: COLLENETTE, ERIC J. - Ninety Feet to the Sun. A Sea Novel of World War II.
44624: COLLEY, ADA. - Domestic Economy for Students and Teachers.
29654: COLLIER, MARK & CATHARINE. - A Time to Pray.
17816: COLLIER, P.A., COOKE, T.E. AND GLYNN, J.J. - Financial and Treasury Management. Stage 4.
19558: COLLINGS, JILLIE. - Life Forces. Guidelines for a Healthy Life on a Polluted Planet.
32504: COLLINGWOOD, HARRY. - Under the Chilian Flag.
8457: COLLINS, CHRISTINE. - Building Piece by Peace. The History of Holland House.
28835: COLLINS, DEIRDRE. - Faith to Grow. Bible Meditations for Groups.
28836: COLLINS, DEIRDRE. - Restored to Life. Bible Meditations for Groups.
28837: COLLINS, DEIRDRE. - Restored to Life. Bible Meditations for Groups.
24444: COLLINS, DONAL. - One Minute a Day on the Weekday Readings.
23031: COLLINS, G.N.M. - The Days of the Years of My Pilgrimage.
20831: COLLINS, GARY. - I Believe in the Family.
7121: COLLINS, MARY AND DREVER, JAMES. - Psychology and Practical Life.
15093: COLLINS, OWEN. (EDITOR). - Complete Christian Classics. Volume One.
28838: COLLINS, STEPHANIE. - A Page a Day for Advent and the Christmas Season.
27471: COLLINS, THOMAS. - The Risen Christ in the Fathers of the Church.
5161: O'COLLINS GERALD, SJ. - The Easter Jesus.
15161: O'COLLINS, GERALD. - A Month with Jesus.
20511: O'COLLINS, GERALD. - Experiencing Jesus.
38786: COLLINS, IRENE. - Jane Austen and the Clergy.
13995: COLLINS, WILLIAM C. - Introductions to the ASB readings. Year One, Year Two, Sundays, Festivals and Holy Days, for The Order of Holy Communion in The Alternative Service Book 1980.
3881: O'COLLINS, GERALD. - Jesus Risen.
40907: COLLINS, WILLIAM EDWARD. - The Study of Ecclesiastical History.
40875: COLLINS, PAUL. - Mixed Blessings. John Paul II and the Church of the Eighties.
41676: COLLINSON, SARAH. - Beyond Borders: West European Migration Policy Towards the 21st Century.
41703: COLLOMS, BRENDA. - Victorian Visionaries.
11620: COLLOMS, BRENDA. - Victorian Country Parsons.
31657: COLQUHOUN, FRANK. - Fourfold Portrait of Jesus. The Christ of the Gospels.
20832: COLQUHOUN, FRANK. - Moral Questions: A discussion of Christian attitudes to some thirty-five social issues.
23032: COLQUHOUN, FRANK. - Prayers for Today.
13996: COLQUHOUN, FRANK. - Prayers that Live.
6262: COLQUHOUN, FRANK. - Preaching on Favourite Hymns. Sermon outlines on thirty-four selected hymns.
24254: COLQUHOUN, FRANK. - Strong Son of God. Daily Readings in St.Mark's Gospel.
21488: COLQUHOUN, FRANK. (EDITOR). - Contemporary Parish Prayers. Foreword by the Archbishop of Canterbury.
23309: COLQUHOUN, FRANK. - My God and King. Prayers of Christian Devotion.
41544: COLQUHOUN, FRANK. - More Preaching on Favourite Hymns.
13519: COLQUHOUN, FRANK. - Family Prayers.
26937: COLSON, CHARLES. - Against the Night. Living in the New Dark Ages.
7578: COLSON, CHARLES. - Kingdoms in Conflict. An insider's challenging view of politics, power, and the pulpit.
37150: COLVILLE-SCOTT, EDWARD. - Flying Visitors.
11838: COLVIN, SIDNEY. - John Keats. His Life and Poetry, His Friends, Critics, and After-Fame.
45262: COMBE, T. - The Little Things That Matter.
30536: COMFORT, ALEX. - Delinquency. (A Lecture delivered at the Anarchist Summer School, London, August 1950).
46733: COMFORT, ALEX. - Barbarism and Sexual Freedom.
3581: COMMAGER, HENRY STEELE. (EDITOR). - The St Nicholas Anthology. With an introduction by May Lamberton Becker.
14191: ANGLIAN - METHODIST UNITY COMMISSION. - Anglican - Methodist Unity - Part 2 The Scheme.
21736: ANGLICAN-REFORMED INTERNATIONAL COMMISSION. - God's Reign and our Unity. The Report of the Anglican-Reformed International Commission 1981-1984.
27204: CHURCH OF ENGLAND LITURGICAL COMMISSION. - The Presentation of the Eucharist. The Report of a Joint Working Party.
12646: CHURCH OF ENGLAND. CARLISLE COMMISSION. - Partners in Education. The Role of the Diocese. A report on the Diocesan Director of Education and the Diocesan Education Committee submitted to The National Society for Promoting Religious Education by a Commission under the chairmanship of the Bish
7456: GENERAL SYNOD MARRIAGE COMMISSION. - Marriage and the Church's Task.
10363: LITURGICAL COMMISSION. - The Alternative Service Book 1980. A Commentary by the Liturgical Commission.
21737: ANGLICAN-ROMAN CATHOLIC INTERNATIONAL COMMISSION. - The Three Agreed Statements. Eucharistic Doctrine 1971; Ministry and Ordination 1973; Authority in the Church 1976.
45084: NATIONAL PARKS COMMISSION. - The Country Code. For Visitors to the Countryside.
5502: ANGLICAN-ROMAN CATHOLIC INTERNATIONAL COMMISSION. - The Final Report. Windsor, September, 1981.
39565: EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES COMMISSION. - Code of Practice. For the Elimination of Discrimination on the Grounds of Sex and Marriage and the Promotion of Equality of Opportunity in Employment.
26625: CHURCH COMMISSIONERS. - Benefice Property. A Guide on Procedure and Standards for Provision and Maintenance.
26626: CHURCH COMMISSIONERS. - Parsonage Houses. Problems of Ownership and Management Considered.
1363: RELIGIOUS TRACT COMMITEE - St. Chrysostom's Picture Of The Religion Of His Age.
37959: NIGERIA CHURCH UNION COMMITTEE. - The Constitution of the Church of Nigeria with The Basis of Union and Inauguration and Interim Arrangements.
9240: AMERICAN THEOLOGICAL COMMITTEE. - The Nature of the Church.
25627: ANGLICAN-LUTHERAN INTERNATIONAL CONTINUATION COMMITTEE - The Niagara Report. Report of the Anglican-Lutheran Consultation on Episcope 1987.
32592: PARLIAMENTARY RECRUITING COMMITTEE. - The Great War and How it Arose.
6351: CHURCH OF SCOTLAND COMMITTEE. - Prayers for Contemporary Worship.
37457: ANGLICAN CONSULTATIVE COMMITTEE. - Communion In Mission and Travelling Together in God's Mission.
41260: TRACT COMMITTEE. - The Declaration of Clergy on Ritual. Conference of Clergy at Keble College, Oxford. January 12 and 13, 1904.
25626: ANGLICAN COMMUNION. - A New Spirit. The Documents of the visit of His Grace the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Most Revd George L. Carey, to His Holiness Pope John Paul II, Advent 1996, in Rome.
3408: SOME PRIESTS OF THE ANGLICAN COMMUNION. - Infallible Fallacies. An Anglican Reply To Roman Catholic Arguments.
25937: MARANATHA COMMUNITY. - What on Earth Are We Doing to Our Children? An Appeal to the Nation's Conscience by the Maranatha Community.
41295: MEMBER OF THE COMMUNITY. [SISTER M.GILBERT. CONVENT OF JESUS AND MARY, HOCHELAGA, MONTREAL, P.Q. CANADA).] - Mother Mary Rose. Foundress and first Superior General of the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary, Longueuil, P.Q.
43926: COMNENA, ANNA / DAWES, ELIZABETH (TRANSLATOR). - The Alexiad of the Princess Anna Comnena. Being the History of the Reign of her Father, Alexius I, Emperor of the Romans, 1081-1118 A.D.
35682: COMPANJEN, ANNEKE. - Singing Through the Night. Courageous Stories of Faith from Women in the Persecuted Church.
47810: D.C. HEATH & COMPANY. - The Makings of America: The United States and the World.. Volume II: Since 1865.
47809: D.C.HEATH AND COMPANY. - The Makings of America: The United States and the World. Volume I: To 1865.
47615: WALKER & COMPANY'S STORES. - Price List. Walker & Company's Stores. April 1910 .
12955: COMPSTON, DR. JULIET. - Understanding Osteoporosis.
28839: COMPTON, EVERALD. - Living with Money.
442: COMPTON-RICKETT, ARTHUR. - A History of English Literature. From Earliest times to 1916.
47814: CONAN DOYLE, SIR ARTHUR. - The Lost World.
35988: CONDER, EDWARD . - Records of the hole crafte and fellowship of Masons. With a chronicle of history of the worshipful company of Masons of the city of London...
15712: CANADIAN RELIGIOUS CONFERENCE. - Community Spiritual Leadership (Donum Dei. 18).
15713: CANADIAN RELIGIOUS CONFERENCE. - New Ministries and the Sense of Belonging. (Donum Del.20).
23825: CANADIAN RELIGIOUS CONFERENCE. - Vita Evangelica 3. Psychological Realities and Religious Life.
23018: CAREY CONFERENCE. - The Way Ahead. Papers Read at the Carey Conference.
33209: WESTMINSTER CONFERENCE - Anglican and Puritan Thinking.
15714: CANADIAN RELIGIOUS CONFERENCE. - Faith and Religious Life. (Donum Del. 17).
43849: CONFUCIUS. - The Wisdom of Confucius.
47051: A SISTER OF THE CONGREGATION. - Light After Darkness. Mother Mary Francis. Foundress of the Franciscan Missionaries of St Joseph. (1830-1890).
20697: EUCHARISTIC CONGRESS. - The World for God. Addresses delivered at the 1958 Eucharistic Congress with photographs.
5284: CONGREVE, FATHER. - The Incarnation and the Religious Life. Cowley Retreats. No.1.
27628: CONGREVE, REV. GEORGE(PREFACE). - PRAEPARATIO Or Notes of Preparation for Holy Communion. Founded On The Collect, Epistle And Gospel For Every Sunday In The Year .
24036: CONKEY, JAMES H. - The End of the Age. A Series of Prophetic Bible Studies upon the end of this Present Age.
29039: CONLON, JAMES. - Earth Story Sacred Story.
29040: CONN, EILEEN AND STEWART, JAMES. - Visions of Creation.
26939: CONNELLY, DOUGLAS. - John: The Way to True Life. 26 Studies in 2 Parts for Individuals or Groups.
30866: CONNELLY, MARC. - Green Pastures.
39771: CONNELLY, STEPHEN. - Spink's Guide to the Wearing of Orders, Decorations and Medals.
28406: O'CONNOR, BERNARD. - Celebrating Forgiveness. The Sacrament of Reconciliation.
21434: O'CONNOR, DANIEL. (AND OTHERS). - Three Centuries of Mission. The United Society of the Propagation of the Gospel 1701 - 2000.
26113: O'CONNOR, HARVEY. - The Empire of Oil.
24116: O'CONNOR, PATRICIA. - In Search of Therese.
26414: O'CONNOR, PATRICK. - Songs of Youth and Later Poems.
22958: O'CONNOR, RICHARD. - Gould's Millions.
20421: O'CONNOR, RICHARD. - Pacific Destiny. An Informal History of the U.S. in the Far East: 1776-1968.
33648: CONNOR, J.E. - Stepney's Own Railway. A History of the London & Blackwall System.
33848: O'CONNOR, DENIS. - Glue Sniffing and Volatile Substance Abuse: Case Studies of Children and Young Adults.
47755: CONRAD, JOSEPH. - The Secret Sharer.
23833: CONRAD, JOSEPH. - The Nigger of the 'Narcissus'/Typhoon and Other Stories.
46200: CONRAD, PETER. - Verdi and / or Wagner. Two Men, Two Worlds, Two Centuries.
21226: CONRAN, TERENCE. - The Soft Furnishings Book.
37901: CONSTABLE, FREDA. - John Constable: A Biography, 1776-1837.
27557: CONSTABLE, TREVOR JAMES. - The Cosmic Pulse of Life. The Revolutionary Biological Power Behind UFOs.
30981: CONSTANDUROS, MABEL AND AGG, HOWARD. - The Respected Lady.
29657: CONSTANT, AUDREY. - Man of Peace: The Story of Mahatma Gandhi.
9135: WHICH - CONSUMER'S ASSOCIATION. - Formal Aspects of Marriage.
4236: SUNDRY CONTRIBUTORS. - Teach & Preach. 118 Outlines. Study Discussions & Sermons.
17044: CONVOCATIONS - Baptism and Confirmation To-day. Being the Schedule attached to the Final Reports of the Joint Committees of the Convocations of Canterbury and York, together with a Minority Schedule submitted to the Canterbury Convocation.
10455: CONWAY, HELENE. - The End is The Beginning. (Jacket Paintings by Dave Palladini).
6532: CONWAY, MARTIN. - The Undivided Vision.
34248: CONWELL-EVANS, T.P. - Foreign Policy from a Back Bench. 1904-1918: A Study Based on the Papers of Lord Noel-Buxton.
45544: CONYBEARE, FRED CORNWALLIS. - Myth, Magic and Morals. A Study of Christian Origins.
3609: CONZELMANN, HNS. - The Theology of Saint Luke. (Translated by Geoffrey Buswell).
1757: COOK, ALBERT S.(EDITOR). - Shelley. A Defense of Poetry.
13891: COOK, CHARLES T. - London Hears Billy Graham. The Greater London Crusade.
22140: COOK, DAVID. - Blind Alley Beliefs.
13780: COOK, DAVID. - Freedom and Authority.
19223: COOK, DAVID. - The Man who had Everything. Job.
26453: COOK, DEREK. - Men! What's Missing in Today's Church.
24693: COOK, DEREK. - The Evangelism Cookbook.
23033: COOK, FAITH. - Samuel Rutherford and His Friends.
17168: COOK, HELEN & BILL. - Khaki Parish. Our War. Our Love. 1940-1946.
12001: COOK, HELEN AND BILL. - Khaki Parish. Our War ... Our Love 1940-1946. Foreword by Robin Woods (formerly Bishop of Worcester).
14718: COOK, JUDITH. - At the Sign of the Swan. An Introduction to Shakespeare's Contemporaries. (Foreword by Trevor Nunn).
26166: COOK, STANLEY ARTHUR. - The Place of the Old Testament in Modern Research.
32763: COOK, STEPHEN. - Empire Born.
33588: COOK, DUTTON. - Hours With The Players.
33609: COOK, PAUL. - The Whole Truth. A Study in the Sufficiency of Scripture.
38069: COOK, A.M. - Lincolnshire Links With The USA.
24445: COOK, DAVID. - Medical Matters: The Patient's Consent. (Grove Ethics No.50).
45477: COOK, BARRIE. - Angels & Ducats. Shakespeare's Money & Medals.
16019: COOKE, ALISTAIR. - Talk About America. 1951-1968.
14171: COOKE, FRANK. - Living Now.
9857: COOKE, GRAHAM. - A Divine Confrontation. Birth Pangs of the New Church. Foreword by Tommy Tenney.
24446: COOKE, JENNY. - Childbirth - A Christian Perspective. (Grove Ethics No. 43).
22342: COOKE, LESLIE E. - Above Every Name. A Preacher's reflections on St. Paul's Epistle to the Philippians.
40744: COOKE, FRANCIS B. - Yachting Yarns.
30211: COOKE, BRIAN KENNEDY. - The Holy Grail. From Sir Thomas Malory's Morte D'Arthur and Other Sources.
34748: COOKE, ALISTAIR. - The Patient Has the Floor.
13892: COOKSON, JANET, & ROGERS, MARGARET. - Time & Again Prayers. Designed & Illustrated by Judith White.
30126: COOKSON, PAUL. - Ridiculous Relatives. (Illustrated by David Parkins).
44818: COOKSON, CATNERINE. - My Land of the North. Memories of a Northern Childhood.
26941: COOLING, MARGARET. - Assemblies for Primary Schools. Spring Term.
25892: COOLING, MARGARET. - Assemblies for Primary Schools. Summer Term.
14268: COOMBES, M.E. AND PUCH, L.G.C. - Pre-Ski Exercises.
24953: COOMBS, PETER B. - Life After Death.
27210: COOMBS, PETER B. - The Living God. The Ordering of God's Providential Care.
37988: COOMBS, JOYCE. - One Hundred Years On The Hill. St Peter's Streatham 1870-1970.
40908: COOMBS, JOYCE. - Judgement on Hatcham. The History of a Religious Struggle 1877-1886.
42211: COONEY, ANTHONY. - The Story of Saint George. The Life and Legend of England's Patron Saint.
4550: COOPER J.C. (EDITOR). - Cassell Dictionary of Christianity.
16908: COOPER, ANDREW. - Secret Nature of Britain.
11560: COOPER, BRIAN. - Meeting Famous Christians.
21489: COOPER, CARY, & HINGLEY, PETER. - The Change Makers. Their influence on British business and industry.
3644: COOPER, DR BARRINGTON, GERLIS, DR LAURENCE, AND JEANNET, ELIZABETH. - A Consumer's Guide to Over the Counter Medicines.
13997: COOPER, GORDON. - A Fortnight in Israel.
13435: COOPER, GORDON. - The Mountain and Lakeside Resorts of Europe.
13434: COOPER, GORDON. - Your Holiday in Switzerland.
22854: COOPER, M. MCG., & WILLIS, M.B. - Profitable Beef Production.
44634: COOPER, DEREK. - A Social History of a Suffolk Family.
13245: COOPER, ERNEST R. - Mardles from Suffolk, A Taste of East Anglian Humour.
47712: COOPER, SUSAN. - Over Sea, Under Stone. (Illustrated by Margery Gill).
16020: COOPER, HENRY. - Holy Unction. A Practical Guide to its Administration.
38571: COOPER, ASHLEY. - Heart of Our History (Volume 1): 500 Years of Village History Along the Suffolk-Essex Border.
41562: COOPER, THE RT. HON. LORD. - The Scottish Legal Tradition. (Revised by Michael C.Meston).
46408: COOPER, T.P. - The History of the Castle of York.
31922: COOPER, ASHLEY. - Our Mother Earth. Of the Furrow Born. (Heart of our History, Volume Two).
33529: COOTE, CONSTANCE. - What She Could and Other Verses.
37055: COOTE, LADY. - How We Learnt It: Or Talks and Stories on the Lord's Prayer.
11870: COOVER, VIRGINIA, DEACON, ELLEN, ESSER, CHARLES. & MOORE, CHRISTOPHER. - Resource Manual for a Living Revolution.
2994: COPE, G. AND DAVIES, J.G. AND TYLER, D.A. - An Experimental Liturgy. - Ecumenical Studies In Worship No. 3 .
27658: COPE, GILBERT. - Ecclesiology Then and Now. A Few More Words to Church Builders.
23310: COPE, WENDY. ET AL. - Poetry Introduction 5.
11621: COPE, GILBERT. (EDITOR). - Making the Building serve the Liturgy. Studies in the Re-ordering of Churches.
47785: COPINGER, W. A. [ WALTER ARTHUR COPINGER 1847-1910 ] . - History Of The Parish Of Buxhall In The County Of Suffolk. With twenty-four full-plate illustrations and a large parish map (containing all the field names) specially drawn for the work By W. A. Copinger.
46101: COPLESTON, FREDERICK. - Friedrich Nietzsche. Philosopher of Culture.
19117: COPLEY, DEREK B.1 - Home Bible Studies and How to Run Them. Forming and Running an Adult Group.
7679: COPLEY, TERENCE & EASTON, DONALD. - A Bedside Book for RE Teachers.
15196: COPLEY, TERENCE & EASTON, DONALD. - What they Never Told you about R.E.
18272: COPLEY, TERENCE. - Worship Worries and Winners. Worship in the Secondary School after the 1988 Act.
34075: COPLEY, TERENCE AND OTHERS.(EDITORS). - Splashes of God-Light. Bible Stories Retold by Jews and Christians.
43233: COPNER, JAMES. - The Hero of Elstow. The Story of the Pilgrimage of John Bunyan.
47035: COPPENS, F. URBAN. - The Palace of Caiphas. And the New Garden of the Assumptionist Fathers, St Peter's, at Mount Sion.
38882: COPSEY, TONY. - Suffolk Writers Who Were Born Between 1800-1900.
29465: COPSEY, GEOFFREY R. - Halstead and the Urban District Council 1894-1974.
38881: COPSEY, TONY. - Ipswich Book Trades. A Biographical Directory [Dictionary] of Persons Connected with the Book & Periodical Trades in Ipswich.
10200: CORBETT, PATRICK. - Ideologies.
3979: CORBISHLEY, THOMAS.(TRANSLATOR). - The Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius.
46848: CORDER, JOAN. - A Dictionary of Suffolk Crests: Heraldic Crests of Suffolk Families.
8319: CORELL, ALF. - Consummatum Est. Eschatology and Church in the Gospel of St John.
10717: CORFE, TOM. - St. Patrick and Irish Christianity.
36020: CORKE, DAVID. - The Nature of Essex: The Wildlife and Ecology of the County. (With Paintings by Alan Harris).
47037: CORKERY, SIMON. - A Miracle of Love. (signed).
38338: CORLETT COWELL, R. - John Wyclif: Translator of the Bible, and Reformer.
18274: CORMACK, DR. DAVID. - Seconds Away! Fifteen Rounds in the Fight for Effective use of Time.
16484: CORNELIUS. - A Lie in My Right Hand.
453: CORNETTE, A.H. - The Art of Painting in the Low Countries.
2944: CORNFORD, REV. J. - A Syllabus Of History of the Book Of Common Prayer for the use of The London College of Divinity. - Not Published.
22317: CORNISH, C.J. - Animals At Work And Play. Their Activities and Emotions. (with Illustrations).
40919: CORNISH, VAUGHAN. - Kestell, Clapp and Cornish. Records of Home Life and Travel.
16021: CORNWALL, E. JUDSON. - Let Us Praise.
16675: CORNWALL, JUDSON. - Let us Abide.
35125: CORNWALL, DR JUDSON. - Back To Basics.
21377: CORNWELL, JOHN. - Strange Gods.
29041: CORNWELL, PETER. - On the River's Edge. Ways into Faith for Waverers.
28103: CORRIE, MALCOLM. - Space for Learning: Teaching and Learning in some Scottish open-plan Primary Schools.
47540: CORTEZ, LEON SHAKESPEARE. - Hamlet. (With illustrations by Anthony Masters).
31379: COSMAN, CAROL; KEEFE, JOAN AND WEAVER, KATHLEEN. (EDITORS). - The Penguin Book of Women Poets.
32724: COSSAR, REV. HORACE J. - The Four Gospels Unified.
7026: COSSER, WILLIAM. - Preaching the Old Testament.
9103: COSSLETT, NEIL. - His Healing Hands.
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38015: DENIS-BOULET, NOELE M. - The Christian Calendar.
17379: DENNETT, HERBERT. - Christian Communications in a Changing World.
520: DENNEY, JAMES. - The Death of Christ. Its place and interpretation in the New Testament.
47790: DENNING, MICHAEL. - Cover Stories. Narrative and Ideology in the British Spy Thriller.
11723: DENNIS, JOHN. - Pastoral Pedals, Pints and People. A Cycle Ride round the Diocese.
25192: DENNIS, NORMAN AND ERDOS, GEORGE. - Families Without Fatherhood. (2nd ed).
4664: RUNCORN DENNIS B. - Preaching at the Parish Communion. ASB Epistles - Sundays: Year Two.
4663: RUNCORN DENNIS B. - Preaching at the Parish Communion. ASB Gospels - Sundays: Year One.
35671: DENNIS, TREVOR. - Looking God in the Eye: Encountering God in Genesis.
18081: DENNISON, DOROTHY. - These Girls I Knew.
32631: DENNY, EDWARD . - Anglican Orders And Jurisdiction. By Edward Denny, M.A.
23614: DENNY, NORWYN. - Caring. The Pastoral Ministry of the Christian Community.
7444: DENT, DORIS H., AND OTHER WRITERS. - The Church: The Body of Christ.
27866: DENT, PHYLLIS O. - The Child's Spiritual Training.
524: DENT, PHYLLIS. - The Growth of the Spiritual Life.
47488: DENT, EDWARD J. - A Theatre For Everybody. The Story Of The Old Vic And Sadler's Wells By Edward J. Dent. Illustrated By Kay Ambrose .
8937: DENTAN, ROBERT C. - The Knowledge of God in Ancient Israel.
7267: DENTAN, ROBERT, PH.D. - The Holy Scriptures. The Church's Teaching, Volume 1.
26318: DENTON, SIMON. - A Collection of Verse and Prose. Dedicated to Almighty God and His Wonderful Work of Creation.
47244: DENTON, WILLIAM. - The Soul of Things. Psychometric Experiments for Re-living History.
22716: LOCAL PREACHERS DEPARTMENT. - Doctrinal Preaching. The Report of the High Leigh Enquiry.
46910: LIBERAL PUBLICATION DEPARTMENT. - The Liberal Year Book for 1934.
42363: DERKSE, WIL. - A Blessed Life. Benedictine Guidelines for Those Who Long for Good Days. (Translated by Martin Kessler).
36975: DERLATKA, TADEUSZ/ NUROWSKI, ROMAN/ LESNIEWSKI, ANDRZEJ. - German Revisionism on the Move.
20473: DERMENGHEM, EMILE. - Muhammad and the Islamic Tradition.
37919: DERRETT, J. DUNCAN. - Jesus's Audience. The Social and Psychological Environment in which He Worked.
44855: DERUM, JAMES PATRICK. - The Porter of Saint Bonaventure's. The Life of Father Solanus Casey, Capuchin.
29048: DERWENT, KENNETH. - Medieval London. (Discovering London 3). Drawings by David Newton.
43548: DESANA, DOROTHY. - The White Squadron.
46985: DESHEN, SHLOMO. - The Mellah Society. Jewish Community Life in Sherifian Morocco.
12295: DESMOND, COSMAS. - The Discarded People. An Account of African Resettlement in South Africa.
41172: DESMOND, D. J. [ PSEUD. SAVILLE, MALCOLM ] . - Amateur Acting And Producing For Beginners. By D. J. Desmond .
29473: DESSEM, RALPH E. (EDITOR). - A Season to Return.
37214: DETZLER, WAYNE. - Living Words in Philippians.
28487: DEUEL, LEO. - Flights into Yesterday. The Story of Aerial Archaeology.
18778: DEURSEN, A VAN. - Illustrated Dictionary of Bible Manners and Customs.
43723: DEUTSCH, OTTO ERICH. - Schubert Thematic Catalogue of All His Works in Chronological Order. (in collaboration with Donald R.Wakeling).
14202: DEVANANDA, ANGELO. - Mother Teresa. Contemplative at the Heart of the World.
21390: DEVANANDA, BROTHER ANGELO. (COMPILER). - Daily Prayer with Mother Teresa. Prayers and Meditations for every day of the year.
41428: DEVAS, RAYMUND. - Dominican Martyrs of Great Britain.
25148: ASIAN ECUMENICAL CONFERENCE FOR DEVELOPMENT. - Liberation Justice Development.
24956: DEVLIN, KEITH. - Mathematics: The New Golden Age.
47872: DEVLIN, POLLY. - Only Sometimes Looking Sideways. (Signed).
47483: DEVLIN, CHRISTOPHER. - The Life of Robert Southwell. Poet and Martyr.
3555: DEVRIES, SIMON J. - Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow. Time and History in the Old Testament.
16565: DEWAR, LINDSAY. - An Outline of Anglican Moral Theology.
3296: DEWAR, LINDSAY. - Does God Care?
3297: DEWAR, LINDSAY. - Man and God. An Essay in the Psychology and Philosophy of Religious Experience.
24191: DEWAR, LINDSAY. - Psychology and the Parish Priest.
40503: DEWAR, DOUGLAS. - The Transformist Illusion.
27867: DEWES, SIMON. - A Suffolk Childhood. (Illustrated by J.S Goodall).
29838: DEWEY, CLIVE. - The Passing of Barchester.
8229: DEWEY, MARGARET. - Starting From Here.
2646: DEWICK, REV. E. S. - On A MS. Psalter Formerly Belonging To The Abbey Of Bury Saint Edmund's .
31231: DIAMOND, LUCY. - Stories of The Saints: St. Patrick.
46212: DIANE, COMTESSE [ MARIE DE SUIN DE BEAUSACQ 1829-1899 ] . - Royal Library. Belles Lettres Series. Maxims Of Life By Comtesse Diane .
46560: MINIATURE DIARY - Letts's Waistcoat-Pocket Diary For 1889.
15903: DIAS, EARL J. (EDITOR). - Mark Twain's Letters to the Rogers Family. (The Millicent Library Collection).
32420: DIAZ, MOISES S. - Spiritual Force. (Edited by Mayen Hiponia Quigley).
16489: DIBBEN, MARGARET, & ANDREWS, GEOFF. - Pocket Guide to Money Matters. (Illustrated by Mac McIntosh).
16566: DIBELIUS, MARTIN, & CONZELMANN, HANS. - The Pastoral Epistles. (Hermeneia - A Critical and Historical Commentary on the Bible). Translated by Philip Buttolph & Adela Yarbro.
42759: DICK, EVERETT. - Vanguards of the Frontier. (Illustrated).
37166: DICK, DAN R. - Devotions For Dieters: A 365-Day Guide to a Lighter You!
9268: DICKEN, E.W. TRUEMAN. - Living with God.
25684: DICKEN, E.W. TRUEMAN. - Loving on Principle. A Realistic Approach to Morals.
16290: DICKEN, HELENE. - Full Face to God.
5818: DICKENS, A.G. - The Counter Reformation.
12133: DICKENS, CHARLES. - A Tale of Two Cities.
43984: DICKENS, CHARLES./ PHILIP, NEIL. (EDITOR). - The Life of Our Lord. (Illustrated by Sally Holmes).
47387: DICKENS, CHARLES. - A Christmas Carol. In Prose. A Ghost Story of Christmas.
45491: DICKENS, CHARLES. - The Cricket and the Hearth. A Tale of Home. (Illustrated by C.E.Brock).
5819: DICKIE, E.P. - The Father Everlasting. Studies in Christian Doctrine.
3298: DICKIE, EDGAR PRIMROSE. - God is Light. Studies in Revelation and Personal Conviction.
33021: DICKINSON, PETER. - Tefuga.
35823: DICKINSON, PHILLIP G.M. - The Church of Saint Giles Great Maplestead and the Round Church Little Maplestead in the County of Essex.
45516: DICKINSON, P.G.M. - Suffolk. (Little Guides series).
8819: DICKS, STEWART, MENNILL, PAUL, & SANTOR, DONALD. - The Many Faces of Religion. An Inquiry Approach.
47347: DICKSON, P.G.M. - The Sun Insurance Office 1710-1960.
30910: DICKSON, JOHN. - Stranger Than Fiction. From Manger to Megastar.
25899: DICKSON, WILLIAM P. - The Glasgow University Library. Notes on its History, Arrangements, and Aims. Plus Notice of the Euing Collection of Bibles.
43572: DICKSON CARR, JOHN. - The Dead Sleep Lightly and Other Mysteries from Radio's Golden Age.
47504: DICKSON, CARTER. [JOHN DICKSON CARR]. - Night at the Mocking Widow. (Unabridged).
531: DIDON, REV. PERE. - The Life of Jesus Christ.
15790: DIEHI, WILLIAM E. - Thank God, It's Monday!.
43842: DIEHL, THOMAS AND HARDON, JOHN. - Teaching the Devotion to the Sacred Heart.
42167: DIEREN, BERNARD VAN. - Down Among The Dead Men and Other Essays.
35555: DIGBY, KENELM HENRY . - The Broad Stone of Honour : Or, The True Sense And Practice Of Chivalry. - Morus. - By Kenelm Henry Digby Esq..
16291: DIGBY, ANDREW WINGFIELD AND WEIR, STUART. - Winning is not enough. Sports stars who are going for gold - and God.
24958: DIGBY, ANDREW WINGFIELD. - A Loud Appeal. Playing by God's Rules.
44961: DIGBY, H.M. - Sir Kenelm Digby and George Digby, Earl of Bristol.
39465: DAS, DILIP.(EDITOR). - Police Practice & Research. An International Journal. (Volume 1. Number 1).
21570: DILKE, CHRISTOPHER. - Dr. Moberly's Mint-Mark: A Study of Winchester College.
32414: DILKS, PROFESSOR DAVID. - Communications, The Commonwealth and the Future.
32878: DILLENBERGER, JOHN. - Protestant Thought and Natural Science: A Historical Interpretation of the Issues Behind the 500-year-old debate.
4718: DILLISTONE, F. W. (FOREWORD BY LORD COGGAN). - A Fire for God. The Life of Joe Fison.
533: DILLISTONE, F.W. - Christianity and Communication.
15427: DILLISTONE, F.W. - Christianity and Symbolism.
534: DILLISTONE, F.W. - The Holy Spirit in the Life of To-Day.
532: DILLISTONE, F.W. - The Significance of the Cross.
34754: DILLON, JOHANNE JOSEPHO [JOHN JOSEPH, SIR]. - De Immunitate qua Gaudent Scoti, Ex Pacto Unionis, Dissidentes Angliae Protestantes, et Catholici, Jure Tolerantiae Omnis Jurisdictionis Apud Curias Consistoriales Anglicanas, et Quoad Nuptias ab Illis Conficiendas Apud Templa Anglicanae Ecclesiae.
40428: DINSHAW, NADIR. (COMPILER). - A Wide-Open Heart. An Interfaith Anthology of Christian Comment.
47549: ROMFORD DIRECTORY - Romford Intelligence And Guide (Borough of Romford Official Year and record Book) The Local Advertiser with Street Plan.
47596: KELLYS - BRISTOL DIRECTORY . - Kelly's Directory Of Bristol &c Suburbs .
47597: KELLYS - BRISTOL DIRECTORY . - Kelly's Directory Of Bristol &c Suburbs .
47341: WILTSHIRE DIRECTORY . - North Wilts And District Directory For 1916 .
47598: KELLYS - BIRMINGHAM DIRECTORY . - Kelly's Directory Of Birmingham (With Its Suburbs) And Smethwick .
47601: KELLYS - FELIXSTOWE DIRECTORY. - Kelly's Directory of Felixstowe and Neighbourhood.
47595: J. WRIGHT & CO. - BRISTOL DIRECTORY . - Wright's Bristol Directory Including Westbury-On-Trym, Shirehampton, Horfield, And Part Of Henbury.
46931: DIRINGER, DAVID. - The Alphabet. A Key to the History of Mankind.
8030: DIRSZTAY, PATRICIA. - Church Furnishings.(Illustrated. by Caroline Cook, Frances Curwen & Paul Vincent).
46987: SUDBURY DISFRANCHISEMENT. - A Bill For Disfranchisement of the Borough of Sudbury.
47024: SUDBURY DISFRANCHISEMENT. - A Bill For Disfranchisement of the Borough of Sudbury.
17049: DITMAS, MONICA. - Preaching on Prayer.
25998: DIX, GREGORY. - A Detection of Aumbries, With other Notes on the History of Reservation.
30703: DIXON BOX, K. - Twenty Four Essex Churches.
9166: DIXON, G.M., & HARLAND, M.G. & H.J. - Life in Norfolk.
10674: DIXON,KEITH. - Sociological Theory, Pretence and Possibility.
36643: DIXON, NEIL. - Approach with Joy: An Introduction to Worship for the Man in the Pew.
33653: DIXON, JOYCE. - Stories of the Saints: St David.
47769: DIXON, C. AUBREY & HEILBRUNN, OTTO / DENNING, SIR REGINALD F. S. (FOREWORD) . - Communist Guerilla Warfare. Brugadier C. Aubrey Dixon, O.B.E. and Otto Heilbrunn ; With a Foreword by Sir Reginald F. S. Denning.
41431: DIXON, W.GRAY. - The Romance of the Catholic Presbyterian Church.
44555: DIXON, GEORGE. - Old Scarlett.
39525: DIXON, BILL & STANKO, ELIZABETH. - Serving the People: Sector Policing and Public Accountability.
33227: DOBB, REV'D CANON ARTHUR J. - The Services of Worship in the English Parish Church.
16186: DOBBS, HORACE. - The Magic of Dolphins.
9727: DOBELL, BERTRAM.(EDITOR) - The Poetical Works of Thomas Traherne. 1636?-1674. From the Original Manuscripts. With a Memoir of the Author.
45632: DOBELL, BERTRAM. - Sidelights on Charles Lamb.
37756: DOBERER, K.K. - Secret Weapon.
24618: DOBINSON, C.H. - Schooling 1963 - 1970.
47079: DOBSON, ROGER / BRANGHAM, GODFREY / GILERT, R.A. (EDITORS). - Arthur Machen. Selected Letters. The Private Writings of the Master of the Macabre.
17263: DOBSON, CHRISTOPHER AND PAYNE, RONALD. - The Carlos Complex. A Study in Terror.
18659: DOBSON, DR. JAMES. - The Strong-Willed Child. Birth Through Adolescence.
25454: DOBSON, DR. JAMES. - The Strong-Willed Child. Birth Through Adolescence.
13328: DOBSON, H.W. - Quest Book One. A course for older juniors and younger seniors on the Christian Gospel.
24698: DOBSON, JAMES. - Dare to Discipline.
17170: DOBSON, JAMES. - Man to Man About Women. What wives wish their husbands knew about women.
13786: DOBSON, JAMES. - Preparing for Adolescence.
30360: DOBSON, R.B.(EDITOR). - The Church, Politics and Patronage in the Fifteenth Century.
42506: DOBSON, ED. - The Year of Living Like Jesus. My Journey of Discovering What Jesus Would Really Do.
37247: DOBSON, AUSTIN. - At The Sign Of The Lyre.
44861: DOBSON, GAVIN R. - The Accidental Shepherd.
44860: DOBSON, GAVIN R. - The Price of Redemption.
7268: DOBSON, REV. C.C. - Did Our Lord Visit Britain as they say in Cornwall and Somerset?
47753: DOCKRILL, MICHAEL. - The Cold War 1945-1963.
29625: A PRIEST-DOCTOR. - Christus Integritas: A Plea for Christian Healing.
45395: 19TH CENTURY DOCUMENT - Probate of the Will of George Mills, Sheffield, Yorkshire.
45396: 19TH CENTURY VELLUM DOCUMENT - Indenture for conveyance of land: Between Charles Draper and Edward Draper
45393: 18TH CENTURY VELLUM DOCUMENT - Last Will And Testament William Haylock
45402: 18TH CENTURY VELLUM DOCUMENT - Indenture between Abraham Manfield and Thomas Browne.
46663: 17TH CENTURY VELLUM DOCUMENT . - Indenture between Henry Hills and Harry Welles, Edward Gray, Ralph Blundell, George Hill .
45397: 18TH CENTURY VELLUM DOCUMENT. - Ad Curiam Baron Thomae Halsey, Hemel Hempstead
45398: 18TH CENTURY VELLUM DOCUMENT - Will & Probate of Robert Swann, Walden, Essex
45385: 18TH CENTURY PAPER DOCUMENT. - Henry Middleton; John Armstrong Judgement Roll 371
45414: 17TH CENTURY PAPER DOCUMENT. - John Benton, Melton Magna, Norfolk.
45391: 17TH CENTURY VELLUM DOCUMENT - Last Will & Testament for Margarett Atkins, Barton, Suffolk
45386: 17TH CENTURY VELLUM DOCUMENT. - Indenture. John Gladman; John Swichatt.
45390: 18TH CENTURY DOCUMENT - Indenture Quadripartie: Attested Copy of Settlement on Marriage of John Folacke with Anne Barrington 15th March 1697.
45389: 19TH CENTURY DOCUMENT - Bank Receipt: Viscount Maynard of Radwinter Hall
45373: 17TH CENTURY VELLUM DOCUMENT. - Folded Vellum document: Richard Toffe and Thomas Fairbrother.
45387: 19TH CENTURY VELLUM DOCUMENT - Indenture between Richard Whiting, Gabriel Moule
45400: 19TH CENTURY VELLUM DOCUMENT - Indenture between Thomas Sclater King and Thomas Webster
45375: 17TH CENTURY VELLUM DOCUMENT. - Indenture Tripartite: John Legard; Christopher Bacon; George Newmand .
45392: 18TH CENTURY VELLUM DOCUMENT - Indenture between Strachey Cartwright and Thomas Baron
540: DODD, C.H. - The Founder of Christianity.
14116: DODD, C.H. - The Meaning of Paul for today.
28846: DODD, CHRISTINE. - Called to Mission. A Workbook for the Decade of Evangelization.
6609: DODD, CHRISTINE. - The Immortal Diamond. Discovering the Potential of Faith.
33838: DODD, REV. HENRY PHILIP. - The Epigrammatists: A Selection from the Epigrammatic Literature of Ancient, Mediaeval, and Modern Times..
46423: DODGE, PRYOR. - The Bicycle.

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